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Title: Christal Cornick, UK - taking bookings for sensual Muscle Worship
Post by: Christal Cornick on March 06, 2019, 11:39:31 pm
Hello everyone :)

If you’re looking to session with a big, sensually muscular, feminine FBB with 16” biceps, who’s down to earth & friendly then look no further! :)
My muscles feel solid as a rock right now, they are full & bulge out of my naturally smooth olive skin where my veins pop ;)

I'm getting booked up pretty fast for muscle worship and all sessions muscle related!...including cam, phone calls, meet n greets, clips & forced/domination worship :p for any specific session type that I may not have listed please just email me your request.

I'm now taking bookings from now onwards, offering sessions to men AND women for:

muscle worship (UK only)

Meet and Greets

Sensual Massage

Generic Clips.

Forced Worship/Domination Worship

Phone Calls/WhatsApp Calls/Social Media voice Calls

Text Chats/Insta Text Chat/Facebook text chat

Cam sessions at VERY generous prices - my cam sessions are usually for those who unfortunately cannot reach me in the UK, but of course they are for absolutely everyone from all corners of the earth ;)

Treat yourself to a big sexy feminine muscle b!tch who can pose like no other, one on one, just you and me up close and very personal!

I’m ready for your hands to FULLY explore these sexy granite muscles :) ...are you ready for me?

All sessions I offer are fun, friendly, super sexy, relaxed yet very sensual with 100% guarantee on session confidentiality.

To book and secure a time and date to meet/cam/chat send an email to:
STRICTLY no time wasters please, thank you.

To view my current size, shape and condition, please feel free to follow me on my IG: “@ChristalCornick” where I post my most recent  pictures and video clips on a daily may also see a fair few pictures of my three Chihuahuas lol

Look forward to hearing from you all soon and having some sexy solid muscle fun together - big strong hugs to you (as always) xCx