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Title: Q & A: What are 'Hidden Posts' & How Can I See Them?
Post by: Old Surehand on August 01, 2013, 11:28:44 pm
As you probably realize, members have the option of hiding their posts and requiring replies to see the link.  Now there's also the additional requirement of having a 10 karma minimum in addition to the reply. You must remain an active member of the forum or risk losing the karma you accumulated.

Another thing we noticed is that many are so desperate to reach the 10 k minimum that they are posting links without previews. These links will be deleted. No more "Sorry No Preview" or "No Preview But Worth The Download." If you don't know how to make previews, there are tutorials in the FAQ/ Rules and Regulations section. If I can see your video on the computer, a preview can be made for it. Right now, if you use Deposit Files as a stand alone link (not a mirror), you don't have to make a preview. They do it for you.