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IFBB Arnold Classic South Africa 2019 Elite Pro - Bodyfitness

City communities / Re: London community
« Last post by m100 on Today at 09:32:06 am »
Are there any updates for the fbb show in London?
Fitness, Figure & Bikini / Re: Hannah Hussein
« Last post by mangodebango on Today at 09:27:33 am »
Oh yes :woohoo:
Great work Porcupine  :singing:
Russian Female Bodybuilding & Female Bodybuilders / Marina Atroshchenko
« Last post by Paul1966 on Today at 09:03:54 am »
IFBB Santa Susanna 2019 - Bikini

Muscular Women Fiction / Re: New ongoing story - New Life
« Last post by El_Roy_1999 on Today at 08:57:22 am »
It took her a while to calm down, but eventually, she wiped the snot from her face, thanked Milla for helping her and looked up. Milla asked:
“What was that?”
“Oh, nothing. Just my mom screwing up my life and forcing me into another of those stupid games.”
Milla frowned:
“That didn’t exactly sound like it. You challenged her.”
“I know, but she got me into this. I really don’t get her anymore. She used to be nice and … passive.”
Milla lifted her eyebrows.
“I think you just put the finger on it.”
“So … You mean I should …”
“A challenge is a challenge. You know how good friends are supposed to give harsh truths: Here’s one.”
Ava felt tired. She didn’t want this, did she? She could just call her mom back and say she had been exhausted and didn’t mean it. That would prove Angela right, though. She groaned:
“Okay … I see the point. Fuck.”
Milla took Jaden by the hand:
“Besides, I think we’re going to help you. This whole thing isn’t over yet and who knows what will happen. If the government or your professor or whatever comes after us, we’ll better stick together.”
Ava had to ask:
“That doesn’t sound like you want to look for a cure now.”
“Hm … Well, I have to admit that I’m a little on the fence on that now.”
She looked at Jaden:
“I want to see how this develops. I mean … If he turns into a huge monster like me … I wouldn’t want to be alone.”
Jaden did his best to hide his erection.
City communities / Re: London community
« Last post by Lovefbbmega on Today at 08:49:03 am »
Natasha L. From Uk Going to London 3-5 june 2019. Check it on showup23
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