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Author Topic: Ms. Colossus -A day at the gym  (Read 2027 times)

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Ms. Colossus -A day at the gym
« on: September 08, 2019, 04:00:50 pm »
Ms. Colossus
By: Aldebaran086

A short  teaser story of Ms. Colossus, brutal and sadistic man beater. Men are just tools and toys for to use as she sees fit. She use men for her own pleasure. She doesn't need men to worship her magnificent body. 
Like name says, Ms. Colossus is nine feet tall, half a ton weight muscle goddess.

Ms. Colossus was an orphan. Her parents died in accident when she was just a 'little' girl. Her parents were really wealthy and she get very large property when she was old enough, including large beach plot. Her parents were plan to build a spa on this plot. When they died plan was halted.
When Ms. Colossus get that beach plot she was old enough to take care of herself and more than strong enough to take care of herself.  Instead of spa she decide to build a house for herself on that plot. She need a special house, because oh her size and strength. Everything was scaled up to her size and everything was made to last her immense strength. Every furniture was extremely sturdy to held her half a ton weight. There was special gym with tons and tons of weights on the basement. There was even garage and couple of cars modified to carry her body.

Ms. Colossus (Or Ms. C for short) is great for manipulate men. She can lured almost any men to came to her house. Using her old face picture she made a tempting profile to dating service. She's a predator, stalking her prey. When she found an interesting man, she use her skills to lured him in. She is talent to wrap men around her little finger, literally when they met, if she wish. When she catch him, she ask him to date on her house.
No man ever leave her house with his own feet. When you ever step inside, you belongs to her.

Ms. Colossus is personal trainer, but namely only. She have a job on local gym, but she doesn't work very often. No one wants to see nine feet tall, half a ton walking mountain of muscle prancing around the gym. She got her own wing of the gym with specially made weights and machines just for her. She made a deal with gym owner. It didn't take very much to persuade him to build that extra wing. Ms. C. isn't heartless. She paid that whole thing from her own pocket.
So, Ms. Colossus work out at the gym most of the days and every now and then you could hear a loud thud, which shaken whole building, as she put down extremely heavy weights.

Day at the gym

Today was special day. It was the day when Ms. Colossus made her rare shift as personal trainer. She only have one client, man named Chad.
Chad was a little bit fat, chubby, big fella. His muscles weren't clearly seen, but he does have some. He was waiting his personal trainer, Ms. C. There was very few people on the gym. Suddenly Chad could sense someone closing him from behind. He saw the shadow fall over him as he turn around. There was most biggest person stand couple of feet from him. She was smiling down to him. “I'm Ms. C. your personal trainer.”, giantess told him with soft and deep voice. “Uh.... n.... nice to meet you.”, Chad stammered nervously. “Follow me.”, she said and turn away. Chad was very nervous and scared the size of his trainer. His feet made their way after that colossal woman. He feel like his feet have will of their own. He want to run fast as he could, far as he could, but his feet follow the woman. She stop behind the bench press. “Laid down, I'll assist you.”, she said softly. Chad gulped as he look full loaded bar on the stand. Ms. C. was prepared this and load the bar full of the weights. Chad laid down and nervously extend his arms towards the bar. His arms shaken a little as he look at the heavy bar above his head. Ms. C. bend down and deep shadow land over Chads body. She extend just her index finger below the bar and effortlessly lift it of the hooks and lowered to Chad's waiting hands. “There we go.”, she said as bending bar came low enough to his reach. Chad gulped as he adjust his grip around the bar. It doesn't look so heavy as she was holding it with just one finger. “Ready?”, she asked softly. He nodded and she slip her finger off from below the bar. As soon as bar slip off from her fingertip, it crashed heavily on Chad's chest. It bounced couple of times and bar ends bend from heavy weights. Chad struggled under heavy weights trying to push it off from his chest. It feels like there was small car on his chest. His ribs bend under the weight. Ms. C. chuckled as she watched his useless, feeble struggles. “Get.... it..... off....”, Chad mutter weakly. “Please!”, he added in shame.
“Oh? Is that little weight too much?”, she asked mockingly. “Please, get it off!”, Chad pleaded. “Okay.”, she said coldly as she bend down. She pinched the bar between her thumb and index finger and lift it off like toothpick. That humiliated him even more to see how easily she handled that bending bar. “I think we need to start with lighter weight.”, she said as she put the bar on the stand. She step on the one side of the bench and take of the lock from end of the bar. With other hand she take off two 45 pounds plates. Again she stunned him as she just pinched plates between her thumb and forefinger and without any effort guided big plates on the rack. She removed all but one 20 pounds plate and did same with other end of the bar.
When she was done there was only 40 pounds on the bar plus bar itself 45 pounds. So, total weight of the bar was now just 85 pounds. It was less than half of the weight Chad could lift. “Okay, I think that's light enough.” she said smiling as she lowered the bar to Chad hands using only her index finger. Chad feels humiliated and angry. He know he could lift much more than that, but he didn't say anything, he didn't want to get that colossal woman angry. “Just don't hesitate to ask if you need help again.”, she said mockingly.
Weights were too light for him, but he made ten reps as she told, then she take the bar and lift it to its stand. Then another ten reps and another. “Okay, that's enough bench pressing today.”, she said after fourth set of reps. It was just warm up for Chad, but he didn't say anything just nod his head.
Ms. C. guided him to leg press. “Time to do some leg work.”, she said with grin. She pointed a seat and Chad hesitatingly sit down. He was watched huge pile of weights on the rack. There must be several hundred pounds of weights. There was same nervous feeling in Chad's mind as when he laid down on the bench press. This time he was sure there was too much weights on the rack. Ms. C. stand next to machine and carelessly hold her hand under the platform as Chad placed his food against it. “Ready?”, she asked. Chad didn't answer he just turn the handles and feel the weight on his legs. Maybe he was wrong. It didn't feel so heavy. Not too heavy anyway. He start to bend his legs, lowering weight platform. At that moment Ms. C. let go of the platform and it crashed down to its holders. Luckily those holders were high enough prevent his legs to get broken. His knees pressed against his chest painfully hard. Chad try to push platform up, but it was useless. His legs were too weak to push it up. “Need a hand?”, she sarcastically asked. “L.... lift it off!”, he yelped.
And she did. Using only one hand  she lift heavy platform up and he could turn the handles back to hold position. Again she take off the plates  two of the time with just her two fingers. She lift those weight plates between her thumb and index finger to the rack. She move all but smallest 10 pounds plates. “Okay, try now.”, she chuckled.  It was humiliating to lift just 20 pounds but he didn't dare to say anything. He made reps as she told and stand up when she told so.
Next they go to lats machine. “At least there is no way she could fool him with this.”, Chad though as he sit down on the bench. “Okay, you know what to do.”, she said as she offer the handle to Chad. He take a hold of the handle bar and pull it down. It was just about right weight. As the bar was the lowest point, weight suddenly increased tremendously. Not until now Chad wasn't noticed there was a full stack of weights loaded. Bar shoot up so fast Chad couldn't do anything or let it go. His arms stretched straight up and it feels like his arms were pulled out of their sockets. Finally Chad understand to release his hold of the bar and weigh stack drop down with a loud clang. “Oh, I'm sorry. I might accidentally lift a rack a bit as you pull down. I'm really sorry.”, she told him with false regretful. Ms. C. move the pin from lowest weight to upmost. “There. That should be right weight.”, she smirked as she pull handle to his reach. Chad just take the handle and pull  next to nothing weights up. This was just as humiliated as all other things they were done. He didn't complain, just follow her orders.
When training was over Ms. C. told him it's good enough for today. He could do some light training himself and then stretching a bit. Chad was just clad she didn't want to guided him any more machines or free weights. He might get really hurt himself if any more weight drop on him or any other weights pull his arms away from his body.
Ms. Colossus headed her way to her personal wing for heavy work out. She smiled. She was get her fun. Soon you could hear grunting and clanging of heavy weight came from private part of the gym as Ms. C. was doing her work out.

The end.

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