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Author Topic: renata hronova disappeared  (Read 700 times)

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renata hronova disappeared
« on: June 30, 2019, 09:41:48 am »
booked a session with Renata hronova in zurich in june
was before Always easy-going & came along quite fine with her,never hadany problem
(had sessioned 6 times yet  with her !...)

she told me that she`ll pick me up in the hotel in the Lobby ,since access to Floors  only with guest card ..
this about 3 hours before the fixed start of the session )

so I arrived there ,but nobody was there ...... then I texted & mailed ,but connection failed (or was blocked ?)

after some time jumped in the elevatot with some house guests to get to her Floor, knocked a the door ,but
nobody opened , waited a bit ,then went back to the Lobby, nobody came,
repeated this play -went up to her room-no success,back to lobby waited another 45 minutes ,then left....!

I`m quite confused what had happened ,.....tried to mail her ,even phoned -Always failed
                                     the emailaddress (from wB270 ) failed now Always (had worked for years before!)

 hope she`s fine and that she didn`t get in serious Trouble ?!….

  has anybody heard of her since then (june 20th) or tried to get in contact with her ….?

Forum Saradas  |  Private Sessions  |  Q & A about sessions  |  renata hronova disappeared

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