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Author Topic: Unleash The Beast  (Read 125 times)

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Unleash The Beast
« on: February 20, 2021, 07:34:32 pm »

Hello Friends,

First, let us introduce ourselves. We are a group of veteran bodybuilders and athletes with a long experience in several sports and disciplines and we are here to provide the best  high quality products in the sport enhancements industry with the best customer friendly service at a reasonable price so everyone with a dream can benefit to realize their dream and make it a reality.

We stand for quality, service, and customer safety and satisfaction.  We acknowledge the fact that we are all customers one way or another, so we treat our own customers the way we like to be treated.

As you guys could see on our site, we have several top end labs in several domestic warehouses in the EU, USA and international,  therefore delivery is fast, guaranteed and discreet.

As a good gesture and a celebration of our entry to this forum we proudly would like to give members here a chance to try our services and products in order to build trust and confidence as a foundation  for a long term partnership.

Promo details as follows:

• XT labs, USA domestic shipping: 40% discount on all products

• Pharmacom EU domestic shipping, USA domestic shipping and international:
  15% discount on all products, plus a free awsome t-shirt bonus for every 200$ + purchase value.

• Mactropin EU domestic shipping: 20% discount on all products, plus a bonus of 1 extra vial for free for every 5 vials of the same product.

• Store vouchers:
  We give 30 Saradas members a free voucher worth of 50$ with a minimum purchase value of 150$.

Happy shopping friends, and rest assured that we will do our utmost best to earn your trust and confidence.


I Saradas 


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