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Title: My bodybuilder experiences part 3/4
Post by: crab on August 17, 2019, 05:15:17 am
Ok cast your mind back over 10 years ago. Facebook is popular and a fun place where you could still 'poke' and not everybody's grandparents were on there liking political posts. This was also a time where you could easily 'friend' any female bodybuilder on the platform.
Now I had lurked around multiple social platforms before this. MySpace, ICQ etc, but never before had a platform be so open, and back then when you messaged someone, they messaged you right back.
So I had quite a few 'friends' with all sorts of female athletes. One I remember quite well was a shot putter who was in college in Grand Rapids. I happened to be in Chicago for work so I made the long boring drive to visit her. She of course had a bf only the month or so prior to my visiting (we had been facebooking for a year) but we still went out for a drink and dinner etc. I'm no lady's man but I guess the wine was enough for her to invite me back to her place etc etc...
So she's about 5'6 and probably 190lbs. Solid AF! We actually got to comparing abs no less! I was probably around 150lbs then and she kept commenting how amazing it was that she had better abs than me. I don't really think she was into the whole comparison thing sexually but she was certainly having fun. I kept trying to pose against her biceps or armwrestle but she was more interested in just kissing me like we're in high school. I shouldn't complain. We got down to it and I just kept trying to move her on top so I could grab her shoulders while she rode me. It was great sex but it was mostly me just trying to schmoe the hell outta her and she just wanted 'regular' sex.
Ok so that's an 'athlete' let's talk about a bber! I friended this well known bber but I knew she had a husband etc. In the time of us being 'friends' they became estranged and we got talking more and more. She lived about 300 miles from me but again work took me near her and we met up. Now this was the first time I was around a pro bber in public and wow. I mean it's some what distracting an awkward. There's just no hiding it and it's kinda excessive even for a schmoe like me. Anyways of the course of 6 months we got together around 4 times and we had the best schmoe sex ever! I'm talking lift and carry bjs etc. She was 175lbs and only 5'1! I actually met her when she was probably 160 and told her how much I loved some of the pics of her offseason etc so she bulked up big time (total schmoe doche thing I know). It's really something when anyone is that big at that height. Like she can barely move with all that mass. Anyways, it's weird how my relationship part of my brain is just sometimes not in sync with my schmoe part. The sex was AMAZING. Her physique was wow. And she wasn't a weirdo - just no spark whatsoever :(
Luckily for me I still have a few vids and pics of us together and they really still do it for me but nothing else about it was any fun.

One more boring diary entry to come. It's the best - but maybe it's just because it's the most recent.
Title: Re: My bodybuilder experiences part 3/4
Post by: xepha on August 26, 2019, 09:48:28 pm
these are great, keep it up!  K+