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Title: Mrs. Turner - A Giantess MILF Story (Issue #7)
Post by: botcomics on January 11, 2019, 10:06:25 am


In a fit of sadness over being left by her husband, Eve drinks tons of Senistray in an effort to make herself feel better. Meanwhile, Mike is curious and is researching Senistray in his room. He finds out the side effects and discovers that the nutrition drink is the cause of her growth, not him. Mike quickly calls Eve to stop drinking the Senistray immediately. Sadly, Mike ends up being too late as Eve rapidly grows to gigantic heights due to the unstable drink. Mike soon sees the titaness as she strides to find a place to hide. Mike realizes that he must to get to Eve to comfort her and make her feel loved…



Mrs. Turner: A giantess MILF story, is based of a reader’s request. The story features many giantess scenes that are inspired by recent stories such as New Heaven, Wish Upon a Star and GILF. Mrs. Turner features exciting giantess action such as slow growth, fast growth, sexual situations, breast expansion, building destruction, and of course the ever popular giantess MILF theme that is the focus of the story. Mrs. Turner was inspired by the reader himself, however the guide material sent was too long to reasonably fit within the max amount of chapters and the ending was left ambiguous. Bob Saget had to make some artistic decisions to keep the spirit of the material and make it enjoyable within giantessclub’s story boundaries. That being said, we believe that reader’s will enjoy Bob Saget was able to create base off our reader’s fine idea.

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Title: Re: Mrs. Turner - A Giantess MILF Story (Issue #7)
Post by: Jenna on January 23, 2019, 05:01:23 pm
One of the best works, Giantess Milfs are wonderful!  :rock: :wow:
Title: Re: Mrs. Turner - A Giantess MILF Story (Issue #7)
Post by: Stewart48 on March 18, 2019, 07:24:07 pm
Giantesses are wonderful