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Author Topic: Armwrestling in sessions?  (Read 153231 times)

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Re: Armwrestling in sessions?
« Reply #270 on: November 20, 2023, 09:03:26 pm »
Freshwoman "I"

She does not do sports of any kind, she is 5'8 or 5'9 ish.

The second best ass I've ever seen in my life. (at that time, better ones are coming)
She has the ass of a girl who squats, a lot, yet does not work out.

Somewhat of a V shaped back, ... she should not be this strong looking with never having done any sports.

I asked her how she looked like that, she says she doesn't know, she says she is born strong, does not know why and is shy about her power.

She does not want to arm wrestle ever, I see her often with the group of friends at bars and parties I ask for a match often, she always declines.

This is my last year of uni. and she takes a liking to me.

"I" gives me positive comments on my looks, as I workout and arm wrestles dudes at bar when she is there.

We end up dating, I'm still in love with M2, but my friends told me to date "I", that she would make me forget M2.

She would not even while dating display strength of any kind.

Eventually I manage to start a play fighting with her.

WTF, out of this world power, I must having been 175 lbs or 180 lbs. Slender Muscle guy 6'1.

She would remove me off of her with the fling of a wrist.

This makes no sense, I would re-attack, and she would almost send me flying away with one arm, this makes no sense!
Eventually she pins me down. With ease, laughing at me.

I tell her we must arm wrestle, she declines.
This night we had sex for the first time, and WTF, the vagina is a muscle, and that muscle made no sense.
Nonsensical how thigh she was.
I have never in my life found again anything remotely close to her in tightness.

Her ass was amazing, we dated and had sex for like 3 months.
Her ridding me in reverse cowgirl, that V-shaped back, the view of that ass, I would cum in seconds, her vagina was tighter than any grip I have ever used to masturbate.
And I repeat, she does not workout, never has!!!

Sadly,  remained in love with M2 somehow, "I" realized my mind I wasn't into her, just my lust for sex.
We broke it off, but we remained friends, great friend, kind heart, 10/10 would recommend.

She eventually started dating a big muscle guy.

When we spoke over the years, ... this takes us to like 2006-2007 ... her new boyfriend looks way bigger than me, and clearly lift heavy!
she said he keeps bugging her to arm wrestle like I did, and she always said no.
She never arm wrestles anyone.

Until one night, and this is second hand information from "I", she went the bar where we all hang out.(I wasn't there that night)
Drunk, she finally gave in to her boyfriend's request to arm wrestle.

And remember, her boyfriend is tall, strong, construction worker, lifts weights.
She said about that match that it lasted forever.
That she struggled like hell to defend, that her arm was opened for most of the match, but in the end, she prevailed!!!
He got tired, she got it back to the center, and eventually won!

She only did right, she was wrecked after that match, but here is the kicker, and I confirmed this with other sources present,
M3 was there!!!!!!!

This is ultimate form, post-grad gym going M3!
And let me tell you about final form M3, while still 5'2 and a little fat, I have a picture of her from her facebook in a bikini, in a poolbar party, and you know she just finished arm-wrestling everyone in the place, as she likes to do, her right arm is hanging 100% opened and limp next to her body, but her bicep is soooo pumped, that thing is huge!!!!(That's how I just she just arm wrestled)
I'm serious, this is a limp arm, with an out of this world relaxed bicep!
And just for reminder, when I met her, she was 18, I was 21, I was trained, lifted heavy-ish, she had never worked-out and she proved stronger than me!!!
Now she is a trained muscle under the fat maiden!!!!
M3 asked "I" to arm wrestle, they went right arm, apparently that match lasted forever as well, they both turned red.
M3 prevailed, barely, there was apparently back and forth.

"I" said, if she hadn't just arm wrestled her boyfriend in a match that also lasted forever, she would have beaten M3.

I believe her.

"I" asked M3 to do left, M3 declined!!!!!
"I"'s left arm was still fresh, she hadn't done left with her boyfriend.

M3, however wanted to feel "I" boyfriend's power and asked him to arm wrestle, as she does.
She placed her right arm on the table, he asked her if she was tired having just been in a war, she said it'll be fine.
Apparently, she beat him anyways .... with great struggle, but a tired M3 beat a tired, but slightly rested "I"'s boyfriend.
This is all second hand information, I wasn't there, I wish I could give you more details.
Apparently M3 also moaned during that match, and somewhat let out a mini-scream, unreal if true!

"I" broke up with her boyfriend a couple of weeks later and started dating an even stronger looking dude.
I guess she loves strong dudes, but won't arm wrestle them so she won't be dissapointed that she is stronger than the men she dates and that way she gets to live in denial .

I lost contact with her around 2008-2009.

One of the last time I spoke to "I", she told me she started going to the gym.
This is me venturing a guess : Her now huge boyfriend finally got her to arm wrestle, he won, and she took a liking to the competition, ...
I have no news from her, she has no social media, but God have mercy on the men she runs into to test her strength.

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Re: Armwrestling in sessions?
« Reply #271 on: November 20, 2023, 11:03:59 pm »
2008 - 2009 - 2010

At this point I workout at a gym, I'm strong, I lift 195-200 for reps, I don't remember exactly, I gained some belly fat, nothing major, I remember being around 200 lbs.

My thirsts for strong women still exists, but they have all dried up.

You will not find natural strength like M1, M3 and "I", everyday, nor every year.

I lost contact with my uni. friends one by one.

I want a strongwoman, I look up M3 on social media, she switched from lifting, to cardio, lost all her weight, she is thin as hell, no more muscle.

M2 got sober, I met with her again, we arm wrestled, but this time, I'm benching 200 lbs, she does not do any sport, she still has that natural build, you can tell she has muscle and for a girl who doesn't workout she shouldn't look this strong.

We began arm wrestling and I slam her, we go again she uses both her hand, it was hard but I win again.

We get to 2010, nothing no noticeable strong woman in sight.

Looking on the Internet for a girl to beat in arm wrestling, I find this website, session girls, you may or may not have heard of it.

Also, there is this new girl on it, she is all the rage, she also has a clip4sale, and there is something I like about her that the other girls on sessiongirls don't have, she is all natural, geeez, what was her name, I'm sure it will come to mind, and I'm sure no here has ever heard of her, so will call her to utterly randomly letters : K.O.

And she comes to my area, but being the idiot that I am : "No that would be cheating!" I tell myself, "I will not pay to arm wrestle, I will find a strong girl, like K.O. in real life".
And I don't contact her, .... this terribly stupid decision will come into context much later.

I switch from weightlifting to martial arts. I sign up to Jiu-Jitsu, muay thai, wrestling, at an mma gym.
I am fascinated by martial arts, I train all the time!

One girl catches my eye, and by girl, I mean behemoth of strength and power!


She is a boxer, has been for years, about 5'5 165 lbs.

Greatest ass I've ever seen, calves the size of my head, shoulders, veins of her biceps, in fact she could be 185lbs for all I know just cuz the sheer size of her calves and ass!
She has a slight layer of fat barely noticeable, insane beauty.
She is the one to finally make me forget M2.
When she boxes, and utterly wrecks her twice bigger male opponents, I see freshwoman "I" in her, you see, while boxing, whenever her muscle bound twice her size opponents would clinch, she would fling them around like they were weightless with one arm and continued beating them!

Everyday after class she does push-ups.
One day I ask if I can join her.
She teases me, let's do 100, and she does nice pushups, perfect form, no cheating.
I get to 60 and fail.
She finishes and talk a bit, for only a minute however, "it's been a minute" she says, let's do a hundred more!

I asked her if she can do a one arm push-up, she said she never tried, but she tries it, bam, first try, one arm pushups, no problems!

I am enamored with J.

I asked her how strong she is? She said she doesn't know, but in school, she used to beat all the boys at arm wrestling even the older ones, she lies down on the gym mats, offers her arm in a challenge.
I am enamored to the point my head will explode, is this another M1!!! Can beat all the guys from school!!!

You will not like this next this part, I freeze again, the same as when I knew I was going to lose against M3 left.
I say the other fighters are watching, we can do it in private some other time.

She says ok, whenever, you'll lose!

That day never came :(

I promise myself I would never freeze again and a girl's arm for a match, no matter who is watching!

J soon after left the gym, I never saw her again.

But rest assured of this, she would have slammed my arm I am sure of it!
I regret this to this day.

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Re: Armwrestling in sessions?
« Reply #272 on: November 22, 2023, 01:11:48 am »
Ok, 2 more post about regular girls that have irregular strength and then I’ll do the session girls.

2011 to 2015.

I kept doing mma(Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, some Thai Boxing) eventually I quit Thai Boxing.

Still 200lbs about, I don’t lift anymore, I can’t tell you about my strength at point, but I think I’m really strong cuz of the free style wrestling.

Went backpacking around the world, ...

During that time I’ve arm wrestled girls, two were fitness trainers, slammed them both.

Then I met S2, too bad I knew her for only 1 day, S2 was the strongest girl I met in years!!!!
Swedish girl, doing her medical school, on a vacation, met her in Rio.

We Arm wrestled and God damn!!!! Her power was out of nowhere, I was not expecting it, we started and stayed at center both super struggling, she moans, turns her wrist in and I start to go down.

I remember the initial struggle at the center, this is burnt into my memory forever, I remember her bicep, it just appeared on her arm, bigger bicep than a normal girl would have, but not that big.

Now, as the decent of my arm just commences, and I saw her face, you can see her teeth, she is pushing like hell!!! I remember her piercing blue eyes, looking into my soul, I have a real clear memory of this, this angel ... is from hell!!

This is the same thing again as 10 years ago, as when I faced freshwoman M3, held at center for a little then my arm slightly started to lose!

I panicked pushed off the table with my other arm, and slowly won.
This is a terrible reflex.

When we finished, she was proud of herself, she had gave me a freaking good run.
Little does she know, she won!!!

Later, thinking of that moment, sad that I did not get to feel true defeat, I decided, I will always hold hands in the middle from now on, and, if I lose, then I lose.


There is one more French Girl I met backpacking, a geologist who moon lit as a fitness pole dance instructor.

This one was not going to take me by surprise like S2.
She had huge shoulders, crazy freaking triceps.
Crazy build, crazy hot, insane ass!

And I got to make out with her in an hostel lobby!

I asked her how strong she truly was, she showed me a picture of her doing the freaking human flag on the pole. Look it up : the human flag in fitness poles.
You have to be insanely strong to do that move!

I ask her to arm wrestle, knowing I’m getting slammed!
We hold hands in the middle, but to my regret, I don’t get slammed, I do manage to win, but it was hard, I had to push and she pushed back as hard as she could, insane power on a girl!

I won left as well.

There was one more notable girl from my backpacking trip, T1, from the U.S. claimed she can win any play fights ever against anyone, but I did not get to play wrestle her nor arm wrestle her.

God knows I would have loved too!
(Fun fact, I would have won play fighting, I know Jui-Jitsu)


Back home from that trip, I still train 4 days a week.

I still arm wrestle in bars both guys and girls, I slam girls, there is no point.
Vs guys, I win about 75% of the time now, also, I arm wrestle bigger guys than I used to.

Eventually, I met V1.

V1 was a hockey player, my mind connected : hockey + tall girl = M1.
This is simple math, I have to arm wrestle her!!

One night at a bar with a group of friends, I ask V1 to arm wrestle, biggest disappointment of my life! Slam, easy!

Introducing : K1 !!!

K1 was there!
K1 saw that, looked at me and said : "I have to warm up, don’t move!"

K1 asked S3(a receptionist, not notable) to arm wrestle.
K1 slams her!

K1 now has my full attention! As she should have, giant natural tits, insane good looking face! Crazy legs and ass. I would later find out she is a rugby player!

K1 goes to V1, arm wrestles her, slam!!!!

And I will tell you right now, what you are about to read is another highlight of my life, burned in my memory forever.

I get into position against K1, I hold hands in the middle!
We say go! And this is the same exact same struggle as with S2!!!
But this time there is no way out, we are holding hands in the middle with the other arm, she is struggling and she means to win.
Still at center, no1 moves, this lasts for like 30 to 45 seconds, insane match!

I think our eyes crossed 3 or 4 times while dead draw at center and we looked at each other, she had that face of : "I have you mofo!!!"

Unfortunately, S3, is a drunk idiot, she gets her hand on my hand and we both push K1 down to my victory!
I guess S3 was mad about losing to K1 and wanted to see her lose.

K1 still resisted against the two of us on the way down, I deduce that K1 is the type of chicks that never backs down from anything and just takes on any challenges.

K1 is pissed about S3, tells her not to do it again!!!

She immediately offers her right arm again in a challenge, she doesn’t say a word she just sits there in front of me! I know she has unfinished business with me! I oblige and we go again.

After great struggle, I win!
She tells me I’m lucky she got tired on our first match when S2 came to help!

She says : "Left!", places her arm up.

"You are toast left!" ... she adds!!
I froze again.
I said I don’t wanna do left!!

And this is also burned into my memory, she replied : "If you refuse then I win!!"

The exact same quote M3 told me when she beat me!

To this day, this is my 5 th defeat : M1(got slammed), M3(I cheated then refuse left), J(I cowarded out), S2(Cheated), K1(got help, then refused left).

Sadly K1 is at least 10 years younger than me, I'm 30something at this point, she looks 19 or 20 and I don’t want everyone to think I’m a creep, so I don’t try to get with her.

K1 you were hot and strong, stronger than me even!


Sometimes after that, I run into C, on the street!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy to the world!!!!!

She is still with her boyfriend, I ask her to walk to a nearby park, we sit down at one of them picnic tables in the park, we talk for hours.

Sun about to come down she looks at me and says : "You are too shy, we didn’t sit here to talk, there is something you should have asked me, I could be saying I have to go now and just walk away!"

She places her arm on the table and smiles!

We say go, but at this point I am much stronger than in uni. I just push her arm down, she resists, but it steadily goes down in seconds.

Same thing left!

She did her signature outbursts of power while going down to bring me back to center, but it didn’t do anything. She went down!!!

And ....

Here is the real kicker... reminiscing on that match the next day I realized, what I just did to her, was what M3 also did to her, ho so many years ago!!!

And this was beginner M3, with about 1 year of gym and arm wrestling under her belt M3!!!

I am as strong now, me a now 200lbs freestyle wrestler man as M3 was in her first year of uni.!!!

I am telling you, final form M3 as I remember her from bars in circa 2006 was strong beyond belief.
Final form M3 was way way stronger than one year of training M3! Therefore, I deduce, final form M3 could take me now, and probably win easy!

In fact I am sure of it, she beat freshwoman "I" and that should not have happened!

Freshwoman "I" was a freak of nature, and M3 beat her.

Not only that, right after winning vs "I", M3 beat "I"’s construction worker boyfriend.

And here is the real kicker, while I say I beat about 75% of men in arm wrestling, ... I’ve never beaten a construction worker. They always have crazy strength, construction workers men are insanely strong I must be 0 – 35 against them.
(0-35 at the time anyways, in fact I did beat one in 2023, at that point I’m a powerlifter, so if you keep reading this series, you just know a couple of session girls are gonna get a run for their money!).

And this is the insane thing, M3, a 5’2 somewhat-fat girl, that liked to lift weights and arm wrestle all the time, beat one!!
And not just beat any random one, she beat one we know was also a weightlifter.

That’s how crazy strong she was.

In fact, I wanna go back on what I said earlier, I don’t have 5 defeats, this is inaccurate, the correct statement is : "5 girls have defeated me."

M3, after getting into arm wrestling matches at bars and house parties, would always beat one guy, a mini-line would form next to her table, she would beat anyone in it, usually the line had about 5 man in it but it magically dissipates after she beats 2 or 3 guys.

Here is the fun part : she would look at guys around the room, looking them right in the eyes one by one, this was their chance to challenge her if they wanted some, but they would all bow their heads down and look at the floor!

She did this to me, the challenging look in the eyes, at least 10 times!
I cowarded away every time!

Insane female giggachad M3 was.

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Re: Armwrestling in sessions?
« Reply #273 on: November 22, 2023, 07:15:31 pm »
Your stories were really enjoyable.
You were very lucky to meet all those strong girls.

Offline GuyLikeYou

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Re: Armwrestling in sessions?
« Reply #274 on: November 22, 2023, 09:40:37 pm »
Your stories were really enjoyable.
You were very lucky to meet all those strong girls.

Thanks, and I ain't done, I don't have time write it all now, ... but the next one we are going to a girl that has Eastern Bloc genetics and bigger hands!!!!!

Then after that its Goddess Lauren!

I'mma try to write the post by the weekend.

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Re: Armwrestling in sessions?
« Reply #275 on: December 15, 2023, 12:49:54 am »
I haven't been in a writing mood, but rest assured, updates are coming, .... eventually :D

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Re: Armwrestling in sessions?
« Reply #276 on: December 15, 2023, 06:52:51 pm »
I hope so.

I don't like stories that don't end.


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Re: Armwrestling in sessions?
« Reply #277 on: March 15, 2024, 02:18:12 am »
Its been a few years now but I had a few sessions with Gabrielle Nicander and we used to armwrestle. She won most of the time though I did win a few times too. She was a very strong woman.

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Re: Armwrestling in sessions?
« Reply #278 on: March 29, 2024, 01:31:45 pm »
Wow it’s been a while since I’ve heard or thought about her.  I don’t even remember what year it was when I had my last session with her, I wonder what she’s up to now.

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