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Author Topic: Female Muscle Growth Novel Now Avaiable  (Read 2114 times)

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Female Muscle Growth Novel Now Avaiable
« on: September 22, 2018, 09:13:51 pm »
Please consider supporting female muscle by purchasing a copy of Muscle Love: Confessions of a Muscle Worshipper.  Available at
Now on IBooks too:

Review by 009Eli below:
So I just finished and wanted to post a longer review because there was obviously a lot of hard work put into this piece and I feel a 200+ book deserves a more detailed write up.

I too have bought a few FBB themed books on Amazon and been pretty disappointed but this book was definitely different and a definitely a level above.

The book was great from the start and I kept waiting for it to turn a corner and have its quality drop but it never did. If anything it seemed to consistently get better.

The basic story follows a guy named Rick from his discovery of muscle love as a child seeing a female bodybuilder at a football and then on his journey encountering and dealing with different aspects of his love of muscle throughout his life. Including a session with a pro Fbb and finally meeting and marrying Mel who takes up weight training and then begins to build her body to fulfill Rick’s desire and along the way begins to like and then slowly love her growing musculature and the effect it has on Rick. And her soon domination of Rick.

The story is very similar to Lisa’s Path. And much like Lisa’s path it’s told from a very grounded point of view. Everything in this story feels real and vivid and I have to think it’s because its actually been lived by the writer. In a way that’s hard to describe unless you read it. I will say that Taoschild has a way of putting you in Rick’s head in a way that makes it feel as if you are thinking the same things Rick is thinking.

Much like Lisa’s Path we the reader get to go along on the journey as Rick experiences first hand his wife’s quest to add muscle and become his ultimate woman.

And man does it dive deep. The writing is great! And it’s super hot as well. The book has a way of adding these unique details to a story that make it feel like its so vivid you are experiencing it through Rick’s eyes. There is a part early in the story where Rick goes to a session with a pro FBB. It is one of the sexiest pieces of writing Ive ever read but the description was so great and unique. He describes the girl who is a huge FBB as having a glutes that felt ‘as if she had developed a second shelf of muscle on top of them’ it was such a unique way to describe it that I had never heard before. But as soon as I read it I knew it was true. Again its hard to describe but the scene is so vividly painted you feel as if you are in the hotel wrestling with this muscle goddess yourself!!

That was the other thing. This book feels true…  The other thing that is interesting it is written in conjunction with the authors wife who I believe is a lifter and the basis of the character. This gives the story a perspective unlike any story I have read which is the female perscptive because it was written in collaboration with the authors who is a lifter so you get a point of view hardly ever given in these stories. There’s even a chapter where Mel takes over the narration as they go to their first bodybuilding contest together and she gets to witness her first exposure to female muscle  which sparks her lust to build muscle.

I’d say other aspects that I like is that each chapter almost feels like a story which would be posted on here and each chapter is pretty hot in its own way. Usually ending in some sort of climax between Rick and Mel.

I also loved the part where they go to the Olympia together to let Mel get inspired to build her own physique. I loved it as someone who had never been and the descriptions of meeting the actual women that we love to look at some much in the flesh was fantastic.  If you ever wanted to know what it was like to meet Katka in the flesh – you can vicariously get the experience from this book.

I remember reading it and not wanting to finish it because I enjoyed it so much I would definitely say this is one of the most unique experiences reading FBB stories I have ever had and would highly recommend it to those who are interested in realistic stories. You will definitely see aspects of yourself reflected back at you.

My only criticism might be at that after 200+ pages I wanted more. I would definitely be excited to see a sequel that tracks Mel’s continuing development and the continued development of their relationship.

I’d give it 4 ½ bicep flexes out of 5… only holding back the ½ bicep so Taoschild has something to work for as he expands his talents in his continued writing. Great job all around!

Please support my female muscle growth stories @ or or

Forum Saradas  |  Female BodyBuilding & Fitness & Figure - Members Area  |  Producer Announcements  |  Female Muscle Growth Novel Now Avaiable

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