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Author Topic: Your season is over  (Read 30719 times)

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Re: Your season is over
« Reply #45 on: November 16, 2023, 12:55:35 pm »
Really loving this, please continue!

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Re: Your season is over
« Reply #45 on: November 16, 2023, 12:55:35 pm »

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Re: Your season is over
« Reply #46 on: November 20, 2023, 09:59:19 pm »
Thank you for your comments! Here comes the next part!

Chapter 18

After Monday's practice, Sarah hurried to the club's PR person to confirm Wilson and the TV crew's appearance, as mentioned on TV. She discovered that the club had scheduled an interview after Friday's practice session. The interview seemed to demand her entire afternoon, leaving Sarah feeling a bit uneasy. Would she have enough interesting things to share? Or would she end up embarrassing herself? These thoughts swirled in her mind as she completed her chest workout after speaking with the club's PR representative.

Despite her worry for the upcoming interview, Sarah's workout schedule for the week was demanding as always. This week was particularly crucial because she planned to travel to her hometown, Bristol, during the weekend to meet her parents. She decided to focus solely on football practices and gym workouts, deliberately avoiding worrying about the upcoming interview.

Surprisingly, the first few days of the week turned out to be some of her best at the gym in a long time. She managed more reps, sets, and heavier lifts than before. Every time she stepped into the gym, she transformed into someone else entirely. Gone was the rather shy and relatively lonely 19-year-old girl, replaced by a beast of a woman with one singular goal: to push her muscles and strength harder than the day before.

Due to Sarah's extremely intense workout regimen, time flew quickly, and suddenly it was Friday, the day of the interview. Sarah found it difficult to focus on the football practice and ended up missing several goal chances while playing with her teammates who weren't called up for international duty for their respective national teams.

Typically, before lunch, Sarah would shower with her teammates mainly to cleanse herself from the football practices. Unlike her teammates, she didn't bother fixing her hair or adding any makeup after the shower because she still had her gym workout to perform after lunch.

However, today was different. There wouldn't be any gym workout after lunch. Sarah spent considerable time fixing her hair, even attempting to curl it. Then, she carefully applied makeup to her face, although it wasn't her forte. Yet, she was pretty happy with the result, feeling she looked quite nice. She donned a clean training outfit - a loose black and red zip hoodie and black training pants that, despite her muscular body, hung loosely on her.

During lunch, Sarah started to feel genuinely nervous. As usual, she sat with some teammates without really participating in the ongoing discussions. Her nerves caused her to lose her appetite, making it difficult for her to eat her enormous plate of grilled chicken breasts, rice, and vegetables. However, her inner drive eventually kicked in, compelling her to swallow her meal nonetheless.

Uncertain of what to do next, she decided to wait in the cafeteria for the filming crew. To distract herself from her nervous thoughts, she concentrated on doing some vacuum poses underneath her clothes, trying to maintain a small waist by sucking in her stomach and flexing as long as possible.

Suddenly, a surprisingly large film crew and the star himself, James Wilson, appeared. Seeing the former football star in person made Sarah blush. Wilson was exactly how Sarah would have imagined - confident, joyful, and undeniably handsome. He walked quickly through the cafeteria and stopped in front of Sarah, ready to shake her hand.

Sarah stood up and grabbed the dark-skinned hand in front of her. The grip was firm, however Sarah didn't mind that. She had all of her focus on two things: to not crush Wilson's hand and to not blush even more.

"Hello Sarah, I'm James. Pleasure to meet," Wilson said while flashing his extremely white teeth in a smile.

"Hi! Mhhmmh... Likewise!" Sarah struggled to find words. "I hope you are ready for filming!" Wilson continued. "We're gonna start in an hour!"

In an hour. Sarah didn't really understand why they were there already if they wouldn't start shooting the interview soon.

Wilson sensed Sarah's confusion, so he continued, "Before we start, Helen here is going to style you! She's amazing, and you're gonna love it!"

Sarah started to get even more confused. Styling? She already had some makeup on, her hair was done, and her training overall wasn't muddy or sweaty. "Mhhmmh I don't know.. Mhmm.. Does that mean I won't be wearing my mhmm training overall?" Sarah started to get embarrassed by her own stuttering.

"Yes, that was an option, but we figured that in an in-depth interview like this, we want to take you a little further away from the football pitch! That's why wearing regular clothes would suit better. And best of all, Helen brought some nice clothes for you to try on, and you get to keep your outfit after the interview!" Wilson's joyfulness was truly amazing to see. It seemed that the whole crew with him was thoroughly enjoying spending time with him. That made Sarah also calm down a little bit.

Wilson, or James as he had introduced himself to Sarah then explained that Helen would follow Sarah to the locker room and that she would get an amazing makeover. Simultaneously, the rest of the filming crew would set up their cameras and lights in the cafeteria so that everything would be ready when Sarah would come back.

Suddenly, a short-haired woman who so far had stood at the back of the crew came to Sarah and offered her hand. "Hello love, I'm Helen. I'm gonna make you beautiful," she said with a Scouse accent. She didn't release Sarah's hand after the shake; instead, she started to drag her towards the corridor where the locker room was. "We already brought in all of the clothes and makeup."

When they arrived at the locker room, Sarah was surprised to see several racks of clothing and even a large mirror with a chair in front of it for the makeup, just like Sarah had seen in movies. Helen walked Sarah straight to the chair and told her to sit down.

"Alright love, I'm gonna do your hair and makeup first, and after that, we're gonna figure out the clothing. I've heard that you have quite a remarkable body, so we brought with us many different sizes."

The next 40 minutes flew by quickly, and Sarah had a hard time figuring out what was happening. Helen used lots of products, brushes, and other stuff that Sarah had never seen before. She just focused on staying in her seat without moving too much. Helen kept chatting while she did her work, mostly talking about all the celebrities whose makeup she had done. Sarah didn't recognize half of the names she heard.

Suddenly, Helen announced that the makeup and hair were done. Sarah looked at herself in the mirror. She had a hard time recognizing the beautiful woman that she saw on the mirror. This time her blonde hair was curled properly, making it look less flat and a whole lot better. The makeup was also a lot more than what she was used to, however, it was still applied elegantly. It was simply put beautifully done.

"Your face has nice bone structure dear. You should learn how to use it to your advantage," Helen announced while moving towards the clothing racks. "Would you be dear and remove that horrondeous track suit so we can take a proper look at you?"

Sarah started to feel unease again. She stood up, turned her back to Helen, and started slowly unzipping her hoodie. "Hurry up dear, and you don't have to turn your back to me, I've seen plenty of naked bodies before!"

Sarah figured that there wasn't any reason to be ashamed of her body. She worked every day to make her body even better, so why should she always be that shy? She quickly removed her hoodie and her pants and turned towards Helen. Underneath her clothes, she only had a white lace bra and matching panties.

Helen turned her gaze from the clothes towards Sarah, and it looked like she was in shock. "Oh dear! Oh dear!" She mumbled while her hands moved on the clothes in fast speed. "Is everything okay?" Sarah asked. "Yes dear, it's just... No one told me that you would be that big. But no worries dear, we would find something that suits that bulging frame of yours."

Sarah then observed Helen dashing around the clothing racks, murmuring under her breath as she sorted through the garments. Eventually, Helen returned to Sarah.

"Okay dear, I really hope these will work, otherwise we don't really have any options." She handed Sarah a pair of washed light blue jeans. "These are super-stretchy and they should be able to accommodate those tree-trunks of yours." Sarah hesitated, not having worn jeans for a while due to her muscular build.

The jeans were incredibly tight. Sarah struggled to pull them past her rock-hard calves. Then the real challenge began. Maneuvering those jeans over her muscular thighs demanded considerable effort from Sarah, but eventually, she managed. The jeans even stretched enough for her round and hard glutes. The issue, however, lay with the waist; the jeans were far too large for Sarah's chiseled midsection. She was about to mention this when Helen suddenly produced a sewing machine from behind the racks.

"Okay dear, I really do hope that the material is as stretchy as promised; those jeans look like they're about to burst open," Helen said while approaching Sarah with a measuring band. "Let me just measure your waist so that we can make some adjustments."

Sarah felt Helen's hands touch her waist, prompting an automatic flex of her abs. "Oh dear, that stomach of yours is even more bumpy than I thought." It felt strange for Sarah to have someone touching her body like that. Helen worked swiftly with the measuring band, then read the numbers. "Oh dear! Oh dear! I won't be able to downsize the jeans that much. I hope I have some nice belts here with me." She instructed Sarah to remove the jeans for the necessary adjustments.

Taking off the jeans was just as challenging, if not more so. Sarah visibly struggled to peel the jeans off. Meanwhile, Helen worked with the sewing machine, leaving Sarah standing in her underwear in the middle of the locker room. Feeling odd just standing there, she decided to head to the bathroom.

In the well-lit bathroom, she studied her reflection in the mirror. The impeccably done makeup and hair still felt unfamiliar. However, the body beneath that unfamiliar face was exactly as she was used to: hard, muscular, chiseled. There were numerous words to describe her remarkable physique. Even relaxed, the X-shape of her body was evident. A broad back and shoulders, massive yet proportional quads, a tiny yet incredibly ripped midsection. She looked like a superhero. In her underwear.

Hearing Helen call her, she returned to try on the jeans again. It was a struggle, but this time, the waist of the jeans was at least a bit closer to matching her measurements. A nice-looking black belt actually made the jeans look pretty good on her, if the aim was to wear them as tight as possible. Next, it was time for the top. Helen had chosen a white turtleneck shirt for Sarah.

"I hope this fits dear, it would really match the jeans. It's a size large, but I didn't know you had an upper body like a rugby player. Then again, I'm not sure if rugby players really do have such impressive upper bodies." The turtleneck shirt was ridiculously tight. It fit Sarah's upper body, but it didn't leave much to the imagination.

Sarah scrutinized herself in the mirror and suddenly felt uncertain about her appearance. Did she really want TV viewers to count her abdominal blocks clearly visible through her shirt? Or see the large veins pulsing on each of her biceps? She was pretty sure that if she tried, she could make her pec striations visible through the shirt.

Yet, at the same time, this was the body she had worked hard for. And now, in her ridiculously tight new outfit, it looked undeniably good. Sarah then noticed Helen behind her, holding a pair of black high heels. "Okay dear, I guess these things would make you look less like a rugby player ready to uproot trees."

Dumbfounded, Sarah thanked Helen, slipped on the high heels, and awkwardly made her way back to the cafeteria.

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Re: Your season is over
« Reply #47 on: November 21, 2023, 02:33:30 am »
Women are so hard on other women, especially when they should have been supporting each other. I hope that Sarah has a chance post-interview of working out for the cameras. Too often sports watchers don't realise the hard work that is needed to shape a good body into an elite performer. Am sure Janes will get it. K+

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