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Author Topic: Evolution of Alex  (Read 67665 times)

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Evolution of Alex
« on: December 12, 2019, 08:58:18 am »
Chapter 1
Alex and Jason are a pretty regular couple, they have been married for 2 years, Alex is 23 and Jason 25.
Jason is a project manager for a large firm and likes to go to gym often, while Alex does not join him in that part of his life, she is in pretty good shape for someone that does not work out regularly. Alex mostly works from home doing internal finance work for a IT company.

Alex is simply not a fan of exercising and has never had an affinity for sporty activities and prefers to stay indoors watching series and cooking. She has long brown hair that frames her pretty face with attentive brown eyes. Her bust is on the average side at a 34B with a slightly round tummy. Her but is probably one of her best assets with a great round shape that only good genes can account for. She was just under 1.6m which is was pretty average and had a naturally tanned skin.
Jason on the other hand has an athletic body from his regular weight lifting sessions and has some great muscle definition on his 1.83m or 6 foot frame with a 4-pack visible when he flexes his abs.

"Have a good workout honey?" Alex asks as Jason enters the kitchen after a gym session. It was a regular Monday evening and Alex was busy preparing dinner.

"Yea, the usual." he replied setting down his things.

"Dinner should be ready in 5. You can grab a quick shower if you want, then we can eat."

"Sure thanks, sounds good." Jason said, already halfway out the kitchen again.

He loved Alex with all his heart, and her great cooking, the cooking perhaps a bit too much.
While he was in good shape, it came at the cost of long hours at the gym to keep the fat off from the food that his wife made. Jason, didn't know how Alex wasn't a complete blimp already, probably because she didn't eat half as much as he did. He had noticed her put on a few kilos since they got married, but he was still attracted to her.
She had a pretty face and her boobs were damn perfect!
Although, he did have a secret fetish for really fit girls, but would never admit it to Alex, he often fantasized about a really firm body with toned abs beneath him during their love-making sessions.

Dinner went by as usual, on the couch with some Netflix. This was followed by Alex jumping onto Jason for some action after watching a particularly provocative episode. Alex had a pretty high sex-drive, more than most women and she could easily keep up and sometimes even outpace Jason's desires.

Jason was still pretty full from dinner and not particularly in the mood and was still only flying at half-mast after the make out sessions.
Alex reached into his pants to realize the same. A look of disappointment coming over her.
"Aren't you into this?" she asked feeling a little hurt.

"No no! I definitely am!" he replied quickly to try and save the moment.
"I'm just really full and a bit exhausted from gym. Give me a few min and I'll be ready."

"Alright, sure honey." A dejected Alex replied sitting down next to him on the couch.
This was not the first time Jason came up lacking when they got going, but Alex could never really figure out why.

The rest of the evening past by without further action and they were both in bed an hour later without having tried anything again.

Alex could not get the feeling out of her head that there was something missing from their sex lives, or perhaps that she was doing something wrong. She waited until Jason was fast asleep next to her and then reached over to get his phone.

"If he isn't going to tell me what's up then I guess I'll just have to find out for myself" she thought.
She browsed his Inst@gram and Facebook accounts and came up with all the usual stuff, cars, diet plans, silly jokes from friends, but just as she was about to give up she found what she was looking for.
In his search history in Insta and Google, Jason has search for "fit girls" and "female muscle" among other similar things.
She followed the searches herself and came across some really impressive looking women with killer abs and big round buts, some  of them in pretty raunchy clothing, and some even naked!

"That’s it!!" she whispered under her breath as she put the phone away and turned over to sleep.
"I'm joining a gym tomorrow."

Apparently Jason had an attraction to really fit girls and obviously she did not live up to his high standard of fitness, but she was going to change that. She felt really determined to get more fit all of a sudden, but not just to please Jason.
That was just part of it. Her motivation came from wanting to transform herself into the image that society found more attractive and also to prove to herself that she could look that way if she wanted.

'Too full for sex', my ass, she though as she drifted to sleep.

The next day Alex joined the gym and started with some light cardio while Jason was lifting his weights as usual.
She continued to join Jason at the gym for the rest of the week.
She took the weekend off because she was too stiff and tired, but was back at it the following Monday.
They were intimate once or twice again but something still felt off to Alex. She resolved to giving Jason a blow job the one time and Jason happily accepted. A BJ always did the trick when Jason took too long to climax with regular sex.

A month went by and Alex was still doing her cardio 5 days a week and had even started going to gym on Saturdays the last 2 weeks.
All her hard work was paying off in the form of a more toned stomach and leaner thighs and arms.

They had both also started to eat healthier.
The best result was that Jason was way more into her new fit body! Lately, Alex would catch him checking her out as she left a room or while getting changed. Even their intimacy was improving.
On multiple occasions Jason would be sporting a stiff one after seeing Alex come out of the shower which led to great sex.
This all only served to solidify the notion that Alex had about Jason being very into fit and muscled women.
At least Alex had the added benefit of feeling a lot better about her body and having more energy.

A typical Monday now found the couple together at the gym. Alex in her tight spandex gym pants with a tight tank top that hugged her now near flat stomach and showed off her perky B Cup boobs. She always had a nice bubble but, but lately it was downright amazing in her tight workout clothes.

She was going to join Jason today in the weight lifting section. Jason was all too pleased about this and an added benefit was that he could impress the other gym-goers with his soon to be weight-lifting wife.

They started off with the loose bar bench press. Jason loaded a 5kg on each end, not knowing what Alex would be able to lift.
She was nervous about what she was getting herself into and suddenly felt as though half the gym was eyeing her to see what she could do.

"Here goes nothing!" she thought as she sat down and started her set.
Surprisingly, she managed to lower and lift the bar back up from her chest.
It wasn't easy, but she managed to get another 5 reps out before re-racking the bar.

Jason was very impressed and was blushing as he stood back from the bench where he was spotting her.
"Damn! that was pretty impressive Ally!"

"You like?" she shot back with a mischievous smile.
She was busy imagining how turned on Jason was probably getting by watching her pump some iron.

"Hell yea! That was great for your first try."

Jason added another 30kg on each side or the bar and started doing his own set of 10 reps with relative ease.

Alex then did another set. This time only managing to get 4 reps out.
Jason, didn't mind this at all as he got to stand over her and spot her, while also getting and eyeful of her fantastic cleavage.
Alex felt really good about being able to manage what she did.
Her arms even felt a little swollen from the exertion.

"This isn't so bad. I could get used to this." she told herself.

They each finished their 3 sets and moved off to leg press machine.

"I usually don't do legs the same day as chest, but we can switch it up a bit today to get you into the swing of things." Jason said leading Alex towards the next machine.

Jason loaded the machine up with 20kg on each side, hoping that Alex could at least manage that.
This particular leg press machine carried some of the weight on the frame so Jason could usually go much heavier on this that he could squat with on a free bar.

"Ok, so I didn't put too much on for you, as a start."

"Thanks.." she answered nervously.

Her confidence from the bench press was now wavering a bit as she eyes the 2 ominous looking 20kg plates on the machine.

Jason noticed her eyeing the machine and reassured her that he was there to help.

"Just push this lever back in if you can't manage to push it back up all the way."

Alex climbed into the machine which had her in a 45 degree angle from the ground facing upwards.
She would have to push at an upward angle with her legs.

She gave a loud sigh and release the weights and lowered it down slowly towards her chest and then pushed it back up again in one motion.
Down again and up again.

"This isn't too bad!"

"I know right? Try to go down a bit lower. Let your knees almost touch your chest."

"Like this?" she asked lowering the weights all the way down and the pushing it back up.

"Yea that’s good."

"Nice! I'm adding a bit more for you."

Alex finished her set and Jason started adding another 20kg plate to each side, bring the total up to 80kg.

Her next set proved a bit more challenging but she managed another 8 reps.

Jason stood to one side admiring her sexy legs in action.
He loved the way her tight pants and legs framed her pussy each time she had the weights at the bottom.
He was sure he could make out a camel toe between her thighs as she squeezed her legs together.

"Done!" she breathed heavily as she finished her 6th rep of her third set and bringing Jason out of his daydream.

"Awesome stuff! You really amazed me." Jason was beaming with joy that his wife was a natural at this.
"I didn't think you'd be able to do so much on your first try."
"It's actually pretty hot." he admitted as he readjusted himself in his pants.

"Get used to it love, I'm going to only be doing weights from now on."
Alex just gave him a sly smile as she walked away to get some water.
Her legs felt a bit shaky, but she managed to get a pretty normal walk going with her exhausted legs.

Alex noticed there was a few other guys trying to be subtle about checking her out as she walked over to the water dispenser.
Clearly Jason wasn't the only one impressed.

She felt really hot, and not just from the workout.
Alex wondered if she was actually enjoying the new attention.
She definitely liked this pumped up feeling in her arms and legs.

They both did another few exercises to just get Alex more familiar with everything and then called it a day.

End or part one.

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2019, 10:22:38 am »
Great start!

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Chapter 1 - Part 2
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2019, 05:46:41 am »
Chapter 1 - Part 2
Jason and Alex continued their new regime for the following month.
Alex would join him on all the machines he did and they actually started pushing each other to go to heavier weights each time.
She would always wear her tight fitting gym pants, now preferring the shorter ones that showed off her toned legs and equally tight fitting tank-tops.

It was Friday evening and Jason and Alex had just finished their usual workout routine.
Alex was still on the weights and had made great improvements lately.
Her stomach was completely flat and even had a feint line down the middle between her abs.
Her boobs looked more perky than ever and her arms were getting some nice definition.

She had a perfectly round but that was accentuated by her narrow waist and her legs had really good definition.
Her hamstrings made a nice curve from the base of her glutes and flowed down into well-defined calves.

Lately Alex had been going to the parlor to get her finger and toe nails done weekly. She was a lot more conscious of her appearance since she started working out and now wanted to always look her best. She had also started to wear her hair in a ponytail more often.

She was coming out of the shower when she noticed there was a really buff guy in the ladies change room!
On second glance, it might actually be a woman...
She was staring at a mass of naked muscle, very tanned naked muscle.

It was difficult to tell. All she saw was a hulking figure from behind bent over a bench busy drying his or her hair.

As Alex was standing there dumfounded, the figure stood upright and dropped the towel letting her platinum blond hair drop down her back.
It was a woman!

Alex had never seen a woman so muscular at the gym, never mind up close and personal like this.

The woman turned around and smiled at Alex, clearly not bothered in the slightest about her nudity.
She had a strong jaw-line and sharp nose.
Alex jugged her to be almost as tall as Jason at 6 feet.
This woman had the appearance of someone that was pretty in their youth, but the masculine features and pronounced jaw-line made her appear very serious masculine.

"Hi there, I'm Gwen." the naked beefcake said in a nasal voice while extending her hand.

"Uhh, hi, Alex." she managed to croak back.

"Lose something over here?" she said making a sweeping motion at her body.

"no, uhhhh, sorry!"

Alex looked away fast trying to find her gym bag while a blush graced her cheeks.

"That's ok, I get it a lot."
"I work really hard for this body, so it’s nice when people appreciate it."

This woman clearly had a lot of confidence and admiration for her own physique, Alex thought as she found her bag and started getting dressed.

"I haven't seen you around here before, when did you join?" Alex asked trying to make some small talk.

"This is my first week here. Me and Greg moved here recently and needed to find a new place to work out."

"Greg's your husband then?"

"Yes, we both compete in the local and national bodybuilding competitions.
You might have seen us around."

Alex wondered if Jason was in the men's room busy going through a similar experience this very moment.

"You know, I could get you some quality supplements, the kind you don't get here at the local shops."

"Yea, sure, thanks. I'm not really looking to take anything at the moment."

"Fair enough, but when you reach a plateau with your training, you know who to talk to."

Alex had her pants on and was busy closing the clasp of her bra around her firm B-cups when she turned back to Gwen who was standing in a super hero pose with her hands on her hips and one leg on the bench.

"Normal training can only get you so far, and then you have to start taking the good stuff to stay in the race with the pro's.
I'm open about it, Greg as well. Why should we be ashamed of hiding our hard-earned bodies."

Alex couldn't help but admire the scene in front of her. She'd never been attracted to other woman before, it was just fascinating seeing a woman of Gwen's build, up close like this.

She noticed that Gwen had really small and deflated looking tits sitting atop very manly pecs that cast shadows on her 6 pack.
Gwen had what appeared to be some stubble leading from her lower abs into a bushy looking landing strip.
But Alex also noticed something sticking out of her bush!
Gwen had the largest clit Alex had ever seen. It must have been sticking out at least an inch between her legs.

Probably the steroids or whatever this woman is taking, Alex thought.

"You have a pretty little body yourself, you know?
Good potential" Gwen continued, unaware of Alex busy looking her over as well, or if she was aware, she didn't appear to care much.

"You think so? Thanks."

Alex had been getting a lot more attention from Jason lately and had plenty of guys at gym checking her out, but it was slightly flattering receiving that compliment from someone with Gwen's stature.

"Hell yea, maybe we could hit the weights sometime if you’re up for a proper workout."

"Haha, yea I'll let you know."

Alex was gathering up her stuff and ready to leave. This Gwen was really forward and slightly intimidating with her hulking mass of muscles and tree trunk legs.

"Great! See you tomorrow."
Gwen extended a hand to her.

By instinct Alex shook the hand and was surprised by the strong grip.
She could see the veins on Gwen's wrist lead into more on her prickly forearms.

"Nice meeting you." Alex tried being polite even though the whole experience had been on rather strange.

Alex joined Jason outside the gym and he asked if she was ok.

"Your face is still red and you look flustered. Are you sure your fine?"

"Yea, I'm good, just had a hot shower."

'Why did I just lie to Jason about meeting Gwen, and why could I not get the image of the naked she-hulk out of my head?' Alex asked herself.

On the way home Alex continued to wonder over what Gwen had said about reaching a plateau with her training and what it must be like to have the strength that came with all those muscles. The thought of it did seem slightly appealing to her.

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2019, 07:02:36 pm »
Very nice start, it will be interesting to see how you deal with this chance encounter, look forward to reading more........KARMA to you

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2019, 08:59:55 pm »
Yeah, K+. Looking forward to reading what happens next!

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2019, 05:03:35 am »
Great start.
Alex will be the new partner for the competion and after that outmuscle him?

Be happy what you have in mind.

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #6 on: December 14, 2019, 05:48:59 am »
Really really great start and I'm anxious to see where you choose to take the plot Bstretcher !

You've got a great style of writing too.


The story is the journey, and when the journey is over, we will all wish it was longer.

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #7 on: December 14, 2019, 06:16:13 am »
I like the beginning a lot. So much potential in direction and with sub stories. I think this is going to be a good ride! K+

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #8 on: December 14, 2019, 03:15:41 pm »
I like the beginning a lot. So much potential in direction and with sub stories. I think this is going to be a good ride! K+

Yes, take your time, sub stories of the effects of her progress along the way are good, no need to rush to the end, unless you chose to.

The story is the journey, and when the journey is over, we will all wish it was longer.

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #9 on: December 29, 2019, 07:54:29 am »
Great story. 

Love the concept of a women being reluctant to exercise, being persuaded by boyfriend/partner to join them at the gym, and they end up becoming more obessed then their partnet, and takes it quickly to extreme levels.  Wish there were more of this style.

Hope you continue with the story.

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #10 on: December 29, 2019, 06:25:23 pm »
very nice beginning to the story:)

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #11 on: December 30, 2019, 10:59:41 am »
Good beginning. Karma for all!

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #12 on: January 02, 2020, 04:57:57 am »
 :sorry: great story so far looking forwards to more soon

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Re: Evolution of Alex
« Reply #13 on: January 03, 2020, 06:19:35 am »
Like to read when Alex outmuscle Jason in the gym. He is at his best lift and then she puts  on  some more weight.

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Chapter 2
« Reply #14 on: January 06, 2020, 05:50:57 am »
Chapter 2

"It will only be for 3 months babe, and then I'm back." Jason said as he hugged his sexy wife goodbye.

"Keep on going to gym every day and take the protein shake like I showed you."

"Gbeye love, I'll be fine, don’t worry about me."
"By the time you get back I'm gonna have killer abs!"

Jason was leaving for a business trip across country. His firm was sending him to manage a new branch that was opening for the next 3 months.
He had been on similar trips in the past and Alex had always managed, but he was worried that she might lose motivation for going to gym everyday if he wasn't there.

After Alex's encounter with Gwen, she had questioned her husband about the supplements he took. Jason had shown her the protein shake that he takes each evening after a gym session. Soon after that Alex had also started using the protein shake as she wanted to take her exercise routine to the next level.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Alex was driving back from the airport and heading straight for the gym.
She felt really guilty if she skipped a day at the gym.
Better to just get it out of the way now then I have the rest of the day to relax.

Once dressed in her tight yoga pants and tank-top she made her way to the treadmills for a quick warmup and then hit the weights!

Alex noticed that Gwen was over at the squat rack with a bunch of guys close by trying to act inconspicuous while ogling the heavily muscled woman.
And Gwen was quite a sight to behold.
She had a tight pair of orange shorts on and basically just a sports bra with her shoulder length hair pulled tight into a pony tail.
Alex was busy looking at her from behind but could only imagine that her 6pack and muscle cleavage was on full display from the front.

Gwen had to be squatting at least 120kg or 150kg, by Alex's estimates.

Alex wasn't planning on working out with buffy the weight slayer and made her way past to the Smith machine.

"Hey, where you off to cutie!" Alex heard as a firm grip closed on her shoulder.

'Was this woman lez or something? Doesn't she have a husband?' Alex wondered as she turned around to face the wall of muscle.

"Hi Gwen, what’s up?"

"Leg day is what’s up sugar. Join me." She said already turning to walk back.

Coming from Gwen, it sounded more like an order than a question.

Alex obediently followed her.

What followed for the next hour was some of the most brutal leg exercises that Alex had ever done.
Gwen kept on adding more weight for her on each exercise even if she could just about do 8 or 10 reps, and Gwen also believed in doing 4 sets instead of the usual 3 that Alex did when she was with Jason.

Turns out Gwen was squatting 150kg, that was way more than Jason even worked out with, but the craziness didn't end there.
Gwen also did pretty impressive loads on all the other equipment.
After doing squats, lunges, leg curls and extension, 2 types of exercises for calves Alex was beat and sweating hard.

"I think I'm done Gwen, I can't anymore."

"Good, we're just about done. Only leg press and left."

"No, I really can't anymore."

"That's cute."

Gwen proceeded to basically push Alex into the leg press machine and load it up with more than she has ever done.

"Let's go!" Gwen said releasing the handle holding the weights in place and nearly squashing Alex before she could catch it with her legs in time.

Alex only managed 6 reps before Gwen had to save her and pulled the weights the rest of the way up.
Alex was too exhausted to protest after that and they ended with 10min on the Powermill after the weights.

Back in the change room Alex peeled of her sweaty clothes and noticed a few more veins in her arms and lower legs that she hadn’t seen before.
Looking over to Gwen who had a network of veins all over her arms and legs and even her lower abs and pecs, Alex could see she still had some ways to go if she thought she had a lot of veins.

They showered next to each other, Gwen again not seeming to care for the nudity while Alex tried to let go of her insecurities.
After the showers Alex started getting dressed while Gwen measured out some type of drink and took another few pills openly without a care in the world.

"What stuff are u taking Alex?"

"Just some protein shakes I go at home."

"Really, that all?" Gwen seemed surprised.

"Yea, Jason said that it should be more than enough for me with everything else we eat."

"Alright, but you want to get the maximum benefits of a workout like we had today right?"

"Uuuh yea, right." Alex agreed with what sounded like a very logical end-goal.

"Alright, check this out." Gwen said pulling her bag wider open for Alex to look inside.

Alex's eyes went wide as she saw a clear box containing probably 20 syringes with a light blue liquid in them.

"What is that!?"

"It's a new...supplement on the market. Currently on human trials and I am one of the participants for a study."


"Yea, totally safe. I can hook you up if you are looking for your own supply."

"I think I'm good for now."

Alex was ok with taking protein shakes, but steroids or whatever that stuff is was taking a step too far.

"We'll talk again in a few months." Gwen said with a wink.

Alex just frowned at her doubtfully.

Alex was stiff and sore like she's never been before the next morning.
She continued to work out with Gwen for the entire month while Jason was away.

Alex posted some photos on Insta in her workout clothes each week.
She had over 1000 followers already and it was an easy way to track her progress and show her hubby what she got up to.
Jason asked her about her new gym partner and she downplayed it a bit, leaving out the female bodybuilder and steroids part.

Another month went by and Alex was more in shape than she had ever been in her life.
The rigorous workouts with Gwen were paying off and she even started going for tanning sessions to get a golden tan.
Alex has a few permanent veins on her forearms and a noticeable bulge where her forearm became her bicep.
Her shoulders were starting to get a more round shape and she even had some slight bulging of pec muscles above her boobs.
Speaking of which, her boobs were more perky than ever, although slightly filling up less space in her B-cup bra's lately.
She was down to about 13% body fat, so she was content with losing some from her breasts if it left the rest of her body looking shredded.

She had the start of a 4 pack visible on her stomach and noticeable teardrop shapes above her knees where her quads were gaining in mass.
Her naturally well-shaped butt was sticking out like a shelf and her calves had nice sharp angles when she flexed them.

After working out with Gwen for almost 3 months Alex was no longer stiff and sore the day after.
Alex's gains had tapered off somewhat while Gwen on the other hand had just exploded with even more muscle.
But it wasn't just muscle, Gwen's skin looked stretched over her mass and she literally had veins all over.
From the thin ones pulsating on her neck to the ones as thick as hose pipes on her biceps and legs.

Alex had only tried talking to Gwen about her obvious abuse of performance enhancing drug regime, but Gwen had lost her temper with her and stormed off.
The next day after Gwen cooled off a bit they made up again and they were back into their old routine with Gwen being possibly a bit too much in Alex's personal space.
Gwen tended to always touch Alex on her hips or shoulders when she spotted her and sometimes even slapped her ass in a playful manner.
All the guys at the local gym knew Gwen and Alex and were always staring at them.
A few even tried their luck with Alex, but quickly got scared off by Gwen's imposing presence.

Jason was coming back in a week, and Alex was worried about what he would think of Gwen or if Gwen would even want Jason to train with them.

That day after their workout Gwen was hanging out naked in the change rooms and Alex was getting ready for a shower.
She had become relatively comfortable being naked around Gwen, even though she got the feeling that Gwen was also checking her out in a way similar to the other men at the gym. She swore she even saw Gwen's large clit swell up in the showers next to her, or maybe the thing has just gotten bigger lately.

Alex was half way to the shower when she stopped in her tracks to look at Gwen openly pull out a syringe filled with the blue liquid and jab it into her ass. As Alex was busy staring in shock at Gwen's careless display of doping at the gym she heard footsteps approaching.

Gwen looked up and noticed just too late and was face to face with one of the gym managers.
This is bad! Alex though and tried to hurry toward the showers.
The last thing she wanted was to get caught up with Gwen in some drug scandal and get banned from the gym.

She could hear arguing as she got into the shower stall.
Everyone already knew that they worked out together, what if they thought she was taking the stuff, or even worse, what if they thought they were dealing the stuff together and got the police involved!

"This is bad, this is real bad!"
Alex had a thousand thoughts running through her head and finished her shower without even realizing.

It was all quite as she got back to her locker.

'What happened to Gwen?'

Gwen was nowhere in sight, and thankfully neither was she gym manager.

Alex dressed as quick as she could and hurried out of the gym.
She spotted the manager that busted Gwen in the bathroom. She was busy on the phone and didn't seem to recognized Alex as she went out the door.

Alex signed from relief as she got into her car. Sha had made it, but what had happened to Gwen.
Thinking of it now, she didn't really know much about Gwen.
All they ever spoke about was training and nutrition and exercise techniques.
She knew Gwen was with Greg and they both were very serious about bodybuilding.

She looked over at her gym bag and noticed the zip was slightly open.
Pulling it open all the way she was greeted by 2 cases of the syringes that Gwen had been using!
'What the hell!?'

Gwen must have stashed it in my bag earlier.
This was crazy! What was she supposed to do with it now?
Alex resolved to take it home and hide it somewhere out of sight until she could track down Gwen and sort things out.
She was just about to message Gwen when she got a message from her.

'Had to run, going on a trip with Greg. I left you a supply of the supplements in case you change your mind about making some serious gainz.'

Alex was pretty suspicious about her sudden disappearance and all the drugs she left in her bag, but what could she do about it now?
She messaged Gwen back a few times, no reply.

At home she stashed the strange blue drugs way at the back of her closet.

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