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Author Topic: 2007 Europa  (Read 3914 times)


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2007 Europa
« on: April 06, 2014, 07:47:41 pm »

just based on photos the clear winner should have been th-resa bostick...she beat tazzie almost
th-resa had a more symmetrical balanced complete physique, she was also slightly more muscular than
conditioning i would say they were about equal but add muscularity and balance to that and th-resa
blew tazzie away
th-resa also had better presentation (better posing suit & hair style, especially prejudging)

i don't know how they could've given it to tazzie, probably politics: th-resa had not been competing for
awhile before that (approx. six years) so may be it was some form of punishment

it's sad when poor judging screws over these hard-working fbb atheletes.  that said i do think ifbb judging
is pretty consistent and professional most of the time they get it right (about 98% of the time)

i just hope th-resa did not retire because of the poor judging at europa 2007

lastly here's how i would placed it for top three heavy weight womens:

1st - th-resa bostick
2nd - beth roberts
3rd - tazzie colomb

Forum Saradas  |  News and Discussion  |  Wrong decision  |  2007 Europa

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