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« on: August 23, 2015, 10:30:23 pm »
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#PREVIEW: Armelia Burstins + others [CGman]
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2016, 04:11:18 am »
Greetings!  Below is a (work-in-progress) preview of my next Patreon story release.  I am doing something different this time.  This is the breakdown of the rewards for those who donate towards the production of this story:

$2-5 will get you the text of the story in my custom Flash reader program.

$6-11 will get an alternate Flash version of the story with some line-art illustrations placed in the story.

Donate $12 or more will get the above Flash version as I believe it is the best way to view the intended images, but they will also get the story in a more standard RTF format, and the images in higher resolution as the ones built into the Flash presentation are necessarily small.

CGMan presents: Armelia Burstins

An English Story of Discovery & Wonder by Someone Who Has Never Been to England.  It's Also About Growing Female Muscles.

For adults only

©2016 CGMan Productions - All Rights Reserved

- - - -


- - - -

Many people have asked me why I have the proclivities I have.  To most, the idea of a man lusting after women with more than their fair share of muscles is odd.  How did I get to be this way?  I'm quite sure you would never believe me if I told you.  It is an experience.. Or perhaps...a force of nature that I will never forget.  An event firmly embedded in my mind; though I am scarcely sure I believe it myself.  Perhaps I should tell you.  Yes.  Then you can decide for yourself.

Let's go back to just before the beginning.  At least the beginning as I know of it.

It was a cool, grey spring day in London.  I was just thirteen at the time.  Jeri the Dyke was a familiar sight at the nearby park.  A woman of many talents; all of the artistic variety.  Today she was wearing her familiar shabby clothing and strumming her guitar on the walk.  This was a rich neighborhood and it was no accident that Jeri the Dyke was here.  She was entertaining passerby's with her friendly smile, her improvised song lyrics, and her strange manner of speaking.  Jeri the Dyke had the most unusual accent.  I've traveled all around Great Britain in my days, but I've never found a match to how she speaks.  Maybe it was a speech impediment of some sort.  If it was, she made up for it grandly by radiating positive energy with a charming twinkle in her eye.  People in the park could not help but to be enamored by her show.

"Mrs. Biwings!" Jeri the Dyke announced with glee.

"That's Mrs. Billings, Jeri." the stately Mrs. Billings said with a smile.

"Of couwse it is!" Jeri said.  "You are wooking wonderful today."  She strummed on her guitar.  "Mrs. Biwings walks with decowum and gwace."  Jeri strummed again on her guitar as she mustered her next line.  "To see 'er makes me 'appy in me face!"

Mrs. Billings laughed a proper laugh with her hand over her heart.  "You are such a charm, Jeri."

"Thank ye kindly Mrs.!" Jeri said with a bow.  She deftly removed her cap and placed it before Mrs. Billings for a donation.

Mrs. Billings smiled and took some coins from her purse to place in Jeri's waiting cap. 

"You are welcome, my dear."

Jeri the Dyke placed the coins in her pocket.  "And if ye played for the other team you'd see me really pouring on the charm." she said as she gently nudged Mrs. Billings with her elbow.

Mrs. Billings giggled and walked along.  Jeri spun around to see a bobby standing right behind her.  She was briefly startled but then smiled and said, "Good mowning, Constable!  No charge, of couwse."  She plucked an impromptu tune on her guitar for the police officer.  He smiled and tipped his cap.  Jeri looked around and spotting another familiar face.  "Mister Dimer!"

Mr. Dimer smiled, his large, curled mustache curling upwards.

"Mister Dimer..." Jeri strummed on her guitar with a smile.  "It be a dreary day, Nowmally.  But Mister Di..." Jeri paused when she felt a gust of wind.  A single snowflake fluttered down and landed on her shoulder.

"Yes...?" Mr. Dimer said with an eager smile.

Jeri turned to face the cool air.  "Eastewly winds..."  She whispered.  She gently strummed her guitar and looked out into the skies.  She said quietly, "A familiaw chiw in the aiw."

Mr. Dimer's smile lessened and he looked confused.

Jeri strummed her guitar again with a gentle strum.  "Somethin' be bwewin'..  About to begin."  Her beautiful eyes squinted as she looked up to the grey clouds above her. 

"Can't put me fingew on what wiw be."  She paused again.  "But I think what wiw 'appen, has 'appened befowe."

Mr. Dimer blinked in confusion.  Jeri the Dyke looked down into Mr. Dimer's eyes and shook her head to snap out of her reverie.  She gave Mr. Dimer a wink and played a snappy tune on her guitar.

- - - -

Meanwhile, just a block away, I had brought yet another nanny to the breaking point.
My bedroom door burst open.  "That's it!" the nanny shouted, throwing her hands in the air.  "I am completely resigned."  She looked to the maid.  "Tell Mr. Lender he can find someone else to be a nanny to that...  That...brat!"

The maid gasped.  "But please, can't you reconsider?  Mr. Lender has had such a time finding a good nanny for young master Charlie."

The old nanny spun around and looked sternly at the maid.  "He doesn't listen to me.  He doesn't come to eat when his food is ready.  He doesn't tidy his room.  He doesn't speak with respect to me.  All he does is mope in his room, play video-games and who-knows-what in his bathroom."

The maid lowered her gaze and shook her head.  "He just needs firm guidance.  He's at that age."

"The boy doesn't need a nanny, he needs electroshock therapy!"

The maid closed her eyes.  She knew there was no changing her mind at this point.

"Tell Mr. Lender he can stick this job up his rich bottom."  The nanny forcefully put her cap upon her head.  "I quit!"

The maid sighed as she watched the angry nanny storm out the door.  "Oh dear.  Mr. Lender will not be happy about this."

- - - -

"Again?  Again?!  Again and again!" My father bloviated in response to his maid's report of the day's activities.  He arrived from the bank earlier than normal today to get the bad news.  "He's testing my resolve.  No matter.  I'll hire another.  And another.  Until we find one that can get the job done.  And done PROPERLY!"

I peeked from around the corner as I listened to my angry father.

"Charlie is going to learn to be a proper, upstanding young man no matter how much it cost me."  He spied me watching in the corner of his eye.  He turned and pointed to me.  "And YOU.  I am very cross at you, young man.  It's very unprofessional to treat a nanny this way.  I expect you to be more respectful.  If your mother was still alive today she would pass on all over again from disappointment."

He could see me wince from his last statement.  For a moment he felt he had pressed to far.  "Father?" I said.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Can you see to it that the next one isn't so...dumpy-frumpy?"

"Isn't so WHAT?"

"All of these nannies are such twisted old crones.  Well why can't you get a nanny that is more fun to look at?  Maybe someone with an active motor in their bonnet.  Maybe even someone... pretty?"

"Charlie!" Father snapped.  "I am not hiring for you to have a play mate, I am hiring for your betterment!  Get up to your room and think about how you can be more respectful of your elders when I hire them!  I have to place another bloody advertisement now thanks to you!"

I shuffled back to my room and switched on my Atari machine.  I heard father shout upwards, "And turn off that infernal video-game!"  Muting the sound I continued to play.

- - - -

The next morning at 9:00 AM my father was sitting alone at the table, his breakfast set before him and a newspaper in his hands.  There was a firm knock on the door.  Father lowered the paper.  "Must be the first nanny applicant."

Father opened the door and was surprised to see only a single young, attractive woman of twenty years standing at the door.  A folded umbrella in her hand.  Her head was topped with a small black hat, adorned with yellow flowers.  Her hair was wrapped tightly into a bun.  Her long-sleeve dress-coat was prim and proper, all black except for a bright yellow scarf about her neck.  Her hands wore gloves.  Her face was strikingly beautiful, which took father aback.

"Yes young miss, can I help you?" he asked.

"Mr. Lender?  I am here for the position of helping to raise your son."

"Oh uh.." Father stepped back.

"You are the father of young Charlie Lender, yes?"

"Yes..  Yes of course."

"Now."  The young woman reached her gloved hand into her suit pocked and pulled out a piece of paper.  "Just so you know;  I am firm but never cross.  Straight, never twisted.  I have an active motor in my bonnet.  I am young and one might even say..." she took a step closer to Father.  Father took a half step back. "...pretty."

"What..." Father's jaw dropped.  "How did you..."

"Am I to understand those were the qualities required?"

Father sputtered, "Yes.  I mean no.  Yes, but.."

The young woman tilted her head.  "Are you alright, Mr. Lender?"

"That wasn't the advertisement *I* placed.  How did you..."

The woman placed her index finger on father's lips.  "Listen Mr. Lender.  I am very good at what I do.  I command respect and obedience.  Would you like to know how I do this?"

All father could do was nod his head.

The woman set her umbrella against the wall and extended her arm out to her side, then bent her elbow.  With her other hand she pointed at the center of her upper arm.  "Place your hand here.  Do so professionally and appropriately but give a squeeze with your fingers."

Father sighed "Now see here, this is very unusual."  She did not respond.  She only looked straight into his eyes.  "Oh, alright."  He then placed his hand on her sleeved arm.  His brow furrowed.  He gripped the arm and then gripped again.  He could feel she had a tensed bicep the size of a large lemon on her arm.  "What is this?"

"A point in fact it is a muscle, Mr. Lender.  Something developed over years of dedication and intense hard work.  You now see I have what all of your other nannies lack.  Discipline.  Will.  Persistence.  And because of this; strength.  Boys need a strong role model in their lives.  Someone to respect and learn from.  And I am very strong.  Are you quite finished, Mr. Lender?"

Father was unconsciously groping and squeezing about her upper arm.  "Oh."  He quickly retrieved his hand.  "So sorry."

"Do I have the job then, Mr. Lender?"

"Oh, very well.  Perhaps you do have qualities the others lacked.  What is your name then?"

"Armelia Burstins, at your service, sir."

- - - -

To be continued in the finished story.

Make a donation pledge before the 31st.  Your donation will be rewarded!  Thank you so much for your support!!


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#PREVIEW: Great X-PecTations Story [CGman]
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2016, 03:42:56 pm »
Hey everybody!

My last illustrated story, Armelia Burstins received a good amount of positive feedback from my patrons, so I am writing/drawing another.  I am super pleased with how my new female muscle growth Patreon story "Great X-PecTations" is turning out.  I think it will be just as good if not better than my last story, and likely with one more illustration (meaning a total of six).

So I am going to try a little giveaway contest to promote my upcoming female muscle growth Patreon story, "Great X-PecTations."  Did I mention my upcoming female muscle growth Patreon story, "Great X-PecTations?"  No?  Well read the first bit of it here:

(cropped preview)

Great X-PecTations
by CGMan

Nineteen year old Pippa finished another grueling workout in the gym and turned to the mirror to take inventory.  Standing at a diminutive 5'6", big blue eyes and medium length black hair.  She had developed her short body to be rather muscular.  Certainly more muscular the average fitness model.  She raised her right arm and flexed her bicep, the size of a small orange.  She gave her reflection an approving smile and nod.

Then she drew her attention to her chest.  Her brief smile didn't last.  Pippa wasn't blessed with large breasts; or any breasts.  Sadly, she went through her torturous puberty remaining flat as a board.  The only upside was her nipples which did become quite thick.  And when erect they poked out over an inch long.  It's just a shame these "chest jewels" where ornamenting such a flat plane, she would often think to herself.

When she got into building up her body a few years ago, she was pleased that she was able to grow some rockin' muscle on her arms.  Her lats flared nicely, and her thighs grew thick with mass.  She pointed her right leg forward and shook her knee back and forth.  She liked the feeling of her hefty thighs rolling back and forth from the momentum.  Unfortunately, fate had a double dose of cruelty in store for her as her chest muscles stubbornly refused to grow much at all.  Just the faintest traces of pectoral muscle chords that lead towards her armpit when she flexed or worked them with weights.  She sighed with resignation and picked up her gym bag.

After a refreshing shower, Pippa was getting dressed and drying her hair when two familiar ladies bounced in.  Estella and Sarah.  They were giggling.  Their faces were damp with perspiration.  They both had very fit bodies.  Pippa noted once again the generousness of their chest.  Sarah had some perky C-cups, while Estella had massive, thrusting Double-Fs.

"Estella, I'm so jealous of your huge boobs!" Sarah said.

Estella turned to face Sarah directly.  Her heavy breasts jostled from the motion.  She thrust out her bosom and ran her fingers over the sides of her breasts.

"Thanks.  I thought for sure I would lose some size when I got into working out, but if anything they look bigger.  I think it's because I've been developing my chest muscles.  It's pushing them up and out!"

Sarah looked at Sarah's chest hungrily and could not help but to give them a squeeze.  Estella's eyes widened at her friend's audacity and laughed.
Pippa sighed and quickened the pace of fixing her hair so she could get out of there as quickly as possible.  Did they not even see her there?  Did they care?  After looking at Estella's huge, jiggling boobs she again looked down at her own flat chest and sighed.

She walked out of the gym with her head down.  Joe was working the counter and watched her heading towards the exit.  He often saw Pippa looking sad and it tugged at his heart.  "Goodnight Miss Toralson." he said as she walked by the counter.  She silently gave him a half-hearted wave and walked through the outside doors without changing her pace.

- - - -

That night Pippa ran a warm salt bath.  She lit some candles and dipped her toes into the relaxing warm tub.  She sighed with contentment and slid her firm body into the water.  She closed her eyes and breathed deeply for several minutes.  Opening her eyes she saw her thick nipples poking out of the surface of the water.

"So that's why I felt a chill." she bemused.  She took a hold of her thick nipples and squeezed them in her fingers.  "Mmmmm.." She enjoyed the stimulation she felt from manipulating herself.  Her nipples responded by lengthening to an inch long.  Pippa sighed with pleasure.  She didn't have anything in the way of breasts, but her thick nipples were very sensitive to the touch.  She bent them upwards and downwards with her index fingers.  Her nipples responded by growing even longer.  "Oh yesss.."  She sighed.  She could not help herself at this point.  She slipped her right hand down to her nether region and began masturbating.  She sighed and panted as her pleasure grew.  Her left hand vigorously toying with her right nipple.  She soon reached an orgasm, her body tensing and rising partly above the water's surface.  Her abdominal muscles tensed into a defined six-pack as her mouth was wide open in silence.  Her engorged clitoris pointing into the open air in pulsing defiance of the cooler temperature.  Then her body dropped back into the water like a stone.  She moaned in relief.  The water from the tub splashed on one of her candles, extinguishing the flame.

After her bath, Pippa noticed she had an email waiting for her from an unknown address.

- - -

Hello Miss Toralson, this is Joe from the gym.  Please forgive me, I took your email address from the gym records.  I am writing this using my home address because what I am about to propose to you is not official gym business.  It is a confidential matter and I hope you will keep this private.  I don't want my job to be in jeopardy because of what I am about to propose.

I have seen you looking sad at the gym.  If I may be so bold, I'm pretty sure I know the reason.  It's not right.  You seem like such a nice lady and deserve better.  I think I may be able to help you.  I am something of a amateur biologist and I would like to make an offer to you.  It may not work at all, but I have gotten positive results in animal testing and I am fairly confident this can help you.  No money required; this is purely for research.

If you are interested send me a reply.  If not, I will respect your decision.  But please, do not mention this email to anyone.  Especially at the gym!

Have a wonderful evening,

- - -

Pippa leaned back in her chair.  She felt flushed, even a bit embarrassed.  She felt like Joe was able to see right through her.  She furrowed her brow and closed her eyes tightly.  She sat motionless for a few minutes with her brow tensed.  She then opened her eyes, sighed and deleted the email.


Thank you for taking a look at the previews to my upcoming female muscle growth Patreon story, "Great X-PecTations!"

Since it's been long over, the contest details have been deleted. ~Mod E15R91F


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Re: CGMan
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2016, 11:56:40 am »
Hey all,

I posted a preview to my latest Patreon animation, "Yumi Grows More"


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Re: CGMan
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2017, 04:49:56 am »
just donated

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