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Author Topic: This Section is for Professional Coaching  (Read 660 times)

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This Section is for Professional Coaching
« on: August 21, 2018, 07:37:17 pm »
This section is for professional coaching only.
Video's, images, written instruction.
From known professional coaches in the sport of Bodybuilding and Weight training, Power lifting.

We will not normally allow information from other athletes describing ( For Example)  "What works best for them".  Inst@gram and Facebook are full of such information, much is just personal experience, and confusing / not relevant to other athletes.  We only want training advice from known, trusted,  coaches in the sports.
As such, this is an archive of useful material for athletes who are both new to the sport, or experienced athletes referring to the information contained here for their benefit.

It is not, therefore, expected that this topic will filled with video's and pictures prolifically, but will only contain trusted information that members can refer to and believe in.

Forum Saradas  |  Utilities  |  Training and Posing  |  This Section is for Professional Coaching

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It only points to various links on the Internet that already exist.
It is recommended to buy Original Video, CD, DVD's and pictures only.
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