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Author Topic: FBB's in rage  (Read 10699 times)


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FBB's in rage
« on: February 13, 2011, 10:05:39 pm »
I find it really hot when I read or hear stories where powerful women are getting angry and start to trash people and things. A situation where a hot, muscular powerhouse cannot be stopped and does justice her way. I heard true stories where some fbb's were on roid rage and manhandled people for minor things just because they felt doing so. I know that it is not a nice thing in general, but I find this kinda hot.

Does anybody else here things same way? Have you heard any stories (real of fake)?


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Re: FBB's in rage
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2011, 06:09:11 am »
Rage to defend one's friends or loved ones is fine, but sheer wanton destruction (e.g. the annie ample stories), is shameful.  All things considered if that was a real story, she would be arrested and placed in mental institution or prison for assault.  Not to be too cliche but as Ben Parker stated, "With great power comes great responsibility." 


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Re: FBB's in rage
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2011, 08:54:54 pm »
I agree, I am also not a fan of Annie Ample stories! I am talking about cases of overprotective wife or a girlfriend who can move mountains for you, that's what I find really hot. Like walking with Brigita Brezovac in a rough neighborhood knowing that if something happens she can cause lots of damage.


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Re: FBB's in rage
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2011, 08:54:15 pm »
I love fbbs in rage too.
Surely, when violence is committed, it should be fiction.

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Re: FBB's in rage
« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2018, 12:43:17 am »
This is one that I think is amazingly hot. It was written twenty years ago by Little Man and is available on Diana's site. The guy is a good writer.

By Little Man
A true but sad story!  Nancy was big, strong, beautiful and a very misunderstood young lady.


This is a true story about an experience that I had between
January and April of 1983.  The names have been changed
to protect the innocent, namely me.  I will call myself John.

There is no exaggeration whatsoever of any descriptions in
the subsequent paragraphs.  In some instances, I am
forced to offer the best estimation of relevant details.  There
is very little dialogue and I will state it to the best of my
recollection so you get the gist of the scene.  Keep in mind
that I was not present during all the conversations.  I have
to state those as repeated to me.  There were however
several words and phrases that will remain embedded in
my mind forever.  They will be written verbatim.

The story is about an experience with a woman named
Nancy and how we met.  Although she seemed normal,
Nancy had some serious mental disorders.  She was
blessed with a large body, incredible strength and beauty.
She frequently used her size and strength as a means to
commit violent acts against people.  No one really knew
what triggered her brain.  She would unexpectedly snap in
and out of various violent and peaceful mental states.

Whether you believe this story or not doesn't really matter. 
At the very least, it will entertain you.  All I know is that
since that experience, I've been deeply attracted to women
that are bigger and/or stronger than I am.  To this day, I
adore and worship them.  My 5'5", 150-pound frame is easy
for them to handle and manipulate.  They seem to enjoy
their advantages over my small body.  And so do I.

Little Man, April 1998

Here we go!

I had just started a job with a new employer.  Their
headquarters was located in a northeastern suburb of
Boston.  Since the company didn't have a local office in my
hometown, I would commute back and forth, spending one
to two weeks at a time there.  The training process lasted
for just over 4 months.  There were also numerous trips to
other U.S. cities and several to London and Colchester,
England.  The rigorous travel and busy work schedule
meant I lived out of a suitcase for while.

For the most part, my new co-workers greeted me with
open arms.  Roberta showed the most hospitality towards
me.  She preferred to be called Bobbi instead of Roberta. 
As the administrative assistant for our department, she was
responsible for arranging all of our travel and entertainment
schedules.  Bobbie was 24 years old and single at the time. 
Her extremely efficient organizational skills kept everyone in
line.  Whenever the guys yelled for help, it was Bobbi to the
rescue.  She'd straighten out any chaotic office or travel
dilemma with ease.  "Not like that ya big dumb dumb," she'd
joke, "like this."  The situation was corrected in no time.

Bobbi was cute.  She stood about 5'7".  I never asked her
weight.  Judging from her stocky build, I estimated her
weight to be around 140 to 150 pounds.  She wasn't
muscular or in perfect shape.  Her keen sense of fashion
and the clothes she wore complimented and enhanced her
appearance.  She had a proportional body with light skin
and freckles.  Her short red hair, sparkling green eyes and
friendly disposition would quickly capture ones attention
and heart.  You couldn't help but like her.  She was an
excellent tour guide and companion.  During the first month
or so, we went to various dance clubs and restaurants.  She
also made me appreciate the beauty and rich history of the
New England area.  It was convenient for her and I to get
together because she lived a few blocks from my hotel in
the town of Salem.

One of our outings was especially pleasant.  Early one
Saturday morning we set out on an adventurous drive and
ended up in the Cape Cod area.  Along the way, we
stopped at the various seaports and towns.  The scenery
was picturesque and truly beautiful.  I highly recommend it. 
When we returned to my hotel, Bobbi and I decided to have
a quiet dinner and a few drinks.  One thing led to another
and we ended up in my room.  We made beautiful love until
our bodies collapsed from exhaustion.  A full day of sun and
fresh sea air followed by hours of lovemaking took its toll. 
The next morning Bobbi drove home only to return for
another fun filled evening of dancing and lovemaking.  Our
beautiful love affair continued for an entire month.

While at work one morning, Bobbi received a phone call
from a woman named Nancy.  After hanging up the phone
with Nancy, Bobbi's entire mood changed.  She seemed
very nervous and concerned.  When I asked about the
sudden change in her demeanor, she just cried and ran to
the ladies room.   I caught up with her during our lunch
break to offer consolation.  She finally calmed down enough
to explain the predicament she was in.

Nancy was Bobbi's 28-year old stepsister.  She was a
belligerent woman who always got herself into trouble in
one way or another.  She had been arrested for assault and
battery on several occasions.  A psychiatric counselor for
the State of Massachusetts had arranged for Nancy to live
in Texas with her biological father.  It was only for a few
months to keep her away from her foes.  Nancy was now
on her way back to town.  She had called Bobbi from a New
York bus station and needed a place to stay.

Bobbi further explained that their mutual mother was larger
than the average woman.  Nancy's biological father was a
very big, hotheaded man.  A large mother and a big
combative father naturally made Nancy a very big, strong
girl with an attitude.  When they were kids, Nancy would
always beat the shit out of Bobbi if she didn't do what
Nancy said.  "She still does," Bobbi added.

I asked Bobbi why she didn't just keep her distance from
Nancy.  Bobbi's reply was something to the effect of, "I can't
do that.  She's my sister.  Even though she hurts people
and we don't have the same father, I still love her.  Besides,
she'll find me at work or home."

Then I said to Bobbi, "So she's back in town.  How bad can
it be?  Just do what she tells you.  Maybe she's changed."

My last comment finally made Bobbi laugh out loud.  "No
Johnny, Nancy hasn't changed.  She never will until she
meets her match or they put her away for good.  I don't
want either to happen.  She talked to our mother in Florida
yesterday.  Mom told her that you and I have been seeing a
lot of each other.  I guess I shouldn't have told mom about
you.  Nancy insists on meeting you tonight.  That's what the
phone call was about."

"So what's so bad about that?" I asked, "The three of us will
have a few drinks and laughs.  She'll see that I'm decent."

"She doesn't give a shit about decent!" Bobbi screamed.
"Nancy is very jealous of me because I have my shit
together and she doesn't.  I also manage to hold on to the
men I attract and she can't.  They don't want to be around
her.  I feel really sorry for her sometimes.  She'll try to get
you for her own.  At the very least, she'll make sure I don't
have you.  And DON'T encourage her to drink.  First of all,
she'll drink you under the table or until your broke.  Second,
she doesn't get drunk.  She gets mean.  I'll suggest going
out for coffee.  I doubt she'll want to though.  She wants to
drink and terrorize somebody.  She wants YOU!"  At that
point I begged Bobbi to arrange a trip for me to anywhere in
the world.  She smiled reminding me I had training classes
and meetings the following week.  I was stuck.  The hell
with it, I figured!  I'll deal with it somehow.

At six o'clock that evening, I waited in the hotel bar for
Bobbi and Nancy to meet me.  Bobbi had gone to pick her
up from the bus station.  They were to stop off at Bobbi's
place so Nancy could drop her things off and freshen up.  I
was a nervous wreck about meeting Nancy.  From Bobbi's
description of her, I wasn't sure how to act.  I just sipped my
drink trying to calm down.  My stomach was in knots.  Just
as I finished my drink, I saw Bobbi walking into the bar
alone.  She ran over and sat down next to me at the table
without giving me our usual greeting kiss.  She told me that
Nancy had gone to the ladies room and would join us
shortly.  Bobbi didn't talk much after that.  She just kept her
eye on the bar entrance door.  I knew right then and there
that it would a tough evening.

About five minutes had passed when Nancy finally walked
in.  As she got closer I could see that she was a stunning
beauty.  She had long, thick and dark hair that flowed down
to the middle of her back.  The thick, dark, full eyebrows
and lashes complimented her intense hazel eyes.  Her pale
skin was a sharp contrast to the dark hair and eyebrows.  I
could tell she was much taller than Bobbi was.  Nancy's
bone structure was extremely big.  The body was incredible
stocky with a lot if meat on it.  She had fairly large breast,
very wide hips and powerful thunder thighs.  Nancy wore a
black button down dress that hung to the middle of her
thighs with lightly tinted nylon stockings.  The short sleeves
of the dress came just above her elbows to fully expose her
large forearms.  The heels on her shoes were about 3" to 4"
high.  With the heels she looked to be well above 6' tall.

I guess the best way to explain Nancy's facial features and
body structure is as follows.  She had the combined look of
2 current female body builders, only taller.  Her body
structure was exactly like that of Tina Lockwood in her early
training years.  Nancy's face had the hauntingly irresistible
and seductive look of Athena when she was young.  Every
feature of both bodybuilders resembles Nancy from head to
toe except eye color.  Of course these 2 powerhouses
weren't on the scene back then.  But having now seen their
pictures, the similarities are uncanny reminders of Nancy.

Anyway, Nancy was now standing next to me.  That's when
I realized her true size.  It wasn't just her height that made
her look big, rather the massive size of her body.  This girl
was huge.  I stood up to shake hands with her.  My hand
was extended for a few seconds before she finally looked
down and extended hers out to grab mine.  With her hand
firmly secured around mine, she gave it a firm and powerful
grip.  Her hand didn't completely engulf mine.  Nonetheless,
it was difficult for me to wrap my fingers around her wide,
thick palm.  She easily controlled the movements our
handshake as we greeted each other.  Without smiling, her
eyes were intently fixed on mine penetrating with purpose.

Trying to be a gentleman, I attempted to slide a heavy
wooden chair over from another table for her to sit down. 
She grabbed it from me with one hand lifting to set it in
place.  I waited until she was seated before I sat down.  The
bartender came over and I asked the ladies if they wanted a
drink.  Nancy ordered Chivas Regal.  Bobbi ordered a glass
of white wine and I ordered my usual Tanqueray and tonic. 
We remained silent until our drinks arrived.  Fortunately, the
drinks didn't take very long to come.

When the bartender set Nancy's drink on the table, she
poured the entire shot down her throat before he could set
Bobbi's and mine down.  We all stared in awe at Nancy. 
She handed her empty glass to the bartender and told him
she wanted another one.  This time she wanted it in a tall
glass.  He informed her that it was 6 shots worth at $2.50
per shot.  She gave him a nasty look as if to say 'I dare you
to make me repeat it'.  He looked over at me and I nodded. 
As he was walking away she yelled to him, "Make that 2 tall
glasses!  And spare me the ice this time!"  My God, I
thought, that's 12 shots without ice.  I knew right then that I
was in trouble.  My heart pounded heavily because I
suddenly remembered what Bobbi had told me earlier in the
day about Nancy's drinking habits.  I was also concerned
about the fact that Nancy never got drunk, just mean. 
Besides, at $2.50 a shot, the tab instantly climbed over $33. 
That didn't include the drinks Bobbi and I had ordered.  I
was sure I would end up paying.  Remember folks, $2.50 a
shot was expensive for 1983.  These days that bar bill
would easily be over $65.  That's $65 for one round and
one person only, not for a table full of people!

When the bartender brought the 2 tall glasses of Chivas
Regal over, he gave me a look of concern.  Nancy
immediately grabbed a glass out of his hand and guzzled
half of it down.  "Ahhhh," she said closing her eyes with
pleasure, "Now that hit the spot!"  Then she proceeded to
gulp the rest of the glass, pouring the remains in her mouth
for one big swallow.   She held the empty glass upside
down against her lips and tilted her head back until the last
drop made its way down.  Then she purposely licked the
inside of the glass with her long tongue while staring at the
bartender to taunt him with her antics.  The rest of our time
at the hotel bar was spent getting to know each other. 
Meanwhile, Bobbi kept quiet.  I wasn't sure if she was just
sad or afraid to talk in front of Nancy.

Nancy and I did most of the talking as the time passed and
whiskey kept flowing down her throat.  Bobbi wasn't kidding
about Nancy's ability to drink a lot.  I drank in moderation to
remain sober so I wouldn't say or do something stupid and
piss her off.  Nancy kept asking a lot of the questions of me. 
I asked her what her height and weight were.  She said she
was 5'10" without her 4" heels.  At first she was reluctant to
give her weight.  I took a chance on upsetting her by being
persistent.  She finally said 220 pounds.  That meant she
was 5" and 70 powerful looking pounds more than I was
without her heels.  There was neither fat nor muscle
definition on any part of her solid and sturdy looking frame.

We started getting hungry and decided to leave.  Bobbi
recommended a place across town.  I went up to the bar to
settle our bill.  My jaw dropped when I saw the total.  It was
$77, 1983 prices.  Bobbi and I only had 2 drinks each.  You
can figure out how many shots of Chivas Regal that is!  I
didn't want to use my cash because automated teller
machines were few and far between back then.  I charged it
to my hotel room.  Even with all that alcohol in her system,
Nancy walked and talked as if she had been drinking water
all along.  We got in my rented car and drove off to the

The three of us ate and drank some more while we chatted. 
Much to my relief, Nancy drank less this time.  Bobbi told us
there was a big and popular nightclub next door that had a
live band playing.  We decided to go there for a while but it
was full of people.  There was a very long line waiting to get
inside so we decided to call it a night.  As we walked past
the crowd, I noticed a poster that read, 'Tonight Only', with
a name and picture of a band that was little known back
then, Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine.

When we reached the secluded parking lot, we heard a
man's voice yell out, "HEY BITCH!  WHERE YOU RUNNIN'
OFF TO?"  We turned to see a very big man racing and
pointing towards us.  We weren't sure if he was talking to us
until he came and stood in front of Nancy.  I estimated he
was about 6'3" and around 250 pounds.  Nancy asked him
if he was referring to her.  The big man pointed a finger in
Nancy's face and screamed, "Yeah you!  You fucking bitch! 
You put my brother in the hospital!  He's still in traction
because of you, you fucking slut!  I'm gonna rip your fucking
head off and shit down your neck!  Let's see how YOU like
getting the shit kicked out of you."

It was the first time all evening Nancy laughed out loud. 
She looked at the man and said, "Oh yeah, now I
remember.  He was the obnoxious asshole that kept
grabbing my ass and breasts after I warned him not to.  He
was really stupid.  I see it runs in the family.  Now get your
ass out of my face before I fuck you up like your brother!"

His face turned red with fury.  As Nancy started turning
away, he grabbed her shoulder to turn her around and
cocked his arm back.  His fist landed a blow into her face
catching her off guard.  The punch was hard enough to
knock out most people.  All it did to Nancy was turn her
head and cause her to take a few steps back.  She rubbed
her lips and cheek with her fingers to see if there was any
blood.  Much to the man's surprise there wasn't any.  He
stood there with a puzzled look on his face.  Bobbi quickly
pulled me by the hand to take cover behind a nearby car.

Nancy now stood directly in front of him.  She said, "I
warned you!"  She was about to shove him back with open
palms against his chest when he landed another punch into
her face immediately followed by another to her stomach. 
These were harder than the first punch.  Once again, the
hard hits only jolted Nancy's face and torso.  She wasn't
going to let it happen again.

Nancy grabbed the back of his head pulling his forehead
against hers and gave him a hard head butt.  His head
bounced backwards and dazed.  Then she drove her fist
hard into the man's midsection causing him to double over
holding his stomach.  We could here the wind being
knocked out of him.  She put her hands on the back of his
head to push it down while bringing and driving her knee
hard into his face.  His body fell sideways to the ground. 
He was trying to get up so Nancy decided to help him.  She
grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket to raise him to his
feet.  Wrapping one arm around his chest, she cocked it
back bringing him to her side and pushed his body
backward with all her might.  His body was thrown into the
side of a van.  Before his body could fall to the ground, she
grabbed his lapels once again and started pounding his
back into the side of the van with ease.  Bobbi and I could
see the side panels of the van indent as Nancy's powerful
arm strength pounded his body into it.  His lungs were
losing more and more air with every thump of his body.

Pounding his body into the side of the van must have
caused him to momentarily regain his senses because his
arms started flailing wildly.  His futile efforts landed a few
weak punches on Nancy's face, shoulders and arms.  They
didn't phase her one bit.  She was too pumped up and
enjoying the beating she was giving him to even notice.

As I was about to witness, the beating hadn't even started
yet.  Nancy cocked her arm back and drove her big fist into
his face breaking his nose.  Blood started gushing from his
nostril.  Nancy punched him again in the side of his face
knocking him to the ground.  When he was on the ground,
she kicked him extremely hard in the side of his lower torso. 
He screamed with pain as he rolled over onto his back.

Nancy straddled his body with her legs and pulled his torso
up to place it between her thighs.  He screamed even
louder when he felt his torso being squeezed between her
powerful thighs.  The man pounded on Nancy's big thighs
and hips in an attempt to break himself free.  He could not. 
Then the man tried to spread her thighs open.  While he
was attempting to free himself, his fingernail scratched her
nylon stockings and tore them apart.  Now Nancy was really
pissed.  She squeezed his torso harder between her thighs
and proceeded to punch his face with both fists.  His head
turned from side to side with each strike of her alternating
fists.  Every once in a while, Nancy would grab his lapels to
pull and readjust his body in her leg hold, then continue her
barrage of punches.  I wanted to run over and stop her but
Bobbi held me back.

Nancy wasn't finished with him yet.  When he was knocked
out cold, she held his arms out to his sides stretching them
as far as she could.  Then she began squeezing her thighs
together harder and harder against the sides of his chest. 
Finally we heard a few muffled crackling sounds coming
from his chest.  She had broken a few of his ribs.  Letting
his limp body drop to the ground, she sat on top of him
straddling his stomach and hips.  Her shins and knees had
his shoulders and arms plastered against the concrete. 
She grabbed his head with her hands.  Her eyes looked at
him with a cold blank stare.  I knew what she wanted to do
so I broke free of Bobbi's hold and ran to stop her.  Running
towards her I screamed, "Nancy no!  Please don't do it!"  I
put one of my hands on her broad shoulders and the other
one on her big arm.  "Nancy," I begged, "Don't!  He's had
enough.  Please, don't break his neck!  The scum's not
worth it.  C'mon, please!"  She turned her head to look up at
me without saying a word.  I knelt down to her eye level and
pleaded once again, "Nancy, you don't need this.  Please?"

She said, "You're right!  I don't need any more problems. 
That's why I have to make sure he doesn't talk."

Just then the man started moaning.  He had heard what
Nancy and I had said.  He started pleading with Nancy! 
"Please," he mumbled with a mouth full of blood, "Don't kill
me.  I won't talk.  I promise.  Please!"

Nancy still had a cold merciless look in her eyes.  She had
to make sure he wouldn't talk.  If he talked, she'd end up in
a penitentiary for a long time.  I wasn't sure what to do next. 
All I could do is hope.  Nancy stood up and walked to stand
at his feet.  She bent down to grab one of his ankles and
placed one of her big feet on his groin to hold him in place. 
Looking straight into his eyes she warned, "If you so much
as mention to anyone that you even saw me here tonight I'll
find you and kill you!  I know who you are, I know where
you work and where you live.  Your asshole brother was too
scared to press charges against me just like all the other
men I've beaten.  I suggest you do the same."  Then she
grabbed his lower shin with one hand and twisted his ankle
with her other one dislocating its joint.  She let his leg drop
to the ground as he screamed in pain.  Walking around to
his side, she kicked him in the side of the hip as hard as
she could causing some kind of severe damage.  As he
was screaming from the pain, she put her foot on his wrist
and pressed down hard twisting her shoe.  I could here a
crunching sound so I assumed his hand or wrist bones had
just been broken.  He screamed louder while she was
warning him again, "Remember what I told you.  You never
saw us here!"  Then she turned to me and said, "Let's go!" 
Bobbi and I followed Nancy as she led the way to my car.

As we drove back to the hotel, I couldn't help thinking about
what had just happened.  My mind kept replaying the
images of Nancy easily beating a very big man to a pulp. 
She came out of the fight unscathed except for ripped
nylons.  Nancy had taken some very hard punches in the
face and gut.  Not only did they not phase her, she laughed
them off like it was a small child hitting her.  If she could
easily destroy a huge man as she just demonstrated, then
what could she do to my little frame?  I remembered how
good it felt putting my hands on her broad shoulders and
big arms.  They didn't feel muscular.  They just felt very big
and powerful.  Those were some of the thoughts racing
through my mind.

Nancy seemed very irritated by the torn nylons that hung
from her hips and thighs.  She began ripping them off of her
wide hips and powerful legs tearing them to shreds.  When
she was finished, she threw the nylons flying out the
window.  Now her powerful legs were bare and exposed
right next to me in the front seat of the car.  The flashing
illumination of the passing streetlights was the only light
source there was.  I would turn my head and eyes timing
them with each flash of light just to get a glimpse.  For the
first time in my life, a big powerful woman overpowering a
man turned me on.  I had seen it on TV and in the movies
several times before but never up close and in person.  I
was now within a few feet of such a woman.  My desire for
her to completely control and overpower me was extremely
strong.  I kept trying to look at her legs as the light shined
intermittently into the car.  I was afraid she'd catch me
looking so I stopped after a while.  I think she knew anyway.

Instead of looking, my mind began to create imagines of her
naked body laying on her back on my hotel bed.  I acted out
an entire scene in my mind.  I pretended my head was
between her massive spread legs with my face buried in
her wet vagina.  I was licking and nibbling away as she
occasionally used her foot to push the back of my head and
bury my face deeper.  Just before she was about to cum,
her hands forced my face hard into her hot box while
closing her huge thighs to squeeze my head.  I would keep
repeating this whole scene over and over in my mind with
more concentration, desire and intensity each time.

My powerful desire and thought must have had some kind
of telepathic effect on Nancy.  Suddenly her body shuttered,
she took a few short breaths, then sighed.  Her head turned
to look right at me.  When I looked back at her, she put her
hands between her legs and gave me a smirking smile. 
Her hands rubbed the insides of her thighs a few times as
she crossed her legs one over the other.  With her hands
trapped, she smiled wide, squeezed her thighs together
extremely hard and shrugged her shoulders all at the same
time.  Then she tilted her head back, sighed and relaxed. 
By this time, my penis was rock hard and throbbing.  'OH
SHIT!' I thought to myself.  'I never meant for these mind
games to have an effect.  Now I'm in big trouble.  On the
other hand I may experience immense pleasure like never
before.'  I hoped it was the latter.

We finally made it to the hotel parking lot.  Nancy and Bobbi
got out of the car and stood outside talking.  I still had a
visibly throbbing penis that was bulging in the crotch of my
pants.  So I sat in the car fumbling with some items in the
glove compartment.  I wasn't searching for anything in
particular.  I was just waiting for the throbbing to subside. 
Nancy put her face against the window and told me to get
out.  Throbbing penis or not, I jumped out and stood there. 
I overheard Bobbi raise her voice at Nancy, "Don't you dare
do anything to hurt him!  He's too sweet.  Please Nancy,
don't."  At that point, Nancy looked across the top of the car
and told me to go into the hotel bar and get her a bottle of
Chivas Regal.  She told me to wait for her in the lobby. 
Without hesitating, I hunched my back slightly, put my
hands in my front pant pockets to expand them so the bulge
wasn't as obvious and walked away gingerly.  I kept looking
back and saw Nancy trying to give Bobbi a hug.  Bobbi tried
to resist by pushing and pounding her fists against Nancy's
shoulders and upper body.  Nancy was very gentle and
sympathetic now.  She kept holding on to Bobbi until she
stopped hitting her.  Bobbi finally gave up.  She buried her
face in Nancy's upper chest, hugging her and crying
uncontrollably.  Nancy gently tapped on Bobbi's back to
show her compassion.

I bought the bottle of Chivas and waited for Nancy in the
lobby.  She came in and told me to press the elevator call
button.  I asked her where Bobbi was.  "I told her to go
home," Nancy replied.  When the slow moving elevator
finally arrived, we stepped into the old clunker and made
our way up to the eighth floor.  The butterflies in my
stomach were incredible.  I knew I was in for something. 
After hearing Bobbi say 'Don't hurt him', I wasn't sure what
to expect from Nancy.  I hoped for the best.

Nancy suddenly turned to stand in front of me.  She looked
down at my concerned face and bent down to kiss me on
the lips.  As we were kissing, she wrapped her arms around
my body to pull me against hers.  She lowered an arm to
put her hand under my derriere.  The other arm wrapped
around my upper back putting her hand under my armpit. 
Nancy squeezed my body and straightened hers lifting me
off the floor of the elevator.  She kept squeezing harder
while engulfing my lips with her own.  I put my hands on her
arms and shoulders.  They felt incredibly solid and had me
in a powerful hold.  I desperately needed air but I couldn't
budge my body from so I tilted my head back to release my
lips.  I told her I couldn't breath and pleaded with her to put
me down.  She totally ignored me and squeezed my body
harder.  The pressure that was being exerted by her arms
was tremendous.  In my earlier years, I had played many
rough sports such as football and ice hockey.  On
numerous occasions I had been at the bottom of a human
pile with the weight and pressure of several 200-pound plus
gorillas on top of me.  I had never felt such force on my
body like Nancy was now exerting.  For the first time in my
life, I was being squeezed and held off the ground by a
huge and powerful woman. Never in my life was I more
scared.  The feeling totally overwhelmed me.

Nancy now started kissing and licking my neck without
responding to my request.  I pleaded with her again to put
me down.  This time she stopped, looked at me and asked,
"Why?  Your dick seems to like it.  Or is it just the bottle of
booze I feel down there?"

Nancy was right.  I did like it.  In fact, I liked it a lot!  Never
had my penis felt so hard.  It was so hard that it was well
past the throbbing phase.  It just stood as stiff and still as
could be.  The pressure of her squeeze had made me
forget the cement like posture my penis had taken.  I was
extremely embarrassed.  The only thing I could say is, "No,
it's not the bottle," while holding it up to show her.  She told
me to hand her the bottle of Chivas Regal so I wouldn't
drop it.  I lowered my hand to my hip and placed it near
hers.  She rested my ass on her forearm and took the bottle
from my hand.  She never let up on her powerful squeeze
hold.  I was still having difficulty breathing.

After what seemed an eternity the elevator finally reached
the eighth floor.  The total time was only about 30 seconds. 
When the doors slid open, Nancy carried me off and stood
in the hallway.  She asked me what room I was in.  I
pointed to the right with my limp arm and said, "840."  She
easily carried me with both arms down the long hallway as
if I were a bag of groceries.  Much to my relief, she eased
the tight squeeze on my body allowing me to breath.

When we got to my door she said, "Open it!"  I frantically
fumbled through my coat pockets for the key.  Pulling it out
of my pocket, I reached towards the key slot to unlock the
door.  My hands were so shaky that I dropped it at Nancy's
feet.  She stared at me with a disgusted look on her face
and set me on my feet.  "Pick it up," she commanded while
pointing to it with the tip of her shoe.  I dropped to my hands
and knees and put my hand on the key to grab it.  Just as I
was about to pick it up, Nancy brought her shoe down on
the back of my hand pressing it hard onto the floor.  The
pressure of her shoe against my hand was jamming the key
into my palm.  I let out a loud 'Ouch' and looked up at her
towering body.  Her body looked so big from that
perspective I couldn't see the walls and ceiling around her.

She kept the foot pressure on my hand and looked down at
my trembling body with a perplexed look.  Shaking her head
she asked, "How can a weak little guy like you make Bobbi
so happy?"  I paused not knowing if I was expected to
answer.  It didn't take long to find out.  She grit her teeth
together and raised her voice, "Answer me!"

"I, I, Dih, Dih, Don't know," my bumbling mouth replied.

"Well," she said, "we're gonna find out.  We'll see how
happy you can make me."

I asked her in a very gentle voice, "Nancy, can you please
take your foot off of my hand?  It really hurts."

Totally ignoring me, she opened the bottle of Chivas and
took a hefty swig.  Then while looking at the bottle said,
"Make me!"

I didn't know what to do.  I certainly wasn't about to do
anything to get her upset like try to push her foot away.  No,
that would just piss her off.  I had to do something that
would both compliment her dominance and set my hand
free.  So I kissed her foot softly and looked up at her face
that seemed to tower a mile above me.  She immediately
removed her foot.  As soon as I picked up the key, I
transferred it to my other hand and started flexing the
fingers of my sore hand.  I stood up to wait for her next
command.  She gulped down some more booze and looked
at me.  "You're a fast learner, Johnny," she complimented,
"now give me the key."  I gave her the key and she
unlocked the door pushing it open.

Nancy motioned with her hand for me to walk in.  She
followed closing and locking the door.  "Empty your pockets
and take off all your close," she commanded.  I did as she
wanted.  Without wasting any time, she grabbed my wallet,
loose money, and hotel and car keys putting them under
the mattress.  Then she unplugged all the telephone cords
and tucked them away with the other items.   She walked
and stood in front of me, waiting until I was fully undressed. 
When I was finished, Nancy kicked my clothes aside.  My
penis was still standing at attention.  This caused Nancy to
laugh.  She told me to undress her.  I started unbuttoning
her dress from the bottom up.  When the last button was
undone, I slid the dress over her shoulders and then down
her arms to hold it up with my hands.  The massive body on
this woman mesmerized me.  I had never seen such a huge
body on a woman.  No muscles were visible.  Her body had
an hourglass shape with solid meat and very little fat.  She
told me to hang her dress in the closet.  Once again, I
obeyed without hesitation.  She then told me to remove her
undergarments.  As soon as I unhooked her bra from the
front, her breasts pushed their way out of the cups that
restrained them.  She grabbed the bra from my hand and
threw it on a chair.  Next, I slid the white silk panties around
her wide hips and down her massive legs to the feet.  She
assisted me by lifting her feet up one at a time so I could
get the panties completely off.  She was still wearing her
heeled shoes.  I attempted to take one of her shoes off but
she pushed my hand away with her other foot.

Nancy took me by the hand and sat on the edge of the bed. 
Letting go of my hand, she leaned back on her elbows and
told me to kneel on the floor in front of her.  "Take my shoes
off and rub my feet," she commanded.  I wasted no time. 
This was what I had wanted to do since we were in the car. 
I rubbed her big foot for a while before she told me to do the
same with her other foot.  Next she told me to lick and suck
them.  She didn't have to tell me twice.  I licked both of her
feet with a passion while staring at her face and the dark
hair that covered her luscious looking vagina.  She closed
her eyes and started to relax.  I got overanxious and licked
my way up just past her ankles.  She immediately warned
me to stay below her ankles until she told me otherwise.  I
heeded the warning.

After about 15 minutes of my tender loving foot care, Nancy
sat up, pulled me to her body and buried my face between
her breasts.  She turned my body sideways and closed her
thighs to completely engulf my torso.  Then with one swift
move, she squeezed and leaned back lifting me up.  She
held my body horizontally between her thighs with her legs
extended high above the bed.  My arms were trapped as
well.  My legs dangled out from the edge of the bed.  Using
her arms, she slid her body all the way onto the bed to rest
her head on the pillow.  Then Nancy started toying with my
helpless body by swinging her extended legs from side to
side.  She would bring her thighs within inches of resting on
the bed, then swing them back the other way.  My body was
being swung from one edge of the bed to the other.  At first
it was hard for me to breathe, but I soon became
acclimated to her warm, smooth and powerful thighs.

Nancy seemed to get bored by the ease in which she could
handle my body.  So she held her legs extended high then
bent her knees putting one foot below my knees and the
other on top of my calves.  She started pushing down on
my calves bending my knees slightly backwards.  Shaking
her head she said, "I can snap your legs off at the knees if I
wanted to.  You're so damn easy to handle."  I pleaded with
her not to.  The pain in my legs and knees was building.

Nancy turned to lay on the bed sideways resting her head
on her wrist and open palm.  She held my body securely
between her thighs for the next 10 minutes.  My face was
within inches of her breasts but I couldn't do anything about
it.  All she did the whole time was stare into my eyes.  I was
afraid to talk.  My penis was still standing rock hard at
attention about an inch from the back of her powerful
thighs.  Shit I thought, if it was only a few inches longer, the
tip of the head would have been rubbing her skin.  The
slightest touch would have caused an explosion of semen. 
Knowing that, Nancy was careful not to touch it.  That was
more painful than being squeezed between her thighs.

Nancy calmly reached for her bottle of booze on the
nightstand.  She guzzled heavily then looked down at me. 
She said, "I have to make sure you won't tell anybody about
tonight.  I know Bobbi won't.  But you, I'm not sure of.  I
tucked your money, keys and the phone cords under the
mattress just in case you get any ideas when I'm asleep. 
You have to move me to get them.  If I so much as see or
feel your arm reaching for them, I'll tear it off your body."

I shook my head to say no, I won't.  Nancy continued, "I
have to be sure you won't Johnny, otherwise I could end up
in jail for a long time."

"I won't say anything to anybody.  I promise you Nancy.  He
deserved it.  I don't want you in jail either.  I stopped you
from killing him, remember?" I said reassuringly.

"He was twice your size and you saw what I did to him. 
Just think what I can do to you," Nancy warned, "I'll break
every bone in your body and cripple it for life."

"Please Nancy," I pleaded, "please don't do anything.  I
won't say a thing.  I don't want any trouble."

Then Nancy started squeezing her thighs together hard. 
She kept increasing the pressure to the point that I couldn't
breathe at all.  My face turned red and eyes puffed up from
the tremendous pressure.  I couldn't even make any
sounds.  She on the other hand was casually chugging
away at her bottle of Chivas.  Fortunately she saw that my
face and head were about to explode so she eased up the
pressure.  She offered me a drink when I was able to
breathe again.  I declined but she persisted.  I took a small
mouthful and swallowed.  I never liked whiskey so I
coughed from the burning in my throat.  She had another
swallow and set the bottle down.

Nancy then curled her thighs to bring my face to hers.  She
put her hand around the back of my head to hold it.  Her
lips engulfed mine in a very short but powerful kiss.  Then
she tilted my head back and said, "That little squeeze was
just a warning.  That's how hard I was squeezing that guy
when I was just holding him up with my legs," Nancy said
proudly proving her power.  "But I like you Johnny," she
continued, "and so does Bobbi.  You've been nice to us. 
For that reason and the fact that you stopped me from
killing that asshole is why I won't hurt you.  I was zoned out
when I was about to break his neck but you shook me out
of it.  You did it gently.  Otherwise I would have gone off on
you, too.  You handled it smart.  I need you around me
more often."  It was an enormous relief to hear Nancy say
that.  However she warned once again that her attitude
towards me would quickly change if I told anyone.

Nancy then looked at my penis that was still rock hard and
said, "Huh, that little guy won't give up."  She then brought
her fingers near the shaft and started rubbing it gently. 
Within seconds I came in a heap all over the bedspread. 
Nancy was careful not to get any on her hand.  She
pumped my penis with hard strokes to get all the semen
out.  Then she opened her thighs and told me to go get a
wet towel to clean in up.  I rolled off of her thigh and the bed
to head towards the bathroom.  When I finished cleaning
the stain, Nancy told me to get back into the same position
as before.  This time my hands were free to caress her
beautiful body.  She cuddled my body and told me to get
some sleep.  I felt content between the security of her
powerful and massive thighs.  Amazingly, her thigh hold
was strong enough to keep me in place while still allowing
me to breathe easily.  Nancy and I fell asleep with my body
acting as her thigh pillow.

The next morning we awoke to one of the most beautiful
and warmest March days you could imagine.  It had
snowed heavily only a few nights before.  Our bodies were
in the same position as when we had fallen asleep.  The
only difference being Nancy was laying on her other side
with one of my hands trapped under her torso.  She had
turned her body in her sleep and somehow taken mine
along with it.  This girl was just as strong in her sleep.  I
gently shook her hip with my free hand to wake her up. 
She opened her eyes to look at me then hugged me closer
to her body.  My penis exhibited its usual morning stance
and was pressed between the bed and her thigh.  She
laughed and purposely wiggled her hips to tease it.  I was
about to let loose with another explosion of semen when
she stopped.  She nudged me to get up and get the shower
started.  Then she lay on her back and spread her thighs so
I could get up.  I wanted to stick my face into her luscious
vagina that was spread wide in front of me.  I knew better.

Nancy and I showered together for the next hour.  I happily
lathered her big body with soap.  I kept rubbing my body on
her slippery skin.  Seeing I was obviously horny, she
wrapped one arm around my back and put her other hand
under my derriere.  Bending down, she kissed me gently on
the lips and lifted me up.  She closed her legs together
while pushing up on my rear end.  I opened and wrapped
my legs around her thighs.  She spread her legs slightly
capturing my erect penis between her thighs.  Then she
gently squeezed it adding just enough pressure to cause
slight resistance and friction.  The feeling was incredibly
sensual.  She said, "Pump my thighs!"  Who am I to argue
with a beautiful and powerful lady?  My penis pumped the
slippery smooth skin between her glorious thighs like a lion
in heat.  The warm and soft soapy skin of her thighs
engulfed my entire penis.  I came almost immediately after I
started pumping.  When I finished dispensing my load, I just
hung on to her comfortable body for a few minutes.  Nancy
held on to my body like I was a baby in his mother's arms.

When we finished showering, we dressed to go eat lunch. 
As I was dressing, I noticed some fading and cracking on
one of Nancy's shoes.  An idea came to mind.  I was going
to buy her a new pair of shoes.  I wanted it to be a surprise
so I didn't mention anything to her.  She kept asking where
we were headed.  Nancy's paranoia was making her mad.  I
certainly didn't want to feel her wrath so I asked her to trust
me and reassured her that I wasn't about to do anything
stupid.  Nancy still wasn't fully convinced.  She reached
under the mattress for my money, wallet and keys and we
headed out the door.

We got in my car and drove to a nearby shopping mall.  I
suggested to Nancy that we eat light because I had a
special place in mind for a nice, big dinner.  So we ate at a
fast food restaurant and made our way towards a shoe
store.  I purposely stopped to admire the shoes in the
display window.  Nancy's eyes opened wide when she saw
how beautiful and fashionable they were.

Gazing and dreaming at the shoes Nancy remarked,
"Those shoes are really beautiful.  I could never afford them
though.  Bobbi can because she has a nice job that pays
her well.  She always dresses so nice.  She has her whole
life together.  I envy her.  No one wants to give me a job
because of my police record."

I couldn't have asked for a better moment to say, "Why
don't we go inside so you can try them on?  If you like them,
you'll have 'em.  It's on me."

She looked at me with a puzzled look.  I grabbed her by the
hand and tugged her body with all my might to move her. 
She didn't make me work very hard at it though.  We went
in and she started trying the shoes on for size.  It was
difficult to find shoes big enough to fit her feet, but the sales
lady searched throughout the store's entire stock to find
Nancy's size.  Earlier I had noticed a flower shop a few
doors away from the shoe store.  I had more tricks up my
sleeve.  I gave Nancy the all the keys, my cash and wallet
with the exception of one credit card.  I told her to hold them
as proof that I would be back.  I gave her a kiss on the
cheek and told her to buy several pairs of shoes.  Just
before I walked away, I looked her straight in the eyes and
asked, "Trust me?"  She hesitated, then nodded.  I left the
shoe store and headed towards the florist.

I came back to the shoe store about 10 minutes later and
gave Nancy a soft kiss on the lips.  Then I presented her
with a single unwrapped red rose.  She momentarily forgot
about the shoes and started to cry.  The sales lady gave
Nancy a tissue and said, "Wow!  I wish my boyfriend would
treat me romantic like that.  You're a lucky lady to have
such a sweet man."  Nancy smiled and thanked the lady. 
We walked out of the store with 5 new pairs of shoes for
Nancy.  As we made our way through the mall's gallery, I
noticed a women's casual apparel store so I dragged Nancy
by the hand into the store and had her shop to her heart's
desire.  I told her to take her time and that I'd wait while she
tried her selections on for size.  Before she went into the
fitting room, Nancy surprised me by handing my keys,
money and wallet back to me.  I was so flattered by the sign
of faith she exhibited that I grabbed and kissed her hand.  I
whispered 'Thank You' as she walked off smiling.   When
she was finished, we lugged all the shopping bags out to
the car and drove back to the hotel.

We only wanted to drop the shopping bags in the hotel
room so we didn't spend much time there.  I asked Nancy
to wear some of her new casual clothes for the rest of the
day.  Giving a hint, I told her that we were going to go for a
long drive.  She wore her new jeans, sweatshirt and
sneakers.  As we were ready to walk out the door, Nancy
reached for the bottle of Chivas Regal to finish off what little
there was left.  I put my hand on her big arm to stop her
saying, "You don't need it Nancy.  Please!  Put it down,

Nancy replied, "I do need it.  I need it everyday."

I responded with, "No, not today.  Please?"  I stood there
looking helpless yet supportive into her eyes.  She stared at
me for a while then looked up at the ceiling and started to
cry.  As the tears rolled down the sides of her face, I
attempted to take the bottle from her hand while pushing
her arm down.  My attempts were futile.  Her arm felt like I
was trying to push down and bend a steel bar and her grip
on the bottle was as tight as a vice.  I wrapped my arms
around her upper arms and body hugging her tight.  I
squeezed as hard as I could to signify that I wasn't going to
let go of her until she set the bottle down.  It worked!  She
set the bottle back on the nightstand and reciprocated the
affection.  She could have easily spread her arms apart and
thrown me to the floor.  I pulled my body away after a few
minutes and lead her by the hand out the door.

Nancy and I drove up the northern coast of Massachusetts
into the state of Maine.  We admired the natural beauty of
the trees in the lush forests.  The melting snow and icicles
were hanging from their limbs.  On the way back, we
stopped in the beautiful seaport of Gloucester,
Massachusetts to walk along its small charming streets. 
We must have visited every souvenir shop there was.  One
of the stores was offering whale watching tours so we took
advantage.  The large boat sailed a few miles from shore to
an area the tour guide affectionately called 'The Whale
Zone'.  The boat weighed the anchor and we sat watching
with anticipation.  Several minutes had past when we saw a
large black hump, then another hovering on the surface of
the water.  The whales eventually swam and circled near
the boat a few times.  When Nancy had dominated me the
previous night, it scared the hell out of me.  The massive
size of these whales next to the boat scared the shit out of
me.  Nancy realized how scared I was and started teasing
me.  She lifted me with a bear hug and pretended to throw
me overboard.  She yelled to the whales, "Hey whales, are
ya hungry?  How 'bout a little snack?"  I wrapped my arms
and legs around her and held on for dear life.  She laughed
and put me down apologizing.  Then she laughed some

When we came back to shore, we browsed through the gift
shop for a while.  I bought a small knick-knack that had a
big whale standing next to a little whale.  Both whales had a
big grin on their faces displaying big teeth.  The inscription
read 'Our Whales come in all sizes'.  I asked the store clerk
for a permanent marker and wrote 'NANCY' on the white
belly of the big whale and 'JOHNNY' on the little whale. 
Nancy laughed out loud when I gave it her.  She said she
hadn't laughed that hard in years.  She kissed the little
'Johnny' whale and cuddled the knick-knack to her chest.

We started getting hungry so we made our way down the
street to a quaint little seafood restaurant.  The place had a
pier where the fishing boats would dock to deliver the fresh
seafood.  This was as fresh as it got.  Nancy and I hand
picked our lobster and crabs and watched as they were
cooked to perfection.  We both ordered soft drinks.  I told
Nancy I was proud of her for not drinking alcohol.  When we
finished our meal, I got up telling Nancy I'd be back in a few
moments.  She asked where I was going.  I said I was
going to the men's room to wash the grease off of my
hands and walked away.  When I finished washing up, I
noticed a public telephone inside the restroom near its
doorway.  I called the hotel to check on some arrangements
I had made earlier in the day.  While I was on the phone, a
man walked into the restroom.  Just as he was opening the
door, I was saying to the hotel clerk, "I want them all waiting
in my room when we get there.  I don't want her to see
them in the hallway.  I can't wait to see the look on her
face."  Then I turned to see Nancy standing outside the
door.  She had heard those last few sentences.  She waited
until I hung up the phone and came out.  Her eyes were
intently focused on me, penetrating deep into my soul.  She
handed the check to me and walked to stand next to the
register.  I put enough money on the counter to cover the
bill and gratuity and turned to look at Nancy.  She grabbed
my hand gripping it so tight that my hand was practically
folded over and pulled me out the door.

Nancy pulled me all the way down the crowded street
towards my car.  I kept repeating to her, "Nancy, its not
what you think."  I was trying to secure my feet on the
ground to stop her and talk, but her brute strength would
cause my feet to slide.  I looked like a stubborn dog that
refused to walk and was being dragged by a leash.  When
we reached the car she stood by the driver's side door until
I opened it.  She got in the car first and slid over dragging
me in by my wrist.  "Drive," she said in a firm voice.  Once
again I tried to explain that it wasn't what she thought it
was.  She abruptly stopped me by yelling, "DRIVE!"  I
started the car and drove.  We were totally silent when all of
a sudden something in Nancy's brain snapped.  She started
punching the dashboard extremely hard with both fists.  It
started falling apart from the powerful thrusts.  The glove
compartment door opened slamming her on the knees. 
Nancy got even more upset so she ripped it out with her
bare hands and threw it out the window.

"WHO THE FUCK DID YOU CALL?" She screamed.

I responded in a calm voice, "The hotel.  I was just checking
on some arrangements, that's all."

"BULLSHIT!  BULLSHIT!  BULLSHIT," she screamed again
even louder than before, "YOU WERE CALLING THE

Once again I kept my cool, "No I wasn't, Nancy.  I really
wasn't.  Please, you have to trust me."

Then Nancy became even angrier and ripped the headrest
out from her seat.  She started banging it against the
window and letting out screams of frustration.  The battered
headrest material fell apart at the seams.  Nancy finished
the job by ripping the rest of it to shreds and tossing it out
the window piece by piece.  She flung the thin metal posts
that remained out the window so hard it went crashing
through the front window of a house.

I said, "Nancy, please stop destroying the car.  I have to
pay for the damages."

"FUCK THE CAR," she yelled, " YOU SHOULD BE
grabbed the back of my neck with one hand and held it in a
powerful vice like grip.  I squirmed from the pain.  With her
other hand, she repeatedly poked the side of my bicep.  In
a very calm yet firm voice she warned, "Your neck and arm
will be in my firm grip when we walk into your hotel room.  If
I even sense a cop in there I'll snap your neck bone."

"Fine," I said, "If you don't want to go back to the hotel, I'll
drop you off at Bobbi's place.  But I think you'll find that your
suspicions and paranoia about me will go away after
tonight.  I gave you my word that I wouldn't tell anyone. 
Please, you have to trust me.  Now will you please let go of
my neck?  You're hurting it.  And my arm probably has
bruises all over it from poking it so hard."

Nancy let go of her firm hold and stared out the window in
silence for the rest of the ride.  The only sounds were those
of occasional passing cars and Nancy's silent cry.  The
silence got me thinking about a pattern in her behavior. 
Nancy's personality would constantly shift from one
extreme to the other.  Every time she felt threatened or
betrayed, her brain would snap causing her to become
angry and commit violent acts.  Whenever someone
showed any care, concern and affection towards her, she
was nothing more than an ordinary, sweet and gentle lady
with a sense of humor.  Some traumatic experience from
her past must have had an affect on her.  I would find out
later what it was.  For now, I would have to be more
conscientious so as not create any doubt or suspicions in
her mind.  On the contrary, she needed tender loving care.

When we got closer to the hotel, I asked Nancy if she
wanted to go to Bobbi's place.  She didn't answer.  All I
could hear was sniffling from her silent cry.  I detoured and
drove towards Bobbi's place anyway.  I said, "I don't want to
upset you, Nancy.  If you'll feel better, I'll just drop you off at
Bobbi's or anywhere you want to go.  I'll bring your new
clothes and shoes to Bobbi's tomorrow.  OK?"

She looked at me with teary eyes and said, "Go to the hotel. 
If I go down, you go down."  I turned the car around to head
straight for the hotel.

Just before I pulled into the parking lot, Nancy wrapped her
fingers around the back of my neck and held it firmly.  As
soon as I parked the car, Nancy shifted the transmission
into park, shut off the ignition and put the keys in her
pocket.  She opened the passenger door and got out,
pulling me along by the wrist and neck.  When walked into
the front door, Nancy let go of my wrist and held on to my
neck in a more casual way.  She didn't want to attract any
attention.  As we were walking through the lobby, one of the
female desk clerks that I knew winked at me to signal that
everything was in place and ready to go.  Nancy saw this
and tightened her grip a little on my neck.  She remarked,
"You must have her in on it too.  I'll deal with her puny ass
later."  I remained silent.  We got into the slow moving
elevator and made our way up.  The higher we went the
tighter Nancy gripped my neck.  I was wincing from the
severe pain but remained silent.

When we reached the eighth floor, Nancy pushed me out of
the elevator and grabbed my wrist with her free hand.  She
kept me in front of her as we made our way down the long
hallway.  Her anxiety was rising higher as we got closer to
my door.  Once at my door, Nancy told me to open it.  By
now her grip was so tight on my neck and wrist that I was
having trouble moving from the cramped nerves.  Nancy
kept her body to the side of the door using the outer wall as
a shield.  She told me to push the door completely open.

When the door swung open, Nancy took one look inside
and immediately let go of my neck and wrist.  She stood in
shock while gazing at the 2 dozen floral bouquets and
arrangements that filled room.  I walked in and sat in the big
chair massaging my sore neck.  She stood in the doorway
overwhelmed while her glossy eyes panned across the
flower filled room.  After about five minutes, she finally
walked in and closed the door.  I said, "This was the
surprise I had for you.  I tend to get carried away
sometimes.  I was calling the hotel earlier to make sure they
were in the room before we came back.  'They' being the
flowers, not 'They' the Police!"  I stood and walked to the
bed and said, "I've got to lay down, my neck hurts like hell." 
I lay on the bed and used a pillow to prop my neck up. 
Nancy stood next to the flowers, occasionally feeling and
smelling the petals.  She'd leer at a bouquet while tilting her
head side to side smiling.  Then she'd move on to admire
another one beaming with delight.  Not a word was spoken
for the next hour.

Eventually, Nancy came and sat on the bed next to my
aching body.  She kept repeating, "Johnny, I'm so sorry."   
She laid down burying her face in a pillow to muffle her
profuse cry.  She was crying so hard that the entire bed
shook every time she had an outburst.  I felt sorry for her so
I put my hand on her back and started rubbing it.

I tried to console her by saying, "Shhh! Its OK, sweetheart."

Nancy finally stopped crying.  Then with her face turned
away from me she started to tell me the reason for her
erratic behavior.  "No one in my life has ever done so many
nice things for me.  You made up for all of it in one day. 
The shoes, the clothes, flowers, a nice time together. 
Thank you for everything.  Ever since I was young I haven't
been able to trust people.  My psychiatric counselor said it
was due to my stepfather abusing me when I was a child."

She paused with a lump in her throat then continued, "But
no one understands why I get so mad all the time, I don't
even know.  I just black out sometimes.  When I wake up I
see a mess all around me.  But you understand me,
Johnny.  You've already done more nice things for me than
anyone has in my whole life."

(Note to The Reader: This next part plays a significant role
in how the story ends.  So read it carefully.  Also, this is not
meant to demean or belittle people in any U.S. State.  I'm
simply restating what Nancy told me while she was in a
very distraught mood.)

I asked her, "What is your counselor doing about it?"

"Nothing," Nancy replied.  "He could give a shit what
happens to me.  All he ever does is collect his paycheck
and sends me out of state for a while.  He thinks that's the
cure all for everything.  I beat the shit out of 2 people when I
was at a local bar in Texas.  They deserved it though, the
fuckin' hick scumbags.  I out-drank them for money and
when I won, they called me a slut.  They said, 'Hey bitch,
you ain't gettin' shit from us.  If ya wanna walk ottaa this
here place alive you bess gives us fellas a BLOWED JOB
or we gonna fuck you in yo fat ass!'  I told them to learn
how to talk first then come back and KISS my fat ass.  They
got mad and pushed me to the floor.  All the other yokels
gathered around to watch them try to rape me.  That's when
I totally blacked out.  But when I came out of it, I had fucked
them up good.  One guy was out cold.  I must have beat up
a few others too.  There were people rolling around in pain. 
Their friends tried chasing me with pickup trucks and
shotguns.  I was alone and scared, didn't even know what
happened.  I ran all the way home through the woods. 
Never did get my money."

Nancy wiped some tears from her eyes and continued, "The
next day I saw a report on the news about a guy being in a
coma at the local hospital.  He was the son of some county
councilman or something like that.  The newsman said,
according to witnesses, the guy was attacked for no reason
while relaxing in a bar.  I told my dad and he put me on the
next bus to Boston.  Dad said those guys around there are
part of a real tight Good-ol'-Boy network.  They stick
together no matter what."

"What happened to the guy in the hospital?" I asked.

"I don't know," she said with a concerned voice, " I hope
he's OK.  I didn't mean to hurt him that bad.  But there were
so many of them against me.  I just went crazy."

I pressed my body against Nancy's back and gently rubbed
her head in a petting motion.  After a while she turned to
face and cuddle me in a most affectionate manner.  Nancy
was extremely passive and relaxed now.  This naturally big,
strong and violent beauty held on to me like I was the only
thing she had left in this world.  I must admit that I felt a
tremendous urge to take advantage of her vulnerable state
and have the intense sex I was yearning for.  As hard as my
penis was, I managed to resist the temptation.  Nancy was
so at ease in my arms that she cried herself to sleep.

I was awakened the next morning by Nancy's gentle kiss on
my cheek.  She asked if we could call room service for
breakfast.  I told her to order whatever she wanted and that
I wanted lots of coffee.  I had to use the bathroom so Nancy
waited until I was finished before she went in.  Nancy was
very hungry so when the food came she ate it very fast.  I
just sipped my coffee and gazed at her stunning beauty.

When Nancy was finished eating, she took me by the hand
and walked over to the bed.  We made beautiful love for the
next few hours.  It was the most intense sex I have ever
experienced to this day.  We pounded our bodies against
each other like Sumo wrestlers engaged in battle.  Nancy's
tremendous weight was crushing me but I didn't mind it one
bit.  Our exhausted sweaty bodies lay there staring up at
the ceiling for a while.  I told Nancy I had to prepare some
things for the coming workweek and had better drive her to
Bobbi's.  She agreed so we got in the shower to lather our
bodies clean.  Our soapy skin rubbing against each other
revitalized our energy so we made love one more time. 
Nancy used her powerful arms to manipulate my body in
the most sensual manner.  She leaned my body backward
to straddle it.  Then she lifted the lower half of my body by
pushing up on my derriere.   Her other hand pressed my
face was between her breasts while making sure my penis
stayed inside her.  I was completely off the ground in
Nancy's big soft arms.  I wrapped my arms behind her back
and hooked my hands over her shoulders.  Our bodies
slapped against each other's until we came in unison.

When we finished showering, we dressed and put her
flowers and new clothes in the car.  I drove her home then
headed back to the hotel to relax and prepare some
reports.  I thought about several things.  The fact that she
had been abused and molested as a child, what those men
had done to Nancy that triggered her barroom incident, the
condition of the man in Texas and finally what her father
had said about the Good-ol'-Boy network.  I believed her.

At work the following Monday, Bobbi would only talk to me
about work related matters and very sparingly at that.  I told
her that I appreciated everything she had done for me and
still liked her very much.  Oh the look of a woman scorned. 
Her stabbing looks cut deep, right through to my soul.  She
was ripping my heart out with those sharp green eyes of
hers.  I pleaded with her to understand the dilemma I was in
with her powerful stepsister.  She didn't respond.  Later in
the day, she told me she didn't want to interfere with a good
thing.  That good thing was how happy I was making
Nancy.  It was something Nancy never had.

Nancy and I got together every night that week for intense
lovemaking.  The following week I had to go on a trip to
England.  I left my rental car at the hotel in Massachusetts
so I asked Bobbi to arrange for a taxi ride from Boston's
Logan Airport to the hotel.  Much to my surprise, I saw
Nancy waiting for me outside the Customs security exit. 
She hugged and squeezed me hard while kissing my face
repeatedly.  Nancy grabbed my garment bag and briefcase
with one hand and wrapped her other arm around my
shoulders.  She walked very fast all the way to the parking
lot.  Handing me the keys to my rental car, she asked me to
drive.  As soon as I paid the parking fee and drove out of
the lot, Nancy unzipped my pants and pulled out my firm
penis engulfing it with her lips and mouth.  I had obviously
missed her because I came quickly.  She kept licking and
sucking it all the way to the hotel making me cum again.

Nancy and I couldn't get to my room fast enough.  As soon
as we were in my room, Nancy threw my bags on the floor
and ripped my clothes off than her own.  She picked me up
in a bear hug squeezing the air out of me.  Walking
backwards to the edge of the bed, she sat, then laid on her
back with me on top of her.  I licked, sucked and caressed
my way down her torso then down one leg and up the
other.  I didn't miss a lick or spot.  I even made sure I licked
every toe on both feet and the back of her powerful legs. 
Eventually, I ended up between her mighty thighs and
buried my face in her wet vagina.  She panted heavily and
pushed on the back of my head with her foot to bury my
face deeper.  It was just as I had imagined in the car a few
weeks earlier.  Nancy's body started trembling so she used
her hands to force my face into her hot box and closed her
thighs to squeeze and engulf my entire head.  Her powerful
orgasm drenched my face with her sweet juices.

Then Nancy performed the stunt that was certain to give me
a cement like hard on.  Her thighs squeezed my body to
snatch it from the floor and hold it high above the bed.  It
worked.  Her thighs toyed with my body until I came.  With
my penis still rock hard, she spread her legs wide to let my
body drop on top of hers.  She inserted my manhood inside
of her with her hands.  We pumped vigorously for several
minutes until we climaxed in unison.  I was exhausted.  My
body and psyche were still on GMT, 5 hours ahead of
Eastern Time.  I fell asleep on top of Nancy's body with her
big arms and legs wrapped securely around me.

The next day we did nothing but eat, make love and shower
over and over.  Once in a while, we would wrestle.  Nancy
easily overpowered me every time.  Sometimes she would
pretend to be hurt or losing.  If I was on top or had her in a
hold, she would scream, "Oh Nooooo!  He's got me.  Help
me!  Help me!"  Then she'd simply throw me off of her body
with a flick of her arm or leg.  I looked like a little toddler
wrestling with an adult.  Occasionally, she'd stand up with
me in her arms or clinging to her body and walk around the
room before letting my body fall to the floor.  Then she'd roll
on top of me and say, "If you don't give up now, I'll have to
force you into having sex with me."  Naturally, I'd resisted. 
She'd hold me down to lick, kiss and suck my body into
submission.  My penis never went limp for the entire day. 
This day be the last time I would ever see Nancy again.

The following Monday, I had to fly to San Francisco for a
few days.  I didn't have to return to Boston right away so I
decided to take the opportunity and fly to my hometown. 
There were bills to pay and domestic chores to tend to.  I
also spent time visiting my family and friends that I hadn't
seen in over a month.  As a courtesy, I called Nancy as
soon as I got home to let her know I wouldn't be there that
weekend.  She said she understood and missed me very
much.  We chatted for over an hour.  Everything seemed
fine with her except for the disappointment of not being able
to get together.  She said, "That's OK Johnny, I can't wait to
see you though.  You gave me new life and I love you for
it."  I told her to be good and stay away from the bottle.  She
was dry for 3 weeks now.  That was tremendous progress
for her.  I ended our chat by saying, "Love you too
sweetheart.  I'll see you Monday night."

That Sunday evening I retired early.  I was awakened in the
middle of the night by a nightmare.  In my dream, Nancy
was crying out loud while screaming, "NO, NO, PLEASE! 

I sat up in bed sweating profusely.  My entire body was
shaking with fear.  I couldn't fall back asleep so I called
Bobbi to see if everything was OK.  It wasn't.  Bobbi told me
that The Massachusetts State Police along with Texas
authorities had arrested Nancy for the death of a Texas
man.  She was being held in a Boston jail cell without bond
until morning.  The Texas authorities were taking her back
to Texas first thing in the morning to await trail.

Bobbi said, "It happened a few hours ago.  I really tried to
stop 'em Johnny, I really tried.  They won't even let me see
her at the station.  You should have seen it Johnny.  There
must have been 20 cops here.  Her psychiatrist was here
too.  Nancy just collapsed to the floor crying.  She kept
screaming your name.  It was the most sincere I've ever
seen her since we were kids.  She pleaded with them to
give her another chance.  They just dragged her away."

Then Bobbi said something that made me bust out in tears. 
She said, "The cops saw something in her hand when they
were dragging her out.  They tried to take it away from her
but couldn't get her fingers open.  The psychiatrist told the
cops to stop and asked Nancy what it was.  She stared at
him with a desperate look on her face and said, 'it's all I
have left.'  She opened her had a little to show him. 
Johnny, it was the knick-knack of the whales you gave her. 
Your names were still on it.  He let her hold on to it.  Please
get here as soon as you can."

I immediately called every airline in existence to book an
earlier flight into Boston.  I got there at 8:45 AM.  I was
about an hour late.  The Texas authorities had Nancy on a
flight at 7:30 AM.  The first thing I did was get Bobbi then
headed straight for the psychiatrist's office.  I ripped him a
new asshole for not doing his job.  I immediately called the
local officials to see if another state psychiatrist could be
assigned to Nancy's case.  After several weeks, a female
psychiatrist was assigned.  She had the experience and
courage Nancy had longed for from the start.  The local
Texas authorities wouldn't let anyone talk to Nancy except
her doctors and attorneys.  Her father managed to see her
the day before the trail.  After a brief trail the jury found
Nancy guilty of murder.

The female psychiatrist said, "The number of witnesses for
the state was overwhelming.  This crime is punishable by
death in the state of Texas.  The judge could have to
sentenced Nancy to death.  I managed to scrounge up
enough evidence to prove that Nancy was emotionally
unstable.  He gave her a lesser sentence of 40 years in a
Texas Penitentiary with the possibility of parole in 20.  I'll
work with her to make sure she gets out."

Then the psychiatrist told me something that surprised me. 
She said, "Johnny, your sworn statement was a key factor
in sparing Nancy's life.  The way you described your time
together, the events that triggered Nancy's tirades and how
gentle she was with you, sealed it.  The judge read your
statement several times.  He said and I quote, "From the
medical history of this defendant and a sworn statement
from a reputable witness, I cannot sentence her to death. 
Anyone who's mental state instantly changes from frolicking
like a child to committing brutal and uncontrollable acts of
violence should not be put to death.  That person needs our
help, not punishment."  End quote.  Nancy told me to tell
you thanks and that she loves you deeply.  You gave her
life in more than one way."

I wrote Nancy a few letters that I had Bobbi take with her
when she visited.  Nancy wrote back.  I was advised by the
psychiatrist to lay low and let Nancy work things out on her
own.  I have written Nancy only a few times since.  I left that
company and moved on to bigger and better things.  I kept
in touch with Bobbi to see how she and Nancy were doing. 

Bobbi has since married and has three children.  The last
time I talked to her was 3 years ago.  She told me that
Nancy was doing much better now with the help of a new
lady psychiatrist from Texas.  Bobbi said, "There isn't much
for Nancy to do there.  She asks about you all the time. 
Once in a while they let her play with a computer on the
Internet.  You should see her body now.  She's been
working out with weights all this time.  She's slimmed down
a bit but is much leaner and stronger than she was.  She's
still as beautiful as ever.  She said she'd like to see you if
she gets out in a few years.  She's been real good.  I hope
the parole board lets her out.  I'll tell her you said Hi."

In Conclusion

It took me several years, but I finally managed to muster up
enough courage to write about this true experience.  The
ironic thing about it is that I was in a Boston Hotel when I
started writing it.  And as I write these final words, I am
once again in the same Boston hotel.  The hotel is only 10
miles away from where I met Bobbi and Nancy, the place
where my love for big, strong and beautiful women began.

Every once in a while, I'll sit back and admire pictures of
Tina Lockwood and Athena.  It's all I have left of you sweet
Nancy.  I hope to see your lovely smile again real soon.

Be good sweetheart!

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Re: FBB's in rage
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I find it pretty attractive as well, as it showcases her strength in a different context. There's also a dominance aspect to a strong woman's rage that I'm quite drawn to.

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Re: FBB's in rage
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I am without words after reading this story.  Incredibly beautiful, erotic and human all at the same time!  Wonderful!  I am so in awe of your experience (real or not), and your open and curageous heart!  You go into such detail about these people, and their reasons for acting the way they do.  You make them complete people.  And, of course, the erotic lovemaking is so graphic that I can feel the pleasures you describe.  Thank you a thousand times for this gift you've given this group.  I appreciate it so much. 

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