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Author Topic: Bikini Goddess of Jan/Feb 2013: SILIANA GASPARD (New Goddess)  (Read 8577 times)

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Bikini Goddess of Jan/Feb 2013: SILIANA GASPARD (New Goddess)
« on: February 09, 2013, 12:23:35 am »
New Bikini Goddess beats in the preference the previous Bikini Goddess Brittany Tacy

Saradas Bikini Goddess of January/February 2013

qualified for the Bikini Goddess of the year




Link for congratulate with her



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Siliana is an international bikini athlete; hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, she has crossed the globe, residing in many different countries from a young age. As a child, she was a nationally ranked Juniors tennis player in Canada and in Florida where her family later resided.

As a teenager, she had a few struggles with weight gain; at times weighing about 20lbs over weight. She ultimately managed to lose the weight and keep it off until the birth of her now 2 year old son. During her pregnancy, Siliana gained 40lbs. After the birth of her son, she decided she wanted to get in better shape. She hired a personal trainer to help get her started, then used her new knowledge to train herself in the gym; with her baby always by her side. Her husband, Shad Gaspard, and her trainer, Charles Glass from Gold's Gym Venice, saw that she was serious about competing, and started training her to be a competitor. When her son was only 13 months old, she competed in her first bodybuilding show, the Branch Warren Event, where she placed 2nd in her class. Following the Branch, she enetered, and won the Overall title at the Dallas Europa super Show. Her first national debut was in Cleveland, OH at the North Americans, placing 3rd. Upon returning home, she again took an Overall title, this time at the Texas State Championships, crowning her Miss Texas Bikini. Siliana's next national attempt was at Team Universe in July 2012 where she placed 4th.

Siliana has been featured in numerous fitness magazines and websites, including the March 2012 issue of Flex Magazine,,,, amongst others. Her goal in her journey of fitness is to help motivate others be the best they can be, in whatever avenue they choose.

NPC Nationals (2012-11-09 - 2012-11-10)          
Bikini Class D
NPC Texas State (2012-10-13 - 2012-10-13)          
Bikini Overall Class C (1st place)
NPC Team Universe (2012-07-06 - 2012-07-07)          
Bikini Class D (4th place)
NPC Texas State (2011-10-15 - 2011-10-15)          
Bikini Overall (1st place)
Class B (1st place)
IFBB North American (2011-09-02 - 2011-09-03)          
Bikini Class C (3th place)
NPC Europa Super Show (2011-08-12 - 2011-08-13)          
Bikini Overall (1st place)
Class B (1st place)
NPC Branch Warren Classic (2011-07-16 - 2011-07-16)          
Bikini Class B (2nd place)

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I Saradas 


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