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Author Topic: Cindy Landolt  (Read 1623541 times)

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Re: Cindy Landolt
« Reply #915 on: February 09, 2019, 07:23:26 pm »

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Re: Cindy Landolt
« Reply #916 on: February 10, 2019, 02:42:09 pm »
I would like to shed some light to the daily actions of this fitness-personality.
Cindy´s main source of income is traveling the world as a sugar-baby.
I found this out the hard way, and would like to warn others that are or might end up experiencing the same.
I found this amazing girl online one day, and decided to contact her via mail.
The world is filled with pretty faces, but this one had something in her voice that just made it click.
We met up the first time in my hometown and as agreed she billed me for her time, calling it personal training even if we never brushed the subject. My incentive was to fall in love and all that it includes, literally the whole nine yards. Meeting under such arrangements seems probably most unorthodox but I trusted that once I presented myself for who and what I am she might find something worth caring for… Can´t say I ever considered myself delusional, rather just a believer in the fact that anything is possible if you just set your mind to it. So “booking” her for a first meet was not a factor I considered to be wrongful in starting an relationship.
She flew over and we had a nice time. As soon as she landed back home in Zurich I was flooded by messages, to my personal delight. The messaging continued and the connection deepened, and we decided we we´re going to do it again soon and did.
The funny part was that on the second meet she instigated sexual actions… This sort of blew the lid of my head because for me contrary to all the 12inch-dick-swinging studs on this forum, I don’t sleep around, EVER. Quality over quantity has always been my thing and sex for me is part of a serious relationship. I don’t preach, this is just the way I was born. Cindy knew this more than well.
We had spoken for hundreds of hours and this to her was more than clear… Yet she chose to proceed. When I received an invoice even for this meeting I literally threw up on my hotelroom floor.
The explanation I got was that she desperately needed money to start her supplement store, witch I later found out was not hers but the boyfriends. He apparently runs and owns all the websites and it has come to my knowledge that Cindy is in a way a product of his creation.
This sort of became the standard explanation, and in retrospect I was way too much in love to understand I was just being played. All the signs where there. But skilfully she talked my concerns down time after time. Many times with words that was not even her own. You learn to know a person after a while and sometimes it felt that she wasn’t the one writing. A german speaking girl with loads of misspellings and pronunciation problems at times wrote with such poise, such graze that it could never have been her uttering the words on paper.
After a trip to The Canary Islands I blunted out that I would like to visit Zurich and would love to meet her parents, as I mistakenly thought we actually we´re dating as we shared the bed, spoke on the phone, Skyped or chatted every single day we where apart.
The drastic refusal to this and the suggestion I could gladly fly to Zurich like every other weekend but would have to meet in a hotel, made me realize where she actually stood… Just using me for a paycheck and financing her luxury travels.
A 4-5 day trip all included with travels, hotels, shopping and her supplement line sponsoring normally cost me around 15k. But the money is really not the issue, more so the coldblooded way of using a single parent, who is desperately looking for the love of his/her life. In my book you don’t do that.

Am I bitter?
Yes in many ways I probably am. The amount of hurt this put me thru is vast. Some people just tend to take love as the single most important factor in life, me being one of them.
But the reason I choose to share this is that I know she travels constantly and it is none of my business how she makes her living, but if there is a chance I can save someone else from being played like this, then writing this has been worth it.
Not being religious in any form or shape, The Talmud still states it well.
 – Whoever saves a life, saves the world entire.

To all the Cindy fans that choose to slander my post, I have provided the moderators with sufficient evidence that my story is based on facts.
I also do not wish to participate in any further debate on the matter.

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Re: Cindy Landolt
« Reply #917 on: February 14, 2019, 05:37:16 pm »
So many women, So little time!! :)

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