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Title: Evolution of Alex
Post by: bstretcher20 on December 12, 2019, 08:58:18 am
Chapter 1
Alex and Jason are a pretty regular couple, they have been married for 2 years, Alex is 23 and Jason 25.
Jason is a project manager for a large firm and likes to go to gym often, while Alex does not join him in that part of his life, she is in pretty good shape for someone that does not work out regularly. Alex mostly works from home doing internal finance work for a IT company.

Alex is simply not a fan of exercising and has never had an affinity for sporty activities and prefers to stay indoors watching series and cooking. She has long brown hair that frames her pretty face with attentive brown eyes. Her bust is on the average side at a 34B with a slightly round tummy. Her but is probably one of her best assets with a great round shape that only good genes can account for. She was just under 1.6m which is was pretty average and had a naturally tanned skin.
Jason on the other hand has an athletic body from his regular weight lifting sessions and has some great muscle definition on his 1.83m or 6 foot frame with a 4-pack visible when he flexes his abs.

"Have a good workout honey?" Alex asks as Jason enters the kitchen after a gym session. It was a regular Monday evening and Alex was busy preparing dinner.

"Yea, the usual." he replied setting down his things.

"Dinner should be ready in 5. You can grab a quick shower if you want, then we can eat."

"Sure thanks, sounds good." Jason said, already halfway out the kitchen again.

He loved Alex with all his heart, and her great cooking, the cooking perhaps a bit too much.
While he was in good shape, it came at the cost of long hours at the gym to keep the fat off from the food that his wife made. Jason, didn't know how Alex wasn't a complete blimp already, probably because she didn't eat half as much as he did. He had noticed her put on a few kilos since they got married, but he was still attracted to her.
She had a pretty face and her boobs were damn perfect!
Although, he did have a secret fetish for really fit girls, but would never admit it to Alex, he often fantasized about a really firm body with toned abs beneath him during their love-making sessions.

Dinner went by as usual, on the couch with some Netflix. This was followed by Alex jumping onto Jason for some action after watching a particularly provocative episode. Alex had a pretty high sex-drive, more than most women and she could easily keep up and sometimes even outpace Jason's desires.

Jason was still pretty full from dinner and not particularly in the mood and was still only flying at half-mast after the make out sessions.
Alex reached into his pants to realize the same. A look of disappointment coming over her.
"Aren't you into this?" she asked feeling a little hurt.

"No no! I definitely am!" he replied quickly to try and save the moment.
"I'm just really full and a bit exhausted from gym. Give me a few min and I'll be ready."

"Alright, sure honey." A dejected Alex replied sitting down next to him on the couch.
This was not the first time Jason came up lacking when they got going, but Alex could never really figure out why.

The rest of the evening past by without further action and they were both in bed an hour later without having tried anything again.

Alex could not get the feeling out of her head that there was something missing from their sex lives, or perhaps that she was doing something wrong. She waited until Jason was fast asleep next to her and then reached over to get his phone.

"If he isn't going to tell me what's up then I guess I'll just have to find out for myself" she thought.
She browsed his Inst@gram and Facebook accounts and came up with all the usual stuff, cars, diet plans, silly jokes from friends, but just as she was about to give up she found what she was looking for.
In his search history in Insta and Google, Jason has search for "fit girls" and "female muscle" among other similar things.
She followed the searches herself and came across some really impressive looking women with killer abs and big round buts, some  of them in pretty raunchy clothing, and some even naked!

"That’s it!!" she whispered under her breath as she put the phone away and turned over to sleep.
"I'm joining a gym tomorrow."

Apparently Jason had an attraction to really fit girls and obviously she did not live up to his high standard of fitness, but she was going to change that. She felt really determined to get more fit all of a sudden, but not just to please Jason.
That was just part of it. Her motivation came from wanting to transform herself into the image that society found more attractive and also to prove to herself that she could look that way if she wanted.

'Too full for sex', my ass, she though as she drifted to sleep.

The next day Alex joined the gym and started with some light cardio while Jason was lifting his weights as usual.
She continued to join Jason at the gym for the rest of the week.
She took the weekend off because she was too stiff and tired, but was back at it the following Monday.
They were intimate once or twice again but something still felt off to Alex. She resolved to giving Jason a blow job the one time and Jason happily accepted. A BJ always did the trick when Jason took too long to climax with regular sex.

A month went by and Alex was still doing her cardio 5 days a week and had even started going to gym on Saturdays the last 2 weeks.
All her hard work was paying off in the form of a more toned stomach and leaner thighs and arms.

They had both also started to eat healthier.
The best result was that Jason was way more into her new fit body! Lately, Alex would catch him checking her out as she left a room or while getting changed. Even their intimacy was improving.
On multiple occasions Jason would be sporting a stiff one after seeing Alex come out of the shower which led to great sex.
This all only served to solidify the notion that Alex had about Jason being very into fit and muscled women.
At least Alex had the added benefit of feeling a lot better about her body and having more energy.

A typical Monday now found the couple together at the gym. Alex in her tight spandex gym pants with a tight tank top that hugged her now near flat stomach and showed off her perky B Cup boobs. She always had a nice bubble but, but lately it was downright amazing in her tight workout clothes.

She was going to join Jason today in the weight lifting section. Jason was all too pleased about this and an added benefit was that he could impress the other gym-goers with his soon to be weight-lifting wife.

They started off with the loose bar bench press. Jason loaded a 5kg on each end, not knowing what Alex would be able to lift.
She was nervous about what she was getting herself into and suddenly felt as though half the gym was eyeing her to see what she could do.

"Here goes nothing!" she thought as she sat down and started her set.
Surprisingly, she managed to lower and lift the bar back up from her chest.
It wasn't easy, but she managed to get another 5 reps out before re-racking the bar.

Jason was very impressed and was blushing as he stood back from the bench where he was spotting her.
"Damn! that was pretty impressive Ally!"

"You like?" she shot back with a mischievous smile.
She was busy imagining how turned on Jason was probably getting by watching her pump some iron.

"Hell yea! That was great for your first try."

Jason added another 30kg on each side or the bar and started doing his own set of 10 reps with relative ease.

Alex then did another set. This time only managing to get 4 reps out.
Jason, didn't mind this at all as he got to stand over her and spot her, while also getting and eyeful of her fantastic cleavage.
Alex felt really good about being able to manage what she did.
Her arms even felt a little swollen from the exertion.

"This isn't so bad. I could get used to this." she told herself.

They each finished their 3 sets and moved off to leg press machine.

"I usually don't do legs the same day as chest, but we can switch it up a bit today to get you into the swing of things." Jason said leading Alex towards the next machine.

Jason loaded the machine up with 20kg on each side, hoping that Alex could at least manage that.
This particular leg press machine carried some of the weight on the frame so Jason could usually go much heavier on this that he could squat with on a free bar.

"Ok, so I didn't put too much on for you, as a start."

"Thanks.." she answered nervously.

Her confidence from the bench press was now wavering a bit as she eyes the 2 ominous looking 20kg plates on the machine.

Jason noticed her eyeing the machine and reassured her that he was there to help.

"Just push this lever back in if you can't manage to push it back up all the way."

Alex climbed into the machine which had her in a 45 degree angle from the ground facing upwards.
She would have to push at an upward angle with her legs.

She gave a loud sigh and release the weights and lowered it down slowly towards her chest and then pushed it back up again in one motion.
Down again and up again.

"This isn't too bad!"

"I know right? Try to go down a bit lower. Let your knees almost touch your chest."

"Like this?" she asked lowering the weights all the way down and the pushing it back up.

"Yea that’s good."

"Nice! I'm adding a bit more for you."

Alex finished her set and Jason started adding another 20kg plate to each side, bring the total up to 80kg.

Her next set proved a bit more challenging but she managed another 8 reps.

Jason stood to one side admiring her sexy legs in action.
He loved the way her tight pants and legs framed her pussy each time she had the weights at the bottom.
He was sure he could make out a camel toe between her thighs as she squeezed her legs together.

"Done!" she breathed heavily as she finished her 6th rep of her third set and bringing Jason out of his daydream.

"Awesome stuff! You really amazed me." Jason was beaming with joy that his wife was a natural at this.
"I didn't think you'd be able to do so much on your first try."
"It's actually pretty hot." he admitted as he readjusted himself in his pants.

"Get used to it love, I'm going to only be doing weights from now on."
Alex just gave him a sly smile as she walked away to get some water.
Her legs felt a bit shaky, but she managed to get a pretty normal walk going with her exhausted legs.

Alex noticed there was a few other guys trying to be subtle about checking her out as she walked over to the water dispenser.
Clearly Jason wasn't the only one impressed.

She felt really hot, and not just from the workout.
Alex wondered if she was actually enjoying the new attention.
She definitely liked this pumped up feeling in her arms and legs.

They both did another few exercises to just get Alex more familiar with everything and then called it a day.

End or part one.
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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Great start!
Title: Chapter 1 - Part 2
Post by: bstretcher20 on December 13, 2019, 05:46:41 am
Chapter 1 - Part 2
Jason and Alex continued their new regime for the following month.
Alex would join him on all the machines he did and they actually started pushing each other to go to heavier weights each time.
She would always wear her tight fitting gym pants, now preferring the shorter ones that showed off her toned legs and equally tight fitting tank-tops.

It was Friday evening and Jason and Alex had just finished their usual workout routine.
Alex was still on the weights and had made great improvements lately.
Her stomach was completely flat and even had a feint line down the middle between her abs.
Her boobs looked more perky than ever and her arms were getting some nice definition.

She had a perfectly round but that was accentuated by her narrow waist and her legs had really good definition.
Her hamstrings made a nice curve from the base of her glutes and flowed down into well-defined calves.

Lately Alex had been going to the parlor to get her finger and toe nails done weekly. She was a lot more conscious of her appearance since she started working out and now wanted to always look her best. She had also started to wear her hair in a ponytail more often.

She was coming out of the shower when she noticed there was a really buff guy in the ladies change room!
On second glance, it might actually be a woman...
She was staring at a mass of naked muscle, very tanned naked muscle.

It was difficult to tell. All she saw was a hulking figure from behind bent over a bench busy drying his or her hair.

As Alex was standing there dumfounded, the figure stood upright and dropped the towel letting her platinum blond hair drop down her back.
It was a woman!

Alex had never seen a woman so muscular at the gym, never mind up close and personal like this.

The woman turned around and smiled at Alex, clearly not bothered in the slightest about her nudity.
She had a strong jaw-line and sharp nose.
Alex jugged her to be almost as tall as Jason at 6 feet.
This woman had the appearance of someone that was pretty in their youth, but the masculine features and pronounced jaw-line made her appear very serious masculine.

"Hi there, I'm Gwen." the naked beefcake said in a nasal voice while extending her hand.

"Uhh, hi, Alex." she managed to croak back.

"Lose something over here?" she said making a sweeping motion at her body.

"no, uhhhh, sorry!"

Alex looked away fast trying to find her gym bag while a blush graced her cheeks.

"That's ok, I get it a lot."
"I work really hard for this body, so it’s nice when people appreciate it."

This woman clearly had a lot of confidence and admiration for her own physique, Alex thought as she found her bag and started getting dressed.

"I haven't seen you around here before, when did you join?" Alex asked trying to make some small talk.

"This is my first week here. Me and Greg moved here recently and needed to find a new place to work out."

"Greg's your husband then?"

"Yes, we both compete in the local and national bodybuilding competitions.
You might have seen us around."

Alex wondered if Jason was in the men's room busy going through a similar experience this very moment.

"You know, I could get you some quality supplements, the kind you don't get here at the local shops."

"Yea, sure, thanks. I'm not really looking to take anything at the moment."

"Fair enough, but when you reach a plateau with your training, you know who to talk to."

Alex had her pants on and was busy closing the clasp of her bra around her firm B-cups when she turned back to Gwen who was standing in a super hero pose with her hands on her hips and one leg on the bench.

"Normal training can only get you so far, and then you have to start taking the good stuff to stay in the race with the pro's.
I'm open about it, Greg as well. Why should we be ashamed of hiding our hard-earned bodies."

Alex couldn't help but admire the scene in front of her. She'd never been attracted to other woman before, it was just fascinating seeing a woman of Gwen's build, up close like this.

She noticed that Gwen had really small and deflated looking tits sitting atop very manly pecs that cast shadows on her 6 pack.
Gwen had what appeared to be some stubble leading from her lower abs into a bushy looking landing strip.
But Alex also noticed something sticking out of her bush!
Gwen had the largest clit Alex had ever seen. It must have been sticking out at least an inch between her legs.

Probably the steroids or whatever this woman is taking, Alex thought.

"You have a pretty little body yourself, you know?
Good potential" Gwen continued, unaware of Alex busy looking her over as well, or if she was aware, she didn't appear to care much.

"You think so? Thanks."

Alex had been getting a lot more attention from Jason lately and had plenty of guys at gym checking her out, but it was slightly flattering receiving that compliment from someone with Gwen's stature.

"Hell yea, maybe we could hit the weights sometime if you’re up for a proper workout."

"Haha, yea I'll let you know."

Alex was gathering up her stuff and ready to leave. This Gwen was really forward and slightly intimidating with her hulking mass of muscles and tree trunk legs.

"Great! See you tomorrow."
Gwen extended a hand to her.

By instinct Alex shook the hand and was surprised by the strong grip.
She could see the veins on Gwen's wrist lead into more on her prickly forearms.

"Nice meeting you." Alex tried being polite even though the whole experience had been on rather strange.

Alex joined Jason outside the gym and he asked if she was ok.

"Your face is still red and you look flustered. Are you sure your fine?"

"Yea, I'm good, just had a hot shower."

'Why did I just lie to Jason about meeting Gwen, and why could I not get the image of the naked she-hulk out of my head?' Alex asked herself.

On the way home Alex continued to wonder over what Gwen had said about reaching a plateau with her training and what it must be like to have the strength that came with all those muscles. The thought of it did seem slightly appealing to her.
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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Very nice start, it will be interesting to see how you deal with this chance encounter, look forward to reading more........KARMA to you
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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Yeah, K+. Looking forward to reading what happens next!
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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Great start.
Alex will be the new partner for the competion and after that outmuscle him?

Be happy what you have in mind.
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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Really really great start and I'm anxious to see where you choose to take the plot Bstretcher !

You've got a great style of writing too.


Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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I like the beginning a lot. So much potential in direction and with sub stories. I think this is going to be a good ride! K+
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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I like the beginning a lot. So much potential in direction and with sub stories. I think this is going to be a good ride! K+

Yes, take your time, sub stories of the effects of her progress along the way are good, no need to rush to the end, unless you chose to.

Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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Great story. 

Love the concept of a women being reluctant to exercise, being persuaded by boyfriend/partner to join them at the gym, and they end up becoming more obessed then their partnet, and takes it quickly to extreme levels.  Wish there were more of this style.

Hope you continue with the story.
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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very nice beginning to the story:)
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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Good beginning. Karma for all!
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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 :sorry: great story so far looking forwards to more soon
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
Post by: phil123 on January 03, 2020, 06:19:35 am
Like to read when Alex outmuscle Jason in the gym. He is at his best lift and then she puts  on  some more weight.
Title: Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

"It will only be for 3 months babe, and then I'm back." Jason said as he hugged his sexy wife goodbye.

"Keep on going to gym every day and take the protein shake like I showed you."

"Gbeye love, I'll be fine, don’t worry about me."
"By the time you get back I'm gonna have killer abs!"

Jason was leaving for a business trip across country. His firm was sending him to manage a new branch that was opening for the next 3 months.
He had been on similar trips in the past and Alex had always managed, but he was worried that she might lose motivation for going to gym everyday if he wasn't there.

After Alex's encounter with Gwen, she had questioned her husband about the supplements he took. Jason had shown her the protein shake that he takes each evening after a gym session. Soon after that Alex had also started using the protein shake as she wanted to take her exercise routine to the next level.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Alex was driving back from the airport and heading straight for the gym.
She felt really guilty if she skipped a day at the gym.
Better to just get it out of the way now then I have the rest of the day to relax.

Once dressed in her tight yoga pants and tank-top she made her way to the treadmills for a quick warmup and then hit the weights!

Alex noticed that Gwen was over at the squat rack with a bunch of guys close by trying to act inconspicuous while ogling the heavily muscled woman.
And Gwen was quite a sight to behold.
She had a tight pair of orange shorts on and basically just a sports bra with her shoulder length hair pulled tight into a pony tail.
Alex was busy looking at her from behind but could only imagine that her 6pack and muscle cleavage was on full display from the front.

Gwen had to be squatting at least 120kg or 150kg, by Alex's estimates.

Alex wasn't planning on working out with buffy the weight slayer and made her way past to the Smith machine.

"Hey, where you off to cutie!" Alex heard as a firm grip closed on her shoulder.

'Was this woman lez or something? Doesn't she have a husband?' Alex wondered as she turned around to face the wall of muscle.

"Hi Gwen, what’s up?"

"Leg day is what’s up sugar. Join me." She said already turning to walk back.

Coming from Gwen, it sounded more like an order than a question.

Alex obediently followed her.

What followed for the next hour was some of the most brutal leg exercises that Alex had ever done.
Gwen kept on adding more weight for her on each exercise even if she could just about do 8 or 10 reps, and Gwen also believed in doing 4 sets instead of the usual 3 that Alex did when she was with Jason.

Turns out Gwen was squatting 150kg, that was way more than Jason even worked out with, but the craziness didn't end there.
Gwen also did pretty impressive loads on all the other equipment.
After doing squats, lunges, leg curls and extension, 2 types of exercises for calves Alex was beat and sweating hard.

"I think I'm done Gwen, I can't anymore."

"Good, we're just about done. Only leg press and left."

"No, I really can't anymore."

"That's cute."

Gwen proceeded to basically push Alex into the leg press machine and load it up with more than she has ever done.

"Let's go!" Gwen said releasing the handle holding the weights in place and nearly squashing Alex before she could catch it with her legs in time.

Alex only managed 6 reps before Gwen had to save her and pulled the weights the rest of the way up.
Alex was too exhausted to protest after that and they ended with 10min on the Powermill after the weights.

Back in the change room Alex peeled of her sweaty clothes and noticed a few more veins in her arms and lower legs that she hadn’t seen before.
Looking over to Gwen who had a network of veins all over her arms and legs and even her lower abs and pecs, Alex could see she still had some ways to go if she thought she had a lot of veins.

They showered next to each other, Gwen again not seeming to care for the nudity while Alex tried to let go of her insecurities.
After the showers Alex started getting dressed while Gwen measured out some type of drink and took another few pills openly without a care in the world.

"What stuff are u taking Alex?"

"Just some protein shakes I go at home."

"Really, that all?" Gwen seemed surprised.

"Yea, Jason said that it should be more than enough for me with everything else we eat."

"Alright, but you want to get the maximum benefits of a workout like we had today right?"

"Uuuh yea, right." Alex agreed with what sounded like a very logical end-goal.

"Alright, check this out." Gwen said pulling her bag wider open for Alex to look inside.

Alex's eyes went wide as she saw a clear box containing probably 20 syringes with a light blue liquid in them.

"What is that!?"

"It's a new...supplement on the market. Currently on human trials and I am one of the participants for a study."


"Yea, totally safe. I can hook you up if you are looking for your own supply."

"I think I'm good for now."

Alex was ok with taking protein shakes, but steroids or whatever that stuff is was taking a step too far.

"We'll talk again in a few months." Gwen said with a wink.

Alex just frowned at her doubtfully.

Alex was stiff and sore like she's never been before the next morning.
She continued to work out with Gwen for the entire month while Jason was away.

Alex posted some photos on Insta in her workout clothes each week.
She had over 1000 followers already and it was an easy way to track her progress and show her hubby what she got up to.
Jason asked her about her new gym partner and she downplayed it a bit, leaving out the female bodybuilder and steroids part.

Another month went by and Alex was more in shape than she had ever been in her life.
The rigorous workouts with Gwen were paying off and she even started going for tanning sessions to get a golden tan.
Alex has a few permanent veins on her forearms and a noticeable bulge where her forearm became her bicep.
Her shoulders were starting to get a more round shape and she even had some slight bulging of pec muscles above her boobs.
Speaking of which, her boobs were more perky than ever, although slightly filling up less space in her B-cup bra's lately.
She was down to about 13% body fat, so she was content with losing some from her breasts if it left the rest of her body looking shredded.

She had the start of a 4 pack visible on her stomach and noticeable teardrop shapes above her knees where her quads were gaining in mass.
Her naturally well-shaped butt was sticking out like a shelf and her calves had nice sharp angles when she flexed them.

After working out with Gwen for almost 3 months Alex was no longer stiff and sore the day after.
Alex's gains had tapered off somewhat while Gwen on the other hand had just exploded with even more muscle.
But it wasn't just muscle, Gwen's skin looked stretched over her mass and she literally had veins all over.
From the thin ones pulsating on her neck to the ones as thick as hose pipes on her biceps and legs.

Alex had only tried talking to Gwen about her obvious abuse of performance enhancing drug regime, but Gwen had lost her temper with her and stormed off.
The next day after Gwen cooled off a bit they made up again and they were back into their old routine with Gwen being possibly a bit too much in Alex's personal space.
Gwen tended to always touch Alex on her hips or shoulders when she spotted her and sometimes even slapped her ass in a playful manner.
All the guys at the local gym knew Gwen and Alex and were always staring at them.
A few even tried their luck with Alex, but quickly got scared off by Gwen's imposing presence.

Jason was coming back in a week, and Alex was worried about what he would think of Gwen or if Gwen would even want Jason to train with them.

That day after their workout Gwen was hanging out naked in the change rooms and Alex was getting ready for a shower.
She had become relatively comfortable being naked around Gwen, even though she got the feeling that Gwen was also checking her out in a way similar to the other men at the gym. She swore she even saw Gwen's large clit swell up in the showers next to her, or maybe the thing has just gotten bigger lately.

Alex was half way to the shower when she stopped in her tracks to look at Gwen openly pull out a syringe filled with the blue liquid and jab it into her ass. As Alex was busy staring in shock at Gwen's careless display of doping at the gym she heard footsteps approaching.

Gwen looked up and noticed just too late and was face to face with one of the gym managers.
This is bad! Alex though and tried to hurry toward the showers.
The last thing she wanted was to get caught up with Gwen in some drug scandal and get banned from the gym.

She could hear arguing as she got into the shower stall.
Everyone already knew that they worked out together, what if they thought she was taking the stuff, or even worse, what if they thought they were dealing the stuff together and got the police involved!

"This is bad, this is real bad!"
Alex had a thousand thoughts running through her head and finished her shower without even realizing.

It was all quite as she got back to her locker.

'What happened to Gwen?'

Gwen was nowhere in sight, and thankfully neither was she gym manager.

Alex dressed as quick as she could and hurried out of the gym.
She spotted the manager that busted Gwen in the bathroom. She was busy on the phone and didn't seem to recognized Alex as she went out the door.

Alex signed from relief as she got into her car. Sha had made it, but what had happened to Gwen.
Thinking of it now, she didn't really know much about Gwen.
All they ever spoke about was training and nutrition and exercise techniques.
She knew Gwen was with Greg and they both were very serious about bodybuilding.

She looked over at her gym bag and noticed the zip was slightly open.
Pulling it open all the way she was greeted by 2 cases of the syringes that Gwen had been using!
'What the hell!?'

Gwen must have stashed it in my bag earlier.
This was crazy! What was she supposed to do with it now?
Alex resolved to take it home and hide it somewhere out of sight until she could track down Gwen and sort things out.
She was just about to message Gwen when she got a message from her.

'Had to run, going on a trip with Greg. I left you a supply of the supplements in case you change your mind about making some serious gainz.'

Alex was pretty suspicious about her sudden disappearance and all the drugs she left in her bag, but what could she do about it now?
She messaged Gwen back a few times, no reply.

At home she stashed the strange blue drugs way at the back of her closet.
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
Post by: dixon145 on January 09, 2020, 01:33:57 pm
Lo ve how this story is developing.  Looking forward to the reason Alex is tempted to use the blue drug, and how it effects her.

Keep it up
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
Post by: WapWap on January 09, 2020, 08:50:29 pm
I suspect those drugs won't stay at the back of the closet.  Great read!
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
Post by: FemaleMuscleStories on January 10, 2020, 03:35:34 am
love the buildup, can't wait to see what happens to Alex and how she transforms once she decides to use the drugs that Gwen stashed in her bag.
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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so at the end of the last chapter Alex is just a normal gym bunny?
Title: Re: Evolution of Alex
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I love the build up too!  Great characters and a good plot.  Keep it going, don't rush!  Great work, we all appreciate the time you've put into this!
Title: Chapter 2 - Part 2
Post by: bstretcher20 on January 17, 2020, 04:43:10 am
Chapter 2 - Part 2
-Later that evening across town-

Gwen and Greg were sitting in a car in a quite parking lot.
"Did you give that new bird at the gym the samples?" Greg asked.
Greg was just as muscular and large as Gwen, if not more so.

"Yea, she'll try it eventually and get hooked."

"Good, good. Now remember, just stay in the car and let me do the exchange."

"Fine, but I told you, I can do this myself by now."

"I know that, but we heard rumors of the feds cracking down on other dealers. I don’t want you getting in too deep if we get caught."

"We're in this together, like always."

Greg just looked at her and gave her a crooked smile.
He got out the car with a large duffel bag as another van approached their spot in the parking lot.

The black van parked right in front of him and the doors flew open.

"FBI! Get on the ground!"

A flood light came on and blinded Greg.
There were people rushing in on him from all around and he was showered to the ground and cuffed before he knew what was going on.

'Fucking Shit!, Set up by those bloody bastards!'

Greg looked back over his shoulder to see Gwen also getting dragged from the car and cuffed.

"You guys are going straight to jail!" A agent said to him as he was lying on the ground.

"Trading illegal drugs, where did you guys even get this shit? It's not even in Beta testing yet."

"I want my layer." Was all Greg said.
Title: Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

Jason and Alex both had a bit of a shock when seeing each other again face to face for the first time in 3 months.
Jason had not been able to work out much during his time away and Alex had been working out every day with increased vigor.

Alex picked Jason up from the airport in very short jean shorts and a tight sleeveless top that accentuated her lean body.
She now almost always had her hair tied back into a pony tail and a nice healthy-looking tan from long hours next to the pool.
Her arms had really good definition and her shoulders really popped out from her biceps and triceps.
She often took to wearing a sports bra even while not at the gym because her boobs had shrunk some in the past few months. So much so that she no longer filled out a B cup anymore. This had bothered her initially, but her added muscle and low body fat percentage was what she got in return and she could live with that.
Her naturally great looking legs were just about perfect in every way with curves in all the right places.
Her glutes were amazingly round and firm that gave way to muscular thighs that still had a very feminine shape to them.
She was also wearing heals a lot more often to accentuate her calves.

Jason on the other hand had put on a  bit of weight recently and his rock hard abs were now hidden beneath a layer of fat and his arms and legs had lost some definition. Overall he was just more average looking and wouldn’t turn too many heads at the gym or beach, unlike his wife.

"Ally! Wow you look amazing!" Jason could hardly believe this was the save woman that had almost no interest in a gym a few months ago.

"Thanks, can you notice a difference?" Alex playfully joked.
She did a twirl in front of Jason showing off her sexy body.

"I'm so glad that your back. You look tired." Tired was the only way Alex could politely describe Jason's pudgy form.

"I really am. It's been hell and I might have to go to another branch that's opening soon. Probably another few months away from home."

"Don't worry about that now. Your back for the time being and that's all that matters. Let’s get you home."
Alex easily lifted 2 of his bags off the ground, one in each arm.

"Those are heavy, let me help you." Jason said walking after his wife.

Jason was still trying to wrap his head around how fit Alex looked. She was obviously much stronger as well if she could carry his bags with such ease.

"It's ok I got this. So what did you want to do today? We got the whole day and weekend ahead of us. I was thinking we could go gym together later today."

"Yea, sure sure, but could we maybe stop by Burger King on the way home? I'm starving, and the airplane food was crap."

"Uuuhh.. yea alright." Alex replied frowning. The Jason she knew from 3 months back would hardly ever want to eat fast food.

"I didn't get much training done, but you seem to have trained enough for the both of us." he joked.

"Basically every day now, and I mostly do weights and some light cardio." Alex said sounding like she was merely stating facts instead of bragging.

"How’s that new woman you've been training with? What's her name again?"

"It's Gwen. Been alright, she had to uuuh, leave for a while now, so I'm not sure when you’ll get to meet her." Alex felt a bit nervous about Jason finding out too much about Gwen's recent activities and how much of a muscle head Gwen actually was.

"No worries, I'm just glad you found someone that could help you stay motivated while I was away."

'That's one way to describe it.' Alex though to herself.

"Yea, you know, I might even have gotten stronger than you my love." Alex said with a sexy smile.

"Haha sure, but I'll be back in top form again in no time."

Jason was too full, and tired from his trip to join Alex in gym that day, and the rest of the weekend in fact.
Jason only managed to get himself back in the gym the following week, and even then he did not have much energy.

Alex was nearly lifting as much as he usually did and he had to dial it back slightly on the weights until he got back into things again.
Jason was totally amazed by the transformation his wife had gone through.
Gone was the soft Alex that he once had to plead to go to gym with him, replaced by an Alex that went to gym every day and trained like a beast.

Alex had really good form on all the exercises and had taken to wearing very revealing clothes to gym, or perhaps they simply seemed revealing because she was bulging out of them. He short gym shorts just barely covered her ass and she had started wearing something similar to a sports bra as a top wile lifting weights.

Jason meanwhile, stuck to normal shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt, just until he felt confident again in his own body.

Their sex life was better than ever and they did it nearly every day since Jason got back.
Alex had always had a healthy sex-drive, but recently she was insatiable and Jason had trouble keeping up.
Jason was attracted to every part of his wife and she was literally what he had fantasied about in the past, although he did notice her boobs had shrunk a little and she now had some pectoral muscles sitting above them.
Jason could not complain though because the rest of her body was as fit as a pro athlete, and he loved that Alex even kept her hair and nails so well groomed.
Her pubic area was still shaved into a neat landing strip leading to her tight pussy.

With Alex's increased energy levels she was on top much more often now in the bedroom. She would ride Jason's 5 inches of man meat like a mad woman until she loudly climax on top of him. Jason was all too happy about letting her take the lead and do some of the work in the sack.

Their lives seamed better than ever and Jason was living the dream with his smoking hot wife, but then he got the news he was dreading he might.

"I got news from work that they need me at another branch for some time, I have to leave tomorrow." Jason told a very disappointed Alex.

"But you've only been back for 2 weeks! How can they expect you to leave again for another 3 months?"

"It sucks, I know but it's only for a short time and then I'm back for good hopefully." Jason tried putting a positive note to it, although he had his doubts.

Alex sighed loudly and then just hugged Jason.
He hugged her back feeling her hard body press into his.
Things were just getting back to normal and now he had to leave his smoking hot wife again.

"Don't overwork yourself at the gym while I'm away, alright?"

"I won't, I've been killing it at the gym lately, but I don't think I'm improving much more."

Jason was slightly relieved to hear that. If she had kept on gaining strength, she really would outmatch him by the time he came back again.

"That’s ok Ally, you already have the perfect body, you have nothing left to improve on."

"I know, but it’s been such a rush every time I can lift a bit heavier, its' almost addictive seeing the results." Alex said excitedly.

"Just promise me you won't overdo it and hurt yourself. Do you still have enough of that protein shake left over?"

"I promise." Alex said trying to reassure Jason while in the back of her head she heard Gwen's voice telling her that she'd reach a limit that she could reach with normal training and nutrition.

"I finished that stuff long ago and went to the local shop to get some more." Alex said pointing to a very large container on top of the fridge.

Jason was pretty surprised that she was so into the stuff and even bought her own supply of protein.
It reminded him that he should also eat healthier this time while he is away because he won't have access to a gym for some time.

That evening they made vigorous love while Alex was on top again riding Jason for all he was worth.
Alex climaxed 3 times in the time it took her husband to cum once.
She hopped off her deflating member and laid down next to him on the bed.
Jason was breathing hard and sweating even though Alex had been doing most of the work, while she was not even breaking a sweat.

"Best goodbye sex ever!" He sighed loudly.

"I'm gonna miss Jason junior while your away" Alex said after some time, but Jason was already asleep.
Alex frigged her sensitive clit for one more quick orgasm before falling asleep as well.

The next day Alex dropped her husband off at the airport and they said their goodbyes.
Jason told her that he would be back in 3 short months.


After going to gym again for a week on her own Alex was convinced she had reached a limit of some kind.
She had continued training as intensely as she had with Gwen but never felt any stiffness after a workout and also never felt strong enough to increase the weights. Maybe it was all just in her head, she told herself but she could not shake the thought of the supplements that she had stashed in her closet the day Gwen disappeared.

She was alone at home and had just finished dinner. A bunch of chicken and rice with some steamed vegies.
She then took a long shower to think things through. She had been taking the protein shakes twice a day and was eating like a freaking monk, but had not made any significant gains like she did in the past.

Alex diligently shaved her entire body and left her usual landing strip above her mound.
She finished showering and stepped in front of the full length mirror to admire herself.
She really did have a knockout body and even had a nice six pack now, but not a bulging one like Gwen had had, but one that you get from just having a low enough body fat percentage and working out often. Her arms were buff for a woman and she easily had all the other woman at gym beat with her muscular legs. If she had to describe herself it would be that she resembled a short distance athlete, like a 100m sprinter. Strong and lean, but not too bulky.

'What if I just took one dose of the stuff, just to give it a try.' she thought to herself as she eyed her stuff in her closet.
There were 2 whole cases of the stuff. If there was so much of it then it was probably not very potent, she reasoned.

She made up her mind to take one of the doses, just to ger her out of her slump at gym.
She was enjoying the gains that she had achieved too much to stop improving after just a few months.

She checked the messages on her phone that she had sent Gwen one last time, but there was still no reply.
Gwen had all but disappeared.

She pulled out one of the syringes with the blue liquid in it.
There was a small label on the one side that just said HGH-Extreme.

'Well that doesn't explain much.' Alex said to herself as she took of the cap on the needle..

She jabbed the needle into her tight butt and pushed down on the plunger.

It felt a little hot as it entered her, but quickly faded away.
She stood around for a few minutes waiting for something to happen.

After 10min she started to feel something....
Alex felt her heart start to race a little and felt hot, but also full of energy.

She felt really pumped up and full of energy, like she had adrenaline flowing through her veins.
She did some pushups, just to use her energy for something.

After doing 50 in a row, she stopped.
Her arms usually started burning after 20 and she could never do more than 30 in a row, but now 50 felt like nothing.

She eyed her arms and could see her veins swell as they pumped her arms up.
'This stuff is crazy.' she said to herself smiling.

She decided to do some squats and again stopped after she lost count and could still not feel fatigued.
She could feel her pulse in her arms and legs now and was starting to sweat a little, but not from exhaustion just because she was getting hot.
She was still naked from the shower so didn't have any clothes to take off.

Still feeling hyped up she felt the need to move and do something, like she had some kind of sugar rush.
She jogged down to the basement where Jason had some weights lying around from the days he used to work out at home.

She grabbed two 15kg dumbbells in each hand, way more than she knew she could curl with and gave it a shot.
It was difficult as hell, but she managed 8 reps with each hand.

"This is crazy!" she laughed.
She'd never felt this strong.

She picked moved the old bench bar out and started packing some weights on the end.
With 10kg on each side and the bar adding at least another 10kg, she pushed out 10 reps with ease.

She then loaded another 5kg on each side and did another 2 sets.
Alex was on a buzz like never before. Beside for the enhanced levels of energy and strength she felt no other unwanted effects.
She was excited about the increased strength that she had and continued through as much of her usual routine as she could with the limited weights there was in the basement. All while being naked!

After 45 minutes of HGH-Extreme supplement fueled training, Alex was finally starting to tire.
She stood there sweating and naked in the basement looking over her pumped up body.

She could feel her muscles swell up with the physical exertion and she loved it. Her veins were protruding like never before and she could even flex her pecs individually if she crossed her arms and focused hard.

Her quads had a new line visible that she couldn't remember having before down the middle where two of the major muscles sat.
Her calves were rock hard when she flexed them and had a few extra veins flowing into them from her ankles.

She was still hot all over, but specifically her cunt which had started to get wet with more than just sweat.
Her pink nipples were also standing on attention. Giving them a brush she shuddered at their sensitivity.
She kept her one hand on her sensitive nipples while her other started tweaking her clit.

Her little love button was swollen and more sensitive than ever.
It wasn't very big, only a the size of the tip of her pinky finger and covered by a small hood, but she flicked it back and forth enjoying the feeling.
She sat back down on the bench and spread her legs wide.

She came within the first minute of flicking her clit and pulling on her nipples.
After bringing herself to another 2 climaxes she was thoroughly satisfied and exhausted.
She wondered if it was the injection she took that turned her on like this or the fact that she could lift more than ever and she was doing it naked.

Deciding to call it a night, she had another shower and hit the bed.

The next morning Alex woke up feeling better than ever and without a single aching muscle.
When she had first starting lifting weights she would be sore all over the next day, but she had none of that today.
The pump she had last night had faded but she swore her muscles looked a tiny bit bulkier.
Looking at herself in the mirror she appeared to be more shredded this morning and her veins were slightly more pronounced.
There was even a new small vein running from her abs into her groin.

Alex considered her choice to use the unknown supplement that she got from Gwen and how risky it actually was.
All things considered it turned out pretty great and she wondered if she could still perform like she did last night.

While debating her actions from last night she was brought back to reality by her grumbling stomach.
Her usual breakfast of oats, yogurt and 4 eggs only partially filled her this morning.
She had another 4 eggs and some bacon she discovered in the fridge before feeling full.

Getting dressed in her workout clothes she felt like being extra revealing today and chose her smallest sports bra and pants.
Ever since Alex was more fit and working out, she had started enjoying the attention she got from onlookers at the gym.
She noticed that her nipples were hard and making clear indentations in her top and she could feel herself getting randy at the memory of the previous evening’s activities.

At gym she killed it on every machine!
She broke all her personal records and had way more stamina than usual.
She got the same pump as the previous evening and could feel her veins pulsating after each set.
After benching 40kg for a few sets she could clearly make out her pectorals where they flowed from her collar bone down into her top.
Some guys at gym stopped what they were doing to stare at her flexing her pecs and watching her boobs bounce.
Granted, her boobs were on the smaller side, but it was still a sight to see!

Alex kept up her intense training for a full hour before calling it a day.
Her top and shots were partially see through from the sweat and she enjoyed the attention it got her.
Her nipples were still as stiff as ever and she had been aware of her clit also being erect since she had done the leg press machine.

In the change rooms she admired her pumped up muscles before getting in the shower.
She looked way more vascular than usual and did a few poses in front of the mirror.
In the shower the water sprayed on her sensitive nipples making it difficult to wash instead of just groping her sexy body.
She ended up playing with her swollen clit and nipples and had to stifle a scream as she came hard.
She had never touched herself like this in public, but she was just too damn horny not to!

She kept up training with the same intensity for the rest of the week and while she could lift heavier than before she had taken the first dose of the mysterious supplements, she could not increase the weights she exercised with each time, and this frustrated her.

That Sunday she had a long call with Jason when he had some time and they caught up.
Jason had not been eating properly and had again been too busy to exercise like he should.
Alex was worried that when Jason eventually came back he would be even more unfit and fatter than the previous time.

2 weeks after the injection, Alex was feeling like her energy levels just weren't the same anymore and while she had made some good progress the first week after taking the supplements, she was not feeling the extra pump anymore.
The need for more gains prompted her to take another dose of the HGH-Extreme supplement.
After a few minutes her energy levels started to spike and she had a workout session before hitting the shower and going to bed, but also had some time to frig her now almost constantly hard clit.
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Really excellent addition Bstretcher!  Good physical descriptions and some meaningful development in the plot.

I'm wondering if you can tell us more about how Alex and Jason feel.  Alex's feelings about her athletic progress, her loneliness, and her worries about whatever she might be worried about.  And similar with Jason, and also his long hours (or whatever is stopping him find a temporary local gym), his loneliness, his temptations, etc.  It is more planning, more thought, more words, more effort -- not a trivial thing for you to just do.  But if you can, it would enhance your already excellent story.

I'm really enjoying this story a lot, so please don't rush it.  ;)  I'd love for it to continue on for a few months.  (But of course you're the author and you're in charge.)

Again, really excellent addition!  We all really appreciate the effort and skill you've put into this.   :rock:
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Hope she got some more HGH-Extreme. Can' wait to read what happens when her husband get back home.
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Really loving this story and the dichotomy happening between Alex gaining muscle and taking the supplement, versus Jason’s weight gain and laziness.  I’m hoping we’re in for some good role reversal!

Looking forward to seeing more!
Title: Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

Alex had kept on taking the supplement and even increasing the dosage to once a week.
She had been making amazing improvements in her muscle mass and weight training at gym.
Jason was set to return soon from his trip today and was in for a big surprise as he had not seen his wife in person since he left, 3 months prior.
Alex had deliberately withheld the most revealing pics on her social media accounts to give Jason a big surprise when he got home.

Alex had also entered into amateur female bodybuilding competition on the advice from some other personal trainers at gym.

When Alex picked Jason up from the airport they were both in for a surprise.
Jason had gained some more weight, due to his bad take-out diet and lack of exercise but Alex waved him over as his face was left relatively untouched by his recent weight gain. The rest of his body was another matter though, and he had a soft layer of fat all over his body and a slight gut pushing out against his shirt.

Jason took a few seconds to recognize his wife waving at him. At first he wondered who this buff woman was until his brain made the connection.

"O my god! Ally! Wow you've changed so much." Jason said in pure amazement as he took in the sight before him.

Alex was a shade of golden brown from her now regular tanning sessions and was stretching the fabric of her T-shirt and shorts with her bulging muscles. Her face was more lean and serious looking, but her eyes were still the same beautiful eyes that Jason remembered. She had a network of veins covering her forearms and even on her calves. It was clear that she was someone that worked out often, and by Jason's standards already looked like a female bodybuilder.
Her tight shirt revealed the top of her cleavage, or rather her pectoral muscles now, as her womanly bust seems to have been almost completely replaced by firm muscle.

"I missed you so much!" Alex exclaimed as she embraced her husband tightly.

Jason could not miss the fact that his wife's voice sounded slightly more nasal than he remembered.

"You look drop dead gorgeous Ally, you must have been killing it at the gym lately?"

"You know it! I’ve been reaching new plateaus lately, hope you like?" She said as she placed her hands on her hips and gave a shimmy.

Jason just stared in amazement and could feel his pants starting to tighten.

"Let's get you home honey, you must be starving for something different than fast food."

"Definitely" Jason agreed as they starting heading towards the car.

"I might have been indulging a bit too much in bad food while on my trip, I think I picked up a few."
He said lightly patting his pooch.

"Nonsense, you'll work it off again soon enough at gym."
Alex downplayed the pudgy status of her husband’s body, but knew that he would be back in shape soon, now that he was home.

They caught up on the way home while Jason kept on staring at his wife that now had a super fit body that completed all his fantasies he always had.

At dinner that evening Alex surprised her husband again, by eating more than him.
She joked about it saying that her new muscles had to get fed properly.

Getting ready for bed, Jason was still sporting a stiff one while in just his boxers while Alex was wearing just a skimpy sleeping shirt that revealed her rock hard nipples and muscular quads.
He thighs were now larger around than his own and made of pure sexy muscle.

"Babe, you look absolutely amazing! Jason complimented her for the hundredth time that evening."

"Thanks love, I can tell." She said feeling up his boner through his boxers.

Jason started lifting her shirt over her head, but she stopped him and dropped down to her knees and took his stiff 5 inches in her mouth. Jason's 5 incher was just about average but had always left her satisfied in the past and was just the right size to suck off without it causing her to gag.

"Aaah yes! That’s it!" he groaned.
"It's been so long, I forgot how great this feels."

Alex was really going to town on her lovers cock now. She had one hand on the base of his member retracting his foreskin, while bobbing her head back and forth over the head and shaft.

The plan was to do this for a little while to get him going before moving on to proper sex, but Jason came all too quickly after not even a full minute.

A quick flash of disappointment passed over Alex's face.

"Sorry love, it’s been a while and you really got me going with your amazing oral talents."

"That's alright." she said standing up and moving towards the bed.
"You can return the favor."

Jason was happy to oblige and followed her to the bed and started pulling her shirt up.
She grabbed his hand and held it in place with a worried look on her face.

"You know I've changed somewhat in the past 3 months, my body might be different than you remember." Alex said with some measure of worry in her voice.

Jason could guess she was probably talking about her boobs, he could tell that they were somewhat smaller than the B-cups he remembered.

"Don't you worry about that, you have a crazy hot body and I love all of you as you are."
It was true that Alex did have the muscular body that he had fantasized about in the past, and if her boobs had shrunk a bit that was something he told himself that he could live with.

Shrunk, might have been an understatement Jason thought to himself as he removed her shirt.
She had barely and breast tissue left!
Her bulging pecs stood out high and firm from her upper chest but that was about the only thing left resembling boobs, besides for her erect nipples. Her upper body resembled that of a fit man more than a female now.

Jason lowered his eyes to her rock hard six pack and the few veins leading down into her groin.
Alex could tell from the grin on his face that he liked what he saw.

He started sucking on one of her achingly hard pink nipples and was rewarded with a guttural sound of approval coming from his wife.
She had always made more high-pitched sounds during their love-making sessions so this new sound was surprising to him.

"I need you here, now!" She said as she started pushing his head downward.
Was she actually head pushing him now?! This was a first.
Alex had always had a sensitive clit but was never this forward with her requests for cunilinges.

Jason was confronted with another revelation before he had time to contemplate her last action.
It was her clit! Jason remembered a cute little marble at the top of her slit, but what he was staring at now was a 2 inch member that poked almost straight out! It had a little hood and resembled a tiny penis that was pulsing with the beat of her heart. It had to be one of the largest clits that Jason had ever seen.

She pushed his head into her snatch while he was still thinking about if he should lick the thing or suck it like a cock.
His nose was pressed right into her bushy landing strip and she smelled of sex.
He decided to start sucking, much like you would a penis and from the sounds his wife made he knew that was the right move.

He used his lips and tongue to stimulate her clit as much as he could, and applied some suction from his mouth.
Shortly after, she came loudly and Jason could feel her clenching her solid glutes under his hands.
He didn't let up and after another wet climax she fell backwards onto the bed.
Her clit released from his mouth with an audible pop and seemed even more swollen and large now as it stuck out like a red flag from atop her pussy as she lay flat on the bed.

Jason was going to have to wrap his head around this. His wife had always had a sensitive clit, but was never this fully satisfied from just clitoral stimulation. He also thought about whether it was weird to be giving his wife the equivalent of a blow job now that her clit was larger, much larger.

After washing his face, he returned to bed meaning to ask her how her clit got so large, but she had already passed out and he decided to join her.
Jason made a mental note to read the label of that protein shake thoroughly to be sure there weren't any strange hormones in it.
Besides for her now large clit and lack of boobs, she did have a stone-cold knockout body that he was in love with more than ever.

The next day when Jason woke up he could already smell breakfast cooking.
"Ally, honey you up already?" he called out. He knew the answer but was hoping for coffee in bed.
Jason had gotten used to a more laid back lifestyle without much strenuous activity while he was on his business trips.

As he had hoped, his gorgeous wife entered their bedroom with coffee in hand.
She was wearing just a cooking apron and nothing else!
Jason was still amazed at how muscular she was actually becoming.
Her thick thighs were visible around the sides of the apron and there was absolutely no jiggle behind the chest area of the apron, or anywhere else on her body for that matter.

Her hair was up in a tight pony tail and she smile at him as she placed the coffee on the night stand next to him.

"Morning my lover!" she purred into his ear.
"Someone had naughty dreams." she winked at him and took hold of his morning wood through the sheets.

"Hmmmmm, I think they were about you my sexy wife."

"O really! and which part of me would that be?"
Alex proceeded to climb on top of him and removed the apron.
She stretched her arms above her head, which turned into a casual double bicep pose revealing twin peaks of bulging muscles.

"Definitely these!" he said as his started feeling up her buff arms.
"And these also." He ran his hands over her abs and luscious thighs.

She had her eyes closed and a shiver went through her body as Jason was feeling her up.
She could feel some moisture gathering on her slit already.

"Let me take care of this for you."
Alex pulled down the covers to reveal his raging boner and impaled herself on it in one go.
Her strong legs made short work of pitoning up and down on his member.

Jason's eyes were darting all over the scene in front of him. He couldn’t decide on where he wanted to focus.
Meanwhile, her eyes were closed and her head thrown back with a look of pure bliss on her beautiful face.
Alex placed her one hand on the headboard above him to steady herself.
This positioned her firm chest right at his eye level, and Jason got flashbacks of when this position would put her soft boobs right in his face, but now he had to lean forward slightly to get access to her stiff nipples that were on a muscular chest without much boobage to speak of.

Alex was riding him hard and fast now. Her grunts were outmatching his own and he noticed again that her voice sounded different.
By the time Jason climaxed, Alex had already come 3 times, creating a wet patch on his crotch on the process.
She would appear to be lubricating slightly more than he remembered as well.

"Best morning sex ever!" She exclaimed as she dismounted and headed back to the kitchen.
"Breakfast is ready in 5!" she called back to him.

Earlier that morning Alex had again taking her secret supplement, down in the basement away from prying eyes.
It kicked her libido into overdrive almost right away and she had to get herself off once before starting breakfast.
She had decided to keep this secret from Jason for the moment. She wasn't so sure if he would approve, but the gains were just to irresistible to stop using it just yet.
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another amazing chapter! keep up the good work
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great work, can't wait for more......... Karma to you
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It sounds like someone is about to find his proper place, beneath his muscle goddess.  Great writing!  Karma+
Title: Chapter 4 part 2
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Chapter 4 Part 2

A week passed with Jason being home before he eventually joined her at the gym for the first time.
He had complained about jet-lag the first few days and after that it was just pure laziness, but today Alex had gotten him to the gym.

Alex was one week out from her bodybuilding competition and was going all out at the gym in preparation for it.
She was going all out in the bedroom as well. Jason was having a hard time keeping up actually.

Alex was busy loading 20kg onto either side of the bench press bar in her usual workout clothes, which consisted of very tight shorts that just barely covered her tight ass and had a visible bulge in her crotch. She had stopped wearing proper shirts to gym some time ago and now merely had a small training bra on that made it obvious that she no longer had perky b-cup boobs.
Her muscular pecs were doing a good job lately of filling up her tops somewhat making it appear as if she does still have some womanly assets there, but the firm lines of her upper pecs told a different story.

She was permanently tanned now from her daily tanning sessions and always had her long brown hair in a high ponytail.
There was also some visible stubble on her lower abs that became more noticeable if she skipped shaving for a day or two.
At least her golden brown skin made this less obvious.

Jason had opted for tracksuit pants and a loose fitting t-shirt in an attempt to hide his pudgy figure.

Jason was staring at the weights with raised eyebrows. His wife was busy packing on weights that he himself had once exercised with, and probably more than any other woman at the gym could lift.

She laid back on the bench and repped out 10 with relative ease. With the added weight of the bar it had to be around 60kg.
"Add another 5kg on each side, would you?" Alex asked rather assertively in her deeper voice.
Jason had just gotten used to her strange new voice when in the last week it had deepened even more. It was definitely still the voice of a woman, but far different from the voice she had 6 months ago.

"Sure thing." Jason complied and added the weights.

This time Jason made sure to spot her properly and stood on the step to get right above her with his hands close to the bar as she started lifting it.

Alex lifted this with ease. He pecs and shoulders had visible striations as she lifted and there were a few veins that popped out in her neck. This did not go unnoticed by Jason.
There was actually a few other people at the gym that were also enjoying the show.

Alex was the envy of many other woman in the gym and had earned the admiration of many of the heavy lifters.
Alex re-racked the bar after 8 reps, startling Jason out of his daze.

"Impressed?" She asked him.

"Definitely!" he replied trying to pick his jaw up from the floor.
"How did you get so strong in such a short while, it's insane!"

"I train hard and eat right, and I train hard in the bedroom as well." She winked at him.

"Fine then, keep your secrets." Jason replied blushing slightly about the bedroom comment.

She pulled out a few poses while admiring herself in the mirror.
Jason marveled at her muscular physique and how wide her back was looking.
Alex gave a smile to some of the onlookers at the gym. She was definitely enjoying the attention, even if some of the people saw her as too buff for a woman. It didn't matter to her and she was still not close to the goal she had for herself in her head.
All the attention got her exited and she could feel her pussy pulsing with heat from more than just the intense workout.

"One more set then it's your turn."

"Sure, sure." Jason got ready above the bar again, but then noticed his wife loading up another 5kg on each side.

"You sure about this Ally? It's pretty heavy."

Alex just frowned at him and got onto the bench and proceeded to do 8 reps with what appeared to be the same ease as the previous set.

"Will you trust me next time? I kinda know what I'm doing here honey." Alex said to her husband in all seriousness.

"Yea, definitely!" He answered quickly still feeling amazed at what had just transpired.
"I'm just surprised, that all."
This was just one small example of how Alex was being more domineering lately with him.
With what he had just witnessed, she might already be stronger than him.

"No worries hun." She smiled back at him changing her demeanor to her friendly self.

Jason got down on the bench after placing down his towel.
With 30kg on each side of the bar and the other 20kg that the bar added, this was his usual working out weight.
At least it was a couple of months back before he let himself go somewhat.

"Here we go!" he breathed to himself and lifter the bard up with Alex guiding it from above.

'Not too bad he thought to himself.' That was, until Alex let go and he felt the full weight of the bar.
He lowered it much faster than he had planned on doing and took a full 3 seconds before he could push it all the way off his chest again.

Alex didn't help him all, but kept her hands close by in case he got stuck.
Jason could hear some sniggering from close by and could feel the sweat on his forehead as he pushed with all his strength for the second rep.

He sighed loudly as he eventually got his second rep up.
Jason decided to rather rerack the bar and perhaps go a bit lighter.

As embarrassing as it was, he would not be able to finish a proper set with the current weight.

"Uhhhh babe, you ok there?" she asked.

"Yea, it’s just a bit heavier than what I want to start with. I haven’t been here for a while, you know."
He admitted reluctantly.

"Of course" she agreed as she took the 5's off from the bar while hiding a small smile.
"Take it easy, you can't push yourself too much on your first day back."

"Yea, give me the 20s on either side to warm up with."

Jason then did a set of 10 reps with great difficulty with the new, lighter weight.
He pretended to be in pain to relieve some of the embarrassment from other onlookers.
He rotated his shoulder a few times, stretching it, all giving a nice show of someone lifting above their weight while pretending to slack off because of some fake old injury.

Alex played it cool while actually enjoying the power shift that was taking place.

A similar scene played itself out for the next 45min on various other equipment around the gym.
Jason was realizing that he was in worse shape than he had imagined and that his bombshell wife might actually be stronger than him now.
Alex had definitely learnt a thing or two about training since they had worked together previously.
Her form was excellent and she was definitely enjoying herself.


"And your, just taking the protein powder and pre-workout at the moment?" Jason was asking her on the way back from gym.

"That and just some vitamins and stuff, you know." she answered hoping to be able to hide her secret for a time longer.

"I'm just worried that you might be taking stuff that's not healthy for you. I mean, your body is insanely hot, but your gaining muscle like crazy and... the other stuff..."

Jason paused, hoping that Alex would pick up on his hints about her increased hairiness, her voice and possibly even her larger clit.

"Don't you like the new me? I kinda know you do. Your always staring at me, and the sex is better than ever.

“I do!” He quickly answered. “I will always love you and your body.”
His answer was followed by a long silence as he stared at her.

Alright, fine!" Alex decided that she might as well tell Jason the truth, or part of it anyway.

"I took this supplement, a while back with that trainer that I used to work out with. It was just one time, but I think that gave me a nice boost. It was just once and I haven't done it again. I guess it's still just in my system and takes some time to wear off."

"What!? How do you know the stuff was safe or what was even in it?" Jason raised his voice.

"It was like weeks ago and nothing has happened to me since then, so I don't know why your so upset about it."

"Taking some drug that you don't even know is risky stuff babe, who knows what could be in there."
“I feel better than ever and my training is going well, you saw that first hand today.” She defended her side.
Jason was running his hands through his hair and seeming to calm down a bit.
He wasn’t really that upset, more worried than anything else.

"I guess, your still alive and healthy so it's probably ok now, as long as you don't take any more. Thanks for telling me. I know you got the competition coming up and you want to be in top shape, but I think you already got most of the other ladies beat by this point."

"Probably, but this will just be the minor leagues. I want to win some pro competitions after this one if I can, and make some more gains. I hope you’re going to be ok with that because I'm not gonna stop working out anytime soon." she replied in a serious tone.

"I know, and you know that I totally love your figure, I've always had a thing for muscular woman." he confessed.

"I've noticed." She said resting her hand on his thigh, and then sliding it up to his crotch where he was already sporting a semi that he had gotten at gym already.

Jason decided that as long as she was still healthy and if she only took the drugs that one time that the few side-effects would be limited to what there already was, that he was ok with everything. Slightly more hair in her pubic area and lack of boobs wasn't the end of the world. He was definitely still very much attracted to his wife's new body.
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Like the story and like reading how she outmuscles Jason.
What other side effect does the HGH have?
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Great story, I hope she asks him to compare their measurements and size at some point to really understand how much she has grown and how much bigger she is getting than him !
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Love this story; the slow buildup is so realistic.  Hope you keep the loving couple theme even as she grows and grows; too many guys in these kind of stories get turned into wimps or ground to a pulp; hard to identifiy with that.  Great great job.
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Chapter 5

It was the morning of Alex's bodybuilding competition and she was busy getting ready at home with Jason.
Jason had only joined her at gym once more following their first workout together and was easing himself back into it, while Alex was in the best physical condition of her life.
She had also taken one more shot of the HGH-Extreme supplement in secret.

Alex was busy shaving her legs in the shower, something which she had to do a bit more often now as her hair grew back faster than before she started using the supplements. Her hair also came in much darker now and was becoming more noticeable, even on her forearms.

"Help me shave this one area will you?" she asked Jason as he stepped into the shower.

"Uhh yea sure." he agreed to the request.
Jason had no objections to shaving part of his wife's body, it was just the first time she had ever asked for help with it.
He had noticed that his wife was a bit more hairy all over lately, but she kept it shaved pretty well so it was never an issue.

"Here you go." She handed him the razor and turned her back to him.

"Ok. So where am I shaving exactly?" he asked a bit confused as he stares into her muscular back.
Jason might have been imagining it due to the fact that his wife's back was so much wider, but she seemed slightly taller as well.

"So you have to shave my lower back, aaand my ass." she stated plainly.

"Alright." he answered slowly. looking as her lower back to see a few tuffs of short hair, and lower to where she had some peach fuzz on her but.

Jason used some soap and water to make quick work of the hair and marveled at how perfectly round and firm her glutes were.

Once her was done, she turned around to face him and he was greeted with by her erect clit that was now at his eye level where he was crouched in the shower. Her clit was now a solid 3 inches when erect like it was now, and was resembling a small penis more and more each time he was confronted with it. Her whole pussy appeared to be more meaty overall and her lips were a dark brown colour and protruded out slightly below her clit. Alex was also sporting an unruly bush of a landing strip above her pussy that lead into a treasure trail going all the way up to her navel.

"Enjoying the view down there?" She remarked as she noticed he was staring.

"Looks like someone is excited."
Jason had noticed that Alex's clit was erect now more often than not and her libido was higher than ever.
He had been sucking her clit almost on a daily basis and she had been requesting oral almost more than regular intercourse lately.

"Help me shave my front and then we can have some fun." She said as she instructed him on how to shave her.
After shaving her bare, save for the slim landing strip above her pussy, she started pushing his face into her pussy signaling she wanted him to pleasure her.

He took her throbbing clit into his mouth and worked his magic. In the past week he had started moving his head back and forth over her big clit as opposed to only using his tongue, like he did in the past. It was feeling more and more like giving head to Jason, than eating out a pussy and he was still unsure if about how it all made him feel.
There was definitely a role shift happening between the two of them.

With his one hand roaming her firm buttocks, Jason used his other to reach down to his own throbbing member.
He could not escape the thought of comparing his own 5 inches of dick to his wife's now 3 inch clit. It was frightening and erotic to think about it.
Her erect clit was about the size of his flaccid member but still more slender.

After satisfying her in the shower she hopped out and started drying her hair while Jason was left to finish himself off.
Alex seemed to have forgotten to take care of his needs, but she did have the big show today, so he played it off as her being a bit preoccupied with bigger things.

After drying off Alex practiced a few more poses in the mirror and started to pack her things for the competition.
Alex pulled up her panties and noticed how visible her erect clit stood out against her underwear. Her clit was so sensitive all the time and lead to many impromptu masturbation sessions. If she was honest with herself, she did enjoy the new sensations her enlarged clit brought her and feeling up her new physique always turned her on. She did miss her luscious boobs at times, but they would have looked a bit out of place on her muscular torso, and besides, her bulging pecs were making up for them with the ever increasing mass.

She could always get some implants later down the road if she wanted. She just wasn't a fan of the bolted on tits look.


A few hours later they were back stage at the Olympiad stadium prepping for the first round of judging.
Alex was already wearing her red posing suit, which was basically just a type of bikini.
She was backstage busy pumping up with all the other contestants. She could clearly see the difference between the armatures in her division and the more professional bodybuilders. She even considered herself to be more on the pro side than most of the other woman.

"I think you got these ladies beat babe." Jason said holding out the tanning oil for her.

"You might be right about that." she said with the confidence of someone who knew they had an advantage.
"Go ahead and rub me down with that." she ordered nodding towards the oil he was holding.

"Sure thing."
Jason was feeling really distracted and turned on by all the muscular ladies around him. It was something out of a fantasy for him from his teenage years.
Feeling up his sexy muscular wife as he was rubbing oil on her was also not helping conceal the situation developing in his own pants.

"That should be enough. " Alex stopped him as he started lingering on her defined quads.
"Don't want to get me too worked up do we?" she winked at him.

"Sorry, I got a bit carried away. It just feels so good touching all these muscles."

"You don't have to tell me about it."

Alex gave herself a once over in the large mirror to make sure she was all set.
Her veins were really popping into view after warming up just now and the tanning oil did a great job of accentuating her muscularity.
Her quads showed the individual major muscles even without her flexing them and they now rubbed against each other when she walked. She was always gifted with good genes that gave her nice round calves, but now they had sharper edges to them and led into slim ankles that looked almost out of place along with her small feminine feet. Alex didn't understand what the whole obsession with a thigh gap was anyway. She found it way sexier to have thick bulging muscles between her legs.

Alex's abs were also looking great with a definitive V-shape leading into her groin area. Her pecs had a dividing line even without her pushing her arms together and speaking of her arms, hers were looking better than ever. Her lats had started to push her arms out to the sides lately and her shoulders had a nice round shape that gave way to her large biceps. They stood out from her outstretched arm like a male gymnasts' and the veins on her forearms did a good job of making her arms look ripped. Her low body fat percentage also went a long way to give her body a mean looking appearance.

They announced that the women for her division make their way to the stage and Alex parted from Jason who wished her good luck one last time with a kiss.

Once on stage, Alex's confidence only grew as she could see the crowd staring at her in amazement and standing next to the other contestants left no doubt in her mind that she was the clear winner.

"Front Double Bicep" the judges announced.

Alex flexed her biceps until they hurt. Twin peaks rose on her arms. Perfectly round and bulging from the effort.
The crowd was cheering loudly and Alex was on a rush like never before. Who knew this is so exiting!

The other contestants on the stage did not look to be sharing her enjoyment as they nervously stole glances at her the whole time.

Jason was in awe of his hot wife that was dominating on stage. He could hardly believe this was the same wife of his from some months ago that didn't even want to go to gym.

"Front Abdominal & Thigh" came the instruction over the speakers.
Alex knew the other ladies didn't have a chance with this one, but she had a problem popping up that she had overlooked.
Her clit, which was partially tucked away into her posing suit until now, was not making itself known and starting to poke out against her posing suit. It being its current size, around 3 inches was putting it into the category of things that are not easy to hide anymore. All the leg flexing and excitement was making the blood rush into her lady boner and she just hoped the judges could overlook it.

It was difficult to see the crowd’s reaction due to the bright lights shining onto the stage and into her eyes.

By the time the judges called out the Most Muscular pose, Alex could feel some perspiration run down her temple and also had some moisture in her lower regions. There was no way of hiding her erect member at this point and she just pretended like nothing untoward was going on.
There were some murmurs in the crowed, but frankly, Alex was not really concerned. She knew she had these other woman beat in the muscle department and even took some pride knowing that her clit also outmatched all of theirs.
At least there was no drug testing in her amature division, and even if they did test, Alex was confident they wouldn't pick up on the secret supplements that she was taking.

Besides for the bulging muscles and obvious panty-buldge, there was no real doubt that Alex was still a female, so the judges could not disqualify her for a big clit. Her feminine face and long hair were still feminine looking and it was common knowledge in the industry that female bodybuilders took supplements that sometimes had side effects.

The crowd cheered very loudly and they contestants were led off stage.
Turning to walk off, Alex noticed that her clit was tenting the posing suit so much that there was almost a small gap visible on the sides of her crotch where the fabric was being lifted away from her body.
The other contestants gave her menacing jealous looks back-stage right before they all heard her number being called on stage again.

With no big surprise to anyone, Alex won her division and was even approached afterwards by a local gym that wanted to sponsor her for competing in the major divisions in another few months.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a flourish of interviews and people wanting to get to know her. At least by this point she had put on some more decent clothes, but her horniness was still on the rise.

Alex and Jason rushed home at the first opportunity they could get, and ripped each other's clothes off as soon as the front door closed behind them.

After Jason sucked her off to her first orgasm she threw him roughly on the bed and pounced on top of him pinning his arms above his head.
Jason struggled to free his arms and tried to protests but was silenced by her mouth on his, the raging hard-on that he was sporting was in clear contrast to his protests.
Alex starting riding him hard and fast with her pussy slamming down wetly into his abdomen. Alex was stroking her hard nipples with one hand and jerking her clit as much as she could while riding herself to 3 more orgasms, each more wet than the last with the final one leaving her actually squirting her lady juice all over her lover.

Jason was almost frightened by her animalistic love-making but could not keep his hands from roaming the muscular queen in front of him.
Alex passed out into a heap of muscles shortly after their love-making, while Jason went to the kitchen to get some water.

He started unpacking her gym bag for her while she slept and discovered an ominous looking syringe in her vanity kit.

'O my god! This must be that stuff Alex had told me about!'
Alex had not been very forthcoming about all the supplements that she takes on a regular basis.

Jason looked over the label that simply had the words "HGH-Extreme" printed on it.
'Whatever that means.' he thought.

Jason assumed that that there might be more of the stuff and decided to look around a bit.
He did eventually find her stash and sneaked into the spare bathroom with it.
There were still plenty of the syringes left and he had no idea how much Alex had used already.
Jason guessed that she probably used more than one dose like she initially claimed, but did he really care at this point?
He did love her new body and was more attracted to her than ever!
He made a metal note to confront her about it if she ever went too far with things in the future.

'I might as well take one dose myself, just to get back into things properly.'
He had been having a difficult time in the gym since getting back and was feeling properly outmatched by his wife's recent gains.

He pulled down his pants and dispensed the blue contents of the syringe into his butt and also pocketed another for possible future use, if he needed it.
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Oh, what a great turn at the end of the chapter, now the evolution of Jason, too. Wonder what else will get on him.........K+++
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Great story. Interested to see how Alex reacts to Jason using her gear, if his strength increases, will she take more to keep herself stronger? Hope you Continue soon
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Great to see the story continuing. Really happy with the pace and the originality.  Subtle new twists on old plot points.  And taking your time, not rushing to the end.

Really good work BStretcher !!! 

K++ all around.
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Hope he gets big, muscular and horny and pounds her into submission. Or when he has an orgasam inside her she gets even more muscular?
roid cum sounds so sexy
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Hope he gets big, muscular and horny and pounds her into submission. Or when he has an orgasam inside her she gets even more muscular?

Or even better it becomes a virtuous circle of cum and growth for both.
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And with his roids cum his roid proteins will make her even bigger.
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Chapter 6

Alex and Jason had decided to take a long weekend away to relax after all the work leading up to her first competition. They could also use some alone time to get to grips with their new lifestyle and Alex's drastic changes this past year.

It was the morning before their flight and Alex was staring at herself naked in the mirror while Jason was packing in the bedroom. She was really turning into a proper she-hulk lately. Her neck look thicker as she turned her head from side to side admiring herself.
'Is my jaw more pronounced or am I imagining things' she wondered.

Alex also noticed some peach fuzz on the sides of her jaw and upper lip.
'I'll have to start shaving that as well I guess, aww well, all worth it for these beauties.' she mused as she did double bicep pose raising her biceps up high enough to almost touch her ears.
Her veins were bulging out all across her tanned arms, even without flexing at all.

She flexed her muscular pecs one at a time, something that had become easier to do as her pecs increased in mass. Her chest was looking more masculine that ever, even more so than most males at her gym.
She had no breast tissue left at all and there was some annoying black hairs growing around her nipples that she shaved off now on a regular basis. Her nipples were browner in colour now than the pink they always were before she started taking the supplements.

Below her meaty chest sat a 6-pack that bulged with perfectly defined individual blocks, she didn’t even need to flex to get them to pop! They were covered in dark stubble even though she had shaved there just the day before. It didn't even bother Alex all that much. In fact, she found the hairy treasure trail that led down to her groin sexy. It made her feel like some sexy feline or something.

Her clit which had grown to 4 inches when erect jutted out below a dark bush. It stuck straight out rather than at the downward angle it always used to when it was smaller. Alex gave it a few strokes and it made her shiver with delight. When hard, like it was now she jerked it off just like you would a dick, it basically looked just like a dick and she took some pride in its growth. She liked the idea of having a larger member than all other woman at gym and even some men.

It didn't go unnoticed to Alex that her lady-boner was almost the size of her husband’s cock, but the smiled at the thought of overtaking him one day soon. It made her feel more like the alpha in the house if she could outmatch Jason in every department. Even with all her features being more manly than ever, she never thought of herself as manly, just a powerful strong woman that could dominate men in every aspect of physicality.

Alex was in love with her own body more than that of her own husband, more than anything else in fact!
She still loved him, despite his fading features and lack of progress in the gym and he did still make an effort to please her very demanding sexual needs.

At the same moment, Jason was in the bedroom busy packing and decided to capitalize on the alone time he had now. He knew that Alex could be a while if she was in there after a shower, she always spent a long time admiring her own features.
He had taken the mystery drug almost a week ago that Alex was using herself, but had seen little improvement, if any.

He removed his shirt and posed in the mirror. His body looked just as flabby as ever. He did a few poses and flexes, finding it difficult to keep his arms flexed for long and could see hardly any change to his pecs when flexing them. His pale complexion reminded him that he could also use a tan. Perhaps he should join Alex in her tanning sessions.
Jason had been going to gym with Alex more lately, but had not improved his weight training at all. He was struggling just as much as before and he did not have much confidence in his wife's supplement, but he did have one more syringe left that he had swiped when he found her stash.

'What the hell, might as well use this one as well before giving up on this stuff.' he thought to himself as he took out the injection and pulled down his pants.
After injecting the blue liquid into his butt, he checked out his completely flaccid member.
It seemed, smaller.

'Could it be? No ways....'
He quickly got out the tape measure to be sure.

He tried jerking himself to a full erection, but could only get partially hard without more stimulation or his muscle-wife to assist.
He measured himself at 4 inches!

'It can't be! I've always been a good 5 inches.'
Could it be the supplements?

Maybe taking the second dose was not the best idea. His heart was starting to race a bit now.
Jason consoled himself with the fact that he was not fully hard, and that he had not lost any length, but just needed to get properly hard to get to his proper length.
He heard Alex coming out of the bathroom and quickly pulled up his pants.

'I guess I'll have to finish this later.'


Alex and Jason had a quick flight to the coast that was relatively uneventful, besides for all the strange looks Alex received from passengers. Her bulging muscles and veins was drawing more attention lately and she loved it.
She would wear revealing clothing to show off her Greek god like physique.

After checking into the seaside hotel they unpacked and got ready to hit the beach.
Jason was in no particular mood to be walking around on a beach today.
He was feeling pretty self-conscious about his body, and seeing his flabby form stare back at him in the mirror did little to improve his mood.

Alex was having her own issue, although for other reasons. She was having a hard time getting her two-piece bikini to fit properly. Her top was visibly straining to cover her muscular chest and her nipples were barely hidden. The strings looked like they would snap at any moment and it looked comical to cover such a masculine chest in a bikini. She had also not shaved for a second day and that left her with visible black stubble on her chest.

Her bikini bottoms were also giving her problems. Her clit was still getting bigger each day as a side effect from the supplements she was taking and her bikini was doing little to conceal the big bulge she had. There was a trail of dark hair leading out of her full bush all the way to her navel. All the fumbling with the bathing suit and touching herself was turning her on and made her clit jump to attention. It pushed her bikini bottoms to the side and sprung out to a full 6 inches! It now resembled a proper penis with a bulging purple head and veins criss-crossing its surface.

"Damn Ally! When did that thing get so big?!" Jason exclaimed as he turned to face his half naked wife.

"I think I need a new bikini, or something..." she replied with her deep voice.

Alex tried to manoeuvre the bikini to cover her erect member, but it simply would not work to cover her large appendage.

"This isn't working." she said as she tore the flimsy material off her body and tossed it aside.
Her unburdened clit now stood out at a 45 degree angle from the ground. It seemed like its increased size was also affecting the direction it points when erect. At this rate it would be pointing to her chin in another few weeks.

"Be a dear and run down to the clothing store in the hotel and get me a men’s speedo."

"A what? A men’s speedo? Are you serious?"

Alex put her hands on her hips and stared him down.

"Yes, I don't think anything else will accommodate my new size anymore.
I'm in two minds about this top as well, but I'll keep it on for now."

Jason was still busy processing everything that was happening.
His wife's erect clit was huge and pointing at him like a meat pole standing at attention from her crotch.
Secondly, his wife's member was now probably larger than his own and that made him feel even worse about himself.
On top of his wife out-muscling him lately, now her clitoris was larger than his dick!

Looking over his wife, he noticed that they were standing eye-to-eye, which meant that she had gotten taller as well.

"What's wrong honey?" She asked bring him back from his inner thoughts.

"I duno..." he sighed putting his face in his hands.

"All these changes, it's just a lot to take in, and it's happening so fast."

"It's going to be ok Jason, let's just relax a bit and enjoy the weekend.
We can figure things out as we go.
I'm still the same wife you married, just with more muscles."

Alex flexed and relaxed the muscles in her arms and chest as she spoke to him.
She was feeling pretty calm, calm and horny!

"I love you Ally, and your amazing figure, but look how big your clit is getting, it’s probably bigger than my dick! And your voice has also change, I don't know if you've even noticed that."

Alex frowned at him and folded her arms over her tight chest.
"I’ve noticed!" she shot back in a voice that sounded even lower now.

"I've come to embrace my new body, all of it. Sure, there are some other changes that the supplement is probably responsible for, but I've come too far to quit now and you know what? I like the way I look, and sound, it makes me feel powerful and in charge.

And don't tell me that you don't like it, coz I can see your pitching a tent in your pants over there mister." She finish with a smile.

Jason looked down, and sure enough he was hard as a rock and nearly poking a hole in his shorts.

"You got me there, I confess that I do love your jacked-up body. I've always had a thing for muscular woman, and you are my fantasy wife, you know that. You're just, developing fast and, and.."

"And what?" She finished for him.
"Scary to know that your wife is packing more than you in the pants department? Or to know that she could do arm curls with you?

"Yes, alright." Jason admitted. "It's scary and sexy all at the same time, and you’re not packing more than me." He scoffed and turned partially away to try and hide the meager display in his pants.

Alex stepped over and grabbed Jason by the shoulders and spun him around.
Jason tried to resist but she was stronger than him.
She proceeded to yank down his pants in one swift motion before he could stop her and she stood upright with their members pointing to each other.

Alex's large clit or she-cock as it could more accurately be described as, actually pointed up higher than Jason's dick, which pointed straight out.
The difference in size was jarring!
Jason stared in utter amazement at his wife's 6 inch clit pointing up over his 3 and a half inch dick!
Alex smiled with pride as she noted that her clit was much thicker too and also had more veins on it making it look bigger and better in every aspect.

"No ways!" Jason eventually manged to croak out.
He looked at her and back down at himself in shock.
"What happened to my dick!?"

"It does look smaller babe, are you doing okay?" Alex asked, but was struggling to convey proper concern for her husband's shrunken penis.

Jason reached down pull his pants back up, but Alex quickly intervened and threw him onto the bed without his pants. Alex, consumed by desire jumped on top of him and pinned both his arms above his head.
She proceeded to start stroking her large phallus with one hand while holding Jason down easily.

"What are you doing, let go." Jason pleaded, but he was not strong enough to get her off.
Jason's own member was throbbing with lust-filed desire as his wife's hairy snatch started dripping moisture onto his abdomen. He was enthralled by the site before him as his wife pumped her large clit with a powerful arm.

Jason stopped resisting and decided to just enjoy the moment, as it was very sexy to him.
Somehow the humiliation of being less endowed than his muscular wife was turning him on even more, even if the voice in the back of his head insisted that this was not normal.

Alex had her eyes closed and was panting loudly now.
She was stroking her hard clit which looked so swollen and menacing. It looked just like a man's penis with a foreskin that was pulled back behind a red-purple head. Her clit was also much thicker than Jason's cock had ever been, even before it had started shrinking.

With Alex nearing a climax she released her grip somewhat on Jason and he could get one hand around his own throbbing member.
They both came at the same time. Alex squirting out a big load of girl-juice onto Jason's stomach while Jason felt his own meagre load spurt out of his shrunken dick.

They both just lay on the bed for some time relaxing and thinking their new relationship situation.

Jason explained to her that everything about her still turned him on and that he loved her no matter what, but he was going to need some time to come to terms with her new body, and all its features.

Alex also still loved Jason and was still attracted to him, even though he was not the same as he had always been.
She confessed to using the supplements on a regular basis and that she did not intend to stop until she was the strongest and biggest woman in the country. She also explained to Jason that she actually liked her new large penis-clit and that she didn't mind the added hair growth.

"Ally, I... I used some of your supplements as well." Jason confessed, feeling very ashamed and embarrassed as he looked down to his flaccid 3 inch member. He was now more of a shower than a grower, but having only 3 and a half inches when erect was not very impressive.

"I hoped to get some proper mass again, but the supplements don't seem to work the same on men. I also think that's what made my dick shrink."

"O honey, you know I still love you, no matter what. You shouldn't have to change yourself for me. And don't worry about your little dick, it's still beautiful and works just like always. Just promise me you won't take any more of the stuff OK?

The 'little dick' comment stung Jason, but he promised not to use more.

"I'll have to go see a doctor about it when we get back to see if there is anything that can be done about my shrinkage, perhaps the doc can check you out as well?"

"We'll see when we get back, like I said, I don't mind the changes all that much and I feel better and healthier than ever." Alex answered

Jason just signed and decided to pick this up again later.

"Let me go get you that speedo." he said changing the subject to break the tension a bit.

"Thanks hun, get a red one if you can."
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Jason did find a red men’s speedo for Alex at the hotel gift shop.
He decided to go try it on and noted how loose it was in the front where his new 3 inch wiener struggled to fill the material.

Once back in the hotel room, he was shocked once more to see Alex's flaccid 5 inch clit fill out the speedo much better. Alex didn't have a ball sack, but her clit was pretty thick and her pussy more meaty than ever with large brown labia.

With Alex now dressed in her ill-fitting bikini top and Speedo bottoms they headed to the beach.
The hotel was conveniently located right on the beach and they could even use the deck chairs from the hotel to sit on the sand.

The other people on the beach were giving them very odd looks as they were catching a tan on the loungers.
Jason was thankful for the opportunity to work on his tan, his pale skin was in stark contrast to his bronzed wife.

Two well-built 20-something guys stopped in their tracks as they were passing to ogle the muscular lady on the beach.

"Damn! Jack, check out this beefcake." The one said loud enough for Alex and Jason to hear.

They both gave Alex a good once-over, instantly dismissing Jason lying next to her.

"The hell is going on down there?" Jack answered pointing to Alex's crotch.

"Wait I get it now, you're like a cross dresser or something." Jack continued making his companion laugh while Alex sat up and looked right at them with a frown.

"Is there a problem here, ladies?" Alex asked mockingly in her deep voice.

Both newcomers couldn’t hide their disbelief as they hear her deep voice.
The woman in front of them, or man, they still couldn't be sure, was buff as hell and wearing a 2-piece bikini with long hair and appeared to be a manly woman.
What threw them off was the lack of breasts and obvious bulge in the bikini bottoms which looked more like a speedo actually.

Jason was waiting hoping the two guys would just leave without further comments. They appeared to be pretty cocky and looking for trouble.

Growing impatient, Alex stood up and walked right up to them in all her muscular glory.
Her bulging muscles put theirs to shame and the vascularity made her look aggressive, like a predator ready to attack.

"I said, is there a problem here? Never seen a woman as powerful as me, a?" Alex asked with a taunting smile on her face.

"So you're a, woman?" The one called Jack asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Then where are your tits, and why is your dick poking out against your... bikini?"

"Gymmed the tits away I guess, don't need all that extra fat on my body and I bet you my clit is bigger than your cock little man."
Alex's new confidence and cockiness surprised Jason. It seemed as if Alex was embracing her new body more than ever and now she was calling out these two guys, who themselves looked like they went to the gym often.

The one guy stepped forward and poked Alex hard on her upper chest. "Why don't you just calm down Mr Tranny, this beach is for straight people, not you lot."

"Ooooh! Burnnn!" said the other man.

"Alright, alright, you guys made your point, now get lost." Jason said now on his feet trying to defuse the situation.

Alex looked back at her husband, smiled and then with more speed than he knew she possessed, twisted around and punch Jack square on the jaw, sending him falling back into the sand.

"O god!" Cried Jason as he looked at Jack lying in a heap.

'What the fuck man!" The other man shouted kneeling next to his unconscious companion.

"Pick up your friend and leave, you're ruing my view." Alex said calmly as she returned to her lounger seemingly unthreatened by the other man.

"Jack! Jack!" The man shouted as he patted his friend on the cheek.
"If you fucking killed him, I'll call the cops right now!" The man shouted at Alex with none of the earlier bravado.

"Jack! Talk to me man!"

Jack's eyes opened slowly and he looked around confused.

"What happened?" He asked rubbing his jaw.

"You got knocked out idiot. Let's go."

Jack's friend pulled him up, now less alarmed after learning that Jack wasn't dead.

Jack's friend stared daggers at Alex, but decided to let it be.
If this guy could knocked Jack out like that, he knew he wouldn't fare much better himself.

They both hobbled off, leaving Jason staring slack-jawed at his wife after the shocking scene he had just witnessed.

"What just happened?" Jason demanded. "You just punched that guy, I mean, you knocked him out cold." Jason was feeling more amazed now than worried. When did Alex get so strong and aggressive.

"They were looking for a fight, I just ended it before it started." She rumbled out in her deep voice.

"Now relax, we came here for a chill weekend."

"But..." Jason started before trailing off looking at Alex and then into the direction of the two guys.

Jason decided that there was little to do about it now, so he might as well just lie down again.
As he lay there his mind kept on going over how the whole situation had played out and how his wife had physically dominated and intimidated two grown men.
And where was he? He didn't even step in and do anything.
He shook his head as his thoughts dwelled on his buff wife lying next to him.
Things are really changing in their relationship lately and this was just another step in that direction.

After tanning her front for a time, Alex turned over to tan her muscular back.
"Will you help me untie this?" She asked Jason.

Jason helped her untie her bikini knot to let her get a more even tan.
"Want me to put some sunscreen on for you?"

"Sure, but not too much, just so that I don't burn."

Alex adjusted her crotch a few times before getting into a comfortable position lying on her stomach.

"Never knew how tricky it can be getting comfortable on your stomach with a dick poking into the sand." Alex remarked.

"So, it’s a dick now?" Jason asked.

"Well it’s like 6 inches and bigger than your penis, so yea, I think it has moved out of the realm of clits." She said matter-of-fact.

Hearing his wife talk like this and comparing their equipment still stung him. She was legitimately larger than him in every way now and was probably still going to get even bigger.

Jason put those thoughts away for the moment and focused on the task at hand.
He straddled his wife and poured some sunscreen onto her back. Alex's back had muscles and ridges Jason didn't even know humans possessed. Her back was a landscape of bulges and valleys of hard muscle. As Jason started rubbing in the cream, he could not help but feel the hairs his hands moved over. Alex seemed more hairy by the day and she had a trail of dark hair coming out the back of her bikini and heading up her back.
Her entire back was covered in fine hairs that seemed to only be the start of something more.

Alex reached back and pulled her bikini bottoms into her cheeks forming a thong with it.
"Put some on my but too, will you?"

Jason obeyed and rubbed lotion over his wife's huge muscle glutes. He noticed that her bikini had all but disappeared into a dark crevice of hair between her ass cheeks.

After tanning for another while Alex got up and said it was time to go. The hotel had a small gym that she wanted to visit before dinner.

"Alex! Your top!" Jason said alarmed.
She had stood up without holding onto her bikini top and was now flashing anyone bothering to look her naked chest.

"I don't know what the big deal is." She replied looking down at her meaty pecs.
"What is there to hide?"

Jason had to agree, her chest had no hint of femininity left. Her nipples were never large to begin with and she had no breast tissue left.

Just then 2 teen girls were walking by and they eyed Alex up and down while smiling at her.
The one even winked, without any regard for Jason.

Jason was about to shout something, but stopped himself when he realised what the pair of them must look like from a distance. The only thing about Alex that could make someone mistake her for a woman would be her long hair and face. Men had long hair and her face was obscured from a distance.

"This thing was barely covering anything anyway." Alex pointed at her discarded bikini top.

They walked back into the hotel like that with Alex's chest exposed.
Some guests gave her strange looks, but that was nothing new. Her physique always drew attention.

Later that evening, Alex decided to change her image more in order to get away without her bikini top.
So proceeded to cut her hair shorter. Her dark hair now ended just above her shoulders. She would have shaved the sides of her hear if she had clippers, but that could wait.
She looked at herself in the mirror and with her short hair, strong jawline and newly developed Adams apple, she could definitely pull off the man look. Goodbye bikini tops.
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