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Author Topic: Big Succubus By ZZZ  (Read 5360 times)

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Big Succubus By ZZZ
« on: June 11, 2019, 11:44:32 pm »
This is a very old story by ZZZ

If you like it please kick a brother some good karma.

Big Succubus   
Queen Succubus

Into the darkness, so it begins...
CHAPTER 1: Fear of the Dark

A Darkness and fear filled the air.  This was not a land where one should ever be caught alone, much less at night.  Yet foolish people fed the beasts of the night by doing just that. 
It was close to midnight, and Danielle had lost her way.  She was a small, timid woman, and had accidentally stumbled upon the fear filled land of Transylvania.  It had always been her belief that Transylvania was a land in tales of fiction, up until that moment when the mysterious train she was using to tour Europe had announced it’s current stop.  She had to find out if it was a joke, and had gotten off the train.  Just then the doors closed up tight behind her, and the train went off into the night without her. 
She was alone, and very afraid.  ‘What if all those stories about this place are true...nah.  just as she finished saying this, a long howl could be heard in the distance. 
Danielle quickly ran to the nearest building, which just happened to be an inn.  ‘I guess I’ll stay here for the night and try and figure things out in the morning.   
Danielle entered  the gloomy building in hopes of reducing her fears.  This however was not the result.  It was much darker inside, with hardly any light.  ‘POOF!   the sound of a flame rising from a lamp was surprisingly loud in this once sound absent room.  Danielle almost fell to the ground as she stared over to an short ugly old lady holding the only source of light.  ‘This isn’t a good time for such a nice looking young lady to be wandering in the darkness.   She slowly walked over to what seemed like the front desk of the inn.  ‘I’m sorry I lost my way and... Came in off the train eh?  snorted the old woman as she cut off Danielle in mid sentence.   ‘Yes...I got off on the wrong stop. Oh I’ll say you did...then again maybe you didn’t.   Danielle wondered what the old lady meant but was too tired to give it much thought.  ‘Look, I’m pretty tired old woman, all I want is a room if you please. Ah, I have just the room for you young lady.   She turned around and pulled a small box from what seemed like a shadow in the wall.  The box was red with small designs of gold which laced every side of it.  Danielle wasn’t sure, but she thought she made out a small design of a skull on the box. The old lady slided her hand over the portion in question.  She then opened the box and retrieved a small silver key, which seemed to glow in the night.  ‘Why do you keep the key to a room in such an elaborate box? Oh because it is a very special room you’ll be staying in.   Danielle began to feel uneasy, ‘oh that’s Ok, I’ll just stay in one of the regular rooms.   A smirk appeared on the old woman’s face.  Then a smile.  ‘Sorry, its the only room that’s not being occupied. With some uneasiness Danielle accepted the old woman’s response and took the silver key.  ‘Your room is downstairs...take those stairs over there...  she pointed towards one of the corners of the room, and Danielle noticed the stairs.  She was almost certain there was nothing there before.  But it was dark and it was late, so Danielle figured it was the fatigue confusing her. 
The old lady proceeded to guide Danielle to her room, down the old wooden stairs.  Along the way Danielle noticed that the torch was the only source of light.  No electrical appliances, no torches on the walls, not even any windows.  They finally reached the room, which seemed to be the only one on this floor.  Danielle took the key and unlocked the door.  Just as she began to open it, she turned back to ask the old woman about the lack of windows.  The old woman was gone.  Only the lamp remained lit, and on the ground.  Danielle almost felt like taking that lamp and trying to find the old woman, but decided she was too tired.  She picked up the lamp and proceeded into the room.  To her relief there was a large window in the room, which had the curtains pulled open.  The curtains were far thicker than any she had ever seen.  Suddenly the only bed in the room caught her eyes.  It was bigger than any bed she had ever seen, perhaps twice as big as a king size bed!

CHAPTER 2: Growing Lust

Danielle slowly stepped over to the monstrous bed.  She noticed a dusty, cob web filled chimney next to it.  Above the chimney, the painting of a slim, beautiful...yet frail woman.  She looked to be in her thirties, but something about her eyes, even though it was a painting, made her seem much older. 
Danielle wanted to explore more of the room, but with the limited amount of light available, she opted to wait for morning.  She removed all her clothing except for her undergarments.  She then slid into bed without covering herself, and fell into a deep sleep.
Her dreams were unlike any she had ever had.  In her dreams, she lay there on the enormous bed with the lights glimmering on and off.  Slowly, several beautiful women began to appear at the sides of the bed.  Danielle never found much interest in her own sex, but with these women it was different.  She felt as though she wanted them to draw closer and closer to her body.  As they did she felt strange, yet pleasant sensations.  She wanted them to draw even closer, it was a strange lust she had never felt before.  Then the horror of her true condition came.  The closer the women came, the smaller and more fragile her body seemed to become.  She then felt hands upon her body, yet none of the women in her dream were touching her.  A sudden shock of energy ran through Danielle’s body, and she awoke from the nightmare.  There before her stood the woman from the painting, or at least she kind of looked like her... 
Her body was much more voluptuous, she looked far more attractive, and had a strange glow of energy around her.  She stood there holding her hands out in front as smoke seemed to rise from them.  ‘What kind of demon hybrid are you?!!!  screamed the strange woman.  The smoke now began to rise from her entire body.  Danielle began to realize that it must be the same dream, since she noticed her body still felt smaller.  The unknown woman now moved toward Danielle and pressed her hands upon Danielle’s shoulders.  Danielle felt a burning sensation, and could not remove the crazed wench.  It was as if she had the strength of a bear.  ‘HOW CAN THIS BEEEeee...!  The woman began to fade away as she held onto Danielle.  Danielle now began to feel her body returning to its normal dimensions.  The strange woman began to fade away, and it almost seemed as if the strange aura which surrounded the woman moved into Danielle’s body.  The experience was over, but now Danielle’s undergarments felt mysteriously tighter...

Chapter 3: Blessed

Danielle awoke the next morning slightly disoriented.  She then remembered where she was.  She sat up quickly, and noticed the old woman from the night before standing by the door... ‘Wha..what do you want old woman, didn’t anyone teach you how to knock?
The old woman smiled.  ‘I brought you hear to satisfy my evil captor, but instead you have freed me from my vile prison. I don’t know how you did it, but thank you, thank you!   Danielle was still disoriented and then remembered her dream.  Could she be referring to her dream?  No, this woman must be crazy.  ‘Yeah, sure old woman, whatever.  When does the next train come in?   The old woman then had a strange look on her face.  ‘Before I answer your question, tell me...what is your ethnicity?   Danielle gave a strange look to the old woman.  She had been asked this question before many times, but this was one time she wasn’t expecting it.  ‘Well, I could start with my parents, but I would be here forever telling you where all my ancestors are from...I guess you could call me a real mix.   The old woman cracked a small smile.  ‘I see...when I was told a girl of ten would end the curse of the queen succubus, I figured it meant ten years old.  I would never bring myself down to sacrificing a ten year old child... Sacrificing?  ‘Queen Succubus?  thought Danielle... ‘This Woman must be crazy.   The old woman continued, ‘...Indeed, I would never have guessed it to be someone of ten races...   Danielle began to laugh at how ridiculous this sounded and started to get up.  That’s when she noticed her undergarments were still tight on her body, like in the dream!  ‘It can’t be...
‘This woman’s words combined with my dream last night are just making me confused.
The old woman then turned around and took a tray from behind the door, which had some food on it.  ‘Please, it’s the least I can do for you.   Danielle looked down at the bread and eggs the woman had brought her, but felt no hunger at all.  ‘Thank you, now if you please I would like some privacy.   The old woman nodded and stepped out of the room. 
Danielle reached for her clothes and began to put them on.  She had a difficult time putting on her blouse, as well as her skirt.  ‘Hmmm, maybe I’ve just gained a little weight.   She went to slip on her shoes, which turned out to be another great challenge.  ‘I must be getting bloated...what day of the month is it anyway...
Danielle left the inn thanking the old woman for not charging her, and then took the next train out of Transylvania. ‘If I ever come back here again it will be too soon.   The train ride was smooth, and she took a nap.  After awakening from the nap she no longer felt her clothes tight on her, but felt very drained.  ‘Ha, I knew it was just my imagination. Maybe I should go grab a bite to eat.   
Danielle walked through the train and happened upon the dining area.  She saw food all around her, but still felt no desire to eat.  Just then she noticed the conductor was walking in front of her.  She made eye contact with him and suddenly felt a great desire for him.  All of the sudden her garments tightened up again...

CHAPTER 4: Erotic Hunger

At first the conductor paid little attention to Danielle, but then he blinked twice thinking ‘How could I have not noticed this beautiful woman earlier?   Danielle didn’t look much different, but the strange glow in her eyes was drawing the conductor towards her.  As he got closer and closer, Danielle began backing away slowly, moving back to her room on the train.  Danielle could barely think of what she was doing, all she knew was that she wanted this man badly, and she wanted him now... 
As they approached the room area, the conductor could still see Danielle’s beautiful eyes, which almost seemed to glow in the dark.  The conductor was very taken by her sensuous movements, all he could do was follow her in.  Upon entering, Danielle pulled the conductor by the pants and kicked the door closed behind him.  She began kissing him around the neck, as he ran his hands over her back.  He then pressed his hands against her breasts, which sent a rush of energy through her body.  Her breasts were not very big, but they felt very nice and firm to the conductor. Her black blouse was still on, but he began massaging her chest over the blouse.  At this, Danielle’s eyes began to glow brighter.  The conductor now reached down to Danielle’s firm bottom, and rubbed his hands in a circular motion upon her.  She reached into the conductor’s shirt by pushing open his shirt buttons. 
The conductor felt Danielle’s hands warm on him, but the intense sense of pleasure he was feeling was like nothing he had ever experienced.  Danielle began to feel her shoes very tight on her, like before, but before they became too snug she kicked them off.   Now Danielle’s clothes began to hug her body more than before.  Yet she was too enthralled by the moment to take notice.  Danielle went back to kissing the conductor on the neck, but strangely it didn’t seem quite as thick as it had a few moments ago.  Before another thought, the conductor grabbed her face, and gave her a long powerful kiss on the mouth.  Danielle closed her eyes, and while kissing her he placed his hands on her breasts again. But something was different.  They felt somewhat more full, bigger.  With Danielle’s tongue in his mouth he began to feel that great warmth again, only it was coming from inside him.  He didn’t care though, the amazing feeling he was getting from this kiss erased all his worries.   He hadn’t even noticed how he had to lean down less than when the kiss had started.  Danielle’s white skirt began to ride up her legs as they seemed to inch upward and outward, causing them to look sexier and slightly more toned.  Now he began to feel her hardening nipples in his palms.  As they continued to harden, he felt as if he couldn’t get as good a grip on her breasts.  They were filling up under his fingers, slowly pushing his hand open.  The conductor couldn’t understand what was happening, but the feeling was so great he didn’t care.  Now Danielle began to suck hard on the kiss, and her entire body felt bigger next to his.  Her hips began to push out on her skirt, and a small ripping noise could be heard.  With one quick but powerful inhalation, she felt a huge rush of energy, and somewhat of a soft orgasm.  She opened her eyes as she felt the kiss end. 
Nothing was in front of her but a small wisp of smoke.  Looking around she realized no one was in the room with her, and the door was still closed...

CHAPTER 5: Fear of the Light

¶¶¶¶Danielle awoke the next morning feeling very content.  But then she remembered the events of the night before... ‘Ha, just another crazy dream.  She walked over to the curtains and pulled them open.  The light came in, and she felt as if she were staring at the sun.  After a couple minutes her eyes adjusted.  She had to draw the curtains to the point where they were almost closed.  ‘I wonder what that was all about...have to get to bed sooner.   She could now see around her.  She looked down at her body which felt normal and comfortable in her dress.  She walked over and put her shoes on, which fit comfortably as they had in the past.  Danielle walked over to the bed in the small room and sat on it.  She looked down at her slim legs which looked boring as always, but then noticed something.  There was a small tear on the left and right seam of her skirt, by the sides of her hips. 
Later that morning she could hear the conductors wandering through the train, questioning everyone about someone who was missing.  They arrived at Danielle’s door and began to knock.  She thought about not opening it, but figured they would key their way in if she didn’t respond.  She went over and opened the door.  ‘Hello madam, have you seen one of our fellow conductors, say about my height...people say he was last seen somewhere near here... Sorry sir I didn’t, I went to bed early last night...I tend to get motion sickness.   The conductor nodded his head.  ‘Sorry to disturb you miss.   He walked off toward another part of the train and Danielle closed the door behind him. 
‘No, this has to be a coincidence...   Danielle went back to her bed and fell asleep.
 Like before she awoke when it was already dark.  She felt  drained again, but surprisingly not hungry.  I have to eat something, there’s no doubt about it.  She changed into a forest green, sleeveless blouse, but decided to wear the same skirt, she felt it went well with the blouse.  The small rips were hardly noticeable, and she was in a hurry to get nourishment.
She arrived at the dining area like the evening before.  Even though the food did not appeal to her she took a tray from the counter and ate everything on it.  To her surprise she still felt weak, so she went over and ate all the food on another tray.  ‘If I keep this up I’ll burst out of these clothes .  But her clothes did not even feel a bit smug, not even around her waist.  And still she felt weak.  ‘Maybe I’m coming down with something.  Just then she noticed a man and his wife walk by her.  She instantly felt attracted to this man.  She looked up into his eyes, but it really did nothing for him and he turned to his wife and walked on.  Danielle felt a sense of disappointment, but then she felt like she wanted him even more.  As this feeling of want grew, so did the pain of her clothes tightening on her.  She looked down at her blouse and noticed her breasts as strangely bigger than she remembered.  Then she heard a rubbery sound coming from her shoes.  She looked down and could see her feet expanding in her shoes, threatening to come out. Glancing at her skirt, she noticed it had filled up to the point where the rips were. Her bra was getting more and more constricting.  She placed her hands to her breasts, and felt them swell through her fingers.  Danielle stood up and felt a breeze on her waist.  Looking down she realized the bottom of her blouse was no longer at her skirt.  It was now an inch or so above it.  Moving her head upwards she noticed her reflection in one of the train’s windows.  She could barely recognize herself...she was taller, with a much larger chest, longer curvier legs, still a small waist, longer flowing hair and slightly fuller lips.  What surprised her the most was her beautiful eyes.  Danielle felt dizzy again, but then caught a glimpse of the man who had passed her earlier.  He was now alone.  She stepped in his way as he tried to pass, and he stopped.  He then recognized her from before, but was amazed at how he hadn’t noticed her incredible physique.  He looked down at her long, well toned legs.  He moved his glance up to her well curved hips, and then to her beautiful breasts which were pushing hard against her blouse.  Danielle could feel that incredible lust once again as he stared at the new curves she had developed.  Suddenly he shook his head and said, ‘I’m sorry miss, I don’t know what came over me.  I’m a married man for crying out loud!
Danielle didn’t say a word and took his hand.  At her touch he completely forgot about his wife, and followed her. 
They came into Danielle’s room, and like before she quickly closed the door behind them.  The stranger grabbed Danielle and threw her to the bed.  He moved onto her and began kissing her arms, very close to her breasts.  Danielle felt tingles spread through her body with each kiss.  She heard that similar rubbery sound from before, and suddenly the tightness in her shoes went away with a strange ripping sound, as she felt once again able to wiggle her toes.  The man was now licking the sides of her breasts through the arm openings of her blouse.  With each lick he felt like there was more for him to slide his tongue on.  Danielle heard a small ‘snap  and her breasts no longer felt restrained.  Her breasts began to push out of her blouse through the arm holes as they began to swell bigger and bigger.  The arm holes were now being pushed to their maximum, and began to tear wider as her breasts inched bigger and bigger.  The stranger found so much more breast to lick now, he felt he would explode just from running his tongue on her.  Danielle felt him much lighter on her as well.  She grabbed his face and gave him a long kiss.  She closed her eyes and  placed her tongue in his mouth, which felt tight.  She sucked hard and felt the man get lighter and lighter.  She heard her skirt sides pop open further as her thigh muscles grew thicker, and her legs stretched  longer.  After a few seconds Danielle felt as though there was no one on her, and when she opened her eyes, there wasn’t...
¶¶¶¶CHAPTER 6: Solitude

¶¶¶¶Danielle awoke the next morning, feeling a breeze on her body.  When she opened her eyes she instantly remembered the events of the night before.  She felt very cold, and began searching for the source of the breeze.  She looked at her clothes and noticed the tears and holes in them.  Her body had returned to normal size in clothing which seemed stretched to fit someone twice Danielle’s weight.  Her shoes were completely torn apart, which explained why they felt comfortable the night before.  She now accepted the truth.  This was no dream.  It was a curse. 
She had only one choice, one she greatly regretted. A return to Transylvania was in order.  Rather than getting off the train on the next stop, Danielle decided to wait for it to  reach its final stop.  It was only two stops away from it’s final destination, at which point it would turn around and take the same path back.  ‘That old woman is going to have quite a few things to answer for...   
Instead of sleeping through the day Danielle decided to stay up and reflect on what was happening to her. 
She changed into a long black dress bottom, with a gray, short sleeve, buttoned blouse, and put on a second pair of shoes she had brought for the trip.  The day went by rather quickly, and evening had come upon her.  She heard a knock at the door, but this time she decided not to open it.  She knew that her lust would grow as it became darker, and she couldn’t risk being near anyone.  The knocking persisted till it became more like a jackhammer, but Danielle simply looked out the window.  The pounding continued, and Danielle began to feel uneasy.  She took a deep breath, and somehow, could smell a woman’s perfume.  ‘Come out you harlot! I know you are in there with my husband!   Danielle didn’t want any attention drawn to her, so she knew she had to open the door.  She figured it would be ok to open it, since it was a woman and not a man at the entrance. 
‘Sorry, I was there something I can help you with?   The woman barged in and looked around the room.  A sudden look of embarrassment came across her face.  ‘Oh I’m so sorry...I’ve never been so embarrassed.  ‘You see some of the passengers said they saw a tall voluptuous woman go into this room with my husband.   Danielle looked down at her slim, short body and smiled.  ‘And when he didn’t return to our room last night, I just became so enraged...    ‘It’s alright, he’s probably just lost on this huge train.  Danielle had hoped the woman would leave after saying this, but the woman closed the room door and sat on Danielle’s bed. 
‘It’s just that we’ve been married for only a year...  Danielle began to feel those strange sensations slowly re-emerging. ‘...and I’m still not sure how much I can trust him.   The woman began to cry, and Danielle started to feel very sorry for her.  She sat next to the woman and placed her arm around her.  ‘It’ll be ok, I’m sure he is very faithful to...   Danielle began to feel her shoes tightening, and quickly removed them.  ‘By the way my name’s Karen....are you feeling alright?   Danielle was shaking her head.  She felt her pantyhose tightening on her.  ‘, Karen, I’m not feeling up to a conversation right now, so if you please... Oh really? It was probably something you ate.  I might have something here in my purse. If you only knew...  thought Danielle.  Karen started shifting her stuff around in her purse, and was too distracted to notice what was happening to Danielle. 
Her breasts were once again enlarging to their size from the night before.  She began to feel a strange want for Karen.  She tightened her hold on Karen, and pulled her closer.  ‘Thank you for comforting me.   She continued looking in her purse.  Danielle could feel tingles rising through her arm, which was still around Karen.  It made Danielle more and more aroused, and her nipples began to harden.  The buttons began to strain apart as her breasts pushed against them.  Danielle looked over at Karen and noticed how she seemed smaller to her.  She leaned over to Karen and gently glided her face on Karen’s shoulder.  ‘Hey what are you doing???   Karen tried to pull away from Danielle, but found her surprisingly strong.  That’s when she looked over at her host and noticed how much bigger Danielle appeared, with her clothes seemingly ready to burst.  Just then the center button on her blouse reached it’s limit, as Danielle’s growing bosom popped it off her shirt, revealing some of her beautiful feminine flesh.  ‘What’s going on here!?!?   she tried again to pull away from Danielle, but she was pulled in harder.  ‘ You should have left when I told you ...   
Karen began to struggle against Danielle, but then slowly started feeling herself wanting more.  She reached for Danielle’s breast and began caressing it, enjoying the feeling of Danielle’s large, hard nipple on her hand.  Karen’s clothes began to look a lot looser on her.  Danielle actually felt greater ecstasy draining Karen than she had with the two men.  She felt Karen’s energy feeding her far more than either of the two, and began kissing Karen’s neck.  Karen was decreasing in size very slowly, giving Danielle far greater pleasure.  The second button on Danielle’s blouse shot off into a wall, and more of her incredible cleavage was revealed.  Karen’s hand now looked very small on Danielle’s large breast.  Karen ripped open Danielle’s blouse, which spilled her large, firm orbs of womanhood, and slowly reached for Danielle’s beautiful protruding nipple.  Danielle felt a new sensation as Karen opened her mouth and drew closer to her breast, a sensation she didn’t like.  ‘ You are not worthy ...   She didn’t know what she meant by saying this, but she knew she did not want Karen to suckle from her.  She pushed Karen down to the bed and placed a kiss to Karen’s lips.  Danielle could feel her long muscular legs bulging through her long skirt, as they grew more and more massive.  The skirt originally reached down to her shoes, but was now riding up above the center of her growing calves.  She gave a quick inhalation on Karen and felt her triceps shred open her sleeves.  Suddenly Danielle felt as if she falling through a inches of air, and landed on her bed, alone. 
Danielle stood up and realized how much closer the ceiling in her room seemed to her.  She had regained her senses, but still had the body of a Greek Deity.  She was somewhat appalled at what had just happened, but she never felt pleasure like it either.  No. It was wrong and she couldn’t let it go on.  She figured she’d remain on the train, but needed to be locked in somehow.  She went over to the door and could smell a man nearby.  She felt tingly, but held back her lust.  She opened the door and noticed how much lower the door handle was.  Slowly peeking out, she saw a conductor walking towards her.  She was only poking her head out, and the conductor noticed her.  He was instantly captured by her eyes.  As he slowly approached, Danielle held out her hand.   ’Wait..come no closer, you must do a task for me . Anything you wish...  He drew closer and grabbed her hand.  Right before Danielle’s eyes he seemed to get about an inch smaller.  Danielle felt her leg muscles increase in size again, pushing the skirt to it’s maximum capacity.  She shrugged him gently, but noticed him shoot backwards into the wall.  ‘ Never touch me again ! Yes madam..anything you say.   He was completely taken by the beauty of Danielle’s glowing eyes.  ‘ You will take some nails and a board and hammer this door shut.  You will not open this door until we arrive in you understand ? Yes...anything you say...   Danielle closed the door behind her and lay in the bed, which now seemed much smaller.  Minutes later she heard a hammer hitting against the door.  Moments passed and she eventually heard the conductor, ‘It is done as you commanded...  Very well, go back to your duties now .   Danielle turned in her bed and went to sleep, hoping the boards would restrain her lust.

¶¶¶¶CHAPTER 7: Strength of a Bear

¶¶¶¶Danielle opened her eyes and noticed the coldness on her body greater than the day before.  She sat up and noticed her shredded shirt.  ‘Oh my!   She went over to pull the curtains open, but even as the slightest bit of light touched her she felt as though fire was on her.  She shut the curtains tight and now felt a better understanding for what was happening to her.  She had become a vampire of sorts, but one that lives off the entire body of its victims.  She re-buttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse, and heard something nearby.
Voices could be heard from behind the door.  ‘What are you talking about, ‘leave the boards on’, who in their right mind would want to be boarded in?  Danielle rushed to the door, ‘Please, don’t remove the board, it’s all I ask for,’s part of my religion. Not a religion practice I’ve ever heard of. If you undo them your supervisor will hear of this!   She heard the men walk away and overheard one of them whisper the word ‘freak.   Yes, that’s what she’d become, but a solution would hopefully be found soon. 
Again the day went by and Danielle just relaxed in bed.  They had now reached the last stop, and the train was headed back, towards Transylvania.  ‘I just hope I can find a cure ther... 
 Suddenly Danielle began to feel strange.  Her animal lust was returning.  She had to fight it.  But then she remembered the board on the door.  She set herself back in bed and let the cravings over run her.  ‘Ha, I won’t be hurting anyone tonight!   As she lay there she began to feel very weak.  She to feel the animal sensations overtake her, but without something for them to center on, they began to dissipate.
She went through bouts of this throughout the night, but made it till the next day, which she slept through.  The feelings returned again that night, with greater intensity.  Again she fought them off, reminding herself that she would be in Transylvania very soon.  She went through hours of agony.  The night before her arrival was then upon her.  Like before the cravings came, stronger still, except this time, she felt her senses reach inhuman levels.  Her pain was incredibly tormentous.   Just as it seemed as if it was to subside, she caught a scent on her nose.  She recognized it as that of the conductor she had manipulated earlier.  Then she began to feel a craving for him.  ‘No, I must figh..grrr.... mmmm ...   She began to feel her body expanding.  Slowly her blouse raised off her chest.  Her shoes were getting tighter and tighter.  She felt her toes at the edge of her shoe, but when she tried to slide them off, her feet had already filled the shoes as thought they were part of her skin.  Her legs inched to larger proportions.  Her thigh muscles began to form, giving beautiful definition to her legs.  Her calves slowly filled up, inch by inch they grew to nearly thrice their original size.  Her arms began to swell with great muscle, bulging into, and then out of, her shredded sleeves.  With her breasts expanding every second, her shirt filled out to the point of the previous evening.  The remaining buttons were threatening to free themselves from the blouse.  Danielle stood up and walked towards the door, with the scent of her prey engulfing her.
“Madam, are you alright in there?  Why don’t you come in and find out ? Madam, you told me not to let you out, so I’m afraid there’s no changing that.   She knew he would not listen if he could not see her eyes.  She was desperate for him, and began to push on the door.  ‘Madam what are you trying to do? There’s no way a little lady like you will push the door open.   Danielle tightened every muscle on her body and rammed the door.  A huge thump was heard by the conductor, as well as small cracking noises.  ‘Good God woman, what did you hit the door with?   The more he spoke, the more Danielle wanted him.  Although she felt very strong, she knew she would not be able to open the door with the board supporting it.  ‘Madam, your just wasting your energy.   Danielle looked at the door, and noticed it was made of wood.  A wicked idea came to her. She put her hand up to the door and felt it get warm underneath it.  She began to feel the wood underneath her hand feel softer and softer.  She didn’t feel herself getting any stronger however, nor did she feel her cravings decrease.  Danielle took a step back from the door and looked at the now decayed wood, in the shape of her hand.  She began to tap it with her knuckle.  ‘ Can you hear it ...   She knocked slightly louder.  ‘ Listen closely ...   The conductor could barely hear the tapping, and moved his head close to the door, near the sound of the knocking.  ‘Hear what?   At first he could no longer hear a sound from behind the door.   SMASH!  Suddenly the conductors face was in a large hand.  Danielle had punched a hole through the decayed portion of the door, and was now feeling the conductor’s face with her palm.  ‘ The sound of your life draining away from you ...   His face began to feel smaller and smaller in her hand.  Her remaining buttons began to spring off her shirt, as her larger breasts now forced their way out.  Two huge globes of pleasure raised out of her shirt, with her large hard nipples in front of them.  Her dress bottom formed a tear from just underneath her waist, and opened towards it’s bottom, which was now well above her calves.  She felt her arm tighten into the hole she had made, and released the now shrunken conductor.  The second conductor came running from all the noise, and noticed his comrade’s condition.  He was nearly half his size, about 3 feet tall.  It seemed as though a child were wearing an adult’s suit.  At that moment the door next to the other conductor exploded open. The board which once restrained it flew to the ground.  Out stepped the most voluptuous, tall and amazingly beautiful woman he had ever seen.  She glanced at him and licked her lips.

¶¶¶¶CHAPTER 8: The Demon Cometh   

¶¶¶¶Danielle slowly began moving towards the conductor who was still standing.  ‘Get away from me you!!!   The remaining people in the dining car quickly began screaming and running towards the next train car.  The still walking conductor quickly moved towards the nearby wall phone.  ‘Jack, this is Elliot, whatever you do don’t stop the train in Translyvania...just keep going!  I’m going to unlink the dining car from the rest of the train.......No I’m not crazy, please just trust me!!!   Hearing this made Danielle very angry.  ‘ You will regret that mistake  tiny morsel ...   She reached down to the unconscious conductor on the floor.  Jack ran for a small red storage case which had ‘IN CASE OF FIRE  written on it.  He opened the box and pulled out an ax.  Danielle lifted the small conductor to her face.  ‘Let him go or I’m going to be forced to use this...  Oh, I’ll let him go, by freeing his spirit !  Danielle pressed her mouth to that of the tiny conductor, and began draining him again.  Her already large breasts pushed out further from her blouse.  Her dress bottom now shredded at her increasing hip causing them to drop to the ground.  Now only her pantyhose remained, barely able to cover the entirety of her large vagina.  Hairs were pushing out from all sides of her small torn pantyhose as her womanhood expanded with the rest of her.  Her head now pushed up on the ceiling, forcing her to duck her head to fit in the train car.  The bottom of the small conductor’s feet were now well over five feet off the ground.  With one last suck the small conductor disappeared into smoke, as Danielle’s arms grew even more muscular.  ‘NOOOOOOOO!!!!  screamed the second conductor in horror and disbelief at what he had just witnessed.  Danielle looked at Jack, with an evil grin on her face.  ‘ Next...   Jack lifted the ax up above his head with both arms.  ‘Let’s see what you’ve got Bitch!   He made a mad dash at Danielle, one she was not expecting.  Down came the ax into Danielle’s side.  Danielle barely smirked as the ax penetrated her side.  ‘ Mmmph !!   It had hurt, but it was less painful than when she had rammed the wall.  Even more surprising, no blood was coming from the wound.  ‘What kind of demon are you???   The conductor ran to the back of the car, and began working on unlatching it.  ‘ I’m not done with you yet ...   Danielle pulled the ax out of her side, which looked like a child’s toy.  She tossed it to the ground, and that was when she noticed someone staring intently at her from underneath one of the tables.  A young woman wearing a V©necked blouse and silk pants was staring up at Danielle, and she looked strangely stimulated .  ‘Looks like I affected you without trying eh little girl ?   Danielle reached down and pulled the woman out from underneath the table.  She drew her close to her almost naked body, and began to feel the strange girl shrinking in her arms.  Danielle’s was now growing taller and had to lean down further to fit.  Before her eyes, the wound from the ax was closing, till not even a scratch remained.  The conductor continued working quickly to free the dining car from the rest of the speeding train.  The woman in Danielle’s arms was now staring intently at Danielle’s erect nipple.  Before Danielle realized it, the woman was suckling her.  Danielle suddenly felt a great dizziness, and no longer felt quite as strong as she had moments ago.  She felt herself becoming weaker, smaller.  She was now able to fit in the train car standing straight.  Soon enough the train car’s ceiling seemed at least a couple feet above her.  Danielle looked down at the woman who was suckling her.  She seemed incredibly aroused.  Just then a ring on the woman’s finger popped off.  The woman was getting bigger.  Her breasts filled out the opening in her V neck shirt, slowly pushing it open to it’s maximum.  Her pants were filling up with incredible thigh and calve muscles, and she was growing taller by the second.  Soon the woman was holding Danielle, and had to duck down to suckle on her.  The growing woman’s mouth was now significantly bigger than Danielle bossom, and placed her mouth around most of Danielle’s diminishing breast.  Danielle understood her earlier trepidation of being suckled, and with her remaining strength, which was still super human, kicked off the woman.  The large woman was sent flying into the still working conductor.  Just then the car was released from the rest of the train. 
With everything that had been going on, they had failed to notice the amount of time that had passed.  Glancing to her right, Danielle could see the light appearing over the hill sides.  She quickly dashed behind the curtain, and looked over at the woman and conductor struggling beneath the newly formed amazon.  Slowly beams of light hit the woman, which sent sparks and smoke in the air.  In her struggle to get off the conductor she pressed down her arm and crushed the conductors neck.  As more sunlight entered through the train car’s windows, fire began engulfing the woman.  Slowly her body began to diminish in size, as fire spread throughout her body and flesh began melting away.  In a huge explosion of flames, the woman and now dead conductor were swallowed by fire and melted to their deaths.  Danielle quickly ran to her dark cabin and closed the door behind her.  She was now her regular size.  The remaining train cars slowed down, stopping in a place Danielle was all too familiar with, Transylvania.   
¶¶¶¶CHAPTER 9: Ancient Lore

¶¶¶¶Danielle waited till sunset before she escaped the train.  Throughout the day she could here the remaining passenger getting off the train’s remaining cars, trying to figure out what had happened.  As the sun began to set, Danielle decided not to try and reach the old woman before her hunger returned.  She took a black blouse and used it as a shroud.  She put on gloves and another long dress bottom.  She also wore a thick trenchcoat which she found in the dining car, probably left behind by one of the fleeing passengers.  Finally she pulled out sunglasses and a handkerchief, which she used for facial protection.  She stepped off the train and quickly walked towards the place where her living nightmare had started.  Before arriving, the sun finished setting and night engulfed the small town.  She removed her sunglasses and began walking faster as she started feeling her hunger return.  That was when she spied a young man who looked about twenty, lurking in a shadow.  It seemed that along with all the other changes her body was going through, she could now see very clearly in the dark.  She began wanting the man.  She let her magical stare make contact with the mysterious young fellow.  He looked back into her eyes and simply smiled.  His resistance to her summoning made him even more tempting.  She began to feel her trenchcoat slowly hugging her body.  Her gloves felt uncomfortable now, as did her undergarments.  Again she tried to draw the man towards her, but he simply shook his head, still smiling.  Danielle felt herself getting taller, but slower than she had the previous times.  Danielle took a sniff of the air and was sure she could smell the scent of the old woman from the inn on the stranger.  That’s when a new feeling coursed through her.  Her body began shrinking to normal size, almost as if it was retreating from the unknown fellow.  She no longer felt the lust.  Danielle was now afraid of the effect this strange man was having on her.  The mysterious man winked at her and slowly walked off into the dark alley, next to the building he had been standing by.  Danielle decided to head quickly towards the inn, not wanting to encounter any more of the mysteries of Transylvania.   
She reached the inn and quickly entered, looking around to see if the old woman was still there.  There was no sign of her.  She did however see an envelope sitting on top of the old wooden desk.  ‘TO THE WOMAN WHO FREED ME ,  was all that was written on it.  She opened the envelope, and removed the letter within. 
‘By the time you have read this, I will have taken the next train out of Transylvania.  Although I am grateful that you freed me, I am sorry about the trade that needed to be made.  In order for me to be freed another soul would have undoubtedly been captured.  It is the way things happen here.  Since you are here, it is probably because my former captor inadvertently transferred her abilities to you.  What you are experiencing now is the effect of becoming a succubus.  It is a creature of the night which feeds on the life©force of others, usually through encounters of ecstasy.  Strangely the succubus gains more strength from female victims.  By draining the life©force of it’s prey, the succubus becomes more attractive and is therefore able to draw more men or women towards it.  I suspect that your mixed bloodline will react differently to the powers of the Queen succubus.  That is why I didn’t stick around to find out exactly how.  My last act of gratefulness is to give you some vital information.  Beware draining the life of those with more than eight races.  Do not allow a woman to suckle from you, for it will only breed more succubi, and leave you weakened.  Stray from draining vampires, yes, vampires...for they provide little or no nourishment, and will most likely try to make you their mate.  One more thing, worse than the vampire is the man wolf.  If you drain this being, it will bring you your death, for their blood is poison to the succubus.  As far as a cure for your ailment, there is onl...
The letter ended with scribbles and a few drops of blood.  Danielle stared at it for a short amount of time, then picked up the scent of the old woman.  ‘Of course!  Since the train did not stop, the woman must still be here!   Danielle headed for the source of the old woman’s scent.  Slowly opening the door to the main hallway, she jumped back in fear and disgust.  Splashes of blood and rags littered the floor, obviously the remains of the old woman.  What horrid beast could have done this?  Was it another  succubus taking revenge for their queen?  No, this was too brutal, specially since the succubus leave nothing behind.
This was something far more savage and perhaps even stronger.  Then she thought about the envelope.  Why would it be sealed and still intact?  It seemed that whoever had done this atrocity wanted her to find the letter.  Then she remembered the strange man who had been unaffected by her power.  Suddenly a loud knock was heard on the inn’s door. 

¶¶¶¶CHAPTER 10: Greater Demons

¶¶¶¶Danielle tried to identify who or what was behind the door by scent, but the old woman’s blood fragrance was still too thick to be overcome.  ‘Hello in there, we just want a place to say for the night.  We were on the train, but it seems like there was some sort of accident.   Danielle began to smile, but was then shocked that she wasn’t overtaken by her lust.  It seemed as though a great portion of her lust was drained away by the woman who had suckled from her.  ‘Good, perhaps I have some humanity in me yet.   She walked towards the door and peeked through the glass panels.  She saw a man standing with four women behind him.  Danielle ran to close the door where the old woman’s remains were scattered.  Just as she closed the door she heard the front door open.  ‘Sorry, I didn’t hear you knocking  stated Danielle as the young man behind the door stood silently.  The women rushed in and began looking around.  The strange thing was that the man was still standing outside.  ‘Can I come in?   He asked with a strange smile.  ‘Yes, please enter.   The man slowly walked in as though he had just overcome some unseen barrier.  ‘So, are there any rooms for me and the ladies?   Danielle stopped to think about everything that was going on, and suddenly remembered the horror in the main hallway entrance.  ‘I’m sorry we’re all booked up.   A strange look appeared on the man’s face and then he formed a smile.  ‘Hmmm, are you sure there aren’t any rooms available?   He looked towards the door which led to the underground room.  ‘I’ve heard this place can be pretty dangerous at night, and I’d hate to be caught out there alone with four women.   Danielle instantly knew there was more to this man than he was leading on.  He obviously knew of the existence of the underground room, and may even have been aware of the remains nearby.  ‘Yes, now I remember, there is  a room downstairs...   The only reason she decided to offer it was because her clothes started feeling less and less loose as time passed.  ‘Thank you madam, Dameon Frost and company are in debt to you.  Come now ladies, lets go have some fun downstairs.   The five of them went over to the lower room’s entrance, and made their way to the room without Danielle’s assistance.  ‘Something is not right about that man.  But it is something different from the man I encountered earlier tonight...   
A couple hours passed and Danielle could now smell the four women in the room below.  She was now certain that this man was something more than human or less than, for she could not pick up his scent.  The aroma of life was now making Danielle forget her humanity and give in to her animal cravings.  She felt her trenchcoat fill out, but she only became slightly larger.  The woman from the train had obviously taken out most of Danielle’s former strength.  She slowly descended the stairs, and could hear the man and women giggling.  She could also smell wine in the air.  Slowly she approached the door, and lifted her hand to knock on it.  Before her hand pressed against the door, it was opened by Dameon.  ‘I’m glad you decided to join us madam.  By the way, what is your name?   
‘D..Danielle...   She glanced at the women who were all in nightgowns and were rolling on the large bed.  ‘Danielle, it seems like the wine has gone to the my companion’s’ heads.   Dameon had a strange smile on again.  ‘Perhaps we should help relieve them of their intoxication?   Dameon slowly walked over to one of the women and pulled her toward Danielle.  Danielle reached out and held the woman in her hands, still covered by the gloves.  Dameon now walked back to the bed and sat next to one of the other women.  He placed his head on the woman’s shoulder, very close to her throat. ‘Now, let’s help them out Danielle, shall we?   At this Dameon’s eyes glowed red, and opening his mouth, two long previously unraveled fangs loomed over the woman’s jugular.     

¶¶¶¶CHAPTER 11: Desire Reborn

¶¶¶¶Danielle stood in shock as Dameon plunged his razor sharp canines into the woman.  Blood gushed slightly from the wound, but was soon covered by Dameon’s mouth.  What surprised Danielle most was that the woman seemed to be enjoying it.  The intoxication was obviously blinding the woman to what was actually occurring.  The woman Danielle was holding was now slowly dancing in Danielle’s arms, drawing nearer and nearer to Danielle.  She couldn’t take it anymore.  She removed her left glove and pressed it to the woman’s arm.  Danielle felt the arm slowly thin underneath her hand, and she felt the incredible growing sensation on herself once again.  Slowly her right hand glove began to split open at its small seams, and soon revealed Danielle’s skin underneath.  Danielle’s legs could now be seen beneath the trenchcoat as she began to reach a greater height.  Danielle’s breasts slowly began to push open the trenchcoat’s top.  She felt her arm muscles cramming into the trenchcoat, threatening to burst it open.  Danielle reached into her trenchcoat and pulled off her dress bottom.  She now stood close to the woman who was significantly dwarfed by Danielle’s height.  Danielle wrapped her bare legs around the woman and slowly pushed her to the ground.  Her legs were looking more and more amazing every second, and were beautifully lit by the flickering flames in the fireplace.  Soon the remains of the glove were shredded away by her incredible growth.  The woman beneath Danielle was now looking more like a little girl due to her shrunken size and dimensions.  But the woman was enjoying the experience too much to do anything about it.  All the while Dameon had stopped sucking the blood from the woman beneath him, as he sat staring at Danielle’s gorgeous body.  ‘I think I’m in love...   The other women were still very intoxicated and just lay on the double king size bed still in a drunken daze of laughter.  Danielle was feeling very lustful and playful about the small victim beneath her.  She stopped her life draining momentarily, to notice how great her body looked, specially on top of the small woman beneath her. Danielle grabbed her trenchcoat and pulled it open, revealing her large naked breasts underneath.  She then pressed her torso down on top of the small woman, and could hear ribs snap under her greater weight.  Danielle’s breasts were twice the width of the small woman’s torso, and it only made Danielle feel all the more aroused.  She moved her hands to the sides of the woman’s face and commenced removing the life from her again.  Slowly the woman dwindled to nothingness, as Danielle felt her butt cheeks muscle out of her last pair of pantyhose.  Danielle was now on all fours looking at Dameon and the woman he held in his arms. Dameon merely watched with a grin, ‘Just when you thought you’d seen it all...

¶¶¶¶CHAPTER 12: Erotic Dance

¶¶¶¶Danielle reached for Dameon and his victim.  She held the barely breathing woman in one hand, while tearing off Dameon’s shirt with the other.  She began to rub Dameon’s chest while slowly sapping the life of the woman in her hand.  At first Danielle could barely reach around the woman’s neck, and soon enough her fingers were touching behind the woman’s throat.  Danielle’s pantyhose now tore away underneath her growing womanhood, leaving her completely naked.  She continued massaging Dameon’s chest, and soon enough her hand was covering most of his torso.  The woman Danielle was gaining power from was now one fourth her original size, obviously shrinking faster due to her injury.  Dameon was experiencing utter pleasure as he watched the beautiful succubus grow larger and larger.  He could feel her hand expanding on his chest.  Soon enough the shrinking woman was no more, and Danielle was larger than she had ever been.  Danielle was now able to grab Dameon by the chest and move him aside, making room for herself the large bed.  Although her hunger was satisfied, her lust was not.  She gave a wanting look at Dameon, but then noticed the sleeping women on the bed.  ‘ Now is your chance to feed my lover...I am satisfied for the time being ...   Dameon’s eyes opened wide at her remark.  ‘Your lover???  Well if you insist.   With a smile he looked towards the resting woman.  ‘I was actually quite satisfied myself after munching on that first girl.  So I don’t mind if you take both these girls.   Danielle rolled to the center of the bed which now fit her like a large twin size bed.  She grabbed one of the women and laid her next to her left breast, leaving the other next to her right.  She began her life removing procedure, and expanded to even greater musculature and curves.  The women quickly disappeared under Danielle’s tremendous new frame.  Danielle was now in pure ecstasy.  She had grown so much that her feet were touching the ground from the bottom end of the bed. 
Dameon began to run his hand on her enormous abdomens, feeling each powerful muscle.   Danielle quickly grabbed him and placed him on top of her huge chest.  He was almost able to fit between her breasts.  He now began to caress each of her nipples with his arms outstretched.  Danielle moved her hands to stroke Dameon’s entire body.  Her left hand removed the rest of his clothing and massaged his legs, while her right caressed his back.  Dameon was having the time of his life, whereas most normal men would be at a fear of death in the arms of such a large powerful woman.  But Dameon was far from an ordinary man, and feared very little.  He also knew how to bring great pleasure to a woman, regardless of her condition.  Dameon’s fangs re©extended to their full size, but rather than use them as a weapon, he ran them gently around Danielle’s left nipple.  Danielle felt as though she would pass out from the great pleasure she was receiving at Dameon’s hands and mouth.  Dameon then began to gently nibble Danielle’s nipple making sure not to break her flesh.  Danielle moaned loud, and her screams of ecstasy could be heard throughout the town. 
The people of the village knew there was a great evil in the inn, and had finally decided to move against it.  They had lost too many people already to the unknown demons of the land, and it was time for them to take care of at least one.  A mob began to gather outside the inn’s door, several of the villagers holding torches and stakes.   

¶¶¶¶FINAL CHAPTER: Sunlight

¶¶¶¶The villagers were now pounding on the door threatening to set the inn ablaze if no one came out.  Danielle could smell all the delicious victims, but Dameon was well aware of what she was thinking.  ‘Beloved, if we kill them all tonight we won’t have any left for tomorrow.   He climbed off Danielle and walked towards the door.  ‘Stay here and I’ll try to get these peasants to go home.   Danielle nodded and crawled towards the window in the room, it was the only way she could fit.  Dameon rushed up the stairs and opened the door.  ‘What do you people want?  There is no evil here...go home before any innocents get hurt!   Dameon said this with an evil smile on his face.  ‘Demon we know your ways, and you can not hide anymore!!!   Several large men moved to the door and grabbed Dameon, taking him by surprise.  He was still thinking about Danielle’s amazing body and wasn’t concentrating on the events at hand.  ‘Now you will be killed beast!!!   The villagers tried to get ahold of him, but Dameon reached for one of the men’s faced and gouged out his eyes. Danielle was watching from the window and began to press on the wall in her room to break it down.  Several villagers moved to replace the injured man, and forced Dameon on a large wooden pole which they tied him to.  Before the villagers could make another move a scream was heard.  They all turned around to see a young man holding a woman in his arms.  It was as though the woman had been twisted around at her waist.  ‘Oh please don’t mind me... You can finish off that vampire, I just got hungry from the excitement and decided to have a snack.   The closest villager to the man had a stake in his hand and ran up to plunge it in the strangers chest.  Danielle could see the stranger from the window, and recognized him as the one who had most likely killed the old woman. 
The stake pressed deep into the mysterious man’s chest, causing a great deal of blood to gush out.  ‘Ha!!! Now there is one less demon for us to worry about!   The man began to walk away when he heard the stranger’s voice.  ‘I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not killed quite as easily as those puny vampires.   The blood covered stranger removed the stake from his chest and tossed it aside.  His clothes began to fill and then shred revealing long gray hair underneath.  His face began to stretch at the jaw, and soon it too was covered by gray hair.  The jaw now extended as well as his nose, forming what looked like the mouth of a dog...or more like a large wolf.  Grinning, several sharp teeth were revealed which shined under the bright moonlit night.  The monster was now twice his original girth and about 7 feet tall.  He bit into the woman in his arms, and then jumped towards the villager who had attacked him earlier.  With the woman hanging in his mouth, the werewolf ripped the man’s head off.  ‘Kill the other demon quickly before he reveals any of his evil power!!   The villagers moved toward Dameon with their stakes, only to be greeted by an untied Dameon.  In their distraction Dameon had destroyed the ropes which held him, and now stood ready for the villager’s next move.  ‘Not quite so easy to come after me when I’m untied eh?   One brave but foolish villager took a stab at Dameon, and was easily shoved aside with his neck being snapped.  ‘Nice try, anyone else?   Just then the villagers were thrown aside, the wolfman was facing Dameon.  ‘Well wolf boy, I haven’t danced with one of your kind in ages.   The wolf let out a howl, and the village was soon swarmed by several other similar looking wolves as well as regular looking wolves.  ‘I take it your the leader of the pack...   The wolf slashed at Dameon’s chest spilling blood on the ground.  Now several of the wolves began attacking the villagers, and some were advancing on Dameon.  Danielle had seen enough.  She broke the glass and quickly snatched up one of the fleeing villagers.  The soon dead man gave her the strength she needed.  With a strong push from her shoulder, the wall next to her collapsed.  Danielle stepped through the opening, and was soon surrounded by several of the wolves.  ‘ You naughty puppies might make a bad meal, but you will certainly make fun playthings ...   Three of the wolves jumped at Danielle.  Swinging her arm with all her might, she flung them back, splattering one into a nearby building.  Several of the small wolves saw this and quickly began to retreat.  The villagers were still running around the village chased by other wolves, and Danielle stepped in to interfere.  ‘ Let me help you ...   Smiling she picked up one of the villagers.  ‘Th..thank you...   said the villager in great fear.  ‘ No, thank you ...   The villager shriveled in Danielle’s hand causing her to grow another couple feet.  One of the small wolves tried to run past her, but she just brought down her hand and swatted him like a fly.  Wiping her hands of it’s remains, Danielle began to head towards Dameon and the pack leader.  Although Dameon seemed half the size of the werewolf, he was doing alright against him.  With a quick backhand he knocked the werewolf back.  The werewolf jumped in the air, and landed on top of Dameon.  ‘Sorry, I only like it when Danielle does that to me...   Before he could shake him off, the wolf punched his claw into Dameon’s gut.  ‘ARRRGHH!!!!   The wolf began to push his hand further into Dameon, but soon found himself several feet in the air.  ‘ You will pay for that pup !   Danielle began to use her life sapping power on the wolfman.  ‘No Danielle don’t...!!!!!   Dameon’s words came too late.  Danielle felt very strange as she absorbed the half©wolf.  The wolfman laughed like a hyena as Danielle began to shrink.  Soon enough she dropped him and continued shrinking.  ‘Stupid wench, our blood is a poison to your should have listened to the old woman’s note.  I knew you wouldn’t though...   Danielle was now back to her normal size, and was laying in the fetal position, writhing in pain.  The wolfman signaled the other wolves, and they began to surround Danielle.  Dameon was surprised at the fondness he felt for Danielle, and pulled himself to his feet.  ‘I don’t know what this will do to you Danielle, but it may be our only chance...   He rushed the head wolf and knocked him to the ground.  Quickly he pushed past the surrounding wolves and he threw himself on top of Danielle.  He revealed his long fangs and tore into Danielle’s throat.  Into her newly formed wound he let the blood flowing from his gut pour on her wound.  ‘This is both my blood and the werewolf’s...    Just then the wolfman pulled Dameon aside and continued thrashing him.  The remaining wolves all jumped on top of Danielle and began their attack.  Danielle was engulfed by more than twelve wolves, all attempting to feed off her.  As they engulfed her with their bodies, it almost seemed as though one of the wolves was suddenly considerably smaller than the others.  Soon enough the entire pack were half their original size.  At the center of the pack a large hand could be seen, and one of the wolves was crushed in two by it.  The remaining wolves now scattered, and in the middle of the commotion lay Danielle, now twice the size she had been before shrinking.  Her muscles were several times larger than they had been before, and she looked more beautiful than ever.  She smiled and two huge, previously nonexistent fangs could be seen.  Danielle had gained the strength of the werewolves and the fangs of a vampire.  ‘ YOU DON’T WANT TO PLAY WITH ME ANYMORE ???   She stood up an towered well over most of the village buildings.  The remaining members of the wolf pack retreated into the woods.  Only their leader remained, who was now making several gashes in Dameon.  Danielle reached down and plucked his entire body into her hand.  Dameon looked up in awe as he witnessed the new size and beauty of Danielle.  ‘Wolfboy I think your in trouble.   Danielle looked down at Dameon’s wounds.  ‘Don’t worry about me, these will be gone by tomorrow.   Danielle looked down at the small wolfman in her hand.  ‘ I THINK I’LL USE THE NEWEST ADDITION TO MY BODY ON YOU LITTLE WOLF.    She lifted up the wolf to her mouth and gave him a peak at her gigantic fangs.  Opening her mouth she plunged one fang into him, leaving a foot wide gash in him.  She yanked him off her tooth as he yelped in pain.  ‘ YOU WILL SUFFER SLOWLY ...   She reached for his left leg and ripped it off.  The wolf was screaming in utter suffering.  Next she yanked off both his arms, and tossed all three limbs into her mouth.  Finally she brought the wolf back to her mouth and tossed him inside.  She chewed very slowly, making sure to crush every portion of his body.  Danielle now grew another five feet in size and filled out with greater muscle.  With a great smile on her face she looked down at Dameon.  To her surprise he was looking up at her in fear.  ‘ BLOODSUCKER, YOU ARE THE ONLY BEING IN THIS WORLD I WOULD NOT HURT ...   Dameon shook his head and pointed behind her.  ‘No my love, it’s not must run for cover!!!!   He ran to the building nearest him and jumped through it’s window.  Danielle turned around and saw the source of Dameon’s fear.  The sun was rising.  She looked everywhere but soon realized that she was far too big to hide in any of the buildings.  The first rays of sunlight hit her face, and she felt pain like never before.  Smoke began to rise from her flesh.  Danielle began to destroy several of the village houses in a rage and fear.  More and more of her was drenched in sunlight, and Danielle felt pure, intense pain.  Energy seemed to leave her body, and she found her skin on fire.  In a sudden explosion of energy, light emanated from her and soon nothing but ashes remained.
Later that evening, the villagers celebrated their triumph over the demons.  In one of the dark alleys ,however, a shadow could be seen moving about.  Dameon moved toward a corner of the alley where a great deal of debris lay.  Reaching into it he pulled out the naked body of a petite sized woman.  The woman’s eyes opened, and they had a mysterious glow in them.  She smiled and two sharp fangs could be seen.  ‘Come on Danielle, there are more exciting villages a vampire and a...unique being can find excitement in.   The two creatures of the night walked off into the darkness.

¶¶¶¶~ FIN ~

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Re: Big Succubus By ZZZ
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This was great, nice work.

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Re: Big Succubus By ZZZ
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Great story. Thank you. Now we can enjoy the sleep of the dead.....

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Re: Big Succubus By ZZZ
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Wow, Wilfred, terrific story!  I really enjoyed it. 

Great stuff!  Thank you for writing it for us.

I look forward to reading more of your work.

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Re: Big Succubus By ZZZ
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Hope to see more from you

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Re: Big Succubus By ZZZ
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Here is another one written by ZZZ a long long time ago.
By the way, ZZZ is not me. As in I didn't write these stories because somebody else did. His name is ZZZ. He currently makes some very good FMG comics. Exceptionally good by the way. I could post a link if we were somewhere else that allowed people to do totally sane things, but we aren't. So there you have it. But if you "saradas" search for ZZZ and size change, you might get "sarads". So go "saradas" everyone.


Here is the story by ZZZ;

Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde             


Although it may seem to be only a shrinking story, read on because it should at satisfy giantess fans, cuz I really don’t like shrinking stories myself.....

Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde

Into the darkness, so it begins...

Jessica Jekyll was a young and aspiring student in chemistry.  She worked hard to impress the professors and even harder to impress the male students.  Jessica was 5”2’, weighed about 103lbs, with hair down to her shoulders and a very trim, un-curvy body.  She did however have a very cute face.  This however pulled very little weight in her mostly male class, thanks to Mary Gin, the bombshell of the chem department.  Mary was 5”9’, 125lbs, with hair down to the center of her back.  34C 24 32 were her measurements,
completely belittling Jessica’s 32A 28 32.  No one ever really noticed Jessica, except for the occasional times when professors would get shocked at her great innovations and ideas.  But then Mary would accidentally drop something, lift her skirt a bit and say, “OOPS, can someone help me pick this up?’ and every guy in the room including the professor would be at her feet cleaning up the mess, completely having forgotten about Jessica.

Jessica was sick of this and would have no more f it.  She would find a way to screw Mary over and get all the guys attention if it was the last thing she did. 

Every day after her decision, Jessica would go into the lab and think about how she would go about evening out the odds between her and Mary.  She figured it would be impossible for her to match Mary’s good looks since she couldn’t afford plastic surgery.  She also could not afford any time in the gym, because above all else she loved being in the lab.  In fact, the professors had already given her a key to it since she pretty much lived there.   Having spent so much time there, Jessica had thorough knowledge about every chemical available.  She also had thorough knowledge of Biology since she had already attained a degree in Bio.

One evening it finally occurred to Jessica how she would attain her revenge on Mary.  Since Jessica could feel this wild woman hidden deep within herself, she figured Mary must have an alter ego within herself that was very boring and timid.  Jessica was going to devise a concoction that would drive out that “little’ Mary, and make the competition inexistent.  But Mary realized personality would not be enough.  She had to drive out the physical representation of this “little’ Mary if she were to decrease the attention to Mary.  So, day after day Jessica sat back whenever she saw Mary flirting with the boys, anticipating the creation of her “alter ego formula’. 

At last the formula was nearing completion.  There was one drawback though. The formula would only work for a certain period of time, and needed a special triggering mechanism.   Soon enough she came up with a solution for both problems. 

She managed to stretch the lasting effectivity of the formula for a total duration of twelve hours, at which point the formula would diminish until another twelve hours had passed and the chemical would then return at full strength.  She thought about what in Mary she could choose to trigger the transformation.  It had to be something that Mary felt often...

Upon deciding the catalyst, Jessica went about finishing the formula.  It would take twelve hours for the formula to take effect, so she had to decide if she wanted Mary to suffer all day long or all night long.  With what she had chosen as her catalyst she decided upon night time being the optimum time for the formula to kick in.  Jessica and the rest of the class would get a chance to see the effects since they all had a night class together in the lab from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.  They also had an 8:00am class together, and that would be the time for Jessica to get her plan into effect.

Jessica had made two vials of the formula.  One for Mary, and one in case Mary somehow happened to damage the first vial.  She went to class about half an hour early, and began preparations.  Jessica figured she would tempt Mary into taking the formula by telling her it was the ultimate drink in weight loss.  Which was no lie if it worked like it was supposed to. 

Upon taking the vials out of her backpack an unexpected surprise came to her as she looked up.  Mary had come to class early!  “Shit! Looks like my damn alarm clock is running fast again. Aw great now I have to spend some time with little Miss goody two shoes.’  Jessica simply smiled and said, “Sorry to hear about your alarm’, but was thinking “Screw you bitch...Think I want to spend more time with your slut ass than I have to?’  But Jessica would never dream of saying such a thing to anyone, not even to Mary. 

It was then that Mary noticed the vials in Jessica’s hand.  “Did we have homework or something?’ asked Mary as she stared at the vials.  Jessica couldn’t help but break a smile at seeing that her plan was going even better than she could have expected.  “No no, this is never mind.’  Mary quickly walked over....’What is it! Tell me or I’ll get the boys to force it out of you, you little prepubescent girl!’  Jessica felt a great rage at being called a prepubescent girl by Mary, especially since they were both the same age.

“OK, OK I’ll tell you’ Jessica was incredibly pissed at Mary now, but she knew she had to maintain the facade and remain calm for this to work.  “This is a new diet drink I developed, and it’s far stronger than any out in the market.’  Mary quickly ran over and yanked one of the vials from Jessica.  She gulped down the entire vial right before Jessica’s eyes.  Jessica had an incredible sense of glee and couldn’t help but have the biggest smile on her face.  The plan had worked easier than she expected without a single problem, except...

” What are you smiling at you 13-year-old lookalike!’  Jessica thought her smile could be a problem, but she couldn’t help it and started giggling. “Nothing, it’s nothing...really...’ “Something’s wrong should be pretty pissed about my taking your experim...hey what the hell was that!  Now I know for sure it wasn’t a diet potion!’  Jessica was still giggling and said, ‘Yes, it was, trust me, you’ll lose the weight all right...hahaha!’  Now Mary was steaming and noticed the other vial in Jessica’s hand.
“Oh yeah?  Well I think your stupid little ego has gotten too big and it could stand to lose some weight!’

Before Jessica could stop laughing and think about what Mary meant, Mary yanked the other vial, pinched Jessica’s nose and poured the other vial down Jessica’s throat.  “Cough, ack...cough... what have you done Mary...oh no!!!! What have you done!!!’  Now Jessica began to cry because this was the last thing she would have expected, and had absolutely no idea what the results would be.  “Well whatever’s gonna happen to me is gonna happen to you now you little shit.

And it better not happen before tonight when we are giving our class presentations!’  Mary had almost forgotten about the presentations that were due later that evening, but right now bigger things were on her mind.  “I think right now we have something more important than our class presentation to consider, maybe we should both ditch tonight

Yeah sure you little nerd, that was probably your whole plan to begin with!

I can’t stand to be in the room with you, you underdeveloped brainiac, I’m cuttin class and goin home!’ Before Jessica could say anything to stop Mary, she was out the door and running down the hall.  “Great, just great...there’s really no way I can miss this presentation, it’s worth one third of my final grade!’ thought Jessica.

Jessica started thinking that perhaps nothing would happen to her, since it was designed specifically for Mary.  Besides, she never really felt that feeling which the formula was designed to target, at least she never really felt it in class.  Perhaps nothing would happen to either one of them since after all, she hadn’t really tested the formula.  She stopped thinking about it and spent the rest of the day working on her project.  It was going to be a horrible presentation she figured, she had made no previous preparations because she’d been working on her “alter ego formula’. 

7:30pm came sooner than Jessica had hoped, but she was glad to see she was not feeling anything strange.  Jessica threw on a light blue button blouse made of cotton, with long sleeves and some long, jean type shorts which went down to her knees.  She got to class and noticed that she was a couple minutes late, Bob, the tallest guy in class was already giving his presentation.  Bob was about 6”, and was both Jessica’s and Mary’s favorite guy in class.  Jessica felt a little nervous and upset about being late to class, because it had never happened to her before.  Upon entering, everyone looked at her and started cracking up, and Mary pointed at her and said, “Looks like Ms. Training bra decided to show up!

Hahahaha!!!’ everyone in class was laughing at her, even the professor.  At this she felt smaller than ever.  Mostly because Mary was almost right, it had taken Jessica what seemed forever to out grow her training bra. 

Suddenly Jessica felt warm and tingly all over, she couldn’t understand what this wave of warmth was, but then it subsided.  She ignored it as nothing and walked over to her seat.  But, as she did this, she noticed her shoes felt somewhat more snug.  What Jessica hadn’t noticed was that at the same time she had these feelings, Mary had the exact same warm rush through her body.  The only difference was that Mary felt her shoes a bit looser... 

Now it was Mary’s turn to give her presentation.  Mary had decided to wear a low cut dress which showed a good amount of cleavage.  Mary went up and started giving her presentation.  As she did this she felt her favorite feeling in the world, that of power.  She always felt this power trip more at night because guys wanted to be with her more then, than at any other time, and would do anything she wanted.  This she usually got drunk at night, and just about anybody could score.  She felt powerful because she could feel everyone’s eyes on her, probably undressing her.  Suddenly that warm feeling came over her again.  This time it was far more intense.  As she continued to give her presentation, she noticed her shoes and now her dress becoming more and more increasingly loose.  “It must be that diet drink’ she thought.  She looked down at her cleavage and noticed that now only about half of what was there before was showing.  Her once filled dress was now looking more and more loose, and less and less sexy.  She even noticed it to be covering more and more of her thighs.  She no longer had that feeling of power. 

Jessica had noticed what had happened to Mary and began to feel sorry for her.  She couldn’t believe how low she had sunk, and now Jessica felt small at having done this childish act.  Suddenly Jessica felt the warmth overcome her, and she felt her clothes get a little more snug, in fact she started thinking about taking off her shoes because they had become increasingly more uncomfortable.  All her undergarments felt way tighter than they ever had before.  That’s when she realized it.  “It must be the formula!’ she thought, but before she could think anymore of it, people began applauding at the end of Mary’s presentation.  She noticed that for once it hadn’t been a standing ovation as they had always given Mary, mostly because the guys weren’t as turned on as they usually were by the end of her presentation. 

Now it was to be Jessica’s turn to give her presentation.  As she walked up to the front of the class, Mary was heading back to her seat.  Upon crossing each other she noticed Mary didn’t look as tall as she had always seemed to her.  Mary was still upset at what had transpired earlier, and as she passed Jessica said, “Whoah, looks like I almost walked into a plain flat wall!’ An uproar of laughter came at this and Mary felt her feeling of power return to her.  But then, the warmth was way stronger than the previous times, and she looked down at her cleavage to see that it was almost completely gone!  She rushed over to the professor and asked to go to the restroom.  While this occurred, Jessica was incredibly embarrassed at what Mary had said, and at everyone laughing at her.  She felt the warmth overtake her, and suddenly she heard a small ripping noise.  Jessica felt her shoes were about to explode, and looked down to see her toe was slightly sticking out a newly formed hole in her shoe.  “How could this be?’ she wondered, but more importantly she noticed something else while looking down at her feet.  Her jean shorts seemed to curve out a bit more than ever before, and she could actually notice her mounds!  Her breasts were actually pushing against the tiny bra, almost as if they were fighting to escape.  Not only that, but her shorts were now up about an inch above her knees.  She felt very strange but continued onward to the front of the class.  She began giving her presentation, but began to feel very self conscience about her body, as it seemed every guy in class was actually paying attention to her for once and looking her up and down.  She also began to think about what may have happened to Mary, and how horrible her presentation was going.  This made her feel increasingly smaller and smaller.  As she felt this she felt the warmth and tingle again, in greater intensity!  She then heard more of that same ripping noise, and saw more of both her feet slipping out her shoes, as they seemed to grow bigger!  She also noticed there were now slight spaces between the buttons of her blouse!  Her panties felt very tight as well, and she felt a wedgie forming.  Her jeans were pressing in around her waist also, making it very difficult for her to concentrate.  She then went quickly over to the professor and said she felt like she was gonna throw up, and that he better let her go to the bathroom or she was going to let it out on him!  She was shocked as she heard these words leave her mouth.  The professor was more interested in looking at her now seemingly more curvaceous legs, but excused her to go to the restroom.  Before walking away she noticed that the professor seemed a couple inches shorter than she remembered, but figured it was her nervousness playing with her mind.

Jessica was so embarrassed at what she had said to her professor, but before she could feel the warmth overcome her again, she rushed to the restroom to see if Mary was OK.  When she stepped in a great surprise came to her as she saw what looked like a thirteen-year-old standing before her, about five inches shorter than her.  To her shock it was Mary.  Mary looked up at Jessica and said, “I”m sorry about how I treated you earlier Jessica, can we please be friends?’  Jessica felt horrified at what she had done to Mary, and had forgotten that it was only temporary.  “How could I have done this?!?’ thought Jessica as she looked down at little Mary, and feeling so horrible about herself, Jessica felt an explosion of heat at every inch of her body.  Mary put her hand on Jessica’s arm and said “Are you OK Jessica?’  Jessica felt every part of her body filling out at an incredible rate, and instead of feeling sorry for Mary she felt anger.  “Of course, not you little shit!  Can’t you see that?!?!’  Jessica’s feet burst completely out of her shoes.  Her legs became curvier and yet more and more muscular.  Her jeans were now starting to rip on the sides, and now reached halfway between her thighs.  Her butt was bulging out the back of her jeans as well, threatening to rip out.  Looking down at her arms she noticed them bulging through her little blouse sleeves, as well as how her sleeves only went down to the midpoint of her forearm.  She also noticed how her belly was now showing!  The combination of increased muscle and height had completely lifted her shirt from her waist level, revealing her navel.  But something else more so than the muscle or her new height were tugging at her shirt.  Her breasts were ready to burst forth from her light blue blouse.  Every button was straining to stay on her shirt.  Yet the force with which her breasts were growing was too much.  The buttons began bursting off one by one as her large, firm breasts slowly slipped out.  Jessica was now towering over the small and scrawny Mary.  Mary still had her hand on Jessica’s arm, but her hand was about one half of the width of Jessica’s arm.   “Mmmmm this feels sooo good!’ exclaimed Jessica as she ran her hands down every inch of her newly developed body.  “Finally I don”t have to deal with that little baby Jessica anymore!  Now I am out and ready to play!’  Mary was in awe at the way Jessica was acting, and specially at the way she was looking.  Jessica’s jeans were ripped on the sides up to her hip, revealing most of her long luscious legs.  Three of the buttons were missing from Jessica’s blouse and in their place was her large round breasts.  “Mmmm, too bad I didn’t pop the rest of this babyish shirt...’  Jessica was very aroused at what had happened to her and noticed her nipples bulging forth from inside her now torn blouse.  “Oooh looks like I got a little too excited.’  She now could feel her inner self fighting and feeling ashamed about her alter ego acting so inappropriately.  “I”m so glad I got to have my own body and not the old underdeveloped one...’ “That’s right Jessica, you”d better get used to these feelings your having cuz....hmm I think I need a name for myself.’ thought the new and improved Jessica.  She then looked down at her torn jeans, and also thought about how she had been hidden so long underneath little Jessica.  “...cuz Jeanie Hyde has cum to play!’  She emphasized the word cum and then looked to see that her hand had wandered down between her legs.  “Hmm maybe I’ll do this later...’  She looked over at Mary to see that she was very afraid of  “Jeanie’.  “You better be afraid Mary, I have been waiting a long time to get my revenge...’  Jeanie walked over to Mary, who was now over a foot shorter than her. “Please don’t hurt me...’  stated Mary as Jeanie drew closer.  “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you physically because that’s too easy with our new bodies, but I will make you feel small like you always made, Jessica  feel!’

Jessica placed her large breasts and smothered Mary’s face and held her there.  Jessica felt incredibly euphoric at how she had to lean down to place her breasts in Mary’s face.  “Oooh looks like your the underdeveloped thirteen year old now Mary...HAHAHAHA!!’  After doing this for a few minutes she felt somewhat strange.  “Looks like little Jessica is feeling bad inside me for what I did to you Mary...’ the warmth overtook Jeanie as her shorts ripped even more, and fell to the ground revealing her tight, black panties.  Her pubic hairs were actually showing from the side of her panties which were now several sizes too small.   Her breasts grew larger as well.  Yet another button burst forth and her blouse let out more of Jeanie’s beautiful mounds.  “Hmmm, looks like this could end up being a lot of fun, especially with the boys...’ she looked down at her beautiful body and ripped clothing and said, “well I don’t want to give the boys too much pleasure just yet, so I think I’ll be borrowing your dress Mary...’  Mary’s dress was now almost slipping off her since her body was way too small and un-curvy for it.  Jeanie removed her blouse and noticed that her bra had snapped quite some time ago, and now her large firm breasts were out in the open.  “OH MY!!!’  thought Jeanie as she looked down at them.  Jeanie then proceeded to lift Mary’s dress off and noticed how scrawny and flat Mary looked.  “Don’t worry little kid, after I”m done with the presentation I’ll bring back your clothes...but for now you’ll just have to stay in here!’  Jeanie hoped to feel the warmth again, but obviously
Jessica had caught on to Jeanie’s plan.  Jeanie would have to find a new way to make Jessica feel small.  She now proceeded to put Mary’s dress on, and realized it was incredibly tight.  In fact, as she finished putting on the little red dress, she took in a deep breath and her breasts made a small tear at the top of the dress letting out more cleavage.  “Looks like I’m even bigger than you used to be Mary! HAHAHAH.

Alright, time for me to get back to class...’  Jeanie slowly walked over to her classroom trying to think off how she would manage to finish hide what had transpired.  When she entered the room, every guys eyes seem to fly out of their head staring at Jeanie’s incredible body.  Even the teacher was starting to drool.  “Hi little boys.’  Said Jeanie as she looked around the room. 

”I”m going to be finishing my “little’ sisters, Jessica’s, presentation, because she was feeling very sick and had to rush home.’  the professor was gawking at her legs when he stated, “Jessica never mentioned having a sister...’  Jeanie noticed how she was looking down, about a foot taller than the professor, making her about 6”4’ or taller..”We were raised by different families’ she replied.  “Oh ok, please go ahead and finish the the way what’s your name?

Jeanie Hyde, and I aim to please.’ and she walked towards the front of the class with a dress that hugged her like a second skin...

Jeanie continued the presentation from where Jessica had left off, but added a little zest to it.  Whenever something seemed boring in the presentation, she would lean way down to look at her notes, revealing her beautiful cleavage.   

Jeanie’s hair came down to below the middle of her back, and she would occasionally stroke it while giving a wink at the professor as the presentation went on.  She wanted her body to grow more but she could see that it was getting tougher to belittle Jessica.  She finished the presentation and an incredible uproar of applause and cheer was given to her by her classmates and the professor.  It was a standing ovation, and this gave her another idea to belittle Jessica, as she glanced over at her teacher.  He had a serious protrusion in his pants and Jeanie was going to take advantage of it.  She started walking over to him to hand him the notes she used for her presentation. She could hear little Jessica inside her saying, “No, you wouldn’t dare...’ “Wanna bet??’ thought Jeanie.  Standing in front of the professor she looked down at his pants, and as she started to pass him her notes, she pressed her hand up against his crotch and said...’Oops, thought I was leaning against the desk...Sorry about that prof...’ She licked her lips after saying this.  “”s ok Jeanie, it could happen to anyone.’  He had the biggest smile of his life on his face.  Jessica couldn’t believe what Jeanie had done.  The warmth was enveloping Jeanie again, and as she stood in front of the professor she giggled and said, “Yay!!!’ The professor looked at her and with his still enduring smile, “What’s got you so happy?’ 
“Oh you’ll see soon enough and you’ll be very happy too.’ she whispered.  It seemed to the professor as if somehow Jeanie’s red dress seemed more snug than when he first laid eyes on her...  Jeanie could feel her breasts and curvy bottom fighting to escape the increasingly tight dress.  Her breasts were slowly swelling more and more, tearing a larger amount of cleavage into the dress.  Her beautiful long legs were extending to all new heights, and her firm butt had begun to slip out the bottom of the red dress.   She winked at the professor and walked slowly and seductively back to her seat.  The professor couldn’t believe what he thought he just saw.  “It must be getting late...I definitely need more sleep...yeah that’s it, I’m not getting enough sleep.’ were his thoughts on this seemingly impossible occurrence. 

Jeanie looked around the class and noticed every guy in class still looking at her.  She felt incredibly great not having that baby body she had before. 

”Next!’ stated the teacher as another classmate stepped up to the front of class to give his presentation.  At this Jeanie thought she would have more fun again with little Jessica.  “No Jeanie...please, not that...’ “Oh but you know you want to feel all the new dimensions of this body...’ stated Jeanie as she looked up at her classmate in front of class.  His eyes were only on her as he gave his presentation.  At this she began to fondle her breasts, then slowly moved her hands down to her hips.  After rubbing her hips a bit she slid her hands across her thighs, and moved back up her legs increasingly closer to her pleasure center.  “Um duh um er ugh...’ was all that could come out of her classmate’s mouth a he stared in awe at Jeanie’s exploration of her body.  “Uh oh’ said Jeanie when she could sense little Jessica crying inside of her.  The warmth was now an inferno on her body.  She then began to quickly think about how much more fun it would be to simply reveal herself to the boys little by little rather than all in one night.  She looked over at the boy next to her whom she knew had a car and said, “Tommy can I borrow your car please...’  As she said this, she jutted out her chest and Tommy had a full eyed view of her enlarging nipples and awesome cleavage.  In fact, the tear in the front center of her dress was now down to slightly above her belly button. “I’ve got a bit of an emergency cutie, and I gotta get home.’  Tom couldn’t even speak as he held out his keys to Jeanie.  “Thanks baby, I’ll have Jessica return them to you tomorrow.’  She ran to the door at the great disappointment of her classmates and professor, and quickly made her way to the girls restroom.  Now the burning sensation caught up with her and she felt her beautiful behind slip completely out of the bottom of her dress, thanks to her growing torso and increasing muscle.  “Mmmmmm, the boys probably would have wet themselves if they had seen this!  Her red dress now finished tearing as her growing mounds escaped the now tiny looking dress.  She was getting taller as well as her head slowly approached the ceiling in the class hallway.  She had to be close to 8” tall now!  She looked down to the dress and decided to return what remained of it to Mary.  She walked into the restroom and had to duck her head to get in.  She saw little Mary run up to her and say “WOW!!!

Thanks for the dress little girl’ replied Jeanie as she tossed the torn piece of clothing at Mary’s face. 

Inside of little Mary, Big Mary was screaming, “That was my favorite dress you damn bitch!’ At this little Mary started getting smaller and her undergarments began slipping off.  Jeanie started laughing and began feeling warm and tingly once again.  “Ok I better move it before I get too big not to be noticed!’ with this she ran out of the school building, her large steps being heard everywhere in the school.

Jeanie quickly dashed for Tom’s car.  It was a “96 red Ford Escort, and to her dismay it seemed to get smaller and smaller she approached it.  She began to worry if she would even fit in the car at her new amazonian height of over 8 ft.  She unlocked the door and reached for the handle.  To her surprise could only fit three fingers under the door handle because of their much longer and wider size.  She went to sit into the car and had an incredibly tough time slipping her large naked body behind the wheel, even with the chair pushed all the way back.  She stepped back out of the car and looked down at it, remembering something she had seen a long time ago in a comedy movie.  “Well, if it worked for Hightower, it should work for me!

OH NO!!!’ thought little Jessica.  “Jeanie began to laugh as she reached down for the seat.  Flexing her recently acquired amazon muscle, she yanked out the driver’s seat.  She then went into the car and sat in the back seat.  She had a little trouble reaching the foot pedestals, but she figured she could reach far enough, and she’d only have to stretch a bit till she go home.  She then started the car, but as she began stretching her legs to reach the accelerator, she noticed the muscles in her legs beginning to bulge bigger and bigger, and her legs began to grow towards the pedestals.  She was growing again and had failed to notice the warmth covering her.  “Looks like you didn’t like that stunt with Tom’s front seat, eh Jessica? Hahahaa!’  As she laughed, she felt her head pushing up against the car top.  “Woah, I better hurry up and get home or my feet are gonna be in the engine.’  Once again, she felt incredibly cramped in the car, but she had few options left and drove towards home.  “Maybe next time I’ll just rip the car roof off.’  She felt a pinch of warmth and a bit more snug in the car, but it was nothing like the growth spurts she had earlier that night. 

Soon enough Jeanie arrived at her apartment, and snuck in through a back window.  She jumped into her bed and was ecstatic about how her legs were touching the ground while she lay in bed.  She fondled her body for a while and soon enough fell asleep.  Back on campus Mary was still in the restroom by herself.  She lay in one of the corners f the restroom, using her torn dress as a blanket and fell asleep. 

7:30am quickly approached for Jeanie, but far too slowly for Mary.  Little Mary had been crying all night, but as day approached, she began to feel her clothes filling in.  She looked down at her breasts and saw them swelling into her bra.  Her panties wee curving out to their once beautiful form as well.  Slowly her body inched upwards and little Mary felt herself loose control of her body.  “Oh, seems like that magic juice big Mary drank is wearing THAT BITCH IS GONNA PAY!’ Exclaimed Big Mary as her body finally became normal size and had once again fallen under her control.

Jessica awoke disoriented, but soon remembered the events of the previous night.  She looked down and partially to her joy but also slightly to her dismay her body was back to its skinny un-curved appearance.  “Ah well, I guess it was kind of fun while it lasted, but there’s no way I’m gonna retake that potion, much less give it to Mary.’

Jessica then looked down at her sheets and felt them damp, specially near the center of her hips.  “Geez that Jeanie was naughty! Yet sorta fun...’  She disregarded her lasts thoughts and prepared herself for school. 

The one highpoint Jessica considered from the previous night was that today she would no have to walk to school.  She quickly went out to the car and then remembered about the car seat.  “Great, how will I ever explain this one.’  She drove back to school now on her knees, so she could see over the dashboard.  She arrived at school and caught Tom walking towards class.  “Wait up Tom, here are your keys!’ Tom slowly turned around with a huge smile on his face, hoping it was Jeanie who’s voice he had heard.  His smile quickly diminished to a slight grin when he saw Jessica coming towards him.  “Oh hi Jessica, you know you sound a lot like your sister.’  Jessica disregarded the comment and handed the keys to Tom.  “Tom, Jeanie didn’t like the material your car seat was made of so she, oh, she had someone pull it out before she got home.  “WOW what a woman!’ thought Tom.  Jessica just giggled and Tom walked to class with her asking her a bunch of questions about Jeanie.  Upon arriving at class all the guys gathered around Jessica and started asking her questions as well.  Jessica was getting a kick out of it.  “Where is she from?

How old is she?

Does she have a boyfriend?’  the questions just kept on coming before she could even start answering them.  Jessica’s joy was soon cut down when Mary entered.  Mary had put on some jeans and a low V-neck T-shirt which she had stored in her locker.  “What are you big boys doing with that little preschooler?’  Mary winked at them in a beckoning sort of way. “Oh, hi Mary...yeah yeah whatever...’ was basically the remark all the guys had given Mary and they turned back to Jessica with more questions.  Jessica was overjoyed that she had outdone Mary for attention.  Mary was incredibly pissed.  But there wasn’t anything she could do about it she thought, at least for now.  “So what kind of guy does Jeanie like?’ “When can we see her again?’   At this Jessica felt a bit sad already knowing the results of her answer.  “She went back to her family and I don’t know when if ever she’ll visit again.’  A large collective “AAAAwwww..’ came from this and all the guys returned to their seats.  Jessica was beginning to get sad but then noticed that the guys would still look over at her and give her a friendly smile.  They were actually noticing that she existed!  School would definitely be better from now on, that is until they started to forget about Jeanie.  Even Bob, the guy she liked a great deal, had taken a seat next to Jessica in hopes of finding out more about Jeanie.

Class soon ended, and as always Jessica was the last t leave.  To her dismay however, she noticed that Mary had stayed also.  “Haha little tramp, now its just you and me and Jeanie ain’t gonna be protectin ya!

Mary...come on, lets just leave it in the past...’  Mary walked over to Jessica and slapped her on the face.  Next she slapped Mary a few more times each time laughing hard at her.  She then grabbed Jessica by the hair and yanked her towards the ground by it.  Jessica’s face slammed on the ground.  Jessica was unable to fight back Mary’s beatings because of her small, weak body.  While laying on the ground, Jessica looked up at Mary and pleaded with her to stop.  “Hahaha, there”s nothing you can do to stop me cuz there”s now way I’m taking that formula again, nor am I gonna let you take it!’  At this Mary grabbed Jessica by the arm and dragged her to a room where she knew no other classes would be held for the rest of the day.  Mary then pulled out some computer chords from underneath one of the tables. “Jessica, I’m gonna have a lot of fun with you today!’  Mary then tied Jessica to a chair with all of the wires.  She rolled them around Jessica’s body and the chair.  The wires covered most of her  torso.  She then used masking tape to wrap up Jessica’s thighs and calves, finally using a piece to cover her mouth.  “Wouldn’t want anyone to come in here and save baby now would we?’  Jessica simply looked down, not wanting Mary t see the tear that had started to form in her eye.   “But first I’m gonna go play with the boys.  I’ll be back in a couple of hours.’

Jessica sat in the chair all day, thinking about what she might have coming to her.  “I guess I deserve all this.’  Thought Mary.  After several hours, Jessica could hear Mary returning.  It was now close to 7:30pm.  She could hear that Mary was talking to someone as she entered.  “Oh Bob I’ve got something your gonna love more than all those drinks I gave you.’  Jessica was shocked and greatly saddened to see Bob walk through the door with Mary, but it seemed he was barely able to stand because he was so drunk.  “J..J...Jessia, is that you?’ stated Bob.  All Jessica could do was let out moans, what with the masking tape on her mouth.  “Shit Mary, what the fuck have you don...BELCH!’  Bob almost fell over after saying this.  “Hahahaha, Mary’s just a little pussy and she’s about to get a show as to what a real woman is like and what a real woman can do!’  Mary then slipped her hand down Bob’s pants.  “Come on Mary Jessica go...

No way Bob, I’m gonna get my revenge now!’  Mary felt strangely warm.  “See Bob, I”ve noticed that Jessica likes you, so imagine how shitty she’s gonna feel when she sees us do the wild thing!’  Bob was trying to pull away from Mary and Jessica noticed.  However, Bob was too drunk to put up any struggle.  Now Jessica was very sad that she would have to watch the guy she adored get it on with the one person she hated most in this world.  Suddenly she felt very warm and recognized the sensation.  She was shocked at first, but given the circumstances, a big smile was forming under the masking tape.  At the same time Mary was feeling warm, but she just figured it was because of Bob.  “Wow Bob your a lot bigger than I thought’ she said this as she played with his member.  “Your not as curvy or tone as I thought...’ as Bob said this, Mary thought “OH NO! HOW COULD THIS BE?!’  She then realized that she had not eaten anything meaning only one thing...the potion’s effects were permanent!’  As soon as she realized this she looked over at Jessica, noticing how the wires and masking tape looked tighter on her. “Uh oh.....’

Slowly the sound of tearing clothes could be heard from underneath the wires holding Jessica in place.  Her head seemed to be slowly rising above the wires around her.
“Umm Bob, suddenly I feel like I”d better be going...’ but she noticed Bob wasn’t paying any attention to her, he was just looking up at the ceiling counting the tiny holes. “Twenty-two, twenty three, um...did you say Jessica likes me?’ Bob smiled and said “Cool’.  At this Mary looked over at Jessica who seemed slightly content and no longer seemed to be expanding.  “That’s it!’ she thought.  “Jessica gets bigger when she feels bad, and I get smaller when, um...hmmm...’  She reached down into Bob’s pants again and started to feel his member, when suddenly she felt warm.  His unit started to feel like there was even more there than before.  “Aha so it’s only when  I get horny!’  Touching Bob again was a mistake though because once again the wires started stretching out around Jessica.  “No...No wait, um er, yeah Bob, um Jessica likes you yeah maybe you should just hook up with her and forget about me...’  She looked over at Jessica who had once again stopped growing.  “Well, that settles it.  Bob she’s all yours.’  Bob responded by saying “Cool’ again and Mary started walking towards the door, and noticed something on the floor.  “EWW! Die you little shit!’ she then proceeded to squash a cockroach.  Mary had been wearing a miniskirt and tank top which she had changed into after leaving Jessica tied up.  Suddenly she felt her Miniskirt slide down her hips to about halfway, and her tank top was very loose now.  “Aw shit!!! That means I can’t be mean also! Dammit!’ “This is all your fault you little um..fuck...’  It was too late.  The wires around Jessica’s chest spread open and revealed a tightly pressed t-shirt, with two large mounds in them.  Her nipples were showing through the cotton, as her breasts pushed apart the wires by swelling bigger and bigger by the second.  SNAP!!! The wire around the upper portions of her chest snapped apart.  Jessica’s hair was now longer and much more full.  The masking tape around her legs began to tear apart as her long and increasingly more muscular legs developed.  Her calves popped the throw the lower masking tape, and soon afterwards her firm beautiful thighs ripped the top pieces of masking tape as well.  The masking tape on her face seemed smaller and smaller and was being pushed off as her lips became fuller and fuller.  Now Jessica stood up and flexed every muscle on her gorgeous body, sending all the wires flying, and leaving behind a tall, naked, beautiful amazon.  She reached up and removed the remaining piece of masking tape from her mouth.  “Well, well Mary, now who’s the little pussy?

Not you um, Jeanie....’ “Shut up you little slut!’ after hearing this Mary made a dash for the door.  But she wasn’t fast enough.  She was slower than she would normally have been, and Jessica, er, Jeanie was twice as fast.  She caught her arm and looked her in the face, “I’m glad you didn’t go all the way to being little Mary, because she’s pretty innocent compared to you, and you can probably take more of a beating!’  Mary was trembling and was thinking, “Why isn’t there a cockroach around when you need one?’  Jeanie then let go of Mary, “This one is for Jessica!’ Jeanie swung her beautiful long arm and planted what she expected to be a weak slap on Mary’s face.  SLAP!  One of Mary’s teeth went flying out and Mary was knocked to the floor unconscious.  “Wow, didn’t expect that, but it sure felt good.’  Jeanie now heard what sounded like numbers as she looked down at Mary.  “Forty-six, forty-seven...’  Bob hadn’t even realized what had just happened.  He was still counting the holes in the ceiling.  Jeanie was feeling aroused now that she knew the strength her new body felt.  She walked over to Bob and looked down where he was looking up.  “Wow, I can’t believe I’m looking down on someone who is six feet tall!’  Bob looked at Jeanie, “Oh wow...hi Jeanie..’ he looked down at her body.  “Um Jeanie, I think you forgot to do something today.’ “What’s that?’ was her reply in an incredibly seductive voice.  “You forgot to wear clothes.’  He just looked up at her and smiled.  Jeanie then noticed how “excited’ Bob was.  “Looks like your happy to see me Bob’ “Yup.’ He just gave her a goofy look.’ 

She reached down and began to feel him up and down.  “Seems like your enjoying this Jessica, I’m not even feeling warm’ thought Jeanie.  “You know Jessica if we worked things out both of us could have a really good time, since we both feel what the other one feels.  “Hmmmmm.’ was all Jeanie could hear inside of her.  “Come on Jessica, if you want me to get it on with Bob I’m gonna have to carry him over to the table cuz there’s too much shit on the floor, and I’m still not strong enough to do it.’  Snapped wires, pieces of clothes, and Mary all lay thrown on the floor.  “O..O..o..ok I guess, maybe...’ “FINALLY!’ responded Jeanie.  “Now I have to make you feel small though for us to get BIG!’  She continued stroking Bob, who was now staring at Jeanie’s chest.  “I wonder how many gallons of milk are stored in there?’ said Bob.  “Ok Jessica, I’ve got an idea, are you ready?’ “Um, aw alright...what have I gotten myself into?

You’ll feel shitty at first but when I’m done with Bob, you’ll forget all about it.’  Jeanie bent down, grabbed Mary’s hand and squeezed one of Mary’s fingers. POP! The sound of her braking bone almost seemed to echo in the empty room.  Mary was still unconscious. “ACK!!’ thought Jessica, as she felt sorry for Mary.  The warmth was once again upon Jeanie, as she felt her breasts swell bigger and bigger, with her nipples pushing out further. “Ummm, ya know, if I weren’t so drunk, I’d say your little hershies kisses just got bigger...BURP!’  Jeanie tried to lift up Bob, but it was a bit of a struggle.   See, Bob was on the football team and was over 200 pounds of mostly muscle.  The only reason Mary was able to drag him was because he was able to walk more or less, and still hadn’t felt the full effects of the alcohol until recently.  “Come on Jessica, ya gotta help me out here!!!

Um, er, maybe Mary’s dead from that smack you gave her Jeanie...’ “Alright Jeanie that’s more like it!’  A furious inferno overtook Jeannie.  “Woah!’  Her thigh muscles seemed to double in mass,
and her breasts were growing even larger, rounder and ever so much more firm.  Now she was almost three feet taller than Bob, and twice as wide, but still incredibly curvy and even more beautiful.  She picked up Bob with one arm and tossed him on the table.  “WOW!’ shouted Bob.  Jeanie then proceeded to climb on top of Bob.  “Oh geez, for once in my life I wish I wasn’t so drunk cuz I don’t think I’m gonna remember this tomorrow... BELCH!’  Jeanie ripped his pants open and pulled out his member.  She inserted him into her, and began to sway back and forth.  She then ripped his shirt open and began licking him.  “Wow!’ thought Jessica.  “See what happens when we work together Jessica?’ thought Jeanie as she continued to lick Bob up and down.  “Y..y..yeah, hehehe.

Alright, lets see if we can get Bob more involved now...’  She lifted up Bobs face to her chest, and she could hear Jessica say, “Tell him mommy’s got dinner served hehehe!

Oh yes Jessica that’s more like it!’ She did say it, and Bob began sucking her nipple. Jessica felt kind of embarrassed, and Jeanie started growing again.  Slowly Bob felt less and less painfully pleasureful inside of Jeanie.  “Aw, I guess that’s the only drawback about getting bigger.’  thought Jeanie.  Bob began to feel his mouth fit on Jeanie’s nipple less and less.  “That’s a more than a mouthful!’ thought Jessica as she saw Bob trying to get his entire mouth around Jeanie’s slowly enlarging nipple.  She continued to make love to him till he finally passed out.  “Aww, I guess that’s another drawback, too much endurance...hahaha.

Well, we could always...’ “Woah Jessica, I can’t believe you thought that!’ Jeanie reached down and began to masturbate while rubbing her hand all over her beautiful healthy body until she passed out. 

The next morning she awoke on top of Bob, both of them naked.  Jessica just laid there in her normal, small body, looking down at Bob’s face.  Bob woke up, more ways than one.  He was remembering the strange yet exciting dream he had the night before, and quickly filled in Jessica.  “OWWW!!....Wooweee! , mmmm...’ shouted Jessica s this happened.  Bob realized suddenly his situation and quickly pulled out.  “Oh my God Jessica, sorry about that, I’ve got no clue what’s goin on!’  Jessica just smiled at him.  “Jessica, I have a confession to make...even though I apparently made love to you, I dreamt it was your sister I was with...sorry..’  Jessica just giggled and kissed him.  “That’s ok Bob.

But don’t worry, I”ll be loyal to you, if you want me as a boyfriend.

Cuz even though I don’t remember last night, I know it was the best sex I’ve ever had, and I’ve always had this crush on you for how smart you are.’  Jessica felt like she would burst of joy, then thanked him and laid her head on his chest.  At this Jessica heard some moaning and noticed Mary getting up, once again at her regular size.  She looked over at Jessica, and smiled showing her missing tooth.  “Sorry about the tooth Mary’ said Jessica.  “ ok I promise I’ll never be mean to you again, and I”ll never make you upset...ok?’  Jessica could see the fear in Mary’s eyes.  “Ok then I won’t sick my BIG sister on you.’  Mary thanked Jessica and ran out the door.  “What was that all about Jessica?’  Jessica looked at Bob’s face and said, “Don’t worry Bob, if you’re lucky and sober you’ll find out tonight.’  Jessica lay her head back down on Bob’s chest and thought, “This is gonna be a great semester.’   



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Re: Big Succubus By ZZZ
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Awesome story! I loved how Jeanie's fuel for getting bigger was by making Jessica feel small

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Re: Big Succubus By ZZZ
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Into the darkness, so it begins...

Brittany was typing away as always on a giantess chat room.  She truly enjoyed reading the stories about giantesses, and even more so enjoyed role playing as a giantess.  She always played  the part of the gentle giantess, and usually tried to conform to whatever she was asked to pretend.  The reason Brittany loved to act like a giantess was because of what she was like in real life.  Brittany was 5’ tall, was very slim and became tired quite easily. 

Brittany’s favorite person to role play with was a chat room friend named Ryan, but for some strange reason she lost complete contact with him.  He used to be at the chat room everyday for hours, but now he was nowhere to be seen.  He didn’t even return her e©mails, or anyone else’s.  It was as if he found something better than the internet. 

Without Ryan around Brittany just didn’t enjoy anyone else’s fantasies.  So instead, she devoted herself to the most demanding task of her life. 

For many years now Brittany had been researching everywhere and anything that was growth related, scientific and mystic.  She surfed every related aspect of the net, subscribed to thousands of tabloids from all over the world, and wrote letters to every scientist, mystic or gypsy she could get hold of from New York City to Hong Kong. 

Brittany had been doing this for well over 7 years now.  She had obtained several obscure responses and many mystic trinkets, but not one of them worked for her. 

Brittany was at the point of giving up on her whole giantess fetish, what with no replies from Ryan and no success with her search, when a strange crimson colored box arrived in the mail for her.  Her roommate, Vanessa, actually had the decency to bring in the mail for once, and so the strange box was on top of her keyboard. Vanessa had placed it in the one place she would be sure that Brittany would find it. 

Vanessa was everything Brittany hated, simply because she was everything Brittany always wanted to be.  Vanessa was tall and beautiful, with thick gorgeous hair.   She had large breasts on a slim frame, and great long legs.  She was around 5’10À¬ À, and had a great rump.  Vanessa measured 36D©24©36.  The only person with a better posterior was Vanessa’s friend Cara, who was no where near as tall as Vanessa.  In fact, she was 5’ tall, Brittany’s height.  The difference was that Cara’s great behind helped her score with all the guys on campus, as well as the fact that she was such good friends with Vanessa.  Brittany hated both of them for being so popular and always flaunting their great bodies.  Vanessa was very flirtatious and could score with anyone anyday.  Vanessa was never mean to Brittany, but often times she was inconsiderate.

Brittany sat staring at the red box, knowing full well what it could be.  She removed the small letter on the box, which had only the name of origin written on it,  ‘The AmazonÀ¬ À.  Brittany couldn’t help but tremble in anticipation while reading the letter.

‘The stars have told me of your journey, and I have deemed you worthy of this gift.  This magic serum has no negative side effects, and will bring you the joy you have long desired.  There is even enough for you to share with one friend.  The gift will be better than your fantasies, you will be able to control the power.

©ZoromÀ¬ À

With a great smile on her face Brittany began opening the box.  To her horror, she noticed the seals on the box had already been broken...

Inside the box was a small glass container, its lid lying next to it.  Brittany pulled out the container and held it to her face.  It was completely empty.  ‘How can this be?!?!?!À¬ ‘  ÀEasy roomy...what’s with all the shouting??À¬ À  This whole time Brittany hadn’t noticed that Vanessa was talking on the phone in the closet.  ‘Hold on a sec Cara, I think my roommate is going freaky or something.À¬ À  Brittany held up the empty red box to Vanessa.  ‘Do you have anything to do with the empty bottle???À¬ À  Vanessa smiled, and Brittany looked down at the shiny object in Vanessa’s hand.  It was a syringe.  ‘Roomy, I never knew you were into drugs...À¬ ‘  ÀWHAT!!!!Give me that, it’s not a drug!!!!À¬ À  Brittany reached for the syringe, seeing that it had a strange yellow liquid in it.  Vanessa pulled back not allowing Brittany to take it from her.  ‘What do you mean it’s not a drug?  When I read that note it all pointed to a great drug, you know, greatest fantasy blah blah blah...I figured you wouldn’t mind sharing it with your roommate...and besides, I just injected some into myself a minute ago, and boy was it a great rush!!!À- ‘  ÀNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!À¬ À  screamed Brittany as she tightened her fists, and tears ran down her face.  ‘Geez Brittany, you’d think I’d just crushed your lifetime dream or som...À¬ À  A strange look appeared on Vanessa’s face.  She looked down at the black leather dress she was wearing.  It had suddenly become much more constricting.  ‘Have I gained weight?À¬ À  Again Brittany let out a scream realizing what was about to occur. 

Slowly Vanessa’s black leather dress started filling out, the sound of leather stretching could be heard loud and clear.  ‘Oh wow Brittany, looks like that drug is having a side effect©It’s making me feel high again!À¬ À  The zipper on Vanessa’s chest slowly began to open under the increasing pressure.  Her already large breasts were growing bigger and firmer as she stood there.  More and more cleavage was being revealed as the zipper slid down thanks to Vanessa’s widening torso and bulging breasts.  ‘Oh Brittany, I think this drug is some sort of hallucinogen...not only that but it’s really getting me turned on!À¬ À  Brittany just stood staring with hate as Vanessa, who already towered over her, began to gain even more height on Brittany.  Brittany was now at Vanessa’s breast level.  The short sleeves on Vanessa’s dress filled to their extent before any other part of her body, due to her now muscular upper arms.  ‘Ewwww!!! What’s with all this muscle???À¬ À  Before her eyes Vanessa’s muscles reduced a bit, but still left her looking very firm.  ‘That’s more like it...woah these drugs really are playing with my mind...À¬ À  Her large curvy butt now escaped the bottom of her dress as it swelled beautifully full.  Her thighs became thicker, but still proportional to her body, and not like that of a body builder.  They were well toned, but incredibly long.  Vanessa’s breasts had grown so much now that her nipples could be seen in her cleavage.  Vanessa never wore a bra thanks to her breasts being blessed with firmness.  The zipper was now down to her flat and slightly muscular stomach.  She was well into the seven foot range, when the entire process stopped.  Vanessa was very beautiful before, but now she was jaw dropping, eye popping, drop dead gorgeous.  Brittany dropped to the floor and began to cry.  Her lifelong dream just slipped past in front of her.  ‘Brittany, I think your over reacting a bit...I saved some for you, silly twit.À¬ À  Vanessa held out the needle with a yellow liquid inside it.  Brittany’s eyes almost popped from her head and her smile was renewed.  She reached up to take the needle...

Just then the door flew open, scaring Vanessa and causing her to drop the needle.  Cara rushed into the room.  ‘Hello, does someone not know how to continue a phone call??À¬ À  Cara was suddenly shocked at the amazon sized Vanessa, and took a step toward her.  Without looking down she accidentally stepped on the needle, which then shot it’s remaining contents into Cara’s foot.  ‘OWWW!!!...woah..I feel real good all of the sudden...À¬ À  Again Brittany let out a wail and jumped on her bed sobbing.  ‘Vanessa, what’s wrong with your roommate, and have you been taking some sort of hormones???À¬ ‘  ÀWell Cara, your about to find out what’s happened to me first hand...À¬ À

‘What are you talking about Vanessa???À¬ ‘  ÀHave you seen how huge your top has become?  I couldn’t even be that big in my wildest fant...À¬ À  Cara always liked wearing T©shirts which she had custom modified, by cutting off their waste area making them more of a tank top.  The tank top was now looking a lot tighter on her. 

‘Oh....I can see my nipples through my shirt!À¬ À  The word ‘HottyÀ¬ À was on the remaining portion of her shirt, and the letters were slowly being pulled apart.  Her short tight shorts were also modified, they had been cut so that a small lower portion of her bottom could hang out.  Now a lot more of her beautiful bottom was being revealed. 

‘Mmmm...I feel so stimulated suddenly...À¬ À  More and more of Cara’s tight waist could be seen as she grew taller and taller. 

Brittany couldn’t help but want to check on how the serum had affected Cara.  She got up out of bed and walked over to Cara.  ‘I can’t believe I’m looking down at you Brittany©we used to be the same height!À¬ À  And Cara was looking down at her, she was now as tall as Vanessa originally was.  ‘WAAAAAAH!!!!À¬ À  Again Brittany returned to her bed.  ‘Your roommate sure whines a lot.À¬ ‘  ÀTell me about it!À¬ À  Cara continued to get taller, and her breasts could then began to hang out from her tank top.  She grabbed her swelling top and began to caress her huge bosoms.  The letters on her short could barely be read, they were stretched almost flat.  Her small shorts were now tearing, unable to hold her growing waist and cheeks.  The short’s button popped open and her red panties underneath could then be seen in the zipper opening.  Just then her legs grew a bit longer, and suddenly stopped.  She was now as tall as Vanessa.  ‘Vanessa, I don’t think we’re gonna have to try hard at all to be the most popular girls at school now...tee hee.À¬ À

After trying to comfort Brittany for a couple minutes the girls gave up.  Vanessa rummaged through her closet, and Cara headed for her room.  There was going to be a party later that night, and there was no way they would miss it with their new and improved bodies. 

Vanessa kept going through her clothes, trying them all on, but she only ended up tearing some of her tighter dresses and stretching some of her other clothes.  ‘Ugh!!! This may be a great body but I can’t find anything to wear!!!À¬ À  Just then Vanessa felt her body become lighter, and within a few seconds she was back at her original height of 5’10À¬ À.  ‘Oh no...don’t tell me I’ve lost the power...À¬ À  Brittany then peaked out her head from underneath her blanket to look at Vanessa.  Vanessa cupped her large breasts in her hands.  ‘They may be big normally, but I sure loved how big and sensitive they felt...À¬ À  Before finishing her sentence her hands were spreading out as her big breasts once again began to swell in size.  She again re©expanded to her 7’ size.  Brittany sighed and ducked back underneath her sheets.  ‘YES!!!! I can control this body thing!!!À¬ À  She rushed to the phone and found it incredibly tiny in her hand.  Shrinking to her original size once again she called up Cara and filled her in on the control over their new power. 

9:00PM came and both girls were ready for the party.  Vanessa had decided to go as her original size except for slightly larger breasts, and Cara had completely gone in complete opposite of her normal look.  She was 6’ tall with great breasts, and her butt was better looking than ever.  She had to borrow Vanessa’s black leather dress, and it was still tight on her new body. 

The girls finally arrived at the fraternity party, fashionably late as always.  The drinking had already begun and some people were already drunk.  Upon entering Vanessa spotted the one guy that had always resisted her temptation.  Sam Jenkins was the quarterback of the football team and was incredibly loyal to his girlfriend of three years.  His girlfriend was not at the party however, and Vanessa was definitely going to take advantage.  Cara on the other hand didn’t care who she mingled with, and soon enough three guys were flirting with her. 

Vanessa slowly strutted towards Sam, and greeted him with an overly friendly hug.  ‘Hello here by yourself?À¬ À  Sam pulled away from Vanessa and was kind of surprised to find her even better looking than normal. ‘Umm...Hi Vanessa...that you look very nice tonight.À¬ À  He couldn’t help but look down at her larger than usual breasts.  ‘Oh Sam that’s so sweet of you to say...À¬ À  She rubbed up against him, but again he pulled away.  Vanessa became a bit upset, ‘I’ll get him either the easy way, or the hard way!À¬ À  Vanessa told Sam she was becoming annoyed with the loud music.  She whispered into his ear that she had something very interesting to show him, but that she wanted to show it to him in private..  They proceeded upstairs to one of the bedrooms in the frat house. 

Sam couldn’t help but check out how great Vanessa’s body looked in the tight fitting two piece green dress.  It had buttons which ran down the side of her skirt and down her back.  Vanessa noticed him looking at her body and she filled in her dress just a tiny bit to see his reaction.  It was as if all the buttons were pushed out further on it.  ‘Man I must be hallucinating...I didn’t even have a drink!!À¬ À  Finally they reached the room and Vanessa sat on the bed.  ‘Sam lock the door will you?  I don’t want anyone coming in and surprising us.À¬ À  Sam complied.  ‘Vanessa...I don’t know what you have to show me, but please don’t forget I have a girlfriend.À¬ À  Vanessa stood up and walked over to Sam.  ‘Yes, but can your girlfriend do this?À¬ À  Vanessa suddenly popped a few of the buttons of her skirt as her hips widened and legs grew longer.  Sam was 6’ tall, and Vanessa was now his height.  ‘ did you do that??À¬ À  Vanessa smiled and pressed him against the door with her body.  ‘Does it matter?À¬ À  Sam pushed her away again, ‘I’m sorry Vanessa, but my girlfriend..À¬ À  Vanessa began to enlarge her breasts now, and her much larger nipples could be seen pushing out of the tight green dress.  She turned around and began to fill out her butt.  A couple more of the buttons on her skirt blew off. Her breasts conned to develop, pulling the shirt forward and freeing some of the buttons on her back.  Her legs now grew longer and curvier, and her shoes burst open.  ‘Oops...À¬ À  She turned back to face Sam, and noticed she was a foot taller than him.  ‘ you like tall girls Sam?À¬ À Sam couldn’t help it...his eyes were stuck on her breasts which were now several inches larger than moments before.  ‘Y...yes Vanessa..but no matter what I can’t betray my girlfriend...À¬ À  Vanessa’s seductive smile turned to a show of clenched teeth.  She was not happy.  ‘Sam, I want you bad, and I tried to get you the nice way but I guess we’ll have to do this the hard way...À¬ À  Vanessa walked over to Sam and tried to push him to the bed.  Sure Vanessa was taller than him, but Sam was a quarterback, and was far stronger than her.  He shrugged her away with ease.  ‘Vanessa you are amazingly hot, but I am sorry.À¬ À  Vanessa cussed and walked over to him again.  ‘You know, I really didn’t want to do this but I guess there’s no other way now...À¬ À  Vanessa’s shirt sleeves began to fill out as she flexed.  Suddenly a tear appeared on her shirt arm and underneath large bulging biceps could be seen.  The rest of her body was now inching up with muscle, and as her back grew thicker and more powerful the remaining buttons came off.  Her legs thickened up with muscles as well, and she allowed herself to grow taller as well.  The skirt buttons popped off as her thighs exploded out in strength.  Her flat stomach filled out with large ab muscles.  Her breasts rose up higher over her chest muscles, and she began to swell her breasts bigger as well.  Soon enough all her clothing was destroyed, and Vanessa was standing over Sam as an 8’ super amazon.  ‘Let’s try this again..À¬ À  Sam just stood in awe as he looked up at Vanessa, and couldn’t help but get a hard on.  Vanessa looked down at him, ‘I didn’t know you liked tall muscular yet busty girls Sam...À¬ ‘  ÀOK Vanessa you win.  I’ll do anything you want!!!À¬ À  Vanessa smiled and tossed him on the bed with incredible ease.  ‘Just enjoy the ride, and don’t mention your puny girlfriend anymore.À¬ À  Sam nodded as he stared at Vanessa’s breasts which were now each bigger than the size of his head.  She ripped open his pants and began to stroke his member.  She pressed down her large breasts on his face, and Sam began to lick them.   He ran his tongue from the bottom to the top of each breast, sending waves of pleasure into Vanessa.  Vanessa grabbed Sam and flipped him and herself so that he was on top of her.  She lowered his body until he inserted his member into her.  He didn’t have to do any work.  Vanessa grabbed him by the hips and began gyrating him up and down.  After several minutes Sam released into her, but Vanessa still wanted more.  She stroked every portion of his body starting from his neck and ending with his member, but he was too exhausted to do anything anytime soon.  Vanessa was feeling incredibly aroused, and didn’t want to rely on her won fingers to satisfy herself.  ‘Where can I find someone big enough to satisfy me now??À¬ À 

In the room next door, the three drunk guys Cara had been flirting with were now fondling her body.  She was enjoying every minute of it, but she didn’t feel like she could satisfy all three at least not at her current size.  Soon enough the zipper began to ride down the leather dress like it had for Vanessa.  Cara was making herself taller and her breasts much much larger.  She was becoming more and more stimulated as the three guys felt up her body, and she lost track of how big she was making herself.  She expanded from 6’ to 8’ tall and beyond in no time.  The zipper rode all the way down her dress until the entire front of her body was naked.  Her shoulders swelled into the sleeveless arm holes, and finished tearing the dress away with a loud sound of leather popping.  Cara couldn’t believe what she had just done, but she was having too much of a good time with the three men to care.  Her breasts were so big now all three men could rub both their hands on one.  She ripped the pants off one of the men and inserted him into herself.  The guy was completely hard, but at her current size Cara felt as though she were using her pinkie on herself. 

A sudden crashing sound was heard and all four looked at the door.  In walked Vanessa, 8’ tall covered with beautiful muscle.  ‘I thought I heard my leather dress stretching...À¬ À  Cara stood up and was shocked to see she had to duck down to fit in the room.  She had to be close to 10’ tall now.  She felt incredibly stimulated to find herself so much taller than Vanessa, specially at their current proportions.  ‘Vanessa!!!Your muscles are huge!!!À¬ À  Vanessa looked up at Cara and reached for her face.  ‘And your so incredibly tall...À¬ À  Vanessa pushed Cara into the bed, and threw herself  on top of her.  Their combined weight was too much and the bed sank to the ground.  No one heard anything below because of the high music volume.  The three guys were in complete shock and passed out.  Vanessa grabbed Cara’s hand and inserted Cara’s now longer, thicker fingers in herself.  ‘Mmm!!!À¬ À  Cried Vanessa, as she pushed Cara’s hand in and out.  Cara couldn’t believe what was going on, but she was seriously enjoying it.  She grabbed Vanessa’s hand and made like Vanessa in herself.  Vanessa’s finger was smaller than Cara’s, but it was definitely thicker and longer than any of the three guy’s member.  They began to rub each other’s incredible bodies together faster and faster.  They kissed each other and felt up each other with their free hand.  After about half an hour of the intense ecstasy, they finally came into each others hand.  Both girls relaxed and shrank to their normal size.  ‘FRAT PARTIES ARE GREAT!!!À¬ À


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