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Author Topic: Darkscribex Patreon page  (Read 2268 times)

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Darkscribex Patreon page
« on: May 18, 2018, 04:55:54 pm »
So I created a patreon page for my muscle growth fiction.

Below is the first part of a new, long story that you can access the rest of by becoming a patron:

I grunted as I hefted the bar back to onto the rack, then I jumped off the bench. I flexed my surging pecs, looking at them in the mirror. Tanya came behind me and grabbed my left pec.

“Nice, Ken,” Tanya said as she fondled my muscles. “It looks like you’ve put on even more mass!”

I smiled at the lithe blonde babe before me. She was wearing just a sports bra, showing off her awesome DD tits and her tight, cut abs.

“Yeah, T, I’m telling you, this new stuff is awesome. You should really try it! It would probably help you hit a new level in track.”

Tanya ran her hand up my shirt and squeezed my pecs. “I’m sure it would, and maybe a little more muscle on my body would be nice, but if coach catches me, I’ll be off the team for sure.”

I had always been an admirer of female muscle and while Tanya was sexy as hell with her tight track body and her DD tits, I couldn’t help picturing her with more muscle. The new steroids I was taking were just the thing I thought she needed to grow, but she was reluctant.

“So don’t let him catch you,” I said. She rolled her eyes and went back to her work out.


“Fuck!” Tanya said when she came home and slammed the door. She crossed her arms over her prodigious breasts.

“What is it, hun?” I said.

“That fucking bitch Sarah. She beat me in sprint practice today, and if I don’t shave a half second off my 100 meter time, she’s going to take my spot,” Tanya said, pouting. Sarah was a phenome freshman, while Tanya was the senior starter on the college team. “She was such a bitch about it too! In the locker room, she said I was old and worn out. Then the bitch laughed at me!”

“What a bitch. Ignore it, babe. Or use it as motivation to train harder,” I said, trying to make her feel better.

“Fuck that. I’m going to start using,” Tanya said. “Give me some of that new stuff. I’m done fucking around”

I felt a little bad about it, but I got excited when she said that. I gave Tanya her first dose that night.

This is only part of the chapter - Tanya grows, gets hotter, more muscular, and more aggressive. Get the rest of chapter 1 on my patreon page:

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