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Post by: timmon on March 30, 2018, 03:13:52 pm
EVERYONE! Please read these rules before posting your message or buying / sponsoring for an athlete or member (the sponsee )  


1. Saradas provides this notice board as an information facility for the convenience of Athletes and Members / Fans, only. As soon as you post, view and transact, you agree to these rules, whether you read them or not.
2. This notice board is intended for Athletes seeking sponsorship by selling their own memorabilia, such as posing suits, trophies and medals etc, should they wish to do so. Athletes should accept that once sold, their treasured items may be unrecoverable from the buyer in the future, so be sure you want to do this before you seek sponsorship in this way.
3. Saradas does not receive revenue from transactions made in this post, and does not endorse any product offered or sold. Validity of any claim about a product made, should be checked and validated with the person seeking to sell the item, via personal contact with the person making the offer. Saradas will not be involved in any disputes about validity of any item sold.
4. All transaction processes will be agreed between buyer / sponsorer and the seller / sponsee
5. All transactions and communication should be made via private email or other communication means. DO NOT post bank Credit Card details or other personal details. If you do, you take full responsibility for any unwanted consequences.  If you use Saradas Personal Messaging facility to transact, you do so at your own risk. No complaints for use of the PM system to transact will be accepted or investigated, you are warned here.
6. Misuse of this noticeboard will result in posts being deleted, and members may be banned. Please use this noticeboard honestly.
7. Saradas may delete posts that are inappropriate without notice.
8. This Notice board is NOT for the sale of ADULT Items! Nor is it for sale of any other item other than memorabilia for sponsorship reasons.
9. If any member sees a post that is not conforming to the rules, you may report it using the "Report to moderator" facility.

Here is an example of what might be posted for sponsorship, and how a post might look:

( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Achtung liebe Sportfreunde/Freundinnen!!!
Ich wollte mein Wettkampfbikini verkaufen!!!
Preis ist stark reduziert, weil ein Mal getragen, sonst - TOP-TOP💚💚💚
Cup - A Gro├če mit etwas Push-up
Hose - XS
IFBB comform
Bitte, wer Interesse hat - schreib in Privat! Oder Messenger by Facebook!!!!
Vielen lieben Dank 💋

I wanted to sell my competition bikini!!!
Price is heavily reduced because once worn, otherwise - top top 💚💚💚
Cup - a big with a push-up
Pants - XS
IFBB comform
Please, who's interested - write in private! Or Messenger by Facebook!!!!
Thank you very much 💋

Private email address
Facebook (