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Author Topic: Sister In Law  (Read 10270 times)

Offline phil123

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Re: Sister In Law
« Reply #15 on: September 14, 2019, 04:43:19 am »
Hope Susan sees that she has to get stronger than her sister in a very short time or she loose him

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Re: Sister In Law
« Reply #16 on: September 25, 2019, 09:55:26 pm »
Final chapter

After running back to his room, Will tried to make sense of what had just happened. Melissa, his girlfriend's muscular younger sister had just basically made him cum inside his pants just by showing off her muscles. Will was panting and breathing hard, now looking at the mess inside his shorts. Placing them into a dirty clothes bag, he threw it in the bottom of his suitcase and entered the shower. Water was cold, as he needed it to be. Thank God this was the last night there. After that, he could go back home and hope Melissa never tells Susan about that.
A couple hours later Will headed downstairs to help his in-laws with the preparation of the barbecue. As he was bonding with them, Melissa and Susan came outside. Will froze as he watched Melissa, in very short skirts and a cropped tank top piggybacking her older sister. They were both giggling, but Will's eyes were immediately stuck in Melissa's bulging thighs. He noticed how easy it was for her to carry Susan around. He was very well aware that he couldn't do it with such ease.
Once Melissa put Susan down, Will's girlfriend instantly remarked how strong Melissa was
"Oh God, Will! She carried me all the way from our room! Mel is a little tank! Look at her! Show him, Mel"
"Oh, I'm not sure..." Melissa was deliberately being falsely shy
"Oh, stop it, you silly. It's not like everyone around here haven't noticed you're jacked!"
"Oh, well... here it goes..." Melissa extended her right leg and wobbled it from one side to another, twisting her hip and making her large quad shake a couple times. Then, all of a sudden, she contracted it powerfully. Every fiber on her thigh stopped moving instantly, and the definition between each muscle on it showed off promptly. Susan placed her hand on Melissa's thigh and pressed it, but she was unable to make even a tiny dent
"My God, it is soo hard! Will, try to budge it!"
Will's face turned purple
"W-what? I- I... I don't..."
"Oh, c'mon Will! I bet you can't!"
Melissa was smiling like this was something new to her. She knew deep inside Will's dick must be responding to the idea of feeling another muscle of her body. Will looked around for some help, but none came. Cornered, he slowly touched Melissa's hard thigh, noticing how soft and smooth her skin was. Once he had placed the palm of his hand on it, Melissa flexed her quad again, pushing Will's hand away. It was an astonishing sensation.
"Hard, right?" Susan was still in shock of how strong Melissa's legs were
"Do you like them, Will?" Melissa asked with a smirk on her face
"They- they are... nice" it was the best response he could give
"Nice? My legs are nice" Susan pointed "Hers are freaking amazing"
Will removed his hand and went back to his place, trying his best not to look at Melissa, which proved a tough task. Only now he was able to notice that what appeared to be a cropped tank top was actually a white button shirt that she had twisted and made a knot by her belly in order to display her abs. Not only that, but she had unbuttoned the top two buttons and rolled up the sleeves, looking like a sexy, muscular schoolgirl. Will shivered.

After dinner, the girl's parents went inside and left the three of them alone. Immediately, Susan whispered
"So, What you guys say we crack up a bottle of one of daddy's wines and head downstairs to the basement?"
This wasn't exactly right, but Will couldn't say no to his girlfriend without sounding lame, so he agreed. Susan carefully entered the house and grabbed a bottle of red as Melissa and Will headed downstairs. Susan followed them shortly after.
One bottle became two and soon enough the three were laughing with each other. Will had relaxed a bit and distracted himself from Melissa's muscles until Susan, already a little intoxicated, accidentally spilled the wine on Melissa's white shirt.
"Oh... Mel... I'm so sorry..." she mumbled as she tried to clean up the stain on the shirt, which went from Melissa's left shoulder all the way up until her cleavage. As Susan tapped a cloth, she noticed Melissa's upper body was just as hard as her diesel legs
"Hey, Mel... I ... didn't know you were so buff, you know...." she talked slowly, already under the effect of the alcohol "shoot, this isn't coming off... take this off, I'll put it on the machine..."
Melissa, though she hadn't drank more than a glass, took off her shirt, exposing her full upper body, now covered only by her bras. Will's jaw dropped looking at the dynamo young woman barefooted, wearing only short skirts and a white bra, all her muscles showing off. It was like looking at a Goddess. Melissa smiled at him, teasingly flexing her pecs up and down as Susan took off to put her shirt into the washing machine.
"Oh, this is going to be good..." Melissa spoke to herself, but loud enough so Will could hear her words
Once Susan returned, she immediately spoke again, this time louder
"You know, Suzy, I've never showed you my arms..." and before Susan could say anything, Melissa performed a strong, double bicep pose. Susan just aaawhed and oooohed.
"Oh... my... God, Mel! Look at that!" she sounded truly impressed "You are so big!"
"You think? I mean..." Melissa was feigning being unaware of her size "I bet Will's muscles are bigger..."
"Well, I don't know about that... Will, come here. Why don't you compare your arms with hers?"
Will almost fell from the chair he was on "What? I... I... no!"
Susan walked towards him and pulled him up "C'mon you silly. What's the big deal? Humor us!"
Before Will could react, Susan was pulling his t-shirt off, exposing his skinny frame. For the first time in a long time, Will was feeling really humiliated by his looks, standing next to Melissa. His tiny shoulders and skinny arms looked absolutely fragile next to her wide, round deltoids and beefy biceps. Melissa walked towards him and flexed her right bicep.
"Go ahead, Will. Flex yours" Susan's voice was lower and darker than usual
Without any exits, Will did. Side by side it became more evident how powerful Melissa was.
"Geez, Will... I never noticed how puny you looked" Susan sounded annoyed
"Wait.. what?" Will couldn't believe this was happening
"Yeah... My younger sister is more muscular than you"
"Yeah, well..." Will was on the verge of crying
"I bet she could kick your ass"
"What? Where is this coming from, Suzy?" Will was completely lost
"And... I think you'd enjoy it"
Will looked to Melissa and back to Susan. He didn't know what to say. Before he could move, Melissa grabbed Will by his torso with one hand and by his knees with the other, lifting him off the ground.
"Hey, Suzy... do you want me to?"
"Yeah... show him how strong you are, sis. I'd like that"
"Well... I believe the three of us will" Melissa grinned as she, in a quick move, put Will back on the ground on his knees and pushed him down, making him fall on his back. Before Will could make sense of what was happening, Melissa sat behind his head and locked it between her thighs. Will couldn't see a thing, his eyes shut by Melissa's bulging muscles. He heard muffled voices
"Look at his pants, Suzy. I think you'll find something interesting there"
"Oh my God! I've never seen him this hard!"
"Hey, why don't you film this? I think he will want to see it later"
Will was squirming, trying to break free from Melissa's, but it was useless. She did release his head for a few seconds, only to place it in a more comfortable leg triangle. Now Will was able to see Susan filming the whole thing with her cell, and as he tried to turn himself, he noticed that Melissa was flexing her biceps as she had him trapped. He tried to punch her quads, but she just giggled
"Shhhh... don't try to fight it, you will like this..." Melissa started increasing the pressure little by little, like she knew what she was doing.
As air was running out, Will stopped fighting and thinking, letting his instincts act on their own. This was nice. Melissa's hard quads were squeezing him with mastery, and as he was losing his senses, he felt she positioning his head right between her thighs, he could smell the scent of her pussy. Melissa squeezed and squeezed, until she felt the warmth from Will's crotch. Smiling, she whispered to him "That's two for two" and gave one final, strong squeeze until he passed.

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