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Author Topic: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs  (Read 28115 times)

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #90 on: December 06, 2018, 01:07:02 pm »
A little late with this one.

Freshman year: Part Fifteen – November.

   “So, where do you want to start?” Lindsay asked.

   Ryan fished for words but they wouldn’t come. Firstly there was Lindsay, standing with her hands on her hips in an Under Armour tank-top that might as well have been spray paint. Not only could he see her clearly defined abs, he could see the larger striations on the outer edges of her remarkable pecs and all four of her lats. He was pretty sure he could see some veins on her abs, the shirt was that tight. Her incredible arms and shoulders were bare as was a significant portion of her upper chest due to the top’s large scoop neckline.The second factor getting in the way of his forming coherent thoughts, let alone speech, was where they were and why they were where they were.

   “Hey, Earth to Rye,” Lindsay waved a hand in front of his face. “Do you want to get this on or what?”

   The high school weight room swam into focus. As did his memory of the moment yesterday at lunch when Lindsay suggested they hit the weight room to see what she was capable of. Ryan was only able to nod his agreement. His mouth was too dry and his brain was suddenly short on blood. He had to wait almost two minutes after Lindsay left to get up from the table. ‘Damn, I’m turning into Billy,’ he thought to himself.

   It had not helped in the least that Lindsay had prefaced the suggestion with a display of her horseshoe shaped triceps. “I think they’re getting bigger,” she mused as she turned her arms back and forth. Lindsay was holding her arms straight out flexing them so both triceps were exploding from the back of her arms about two feet from Ryan’s face. He followed the emerging veins up her chorded forearms to the backwards ‘r’ on her left arm. It looked like it was two of three inches thick. The right was just as impressive and by the time Ryan’s eyes got there was pushing veins to the surface of her tanned skin as well.

   The front of her shirt did nothing to disguise the massive muscular cleavage now spitting her chest. The inner striations of her pecs were clearly visible as were her quarter size nipples. Lindsay noticed where Ryan was staring.

   “Not much there, Big Guy.” She smiled.

   Ryan snapped back to consciousness; “I wouldn’t say that, your chest is amazing.”

   “Oh, I thought you were looking at my total lack of boobage. Compared to Sim, this is a rash.”

   “I’m not sure you want to use Sim as your frame of reference when it comes to that,” Ryan said. “Everyone in the building, including the teachers is a distant second there.”

   “That’s true,” Lindsay allowed. “Her nipple is bigger than my both my boobs put together.”

   Ryan felt a hot wave wash over him as his mouth instantly dried up. “agghh….really?” he managed to croak.

   “Oh totally,” Lindsay said looking down at the muscular canyon her pecs had formed. “I really don’t have boobs yet, this is all muscle, I have moobs I guess.”

   “Your chest is really impressive Linz,” Ryan said. “How much tissue there is on top of it doesn’t change that.”

   “Thanks,” Lindsay said. “It’s kinda fun too, wanna see?”

   Ryan’s mouth went dry again. He managed to drag the word “sure” out of his parched mouth.

   “Here, look,” Lindsay said as she looked down herself. Arms at her sides, she flexed both pecs, which jumped up and out towards Ryan. She then flexed the left, then the right. Lindsay kept alternating and the effect was hypnotic. It was like a wave of muscle was travelling across her upper-body from left to right. Ryan’s head was swimming and the instant swelling Lindsay had caused was getting painful. Just when Ryan thought it couldn’t get more intense, Lindsay raised her arms and put her hands behind her head. Baseball-sized biceps bulged, even though Lindsay wasn’t flexing them. The mere act of bending her arm caused her arm muscles to bunch up. There was just so much of it and it had nowhere else to go Ryan thought.

   Lindsay continued the show. Left, then right pecs literally jumped out at Ryan. They seemed to move three or four inches up and down. She brought her arms down again and grabbed her left wrist with her right hand. She held her arms in front of her abs and flexed. Her chest moved like a tide of muscle was coming in. It literally flowed up and down and in and out at the same time.

   “Cool, right? Feel them,” Lindsay invited.

   “Ahhhh, not sure I should Linz,” Ryan was already struggling with what Lindsay’s epic chest looked like. Touching it invited a whole other level of danger.

   “C’mon, it’s just muscle. It’s just me.” Lindsay’s smile was wide and totally without subtext.

   ‘She has no idea how hot she looks and what this is doing to me,’ Ryan thought. ‘Ah shit, here goes.’

   Ryan put his huge right hand in the center of Lindsay’s chest. His middle finger lined up with the gap running down from where her collar bones met.

   “See, it’s not like they have teeth,” Lindsay said. ‘No but this can still bite me in several ways,’ Ryan thought. ‘Not the least of which is in the ass.’

   Lindsay let go of her wrist and spread her arms. She then brought them back together and repeated the flex. Hot, hard muscle flowed under Ryan’s hand. The force of the expansion pushed his hand back two inches and his middle finger dropped into a crevice of striated muscle fiber. A star of striations spread out from beneath his hand. He pressed down and tried to squeeze but there was no give at all. Lindsay’s pecs were like warm marble.

   Lindsay noticed the movement in Ryan’s forearm. The veins popping up on the back of his hand and wrist. She also noticed his very large and defined bicep. “Go ahead,” she smiled. “Squeeze as hard as you can, I can barely feel this.”

   Ryan shook his head in aroused wonder. “OKaaay.” And bore down.

   To absolutely no effect. The only change was that his fingers were going white with effort and his arm was starting to shake a little.

   “Huh,” Lindsay grunted. “Not feeling much Big Guy.”

   With that she repeated the flex, drawing her arms closer and raising them. Ryan could feel a vice of warm marble tighten on his middle finger as his hand was spread wider by the expanding twin masses of muscle underneath it. It was getting too hot and heavy for his self-control. He went to remove his hand but couldn’t.

   Lindsay’s smile was as electric as it was mischievous. “Problem?”

   “Damn Linz, that’s impressive as hell,” Ryan figured the best way out was just to be honest.

   “I know, right? I have my own little vice.” She realized the fact she had Ryan’s hand trapped and that essentially she was in control was making her feel really warm and fuzzy. She liked it…a lot.

   “Very cool…ahh Linz?”


   “If you let me go we can do what we came here to do.”

   “Right. Let’s get this on.” Lindsay came down a bit, feeling a lot like an over-inflated balloon bleeding excess air.

   Even though Lindsay had done weight training at gymnastics camp she hadn’t gone through an actual routine. The camp used weights for specific muscle groups to help gymnasts get better at certain skills. Ryan was on the football team’s routine, which was much more comprehensive. They were currently in the “competitive phase” of the routine as football season was on. This meant a lighter routine aimed at maintenance and injury prevention. Ryan figured a one-off session with Lindsay as a training partner could fit within the guidelines. Besides he had to see just how strong she really was.

   This urge had taken on enough momentum that it was now basically a biological imperative. He was aware enough to realize that there was no way he was going to get through watching Lindsay lift up close without getting hard as a rock, and possibly, make that probably, going Billygasmic. With this in mind, he took Def-Con Bill level precautions. He strapped himself down with K-Tape. Ryan wasn’t as well-endowed as Billy, hell, who was? But, he was a 6’3” male and was proportionally large. He had measured and discovered he was 8 inches when hard. It would be very obvious if he got aroused, when he got aroused. So steps had to be taken. Rather than spandex he went with Neoprene training shorts and baggy basketball shorts over those. A “Property of J-Mac Football” sleeveless Under Armour shirt rounded out his workout wear.

   “We work from the larger muscle groups to the smaller ones,” Ryan explained. “We split the routine into two different days, which we do twice each week.” Lindsay nodded her understanding.

   “Today, as it turns out, is chest, shoulders, tris and thighs. Tomorrow would be back, shoulders, bis and calves.”

   “What about abs?” Lindsay asked.

   “We do abs and core every day,” Ryan said.

   “Cool,” Lindsay smiled and lifted the hem of her shirt. She crunched down and six abs the shape, size and hardness of cobblestones erupted from her stomach. “Me too.”

   Ryan’s head was getting lighter with the sudden disruption in his blood flow but he managed to get his head, the one on his neck, straight.

   “Clearly, now put the six pack away and let’s get to work.”  Focus, focus, focus. Ryan was determined to keep his head straight through this and reasoned as long as he concentrated on lifting and treating Lindsay like a training partner and not an incredibly hot muscle goddess flexing her rock hard body inches away from his throbbing….focus, focus, focus.

   Ryan dropped to the floor and started grinding out push-ups. He focused intently on the floor and did twice as many as he normally did. “You go big guy!” Lindsay’s voice came from next to him. He turned his head. Lindsay was on the floor on her hands and toes in the ‘up’ position. From the side Ryan was struck by the thickness of Lindsay’s upper torso. Even though she was essentially breast-less, the muscle on her chest and back tapered down to the scoop of her lower back and her flat stomach that actually swept inward to the tops of her bulging thighs. On top the perfect curve of her glutes rose from her lower back and reconnected with her flexing hamstrings. It suddenly hit Ryan that Lindsay had an ‘hourglass’ figure…from the side.

   “You, done?” Ryan asked. Stay focused, stay focused, stay focused.

   “Not really,” Lindsay replied. “Push-ups don’t really work for me.”


   “Well, it’s different for you and me.” Ryan realized Lindsay was being purely clinical in her explanation.

   “How so?”

   “Well, look at you,” Lindsay smiled. “Look at how much weight you’re moving when you do a push-up. Also you have long arms so it’s actually work for you. ‘And man do they ever work for you,’ Lindsay thought. She was thinking about his massive arms and tight little butt. ‘He is so fine,’ she thought before snapping back into her explanation: “My problem is, I have short arms and I’m so strong that the weight of my upper body is nothing to me.”

   “So? What do you do?”

   “This.” With that Lindsay, still in the push up position, let her arms go and basically dropped her upper body. Before her face could hit the floor her triceps exploded from the back of her arms and her lats shot out from the sides of her body. Lindsay flexed her lower back and drove back up with her arms. Ryan stared as her whole body left the ground. Lindsay had put more power into the thrust of her right arm so her body was rotating as it rose. She did a complete 180 in mid-air and landed in a push up facing the opposite direction. She paused for a second and repeated the feat, this time driving off her left arm so she rotated the opposite way.

   She stopped and sat up. “That’s what I do.”

   “K.” Ryan said, “That it?”

   Lindsay laughed. “No, silly that was just a demo. I do 50 of them. Gimmie a minute.”

   Ryan shook his head and watched Lindsay’s relentless series of explosive rotations. She was different when she bore down. Ryan has always known there was happy, social Lindsay and competitive Lindsay. Competitive Lindsay had a laser intensity that could be almost scary at times. After about 20 reps he had to look away, the combination of Lindsay’s exploding arms and shoulders and the rotation of her body was making him hard while giving him motion sickness at the same time.

   Finally finished, Lindsay kicked off her toes into a hand-stand. She walked on her hands over to her gym bag and grabbed a towel with her right   hand. She dropped down in a vertical push-up. She drove upward with her arms and shoulders. Piking at the top of her arch, she landed perfectly on her feet. Ryan marveled at the combination of balance and power the move required. It was the equivalent of throwing 100 pounds straight up hard enough to hit an eight-foot ceiling while controlling yourself like an Olympic diver. Yet Lindsay made it look as easy and natural as getting out of a chair.

   Ryan was grinning ear to ear and shaking his head as Lindsay toweled off her face, neck, arms and upper chest.

   “What?” Lindsay asked.

   “You’re just a never ending show,” Ryan chuckled. 

   “I can’t help it,” Lindsay said. “I have all this energy and I have to use it or I’ll go crazy. I keep getting stronger, so I have to keep upping the challenge. It’s not a problem, is it?”

   “No,” Ryan was quick to answer. “I think it’s awesome. It’s just part of who you are. I love watching you show off.”

   “I’m a show-off?” Lindsay frowned. “That’s not good.”

   “Hey,” Ryan was quick to interject. “My Dad always quoted this old Baseball manager who said ‘it’s not bragging if you ca back it up.’ That’s you all over. Just because you can do stuff other people can’t doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.”

   “You’re the best Rye,” Lindsay smiled her 1,000 watt smile. Ryan was feeling a little week at the knees. Focus, focus, focus!

   “K,” Ryan was trying to get business-like. “You first, what do you warm up with?’

   Lindsay frowned and looked at the ceiling for a second. “I like to start light, one big plate each side.” Ryan laughed.

   “What?” Lindsay was perplexed at his reaction.

   “Well 135 is light for me, it’s 100 lbs less than I weigh. But you don’t weigh 135 do you?”

   “No, I’m up to 128.” Lindsay admitted.

   “Do you know how many people warm up with more than their body-weight and call it ‘light’?”

   “Well I do,” Lindsay said. “I know I’m not normal, I’m one of the best gymnasts in the State, probably the country. That’s not bragging, that’s just a fact and I’ve backed it up for the last five years. I’m not worried about normal, I’m worried about being the best. That’s a very small group.”

   Again, Ryan was struck by Lindsay’s focus and intensity. “Ok, let’s see who’s best here,” the challenge in Ryan’s tone was good-natured but there, nonetheless.

   “K, Big Guy, buckle up.” Lindsay grinned. Ryan racked two 45 lb plates on the bar, threw on the clip collars and stood at the head of the bench.  It was unlikely that Lindsay really needed a spot, but the school weight room rules were no one lifts without a partner and all free weight exercises had to be done with a spotter. Lindsay and Ryan, as varsity athletes had to qualify in the weight room during the first week of school. They did and that earned them the right to work out without direct staff supervision. These were Ms. M’s rules and as such, they were law.

   Lindsay slid under the bar and reached up to grab it. Ryan was struck by the definition in her forearms and the deep ridge of muscle formed by her two pecs. Her pink Under Armour tank-top was stretched across her prone chest like shrink-wrap. He could see her abs as clearly as he could see the three heads of her uncovered delts.

   Ryan lifted the bar out, just because it was good manners, and when he was sure Lindsay had control of the weight took his hands away. Lindsay was staring through the ceiling as she lowered the weight to her chest, gave it a little pop and smoothly drove it back up. The whole process took about three seconds. Lindsay’s form was perfect as she blew out in time with the rising weight. Satisfied she’d hit the right groove, Lindsay performed 11 more reps, identical to the first. She nodded at Ryan who steadied the bar as she racked it.

   “K,” she smiled. “You’re up Big Guy.”

   Ryan smiled as they swapped places. He slid his large frame down under the bar as Lindsay assumed the spotting position. Looking up into her face, he was struck by the degree her pecs stuck out from her chest. He was looking up at a ridge of about two inches of thrusting muscle just above his eyes. He reached up and grabbed the bar right by the supports of the bench.

   “Wide grip’s harder, no”? Lindsay noted.

   “Don’t have a choice,” Ryan said. “Long arms.” ‘Long, fine arms,’ Lindsay thought. It was her turn to study Ryan’s upper body while it lay on full display right in front of her. She really liked what she was looking at and was getting that fuzzy feeling again. Ryan’s arms were basically huge and very well defined, as were his shoulders. All of which was on full display thanks to the skin-tight tank-top he was wearing.

   Lindsay popped the weight off the rack and Ryan pumped out 12 reps with equal ease and control.

   “K,” he said as they racked the bar. “Add two 10’s – 155?”

   “Let’s go two 25’s,” Lindsay said.

   “So 185?” Ryan knew better than to doubt she could do it. He’d seen her curl his best friend. “K, works for me.”

   ‘It will really work for me if it makes you work a little. I want to see that body in action,’ Lindsay found herself thinking.  She pulled up mentally for a second. ‘Whoa! Down girl. Focus.’

   Ryan had added the two plates and reattached the collars. Lindsay slid back under the bar.

   “Ready?” Ryan asked. Lindsay nodded just before her 1,000 yard stare kicked in. Again, her motion was precise and mechanical. Ryan was scope-locked on her chest which was swelling as more blood rushed to aid in the work it was being asked to do. Lindsay was in a zone of concentration, oblivious to Ryan’s attention. Lindsay did 10 reps and on each her pecs bunched together in a deep V of striated muscle. Ryan could not take his eyes off the ravine of bulging bronze flesh that opened and closed beneath his eyes.

   “Nine….ten!” Lindsay was counting under her breath just loud enough for Ryan to re-focus and rack the weight.

   On Ryan’s set the roles were literally reversed. Ryan ground out 10 reps, his arms and shoulders swelling, flexing, as his already wide chest got wider and deeper. Lindsay had to force herself back from and increasingly pleasant and fuzzy daydream just in time to help Ryan finish the set. She was almost as flushed as he was when the weight hit the supports.

   “K…205?” Ryan asked. “Two 10’s”

   “K,” Lindsay agreed.

   ‘Damn,’ Ryan was thinking to himself. ‘She didn’t hesitate a second on that. This should be interesting.’

   Lindsay slid under the bar with a look of absolute focus on her face. She grabbed the bar like she was going to try to pull it down through the supports. She didn’t talk, she just nodded.

   Ryan gave the bar a short lift and then let go. He looked down and almost lost his balance as a wave of desire shot through him.

   As Lindsay powered the weight back up her upper body exploded. Her lats, which apparently hadn’t really been in play up until now, were erupting from her sides. Her body suddenly looked twice as wide as it had before. Her shirt was stretched to the point it was rolling up and exposing her brick-like abs. Stress lines appeared across the fabric on her chest. Her quarter-sized nipples were making two small, but obvious tents in her shirt. Veins were running up from her pumpkin shaped delts, combining into one along the center of her massive bicep before forking and then spidering up her forearms.

   Lindsay’s knuckles were white with effort as she relentlessly ground out six reps. Things got a little slower on rep seven and on rep eight, it suddenly looked like she wasn’t going to get it more than just off her chest. Ryan reached to help but was stopped by an almost inhuman hiss.

   “SSSSSSStopp! I got thisssss,” Lindsay was wide-eyed with concentration and intensity. Veins boiled to the surface of her neck and chest. The neckline of her shirt was a straight line as the canyon underneath it deepened. Her back widened even more as the weight slowly began to rise. Once she got through the sticking point the weight picked up a little momentum as Lindsay was literally shaking with effort.

   Ryan waited until her arms locked and racked the bar.

   Lindsay was lying on the bench, still shaking, almost vibrating.

   “That….was….awesome!” she all but yelled. Lindsay brought her feet up over her head and then drove them down onto the bench. She used the forward momentum to pop up into a crouch but then continued by jumping up into a tuck and summersault in mid-air. She landed perfectly with barely a sound until: “Yah! Damn, I feel so pumped! My chest is on fire, Rye look!”

   Lindsay brought both her hands together in front of her waist and flexed her engorged pectorals. The effect was staggering. Her chest erupted up from her rib-cage and threatened to explode through her shirt. As it was, Lindsay’s upper pecs were on full display above the tortured neck-line of her more than skin-tight shirt.

   “It’s cool the way the veins come up when I get really pumped, ya?”

   “Very cool, Linz. That was awesome the way you gutted out that last rep.” Ryan was trying to focus on the conversation, not the insane display of muscular femininity in front of him or the growing pressure in his pants.

   “Hey, this doesn’t work until it gets hard. My coach aways says ‘it’s supposed to be hard, it’s the hard that makes it good’.”

   “He stole that from ‘A League of Their Own,” Ryan noted.

   “Okay, Big Guy,” let’s make it hard for you.”

   ‘She did not just say that!?’ Ryan was tempted to look around for a camera while a hundred responses, each more suggestive than the last shot through his mind. He studied Lindsay’s totally innocent face. The only thing he could read in it was patient expectation. ‘She has no clue,’ he concluded.

   Ryan sought release from the tension, on all levels, by changing the subject and getting technical. “Hey Linz, can I offer a little advice?”


   “You’re gripping the bar way too tight. When you do that, everything tightens up and it’s harder to lift effectively. Keep your grip loose, but firm with your thumb pointing up and it will work a lot better.”

   “K, thanks,” Once again her smile lit up the room and ignited a fire in his lower abdomen. 

   Eager to head off the swelling before it became obvious Ryan slid back under the weight. Lindsay set up shop at the head of the bench and Ryan grabbed the bar. Lindsay was focusing on his chest and arms as he powered through the first six reps. ‘Damn he’s built. He looks like a statue,’ Lindsay started to imagine those massive arms wrapped around her, her face buried in in that sculpted chest.

   “Linz? Hey Linz?” Her attention snapped back into this plane of reality to discover Ryan had finished the set and racked the weight on his own.

   “Whoa! Way to go Big Guy.” She was impressed that Ryan had ground through the set, apparently with less strain than she did. “Somebody’s been training hard.”

   “Hey, I’m a freshman starter on Varsity. I took a spot away from a Senior who really wants it back. It’s train hard or die,” Ryan’s tone was light, but Lindsay caught an undercurrent of real concern. She got a sense of the ‘law of the jungle’ dynamic in the football team.

   “So, it’s really competitive for spots?”

   “It is when you’re good. And we are good. There are three guys behind me who all want my spot, they are all pushing themselves to get it and that pushes me to keep it.”

   “I get that,” Lindsay smiled. “It’s the same on the gym team. We’re all working to be better than each other and we're a better team as a result.”

   “For sure,” Ryan said. “The difference is you win your spot by ‘beating someone else out.’ On the football team guys can ‘beat someone out’ by literally beating them up in practice. Only the strong survive. Speaking of strong…what now?”

   “Two plates, 225,” Lindsay said with a certainty that left no doubt she intended to complete the set.

   “Two plates it is,” Ryan said as he set about taking off the 35 lbs plates and replacing them with 45’s. ‘This is insane,’ he thought. This is 100 lbs more than she weighs. The plates are almost bigger than she is.’ “Gotta say Linz not many guys on the team can put this up, nobody who is as light as you, that’s for sure.”

   “Well, Big Guy, that’s because if football was actually hard, they’d call it gymnastics.”

   Ryan snorted at the shot. “OK Wonder Girl. Let’s see what you’ve got.

   Lindsay slid back under the bar and once again started to zone out.

   “How many?” Ryan asked.

   “Huh?” Lindsay frowned at the break in her concentration.

   “How many reps?” Ryan asked. “Helps if I know.”

   “Right. Four.”

   She blew her breath out three times in quick succession and refocused on the ceiling. With a nod she indicated she was ready. Ryan knew her look. She was deeply into her competitive groove and totally focused on the weight. He noted that she had taken his advice to heart and had adjusted her grip.

   She nodded and, with a modified upright row and some effort, he popped up the 225.

   Whether it was the adjusted form or Lindsay’s laser focus and iron will this was a whole different set: Her muscles exploded the same way, the veins bloomed on the surface of her tanned skin the same way, her shirt stretched and flattened against her bulging pecs and erect nipples the same way; but her pace was mechanical, like a precision machine the weight went down and up without any trace of wavering. She did four reps in eight seconds and then did two more.

   They racked the weight and Lindsay dropped her arms. She was breathing deeply which only served to emphasize the swollen masses of striated muscle threatening to burst through her shirt. Ryan had never seen anything as hot as this combination of incredible power, overwhelming muscle and almost mythical beauty. The combination was threatening to defeat his safety measures. Things were starting to hurt.

   Ryan tore his eyes from Lindsay’s mesmerizing chest and looked at her face. He watched as her eyes slowly regained focus. When she spoke, it was barely above a whisper.



   “Move, you’re in the way.”

   “In the way? Of what?”

   “This,” Lindsay brought her feet up on the bench again and repeated the roll forward. This time instead of launching herself forward, she exploded up and back towards Ryan. “Shit,” he exclaimed as he jumped to the right and out of the way. Lindsay was arching backwards and looked like she was going to land on her hands. It also looked like she’d miscalculated and she wasn’t going to clear the bench. ‘Oh fuck, this is going to be messy,’ Ryan thought in alarm.

   But Lindsay had plans other than smashing her face into the bar or the bench. Extending her hands down, she caught the bar as if it was part of a gymnastics routine on the unevens. She slowed her downward momentum in an inverted military press and came to rest with her face just above the bar. Ryan could only gawk as she held herself steady, for two seconds. ‘How the hell did that bar not just fly out of there?’ he wondered. The strength and co-ordination to control her landing and keep the bar steady was off the charts. Ryan would not have thought it possible if it hadn’t happened right in front of him.

   Lindsay then drove up with her arms and piked into the inevitable perfect landing.

   She looked at Ryan with an almost feverish intensity radiating from her. “Hell…Yaaaa!” Lindsay yelled in triumph. She once again hit the classic ‘crab’ pose and her body literally swelled with power. Ryan’s was undergoing his own swelling issue which was causing his mouth to go dry and his head to swim. Even in his semi-delirious state he thought he heard a subtle ripping sound.

   Ryan knew he needed a path back to rationality and figured anger was the quickest route. Well, not real anger but he could whip up a reasonable facsimile with the very real torrent of surprise and concern flowing through him.

   “You’re crazy, you know that, right?” Ryan said looking around in alarm. That kind of stunt would get them both banned from the weight room for at least a week, probably more. He could not afford that with football in season. Fortunately the room was void of students and whichever teacher was supposed to be supervising wasn’t visible through the gym office window.

   Lindsay looked sheepish for about two seconds.

“ I can’t help it Rye,” She was practically vibrating as she spoke. “I have all this energy, all this strength, I have to turn it loose and let it out or I do go crazy. I can’t tell you how good it feels.” Ryan couldn’t help but notice Lindsay’s nipples, which were on full alert.

   Lindsay caught the direction of his gaze and laughed.

   “Nothing to see there - just my rash acting up,” she smiled. “Lucky for you, if I had Sim’s nipples I’d have taken your eye out.”

   “Errrr, ahhh, ya,” Ryan managed, momentarily distracted by the image of Simone with her high-beams on. It was a very distracting thought.

   “K, Big Guy, you’re up.” And he damn near was.

   Ryan snapped back into focus. Trying to lift 225 with less than your full focus would not end well.

   “K,” he said. “Six reps.” And he did them. Just like that.

   Lindsay was starting to appreciate that Ryan’s gorgeous and chiseled bod was not just for show. There was some serious strength in those long, sculpted limbs and finely crafted torso. The thought made her week at the knees. She felt a glow coming from her very core and could not stop herself from squeezing her legs together as hard as she could. Doing that caused her to almost double over. She bit her lip and straightened up again. She felt as if she had just done a particularly hard floor routine; drained and satisfied.

   “Ok,” Ryan said looking at his watch. “We need to wrap this up so we can move on. One rep max…what do you think?”

   “K….” Lindsay hesitated. “I’m feeling good today so we’ll go for a personal best. 250 is double my body-weight, basically, let’s go for that.”

   Ryan whistled. “I’m glad I have a front row seat to this,” he smiled. “Anyone who knows you won’t be shocked, but still, Linz, that’ll be amazing if you can do it.”

   Lindsay was the picture of mock indignance, maybe not all that mock. “IF? I’m sorry, did you just say if?”

   “No brownies at lunch for you Big Guy.”

   Ryan immediately back-peddled as Lindsay’s Mom’s brownies were to die for and once a week she gave Lindsay a dozen to share with the gang at lunch.

   “When!” Ryan said. “I meant when, it came out wrong! Fake news!”

   Lindsay laughed and relented. “Ok, Ok…right,” she straightened. “Let’s do this.” Ryan added two 10’s and two 2.5’s to the bar. He double checked the collars.

   Lindsay slid under the bar and entered her zone. A quick nod and Ryan grunted as he lifted the weight into position. ‘250 fucking pounds,’ he thought to himself. ‘Unreal.’

   Lindsay literally grew as she lowered the weight. Her entire, incredible musculature was being called into play and bulges were appearing everywhere. Her lats were spreading out on the bench like the hood of a cobra. Her forearms were corded with ropes of muscle covered with ever-growing veins. Her chest and arms were swelling as if they knew the challenge that was about to face them. Her grip was loose but her focus tight and absolute.

   As the weight neared Lindsay’s straining and swollen chest she let it go, just a bit. She bounced the weight off her rock-hard pecs and drove up with everything she had. The first thing Ryan noticed was Lindsay’s back exploding outwards like she’d grown wings. The eruption of muscle across her body eclipsed all Lindsay’s previous efforts. She was like an inflated anatomy chart with veins emerging on almost every surface.

   The second thing Ryan noticed was a ripping sound.

   “Shit,” Linsday said under her breath.

   Ryan watched in awe as the muscular dynamo drove the weight up off her chest. The front of her shirt was suddenly loose and Ryan got an even better look at the canyon of muscular cleavage between her surging pecs. The striations running from the center of her upper chest formed a star-shaped pattern.

   Her shoulder, triceps and bis were all swollen with power as they drove the weight slowly upward. Lindsay’s neck was a series of cables running from the top of her chest to under her chin. She glared at the bar as she pushed it up, daring it to defy her.

   Ryan held his hands just off the bar where Lindsay could see he wasn’t touching it. He kept them there until with a grunt she locked out the weight. Ryan grabbed it and quickly helped her rack it. Ryan was waiting for a circus level celebration but Lindsay stayed on the bench staring at the ceiling.

   “What?” he asked.

   “Iripdmmshirt.” Lindsay mumbled.


   “Ahhhh nuts, I ripped my shirt. Damnit I liked that one.”

   “I don’t see any rips,” Ryan offered.

   “Down the back,” Lindsay explained.


   “So if I get up right now it will fall off me. I don’t mind giving a little peek at my pecs, but I draw the line at full frontal.”

   “Hey, no-one’s asking for that,” Ryan threw up his hands. ‘Not that I wouldn’t want to see that,’ he thought.

Lindsay started at the ceiling some more. She exhaled and frowned briefly. Clearly she’d reached a decision.

   “Rye, can you do me a favour?”

   “Sure Linz.”

   “I need you to grab two things out of my gym bag. There’s my hoodie and my phone. The phone’s in the side pocket.”

   “Gimmie a sec,” Ryan replied.

   He disappeared and returned 30 seconds later with both. “Here”

   Lindsay sat up holding the sundered shirt tight to her chest. “K, this is gonna sound a little weird and I can’t believe I’m asking this.”

   Ryan’s antenna was fully tuned to Lindsay now.


   “No, it’ll be fine, as long as nobody shows up. And we hurry.”

   “Where are you going with this?” Ryan was pretty sure it wasn’t going the way he hoped it was going, but there was always a chance.

   Lindsay was still holding the shirt to her torso while see walked over to the corner behind the Universal, which Ryan noted, was out of sight of the office.

   “I want you to take a couple of pics of my back,” Lindsay said. “I’ve done the over the shoulder in the mirror selfie thing, but that ties up one arm. I want a couple of good shots of what it actually looks like.”

   “It looks awesome,” Linz.

   “Thanks Rye, but I don’t know that. You get to see it and I don’t.”

   “K, how do you want to do this?”

   “I stand, you shoot.”

   Ryan couldn’t believe this was happening, but he was more than happy to roll with it.

   Lindsay stood in the corner and to Ryan’s surprise dropped the shirt. He was staring at her naked back. Even relaxed it looked like an anatomy chart. Mound after mound of muscle stood ready in a V-shaped display of potential power. Her spine caused a gap that ran from the base of her neck to the top of her lower back. Between the shoulder blades it looked like it was 2 inches deep.

   She was standing with her arms out slightly. They were straight “Well?”

   Ryan snapped to and focused Lindsay’s phone on her back. He was seriously thinking about forwarding the shots to his own phone. But that felt like a betrayal, so he shelved the impulse. He took two shots. “K. That it?”

   “No silly,” Lindsay said. He could tell she was smiling.

   “The idea is to get pics of my muscles. So here.”

   Lindsay didn’t move as much as just harden up and grow. Her arms were still straight and held out a little from her sides, but her forearms were now swollen and covered in veins. Her triceps had transformed into two massive, detailed horseshoes of muscle. Her delts and upper back literally bulged back towards Ryan. Her latissimus dorsi formed a ‘Christmas tree’ of striations that fanned out from under her bulging traps and rhomboids. With the overhead lighting in the weight-room her lower back was literally in the shade caused by the thickness of her upper back.

   ‘Jesus H Christ’ Ryan thought to himself as he took three pictures. ‘That’s just unreal.’

   “K,” he said.

   Lindsay threw her arms in the air and then brought them down in a double biceps pose. The result was as startling as it was arousing and Ryan was instantly hard. Somehow his ‘unit’ as he called it, had managed to escape the K-Tape and was working its way up across his lower body like the second hand on a clock going from 6 through 9 to 12. He was praying Lindsay didn’t turn around at that moment as the horizontal bulge in his shorts was clearly visible. He was hoping when he got to point everything was heading north that the bulge would be less obvious.

   The combination of arousal and near panic was making it hard (so to speak) to concentrate.

   “You get that?” Lindsay asked. “I didn’t hear a click.”

   “No, something came up in my head. I lost focus for a sec, do that again.”

   “K,” Lindsay smiled to herself. She was happy to keep flexing because it felt good. The fire that surged through her body when she ignited her muscles felt good…on several levels. She felt strong, which was satisfying in and of itself. She felt powerful and confident, knowing she was unusual and on a physical level ‘better’ than almost everyone else around her. And she felt…warm and fuzzy. In her core. Lindsay really wasn’t sure what to make of the last one, but it sure felt good and she wanted it more every time she felt it.

   She was not totally unaware that Ryan… ‘appreciated’ her strength and her muscles. He was pretty open about the fact he thought it was cool, but Lindsay, who found herself getting hot looking at Ryan’s very fine form, was starting to think Ryan might feel that way a little too. That made her feel warm and fuzzy as well and she figured giving him a really good look might clear a few things up. ‘What could it hurt?’ she reasoned.

   So she threw herself into another flex. Willing her arms, shoulders and back to erupt. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard a little grunt coming from behind her. She heard the camera that time for sure.

   “How we doing?” she asked.

   “Good, all good,” Ryan said. ‘His voice sounds a little strained,’ Lindsay thought to herself. ‘I wonder what will happen if I do this.’

   Lindsay dropped her arms down and put her hands on her hips. She threw her elbows back and then slowly brought them forward as she threw everything into her chest and lats. She had seen herself do this in the mirror and knew she could make her lats wide enough there was almost no gap between them and her flexing arms. She looked like a solid V of muscle.

   Ryan took one look at the massive topographical map of muscle that covered Lindsay’s impossibly wide back and knew he was going to lose it.

   She heard Ryan say “fuck me” under his breath. Then three quick clicks from her phone then a deep groan. It reminded her of the noise Billy made at the table when she arm-wrestled Ryan. It was like a release of pressure, pleasure and pain all wrapped in one. ‘Huh,’ she thought to herself as she clearly heard Ryan say ‘ahhhh shit.”

   “Rye? You OK?” Lindsay asked. ‘I wonder what that was all about?’ she asked herself as she carefully squatted down to grab her hoodie. She threw it on and turned around. Her phone was on the bench next to where he had been standing, but Ryan was nowhere to be seen. The only movement in the room was the door of the Boy’s Washroom slowing closing on its Pneumatic arm.


   Later that night Ryan was studying in his room when the text alarm on his phone went off.

   He opened the text and was shocked to see Lindsay's flexing, muscular back. The alarm went eight more times and he let the files load before he checked again. All the shots were there and a note from Lindsay.

   "Thanks for the pics BG :-*...Hey, Why haven't you texted me. I was worried about you. Come on, it's so not you to stiff me like that :'(! You took off like a shot. I hope everything came out OK and you're feeling better now."

   Ryan stared at his phone wondering.


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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #91 on: December 06, 2018, 06:34:51 pm »
Very nice chapter, that was a pure pleasure to read, I like it that Lindsay isn't superhumanly strong, but very, very strong for her age and size, and can do such amazing things with her body due to that strength, but she is definitely not powerful enough to lift a car with her bare hands (unlike her hulking Russian friend.) Still, I enjoyed a lot of the action and dialogue in this chapter because it was so simple, yet a lot more about underlying feelings that Ryan and Lindsay have for each other. I look forward to more, hopefully soon! k+!
Don't forget to K+ if you enjoy my writing.

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Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy!

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #92 on: December 07, 2018, 06:30:49 am »
its starting to heat up now! not long before Ryan may get a shot at seeing that full frontal....

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #93 on: December 08, 2018, 12:04:21 am »
Another amazing chapter, descriptions are off the chart.............I am especially appreciative of the innuendo play between your characters, can't wait for the day when the innocence is replaced by the hormones!!!

Karma as always! Keep going, can't wait to see what they grow to during each class year!!

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #94 on: December 09, 2018, 12:14:08 pm »
 Nice to see I wasn't wrong about the story or the writer! Keep up the good work.

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #95 on: December 09, 2018, 01:12:24 pm »
Very nice chapter, that was a pure pleasure to read, I like it that Lindsay isn't superhumanly strong, but very, very strong for her age and size, and can do such amazing things with her body due to that strength, but she is definitely not powerful enough to lift a car with her bare hands (unlike her hulking Russian friend.) Still, I enjoyed a lot of the action and dialogue in this chapter because it was so simple, yet a lot more about underlying feelings that Ryan and Lindsay have for each other. I look forward to more, hopefully soon! k+!

You nailed it. The idea is to put Lindsay at the upper limit of human strength and see how she, and everyone around her deals with that. Ryan and Lindsay are definitely attracted to each other and each other's bodies. More tension on the horizon, for sure.

its starting to heat up now! not long before Ryan may get a shot at seeing that full frontal....

He will, one of these days and it will be long. Oh, you meant in terms of time.

Another amazing chapter, descriptions are off the chart.............I am especially appreciative of the innuendo play between your characters, can't wait for the day when the innocence is replaced by the hormones!!!

Karma as always! Keep going, can't wait to see what they grow to during each class year!!

Thanks for the kind words. My appreciation for word play goes way back. I remember the early James Bond movies always had a classic innuendo or two which added a little something extra, in my mind.

You have my timeline sorted. There are definitely things that will happen when they are all seniors that can't happen when they are 14/15. For example, Lindsay still has to go through physical puberty. For that to happen, she has to stop pushing herself to the point she doesn't have enough body-fat for it to kick in. That's not going to happen in freshman year.

Nice to see I wasn't wrong about the story or the writer! Keep up the good work.

Thanks, I'm glad you weren't wrong either. As I said before; just trying to write something I'd want to read. Cheers!

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #96 on: December 14, 2018, 08:20:26 pm »
Freshman year: Part Sixteen – December.

   Carley and Billy were in the library basically solving all the world’s problems when the topic drifted on to Nadia.

   “She’s not normal, you know,” Carley started.

   Billy looked at her with mild amusement. “So we’re straight on this: You’re telling me that our new 6 foot tall, 280 lb friend who has an IQ at least as high as mine, if not yours, who dances like a ballerina, moves like a cat and is strong enough to catch a dead weight of 120 pounds traveling 30 mph and can probably break anchor chains…is not normal.”

   Carley shook her head at the absurdity of her initial statement in the light of Billy’s summation.
“Yes, I believe that is what I’m saying. She is not normal.”

   Billy laughed. “OK, now what?”

   “I don’t know…” Carley said. “I really want to sort of ‘out her,’ catch her on this, but somehow that doesn’t seem totally right.”

   “Because your sense of human decency is overriding your pathological desire to solve a mystery?”
Carley stared at Billy. ‘I thought Ryan was the perceptive one. I keep forgetting there’s more to Billy than just being really smart and funny.’

   “My sense of what?”

   “You can’t BS me Car,” Billy was looking her right in the eye. “You and I both know you constantly try to hide how smart you are, you’re identifying with a fellow outlier.”

   “You think?”
   “Sure. You sit on the fact you’re smarter than everyone because it makes people uncomfortable. You don’t want to be seen as a freak but really you don’t want to become a social pariah because people feel dumb around you.”

   “Well if it isn’t Sigmund Fraud.”

   Billy was smiling, but his tone was serious: “Tell me I’m wrong Car, look me in the eye and tell me I’m wrong.”

   Carley looked up at the ceiling, down at the table. It was several second before she looked up at Billy.

    “No, dammit, you’re not wrong.”

   “K, so knowing that, I just can’t see you causing the same level of misery for Nadia. She’s already an outlier because of her size. You throw freak-show strength on top of that and no one would ever be comfortable around her. On top of that she’s nowhere near as comfortable with her uniqueness as you are.”

   “And unlike me,” Carley added. “She’s a really sweet person. It would really be like ‘killing a mockingbird’.”

   “It absolutely would. You might not be sweet, but you are kind. You have a highly developed sense of ‘noblesse oblige,’ which you often act on,” Billy said. “Despite your best efforts to hid it, you’re a good person Car.”

   “Jesus, Billy, you just dissected my psyche like it was a fetal pig in the science lab. I don’t know whether to be impressed of scared.”

   “I pay attention is all. Not hard to do when people literally overlook you,” Billy was grinning, but Carley caught the undercurrent of pain in the comment.

   “You’re more than big enough where it counts Bill,” Carley said. “I’d say you’re at the top of that pole.”
   Billy studied Carley with sudden interest and more than a little concern.

   Carley caught the look and knew what he was thinking. She weighed coming clean but she remembered her conversation with

   Ryan.  “I’m talking about your heart, silly. You have the biggest heart of all of us.”

   “K….well, thanks.” He wasn’t completely sold but the answer was plausible enough that he was willing to roll with it.

   “Anyway, getting back to Nadia,” Carley continued, “Looking back at it, a lot of her fitness testing was hinky.”

   “I’m sorry, hinky?”

   “Ya, hinky, not right, something fishy.”
   “K, I’ll bite…what was hinky?”

   “To start, her walk test time was 15 minutes.”


   “That was the same time she got on her mile ‘run.’ Remember she said she would get 15 minutes and she did, twice. Both Lindsay and I got the clear sense she was holding back on the run, she could have done better if she wanted to.”

   “Not buying it yet, Car. She’s a big girl, stands to reason she’d hate running. Works on a farm, she’d have decent cardio as a result, no?”

   “That’s my point, I think she’s got good cardio, really good cardio. You saw her dance. That was totally off the hook. I tried to do that kick thing she did and my quads were burning after about 10 seconds. Never mind she weighs almost twice as much as I do. Her quads must be insane to pull that off.”

   “She grew up doing that,” Billy countered. “It’s like a family thing.”

   “Doesn’t change the fact it’s an incredible physical feat,” Lindsay said. “It doesn’t matter how she got strong and fitter than she looks, only that she is strong and fitter than she looks and she’s hiding that. Not that I blame her. I just want to know, is all.”

   And that was it in a nutshell, Billy realized; Carley just had to know. She wouldn’t ‘out’ Nadia or do anything unkind, but the mystery was going to eat her high-powered brain alive if she couldn’t confirm or disprove her suspicions.

   “On the shuttle-run she got 21 laps.”


   “So 21 is the minimum score in the ‘fit enough’ category.”

   “And that matters because…..”

   “If you were trying to fly under the radar on a fitness test how would you do it?” Carley asked.

   Billy saw where Carley was going. “I’d get the scores that didn’t call attention to me. Score people expect, low scores but not so low or so many that the teachers decided they need to work on my fitness. I’d get the bare minimum.”

   “And that’s what she did,” Carley said. “She got 19 on the sit-ups, 9 inches on the trunk-lift…seriously? She’s 6 feet tall, she could do 12 inches just by looking up. She did 7 push-ups and got 8 seconds on the flexed arm hang, 10 inches on the sit and reach. Every one of those scores is the minimum ‘fit’ score.”

   “Seems unlikely,” Billy allowed.

   “Seems highly unlikely given what we know she can do,” Carley continued. “She climbed the rope and held her own weight, all 280 pounds of it, off the ground. She then managed to travel 15 feet hand over hand holding not only her own weight, but Ryan’s as well. That’s 510 pounds. That strongly suggests that she’s capable of waaaay more than 8 seconds on the flexed-arm hang. It also makes 7 push-ups seem ridiculously low. You saw her dance, she’s incredibly flexible, balanced and strong. She could reach 12 inches for fun.”

   “And then there’s the pull-up bar,” Billy added.

   “And then, there’s the pull-up bar,” Carley agreed.

   The test called for ‘modified pull ups.’ Students lay on their backs, reached up and grabbed a bar that was adjusted to sit two or three inches above their outstretched arms. A bungee cord is placed 7 inches below that. Keeping their feet on ground the student reaches up and grabs the bar. They pull themselves up until their chin passes the chord. The exercise uses a ‘rack’ custom-made for the test.

   When it came to her turn Nadia managed to do two reps before the bar snapped off the rack and she ended up back on the ground. The drop was about 6 inches so she wasn’t hurt, but the bar was literally snapped off at both ends and now useless.

   “So I went on line,” Carley said. “That rig is good up to 350 pounds. There’s no way Nadia’s weight was enough to break it like that.”

   “So, you’re saying she broke it?” Billy asked.

   “Ya. As crazy as it sounds. Ryan told me the breaking point on that anchor chain would have been 1,500 pounds. If she’s strong enough to break the chain, she’s more than strong enough to break the rack.”

   “But why?” Billy asked. “All she had to do is pump out the minimum number of reps and she’s home free. Breaking the rack calls attention to her.”

   “I couldn’t figure it out either,” Carley admitted. “But then I talked to Sim.”

   “Who told you…”

   “Sim was standing in line behind Nadia and, as it turns out, so was Debbie Jacobs. Debbie was going off on how demeaning and embarrassing the test was, How she hated being reminded she was ‘below the line’ in terms of her fitness. How, basically it was State-regulated body-shaming.”

   “She’s not totally wrong,” Billy said.

   “No she’s not,” Carley agreed. “You, me, Ryan, even Sim, we don’t know what Debbie feels like. Linz has no clue, obviously. Nadia probably has a much better idea of how Debbie feels.”

   “So, you’re suggesting she did something to the bar to spare Debbie?”

   “Sim told me that before her turn Nadia looked at Debbie and told her not to worry. And the next thing you know she’s lying on her back with the broken bar in her hands.”

   Billy and Nadia were in the back corner of the library. They were there to go over a poem for English, but that wasn’t what Billy really wanted to talk about. His conversation with Carley had stuck with him. In fact it was really starting to eat away at him as he was thinking of ways to subtly confront Nadia. And coming up empty.

   Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore.

   “It must be hard for you,” he started.

   Nadia blinked and smiled. “What must be hard for me?”

   “Holding back all the time,” Billy was looking right at Nadia’s eyes and he was sure he saw a flash of alertness in them. He was on the right track.

   “Holding back? I stay back to avoid attention, you know this. I do not like to make people uncomfortable because it creates reactions that make me uncomfortable.”

   “That’s not what I was talking about Nadia, and I think you know it.”

   “Now you have me really confused,” Nadia was not at all comfortable with where the conversation was heading.

   “I watch Lindsay and all the crazy things she does because she’s so strong and so coordinated,” Billy said

   “It would be difficult not to watch her,” Nadia said. “She is an exceptional athlete and her strength is highly unusual.”

   “The thing is, when I see her do something crazy strong, I get the sense that she loves it. She glories in her power, it’s almost like she gets high on it.”

   “I would imagine to be that powerful could be intoxicating, what you say makes sense,” Nadia was really starting to worry.

   “Yes, but imagine knowing that, experiencing that, but having to hold it back. Imagine denying that impulse, that feeling. That would eventually become torture, wouldn’t it?” Billy was scope-locked on Nadia’s face.

   “Presumably,” Nadia replied. Billy was tired of fencing.

   “Nadia, cards on the table. I think you’ve been holding out on us. I think you are far more than you present and anything but a large, shambling farm girl.”

   “I do not know what you mean,” Nadia replied.

“You deliberately tanked the fitness tests, you tore the pull-up bar out with your bare hands, you carried all 230 lbs of Ryan on your back while hanging from the rafters, you broke an anchor chain and you danced like a ballerina. You pretend to be a big, over-weight shy girl. But you are anything but.”

   Nadia was looking Billy in the eye and he could almost see a switch flick in her brain.

   “I have never said I was fat,” she said.

   “Sorry?” Billy was a little off balance.

   “You suggested I am pretending to be fat, over-weight. I’m not, but people assume I am and I don’t correct their assumptions. For the record, I do weigh 280 pounds.”

   “How?” Billy asked.

   “You already know how. Muscle weighs more than fat.”

   “How much muscle are we talking?”

   Nadia sighed. It would be good to confide in at least one other person. It would to be good to share. “A lot. An un-natural amount by normal standards.”

   “Really? And that’s why you hide your body.”

   “That’s the main reason, yes.” In for a kopeck, in for a ruble, Nadia reasoned. “Would you like to see?”

   Billy’s mouth went instantly dry. “Ahhh sure,” his attempt to be calm and cool about this was betrayed by his voice cracking on the second word.

   Nadia looked around and bent over. She rolled up the right leg of her overalls revealing the largest, most sculpted muscle Billy had ever seen; her calf. It looked like someone had stuffed a football under her skin.

   “My God, it’s massive.” Billy said.

   Nadia had been paying attention enough to know that Billy had a thing for muscles and strength. As a result, she wasn’t all that worried about getting a negative reaction; in fact she was pretty sure she’d get the opposite. Looking at Billy’s transfixed face she smiled to herself. He was like a bird looking at a cobra, totally hypnotized.

   Nadia gave her calf a little flex, which caused the heads to separate for just a second while they flared out to the sides. Billy’s eyes all but bugged out of his head. She did it again and produced the same reaction. Without a word Nadia stood and turned away from Billy who was now starting to feel light headed. She rolled up her other pant leg and let him take in both calves on all their massive glory. Then she went up on her toes and, for the first time, really flexed.

   Billy almost lost it as Nadia’s massive calves exploded in front of him. They seemed to double in size as deep cuts emerged forming the two heads and two more layers of muscle underneath. The edges of Nadia’s calves looked like they could cut firewood.

   “My…God,” Billy managed.

   “Would you like to feel them?” Nadia already knew the answer and it seemed almost cruel to ask, but it was more cruel to continue to tease him.

   Billy was beyond speech. He got down on his knees next to Nadia’s right calf. Nadia had relaxed it, but it was still huge. Billy could almost feel the potential power encased in the massive muscle, it was radiating strength. He tentatively reached for it and grasped the rock-hard slab at the back of Nadia’s leg. His thumbs were touching and his fingers just barely curled around the outer edges of the slab-like mass. “It’s like warm marble, it’s incredible.”

   It was also huge. Billy had both hands on it, thumbs together and his fingertips barely reached the edges of the diamond-shaped mass. Nadia flexed it again and Billy’s hands were driven apart with unbelievable force. His thumbs were now four inches apart.

   “Jesus Christ!” Billy exclaimed.

   Nadia smiled. “This is why all my boots are ankle height. I cannot fit my calves into anything taller. Of course there is another reason.”

   “Sorry,” Billy’s head was swimming. He could not reconcile the incredible mass of muscle he was holding between his trembling hands.

   “It got too expensive. I destroyed three pairs of riding boots before Mama just gave up.”

   This just didn’t process for Billy. “Destroyed? How?”

   Nadia had an inscrutable look on her face. This was new to Billy, Nadia relaxed and confident, in control of the conversation and obviously enjoying it. It was making him hard.

   “I was younger and just growing into my body, and my…strength. Every now and then, I would forget to stay in control and flex my calf.”


   Nadia was unreadable. “It is probably better that I demonstrate. Does your belt have any sentimental value?”

   “Err, no. Why?” Billy had an idea about where this was going but wasn’t ready to let himself believe it.

   “May I borrow it?” Her smile was absolutely seraphic. Billy was like a fly in a warm, fuzzy spider’s web. He would have given Nadia a kidney, never mind his belt.

   “Sure, here,” he said as he undid his belt and pulled I through the loops. Too late he realized he’d just provided an escape route for a part of himself he wanted to keep locked down.

   Nadia was still smiling and her confidence was radiant.

   “First off, I would like to call you Bill, if that is alright. Billy seems too…juvenile for someone of your intelligence and endowment.”

   “My….?” ‘No way,’ Billy was thinking.

   “No, I am sorry, that was the wrong word. Enlightenment. That is the word I meant.”

   To Billy’s knowledge Nadia’s command of the language, while somewhat formal, was excellent, probably better than his. ‘Not sure that matters now Dude,’ he admonished himself.

   “Sure,” Billy said and before he could stop himself, he added: “I’d like that.”

   “So would I,” Nadia beamed and Billy thought he would melt.
   “So…Bill. Would you mind putting your belt around my calf and tightening it to the point it stays there?”

   ‘No freakin’ way.’ Billy thought. “Err, ahh sure,” he said as his mouth turned into a desert. Billy had a 24 inch waist and used a belt that was 26 inches. He wrapped it around Nadia’s relaxed, but still crazy-hard muscle and threaded the belt through the belt loop and into the buckle. When he drew it tight enough that it would stay up and fastened the buckle there was about 6 inches sticking out. ‘so about 18 inches relaxed,’ he though as the swelling began. ‘That’s insane.’

   “I think you know what I’m about to do,” Nadia smiled. “Does it make you excited?” ‘What the hell?’ Billy thought. 'Where is this coming from?'

   Billy looked up at Nadia and was surprised by how benign her expression was. Still, she’d nailed him. The very thought of what she was about to try had him getting harder by the second. A jail-break of significant dimension was imminent. He was getting harder by the second.

   She glanced at the front of his jeans where a tent of no small magnitude had formed and was still growing.

   “Ahhh, I have my answer. And judging by your…response, I may have to call you William.”

   “This is nothing to be ashamed of Bill,” Nadia continued. “As I understand it the desire to experience the unusual is very common in men. Added to that you are in the throes of puberty so you are at the mercy of your hormones.” She looked down at his ever-swelling crotch again. “I must say your hormones appear to be not very merciful but obviously very generous.”
Billy blushed.

   “As I was saying...I’ve read men often find the unusual arousing. Clearly that is the case for you and for me. Let me show you how unusual I really am. Stand back a bit, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

   Billy’s head was swimming through a fog but he managed to back off a couple of feet without falling over backwards.

   “All right,” Nadia said. “Here goes.” And with that her calf began to grow. He could see the outer sides of the two heads flatten and sharpen as they started to strain outward against the belt. Nadia relaxed and then raised up on her toes and flexed again.

   “I am doing this slowly because I think it’s more fun for you if I prolong the experience. Also if I just flex as hard as I could suddenly, there’s a chance you might get hurt.”

   Billy was starting to lose the ability to think at all. He was fascinated by the growing diamond of massive muscle in front of him. He was concentrating on the outer edge when it occurred to him there was something else happening. A low stretching sound was coming from the belt. Billy refocused on the buckle. His mouth slowly opened as his jaw went slack. The leather where the buckle attached to the belt was a lighter colour than the rest of the belt. It was also slightly thinner as it became obvious this was where the most stress was.

   “Any second now,” Nadia said. “Is this good for you?”

   Beyond words, Billy could only nod.

   “I’m so glad,” Nadia smiled down at him over her massive shoulder. “I really like you Bill. I’m glad we could share this.” And with that Billy went suddenly soft. This was more than just a one-off sex muscle-tease. Nadia was opening up to him and letting him know she liked him. He flashed back to the dance and suddenly realized that she’d done that dance for his benefit. ‘She really likes me. To basically out herself like that…wow.’ He also realized he liked her too…a lot.

   “This is it,” Nadia said. “Watch out.” It was like she found another gear, another level of flexation (‘is that even a word?' he wondered). Her calf sharpened even more as veins suddenly spread across the wide surfaces of the two massive slabs of muscle.

   The noise of the stretching became more high-pitched and louder. With a sudden tearing sound the leather belt gave way, right at the buckle. There was a slight clinking sound as the buckle hit the floor. There was a ‘thwack!’ as the rest of the belt shot forward away from Billy and wrapped itself around the leg of the table before sliding down toward the ground.

   The swelling in his pants returned with a vengeance. The escape was on. Oblivious to the fact that he’d broken out of the top of his jeans and about half of him was now in open air, Billy was trying to express his amazement.

   “That…was…incredible,” he managed. “You are incredible. Wow!.”

   Nadia was looking down at his waist with wide open eyes. She appeared to be doing math in her head as she scanned from the base of his crotch up his still closed but tented zipper, past the waist line and up past his naval. “So are you. I think I will have to refer to you as ‘Sir William,’ perhaps even ‘King William.’ How are you still conscious?”

   Billy looked down and immediately moved his hands to his groin in an attempt to cover up. His hands weren’t quite big enough to fully hide his enormity and he was blushing as a result. “Ahh…damn.” When he looked up at Nadia his expression was absolutely stricken. He was paralyzed with embarrassment.

   “Do not be ashamed,” Nadia was smiling in admiration at him. “You should be proud. You are a remarkable specimen, Bill. I am very impressed.”

   “Really?” Billy had dedicated the last couple of years to keeping his size a secret. He was terrified if word of his…nature got out he would be branded a freak. He was not ready for admiration and affection. “You’re not freaked out?”

   “Well, to be honest, I am a little taken aback at your shear size. That is a lot to take in,” She was still shaking her head. “But I am far from repulsed. In fact, I am feeling somewhat complemented, given all that is in reaction to me and what I just did.” Nadia paused.

   “To be fair Bill, I could ask you the same question. Does my size not intimidate you? Does knowing I am far stronger than you not make you uncomfortable?”

   Billy, to his surprise, got even harder. The head of his erection flared red and began to pulse.

   “Clearly not,” Nadia smiled. She turned her gaze to his face and softened her expression. “Bill, I want to do something for you. Something I think you are going to enjoy. And to be honest, I will enjoy too. Please sit back in the chair.”

   Beyond questioning anything at this point Billy complied. Nadia smiled and rolled her pant legs back down, covering her remarkable calves. Bill realized that so far, that was the only part of what had to be an insanely muscular body he’d seen. Nadia seemed to sense this as she took a step towards him.

   “You are wondering what the rest of me looks like? I can tell you that I look like nothing you have ever seen. I am muscular beyond your wildest fantasies Bill.”

   Billy was in a world of lust and swollen pain. His imagination was running wild, fueled not just by what Nadia was saying but by her whole confident, powerful, massive demeanor.

   “Fittingly,” she smiled. “You are also swollen beyond anything I have ever imagined. Let me get a closer look at you.” Nadia reached down with her left hand and grabbed the bottom of one of the front chair legs. She stood up and raised her arm until her hand was at the level of her waist. She stood there, as casual as can be, holding the chair and his entire body weight with her left arm.

   “You are wondering how I can hold you with one arm,” Nadia smiled. “We’ll, I am not. Your body weight is far less than I can lift with one arm. In fact, your weight is barely enough to tax my wrist.” With that, Nadia started to rotate the chair and Billy in it, simply by moving her wrist. Her arm was perfectly still and showing no signs of strain. She turned the chair in her hand until Billy was facing her. She lowered her hand slightly and Billy tipped back in the chair. She brought her wrist up and Billy followed. He was blown away by the incredible power in this huge amazon.
   Nadia smiled and with her right hand undid the buttons at the cuff of her work shirt. She held him steady with her left arm as she rolled up the sleeve with her right. Billy’s eyes bulged as a forearm the size and shape of a Christmas ham came into view, inch by inch. “You are not ready heavy enough to cause this, but I know you will enjoy it.”

   Nadia bent her elbow and brought Billy closer to her body. She looked down at her forearm and inclined her head. “Go ahead,” her tone was gentle and inviting. “Grab it with both hands.”

   Billy didn’t have to be told twice. Nadia loosened her grip so the metal leg of the chair slid through her hand. Billy started and tightened his grip on the rock-hard forearm as he dropped with it but the decent stopped when the bottom of the chair hit the top of Nadia’s un-moving hand.

   “Hang on,” Nadia said.

   Nothing seemed to be happening until Billy became aware of a screeching sound coming from underneath him. The chair was still locked in Nadia’s hand, but it began to vibrate a bit. He felt the warm marble under his hands grow and split into separate ropes of muscle. He looked down in awe as veins began to boil to the surface of her skin. He could not believe how good her arm felt under his hands. Warm, hard, massive and literally radiating power.

   The screeching intensified and Billy’s eyes bulged as the leg of the chair began to appear next to his left leg. It gradually rose until it was level with the ground and pointing straight out. Nadia had bent the chair leg using only her wrist, while somehow holding him steady. Although he didn’t think it was possible, he got even harder.

  “You liked that, did you not?” Nadia smiled. “Well there is plenty more where that came from. The same, it would seem is true, for you.” Nadia was looking at his midsection with genuine admiration in her eyes.

   “I have never seen, let alone touched a man’s penis,” Nadia admitted. “But I have done some research. The data indicated the average male erect penis is 13.1 cm or 5.17 inches. You would appear to be well above average. No?”

   “More than double that,” Billy’s voice came out in a rasp.

   “Very impressive. I fear after you, any boy I encounter will be a disappointment. The studies also indicate the girth of an average penis is 11.66 cm in circumference, or 4.59 inches. Again, you are clearly well more than that.”

   “About 9 and a half inches,” Billy croaked.

   “Again, Impressive,” Nadia said. “I must see what that feels like. Do you mind?”

   “Is that a trick question?” Billy managed to joke with a weak smile. “At this point, I think I’d mind more if you didn’t. I’m worried the swelling might become permanent.”

   “Well, from what I have read, I think I know how to prevent that,” Nadia smiled. She gently reached over with her right hand and undid the button of his jeans. With infinite gentleness she slowly lowered his zipper. The release of pressure was exquisite. Nadia looked at him with arched eyebrows. He had thought this before but at that moment he was struck by how very pretty her face was.

   She generally hit behind a curtain of hair, but now he could see the classic Slavic structure and her electric blue eyes. She was beautiful.

   “God,” he said. “You’re beautiful.”

   This appeared to catch her off-guard and she looked hard at Billy for a second. She found whatever it was she was looking for, lowered her head almost shyly and looked at him from under her eyebrows. “Why thank you Bill." She was now looking at him with a questioning expression. He realized she was asking for permission to continue. He gulped and nodded.

   Nadia gently pulled down the front of his briefs as if she were unwrapping a porcelain vase. Billy briefly lifted his butt off the chair and Nadia pulled his jeans out from under him. He was vaguely able to process she had done all this with her right hand, while her left hand was still holding him immobile in the air. There was no wavering or sign of strain. It appeared she was capable of holding him there for a very long time.

  Mission accomplished Nadia finally reached for him with her right hand. It was hard and soft at the same time. Her touch was feather light and firm.

   “My, my, you are as hard as I am,” Nadia mused. She began to lightly stroke him, her massive hand more than large enough to fully grasp his girth. However, while she clearly had a far larger than average female hand, her palm still wasn’t wide enough to cover his length. Almost half of him still towered out of her grip at the base of his shaft.

   He was starting to swell and twitch. Her touch was so different from his own. It felt amazing.

   “How does it feel to be grasped by hands that can bend metal?” Nadia’s question accelerated his excitement. “Do you not wonder what else could do with my hands? What else could I bend? What could I crush? Just how strong am I? How far above normal?”

   Billy was reeling with desire and arousal. He could barely focus. Nadia continued to slowly, firmly stroke him. Then he felt himself drop and grabbed the sides of the chair.

   “No need to worry,” Nadia’s gentle voice assured him. “I am just changing things up.”

   Instantly he realized what she meant by that. Nadia was now holding her right hand still while she raised and lowered him through it with her left. She was essentially fucking her right hand with his entire body. The thought was almost too much for him. He was going to lose it.


   “Go right ahead, I will catch it in my mouth.”

   ‘Wait? What? Was that even on the table? How…’  and Billy exploded, once again soaking his bed sheets with semen. Suddenly conscious he found himself staring at the ceiling of his bedroom. He turned his head. The clock read 2am. He felt wet and sticky, so did his bed. “Ahhhh fuckshit.”

   Once again, he got up, stripped his bed, got clean sheets from the closet and dumped the soiled ones in the hamper on his way to the shower.

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #97 on: December 15, 2018, 05:27:49 am »
Haha, I was waiting for the last shoe to drop, I figured that Billy and Nadia's sequence was a dream sequence, much like the one he had with Simone. But yeah, I enjoyed this chapter a great deal, it was good seeing Billy and Carley get together and discuss what is pretty obvious to us readers, that Nadia is well above the levels that she has shown, and I think that perhaps the two of them can come together with a plan on how to make Nadia reveal herself, at least to her circle of friends, and allow her friends to witness what she is truly capable of. I look forward to that point, as I'm sure it is coming, maybe not soon, but eventually. K+!
Don't forget to K+ if you enjoy my writing.

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Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy!

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #98 on: December 16, 2018, 01:04:34 am »

You got me again. I was so hoping. But alas, I was fooled.

Wonderful chapter. The entire series so far is amazing. I love how they are all genuinely nice people, and that they care, and that they try and help.

It's so much better than having to see all the women going power mad and being evil and malicious. It is a wonderful change of pace.

Please continue, I look forward to the progress.  :rock:

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #99 on: December 16, 2018, 02:23:40 pm »
Just for that, I’m telling Santa to put you on the naughty list!

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #100 on: December 17, 2018, 05:01:46 pm »
Amazing chapter, I knew it was another wet dream, poor the word play, the descriptions and the visual is always amazing. Can't wait for Freshman year to move on and the age appropriate stuff can start happening between our friends.

You are an artist!! K++++++++

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #101 on: December 17, 2018, 09:22:02 pm »
Haha, I was waiting for the last shoe to drop, I figured that Billy and Nadia's sequence was a dream sequence, much like the one he had with Simone. But yeah, I enjoyed this chapter a great deal, it was good seeing Billy and Carley get together and discuss what is pretty obvious to us readers, that Nadia is well above the levels that she has shown, and I think that perhaps the two of them can come together with a plan on how to make Nadia reveal herself, at least to her circle of friends, and allow her friends to witness what she is truly capable of. I look forward to that point, as I'm sure it is coming, maybe not soon, but eventually. K+!

Thanks. I'm glad you're still enjoying this. There's an awful lot of brain power between Billy and Carley and they are definitely going to set about confirming their suspicions. The dream sequence is my way of having my cake and eating it too. I'm not going to write and actual sex scene with 15-year-olds. What goes though their poor tortured adolescent brains, however, is fair game.


You got me again. I was so hoping. But alas, I was fooled.

Wonderful chapter. The entire series so far is amazing. I love how they are all genuinely nice people, and that they care, and that they try and help.

It's so much better than having to see all the women going power mad and being evil and malicious. It is a wonderful change of pace.

Please continue, I look forward to the progress.  :rock:

Thanks for the kind words. I'm very glad you're a fan of the tone. These are good kids, who have a positive outlook on life, despite the fact they are all unusual in some way. I think they would naturally want to do good things with their various gifts.

Just for that, I’m telling Santa to put you on the naughty list!

No place I'd rather be! Thanks.

Amazing chapter, I knew it was another wet dream, poor the word play, the descriptions and the visual is always amazing. Can't wait for Freshman year to move on and the age appropriate stuff can start happening between our friends.

You are an artist!! K++++++++

Oh that's coming, so to speak.

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #102 on: December 20, 2018, 01:48:17 pm »

Freshman year: Part Seventeen – December.

   “I can’t believe she's doing this,” Carley was saying.

   “I think she looks cute,” Lindsay, inevitably, was going to see the positive in the situation.
Carley smiled and shook her head. “Only you would describe a 5-foot, 10 inch amazon built like a video-game fantasy girl stuffed into an elf costume that must have come from a beer hall after it was shrunk in the wash, as ‘cute’.”

   “Well, she looks good. I think,” Lindsay was sticking to her guns.

   “So do all the dads who suddenly decided it was their duty to take the kids to see Santa at the mall. The line goes out the door.”
It wasn’t hard to see the attraction. Simone looked like she had been poured into the felt and fake fur outfit. It wasn’t designed to be low cut, but it was open at the neck to allow for a wider range of body types. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ design didn’t account for one of Simone’s size. The roll of white fake fur around the neck, which was probably intended to keep the outfit PG only served to emphasize the mocha coloured canyon of her massive cleavage.

   Lindsay, Carley and surprisingly, Nadia had met up at the mall for a Christmas shopping trip. Simone had bowed out, but didn’t give a reason. Now they knew. She was one of the two elves acting as Santa’s helpers. Ryan, to their added surprise, was the other. “Sim’s got Ryan beat at least four-to-one,” Carley noted. “There are way more dads in line than moms.”

   “I think there might be another reason, besides Simone’s obvious physical charms,” Nadia offered. They looked again and noticed a large bin to their friend’s right. It was full of wrapped and un-wrapped gifts. Over it was a sign framed in blinking Christmas lights which read: “Make a child’s Christmas a little brighter. Donations for Trinidad and local families in need.”

    “Hey guys,” Ryan had slid over to them while they were studying the sign. All three girls took a moment to savor the sight of their large, fit friend rocking an elf suit at least as tight as the one showcasing Simone’s lavish assets. The open vest gave full view of his impressive chest and the tight sleeves allowed for a clear look at his large, muscular arms.
The vest was cinched tight at the waist by a large belt. Under the vest and over the ‘elf boots’ was nothing but spandex which looked like spray paint. It was a toss-up as to which was more impressive, the musculature of his legs from the front or the view of his glutes from the rear. He was clearly wearing a jock-strap and cup as an impromptu cod-piece under the spandex. Even Lindsay spent a few extra seconds checking out that particular area of the costume.

   Ryan was a little, but not overly, embarrassed by his look. “Ya, they didn’t have a costume in my size, but the Assistant Mall manager said this would be Okay.”

   “It’s OK if you don’t mind being Cougar-bait,” Carley said with a grin. “It was a woman you talked to, right?”

   “Hey, it’s in a good cause, and really I’m just an after-thought as long as Sim’s up there. Even the Cougars are checking her out.”

   “About that, the cause - not Sim’s bod, I mean,” Carley continued. “Where did this come from?”

   “What she told me was; she still has an aunt in Trinidad and every year at Christmas they’ve sent her clothes and toys to distribute to the poor families in her parish.”

   “Nice’” Lindsay chimed in.

   “Cool,” Carley added, “Seems like Nadia’s not the only one with multiple layers.”

   The look that flashed across Nadia’s face was as brief as it was indecipherable. But there was a reaction nonetheless, Carley noted.

   “Very commendable of them,” Nadia noted. “but how did the Mall become involved?”

   Ryan rolled his shoulders before answering causing various reactions in the three girls, none of them unpleasant.

   “Uhhh, little stiff from picking up all those little kids.” He noticed Carley’s sudden, evil look. “I turned down the mothers Car. Jesus. You need to Purell your brain.”
Carley just shrugged.

   “Annnnyway,” Ryan continued. “I guess Sim was talking to Ms. M about what they do every year and she suggested Sim ramp it up through the school and the mall to reach more kids. There’s a program where the board will match donations and Sim gets extra social science credits as well.

   “And so do you for being Christmas eye-candy?” Carley asked.

   “Well duh!” Ryan smiled. “It’s a win all round.”

   “I do not imagine Simone had much trouble convincing the mall it was a good idea,” Nadia was grinning. “I assume that’s why there is a local element in the campaign?”

   “I don’t have the details, but Sim said her Weapons of Mass Distraction did come into play. She said she undid the top five buttons in her shirt and things went quite smoothly.” Ryan paused at the visual that jumped into his head every time he thought of that. ‘Down boy!’ He chided himself.

   ‘Five buttons on my shirt takes me to my waist,’ Lindsay was thinking. ‘Holy crap.’

   “The main thing is the end result benefits a lot of needy people,” Nadia was trying to put things in perspective. “How she accomplished it is less important than ‘that’ she accomplished it.

   “Machiavelli –Lite,” Carley said.

   “Yes,” Nadia agreed. “In this case the end justifies the means, at least I’m sure Simone thinks so.”

   “Well, as long as she uses her power only for good,” Carley concluded. “That line of dads with roasting chestnuts is going to help a lot of families.”

   “Ick,” Lindsay said.
“Don’t kid yourself, Buffy,” Carley countered. “If Sim’s halls weren’t decked out in skin-tight felt with her epic jingle-bells on display, a lot fewer families would be having a Merry Christmas.”

   Lindsay frowned. But had to agree, she could never remember the mall being this full or its Santa being this popular.

   “You guys can get in on this,” Ryan said.

   “No way,” Carley said. “I’m not putting my butt on display, no matter how noble the cause.”

   There was no doubt where Nadia stood on this issue but Lindsay, who lived her competitive life on display had no issue.

   “I don’t know,” she soft-peddled it. “I think it would be fun.”
Carley had already noted the repeated stares Lindsay’s incredibly shaped butt and legs, which were covered by skin-tight leggings, had been getting since they arrived. She reflected that her own decision to wear jeans turned out to be a good one.

   “Trust me Buffy, they are not ready for you in an elf suit. Even though, unlike these two, you are the right height.”

   “What I meant was,” Ryan cut the conversation off, “At the end of the week we need to gather up all the gifts, wrap them and get them to UPS. Ms. M. is going to help, but looking at the size of that haul, we are going to need all the help we can get.”

   “That sounds like a wonderful idea,” Nadia replied. Obviously she would be far happier helping behind the scenes, Carley thought. And then, suddenly, she hit on an idea. ‘Oh, this could be perfect. Time to peel back some layers.’

"Sounds good," She said. "I'm in."

   “You have a weight set, no?” Billy and Carley were texting.

   “Ya, Dad bought it as part of his mid-life crisis. Lol. In the basement somewhere.”

   “Think you can score some 45 lb plates?”

   “Should be able. Why?”

   “Little trick I’m planning. No one gets hurt. Promise.”

   “And the target?”

   “Don’t freak…Nadia.”

   “Nope. I’m out.”

   “All I want to do is wrap them up like a Christmas present and see what happens when she picks it up. That’s it.’

   “You are never going to let this go are you?”

  “Probly not, no.”

   “That’s it?”

   “OMG, ya. I don’t want to be mean, I just want to no.”

   “You HAVE to know.”

   “Pretty much, ya.”

   “SMH, OK – how many?”

   “How many you got?”

   Sunday at the mall and the gang along with Ms. Mathias, was all in a back room off the loading bay. The bin of presents had turned into a veritable mountain of gifts. The first task the group had was to separate the haul into two more or-less equal piles. All of the clothes, save for winter coats and boots, went in the Trinidad pile. The higher end toys, ones that required batteries or computer games, went in the local pile.

   A store in the Mall had generously donated the wrapping paper and supplies need and the gang got busy at the two folding tables. Some of the gifts were already wrapped, but the stores had, when they knew it was intended as a donation, identified it with a post-it note. Carley, with Lindsay’s help had already put a wrapped box with three 45lb plates (135lbs) on the Trinidad table. It was labelled ‘20 t-shirts.’ She was not wrong in her assumption Nadia would automatically gravitate to the gifts headed for a third-world country. Lindsay was a little leery about tricking Nadia, but she, like Carley had to know if her suspicions held water.

   Rachel had brought her H3 Hummer (You can take the girl out of the military, but you can’t totally take the military out of the girl, Rachel often explained.) and a utility trailer, which she reasoned was enough to get the Trinidad half of the haul to the UPS depot Monday morning in time to get it onto a plane and down south. As it was, it was going to be a tight fit.
The JDMac High pile would stay at the mall for a day before being transferred to the school. Teachers on the JDMac Poverty Intervention Committee had already identified the families who would get the gifts. The same families would also be getting ‘Christmas hampers’ with a turkey and food intended to create a decent holiday dinner. The committee had raised the money to fund this through bake sales and running concession stands at the football and girls’ basketball games. The gifts and hampers would be sorted and hand delivered by teachers after school. Of the many things Rachel did as a teacher, this was one of the most gratifying.

   It was not that she felt she had to ‘atone’ for what she’d done on her tours in Afghanistan and Syria; she had served her country with valour, honour and distinction, and she had the commendations, medals and ribbons to prove it.
   Yes, some of it was messy, and she did not enjoy re-living those moments. But they are all mission-related, vetted and signed off on. She could live with the knowledge her violence had been in a righteous cause. Girls were graduating high school and going to university in Afghanistan for the first time in decades thanks to her unit. Ya, she could definitely live with that.

   With her record and even the un-redacted parts of her resume, Rachel would have been a lock for the Secret Service, the FBI or any Police force in the country. Hell, she thought with no little trace of irony, probably even the CIA. ‘Like I’d join that cluster-fuck,’ she thought. Her dealings with ‘the company’ while in theater had left a particularly bitter taste in her mouth and she had no desire to taste it again.

   Or, she mused, she could be making serious money working for a private security firm. Many of her former unit had gone that route. But while Rachel did the odd gig as a free-lance agent for a couple of her former leatherneck buddies, the thought of full time didn’t appeal. Teaching did.

   She saw what she was doing as a peaceful extension of the same process the Marines were part of. She was helping make things better, using her skills and her experience. She was still serving her country, but in a different way. The Military had been good to her, transformed her into the remarkable woman she was today and she was determined to pay that back, by paying it forward with the next generation.

   ‘And,’ she thought looking around the room, ‘if this is what the next generation has to offer, we’re in good shape. These kids are totally squared away and ‘gungy’.*
She shook her head and smiled to herself. It felt good to do good and the prospect of the amount of good this group could accomplish over the next three and a half years was definitely something to smile about.

   “Right! Deadbeats. Let’s load it up and lock it down!”

   “Oorah, Gunny!” Lindsay and Carley fired off. Again Rachel smiled and shook her head. So the kids began toting the gifts first to the back of the Hummer and then to the trailer. Carley had, somewhat cryptically let Simone know the large, flat package was for Nadia. Sim caught the conspiratorial look in Carley’s face and knew better than to ask. She would get filled in later, that was understood.

   The process proceeded like the military operation it was and the gifts were transferred to Rachel’s H3 in very little time. Rachel clearly had a sixth sense for what would fit where in what order. It was hard won. Rachel had ‘bugged out’ under fire more times than she wanted to remember. Stowing gear in a LAV-25 when every second counted and keeping the process orderly was a skill she’d keep for the rest of her life. ‘Chalk up one more for the corps,’ she thought.

   Back at the table Nadia approached the package. Carley tried to stay casual but could not help but slow down and focus intently on her large friend. Nadia gave no sign of noticing she was under scrutiny as Billy also trained his attention on her.

   She grabbed the package off the corner of the desk and slid it along the surface, as it got to the edge it slipped from her grip and crashed to the ground like, well like 135 pounds of dead weight.

   “Bozhe moy!” Nadia exclaimed. She looked at Rachel for a split second and then turned to Simone. “I do not know what is in this package Simone, but I am quite sure it is not T-shirts.” Again, she turned and gave Carley a flat, unreadable look.

   Then, with a bemused look on her face, she shrugged.

   Lindsay bounded over and grabbed the package by one edge. She tried to flip it up with her wrist, but could only get it a little off the ground. She lifted it up, her arm straight and held it at her hip.

   ‘Shit,’ Carley thought, ‘She’s holding 135 pounds in one hand. Her grip must be insane.’

   “It’s heavy,” Lindsay stated the obvious. She reached down and grabbed the other edge of the box and showing some effort curled the box up and down five times. “I’d say about 130..135 pounds.”

   Carley, who didn’t miss much, had to pause while processing her friend was almost casually curling her own body weight. She could see the sleeves of her Christmas sweater swell and contract as Lindsay’s remarkable biceps went to work. ‘I may be stalking the wrong girl,’ Carley thought. ‘How freaking strong is she?’

   “So what’s in the box, Buffy?” Simone asked.

   “Free weights, if I had to guess.”

   “Open it,” Simone said.

   “You sure?”

   “Ya, it’s clearly not T shirts and we can always re-wrap it.”

   So Lindsay put the box on the table and opened it. The whole group had gathered by that point.

   “The parish planning to start a weight room?” Ryan asked.

   “They’d need a room first,” Simone answered. “How the hell did this end up here?”

   “Well,” Ryan said. “They’re clearly used and… hey look. There are initials on them. Does RHB mean anything to anyone?” Only Billy noticed that Ryan deliberately didn’t look at him after he asked that question. ‘Oh ya, this is absolutely going to bite me on the ass,’ he thought.

   Getting no response, Ryan looked at Rachel. “Ms. M?”

   “Well, they were donated…we’ll just add them to the school weight room.” With that she grabbed two of the weights with her right hand and the other with her left. She curled the 90 lbs in her right hand seven times before she got to the trailer. Stopped, switched hands and did seven with her left.

   Everyone looked at Lindsay.

   “Ya, I still have some work to do. She’s awesome.”

   The crew set about moving all the remaining gifts into a small storage room and cleaning up. When they were done, Rachel locked the door and they all headed for the front of the Mall. All except Billy and Nadia. It had been agreed they would help stow the stuff at the school and their parents would meet them there. The rest of the group was getting picked up at the Mall.

   Rachel closed the door to the loading dock and texted the Mall staff to let them know they were out. She looked up and noted the dark clouds rapidly approaching. “We’d better get on with it,” she said. “That storm front looks ugly.”

   She was bang on. The storm came in at 40 mph complete with a wave of freezing rain and 6 inches of snow blasting in sideways. The roads quickly became treacherous and visibility next to zero. Rachel knew the sensible thing to do was to wait it out in the mall. But, she was a Marine and the H3 was sure-footed and built like a tank. They would be fine as long as she took her time and didn’t run into any idiots.

   And, of course she did - in the form of a black Ford F-150 pick-up wheeling down the center of the road at 40 mph. Way too fast for the conditions and clearly oblivious to the concept there might be other vehicles on the road. They were on a forested stretch of road about a mile south of the school. The truck rounded the bend and didn’t slow or swerve. “Can you believe this idiot?” Rachel asked no-one in particular. Nadia was in the front, for the leg room, next to Rachel and Billy was directly behind her. Rachel edged right but the truck did not do the same. Instead it the horn and just kept coming. Rachel gritted her teeth, took her foot off the gas for a second and edged further right. She reapplied the gas, four wheel drive only works when it’s driving and tried to hold it steady. “Hang on,” she warned.

   Most of the time four-wheel drive is an asset on ice and snow, but there is the odd time when it’s the opposite. As in when one of the front wheels, the right in this case, hits glare ice and the other three still have traction. Rachel had Traction Control, but it wasn’t enough to stop the truck being driven suddenly to the right and getting sucked onto the gravel shoulder. Then it was just a case of physics taking over. Momentum, centrifugal force, mass, velocity all ganged up against the H3 and drove it through the snow bank and into a tree.

   ‘Shit’ Rachel thought as she saw the tree looming through the explosion of snow. The airbag turned her world white for an instant and then black. Behind her Billy’s head bounced off the side window and into oblivion. Nadia was the only one who didn’t lose consciousness. She avoided being knocked out by the airbag by holding her hands six inches from its pocket and stopping it as it blew out of the dashboard.

   She tore the airbag out of the dash and quickly took stock. The car was still running, but the wheels were pressing it into the tree and down into the snow bank. She reached over and, grateful the H3 had an automatic transmission, shifted it into park. ‘Best to keep it running,’ she reasoned. ‘I might not be able to start it again.’

   She undid her seatbelt and quickly checked Billy. He was breathing steadily but definitely out. An egg was forming on his left temple. Nadia shook her head with a rueful look on her face. “You are not going to enjoy your return to consciousness, my friend.”

   She looked over at Ms. Mathias. The air bag had automatically deflated. All in all she seemed in good shape, Nadia smiled at the dual nature of that thought. Her nose didn’t seem to be broken, but she was definitely out. Hopefully for a few minutes, Nadia thought. She had a lot of work to do.

   She got out of the truck and checked out the trailer. The hitch had popped off the ball and the trailer had put a dent in the H3’s tailgate. It was on its side but thankfully most of the presents were still in the trailer. Chalk that up to Ms. M.’s black belt in packing and liberal use of bungee chord. It looked fully functional; fortunately both tires were still inflated.

   Nadia studied the trailer, walked around to the back, grabbed it and flipped it back on its wheels. She was careful to do this gently enough to not dislodge any more presents. She walked around to the front, grabbed the hitch and wheeled the trailer away from the truck to a spot she hoped was on the side of the road. Visibility was still terrible and getting worse.

   Nadia looked at the truck, barely visible through the swirling snow. Now the real work began. She walked around the truck which was tilted up by the snow banks to the point the front end was about four feet off the ground. Good. Gravity would be her friend.

   The problem was the front bumper was partially wrapped around the tree. Another problem was the snow bank wasn’t going to give her decent footing. She sighed and walked over to the driver's side door. Locked. She walked around to the passenger side, opened the door, reached in and shifted the truck into neutral.

   She went to the front and after a couple of seconds of study climbed up the bank and reversed herself. She squatted in front of the truck, reached back and grabbed under the front bumper. She straightened her legs which promptly went straight down  into the snow. Mother Nature one…Nadia Zero. 

   She climbed out of the holes she’d created and brushed the snow off her pants. The hard way then.

   Nadia walked around to the back of the truck. Bent down low and grasped the back bumper. She straightened her legs and the truck began to shake. Her quads, massive to start off with were exploding to an ungodly size. So much so they were making the XXXL legs of her overalls skin tight. Her triceps were doing the same as they began to threaten the integrity of her farm shirt. Slowly the truck, all 4,900 pounds of it, began to rise.

   In the H3 Billy was brought around by a sudden shaking. His head was killing him, but he quickly remembered where he was and how he got there. He was strangely looking up. The truck wasn’t level, he realized. He scanned the interior of the truck. He saw Ms. M. in the rear view mirror. She appeared to be breathing normally. There was no sign of Nadia. He went to unbuckle his seat belt but his head swam and he was overcome by a wave of nausea. “K, that’s not happenin.”

   Slowly he turned his head to look out the back window. All he saw was a mass of dark, vaguely shaped like a human head and shoulders. It was right up against the back of the truck, which was rising slowly towards level.

   Nadia was still straightening and the truck was coming up with her. The chords on her neck looked like conduit and veins were boiling to the surface. There was a sudden ripping sound and she knew it was the sleeves of her work shirt. Her biceps and triceps had just blown through the heavy flannel. Nadia realized she had a problem. She was confident she could free the truck from the snow bank, but she realized doing that would almost certainly destroy her clothing. The whole point here was to not get caught and she couldn’t imagine how to explain overalls, a shirt and jacket all literally blown apart. She knew what she had to do and sighed. She went back to the passenger door and opened it. Sitting with her legs out the door, she bent over and took off her boots.

   Billy, had resumed his ‘unconscious’ position when Nadia opened the door of the truck. He was watching her with his left eye barely open. Nadia was bent over out the door.

   Nadia took off her right boot and placed it on the snow in front of her left foot facing the truck. She stood up and put her right foot on the boot. She then reached over and undid her left boot. She took it off, put it in the snow and stood on it. She then took off her coat and put it on the front seat. She reached up and undid the two clasps of her overalls.

   Billy was scope locked on what he could see between the two front seats. Nadia reached to the sides and undid the buttons there. The top half of her overalls folded down, exposing the work shirt underneath. Billy noted, groggily, that there was something wrong with the sleeves. Nadia continued to work away on both sides of her overalls. She then shoved them down and straightened up again. She carefully stepped out of them and Billy got a brief look at an impossibly large and muscular thigh.

   Nadia folded her overalls and put them on the front seat. She looked down at the ruined sleeves of her shirt. The jacket would cover this, but if she blew out the back of the shirt and lost all the buttons off the front, both of which were highly likely, she reasoned, well, that would be hard to explain. The shirt had to go too.

   Billy saw Nadia start to unbutton her shirt and realized his breathing was getting shallower. He forced himself to calm down and resume the slow breathing pattern he’d had moments ago. His head was throbbing, but not as much as before.  Might be because a lot of blood was now heading away from it he realized.

   He re-focused on Nadia. She had got to the last button. She opened the shirt and shrugged it from her shoulders.

   A wave of desire hit Billy like an airbag. It was as if his dream was literally coming true before his very eyes.

   Her shoulders were massive, Lindsay’s were less than half the size, he thought. Despite the fact she was clearly relaxed there were smooth striations clearly marking the three heads of her pumpkin shaped delts. Her arms flowed down to biceps that were huge. Her arms had to be bigger than his legs. Again she was clearly relaxed, but muscle the size of a football rolled and bulged under her skin as she shed her shirt, folded it and placed it on the front seat.

   Nadia straightened. He almost came soft as she did. Her chest had to be three feet wide. Incredibly wide and thick pectorals bulged from under her collar bones. The gap between them had to be three inches deep. There was just a suggestion of the striations that would undoubtedly form if she flexed. Billy’s gaze traveled downward to the largest, most perfectly formed breasts he had ever seen. A huge sports bra was struggling to contain them and the effect made it look like someone had stuffed two volleyballs down her front. The upper curves of her breasts bulged from the top of the bra. Cold-activated nipples the size of 30 amp fuses threatened to poke through the material.  The massive globes were mashed together but were fighting back to the point stress lines two inches thick stretched across the front of her bra.

   Underneath, literally in shadow, Billy could just make out the outline of huge, obviously hard and thick abs. He could not get over how narrow her waist became. It was no more than half the width of her chest, boobs notwithstanding. He could just make out the beginning of her hip flare.

   Nadia bent over to put her boots back on and tie them up.

   Billy’s eyes rolled back for a second as he was flashed by cleavage more than a foot deep. He was just managing to refocus when Nadia began to tie up her boots. The huge shoulders and the muscles at the top of her back danced. Her biceps pulsed and strained against her skin, not flexing, just moving. Billy was getting hard. Nadia turned and once again bent over. She was wearing straightforward Joe Boxer bikini briefs. They disappeared into the crack between her amazing globular cheeks.

   Her glutes were the size and shape of small car tires. Perfectly round, and firm. No doubt hard as marble. He could just see the insertions of her massive hamstrings. The pain in his head was lessening, but the pain in his groin was growing, along with everything else down there.

   She straightened and his head swam at the topographical map of massive muscle standing before him. She reached up over her head and grabbed her left wrist wither right hand. She stretched and flexed at the same time. Her back exploded outwards as huge muscles erupted across the length and breadth of her massive upper body.

   Billy bit his lip to keep from groaning. He was in a swirling hell of lust and desire. He was beginning to worry that he was going to do to his pants what Nadia’s arms had done to her shirt.

   Nadia turned, set her shoulders and walked back to the rear of the truck.

   The image of her profile: the sweep of her muscular back, the size and shape of her huge arms, the bulge of her massive pecs, the unreal thrust of her incredible breasts threatening to demolish the bra containing them, the flat, ridged, tight waist, so in contrast with her massive chest and her gloriously full, round and hard glutes, that image was burned into his brain.

   Billy knew there was no point, and no little risk to trying to watch Nadia through the back window. Given her behavior since her arrival, she wanted to keep her incredible body a secret. Reflecting on that, she’d basically been honest about the whole deal. She just dressed to hide her body. This created the impression she was ashamed of it and led to the natural conclusion she was fat. She just didn’t correct that impression. “She never said she was fat,” he mused. “Well damn.”

   He closed his eyes and let his imagination take over.

   Nadia, knew she didn’t have a lot of time. Ms. Mathias and Billy could come to at any moment and even if they did not, hypothermia would probably set in in the next few minutes. She squared away and grabbed the truck again. She gasped as the ice-cold tailgate brushed her bare back and glutes. ‘More incentive then,” She thought.

   Nadia gave a silent countdown from three blowing out with each number. She straightened again and again the tuck rose with her. Not having to worry about her clothes, Nadia did not hold back. Her body swelled to an insane size as her quads, calves, glutes, back, shoulders and arms fought gravity. After what seemed like a minute, she got the tuck up to the point her arms were hanging straight down and her legs were still flexed.

Now the hard part, she thought. She dropped her right foot back and drove off it. The truck groaned as she tried to pull it up, out of, and through the snow bank. The heat from the engine had softened up the snow to the point it was slushy under the front end. The good news is this meant the H3 didn’t have to go up to get out of the bank. The bad news was the ‘though and out’ was going to mean dragging it through slush while it wanted to go down.

   Veins boiled to the surface across her body. Her quads bulged and separated, huge, deep striations formed horizontal grooves across the muscles just above her knee. Her shoulders mirrored her quads, exploding into a mass of striated, vein-covered power. Despite the cold, sweat poured from her. Dripping from her forehead into her eyes. She shook her head and blew up by extending her lower lip in an attempt to clear them. Sweat ran down the deep gap between her massive pecs, down into the deeper cleavage between her even more massive breasts. Sweat soaked her bra and pooled around her rock hard nipples. Sweat highlighted the veins forming across her cobblestone abs. It ran down the inward sweeping curve of her pelvis into her now soaked panties. Sweat ran down her trembling thighs to her flaring calves. And it intensified as she took another step.

   Nadia drove forward and then stopped. She relaxed and leaned back a bit. The H3 rolled back a little, up the groove it had formed coming in and then, started back down. This is what Nadia was waiting for. She drove forward with everything she had, adding her power to the forward momentum of the truck. She gained about six inches. Undaunted she relaxed again, let the truck roll back again and drove forward again. Another six inches. Nadia repeated this 10 more times before the truck crested and rolled the last couple of feet out of the snow bank. She suddenly found herself digging in and trying to stop the truck she had just freed. Her quads sang as the H3 skidded to a stop.
   She gradually let it go but stayed right behind it until she was satisfied it wasn’t going to roll on her.

   She took a moment to steady herself. Her body was literatly vibrating with power, she'd been 'pumped' before, but never like this. She held her arms out in front of her and flexed them. She almost passed out from the intense feeling that exploded in her groin. 

   "Bozhe moy!” She hissed. "Unnnnnngh, that feels good."  Nadia had always enjoyed using her strength, but this was something new, something different, something hot, warm, fuzzy, sexual. 'Not the time. Not the time,' she struggled to re-focus.

   She quickly made her way to the passenger door, threw the truck into park and pulled up the emergency brake just to be sure.

   Billy was biting his lip again as he drunk in the sight of this sweat-covered muscular goddess. She seemed to glow as the console light created highlights across her blood engorged body. She was literally smoking, Billy realized. Sweat was body temperature. As soon as it hit the cold air it created condensation and…steam. Steam was rolling off her. The sight of Nadia’s mythically muscular, shiny, smoking body was the hottest thing he’d ever seen and more than he could stand. He came in his pants and passed out at the same time.

   Nadia, oblivious to this, was hurrying to get her clothes back on. As the sweat dried, hypothermia became more of a risk. She finished tying her boots, jumped back into the truck, shut the door and cranked the heat. She hunched over the vent holding her hands over it. Luckily the airbags had not messed up the heat. 

   After a few minutes she reached over and undid Rachel’s seatbelt. She reached across Rachel’s body and un-locked the driver’s door. She got out and walked around to the driver’s side. She opened the door and after debating a bit, she picked Rachel up in a cradle carry and walked back to the passenger side. She put Rachel in the seat and belted her in.

   Nadia went back down the road and retrieved the wagon. She hauled it back to the H3 and reattached it to the hitch. She walked back to the front of the Hummer to survey the damage. There was a V bent into the front bumper where it had hit the tree. She bent over, grabbed behind it and pulled it out, more or less straight. She could feel her back and arm expand and again felt the fuzzy tingle. More intense and she could lose herself in how good this felt, she realized. “Focus glupaya devchonka, focus!”

   Nadia then got back in the truck and closed the door. She had never driven a car, but she had driven a tractor many times. The principles and the main controls were essentially the same. Nadia surveyed the dash and satisfied she knew what she needed to know, put the truck in gear and headed to the school.

   Rachel came to as they were pulling into the school parking lot. She was instantly alert and puzzled by the fact she wasn’t driving.

   She looked at Nadia and frowned. “I missed the memo on when they lowered the driving age to 15,” Rachel said. She immediately regretted speaking as her head hurt like hell. Her face felt tender, but, fortunately, no broken nose.

   “Well, faced with the choice between sitting in a blizzard on a road where nobody was likely to happen by, Not owning a cell phone and finding myself in a car with two unconscious, probably concussed  people, I chose to find help, rather than hope it showed up. Adapt, improvise, overcome? No?”

   “Oorah. Semper paratus…always prepared. No, you did the right thing for sure Nadia, I am impressed at your resourcefulness. Thank you.” Rachel looked out the window for a couple of seconds. “As far as everyone else is concerned I think it’s best if we act as if I did the driving. You don’t want the attention and I will have enough paperwork to deal with even then.”

   Rachel knew this whole incident could go sideways and was far more likely to if the admin, or worse the public, found out a student drove them to the school following an accident. ‘Wait, didn’t we hit a tree? How the hell did she get us back on the road. Screw it. Questions for another day.’

  The admin liked Rachel and she was pretty sure she could smooth this over. “Make sense?” she asked Nadia, noting the large girl’s face was twisted in concern.

   Nadia was quick to agree. Miss Mathias was correct. She absolutely did not want the attention and more over the questions that would bring. She would be in enough der'mo with her parents as it is.

   “You’re wondering about your parents?” Nadia turned to Rachel and nodded.

   “Tell them the truth. What you did was a good thing, they will see that.”

   “I hope so,” Nadia wasn’t so sure.

   “How could they not?” Rachel smiled. “You’re the girl who saved Christmas for a whole Parish in Trinidad. That has to count.”

   Nadia was overcome with a deep, warm feeling of satisfaction. It felt very good to do good. “Yes,” she smiled back. “I believe it does.”


   The first order of business was to call Billy’s parents. Rachel quickly checked him for broken bones and found nothing. He was surely concussed and they would have to be careful with his neck, just in case.

   The school was normally open to the public Sunday afternoons and despite the blizzard, still was. The storm came in with very little warning so the school wasn’t closed ahead of its arrival. That meant there were still custodians on duty. Rachel swapped places with Nadia and carefully drove around the back to the loading dock. Johnny McMahon was waiting there for her.

   “Hey Rachel! Hell of a day to be on the road. Everything OK?”

   “Ya we slid into a ditch and one of my passengers banged his head. I’ve got to call his parents and probably take him to the hospital. I need to get a neck brace for the trip, just to be sure.”

   “Go get it, Tom and I can unload the presents and lock them in your office. We’ll just roll the trailer inside and deal with it after we clean out your SUV.”

   “Great, Johnny. Thanks so much.”

   “Hey, no problem, happy to help.”

   Nadia was looking out the window with a pensive expression on her face. She was remembering the accident and a large, black pick-up truck. Her expression changed to steely determination. Then, unbidden, she remembered the incident with the package back at the mall. She remembered Carley and Billy both staring at her before she went to lift it. She smiled. ‘So, my friends, you want to play games?’

   Rachel had returned from the school with a neck brace. Nadia looked at her small friend with deep concern. She hoped all the rocking and swaying she caused freeing the H3 didn’t cause any damage.

   “Is he going to be all right?” Nadia asked. “I had to rock the car back and forth a lot to get us out of that snowbank.”

   “I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Rachel sought to reassure the obviously very concerned girl. ‘God, she’s so big and smart you forget she’s still just a kid,’ Rachel thought.

   “I need your help here Nadia. I need you to support his head, hold it still while I put this brace on his neck.”

   Nadia reached in and very gently held Billy’s head. He stirred while she was doing this. “Awesummmuscle,” he mumbled and Nadia’s blood ran cold for a second.

   “He awake?” Rachel asked from behind her. There was no way the teacher could have heard that, Nadia reasoned. Whatever Billy might have seen, or even meant was not the priority now.

   “Just for a moment, maybe,” Nadia said over her shoulder. “He’s back out now.”

   Rachel went around to the passenger door, got in and reached back between the seats to put the brace on. She clamped it in place and tightened the straps. She got out of the truck and walked back to where Nadia was standing, still holding Billy’s head still.

   “Can you move to your left enough to let me duck under your arm? And can you put one hand on top of his head to keep it still?”

   “Yes to both,” Nadia replied and did what she was asked. Rachel produced a roll of duct tape from her coat and ducked under Nadia’s arm. She gently wrapped the tape around Billy’s forehead and attached him to the headrest of the seat.

   The close proximity of her teacher made Nadia reflect on her decision to save her clothes by taking them off. It was paying off right now, she concluded. Billy was clearly concussed, there was no telling what he saw or would remember. Ms. Mathias, on the other hand, was fully lucid and a trained observer with a razor-sharp military mind.

   With Billy squared away, Rachel called his parents. They lived on the other side of town and it was agreed Rachel would drive him back to the hospital and they would meet there. She reassured them that Billy wasn’t in any danger but he would probably end up staying the night in the hospital.

   Nadia borrowed Rachel’s phone and arranged for her father to pick her up at the school.

   Rachel paused before stepping up into her truck.


   “Yes Ms. Mathias?”

   “I want you to know, that even though the two of us have to sit on this whole thing, I am incredibly impressed with what you did and extremely proud of you. I believe your parents will be too. I'm sure they will see it the same way as well as the reasons why we need to keep your role quiet.”

   Nadia laughed and shook her head. She was wearing a rueful smile when she replied. “The first part remains to be seen, but the last part…Of that, I have no doubt.”

   Rachel closed the door and drove off. Nadia, suddenly very weary, trudged into the school.

   Monday morning Carley and Lindsay were heading down the hall towards their lockers. They had heard about the accident but were way short on detail. Which, of course, was killing them. They could not wait for homeroom and a chance to grill both Nadia and Ms. M.

   Billy was still in the hospital, for observation. He’d suffered a pretty bad concussion but nothing else and the prognosis called for a full recovery. Lindsay’s mom was going to take the two of them and Simone to see him after school.

   As Lindsay was opening her locker she heard Carley say “what the hell?”


   “Not sure, take a look at this.”
   Lindsay closed her locker door and looked at Carley. She then followed Carley gaze down to where her lock was. Or at least supposed to be. The base of the lock was gone but the shackle remained. Rather than it’s usual ‘U’ shape, the ends of the shackle had been bent inward to the point they actually crossed each other. There was no way to get it off and as a result no way to open her locker.

   “Huh,” Lindsay said. “How could that happen?”

   Carley was looking down the hallway as Nadia’s huge form approached. Her Slavic face was beaming with an ear to ear grin.

   “Oh, I have an idea.”

* Gungy is a shortened version of ‘Gung Ho!’ Which is a Chinese phrase meaning to "work together." Introduced by Colonel Evans F. Carlson, it became the battle cry of the WW II Marine Raiders, particularly the 2d Raider Battalion. A particularly avid Marine is also called gungy. []

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
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Awesome chapter, really enjoyed reading this, I felt like Billy, watching on while Nadia was unwittingly putting on an awesome performance of muscle and strength for me to enjoy! I truly hope that when her power is revealed to her other friends, that they don't make a huge deal out of it and keep it secret, but still congratulate her for being so incredible and superhuman, Billy and Ms. M are now aware of Nadia's secret, and most likely will keep it to themselves until the time comes where Nadia has no choice but to reveal it to the rest of her friends. But I'm sure Billy will be having a lot more of those dreams involving Nadia from now on! k+!
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Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy!

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #104 on: December 20, 2018, 09:24:30 pm »
Billy and Ms. M are now aware of Nadia's secret,

Yes and no. Rachel was out for the whole show. She had one brief thought that things didn't add up. Obviously this will lead to more questions...but answers?

Billy has a solid concussion. He saw what he saw, but during the recovery will he trust that it was real or was his bruised brain playing tricks on him?

Time will tell.

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