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Title: New ongoing story - New Life
Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 13, 2018, 12:29:58 pm
Here's the new story. Enjoy!

It was a surprisingly nice day. Over the last weeks, the weather had been awful and Ava had worried that the drive home would be terrible. There had been big storms, the internet was full of people talking about the floods. Today, the sun was shining, it was warm but not hot and she was going home.
She looked out of the window of the bus. She had to admit, her home didn't offer much in the way of a landscape. Hills, woods, fields, the occasional herd of cows or sheep, some mountains in the background. That was it. The bus rumbled. It had seen better days. There were only a few people on board anyway, most of them old and poor. Ava sighed. The last year in college had been pretty tough. Last summer, her dad had suddenly died of a heart attack. Right in the living room. He stood up after lunch, complained about some pain in his arm, took a breath and collapsed. Of course, they had called a doctor and the ambulance and she even tried CPR, but she had had no idea of how to do this and by the time the paramedics arrived, he was dead.
The funeral had been terrible for her. Returning to college afterwards felt like betrayal. She had left her mother alone with her grief. The time at school was bad for her: She was depressed, tired and frustrated. As a result, she ate. A lot. Ava had always been overweight, now, she was obese. Her friends had tried to motivate her to fix this, but she couldn't. She was exhausted.
When classes began again, she did her best to focus on them. She studied as good as she could, producing adequate results and barely surviving the classes. During holiday season, she just stayed in her room, not even daring returning home. After a year, she could no longer hide. She decided to go home and at least see her mom before things got too bad. The longer she took, the heavier it would be on her conscience.
So she took the bus and rode home. Maybe she could finally accept what had happened.
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Post by: ame3cv62 on September 13, 2018, 05:20:35 pm
well, interesting beginning.
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Post by: sevenpeight on September 13, 2018, 10:49:13 pm
Great set-up. Good pacing as usual. Can’t wait for another El Roy masterpiece!
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 14, 2018, 06:50:06 am
I hope I won't disappoint.
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Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 14, 2018, 08:55:21 am
Ava carefully climbed out of the bus. The city was looking as dirty and broke as ever. She groaned. The long sitting had made her tired and sore. She tried to stretch, but stopped it immediately. Showing her fat body embarrassed her. Just like her mom, she was used to wearing tent-like shapeless clothes, but even with those, she didn’t want to give anybody even a glimpse at her rolls.
She picked up her backpack, awkwardly loaded it on her back, grabbed her two duffels and set out towards home. It was quite the journey. She was so out of shape, she wanted to cry. Moving that stuff down those few blocks took forever. Ava had to take several breaks to even get there.
As she waited to get her breath back, she realized just how screwed up the place had become. It was obvious that people had moved away. What had once been an important industrial city was now shockingly empty. She shook her head. She was part of the problem, obviously. Studying at the near-bankrupt local college was wasted time, so she preferred to travel to the capital and do her stuff there.
At last, she reached the house. It was one of the endless grey high-rises that had been constructed quickly back when the place was all busy. It wasn’t beautiful or comfortable, but it was cheap and functional. That was something, at least.
The young woman fumbled for her keys, unlocked the door and moaned in despair.
The elevator was out. And as far as she could tell, it had been broken for a while. Groaning, she started her way up the stairs. This trip was starting badly even now.
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Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 15, 2018, 08:59:49 am
The ascension took forever. By the time she was in the fourth floor, she was sweaty, tired and frustrated. Why didn’t her mom get somebody to fix that stupid elevator? Why did she have to come from this deeply frustrating and uncool place?
As most students from these parts, she kept quiet about her origins, not wanting to be seen as an idiot from a broken city. Instead, when people asked, she’d make vague gestures and change the subject.
She sat down on the stairs to catch her breath. When she had been a kid, she’d run up while her parents took the elevator and sometimes even reach the fifth floor before they did. That was long ago, obviously.
With a sigh, she grabbed the bags again, struggled to her feet and continued her climb. Every step was pain. She wondered if her knees were hurting because of the stairs right now or because of some more massive problem. She had recently read about hip and knee replacements, and the idea shocked her. Okay, the article was about such procedures for animals, but since she was training to be a vet, she kinda had to care about this. Still, why?
At last, she reached her family’s flat. She was a deep crimson and very out of breath. Right now, all she wanted to do was lay down and die. Then she realized just how tasteless that was and shook her head.
She fumbled for the keys and wanted to unlock the door when it abruptly swung open.
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Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 16, 2018, 09:22:56 am
“Ava! You’re here! Why didn’t you call?”
The chubby young woman looked up and was startled. It was her mother … and it wasn’t. It took her a while to sort out what she was seeing. The voice was the same. The hair too. The face …
It was thin. Well, thinner.
The older woman gave her an incredulous look.
“Yes? Who else were you expecting?”
“No, no. I was expecting you. But … You look different.”
“I hope so. It was a lot of work. Just come in!”
The person that was almost her mother just pulled her inside, grabbed the bags and carried them inside as if they were nothing. It was strange for Ava to watch this after her struggle in the staircase. What was going on? Was this a joke? Some hidden camera show?
“I’m going to ask this again … Mom?”
“Just come in. I guess I’ll have to explain.”
“Please do.”
The apartment was as cozy as she remembered it. There was the season-appropriate decoration, the bright, friendly colors … It felt like home. It even had this faint smell of flowers that came from the endlessly blooming potted plants which her mother relentlessly fought to keep alive.
And yet, there was the elephant in the room: Her father’s portrait on the shelf between the summertime postcards and the little modelling clay surfer Ava had made when she was ten years old.
Her mom had picked a nice portrait of him. He usually looked like a slightly otter-like goofy man on most pictures, but in this one, he seemed downright serene. More like a walrus, maybe.
Ava felt a shiver going through her body. Did she just make fun of him? How could she?
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Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 17, 2018, 01:56:13 pm
She was pulled from her meditation by the weird thin person that was her mom and told to sit down on the sofa. Moments later, she had a glass of iced tea in her hand. Normally, this was when the first plate of cookies or chocolates would be served, but instead, she found her mother sitting on one of these big plastic balls at the table, chopping up vegetables.
Ava took her time to understand. Her mother was wearing a big and obviously comfortable hoodie and some yoga pants or leggings. She couldn’t tell. And her legs were looking good. They were surprisingly thick, but obviously muscular. Ava had read enough comic books to know what leg muscles looked like and those were undeniably big.
“So …”
Her mother took the plate of vegetables and bounced and rolled up to her, smiling happily.
“It’s easy. I took up training and I lost weight. I had to. I was going to kill myself if I continued. When your dad died, I understood I was living on borrowed time. I couldn’t do this to you. And here I am.”
Her daughter took a while to process this.
“How did you do it?”
“It was hard at first, but I did the little things first. I started going to work by foot, I didn’t take the elevator anymore, I reduced my eating, I added the vegetables, and eventually, I joined a gym.”
“You? A gym? Seriously?”
Her mother grinned:
“I couldn’t believe it either. But it worked.”
“Show me.”
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Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 18, 2018, 06:43:20 am
What followed next was the weirdest show in Ava’s life. Her mom got on the tips of her toes and she could clearly see her leg muscles bulge under the stretchy clothes. She stared. Her mom said, a little awkwardly:
“Okay, so these are my legs. I’ve been training them hard, biking and using the leg press and what not.”
“I never saw any legs like those on a woman.”
“Oh, come on. Never watched the Olympics with your father?”
“I was little when he did that.”
“Sure. Anyway, here they are. I also use that stepper thing at the gym. Look, I can make my calves look bigger.”
And she did a few moves, pushing herself up and down on the tips of her toes. Soon, her legs grew even shapelier.
“I am impressed. Those look hard and strong.”
Her mom was grinning now.
“I know. I love them.”
“And what about your top?”
“Sure. That too. Wait. Just let me get out of that hoodie. Ever since I lost all that weight, I’ve been cold all the time.”
“But it was worth it.”
The older woman extricated herself from the hoodie. Ava watched as her mother revealed a rather plain tanktop and then, a pair of surprisingly strong arms. They were relatively skinny, but there were some cords of muscle on them. It was strange to see her like that.
“Mom! What happened to your arms? I mean, losing weight, okay, but … You got muscles!”
“I hope so! It’s a lot of hard work and all that eating is pretty stressful.”
The older woman grinned and flexed her arm. The small muscle tightened and bulged a little.
“Looks nice, huh?”

“Who are you and what did you do to my mom?”
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Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 19, 2018, 03:38:43 pm
“I will show you tomorrow. For now, just relax and get your things unpacked. Also, give me your laundry. I’m pretty sure you brought some.”
Ava nodded.
“Cool. Thank you, Mom!”
She returned to her room. It was pretty much the way she had left it. Of course, her mother had cleaned it thoroughly and she noticed that the plugs had been redone. She noticed that there were little standard ports on top of the plugs themselves. That was quite practical. She plugged her phone and sat on her bed.
It produced the same “sproing!” sound it always did. Funny. The place was the same as always, seriously, what could a year change? But then again, there were all these little differences. She’d have to ask her mom about that.
Outside, she heard her sort the laundry, then she left, literally jogging down the stairs. This was amazingly weird.
She sighed and dropped on the mattress, looking at the ceiling. She’d spend two months here. Ava wondered whether her relationship with her mom would survive this. The last time she’d been here this long, at least before her dad died, she had been so relieved she could go.
Her dad.
That was another thing. Normally, he’d pick her up at the station whenever she came home, take her on a little tour downtown and buy her some ice cream or candy or, when she was little, a toy. Then her mom would scold him for spoiling her.
Yeah, no.
She rolled over. The blanket felt fresh, not as dusty as before. Without warning, she fell asleep.
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Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 20, 2018, 08:44:54 am
She awoke early in the morning and felt surprisingly relaxed. The sun was up already, and the whole apartment was flooded by the golden morning light. Moaning happily, she rolled over to her phone and checked the clock. Okay. She had slept for twelve hours straight. Ava had missed that for a long time.
She slowly sat up, stretched and patted her belly. God, she hated that thing. If she could just take it off and just set it aside, she would be so happy. As she got to her feet and went to the toilet, she remembered her mother. Was this real or was this just some confused memory?
She walked past the living room and heard something whizz. Intrigued, she looked inside.
Her mother was sitting on an exercise bike and racing along, listening to something on her headset. She seemed really focused, so Ava watched some more. It was crazy to see her mom in those tight yoga pants, racing along on her bike, her muscly legs pumping along. She could barely take her eyes off her.
Suddenly, the older woman looked up and grinned. She took off the headset and said:
“Good morning! You’re up already. That’s great! Did I wake you?”
Ava shook her head:
“No, I slept like a log. It was great.”
“Wonderful. I’ve got fifteen more minutes, then I’ll fix you breakfast. Why don’t you take a shower for now and by the time you’re ready, I’ll have everything set up.”
“Thank you, Mom!”
Her mother smiled, nodded and put the music back on. Ava left to take a shower.
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Post by: GLKnight on September 21, 2018, 01:05:08 am
I think I've already started to put the pieces together for where most of the elements are headed. But I'll need to keep reading to verify my suspicions. Kinda helps it's well written so far.
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
Post by: JerusalemTulip on September 21, 2018, 07:10:53 am
Great to see another slow growth type story from you.  I'd actually be surprised if any of us really knew where exactly this story is going.  One of the best aspects of your stories is how they involve more than just muscles and characterization.  What seems like background eventually occupies the foreground and we see the muscles in action.
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Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 21, 2018, 08:20:35 am
Thank you all for the feedback. Here's the next part:

The water hit her body. Ava felt her body get more energetic. The cool water was really making her feel alive right now. After a day and a night in her clothes, she was just happy to be rid of them. As the sweat washed off, she cupped her big, soft breasts and let them flop back down. She thought of her mother’s hard, tough body. Maybe this was a bit much for her, but if she could do it, maybe … She wondered what it felt like to be so tough. She had always been on the plump and weak side and seeing her mother’s super-fit body now felt even worse. If she lost that extra weight and got fit, she’d certainly have less problems at college.
Maybe she should ask her for help. Maybe she should use the summer break to get fit. Not as fit as her mom, maybe. That was too wiry. But being slimmer was certainly worth it.
She thought of herself looking thinner and fitter. That could work.
Ava turned the water off, got out dried herself and got dressed. In the living room, the bike had disappeared back under a cover and the smell of breakfast filled the air. Her mom was just finishing the last bits and said:
“I wasn’t sure whether you’d want my diet, so I bought some stuff for you. You can take as much as you want.”
She put a jar of peanut butter, one of nougat spread and some jam on the table. The toaster produced a twangy sound and ejected too slices of bread.
Ava looked at her mom’s side of the table and found a bowl of yoghurt and some fruit.
“Is that your breakfast?”
She nodded:
“The diet is the most important part.”
“Could I try it for the summer?”
A smile spread across her mother’s face:
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In the end, Ava ate the more traditional breakfast anyway. Want not, waste not. However, once they were done and her mother did away the dishes, she asked:
“So, what are you up to today?”
“I was planning on going to the gym later on and maybe take you to see the family in the afternoon. People want to see how you’ve been doing. Is that okay for you?”
Ava nodded.
“I’d love to. The gym too.”
“Cool! You’ll get to meet Lucius.”
“My trainer. He’s amazing.”
Ava couldn’t believe it:
“You have a trainer?”
“Of course. It really helps and you don’t get hurt as easily.”
“Wow. Mom. Really. This is so strange.”
There was a faint shadow on her face for a moment.
“I want to be there for you. So I have to be fit. That’s just it. I love you, and I don’t want you to be …”
Her voice trailed off. She embraced her daughter. For Ava this was both awkward and strange, after all, her mom’s wiry arms felt odd against her own flab.
“It’s okay. Thank you.”
Her mother stayed like this for a while and took a deep breath. Then she released her and said:
“You’ll see. Things will be fine.”
There was a pause, then she asked:
“So, do you have  a job lined up for the summer?”
Ava was relieved by the change of subject. She didn’t want to cry.
“Yeah. I’m going to start at Hallson in three days. They need people for lab work and it’s definitely good for my studies.”
“That’s great. That’s great.”
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Her mother helped Ava pick some clothes for training. That stuff was just the biggest, most comfortable and shapeless stuff she had. She said:
“If you like training for real, we’re going to get you a nice outfit too. For the first time, we’re just going to stick with the basics.”
“I’m not sure about that …”
“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I found your old gym shoes from school. They should still fit you.”
She held up the most aggressively pink pair of shoes Ava had seen in a long time. The chubby woman groaned. Her mom shrugged:
“Hey, you picked those. Also, I think they’re cute.”
“Mom … Please.”
The older woman grinned:
“Am I embarrassing you again?”
“Well … A little, maybe.”
“Sorry. I gotta admit, I’m a bit nervous myself. I just hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I do.”
“Let’s just go, shall we?`”
They descended the stairs down to the street. As she huffed and puffed, Ava asked:
“Why aren’t they getting the elevator fixed?”
“They’re out of money and I didn’t complain. The building is pretty much abandoned now. Most people moved away and the old ones still living here drag their stuff up by hand. Or I help them. I have a schedule.”
“That’s nice.”
“Thank you. If you want, you can help me. Right now, I can barely do one visit a week.”
“I’ll try.”
“Very well.”
They reached the ground floor and Ava’s mom just started walking down the street.
“We’re going by foot?”
“Until we get you a bike, yes.”
“A bike?”
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Soon after, Ava was tired and sweaty. Her mother had set a rather quick pace and she wasn’t used to this kind of strain. She felt her legs chafe, her clothes stick to her body and her hair turn into a wet mess. She hated all this already.
The gym was even worse. It was obviously a serious affair, not one of those health clubs where people went to chat and maybe stand on a treadmill. The people here, only men, were mostly buff and very sweaty. There was a certain smell to the place. Ava didn’t feel comfortable.
Her mom, on the other hand, greeted everyone with a wave, a smile or a blown kiss and was clearly at home. She pulled Ava to the changing rooms and quickly undressed. Again, Ava was impressed by her mother’s buffness. She vaguely took off her own clothes and switched them for the improvised gym gear, blushing all over.
She was relieved that her mother didn’t frown at her or anything, instead, she gave her an encouraging nod. She added:
“You’re going to do fine. Don’t worry. Everybody here started small.”
“I’m not starting small. I’m way too big.”
She embraced her daughter and said:
“You’ll see. These guys are all big nerds. They won’t even make any lewd remarks, trust me. That’s why I go here and not to a woman’s gym.”
“I tried that once. Never again.”
They stepped outside, her mother all confident, while Ava just wanted to shrink and disappear.
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To her surprise, she had fun. The guys at the gym didn’t ogle her or make any rude remarks. They mostly left her alone. Only once did one of the guys come over and say:
“Try holding the bar like this, it’ll be easier this way.”
Once she did and realized he was right, he had already returned to his exercises. Meanwhile, she was amazed by her mother’s workout. She was really pushing herself, forcing her muscles to move surprisingly big weights. There was quite a bit of grunting involved, but it seemed to work. Ava was just doing some general exercises according to what her mom told her. At the same time, she was working on her arms and only on them and she was fighting hard.
After her warm-up, that guy Lucius came over. He was rather tall and very muscular, but not in a hunky way. Instead, he was ripped. His muscles were amazingly defined and he looked a bit like a Greek statue. He greeted her mom with a handshake and Ava with a little wave:
“Hi, Angela. This is your daughter?”
“Yes. Ava, meet Lucius. He’s my trainer and coach. He helped me getting this to work.”
“Nice to meet you. You did great. She looks so happy and healthy.”
“Thank you. But it was really her own work.”
Her mom waved her hand:
“Stop being modest and let’s get to work. I want to feel the burn!”
“Right away.”
Ava watched them go through the training program and smiled. She wasn’t sure about what her mom thought of him, but it felt good to see that she wasn’t alone.
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Post by: El_Roy_1999 on September 26, 2018, 06:30:32 am
When they were done, Ava felt both extremely tired and satisfied. She managed to survive the ordeal and won. Of course, she looked at her reflection to see if anything had changed. Her mother smiled and said nothing. She probably still knew what the beginning felt like. However, Ava asked:
“Do you see any changes?”
Angela looked at her for a moment, then replied:
“In your eyes. You look at yourself differently. That’s a good sign if you want to do this.”
Ava was a little disappointed.
“But when can I expect some real changes?”
“It’ll take a while. That’s because it’s going to be gradual. Checking every day will only make it feel slower. If I can give you some advice: Try not to look at your body more than once a week. The effect will be so much greater.”
“Okay …”
“Seriously. You’ll be amazed. Also, I’m going to take some pictures of you. For reference.”
“Mom, seriously? No. Please. I’m going to do that myself.”
Angela seemed a little taken aback but accepted it. Then she went to the showers.
Her daughter stayed back for a moment and looked around. The muscleheads were busy and didn’t pay much attention to her. With a mischievous little grin, she lifted her arms and tried to flex. Obviously, nothing happened, but she still felt amused. She went to the showers all happy. Maybe she would do this. Maybe she would become all buff and strong, just like her mom, even if that sounded all weird.
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It's not often we get a mother/daughter story these days. Can't wait to see how far Ava and Angela take it.
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Big, I guess.

After the shower, she noticed that someone had called. She wrapped her hair in a towel and picked up the phone. It was Jaden, a friend from school. That was a nice surprise. She basically broke up all contact with the people from school when she started the classes, and she was relieved since most of the other students were pretty stupid and annoying. Jaden had been okay. She might have had a little crush on him a while ago, but as far as she could tell, she got better.
Once everything was ready, she said goodbye to her mom.
“Thank you. That was weird, but great. I’m looking forward to next time.”
The older woman nodded.
Ava sighed. She had thought this would be something weekly. Just to get a taste. She hid her reluctance as good as she could and said:
“Anyway, I’m going to call Jaden back. Maybe we can do something together.”
“Have fun!”
“Thanks. See you later.”
“Bye. I’ll fix lunch, so be home at one at the latest.”
“But that’s soon …”
“I know, but the diet is the most important.”
Ava groaned at the word, then she was off.
Outside the gym, she realized just how broken and sad the whole town actually looked. The lack of care was obvious. The shop windows were dusty and the houses looked abandoned. There were heaps of rubble where pieces of the front had fallen off. This wasn’t good. A tired-looking mutt stared at her for a moment, then ran off. She felt a wave of sadness wash over her. This had been her home and she hadn’t noticed what was going on …
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“Ava? I thought I’d call you now that I’m on my break.”
“Cool. Are you in town?”
“I am. Wanna meet?”
“Sure! Should I come over? You’re staying with your parents, right?”
“Yes! That would be great.”
“Okay, I’m coming over.”
“Right now?”
“Sure, why not? It’s just for a little bit, I gotta have lunch at my mom’s later on.”
“I was thinking of inviting you to our place …” There was someone talking in the background. “Okay, my mom was thinking about inviting you, but if you already got plans …”
“I’ll just come over in a few minutes and we can talk. I’ll be around the whole summer.”
That’s when Ava found out that she was at the gym on foot and that she had quite a long walk before her. She groaned. Why did her mom insist on starting all this without even thinking about the consequences? Okay, maybe she should have thought about this herself.
She shrugged. Maybe Angela was right. She packed her things up and started down the road. It was weird to be practically alone in the street. Occasionally, some people would pass her, but all in all, the place was deserted. After a while, she got bored and started hopping and skipping. She had to stop, giggle and catch her breath. She felt stupid, but then again, there was no one to watch her.
By the time she reached Jaden’s house, she was exhausted, but happy. Maybe this “getting fit”-thing would be great.
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Jaden came out as soon as she rang and insisted they go to the park to hang out. He probably wanted to evade his mom’s attempts at setting them up. At this time of the day, there were a few parents with little kids and no one else around. They found a bench a little further away and sat down.
He smiled and leaned against the back.
“So, how do you like it back here?”
“I’ve only arrived yesterday. So far, I don’t know. Living in the big city really changes your perspective, you know?”
“It feels the same for me. This is all … I dunno. The past?”
“Kinda. It’s just weird. With dad.”
Jaden nodded.
“I can see that. How’s your mom holding up?”
“You wouldn’t believe me.”
“Okay … Tell me everything.”
“She’s into bodybuilding now. She lost half her weight or something and she’s really fit now.”
“What? Your mom? Seriously?”
“I swear. I couldn’t believe it myself. She’s amazing. We went to the gym together …”
“Wait. You went to the gym. You.”
“Me, yes. What’s the big deal?”
“Ava. You went to the gym.”
“With my mom, yes.”
“Okay, now I’ve seen it all.”
She frowned. Was this some kind of criticism? She wouldn’t take that right now. Maybe he sensed her reaction and added:
“It’s cool, I guess. I just didn’t think you would be into that.”
“Well, the jury is still out on it, but I’m giving it a shot.”
“I’m all for it.”
She grinned and mockingly said:
“I’m glad I have your approval.”
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They hung around a little more, vaguely deciding on seeing each other more frequently over the next few weeks. Jaden walked Ava home, then embraced her quickly before leaving. Ava stepped back inside and stared at the stairs. Oh. She had almost forgotten about them. At least, this time she didn’t have her luggage with her. Sadly, she was even more tired this time, so the way up was excruciating.
Ava stumbled to the apartment, unlocked the door and slipped out of her shoes.
“I’m back! Also, I’m really tired.”
“Just have a seat, lunch is ready!”
She sat down at the dinner table, the smell of the food pervading the living room. Her mom just got out of the kitchen and set down a plate in front of her. The food looked appetizing and smelled mouth-watering. On the other hand, Ava was also incredibly hungry. She would have eaten a block of tofu and be done with it.
Still, the food was pretty nice. Her mom sat down next to her and said:
“Dig in, you must be hungry.”
Ava didn’t even take the time to answer. Moments later, the plate was empty and the young woman had wiped up every little speck of the sauce. She smiled.
“That was nice. Can I have seconds?”
She could see that her mom was hesitating.
“So this is all I get?”
“It depends. Since you want to build muscle, we’ll have another serving in the afternoon.”
“Daughter, you’re going to eat a lot. Just no trash.”
“Okay …”
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After a few days of getting used to being back, she started working. Hallson Inc. was pretty much the only employer left in town and most people who earned any money at all worked there or for the people who worked there.
Ava arrived on her bike, wearing her baggy outfit that did its best to conceal her flabby look. She wasn’t sure, but she was under the impression that the constant climbing and descending the stairs and the biking was helping her. She had gone slow so as not to be sweaty, but she was on time. Her mom had helped her with her make-up, which was as reduced as possible.
Because of that strange “Don’t look so you don’t spoil the surprise”-rule, the mirrors in their home were covered with blankets. As a result, she had to accept her help. Still, she checked herself on her phone, found that it was okay and grabbed her lunchbox. Then she headed inside.
The place was labyrinthine. The Hallson family had started over a century ago as chemists and snake-oil salesmen, more of the latter, less of the former. Their fortune had grown organically, just as the factory. Instead of tearing the entire thing once in a while, they had just added building after building. Some of the older parts were not being used right now and who knew what was going on there.
Ava was greeted by her new boss, a short, obese man named Kurt.
“Hi! Nice to have you here. I’ll just show you around and then, we’ll get you to work, shall we?”
“Sounds great, sir.”
“Just say Kurt. We’re all a big family.”
“Okay, Kurt. I’m Ava.”
She would have liked a bit more distance, but when in Rome …
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She soon worked as a lab assistant in the production department, preparing lots with other women in a sterile room. There was a radio and they could talk among themselves. It was odd to not know who she was talking to at first because of the masks. Only after a while was she able to tell who was who.
In the break room, they could talk normally, but Ava was immediately set apart by her food. While the others all got their stuff from the cafeteria, she had her own packages from her mom. The fact that she also had five meals a day caused some amusement.
Inez, one of the older members of the team, joked:
“Ava, we’re all trying to lose weight and here you are, eating all the time.”
The young woman took it with a smile and explained:
“Me too, but my mom said this will work. At least, it worked for her. Also, look at it …” She held the box up, showing the chicken and steamed vegetables. “It’s not exactly super-tasty.”
The other women looked at the contents and nodded.
“Yeah. That’s pretty disappointing.”
“I just hope it’s not for nothing. All that eating gets annoying after a while.”
“You’re weird, Ava.”
“Nah. You should see my mom.”
Inez shrugged and grabbed another donut. Ava had to focus on the vegetables so as not to salivate. She had been on that diet for a week and a half and it was already getting on her nerves.
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At last, it would be time for the unveiling. This is what her mom called taking down the covers from the mirrors at home and checking for progress. At the gym, they were careful not to look and sneak a peek, and even though Ava could tell from looking at her belly and her legs that something was happening, she had no idea of the whole thing.
They were both really excited. Her mom had picked her up at the factory and they had biked to the gym together. Angela had added a second workout session for the afternoon, something she had been doing since Ava had started working. Her daughter simply didn’t have time to work out in the morning, so they trained later.
As they got ready, Ava noticed that her mom was preparing some special drink in a plastic cup. When the older woman saw Ava’s look, she explained:
“Lucius told me to add this before training. It’s more protein and nutrients. It doesn’t taste too good.”
“Okay … But that’s not some kind of drug.”
“No, what do you think I’m doing? It’s just a supplement. Want some too?”
“I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.”
“Well, let’s go hit the weights now. We need to get you in shape!”
They grabbed their towels and headed out on the gym floor. This was another thing Ava enjoyed. A week ago, she had been intimidated by all those musclemen. But now, she knew most of them and she found them quite nice. Most of them, really. There were some guys here that were really obsessed and crazy. But those that were okay were super nice people.
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She followed her mom to the machines and watched her set the weight of the leg press. Three hundred pounds! She only used 150 and even then, she usually felt exhausted after this. She really had to get better.
Anyway, it was time to work. They both got to their seats and started to pump out their reps. The men nodded encouragingly, despite most of them moving twice their combined weight. Ava still found this weird. Maybe they saw her mom and her as mascots or something.
She had to focus on her workout now. Her mom had insisted that she did everything slowly and precisely, even if that meant making the whole process even harder and more annoying. She started counting the repetitions. Today, it seemed to work a little better.
Maybe she was making some progress anyway.
That would be great!
She extended her legs again, pushing the sled away. She slowed down the movement and stopped it before straightening her knees, held the position for a moment and lowered the weight back down carefully. Then again. And again.
She reached the end of the set, took a moment to catch her breath and started again. Somehow, this was getting interesting. Sure, it was boring to always do the same thing, but doing it exactly right took a bit more than just jerking around.
The end of the second set approached. She was starting to really feel the strain and she was getting sweaty. This was the part she liked the least. She got all sticky and then, it would be uncomfortable in the many folds of her body. Yuck!
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Last set.
She glanced over to her mother. Angela was quite the sight. Her leg muscles were swelling with every rep and the hardness seemed to spread all over her body. In this moment, Ava wondered what it felt like to be so hard. It had to be great, why else would people go through all those troubles to reach such a level. She imagined herself as a thin and strong woman, with hard muscles and a tight body.
Yeah, right!
No chance in hell she’d ever get there. The only thing she could hope for was not getting a heart attack. In this moment, she understood what all this meant to her. If she stuck to this and got fit, she would honor her father’s memory. If she lived a long and healthy life, that would be exactly what her dad would have wanted. She’d do this for herself, but also for him.
She wasn’t a religious person and she certainly couldn’t imagine her dad sitting on a cloud, harp in hand. The thought made her grin. Her dad couldn’t carry a tune if his life … Screw this!
She had to focus on the weight.
Ava adjusted her stance and pushed. She wouldn’t hold back anymore, boob sweat or not!
With a groan, she struggled through the set. It was hard and she could feel her legs shake as she pushed the sled up again and again, but she hoped her muscles would grow. She’d change her life and she’d survive!
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Great story El Roy!  I'm really enjoying it.  I like this kind of slow build-up.  I like the character building too.  What is Ava thinking and feeling while this happens.
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Great story El Roy!  I'm really enjoying it.  I like this kind of slow build-up.  I like the character building too.  What is Ava thinking and feeling while this happens.

Thank you very much. I was afraid it might have been moving too slow, but if you enjoy it, that makes me glad!

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At last, they were home. For some reason, her mom had insisted that Lucius give her a massage. Ava decided not to ask any further questions. She was a widow and she probably had needs or something. Maybe she would have preferred for her to stay single, but in the end, this was her mother’s life. It was best not to think about it.
Instead, she used the time to hit the exercise bike and put in a bit of cardio. It was incredibly boring, but she just listened to some podcast to pass the time.
When Angela returned, she seemed rather sore. Ava decided not to comment on this. She had a bit of a struggle not to roll her eyes, but as far as she was concerned, she managed to conceal her thoughts rather well.
And then, they were back home. They were both exhausted from the long day, the training and the final climb up the stairs, but now, finally, they would get their prize. They would check their results for the week.
For Ava, this was a first and she really didn’t know what to expect. Her mom handed her a set of fresh underwear and told her to put it on. Something to feel comfortable in. She shrugged and left for her room.
She put the outfit on. It was very tight, but the top offered quite a bit of support for her breasts. That was nice. It also had a bit of a superhero-looking style, which she found quite inspiring.
Time to take a look!
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This is really exciting! I'm very curious to see where you take this. I like the slow growth stories like BB housewife and the plots that aren't just focused solely on growth (though I do also like it when they grow massive!)
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I guess I'll do both ...

She came into the living room and found her mom in the same outfit as her. She looked incredible. If anything, she was even fitter than before. Angela had been rather blobby a year ago, her belly hanging over itself in a kind of flap and generally looking horribly out of shape. That was changed now. Ava saw hints of a six-pack on her mother’s waist and some serious muscle on her arms and legs. She wondered if she would be able to do the same. That would be awesome!
“Okay, Ava, come over there. I’ll take the blanket off the mirror.”
The obese young woman stood reluctantly in front of the veil, then Angela dropped it. Ava looked at her reflection.
It took her a while to understand, but then she noticed that there were quite a few small changes.
“Is it just me or did I get, I dunno, tighter? Like, less flab?”
Angela nodded:
“You did great. If you stick to it, I’m sure you can make it!”
“Wow.” Ava turned to her side and examined her waist. “It looks a little smaller. Cool.”
“You should be proud of yourself. And the more you train, the better it will work. It really takes a time to get used to it.”
Ava lifted her big breasts:
“I wonder how long it will take for me to get a waist like yours.”
Angela grinned. There was a slight flash of pride in it:
“That might take a while. I worked nine months on that.”
Suddenly, Ava thought: “I can do that quicker.” She was a little shocked by the thought. Was she really going to make a competition out of this?
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That night, Ava was having a weird dream. She was at the playground. Maybe Jaden was around. She wasn’t sure. He seemed to flicker in and out of existence. There were some bright lights that danced in the sky. A mighty droning sound was hanging all over the place. She was feeling light as a feather. Ava climbed on the jungle gym with perfect ease, but the thing seemed to go on and on, spreading out, expanding into fractal, cascading masses of rungs and poles and ladders. She looked around and felt that she was above the city now, suspended on the swaying metal construction. There was a kind of blackness on the edges of her vision. What did it mean? She couldn’t keep her mind straight.
Slowly, she understood that she was dreaming. She smiled. This was the best part. Once in a blue moon, she had lucid dreams and she usually enjoyed those.
The young woman looked around and saw her home towering above the city. With a jump, she threw herself off the confusing structure that had grown behind her. She flew.
Gliding about on the winds, she turned around and suddenly saw the whole structure for what it was. On the one hand, it was a garbled mass of steel and nylon rope, but on the other hand, it seemed strangely familiar.
If only she could draw it.
Maybe she could …
Wake up.
She stumbled out of the bed, grabbed a notepad and sketched what she saw in her dream. It took her a moment, her hand moving way slower than her mind would have wanted. She could hardly see what she was doing, but she finished it and returned to bed.
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She met Jaden the next day, after training. She was feeling great, if a little tired. He smiled when he saw her.
“Wow, so you’re still sticking to it?”
“Sure. The training is paying off, and I can feel it doing something. I mean, I’ve been sore all the time, but I lost three pounds in a week and I think I am fitter already.”
“That’s impressive. Your mom must be quite the motivator.”
“I guess. I mean, she practically set up her entire life around this. As long as I am here, I think I’ll make great progress. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep this up once I’m back at the university.”
“That does sound difficult. Maybe ask your mom for ideas? She must have had similar problems.”
“I’m not sure. She’s been doing this for dad, I think. I mean, I loved him, because obviously I am his daughter, but it can never be like what she had. Am I making sense?”
He smiled and gave the seesaw another push, sending her back down. She giggled.
“You are.” He looked around. The playground was deserted. “Wow. This place looks so weird. Like out of a horror movie. It’s less bad when people with kids are around, but seriously ...”
“I know. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad I’m seeing my family, but I really look forward to being back at the university when I think about the town.”
Suddenly, she thought of the notepad and took it out.
“Also, there’s this …”
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Jaden stared at a strange mass of scribbles. It didn’t look like anything at all.
“Err … Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get it. What is that supposed to be?”
“I don’t know either. It was there in my dream. I got up, drew that and went back to sleep. At least, that’s what I think must have happened, because I can’t remember doing this.”
“Okay, but it’s just scribbles. I mean, do you see anything in that?”
“I’m not sure. I look at it longer and it feels as if I recognize some shapes.”
“I think this was just one of those weird dreams. I had those a while ago. I got up, wrote down my great idea and in the morning, I found some bullshit phrases on my notepad.”
“Like what?”
“Things like ‘Growing broccoli on computers would make cooling cheaper’ or ‘if you can’t see your own nose, what else can’t you see which nobody is telling you about’.”
“The second one is pretty stupid, but the first one might be … Also stupid. Broccoli?”
“Broccoli. Anyway. Maybe you got that dream because you ate too much or too little.”
“I don’t know. I’ll still keep it.”
They sat around quietly for a while, then Ava said:
“Mom said I would start training individual body parts from now on. She told me to expect major soreness for a while.”
“That’s cool, I guess. You’re going to get buff!”
“Me, buff? Nah. I’ll probably just give up along the way.”
“We’ll see. For now, it looks pretty good on you.”
She hesitated for a moment. Was that a compliment?
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The next week was a blur. Now that her mom had established her training routine, there was no more holding back. Every day, she would end up at the gym with Angela, working her muscles and training hard to get fit. The most irritating part was that her mother would make her train some really small parts of her body, muscles she had never heard of and those would hurt like hell the next day. And the day after.
The training itself was fun. Her mom would explain things about the theory behind this or would show her a specialized exercise. Then she would do it. Next, Ava would do a set. Angela would monitor her as precisely as she could, adjusting her stance and correcting her movements.
For the young woman, this was also interesting because this was her first real moment of understanding when it came to her body. Of course, she had had some gym classes at school, but they always focused on sports and not on any actual physical awareness.
For the first time, she could feel some muscles tense or relax. She could tell which parts of her body were moving in which way and she got a pretty good idea of her range of motion.
All this was very enjoyable and satisfying.
When she laid in bed after a long day, she was sore and tired, but she was also excited. This focused way of life was something she could get behind. It was intense, and she loved it. However, she was also quite horny now. She had no idea how to deal with it, but she really needed to get herself off now.
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Her hand went to her vulva. She could feel that it was wet. Gah. She had been thinking about buying a vibrator once in a while, she had even been looking at reviews, but up until now, she had been skeptical. Did she really need something like that? What if her mom found it? Wouldn’t that be awkward?
She had thought about other things, but using fruit or vegetables felt gross. Besides, what if they got stuck? What if she was allergic? That would be both dangerous and gross!
She ran her finger over the sides of her lips. It felt nice. Further up … Yes … Yes … That was more like it. There was this sweet spot. She had checked this out on the internet. The clitoris! That was the trick, wasn’t it? She was vaguely aware that her mom should have told her about these things, but back when it had come up, Angela had been so unhappy with herself and her body, she wouldn’t even touch that subject with a ten-foot pole. At school, there had been precious little information and since she was an outsider and mostly friends with nerdy boys, she didn’t get any hints there either. Porn had also been a disappointment. She couldn’t relate to any stuff she saw there and besides, she simply didn’t want to watch this.
Those people were gross.
Her clitoris was quite hard and prominent now. Nice. She could feel herself tense up. Oh yes … She sighed happily. This was it. She wondered if she’d ever have a boyfriend too. It would be nice to try more … complex stuff.
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“So, ready for the mirror?”
Ava could tell that her mom was excited. The last few days had been really hard on both of them. They had been pushing themselves and each other and they felt it was working. Angela had taught quite a few new exercises and she had done her best to do them. At the same time, she had been “promoted” to full-on spotter and assistant. She helped her mom prepare the meals, she supported her while training and even egged her on to do that final rep to complete the set.
Even though she was still quite new at this, she felt at home at the gym now. The regulars had accepted her as an aspirant and greeted her when she came in. She had her own locker and seeing as she stuck to it, her mom had even bought her a new outfit for the gym. It was still too tight to wear, but Angela made it clear that this wouldn’t take long if she continued like that. Well, thanks for the pressure, Mom.
Anyway, she was washed and ready now and she took up her position next to her mom. The older woman smiled at her and said:
“Take a good look. I think you’ll like what you see!”
The cover went down and Ava’s jaw dropped.
“Whoa. Look at this. Look at me. Mom. Mom!”
Angela nodded:
“Incredible. I can really see the progress and you’re getting fitter and fitter every day.”
“It’s awesome.”
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Go Ava! Go Angela!! Go El Roy!!!
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She still had quite a few pounds too much on her frame, but somehow, her growing muscles had given her a little more structure. She wasn’t looking fit or anything, so much was clear. However, there was a certain tension to her now. This wasn’t just some shapeless blob, but that support that really gave her shape. Her upper back had grown a little broader, accenting her midsection. The masses of fat had receded a little, giving her a much more harmonious look.
Her waist had turned a little trimmer and her pecs had tensed up. All in all, she looked way better. Healthier, more confident. Her stance had changed and she stood up straight now, gaining an inch in the process, just from not slouching. Ava saw a kind of pride glinting in her eyes and she liked what she saw. There was a long way to go, but the first step was there.
She carefully examined her arms, noticing a kind of bulge under the layers of fat. Muscles!
The young woman grinned.
“Wow. I never imagined it would feel like that!”
“Just wait. If you continue like this, you’re going to be lean and tough in no time!”
“Thank you, Mom!”
She turned to her mother and hugged her. It felt off to lay her hands on this hard, strong body, but she was just incredibly grateful. Her mother’s help had been the incentive to fix this and, wow, did it work!
As she released her, she took a good look at Angela’s physique. It was remarkable to say the least.
“Mom, is it just me, or are you getting bigger?”
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Angela was all smiles.
“You noticed?”
“It’s hard not to! I mean, look at your arms! I can practically see your muscles coming through the skin …”
“That’s gross.”
“You know what I mean. Are these supposed to look like that?”
“Definitely. It’s a lot of work. Lucius said I had a lot of potential and he has agreed to train me. I want to compete in a local championship.”
“You? Compete? In bodybuilding? Mom, what?”
“Not bodybuilding. Not yet. They have this thing called fitness and I’m going to give it a shot.” She did a side triceps pose, bringing out the muscle. “What do you think? Is this going to work?”
Ava was speechless. She just stared at her mother’s tough little body, the small muscle swelling from her arm. She must have stood there completely overwhelmed for several minutes. At least she thought she did. Finally, she managed to recover and said:
“Wow. Wow. I … Okay. Wow. I guess you could do that. I’m just … It’s … I can’t believe how much you changed. A year ago, you were the worst kind of couch potato, and here you are, planning to end up in front of a bunch of judges, wearing a bikini.”
“They call it a posing suit.”
“So you think it’s a bad idea?”
“No, not at all! It’s great. It’s crazy and incredible, but it’s also great! Let’s do this. How can I help you?”
Now it was Angela’s turn to hug her daughter. She might even have shed a tear.
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As the cat was out of the bag now, Angela explained a few things that had been hovering around Ava’s mind over the last weeks. Apparently, Lucius was really giving Angela massages. This was necessary to make the muscles grow and was very painful. Her mom was otherwise still single and she wasn’t looking for anyone either. Right now, she just focused on her training, leaving the more complicated, emotional stuff on the back seat. Her husband’s death was still way too much on her mind and she didn’t want to climb on that rollercoaster yet.
She did miss him, though. A lot. Every day when she got up. And it didn’t seem to get better. But when she trained her body and fought against what had killed him, she felt that she was honoring him and protecting his memory. Also, it really took her mind off things.
As for money concerns: She was currently spending his life insurance. The cost of living in town had collapsed and she was fairly certain she could last for quite a while until she had to get a job. Besides, all those little side things she was doing held her afloat. The old people she was helping supported her even if she told them not to.
Ava just sat there and nodded. This sounded surprisingly solid. Still, the idea of having her mom stroll on stage in a skimpy outfit … She couldn’t help grinning.
“What are you smiling about?”
“Oh, nothing. So, need any help?”
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Now that both women had something to aim for, their efforts became way more focused. They would sit around in the kitchen for hours setting up training and eating schedules, researching ideas on the net and optimizing every little bit of Angela’s life. If she wanted to win this, she had to put in every little bit she could. After all, she would have to enter a tested competition and that meant taking on people who had been doing this for way longer than her.
Angela tried to bring up the idea of using supplements and going full tilt, but Ava shook her head. There was no point in endangering her health if she did this to protect it in the first place. Even when her mom insisted that Lucius had explained how to use the stuff without much risk, Ava was adamant.
“Why would you want to do this anyway? I mean, you’re looking great and you’re going to do this. Fair and square. That’s what you always told me.”
“I know … But have you seen the competition?”
“How bad can it be? You’re doing a local contest. Those people are going to be at your level. Besides, it’s a tested competition. That should put you all on an equal footing.”
Angela sighed. She clearly wasn’t too sure about that. Ava sensed something else again. Why would there always be more secrets? Wouldn’t it be easier to just spill the beans and be done with it? Still, it was obvious that her mom didn’t want to talk about this anymore. She gave it a rest.
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At work, Ava was feeling quite at home now. Despite the summertime, it was busy, the members of her team working long shifts preparing the various chemicals. The radio was playing harmless adult contemporary, and they were falling into the rhythm of just getting things done.  Ava was focused but not stressed. This was nice. The other women were going along nicely too. Things were looking fine.
Carol was just finishing her lot and got up to put it on the trolley. As she walked back, she asked:
“Say, Inez, did you read about the tunnel system they found under the Mistland Building?”
“I only saw the show on the news. If you ask me, this is just some Al Capone hideout crap. Back in the day, they built so much stuff without ever having a clear plan on how to use it. It’s just some storage space they never got around to use.”
“So there’s no cool secret down there?”
“Carol, this town hasn’t had anything cool since forever. I just hope nobody gets hurt spelunking down there.”
“My dad said the government had a facility there before the Mistland brothers built their thing on top. He says there’s probably some factory or black ops thing …”
Inez cut her off:
“Your dad has been sprouting conspiracy theories ever since he got his internet connection. Are you really going to believe anything he says?”
“Hey, don’t get all aggressive. I just wanted to ask …”
“Well, you asked and you got your answer.” Inez took a deep breath. Then she said: “Okay, I’m sorry. I lost my temper. It’s just that my husband keeps going on about all kinds of conspiracies and it gets on my nerves. He should just get a job, that would take his mind off all that crap.”
Carol mimed a hug. With the clean room clothes, it was difficult.
“Hey, I’m sorry I brought this up. Don’t worry. Things will get better.”
Ava’s curiosity was piqued.
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She met with Jaden later that day, still sore from her training. They took a walk through the silent city. Ava couldn’t believe she had suggested it. If anybody had told her a few weeks ago that she would go on a walk voluntarily, she would probably have laughed. Now, she actually enjoyed it.
Jaden commented:
“Hey, slow down. Not everybody is as fit as you are.”
“Me, fit? I’m … Well, actually, I’m getting there.”
He smiled. For a second, Ava thought that he was cute. Maybe she could … She shook her head. That wouldn’t be a good idea. Instead, she asked:
“Ever heard of the Mistland Building underground?”
“That sounds like one of those bands I’m not cool enough to listen to.”
She laughed and mimed staring at the floor and playing a guitar while producing growling and screeching sounds.
“Yeah. Something like that.”
Ava said:
“Actually, no. Apparently, there’s a hidden tunnel system down there. Wanna go exploring?”
Jaden thought about it for a moment, then nodded.
“Sounds interesting. I’m going to get my outdoor gear and we can try and take a look.”
“You have outdoor gear?”
“My big brother and I used to go on hikes with my dad. I’ll bring his stuff for you. We could go tomorrow.”
“Cool. I’ll see you after training. I’ll bring some snacks.”
“But not only that fitness food, please.”
“There will be some sweet stuff, I promise.”
They finished their round in silence, then she left. She still had to clean the apartment.
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“Mom, I’m going to do some urban exploring with Jaden later on.”
The two women were at the gym again, training their backs. Angela was doing pull-downs with some hundred pounds, sighing whenever she forced the bar down. Ava was between sets and admired her mother’s dedication. If she continued like that she would definitely win that competition.
Her mother fought to finish the set, then slowly released the handle.
“Urban exploring?” She seemed amused. “So you and Jaden are going to explore … each other?”
“Mom, no! Yuck. That’s … Why do you have to be like that?”
Angela laughed and said:
“Do your next set. Where are you going?”
Ava set the weight to seventy pounds and brought the bar down. This was hard work. Up and down it went, every pull-down requiring her absolute concentration. She wanted to do this slowly and precisely. Now that she was making progress, she had to keep it up.
Five more reps. She was sweaty, but she was doing fine. Four. Things were looking up. Three. She sure hoped she wouldn’t be too tired to have fun down there. Two. She called herself back to attention. Focus! One … And done.
She got back up and rolled her shoulders.
“We’re going to the Mistland Building.”
Angela seemed a little unhappy with that.
“Are you sure that’s a good idea? How about I go on a ride in my car and you can have the apartment for yourself? Wouldn’t that be better?”
“Mom, it’s not about being with Jaden …”
“Okay … Just be careful. If anything strange happens, call me. I’ll come and pick you up. And Jaden too, of course.”
Ava went back to her training. What was that all about?
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Later in the afternoon the two young people got ready. Jaden handed her a headlamp and a walkie-talkie.
“What is that for?”
“Oh, it might come in handy if we get separated. There probably won’t be any cell-phone coverage down there.”
“Is this the first time you’re doing this?”
“In a building? Yes. But I went into a few caves with my brother. I also have helmets, if you want to.”
“Okay, maybe that’s a little over the top, don’t you think?”
“I’ll just take them with me anyway. They’re not that heavy.”
He got a backpack from his bike.
“This one’s my brother’s. You can use it. It should be fine. Just adjust the straps here and … here. There you are.”
“Wow. I thought we’d just go in there, take a look around and be back outside.”
“I know, I sound a little overly worried, but since we literally don’t know what is going on down there and know very little about its layout … Also, I got lost with Daniel once and it took us forever to get back home. So it’s better to have some drinking water and some survival gear with us.”
“Better be safe than sorry, huh?”
“My words exactly. And since you’re all fit now, it won’t be too bad for you.”
Ava tried the backpack. She could feel its weight, but he was right. She was certain she could manage it. She kissed his cheek:
“This is going to be awesome!”
He blushed.
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Soon, they arrived at the building complex. As most parts of the city, it was abandoned. Plants had taken over the area, with grass and moss making the first steps, eventually luring in trees that started to break open the concrete and bust the tarmac. In a way, the place was romantic. There were quite a few birds, chirping along and probably calling on others for love and attention. Ava and Jaden parked their bikes. He said:
“I’m definitely going to get a car soon. I feel like a kid in an eighties adventure movie.”
Ava laughed:
“Definitely. I’ll be the tomboyish girl that’s all plucky.”
“That makes me the nerd, doesn’t it?”
“Ooh, we definitely got to find more people to do this.”
He sighed. That was easier said than done.
They took the equipment and walked over to the gate. It was big and rusty, hanging lopsided in its frame.
“I can’t believe it got broken so quickly.” Jaden gave it a push. It was stuck. “We’ll have to go over the wall. I’ll give you a push up, okay?”
“Wow. You really think you can lift me?”
“Ava, I never said anything about your weight. Don’t make me go this way.”
She nodded. That had been stupid. She had to cut out this constant self-depreciation. It didn’t help in any way. Jaden leaned against the wall, spread his legs to find a robust stance and locked his hands into a step.
“Okay. Let’s do this.”
Ava put her foot down and pushed herself up clumsily, grabbing at his head. She managed to reach the top of the wall and started pulling while he pushed from below.
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She struggled to get on the wall, but somehow, all that training had made her stronger. At last, with a final and very awkward grunt, she brought her upper body on the wall and slowly managed to turn around. She sat on it and dangled her legs.
“Oh God. That was hard. But it worked, didn’t it? I never would have thought I would do something like this!”
Jaden nodded, but said:
“I’m going to climb up now. Please help me!”
“Sure. Just let me find a good position …”
Ava clumsily held to the wall and Jaden ran, pushing himself up and catching her hand. Ava half-expected to fall down again, probably on top of him, while hurting herself. To her surprise, that didn’t happen. Instead, she caught him and held him. She could feel her muscles tense, but it worked. She smiled. Incredible. She never expected this to even be possible. The young woman started pulling now and somehow, Jaden managed to reach the top of the wall. Gasping, he changed his position to sit next to her.
“I’m impressed. You’re getting really strong.”
“I’m surprised myself. This is so cool.”
“Maybe I should start training myself.”
“I could show you how to do it.” She felt a little cocky now that she had proven her skill.
He blushed:
“Maybe we could …”
There was a pause. They looked at each other in silence, then she said:
“We should get in. I guess there’ll be more things to climb inside.”
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They jumped down on the other side and crossed the parking lot that stretched before the building’s entrance. The company headquarters were a sturdy concrete construction, probably from after the Second World War. However, as soon as they pushed open the door, they found themselves in a large hall supported by thick columns. There was a lot of probably fake marble and some brass lights. Everything was broken and dusty. The hall had some skylights which had eventually broken and as a result, a pool of stagnant water had formed. From it, a surprisingly large tree grew. It was grey and somewhat twisted, with bright orange fruit hanging from its branches. The roots had broken up the floor tiles and created a kind of mound in the center of the room. As they came closer, switching on their lights, they saw that the tree had grown around a statue, crushing it into shapelessness in the process.
“Wow. That is weird. Ava, take a picture.”
She laughed, but it faded in the bizarre ambience of the hall. Still, she took out her phone and snapped a picture. The device produced a flash which must have disturbed some animals, since it was answered by a sudden burst of skittering and fluttering noises.
Ava almost dropped her phone.
“What was that?”
“I don’t know. A rat maybe? Or a pigeon? Are you scared?”
“Me? No … Well, a little, okay.”
“Still wanna go on?”
She hesitated. They had gone all this way to get a look inside and now, they were about to leave again. That was stupid. No.
She walked over to him, took his hand and said:
“Let’s see how far we can go.”
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Jaden stopped again.
“By the way, what about the fruit?”
“I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
“Maybe it’s a new thing. Or just some variety they had here.”
“Let’s take one. We can see what it’s like later on.”
She walked over to the greyish tree, stretched and found a fruit she could reach. She pulled and it came off with a crack. The leaves rustled.
“Whoa. That was odd.”
“Just put it in the backpack.”
Ava wrapped the fruit in a cleanex and laid it on top of the other stuff. She zipped the rucksack back up and pointed down the hallway.
“Let’s go. We still have to find the basement.”
He nodded, but it was obvious that he was feeling a little uncomfortable now. This place was creepy.
Still they continued further in and soon found a broad staircase with slopes for a hand truck and a ruined elevator next to it. The door had been forced open and as she peeked inside the shaft, she saw glowing shapes along its walls. She turned on the light. There was a thick lining of mushrooms all over it and they were giving off some faint light.
“Have you ever seen anything like that, Jaden?”
He looked inside too and shook his head.
“This is so strange. I mean, this place has been abandoned forever, but I didn’t expect it to turn into some completely alien thing.”
She took a picture.
“Maybe we should show it to some expert. This might be interesting for them.”
“Imagine us getting a headline in the papers: ‘Local teens find new species underground.’”
“Local teens? You’re making this sound like a kids’ adventure book.”
“It feels that way.”
“Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into a horror movie.”
They laughed, but in this strange place, it sounded hollow.
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Holding hands, they descended the staircase. The place was still robust enough, but they were careful nonetheless. Before taking a full step down, they would tentatively push down on it. Then, they would climb down. The light was getting fewer and fewer.
At last, they reached the lower level. Down here, it was completely dark. Ava felt Jaden’s grip tighten. She smiled and opened the door to the basement itself.
“Wow …”
They were in a huge hall. It was several stories high, with a big suspended crane and massive machines covered in cables and tubes. Their lamps could barely illuminate the whole place and there were plenty of deep and dark shadows.
He asked:
“Do you have any idea what they might have been doing down here?”
She took a few steps further in. Did something move in the darkness or was this just a trick of light?
“I don’t know.” She could feel her heart beat faster. “Did you see anything move?”
“I couldn’t say. Maybe?”
They stayed silent for a moment. It was perfectly calm down here. They only heard each other’s breaths. Finally Jaden said:
“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. We could go back if you want …”
Ava hesitated. They had been down here for maybe five minutes. This couldn’t just be all. They had to at least find something extraordinary to take with them as a trophy, or at least take a picture of it.
“Let’s try this way and then go home, okay?”
“Okay … Just be careful.”
They entered the mouth of another tunnel.
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The two young people walked through the darkness, the light of their lamps cutting cones of bright into it. Down here, the air was stale and there was almost no sound. Only occasionally did they hear a drop of water hit the concrete. The tunnel had a rounded ceiling and they could see ancient electric lamps up there. Thick cables and pipes ran along on both sides, protected by corroded steel mesh shielding.
As they reached a crossroads, they could hear something scuttle away. By now, they were very close and their grip immediately tightened. Ava could feel her heart pound in her chest. It was strange to be so close to him. Even if they weren’t so afraid, her heart would have been beating faster.
She heard his voice with its strange echo:
“Did you hear that?”
“The scuttling?”
“Yes. What do you think that was?”
“I don’t know. Maybe a rat? We could just go back, you know?”
She turned to look in the direction of the noise and suddenly saw a face for the blink of an eye. She cried out. Only a little later did she notice that he had answered her shriek with a scream. In that moment, the sudden cacophony made her panic and she froze.
Ava heard Jaden trying to recover, breathing heavily.
At last, he asked:
“What happened?”
“I … I saw something. A face. A person, you know?”
He hesitated, then he called out weakly:
“Hello? Hello? If you’re a here, we didn’t mean to scare you …”
We’re the ones who are scared, not whoever that was, Ava thought.
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Loving it !!!


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Loving it !!!



Thank you. I just hope it isn't too slow.
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It's not to slow.

Great story   and I like to read what happens next
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Cool! I'm glad you enjoy it.

She realized that Jaden was about to take a step forward and held him back.
Ava whispered:
“Don’t. Please. Let’s just go. Whatever this was, I don’t think we should be here. This was a bad idea.”
“But …”
“No.” She pulled on his arm. He was surprised by her strength. He never would have expected this.
Suddenly, there was a skittering sound. It was rather quiet at first, but it quickly got louder and louder. The pair looked at each other in disbelief. This wasn’t happening! This was some kind of bad dream!
The sound turned into deafening noise. There was something coming their way, and suddenly, neither of them wanted to know  what it was.
Instead, they turned and ran. The lights jumped and flashed all around them, turning the otherwise plain tunnel into a dancing maze. That something, those creatures, they were behind them, and they were speeding up!
They ran and ran, the entrance to the tunnel seeming so far away. Ava felt a kind of pressure come in from behind, like a mighty breath. To her surprise, she wasn’t struggling yet, never having been much of a runner. Still, she didn’t have the time to care about these thoughts. She just ran.
Jaden was ahead now and she could see his silhouette before her. He entered the main hall and pointed to the exit. She emerged into the big chamber too, but as she saw Jaden head for the stairs, she felt a powerful gust of wind in her face.
Gasping for air, she shouted:
“Don’t go there! It’s coming from above! Another way! Another way, quick!”
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Ava focused for a moment, then pulled Jaden away from the entrance. He shouted:
“Where are you going? We have to get out!”
“I know, but we can’t go this way! Follow me!”
He didn’t struggle and just let himself be pulled further in. Ava felt that they had left the air current behind them and she could swear that the strange rasping noise was melding into one big confusing burst of sound.
She continued in the direction she hoped was the best and suddenly stepped into a deep puddle. She screamed. Jaden asked:
“What’s going on?”
He looked at her in panic, but she said:
“I think it’s nothing. Just water. I’m okay. I …”
That’s when the air flow turned.
“It spotted us. Run!”
The noise rose to ear-shattering loudness. They ran and ran, the puddles bursting under them. They twisted down tunnels, climbed up slopes and ladders and finally realized that they were lost. At last, the noise died down. They dropped to the ground, completely exhausted. Their sides were hurting, their lungs were burning and their muscles ached.
Shaking, Jaden pulled off his backpack and extracted a pack of dextrose blocks. He handed one to Ava and had her take a swig from his bottle. Despite her training, Ava was completely exhausted. Somewhere along the way, they had had to climb on a container or some other big metal thing and together, they had managed it. She was proud of that. But it had taken everything out of her.
Now, slowly, she recovered.
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“Okay, so … What was that?”
Jaden took another deep breath.
“I have no idea. I don’t think I ever heard of anything like that. Did you see anything?”
“Not really. Before it started, there was a face and …”
She fell silent. Was there another chittering?
They listened attentively, their hearts pounding. They were completely quiet, not even daring to breathe. The pair tried to pierce the darkness, afraid of what they would see. Was this some crazy prank? By whom? Who would do something like that?
But if it wasn’t … What was it?
After what felt like an eternity, Jaden gasped for air.
“Fuck! This is terrible. I can’t see anything. Maybe it was just some weird gas? Carbon monoxide or something like that?”
Ava was stunned. The sudden outburst had been so loud that she literally froze. She had barely managed to stop herself from screaming when he had exploded.
And in the pause that followed, they heard the clicking and scraping.
Ava clung to Jaden for safety, but she immediately noticed that his hand was just as firm on hers. She could see the beads of sweat run down his brow. She whispered:
“What do we do? How do we get back out? I want to wake up! Please …”
Jaden’s lip quivered. He slowly raised his hand and switched off the lights on their brows. The darkness engulfed them. The black was completely opaque. She could hear his breathing, however faint.
The skittering sound approached. She felt Jaden pulling her up to her feet, careful not to make a noise.
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Ha the suspense!  :clap:
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Then, slowly, they walked over to the edge of the container, putting one foot down as silently as possible before trying the next. There was a kind of clicking somewhere below them. Maybe it didn’t see them, if whatever that was actually saw something. Down here, without light, maybe it used other senses. Could it feel the heat of their bodies or hear the pulses? Or even smell them? All these useless thoughts ran around Ava’s head. What did that sudden gust of wind mean and where did it come from?
Ava looked around into the darkness. She couldn’t distinguish the creature or whatever it was, but somehow, there was a faint glow. Where did it come from?
She pulled on Jaden’s sleeve and directed his arm into the direction of the tiny light. It was a kind of stripe on the floor. Then she understood. It was a safety strip to guide people out in the event of a fire. The line had been drawn with glow in the dark paint and maybe, just maybe they would be able to follow it out.
 Jaden seemed to understand. She couldn’t see him, but there was a movement next to her which she interpreted as a yes. He took something from his backpack, put it back on and whispered:
“When I say go.”
She agreed. A moment later, he threw something in the other direction. It landed with a clatter and the creature or whatever it was started off into that direction.
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In a burst of speed, they jumped off the container, landed clumsily and ran, following the glowing line on the concrete. The pounding of their feet and the beating of their hearts completely drowned out whatever those things might have been doing. Instead, they ran and ran, brushing against … things as they went round corners.
At one point, Ava stumbled. Something must have been sticking out of the ground or the wall, she couldn’t tell. She fell, holding out her invisible hands in the darkness. There was a terrible pain and she shouted for help:
“Jaden! Jaden! Please!”
The young man panicked, hesitated, hit his shoulder against some obstacle, turned around and saw the luminescent line flicker. Something was coming closer fast, covering it up. There was a hiss of wind in the air now. He stumbled back towards Ava, screaming for her to tell him where she was.
“Please! I’m here, here! Help me!”
She clumsily managed to get to her feet and extended her arms to find him. The push of air got stronger and stronger as the clattering and chittering intensified.
He found her hand, she started to run, he followed, they raced along the line, but whatever it was that was there with them started to overtake them. Ava felt that she had stepped on something soft and felt it squish. She didn’t want to look down, not that she’d have seen a thing, but she really just wanted to be safe.
And then, the line started to climb up some stairs. They felt a wave of relief wash over them as the clickering mass reached their heels.
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The young people raced up the stairwell, the concrete groaning under their footsteps. Ava wanted to tell Jaden something, but she no longer could. It was just too much. The stress, the exhaustion, the emotional load, she just had to focus on running. She slammed against the wall as the stairs wound around, pushing herself back off. With a crack, the floor sank down a few inches, the steel bars breaking through the crumbling concrete.
Jaden pulled her behind him. The light was slowly getting brighter. They could barely distinguish their environment now, but this was already better than the total darkness below. That’s when the air pressure abruptly increased. They looked at each other in panic.
What should they do?
Dropping to her knees, Ava tried to shield herself from the blast.
The young man was hit directly. In the twilight, Ava could see his shadow get thrown in the air, hitting the next platform of the stairs. She couldn’t tell for sure, but he didn’t seem to move. In this moment, the stairs collapsed.
Ava felt the concrete give in under her feet. She jumped awkwardly and flew through the darkness. With a crunch, the plates fell on whatever it was that was swarming after them. A cloud of dust filled the air, pushing inside her throat and nostrils.
She clung to what remained of the landing, slowly sliding backwards. The young woman grasped at the rough surface of the crumpled and burst concrete.
There wasn’t much she could do. Under her, in the sea of dust, the noise started again.
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“Jaden … Please! Jaden … Help me … I’m … losing my grip …”
He didn’t stir. He was knocked out. Could it be that he was … Ava didn’t even want to think about it. Besides, she was in trouble. She had no idea what was going on below her, but she certainly didn’t want to drop on crushed rebar, probably jutting with bent steel beams. That was an obvious way to get killed.
Okay. There was only so much she could try now. Without much hesitation, she chose the obvious solution: Pull herself up. She had to be able to do that, didn’t she? She had trained so much over the last weeks, she had to try. Gritting her teeth, she tried to summon all the strength she still had left and sank her fingers into the concrete.
“Fuck … Fuck …”
She started slipping again, her own weight pulling her down. The noise below her increased its pitch. Ava was about to give in and just let it be over with, but then, she thought of her mother … She couldn’t lose another part of her family. That would be unfair. That would be horrible. If anything, she had to survive!
The young woman took a deep breath. She could feel something brush against her dangling feet.
The sheer horror gave her the final push. It probably didn’t look too elegant, but she brought herself up and rolled clumsily on the concrete platform. She felt around for Jaden, found him and almost threw up next to him. Still, she managed to wake him, brought him to his feet and pulled him on. He was completely confused but followed her. They just had to get away now.
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They abruptly emerged into the evening light.
The sun was just going down, the last rays were glinting beyond the horizon. Jaden stumbled and collapsed. He rolled on the dusty ground. Ava followed suit, ending up on all fours and struggling to recover. All around them, the air was silent. No birds were singing, no little rodents were squeaking, nothing. The air was still. Ava asked:
“Did we make it?”
“I don’t know. You tell me. Is there anything still coming after us?”
She glanced over to the mouth of the building they had just burst from and shook her head:
“No … I guess we’re safe.”
“Safe? With whatever that thing was down there?”
“As long as it stays there …”
Suddenly, she started to laugh. It wasn’t a happy laugh, but one of complete mental exhaustion and relief. That monster or creature or thing down below had tried to kill them and failed. Jaden joined in after a moment of shock.
Just as they looked each other in the eyes and wiped the tears away, there was a weird, rumbling sound below and with a huge gust of wind, the entrance behind them spewed out a mass of dust and debris.
Cursing, the young people ran away, not looking back. They scrambled around the buildings, searching for their bikes. The moment they found them, Ava and Jaden climbed on and hit the pedals. They just tried to put as much distance between them and this horrible place. The fear just made them faster.
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At last, they reached Jaden’s home. They were sweaty, tired and mentally exhausted. Stumbling from their bikes, with him leading the way, they got in, tore off their footwear and crashed on the rug.
Gasping, it took them a while to recover. After a while, Jaden said:
“I can’t believe how comfortable that shitty rug is.”
“I could stay here forever.”
They waited for a while, the softness of the carpet keeping them attached. Ava groaned:
“What the fuck did just happen? Did we really go down there and do all these things?”
He nodded slowly, his stubbly cheek rubbing against the rug:
“I’m afraid so.”
“But what does it mean? And what do we do now? Should we report this?”
“To whom? I mean, they’re going to say we’ve gone crazy, don’t you think?”
“I guess … But we can’t just ignore this. That’s dangerous! And it’s happening right under our town! Imagine if all that crazy stuff just came out.”
“Ava, I just don’t want to get in trouble. Right now, I’m regretting I ever suggested the whole thing. If I could undo that, I’d do it immediately.”
She looked him deep in the eyes. There was something of an understanding. Right now, there wasn’t much they could do. Maybe do some research on this, but …
“Say, could I just shower at your place? I must smell like death.”
He nodded.
“Sure. But I’m going in right after you.”
She laughed drily and got back up. Time to clean herself up.
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When she finally got back home, she was dead tired. In the end, she just pushed the bike, too afraid to fall over or crash into something. She pulled herself up those endless stairs and unlocked the door. There was upbeat pop music. She came in to see her mother practice some poses or dance moves in her underwear in front of her mirror.
“Ava! You’re back! How was it?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Was there a problem with Jaden?”
“No, not at all. He was awesome. I’m just extremely tired.”
Angela asked:
“I’m not meaning to intrude, but what about your outfit?”
After showering, Jaden had given her a track suit of his and she had looked a little undersized in the thing.
“I borrowed it. My stuff got all dirty.”
“Then just leave it here and I’ll wash it. It should be okay tomorrow afternoon.”
Ava nodded thankfully.
“Cool, Mom. That’s really nice.”
“No problem. I just want you to enjoy your stay.”
The young woman didn’t know what to say, so Angela added.
“Just go to bed. We can talk tomorrow.”
Without any further words, Ava dropped the big plastic bag with her clothes and the backpack and lurched off to her room. She heard her mom turn the music back on, albeit at a lower volume. Then she drifted off into extremely strange nightmares. Maybe she had expected dark corridors and strange half-seen faces, but instead, it was mostly abstract shapes floating above her, squeezing the life out of her.
When she finally awoke in the wee hours, she was completely exhausted.
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Ava tried to get back to sleep. It didn’t work. She tossed and turned for maybe half an hour, then she got a message from Jaden:
“Did that really happen?”
“I guess it did.”
“Fuck. What do we do now?”
“I dunno. Tell the government?”
“Yeah, right.”
There was a pause. Then, she wrote:
“You know what, there isn’t anything we can do right now. But we can keep an eye on this and prepare. And next time, we’ll find a way to deal with this.”
“That sounds crazy.”
“The whole thing is crazy. But for now, this is all we can do.”
“Crap … But you’re right.”
Ava sighed. She laid in the darkness for a while, before adding:
“I’m just going to get fit. I wanted to do this anyway, but now, I have a good reason to get behind it.”
“I can see that. I’ll try to do that too. Next time, we’ll be ready!”
She finished the conversation with a smiley and got up. Maybe she could start early and get the food fixed. If she really was to get fit, she’d better get to work.
When her mother got up a little later, she already found the breakfast ready and the food packed up for the day.
“Thank you, Ava. That’s nice of you.”
“I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to be useful instead.”
“Okay … Tell me, what happened yesterday? You just came home and you were very dirty. You also seemed hurt.”
Ava hesitated for a moment, then she said:
“I was just exhausted. I’m not fit enough, I guess. But I decided to train for real now.”
Her mother nodded. That was exactly what she had hoped for.
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Ava’s decision really put their training into overdrive. Now that they were both motivated, they started pushing one another, constantly getting to their limits, if only to show each other that they were serious about it.
Of course, Angela’s upcoming competition was the additional whiplash they both needed. For now, only her mother would try to do this, but as she saw her flex and smile in her sequined posing suit, she thought that maybe, maybe, she could try that too. Then she saw her own plump reflection and her clumsy movements and she decided that yes, but maybe later. Much later.
Right now, helping her mom was what mattered most. She would fix the meals, she would check her posing practice and film her, and, after getting some explanations from Lucius, she would do the after-workout massages.
In a way, immersing herself into the strange world of bodybuilding and fitness training allowed her to forget about what she had seen down below. She could train her muscles and just focus on exhausting herself and she slept well now.
Caught in the training-work-household chores treadmill, she was blissfully isolated from the horror. And as far as she was concerned, the training worked. As the weeks flew by, she noticed that her body had gotten quite toned and she had lost a lot of weight. Whenever her mom unveiled the mirror, she discovered a new bit of fitness on her.
Still, the competition was approaching and they had to give their all if she were to stand a chance.
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Ava and Angela were standing opposite each other and doing barbell curls. The two women stood ramrod-straight and strained against the steel plates. This was hard work. Ava had thirty pounds in her hands, Angela even boasted fifty. They relentlessly advanced through their sets.
Right now, they were in round two, twenty reps, and they were starting to feel the bite. Ava looked over to her mom. Angela was incredible. Over the last weeks, she really shed a lot of weight. Her body was now no longer merely fit, it was ripped. Her muscles were getting more obvious every day and in a certain light, the young woman could see some striations and veins appear.
She groaned as she lifted the barbell again. Between her gritted teeth, she hissed:
“Damn, this is hard!”
Her mom grinned. She was fighting, but she was also enjoying doing this with her daughter.
“Mom, I can’t believe you’re doing this …”
“Be quiet and focus. You need to pump hard if you want to get big!”
“It … It hurts …”
“Then you’re doing it right! Pump it! Only three more reps.”
Ava lifted the barbell again. It felt even heavier than before. Right now, she just wanted to drop it, but if she stuck to it …
“And twenty! Yes.”
Angela lowered the weight and set it down on the floor carefully. The muscleheads nodded admiringly. They were literally the only women on the gym floor and they were in love with iron just as the guys. They could feel the camaraderie oozing towards them.
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“Okay, we’re almost done. Let’s hit round three!”
Ava stared at her mother’s focused expression and steeled herself. She was right. If she was to succeed in this, if she was to go back down into the maze below, she had to be ready.
She started to pump and immediately felt the pain hit her. Her muscles burned. This was hard and it stayed hard. She lifted the barbell again and again, her mother counting out the reps in hisses.
“Five, six, seven, eight …”
Every time she managed to do another one, she felt the weight increase, but at the same time, Ava could feel the end come closer.
“Twelve, thirteen, fourteen …”
Why were those sets so long? Why couldn’t it be over already?
She felt her muscles start to shiver and twitch. She had to keep up. Her mother was struggling too, the heavy barbell going up and down. Over and over, she had to remind herself of not swinging or fudging the movements. If she stuck to it, it would end up making her stronger. This was her chance.
At last, her mother hit twenty and exhaled. She untensed, her face showing relief and happiness. Angela helped her daughter put the weight down safely and said:
“You did great. Let’s take a short break and then, it’s time to work the shoulders.”
Ava groaned, but one look of her mother shut her up. If she didn’t want to be here, no one was keeping her.
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Once they were done with their training, Angela took her post-workout supplements, then they hit the massage room. Ava wasn’t sure what to make of this. She would stand next to her mom and pull, squeeze and rub her muscles until they were completely destroyed. Weeks of constant work had taught her the tricks and in a way, putting her mom through this was cathartic. Even though she was obviously training for herself, she sort of blamed Angela for her predicament.
Her mother groaned:
“Wow … This hurts.”
“It has to. You told me yourself. Besides, you’re going to look amazing at that competition.”
“I just hope the others are going to bring their A game. I’d hate to be the only one on stage actually caring about this.”
“I don’t think anyone would get on a stage in a glorified bikini without being serious about it.”
“I guess so … Ah … Fuck.”
“Mom! Language!”
Angela gave her an innocent look. Somehow, she seemed younger now. Not only was she more muscular, slimmer and way more energetic. She did act like someone half her age sometimes. It was as if she had to force herself to stay in her “mom” role.
Once Ava was done, Angela stayed on the massage bed for a moment, just waiting for the pain to leave. Then, she said:
“Okay, your turn. Time to give you a good squeeze. We want you to eventually do a paired competition with me.”
“We want that? Also, things like that exist?”
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At last, they hit the showers. Ava took off her clothes and put them on the rack. That’s when she saw her mother. In the end, the change had been gradual, but still it was shocking to see now. Angela had just stripped and was going to turn on the water. Her body had been transformed completely. She was very slim now, with only a little bit of fat remaining. Her muscles weren’t too big, she looked nothing like the big women whose posing routines she tried to copy, but she was incredibly fit. Her biceps was a nice, fist-sized mass, her shoulders were rounded and bigger than softballs and her chest had turned into twin plates of muscle. She still had her breasts, but they looked rather small and deflated. The weirdest parts were her abs, though. Angela had a six-pack, and it really looked impressive. The groves between her muscles were quite deep and there was a fair bit of vascularity.
Her strong, muscular legs completed the picture. If anything, her calves and thighs were a little too muscular for her entire body.  She had been tanning a lot lately, soaking up the sun on the roof of their building, and it was starting to show. Her body was lightly bronzed, without tan-lines. This was the only good thing about living in a dying city. You had your privacy.
Ava was a little shocked by the fact that her mom had shaved everything, everywhere. She never imagined her mother even caring for these things, but now, she was all soft and smooth.
Angela noticed her look and smiled.
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“You bet. You’re going to blow them away. I mean, look at you!”
Angela blushed a little, but said:
“I’m going up against people half my age. I don’t think I really stand a chance. Besides, they’re all going to have big breasts and they’re going to be full of steroids.”
“Seriously? Isn’t there something like age classes?”
“This is just a local contest. I don’t think there’ll be much of anything.”
“Still, Mom, wow. I think dad would have approved.”
Now Angela blushed a lot. She sighed:
“I’m not sure. He rather liked me when I had my big fat ass. He said …”
Ava cut her off.
“It’s okay. I trust you on that one.”
Now it was her turn to blush, while Angela chuckled.
“Let’s get ready. I need to practice my routine tonight.”
Ava nodded quickly and turned on the shower. The warm water was a blessing. Her body was feeling so bruised and crumpled, she just longed for a bit of relaxation. She had to admit, though, that her muscles were getting bigger and stronger too. She still had a long way ahead of her, but whenever she wasn’t totally exhausted, she could really enjoy the energy.
Once they were finished, they dried themselves, got dressed and rode home on their bikes. The city felt empty once again. After the bustle of the gym, the endless grey streets felt eerie. In a way, she longed to be back at the university. She wondered what the people would say once they saw her new shape.
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The drive to the show had been uneventful. Angela was stressed, but Ava and Lucius just tried to keep her mind of the coming performance. It did work rather well, though not overwhelmingly so. Over the last days, her diet had come to a peak and she was terribly cranky, constantly losing her temper and generally being very thin-skinned. The slightest provocation would let her fly into a frustrated rage. After a moment, Ava started juggling around her, doing her best to hide any problems from sight.
Angela had also insisted on checking out the competition on social media. It hadn’t been the best idea. The younger women all had perfect social media presences and their looks were downright intimidating. Of course, Angela knew that participating was more important than winning and the chances that she would win a trophy were very low, but somehow, all this training and her own progress had brought her hopes up.
Ava stopped the car at the venue. It wasn’t too glamorous, to say the least. As they came in, they saw dozens of people with overly warm clothing standing around, sweating. Angela felt even less comfortable. They walked over to the registration, got their number and a couple of other goodies, and went backstage.
The atmosphere back there was tense. Ava and her mother looked around and couldn’t help but staring at the competitors. The fitness girls were quite a sight, with their tight, slim bodies, clad in skimpy posing suits. But then, there were also the bodybuilders ...
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Since this was only a minor, local competition, there were very few of them. Three to be precise, and none of them were especially big. But for Angela, it was an epiphany. She swallowed and stared. The women, clearly used to this and focused on the competition just continued their preparations.
“Mom? We need to get ready …”
“Ah … Yes. Yes. We have to … get ready.”
Ava looked at her mom, who was standing there, star-struck.
“Hello? Mom? Are you there?”
Angela shook her head to clear it.
“Sorry. The thirst, you understand?”
Her daughter shrugged. She wasn’t too sure about what had just happened. The musclewomen were impressive, that was true, their muscles looking amazingly big and their wide shoulders giving them tight, hard waists. Right now, they were pumping up their arms, and they looked positively heroic. Okay, so they all had been looking at pictures and videos on the internet, but seeing them in the flesh was something else. Ava was pretty sure she connected with her mother in that moment.
Those muscles …
Sure, they were for show, but maybe this was what she wanted too. To feel strong, powerful, in control. She looked around and realized that she too had gotten stuck. She turned to her mother, who was smiling.
Lucius snapped his fingers and said:
“Okay, enough daydreaming. Time to get ready!”
Sighing, Angela stripped out of her clothes and Ava and Lucius started putting the fake tan on. That was just another weird thing in their relationship.
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At last, she put on her suit. The sequins blinked cheerfully in the harsh light. She looked at herself in the mirror and was impressed. Sure, she was a little older and the diet had definitely made her face look even more tired, but her body was … amazing.
A year ago, she had been obese and tired, now she was slim and tough. Her muscles were easily visible under her skin and she looked strong and assertive. The dark color of the fake tan brought out the striations and veins a little more and she flexed with a grin.
Ava stared:
“Damn, Mom. You look incredible. I still can’t believe it.”
“Me neither. I wonder what your dad would have said.”
“I don’t think you would have been his type …”
“Are you sure? I’m not certain he could have resisted this butt!”
She turned sideways, flexed her glutes and admired the round shape that hardened on her hips. Ava groaned:
“Mom … Please.”
Angela mock-frowned:
“Hey, let me have some fun …”
Lucius watched the show with a grin and said:
“Okay, time to get you pumped up!”
Once this was done, Angela slipped on her heels and focused. Ava could tell her mom was nervous. It was understandable. The environment wasn’t very calming. Indeed, all these other women trying to get ready only compounded the pressure. She was getting the jitters.
Ava took her mom’s hand and said:
“Don’t worry. You’ll do fine and when it’s over, we’re going to celebrate with some really unhealthy food.”
Angela smiled and sighed:
“Thank you for being here. I know I look silly, but I want to prove myself I can take control of my life.”
The announcer called the bikini competitors to get ready.
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Angela stepped out into the light. The audience was only vaguely visible in the obscurity. Her heart was pounding hard and she felt a little like an astronaut as he boarded his rocket. And then, suddenly, the whole stress fell off her. She felt as if she was floating, taking up her position in the lineup. She completely ignored the competitors, focusing fully on the audience.
Somewhere up there, Ava was sitting with Lucius, crossing her fingers and wishing her well. The voice of the announcer called out the poses. Smiling brightly, she flexed her arms, her back, her legs, her shoulders, everything. She was going through the motions on autopilot, only occasionally coming back to correct herself. This was her first time, but somehow, she was enjoying this now.
At last, the final call came and they all stood in position, waiting for the verdict.
To her relief, her name sounded over the stage. Okay, so she was in the final round. That was great! That was incredible. Honestly, this was more than she had expected.
As she returned backstage with the other competitors to prepare for the next part, her heart was racing. She only now noticed just how tired she was.
The moment she was back in that thoroughly unglamorous backstage area, she was submerged in a torrent of chatter. The other women were all talking like crazy. Someone was crying, there was some cursing, a few voices were cheering.
She saw a young girl, maybe Ava’s age, her obviously fake breasts standing out inches from her chest, do a little victory dance before being shut down by her trainer. A woman she found way too fluffy was sitting on a bench, just staring into the distance. Two girls who were obviously training partners were high-fiving and laughed. Angela waited for Ava and Lucius to come back.
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Amazing,!  Wow El Roy, so much suspense!   I love that you are taking your time and letting suspense build, but at the same time you're keeping the story going, not becoming repetitive, it is always moving alone.

Fantastic work!   :bravo:
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Amazing,!  Wow El Roy, so much suspense!   I love that you are taking your time and letting suspense build, but at the same time you're keeping the story going, not becoming repetitive, it is always moving alone.

Fantastic work!   :bravo:

Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoy it!
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Very nice story.
Thx, El_Roy
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Thank you for the kind words!

“Mom! You did it! You were amazing!”
Angela smiled blissfully as she did her best not to get her daughter dirty. She was all sweaty and the tanning cream was just as sticky and bad.
“I did, huh? I still can’t believe it.”
Lucius smiled, but said:
“It went well, but there’s the second round coming up, so don’t relax just yet.”
“Oh, come on. Don’t be such a spoilsport. I was just happy I passed round one.”
Behind them, the female bodybuilders walked on stage. They had this swagger as they walked, their broad shoulders swinging. Ava and Angela couldn’t help staring. This was impressive.
Lucius tried to get his trainee to focus.
“Please, Angela, you have a shot at placing. Don’t screw this up now.”
Ava took a step back. This was weird. Up until now, she had been under the impression that this was all just for fun, but Lucius made it sound as if this was actually important. Angela shook her head to clear it and said:
“You’re right. Let’s go through the routine once more.”
They started reciting the litany, so Ava left them. She returned to pick up her backpack. She had just put it in the car without looking at it. Just now, she realized that she hadn’t opened it since their spelunking trip. Bringing it along was pointless. The young woman sat down and pulled open the zipper. It was pretty smelly in there. What happened in there? She pulled the zipper back and looked around. She didn’t want to stink up the place. The reek of sweat and fake tan was bad enough.
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Angela was back out again. Ava and Lucius returned to their places. They sat together with the other coaches and assistants. Ava noticed that the bodybuilders’ coaches were themselves really built. She wondered whether she could talk to one of them after the show. She just had to ask what it was like.
Her mom took up her position and showed off her routine. Ava was surprised by her gracefulness. Of course, she had watched the show before, but to actually see her all glittering and wonderful on the big stage, that was something else … She smiled and wondered what it would be like to do a stunt like that. Nah. Never. Regardless of what her mom might fantasize about, she wasn’t going to join her on stage for paired posing. That was stupid. Imagining herself in a bikini in public? What a stupid idea.
Angela flexed and hit a double biceps pose. Her muscles swelled nicely and her veins became visible. Then she turned to her side and showed off her triceps. Ava nodded to herself. This was great.
The musclewoman sitting in front of her commented:
“Yeah, she’s nice. She could stand a little more size, but she’s got good proportions.”
Her neighbor, a similarly built woman nodded:
“No chance for a sponsor, obviously, but I like the look. I guess she could try for lightweight too.”
They chuckled.
Ava leaned forward and asked:
“So you’re saying my mom’s doing fine?”
They nodded:
“Sure. If she can afford it, she could go far. I think she’s got a shot.”
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Ava grinned. That was both weird and cool. Also, those two women seemed to be so at ease with their strength and their broad shoulders, that was, well, inspiring. She leaned back and watched the show. The other competitors were reaching the end of their routines and the judges were working at reaching their verdict. The women returned backstage and Ava stood up again.
Lucius massaged his temples. She asked:
“So, what do you think?”
“It went well for a first time, but there are so many things that went wrong …”
“Really? I didn’t notice anything.”
He gave her a tired look and said:
“It’s not my first competition, Ava. If you come to a few ones, you’ll see it too.”
Ava got curious:
“Why is this so important to you? I mean, it’s not as if my mom is ever going to be the champion of anything, is she? This is just for fun.”
The towering, broad-shouldered man was surprised by what she said. It was obvious that he could hardly believe that she just said that. He blinked incredulously:
“Girl, this is a serious competition. The top three participants can enter the state championships and try to get a pro card. This is not for fun. If you do something, you either do it seriously, or you don’t.”
That stung. Ava was annoyed. Getting scolded by this guy made her angry. She wanted to say something, but there really was nothing she could think of. Her mom probably saw it the same way, otherwise she wouldn’t have agreed to it. But still, she didn’t like his way of talking to her.
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They entered the backstage room and Angela and Lucius immediately started  kvetching about what didn’t work. Ava listened to them for a second, then she decided she didn’t want this. She walked around, looking at the fit women all around her. They were all relaxed now, the worst of the show over. Of course, there was this feeling of excitement all around: The results would be available soon.
She couldn’t  help imagining herself getting as buff as those women. Of course, there were also the bodybuilders. She got stuck there. Maybe it had been the comic books or the TV shows, but she definitely liked the superhero frames.
She was awoken from her reverie by the snap of a finger.
“Hey? Girl? You awake?”
Ava blinked and focused on the muscle-packed woman right in front of her. She asked:
“Are you alright? I know I look cool, but I don’t like getting stared at.”
The bodybuilder was a super-tanned Latina in an electric blue posing suit, her hard muscles on full display. Her long brown hair was streaked with blond and hung on her broad shoulders in thick curls.
“Oh … Sorry. I … I …”
The woman grinned:
“You got a case of the ‘fantasies’, didn’t you? Happens all the time. Especially when I’m at the beach.”
She chuckled. Ava nodded slowly.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare.”
“Sure. We can talk later, if you want. Us heavy girls have a little celebration afterwards. You can come.”
“Okay … Cool. Thank you. I’ll see …”
“Yeah. Whatever. Just join us when we leave.”
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The assistant came in and ushered all the bikini competitors back out. It was time for the announcement of the winners. Ava was already mentally and physically exhausted from all that running around, the noise and the stress. Her mom was equally tired, but she got back in line while Ava ran out with Lucius, to see the end of the show. The next time, she would just stay backstage or something. If there was a next time ...
They got to their seats and looked at the stage. The competitors were all beaming, desperate to show off their results one more time. Although it wouldn’t change the judges decisions, the audience deserved as much.
The PA came on and the announcer started:
“And here they are again, our beautiful and fit women of the bikini division. Put your hands together for their effort and their hard work!” The spectators clapped and there were even a few hoots and cheers. “Okay, so let’s see … On third place, we have number twelve, Angela …”
The last name was drowned by applause. Ava couldn’t believe it. Third place! This was both crazy and a little frightening. It certainly meant that her mom would pursue this. Probably a good idea … Although it still worried Ava a little. Being fit was one thing, but that diet had been very harsh. Lucius tapped on her shoulder and said:
“Let’s go backstage again and welcome her.”
“Amazing, don’t you think? She did it!”
He nodded approvingly. It was obvious that he would have wanted more.
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Angela returned a few moments after they came in and Ava embraced her mother.
“You did it! Incredible!”
“Watch out, you’re going to get all sticky.”
“Mom, I don’t care. I’m just so happy for you!”
They hugged and Ava did indeed end up being sticky. Still, this was a time to celebrate. Angela went to take a shower and clean herself up, a procedure that took even longer because of the line forming by the bathroom. Meanwhile, they announced the bodybuilder winners and started the presentation of the overall winners.
Lucius packed up their things. As the bodybuilders returned, Ava hesitated. Then she took the dive:
“Lucius, if you and Mom don’t mind, I’d like to stay and go with them. They’re having a party and I’d like to join them.”
Lucius grinned:
“Seriously? You want to go on a party with a bunch of roided-up musclegirls? If I were you, I wouldn’t do that. They’re going to drone on and on about supplements and training routines and then, they’ll have a shouting match. I’ve been through this myself.”
“I was invited …”
“Whatever. Just don’t get punched, okay?”
Ava shrugged and sat down, waiting for the women to finish. At one point, her mom came out of the bathroom. She told her what she was up to, Angela hesitated and wasn’t too happy about it, but what could she say?
Her daughter explained that she would catch the last bus home and that she would call should anything go wrong. Or anyway. She’d call.
Then Lucius and Angela got up and left and Ava ended up waiting for the musclewomen to be ready.
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“So, you coming?”
Ava nodded.
“Sure! Thanks for having me.”
“Don’t mention it.”
The three bodybuilder women had put on normal clothes, but they still looked huge. The one who had invited her told Ava her name was Pauline. She was big and very blond. Platinum blond. The woman was about as tall as Ava, but she was wide. Her shoulders really stood out and she also had rather big breasts. Ava was certain those were implants. When Pauline had been in her posing suit, they really stood out all round and fake. Still, she was fascinated.
They left the venue and got into a sports utility vehicle.
Ava asked:
“So you’re all traveling together?”
The driver, Tara, was a dark-skinned woman with a complex hairdo made of strange, interlocking braids. She was not as wide as Pauline, but her muscles looked even more defined.
“Girl, that competition is just shit. We’re never going to earn a cent from doing this, so we keep it fair and share the costs.”
The third woman joined in. She was a bit shorter and sported legs so thick they stretched her leggings almost to their breaking point. As far as Ava understood, her name was Marla. She wore her brown hair in a bun and was as tanned as Pauline.
“Think of it as an exhibition to attract customers.”
“Shmoes. Guys who want to wrestle musclewomen and be dominated by them. It’s a pretty big thing. They love our shows. If you do some fancy, sexy moves, they’ll know.”
“And that’s money in our pocket.”, Tara concluded.
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The story changes and I would like to read what happens next.
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To Ava’s surprise, it was a rather short drive and they ended up at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It wasn’t too classy, but the bodybuilders didn’t care. Instead, they just stormed in, paid and started shoveling food on their plates. It was crazy. Ava was still on a diet, and she could understand that they all wanted to just relax, but this was a little excessive for her tastes.
She watched as the three musclewomen stuffed themselves, laughing, drinking and generally being merry. Pauline asked:
“Not hungry?”
“I’m on a diet. Sorry.”
“Screw this! Tonight, we dine in … Ellie’s All You Can Eat!”
Marla leaned over to her and said:
“She literally makes this joke every time we get here. Every fucking time.”
“And it never gets old! God, girl, I gotta stay in shape all year round. So once a year, I get my awesome ‘I don’t fucking care’ evening. And that is today!”
Ava agreed. Now she was getting hungry herself. Whatever. She went and got herself something from the buffet. Nothing too deep-fried.
Once she was eating, Tara asked:
“So your mom tried the bikini division?”
Ava nodded. Pauline laughed:
“Wow. Remember? That was like forever ago!”
The other musclewomen joined in.
“Oh yes. We were all tiny.”
“I seriously thought I was going to be a fashion model back then …”
“Yeah, no. Girl, you were too big even at that time. But you did well …”
She slapped her friend’s muscular back. Then they turned to Ava:
“So, what do you think? Will your mom stick to it?”
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Ava shrugged.
“I don’t know. I guess so. My dad died of a heart attack and she looked as if she was going to be right next. Then she changed everything and now look at her.”
The musclewomen nodded. That was impressive.
“And how about you? Got any plans?”
The young woman scowled:
“Hey! I already lost a lot of weight! I’ve been training hard and eating right all summer long.”
The athletes looked at each other, then they started pounding on the table and shouting “Flex! Flex! Flex!”.
The waitress rolled her eyes. Thankfully, the place was quite empty at this hour, so there were almost no other patrons that could get annoyed by the noise. Ava, on the other hand, blushed. She turned a very deep crimson and made calming gestures, but since the others wouldn’t stop, she reluctantly took off her jacket and rolled up her sleeve.
As she lifted her arm, the bodybuilders made a rising “Whoo …”-sound. She got even more embarrassed. Then she flexed her arm.
“Ooh … Yeah!”
The three musclewomen laughed and high-fived. Then they nodded:
“Looking good. Nice!”
She couldn’t say whether they were making fun of her, but there was a bit of a lump on her arm and she knew that it was quite hard. Of course, she was nowhere near their size, but then, she didn’t need to.
Tara said:
“Impressive. Two months is a really short time to build a good physique if you start with nothing. Especially if you do it naturally.”
Then they all laughed.
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“What’s so funny?”
“Seriously? In that business, pretty much everyone is on drugs. You don’t get that big unless you have really strange genetics or you get shot up with a ton of stuff.”
Marla butted in:
“Yeah. I mean, my shopping list looks like a clinic’s sometimes. So much stuff … I still wonder how I do it without just dying!”
She guffawed. Ava was a little shocked. She knew about the steroids and growth hormones and everything. Sure. But she hadn’t expected the bodybuilders to be so open about them.
“But isn’t that dangerous?”
“Sure, but so is driving. You have to know the risks. And you have to trust the right people. If your mom wants to make it big and win a title, she’ll have to go down that way.”
Somehow, that didn’t sit well with Ava. Wasn’t that cheating? And there were side-effects. She had heard some of the bigger bodybuilders talk on videos and the voices had been very deep. Like men’s. Even deeper sometimes. She certainly didn’t want her mom to go down this route.
Pauline had already moved on in the conversation:
“So, what do we do now? The usual, or do we do something intelligent for once?”
Ava asked:
“What would that be?”
“I dunno. Usually, we end up at a strip club and we stay there until they throw us out. We’re regulars at a place around here and I think they’re starting to warm up to us.”
Tara rolled her eyes:
“In your dreams … Last time, she had an arm-wrestling match with the bouncer. Poor guy.”
Marla laughed:
“So it’s settled. Time to get that guy for a second round!”
They cheered. Ava was starting to feel really uncomfortable.
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“Okay … This might just be too much for me tonight.”
Ava got up. She was stuffed and she did feel tired. Somehow, she had expected to be more comfortable around those women.
Pauline cocked an eyebrow:
“You sure about that? Just come with us! It’s fun!”
Marla chimed in:
“Yeah! We’re going to show you how to party. This will be awesome!”
The young woman shook her head.
“I’m sorry. This was nice and I hope to see you again at the next competition, but … Maybe it’s for the best not to overdo it on the first outing.”
Marla scoffed:
“Seriously? Wow. Teenagers nowadays are so much more responsible! Remember us?”
Pauline chuckled:
“Hey, at least we haven’t set anything on fire yet!”
They laughed out loud. Tara rolled her eyes and got up too.
“I’m walking you to the bus station. This place can be a bit scary at that hour.”
Ava nodded and thanked her. Then she said goodbye to the other bodybuilders and stepped outside with Tara. The air was warm from the day, but it was obvious that the summer was over again. It never lasted long in these parts.
They left the restaurant and walked down the street together. The other restaurants and bars around here were loud and bright. This place was so different from Ava’s hometown, it almost made her wonder how that happened. At this time, there would be no one on the street, just grey walls and maybe some wild animals coming in the town to raid the dumpsters. She stayed close to Tara as they walked past a few loud, very drunk teenagers.
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“Hey, look at her! That woman, she’s like, super buff! Hey, lady, you been working out?”
Tara smiled vaguely and continued. She mumbled something of an affirmation, then went on quickly.
“Hey! Hey! You!” The young man stumbled in their direction and ended up right in front of them. “You. Yes, you.” He pointed at Tara’s shoulder and said: “You’re cool. I really like it when a woman has … like … yeah. Muscles! Like you.” He burped. “Yeah. That’s it. That’s it.”
Ava and Tara maneuvered around him and managed to evade him, just leaving him standing there. He might have said something else, but they were already far away.
After a moment, Ava sighed:
“Thank you. It’s nice that you’ve been accompanying me.”
“Don’t mention it. We all have to be careful nowadays.”
They walked in silence for a while, then Tara said:
“Don’t let the others intimidate you. They can be annoying, but they’re nice. Deep down. When they’re on their cycles or when they just finished a hard diet, they can be very jocky.”
“And you?”
“Me too. But right now, I’m just happy it’s over.”
“I can understand. Mom was getting really cranky lately.”
“What can I say, it’s a strange sport. But it certainly pays off. If you want to get into it, just ask us. We’re eager to help.”
“So I’ll be one of you?”
Tara laughed and did the voice:
“One of us! One of us!”
Ava grinned and they reached the bus station. They embraced and Ava said:
“Have fun!”
“Oh, we certainly are. It’s your loss, really. But I’m going to send you some pics!”
They kissed each other’s cheeks and Tara left. Ava stayed at the stop and waited.
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Finally, she had a moment of calm to herself. She sat on the bench, looking at the sky and taking deep, relaxed breaths. This was a fine night after all. Her mom’s success was great, meeting those weirdos had been nice and, well, eye-opening and all in all, this was a fascinating way to finish the summer break. Now she just had to spend some time with Jaden and everything would be great …
That’s when she remembered the backpack. She decided that this was the best moment to find out where that stink came from. She could probably just get whatever thing had rotted in there and be rid of it and it would be far away from home. Not stinking up her apartment was certainly a perk of this situation.
She pulled back the zipper and opened the pack. Hm. The smell was disgusting. She hesitated. Why not throw away the entire bag? It wasn’t as if she was using that thing much …
She gritted her teeth and peeked inside.
The smell was overwhelming and there was something gooey inside. She hesitated. Maybe she should just dump the whole backpack and be done with it. Even if she found whatever was stinking in there, would she really consider using it again?
She stopped, took a handkerchief from her pocket and reached inside. She found something soft and squishy and groaned. At least, it wasn’t wet. Instead, her fingers touched some porous lump in there. She gagged. The smell only got worse. Better be done quickly.
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Ava pinched the lump with her fingers and pulled it out fast. It detached from the plastic insides with a smacking sound and she brought it to the neon light above her. It was a blackened lump of whatever organic material this had been before.
She felt a shiver run down her spine. This thing was disgusting and the stench was eye-watering. The young woman got up and walked over to the bin. She should just toss it in there and be rid of it. As long as it didn’t do anything funny …
The peach.
That lump was the peach she had found on that weird tree down in the building!
The sudden realization made her drop it and she almost tried to catch it before pulling back. It hit the tarmac and broke open in a cloud of black dust. The motes stayed in the air for a while, gently floating to the ground. Somehow, the smell was gone.
As the dust settled, she saw some white thing lie in the remains. She wasn’t certain, but it looked … alive. Or at least like a kind of living being. She just couldn’t say what kind of animal or plant it was supposed to be.
The thing was oblong, with several white appendages, some long and spindly, others thick and covered in dimples. There was something like a row of bumps or horns on it. If anything, it looked like a kind of deep-sea creature pulled up to the world above. And then, it moved.
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Ava’s shriek was probably heard all over town. She stared at the ugly clump of white goo. The thing jerked and twitched, then it pushed itself along the ground. Just watching it was incredibly gross. It had this weird way of moving, looking part alive and part dead. Whenever it contracted itself to flop along a little further, white knobs and tendrils shot out, split up and were reabsorbed into it.
The young woman watched it with growing disgust. That thing was so incredibly awful, she really didn’t know what to do. She just felt sick. On the other hand, she couldn’t take her eyes of it either.
After a while, she said half to herself:
“What the hell are you? I’ve never seen anything like that. And why was it in that peach? Something like a worm?”
The thing eventually reached a crumpled soft-drink can and pulled itself inside. In a sudden moment of curiosity, Ava grabbed the can from within a plastic bag and dropped it inside. She quickly knotted the bag and took a deep breath now that the smell was somewhat isolated.
Okay. That thing was super creepy. She really had no idea what to make of it. Maybe she should show it to Jaden?
She definitely should find someone to analyze it. If Jaden was just as clueless as her, she could bring it to the university and show it to some of the professors. They could tell probably tell her more. At least she hoped that there was some way of dealing with that disgusting thing.
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Ava finally reached her apartment. The bus got stuck in a traffic jam and the way from the stop to the cramped building which she shared with oh so many other students had been a chore, complete with the streets getting broken up by construction workers and masses of people running around aimlessly. Still, she wasn’t tired. Instead, she felt excited. The young woman unlocked the door and let herself in, immediately running into Milla, her roommate. She was a slim woman with long curly brown hair and tanned skin. She had clearly indulged in her love of piercings again, her earlobes now stretched to over an inch. She also sported a ring in her septum. With her wrappy outfits, she always looked a bit like some exotic fantasy queen. As she heard her friend come in, she turned around in a flourish and jumped at her.
“Hey, Ava! You’re back! Cool!” She released her from the sudden embrace, took a step back and looked at her: “Whoa, girl. What happened? Did you lose some weight? Nah. A lot of weight?”
Ava nodded proudly.
“I did. And I’m going to continue to do it. You like the look?”
“Girl, you know me: I loved you before, I love you now. But it does look good on you.”
Ava laughed and embraced her, lifting and twirling her. Milla got all dizzy.
“Wow. You’re strong. Just what exactly happened at your place?”
“You wouldn’t believe it.”
“Try me.”
“My mom got into bodybuilding.”
“Okay. I don’t believe you. Pics, or it didn’t happen.”
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A moment later, they were sitting on the couch-slash-bed in Ava’s tiny room.
“Okay. Pics. It did happen. I can’t believe it. She looks crazy. But crazy good. I never knew those people were real, you know? I always thought this was just clever lighting and editing.”
“It’s hard work.”
“And you did it too?”
“I did, but I still have a long way to go. I had two months, she has been working out for maybe a year.”
Milla grinned.
“You know what you gotta do? You have to train hard and get bigger than her. This way, you can surprise your mom.”
Ava made a stupid face.
“Yeah! This way, you can go ‘Guess who picked up the freshmen fifteen!’. And then, you flex your arms.”
Milla did and her tiny upper arms looked exactly the same. Ava shook her head.
“I don’t know about that …”
“It was just a joke. Although … I’d like to have a strong friend. There’s always so much to carry!”
“Hey, just because I trained a little doesn’t mean I was weak before. Also, I’m not supposed to do all your carrying anyway.”
“But you could …”
Ava rolled her eyes.
“Whatever …” She decided to change the subject. “So you got your nose pierced?”
Milla craned her neck.
“Yeah! Do you like it? I also got some others, but … They’re a little more secret.”
Ava blushed and asked:
“What exactly?”
“Oh, just my nipples … And my … You know …”
“Seriously? But didn’t that hurt?”
“Sure. But now that it’s all healed, it’s great fun. I can’t wait showing them to Ewan.”
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Over the next days, Ava settled in again. Classes started and she found herself being very busy. Now it turned out that ignoring her notes during the summer had left her with some trouble to keep up. She had to spend quite some time revising last year’s lessons and didn’t really find any time for anything. At the same time, Milla was spending a lot of time with the girls from her sorority and with all those guys she brought home. This made learning even harder. The constant noise was hard to bear and Ava found it difficult to think straight.
She had to find a way to clear her mind.
Ava sneaked out, evading the grunts and moans from Milla’s room and went on a walk. If she could just think for herself, things would certainly fall into place. That’s when she found herself walking briskly over the campus. Her walk turned into a jog, and soon, she was running. She wasn’t wearing the right shoes or clothes for this, but she liked the sudden freedom. After a fifteen minute run that left her sweaty and out of breath, she realized she had to train again. Even if that meant losing time for studying, she had to look after her body.
The young woman breathed deeply, then looked at herself in the reflection in the library window. She was losing her shape again. She shook her head. Not again.
So, without further debate, she headed for the university gym.
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The place was quite crowded. As she later understood, this was normal at the start of the term. The various teams recruited members over this week. Later on, it would thin out until only the professionals and those with scholarships remained. Ava looked around, running into a few people from her classes and some she already knew from last year. As far as she could tell, most students joined some sports team and focused on that. When she saw just how much training was scheduled, she hesitated. She wanted to focus on her studies and find out more about that ugly blob of slime. That would take up a lot of her time.
Honestly, she wanted to continue what she had started at her mom’s place. It would be best if she had that food too. Not cooking for herself had been great. She looked around. Maybe they had a bodybuilding section?
Surprisingly, it took her a moment to find it. She had expected it to be crowded with people, but actually, the team’s stand was mostly deserted. Two big hulking guys were sitting behind a table, watching their phones. They were wearing tank-tops and they were very buff. There was a rather simple banner on top which proclaimed that this was the place to get swole, but other than that, they didn’t advertise much. While the other stalls included folders and even tablets that showed self-made image videos, there was just a rather sad plastic trophy, declaring that the school team had won the third place in the regional section.
Ava was pretty sure that those guys would leave her alone when needed.
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She walked up to them and waited for them to notice her. That didn’t happen. Instead, the pair just sat there and continued scrolling on their phones. She waited some more, but nothing. Eventually, she grew tired of it and cleared her throat.
Neither looked up. Instead, one of them mumbled:
The other one commented:
“Dude, you don’t ‘Gesundheit’ people when they clear their throat. You only do that when they sneeze.”
“Oh. Sorry. Man, I really just say it every time somebody makes one of these noises. It works best, I guess?”
“Yeah, dude, but you’re doing it wrong. That’s impolite.”
Ava rolled her eyes and said:
“It’s also impolite when you don’t even notice people right in front of you.”
The second guy said:
“That’s right. Damn it, Kemal, you have to watch your manners.”
The first man sighed, put down his phone and looked at Ava.
“You’re the bodybuilders, right?”
The young man grinned and flexed his arms. They were quite impressive:
“Damn straight! I’m Kemal and this is Tobie! We’re the founders and only members of the club. There was one before, I guess, since that’s where they got the trophy from, but … Anyway, we’re the swolest guys on campus. Yeah!”
Tobie got up and showed off his lat spread.
“Nice, huh? We’re awesome!”
They high-fived. Ava started having second thoughts about all this. She also realized they were only a little taller than her, if at all.
“Okay … So, boys, I’d like to join up.”
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“Seriously?” The pair couldn’t believe her.
“Why would you want to? I mean, we’re bodybuilders! We’re just going to pump iron and grow swole!”
Ava shrugged.
“Well, that’s kinda what I want too, so …”
Kemal couldn’t understand her:
“This is not some kind of a joke, is it? Or a prank?”
He turned to an invisible audience and declared:
“Very funny! Yeah! Make fun of the stupid muscleheads!”
Ava rolled her eyes:
“Guys, please. I’ve been working hard over the summer to get fit and to lose some weight. My mom made third place at a bikini competition and I really need to be stronger and tougher. So, are you going to help me or not?”
Tobie grinned:
“Got a picture of your mom?”
Kemal joined in:
“Yeah. Pics or it didn’t happen!”
Ava groaned:
“Just how old are you? Twelve?”
“Hey! That was uncalled for!”
The young woman sighed:
“Listen, I’m really having second thoughts here. Is this some kind of test, like in those Kung Fu movies, or are you really that stupid?”
At last, a little bit of sense seemed to creep into Tobie’s and Kemal’s minds and they said:
“Okay. Sorry about that. You can sign up here …” They handed her a slip of paper that was yellowed and ancient. It was probably still from that ancient bodybuilding club. Once she was done, Kemal added: “And you can come and join us for daily practice whenever you want. I mean, we’re three people now, we can just set things up the way we like them!”
Tobie held out his hand:
“Welcome to the club, Ava!”
She shook it vigorously.
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What happened next was downright weird. The guys went to get a chair, offered it to Ava and proceeded to wait out the end of the event without any further reaction. Ava was confused and quite annoyed. She had expected them to maybe try some small-talk or even tell her something about their training concept, but nothing.
At last, she said:
“So, Kemal, what do you do in your free time?”
He looked at her as if he’d seen her for the first time and shrugged:
“Yeah, well, I mostly train. And I go on parties. Rarely though. Because of the training. And I play video games.”
It wasn’t as if Ava had a more interesting life.
“What games?”
“Mostly shooters. And sports games.Yeah. But mostly shooters, really.”
Hm. That wasn’t exactly up her alley.
“How about you, Tobie?”
“Nothing really. I mean, I work as a bouncer on the side. Take up a lot of time. And I binge on shows.”
“What’s your favorite?”
“Ah, you wouldn’t know. Don’t ask.”
Was he blushing? Ava sighed. Then she said:
“Okay. So I’m Ava, I like playing MMORPGs, but I’m not going to tell you about my characters. My favorite show is King of Dead and … well, I can wiggle my ears.”
“Seriously? You gotta show us!”
She did. The guys stared at her ears and couldn’t believe it.
“This is awesome! Damn, we’re going to be the best team ever!”
Ava was really confused now and asked:
“What exactly are you two studying?”
Kemal smiled:
Tobie chimed in:
She preferred not to ask any further questions.
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Ava returned home and relaxed for a moment. That’s when her thoughts returned to the blob. She still had to deal with that thing. Sighing, she got back up, took the plastic bag out of her luggage and went to their tiny kitchen. She spread some more trash bags in the sink after plugging it. Then she got one of the empty storage jars from the cupboard which some previous occupant had left. Neither Milla nor her knew what to do with these rows upon rows of glass jars, but now, they would come in handy.
She held her nose as she undid the knot in the plastic bag. Then she peeked inside, careful not to expose any skin. The last thing she wanted was touching that ugly son of a bitch.
The young woman fumbled with the plastic bag until the can dropped out and landed in the jar. The blob was still hidden in it. She screwed the lid on and poked a few small holes in with a bottle opener. She still had no idea just how much air that thing needed, if any, but she didn’t want to take any chances.
Once it was secured in the jar, she got rid of the packaging and gave the jar a good shake. The can clattered.
“Come out! I want to see your ugly, blobby whatever you are.”
The can didn’t move. She gave it another shake.
“Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you died in there!”
Milla came in, took an apple from the basket on the fridge and asked:
“What’s up? Talking to the jar again?”
“When did I ever talk to a jar?”
“Yeah. You wouldn’t remember.”
She went back out. Ava shrugged and let the can clatter once more.
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After a bit more shaking, the white clump dropped one of its tentacles out. It moved. Ava shivered. Okay. That thing was still alright. She wondered whether she should feed it. Then she decided that if it had gone on so long without food, it would last a little longer for now.
She took the jar with her and set it up on her desk. Then she took out her phone and wrote a message to her professor, asking for a moment of her time.
The answer came immediately:
“What is it? How can I help you?”
“Thank you for replying so fast! I have a biological question. Could I show it to you in person?”
“Sure. Come over right away. I have half an hour of free time.”
“That’s really nice. I’ll be there in a moment.”
Ava took the jar and headed out. The professor had been impressed by her work over the last year and even though it wasn’t a friendship, there was some mutual respect. The young woman put on her running shoes and headed over to her house. Professor Lang lived on campus and seemed to be constantly busy. Getting an appointment at such a short notice was something of an honor.
She reached the door and rang. Moments later, the professor opened. She was a short woman with black hair, rather slim and clearly very far-sighted. Her eyes looked huge in her glasses. She let her in:
“Want a cup of tea, Ava? I was just fixing one for me.”
Ava nodded and said:
“I have something I have to show you. Please tell me what you think.”
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“Okay, so first of all: This is very ugly.”
The professor looked at the white blob in a plastic tray at her lab. Ava agreed.
“I know. It’s really gross. Have you ever seen anything like it?”
The short woman took another look. It had required quite a bit of fumbling to get that strange thing out of its hiding place. Ava had explained where she found it and told the professor about the strange air gusts and the masses of creatures down below. The older woman had taken notes and shrugged.
“If I’m perfectly honest, I don’t think I have ever heard of such an animal. I mean, there are deep-sea creatures that are similar, but those can’t survive outside the water and are usually killed by the lack of pressure when they come up anyway.”
“So it’s a new species?”
“It could be. I think we’ll have to take tissue samples and cross check with specialists. It’s very interesting, though. If you want, we can work on it together and you can even use it as your thesis. I think you can even name that thing if it really turns out to be undiscovered.”
Ava was quite surprised. Sure, she had thought that this thing was something special, but she never expected it to be, well, new.
 The professor rolled it back into the jar. It landed in there and seemed annoyed, slipping back into its can.
“We should probably go to where you found it once we are done with the tests we can do here. Describing its habitat and finding more of them is certainly important.”
Ava swallowed. She didn’t much like that. It was creepy down there.
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“Okay, but that would be quite the expedition. I have been planning to do this with a friend of mine during winter break. I planned to prepare for it over the next months.”
The professor was impressed:
“That sounds fascinating. Also, isn’t it a little over the top?”
“Professor, after what happened down there, I think that more preparation is better. I was really scared to death and I’m sure I could have been seriously hurt.”
The older woman nodded.
“Seems reasonable. Maybe we should alert the authorities, though.”
“Well … We were trespassing. I don’t want to get in trouble. Also, if we want to examine whatever creatures are living down there, it’s probably better to get as few people involved as possible.”
Professor Lang thought about that for a moment, then said:
“Very well. I appreciate the thoughts you’ve put into this. If you want, I could accompany you. I probably wouldn’t go down there, but I could drive you there and act as a backup should anything go wrong.”
Ava nodded eagerly:
“That would be awesome!”
The two women then proceeded to stick the blob with a needle and take a tissue sample. It shriveled up for a moment, then recovered. They watched it for a while. All of a sudden, it extended some smaller horns from one set of appendages.
“Yuck. I’m not sure we should have done that.”
The professor returned the jar to Ava.
“We have to start analyzing it somewhere. It’s probably best if you take it with you. Take care of it. I would probably forget to feed it or lose it in my mess.”
Ava nodded.
“Do you have any idea what I should feed it?”
The scientist hazarded:
“Try some fruit? It was in that peach, wasn’t it?”
The young woman shrugged. It was worth a try.
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The young woman shrugged. It was worth a try.

“Come on you ugly thing …”
Ava held a piece of freshly cut peach in her chopsticks. After a bit of thinking, she settled on these as the best disposable tools to feed the blob. However, the creature seemed to be skeptical and stayed in its can. She ran the orange chunk of fruit by the can’s opening and said:
“Hey … You must be starving in there. Nom nom nom … Look at it. Isn’t it …”
A tentacle shot out, grabbed the chunk and disappeared back inside. Ava yelped and almost fell on her ass. That was terrifying! She couldn’t believe just how fast that thing was. She had barely seen it move.
The thing made weird noises inside its can, then there was a gargling sound and a brownish sludge dripped from the can opening. The smell was pretty awful.
“Gross … What did you do in there, you horrible thing?”
Ava decided that she would have to incinerate the chopsticks after each use and maybe hit the jar with scalding hot water once in a while.
Milla popped in.
“Hi, Ava.” She saw the peach. “Ooh, nice. Can I have some?” Then she smelled it. “Ew … What did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything. It’s that blob.” She held up the jar carefully.
“It’s a can and a puddle of shit. Why?”
“I’m doing a project with my professor. I’m sorry if it’s a bit smelly.”
“A bit? Listen, Ava. It’s okay if you need to do this, but could you try to do it outside? That would be better.”
Ava nodded and put the jar back.
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The next day, she went to the gym to meet up with Tobie and Kemal. The two muscleheads were already there, doing barbell curls and grunting a lot. They were surprised to see her, but didn’t say a thing until they finished their set. Ava took the opportunity and went to change into her workout gear. She had decided to stick to more comfortable and less revealing outfits for now. Maybe once she got to her mom’s level, she could also get as skimpy as her.
She returned from the changing room and found them staring at her. At last, Tobie said:
“Wow, you actually came!”
Kemal joined in:
“Yeah. We thought you were making fun of us.”
“Maybe she still is making fun of us.”
“Maybe … Hey, are you making fun of us?”
“Guys, I’d just like to start working out now.”
The men’s faces lit up and they high-fived. Then they returned to their exercises. Since it was obviously arms’ day, she warmed up, then went to pick a bar and loaded it with some forty pounds. The guys nodded approvingly. Then she lifted it up and started pumping.
The first set was okay. She did her best to keep her back straight and not swing the weight. The young men nodded. They liked her style. At the end of the set, they started counting out the reps.
After a short break came round two. This time, they supported her right away and made encouraging grunts. She was sweating and feeling the sting, but for the first time, she had this camaraderie she never knew.
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Very nice story  :thanks:. Hopefully next time she visits her mother they both have bigger muscles. I would like if the little glob thing can help mother and daughter to get some serious growth.
Thanks for the constant postings. I can't wait for the next parts.  :rock:
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Very nice story  :thanks:. Hopefully next time she visits her mother they both have bigger muscles. I would like if the little glob thing can help mother and daughter to get some serious growth.
Thanks for the constant postings. I can't wait for the next parts.  :rock:

Thank you for the praise.

There's definitely going to be some comparing and the blob ... well, you'll see.
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On her third set, the guys were going crazy. They cheered her, screamed encouragement and clapped. It was incredible! She wouldn’t admit it to herself, but when training with Angela, she always felt under pressure to perform. In a way, her mother constantly seemed to judge her, even if that wasn’t true. It still gave her that impression.
With Tobie and Kemal, it was different. They appeared to be genuinely fascinated and they shared her enthusiasm.
So, once she finished her set and stood there all sweaty, they helped her lower the barbell and patted her on the back while thumbs-upping all around. Kemal was next, and Ava found herself doing the same for him. When the training session ended, the trio felt strangely connected.
Kemal declared:
“That was awesome! Ava, you’re a bad dude!”
Tobie grinned and said:
“You’re a bad dudette!”
Kemal agreed:
“Yeah. Dudette!”
“You’re going to be huge if you keep on training like that! So, what about food? Do you have a plan?”
“I thought about just continuing the diet I had.”
She showed them her plan on her phone. The guys looked at it and nodded in agreement.
“That looks solid. It’s expensive, though.”
“I know, but if it’s supposed to work …”
Kemal smiled:
“You can join our plan, if you want.”
“What plan?”
“Tobie here works at a restaurant. We get the leftovers. There’s lots. Want some?”
Ava nodded and Tobie beamed with pride.
“You’re not going to regret it. Most of the stuff is amazing!”
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Ava settled in. She was busy all the time now. Every day, she would go to the gym with Tobie and Kemal and pump hard. She would eat absurd amounts of food and try to understand the boys’ inane conversations about weird bodybuilder nerd stuff. They were cute, constantly arguing about new details to adjust their exercises and their diets. She had to admit: That stuff worked. As the weeks went by, she couldn’t help noticing that they were all getting buffer.
Things came to a head when Tobie declared:
“Ava, you have to go shopping.”
She was just doing lat pulldowns, grunting happily as she pumped up her muscles.
“Me? Why?”
“Your clothes are getting tight.”
“Really?” She had noticed that her outfits were getting uncomfortable again, but with all the stuff she had to do, she had assumed that it was because of bad nights and screwed up eating. Back from her overweight days, she was used to disliking her outfits.
“Yeah. Your lats are getting big and they’re stretching your shirt.”
She finished the set and looked at her reflection. He was right. She was getting wider, but up top now. That was amazing!
She flexed her lats and did a crab pose. The young woman grinned. Then her shirt broke.
The fabric tore in the back and her body spilled out. She turned crimson. Tobie nodded:
“Shit happens. Let me get you one of my hoodies.”
She carefully removed the torn-up shirt while he rummaged in his bag. Okay, this was impressive.
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He returned and handed her the hoodie. Ava stood there in her bra and did some more poses. The young man grinned:
“You’re definitely getting buff, Ava!”
She flexed her arms, admiring the lump of muscle that slowly pushed her skin outwards. There was still a lot of bodyfat and she wasn’t defined at all, but she liked the strong silhouette it got her.
The young woman thought of her mom. She wondered just how big she was getting now. Maybe she should send her a progress pic? She asked:
“What do you think, Tobie, should I tell my mom about this now or should I wait until I got way bigger and really blow her away?”
He hesitated, thought for a moment, then said:
“Tease her. Just send her some small pics or blurry ones. And maybe get her to send you some of hers.”
“Cos I wanna see.”
“Man, Tobie, you’re such a pervert.”
He shrugged:
“I just like it when people get buff. It makes me all happy inside.”
Ava still wasn’t sure of what to make of these two guys. Were they gay? They didn’t seem to have any girlfriends and despite her hanging out with them, neither had ever made any moves. She didn’t dare ask, but she had to admit that she was getting curious.
Then she put on the hoodie and said:
“Okay. Time to get some new outfits. Are you coming with me?”
“Sure! I’ll just tell Kemal and we can go.”
Ava didn’t expect that answer, but she shrugged. Fine.
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The two muscleheads took her downtown, but insisted that she’d skip on the usual clothing shops. Instead, Kemal, who was taller and better dressed, insisted:
“You can forget those places. The only thing that will happen is that you’re going to feel bad because none of the cute looks are going to fit you.”
“Okay …”
“So we’re going to a place that sells crazy stuff and you’ll find something. I’m certain!”
Ava nodded and linked arms with them. It was cool to feel their big arms and their strength. She grinned:
“Wow. We’re buff!”
Tobie laughed:
“That was the whole point! And we’re going to get so much bigger.”
“Anything I should know?”
“Yeah. A friend of mine is bringing some crazy roids from his next trip soon. That stuff is amazing! He put on twenty pounds of muscle in a month! And he was already buff in the first place.”
Ava stared. Twenty pounds? That was huge! Her weight hadn’t changed ever since she started training, actually, it had dropped a little. She had no idea how much muscle she was really carrying, but with twenty more pounds, she’d look like a monster!
Kemal grinned:
“So next time, you’re going to have to take us shopping!”
“But isn’t that dangerous?”
“What, shopping?”
“No. Taking drugs.”
“Sure. But if you wanna get swole and feel awesome, then you gotta do what you gotta do.”
Tobie butted in:
“Yeah! You wanna try it too? You’d look awesome with bigger muscles!”
She hesitated, then said:
“Well, I’ll see, I guess.”
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The owner of the shop they picked turned out to be a strange hippie-kind of guy, complete with colorful shirt and surprisingly short pants. He greeted Tobie and Kemal with hugs and was all smiles as he led them inside. Ava was left to her own devices until Kemal said:
“By the way, this is Ava! She’s our newest recruit.”
The man laughed and replied:
“And your only one for now, isn’t she?” He turned to her while she was browsing the outfits. Most of the stuff was strangely sized and rather bright and colorful. Not Ava’s usual fare. “Hi, I’m Barry. I’m the man who tries to dress my two apes here like human beings …”
Tobie chuckled:
“And you fail every time!”
“Not for want of trying. So, Ava, you’ve joined my two favorite muscleheads in their stupid quest for big, hunky bodies? What are you planning to do for yourself?”
Ava was a little intimidated by the man’s spiel and said hesitantly:
“Actually, I want to get big and strong too …”
“Very well! That is an excellent idea and I hope I can help you look your best! At the rate in which those two are going through their outfits, I guess you’ll also end up being a repeat customer.”
“I’m not sure …”
“And that is exactly correct! None of us are. It’s the media, I tell you. And the constant pressure on people to look weak and sickly. Or pointlessly fit. You have to look meaningfully fit! So, I’m going to find some things which you might like. Meanwhile, browse. Browse!”
And he was off.
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Ava turned to her friends and asked:
“What was that? Is he for real?”
“Definitely. He’s the best. He loves muscle and he loves to find outfits to make us look good. It’s incredible.”
“Okay … It’s just that, he’s kinda intense, don’t you think?”
The two guys nodded:
“Oh yes. But he knows his stuff!”
Ava looked at the clothes in the cramped store. They had a second hand feeling, but she had to admit, they seemed to have a good quality. Not that she knew too much about clothes, but the fabrics appeared to be robust and the sewing looked as if it might stand a good stretch.
Barry returned and said:
“So I’m back. Ava, if you’re still with me, why not try these outfits for us?”
She blushed and took the clothes with her into the changing room. The little booth was horribly cramped, but she managed to get out of her own stuff without getting stuck. She wondered how Kemal and Tobie dealt with that. They probably just got changed in front of everybody. To her surprise, there was a pack of underwear included in the stack. She opened it and tried it on. She was impressed. Despite her widening back and her shrinking breasts, Barry had clearly estimated her size correctly.
The young woman got dressed and stepped outside.
The floral dress looked cute on her. Barry had her twirl and she admired herself in the mirror. It looked girly and fun, while also not trying to hide her shoulders. She felt nice in it and grinned:
“Wow! I never expected to wear one of those! Awesome!”
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By the way, this was episode 100!
I hope you enjoy the slow burn.
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The boys applauded.
“You look amazing! It’s both strength and beauty. We’re so going to win!”
She asked:
“Win? At what?”
Tobie was all smiles:
“The college organizes a kind of club competition. All the sports teams and all the other clubs are expected to do a presentation of their work at the end of the term. We can win a trophy and a bit of cash.”
Kemal added:
“With you on our team, we’re going to be the best!”
The guys high-fived.
Ava was a little shocked. So she would do a bodybuilding show with those two? Seriously?
Right then, Barry asked:
“Want to try the others too?”
She hesitated for a moment, then went back in.
After trying on a good dozen other outfits, she bought most of them. Tobie and Kemal made themselves useful by carrying her bags and she wore the floral dress right away. She enjoyed the new look and tried not to think about the money she had just spent. It wasn’t much since the stuff was second hand, but still, her budget was rather strained.
As they returned to the college, they ran into a bunch of football jocks. The other boys laughed and pointed at them:
“Look at them! The muscleheads got some reinforcements! Hey, Kemal, found another idiot to pump up? You know that muscle needs to be used for something real if it’s sports. Stupid speedo boys!”
Ava glanced at Tobie and Kemal. The two young men did their best to keep their cool and stay serious. She noticed that they were almost a head shorter than the jocks and it was clear that the insults were hurting them.
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She decided to act.
Ava walked over to the head jock and put her arms akimbo.
“Just what do you think you’re doing, you jerk? Stop being mean to them!”
There was an awkward pause as the football players tried to understand what was going on. Tobie and Kemal groaned and tried to pull Ava away from the jocks.
“Let it be, it’s okay. We can deal with it …”
The big guy laughed:
“Cool. Now you little traitor fuck got yourself a bodyguard. And it’s a girl! Wow. Seriously, Kemal, you never stop to disappoint.”
Ava gritted her teeth, pushed out her chin and poked the big guy in the chest.
“Who do you think you are? You’re the worst. Apologize right now!”
The man smirked.
“Seriously? Girl, go away. Have fun with your nerds. Just leave. You don’t want to get hurt.”
The young woman’s eyes turned to ice.
“Are you threatening me?”
And then, something confusing happened. The big guy clearly tried to push her aside, but Ava caught his hand and held against it. Now, of course, he was way stronger than her, but she did resist for a moment. He stared at her. She whispered:
“Don’t you dare touch me.”
She pushed his hand away and frowned. And then it happened:
“Besides, we’re going to beat you for the trophy anyway.”
The football players stared at her and broke out into laughter. Ava nodded again, then took Tobie and Kemal with her. They looked as if they were going to panic any moment.
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“What did you just do? We’re fucked!”
Ava stared at the young men. They were despairing, completely terrified by what just happened. She asked:
“Why? Didn’t you just say that we were going to win?”
“Yeah, well, maybe. But … Those guys are crazy! If we screw up, they might leave us alone, but if we dare threaten them, they’re going to fuck us up.”
The girl looked at the buff young dudes in front of her. This didn’t make any sense. What was going on? At last, Tobie said:
“We might not have made this completely clear, but … I was a pasty nerd for most of my life. I only got buff when I met Kemal here. People like Mister Football over there used to stuff me into lockers. And Kemal …”
The other young man sighed:
“I used to be like them, but not as aggressive and I was really self-conscious. I couldn’t keep up with their stuff anymore. So I focused on bodybuilding and getting all big and strong and that made me a worse player so I kinda stopped. You see, we have a history.”
“I figured as much. Still, we gotta win this now. We’ll just have to be super careful and focused.”
The muscleheads stared at her. In a way, it felt good to just let her run things, but she also just managed to screw them royally. They seemed completely exhausted now. Ava accompanied them home, then headed to her own place. Things were getting a bit much.
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She eventually arrived home. Milla was sitting on the couch, looking at her phone. She saw Ava and smiled:
“Wow! That’s a cute look! I love it.”
Getting up, she made a sign for Ava to turn around.
“I like the muscles. They really look good on you. And the dress … It’s a cool combination.”
“Thank you.”
“It almost makes me want to try and get buff myself.”
Ava grinned:
“Why not?”
“Nah. That would be hard work. I don’t have time for that. Also, it hurts and you get all sweaty.”
“Says the girl that gets every bit of her body pierced and spends her time fucking.”
“Yeah. She says that.” Milla changed the subject. “Also, your gross lump has been making funny noises. Could you tell it not to?”
“Noises? I’ll have to look into it.”
Ava walked into her room, dumped the many, many bags and looked for the jar. It was still where it was supposed to be, but the pieces of peach had disappeared. Instead, the blob had formed a kind of network of slim white tentacles that branched out all over the inside of the jar. If anything, it looked even worse than before. There was also a kind of big orange lump in the middle of it, only barely covered by a layer of translucent white skin.
The student looked at it:
“Wow. You’re only getting grosser, aren’t you?”
She took a picture and sent it to Professor Lang. Then she decided to call her mom.
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I was expecting a good muscle growth chapter as Christmas gift, but that's ok, I'm loving the slow development, but I miss the action of the underground chapters
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I was expecting a good muscle growth chapter as Christmas gift, but that's ok, I'm loving the slow development, but I miss the action of the underground chapters
You're right. I'll have to find my way back there soon.
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“Hi, Ava! How are you? Are you settled in again? Are you having fun? How are classes?”
Ava was all shocked by her mother’s outburst. She was brimming with energy and obviously very excited to hear from her.
“Oh … Wow, Mom. That’s a lot. Wait. Okay. So first of all: I’m fine. My place is as fine as always, I’m very busy, a lot of classes, some extracurricular work, I try to spend time with my friends and I’m making new ones. Things are amazing, but it’s a lot. And I think I’m learning a lot.” She took a breath. “How about you? How is training?”
“Thank you for asking! I’m progressing nicely, I think. Should I send you some pics? I don’t want to spam you or anything!”
Somehow, this conversation was way more intense than anything she ever had with her mom. Or anybody else for that matter.
“Yeah, please do. I also signed up for training around here.”
“Then please send me some pictures too. If you’re doing fine, I could sign us up for a partner contest.”
“A partner contest?”
“It’s with two people competing together. They do them with couples usually, but I’m sure we could run too.”
“I dunno. That sounds super weird. Being on stage with my mom, both of us in a bikini.”
“It’s a posing suit, dear.”
“Anyway. Let’s put it this way: I’ll think about it and …”
“Oh, here comes Lucius. Sorry, Ava, I’ll call you back. I’ll send you the pics, send me yours too!”
And she was gone.
Ava stared at the phone for a moment. What just happened?
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Then came the pictures. Ava stared at her screen. Okay. Her mom was clearly doing great. More than that. She was looking incredibly fit. Even muscular. If anything, she looked a bit too large for bikini division now. Not only did she have her six-pack, there was also a certain taper to her back. Her shoulders had gotten wider and her arms had packed on some mass. She was looking strong and assertive now. She was also wearing a bikini she would never dared even look at at the store. It was black and tiny, with triangular cups that covered her nipples but gave zero support. They didn’t need to, that was what her pecs were for.
The poses were just as weird: Angela doing a double-biceps pose. Angela doing a most-muscular pose and actually looking muscular. Angela doing the stomach vacuum. That was all quite impressive. Ava was a little jealous. And there was more: Her mom in a superhero-pose with outstretched arm. Her mom doing a handstand.
Okay. That was crazy. Her mom had been so fat that she could only climb stairs with difficulty, and now, she was doing acrobatics! Ava said to herself:
“I can’t believe it.”
Milla popped in:
“What is it you can’t believe?”
“This.” She pointed at the pictures.
“Wow. She’s amazing. It’s your mom, isn’t she?”
“That’s right.”
“Amazing progress!  I mean … Look at her. Wow! She looks great. Look at these muscles! Are all the women in your family that fit now?”
Ava nodded vaguely. As far as she knew, she was rather alone with her mom.
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Smiling at Milla, she asked:
“Could you take a few pictures of me too? Mom would like to see them and I don’t want to do any dumb selfies.”
Milla was elated:
“Me, take your photos? Sure! Wait. Just let me get my stuff!”
“Your stuff?”
The other girl was already in her room, rummaging for equipment. When she returned, she brought lamps, a camera and a screen, as well as a big set for make-up and hair. She put it all on Ava’s bed and said:
“I waited for this day forever. I always wanted to take some fancy pictures to show off, and you … you’re my victim for today!”
“I’m going to make you look so good. Help me with that stuff. We’re going to a location I picked a few days ago. I just needed a model, and you’re right here. Damn. I’ll have to call Marcus …”
Ava wanted to stop her. She just wanted a couple of snaps to send her mom. The other girl shook her head:
“No. Let’s do this correctly. With that dress, I gotta make you look amazing!”
Then, without warning, some sorority girl, probably a colleague of Milla, turned up and started doing Ava’s hair. The young victim tried to resist, but it was futile. Her hair was washed, dried, brushed and brought into shape. There were a lot of “tsk, tsk”s, but the effect was surprising. Once all was said and done, Ava’s hair shone like never before. She stared at her reflection.
“Wow. I never knew …”
The miracle-worker laughed and said:
“That’s nothing. We can do so much more. Also … The nails.”
Ava shivered.
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Minutes later, they were at the botanical gardens of the university. That place was a calm hideaway in the otherwise busy surroundings. Brick walls framed the various trees, bushes and herbs that grew there and some specially arranged flower beds decorated the place. There were birds singing and some insects just going along their way. Ava knew the place, but whenever she got here, she felt enchanted again.
At the same time, she was aware that there was a lot of stuff she actually had to do, but Milla’s energy just pulled her along. The sorority sister, Denise, and Marcus, probably Milla’s current lover, were busy getting things ready. Milla directed them with the stern harshness of a seasoned photographer.
Ava asked:
“Shouldn’t we ask for permission first? I mean, we can’t just come here and …”
“Do you see anybody who could complain? I don’t. Stop worrying and get over there. Strike a pose!”
Awkwardly, Ava took up position by one of the walls covered in ivy. Milla rolled her eyes, then came over and rearranged her position carefully until she liked what she saw. She had somehow transformed into a little dictator over the last minutes. Ava shot Marcus and Denise a pleading look, but the pair were clearly too worried about Milla’s ire. Instead, they just did as they were told.
Soon, Milla started shooting. She had Ava pose in her cute dress, looking happy, dreamy, excited … Then she had her do some rather soft poses, with a little cheeky flex here and there. Nothing to extreme, no frowning or growling.
Ava wanted to see some of the pics, but Milla just shook her head.
“You only get them once I’m done with them. Photographer’s rules.”
She looked at the camera’s little screen, then said:
“That was okay, I guess. Let’s get you changed.”
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Moments later, Milla held up a few strips of cloth.
“I always wanted to do one of these!”
The sorority girl grinned.
Ava stared at them:
“What are you up to? What is this?”
Milla took out her phone and searched for a picture, then held it up. Ava was shocked:
“What? No … You can’t be serious!”
Her friend was all grins.
“I insist. I think you’re going to look great. I just need you to pump up so your muscles stand out, and then, we’re going to let Denise work her magic.”
The young musclewoman saw that she was cornered. In a way, she had brought this upon herself. She sighed:
“Fine. But Marcus has to look the other way.”
Milla made a sign and the jock turned around. In a way, her friend could be terrifying. She just knew how to get people to do exactly what she wanted. Ava took off the dress, folded it neatly to protect it from dust and dirt and went to work.
She got down and started doing push-ups. She was in her underwear now, but since the garden was well-hidden, she decided it wouldn’t be too bad.
She went up and down now, her muscles instantly reacting to the strain. After all the stress of today, this actually felt good. She pumped up, feeling the warm air of the early autumn afternoon on her skin. Yes, she was feeling stupid, but as she focused on her strength, she cleared her mind.
Soon, she got back up. Her arms felt nicely pumped. Milla looked at her and said:
“Okay, looks nice, but I guess you could do another round.”
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She hit the second round. This time, she focused on really challenging her muscles. She did the push-ups all nice and slow, carefully pushing her biceps and triceps to their full power. Milla and Denise looked at her and nodded. Wow. That girl was amazingly fit. She wasn’t too slim, so her muscles didn’t stand out too hard yet, but she was obviously strong.
For Ava, her mind was entirely on her pumping. She closed her eyes and pushed herself up again. And again. She did it even slower to power her muscles up even more. She felt the bite. That was it. And soon, she would get even bigger and stronger. She remembered back when she started. She couldn’t even do a single push-up, struggling to even do the simplified version on her knees. Now, she pumped them out like no tomorrow.
This was incredibly satisfying. The moans of admiration from the spectators were also quite nice to have.
She got up and flexed her arms.
“Nice, huh?”
Milla grinned.
“Looks great. May I?”
She reached for Ava’s pumped-up arm. She let her touch it.
“Nice. Hard. Maybe I should get me some of these too.”
Ava didn’t say a thing. She preferred this to be her passion. While she liked Milla, she didn’t much like her sorority girl antics.
The photographer chick grinned and said:
“Anyway. Do another round. I want you to be pumped!”
Ava sighed and got back down. Who knew that Milla would turn out to be so much into this?
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Also: A Happy and Enjoyable New Year to all of you!
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Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a healthy and prosperous 2019 and beyond. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and continuing stories with us. You're appreciated by more than you know, and I know many of us come here each day just to read your updates.


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Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a healthy and prosperous 2019 and beyond. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and continuing stories with us. You're appreciated by more than you know, and I know many of us come here each day just to read your updates.



Cool! Thank you for the praise.
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This time, she was pretty exhausted. Doing seventy-five pushups in such a short time was a bit much. She fudged the last ten, just pushing through as good as she could. Happily, the others didn’t notice. Ava got back up and shook her arms. Then she flexed them. Her biceps swelled and she touched it gently. It was quite hard and tough now.
“Not bad, huh?”
Milla and Denise were impressed:
“God, Ava, you’re really buff. This is going to look so good.”
Marcus asked:
“Can I look too?”
“Nah. Wait until we’re done.” Milla turned back to Ava: “Okay, now pump up the rest of your body and then, we get to work.”
Ava groaned and went on to do some squats and crunches.
At last, she was looking quite ready, her body hard and sweaty. She was also starting to feel a little chilly. Milla grinned at Denise and they said:
“Okay. Time to get you painted.”
“Painted? I thought we were going to …”
“Sure. We’re going to. But if we want you to look really buff and strong, we’ll have to do some contouring.”
“But …”
“Trust us. This will be incredible.”
“Oh, why did I even say yes?”
“Because you want to impress your mom. And because you like me. And because I’m pretty sure that you’re all hot about your muscles, aren’t you?”
Ava rolled her eyes. It was true, of course. She let the two girls do what they want. They got out their makeup kits and busied themselves.
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“Tadaa! You look awesome!”
The young musclegirl opened her eyes. Milla held up her mirror. Ava couldn’t believe it. They had painted her whole body with makeup and she was looking incredibly muscular now. The two girls had carefully detailed her veins and lines while making up more as they went along. The effect was astonishing. She looked downright heroic now. Ava flexed her arms and looked at the painted skin tighten. Okay, so it didn’t look perfectly authentic, but the illusion was there.
Milla nodded:
“Nothing a bit of manipulation won’t fix.”
“Wow. I look like a beast!”
“That was the plan. Now, let’s get you posing. We want you to be our crazy barbarian princess.”
“This is what you had in mind?”
“Sure. I had the assignment to do something about ‘wild’ and since I had you right here, why not? Also, just let it all out!”
The camera clicked and clicked. Ava sticking her tongue out. Ava shouting at the top of her lungs. Ava screaming wildly. Ava pounding her chest. Ava threatening the observer with a club. Ava crouching on a big branch. Ava grimacing at the camera from very close. Ava puffing out her big chest. Ava doing a most muscular pose. Ava looking all cute and sweet (because why not?).
When they were done, Milla handed her a robe.
“Time to get home. It’ll be a lot of work to get the paint back off.”
Ava embraced her.
“Thank you. It was weird, but I had a lot of fun. My mom’s going to be amazed!”
“I hope so. And I think that assignment is going to be a complete success.”
Milla had them pack everything up and they left.
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Back home, Milla dove head-first into her work. When Ava tried to catch a glimpse at the pictures, she was sent to her room rather brusquely. On the other hand, she was tired too. This day had been very busy. She looked at the ugly blob. The orange shape was now only barely covered anymore. It looked like a ripe zit ready to pop.
The smell was also …
In a way, Ava was getting used to it, but it was still pretty bad. She sighed. Her life was definitely getting more charged with stuff every day. She got on the bed and stared at the ceiling. It was fun, though. Last year, everything had felt like a chore and her father’s death had crushed her. Now, she was dancing through so many diversions, she couldn’t even clear her mind to worry. If everything went well, she would be super-fit by the end of the year. She would have a major project going on thanks to Mr. Ugly Blob up there and maybe, she’d even win a prize for – I shit you not – bodybuilding. She’d go on another exploration tour with Jaden and maybe even join her mom in one of those competitions.
It was incredible.
Just to underline the whole insanity, the blob contracted and forced the orange lump outwards. With a snapping sound, it broke through the skin and burst. The orange liquid ran down into the jar. Ava groaned. This was so gross … She’d better get a sample of that for further analysis.
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The blob crawled away from her as she unscrewed the lid. The stench was awful. Ava took some plyers and pulled out a tiny lump of what she assumed was crap, which she put in a Ziploc baggie. Now that this was done, she tipped the jar to pool the orange liquid.
Okay, now where to put it …
She went to the kitchen. All the drinking glasses were either dirty or in use, as were the cups. The smell was getting worse. Let’s find a quick solution. She took one of the fancy cans of the awesome energy drink Milla consumed almost exclusively. She held it over the sink until the last drops had escaped and awkwardly poured the orange stuff in it. The smell got a little better.
Ava was dead tired. She just wanted to get rid of it.
With a sigh, she put the can into the fridge and screwed the lid of the jar back on.
Tomorrow, she’d have to give all of this to Professor Lang. Maybe her analysis would have led her to some conclusion.
The student dropped on her bed, picked up her phone and went on to waste a little time before going to sleep. In the other room, she could hear Milla curse at the computer for not doing what she wanted. Some other people were listening to music and a few of the other students outside were having an argument.
The blob hissed and she fell asleep. It felt like home.
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The professor scowled at the jar.
“That’s interesting. And you say it formed an orange bubble?”
“Something like that, yes. It burst. I mean, I burst it. The liquid was orange too. It evaporated in the fridge.”
The older woman harrumphed, then put the jar back down. She turned her screen around so that Ava could also look at the data.
“Here are the results of our analysis.” She pointed at a spreadsheet. There were a lot of red cells. Ava wondered what they meant, but the professor addressed the question anyway. “The parts marked in red mean ‘unidentified’. It may mean that the sample was too small or that the test failed, but it could also mean that this is something completely undocumented.”
The student nodded:
“So it is something new. A new species? Isn’t that spectacular?”
The professor shrugged:
“Basically, there’s a whole treasure trove of undiscovered species. Bugs, mostly. There’s this saying among biologists that God is very fond of beetles.” She chuckled to herself.  “But this is different. I don’t know where this came from and I’m sure we’re going to have to do more testing, but if … and that’s a big if … if this turns out to be true, then we’ve got something completely new on our hands.”
“New in what way?”
“I don’t know. Since it doesn’t register on our tests, we can’t know. But we can still continue to observe it. I’m also going to take another sample and test it again. Maybe this is just a false negative. I don’t want to shout victory for now. Or even imagine what it could mean.”
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Ava stared at the professor.
“So … Should I keep it with me? I mean, I don’t have any tools or anything. Wouldn’t you rather take it for yourself now? Maybe put an assistant in charge of it.”
The shorter woman shrugged.
“Fine. I’ll talk to the department head.” She held out her hand. Ava took it reflexively. The professor shook it and said: “You’re going to be my assistant. And my first task for you is to take care of that thing.”
The student gasped:
“What? Your assistant? Me?”
“Yes. You. Why not? You’re interested in the field and you showed initiative. What more could I ask for? The other students I usually get are lazy and annoying. Better let someone do the job who is actually up to it.”
“But I’m going to be a veterinarian!”
“Probably. I’m not stopping you. But you’ll have to decide whether you want to do something interesting or shove your hand down cows’ butts.”
“It’s the best job you can get as a vet. Trust me.”
“I’ll think about it.”
“Great. Have fun. Also, should that thing do anything interesting at all, text me. Anytime.”
“Okay. Cool! I’m … Thank you!”
“Don’t worry. Have fun.”
They said goodbye and Ava left the professor. She was very excited. She had to tell everybody!
That’s when her phone beeped. She was running late for her training with Tobie and Kemal. She cursed under her breath and broke into a run, careful not to jiggle the jar too much.
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When she came in, the boys were already busy. They were just looking at a big cooling box and examining its contents. She got changed quickly, then asked:
“What is that?”
Tobie grinned:
“Remember when we told you about that friend? Here’s the package.”
He held up a host of little bottles. Ava looked at them. The stickers on them were in a script she couldn’t read.
“So those are roids?”
“The best!”
Kemal grinned:
“God, we’re going to be so fucking huge!”
Tobie chimed in:
“Yes! You, me, and you too, Ava!”
She hesitated:
“I’m not sure about that don’t you think that stuff is dangerous?”
“Probably. Nah. Definitely. But if we’re careful, it’s going to be amazing! Twenty pounds in a month!”
“That’s a lot.”
“I know. Normally, you can add one, maybe two pounds. We’re so going to have to use some skin cream so we don’t get stretchmarks!”
Ava stared at the two young men. They were all excited and happy about this, but to her, this seemed like a bad idea. That stuff was probably really unhealthy.
She said:
“Okay, boys, let’s do it this way: I’ll help you and watch out how it goes. And if it works and I like the results, I’ll try it too.”
They nodded:
“Sounds like a plan. But you’ll have to make up your mind fast, because we could be using up all the stuff soon!”
“Damn, I’m so excited. Those fuckers from the football team are going to be so jealous!”
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Once everything was clear, the boys picked a bottle each and handed Ava some syringes. The young woman stared at the packs and hesitated.
“Are you sure about that?”
Tobie was all shaky:
“Sure? We’ve been waiting for this for weeks! Come on, let’s do this!”
“Okay …” Ava disinfected his skin, took the syringe from its pack, filled it with the liquid and stuck the needle into his buttcheek. “Here it goes …”
“Damn! That … burns. Fuck. I’m going to get huge.”
Kemal grinned:
“Do me next, come on!”
Tobia laughed:
“Who else do you think she’s going to do?”
Ava rolled her eyes and secured the needle. No sense in anybody getting hurt. Meanwhile, Kemal pulled down his pants. She realized just how weird this whole situation was. She was an accomplice now, wasn’t she?
He closed his eyes and said:
“Do it quick!”
She stuck the needle into his butt and pressed down the plunger.
He groaned:
“Fuck yeah! This is the best! Ava, you’re so cool. Thank you!”
Tobie nodded:
“Yes. Thank you!” Then he pointed at the weights. “Let’s do this. Let’s get fucking huge!”
They started squatting. Maybe it was the boys’ inspiration, but to Ava, it seemed that she could easily beat her previous best. As she stood there, grunting and sweating with them, she truly felt part of something greater. And dumber. But she had fun!
With some two hundred pounds on her back, she went down again and again, grinning stupidly as she focused on the correct movements. The two others were beaming too as they pumped out their reps. There was something of an iron brotherhood vibe going on here.
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When they were done with their routine, they were all sweaty and tired. The boys felt incredibly pumped and spent a lot of time flexing.
“Fuck, I think I can see it already !”
“Me too! Fuck, if we’re going to put on a pound a day, we should see something now, shouldn't we?”
“I’m not sure this is how this works.”
“We gotta get measured!”
They both turned to Ava.
“Ava … Could you?”
She rolled her eyes. They tried to look cute. It made the whole scene even more ridiculous.
“Fine. But you gotta shower first. No way I’m gonna get my hands all sweaty.”
“Sure! We’ll be back right away.”
Kemal added:
“And we’re also going to measure you! You have to know everything!”
She sighed. The two muscleheads stormed off to the showers and she looked at herself in the mirror. She was starting to look buff. The bodyfat was getting pushed in the right directions and it was somehow rounding out her shape. She no longer looked like a glob of fat stuck to a skeleton. Instead, she was beginning to look more like a tough, broadly built uber woman. Not very uber, but thick enough. She grinned and flexed a little. A lump twice the size of her fist grew on her arm. She tightened her flex, pumping up her arm some more. The lump grew and hardened. She was nowhere near her mom’s level, but she had made some progress. What more could she ask for?
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When they returned, she took the tape measure and said:
“Okay, boys, pump them to the max!”
They had only waited for this and did their best. Once they felt ready, she started with their arms.
“Kemal, it looks like you got 17.5 inches, maybe 17.6. And you, Tobie, you’re at 17.8? Looks like it.”
The two guys shouted and smashed their bodies into each other. Then they clasped hands and laughed.
“Damn! We’re huge!”
“Fuck yeah!”
Then Kemal said:
“Okay, your turn!”
“Me? But …”
“Stop it right there. You’re part of the team, you get measured!”
“Okay …”
She let them. The young men eagerly wrapped the tape around her arm and said:
“So … Guess what!”
“I wouldn’t know. Just tell me!”
“Ten inches! For a girl, that’s nice! Cool!”
Tobie added:
“High five!”
Sighing, she accepted the hand. Then they did the rest of the measures. It worked quite well, even though she was a little disappointed that they outperformed her completely. Not that it wasn’t obvious, but she had somehow thought she could at least keep up on the butt. Nah. The boys had some 35 inches and she reached 34. And hers was more fat.
On the chest, things got weird.
She reached 34 inches including boobs, they both got to 36, muscles only. She shrugged:
“I can’t believe this. You have bigger tits than I do!”
Kemal laughed:
“Yes, and we can do this!”
And he started flexing his pecs and making them dance. Tobie joined in and they did a little routine. At first, she rolled her eyes, but then she said:
“Okay, teach me!”
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WOW! The boys have tiny arms lol I'd thought they'd be at least 17-18 inches considering they've been bodybuilding for a while, but under 14 looks like they have noodle for arms lol
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WOW! The boys have tiny arms lol I'd thought they'd be at least 17-18 inches considering they've been bodybuilding for a while, but under 14 looks like they have noodle for arms lol
You're right. I guess I'll have to increase that a little. Let me fix that.

Measurements are tricky.

There, I fixed it. Thank you for the hint!
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Yea good change. Great story
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More growing is coming. That's great.
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The next weeks were incredibly busy. Ava was constantly torn from one assignment to the next. Somehow, she needed the days to have more than 24 hours, and even not sleeping at all wouldn’t be enough. To her surprise, Professor Lang really made her work hard as her assistant. This was no cozy job researching about the blob. Instead, she was instantly assigned to a wide variety of projects and she had to pick up the necessary skills very quickly. Studying all the devices she was supposed to use alone took up hours. Professor Lang was friendly, but she still demanded absolute devotion. She worked and worked.
When she wasn’t at the lab or in the classroom, she was at the gym with Tobie and Kemal. The guys were supportive, at least taking over the cooking for her and constantly providing her with healthy meals. They were already prepared and packaged, she just had to microwave them.
The training itself was getting more interesting every day. She was making a lot of progress, firming up her body and building her muscles. She quite enjoyed this. The outfits she bought with them looked amazing on her now and she started to like showing off her style.
At the same time, the big competition was closing in and the two musclemen were getting nervous.
There was also the thing about their physiques. While the drugs didn’t do exactly what had been advertised, they definitely pushed their muscle size up. Kemal and Tobie were starting to look huge. And not exactly in a good way. They were enjoying it, though …
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I believe 10 inches is a little small for Ava considering her training and the number of pushups she did.
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I believe 10 inches is a little small for Ava considering her training and the number of pushups she did.

Let's give her time. She mostly lost a lot of weight and grew ripped. I want her to get huge in comparison.
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Ava watched them as they pumped their muscles. They were looking very swollen now, with thick veins snaking over them. It was a strange aesthetic, but somehow, Ava could understand the appeal. She felt like a pervert, but running a finger over those lumps and ridges … It was cool. Maybe, just maybe she wanted some of that too. She shook her head to banish the thought. This was not a good look for a woman.
But they looked so happy …
Tobie gave his arm another flex and said:
“Okay, that’s awesome. Still, we have to figure out what we’ll do at the show. I think just standing around and showing off our muscles would be nice, but it ain’t gonna win us the thing.”
Kemal nodded.
“Yeah. They won’t appreciate it. They got no taste.”
“Yeah …”
They sighed and looked at Ava. The young woman looked back. They continued their stare. She asked:
“We thought you’d have an idea.”
“Yes. You kinda got us into that mess.”
“Yes. You. You challenged the football assholes.”
“Oh.” Ava remembered. Shit. “Okay. Yes, you’re right. Hm.”
Tobie smiled:
“Hey, don’t worry. We still have a little time. Just think about it and tell us as soon as you have a plan.”
Kemal nodded:
“We’re also going to try and come up with a plan. You’ll see. But your idea is probably going to be better anyway.”
“Sure. You’re awesome.”
“Cool. Thank you!” She got up. “I’m not going to disappoint you!”
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On her way home, Ava was already thinking about all this, but she soon realized she would need help. With her current workload, even coming up with a theme for all this was futile. She cursed herself for not just refusing to do this. The two boys could really deal with this show on their own, couldn’t they?
But then again, it was her fault. She challenged the football guys, so she had to do this.
“Fuck. I need help. Maybe I should ask Milla. And Mom! I could ask her. She probably has ideas on how to do this.”
She hurried home. Milla was a good start and she could ask Angela for extra support if need be.
When she came in, her roommate was busy Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all … Milla was working just as hard as she was. By the way … She never got those photos. Maybe she could ask about them first and then change the subject. That could work.
Ava quickly dropped into her room and looked after the blob. It had grown some more, its tendrils now covering most of the jar. She fed it every three days now, and it eagerly absorbed anything she gave it. It also developed three orange zits now and she could swear that there was some kind of an eye under that white skin. At least she hoped it was an eye. It could be something else too. Something even grosser.
She made a mental note of getting a bigger jar. And to talk to the professor about this.
Then she took out her phone and made a real note, since she kept losing track of all the things she had to do.
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Ava knocked on Milla’s door. They hadn’t talked in a while, so she brought a box of fancy chocolates she had been saving for a while now. It took a while to get a response, then Milla growled:
“Sorry to disturb you, but I thought you could need a break.”
She opened the door and frowned at Ava:
“A break? Seriously?”
Ava held up the chocolate box.
“Look. It’s already open. It’s going to spoil. We need to eat it quick.”
“But … What about your diet?”
“I think we can forget about it for a moment. A tiny sin should be okay occasionally.”
Milla laughed and picked one of the little chocolate pieces.
“I’m all for sinning. You know me!”
They moved to the sofa and enjoyed another piece each. Milla relaxed:
“This is great. You know what, you were right: I needed a break. It’s weird. Lately, I’ve been so, I don’t know how to put it … intense? As if I was constantly pushing myself. And not necessarily in a good way.”
“I kinda get you. I’ve been really busy too, and I haven’t been the best roommate either.”
Milla made a dismissive gesture.
“Nah. Me neither. Remember those pictures I took? I didn’t finish them. I mean, yes, they’re okay and I think you could show them to your mom, but I wanted to do more. Instead, I did all kinds of strange things.”
“Strange things? Like what?”
“Honestly? I don’t know. I’ve been exercising. And I’ve been doing some automatic drawing.”
“What’s that?”
“It’s something like … You just take a pencil and let your hand do what it wants. You don’t look and you try not to care.”
“And …”
“I got some really bizarre pictures.”
“Can I see them?”
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Milla returned with a folder of drawings and handed them to Ava while helping herself to another chocolate. She shrugged:
“We should really put that box away again or we’re going to empty it.” Since she got no response, she asked: “Ava? Is everything alright?”
Her roommate sat there, completely transfixed by the drawings. She stared at the swirls and hatchings. This was strangely familiar. She hadn’t seen it, not in real life, but she had felt it. Could you feel a drawing? Where did that come from?
She turned the sheet around and stopped. This was …
Ava just wanted to scream. This. Where did it come from? How could she know? Milla. Milla!
“Hey, stop shouting! What is going on?”
Her friend sat next to her and shook her arm.
“Ava? Ava! Stop! What’s up? Is there something wrong? Can I help you? Hello?”
 Of course, she couldn’t recognize something she hadn’t seen, but if it had looked like something, then those weird things from down there would have looked like that, wouldn’t they? The young athlete turned to Milla and asked:
“Where did you see that?”
She held up a swirly, very rough drawing of, well … A kind of face millipede. It looked like something from a nightmare. It was a kind of worm, covered by rows upon rows of tiny legs, which formed something like a face … Only not really.
Milla was shivering although the room was warm.
“I never saw that. It just came out of my mind, I guess.”
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A bit late, but here you are:

Ava got up. She was shaking all over. Milla was deeply disturbed by what was going on. She asked:
“What is going on? Do you know that thing?”
“I’m not sure. I have to call Jaden. And Mom. And there’s so much I have to do.” She took some deep breaths to get herself back under her control. “Milla, I have to clear this up. Can I have that picture for now? That would be good. Also, if you draw another one of these, please show them to me.”
“Ava, what does it mean? You’re scaring me. Can’t you explain this?”
“I … It’s hard to … I’m going to call Jaden first. Then, if he confirms what I think is going on, I’ll try to tell you everything. Maybe I’m just stressed out. I’ve been really busy lately, so …”
Milla calmed down a little. Maybe Ava was right. They were both at their limits. It could just be some consequence of the workload. However, she wondered how Ava could recognize what she had drawn. How did that work?
“Okay. You do that. But please, don’t forget about this. I need to know.”
“I’ll just call Jaden right away. You can listen in.”
She took out her phone and picked his number. Moments later, she heard his voice:
“Hi Ava! How are you?”
“I’d say fine, but I’m not. Are you busy right now? I have something I have to show you, but I think it’s going to make your day worse.”
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“Okay … What is going on?”
“Please, Jaden, just sit down and take a look. If it’s nothing, then that’s great. But I’m afraid it …”
“Just show it already! This isn’t some stupid prank, is it?”
Ava shook her head, which was pointless on the phone, but said:
“No, it isn’t. Okay, here it comes.”
She sent the picture over. Jaden went very quiet. After a moment, Ava asked:
“Jaden? Are you still there?”
“Where did you get that? Because it’s that thing, isn’t it?”
“I’m afraid so. Milla, my roommate, drew it. I don’t know where that came from, but …”
“Alright, alright, alright … So … If that’s for real, where did Milla get it from?”
Ava turned to her and asked. Milla shrugged.
“She told me she didn’t know. It just appeared while drawing.”
“That’s strange. Really strange. And spooky.”
“Yes. Definitely.”
“So … Should I come over? It’s quite the drive, but maybe it’s better if we talk in person.”
“That would be great, yes. I’m going to get you a place to stay. We … Maybe it’s spreading! Should we tell the cops?”
“The cops? I think they’ll just laugh. Unless you know any supernatural investigators …”
Ava snorted. That was Jaden’s sense of humor.
“So that would be us now?”
“Maybe? We’ll talk soon! I’m coming as soon as I have the time!”
She said goodbye and hung up. Then Milla asked:
“So your friend is just as shocked by that picture as you are. Great. Now, what is all this about?”
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Once Ava was done explaining all this, Milla still couldn’t believe it.
“So that ugly thing is from that place? And there were things in the dark that look like my drawing in your memory? How does that even work? Why doesn’t anybody know about this? How is all this legal?”
“I talked to Professor Lang and she said that it could be a new lifeform. Maybe. So it could be dangerous but normal. In a way …”
Milla just shook her head and said:
“Fine. I’ll just play along and if I draw any more of the stuff, I’ll show you. Is that okay?”
Ava nodded:
“That would be great. If we can find out about this …
“Whatever.” She thought for a moment, then she said: “By the way, what did you want in the first place? I mean, everything kinda escalated right now, but when you came in, you wanted to ask me for something.”
Her roommate blushed:
“Was it so obvious?”
“Yeah. Pretty obvious.”
“Okay. Well, you’re right. I wanted to ask you whether you could help me to come up with some presentation for the bodybuilding club.”
Milla blinked.
“We gotta do a presentation and I sorta volunteered to come up with something. And I have no idea how to do that. And since you’re really good at that stuff …”
“So you’re asking me to come up with a show for your musclehead friends?”
“And for me.”
Ava was a little nervous, but to her surprise, Milla said:
“Sure! That’s awesome. I only have one demand: You three are going to model stuff for me when this is done.”
The other girl nodded vigorously. Somehow, the workload wasn’t decreasing. And that picture was still on her mind.
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It was finally time to call her mom. Ava was already completely exhausted. This day had been way too intense. She got on her bed, dialed and soon heard her familiar voice:
“Ava! How are you? Is everything alright?”
She hesitated. Getting her mom involved in her troubles was tough. At last, she said:
“Not really. I’m exhausted. It’s so much work.”
“Okay … That’s bad. What do you have to do?”
“Oh, I have this job with Professor Lang, then there’s the bodybuilding club and there’s also the regular classes … And now, there’s another thing with my roommate. I’m not sure I can handle all this.”
“Well, is there any way I can help you? I’m not really busy right now, and if you just need some support for a week or so, I think I could come over.”
Ava was all surprised. She didn’t expect her mom to offer something like that. Of course, this would be the best! Just having someone around to run all the daily stuff and maybe help her with her training …
“Mom, that would be great. But I don’t want to …”
“No, it’s fine! I have the time and I hope that this will help you. You just have to tell me if I get on your nerves.”
“Oh, you couldn’t. I’m so glad for this. Thank you. Thank you very much!”
“Wonderful. I’ll just have to check a place for myself and I’m coming. Don’t give up. We’ll get through this.”
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Her mom arrived two days later. Getting everything in order had taken some time, but she had found a nice place to stay, not too far from the campus. She showed up at Ava’s and Milla’s room and greeted them both exuberantly.
“It’s so nice to see you again. You look good. Ava, you’re making great progress. I love it! And you must be Milla! Ava told me a lot about you.” With a smile, she added: “Only the best. She told me that you are an excellent artist and that there are some pictures you took of her. You have to let me see them!”
Milla was a little shocked by Angela’s intensity. Besides, the woman was looking incredible. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt and she was definitely showing off the strongest and buffest arms Milla had ever seen on a woman. They were incredible. She had some big, rounded shoulders and her biceps were easily visible, even in her relaxed state. There was even a faint vein visible under her skin.
“Hello Ms. …”
The older woman cut her off:
“Just call me Angela!”
“Okay … Hello Angela. Come in. I’ll make us all some coffee.”
“Thank you. That’s very nice. And don’t forget the pictures!”
Ava groaned.
“Mom, please, slow down.”
“Oh, I missed you, Ava. It’s great to be here.”
Soon, they were sitting in the tiny kitchen, drinking coffee. Milla handed her the photos and Angela was impressed.
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“Those are amazing. You are very talented, Milla. I wonder whether you could also shoot me. Of course, I’d pay. Also, what do you think about a mother-daughter shoot?”
Milla stared and Ava sighed. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.
Angela burst into laughter:
“Don’t worry, Ava. I won’t be awkward. That was a joke.”
Her daughter was a little relieved and said:
“For a moment, I wasn’t so sure …”
The older musclewoman smiled.
“I’m sorry. You have so much on your mind and here I am, making fun of you.” She took another sip of coffee and asked: “So, now that I’m here and I already embarrassed you, what can I do to help?”
Ava hesitated, then said:
“Well, if you assist me with the training and help us with the chores …”
“No problem. I hope the boys don’t mind having me.”
“Oh, I haven’t asked them yet.”
“Maybe you should. I wouldn’t want to make this more awkward.”
Ava blushed. This was all going off the rails. Maybe she should have planned all this before calling her. She shook her head. She was here, she wanted to help. What more could she ask for? She was pretty sure that Tobie and Kemal would understand.
“Okay. I’ll just pop over and check. Why don’t you get settled in for now and we talk later?”
Angela smiled, got up and kissed her on her cheek. Then she said goodbye to Milla and declared:
“I’m going to bring food for tonight. Send me your diet plan and I’ll whip up something nice!”
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As she was walking to the gym, Ava realized just how weird this was. Sure, it was great that her mom had immediately come to help her, but still … Wasn’t she supposed to be an adult and solve her problems on her own? At the same time, wasn’t it just the adult thing to do to ask for help when things got bad? Knowing when you were overwhelmed was the grown-up way of dealing with things.
Still, she hoped it would go well. Also, getting her mom away from home could be a good idea. She didn’t seem unhappy and she had a purpose, but maybe a change of scenery could … Who was she trying to fool?
She was stuck and she needed her mom’s help. That was it. There was no point in rationalizing all of this.
She entered the gym and got ready. Moments later, Tobie and Kemal arrived. They got changed and soon, the trio was merrily pumping along, working on their bodies.
During a break, she asked:
“So, my mom is here and I would like her to help me train. Is that okay?”
Tobie was surprised by the idea:
“Is there anything wrong with us?”
“No, not at all. It’s just that I feel completely overwhelmed and I asked her to come. And since she’s a bodybuilder too …”
“She’s a bodybuilder? Damn!”
Kemal chimed in:
“Whoa! Ava, that is crazy.”
“I vaguely remember telling you.”
“Maybe … Anyway, yes. Let’s have her here!”
Afterwards, she overheard bits of their conversation involving the word MILF. Well, that escalated quickly.
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Dinner with Angela was nice. She whipped up some excellent stuff using Tobie’s free food. Milla was both satisfied and full.
“Wow, Angela, that was excellent! I haven’t eaten that well in months!”
“Thank you. I’m glad you like it. Ever since I got into bodybuilding, I had to really improve my cooking. Since I can’t just grease it or sugar it until it tastes nice, I had to try other tricks.”
“I can understand that. I’ve been watching Ava eat all that steamed stuff and I really admire her for putting up with it. Seriously, that stuff is so boring!”
Ava shrugged:
“Hey, it does what it’s supposed to.”
“Yes, but you can’t just live for pure functionality. That’s not a life worth living!”
Angela asked:
“Have you tried training?”
“I used to go horse riding when I was a kid and I did a bit of yoga. But bodybuilding? Nah. I wouldn’t try it. Sounds like too much work.”
“I know it may sound weird, but it’s an amazing feeling to watch your body change and react to the training. You get this incredible feeling of control. It’s what brought me to it initially. When Ava’s father died, I understood that I had lost control. So I took it back. For Ava, and also for Patrick. And in the end, for myself.”
“That sounds good. Well, maybe I’m going to give it a shot myself.” Milla grinned. “But don’t hold your breath just yet.”
Angela chuckled:
“Just say when. I gotta spread the gospel, you know?”
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The next day, Ava took her mother to the gym. She had to see work at the professor’s lab later on, but she wanted to introduce her first. Angela had already gone jogging in the morning, then prepared breakfast for everybody. Waking up to the smell of delicious food made Ava realize that she had made the right choice.
The pair reached the gym soon. Ava had arranged for the training date online, but somehow Tobie and Kemal were doing two shifts a day anyway. Angela smiled as she saw the two musclemen pump. They were getting bigger and bigger by the day. Those drugs were amazing!
When they saw her, they finished their sets without getting out of the rhythm, then walked over to her:
“So you must be Ava’s mom!”
“Angela. Pleased to meet you. I like your arms!”
Tobie turned to Ava:
“I like her already!”
He flexed. He was just slowly passing 18 inches and he was very proud of that.
“I’m Tobie, this is Kemal. We’re so glad your daughter joined us.”
Kemal nodded, then flexed too. The boys were clearly trying to impress her.
Angela asked:
“Okay, so, what kind of stuff do you do here?”
Tobie answered a little quicker:
“Right now, we’re warming up. Want to join us?”
Ava nodded, dropped her gym bag and unzipped her jacket. Ava could see the boys trying to get a look at her physique. Angela didn’t even try to conceal a thing.
Even Ava was impressed.
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Even Ava was impressed.

Since the show, she had put on a bit of muscle and it showed. Her shoulders were broader and the lines between her muscles were visible even in the light of the gym. She was wearing a sports bra which held up her reduced breasts. However, she displayed her surprisingly thick pecs proudly. They were even slightly feathered and looking quite impressive. Under them, there was a well-defined six-pack. The low-riding yoga pants clung to her heavy, bulging thighs and her astonishingly broad calves.
“Holy …”
Kemal was staring at this amazing woman and he was very happy. Normally, he wasn’t too much into women. They were okay, he guessed. Obviously, he wouldn’t say it loudly, but he preferred tough, muscular people … Maybe even men.
Definitely Angela, though. Oh yes. He glanced over to Tobie, who was just as mesmerized. From his lips came a drawn-out “Fuuu …”.
Angela immediately noticed their reaction and flexed, popping her biceps. The not-so-little lump of muscle swelled up, neatly separating from the arm and just growing a tad more when she spread her fingers.
Ava sighed:
“Mom … You’re such a show-off!”
“I know. But I have something to show, so why not?”
“We should start training.”
A little too loud, Tobie said:
“Let’s do squats! Everybody loves squats!”
Angela smiled and nodded:
“Let’s get those asses into gear! Come on! Ava?”
This was when it dawned to the young woman that she had just invited her doom into her house. There would be so much training …
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They hit the weights. The boys loaded 400 pounds on their barbells and went to work. Angela was impressed and asked:
“How much do you use, normally?”
Ava said:
“Last time, I tried 160 and it was okay. Tough, but okay. How about you?”
“Sure. I’ve been working hard.”
“That’s incredible. Okay. Let’s do this!”
They loaded up and got ready. Soon, the four of them were standing by the mirror, going up and down. The first set went pretty well. Ava and Angela were mostly doing fine. The weight was tough on them, but they could feel the bite and enjoy it. The boys were feeling it a lot more. It was clear that they might have been pushing themselves a bit too hard. Ava knew that they usually took less weight. They were probably trying to impress Angela.
She looked at her mom. The older woman was admiring the view. She clearly liked the two musclemen’s physiques. What did she get herself into now?
As the set ended, they racked the barbells and stretched. Angela smiled and said:
“Wow. That was nice. You boys are doing fine. I’m impressed!”
Tobie blushed:
“Really? Thank you, ma’am.”
“Yeah. I like strong men. Ava’s dad used to be quite buff as a young man. Though not as big as you two  …”
Ava stared at them. Were they getting hard? Yuck! Mom!
Kemal grinned a little awkwardly and said:
“Let’s do the second set, okay?”
They got to work.
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As the four bodybuilders sweated and grunted, Ava started to feel a little frustrated. Not only was she lifting the least weight, she was also clearly struggling, while all the others were, if not exactly having fun, at least enjoying the challenge. She knew about Tobie and Kemal, but maybe her mom was juicing too. She probably was. It ran under “supplements”, she was sure. Well, no wonder she was doing fine.
Angela hissed:
“Ava, check your stance. Don’t get hurt!”
“Thanks, Mom.” The reply came instinctively and she sort of regretted it. Maybe she should have ignored her? Her stance was wrong, though. So much was correct. She adjusted it and continued.
Now she was getting really tired.
Kemal counted out the reps:
“Nine, ten, eleven, come on, people! You can do this! You’re strong!”
Tobie replied between clenched teeth:
“Damn straight! Yeah!”
Angela grunted as she got back up. Ava stared at her mom. The older woman was trusting out her buttocks as she went deep again. She couldn’t help but admiring her, while still feeling defensive about all this.
“Fourteen, fifteen, and … Done! Nice!”
They racked the weights again and Angela did little jumps to relax her muscles. By now, the musclemen were completely awed by her. Ava had to admit that she was incredible.
Then, she posed. She pushed out her butt, wiggled it and declared:
“Wow! That felt great. I can’t wait for the third set!”
Ava sighed. She was already exhausted. Watching her mom tease the boys was somewhat awkward and humiliating.
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Suddenly, Angela said:
“Okay, guys, what about a final set until exhaustion. Let’s go to the limit!”
Tobie and Kemal were shocked by the suggestion, but they nodded. Kemal said:
“Sure! But be careful not to get hurt!”
“You too. Ava, are you in?”
“Mom … I’m not sure this is a good idea.”
“Then just stop whenever you feel it’s enough. Boys, are you ready?”
They agreed and loaded the barbells on their shoulders. Then they all started squatting again. Ava joined in, but she had the impression that she was being left out. Still, she was here to train, so she got to work.
She immediately realized that she was already quite tired. The first five reps went well, but then, she was starting to struggle. The other three were progressing nicely. She gritted her teeth and continued. At rep number eight, she was starting to hurt. She thought about stopping, then she looked at the others and realized they were still going strong. Ava vowed to herself to keep up with them. She wouldn’t accept that she was so much weaker than them.
Number ten came. Tobie and Kemal were getting slower and less vigorous in their movements. Angela was still keeping up, but her smile was starting to look a little forced. They were all covered in sweat now, groaning and sighing with every rep, but somehow, no one wanted to give up. Out of nowhere, a kind of group pressure had manifested.
Ava reached number thirteen.
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She was now hurting all over. The metal of the bar was biting into her skin, her hands were aching and she hated that whole stupid idea. She should just stop and walk away. Who cared about all this? She had a job, for God’s sake! She had so much to do for her studies. She had Jaden’s visit coming up. Seriously, bodybuilding should be the least of her concerns.
She groaned as she hit rep sixteen. Her legs were burning.
And yet, somehow, she continued. She didn’t have to. She could walk away anytime. There would be no consequences other than the other three maybe giving her a disappointed look. If at all.
They probably wouldn’t notice or just decide that she was too weak. No one would care. And still, she carried on. She heard Kemal produce a long, drawn-out groan. With the next rep, he stopped. To her surprise, she was still pumping on.
When Tobie bowed out three reps later, she felt a sudden surge of pride. Sure, she was using way less weight, but still … Shouldn’t they be the tough, invincible muscle-fanatics?
Now it was only her and her mom. They both closed their eyes and continued relentlessly. Until exhaustion? She was far from done. Focusing her thoughts through all the pain and tiredness, she continued, forcing the weight up again. She wished for gloves or something like that, just to numb the bit of the bar. Next to her, she could hear her mom grunt.
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Tobie and Kemal started counting out the reps now. They were impressed, no, fascinated by their toughness and cheered them on. It felt strange but good to be pushed on. Maybe this was the trick?
“Come on, Ava! You can do it! Pump it!”
“An-ge-la! An-ge-la! Show me how it’s done! Yes!”
This was so strange: Two grown, huge musclemen cheering on two women that were way less fit than them. It was motivating, though. Ava tried to smile through her gritted teeth and forced herself to continue.
Now she just wanted her mom to finally give up. This couldn’t be happening … She loved her mom. Feeling this kind of angry, bizarre competition was wrong, wasn’t it? Ever since her dad died, they didn’t spend much time together and they rarely talked about their feelings, but she couldn’t just not like her, could she?
“Holy shit! Nineteen? Nine-fucking-teen!”
“Twenty. Twenty-one. Ladies, that is impressive.”
Every rep was pain now. Why wouldn’t Angela just give up? Ava was way beyond her max. She had never been this far down the rep hole and it was getting bad. She managed to force open her eyes for a moment and glanced over at her mother. Angela was straining hard. Her muscles were really hard and big now, her body was drenched in sweat, but she was still in. Just now, she was slowly getting back up, her legs shaking.
This was incredible. And Ava was still fighting. She could do it. She had to. She was not going to … give …up.
“Okay, enough. Wow. Enough.”
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Ava looked at her mom. The older woman was breathing hard as Tobie and Kemal helped her rack the weight. She was smiling and stretched to relieve the strain on her body.
“Wow. That was hard. Too hard.”
Her daughter racked her weight too and suddenly felt exhausted. She had to lie down for a moment. As soon as she was on the ground, she felt her body seem so light, it was incredible. To her, it seemed that she would drift off into space immediately.
Angela declared:
“I’m impressed. You outdid us all. Ava, this was amazing!”
As the world spun slower, the young woman replied shyly:
“Well, it was less weight than all of you …”
“Of course, but you knew your limits and you fought. I admire that. How about you, guys?”
Kemal sighed:
“I’d clap, but my hands feel numb.”
Tobie nodded and rapped his knuckles against a wall.
“That’s all you get for now, but you were great.”
All the fears and doubts were washing from Ava right now. She did it! She kept up with those muscleheads and her mom! Incredible!
Then, Angela said:
“Okay. That was great. Let’s do it again, but another day.” There were nods of agreement. Somehow, she was in charge now. The boys simply accepted her authority. She continued: “So, what else is on the menu for today?”
The muscle twins laughed and explained the rest of the plan. Angela listened carefully, then helped her daughter up.
“Let’s do this. Show us that you can still finish the whole workout!”
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At last, they were done. Ava and Angela left to take a shower, while the boys finished putting away the remaining equipment. They were grinning all the time. Kemal sighed:
“Wow. She’s amazing. Have you seen her ass?”
“Oh yes. Fuck. I can’t believe this. And she built that body in a little over a year. Imagine what she’ll be like if she keeps it up.”
“We can’t fuck this up. I need her.”
“Me too. If Ava’s got that kind of genes …”
The two young men stood there and whistled.
“Holy crap.”
Meanwhile, Ava was inspecting the dents and bruises on her shoulders. All that squatting had been tough on her skin. Angela said:
“I’ll massage you once we’re home. Also, tell the boys that they’re invited for dinner. I’m going to fix us something nice.”
“Mom, what are you up to?”
“Nothing. I like them. Sure, they spent all their time looking at my butt, but at my age, it’s something of a compliment, don’t you think?”
“Mom? That’s not …”
“I know. But they do seem fun. And I may need a change after Lucius.”
“After Lucius? Did something go wrong?”
“I’m not sure. He’s very busy lately and he didn’t find any time for me anymore. I don’t know whether we had a relationship and if it’s dead now or if it was just about the training anyway.”
“Hm. So, what are you going to do?”
“I thought about going on a date with them.”
“At the same time?”
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They ended up squeezing into Milla’s and Ava’s apartment. All five of them. Milla wasn’t too happy about it. Sure, having Angela cook meant not having to cook herself, but the muscleguys were rather annoying. At least, she felt this way. They tried their best to be nice, though. Kemal brought flowers and Tobie some chocolate, and they admired her art. They also thanked her profusely for agreeing to help them with their show.
Milla liked the praise, and she looked forward to using them as models, but having a room full of muscleheads wasn’t exactly her idea of a comfortable evening.
Angela did her best to smooth over the tensions by producing a constant stream of food. It was mostly low carb, high protein stuff, but she managed to make it taste good and look awesome. Ava was assisting her as good as she could and tried to keep up the conversation since Milla obviously blocked Tobie and Kemal’s attempts.
“So, did you have an idea yet?”
The other young woman sighed:
“A few ideas, yes. Nothing too finished yet, but … I could show you a draft, if you want to.”
Milla got up and returned with a stack of papers. Angela grumbled a little when she had to put the dishes aside to give her room. Tobie obliged and held them up while the artist searched for her concepts. Then she found a binder, took it out and said:
“Okay, so the first concept is pretty old school. Do you know these old movies with synchronized swimming scenes?”
Angela nodded, the others gave her blank stares.
“I’ll have to explain.”
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Milla took out some paper cut-outs and set them on the table. Angela went:
“Wow, those are cute!”
The others looked at them. Tobie chuckled:
“Look, it’s us!”
He took one of them and held it up. It was obviously himself, drawn as a tiny, muscle-clad caricature.
“Whoo! Look at me! I’m Tobie! The biggest guy around!”
Kemal laughed.
“You definitely got us.”
Milla smiled:
“Thank you.”
Ava took her own little paper dudette and was surprised to find it very buff. She asked:
“Isn’t that a bit much?”
“Oh, I figured that you’d want to get bigger in time, so I just added a little extra. Looks good on you, don’t you think?”
The young bodybuilder wasn’t too sure. That level of strength … It was quite a bit of pressure.
Milla continued:
“Anyway … Here’s the plan. We use mirrors and projectors to ‘copy’ you as you pose and give them an artsy and stylish show. It could look like this.”
She took out more cutouts, set them up and started moving a mirror foil around. It took her audience a moment to understand what she was trying to do. Once they did, there were nods of approval. Milla was a little disappointed by the lack of intensity, but added:
“We should switch off the lights. The effect would be better. Could you, Kemal?”
“Sure thing.”
He got up, squeezed past the others and hit the switch. The room was dark now with the exception of the lights on the stove. Angela sighed:
“This isn’t making the cooking any easier.”
Milla added:
“Just give me a moment.”
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She had the boys point their phones’ lights at the models and set up the mirror. Then she said:
“Okay, let’s move it this way and …”
The audience could see what she meant. The mirror multiplied the muscular little figures and produced a mosaic of tiny power. It was artsy, but it did look impressive. Ava nodded. This would certainly be more interesting for the liberal arts students than just standing around showing off their muscles … Even Angela nodded. This was quite cool.
That’s when Tobie noticed something was wrong with Milla.
“Hey? Hi? What’s up? Milla?”
The slim woman was sitting there, swinging back and forth on her chair, producing a weird, hissing sound.
“Is this a joke? If it is, it’s not funny …”
Ava felt the hair on her arms stand on end. It was the underground again. The strange creatures had produced just such a sound. Panicking, she shouted:
“Turn the light back on! Now!”
Kemal jumped up, bumped against the table and sent the phones flying. The lights were flashing and the whole room was transformed into a confusing mess. The hissing only grew louder and more threatening. Angela forgot about her cooking and stared.
At last, the light went on. Ava stared at Milla. The other young woman was sitting there, shaking. Something crazy was happening. She was still hissing and growling and the sounds were getting more and more alien. Ava didn’t know what to do, so she took a glass of water and splashed her roommate with it.
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Uh-oh! Man do you have my attention!
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Milla screamed and shook her head. She stared at Ava and the other and asked:
“What is going on? What happened?”
Angela put her hand on Milla’s and said:
“Dear, I don’t know. But that was really strange and terrifying.”
“Will somebody please tell me what just happened?”
Ava hesitated, then tried:
“I don’t know, but remember those pictures you drew?”
The others looked at the pair in confusion. Ava sighed and did her best to explain the situation. It took a while. When she came to the underground trip, Angela grew more and more worried. She wanted to interrupt her daughter and ask for details. That was clear.
Ava shook her head and said:
“Let me finish first. You can chew me out later.”
“I don’t want to, I’m just worried …”
“I’ll finish my explanation, okay?”
Once everything was said, Milla asked:
“But I never had anything to do with your trip! I didn’t even know about it! Why is this happening?”
Angela hesitated. Finally, she said:
“Maybe we should alert the authorities? What if whatever this is is spreading?”
Ava shook her head:
“No. I’m on it. I will talk to Jaden. Please keep quiet on this. My professor is on it and I’m sure we’ll find a solution. Please, Milla, you have to trust me.”
The other young woman hesitated, then said:
“Okay. I’ll try. But you have to make it stop. Please!”
“I’m doing all I can.”
Tobie and Kemal stood up:
“And so are we! If you need anything, we’re ready to help!”
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After this episode, the evening collapsed. The boys took the remaining food with them and Angela left, insisting that Ava should call her if anything weird happened or if she needed help. She would be ready all night and could be here in no time.
Ava stayed with Milla, keeping her company and making sure she was safe. She was very careful and suggested they just spend the evening watching a show before going to bed early. Milla agreed. She was still exhausted and shocked from all this.
“I don’t know what to think … It feels as if there’s this thing under the surface. And it’s almost about to break through. And now it did.”
Ava held her hand and nodded vaguely. She didn’t know what to say. It was her responsibility, wasn’t it? Milla couldn’t have come into contact with whatever was living down there. She had to be the link. But how? Why was she unaffected? And what was that thing?
“I’m sorry I put you under so much pressure. Just drop the project and try to relax instead.”
“But I like doing it! It’s fun and … I don’t know why this happens. Maybe I should take it easier …”
“I wish I could help you, but there’s so much for me to do. I barely manage to keep my head over the water.”
Milla smiled weakly.
“I know the feeling. Let’s just hope that this Jaden can help you. And me.”
They sat next to each other in silence, then Ava sighed:
“Movie. But only a little.”
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Milla fell asleep during the film. Whatever this was, it was taking its toll on her. Ava decided against carrying her to her bed. She was quite sure that she could manage it, after all, Milla was rather thin and she was getting rather strong now. Still, better keep her close. The last thing she wanted was her roommate to have another attack in the night and then ending up alone and helpless.
No one should have to go through this. Ava got up, went to Milla’s room and grabbed her blanket, tucked her in, then prepared for bed herself and slipped in next to her friend.
To no one’s surprise, it was rather uncomfortable. The bed was made for one person and her training had added a bit of bulk to her body. She hesitated. Should she just sleep on the floor, ready to help should anything go wrong?
In the end, she managed to find a comfortable position and drifted off into a strange, half-dreaming state. Ava was constantly listening into the darkness, trying to pick out any changes or weird noises. It was one of these nights were one would dream to be awake. She was vaguely aware that she would be exhausted in the morning, not something she could look forward to with her cramped schedule. Also, her head was spinning from all those thoughts about Milla’s predicament.
Then, in the dead of the night, she felt something touch her. She awoke slowly, only now understanding that Milla was lying next to her. She rolled around to check on her friend.
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You are building it thick. Well done!
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In the vague light of the city outside, Ava tried to distinguish her roommate’s features. Maybe it was the tiredness, maybe it was the dark, but Milla didn’t really look like herself. How was this possible? She squinted, wondering whether she should reach for her phone and maybe take a closer look. Milla moaned in her sleep. Was this all a dream? Why didn’t that voice sound familiar?
Ava was starting to feel afraid. Maybe something was deeply wrong with her friend … She rolled around to get her phone. She had to make sure everything was alright. It was all just imagination. She was certain of it. Groaning, she reached for the device. Just then, Milla rolled around, using the extra room Ava had just opened, and now faced the wall. She produced a few soft grunts before adjusting her blanket and drifting back to her dreams.
The young woman cursed under her breath. How should she do this now?
Maybe Milla wouldn’t really wake up. She’d be half-asleep and before she knew it, she could drift back off. And Ava would be reassured. She checked the phone. It was two thirty in the morning and she was fully awake. Shit. She’d never be able to go through her schedule tomorrow. That is, today.
Whispering to herself, she said:
“Okay, Milla. Let’s take a look. Hold still …”
She propped herself up on her forearms, slung her arm around her friend and pressed the button. The light flared and Ava stared at the figure next to her.

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You are building it thick. Well done!

Thank  you! I hope it works out.
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I’m hooked
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The phone’s light was harsh and white. She could only see Milla in profile now, but what she saw made her want to scream in terror. There was something moving underneath Milla’s skin. Something strange, without true shape. Just a fluid mass, thick and bulging, lifting up her cheeks and her forehead as it seemed to dance over her skull. Ava was paralyzed. That thing … It seemed to notice the light now and immediately flattened itself. Milla’s skin looked normal again. The light went back out.
Had she really seen it?
Maybe this was just her imagination. Things like that didn’t really happen, did they?
Okay, she knew of parasites that could move under their victims’ skins. Worms, insects, all kind of ugly, terrifying creatures. The pictures and movies in class had been quite graphic and a lot of students had looked very sick after this. But here? With Milla? This couldn’t be true.
And if it was …
She was right next to her. Could she be infected?
Ava was about to panic. She took a few deep breaths and said to herself:
“Maybe you didn’t see anything. Maybe it was just a trick of the light. It’s in the middle of the night, you are tired, there can’t be anything. We live in a civilized country. People don’t have parasites. Not like that.”
She was shaking all over. She had to check. Turning the light back on, she ran her fingertips over the side of Milla’s face, constantly afraid of that thing erupting from her friend’s skin.
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Grumbling, her friend half-opened her eyes. Ava pulled her hand back and hesitated. Milla murmured:
“What’s going on? Let me sleep …”
She groaned and drifted off again. Ava switched the phone’s light off and waited in silence for a moment, before trying it again. She had to know. The afterimages of the light were still drifting around her.
At last, she put her finger on Milla’s cheek. Nothing.
She took a deep breath and …
Right in that moment, something touched her back!
With a scream, Ava dropped out of the bed. She had suddenly jerked back, lost her balance and tumbled off the narrow mattress.
Milla was instantly awoke, sat up and flailed her arms around in confusion.
“What’s happening? What is going on? Where is …”
Ava groaned. She had hurt her head falling down and was now trying to shut down the pain by holding her head. In the darkness, she could hear Milla fumble for her phone. At last, the light flashed and she looked down at her host:
“Ava? What are you doing down there? Did you fall out of the bed?”
The other young woman got up, her head still hurting. She walked over to Milla and said:
“Okay, I just have to check. Please.”
“Check what?”
Ava put her hand on Milla’s face and tried to squeeze whatever had been moving under the skin. Milla protested:
“Let go! You’re hurting me!”
“Just one moment!”
Milla grabbed Ava’s arm and pulled it away.

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Instinctively, Ava held against her. She assumed that she could move Milla’s arm easily. After all, she was a strong, well-trained woman now, while Milla was still weak and tiny. However, this didn’t happen. Instead, Milla mercilessly drew her hand from her face. Without thinking, Ava tried to push forward.
That’s when she noticed it in the flickering light of the phone.
Somehow, Milla’s arm grew. It got thicker and more powerful, maybe even longer. It was hard to tell right now. Ava’s heart was pounding and the sudden rush of adrenaline made her head spin.
Milla’s grip just got tighter. This was bad.
Ava struggled and pleaded:
“Stop it, Milla. You’re hurting me!”
Her friend just stared at her, her face strangely immobile. Instead of releasing her, she just squeezed harder. Ava’s skin went pale.
“Aah! Please!”
In her panic, Ava slapped at Milla, but the woman’s other hand shot out, caught her arm and twisted it out of the way.
She produced a strange, incomprehensible growl and threw Ava to the ground. The young woman found herself on the floor for the second time that night. She managed to protect her head, but her arms were hurting so bad that she could hardly move.
“Ow …”
Milla stood above her, her eyes completely expressionless. Then, slowly, she calmed down and collapsed on the bed.
As Ava looked at her, she could see the previously expanded muscles fade back under her skin.
Above her, there was a gurgling noise.
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Milla’s phone went dark.
Ava spun around and looked for the origin of the sound. Nothing. Oh wait. No. There it was. In the glass jar, the white mass gargled and grumbled, its zits swelling. The tendrils shook a little and it hardened when Ava looked at it in the penumbra.
Then it relaxed.
The young woman breathed out. Her head was still hurting and she was both tired and confused. Milla was back to normal. Ava rubbed her forearms. The impressions of Milla’s fingers were still visible. The sudden burst of strength had shocked her. What was going on with her friend? This wasn’t normal. Not at all.
She got up and looked at the white blob in its jar. The zits were still swollen. She stared at it and hissed:
“I don’t know how, but you’re involved in this.”
The answer was just a plopping sound. Ava sighed and looked at Milla. The other girl was lying on the bed, spread-eagled and fast asleep. How did that happen? She had been awake moments ago, then she had fallen into that strange half-sleep and fought her. Should she try poking at it again?
Creeping closer, she extended a finger, her phone ready in the other hand. If that thing was afraid of the light, then she’d see what she could do to make it come out. Covering the display with her hand, she switched it on. The room was vaguely illuminated by the red-tinted light.
Gently, she laid a finger on Milla’s cheek. If that thing was still in there, it would react, wouldn’t it?
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She touched her friend’s skin. Milla didn’t stir. However, there was something moving under it. In the reddish light, Ava could see some bumps swell around her fingertip. Up until now, she had been willing to dismiss all of this as dreams or hallucinations, but this was real now. The bumps united into a ring and then, abruptly, shot out and tried to grab her finger. Ava pulled back and the ring sank back into the skin, a ripple running through Milla’s face.
Then, it spread, making some odd, vaguely inhuman muscles appear all over her neck and shoulders. It was thoroughly bizarre to watch as a completely alien anatomy seemed to form under her skin. Ava watched, transfixed by the strange show.
She held her breath. At last, it had ebbed away.
Ava breathed out slowly, trying not to provoke any further response. Now that her suspicion was confirmed, she wanted to get away. She had been sleeping close to Milla. What if whatever was in her had tried to get into her too? What if all of this had always been in Milla? Seriously, where did it come from?
She switched the light off, covered Milla in a blanket and went to sleep in her roommate’s bed. She couldn’t bear being close to her now. And she’d have to tell her. This was terrifying …
As she rolled around restlessly, she worried. Why did that thing resemble those strange beings from the underground? There had to be a reason! And what was that bizarre muscularity? It took her a good hour to finally fall asleep from exhaustion.
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When Ava awoke the next day, she was confused. Where was she? It took her a moment to remember what happened. When she did, she looked at the time, panicked and jumped up. She was late for everything! The young woman stumbled out of the room, ran to her own, looked for Milla and couldn’t find her. She scrambled for her phone. She called her roommate.
“Milla! Milla.”
It took a while for her to answer, then she heard her voice.
“Yes? What is it? I think I have a hangover. Also, I’m in class. I can’t really speak right now.”
“But … Yesterday …”
“What happened yesterday?”
“Don’t you remember?”
“I guess we must have done something stupid since I awoke in your bed and you in mine …”
“Not really. Just some vague stuff. Your mom was there, wasn’t she? And those muscleboys?”
“Yes … And the seizure?”
“No. A seizure?”
“While you were showing us the concept for the performance.”
“I can’t remember. Sorry. Listen, I have to go back inside. Let’s talk later on, okay?”
“Okay. Let’s do that.”
Milla had already hung up.
Ava stood there, confused. If whatever was inside Milla was changing her memories, if it could transform her body and control it … This was deeply disturbing. She had to talk to Professor Lang as soon as possible. Maybe she could help her.
Just then, she got a message from Jaden:
“I’ll be there this afternoon. See you soon.”
Okay. This day would also be packed.
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“Ava. Ava! Please. Calm down. Slow down. Please. Just tell me one thing after the other.”
Jaden did his best to understand the stream of information that had been unleashed on him. It was a bit much. The moment Ava had picked him up at the station, she had told him everything, without pauses or punctuation.
“Let me take notes, okay? This will make it easier for me and I’m sure I can understand all this once I got it on paper.”
Ava took a deep breath. She was so glad to see him again. He had changed a bit, having let his beard grow out a bit. He had this lumberjack feel about him, but it suited him.
“Okay, I’ll try. It’s just … I’m glad you’re here. I feel like I’m going crazy.”
“I can understand. Just wait until I tell you about my research.”
Her interest was piqued, but she had to tell him first. It took a little longer this time. Every sentence was now punctuated by “I think …”, “I’m not sure, but …” and “It could be that …”. Saying all this slowly and clearly just made her realize how crazy the whole thing sounded. Jaden wasn’t laughing or frowning. He believed her, that was obvious. Instead, he just jotted down everything she said on his notepad and waited until she was finished.
Once she was done, he reread it and scratched his head.
“Okay … This time, it makes more sense. I don’t know how that happened, but Milla got involved into this. And whatever it is, it is changing her.”
“I know. Do you think we should call the police or whoever is responsible for such a thing? What if it spreads?”
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Jaden hesitated. Then he said:
“If you could keep this a secret for now, it would be a better idea. I spent my free time over the last few months researching on the Mistland factory and from what I found out, I would be very careful.”
Ava was anxious to hear more:
“Spill it!”
“Okay, so listen to this: Mistland used to do special research projects during the Cold War. Most of the documents are still unavailable or just redacted so you basically look at a sheet of paper covered in black ink, but from what I read, they tried to develop anti-biological warfare technologies.” He shrugged: “I also found a scanned hand-written document on a page that collects conspiracy theories that Mistland was working with extraterrestrials and the Hollow-Earth Empire, but I think the first part is more reasonable.”
“The Hollow-Earth Empire?”
“It’s a pretty big thing among the conspiracy nuts. But it’s more old school.”
“Tell me later. So, what about Mistland?”
“If what I found is true, then Mistland closed shop very quickly. The management packed up and left, and the people who worked there just ended up being stranded. There was no more money and the company literally turned the power off without warning. Most people lived in company homes close to the factory.”
“That’s strange. They didn’t even take the paperwork with them?”
“Apparently not. And most of the people who worked there disappeared over the next few months. I’m not a big internet research guy, but there are other people looking for former Mistland employees.”
“More conspiracy nuts?”
Jaden shrugged.
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“So … What does that mean for us? What did we meet down there? And how do we help Milla?”
There was a pause. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Jaden said:
“I’m not sure. I think the best idea would be to get a hold of those documents and try to figure out what happened down there.”
“So we should go back down there?”
It was obvious to her that Jaden wasn’t keen on this at all. Neither was she. He asked:
“Did your professor tell you anything new about the thing you found in the peach?”
“I guess so. She said that apparently, the blob can ‘interface’ with other organic structures. She tried it in the lab and the thing was able to integrate into other cells. Professor Lang suggested that we could try testing it on an animal as soon as the paperwork is ready.”
“So you think that the blob maybe connected to some animals down there? This is what we encountered?”
“I don’t know. But it sounds reasonable.”
“And now, it somehow got into Milla and it’s changing her …”
“If this is the case, we have to find a way to help her be rid of it. Although I still don’t understand how it got there.”
Jaden sighed:
“Let’s just hope the tests help. So, would you come with me on another exploration?”
“I guess I’ll have to, don’t you think. We can’t just leave things like that.”
The young man nodded. Ava tried a smile:
“But this time, we’ll be prepared.”
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Jaden answered the smile. Then, after a moment of silence, he asked:
“Other than going back into that horrible place, wanna go and see a movie?”
It took Ava a moment to process the question. It really came out of the blue. She was still all about the whole “monsters of the deep” affair, and …
“That would be nice. Something relaxing, maybe.”
“I’ll see what I can do. If you have this much to do, maybe spending two hours away from everything might just be the fix.”
“Okay. I’m just going to clear my schedule and we can do this.”
“Cool. I’ll pick you up at seven. It’s my treat.”
Soon after, Jaden said goodbye, insisting that he still wanted to do some more research at the local hall of records. Apparently, some information on Mistland’s research had been collected here and he hoped to get access to it.
Ava was left at her place, smiling and feeling great. Even while her life was going crazy, she, well, had a date.
Right then, her phone reminded her of her training appointment. She scowled at it, shrugged, and got her stuff ready. On the way to the gym, she ran into the jocks again. Although she tried to duck away the moment she saw them, they still caught up with her.
“Hey, look, it’s the tough girl! Got any cool boasts? Any new challenges? From what I hear, all you’re going to do is have those idiots jump around in their underwear and look super gay! That’s pathetic.”
For a moment, Ava thought she wanted  to talk back at the idiots. The other jocks laughed and pointed, but having Jaden around felt great. So, instead of fighting them, she just smiled and said:
“Don’t worry about us. We’ll blow you away!”
The big guy was clearly disappointed at his taunts being ignored and tried to add something more insulting, but she was already gone, not listening to his plump attempts at irony or whatever this was supposed to be. 
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As she reached the gym, she passed the side windows first and just wanted to check whether Tobias and Kemal were already there. To her surprise, the shutters were down. She edged closer and, on an instinct, she peeked through them to see what was going on inside. Ava felt a little strange doing this, but her curiosity was instantly rewarded. She was shocked.
Her mother was on the mats with Kemal and Tobie and …
Well, they were fucking. Okay. This was bad. And strangely fascinating. She couldn’t avert her eyes. Also, she was shocked to see just how muscular the two guys had become. Angela (Calling her Mom in her mind right now felt wrong.) was sandwiched between them, her tough muscular body caught between Tobie’s broad chest and Kemal’s hairy mass.
Ava slowly understood that they were fucking her at the same time. One from the front and … one from behind. Her arms slackened. The gym bag landed on the ground. The two musclemen were pounding her relentlessly, grunting along. She was breathing hard, every thrust bringing her closer to orgasm. Her body was sweaty and buff and the boys were all over her, their hands groping at her muscles.
Angela was rolling her eyes, calling them out to fuck her harder. Ava blushed. She was glad no one was around to hear this. Imagine the embarrassment!
“Yes … Yes … More! Yes! Aah …”
Kemal, who was above her, was reaching around her now, groping her pecs roughly. As he squeezed, she only got louder.
Ava was petrified.
What should she do?

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Inside, the show went on. Angela was just egging the two men on, hissing “Yes, yes, yes, fuck me! Come on! Harder! Yes!”, as they increased their speed. Just watching their ripped and buffed glutes shake with every push made Ava feel very strange.
Kemal groaned:
“Damn, Angela, this is … fucking … incredible!”
Tobie agreed with some grunts. His hands went to the back of her head and he pulled her towards himself, kissing her clumsily. She licked his face, obviously completely losing control.
Her muscular physique was covered in their sweat, her muscles bulging from the effort. It was bizarre to see her mother, who had always been a little reluctant to do anything rash and generally ended up on the careful side of things to do, well, this. Her face was a mask of lust, her eyes rolling as the two musclemen hammered both her ass and her cunt. To Ava’s shock, she noticed that Angela was squeezing their cocks with whatever muscles she had down there, and it was somehow even visible under her skin. This was all so crazy …
“Fuck … Please … Guys … Yes! Yes!”
On the other side of the window, Ava was still trying to figure out how to react. She looked around, relieved that there was no one else around. The last thing she wanted is anybody to ask stupid questions.
Reluctantly, she continued around the building and found the door. She opened it quietly, then thought again and slammed it instead.
There was a scrambling sound in the gym hall. Ava waited, giving them the time to make themselves presentable.
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Wow hot!! Nice entertainment after the scary actions
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I try to find a balance.

Ava walked in, shot the others a quick look and started her training. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t comment on the large sweaty spot on the mat, she didn’t talk about her mother’s ruffled hair and the thick blob of half-dried semen on her muscular thigh. Or her super-skimpy outfit, for that matter. She tastefully ignored the two musclemen’s attempts at hiding their thick, half-erect cocks in their shorts and proceeded to do her curls. The smell was just as hard to ignore. And yet, no one managed to summon the courage to open a window. It was just a little gross.
In a way, she enjoyed the uncertainty. She was quite certain that they all tried to figure out just how much she noticed. Angela was quite obviously embarrassed, her ears almost glowing crimson. Ava enjoyed this sudden feeling of superiority.
Tobias caught himself first and nodded wordlessly at her before getting to work. Kemal followed suit and was finally joined by her mom. As they all worked out, Ava’s mind went back to what she had just seen.
Suddenly, she imagined herself in her mother’s place … It was an intense and utterly bizarre idea and it intimidated her while also, strangely, making her hot. Those two musclemen, both fucking her like animals … It was crazy, but it did turn her on. She had to take a short break after this set. Just relax for a moment and not think about them.
That’s when both Kemal and Angela started to grunt. Ava rolled her eyes.
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The awkwardness knew no end. The musclepeople pumped and grunted, further embarrassing Ava with their noise and the constant reminder that they had been fucking like perverts minutes ago. She did her best to ignore it, but it was the same as every time she tried not to think about something.
She thought about it all the time. Her mother’s ecstatic expression as she got fucked by the two men had burned itself into her mind and it popped up constantly as they trained. And there was another thing …
Of course, her father was dead and it was certainly okay for her mother to try and find a new partner. That was only natural and the last thing Ava wanted was that her mother would live as a nun for the rest of her life. But this? This was too much. It was horrible and inappropriate and gross and …
In a way, she was jealous.
Those guys were hunks, big and strong, they had a certain style and they treated them with respect. Maybe she just wanted to be with someone? Okay, her mother was acting like a teenager, but maybe she could deal with it if she had a boyfriend.
She could try. After all, they were going on a date. She liked him, he was bright and rather handsome. And he knew her well. That was all good. Maybe he’d help her cope with her mom’s craziness.
That’s when a long, drawn-out moan pulled her back to reality.
Oh God.
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At last, the workout was over. Ava breathed out and started putting away the weights. She just wanted to shower and be done with it. Suddenly, she realized that she didn’t give the boys their injections. Of course, they could do it themselves, but she had seen them be squeamish and clumsy. She knew why they preferred her to do it.
How could she put it?
“Kemal, Tobie …”
Kemal was just putting back the huge weight disks. It was amazing to see just how huge he was getting. Those roids certainly did wonders on him. Angela looked up from her work and said:
“Don’t forget: I’ll give you your massages afterwards. Want some too, Ava?”
“Er … Mom, I was just trying to ask something.”
“Just tell me later, Ava. I don’t mind.”
“Yes … Anyway.” She turned to the muscleheads again: “So, did you get your ‘supplements’?”
Kemal nodded nonchalantly:
“Sure. Your mom was so nice as to do it. It didn’t even hurt!”
Ava almost shouted:
“What?” She turned back to Angela so quickly that she almost tore something. “You gave them the roids?”
The older woman shrugged, acting as if it were nothing.
“Of course. They asked and I did it.”
“But … Those are drugs! They’re illegal!”
“Maybe. Ava, this is bodybuilding. Everybody is doing it.”
Ava was just shouting now:
“You too?”
“Not yet. I’ve only been using regular supplements. But that stuff … It might just be worth it.”
Tobie did a most muscular pose out of nothing. His entire body seemed to turn into a confusing mass of muscle, veins and striations.
“It definitely is!”
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Great development, I'm curious to see how things will go with Jaden. I expect them an item since the start.
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That evening, she got ready for her date. Milla was there, doodling in her sketchbook. There was an air of nervous concentration to it, as if she was trying to banish any further loss of control. Ava put on the cute floral dress and asked:
“Is this one okay? Maybe with a cardigan?”
Milla looked up vaguely, then said:
“Depends on what you want. If Jaden is into fit girls, loose the jacket. With your shoulders …”
“Okay, but I’m not even sure I want to be with him.”
“From what you told me, you’ve been crushing on him before.”
“I know … It’s just … We’re in this thing together and I don’t want to screw it up by making it awkward. If we don’t get together, or worse yet, if we break up …”
“Sure. That would be a problem.” Milla put down her pencil and got up. She took the cardigan, helped Ava to put it on, rearranged everything with a few quick pulls and said: “You know what? Just see what happens. You’re both adults now and you had those crazy adventures, didn’t you? I think you’ll find out what you really want. Besides, I’m sure he’ll make his move if he’s serious about it.”
“That isn’t helping! What do I do if he wants to be with me?”
Milla put her hands on her friend’s shoulders.
“Ava, relax. You’ve known him all your life and you can trust him. And if anything goes wrong, you can just lift him up and toss him away.”
“I don’t think this is how it works.”
“Have fun!”
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Jaden turned up a bit early and had to wait for some last minute adjustments, but once they were on their way, the conversation immediately flowed the way it always had. Just like stage fever, the nervousness melted away in the moment of truth. Ava relaxed, laughing, smiling, rolling her eyes at the weird stories, Jaden himself was just as happy to listen to the stuff she had been working on with Professor Lang.
For a moment, the whole “mystery parasite – Mom’s a bodybuilder – so much work” complex faded in the background. It felt great.
They reached the theater, Jaden bought drinks and Ava insisted on paying for snacks. Once inside, Jaden presented her with a special surprise. He had managed to sneak a pack of high-protein chips in. Ava laughed and said:
“Wow. Thank you. I actually planned to cheat tonight, but …”
“You have to try them. I think they’re disgusting.”
She opened the pack and took one of them out.
“Oh. Okay. I think you’re right. Wanna try one?”
“I guess I have to, don’t I?”
“I insist.”
“Yuck. It’s not that they taste bad. It’s the texture. And the blandness.”
“Nah. The taste is also awful.”
“Wait, let me try another one ... Bah.”
“You’re weird. God, that stuff is bad.”
“It was worth a try.”
“Kinda. Wow, Jaden, whoever came up with that thing had to have a serious grudge on humanity.”
“Actually …” He popped another one in his mouth. “You can get used to it.”
“Nope. Still gross.”
A man behind them leaned forward and whispered:
“Would you mind keeping it down? The movie is going to start.”
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Later on, they walked over to a nearby café. Ava had suggested it, having thoroughly enjoyed the movie. As they sat down, she said:
“That was fun!”
“Yes. A funny superhero movie, with an intelligent plot? It’s surprising, but great!”
“The best bit was the thing with the truck.”
Jaden snorted.
“That was amazing. Perfect timing. Also, I loved how they made the fight scenes clear. Usually, I get all lost in the jumping around, but this one was great.”
Ava nodded.
“Definitely. I don’t know how they did it, but I was sitting on the edge of my seat. I liked the heroine. She was fun. Also, I thought it was great that they let her screw up.”
“Maybe that was the trick? After the thing in the fast food joint, I wasn’t sure how this would work out. Sure, they wouldn’t make a funny movie and mess up the main character, but …”
“I see what you mean. And the love interest was cute.”
Jaden shrugged:
“I guess. A little on the scrawny side, don’t you think?”
The young woman pouted:
“That’s okay. I like the cute thin guys too. They don’t have to be hunks. I mean, I don’t mind hunks, but a change of scenery is fine too.”
Her date rolled his eyes.
“If I said something like that, I’d get harrumphed at.”
They sat in silence for a moment, then she said:
“Thank you. I really needed that break.”
“You’re not alone. With all of this going on, I’m just glad this was fun. Tomorrow, it’s going to be work and conspiracies and monsters again, but tonight, it’s just superheroes and dumb jokes.”
She smiled at him and put her hand on his.
“That sounds pretty crazy if you think about it.”
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There was a pause. Eventually, she said:
“We should do this again. Soon. It feels great.”
He smiled:
“I’m all for it.”
Soon enough, their conversation restarted. In no time, they switched to discussing the movie’s details and threw their theories on the larger meaning of the story back and forth. Ava wasn’t sure whether they were going to be friends or lovers, or anything at all, but she was willing to let it happen.
Later, Jaden walked her home. She had to think about her mom getting fucked again and shook her head to banish the image. They said goodbye at home and Jaden stood there dumbfounded for a moment. Ava kissed him on the cheek and gave him a friendly look. She wasn’t sure what signals she was sending right now and just hoped he would be willing to keep an open mind for now. They were friends for now.
“Thank you.”
“Good night. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was fun.”
And he was gone. She walked inside, pondering what it all meant. Milla was already asleep, so she washed and got ready for bed. As she fell asleep, she heard her roommate groan next door.  Somehow, this took her back to all her problems. She sighed and prepared mentally for a night of constant pointless pondering. At least, her thoughts went back to Jaden occasionally. That was nice. She wondered what he would think if she got all muscular and buff. She was fit now, but somehow, she could imagine herself being big and strong. Buffer than her mom. He didn’t seem grossed out. Quite the opposite.
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Time sped along. Ava was doing her best to stay on top. She was stressed, frequently burning the midnight oil to get everything together, but things were looking as if they were working out. Ah. About the working out: Spurred on by her mom, she had started to improve her training and she was starting to look buff, easily passing for a tough physique model. Her days of being fat and out of shape were long gone. It had taken her a moment to realize it had happened.
One morning, as she was getting dressed, she saw her abs. It wasn’t a perfectly defined six-pack, but it was there none the less. She looked at her reflection and grinned:
“Damn. When did that happen?”
She nodded to herself. Looking like this, they had a shot at the competition. Tobie and Kemal would definitely fit in. They were huge now, having completely outgrown any of their previous outfits. Somehow, the constant stream of drugs had pumped them up to outrageous proportions. Working with them could be tense. All those energies frequently exploded out of them, with the slightest provocations enough to make them snarl and scream. Ava now preferred to train on her own. Not always, but more often than not, she would avoid them. They would still meet later on to talk about the show.
There was also the issue of her mom. Angela was still supplying them with massive amounts of food and working hard to massage everybody to make their bodies grow. As far as Ava could tell, she was also getting fucked hard by the two muscleheads. And there was another thing …
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That's really good, I like where things are going. The pause from the white thing is good to settle the plot. Well done!
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She hadn’t dared to ask, but she was quite certain that Angela had started using the same gear as Tobie and Kemal. This was an absolute non-issue, but her muscles had grown even larger and tighter, her body had become broader and buffer and her face had turned harsher. Maybe this was also due to her diet, but she couldn’t tell for sure. Still, seeing her mother turn into a muscular beast was intimidating and confusing.
There was also a change in her personality. Angela was still caring and friendly, but she lost her temper easily now. Simple frustrations made her explode, screaming at things and people without warning. Her voice was getting harsher and this made her downright intimidating.
More than once, Ava retreated when her mom howled her frustration at the general public. This was embarrassing and terrifying.
The worst was when the two muscleheads ran into trouble with Angela and their disagreement degenerated into a monstrous shouting match. This usually led to make-up sex, another thing Ava tried to avoid.
As a result, Ava liked to talk to Jaden and spend time with him as much as possible. They couldn’t see each other too frequently, but they could at least talk online and enjoy the company. Neither was sure what was going to happen. He was still actively researching for more information on Mistland. Combining her work with Professor Lang with his findings was promising. At the same time, Ava was surprised by how slow things were progressing. It felt as if things were going slower than they should.
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Really enjoying the story. Looking forward to Anglea continued growth into a muscle beast
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Thank you both! I'm glad you enjoy it.
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Very  good  it was interesting.
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There was also the blob. Professor Lang requested as many samples as possible, so every time the ugly thing produced something new, Ava would get to work and retrieve it. The thing had recently been moved to a bigger jar and it had now formed some “nodes” that connected the main blob to more distant parts. Also, Ava wasn’t sure, but she could swear it was developing a kind of bark or something. If the thing’s growth hadn’t been as slow, the young woman would certainly have been completely terrified. As it was, she managed it, occasionally plopping some food in the jar and watching it slowly digest the bits.
Right now, the thing was plopping out two orange baubles out of its zits. Ava took the jar, carried it to the kitchen and sighed.
“Okay … You ugly thing. Time to get some more gross stuff!”
She opened the jar, got a pair of chopsticks and very carefully took the first bauble out. That worked well. She put it in a used food tray and started on the second one. This time, she misjudged the pressure and the thing popped. It was gross. The orange soup leaked out of it.
“Shit! Not again!”
She went out again to get a recipient, then decided to take the jar with her and do that over the sink. This way, she wouldn’t spill any of that crap over her stuff. Her roommate just came in from her classes. Lately, the attacks had stopped and she was quite happy about it.
As Ava tried to get the liquid out, Milla said:
“Hey. I know that smell ...”
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Ava stopped what she was doing.
“The smell.”
“Yeah. Like that drink. That was gross.”
“Drink? You mean that can from the fridge? Oh … Fuck!”
“What is going on? What happened?”
“Err … Milla … I don’t know how to say it, but …”
Milla was suddenly serious and very, very angry.
“Out with it, Ava! What the hell is going on?”
“Well … I may have put that orange liquid from the popped blob-zit in that can.”
“What?! Are you insane? Are you saying I drank that stuff? Why? How could you? What is going to happen to me?”
“I don’t know, but we got to get you to the professor’s. I mean, you’re not in danger or anything, I guess, since it was so long ago, but …”
“Ava, are you crazy? You put some dangerous stuff in my can and I … I drank that!”
“Yes … But …”
“Enough! Ava! Think. You put some fucking biohazard I-don’t-know-what stuff in our fridge and you didn’t even fucking label it!”
“I …”
“No. No! You can’t just talk your way out of this. Maybe that’s the reason for my attacks? I guess so! And you didn’t even make that connection …”
“Listen, I was under a lot of stress …”
Milla came very close now and grabbed her by the arms. She shook her and managed to speak with barely controlled fury.
“Ava. This isn’t about you. This is about fucking me. And my fucking health!”
“I know, I’m sorry, I …”
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“Sorry? Sorry? I need you to fix this. I fucking need you to get this shit out of my system!”
Milla was now almost crying and her grip was tightening. Ava was trying to free herself. Suddenly, they were struggling. A reflexive push, a yelp, Ava pushed Milla away and then, she suddenly found resistance.
All of a sudden, Milla’s arms exploded with muscle, thick corded coils of flesh expanding on them. Ava stared, unable to react in that moment. Her roommate just squeezed on, forcing Ava against the wall of the tiny apartment. Her shoulders grew, quickly reaching handball size and looking as if they’d been dieted for for weeks.
Ava stopped what she was doing, but Milla pressed on, throwing her around. Ava crashed against a wall, tried to get up, but was soon caught by her former friend again. She lifted Ava up and up until she hung on the wall by her throat, unable to free herself.
Gasping for air, Ava coughed:
“Please, Milla, I’m so sorry, I … I didn’t …”
She stared at the woman below her, her muscles still swelling and tightening. It was a thoroughly bizarre sight. Those weren’t bodybuilders’ or regular athletes’ muscles, but some strange mutant physique that was growing and expanding without plan.
But Milla was very strong. Terrifyingly, even.
Ava could look into her roommate’s eyes. They were silvery, almost reflecting, changing to white.
“Milla … Please … Let me go …”
“You poisoned me …”
The grip was tightening.
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Ava was now struggling. Her training should have made her stronger, especially than Milla, but here, she had no chance. The other young woman’s hands were like vises on her throat. Ava tried to get away now, shaking her arms helplessly and trying to push herself from the wall.
Using her muscles as good as she could, she abruptly tightened her legs and launched herself back down. Ava slammed into the ground, Milla immediately descending upon her. As she recovered, Ava tried to crawl away, but the other woman caught her moments later.
Milla didn’t even laugh. Instead, she pushed Ava against the door by her arms. What should have been a simple bump turned into a loud bang under the pressure of Milla’s transforming musculature. Ava was shocked and befuddled by its shape. It was human, but somehow, Milla’s arms turned longer and not all the muscles seemed to grow. Instead, individual parts expanded, giving her arms an odd, jagged look.
“Milla … You’re hurting me! Please!”
“You tried to kill me!”
“I didn’t want to … do this. It was an … accident!”
Focusing, Ava managed to reach for the door handle. Her arms were hurting from the intense pressure. She stretched her fingers as far as she could, then pulled.
With a bang, the door flew open and they spilled out on the floor. Ava extricated herself from Milla’s grip and crawled away as good as she could, her arms hurting like hell. She was crying. Milla lay by the door, her body slowly receding. Her heart was beating like crazy.
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 Wow, looks like you are picking up the speed. Great to read!
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The two roommates stared at one another, completely helpless. They were gasping for air, their bodies exhausted. Ava tried to push herself away further, Milla just wanted to get as much distance as possible between herself and that asshole that had infected her with that … thing.
At last, Ava collapsed on the floor, her face a mess and her muscles hurting. She groaned:
“Please. I never wanted this.”
Milla’s face was a mask of hate. Her body was almost back to normal, but there were strange movements under her skin as if something was rearranging itself within herself. She stared at the shifting ridges and folds and shivered:
“I hate you. I’m leaving. Fuck you.”
“But … Let me at least talk to the professor! I’m sure we can get it back out of you!”
Milla spat out.
“You’ll only turn me into another of your sick experiments. Screw you and screw your stupid projects. I hope you die!”
She managed to stand, her legs only vaguely supporting her. She growled and stumbled back inside. Ava tried to get back on her feet. Her head was swimming. As she pushed herself up, Milla stormed back out, her backpack on.
“Where are you going? Please! I’ll find a solution!”
“Fuck you. I’m leaving. Don’t you dare follow me. Don’t tell the cops, don’t tell anyone.”
Milla slammed the door and ran away, tears running down her cheeks. Ava finally got to her feet and scrambled after her, but Milla had already left the building, disappearing in a crowd outside.
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I am intrigued if we don't see Milla for abit how she would evolves with the creature inside her given the muscular growth she can exhibit.  :bravo:
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Ava whipped out her phone and tried to call Milla. She had to focus just to stop her hands from shaking. It rang a few times, then it went out. She cursed. What should she do now? The young woman returned inside, her heart still pounding. She tried to figure out what she could have said. She had to tell someone!
Maybe he would know what to do!
“Ava? What’s up?”
“It’s all shit! I … I … Milla! Milla was infected! I don’t know what to do? She … she ran away.”
“What? Infected? What do you mean?”
“The blob! She drank some of the orange stuff. I … It’s all my fault. I should have been careful. I didn’t think about it. I’m a horrible person!”
“Okay. Okay! Okay. Alright. Ava, please calm down. Take a deep breath. Please. I’ll come as soon as possible. I’ll be there in the evening. Don’t do anything rash now.”
“I don’t know where she went! We need to help her! We need to get that stuff out of her!”
“I’m coming. Don’t worry, everything will work out. She’ll be fine. I … She didn’t get hurt until now, so I think it won’t harm her, don’t you think?”
“I don’t have the slightest idea. That stuff … It’s so strange. I’ll talk to the professor. And I’ll have someone wait for her here should she come back. Yes. That’s the best I can do, can’t I?”
“Sounds like a plan. I’m coming. Don’t panic, we’ll get through this!”
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Professor Lang was just looking through the most recent answers on her submissions and frowning. If she could only use the data she was collecting … That stuff was amazing and would probably have propelled her career to incredible heights, but she had an agreement. She sighed. So, more of the second-rate crap for now. Her contact had promised that she would get all the data, even the background information to use as she saw fit. Lately, she was starting to doubt whether he was serious about this. Maybe it was all just a trick. Thankfully, she had a few other avenues she could pursue.
Just as she was focusing on the data again, her student burst in. Ava was very excited and clearly unhappy. Professor Lang let her calm down a bit, offering her a glass of water.
“So, what’s going on? Do you need help?”
“Professor, something terrible happened! Milla, my roommate … She drank the orange juice from the blob!”
“Okay …” The professor tried to process the information. Then she asked: “How is she? Did you call an ambulance?”
“No. It happened weeks ago.”
“So, is she alright?”
“No! It’s terrible!”
“Okay, Ava, take a deep breath and explain everything from the beginning. Then we’ll figure out what to do.”
When Ava left the professor again, she was calm, having gone from full-on panic to slightly worried. As far as her boss was concerned, she would contact some friends to find Milla and help her. Ava could stop worrying about this. Professor Lang insisted that her roommate would be safe.
And yet, there was a nagging thought in the back of her mind that things were suspicious. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it …
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As she left the lab, she was surprised by the alarm informing her of her upcoming training session. Shit. She’d have to skip this. The best thing she could do now was go and look for Milla. Maybe she could find her right away. Those friends the professor had mentioned didn’t seem like people that were immediately available. She did leave her a few pictures and a description, but it was probably for the best if she just accepted the responsibility and went to look out for her.
There were a few places she could imagine looking for her. Besides, if she told her the professor would take care of it, maybe she’d calm down.
She called Tobie. It took him a moment to pick up. Ava could swear that she could hear some muffled breathing in the background. She could feel this anger boil up inside her.
“Yeah? What’s up? Ava, where are you?”
“Listen, something has come up and I don’t think I can make it today. Just get to work without me, is that okay?”
“Yeah, I guess. Just don’t forget to do your training anyway, because we should really focus on our presentation now.”
“Sure, but … About that … Listen, I’m not too sure this will work out.”
“Okay … Why is that?”
“I think I might just have lost Milla.”
“What do you mean, lost? Where did you put her?”
Ava rolled her eyes:
“Forget it. I’m trying to fix this. Just go on, do whatever you’ve been doing and I’ll call you, okay?”
If she could have slammed her cellphone, she would have.
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Now that her life was seriously screwed up, it was time to go looking for Milla. She sat down and tried to think. Milla wasn’t going to go far. She was probably going on a walk for now, doing her best to get the stress off and to process what was going on. Ava was quite certain that she wouldn’t immediately pack up and head home, especially since that meant a major trip that needed more than a little preparation. The question was where she would go once she had cleared her mind.
As far as she was concerned, there were three places she could head to. First, she could go to her workshop at the university. Usually, the place was quiet enough and she could be alone. However, Ava wasn’t so sure about that. If she was already stressed, the last thing she’d need was her unfinished projects staring at her. So that was a no.
Second, she could go and crash at whoever she was fucking right now. Nah. No chance. More trouble was stupid. Also, she probably wouldn’t want to infect him. She was too responsible and mature for that.
So, that left Ava with the third option: Denise. Hiding out with the make-up artist would probably be the best she could do while she tried to figure out what to do next.
Ava nodded to herself. It was worth a shot. Well, she wasn’t under any pressure for now. She would just leisurely walk over and wait for Milla to arrive. Okay, that last bit had something of an evil genius/crazy stalker vibe. She’d have to think about it.
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It turned out that her would-be calm was just an illusion. As she waited for Milla to arrive, her mind started racing. What if the blob’s stuff was dangerous? No, she was lying to herself. The stuff was dangerous and she had to find a way to get it out of Milla’s body.
This was her fault.
She constantly checked the surroundings, anxious to miss her roommate should she pass her. She didn’t even find the time to look at her phone. Maybe she should just go upstairs and talk to Denise. She could wait at her place and just be there once Milla arrived. That would be easier. Denise could also have an idea on how to deal with this. If she managed to explain the whole stupid thing without creeping her out completely, she might actually have a plan or something. Then again, the whole story was so insane that she didn’t expect to be believed.
Time went on and Ava was getting nervous. She was now constantly pacing the area, looking for Milla. She had to come now, hadn’t she? What if Ava was wrong? What if she had left?
The young woman decided to maybe get higher up. She could see her from above. The campus management had set up a kind of jungle gym for students and Ava decided that this was a far better lookout.
With a few quick pulls and jumps she was up there, looking for Milla.
That’s when Denise showed up:
“Hey, muscle girl, what are you doing up there?”
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“Who, me?”
“Yes, you, obviously. A new kind of exercise?”
“Actually, I am looking for Milla. Did she call you?”
“As a matter of fact, she sent me a message, she wanted to see me. She said she needed to vent. I don’t mind it. What’s going on?”
“I really screwed up.”
Denise smiled:
“You were together?”
“No, no. I made a stupid mistake and I’m afraid she got hurt because of me.”
“Okay … So what happened?”
“I really can’t tell you. I’m sorry. It’s pretty bad and I’m afraid she wouldn’t want me to talk about it to others.”
The make-up artist shrugged.
“That’s okay, I guess. So, you see her yet?”
Ava got up, standing on top of the jungle gym. It was funny to feel so easy about this. The last time she had felt comfortable climbing and balancing was … never. She had always been a chubby kid, without any athletic talent whatsoever. And now, she was fit and at ease with this. That was actually a great thing. She enjoyed this a lot. If only she could clear up the trouble with Milla, then she could go back to her new life.
That’s when she saw her. Milla was still quite a way off, heading towards Denise’s dorm. She wasn’t looking happy at all, but it was somewhat clear that she had managed to walk off most of her anger.
Just as she came into full view, two men appeared from the side, walking towards her briskly. Without warning, they grabbed her. Milla was so surprised, she didn’t even scream.
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Ava leaped from the jungle gym in one bound. She landed on the concrete with an “oof!”, but got up immediately and ran towards Milla. The other woman was struggling with the men, although “struggling” was the wrong word. If anything, she was just trying to get away from them.
Only now did Denise understand what was going on. She started shouting for help.
One of the men shouted at Milla:
“Stop this or you’ll get hurt! I swear I’ll punch you!”
Ava ran as fast as she could. She was surprised by how long it took to reach her. At the same time, she was bracing for the impact. She had no idea of what she’d do, but for now, she had to help her roommate.
She just awkwardly slammed into the group, her face hitting one man’s back. The aggressor stumbled, releasing Milla for a second. She tried to get away, but the other man hit her with his fist.
Milla almost fell over, but at the same time, her arm shot forward and punched the man in his side. As she trust it forward, her arm exploded with muscle. She screamed in panic, but the sudden expansion of power was enough to launch the man away from her.
He shrieked as her blow shattered his ribs. He landed on the ground a few steps away, clutching his side. The other man was just trying to get rid of Ava who was clinging to him. When he noticed Milla’s mutating arm, his jaw dropped.
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Right in front of him, Milla was transforming, her body growing strangely elongated and, well, bumpy. Her muscles were growing quickly, her arm lengthening while her fingers spread. Did she have another elbow in there? The young woman was clearly shocked, but that transforming part of her body seemed to be on autopilot.
The man she was holding was looking as if he had a seizure. Her strangely alien muscles grew and tightened, squeezing him hard. There was an audible snap as her hand shattered his bone. He howled in pain and the huge appendage just tossed him away as if he were light as a feather.
Ava watched the whole occurrence, unable to decide of what to do. This was horrible and she was afraid to even get closer. Who knew what would happen to her? It was her responsibility this had happened, and she didn’t want to get hurt. Milla’s arm was continuing its mutation, now developing the same strange zits the blob had produced, while also losing its color and turning white as a sheet.
The young woman was clawing at her own arm, but it was obvious that she was on the verge of collapsing. If she didn’t have a heart attack first, her mind would probably snap.
Denise was staring at this, but it didn’t seem as if she was still getting what was going on.
Ava had to do something. Who knew what would happen if she didn’t stop Milla? That arm could kill the attackers! And even worse, what if the police got alerted and simply shot her?
Despite her fears she headed for her roommate.
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The growth was spreading all over Milla’s body now. Her chest’s muscles were expanding and it was about to hit her neck. She was shaking all over, the men were scrambling for cover. The zits on her arm were opening now, exposing orange baubles like before.
“Milla! Calm down, please …”
The young woman turned around to face Ava. There was a strange smell in the air now, sweet, but also completely alien. Ava hesitated. This was incredibly dangerous.
Milla stared at her and managed to speak between sobs.
“Ava … What is going on with me? I … It’s … I’m afraid. Please. Help me!”
The buff young woman made soothing gestures and came closer.
“I’m here. Let’s find a way to get this better. Take a deep breath. It wants to defend you, so please, calm down. Close your eyes and please, for the love of God, focus on something nice. We’ll fix this …”
Milla’s expanding chest destroyed her outfit, tearing her top apart. She was shaking in panic now. Ava was very close, laying a hand on Milla’s mutated arm. She did her best to appear harmless, although she was well aware that her friend was so strong now that there was no chance she could even hope to hurt her. Also, deep inside her, something was admiring those muscles. They were huge and ripped and veiny, with those incredible striations and full muscle bellies … Ava had to shake her head to clear her mind. This was neither the time nor the place and seriously, what kind of a pervert had she become?
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Meanwhile, Milla’s body was growing larger and larger, the growth reaching her abs and her glutes. It still was a bizarre and alien kind of physique that she was developing, mostly because it was completely over the top. It felt as if her body was being rebuilt by someone who had only a vague idea of human anatomy and had decided to randomly enlarge bits and pieces of it.
At the same time, it was clear that she was tremendously strong. This wasn’t for show. Her muscles radiated an insane power and Ava could feel that Milla was struggling to keep her strength under control.
There was a kind of aura to her energy and a bestial aspect inside her mind that was trying to breach her defenses and release a monstrous entity.
Still, Ava did her best to stay calm. It was a lie, obviously. But she still had to do her best to comfort her, well, friend.
She tried to soothe her, to give her the strength to fight this monstrosity.
“Milla, take it easy. They’re gone. We’ll find a way to keep you safe. You’re in control, please …”
The creature that her roommate had turned into was beginning to calm down and shrink. It took a while, her muscles only slowing their growth at first. Ava had to admit that Milla was more massive than anybody she had ever seen at her peak. She was absolutely gigantic, yet so misshapen, it was sickening. The young scientist just hoped that this would all get well again.
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Slowly, Milla relaxed. As she did, her body seemed to shrink down, her muscles receding back under her skin. It was a strange sight to watch her deflate. She stumbled and clung to Ava, her body now weak and exhausted. She breathed deeply, resting her head against Ava’s shoulder. Her body was naked and exposed and she was shivering.
Ava turned to Denise, who was still completely shocked and utterly confused. She said, loud and clear:
“Get a blanket or something! We need to cover her!”
“But …”
“Now. Please! Can’t you see she’s in trouble?”
“Of course. I’ll be back in a moment!”
The other girl ran to her place while Ava took off her jacket and put it over Milla’s reduced shoulders. She led her to the side of the path, a little out of sight. There was no one around, but nowadays, who could tell?
She held Milla close and whispered:
“I know it’s bad now, but we’ll fix this.”
“Ava … This thing in me … It wanted to kill them. I could barely stop it. Please! You have to do something. I’m dangerous now.”
“Jaden, you remember Jaden? He’s with me on this and he’s going to come and help you. Get you away from this and make sure you don’t feel threatened. And we’ll get it back out of you.”
“Please.” She sobbed. “It changed me. But it was still me. I …”
Denise appeared, carrying a big quilt and handed it to Milla. Then they all went inside. Denise was very careful and clearly afraid.
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Milla dropped on Denise’s bed, which was her only usable piece of furniture for this. She exhaled and wrapped the quilt tighter around herself. Ava asked Denise:
“Do you have some clothes for her? I’m going back outside to pick up the bits.”
The makeup artist nodded and dove into her wardrobe.
“I’m sure I can find something.”
Ava grabbed a plastic bag and stepped back outside. Somehow, she was nervous to the point of paranoia now. She looked around, watching out for any observers. Drones, maybe? Who were these people? Did Professor Lang have anything to do with them? Who else knew about Milla’s predicament?
Moving carefully, she approached the rags that were left of Milla’s clothes. It was amazing and terrifying. Her body had grown so much in such a short time it had actually ripped them to shreds. The bits were surprisingly small and completely busted. There was no chance to salvage anything.
As she scooped the bits up, even finding Milla’s exploded shoes, she wondered what it felt like. Not what Milla had gone through, all panicky and out of control, but if you did that slowly, while managing to direct that energy …
The mere idea made her pause. She shook her head. This was neither the time nor the place for fantasies like these. Also, she wasn’t even sure when she had started to obsess about muscles. There really was no reason, was there? She wanted to be fit, okay, she got that, but that fixation on getting buff? That was clearly her mom’s problem.
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She returned quickly and dumped the bag by the door. Denise frowned at her. The apartment was small, but she had clearly spent a lot of time on designing its interior. Dropping random bags of trash was certainly not going to make her appreciate Ava. Once she realized this, Ava picked it back up and mumbled:
“Sorry. I just … I don’t know where to put it.”
“It’s okay. Just put it outside, okay?”
“Sure.” Once the door was shut, she turned to Denise and asked: “So, how are you doing?”
“It’s terrible. I turned into a monster! I can’t … I almost killed those people! I … I need this to stop!”
Ava nodded and said:
“I know. Listen, we need to get you to safety and we have to figure out how to get that thing back out. Is that okay with you?”
Milla nodded. She was exhausted and she felt completely helpless. Losing control of herself was horrifying. Having that monster inside her … She was afraid.
Ava continued:
“I fear that this is all my fault.” Milla’s expression was almost amused. “So, here’s my plan: I’m going to call Jaden now and we’re all just leaving. I fear that my professor might be involved in all this, so it’s best to get some distance between us and her.”
Milla just groaned.
“But what about school?”
 “I don’t know. Right now, we have to get that thing out of you.”
“But couldn’t we just ask the police or a hospital or something like that?”
“Maybe … I wouldn’t risk it. What if they decide to keep you in and … dissect you?”
Her roommate stared at her. Her jaw dropped and it was obvious that she was about to pass out.
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A little later, Jaden arrived outside, parking his car discreetly out of sight. The girls had remained hidden in Denise’s apartment, constantly on the lookout for any further attackers. Ava also scanned the sky for drones. She felt paranoid doing this, but then again, it was to be expected.
Denise wasn’t happy about all this. She was also slowly beginning to understand what had happened to Milla, and she was heading into a shock. Ava did her best to calm her down. She made her swear she wouldn’t tell anybody, but decided that they had to leave quickly.
Vaguely, Ava added:
“We’re going to return the outfit soon. Don’t worry.”
“I don’t give a fuck about the outfit. It’s just that … A good friend of mine just turned into a monster.”
Milla howled at the word. Ava shrugged:
“As I said, I’m trying to fix that. Jaden should be right here.”
As ordered, he knocked on the door. Ava got up and let him in. They embraced, then he walked over to Milla and said:
“Hey, I’m so sorry you got involved in all of this. I promise we’ll make it well again, okay?”
They hugged. Milla was tired now. She just wanted to sleep.
Together, Ava and Jaden half helped, half carried her to the car. As she got in, Ava apologized to Denise again, insisted on her keeping her mouth shut and then, at last, they left. Just as they drove off, Ava remembered the jar.
“Jaden, we gotta get the blob.”
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The young man groaned.
“Of course. I know it’s shit, but I didn’t know this would come up. I just thought I’d find Milla, get her home and be safe.”
“Alright. We’ll go back to your place. But you have to be super careful, okay?”
“Obviously. I mean, this is crazy! We’ve headed straight into conspiracy movie territory.”
“Yes, but it’s for real. Listen, Ava, I need you to do this real quick. Please. I’m sure these people will be there already. I’ll distract them, but you have to be safe.”
“Got it.”
They reached Ava’s place and looked around. The coast looked clear. Jaden decided to push his luck and hit the horn. The blare sounded over the area and someone appeared at the door. It was one of the men that had tried to kidnap Milla. She stared at him in absolute hatred.
“Those guys are in our room.”
Jaden nodded and said:
“Okay, let’s get them moving.”
He let Ava out of the car and drove by the house slowly.
“Milla, let them see you.”
She lowered the window and pointed at the man. Then she shouted:
“You! I’m going to get you if you touched my stuff!”
The man was confused at first, but then immediately ran after them, pulling out his phone.
Jaden accelerated just a little bit to keep him distanced. On the campus, he couldn’t really go fast. There were just too many people wandering around.
Soon enough, two more men emerged from the building, running for a car of their own.
Ava crept inside.
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This is amazing. The suspense is running thick and heavy. I can’t wait to see what will happen. But I can’t understand Jaden’s optimism. The situation seems to be dangerous and unpredictable. Let’s see where this story takes us!
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Love it
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Thank you both!

She felt like a spy as she sneaked through the door, her heart pumping. She started up the stairs, then returned to the elevator, called it and checked that no one was inside. Since it was empty, she hit the ancient stop button and blocked it right here. The worst thing that could happen was that she was on her way upstairs and someone just rode down at the same time. Ava felt very clever.
Then she returned to the stairwell and saw Professor Lang coming down towards her, a tough looking man right with her and the jar in her hands.
Ava paused. The professor stood there, rather dumbfounded. The big man didn’t much care about the whole situation and tried to continue downstairs.
The young woman said:
“Give me my jar.”
The scientist shook her head. She was clearly embarrassed and tried to hold the blob tighter.
Ava insisted:
“It’s mine. You can’t just take it. Besides, what is this with Milla? How could you?”
“Ava, there’s more going on than you can imagine right now.”
What she said was obviously true. Still, Ava wouldn’t give in now. She sprinted towards the professor. The older woman tried to evade her but stumbled on the stairs. The big man lunged forward to catch Ava, but she dodged him awkwardly and grabbed the jar, giving it a rough pull.
“Ow! What are you doing?”
The professor was easily overpowered. For the first time, Ava realized that her muscles weren’t just for show. She just pushed her former mentor down and tried to escape. The large ham tried to grab her, she kicked him in the shin and tried to get back away. Professor Lang landed on her butt while the big guy tried to punch her.
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Ava held the blob tightly to her chest and tried to get away from them. The big guy recovered and charged at her. He was still limping a little, but since Ava was far from a trained martial artist, he had shrugged off her blow without much inconvenience.
As he came towards her, she was paralyzed for a moment. Then, she turned and ran.
He slammed into her, throwing her to the ground. She shielded the jar with her body, rolling awkwardly on her back.
Behind them, the professor shouted:
“Get it!” She coughed. “Come on!”
The man was above her now and grabbed at the glass, but she rolled away, turtling around it. He instinctively wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up completely. She felt his grip and screamed:
“Help! Help! Let me go!”
She kicked awkwardly at him. The professor stumbled closer:
“Don’t let her drop the jar! Wait! I’ll get it!”
Ava pushed her arms outwards and flung her head back to hit the man in the face. It worked vaguely and he half-dropped her. She tumbled from his arms, but he still held her by her wrist. She shouted:
“Let me go or I release the blob!”
Professor Lang stopped:
“We can talk this out … Just calm down!”
With all her strength, she kicked the big man in the groin. He winced and threw her away. Ava hit the door hopping on one leg and fell out of the building. She tumbled down the wheelchair ramp and started to sprint towards the place where they had told her the car would be. Her pursuers were right behind her, albeit a little more reduced.
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WOW!! I love this story!
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She ran and ran, trying to escape them. The blob was jiggling in the jar, producing weird grunts and plopping out strings of orange beads. Just then, the man Jaden and Milla had led away returned. He saw her, the professor and the other guy shouted for him to stop her. Ava tried to dodge out of the way. The man spread his arms to catch her. She held the jar tight, but the man managed to hold her by the waist.
Ava was swept off her feet and screamed bloody murder. Sadly, there were no people around to help her. Someone looked down from a window and shouted:
“Keep it down, will you? I’m trying to study!”
“Help!” The man clapped his hand over Ava’s mouth. She bit him. He cursed and slapped her on the nose. “This guy wants to kidnap me! Help! Call the police!”
The student above looked at the scene and pointed his phone at them:
“You there! Let her go! I’m filming this, I swear!”
The other man came running. Meanwhile, the professor retreated out of sight. Ava cried:
“Call the …”
The man squeezed the air out of her lungs. She felt as if she was going to throw up. The student shouted:
“I’m calling the cops now!”
Just then, the car returned. Jaden didn’t know what to do. He thought he had managed to draw the guy away, and now he was back and Ava was in trouble. Should he just crash into them?
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The two goons were carrying Ava away awkwardly. She tried to kick, bite and headbutt them all at the same time, but that didn’t work out. Either they were used to it or she was just too clumsy to do this. Anyway, she was being carried off the street into the little grass areas between the buildings.
Jaden looked at Milla. The girl was still exhausted, but suddenly, there was a spark of determination in her eyes. She hissed:
“Drive closer. I’ll …”
She didn’t dare say it. Jaden hit the pedal and drove towards the men just as they disappeared into the cool shadow between the buildings. Milla opened the door as the car slowed down, jumped out clumsily, fell and stood back up, bits of dirt and grass in her face. She was stunned for a second, but she could feel something stir inside of her.
The men ran. Ava managed to catch her breath and screamed for help again. Milla started after them, just as her roommate freed one hand and poked a finger into the second man’s eye. He shouted in pain and the pair slowed down a little.
That was the advantage Milla needed. She charged and slammed into one of the men.
It didn’t do anything. He got pushed, but he just stepped back and broke her momentum. With a smirk, he backhanded her while tightening his hold of Ava.
Milla tried to evade the blow, but she didn’t stand a chance. She was hit right in the face.
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The young woman could feel something speed through her body. Although she fell backwards and landed clumsily on the back of her head, the thing inside of her reacted with lightning speed. Even while her mind still tried to process that she had just acquired a big bruise, her body was changing. She preferred not to interfere.
Milla could feel her muscles swell and the pressure on her bones increase. This was terrifying, but now that she knew what was going to happen, she was somehow able to, well, not enjoy it, but to ride it. As she got up, the sleeve of her hoodie was getting shredded by her expanding arm.
The man stared at this insane display. Her arm lengthened, with bizarre, unnatural muscles wrapping themselves around it. He was completely transfixed by this mutation.
Ava tried to free herself again. He was distracted, so she wriggled herself out of his grip. The other guy who was still trying to deal with the pain in his eye looked at what was happening. He probably couldn’t see clearly because he didn’t react immediately.
Milla’s skin turned white now, with thick chords of not-quite-muscle growing out of it. Bumps and horns of sorts appeared, with strange pseudopods abruptly sprouting from her body before sinking back into it.
The growth spread to her torso and she started to stretch and awkwardly expand.
Then she struck.
The discharge of power was so strong that the man was smashed into the wall. There was a sickening crunch as his bones shattered. The man with the eye howled in panic and fled, falling on his face.
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Milla’s mutating body was clumsily stumbling towards them. To Ava, it seemed as if she wasn’t in control at all. Instead, the blob was trying to figure out how humans worked and was just randomly growing and reducing bits and pieces. Milla had saved her, and now, Ava had to return the favor.
And quickly, before her friend was spotted. Her insanely deformed body was the stuff of nightmares. If she got caught on camera or anything, she would probably be shot on sight.
For now, the threat of the professor and her minions was taken care of, but the crisis was far from over.
Ava ran to Milla who was still crawling closer to the screaming man. He was trying to get away from her, but somehow, his legs wouldn’t support him anymore. It was as if that vision had broken his mind.
The young woman got between the monstrosity that was her roommate and her victim and spread her arms wide:
“Stop! Milla, please! Stop this.”
The blob was just stretching Milla’s legs and producing a thicket of shorter tendrils all over them. All that movement was both hypnotic and sickening.
Ava tried again:
“Milla! I’m safe. You can stop now! I’m safe. Please get it back under control!”
The creature gargled, strange hissing flaps forming on her gigantic muscles. They were beyond any human levels, moving straight into superhero or, well, nightmare territory.
The muscle girl dropped to her knees and pleaded:
“I don’t know who is in charge right now, but please, release her. We have to get to a safe place!”
There was a kind of groan that echoed on the building walls. Police sirens were blaring in the distance.
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Milla’s face lolled about and produced a drawn-out groan. It sounded like “Aaavaaa …” Her friend shivered all over. This was horribly unsettling.
Ava put up her hands. The monstrosity in front of her was breathing deeply, its transformation slowing down. The young woman extended her hand slowly and laid it on the pale mass of flesh. She could feel the pulsating muscles move under its skin. Clusters of orange blobs were growing out of its pores.
That thing was totally disgusting. The blob’s smell was all-pervading. It was coming both from Milla’s mutated body and from the jar itself. Ava had to focus so as not to throw up. Instead, she caressed her friend’s bizarre skin softly and tried to soothe her. At the same time, she was nervous about the police. They would see Milla in this strange form and probably shoot first, ask questions later. That could be fatal to her … or to them, she thought with a shiver.
“Milla … Thank you. You saved me, but we have to go now.”
The monster produced a rasping sound as the strange tendrils hardened into blades of bone. It sounded like a cicada, but was very loud and unsettling. It also reminded her of the sounds underground. Still, Ava just continued.
Jaden drove his car to the opening between the houses and saw the strange creature. He gripped the steering wheel tighter to stop his hands from shaking. His voice all broken, he said:
“Come now, please. We have to leave!”
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Again, Milla started to melt back down. It wasn’t as fast as last time and it seemed as if her body had a hard time remembering the shape it was supposed to be in. Jaden shouted “fuck!”, opened the trunk, got out of the car and went to pull a large blanket from it. Then he ran towards the naked, deformed shape of his friend’s roommate and tossed it over her body.
The creature was surprised at first, but accepted this without tearing it to shreds. He pointed at the car and said:
“Now! Get in. You too, Ava!”
Milla’s expression focused slowly and she appeared to recover. She gargled and whispered:
“It feels warm and soft.”
Ava didn’t know what to say or do, so she took her hand and drew her to the car. The muscular aberration that was Milla slipped into the back of the car and hid under the blanket, producing gargling noises and more of that terrifying stink. Jaden and Ava just got in and he drove off.
He might have been a little fast at first, but with the adrenaline pumping in his veins, he was just happy he didn’t cause an accident.
Only when they were beyond the city limits and they drove along the endless country roads did they all calm down. Milla had fallen asleep under her cover, snoring loudly. The situation back there seemed to return back to normal, although neither wanted to check. They were just happy they had gotten away. Only then did they realize that Milla had probably killed or crippled at least one man back there.
Ava wondered how much her friend had actually understood of what had happened.
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Hope you don't forget about the mom and the other two bodybuilders ...hope the mom gets huge.
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I definitely won't!
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Love where you're taking this. I was a bit turned off at Milla's first transformation — didn't seem like the muscle growth we all lust after... but now, it seems like maybe that'll just be part of the journey to something... well lustworthy. Thanks and K+
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They drove along in silence for a while. Milla stared out of the window now, her blanket forming a kind of cave for her to hide in. Outside, the trees flashed by. The landscape was looking empty and depressing. Ava sighed. She glanced at Milla through the rear mirror and just hoped her friend would be well again. She had saved Ava’s life, Milla deserved to be saved from this shit.
Eventually, Jaden said:
“We’re going to have to stop soon. I need to get some gas and I think we could all have a break now, couldn’t we?”
Ava nodded vaguely. Maybe that was a good idea … Also, she was quite sure that Milla was hungry. Building up that giant body out of nothing had to be fueled from somewhere. There was so much about that strange organism they didn’t understand. She clutched the jar in her arms a little tighter. The blob produced a new orange zit and a gargling sound.
Jaden whispered:
“I sure wish we’d never have gone down there. This would never have happened. It’s all my fault.”
Ava didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t know what was going to be down in the basement, but it had been his idea. In a way, it was his responsibility. She couldn’t just exonerate him like that.
He couldn’t have known about the blob and all those monsters down there, though. Those were just too insane.
She said:
“It kinda is. But I don’t blame you. I did this to Milla. If I had taken this seriously …”
Jaden sighed:
“We both didn’t think this through.”
They were relieved when the service station came into view.
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At the station, the mood was more relaxed. Milla was dressed again. She was still pale and looked skinny and fragile, the weirdest part being the orange pimples on her shoulders, arm and chest. The milky white right eye that seemed to see normally was also rather disturbing. She put on some sunglasses and said:
“I’m hungry.”
Ava and Jaden were just happy that she spoke again. They emptied their pockets for cash to pay for gas and as much food as they could afford. Milla was immediately wolfing down sandwich after sandwich. Just watching her devour all this was disturbing.
The other young people were hungry too, but faced with Milla’s ravenous appetite, they preferred to keep their distance. Jaden inched towards an uneaten bit of cheese once, but she literally growled at him. He retreated immediately.
Eventually, Milla was sated. She leaned back and ran her hands over her bloated tummy. She wheezed:
“Wow. I needed that.”
As she sensed that her friend was back to normal, or at least closer than before, Ava said:
“Okay. That’s great. Now listen, Milla: Thank you very much for saving me. That was incredibly brave of you.”
The sunglasses hid her roommate’s eyes but Ava could tell that Milla was understanding what had happened now.
“I’m not sure yet, but I think you may have saved my butt too. So for now, we’re even, okay?”
Then she turned to Jaden:
“You too. Thanks a lot. Also, sorry about messing up your car.”
Jaden was a bit surprised by the statement. He got up, left the station, opened the car door and pulled aside the blanket.
Then the girls heard him scream.
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By the way, this is episode 200 and I have to thank you all for reading this and I hope you enjoy it!
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Ava looked into her drink. Milla hummed, trying to ignore the shouts and wails of despair outside. Eventually, Ava said:
“I sure hope he won’t just leave us here now.”
“I would understand him, you know? I’ll have to make it up to him once I get better.”
The fit young woman looked at her pale friend and said:
“Me too. Once I got the money, I’ll buy him a new set of back seats. He deserves it. You know, he’s a decent one.”
Milla chuckled weakly.
“I noticed. You like him, don’t you?”
“I guess so.”
The howls turned into sobs. They heard Jaden rave about the smell and the wet spots.
Ava took a sip of her drink.
“But it’s a little awkward when I’m with him. I’ve known him forever. I mean, we spent most of our childhood together.”
“So what I’m saying is that if you’re into him, you have my official seal of approval.”
“Yeah. Maybe. When this is all better. I just hope this isn’t infectious, you know? I mean, I did fuck a few guys after drinking that shit.”
Ava swallowed.
“I’m just too tired to panic now. That’s gotta count for something, I guess.”
Jaden returned. He looked completely exhausted. His entire body seemed to have lost its tension. He fell into his seat and sighed. Ava tried to speak:
“Listen, we’ve …”
“Forget it. Let’s just go. We need to fix this shit and I can’t worry about my poor car now.” He sniveled.
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They hit the road again. Jaden did his best not to look at the state of his backseat and Milla had draped her blanket over the holes in the fabric. The atmosphere appeared to untense slowly. After a while, Jaden turned on the radio and they enjoyed some tiny station’s classic rock program. It was corny, but they soon sang along with the evergreens.
After a while, Ava realized something:
“Guys, I have to call my mom. I mean, I kinda left for a while now, didn’t I? This isn’t going to clear itself up in a day.”
Milla nodded gravely and Jaden agreed:
“I sure hope it’ll be quick, but I couldn’t say.”
“Yeah. So, I have to tell her. She’s still with Tobie and Kemal and I … I sort of abandoned them as well.”
Milla chuckled weakly:
“You’ve got some explaining to do, Aves.”
“I just came up with that. Sounds cool.”
“Whatever. Anyway. I’m going to call her.”
Jaden dutifully turned down the radio. Ava dialed and soon, Angela picked up:
“Hello, Ava. How are you?”
“Mom? Do you have a moment? I need to talk to you about something important.”
“Sure, where are you?”
“That’s what I wanted to talk about. Mom, something complicated has come up and I’ll be trying to sort this out. So I won’t be around for a while, but I’ll keep in touch.”
“That sounds bad. Can you tell me what is going on?”
“Right now, I’d rather not. I don’t think I’m in danger or anything, it’s just difficult to figure out. But I’m sure it’ll be fine.”
“Okay … But what about the show?”
“I’m sorry. I’ll have to pass on all of this. Could you tell Tobie and Kemal that I’m sorry?”
“I’ll figure something out. Ava, please, be safe. If there’s anything I can do, call me. Anytime.”
“Thank you, Mom. I love you!”
“I love you too.”
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They reached Ava and Jaden’s hometown eventually. Just as they arrived, the rain began to fall and the strangely abandoned place looked even worse. Milla looked out of the window, thick strands of water running down and blurring the sight. This was bad.
“Is it always like this?”
Ava sighed:
“Not always. But quite often, yes.”
“I sure wish we’ll be able to sort this out soon.”
Ava turned to Jaden:
“So, are we going to stay at your place? Mom’s at the university now, so my apartment would also be free.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s the first place they’ll look.”
“You think they’re coming after us?”
“I’m sure. So, I’m going to take us all to my uncle Paul’s place. I have the keys and although it’s not great, it’s safe and there’s no connection.”
Ava frowned:
“Wouldn’t he be your uncle?”
“Yeah, no. He isn’t. He’s an acquaintance, but he moved out a while ago, to spend his time down south and left me the keys. As long as I look after it, I can use it as I want.”
The girls shrugged. This was a good idea, probably.
They drove on in silence, with only the drumming of the rains to fill their ears. Finally, Jaden stopped the car and said:
“Okay, we’re here. I’m going to run inside and get you some raincoats or something, okay?”
Milla smiled:
“Thank you. That’s really nice.”
“Okay, here goes!”
He opened the door quickly and scrambled out.
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The girls sat in the car, the rain still hammering against the roof and the windows. Eventually, Ava said:
“Say, can I ask a really personal question?”
“What does it feel like?”
“The … you know … the transformation.”
Milla was silent for a moment. She stared at the trails of water running down the window. Then she whispered:
“It’s strange. It feels as if I am turning over control to someone else, but that isn’t a real person. It’s something different. Like a presence … a feeling. Can you imagine what I’m talking about?”
“Not really, but it doesn’t seem nice.”
“It isn’t. But at the same time, that thing is trying to keep me safe. It’s turning into a part of me, but not really.”
“Okay … So the feeling is … good?”
Milla looked down and blushed.
“It’s not comfortable … but it’s a rush. Like an incredible power pushing through your body and washing away your self. It’s hard to describe. That thing in me … It doesn’t understand what this means. It’s there, but it has no experience of this life. So it just does things without hesitation.”
There was a pause. Then Milla said:
“There’s a lot of power behind this. And aggression. It doesn’t like the light and it wants to protect itself. When it comes out, it fights. I’m afraid I like that. A little.”
“It kills your clothes every time, though.”
Milla had to chuckle:
“Yeah. I’ll have to figure something out to deal with this.”
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Jaden came back, pulled open the door and shoved a bag full of stuff inside, then disappeared back into the rain.
There was a pause. His abrupt interruption had cut their conversation short. The two women looked at each other, then put on the cloaks and left the car, running through the torrential rain. They reached the door, pushed it open and stumbled inside.
It was surprisingly warm and comfortable. In a way, Ava had expected this place to be some sordid abandoned hideout of a weirdo survivalist, but instead, they found themselves in a small, but cozy room. There was a thick oriental carpet on the floor, two divans, a large armchair and some bookshelves. The place looked more fitting for a dandy gentleman than for some uncle of Jaden.
He said:
“Hang up the cloaks quickly, please. Don’t drip on the floor.”
Jaden brought them some towels. Once they were dry and settled, he gave them a quick tour of the place. It was simple, with a master and a guest bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Plus a study full of bookcases and filing cabinets.
Ava asked:
“Okay, this uncle Paul of yours, what is he about?”
“Nothing much. He’s a contractor and builds ventilation systems. When he was still active with his company, he did the work on most of the buildings in town.”
“And the books?”
“Nothing special, really. He is very old school and reads a lot. He’s one of the guys were you can be sure that he actually read the books he has in his shelves.”
“He’s a bit of a role model for me.”
Jaden smiled awkwardly.
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The trio settled in soon enough. Milla and Ava decided to take the master bedroom for themselves, while Jaden had to take the guest room. It was mostly a matter of having the bigger bed for two people. Also, Ava wanted to keep Milla close. She was used to her and she was under the impression that she could have a good effect on her should she lose control again. Actually, Ava was beginning to suspect that Milla had a certain level of control on her transformations. She pondered this: What if Milla could come to an agreement of sorts with the blob? Wouldn’t that be something, well, useful?
For the time being, she preferred to observe the situation. Also, she kept the jar close and the blob well-fed. The thing seemed to be happy close to Milla. That was, if a shapeless thing like that could be thought of as happy.
There was another thing: The blob-parts hadn’t disappeared. Milla’s eye stayed all milky and the orange zits were still there. She couldn’t help examining them whenever she saw herself in a mirror and she definitely had to control herself so as not to try and pop them. Then again, maybe that would be a good idea …
In the end, neither of them actually knew what the orange baubles were actually supposed to do. She just hoped for them to go away again.
The eye was strange. It was mostly normal, but it did sometimes see other things too. Things that either weren’t there or that the brain would normally ignore. Like the fact that people normally don’t see their own noses. She tried to put that into words, but didn’t quite manage it. Maybe it was a kind of aura or something …
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While Milla was mostly busy dealing with her weirdness, Ava and Jaden dove into their investigation. The young man had amassed a lot of material on the dealings of the government and Mistland. Apparently, his uncle had originally started the investigation, and he had found out quite a bit about its role in the founding of the city. The place was older, of course, but only when the government had built the facility which it had then passed on to the company did the town really expand.
Ava was surprised to find out that her own family had moved here because her dad set up one of the companies that provided transport for the government’s facilities. He had continued working on running it until his death, keeping up the contracts when Mistland took over.
Then the company folded too, and the business had been split up and sold to the various smaller local providers.
That’s when she saw a familiar face: Lucius, the guy who had consoled her mom and turned her to bodybuilding. Jaden had collected some information on him, as well as his uncle, and it suggested that the man had worked for Mistland before switching to one of the follow-up companies.
This evening, as Milla set the table for their dinner, Ava said:
“Okay, I think I have a lead. This guy Lucius, he was into my mom for a while and then broke off contact. He should know something.”
Jaden lifted the pot of noodles on the table and asked:
“You think you could get him to talk?”
“I guess. Or we let Milla do it.”
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Meanwhile, Angela was gritting her teeth. It was weird. She loathed getting those injections, but she loved the results. Kemal sank the needle into her butt and pushed the plunger down. As the roids went in, she felt the burn. He pulled back out and gave her now rock-hard butt a playful slap.
“And here you are …”
She stood up straight and grinned. Seeing herself in the mirror was amazing. Her first year of training had made her lose all that weight and given her a trim figure. That had been nice. But now that she was working out with the big guys, she had put on a lot of mass and she was starting to look huge.
The older woman spread her arms and forced her shoulders apart. She let her lats expand and grinned at her wide frame. She was going to have to go on a diet soon to cut those muscles back to a dry and strong look, but right now, she was enjoying the pure, heavy mass. She never would have admitted it openly, but the stuff she was getting injected was incredible. Sure, it was cheating and she should feel bad, but she felt strong, assertive and very horny now, like a second youth she never really had.
There was also the sex. The two young men, each one less than half her age, were splendid studs, always eager to please her and fuck her brains out. They were big and brawny and they just loved her strong body. It was a match made in heaven. Just thinking about this now made her horny again.
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She flexed her muscles with a grin. The boys were busy getting ready. Angela tightened her biceps, making them pop. Nice! They were looking quite big and rounded now. Of course, she carried a bit too much fat right now, so one couldn’t see them too well, but that would change soon.
The muscle woman switched her pose and pushed out her triceps. She never would have imagined showing off her muscles like that. Another smile, and perfect! Once this was done, she would hit that competition again, but this time, she would be with the bodybuilders. Maybe she would even be able to go for middleweight …
The only thing that bothered her, well, not really bothered, but it was noticeable, was her face. Ever since she started juicing (she even started using the boys’ vocabulary), her nose had turned a bit bigger and her jaw had become larger. It wasn’t really a thing, but she couldn’t unsee it.
She touched it. It felt weird. She was quite certain that no one would notice, but it was there. She looked at the boys who were just ready. Those had transformed too. They had really packed on the pounds and become huge. They had bad acne and their faces had turned quite harsh, but they were massive. When they were on her, fucking her hard, she loved it. She would sink her fingers into their hard muscles and just enjoy their mass. Their power and their brutish heaviness turned her on. She sighed lustfully.
“Time to train, boys.”
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Loving Angela's storyline now.  Glad to see her back with some great description!
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They hit the weights hard, brutalizing their muscles at high intensities. This was the best bit. Angela felt all charged up, the roids racing through her body, pumping her up, hardening her muscles, making her big. Of course, she knew that this was not how things worked, but she enjoyed the fantasy. The idea that she was getting huge, that she was strong and tough, all this made her feel assertive and powerful. She had taken control of her life and she was enjoying it now.
Only lately did she understand that although she had loved her husband, she had given up on herself when Ava was born. She had been so busy caring for her and running the daily crap that just choked everything, she had lost sight of her own life.
And now, it was back in force. She was enjoying life. She was working hard to reach her limits and push beyond them. As she hit the next set, she felt her body tense with horniness. Watching her skin erupt into sweat was incredible. She gritted her teeth and forced herself through the rest of the set, her muscles burning. She loved it when she could feel herself.
Angela looked at the grunting muscle monsters next to her. They were as focused as her, but she could feel their lust rise too. There was this aroma in the air. She gasped. Yes. This was the best life she could imagine. She would be huge and strong and invincible, finally becoming her true self.
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When they were done, they grinned at each other, their bodies glistening and the heat emanating from them like suns. Angela breathed heavily. Tobie and Kemal stared at her lustfully, their thick pecs rising and falling slowly. She smirked. Those boys had bigger tits then she ever had, thick, outrageous slabs of beef. She wondered whether she would one day be as huge as them. Sure, as a woman, it was hard and would take forever, but she somehow wanted to dream of this.
She walked over to them, stood in front of them and reached for their crotches. The boys were a little surprised. She was getting more aggressive lately, but this was a first. She ran her hands up their cocks, making them hard. Tobie gasped:
“Wow, Angela … That’s … fuck.”
She sank her fingers into his pants as Kemal looked a little disappointed. When she noticed, she did the same for him. She whispered:
“Let’s see how big I can get you boys.”
She couldn’t really believe what she was saying right now, maybe it was the roids, but she could feel the words just pushing out of her mouth without hesitation. She did happen to watch more porn lately … No. She started watching porn. That was more to the point. She would never have done something like that before. Sure, she read romance novels and she liked to look at the covers of health magazines, but actual porn … That had been beyond her.
Since she started roiding up and had blasted herself into some crazy second puberty, she knew no such limitations anymore. In a way, she enjoyed being the main character in her own fantasy.
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Angela felt the growing hardness of their cocks. The thick veins on them, the bulging of their cockheads … She grinned and licked her lips. Slowly, she crouched down, her hamstrings resting on her thick calves. She heard Kemal sigh:
“Damn, Angela, you’re so crazy!”
“I know, my cute little muscleboy. I know!”
She pulled down his pants, then extricated Tobie’s dick from his. Their cocks stood to attention. The young men stared down at the muscular older woman, her broad shoulders obscenely on display. They had to force themselves to blink. Angela looked up at them, her expression lustful and teasing. She extended her pointy little tongue and ran it over their rigid members.
They twitched. She said:
“Tobie, I’m going to start with Kemal, but you’ll get your turn. But you can make yourself useful …”
She directed Kemal downwards until he sat on his ass and leaned back while she propped up her own. Soon, she was on all fours and engulfed the young man’s dick with her mouth. He wasn’t that tall, but his penis was a decent size and she quite enjoyed circling it with her tongue. She could immediately feel his cockhead bulge. The smell hit her and she felt herself get wet. Behind her, Tobie pulled down her very short shorts. The latest set was barely able to cover her asscheeks, giving her a serious under-butt. The girl at the shop had stared at her when she picked that outfit. Of course, Angela was wearing her normal adult woman clothes then. Once she tried them on and showed off her body, innocently asking for the girl’s opinion, she could see her eyes pop open.
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Soon enough, she felt Tobie’s finger caress her vulva. That was nice. He slid his fingers to her clit, circled it gently and made her moan softly. Her mouth was full, so she rounded her lips and slid them up and down Kemal’s shaft. The big boy started gasping. She kept up a slow and steady pace, adding swirls of her tongue whenever she felt like it. The hunky young man liked what she was doing. She looked up, taking in his muscular body. That was another weird thing. Back when her husband was still alive, she had much preferred normal men. Sure, she liked the occasional picture of a six-pack, but having a reliable and fun partner had been more important for her.
Now that Ava was an adult, working on her own life, her tastes had changed. There was a certain hedonism to her now. Having those two big, muscly guys fucking her, admiring their hard butts and their rugged jaws, their thick arms and their bulging thighs, all this was great fun.
Sure, neither of them was marriage material and she was still quite certain that they were actually gay, but she was beyond responsibilities now. Maybe she’d crash later on, but now, she was having fun. For the first time in her life, really.
She released Kemal’s cock for a moment as Tobie softly ran his finger over the tip of her clitoris. She breathed in sharply. Angela had to close her eyes briefly. They were having a lot of sex, but she seemed to never feel truly satisfied …
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She plunged again on Kemal’s cock, sinking it deep down her throat. That skill had taken a while to learn, but she saw his expression from the corner of her eye and it was definitely worth it. She heard him cry out softly:
“Angela … Fuck! When did you …”
He came. She could feel his cock erupt down her throat. The cum tasted weird, but she didn’t care. Instead, she just enjoyed that moment of power. She had this huge muscleguy all wrapped around her finger and he was completely at her mercy. As she pulled back, letting his dick plop out of her lips, she gave his cockhead a final lick, then said:
“Tobie, please …”
He obliged. He rolled on his wide back and she sat on his face, rubbing her cunt gently against his tongue and nose. That was fun. He was skilled at gently playing with her clit as she worked herself up higher and higher.
Soon, Angela would be a muscular beast and those guys would be her perfect fucktoys. It was a strange, otherworldly thought, but it made her hot. In a way, she regretted not sharing this realization with her daughter. The older woman could feel her head spin. Tobie’s tongue was dancing around her clit now. Her breathing got deeper and more intense.
Kemal got on his knees and embraced her, caressing her head and letting her rest her head against his pumped, muscular chest. He gently stroked her hair as she lost her mind.
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At last, they were exhausted and happy. Also, there was a certain stickiness to them. Angela rested her head on Tobie’s strong abs and played with Kemal’s dick. It was limp now, but she had definitely milked it for all he had. Dreamily, she asked:
“So, how are you going to deal with that show?”
Tobie shrugged vaguely:
“Honestly, I have no idea. Since Ava and Milla left, we’re stuck without a concept. Also, your daughter’s probably killed our chance at winning this anyway.”
“Hm. I guess so.”
Kemal groaned:
“Maybe it’s better we just drop it. It’s not worth it, really. It was just Ava who got us into this mess. If we never talk about it again, the football guys are probably going to give it a rest.”
Tobie snorted:
“Them? Never. You can be sure that they’re going to keep talking about this forever. They’re going to run around badmouthing us for the rest of college.”
“Screw them.”
“I know. But they’re never going to let us of the hook.”
Angela stretched a little, rubbed Kemal’s dick a little harder and said:
“You could still do it, couldn’t you? I’ll take Ava’s place and we’ll manage. Besides, aren’t you big strong guys now?”
Tobie rolled his eyes:
“Yeah, right. Only those jocks, they’re bad. They’re just going to laugh and fuck with us.”
Kemal joined in:
“And not in a good way, if you get my meaning. We’re like two people, and there are dozens of them.”
Angela dismissed their worries:
“Then it’s settled. I’ll be your Ava stand-in and we’re going to come up with a great routine!”
The boys propped themselves up and looked at the older woman. She was crazy, wasn’t she?
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“Hi! Do you remember me? It’s me, Ava!”
The gang stood in front of Lucius’ door and waited for him to open. It was a cool evening and they were all covered up, with caps and scarves. Ava’s had a bobble on top and Milla’s had cat ears. Jaden wore his worst Holden Caulfield hat. Milla also had a backpack with backup clothes with her. She had opted to keep her milky eye in the open after trying on an eyepatch. It looked weird on her. The blurred eye wasn’t great either, but it was the better option.
Milla giggled:
“Wow. We look so weird. Like the quirky teens in an alternative comedy movie.”
Jaden chuckled:
“I’ll have to come up with a catchphrase, don’t you think?”
“Good grief.”
He rolled his eyes. Ava sighed:
“Guys, could you at least try to stay serious? This guy is our best chance at maybe finding out more.”
She had thought about taking the blob with them, but had finally decided against it. Instead, she hid it at home. This way, they had some kind of leverage should things get complicated. She did record it on her phone, though. Maybe this would get Lucius to talk …
The intercom sprung to life.
“Yes? Ava? Of course. Come on in.”
They exchanged glances. That went better than expected.
Ava pushed the door and said:
“Okay … Things are looking up. Cool.”
The others filed in behind her, piling into a very corridor that led to several apartments. Lucius was at one door.
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Lucius’ place was surprisingly nice. No one had expected much, but as far as bachelor homes went, this was great. He had a big couch, some shelves with sports trophies and pictures of his bodybuilding successes and a bookcase full of literature on training and nutrition as well as some well-worn science books.
He said:
“Have a seat. Do you want some coffee, tea, a soda?”
The students got out of their coats, hats and shoes and sat on the sofa. After some introductions, Ava said:
“Tea would be great!”
The others nodded.
Soon enough, they all had steaming mugs in front of them. Lucius plopped himself down on an armchair. Ava noticed that he was still as big and fit as ever. She had to admit that she liked what she saw, as did Milla. She could see why her mom had fallen easily for him. That was his first question:
“So, how’s your mother?”
“She’s fine. She’s, ah, visiting right now.”
“Visiting? Okay. Cool. I sure hope she keeps up her training. She’s got great potential.”
“Oh, she’s definitely working hard.”
“Cool! Also, you definitely have her talent. You really got fit.”
“Thank you. I try to do as much as I can.”
“Very good. If you need any help, just call me.”
Ava could sense that Jaden didn’t like the direction the conversation was taking now. His face had grown rather hard and he barely managed to hide his frown. She squinted. Was there a bit of jealousy involved? Nice.
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“No, it’s fine. I joined the bodybuilding club in college and the boys there are great at training me. They’re a little crazy, but in a good way. We’re going to do a big show eventually and it’s going to be great.”
She actually knew that she was probably lying right now. If she was here and this thing would take its time and Milla was also far away from able to take care of this, the show was dead in the water. She instantly felt bad for Tobie and Kemal. She had to take care of this, but it still felt like treason.
Lucius seemed quite impressed and nodded. He clearly liked to spread the gospel.
Ava decided to change the subject. She had to ask:
“Did you guys break up?”
Lucius leaned back, took a sip from his cup and shrugged:
“I don’t know. Maybe. She said she had to support you and that she’d need some time off. Of course, we never really had a tight relationship. It was more of a friendship with benefits.”
Ava blushed. Okay, that was just as bad a subject as the previous one. Maybe they should get to the point. Milla was starting to look bored, while Jaden was attentively looking at the furniture and decoration. Was he on to something?
Lucius smiled:
“Hey, I’m sorry I had to put it this way, but you asked.”
“I know … It’s just that …”
He made a dismissive gesture.
“Relax. You can tell me why you actually came to visit, because I don’t think you’d invite your friends to talk about your mom’s relationships.”
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So I kinda forgot about posting yesterday. I'm sorry about that. Here's yesterday's and today's chapter.

Ava nodded slowly:
“Yeah … You’re right. We want to know something about your work.”
Lucius didn’t expect that. He looked honestly surprised.
“My work? Okay … What do you want to know?”
“Your company … It used to be a part of Mistland, didn’t it?”
The man immediately grew wary. He crossed his arms and seemed to retreat into his armchair.
“Yes … It did. Why?”
“We’ve been looking into some of Mistland’s business and we have some questions about what that company had been doing.”
Now Lucius was definitely starting to block.
“I can’t say I know much about what they did there. I took over the bits that were completely mundane. I mean, my company makes packaging for biohazard waste. It’s basically a fancy plastic bag production.”
Jaden leaned forward and looked him deep in the eyes. Lucius caught the stare and ignored it for a moment. Then he stared back. The two men locked gazes and got successively more serious in their expressions. They didn’t dare blink.
Ava and Milla were surprised and confused by the weird show.
At last, Ava said:
“Uh, guys … What are you doing?”
Lucius broke the gaze and smiled.
“Ah, sorry.” He put his fingers together in a little lozenge and said: “I can’t resist things like that. Maybe it’s my competitive nature, but if somebody wants a piece of me, he can be sure to have it!”
He frowned threateningly at Jaden. The young man resisted and raised an eyebrow.

Ava tried to get the conversation back on rails.
“Okay. That’s great, I guess. But I definitely would like to talk about Mistland, and …”
She noticed that the men were at it again, this time grimacing like tough guys and intensifying their stares. Milla groaned and said:
“Enough! Stop this macho shit!” The men stopped for a moment and looked at her defiantly. Milla shook her head. “You’re not going to pull me into this. Especially not two at the same time! No. I’ve had it. I want answers!”
She pointed at Lucius and declared:
“Listen up. You’re going to tell me what happened at Mistland or whatever it was and what your company is doing. Because I deserve to know!”
Lucius was all smiles, although it was obvious that he was getting angry at the scene.
“Milla, wasn’t it? Milla. There’s nothing to tell because I have no idea what Mistland …”
She cut him off.
“You’re trying to talk yourself out of this? Okay. Then watch this!”
She got up, took off her shirt and ignored Jaden’s and Ava’s protests. Lucius was getting confused. Suddenly, he noticed that the color was draining from Milla’s skin. Instead, thick, weird shapes were starting to move under it. He was obviously shocked and intrigued by this.
“I’m sorry, but … What the fuck is going on?”
That’s when Milla’s arm and chest exploded into hulking muscle. It went pretty fast and the sheer mass of flesh that abruptly erupted from her previously thin body was terrifying.
While Ava and Jaden were already somewhat used to this transformation, Lucius sat there, his mind blanking as the young woman in front of him grew into a bestial mutant hulk.
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Milla’s body got larger and larger, bursting out of the remains of her outfit, larger and larger muscles piling on her initially thin frame. Orange zits appeared all over her chest, back and upper arms, her biceps growing to the size of watermelons as her body expanded. Soon enough, she was tall enough to barely fit into the room, her huge, enormously wide body bursting with ripped, strangely shivering muscle. Her milky eye seemed to emit a threatening glow now and her face was perfectly pale, with a kind of alien smoothness to it. Out of her back and under her hair, thick white chords of flesh emerged, looking like bizarre dreadlocks. On her forearms and legs, some hexagonal shapes grew, turning into prisms topped with scales.
Her body was entirely inhuman, but Milla didn’t look half as uncomfortable as before.
She was angry, though.
She moved very close to Lucius, extended her large, many fingered hand and said:
“Your company did this to me, so you will tell me what is going on!”
He tried to retreat, but since he was still sitting, he couldn’t do more than just try to lean back further.
“My company? What do you mean?”
Milla grinned at him. It was deeply unsettling. She said:
“I can see when you’re lying. You know perfectly well what I’m talking about. So … Talk!”
She snapped forward explosively, her muscles uncoiling with lightning speed. Lucius crashed backwards with his armchair and struggled to get out of it, his feet in the air.
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The mutated woman was on him in a moment, pinning him down with her huge arms. Lucius struggled against her, but despite his massive physique, he couldn’t even hope to budge them. Milla grinned. Deep inside, she was still confused and horrified at her predicament, but she was getting the hang of it. This power … It was incredible. A thought flashed through her mind. She could control when the blob appeared now. Maybe she would be able to decide how it transformed her body eventually.
Right now, however, she had to make this bastard talk.
She opened her mouth, a little disappointed that it hadn’t also transformed into some monstrous horror.
“Talk. That’s my last warning!”
Lucius tried one more push against her power. She barely felt it. Ava and Jaden finally managed to get their cue and got up, trying to pull her away from him. Their efforts were just as futile.
The older man cracked.
“Okay! Okay! Don’t kill me, please! I’ll tell you everything!”
Milla slowly retreated, letting the panicked muscleman go. He scrambled away from the huge, muscular monstrosity she had become and leaned against the wall. She could sense his heart beat like crazy. Let’s just hope he wouldn’t have a heart attack, she thought.
He managed to catch his breath and finally said:
“I don’t know how much you know, but I was asked to keep this city safe from the things under the Mistland buildings. When I look at you, I know I failed. Badly. I am very, very sorry.”
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Yes Milla! I knew she had it in her to let it rip! Good for her.
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The giant pale monster girl was a little calmer now. Seeing this huge man completely at her mercy had something satisfying to it.
“Okay. Fine. Now, what are those things?”
“We don’t know. They were down there. The government found them during the war and started experimenting on them. I never knew what they really did, but I was told that this stuff was dangerous. The former boss said that they stopped the tests after the war and only kept the system running on a low level. They got scared, I guess.”
Jaden squatted down next to him and asked:
“So, what did they do in the building?”
“It was a normal factory, mostly. They did biochemical stuff, nothing too complicated.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“Seriously. That’s all I was told! I mean, there were rumors about a secret division, but for me, it was all about making money and preventing anything from spilling out.”
“Alright. Let’s assume for a moment that you are not bullshitting us. Who might know about that secret division?”
“I have no idea! It was just a rumor. Nothing ever came of it. I didn’t even care. But maybe, the files are still somewhere. You’ll have to look for them.”
“Yeah, right.”
Lucius looked at Milla’s enormous form:
“I mean, you’re the proof that this exists. And I think you might be able to move safely down there. After all, you’re part them, aren’t you?”
There was a pause. Then Ava nodded slowly. She made a sign for Milla to back off and said:
“Okay. We’re letting you go. But stay away from my mom and don’t you dare tell anybody we were here.”
He nodded vigorously.
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They left, Milla covering her body with a blanket. Ava asked:
“Aren’t you going to shrink back?”
The huge creature that was her former roommate looked down on her and said:
“I guess I should. It’s just not happening yet.”
Ava eyed her suspiciously. Was she actually enjoying this now?
“You can’t go around being a big monster. What if someone sees you?”
“In this place? The whole city is basically abandoned. Besides, people wouldn’t believe it anyway.”
“I’m sorry, but that is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard.”
“Okay, okay. Just give me a moment.”
Jaden and Ava waited while Milla tried to return to her normal body. They looked around, hoping that no one would see them. Milla was right, though. This area was basically empty. They spent fifteen minutes standing around, doing nothing, and there was absolutely nobody anywhere near.
Jaden asked:
“So … What do you think we should do now?”
“Honestly? Maybe he’s right. I mean, Milla’s getting better at controlling that blob and if she can communicate with whatever was down there, maybe we can find out what to do.”
“We’d have to prepare better this time. I don’t want to get killed down there.”
“Me neither, believe me. Also, I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure Milla actually wants to get rid of that parasite anymore.”
“I see what you mean. But maybe that’s just the blob talking? I read something about mind-control fungi. They made ants basically kill themselves.”
“Yuck. Yeah, we’ll really have to look after her. I want to fix this. I owe her.”
He nodded.
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The trio spent the next week preparing for their expedition. It was a very busy time and they were all constantly going over their plans. This time, things would be different than during the last trip. Jaden’s uncle’s place started to fill up with stacks of clothes, packs of food and walkie-talkies, as well as tools, a first aid kit and even a tent.
Ava watched the growing amount of stuff and asked:
“Are you sure we’re going to need all this? I mean, we still have to carry it all, you know?”
Jaden shrugged:
“I’m not taking any more chances. The last time, we almost got killed. Not again. We need to get back home safe, and we need answers.”
He held up a set of miniature cameras.
“We’re going to put these on headbands so we can document everything. Even if we have to get away quickly again, I really want to be able to check what we’re doing down there. Look!” He pointed at a bit of the camera. “It’s even got its own little lamp, and it also does infrared. We can use the camera even if we have to switch off the lights.”
Milla just came in, wearing a kind of ultra bright orange spandex bodysuit.
The two others stared at her. She looked like a rather edgy superhero in that outfit. Ava asked:
“Don’t I look great?”
“I guess so. But why the neon?”
“That was the only one they had. But it’s super stretchy! Look!”
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She concentrated for a moment and her right arm started swelling up, stretching the material. Her muscles grew and grew and soon, her body looked rather small next to her powerful arm. There was a strange orange glow now emanating from it, shining even through the fabric. She gasped:
“Wow! Isn’t that thing amazing?”
In that moment, Ava observed the scene with as much distance as possible. Her roommate had gone from “What did you do to me? You turned me into a monster!” to “Look! I am a mutant superhero!” in a matter of weeks. And Jaden, the guy she had a slight crush on, was having an erection. She groaned inwardly. This was not a good situation.
The tension would increase, she could tell, and then, conflicts would arise. They’d better get all this done quickly. Ava was quite certain she didn’t want to get into another fight with Milla. That girl could now tear her apart without much effort.
She just hoped that Jaden would be able to control himself. Getting himself infected with the blob via fucking Milla was the stupidest thing he could do.
The fit young woman tuned back in and understood that Jaden was waxing about Milla’s amazing body and how impressive it was that she had it under control now. Milla basked in his adulation and enjoyed every moment of it.
Yes, right then, Ava was getting jealous.
“Okay. It’s a bit weird and maybe dangerous, but yeah, I hope it will be useful. Can we please finish our preparations?”
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Finally, the day had come. The trio was just unloading their stuff by the main gate of the Mistland factory. Jaden had managed to drive his car without looking too much at the damage on the backseat, and besides, they were all quite nervous anyway.
Milla didn’t know what to expect down there, but the stories about those bizarre creatures and the fact that one of them had nested within her made her as jittery as the others. Ava had reluctantly decided to keep the blob at home, leaving enough food with it for a while and asking Jaden to leave a message should they not come back.
She also tried to contact her mother, but Angela was busy and wouldn’t pick up or write back. It was quite annoying. She left her a couple of messages on the various platforms, but no response.
Ava had to admit that she was a little worried.
Jaden shouldered his backpack and asked:
“So, last chance to back out. Are you all in?”
The two young women nodded. They had to understand what was going on down there and clear up this mess. Enough pondering, it was time to act.
They took their own bags and entered the area. This time, Jaden had brought a ladder and they scaled the wall easily, dropping down on the other side. Then they headed for the hall.
To Ava, it was basically the same as before, but it did look way more ominous than last time. The easygoing enthusiasm for their common adventure was dead and buried. Sure, she was fit and tough now, but this … It was terrifying.
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Oh Ava. Jealousy isn't a great trait. Just let it in. When the time comes you'll know what to do  :rock:
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I think she does. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it!

They approached the hall now. The three explorers stayed close together. Milla only had their explanations as guides, but she could feel the threat that emanated from this place. The place lay completely silent. Somehow, any remaining songbirds had stopped singing. The wind had stopped blowing. The quiet was disconcerting.
Jaden wanted to go first, but Milla put her hand on his shoulder and whispered:
“Let me. I’m tough enough to catch anything that might happen to us.”
The young man was surprised, then he understood and let her go first. Ava was just as confused. Somehow, Milla had turned herself into a kind of uber-woman since she got infected. Was it part of the blob’s effect, or was this her true nature coming to the surface? After all, she had only known Milla as an artistically inclined but rather bitchy girl. Risk taking beyond getting piercings and tattoos was not her thing.
Milla didn’t care and waved them in:
“It looks as if its abandoned.” She paused. “I mean, obviously, it is. But there’s no one here.”
Ava and Jaden exchanged glances and entered the hall. The tree was still there, but it looked even stranger than before. The leaves had fallen, forming a thick layer of orange and brown. The bark was grey as before, but it looked as if it was peeling off. The whole thing had a sickly look to it and there was a foul smell in the air.
Jaden asked:
“What the hell happened?”
Ava shrugged, but Milla froze.

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“The tree … It’s talking, isn’t it?”
The two other teenagers looked at their companion, then at the orange jumpsuit, then at Milla’s milky eye.
“Are you the Lorax?”
Milla frowned at Jaden, rolled her eyes and sighed:
He smiled awkwardly:
“Well, you’re orange and the tree is talking to you? It’s obvious, really?”
Ava cut in.
“Please, Jaden, drop the sitcom quips.” She turned to Milla: “I can’t hear it, but what is it saying?”
“I’m not sure it’s really the tree talking, but I think I get some …vibes or something from it. It feels as if there’s some connection to the stuff in me.”
“Okay …”
Jaden was just as confused by that thing. Milla tried to explain:
“That tree is sick. Something happened and now, the whole organism is dying. I don’t know why, I’m no biologist and I’m not even sure a biologist would be able to understand, but there’s something bad going on here.”
Ava asked:
“Should we get out of here? Maybe it’s dangerous?”
Jaden shook his head.
“Even if it is, we can finally make a connection. We can find out what this whole terrible place is about. Milla.”
“Can you communicate with it?”
“I can try.”
There was a pause. Then she said:
“Tree? Can you hear me?”
There was no reaction.
“Okay. That didn’t do anything. Maybe if I think about it …”
Another pause, then nothing.
“Nope. I mean, that thing is pulling me downwards, but that’s about it. I don’t think it can understand me.”
Jaden looked at Ava with a worried expression.
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They walked over to the stairwell and after a little hesitation, they went down. The place was strangely familiar. Things hadn’t changed much and the smell was the same too.
Actually, no. There was something different in the air now. Something rotten, which gave them goosebumps. Ava stopped:
“Can you feel that too?”
The other two nodded. Jaden said:
“That smells bad. I wonder if something died down there.”
They exchanged worried glances. If somebody else had gone down there and had been attacked by those things, they would find his or her corpse. That was another experience neither of them was keen to have.
Suddenly, Milla held her head and growled. She was hurting somehow. Ava laid her hand on her arm and asked:
“What’s going on? Can I help you?”
“Ugh … There’s something … It’s not right. Something is strange. I never … felt anything like it … It’s as if something hurt me, but not on my body. Can you imagine this? I don’t know how to put it.”
Ava embraced her:
“Should we leave? If this is a bad place for you …”
“No. We should find out what is going on. I mean … This is so weird. It’s like … telepathy? Is that even possible?”
“We’ll see how it goes. We try it together and if it gets too much for you, then we leave. Is that okay with you, Jaden?”
She turned to him and saw that he was sweating.
“Jaden? Are you alright?”
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“Actually, I don’t feel so good … It wasn’t like that last time, was it?”
Ava shook her head. Okay, last time, she was nervous as hell and once they were down there it was only a matter of time before everything exploded into panic, but there certainly had been no sweating out of nowhere.
Milla looked at him as she massaged her brow.
“There’s something off about you too, Jaden.”
He looked surprised, but somehow, Ava couldn’t quite accept that. She looked him straight in the eyes:
“What did you do? What is going on?”
The young man took a step back. They were standing around in the lower levels of that staircase, with only their flashlights as illumination and there was something deeply wrong. Ava wouldn’t want to deal with any idiot surprises now.
She asked again:
“What happened? Tell us.”
He hesitated:
“Look … I think I might have done something … stupid. Reckless, even.”
“Out with it!”
As Milla closed her eyes tight to clear her mind, she asked:
“Tell her. I think I can smell it.”
Ava was on the verge of exploding:
“Tell me what?”
He got very, very quiet now. Jaden almost whispered his answer:
“I ate one of the orange things from the blob.”
“You did what?”
In the cramped room with its high ceiling, Ava’s shout echoed like crazy, growing to a deafening howl. Jaden groaned and hung his head:
“I got jealous of Milla’s powers and I wanted them for myself.”
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Milla shook her head.
“Powers? Those aren’t powers! This is a fucking problem! I mean, did you listen to anything I said?”
Jaden nodded slowly:
“I listened to every word. Absolutely. And then, I watched you. I looked at what you were doing with that. And soon, I understood that you might be complaining a lot about how you were all unhappy by your transformation and how this was terrible and bad and everything.”
Ava watched her friends in growing horror. This was bad. This was very, very bad.
Jaden went on:
“But your actions, they didn’t fit! If you really, really didn’t like what was happening, why didn’t you lie low? Why didn’t you try to hide it? Because you didn’t. At all. If you could do as you want, you would be walking in public, all mutated. Because this is great.”
Milla shook her head furiously. Jaden was very close to her now.
“You know what? I understand you. I might have been dreaming of this all my life … This superhero stuff … Maybe it was a bad idea. Maybe it’s a delusion … But I can understand the rush of power. And I want in. I want to do this. With or without you!”
Milla took a step back. Ava could see her body bubbling under her suit. She was furious, but Ava wasn’t too sure about what. Right now, she could imagine quite a few reasons. Was she angry because Jaden had found her out? Was she frustrated by him putting their lives at risk? Did she think he wasn’t taking her seriously?
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“Look, Jaden, I don’t know what you’ve been thinking, but this is crazy. We went through all this to help me get rid of that blob and to get me back to normal. You can dream of superpowers and whatnot, but for me, this is just about having my body back. Got it?”
“I don’t believe you. But it’s okay. You can do what you want. And so can I. I will have this power. It just takes a little more time, and soon, I’ll get to master it.”
Milla shook her head in disbelief.
“You’ve gone crazy. And the worst part is, I’ve been thinking about you. You know … Romantically.”
Ava felt a sting. Sure, getting into a relationship with Jaden was a pipe dream, but still …
He shrugged:
“Yeah. I kinda felt that too. It was a reason, you know. I mean … If we had been close and you’d have lost control … I’ve seen what you can do. Getting into bed with a muscle beast like you … This way, we could be together.”
Milla looked at him in silence for a while. She winced a little as the flows of pain and sickness came up to her again. At last, she said:
“Well, it’s over before it even began. You screwed up. Let’s just hope it doesn’t kill you before we find a cure.”
She turned around and continued walking down the stairs. Jaden waited for a moment, then followed her. At last, Ava came too, still shocked by what she had just heard.
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As they descended, the air grew thicker. It was different than last time. There was a kind of heaviness to everything. The stairs were as dusty and crumbling as before. Their flashlights were dancing along the walls and floor. The trio made sure that the descent was safe. Still, they were silent. The revelation had killed all further questions.
When they reached the big hall, the air hit them like a brick wall. There was a terrible stench. Ava gagged. She heard Milla retch, then ask:
“What’s that smell? Don’t tell me it was like that before!”
Ava shook her head as she held her nose. Her voice distorted, she replied:
“No, this is new. And it’s bad.”
Jaden pointed his lamp further inside and sneaked closer.
“I think we may have found the source of our problem.” He looked at Milla, who was still groaning occasionally from the bursts of pain.
The light shone on a greyish mass that covered the floor and some of the machinery. It took the explorers a moment to parse what they were seeing. The lumpy shapes turned out to be vaguely face-like, with thick white ropy tentacles spreading behind them. The “mouth” was set full of strange, slivery teeth and orange growths speckled the things’ skin.
Each individual was easily as large as a cow, but clearly dead or dying. The smell came from their rotting flesh. Some of them pooled into white puddles as the fell apart.
Ava, Milla and Jaden exchanged glances.
This wasn’t what they expected.
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Ava only found her voice after a moment and asked:
“What the hell happened here? Jaden? Do you have any idea what is going on?”
Milla was very silent, trying to figure out what all this meant for her. Was this a cure or a death sentence?
Jaden went closer, careful not to step into any of the puddles or to touch a dying creature. He examined one of them while trying not to breathe in the miasma. Then he returned:
“Okay, as far as I can tell, they didn’t get hurt. I mean, I don’t know. They don’t have any open wounds and there are no bits torn off or broken. So I guess they died of a sickness or something.”
Milla grimaced and whispered:
“We have to go. This is bad. We have to run. Please.”
Ava nodded:
“It’s better this way. Jaden, I don’t care about this anymore. I just want to go back and leave all this.”
“But we gotta investigate …”
“No. We have to go. Please.”
She could see that Jaden was struggling. He wanted to find out more, but at the same time, he understood that whatever was killing those things was just as dangerous for them, regardless of whether they were normal people or infected with that blob.
He tried something anyway:
“Can’t we just do a quick search of the room and then, we go? Right away? Would that be okay?”
Milla shivered:
“I have to go. Please, please, please.”
Ava took her hand and started leading her back to the stairs.
“Jaden, we’re leaving now. Come on.”
A flat voiced answered:
“You’re not. Stop.”
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They turned around, surprised and shocked by the sudden interruption. Lucius was standing there, a rifle in his hand. He pointed it at them with cold confidence. The young people were visibly confused. Ava asked:
“Lucius? What’s going on?”
“I’m sorry, but you screwed up, Ava. You never should have come here in the first place. You shouldn’t have brought anything from here to your home and to the university.”
To Ava, it became clear that he was trying to summon enough courage to shoot them. He was still struggling internally. The man continued:
“But you went and told everybody about it. And you infected your friend here. It’s as if you did it on purpose. And now, I have to clean this up. I’m sorry, but I have to do this. I …”
He took a deep breath and raised the weapon. The three explorers were panicking now. It was too much. The stink, the dead things all around and now, this strange man about to kill them …
While Jaden and Ava were about to start crying, Milla got angry. Very angry.
She walked towards Lucius, her suit getting stretched by her rapidly expanding body. She was hulking out right in front of them.
“How dare you! You fucking asshole! You could have told her, you know? You could have told us! You …”
He shot her.
There was a wet crunching sound as the bullet pierced her chest, white fungoid shreds crumbling out of a deep tear in her back.
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Milla stared at the wound. There was no blood. And, come to think of it, no pain either. Instead, she could feel her muscles grow and harden even more. As Lucius took aim again, the wound started to close, the white flesh knitting itself back together.
The man was now aiming for her head, but Milla launched herself into a full-on charge, her body completely transforming now, the growth even spreading over her face. To Ava’s and Jaden’s fascination, her hair was turning a bright orange, its strands interlaced with the weird fungal growths.
Lucius fired again, the bullet struck her shoulder and pierced it, lodging itself deep in her body.
It didn’t stop her. Flakes of mushroom flew as she reached him, her smash connecting. The big, muscular man was thrown back, landing on his ass. If he hadn’t used the shoulder strap, his gun would have been gone.
Instead, he shot. And he shot her again. She didn’t care and followed up on him, her strangely mutated body moving lightning quick. As she was upon him, he fired his gun once more, blasting her face. The shot struck the side of her head, ripping off a good chunk and destroying her eye.
To Lucius’ horror, that didn’t stop her. Instead, she struck down on him, pinning him under her. From her midsection, strange tentacles lashed out, clinging to the gun and pulling it from her hands.
White motes of dust flaked from her face wound. It was already healing.
She pushed down now, her weight holding him to the ground and slowly crushing him.
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He grabbed her huge forearm and tried to make her release him. This was completely futile. Instead, he started gasping for air, his face slowly turning blue. His eyes bulged and his tongue stuck out of his mouth. Milla didn’t hesitate for one moment and just squeezed on as her face reknitted itself.
There was a certain lust inside of her now and it was only getting stronger. She enjoyed her strength, the irresistible power, the possibility to choose life or death. Slowly, she increased the pressure.
His arms dropped and his eyes became unfocused.
That’s when Milla noticed Ava pulling at her arm. The other young woman’s voice was piercing her merciless bloodlust.
“Stop it! Milla! Stop it! Don’t kill him. Please! Let him go! You can’t just murder him!”
Somehow, that last phrase managed to push through and reach her higher thinking. Shaking her head, she released her victim. Lucius dropped to the ground, gasping for air. His neck seemed stretched and squeezed, deep marks covering it all the way.
Milla looked at Ava now. The transformation was complete. She was some seven feet tall now, with elongated, powerful limbs wrapped in this weird white muscle. There were striations all over, broken up by hexagonal prisms growing from those masses of strength. Her midsection was now wrapped in layers of tentacles, and her face was covered in orange baubles, with one huge central one on her forehead.
She was still vaguely recognizable as human, but she was absurdly huge now and the fungoid mass that built her body looked completely alien.
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So is she supposed to be a mushroom woman? That's not cool.
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So is she supposed to be a mushroom woman? That's not cool.

It is certainly a problem that she will have to deal with. Because she enjoys the power a lot.
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Ava felt very small and weak next to the hulking creature her friend had turned into. She repeated herself, lower this time:
“Please. Let him go. He’s not worth it.”
Milla looked at her through milky eyes, her vision somehow beyond what she had ever experienced before. She could see strange patterns well up and fade through Ava’s face and body.
“He tried to shoot me. No. He shot me.”
Her voice was a chittering chorus. It was deeply unsettling. Milla had to stop for a second to realize what she was sounding like now. She continued:
“Oh God. What happened to me? What did he turn me into?”
Lucius croaked:
“I had to do it. I wish I wouldn’t have to, but …”
Ava’s mind suddenly returned to Jaden. She looked at him. He was standing there, mesmerized by Milla’s gigantic form. He was completely caught in this terrifying and supernatural display of power. To him, the young woman was perfect. This was what he wanted. Ava could tell that he longed for this. It confused her. How could he want this?
She snapped her fingers to get his mind back to the matter at hand:
“Jaden, focus! We‘re finally going to get some answers!”
She squatted down next to Lucius who was still trying to clear his throat. Milla loomed over him, all huge and white. As Jaden approached, the big man managed to speak:
“Thank you for not killing me.”
Milla frowned. This was not the end of it. Her bizarre voice was heard:
“Tell us everything. What happened here?”
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Lucius sat up, still recovering. Then, he started to explain:
“You guessed right. I lied to you. I was charged with keeping an eye on this place. The government found those things in the permafrost somewhere up north. They analyzed it here and decided to keep it as an option for further research. Then the whole thing was forgotten. They did set up a fund to maintain the place and to keep people out. I was hired to check on the creatures occasionally and to make sure no one came here. The easiest strategy was just to let the town die out. I didn’t have to do much for that. The only thing was to make sure the state wouldn’t fund any local initiatives. People left mostly, the place was emptying.”
Ava was shocked:
“So you let my hometown die.”
“Most people left anyway. We were just accelerating the process. But then, things got out. When you found that thing and brought it with you, the old systems went back online and we tried to get them back. We were very slow. No one had expected this. Even explaining what we had to do to the other departments was a chore. Everything was so long ago and they didn’t believe us anyway. Also, we couldn’t tell them much. Someone would spill the information.”
“You talked to Professor Lang?”
“Actually, she reached out to us. She didn’t know about it, but she found us and told us about this. Apparently, some of the data on the permafrost discovery had been declassified and she made the connection.”
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Jaden asked:
“So the, I don’t know, it sounds stupid … henchmen? Where did they come from?”
Lucius coughed. He rubbed his temples and shrugged:
“I don’t know. I guess she got them from somewhere. They didn’t come from us.” He sighed: “Don’t get me wrong: We’re not a huge secret agency. We’re a bunch of people and we manage this facility part-time.”
The young man looked disappointed. Lucius smiled weakly:
“I know. Everybody expects massive government tricks, probably with crazy uniforms and high-tech headquarters. Truth is, they don’t have the money for schools and hospitals, but they don’t have the money for dormant secret projects either.”
Ava looked at Milla and Jaden. They were both rather twitchy now. Something was still affecting them, although they managed to conceal it mostly.
She asked:
“Okay. Now that we know all this, here’s an important question: What happened here? The last time we were down here, the place was terrifying, but all those … things were alive and well. They might have wanted to eat us, but they were healthy. So …”
“So I released the failsafe. I wasn’t sure how much got out, but the instructions were clear. If I can’t recover the material and people get infected, I have to kill everything down here and … the infected people too.”
Milla’s face was stone.
“You planned to murder us in cold blood.”
The older man looked crestfallen:
“I never expected this to happen. Seriously, I was just doing this for the money and maybe the civic duty. I never thought I’d have to do anything. Honest! And when I was told what to do …”
“You didn’t exactly hesitate.”
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Lucius was coughing profusely now. He laid back down and produced a big glob of spit. There was a gob of blood in it.
“Shit. I think you broke something, girl.”
Milla was still in her huge, monstrous form. Her face didn’t show the least bit of regret or even compassion. Her wounds had almost closed by now. She was watching the scene with a certain detachment. To Ava, it seemed as if her normal face was slowly coming back, but maybe it was just a trick of the light.
Ava came closer to Lucius now and said:
“And what did you do to this place?”
He groaned again and rolled to his side. It was clear that he wasn’t well.
“I did as I was told. If everything was discovered and I could no longer contain it, I was to destroy everything. I think originally there was a plan to notify the army or something, but all those things went to shit long ago. They gave me a special toxin back then. It would kill those things. I just had to open a can of it and spread it out, they would go wild for it, and then they’d die.”
“So the creatures are all dead?”
“They should be.” He looked at his hand. There was a faint cut on it. “Oh. I think I may have cut myself on that can. That … explains it.”
He coughed again.
“I know it’s a shitty thing to do to kill young people like you. Any people really. I regret even trying it. I shouldn’t …”
He fell unconscious.
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They all took a step back. No one knew how to deal with all this right now. Actually, even touching the man felt like a very bad idea.
Ava asked:
“Shouldn’t we be giving him first aid? Maybe call an ambulance?”
Jaden harrumphed:
“That guy just tried to kill us. Also, I wouldn’t want to get infected by what he got. No. Just let him lie and fuck him.”
Milla nodded:
“Screw him. Ava, he just tried to kill me. What are you thinking?”
“It’s just that … I can’t just let someone die right in front of me, can I?”
The huge inhuman monstrosity that Milla had turned into squatted down next to her, reaching to her level and said:
“Then we go. If you think it’s really necessary, we can call the emergency services when we’re out. But I want this guy to die. He didn’t do me much harm, but he tried, and he would try again. I’m not taking the risk.”
Ava shivered. What Milla said was obvious, but it felt terribly, terribly wrong. She covered her face with her hands and whispered:
“Okay. It’s not like we can actually reach anyone from down here anyway. Let’s leave this place. Please.”
Jaden wanted to say something, but the huge monster woman cut him off:
“We’re leaving. Now. Besides, you don’t want to be down here when your transformation starts.”
That clicked with him. He nodded, took a deep breath and went after them. As they went back up, he could feel the unease subside. At the same time, his excitement was mounting. He was going to be like her.
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The two others started back upstairs, but Ava stayed behind, hesitating. How could they be so callous? She returned to Lucius, who was still lying there, unmoving. Was it just the light or was his face turning grey? Ava wasn’t sure whether he wasn’t already dead anyway, but hesitatingly, she came very close and said:
“I’m going to get help for you. I’m sorry about all this.”
As she fell quiet, she noticed the enormous silence all around her. The air was cool and dry, and all the noises that had haunted her before had died down and disappeared.
This was a grave now.
Suddenly, Ava felt incredibly alone. The whole place seemed to cave in on her. She didn’t want this anymore. This whole town had broken down in her mind. She just had to leave it all behind her.
The young woman got up and climbed the stairs quickly, the echoes of her footsteps haunting her as she put this behind her.
The three would-be explorers soon reached the surface again and found themselves in front of the main hall. Milla had mostly reverted to her normal shape, with only her eye still foggy. There were some weird bumps under the skin of her arm, but that didn’t worry her.
Instead, she looked at her companions and said:
“So we’re the only bits of that strange organism that’s left.”
Ava hadn’t thought about it that way. She was right. Whatever that creature actually was, it was their ward now.
Jaden nodded:
“It’s a kind of responsibility now, don’t you think?”
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Ava wanted to say something, when her phone signaled that she had a few messages waiting for her. She sighed, her train of thought interrupted.
“Wait, I got this.”
She took out the phone and stared.
Jaden asked:
“What’s going on?”
“Mom …”
She opened the first message. It was accompanied by a photo of her mom looking excited. She was also quite obviously rather dehydrated. The text said:
“Getting ready. No time like the present! Watch me be you!”
Jaden asked:
“What does that even mean?”
Ava’s jaw dropped:
“Oh shit. This is the final presentation. She’s going to go on stage pretending to be me.”
“How is that even supposed to work?”
The next message gave her the answer. There was a video. Angela had the tiniest bikini imaginable hanging from a hook nearby, basically two pasties and a g-string, and she was just pulling a kind of gimp mask over her face.
Ava felt her knees go weak.
“Oh … Fuck.”
The message read:
“Wish me luck. Handing that phone over to Sandra. You don’t know her, she’s cute. She’ll film the show so you can enjoy it!”
The following message was a shaky video of the stage that had been erected in the gymnasium. The camera awkwardly panned over the audience. Everybody was there. Everybody.
Just then, some football players exited the stage, holding up their trophies. There was still the final slide of a presentation visible. A big cartoon smiley with the words “Thank you for your attention!” emblazoned across in Comic Sans.
Milla grinned:
“Basically sitting onstage and waiting would outdo a thing like that.”
Ava was getting very nervous.
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The lights went out. The presentation disappeared too, after a short delay and some fumbling. Then, there was a sort of scuffle on stage, then two spotlights went on, illuminating Kemal and Tobie, in very brief underpants. Ava and Milla were none too happy with the display, Jaden didn’t know what to say. The two young men were incredibly buff and ripped. They had the bodies of Greek gods, with well-defined, heavy muscles, proportional, big and shredded. Also, they were wearing gimp masks too.
Despite the weirdness, the spectators had to admit that the efforts had paid off. Those two were impressive. The phone’s microphone didn’t do the sound justice. It was clearly some bombastic classical music, but it was either too loud of too intense for Angela’s phone. As a result, the sound was rather garbled and unimpressive.
The show was equally strange.
The two hunks posed a bit, showing off their muscles and being dramatic towards one another. As far as the spectators could tell, they were trying to show a kind of friendly rivalry. However, without their faces visible, it was a little hard to tell.
The music reached a crescendo and then stopped.
A third spotlight shone on a space above the others and there she was:
The three young people breathed out sharply.
“Damn …”
“Whoa. Mom … What did you do?”
She was wearing just that bikini and the mask and her body was on full display. She was incredible. Whatever she had been doing to herself, it certainly paid off.
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Ava’s mother stood and showed off her muscles. She went through a mind-boggling routine that was surprisingly erotic. Despite her face being hidden, she oozed temptation. Her movements were precise, elegant and yet, seductive. She shimmied her hips, displayed her muscular chest, rolled her abs, tightened her arms, turned around, displayed her ripped, defined glutes, extended a hand and exposed the full development of her wide, muscular back.
Jaden and Milla stared at her. Ava groaned. If this was supposed to be her …
Angela descended from her pedestal, every step swinging her hips and showing off her vacuum-sealed thigh muscles.
And then, things went out of hand.
To the audience’s shock and delight, she went into a kind of dance number, switching between the two hunky muscleguys. She elegantly caught one, led him his way, let him worship her, then dropped him like a hot potato before switching to the other one. Tobie and Kemal were reduced to mere bystanders by the sheer force of her seduction.
She might have been acting as if she was flirting with those two, in fact, she was drawing the audience towards her.
Jaden sighed:
“Fuck …”
Milla was equally impressed. For Ava, this was just getting more and more embarrassing.
After a few rounds of her provocative little act, she retreated on top of her pedestal while the two guys resumed a routine which was much more confrontative. Ava had to admit that they were doing their best. They showed their enmity, their frustration and their disdain.
Above them both, Angela just enjoyed the game she was playing.
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The second act reached its apex as the two musclemen started groveling at her feet. Everything about Angela’s body language showed absolute disdain for the two. Instead, she showed off her pumped-up physique, posing and prancing about like a goddess. Her moves were clearly inspired by belly-dancing and the effect was fitting.
The audience was cheering and hooting now. Ava could already see the title of the college newspaper: “Students turn presentation into sex show!” and of course “Provocative students expelled for outrageous display!”.
“Mom … What are you doing?”
Jaden couldn’t take his eyes of the screen. Angela stretched, her deeply-cut abs pulled apart and framing her navel.
She lifted her arms above her head and hit a mighty double-biceps pose. The audience produced a shocked “Aah!”. There was a sudden burst of confused applause.
The two musclemen were now all over her, worshipping her bulging muscles. Every new flex threw them away, but they kept creeping back. She pushed one away, then the other.
Things escalated.
The two men tried to please her. Ava averted her eyes.
“This can’t be true! She can’t be doing this while she’s pretending to be me! I’m never going to hear the end of it. Fuck! I’m going to get expelled!”
Her voice detached, Milla commented:
“She’s amazing, though. I wish I had her body and her moves.”
“Not helping. Seriously. Not helping at all.”
She looked at Jaden and noticed his massive hard-on.
“Aah! Why? What the hell, man?”
“Hey, I’m sorry, but she is incredible.”
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The show only got more shocking. Now the two men were carrying Angela around, with her going through flex after flex. The lighting brought out every little detail of her powerful physique. She was a goddess and she knew it. She forced them down and sat on the pedestal, doing a kind of stripper routine, that only showed off even more of her muscles. There was a lot of leg-spreading and teasing.
Ava prayed for someone to stop this. There was a lot of agitation in the crowd now. People were shouting, there was quite the ruckus. They could see some silhouettes on the side of the stage. Maybe someone was trying to stop them?
Angela ignored everything. Tobie and Kemal were licking her legs, then her muscle-packed butt-cheeks.
Ava groaned.
“I can’t watch this anymore.”
And she continued watching it. Angela juggled her muscles, making them dance and flexing her back heavily. It was pure poetry and blissful power.
Now the two musclemen were close to her, with her towering above them. She suggested a kiss for one, then one for the other. The scorned lovers seemed to despair. They worshipped her, but she wouldn’t listen. She was beyond them.
At last, they completely submitted. Just as Angela was to lay her foot on their chests, her calves like carved out of marvel, the music stopped and the lights went on.
The principal stormed the stage and gesticulated, getting everybody backstage and declaring the show to be over because of technical difficulties.
People complained, there was some pushing and shoving.
The person that was filming chuckled and switched off the camera.
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The next image was her mom, exhausted, wearing a tracksuit and a big grin. She made a victory sign and added:
“Blew them all away! Ava, girl, you’re famous now!”
She had clearly been running, probably escaping the principal’s wrath. She looked so happy with the total fuckup she had produced …
Ava stared at the screen.
Milla looked at her and said:
“Okay … So … Your life is now basically over.”
Ava nodded very slowly. She took a deep breath. And then, she screamed. It was a loud, piercing howl of frustration. What followed was a litany of complaints and regrets. Jaden and Milla kept their distance.
“… couldn’t have a normal mom … Why me? … How am I ever going to explain this to anyone? … always overdoes everything … I mean, how could she? … not think for a moment what all this would mean? … Must be the roids that fried her brain … What gave them the idea that this was going to be a good idea? … Seriously. … Seriously? … What the fucking hell?”
Then she started sobbing. Then she cried. Milla took her in her arm and held her, caressing her head and letting her vent it all. Jaden stood nearby, unable to do anything. His cock was still rigid, the situation was terribly embarrassing and at the same time, he was excited for the change that was to come soon. He would be a hero. A demigod. With Milla.
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After a moment, the phone rang. Ava stared at the screen through her tears. It was her mom. Of course. She wouldn’t give it a rest now. Angela had managed to destroy her daughter’s reputation and what little respect the other students might have had. And now, she would gloat. Or demand thanks.
Ava didn’t know what to do or say.
The phone fell quiet. Then it started ringing again. It stopped, and was back on. This went on two more times, then Ava gave in.
“Yes. Mom, what is it?”
“I was worried. You didn’t answer before. I’ve been calling you for hours.”
“Ah. Yeah, well, I was … busy, I guess.”
“And are you okay?”
“I’m okay. Well. Mostly.”
“So, did you like the show? We blew them away, didn’t we?”
Ava paused. So it would be thanks. Angela continued:
“We didn’t win, obviously, but so did nobody else. They cancelled the competition. I guess we broke them. Hah!”
“Mom …”
“Yes? Did you like the routine? It was my idea.”
Obviously. The new Angela was just horrible. Why couldn’t she just have stayed like she was? Okay, she was tired, sick and depressed, but at least she didn’t fuck up Ava’s life.
“It was … something.”
The silence on the other side was thunderous.
“You didn’t like it.”
“… No. Mom, you humiliated me in front of everybody. I’m never going to hear the end of it. And if they don’t expel me, they’re going to definitely demand a drug test.”
“I knew it.”
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“I knew that you would be ungrateful. You know, Ava, this is something that has been bothering me for a long time.”
Ava could feel a big headache coming up. This would be the big reckoning, wouldn’t it? Angela continued:
“I helped you get out of your rut. I helped you train, I helped you get in shape, I even replaced you for your school project when you couldn’t be bothered. And you never, ever said a word of thanks. Instead, you are ungrateful and reproachful. I feel like I don’t know you anymore.”
Ava cut in:
“So do I. I don’t know what happened to you. You used to be friendly and relaxed. Sure, dad dying was sad, but that’s no excuse to turn yourself into a roided-up mega-bitch!”
“Mega-bitch? Ava, this mega-bitch just saved your presentation. For free. Without help or compensation or even a word of thanks!”
“But that’s just it, Mom. You didn’t save it. You made it even worse.”
Ava could hear Angela sigh. The others had retreated from her. They didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire. The older woman seemed tired and disappointed:
“That’s the problem, isn’t it? You don’t have the guts to finish things. You have big plans, and then, you screw up the work itself. It starts to bore you and then you drop out of it. It’s sad, really. This way, you’ll never get anything done. I’m sure you’re going to go back to your fat, tired self in a few weeks. The moment I stop pushing you, you run out of energy. I guess it’s my fault in the end. I made it too easy for you and made you give up your responsibility!”
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I didn't expect them to fight together to be quite honest. Steroids effect? Independence effect?
I'm curious to see where you are heading with all of this. Hopefully we'll find out soon. :-)
Great writing as usual.
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I didn't expect them to fight together to be quite honest. Steroids effect? Independence effect?
I'm curious to see where you are heading with all of this. Hopefully we'll find out soon. :-)
Great writing as usual.
Thank you. I hope to surprise a little.
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
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I didn't expect them to fight together to be quite honest. Steroids effect? Independence effect?
I'm curious to see where you are heading with all of this. Hopefully we'll find out soon. :-)
Great writing as usual.
Thank you. I hope to surprise a little.

Ah ah! I'm trying to second guess where you'll go since the start and I'm all wrong...
So surprise is an understatement
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Ava was crimson with fury now. With barely controlled calm, she said:
“Seriously. This is how you think of me? You actually believe that I only do things because of you.”
“You never did anything to prove me wrong. I just didn’t want to see it up until now, but …”
Ava cut her off briskly:
“Whatever. You know, okay. Challenge accepted. You’re so proud of your stupid bodybuilding? Well, two can play at that game. Remember that contest from last time?”
There was an approving grunt on the other side. The young woman continued:
“Next time, I’m going to compete. And I’m going to beat you. Hands down.”
Angela snickered:
“Yeah, right. Just tell me when you drop out. I’m going to keep you posted on my progress just to keep you in line!”
Ava rolled her eyes and said:
“I sure wish I had known what you were like before …”
“Before what?”
The young woman stopped in her tracks. She couldn’t just say something stupid now, like “before I decided to be your daughter.” That would be dumb. She had painted herself into a corner and finished the call with a frustrated “Gah!” before hanging up.
There was a deafening silence after this.
Milla and Jaden looked at her, unsure of what to say. After this total meltdown, they just wanted to be far away. Maybe even together. However, Milla summoned up her courage and embraced the frustrated young woman. Ava started sobbing and finally let it all out, crying bitterly.
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It took her a while to calm down, but eventually, she wiped the snot from her face, thanked Milla for helping her and looked up. Milla asked:
“What was that?”
“Oh, nothing. Just my mom screwing up my life and forcing me into another of those stupid games.”
Milla frowned:
“That didn’t exactly sound like it. You challenged her.”
“I know, but she got me into this. I really don’t get her anymore. She used to be nice and … passive.”
Milla lifted her eyebrows.
“I think you just put the finger on it.”
“So … You mean I should …”
“A challenge is a challenge. You know how good friends are supposed to give harsh truths: Here’s one.”
Ava felt tired. She didn’t want this, did she? She could just call her mom back and say she had been exhausted and didn’t mean it. That would prove Angela right, though. She groaned:
“Okay … I see the point. Fuck.”
Milla took Jaden by the hand:
“Besides, I think we’re going to help you. This whole thing isn’t over yet and who knows what will happen. If the government or your professor or whatever comes after us, we’ll better stick together.”
Ava had to ask:
“That doesn’t sound like you want to look for a cure now.”
“Hm … Well, I have to admit that I’m a little on the fence on that now.”
She looked at Jaden:
“I want to see how this develops. I mean … If he turns into a huge monster like me … I wouldn’t want to be alone.”
Jaden did his best to hide his erection.
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They finally returned to Jaden’s uncle’s place. After a quick meal, the three young people went to bed. It had been way too much for them. Ava did call the emergency services to maybe pick up Lucius, who was probably dead anyway. The guy on the other side tried to ask some more things, but she just hung up.
She stared at the ceiling above her. This was shit. She felt exhausted, no, more than that. She felt burned out. As if she had been reduced to a mere shell. All those crazy events over the last weeks had thrown her life completely off the rails and she had no idea what to do now.
Should she try to fix everything? Should she start anew somewhere else? Should she just roll with it?
Ava lifted a hand and did a little twisty pose with it above her. The muscle she had built over the last months was easily visible. She smiled. In a way, she could understand her mom’s position. Her mother had completely rebuilt herself after losing her dad. Obviously, this boosted her confidence and she was now probably convinced that since she had proven her worth, all the others should follow her. Ava had to admit that she wouldn’t have managed to lean up without her mom’s help. And her gentle, but decisive pressure. And this challenge … In a way, it was a good thing.
She made a muscle on her arm. The biceps popped out a little. Thinking of her mother’s massive arm, she realized just how weak she was. She’d have to do a lot to even hope to catch up. If she found the energy.
With these thoughts, she drifted off.
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I wish all my friends mom's were roided up mega-bitches back in the day...

Great story as always bredda!
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I wish all my friends mom's were roided up mega-bitches back in the day...

Great story as always bredda!
Thank you very much!
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Her dreams were very strange. She was in a park. Was it the park in her hometown? She couldn’t be sure. As often in dreams, things seemed familiar and foreign at the same time. She did know that she was dreaming, though.
She was walking along a familiar path, but somehow, the perspective had shifted. She was tall and powerful. It felt good to be strong. She walked with a swagger, her heavy arms swinging with every step. She managed to look down at herself. To her surprise, she saw a thick, heavy chest there. Also, she was wearing some very tight, very revealing clothes. This was unusual. Even since she had become fit, she hadn’t much changed her outfits. And she never would have worn something like this.
Sometimes, when Ava saw herself in her dreams, she would be back in her old, chubby body. It was as if her mind hadn’t yet internalized her transformation. Well, this time, it did. It even gave her a glimpse of a future.
She continued her walk, slightly confused by the strange momentum her heaviness gave her. She could see other people in the park, parents with children, babies in strollers, old people, teenagers. They all stared at her as she walked by. But she didn’t feel awkward. Instead, she enjoyed their looks.
She found the playground she had spent a lot of time on when she was a kid. There was a kind of jungle gym there as well as some bars for pull-ups. She decided to give them a shot.
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Stretching, she limbered up, then jumped to catch the bar. Just feeling the sudden heaviness of her body as she clung to the metal was a surprise. Then, with a bit of effort, she pulled herself up. It wasn’t hard per se, but it did feel off.
Could she really do this? Sure, she had dreamed of flying before, of getting that perfect present, of riding a unicorn (don’t ask), but being incredibly powerful? That was a new one.
And she enjoyed it. Ava lowered herself back down. Her muscles were tight and big now. She pulled again. She could see her pecs swell against the bar. Those were huge!
She loved the impression. Back down … And back up. Slower now, more precisely.
God, this was making her horny …
She grinned and said to herself:
“I can do better.”
She switched her grip and pulled again, then pushed herself up above the bar. She felt incredibly strong. This was just so easy. Ava went all in now. Slowly, using her amazing strength and the tension of her muscles, she went into a handstand on top of the bar. She could feel her muscles work hard to keep her straight, but that only made her feel even better.
The park was now upside down and the people were looking at her. She enjoyed their stares, even though their faces were melding into generic looks now.
Then, with perfect confidence, she switched to a single hand. And then, she rose above this world.
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Ava felt herself float, somehow suspended by the strength of her muscles. The world was growing smaller below her, and she twisted in the air, using her power to bring herself upright again. Then she flew, hovering beyond the treetops of the park, rising above the surrounding buildings.
She felt incredible. This was absurdly enjoyable. She continued her climb, but suddenly, there was something else. Weird grunts. They turned louder and louder.
She frowned. What was going on? Where was that coming from? The lucidity of her dream started to fade. Ava drifted back into consciousness.
She opened her eyes and was disappointed. It had all been a dream. She was back to normal, all that power having disappeared. She felt humiliated by those visions.
It felt as if something had been taken from her, as if it should have been hers, but she couldn’t keep hold of it. As if she had been too weak.
Ava tried to get back to that dream, but it was lost.
That’s when she became fully aware of the grunts. She was still dazed from the rude awakening, but she decided to check what was going on. So, she stumbled to her feet, the place still unfamiliar. Milla wasn’t there, but the closer she got to the other bedroom, the clearer it got where she was.
For a moment, she thought about just going back to sleep and trying to cover her ears with a pillow, but then, she decided to have revenge for the broken dream.
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Urk!! This is great!! I am biting my nails, gotta see what will happen next!
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Urk!! This is great!! I am biting my nails, gotta see what will happen next!
Thank you!
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She reached the guest bedroom. By now, her mind was clear enough to understand what was going on. Ava found the door open and the grunts getting louder. She could have turned back now. She found that she couldn’t. She had to see this. Maybe even interrupt them.
Ava’s frustration was only getting bigger and bigger anyway, so why not go all in? With Milla fucking Jaden, she would basically lose faith in her friend and her crush at the same time. Yay.
She peeked inside. Wow. That was quite a sight.
Jaden was on his back, grunting lustfully as Milla rode him in full-on muscle form. It was shocking to see her enormously heavy musculature tighten and relax as she brought him closer and closer to orgasm. Her back was so wide that Ava could barely see him behind her. If it weren’t for his legs and feet, he would have disappeared completely behind her.
Milla’s pale body shimmered in the dark. They were completely enraptured by this. The strange hexagonal prisms that had formed on her body before were now fully deployed and made her absurd shape even more insane.
As he was about to cum, she hissed:
“Not yet … Not …”
A series of loud grunts and some shivering of his legs suggested that this was already too late. Still, Milla didn’t stop. She leaned back and started playing with her clit as she continued riding him. Soon, she produced little sighs and gasps, her thick muscles twitching.
The enormous woman was going to orgasm any moment now …
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Ava couldn’t help staring. This was amazing, but also shocking.
Milla came, her body suddenly turning even more muscular. Her physique seemed to expand, piling on the mass. Her shoulders seemed to grow to the size of basketballs, her back spread like wings and her legs swelled twice their size. She roared with lust, the bed groaning as her weight increased out of nowhere. All of this was so outrageous, Ava found it impossible to understand.
Jaden was lying under her and he was obviously in heaven. The huge woman above him  took deep breaths as she calmed down enough to talk.
“That was great … I can’t wait for you to change.”
Ava was shocked. Her roommate didn’t seem as enthusiastic about this at first, but apparently, that had been a show. Or she changed her mind. Who could know?
Jaden ran his hands over her enormous body and said:
“Me too. I just hope it starts soon. Then I’m going to be as strong as you and we’ll …”
“Let’s see just how big you get. I’m going to train and stay ahead of you, you’ll see. I like that little man angle.”
She ran her hand over his head lovingly.
“You’re cute, you know? Just as crazy as I am, but in a good way.”
Milla climbed off him and rolled on her back, her gigantic body taking up most of the bed. Ava could see her huge abs create a kind of brick wall on her torso. There were also these weird tentacles. Milla had turned into something inhuman.
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She pulled him on top of her, the tentacles caressing his midsection. She ran her hands over his waist, then up to his shoulders. Her pale skin was glinting in the darkness, the strange orange bubbles under her skin emitting golden light. Ava could see the goosebumps on Jaden’s back. The huge musclegirl played with his cock, her rippling body enticing him even further. He was quite obviously very hard again.
“Ooh … Nice. You’re a bit of a freak, Jaden, but I like that. I have to say, this new body has its advantages …”
Ava’s mind was having a hard time processing what she saw. It was just very far away from normal. The tentacles were running along Jaden’s cock, making it harder and harder. Another strand was now working on his balls. Milla whispered:
“I wonder what it will be like to get fucked by you. Right now, it feels amazing, but there could be so much more …”
Jaden barely managed to speak coherently now, the intense stimulation stressing his mind.
“I … I … God … This … I …. Fuck.”
Milla grinned:
“I didn’t quite catch that, but I think I know where you want to get to.”
She intensified the work of her appendages, her muscles lifting the tiny man easily. She crunched her abs, lifting herself up to his level. She kissed him, sinking her tongue into his mouth as she brought sent him over the edge. He shot his load and she released him, embracing him easily as she lifted him up like a toy.
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Ava took a step back. Milla stroked Jaden’s hair, enjoying the afterglow. Then, for a moment, she caught Ava’s eye. She grinned, clearly happy about Ava’s shock. Then she returned her attention to Jaden.
Ava returned to her bed quickly. She wasn’t sure Milla had seen her, but if she did … What did that look mean? She pulled the cover over herself and did her best to disappear under it. The monster was no longer under the bed. Instead, it was over there, banging her crush and giving her … looks.
She closed her eyes and couldn’t stop thinking about Milla’s strange, pale body and its huge muscles. Also, the creature she had become just oozed confidence and control. It was odd to see this: Milla had once been a rather awkward young artist in training, trying to express herself both in her works and in transforming her body. She had tried covering up her lack of confidence with a rather brash exterior and an endless string of guys she fucked, but now that she had transformed, everything was different.
In a way, Ava just longed for this confidence.
With her mom, it was the same. She had rebuilt her body and that had changed her mind. Or maybe it just finally allowed her to be the way she always wanted anyway? Ava wasn’t sure about this. But when she thought about herself, she decided it was right.
After all, getting fit had really made her more assertive, hadn’t it?
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ElRoy is a master storyteller! More please!
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ElRoy is a master storyteller! More please!
Thank you very much. I appreciate the compliment!
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Angela smiled at her reflection and flexed her arms. Yeah. That was the spot! She loved what she saw. Her muscles swelled and she could feel the mass of her biceps grow on her arm. She wasn’t just buff anymore, she was getting huge. She switched to a side triceps. Bam! Even better! She admired her muscles. Her transformation had been intense, but she definitely enjoyed the results. Gone was the weakness and the self-doubt. Her husband would have loved that, she was sure.
Maybe not the muscles, but the confidence. In a way, she knew that he had always been sad about her tendency to downplay herself. But no longer! With a body like that, she had to enjoy herself, didn’t she?
She put her hands together in front of her chest and flexed her pecs. Her breasts had disappeared a while ago and she barely missed them. Instead, she now sported a set of tough as nails pectorals, each one thick and ripped. It was pure joy to run her fingers over them.
She sighed. She was naked now, having just pumped up her muscles in an ultra-hard training session. Angela would take a shower next, but now, she could enjoy herself. After the trouble at the university, she just preferred to keep a low profile. That is, except for when she was showing off her muscles. It was weird. On the one hand, she got her daughter practically expelled, also taking the two musclemen with her, on the other hand, she was turning into a kind of cult figure in town.
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It was no wonder, really. If her wardrobe had been more revealing before, it was now getting downright exhibitionistic. Angela couldn’t really help it. It was just that she was so proud of her muscles, so happy about the results of all that hard work, it would have been a sin not to show off!
She went to the shower now. The boys were supposed to show up any moment now to massage her and maybe more. As the warm water hit her skin, she sighed.
God. She was so incredibly horny now.
It was the drugs, she was pretty certain. She was now on a whole heap of different substances, all of them donated by her two assistants, who had somehow accepted her dominance. Despite her still being weaker than them, they submitted to her willingly. Basically, her wish was their command! The poor guys basically gave her their lunch money and all the gear she could need. They also took her shopping.
Angela was quite certain that the two boys were gay, but that they couldn’t admit it to themselves or just didn’t think of themselves like that. They definitely were into her muscles and her journey to make them bigger and harder. It was the transformation that did it, that much was clear.
She had documented her transformation, especially since she was using roids, and Tobie and Kemal lapped up her videos and pictures. When it seemed that they would falter, she’d just drop hints of her dream of growing even bigger, and they’d instantly return to the fold.
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As the warm water relaxed her body, all this thinking about her transformation made another part harder. It was weird. Her husband had been an adequate lover at best, without any experience outside their marriage. Neither did she know what she was supposed to do at first, but she did her best to improve. Not that he noticed.
Now that she was her own woman again, she had started to experiment. Gently at first, she got herself a simple vibrator, then a bigger one, with more functions. Soon enough, she had a few of them at her disposal and once she started using the roids, there was no more holding back. The two boys were her willing victims. She would get them to fuck her any way she wanted, without any inhibitions. Sure, their porn-accustomed minds proved to be surprisingly shy once they understood that this was no longer a fantasy, but reality. But as they realized that this woman was here and that she was very horny and very anxious to experiment, they went all in.
To her surprise, having two lovers proved to be the perfect decision for her. She didn’t want any weird, strange people she couldn’t trust, but she didn’t think one of them could satisfy her either. She worked hard to build her stamina and did her best to get bigger and tougher and more willing to go further.
The boys just wanted big muscles. It was a little disappointing to see them go for so little. Then again, it gave her a shot at eventually outdoing them.
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It's really nice how you are driving your plot.
Interesting is the change of Angela and her behavior toward her daughter. The reaction and lack of empathy she's showing toward her daughter is unsettling, while underlining her narcissistic attitude. I'm really surprised to read it and am curious how it will develop.
Really good writing as usual.
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Thank you for the kind words.

She finished washing off the sweat, then dried herself off thoroughly. It was fun to work with her physique, soaking up the last bits of moisture from the lines and groves that had formed between her muscles. In a way, the transformation had given her a new body, one completely different from her previous one. She looked at herself in the mirror some more.
Just seeing the definition of her muscles was shocking. She grinned. Wow. It was a pleasure she had never known she would crave. She traced the lines of her mighty pecs, then slid her fingers down to her abs. Every block of muscle was easily visible. She went deeper, finding her snatch. Her fingers ran between the lips of her cunt. She touched her clit. The roids had changed it too. It was astonishing how sensitive it had become. It was also bigger. And this felt good …
She gasped.
Her fingers plunged in and out of her cunt as she rubbed her clit. She could feel herself rise up, her mind flooded with fantasies of strength and power. Her breath got faster. She loved this …
She didn’t even interrupt herself when another woman came in. The flabby, weak creature stared at her, mumbled an excuse and stumbled back out. If anything, this only made Angela even hornier. She continued rubbing herself and then …
The older musclewoman came with a deep, lustful sigh. She almost buckled over as her mind was swirling. As she recovered, she wondered when the boys would show up. She needed a little more than that now …
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Ava hesitated. Her mom was still sending her pictures of herself, including taunting messages. The photographs were bad enough alone, but the comments just made it deeply annoying. Milla and Jaden tried their best to be supportive, telling her that she could just forget about the whole thing and wait for it to blow over. After all, her mother would get back to her senses eventually, wouldn’t she?
The young woman wasn’t so sure.
So, since she had promised and had found herself in that idiot bragging dilemma, she decided to hit the weights. She was younger than Angela, so it shouldn’t be too hard. At least she hoped so. Of course, there was the issue of the drugs. Ava preferred not to think about them. It was so obvious that her mother was shooting herself up with a whole pharmacy worth of roids, while she tried to do it naturally.
It basically had failure written all over it.
Still, here she was, dressed in her gym clothes, listening to Jaden’s explanations. It wasn’t as if he knew too much about how to do this, but a friend of his had showed him the basics and he did his best to get her to understand.
Once he was finished, they started. He had borrowed the weights from that friend and set them up in a lean-to of his uncle’s house. The place was cramped and hardly functional.
In the end, what mattered for now, was getting started. So they did. The first round was core exercises.
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Love to see Angela's growth. Hope she quickly surpasses the boys. Love your writing, keep it up
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Thank you very much.

Ever since she had started training, Ava had considered herself to be moderately fit. It turned out that this was a sad misconception. She managed to plank for a minute and do a few of those circular crunch thingies, but after a few more of these exercises, she was exhausted. To her relief, so was Jaden. They were both lying on their mats and tried to catch their breaths.
She sighed:
“Wow. And that’s not even the real thing.”
“I know. How did I end up being so out of shape?”
“I don’t know. Were you ever in shape?”
Jaden managed a coughing laugh.
“Good point. Still, Danny made me this list, so we gotta go on. Don’t forget, your mom is way ahead of you.”
“I love how you don’t put me under any pressure.”
“You kinda brought this upon yourself, didn’t you?”
“I know …”
They managed to get back to their feet and hit the weights. It was terrible for the both of them. They trained their backs mostly, and even the lightest exercises proved to be grueling. How did that happen? Had she trained the wrong way before?
As they tried to relax afterwards, Ava groaned:
“I seriously don’t see how this is ever going to work. I think I’m going to call Mom and apologize. Maybe it’ll be okay again.”
Jaden was lying on his back. He mumbled:
“Fuck. I can’t feel my muscles. I mean, at least they don’t hurt …” He looked up and added: “Don’t give up now. You can still skip out when the time comes to get on stage in a skimpy outfit. But we fight until the end, okay?”
Ava rolled to the side.
“I hate this already.”
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It turned out that things only got worse over time. Ava was constantly tired, the monotonous diet got on her nerves and her mother’s endless streams of posing shots, social media posts and terrifying, out-of-nowhere sex videos made her panic whenever she looked at her phone. The whole process was turning into a brutal, endless quagmire that did nothing whatsoever to make her feel happy, or even good.
Then, the contest started looming. Ava was now panicking. She was really struggling with her diet now and the payoff was crumbling.
She looked at herself in the mirror and groaned. Sure, she had managed to build up her physique a bit, with some nice, rather defined muscles all over, but that was about it. A layer of flab concealed her would-be six-pack, her symmetry was all over the place and her posing looked awkward.
Next to her, Jaden was starting to look positively hunky. He wasn’t anywhere near a bodybuilder physique, but he had grown big and strong. Also, he was living the life.
His uncle had provided him with quite a bit of money, which he used to finance the trio. His relationship with Milla had intensified further and the couple was now sharing the big bed, while Ava stayed in the guest room. The noises were getting weirder and weirder as they continued exploring the strangeness that was Milla’s body. The only thing that annoyed him was that there seemed to be no way to trigger his transformation. The current theory was that the blob only affected women. There was really no way to find out.
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About the blob. The thing was growing fine. It had its own place in a corner of the living room and was now forming thick trunks of white material, sprouting all over the place. Orange pellets hung from branches and little white hoods grew from its top. The whole thing was starting to look like its own microcosm. Ava still thought it was strange and alien and unsettling, but Milla and Jaden just worked hard on letting it grow, giving it more space and feeding it with all kinds of fruit and bits of garbage. The thing somehow communicated its tastes.
When Ava came into the living room, she would shoot the thing a worried glance and try to sit as far away from it as she could. She felt lonely and desperate now. It was one thing to work on her own with those two people she liked around her, but it was another to constantly have defeat and humiliation looming over her.
Anyway, she was sitting at the table now, looking at the diet food with an expression of deep disgust. She stuck her fork into the chicken meat and sighed. Fuck. Why was all this so depressing?
As she tried to swallow it, Milla came in. She was beaming, probably having fucked Jaden again. When at home, she usually stayed in her weird fungus musclewoman form. She loomed over Ava, all 6’3”, easily 200 pounds of muscle hulkishness. She was wearing that superhero outfit whenever she could and liked to casually pose whenever she could see her reflection.  Ava wasn’t sure, but she could swear Milla had even started training so she could get even bigger. The pale monstergirl plopped herself in the opposite seat and smiled.
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“Still bothered about the food? I did show you that page with extra recipes, didn’t I?”
Ava gave her a look of deep frustration and mumbled:
“Yeah. But I didn’t want to do any of those. Fuck all this.”
Milla seemed cheerful.
“Hey, stop kvetching. You wanted this, just do it.”
Ava averted her eyes and focused on her food.
“It’s just that this is all so … bland. And boring. And useless. I’m not getting anywhere.”
Milla’s look turned sympathetic. She liked Ava a lot, despite her having thrown her life into chaos. Her encounter with Ava and all the following events had turned her whole existence upside down, but in a way, it had led her on a journey of self-exploration and purpose. Granted, the purpose was mostly developing her body and fucking the same dude, but it certainly rid her of her nagging doubts and her constant uncertainty.
As a friend, she owed Ava an attempt to help her, didn’t she?
“You know what? The problem might be that you just worked too hard. Maybe we should turn it around and do something you enjoy? You’ve mostly been doing things you didn’t want to do and it made you miserable. So why not do something to cheer you up?”
The other young woman looked up. She wanted to snark back, but then, she said:
“Maybe you’re right. Do you have any idea what we could try?”
Milla grinned:
“I’ll think of something. Just finish your food and I’ll talk to Jaden.”
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Soon enough, they sat at the table together. After a bit of brainstorming, the idea of going to a party emerged. They had been living like hermits for quite some time now and maybe, just maybe, it would take Ava’s mind off the troubles and worries ahead. Also, Milla suggested that they just might find some dude for Ava. Certainly, those parties tended not to be the best places for conversation, but maybe that wasn’t what she needed anyway.
So it was settled.
They would hit the party, dance, drink, have fun, talk to people very loudly over the music and stumble back home groggily. It would be a long awaited moment of clearness and relaxation. Ava still wasn’t sure this was a good idea. It would probably set back her training quite a bit and force her to be even stricter after this, but she couldn’t stand this anymore anyway.
Party it was.
As they got ready, Ava started feeling human again. Milla got her a few reasonably cute dresses in the style she had bought with Tobie and Kemal, and Ava picked one that hid just enough of her figure to make her feel comfortable. Milla, on the other hand, was all show-off. While Jaden was stuck with some clean pants and a shirt, she was wearing an ultra-tight leotard-like top and a pair of absurdly short hotpants. Also she blew up her muscles just enough to look like a mixture between a fitness model and a crossfitter. With her boots and the hairstyle that could have been dreadlocks if that was actually her hair, she looked quite extreme. And she loved it.
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Interesting and surprising turn of the plot. You really keep us guessing! I’ll just keep reading and enjoying!
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Thank you for your support. I appreciate it a lot!

Ava suggested taking it a little easier, but Milla didn’t care. She might be a half-fungus crossbreed creature, but no one would think of that, so people would just assume that she was a body modification enthusiast from the big city or foreign parts, wouldn’t they?
Eventually, Jaden was getting restless and suggested they should be going now. Milla grumbled since apparently all her piercings had closed up again at some point and wondered whether she would get them done again, but in the end, they managed to actually leave the place.
They strolled along to the bus station and waited there for a while. The town was as empty as always. Milla, who wasn’t from there, said:
“I know there was this big conspiracy, but seriously? This place is so boring, it’s not even funny anymore.”
Jaden shrugged:
“The place where we’re going is nice enough. At least it was back in the day.”
“Back in the day? How long ago are we talking?”
“Three years? I don’t know. I’ve been so busy, I kinda gave up on it.”
Milla wasn’t too happy about this.
“I think I want to move to a bigger city once we’re through all this. I mean, my hometown is a fucking village and this place, I don’t know.”
“I got your point. We definitely should do that.”
Ava just didn’t care too much about the conversation. She was still tense, but she was also starting to relax now. Seeing herself in the mirror with her make-up on, wearing that dress … Regardless of what was going to happen, this was a good idea. Not a very good one, but one she definitely needed.

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After a short trip on the bus, they reached the location of the party. It was a little further away from the large residential buildings in a former warehouse that had been reconverted. The basses were audible from quite a distance and there was a crowd of young people around, standing and waiting, smoking and chattering. Some guys were showing off their cars, there was flirting all around. The glowing sign above the door proclaimed the place’s name as being “Diamond”, with the “o” replaced by a diamond logo. Jaden grinned:
“Last time I was here, it was still the ‘DeLuxe’.”
Milla rolled her eyes and nodded towards a guy who was generously throwing up next to a group of partygoers. Jaden shrugged.
Ava had never been here. The other girls from her school had been around a couple of times, but she had never tried it. They had wanted to take her along, but she had feigned a little sickness every time and eventually, they had stopped asking.
They walked over to the entrance, paid and soon were inside a very large and steaming hot hall full of sweaty, dancing people, drinking shouting and being mostly happy. The music was loud, but it pulled them along and after a bit of hesitation, they found themselves close to the crowd. Jaden said something about getting drinks and disappeared, while Milla got a few admiring looks from the passers-by.
Ava was now getting very nervous again, somehow returning to her time as a plump and awkward teen.
Milla just grinned and pulled her on the dance floor.
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The music took them along and they danced, finally losing themselves in the rhythm after all this stress. Ava managed to stop constantly worrying and pondering about everything. It happened so quickly. The music was pumping, she was dancing, first awkwardly, then ever more smoothly. She noticed she didn’t tire. Instead, her muscles, her stamina, her love for the whole movement, they all kept her going. She shook her hips, she swung her arms, she sang along, she smiled at Milla, she threw her head around, she made slightly nerdy gestures, she jumped, she felt she was flying, she took Milla’s hands, they careened around wildly, they dove deeper and deeper into the crowd, hugging, embracing, enjoying the moment.
The music got a little less driving now, a little softer maybe, they stumbled about, then settled into a kind of slowdance, then back up, sweating, breathing, howling, cheering …
It was amazing.
Ava felt all the anger and frustration wash off her. This was it. This was a thousand times better than all the worrying. She didn’t need to think right now, so she didn’t. Instead, she laid her hands on Milla’s muscular hips and danced with her. It didn’t even feel weird. It was just the way it was right now.
Was she a lesbian? She didn’t care. She banished any thoughts that wanted to creep up on her. No way that she would lose that drive. She got twirled around by Milla, her skirt flying. She laughed and Milla caught her with her strong arm. Ava looked at her, all pale and strange, she breathed in deeply, then got lifted up again.
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After what felt like forever, they were maybe not exhausted, but definitely a little tired. They pushed back out of the crowd. The music was now running a smooth, even groove, people were relaxing a little, but that was nothing permanent. The DJ, whoever he was, was doing his best to play music people could enjoy.
As she drifted back to the edges of the crowd, Ava saw a couple of faces she recognized from her childhood and youth. Either they didn’t see her, or they didn’t recognize her. She didn’t try to grab their attention either.
Milla shouted:
“Where did we leave Jaden? He’s got to be around here somewhere?”
They continued their walk through endless masses of vaguely familiar people until they practically ran into Jaden who was still looking for them with three plastic cups clumsily held in his hands.
He was relieved to see them and pointed to the calmer parts of the place with his head.
They followed him. Once the noise simmered down a little, he handed them the drinks and asked:
“Where did you go? You kinda disappeared.”
Ava blushed, but Milla said:
“Oh, we went dancing right away! We couldn’t wait anymore.”
Jaden was a little annoyed by this, but apparently decided that he didn’t want to ruin the mood. He said:
“Okay, then let’s drink up and get back out! I want to enjoy this!”
Ava nodded, but Milla just took the cup, lifted it up and drained it in one long quaff. She handed the cup to Ava, asked her to take care of it, gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and grabbed Jaden, pulling him behind her.
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The left-behind girl stood there, wondering about the kiss and looking around. She wasn’t sure of what to do now. Was she supposed to return the cup and maybe get another one when they returned? Should she pick up her own guy? Or maybe … a girl? Milla’s kiss had felt sweet.
She still had the stupid cups with her and was quite confused. In the end, she turned around to get to the bar and at least rid herself of Milla’s. As she did, another young woman made eye-contact and waved. Ava was unsure who she was for a moment, then she remembered her.
“Maddie? Wow! I didn’t hear from you in forever.”
“It’s you, Ava, isn’t it? You changed. A lot. And you look good!”
They had to stay pretty close to one another to shout above the noise. Eventually, Maddie pointed towards the door and they both got out. The cool, clean air hit them like a truck.
“Wow. That place is still amazingly stinky.”
Ava looked at her former schoolmate. She hadn’t seen Maddie ever since she left school. She hadn’t changed too much. If anything, Maddie was actually looking more like herself. She had curly dark hair held together in a bandana and quite a curvy body, although it did look way better on her than it ever did on Ava. Madie continued:
“So, what happened to you? Did you hit the gym?”
Only then did Ava realize that she might be weak and flabby next to the maniac that was her mom, but that most women never reached her level of fitness.
Strangely, this made her smile.
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“Yeah. After my dad died, I decided to change my life. Really. It was bad.”
Instantly, she cursed herself for starting the conversation with this. Maddie was shocked:
“He died? Oh God. You poor girl!”
She embraced her. The situation was getting more awkward by the minute. Why did such things have to happen to her? Maddie released her and added:
“This may come across as weird, but wow. You’re hard as nails.”
Ava swallowed a “then you should see my mom!” and said:
“Thank you, I guess. Anyway.” She just wanted to get out of this lane of the conversation. “Let’s … What about you?”
“Oh, nothing much, really. I work as a shop assistant and I sell beauty products. It’s not much, but Thomas is earning good money, so maybe we’re going to have a baby soon. Right now, though, he’s on the road, and I decided to take the evening off. Want to meet the other girls?”
Ava nodded. That was a great idea. She would leave Milla and Jaden to have fun and enjoy her time with these people. Maddie took her by the hand and led her to a low hill by the warehouse. People were sitting around in the trampled grass, smoking. As they walked, Maddie commented:
“Also, this is a really cute dress! I don’t know, Ava, but I never expected you to turn into a fitness beauty queen just like that. I mean, it’s great, but kinda unexpected, don’t you think?”
“It grew on me, I guess. But you look awesome too.”
“I was always awesome!”
They laughed.
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Maddie presented her to the other people there. They waved hello, greeted her and generally seemed quite friendly. Ava knew a few of them from seeing them around school, but even though they were outside, it was still so loud that she found it hard to focus and remember their names. They did admire her look though and made comments as to none of them having the guts to stick to their training and their diets.
In an unexpected way, this made Ava quite proud. Getting admired by people was great. It should happen way more often!
The longer they were talking, the better she felt. They even thought that her studying to be a vet was amazing! Ava had to calm herself a little to not to start bragging, although it did itch her to. After all, she had also made an amazing discovery and …
Her train of thought was abruptly derailed by someone suggesting getting back in. There would be a light show and a performance or whatever, anyway, this was a thing no one wanted to miss and they should get in earlier to avoid the rush.
The girls got up, some of them preferring to stay outside, explaining that they had seen that before, but Ava wanted to stay with the people that admired her and went back in with them.
Once inside, she got herself another drink and hung around in the back with Maddie and her entourage. Any conversation was getting more difficult now, so she looked for Milla and Jaden. However, she couldn’t see either.
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After a moment, the show started. The music got even louder and more intense and the lights flashed all over the place. People put their hands in the air, screamed and shouted. The place was going crazy and Ava was swept along immediately, the sweaty, happy people pushing against her. It was all incredibly intense and the young woman was definitely losing herself in this amazing atmosphere.
The bass thundered and she danced, shaking her hips, her head, her everything. It was the best!
The lights shone all over the crowd, there was more flashing, like lightning strikes, people dancing all around her, plastic cups full of beer getting thrown through the air, people just letting everything go.
Ava was carried along, other people running into her, shoving her, but she was strong and tough enough to stay on top. She just enjoyed this now. It was great. She looked around, the lights cutting her vision off again and again.
She found herself getting closer and closer to the epicenter of the whole event. People were going crazy here, completely lost in the music that drowned out every last thought.
And in the middle of it all, she found Jaden and Milla.
Only, something was changing. Something about Jaden. He was growing. He was getting huge, and big and heavy and he was incredibly happy about it, despite his clothes ripping and his shoes breaking. He was so close to Milla, who also started changing now. Ava stopped dancing and just stared.
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Here I thought Jaden wouldn't change at all, but Ava would become a mushroom instead . . .
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The mushroom is love, the mushroom is life!

Right in front of her, Jaden was turning huge and pale and monstrous, hulking out like a cartoon character. His clothes detonated from his body, shredded by his gargantuan muscles. His muscles were swelling to absurd levels, his face was getting distorted into a bizarre rictus and he was getting ridiculously big. The young man, her childhood crush, someone she had always liked and even loved a little, was turning into a mushroom monster just like her roommate. And he was enjoying every single moment. The transforming young man was lifting his ever more massive arms and howled in triumph, even managing to be heard over the music.
Next to him, Milla’s clothes were giving up too as her muscles overwhelmed the fabric, blasting apart the seams and exposing her brutal, defined muscles.
People around him stared. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Milla, on the other hand, was looking at him with an expression of absolute delight. Right next to him, she was growing as well, quickly turning into an equally enormous hulking monster herself. If she had looked human or at least humanoid before, her gigantic shape was now way beyond that. Her muscles were unlike any known anatomy, just growing bigger and bigger.
To Ava, they both looked as if they were able to rip apart a house or throw a car. Also, they were very obviously horny. Now that their clothes were exploding off their bodies and they were turning into bigger and bigger monstrosities, the crowd started to retreat. People started screaming. There was some pushing, some shoving …
Happily, the DJ and the people on stage realized that something was wrong soon enough. Still, panic was spreading. The howls and shrieks got louder and louder.
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Ava was getting carried along by the tide now, but she pushed against it, swimming through the masses. She had to see this. Ava knew this was insanity, but the monstrosities that her friends had turned into were too crazy to ignore. People bumped into her, but she managed to stay upright, forcing her way back. She could see the two creatures above the crowd, each one easily eight feet tall and packed with muscles. Their white skins glinted in the bursts of light and they smashed into each other, their heavy bodies colliding like unstoppable forces.
They kissed. They embraced, their heavy arms circling their gigantic bodies.
Suddenly, Ava stood in the open, the masses trickling away behind her. She stood in front of these mutants, the lights went on now, the music stopped and the pair was lost among itself.
She watched them kiss, caress each other, lick their muscles. Jaden, was still exploring his own body, but he also couldn’t keep his hands off Milla. Their muscles just seemed to turn heavier and heavier, generating absurd mass out of nowhere.
It was mindboggling to see them grow ever more massive and massive. Soon, they were getting so huge that they could do little more than just touch each other, to crane their heads to get close. The strange hexagonal prisms expanded from their shoulders, the belly tentacles erupted from their skins and they locked into a kind of sickening passion.
Ava couldn’t stop looking at this. Although it was obviously insane, it turned her on. She tried to fight down the urge to masturbate, but all this mass …
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Suddenly, the two mutated musclepeople looked at her. Their faces looked familiar, but the transformation had distorted them in a way. They looked down on Ava. Jaden sighed:
“This is incredible. This is what I wanted. And I got it. Thank you.”
His voice boomed loudly despite his best efforts.
Milla grinned, sinking her hand between Jaden’s monstrously muscular legs. She extracted a massive, white cock that only got longer and thicker with every moment. Ava stared at it, then at the two huge, bulging creatures in front of her.
“You’re not going to do it right here, are you?”
The female monstrosity just pulled her mate closer, drawing him down on her. She was more experienced with this body, and she took the lead. Ava started retreating, but didn’t stop looking. She heard Milla whisper:
“Come closer. I need you on me. I’ve been waiting so long …”
Jaden took hold of his very big, very erect cock and bit his lips. He gave it a stroke and made it even harder.
“Fuck … This is awesome …”
With a grin, he got on top of Milla. She pushed up her crotch, her giant muscles swelling. Ava didn’t know what to do now. The tentacles on Milla’s stomach went for Jaden’s cock, dancing over it and making it harder. They directed him inside her, luring him, caressing him.
Their huge bodies collided. It was incredible. Ava couldn’t believe her eyes. She had seen them fuck before, but this …
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The two monstrous young people seemed to devour each other, their muscles getting bigger and bigger as they got turned on more and more. They were gasping for air, grunting, shaking … There was something building up inside of them. Their pale muscles were now throbbing, thick veins snaking over them while the striations of their fibers appeared to explode through their skins.
Then Milla’s breathing quickened. She was about to cum, that was clear. Her eyes rolled back and she groaned lustfully as Jaden continued hammering at her, his enormous cock denting her abs from the inside. It was like a cartoon fantasy come to life.
She howled as he started pumping his load into her, pulling him closer and closer. Their heavy bodies seemed to meld into one.
Milla wrapped her tentacles around Jaden’s enormous, ultra-hard butt and tried to push him into her even deeper. She cried for more, and he obliged.
Meanwhile, Ava’s hand had reached her crotch and she started rubbing her clit. The whole display was so mesmerizingly absurd that she could no longer stop herself. The two hulks didn’t pay any attention to her, fucking relentlessly on the concrete, the vague light of the venue still illuminating every bit of their massive bodies.
Inside Ava’s mind, something clicked. At last, she understood. Power turned her on. Maybe it was the same for everybody. Who knew? Who cared? But the praise she had received today, the brutal strength in front of her, hell, her mother’s absurd craving for muscle …
She needed that. Not for any contest, just for herself.
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The drive home was surprisingly awkward. The two naked crazies on the backseat had changed back to their normal forms and were enthusiastically chatting about their feelings. They had covered up with the emergency blanket from the trunk, but that was about it. Ava listened to them, but she didn’t dare say a word. She had to drive them since neither of them trusted themselves to stay in control. Also, the idea of running into a police checkpoint like that didn’t exactly scare them, but no one wanted any unnecessary attention.
Jaden was all ecstatic about his newly acquired power and just longed to test it out.
“And when we get home, I’m going to load up all the plates and give them a pump. What do you think?”
“Sure. I’ll spot for you, not that you fuck this up, big boy! Don’t want you to hurt yourself just when this is starting to get nice …”
“Cool. Cool. Fuck. I still can’t believe it! I’m a fucking muscle monster now. And nobody will know … I mean, yeah, obviously, people might be wondering what happened at that party, but fuck them!”
“Also, fucking. This is amazing. It feels so much better than normal people!”
“Yeah! Fuck normal people. This is so cool. I wonder what else there is … Those tentacles are nice, but I’m sure there’s more to it!”
Milla grinned:
“I sure hope it. Also, I want to try that big fungus mega dick of yours when I’m still … normal.”
“Fuck. That’s dangerous.”
“I like dangerous.”
Ava groaned.
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Once they were home, Jaden and Milla quickly disappeared into their little home gym and left Ava to her own devices. Soon enough, she heard loud grunts from the place, eventually supplemented by shouts and a constant slapping sound.
Ava decided to go to bed.
After a quick shower to get the party funk out of her hair and skin, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She could see it a little. No wonder the other girls had been impressed. The problem was easy to explain: Since she hung out with literal muscle monsters and her mom who was on her way to be a championship bodybuilder, her standards had shifted.
But to a normal person, one not completely immersed in muscle craziness, she was quite buff. She just wasn’t a ripped bodybuilder, but more someone who looked as if she could take care of herself in most situations. She was fit.
She just needed to see it and stop accepting those completely insane levels around her.
Still, if she wanted to beat her mom, she had a long way to go.
Those two, whose fucking was shaking the walls, they wouldn’t be much help. Sure, she could probably just turn herself into a muscle monster by eating some orange baubles, but that wouldn’t win her any competition. Instead, she’d probably end up on a vivisector’s table.
She had to talk to normal people. Normal bodybuilder people, but still.
She grinned. Maybe they would be willing to help.
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Angela smiled. She felt incredible. She was walking down the shopping street, her arms loaded with bags. Not that they caused her any trouble. She was tremendously strong and those bags, well, they didn’t contain that much fabric. Not that she was wearing much either. She never would have imagined herself ever dressing this way. Or even looking this way.
She admired herself in a shop window. She was wearing her big sunglasses, her hair dyed a thick glowing chestnut, her face a little gaunt and a little rough, but not in a bad way. That is, for a massive bodybuilder woman. On any other female, this would have been a terrifying look, but on her tight, ripped muscles, it was just perfect. She was wearing a kind of leotard that was pretty much only a collection of cutouts vaguely connected by thin blue strips of fabric, combined with a pair of white hot pants that covered the top of her thick, ultra-cut glutes. A merciless schedule of squats and other lower body exercises had given her butt that extra pop that made people turn around and stare. Also, the three-inch heels gave her that extra boost she needed. It took her a while to learn how to walk in them, but now, she was a vision of swinging hips.
There was the rest of her body too. She had been on those special roids for weeks, no, months now, and she just piled on the mass like a madwoman. The boys tried to stay ahead, but she was coming at them. Soon, she would pass them. They just lacked focus. Weaklings, really.
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The best part about her, at least in her opinion, was her upper body. She religiously trained it to exhaustion whenever the schedule allowed it, relentlessly brutalizing her muscles. Once they were so painful that she couldn’t move anymore, feeling all destroyed and broken, she would stumble over to the massage and have her two boys wreak further havoc on them. And it paid off handsomely. She was growing like a weed.
Every bit of her torso and her arms was swelling with muscle. She had to admit that this wasn’t perfect for symmetry, but on the other hand, she just loved to feel big. Of course, her legs were still on par, but her focus on her massive chest and her brutal abs was just amazing. Her shoulders had grown too, giving her a broad, v-shaped silhouette. She loved looking at herself, completely embracing her narcissism.
By now, people on the internet were paying her to get bigger. Kemal and Tobie had lined her up for this, publicizing her life and surprisingly earning money from this. This was a good thing, since this lifestyle was horribly expensive. Not that she cared. She wanted to be big, to live like this and to just enjoy the sheer enormity of her body.
To think that she had felt bad about herself once!
If she had known that the key had been to get big and muscular, she’d have done it years ago. She fantasized about the size she could have reached by now. There were guys on the internet that morphed her to absurd levels and she loved every single one of them.
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People stumbled to get either out of the way or to catch a glimpse. Some did both, trying to hide their looks. She didn’t care. She knew what she was made of and since she was a goddess, she could accept their worship. Somewhere deep inside her, a voice was calling out, warning her of the hubris. She couldn’t care less. The drugs the boys got her made her bigger, stronger, tougher and sexier. What more could she ask for?
“This woman looks odd. Why does she look like this?”
A young mother stumbled to the side, pulling her kid behind her. Angela made a calming gesture, then squatted down next to the little girl. She felt her insanely hard calves press against her hamstrings. The size of her muscles was straining her hot pants.
She looked at the girl and asked:
“She is cute. What’s her name?”
The mother hesitated.
“Er … Emma. Come on, Emma. That’s not very nice to ask questions like that.”
Angela smiled and said:
“Don’t worry. I’m not offended.”
The kid looked at her muscles. The older woman said:
“Hi, Emma. I look like that because I trained a lot. I do it every day. And you can see that it pays off!”
She flexed her biceps. The muscle swelled to huge size. The mother stared at the absurd mass. To Angela’s surprise, Emma didn’t even look at her too much:
“But why do you have the bags on your arms and not on your hands?”
Angela was a bit confused:
“They’re easier to carry that way.”
The girl nodded:
And walked away, tugging at her mother’s hand.
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They quickly left, leaving Angela surprised and slightly baffled. The mother mumbled something along the lines of “She keeps asking weird questions, don’t take it personally.”
The musclewoman shrugged, and continued her walk. She wondered what the boys would say. She had all those awesome outfits. The thought of their faces turned her on already. She would meet them at the gym, get shot up, train like crazy, then egg them on to do the same. Then, when she was all pumped up, she would give them a show of her new acquisitions. And when they were turned on, she would fuck them. Now that she was getting massively strong, it was her responsibility to take care of them.
Also, she’d sent some pictures to Ava. She hadn’t heard anything from her lately, but her daughter did look at her messages. She’d have to make sure that those pictures would shock her. Maybe Ava would give up. That wouldn’t be much fun when things came to a head, but it would be funny to see her shocked expression.
Lost in thoughts, she ran into someone. Angela caught herself immediately, but one of her bags spilled out and dropped the ultra tight, lacy lingerie set she had bought on the ground. The guy she had rammed shouted:
“Hey! Watch where you’re …”
As he saw her, his voice got lower. His expression changed. It was clear that he was trying to figure out if he was to be angry or turned on. It was a pretty normal guy, maybe in his mid forties. He looked amazingly boring.
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If Emma doesn't look is she a natural? Also where's Liv? Something is telling me she'll be away and come back big.
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What's this about Liv?

The man stood there, the switch of his mind seemingly flipped to “off”. Angela waited with mock politeness and eventually asked again:
“You’re what? Come on, you’ve got to work with me.”
He looked around, probably trying to figure out an excuse or distraction. The older musclewoman came very close now, her tight, powerful muscles tensing and swelling. Angela did her best to flex her chest and spread her shoulders, appearing even bigger and more intimidating. The poor man was panicking. Angela forced him to keep eye contact and was now almost touching him.
His mouth hung open stupidly.
At last, her muscle-packed chest touched his own weak torso and he shivered.
“Err … I … It was nothing. Look, I am sorry …”
Angela tightened the screw.
“About what?”
“About … Hey. Look. I didn’t want to …”
With a brutal grin, Angela whispered:
“Piss off now. Go home to your wife. And dream about me.”
The man stormed off and the musclewoman laughed. This was incredible! She had to lean against a wall to catch her breath. Wow. She never, never would have dared to bully anyone, least of all people she didn’t know! And just like that, she had just made the poor guy suffer. Also, he did have an erection. It had been obvious.
It was a weird thing to realize that she had so much power over other people. Weird, but nice. She would definitely find more ways to enjoy this. With a grin, she picked up the fallen bag and walked away, swinging her hips.
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“I’m sorry, but who is this?”
Ava sighed:
“I’m Ava. We talked after the competition. Remember me? The natural girl.”
“Doesn’t really ring a bell. I kinda got blurry after that competition.”
“We did the ‘One of us’ voice.”
“Hmm … Yeah, no. I dunno, maybe? Anyway. What do you want?”
Ava took a deep breath:
“I’m looking for a trainer. I need to get ready for a bodybuilding competition and I thought you three could help me. You said something along those lines back then.”
The voice on the other side of the line still sounded doubtful.
“I really can’t say I know you, but … Okay. Yeah. We could try that. Which one?”
Ava told her the date. Tara frowned. The young woman could tell right through the phone.
“That’s awfully soon. And do you have any prior experience?”
“Not really, no. I just want to beat my mom.”
“Hey, I know it sounds weird …”
“Girl, it sounds crazy!”
“No, I mean … I really need to do this. So … Are you going to help me?”
There was some hesitation. Then the woman on the other end of the line said:
“Yeah, we can do this. But you need to work hard and do all the stuff for us. Like cooking, cleaning, the works. If we’re your teachers, we need you to do the job. Got it?”
Ava sighed. Now that Jaden and Milla had gone full fungus, they were no help for her anymore. She had to do it another way.
“Fine. I’m in.”
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Soon enough, Ava turned up at the bodybuilder women’s gym. She felt weird about it, but then again, it was her best and final bet. Jaden and Milla had gone from constant fuckery to excursions in the city, enjoying their strength and toughness. They filmed themselves and each other and later bragged about their moves online. To conceal their identities, they wore matching orange superhero outfits, complete with hoods. Watching them getting ready was a strange experience. They would put on the suits, kiss, pull down the hoods and then start their growth.
Ava watched them several times, their exploding muscle mass turning her on. Fuck. That was amazing. Their muscles would swell larger and larger, stretching the fabric and almost instantly turning into gigantic masses of brutal, super-strong flesh. When they were done, having reached their chosen size, they would add the cameras and get to work, racing each other, skipping over walls and literally jumping from roof to roof. This wasn’t parkour, it was sheer, relentless power, showing off their strength and skill.
It was playful in a weird way. They would help each other jump even higher, cling to one another, drop down from tall buildings and have sex in surprising places. Training and focusing on the competition was impossible like this.
Also, Angela was sending her more pictures and videos now. Ava couldn’t believe that this woman had once been her mother. It was as if she had turned into a completely different person.
And now, she would probably have to go the same way.
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Loving this story, do hope Angela keeps growing, and Ava start taking PEDs or something to try and catch up.
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Thank you for the praise. This is certainly in the cards ...

The door opened and Tara looked at her. It was the kind of slightly demeaning examination that made Ava queasy. Eventually, the tough woman nodded:
“Okay. That just might work. Come on in.”
Ava herself was quite impressed. Since their last meeting, Tara had definitely managed to improve her physique. She was hard and ripped, her muscles framed by deep groves and her shape generally having become more powerful. She was wearing yoga pants and a tight exercise top and Ava could see everything in perfect detail. Tara led her inside and explained:
“This is our gym. My ex built it for me and I won it when we divorced. I really only use it for us. It’s on the small side, but for just us three … or four, it’s perfect.
To Ava’s rather less professional opinion, the equipment looked used, but in a good shape. There were some machines, a lot of weights and a shower. A small kitchen was also visible through a half-opened pearl curtain. Tara added:
“The town is pretty much dead, so this place is kinda for free anyway. We just have to make sure it isn’t vandalized.”
Ava nodded:
“That sounds great. Where are the others?”
“Jogging, I guess. Just a little warm-up. Why don’t you get dressed and we join them?”
Moments later, the two young women were running down the street at a swift, yet relaxed pace. Ava kept up nicely. Soon enough, they found the two other women as they started circling a big lake. Pauline and Marla joined their rhythm and the gang of four enjoyed the soft wind and cool weather.

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Like how the cards are falling. Be interesting if Ava drug take made Angelas look light weight ;)
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Well, that is most definitely possible ...
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Ava was impressed. The trio had made a lot of progress over the last few months. It was a joy to watch them run, their muscles pumping as they sped along the water. Pauline’s heavy, wide torso was swinging side by side, her huge fake tits secured in two sports bra. Her long blond hair was bouncing with every step and her tight butt tensed, revealing a slight hint of the striations that would eventually adorn it. If anything, she looked like a true comic book amazon.
Next to her, Marla was racing along quickly. It was obvious that she was holding back. Her legs were still incredibly large and powerful, but her upper body was now catching up. Ava soon assumed that she just liked training and building her legs. This wasn’t something to just pursue a championship title. This woman loved her legs and watching them grow …
They raced along in silence, focusing on their breathing and their rhythm. Somehow, Ava felt at peace. Those women might be difficult people just like all other bodybuilders, but they didn’t show any signs of being pointlessly aggressive or completely careless.
She just might succeed.
They stopped at a bench after half an hour of light jogging and stretched. Marla grinned at Ava and asked:
“So you’re joining our little team? Tara said you would do the cooking.”
Ava nodded as she limbered up her legs.
“I will. I want to do my part.”
“Awesome. I hate, hate, hate the cooking. The eating, I don’t mind, but the kitchen … It’s not a place for a woman like me.”
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Ava shrugged and said:
“You’ll just have to tell me what you like and I’ll see what I can do. I used to be quite good at cooking.”
Marla looked a little reluctant at that admission, probably expecting something more professional, but Pauline, who just forced her chest out to its maximum enormousness cut it:
“Really, just do your best. The two girls here tend to be very honest and critical, but for me, as long as there’s plenty …”
Marla rolled her eyes ironically:
“There she goes again, about her being the modest little tomboy army brat used to all hardships.”
“Well, it is true.”
Tara chuckled:
“Remember the SuperTaste meat substitute?”
Marla groaned:
“Oh yes. That stuff was so gross.”
The blond giantess asked:
“What do you mean? It was okay. It wasn’t good or anything, but it was nowhere as bad as you make it out to be.”
Tara turned to Ava and explained:
“A couple of years ago, when we were all still learning the ropes, Marla brought some of that meat substitute and it was so amazingly bad … You wouldn’t believe it. And the weird part was that, of course, Pauline loved it.”
“Different strokes, I guess. By the way, how long have you been working out?”
Marla laughed:
“Show them the picture!”
Pauline sighed:
“By all means.”
Tara took out her phone, searched for a moment, then held it out for Ava to see.
“So that’s us four years ago when we decided we’d had enough!”
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Ava was surprised. The three friends were there, their arms around each other’s shoulders, with Tara holding up a selfie stick. The change was impressive to say the least. Pauline was huge, and not in a good way. She was as tall as ever, but she was also enormously fat. She had a big protruding belly on which huge breasts rested. They hung down to her navel. Her thighs were equally enormous and her face was rounded and moon-like. She had done her best by contouring it, but that looked odd on her triple chin. She was wearing a very large dress which did its best to hide her flaws, but it was very obvious that she was not only morbidly obese but also quite unhappy. She did put on a brave face, though.
Next to her was Marla. The girl was way shorter and a little less fat, but still obviously in danger of developing serious problems. She had a pair of leggings on and the thick layers of fat stretched it out badly. Her tummy was broad and spilled over her waist. There was also her chest, which was quite small, but also looked too narrow for her lower body. Of the three women, she had the slimmest face, but she was still far from her amazing looks now.
Finally, Tara was stuck with broad shoulders, a bad posture and a very thick, shapeless torso. She did have breasts and a butt, but it all dissolved into a kind of barrel shape.
None of them was looking too proud of their bodies.
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Pauline rolled her eyes:
“Whoa. That picture gets me every time. And it’s so bad …”
Ava asked:
“What happened?”
“Everything, pretty much. I mean, things had been getting worse for a while now. I’ve always been fat, but after my divorce, I lost my job and I just ate and ate. I found something new, but it was shit. So, more eating.”
Tara nodded:
“For me, it was different, but still crap: I found out I had some weird disease, something genetic. It meant that I would get fat everywhere and look like that. Also, the fat would get into weird places or something and I would end up with plenty of inflammations. I always had problems, but with all the stress with my family, I really lost control.”
Marla shrugged:
“I had it best, I guess. My husband was totally into my big ass. I never had any problems. In a way, I was always the cool one of our gang. I mean, we all just met at school because I ended up being assigned to the chess club.”
The young woman wondered:
“How did that happen?”
“That is literally a long story. I’ll tell you another time. But it had to do with … Ah, forget it. Anyway: I had a heart attack. The doctors didn’t detect it at first, because apparently, women’s heart attacks look nothing like in the textbooks. So when some specialist finally figured out what happened, I got the warning sign. I told the others on New Year’s Eve and we made a pledge to turn our lives around.”
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kinda lost me now don't know where this story is heading..
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kinda lost me now don't know where this story is heading..

There's going to be the big confrontation between Ava and Angela and the fungus thing is going to get cleared up.
But I need to get Ava to huge size too.
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ElRoy is an awesome story teller just wait it out. It'll be worth it.
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Pauline lifted her arms and flexed them:
“And we did. It was so incredibly hard! But it worked. We kinda screwed up our normal lives, but it gave us a lot of focus. Also, there was a lot of pressure, especially from Tara.”
The other woman rolled her eyes:
“Hey, my thing was the worst. I mean, you were just fat, which was shitty for your joints and stuff, but I, I was getting those shitty inflammations everywhere.”
Marla cut in:
“Heart attack?”
“Oh, so we’re playing misery poker now? You didn’t sound too shocked by that heart attack. I mean, you just kinda passed over it.”
“I was still worried!”
Pauline cut them off:
“Anyway. We stuck to it and trained our asses off. And when we noticed it worked, we got into bodybuilding. From there, it got more intense. We would prepare for our first competition before we even thought about it. Look!”
She took the protesting Tara’s phone again and showed her a picture. The three women were looking happy and exhausted. Their tans were all over the place and their muscles were rather tiny compared to now. There were so many problems that immediately jumped at Ava. But the effect was astonishing when compared to the previous picture.
Pauline had lost a lot of weight, there was a bit of a six pack somewhere around the flab. Her deflated breasts had been stuffed into a very sequined posing suit top and her chin had been reduced to normal size.
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ElRoy is an awesome story teller just wait it out. It'll be worth it.

Also, thank you very much!
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Next to her, Marla was looking quite similar to before, but the fat in her thighs had been replaced by muscle. Not completely, but quite a bit. Also, her muscles had grown all over. She was definitely the fittest of the three.
Tara’s change was the most impressive. She had gone from cylindrical to ripped. Her muscles were still quite tiny, but she had lost a lot of bodyfat, which made them stand out. Next to the others, her conditioning was the closest to contest-ready, but muscle-wise, she was the weakest.
Still, they were beaming.
This was their kind of achievement! They did it.
Marla said:
“After this, my husband left me. We weren’t seeing each other much anyway anymore. I mean, it was okay. We broke up on good terms.”
Pauline cut in:
“The thing was, he kinda hoped that we would stop after the competition, but that was the thing that really pushed us. Seeing the others … We just had to amp up our game!”
Tara took the phone again and showed a third picture:
“This is us after our first win. Actually, I managed to place, but it was a win for all of us. I still think it was the conditioning. The muscles were quite shitty back then.”
The picture showed the women’s transformation quite clearly: Somewhere along the way, Pauline had her tits done and the extra skin removed. She was now looking her normal Amazonian self. Marla was ripped and tough now, her legs shredded to bits. Tara was quite thick now, but the best part was her vascularity. She was defined and looked like championship material.
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So New Life has reached 300 parts. I hope you still enjoy it and I want to thank all those that keep on supporting my work.

You're amazing!
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Ava was smiling now. Those women were incredible. This could actually work, even though it was already quite late. Tara asked:
“So, about your mom … What kind of competition are we looking at now?”
Ava did her best to keep her smile intact. She took out her phone and showed them the last few pictures. The women stared at the screen. Pauline managed to say:
“Okay … That’s … That’s impressive. Fucking hell.”
Marla nodded slowly:
“Damn. I wish I had a body like that. Just what kind of stuff is she on? I want some of that.”
Tara was a little shocked and eventually said:
“Ava … Don’t get me wrong. We’re all super glad to have you with us and we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to train you and get you bigger, but seriously … This woman … She’s out of our league. I mean … Damn.”
There was a moment of silence, eventually Marla suggested:
“We could get you to catch up for a bit, maybe make sure your conditioning beats hers. With the right make-up and a bit of pandering to the judges, there could be a chance … But you’ll have to use every kind of supplement we got. And a lot of it.”
For Ava, this was far from unexpected. She had known that the subject would come up but had wanted to avoid it as long as possible. She had to take her pick: Go all in and maybe win, or stay away from the drugs and certainly lose …
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In the end, she said:
“Okay. Let’s just say I’ll cross that bridge when I reach it. Is that alright?”
Marla shrugged:
“Whatever you want. But there’s really no problem to it. Everybody is doing it. Also, your mom must be on the craziest drugs ever. This is not normal. If you do find out what she is using, I want it too. And a lot of it.”
The others nodded in agreement. Ava wasn’t one hundred percent sure whether all those people who came into contact with bodybuilding weren’t crazy …
“I’ll just do what I can and see what works.”
“Again, no problem. But we did agree on you being on kitchen duty, didn’t we?”
Ava nodded. This she could do. No problem. Pauline smiled:
“Awesome! Then let’s get to work! There’s a lot of cooking and cleaning to do!”
To Ava’s lack of surprise, it turned out that her new training partners had not exactly been willing to do their dishes. There was so much crap to clean! She groaned, but swallowed her pride and went to work.
After a moment, she started to enjoy this. It was just a no-brainer routine job, but she focused on it, making sure that everything sparkled. Once the dishes were done, she went to work on the food. The three musclewomen watched her for a moment, then disappeared to train. Only when everything was ready did she join them. Ava was surprised. The women did mostly high intensity stuff, blasting their muscles at full power and then getting them massaged until they felt numb and broken. When they were done with her, Ava was shocked by the pure, unadulterated will to grow.
She was now quite sure she made the right decision.
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"One of us! One of us!"
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A few nights after, Jaden was quivering with anticipation. It was time for their first patrol. Milla was skeptical. She would have preferred to watch TV and fuck, but since he insisted on it, she decided to let him have fun. He handed her one of the outfits he had designed and said:
“Put it on. I want to see you in it!”
“God, Jaden, you can be such a pervert.”
“It’s not that kinky. Basically, it’s just your initial design, but amped to eleven.”
“No kink whatsoever, huh? Well, since I planned on fucking you anyway tonight, why not do it in style …”
She unfolded the suit and touched the material.
“Okay … What is this made of?”
Jaden’s sheepish grin made her frown:
“Jaden, what is this?”
He blushed, or at least he would have if his now completely white skin had allowed him to.
“I made it from my own fibers.”
That was unexpectedly gross, even for mushroom people levels:
“You what?”
“You see, I found out that my body now produces these weird strings of I don’t know what. They’re really stretchy and resilient, a bit like silk. You can probably make the too.”
“Okay …”
“And I started spinning them into a thread, and then, I turned them into a fabric. The orange color is from my own blobs.”
“This is a little gross. Just a little bit, you know?”
He shrugged and did his best to look awkward. Then he said:
“I asked someone on the net to make me the outfits. I got them back today. So this is our matching outfits premiere.”
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“That makes it even weirder, Jaden. Seriously? You had those sewed by someone else?”
“If you didn’t want them to tear up immediately, better ask the professionals, don’t you think?”
She gave the outfit a stretch. It was very orange and white and it seemed to be able to accommodate her body even at its hugest size. This might work. There were even openings for the tentacles. The only thing that was missing was a zipper.
“Okay. So far so good, but how do I get in?”
Jaden grinned and grabbed the suit’s neck hole. It had a kind of hood attached, but he just stretched it out and reached inside to the legs. Then he stepped in through the hole and smoothed it over his white skin.
“God, Jaden, you’re such a pervert.”
“Hey, it’s not my fault all those superhero suits were invented by fetishists!”
“I wonder who I’m supposed to be then … Fungowoman? Lady Mushroom? Toadstool Girl?”
Jaden chuckled:
He slipped the fabric over his chest, then pulled it over his arms.
“Forget it. I haven’t figured it out yet. Just put the suit on already.”
He pulled the hood over his head, zipping it a little here and there until he got it in the right position. Then he did the same with the tentacle openings. She laughed:
“You look like one of those gimp guys from the internet.”
“Just wait for my muscles! Superman, here I come!”
Rolling her eyes, she started putting on her suit.
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Milla twirled in front of the mirror.
“Okay, I can see the appeal now.”
She did look cool, she had to admit. The orange and white suit clung to her curves, the pattern further emphasizing her small waist and her long legs. The face mask covered her forehead, her cheeks and her nose while hiding her eyes behind some sheer fabric. It took her a moment to get used to it, but once she did, it felt completely natural. The thing basically just left her mouth and her chin visible. An orange stripe went down the front, repeating the suit’s theme.
“I think I should try some black lipstick with that thing.”
She quickly dashed to her room and returned, applying it with gusto. She smacked her lips.
“Nice, huh?”
Jaden nodded. Was she getting into this? They had to get going now if he didn’t want to end up fucking her right away.
“You’re perfect. So, let’s get to it!”
They stepped outside and looked at each other. It felt strange to stand around in public, dressed like freaks. Not that there was anybody around, but still …
“Okay, let’s move!”
Jaden let his muscles swell, the suit stretching as he turned into a literal superhero. He loved this. When he looked at Milla, she nodded and grinned:
“Is that all you got?”
She licked her lips and started her own transformation. Jaden knew she still had a kind of advance on him and as he watched her body coat itself with gigantic, heavy muscles he realized that there was still a way to go.
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Milla felt her body expand. It was amazing. She grew taller and heavier, her chest spreading. She could watch her gigantic pectorals grow, stretching the suit until its fabric clung in the striations of her muscles. She marveled at her neck’s growing circumference, her tightening abs, her hardening glutes … She loved every single moment of it. In no time, she had gone from slim and alternative to huge and monstrous. To her relief, Jaden had planned for a hole in the back of her mask so she could lead her dreadlock-tentacles through it.
Once she stood there, some eight feet tall, shoulders the size of beach balls and thighs bigger than watermelons, she flexed, hitting a crab pose that would have detonated any other outfit.
“Okay. This is amazing! You’ve got to show me how to make those fibers when we’re back. But first, let’s beat somebody up!”
Jaden shot her a surprised look, then said:
“I heard that there’s a bunch of guys unloading some drugs down by the river. We could take a look.”
“Let’s go! I need to feel this!”
He nodded to himself, then ran up to a building in big bounds, jumped up, his powerful legs propelling him upwards. Next to him, Milla passed him. Even in the air, her tentacles shot out, she grabbed a few ledges with them and propelled herself further up. Jaden abandoned his initial grab-and-climb plan and instead also tried the tentacle thing.
As he soared along the side of the building, a huge grin spread over his face. Damn! This was amazing!
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They reached the top of the apartment house and took a quick breath. Actually, neither of them was exhausted in any way, but they just had to stop, kiss and enjoy the view. They had just raced up maybe five stories like it was nothing! Milla grinned:
“Fuck! That was amazing! I can’t believe how good that went!”
Jaden was all excited:
“Let’s go! I need to have this again!”
He jumped off the roof, shooting his tentacles out and grabbing hold of the next building, pulling himself back up and landing on the other side. She heard him laugh, then joined right after him. They were now racing across the city, bounding in big leaps, swinging over streets and rushing towards their goal.
It was elating. As they approached the river port, their laughter and their whoops echoed over the city.
As they landed on the roof of one of the big warehouses, Jaden sighed:
“Wow. We gotta do this again afterwards. This was the absolute best!”
She nodded enthusiastically and embraced his gigantic shoulders.
“What do you say, do we shirk on our civic duty for a moment and …”
She reached down to his crotch and gave his cock a rub. He frowned, though not very convincingly.
“Be careful. I don’t think this suit is going to look very heroical if I got my cock tenting it.”
Her masked face still managed to convey the feeling of her next words:
“That would be terrible.”
She grinned widely and rubbed harder.
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Just as he was going to fall for it and just fuck with her, something happened below. A couple of trucks arrived and some guys got out, checking the area carefully. Jaden stopped, pushing her hand away gently:
“Okay, this is it, I think.”
Milla wouldn’t give up yet.
“What makes you so sure?”
“Just the general look of it. Also, the trucks’ markings don’t fit any local company and … it’s the middle of the night. Also, they look nervous, don’t you think?”
She nodded vaguely, a little disappointed.
“So, what now?”
“We hit them.”
Instead of an answer, Jaden jumped down, landing in the middle of the men in a perfect superhero three point pose. Milla shrugged and followed his lead.
The men turned around and stared at them. It took them a moment to even try to understand what was going on, then one of them, probably the boss, asked:
“What the fuck are you guys?”
Then came an awkward pause. Jaden looked at Milla. She looked back. They probably should have come up with names first. Now they were stuck. Jaden also realized just how crazy they must be looking in the eyes of their targets. They were huge bodybuilders now, dressed in carnival outfits. No wonder the men were trying to figure out what they were about.
Milla stopped caring immediately and just attacked. As soon as fists started flying, Jaden joined in.
Actually, targets was probably the wrong term. Victims was more accurate. The men tried to mount something of an attack immediately, but their fists were for nothing. Milla just grabbed the first one with one hand and tossed him in the river, the second one who tried to strike at her found his fist caught in her huge hand and subsequently forced to the ground, and the third one had his feet pulled out under him by her tentacles.
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Meanwhile, Jaden charged the boss, hitting him square in the front and throwing him some twenty yards down the road. The man screamed and crashed on the tarmac, clutching his chest and trying to stay conscious. One of the guys pulled out a gun and opened fire. Jaden just moved out of the way with a jump that took him to one of the warehouses, then shot out his tentacles and wrestled the weapon from the man’s hands.
Now the men were panicking. Most of them ran, the others tried to hide. Only one of them seemed to go crazy, grabbed a metal bar and charged at Milla. She caught his blow with her hand and twisted the bar. Her huge muscles appeared to swell even more and to the man’s complete terror, she bent it into knot.
When the shriek of the metal subsided, the man just collapsed.
Milla rolled him on his side with a push of her foot, then looked at Jaden.
“Wow. That was quick.”
The young man, still in his huge muscular shape, was breathing heavily. This was amazing.
“Yeah. Fuck. We beat them up in no time. Damn! We’re fucking superheroes now!”
Milla grinned, walked over to him, her enormous upper body swinging, and said:
“You’ll have to get those suits fitted with a fly of some sort. After that, I really need to fuck!”
Jaden nodded eagerly and replied:
“I just need to call the cops and we can be on our way.”
Milla’s hand went to her crotch.
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As the squad cars approached, lights flashing, the two gigantic musclepeople disappeared, using their tentacles to swing from building to building in mighty bounds. This was the absolute best. They whooped and shouted in triumph.
At last, they couldn’t stop themselves anymore and crashed into a plot of wasteland which was now overgrown with trees and shrubs. It might have been a building project once, but now, it was abandoned. Milla was doing her best to stop herself from cumming and tried to get out of her suit. When that didn’t work out, she said:
“Fuck, Jaden … I need to get out of this!”
He was struggling himself, but then, he just pulled and fumbled with it and managed to get his cock out of one of the holes for the tentacles. It was a bit awkward and he was pretty sure this wouldn’t be much fun, but her needed this now!
Milla laid down on her massive back, resting her head on a broken tree trunk and did her best to get one of the holes aligned to her cunt. She grumbled:
“Seriously … This is a bug, not a feature!”
He climbed on top of her and slowly directed his cock inside of her. After a few thrusts, he stopped.
“Shit. This is … I don’t know. It just doesn’t work.”
She rolled her eyes:
“But you can’t just not …”
“Let me think …”
“Maybe we could just get out of the suits? I mean, I can deflate the muscles and …”
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Where's the mom at?
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She'll be back in a moment.
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Here is hoping she's getting freaky big ;)
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“Shh … Wait … I … I feel that … Oh …”
“What’s going on? Jaden?”
Suddenly, he arched his back and let the tentacles come out again, running them all over her body. They split up at their ends and she suddenly felt them grope every bit of her. It felt incredible, as if something had touched her very essence. She followed suit, somehow realizing she could do that as well. Their appendages spread and interlocked, touching their muscles, sneaking into the openings. Milla’s “hair” did the same, extending itself and reaching into Jaden’s mouth. He licked it and kissed it and to her surprise, Milla felt that too.
She gasped.
“Wow … Wow! This is …better than … anything … It’s better than … sex …”
He took her closer, their ultra-heavy, massive muscles touching.
“Yes … Fuck … I never imagined …”
As their caresses intensified, Milla felt something stir within her body. This was … incredible. She was starting to grow even bigger now, her body spreading out as her muscle-packed lover seemed to get smaller and smaller. Jaden noticed this, but it didn’t worry him. He just clung to her colossal pecs, wanting to be with her, and just enjoying the absolute closeness.
And then, the ends of some of his tentacles opened, creating weird apertures. Milla sank her own appendages into them and suddenly, Jaden felt that his mind was exploding. He grunted lustily as she shoved one of her tentacles down his throat and came, shaking and shivering.
She followed soon enough, her thick body almost enveloping his.
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They awoke much later, the sun was already vaguely creeping over the horizon. The couple had shrunk back to normal, but so had their outfits, so they were now just two young people in fetish outfits, lying in the dirt in an abandoned city. Jaden had snuggled against Milla, which was weird since she was back to her tiny, slim shape. However, the young woman didn’t mind. Instead, she kept him close and smiled:
“That was something …”
“I know. It was incredible. I especially liked the knotted steel bar.”
She looked at the reddish-golden sky. Was there something of a blush to her face?
“We should do this again. Soon. But you should definitely get those outfits altered.” She paused for a moment, then added: “Actually, I’m going to do this later on. I think there’s a little room for improvement.”
He grinned:
“But don’t screw up my original design!”
“I’d never. Just some things I noticed. And maybe some variants. Like, do superheroes have to wear the same stuff every night?”
Jaden shrugged:
“I think we’re pretty much on our own. As long as the style is recognizable.”
“Also, we’ll have to come up with some names. We can’t just jump in and start beating people up, can we?”
Jaden nodded:
“So you’re getting into this.”
“Definitely. But we should get home before anybody sees us.”
He looked around. The place was deserted.
“Hm. I don’t think that’s going to be much of a problem, but okay.”
They got up, brushed the dirt from their outfits and left. Close to where they lay, the little caps of white mushrooms emerged.
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Angela was furious. Just now, Tobie and Kemal had dared tell her that they were out of the drug. They could have told her days ago that this was going to happen, that someone had interrupted the deliveries. Now what would she do? She had just beaten the two guys down, hammering into their muscly bodies with her hard fists. They had tried to resist, it had only made her angrier. They begged for forgiveness, she went into a frenzy. Eventually, they had fled, locking themselves in the showers.
Her body was steaming now. She screamed in frustration. Why? Why did that have to happen now? The competition was weeks away, she was bulging with muscle, easily able to compete against men, and she would have won, but now, she was stuck in this puny state.
She took a deep breath, watching her reflection in the full-length mirror. Her mighty chest rose and sank. Okay, so maybe she had a chance.
Her body was colossal now. Since she was comparatively short, it looked even more absurd. Certainly, she might be lacking in the femininity department, but she made that up by sheer size, symmetry and definition.
The sight of her muscles soothed her a little. She was naked, of course. At the gym, she was always in the buff. It made her hot to watch every bit of her muscles move under her skin and she wanted to have quick access to her clit and cunt when she couldn’t bear the tension anymore.
Maybe it was time for that now. Her fingers went to her thick, inch-long, roid-blasted clit.
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The two men hid in the showers, waiting for their lover’s anger to die down. Was she still their lover? It was hard to determine. In a way, she was more a kind of mistress to them, wasn’t she? She would tell them what she wanted and they would do as they were told.
Tobie asked:
“Do you think she’s calmed down again?”
Kemal was still sitting with his back against the door, ready to throw his weight against it should she force it.
“I don’t know. She’s still talking about something.”
“Well then, check it!”
“I don’t want to. She’s going to hit me again.”
The two men looked at one another. The bruises on their bodies and faces were growing. Tobie sighed:
“We can’t stay with her. This is too dangerous.”
“Maybe we could call the cops on her?”
“Ha. You wish. They’d just laugh at us. I can hear them: ‘Seriously? A bunch of big gay guys like you? Getting abused by a woman.’ They’re never going to believe us.”
Kemal wanted to protest. He wasn’t gay. He slept with Tobie because of his muscles, not because of his dick. Then he said:
“Okay, whatever. Let’s just get out of here. Now. If we do it at the same time, she can’t kill us both.”
Tobie’s expression was one of total panic. Kemal gave him a stern look and made him come over. He brushed his hand through Tobie’s hair and whispered:
“It’s going to be fine. We’ll get through this together.”
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They pushed open the door. Suddenly, they felt very stupid.
Then, they started sneaking out, walking on tiptoes. They heard the older woman groan. She said:
“What are you trying to do, boys?”
Tobie ventured:
“We were just on our way …”
“Seriously. Do you think this is a joke?”
She approached them quickly. Angela had no compunction to be direct anymore. When she had to do or say something, she no longer hesitated. The boys both took a few steps back and raised their arms to protect themselves. It did look absurd and ridiculous, until one realized just how incredibly brutal Angela looked now.
“Err … We really have to go. Look, we’re both sorry for not telling you and …”
She cut them off briskly.
“Well, I was just on the phone with your supplier, and it turns out his guys were beaten up by some, and I kid you not, superheroes.”
The young men stared at each other. Superheroes! That was a cool thing! One glance at Angela’s expression made it clear that she disagreed on the subject.
“Now, I looked at the video he sent me, and I think I recognize the colors and the style.”
“Okay …”
“Take a look.”
They stared at a very short, very confusing video of men being beaten up by weird creatures. Tobie asked:
“And those guys were superheroes? They look more like, I don’t know, monsters?”
Angela shrugged:
“I think I know who is behind this. And I need them to stop.”
The two bodybuilders stared at her.
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Kemal’s voice was shaking:
“You want us to fight those people? I mean, are they even people? They don’t look like people.”
Tobie nodded eagerly.
“Yeah. Those are, I don’t know, space aliens? Or mutants? Probably mutants. You hear a lot of things.”
Kemal agreed:
“Probably mutants.”
Angela groaned. She suddenly felt like a bad guy in a Saturday morning cartoon show. That was a weird thought. Was she the bad guy in this story? Hm. Not really. After all, she was mostly worried about Ava getting fit and finally finishing something she had started. This endless fumbling, the loose ends, it was frustrating. So, if a little push was needed, then why not?
Someone knocked on the gym door. The boys jumped at the sudden interruption. Angela rolled her eyes. She grabbed a towel, tried wrapping it around her torso, failed, and instead put it around her waist. So someone would see her nipples. Big deal.
Since neither of the musclemen was making any moves towards the door, she did it herself, opening it a bit and peeking outside.
It was a slim black-haired woman. She knew her somehow. It was on the tip of her tongue.
“Yes? I’m in the middle of something right now.”
“Hello. My name is Margaret Lang. Are you Ava’s mother?”
Ah, yes. That was the professor for which Ava had worked. Which she had also dropped when things got interesting.
“Yes. Angela. Come in.”
Without second thinking, she opened the door, revealing her massive physique.
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Professor Lang stared at the mountain of muscle in front of her. It was quite a lot to take in. Angela’s body was now huge and quite defined, so each part of her humungous muscles was unmistakably impressive. Her heavy pecs were terribly broad, giving her a massive stature, which was only further enhanced by her thick shoulders and her swollen traps. The hard abs completed the impression.
Angela waited for the professor to recover, then asked:
“So? What can I do for you?”
“Err … What? Oh. Yes. Exactly. So, I was just wondering whether you know where your daughter is.”
“And why would you want to know that?”
“She has been involved in certain things which might end up being dangerous for her, so I need to talk to her.”
Angela made no motion to put a shirt on, which only made Professor Lang more nervous. Instead, she walked over to a bench and started doing curls with a rather massive dumbbell. After a bit, she asked:
“Hm. What kind of danger are we talking about?”
The teacher was trying to assess how much the musclewoman knew and how much she had to tell her. She assumed that Angela knew at least something about the whole mushroom business. And there was also the thing about Lucius:
“Okay, cards on the table. I was a friend of your lover, Lucius.”
Angela stopped pumping her biceps. Instead, she stared at the professor. That was unexpected.
“Have you heard from him?”
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Professor Lang’s face turned grave.
“I haven’t in a while and I’m starting to get very worried. You see, Lucius was working for a government agency and he was in charge of keeping an eye on some research projects that had fizzled out decades ago. That was how I actually found him. When Ava came to me with her blob, I started doing my research and I must have appeared on his radar, because he approached me.”
Angela frowned. Then she continued her set.
“He wanted to find out what I was about. When he understood that it was purely scientific interest, he offered to cooperate. But by that time, things went out of control. He sent me some assistants of his, basically thugs in suits, to recover the blob.”
The musclewoman asked:
“And my daughter?”
The professor hesitated, then admitted:
“I guess. Anyway, the whole thing went awry and they escaped.”
“I can’t blame them. You could have tried to talk to them. Maybe they would have understood.”
“Hm. I think there’s really no point in going over the past now, is there?”
“Anyway, all of this is extremely dangerous. Lucius has disappeared and I’m afraid the people that he worked for are going to start looking for him too. You see, this is all very, very risky for Ava and her friends. Not only do they have this piece of biohazard with them, but the government is also going to crack down on them.”
“Biohazard? Do I have news for you, professor.”   
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“What news? Do you know anything?”
Without a word, she made Tobie fetch her phone and show it to the professor. The older woman looked at the video with growing confusion.
“Okay … What was that?”
The musclewoman got up. She stretched a bit, enjoying the attention the scientist was giving her. It was a sweet little pleasure to see her try not to look. Between moans of satisfaction, the amazon said:
“I think that those were either my daughter or her friends. The color scheme is the same as the blob.”
“But they weren’t human! I don’t even know what they were!”
Kemal ventured:
“Monsters? Definitely monsters.”
Angela rolled her eyes.
“I think this is one of the things the blob does. If it infects people, it transforms them. And somehow, they managed to make it do this. My point is, this is bad. Right now, they are having fun …” The professor thought of the brutal carnage on the video and shivered. “But I’m afraid there will be side-effects. Because there always are. Trust me. But adults, they can assess the risks and adjust to them. Young people like her? I just hope they will be alright.”
Professor Lang nodded slowly. Angela continued:
“What I am saying is that we’re going to need an antidote or something. So if you can find out anything, I would be very grateful. Plus, we should get a hold of them and talk to them. Maybe we can stop them from doing something completely stupid.”
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Interesting. Does Angela see a way to grow even more powerful, and will Milla mutant more and corrupt her personality. Look forward to see how it develops. Great writing as always
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
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Interesting. Does Angela see a way to grow even more powerful, and will Milla mutant more and corrupt her personality. Look forward to see how it develops. Great writing as always
Thanks a lot!
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Ava concentrated, trying to keep her eyes open. This was getting tough, but she was getting better at it, so she would manage. She looked over to Pauline, trying not to fall into her cleavage. The other woman grinned, hiding the strain. At last, Tara said:
“Okay. Two minutes. Drop it.”
There were sighs of relaxation all around as they dropped out of the planks. Ava grinned at Pauline. The other woman raised a questioning brow:
“I just keep being impressed by you keeping your boobs away from the ground.”
Pauline rolled her eyes and said:
“Oh, get your mind out of the gutter. They’re not that big. Also, wouldn’t that kinda defeat the whole purpose?”
Tara interrupted:
“No time for chitchat, oblique crunches! Hit them!”
They rearranged themselves on the exercise mats and started the next round. Ava enjoyed herself. Okay, it was a lot of work and the three women really took their workouts seriously, but at the same time, it was great to be part of a team. Whenever she felt things were going wrong for her, she could ask them and they would be empathetic and offer support. Advice, even, but only when asked. It was great!
The results were speaking for themselves. The competition was approaching, so they worked out with intense focus, getting ready. To Ava, it was paying off. She was now slim and very fit, with nice, symmetrical muscles, which were larger than before, but nowhere as big as her mom’s.
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The strategy according to Marla was a bit of an indirect move, but since she stood no chance in a direct confrontation with Angela, she would drop to a lower weight class and go for an overall win. So her mom would definitely win heavyweight, but if Ava managed to crack the lightweight class and be charming and fit, she could beat her.
If everything worked, that is. There were obvious problems to this: Ava had little to no posing experience, lacked muscle maturity and was basically unknown. Also, Tara wanted to compete in the lightweights, and she didn’t feel like yielding to her. With her conditioning, a win was definitely in the cards.
So Ava would mostly have to beat Tara. This wouldn’t be easy, but as far as she was concerned, it could be done. Also, strangely enough, she was starting to enjoy the whole training angle and being with the other girls felt right.
Maybe she could just compete, do her best, maybe even win, and not care about her mother’s constant attempts at bullying and being annoying. She kept sending her pictures and videos, and it was really starting to drag her down.
The last one was a scene from the natatorium, with her mom in an entirely age-inappropriate micro-bikini, showing off her muscles and outdoing a bunch of jocks at their own game. The other girls were impressed, but her bikini bottom was basically a tiny pouch of fabric to cover her vulva. Even if she had a body like her, Ava would never wear a thing like that!
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Marla grinned:
“Maybe you just need to relax! I mean, that is all part of the lifestyle, isn’t it? You work hard on building the best body and then, you show off.”
Pauline added:
“That’s the whole point of bodybuilding shows. I know that a lot of people wax about the athletic bit, but they’re basically pageants for people with an unconventional taste.”
“Yeah! And we don’t even get a gown round!”
“Or one of those where you dress up as some kind of national thing. You know, like a bird or a mountain, or the social security system!”
Ava was a bit confused. The other girls went into a wild tangent about what they would dress up as to explain their origins, while also complaining that there was no talent round either. She swiped back to her social media stuff and was immediately greeted by a very jerky movie of giant white muscle people in tight outfits beating up criminals. She stared.
“Okay …”
The other bodybuilders, still arguing whether identifying flowers could be marketable in the talent portion of a show turned to her. Marla asked:
“What’s up? Did she send any more pictures? I would like to see them!”
They looked at the movie and whistled admiringly.
“Damn. How do you get all this stuff? Those guys are even bigger than your mom!”
That’s when the tentacles shot out from the monsters’ torsos. The bodybuilders gasped.
“Yuck! What was that?”
Ava did her best to look surprised. They continued staring at the screen, but she started to feel very nervous.
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Tara asked:
“Wow. That was something. Say, Ava, do you know who or what that was?”
Ava looked away. She was so bad at lying, it wasn’t even funny anymore.
“Yeah … It’s a long and crazy story, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t believe it anyway …”
The three young women looked at her intently. Eventually, Tara asked:
“Well, then tell us already!”
“Okay …”
Ava did her best to explain the whole thing. The bodybuilders listened intently, completely forgetting about their training or anything else, really. Occasionally, one would ask for a clarification, but all in all, they were mesmerized by the story.
Only when she finished did Pauline ask:
“So basically, you found a way to turn people into muscular mushroom monsters?”
Marla chuckled at the alliteration, but then, she waited attentively for Ava’s answer.
The young girl shrank back a little. She didn’t want to be at the center of attention, now even less than before.
“Maybe … I mean, it works, obviously, but I don’t know if there are any side-effects or anything.”
The thought of side-effects didn’t seem to deter them much. Pauline continued:
“And those people on the video are two friends of yours?”
The three musclegirls were very close now. The tallest one continued:
“Would there be any chance to get us a sample? I mean, this is basically the shortcut we’ve all been looking for, isn’t it? No more dieting, no more steroid cycles, no more soreness …”
There were nods all around.
That would be great.
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Ava hesitated. She put up her hands and tried to calm them down:
“Listen, this stuff is probably dangerous. I mean, it turns people into mushroom hybrids? That can’t be good, can it? I understand that you all love your fitness and that you like muscles, but that stuff … It’s a short cut, but a bad one.”
The three bodybuilders exchanged glances. It was very obvious that the mere possibility of such a substance was enough to make them want it. Sure, they trained hard and they loved how their dedication paid off, but deep inside, they wanted to be strong and sexy and they didn’t want to do a thing for it. Just have it easy, like all those with great genetics. Like those girls with rapid metabolism that could eat whatever they want or those who just built muscle easily.
Pauline said:
“Please, Ava, we want to at least take a look. To talk to them and see whether it would be something for us. I’m not saying that I want to immediately use any of this and I think that we should definitely think about it and get as much information about them as possible, but this is like the holy grail of bodybuilding, isn’t it?”
The others nodded vigorously and agreed:
“Exactly! You can’t just keep this from us!”
Ava felt terrible. If only she had kept her mouth shut! But Pauline already pushed on:
“If that thing works, forget about competing in the lightweights! With that, you can beat your mom hands down!”
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Tara chimed in:
“Yeah, probably. But you’ll have to beat me if you want a win! Because with that stuff, I’m going to be so huge! I’m going to compete against the boys! That’s it! Imagine myself with that kind of muscle!”
She grinned, thinking about her soon to be gigantic body.
“With that, I’m going to dry myself out seriously, and I’m going to be so fucking ripped they’re going to have to give me all the trophies!”
Marla rolled her eyes:
“That’s not how that works. But I admit, it would be great to have this!”
The trio of musclewomen exploded into wild debate about what to do with that marvelous substance that they were going to get. How would they deal with the stage tan? How would the daily life work? What about those tentacles? What would sex be like? What kind of outfits would they wear? Would they still need tops on their posing suits with pecs like these?
Ava tried to get away from all of this, but at the same time, she had to admit that they had a point. Sure, that stuff was dangerous and spreading it around was a terrible idea, but she had seen Milla and Jaden and they had been so incredibly happy with their new bodies …
Maybe she was missing out on something?
She thought about it. What if she managed to refine whatever caused the transformation and maybe just got the advantages, without any of the inconveniences? After all, she did study a bit of biology and she just might find some specialists willing to help her without knowing too much about it.
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Hesitating, she said:
“Okay … So let’s assume that Milla and Jaden would be willing to talk to me after what happened last time. And let’s also assume that they haven’t gone completely crazy from that stuff and are basically mutant monsters. And let’s further assume that I find a way to make this stuff even remotely safe. Then maybe, maybe I could try to make this work for you …”
Pauline grinned:
“For us! I thought you would join us? After all, this is your shot at actually defeating your mom, isn’t it?”
Ava nodded reluctantly. She was right, of course. This was the break she was looking for. If she could change that substance around to do its magic without turning her into a pale mushroom person, then it was her ticket to winning any contest, even serious ones. But it was also cheating, wasn’t it?
While she was there, trying to legitimize what she was going to do, the other three bodybuilders looked at her expectantly. As if she could read her mind, Marla said:
“You know that we are already using a lot of dangerous and unhealthy substances now and that we can all be happy that there are basically no drug tests at bodybuilding shows, right?”
The young woman sighed:
“You got me there, don’t you? Okay. Assuming this checks out, I’m on board with it. But please, let me do the talking and let’s not get ahead of ourselves, alright?”
The three others grinned. This was going to be great!
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Milla and Jaden were all grins. They had spent the last half-hour returning their faces’ skin color to normal using gratuitous amounts of make-up and had dressed in those new super-tight training suits Milla had made for them. They had produced enough of the fabric now for a complete wardrobe and she was still figuring out how to dye them, but for what they had in mind, those would be incredible.
The people at the gym stared. A couple of obvious bodybuilders, with long white dreadlocks and thick muscles, wearing skintight suits? Those were interesting.
Also, they were both quite good-looking, so all the better. The woman went to the counter and asked:
“So, could we try out whether this is the place for us?”
The clerk nodded. He was obviously impressed by their look and their physiques. The color scheme of the outfits did remind him of something, but he couldn’t put the finger on it.
“Sure! Just give our equipment a spin, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. You won’t need any starting tips, will you?”
Milla gave him a wonderful smile and said:
“We’ll see that we’ll manage. But thank you. I like the thought.”
The guy’s heart skipped a beat. She took the keycards and took her man’s hand. Jaden went in with her. Without pausing, they walked over to the big machines. Right now, the two mushroom monsters were looking quite normal, with Jaden leaning more towards very ripped middleweight physique, while Milla looked big for a woman, but by no means huge.
The excitement was palpable.
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They stretched for a moment to limber up, causing people in the area to stare at them. Some of them obviously felt that they were a bunch of posers and watched attentively for their performance. Others tried to hide their interest, but still sneak in a peek or two.
Once they were ready, Milla and Jaden loaded up two bars and started doing barbell curls. To the spectators’ confusion, they both went with some 190 pounds, not taking into account Milla’s much smaller physique, or her sex, really. However, that didn’t seem to bother either of them.
The two musclepeople pushed through the first set methodically, keeping their form as perfect as they could. When they were done, they looked more happy than exhausted. Milla asked:
“Want to add some more? I could do with more!”
“Sure! Let’s add ten more pounds.”
“Yay! 200 pounds! Awesome!”
They quickly loaded the plates and went at it again. Once more, this didn’t seem to slow them down in any way. However, once they finished the set, their muscles looked positively pumped. Were they bigger than before?
The rest of the gym ground to a standstill. People watched them intently now.
Milla mock-grumbled:
“Oh, it’s still so light … We need more!”
“Yeah! Let’s go to 220! Maybe then, we’ll get a good pump!”
The two athletes busied themselves with the plates. One of the watchers whispered to his neighbor:
“Do you think this is some publicity stunt?”
“Man, I don’t know. That girl … She’s outlifting me.”
“The guy too. Dude … Those guys are mental …”
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Jaden and Milla were just hitting the next round, pumping their muscles hard. They had fun drawing everybody’s looks on them. This was basically showing off, the weights were still no match for their transformed bodies. They continued curling the weights, slowly increasing the size of their muscles.
Whenever they finished a set, they declared the weights to be too light and enthusiastically added more plates. As far as they knew they had no idea just how much they could lift. However, the whole procedure felt amazing …
As people took out their phones to film them, Jaden shot them threatening glances and hissed:
“Don’t. This is not okay.”
They stashed their phones again, looking disappointed. By now, Jaden had turned himself into a heavyweight bodybuilder. He had changed his stance and made sure that he could still move easily, but he was now definitely looking like a beast. He was championship material and would probably win any competition hands down.
However, Milla’s progression was all the more impressive. As she continued working through the sets, she released her muscle lust and swelled her arms, her back, her legs, everything … She was catching up on him, even growing a little taller to look proportional, at least in the mutated way ultra-muscular people would.
The audience was now completely shocked. This was impossible! Those had to be some weird special effects, maybe a holographic projection?
The two ultra-muscular young people that looked more and more like absurd comic characters were real, though. The spectators could see them, hear them, feel the heat their enormous bodies gave off … This was real. Insane, but real.
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The two ultra-muscular young people that looked more and more like absurd comic characters were real, though. The spectators could see them, hear them, feel the heat their enormous bodies gave off … This was real. Insane, but real.

Meanwhile, Jaden and Milla enjoyed the look of shock on their faces. This was the best thing about being a fungus mutant: You could gross people out or just completely manipulate them. Milla just added more and more mass to her body as she pumped ever heavier weights. With each absurd rep, she increased the load. She could feel the extra strain, but her body was so unbelievably powerful that she knew she could handle it.
She smiled at Jaden, who was starting to look Mr. Olympia like himself. However, he was still looking for an aesthetic look. With her, it was mass, mass, mass. It was strange to think about, but while she had been all for looks before, she had gone full mass monster eventually. Just feeling her body getting bigger and heavier turned her on. She tried to hide it for now, but later on, she’d fuck her hubby like the beast she was becoming.
The spectators were now starting to panic. She could feel their mounting terror. Only one of the girls was not afraid. Instead, she was turned on. Spotting a fellow pervert, Milla shot her a lustful glance. The young woman turned crimson, trying to hide her horniness. Milla grinned. This was even better.
By now, they were curling the overloaded barbells with one hand each. Their huge bodies were jam-packed with muscle, only getting more massive now. Only now did Milla feel that she was reaching her limit. She could add some more, of course, but there would be an end to her strength, at least for now.
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She finished the set and waited for Jaden to do the same.
At last, they stood next to each other, their gargantuan bodies overwhelmed by muscle. The audience was mesmerized, trying to understand how something like this could happen. Without warning, Milla started to pose. She lifted her arms, which might well be forty inches around now, locked them behind her head, took a deep breath and flexed her abs. The sheer enormousness of her muscles, combined with their definition made the watchers’ heads spin.
Was this even possible? Did human beings actually have so many abs? Were those mutants actually humans?
The thin material of their suits clung to their muscles as if they had been glued on. Milla tightened the muscles of her legs, making her thighs swell to inhuman proportions. Those were now thicker than a well-muscled man’s chest. Also, their definition was mind-boggling. Even through the fabric of the suits, every vein and every muscle-fiber was perfectly visible, like some insane anatomy sample.
Jaden saw her pose, grinned and answered with a double-biceps pose that made him look just as massive. She took up the cue and blasted the audience with a mighty crab pose that developed her already huge neck into a collar of muscles at least a foot thick.
One of the trainers started screaming, before collapsing. It was too much for him. The fangirl, however, licked her lips. The other people tried to remain calm, but they were helpless now. Somehow, the situation didn’t allow them to leave, nor did they want to. And yet, it was clear to them that there was nothing they could do now.
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Milla smiled, then turned to her lover and said:
“Okay. That was a nice pump. Nowhere near my max, but I feel good. How about you?”
“I’m fine. Thank you. I think it’s time for a shower.”
Milla shot him a perfect grin:
“Yes! But first, we should put our weights away, like the nice, upstanding people we are!”
With mock gravitas, they carried the plates and bars back to their racks, then kissed. The contrast between their brutal mass and the casual show of affection made people question their sanity. The two hulks went to the showers, ignoring their audience.
It was strange to see them move. There was a surreal, dreamlike quality to their gait. Their massive bodies swung with every move, the muscles of their shoulders and arms further accentuating their dynamics. Just trying to process this was hard. With all those muscles contracting and releasing in turn, the well-defined fibers swelling and relaxing, the blood pumping through their veins … All of this visible like a physiological simulation. Jaden did his best to catch a glimpse of Milla’s super-tight mega-ass and grinned. Watching those muscles work was bliss … He was so glad that she shared his love for muscles and superheroics.
He had to admit, though, that while he was trying to stick to the idealistic bits, she was much more into the sheer power of it. Sometimes, this worried him.
They entered the showers now and Milla quickly sent the other people away, then started peeling herself out of the suit.
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Loving how the characters are developing...

Does Milla become power hungry, and drop Jaden good ideology. Does she see Angela as a like minded individual and they explore growth together.

What will happen with the fan girl, do we see if Milla can induce extreme muscularity in others.

Looking forward to how you develop the story and characters.
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Loving how the characters are developing...

Does Milla become power hungry, and drop Jaden good ideology. Does she see Angela as a like minded individual and they explore growth together.

What will happen with the fan girl, do we see if Milla can induce extreme muscularity in others.

Looking forward to how you develop the story and characters.
Loving how the characters are developing...

Does Milla become power hungry, and drop Jaden good ideology. Does she see Angela as a like minded individual and they explore growth together.

What will happen with the fan girl, do we see if Milla can induce extreme muscularity in others.

Looking forward to how you develop the story and characters.

Thank you very much for the thoughts. I hope the conclusion will be to your liking.
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Jaden giggled stupidly at Milla’s pale body which contrasted with her tanned head. He said:
“You look like those people that spend the summer in a wifebeater!”
“Pot calling the kettle black, Jaden!”
She embraced him, their heavy chests colliding.
“God, I love this so much. It’s like I’ve become a goddess. I know it sounds strange now, but you were right. We might be monsters, but it feels so good!”
“Monsters is a big word … Let’s be heroes together!”
“So no tentacles right now?”
“Better not.”
“Oh, you’re no fun …”
“But as soon as we’re out of here, we can certainly find a place for ourselves …”
That’s when Jaden’s eyes went wide.
“What’s happening? I thought no tentacles?”
Milla sighed. She was a bit taller than him, with those huge traps on both sides of her made-up face.
“It’s not a tentacle … Just a little thing I came up with.”
He looked down, finding it difficult to make out what was going on below his enormous pecs. That’s when he saw it. Between her legs, a strange appendage had started growing, and now, it was feeling around his cock, getting thicker and more engorged. That thing was feeling around his own hardening cock and to Jaden, it was downright intimidating. He looked up to her, slightly confused and reluctant:
“Okay …”
“Just a little something I want to try while we shower. Nothing fancy … Just enjoy.”
He hesitated, running his hands over her absurdly thick arms.
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Suddenly, he found his cock in that weird tentacle sheath. It somehow engulfed his shaft completely, spasming rhythmically around it. It felt amazing. He looked up to the gargantuan musclewoman and smiled blissfully.
“Wow … I … How did you do this?”
“Relax, I’ll tell you later. But there is more …”
“Oh yes … Please …”
That’s when he noticed that something was probing into his peehole.
“What are you doing?”
“Let me try this … It should work …”
“But …”
“Keep calm, I’m sure this is going to be amazing …”
Jaden felt very strange. Something was getting into him, but it was changing him. All the while Milla’s strange cunt-glove was working on him, keeping him hard and …
Oh God. He came. But it wouldn’t stop here. It was … He didn’t shoot his load as he usually did. He suddenly felt light as a feather, and it … He came again. And again. It was … unbelievable. He gripped her harder, but her muscles wouldn’t yield even a bit. Instead, he just bit into her huge chest as she sent him over the edge once more. In his daze, he heard her chuckle:
“So you’re a biter? Cute!”
He was just being hit by another wave, his muscular body shaking inside as she somehow started transforming him. Jaden’s mind was too busy to even dare think about all this. Instead, he rode along, just never daring question what she was doing to him. He was in a strange heaven now.
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After an eternity, he collapsed, completely exhausted. She lowered him to the shower floor gently, then got down next to him. Her gigantic muscle-chest rested on his right arm now. She looked at him with curiosity. Her irises were orange now. There was something thoroughly alien to her, despite the make-up.
He asked:
“What did you do to me? This was incredible.”
“I’m not quite sure, I have to admit. I just might have transformed you. I’ve been thinking about it, since you became what you are now in the same way as I did. I mean, we’re basically siblings now, aren’t we?”
“God, you’re making it sound gross.”
“Okay, if you prefer that we are both crossbred fungus mutants …”
“Let’s just not go into any further details, okay?”
“Anyway, we’re made of the same stuff. And I thought, what if I can not only transform myself, but you too …”
“You could have asked.”
“I could have. But I liked your expression. You were so incredibly horny!”
“I was. Yes.”
He thought about what just happened and smiled. He had never experienced anything like it.
“Okay … So you turned me into something different?”
“That might be too much. But I did rebuild your cock.”
“You what?”
“It should still be as nice as always. But I can now also fuck you.”
She gave him a mock-innocent look.
“I wanted to try it. And it was fun, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah … I guess it was.”
“You see? I knew it.”
“You could have asked.”
“I could have. But I wanted it to be a surprise. And you liked it, didn’t you?”
“Uh …”
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With a grin, she propped herself up above his crotch and opened her mouth:
“Here’s another thing you’re going to enjoy!”
She rolled her tongue out. It was really long and obviously prehensile. It’s tip suddenly changed, folding itself inwards. Jaden was visibly confused:
“What is that?”
“Oh, it’s just a little extra for blowjobs …”
That’s when she sank her tongue-tip on his cock, engulfing it on two levels. This was quite the shock to Jaden, who went rigid immediately. Milla started bobbing up and down, her tongue and mouth pistoning his dick with unrelenting fervor. Jaden started seeing stars almost immediately. This wasn’t your normal level of blow-jobs. This was incredible.
He barely managed to keep his eyes on Milla’s absurdly big shoulders, her enormous neck and her heavy pecs. It was just way too much. Somehow, he wondered what he had done to be so blessed.
After what felt like an eternity, she had milked him dry. Jaden was sore, exhausted and very, very happy. It was still hard for him to process what just happened, but he was obviously wondering what else was possible with this gift.
He sighed and got up.
“We should get out of here. People are going to ask questions.”
“Jaden, they always got questions, wherever we go.”
“Yeah, I know, but I also have to make this up to you.”
“Oh, you do? Cool. I’m looking forward to it.”
“Besides, I want to see the receptionist’s look when we leave.”
She chuckled. This would be fun.
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Professor Lang was feeling cramped. The car was way too small for four regular-sized people. Having three of them be massive bodybuilders only made things ridiculously worse. She had asked to sit in front, but for some reason, Kemal had shouted “Shotgun!” and then claimed the logical seat for himself. Any attempts to dissuade him into courtesy were ignored.
“Besides, I tend to get car-sick.”
Next to Tobie, things were just as tight. Groaning, she asked:
“Say, Angela, why does this car have to be so small?”
“It was always big enough for us. And I don’t have any money. Also, when I bought it, I was still a fat slob. It worked for the three of us.”
“Yeah, obviously, but couldn’t we have rented a bigger one?”
Tobie sighed:
“Mine’s at the garage. The suspension got broken from all the stuff I was transporting. Who could have known that even it fit in the trunk, it would still be too heavy?”
Kemal nodded and said something along the lines of bad manuals and suing somebody. Professor Lang groaned. This would be a long trip.
He asked:
“Don’t you have a car?”
“I have a scooter. That is usually enough.”
“A scooter? Imagine us all on a scooter!”
Tobie laughed:
“Like acrobats!”
He spread his arms, almost hitting the professor in the face.
“Hey! Watch where you’re putting those.”
“I’m sorry! I didn’t think about …”
“It’s okay. Just be careful!”
“Yeah. Totally. Sorry.”
The guy looked crestfallen, a pose that didn’t fit his giant muscles at all. Professor Lang rolled her eyes and took her phone out. Maybe she could check her data if he kept his hands to himself.
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Since I just finished a major 317-page epic for Tigersan, I decided to take a week off. So, here's what would have been posted over the next few days.

Ava and the bodybuilder girls were in a rather similar situation. The added problem was that the other women had insisted to bring their whole training stuff. Apparently, they were planning to set up shop in Ava’s hometown and prepare for the contest from there. Pauline was at the wheel right now and said:
“Okay, so if that mushroom thing works, and we can really choose how big we get, how big are you all going to go?”
There was a chorus of “hms” and “wells”. After a bit of thinking, Marla said:
“I guess I’d just fill out a bit. Work on my symmetry, you know? Like, maybe a heavyweight woman’s look? Keep the legs, maybe a little more all around, and then, just add some room to my arms and shoulders … Yeah. So nothing too extreme?”
Tara laughed:
“I doubt you’d settle for this. Girl, me, I’m going to go all the way! I wanna be fucking huge. I would go beyond human. Fucking enormous! Like, bigger than a man’s heavyweight. Also, if that stuff can make me taller, I’d definitely go up to six feet. Nah, make that six feet four!”
Marla stared:
“Wow. Seriously?”
“Abso-fucking-lutely! I wanna be so enormous that people rub their eyes and just can’t believe it.”
“Okay … So what about you, Pauline?”
“Honestly, I think I’d go for the modern amazon look … You know, big shoulders, big arms, big everything, but not like a bodybuilder. More like a goddess, you know?”
“That’s lame. You could have that now already!”
“Well, you asked.”
“No, you asked.”

Suddenly, they all turned to Ava. That is, all except Pauline, who just glanced at her through the rear window. The young woman blushed. Tara asked:
“So? What about you?”
“Uh. Well … Actually … I just mostly want to fix my relationship with my mom. If beating her at a bodybuilding competition is what it needs, then I’m fine with that. But other than that … I mean, I was overweight, but I got over that. And the extreme muscle stuff … I’m still not sure about that. Yeah. So …”
If she had said that she didn’t like cute little animals, the others’ expressions could not have been more disdainful. Tara frowned and said:
“Girl, we’re stopping right here if you don’t make up your mind!”
Pauline sighed:
“No, we’re not. This place is like nothing with an extra scoop of nothing.”
“That was just a figure of speech!”
“Whatever. Why don’t you leave her alone?”
“Ah, yes. The amazon underachiever. You could have the world at your fingertips, but you settle for some tiny duchy in the mountains!”
“I don’t know what you’re referring to, but that actually sounds way better.”
Tara gave off an exasperated cry:
“Gah! Why do you all have such poor imaginations!”
Ava put her hand on her neighbor’s shoulder and said:
“Hey, Tara, I didn’t want to annoy you. It’s just … I’m taking this one step at a time. I fix the thing with my mom, then I fix my education, then my relationship, if any, and along the way, I’ll also find my taste in bodies.”
Tara’s expression was one of total desperation, but she grunted:
“Yeah. Whatever.”
The next hour on the road was quiet and tense.

A little later, Milla and Jaden were getting ready for this night’s patrol. Things had turned weird lately: Apparently, there wasn’t even nearly as much crime in the streets of their town as the comic books and the tabloids led them to believe. Instead, people usually went to bed early, maybe spending some time looking at their phones or small-talking with their partners.
Jaden was a little disappointed. Becoming a costumed hero was cool, but not having any nefarious enemies was sad. Milla did her best not to mention it. She played along, since she loved blowing up her muscles, showing them off and fucking Jaden on some rooftop or in a field. If this was what he needed to get into it, she wouldn’t hold it against him.
Besides, the suit felt incredibly sexy. The whole setup was just amazingly kinky and she loved the whole preparations. Lately, she had been experimenting with her body, finding ways to make it even bigger and more powerful. She wasn’t sure whether Jaden would like that since he clung to that whole superhero image, but she enjoyed the hulking mass way too much to stay “normal”.
While he was finishing his look, she stayed a little further from him, where he couldn’t see her, and extended the tentacles from her sides, then rearranged them into musclebound arms. Yes … That was something else. She played around with them for a moment. It was a bit difficult at first, but she soon had found the way to use them. She even did those little finger tricks musicians did to warm up.
Those would be another surprise for him.

They started their patrol with a quick race across the rooftops, showing off their strength and skills. It felt like flying. Jaden laughed and cheered and was soon joined by Milla. They felt the energy pump through their veins and the speed was exhilarating. They followed the river for a moment, but found nothing suspicious, then they turned towards the center of the city, maybe spotting some muggers or drunk people causing a mess. Jaden was fully aware that they weren’t doing any big-league stuff here, but what could he do? He didn’t feel like moving to the capital or even to some far away metropolis. This here was right in his comfort zone.
As they approached the main streets, they soared above one of the many abandoned lots around the center. Something caught his eye and he shouted:
“Did you see that white thing?”
“Nah. Wanna investigate?”
He shot out another tentacle and swung around, landing among the trash and trees that lay there. There was the wreck of an ancient car, some remains of a bed and a heap of old bricks. This place wasn’t just abandoned, it had been for a long time. And right in the middle of it, in the shade of one of the trees that grew over the garbage was a patch of long, tall, white mushrooms. Each one was maybe two or three feet tall and very obviously of the same nature as the blob and themselves.
Jaden looked at Milla:
“Okay … Should we be worried?”

“It certainly is odd … Do you think it was us who did this?”
“Maybe … I … I thought that we …”
It was strange. All of a sudden Milla’s mind seemed to cloud over. She abruptly found it very difficult to concentrate, as if somebody had flipped a switch in her brain. She massaged her temples and groaned. Jaden asked:
“Are you alright?”
“I … I’m not sure … It’s as if I couldn’t … think straight. But …”
As suddenly as it had started, the effect stopped. With one shake of her head, Milla was clear again. She smiled:
“No. I’m fine. It’s okay.” She turned to the mushrooms. “I don’t think those are a problem. We should fuck, though.”
Jaden was a bit wary of her sudden change of pace, but shrugged. He was up to most things anyway, and if there still weren’t any criminals available to be beaten up, maybe he should just take her up on that offer. He grinned:
“Yeah … Sounds like a plan.”
She lifted an eyebrow.
“God, Jaden, you’re so clumsy, sometimes …”
“What do you mean, Miss ‘We should fuck, though’? You could have tried a less direct approach.”
“Like ‘This is the fuse box that’s been causing us trouble’?”
He burst out laughing.
Just as he embraced her humungous form, they both heard a strange, hissing sound. It was something of a chorus of noises. Milla asked:
“What was that?”
Jaden’s face turned even paler than it was under that mask. He knew that sound.

Professor Lang crashed on Angela’s couch. She didn’t even take the time to remove the plastic covering. Or take off her shoes, which infuriated her hostess. Angela had to focus and take deep breaths to stop herself from just picking her up and tossing her to the ground. She closed her eyes, counted to ten and said, as calmly as she could:
“Please, feel free to take off your shoes.”
The professor, suddenly realizing what almost happened, was quick to follow the suggestion. She half-apologized and laid back down.
Being back here actually felt good for Angela and the whole craziness around her ebbed down a little It gave her room to breathe. To her relief, the boys were super-courteous and clean, taking off the shoes and jackets without even a word. They looked a little ridiculous in their socks, but then again, they always were quite laughable to her.
Kemal was just admiring her stumbling attempts at interior decorating and nodded approvingly. Not that it meant anything to her, but it felt good.
She went to the kitchen, switched the water, the heating and the electricity back on and asked:
“Anybody want a cup of coffee or tea?”
Kemal asked for tea, black, as did Tobie, and the professor picked coffee. The familiar movements in the kitchen took her back. It was strange. Her life had changed completely, she was now a roided-up mega musclewoman, with her two quasi-slaves, looking for her daughter’s friends who had turned into mutants.
Nothing in her life up until now could have prepared her for such a change.
She wondered what her husband would have thought of all this.

Suddenly, she had to grin. As far as she could tell from their life together, he would probably have enjoyed this. He had this weird sense of humor, and although it might have been strange for him and he probably wouldn’t have approved of the drug use, the idea that his wife would become a kind of superhuman, ultra-sexy muscle bitch … It would have turned him on.
Maybe she would even have managed to motivate him to get fit. Maybe she could have prevented all this …
She sighed, the smile still there.
Well, she had to do her best to fix this and get Ava to be her best. And sometimes, the school of hard knocks was the best.
She turned to her guests. Tobie was just checking his phone, while Kemal looked out of the window. The professor was dozing on the couch.
“Okay. We’re going to need a plan. Where do we start?”
Professor Lang groaned, opened her eyes and said:
“I don’t know. We could check Lucius’ apartment, we could look for the place on the video, and we could try and find your daughter and her friends at the usual spots for young people in this place.”
To Angela’s surprise, that actually sounded sensible. She nodded:
“Great! So, let’s split up. I’m going to take Kemal with me and look for the place where they beat up those thugs, and you take Tobie and examine Lucius’ place.”
She went to pick the spare key he had given her from the dresser.

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The professor suggested:
“I can go on my own. It shouldn’t be much trouble.”
Angela shook her head:
“I think it’s better if you have someone to look after you. What if you run into trouble? Like weird mushroom monsters? Or some other government agency looking into Lucius’ things?”
It was very obvious to Angela that Professor Lang was trying to dissuade her. She wanted to look into this on her own and maybe even take any special information for herself. Of course, Tobie wouldn’t be much use. He was naïve and way too trusting. But maybe, he would stop her from any simple tricks.
One look at the professor’s face told her that the feeling was mutual and that the scientist perfectly understood her motives for suggesting her companion.
Still, the situation was what it was, so the professor groaned again and said:
“Fine. You’re probably right. Maybe your muscleman will be useful after all.”
Tobie looked a bit unhappy about the tone of the reply, but he nodded:
“I’ll do my best!”
Angela took matters back in hand:
“Wonderful. Then it’s time to go. As soon as one group is done, they should call the others and we check the meeting places. This way, we can cover the ground quickly.”
The boys nodded vigorously and the professor got up slowly. It was clear that she would have preferred a nap right now. However, Angela wanted to push on fast. No sense in getting distracted. So, happily, they left soon.
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So I'm back at work. I hope you enjoy the continuation. The resolution is fast approaching!
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They reached the city in the evening, so Tara stopped the car and decided to have a break. Since they didn’t really know where to look for Milla and Jaden, this was just as well. The bodybuilders walked around, stretching their limbs and looking quite amazing. Sadly, there was no one around to see them. Ava was still a bit miffed by the earlier conversation, but she decided to call Jaden and ask where they were.
While she waited for the phone to connect, she wandered around in the twilight. They were in another deserted bit of the city, with the ruins of a diner close by. The place was boarded up. Next to it, there was an abandoned parking lot with an ancient and probably unsafe playground. Ava walked across the empty place, when she was surprised by a sudden shimmer in the air. She looked up to understand what it was and saw a sparkling, beautiful cloudy wave of spores drift by, carried by the evening breeze.
She stopped and stared. The motes had strange, iridescent filaments to them. It looked to her as if she was underwater for a moment, those unfamiliar jellyfish-like seeds passing by above her. The spores disappeared around the corner, caught by the wind blowing through the valley of the street.
Wondering where those had come from, she went the way they had followed and found herself in an alley close-by. The place was in ruin. She saw that the tarmac had been broken up in a dozen places.
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From the gaps, long, thick toadstools had emerged, their caps spreading wide now. They were covered in thick orange veins and looked quite disgusting. Ava looked at them in shock, finding it difficult to accept what she was seeing. If those fungi were now growing on the surface like that, how long would it take for people to get infected by them? She hesitated. Should she inform the authorities? Would those people even believe her? She could try and uproot the plants right here and maybe try and burn them. It was just a small step, probably there would be no change since they were already releasing their spores, but …
She thought for a moment, then said aloud to herself:
“Lucius managed to kill them all down there with some agent. Maybe we should check his place and see how he did it. I’ll have to ask Mom. And … If this stuff kills the fungus, it will probably hurt Jaden and Milla too. I’ll have to find a way to protect them …”
She nodded to herself, returned to the car and got a big plastic bag from the trunk. The musclewomen watched her with curiosity. Then Tara asked:
“What’s up?”
“Those mushrooms, they are spreading. There are a few of them back there.”
“That’s great! We just eat that and …”
“It’s not. They are going to be everywhere. We need to find a way to contain them. Also, I wouldn’t eat pieces of them for now. The thing that changed Milla was some orange juice that came from a blob, not a toadstool. But we should take one of them with us. I need to take a good look at it.”
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At over 94,000 words, New Life one of my longest stories yet. Contrary to most of them, because of the multiple strands, continuity is an issue, so should you find any problems, please don't hesitate to tell me!
I would be very careful.

Also, thank you for your ongoing interest!
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Also, I kinda missed yesterday's update, so here you are:

The women shrugged, and Tara and Pauline went out to help her dig out one of the medium-sized ones, careful not to damage the “roots” that spread from its trunk. They put the whole thing in the plastic bag, making sure not to touch any bits of it. Ava said:
“I don’t think that thing is really dangerous, but let’s better be safe than sorry.”
The girls agreed. Then they carried the bag back to the car and loaded the mushroom on the roof. There simply wasn’t enough space inside anymore. They just wanted to drive off to a gardening supply shop and buy some equipment to take care of the mushroom, when Ava remembered she actually wanted to call Jaden. She sighed, took out her phone and picked his name. The answer came quickly:
“Hey Ava, what’s up?”
“Hello Jaden. You okay?”
“Never been better. You won’t believe how amazing everything is! That stuff … It’s turned us into superheroes! You’ve seen the videos, I guess?”
“I did, yes. You’re both huge. Listen, I …”
“Yes! We’re incredible now! And there’s so much more! I can’t wait to tell you! You have to come over and join us! Milla is giving me a wave.” Ava heard Milla in the back, saying: “Say hi to her from me!”, and Jaden did just that.
“That sounds … great. Listen, we’re just looking for a place to stay and then we can …”
He cut her off:
“Why not stay with us? There’s room enough for the three of us.”
“I got some friends with me and it would be cramped.”

“It’s no problem at all. Just bring them too! It’s … They can join us too! If they like superheroes, we could form a team! Just ask them!”
Ava was looking increasingly worried.
“I’ll see what I can do and ask them. Just send me your address for now, will you?”
“Sure! But we’ll be on patrol in the evening, so come soon!”
“Thank you. Bye!”
“Bye! I’ll send you a picture!”
She hung up. Seconds later, she received a picture indeed. In the foreground, there was Jaden, looking enormous. His muscles were so big he almost filled the entire frame. He was giving her the victory sign, his skin all pale and covered in orange veins. Milla was visible on the side, looking at her phone. They looked happy, albeit extremely strange with their uber-buff bodies.
But there was something in the picture that made her deeply uncomfortable …
It took Ava a moment to realize what it was, but then, when she noticed it, she felt a shiver run down her spine. Her hands cramped and she started to shake, a strange buzz humming in her mind. Tara looked at her, confused by what she saw. She caught the collapsing young woman in her strong arms and called for the others. They took the still shaking Ava and carried her to the side of the street. Pauline took out a blanket and spread it so they could lay her on it. Then, they tried to figure out what just happened to her.
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After a moment, Ava recovered. The other women had propped her legs up on a rucksack and kept her warm. As she got better, they handed her a bottle of water and she drank greedily. At last, Tara asked:
“What just happened?”
Ava wiped the remaining water from her lips and sighed:
“There, on the picture …”
Pauline handed her her phone, making apologizing sounds. The display had been broken by the drop. It was probably just the cover, but the picture was now accented by a thick spiderweb. Ava groaned:
“Oh shit. This is just getting worse and worse …”
“What did you see? Tell us, please!”
She pointed at the picture of the massive mutated young people. Pauline, Tara and Marla craned their necks to see something. There was some kind of … face on a side of the picture, just out of focus. It didn’t belong anywhere and didn’t look human. Well, it almost looked as if it belonged to a person, but it was still quite alien. And there was no body attached to it. Instead, there was a kind of spidery shape around it, but it was all too unfocused to figure out.
Pauline asked:
“So, what is that?”
Ava took another deep breath and said:
“We didn’t see those things down in the caves because it was too dark, but they were definitely there. I don’t know what they are and how they fit into the whole mushroom thing, but we should not go to Milla’s and Jaden’s place. Instead, we should look into Lucius’ stuff!”
The other women nodded vaguely. Lucius. Yeah, whoever that was.
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Professor Lang unlocked the door to Lucius’ apartment. Tobie lumbered behind her, his massive body filling the corridor. She sighed:
“Could you please keep your distance?”
“I am keeping my distance, professor!”
“Yeah? Then keep some more of it.”
“Alright, alright.”
He took a step back. This woman was already annoying him to no end. All the way here, she had been pushing on, always walking at a brisk pace he found hard to match. Contrary to Angela, he had focused on mass as much as he could and his stamina was, well, not up to her level. This woman made him feel weak and helpless and he hated that.
Happily, she just opened the door and peeked inside. Then she slipped in and said:
“Yes! Quick. I’m coming. God!”
The professor turned around and beamed at him from below:
“Now listen, you overgrown twerp …”
She pointed at his muscular chest and frowned. He made a face and said:
“That’s not nice of you to say this!”
“Oh. Did I hurt your feelings?” The sarcasm dripped from her words. “Maybe you should get yourself a thicker skin, not thicker muscles!”
“Listen here, lady, I’ve been putting up with your shit for the whole of the trip and …”
She cut him off:
“We need to get on with it. This is not the time to throw a tantrum!”
Tobie clenched his wrists. He could feel the roid-fueled anger boil up within him. He counted to ten, then to twenty, then to thirty. At last, he managed to take a deep breath and calm down.
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Seriously, he hated this whole situation! Why did they have to come here? Wasn’t it better to just stay at the gym and train? Or maybe even learn for the coming exams? Sure, Angela was their boss and she was amazing, but he was way out of his league here. None of the stuff made any sense and by the way, what about Ava? Wasn’t she supposed to be around here somewhere?
He just wished he was back with Kemal. This was so much better than all those horrible women …
From inside, Professor Lang growled:
“Are you coming?”
He groaned and followed her.
Lucius’ apartment was rather spacious. Tobie nodded in admiration. Sure, the town wasn’t much, but this place was definitely making up for it. There was a layer of dust on everything. As he walked around he just peeked into random drawers.
“He mustn’t have been around in a while. What are we looking for again?”
The older woman sighed:
“For the last time, we are looking for Lucius’ materials on the fungus and any ideas where he might have gone. Please pay attention.”
“Okay, okay. I should check his computer then, shouldn’t I?”
He wandered over to the desk, started up the machine and started looking around in the drawers and under it.
“Ah-ha! Found it!”
“Found what?”
“The password. You old people always write it down. You’re afraid, aren’t you?”
The professor turned away so he couldn’t see her blush. She heard him click around.
“And … tadaa! The porn folder!”
“Why would you want that?”
“It’s always interesting.”
He clicked some more. The professor approached him. She was a little taken aback by what she was seeing.
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“So he really was into that musclewoman stuff …”
“I can’t blame him really. If I were into women, I’d …”
Tobie suddenly stopped, then blushed and said:
“Anyway, look at this.”
He pointed at an open folder.
“Those aren’t pictures or movies.”
“Maybe? I don’t know. Who would want stories when he could have movies?”
“Just open one.”
The text appeared and they both read a bit. Professor Lang felt a little grossed out.
“Okay … Is that even possible?”
Tobie shrugged.
“It doesn’t have to. Let’s try this one.”
More clicking and …
“Professor, I’m not sure, but that doesn’t look like porn to me.”
“Fuck! Tobie, you’re some kind of idiot savant, aren’t you?”
“What do you mean?”
“Those are his reports! We found them!”
He smiled. Yeah. He knew it. The professor clicked through the files, then said:
“Okay. This stuff is amazing. I mean, just by looking at it like this, I can tell that they knew a lot about that stuff. Apparently, they called it the F-Parasite and they’ve been breeding it down there for decades.”
“F-Parasite? Do I want to know what the F stands for?”
“Fungus, I guess?”
Tobie looked disappointed.
“Okay, anyway. So, what happens now?”
“Part two, Tobie. Find Lucius.”
Just in that moment, there was a sound at the door. The muscleman grinned:
“Hah. That was easier than expected.”
To their surprise, the door opened and revealed a group of four musclewomen, staring at them in confusion. Ava asked:
“Tobie? What are you doing here?”
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“Oh hi! Look, Professor, it’s Ava! And she brought some muscle chicks!”
Pauline grinned, but Tara groaned:
“Muscle chicks? Really? Dude, what’s your problem?”
He was a little taken aback and tried to explain, his words slowly dying down at his lips:
“Yeah, well, that’s because you’ve got muscles and you’re … chicks … Well, you know what, I’m just going to … Ah. I have to search the kitchen.”
And he left the room.
The professor was quite surprised by Ava’s appearance and asked:
“How did you get in here?”
Marla gave her a wave:
“I learned to open locks like those on the internet. Cool, huh?”
Ava chuckled. With those women, one could go far! She turned to the professor:
“We came here to look for Lucius’ notes. And you?”
“We’re looking for Lucius. And his notes.”
Ava sighed:
“Yeah, about that. How did you know about all this?”
The professor hesitated:
“I am looking into this whole fungus thing with a colleague.”
Looking at Tobie busying himself in the kitchen, Ava asked:
“Could it be that the colleague is my mom?”
“I wouldn’t know.”
“Is she called Angela and is she a musclehead?”
The professor nodded. Ava breathed out sharply.
“Okay. Okay, okay, okay. That’s … Yeah.”
Tara interrupted:
“Actually, that’s no. Ava, you’ll have to explain the whole situation to us now. Who are these people? What do they want? We can’t continue like that.”
Ava massaged her temples and went to work, carefully explaining about her discovery, Milla’s infection, the professor’s job, the big show, everything. When she was done, Pauline grinned:
“Wow. That is a convoluted mess.”
Ava agreed wholeheartedly.
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The professor asked:
“So Lucius is dead?”
“As far as we could tell, he was badly wounded and I don’t think anybody ever came to help. I feel bad about it, but it was a shitty situation.”
Professor Lang took a moment to recover, then said:
“We should secure his stuff and maybe give it to his bosses.”
Ava shook her head:
“I don’t think that’s a good idea. If he had any real bosses that actually knew what was going on, those aren’t going to react well to the whole infection thing. I don’t want my friends to end up as guinea pigs. So I’d like to review his stuff instead. Maybe he has an antidote or something. He did have a poison that killed the things down there, after all.”
After a moment of thinking about it, the professor agreed.
“Let’s try this. You can help me. The others … Well, since I assume that none of you know much about microbiology, maybe just make some coffee and get this place up and running, okay?”
The musclewomen frowned. Tobie came in with a plate full of coffee mugs and a can of tea and coffee each:
“I wouldn’t try the milk, but that stuff should still be good!”
Tobie’s return somehow broke the ice a little. As everybody got busy, the professor and Ava started looking at the materials. Professor Lang shook her head incredulously for a moment: She was in a room with five musclepeople, trying to investigate a fungus invasion. Her life had really been turned upside down.
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Angela looked around. The place was abandoned, as was almost everything in this city. She had managed to get here without arousing any kind of interest, despite being followed by another bodybuilder. The whole situation had to be rather strange for people who didn’t know her. Still, she had other things to worry about. She asked:
“Kemal, do you see anything?”
The young man was on a nearby scaffolding, looking for clues where the two “superheroes” had gone.
“I’m not sure, but there’s something on that wall. It looks like a kind of moss. Maybe that’s a clue?”
“Okay, I’m coming up.”
Without much effort, Angela pulled herself up, then clambered on the platform. This was something she never would have been able to do before. Even if she tried it, she would have embarrassed herself, probably not even managing to jump up to the ledge.
Now, she easily caught it with her fingers, then brought her strong upper body up and there she was! She loved this. Whatever way this whole thing ended, she’d definitely keep her muscles. She grinned at Kemal, who had found getting up here a bit more difficult. All form, no function.
He didn’t really know what to do with her look, but pointed at the spot. She said:
“Give me a boost. I’ll check it out!”
He did as asked and got her to the right height. He was amazed by her muscular body and that complete lack of restraint on her part. She was so non-awkward, it was both strange and inspiring.
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“That stuff is pretty gross. I think I can scratch some of it off … Uh. It’s hot. How did that happen?”
Kemal had no idea. He was just focusing on holding her up. She hesitated:
“I think I can get it off with my pocket knife. Wait, I’ll come back down.”
She dropped back down next to him and just wanted to drop down to her handbag, when he suggested:
“We don’t actually need that thing, do we? I mean, if it’s up there and it’s hot, we can just follow it like this, can’t we?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, we could just look out for the heat with that app on my phone and find the next spot and just go after them, couldn’t we? They can’t fly, can they?”
“I don’t know. But it’s worth a try. Can you show me how to get that thing on my phone?”
It took a moment for them to be ready, but then, they started following the traces.
Within a few hours, they were a little tired, but mostly excited because Jaden’s uncle’s place came into view. She said:
“That must be it. Cool. Your plan worked!”
“Thank you. I’m glad it did!”
“Just let me talk to them. Stay in the background and help me if anything should go wrong.”
They walked up to the building. Angela noticed that all around the place, patches of mushrooms had sprung up. The whole surroundings had turned into a kind of garden, with strings of that white blob-material encroaching on the surrounding buildings.
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Kemal was stunned:
“Whoa. That looks so weird. Like out of one of these old-timey science fiction serials.”
Angela nodded:
“I think we might be close to the Twilight Zone or something like that. But I don’t care. I just want to get a taste of it.”
The young muscleman shrugged. He wanted to say something, but Angela just strode to the door and knocked. After a moment, it was opened with a flourish. Jaden stood there, tall, pale and fit. His body was athletic and slim right now, he was wearing an orange t-shirt and some white shorts and he grinned:
“Wow! Hey Milla, it’s Ava’s mom!”
From behind, they heard Milla’s strained voice.
“What are you waiting for? Let her in!”
Angela nodded to Kemal and stepped inside. The place was surprisingly normal compared to its surroundings. Milla was lying on a massive bench, pushing up absurd weights. Her body was gigantic. If Jaden looked somewhat normal, she had transformed herself into a sick parody of a human being. Every single muscle was absurdly overdeveloped. Her mass was hard to process. When Angela saw her, she tried to figure out how she even moved without just having those enormous packs of hardened flesh collide.
Milla finished her set with a lustful grunt, then sat up. Even like this, she was easily taller than Angela. Her head looked rather tiny amidst those mountains of pale, ultra-ripped muscle. She wiped the sweat off with a towel, then stretched, spreading her arms wide. It was an incredible sight. Angela knew what she wanted.
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The giantess now stood up and somehow seemed to fill the room with the sheer mass of her muscles. Angela noticed that she was wearing only a very tiny leotard-like suit that was just an assembly of cut-outs and showcased her absurdly ripped muscles. It was one thing that she was absolutely massive, but another that she was also defined as if she had never had a gram of bodyfat in her life.
“Hello, Angela. Welcome. I didn’t expect you to come here, but please, make yourself comfortable.”
Despite herself, Angela found herself to be a little nervous around the hulking young woman. Although she trusted her instincts on this and was fairly certain that neither would harm her, there was something in the deepest, reptile parts of her brain that screamed for her to run. She did her best to ignore them, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was in absolute, terrifying danger.
She took a deep breath, then approached the muscle-packed giantess. There was a certain intensity to her, like an aura that radiated around Milla. Somehow, she reminded Angela of a kind of spider she had once seen in a nature documentary on TV. The males were small and weak, while the females were huge and powerful. They completely dominated their tiny mates and had them serve them before devouring them. Jaden was something like that now.
“Milla! How are you?”
“Oh, I’m very, very well. Look at my body. Isn’t it marvelous?”
The internal alarms were going off non-stop now, but at the same time, Angela was completely mesmerized by Milla’s huge body. She licked her lips.
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The giant musclewoman was close now. Angela felt her skin tingle. There was so much power to this, so much energy. It seemed as if Milla’s body had its own gravitational field. She longed to touch her, to feel the power, to be with her, to be like her. She extended her hand, the warmth of Milla’s pale, perfectly sculpted muscles tangible. Milla smiled at her:
“You want this.”
It wasn’t a question, there was no hint of doubt in her words. Angela’s fascination was undeniable. She looked up into the young face that seemed so small amidst the mountains of muscle.
“I do. I want this so much. Please. Please allow me.”
There was a strange, almost loving expression on Milla’s face now. She waited for Angela to make up her mind and touch her. The older woman made contact. She opened her eyes wide. Touching those muscles was incredibly intense …
She breathed in sharply. Milla lowered her arms and set her hands on Angela’s shoulders.
“Don’t worry. I will give you one of the seeds and soon, you will be like us …”
Angela embraced the monstrous pale woman in front of her, leaning her cheek against Milla’s absurdly thick pecs. Jaden grinned stupidly as the older woman started caressing the wall of muscle that was his girlfriend. Angela kissed the muscles, making strange, purring sounds.
Behind her, Kemal started to take a step back. Then another one. This was completely out of control. He loved muscle like the next man, but this …
Suddenly, Jaden’s gaze locked on him.
He ran.
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“Okay, so here’s what we got.” Ava looked at the other bodybuilders, who were clustered around the room. They had worked hard to clean up the place and it was looking nice now. Welcoming, almost. Ava cleared her throat:
“There is a poison formula that we should be able to synthesize. It kills off those things. However, it also kills people who are ‘infected’, so that’s not an option. However, the professor has come up with an idea that might allow us to control the fungus’ effects.”
Pauline, Tara and Marla exchanged glances. That was more like it.
Tara asked:
“What would it do, exactly?”
Ava glanced at the professor and replied:
“Well … As far as we could tell, it could edit the fungus’ replication and we could pick which parts of it it would make.”
The others exchanged looks. That did not exactly clear things up. Once Ava noticed this, she tried something else:
“Okay. So the fungus gets into people’s brains and makes them act the way it wants them …”
Tobie’s jaw dropped. He gave out a little yelp and asked:
“What? So the fungus is making decisions?”
“Apparently. But we don’t know for sure. It may be influencing its host.”
“But that’s … I don’t know … It’s horrible! That’s like straight out of a scary movie!”
Ava wanted to deny this on principle, but he was right:
“It is. This thing changes people to be better hosts. It makes them happy so they want more of it and it makes them strong so they spread it.”
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Tara nodded slowly:
“That’s actually clever. I mean, I would do it like that. If you want people to be your friends, you have to make them feel good about you. It works!”
Pauline and Marla seemed a little uncomfortable with their friend right now. She noticed it and made soothing gestures:
“Hey! That’s not what it’s like with us. We go way back, it’s not …”
The scowls made her shut up. Instead, Ava said:
“So, to finish explaining this: With this method, we can try to change it and make it less influencing. If we get this to work on Milla and Jaden, they could go back to normal mentally.”
Tobie nodded:
“But they could keep the muscles!”
“Yeah. If they still want them after the control cuts out. Also, we could stop the fungus from spreading all over the place. It’s going to infect everybody around this town soon enough.”
Pauline smiled:
“Okay. So basically, if you make this work, you could transform us all into huge bodybuilders with perfect bodies, but without the mind control? That sounds amazing!”
“Well, probably. If it works …”
She turned to the professor, who shrugged.
Out of nowhere, Tobie asked:
“But what if we are all already infected and we are just thinking that we have free will to choose this, but we’re actually just doing what it wants us to do?”
Ava groaned. Professor Lang sighed and said:
“Yes, maybe. But I don’t think this is the moment for existential philosophy right now.”
“Good. I just wanted to ask.”
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Angela felt her entire body tingle. She had lost her sight, her hearing, her sense of smell … Somehow, she seemed to float, to change. She couldn’t say what was really going on. Her mind felt as if wrapped in cotton. As if her thoughts were being slowed down, dampened, reduced to the most basic ideas. She found it hard to focus now.
There was this tremendous sense of pleasure, of happiness all around her. She enjoyed this, this unexpected feeling of trust and calm. She was safe, she was changing to become something better. Something that would fit. A body, a mind, perfectly shaped for the task.
What was the task?
She tried to understand it. There was a kind of knowledge, just below the surface of her mind … It was the truth, the answer. She could almost touch it, almost understand it. Every time she approached it, every time she tried to reach for it, it seemed to drift away.
Still, she felt no frustration. Everything was fine. More than fine. Things were improving with every moment. She was in the best possible life, the best imaginable place. Her whole life had been focused on reaching this point.
Angela sighed happily, even if somehow, her lungs weren’t necessary. Did they actually exist anymore? Did she really care? No. Everything was perfect and soon, she would fulfill the desires that grew within her.
How did all of this happen in the first place? Where had she come from? Who was she really? There was this name, Angela, floating in her consciousness. Was this her?
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She was finding it harder and harder to finish her thoughts. It felt like in a dream, when she would have seemingly lucid moments but nothing would come of them, simply because her mind would wander …
Despite the overwhelming feeling of bliss, there was a strange kernel of unhappiness, of skepticism that was still remaining within her. She drifted to it mentally, it turning out to be a kind of embryo. A sort of small human being, curled up on itself, looking weak and helpless. She did her best to keep her mental vision trailed on it, ignoring the distractions of welling up pleasure. It was getting hard to resist. The appeal of this strange, all-encompassing perfection was tugging at her mind, trying to break her away from the tiny being ahead of her. It wasn’t aggressive or anything, but there was a sense of urgency to it.
She found it difficult to steady the course, her mind drifting in and out of focus, the waves of lust and pleasure threatening to throw her off. The sirens’ calls were getting louder, even shriller. To her surprise, this tension allowed her to recover. She could feel her self reemerge. It was just a quick gasp of air before she was pulled under again by this sea of euphoria, but that was what she needed.
Angela dove down, now aiming for the figure drifting in front of her. If she could reach her, if she could contact her, she might take back control.
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So this is part 365. Damn. A whole year and still not finished. I sure hope to get to the finale soon now, but I don't want to rush it.

So, thank you all for reading along. I hope you enjoy the story so far and I would be happy to finish this together with you.
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I hope Ava is the beneficiary of the mushrooms. It feels like Angela doesn't deserve it, given how she's been such a selfish bitch. It would be interesting if Milla absorbed her muscle, and Ava surpasses her.
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I hope Ava is the beneficiary of the mushrooms. It feels like Angela doesn't deserve it, given how she's been such a selfish bitch. It would be interesting if Milla absorbed her muscle, and Ava surpasses her.

Angela certainly needs her comeuppance at some point.
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Again, she felt the tug of this unstoppable lust at her mind, but somehow, she now understood how it worked. With a grim determination, she struck forward and now saw the being in front of her more clearly. It was Ava, all small and weak, helpless, lost in this mighty ocean of her thought.
Angela reached for her, touched her, embraced her and held her tight. The presence around her, which had until now only existed as a vague feeling, tightened into a being. It formed itself into a mass behind her and raced towards her.
The musclewoman suddenly realized the danger and tried to escape, carrying her kid with her. It took her a moment to understand that she wasn’t in the physical world, that all this was happening in a kind of dream.
What should she do?
The tension behind her only increased, its power growing as it roared towards her. Her mind, mostly clear now, was racing. If this was a dream, maybe she could change it to fit herself. To save herself and her child …
Angela turned around, facing the approaching shape. She tried to discern what it was, but somehow, her mind failed to process it. She could only feel its absurd mass and its threatening presence. Still, she focused, and counterattacked. As she raced towards her target, she could feel her body reform, building itself around her spirit. She struck the mass of energy in front of her, somehow punching a hole into it and breaking it open.
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Yeah man, this is an incredible feat of endurance! Great work
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Yeah man, this is an incredible feat of endurance! Great work

Thank you very much. I hope it's also an interesting read.
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The creature or being or whatever it was shrieked in pain. Angela could feel its body writhe under her attack. There was a kind of crumbling texture to it. As her blows rained down and she tried to rip a gash into it, the creature’s flesh seemed to reform. Angela wouldn’t let it. Instead, she willed herself to be stronger, more ruthless, unstoppable. She had no idea how that worked, but it appeared to change her body.
She could feel herself clinging to this gargantuan thing under her, the embryo still pulsating against her skin. She dove in further, ripping and tearing as she worked herself inside it. Every time she tore another chunk from it, her own body felt stronger, harder, more powerful. Somehow, Angela’s skin expanded, making room for her growing muscles, her expanding strength. It was incredible, intoxicating. She savored the thrill of her fury, just grinding that thing down and watching it flail helplessly at her.
However, just when she thought she had vanquished it, the thing raised a forest of tentacles around her and struck down on her. Angela screamed as the heavy, rubbery appendages thundered down on her. She tucked her head in and lifted her arms to cover her upper body, protecting the little Ava. The monstrosity didn’t relent. Instead, the tentacles hammered at her, bruising her, breaking her skin and crushing her bones. She gritted her teeth, weathering the storm as good as she could. To save herself, she clambered further in, retreating into the depths of the creature’s body.
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Slowly, the whole thing developed a texture and color. It was thick and white, the orange veins going through it pumping heavily. Angela pushed herself into the tiniest part of it, a little kind of cave her blows had revealed. The tentacles tried to reach her, but she managed to kick them away.
For a moment, the situation ran to a standstill. Angela took deep breaths to calm herself, while the tentacles did their best to assess the situation. Suddenly, she laughed. Her mind was clearing and she could see the problem: She was so far inside that beast that it couldn’t attack her without wounding itself. In a strange way, she had it at her mercy.
The musclewoman hissed:
“Okay … I hope you can hear me, you monster, but I am inside of you and there’s nothing you can do. So, just to make myself clear: I will get deeper inside and kill you if you don’t stop this shit!”
There was a pause. The tentacles retreated from the wound, their tips lowered. Was this a sign of submission? Angela couldn’t tell. She decided to take her chances. Clambering outside of her hiding place, she drifted to the creature’s surface and looked around. Her mind was having a hard time processing all this. It seemed to still be adapting to this environment. However, as far as she could tell, it was managing to make sense of what she was seeing.
She stared into an abyss lined with bizarre orange veins that extended like a network of roots, pulsating and shining in the darkness. She shook her head. This was too much to process.
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So at some point this will all be revealed as somebody's dream inside a dream (which of course it is) . . .
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
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So at some point this will all be revealed as somebody's dream inside a dream (which of course it is) . . .

This would be the weirdest reversal yet.
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Angela touched one of the strands of orange with one hand and felt a kind of electric current flow through her hand. Suddenly, she felt her mind was racing along the line, the shadows of the city passing beside her. This was incredible. She could feel the people talk and wander the streets, the lights in the buildings going on and off, the cars driving by … Everything was somehow part of her mind now.
She released the vein, then cast off from the creature’s shell and rose in the air. She looked down and saw a giant being under her. It was a kind of enormous, vaguely fungoid mass, reminding her of a brain on insects’ legs. The tentacles were arranged off one end and observed her attentively.
Well, now that she understood what this was, she knew what to do.
The musclewoman took a deep breath and somehow propelled herself down towards the creature’s body, aiming for the hole she had already dug. As soon as she started her descent, that thing realized what was going to happen and sent its tentacles after her, but Angela somehow accelerated, racing through the fog of lust and arousal it deployed and struck home.
She hit the opening, tore into it, and started digging deeper. The thing shook and screamed, desperate to stop her. The tentacles tore into itself, it bucked and tried to get her out. Angela pushed on, knowing that she was in the right place.
And then, she saw it in front of her. It was an orange shape, soft to the touch, yet strangely taut. The thing’s center. She struck it.
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Angela opened her eyes. She was back to reality. Her senses were immediately assaulted by sounds and smells she couldn’t understand at first. She tried to make her eyes focus, the vague, blurred shapes around her slowly becoming clear. She was in that house, but it was changing. In a strange way, it was adapting to her. She stumbled about, turning towards a … a mirror. Her mind only slowly understood that she was seeing her reflection now.
It was her face. It was the same as before, but at the same time, it seemed unfamiliar. She looked at its shape, her hard, bigger jaw only slowly associating itself to her body-image again. She was as tanned as before, but …
Somehow, she felt that this was her, but it was under her control. She had asserted dominance over her self, over the parasite. She was its mistress now. She could decide how …
A grin spread over her face.
Oh yes.
She sighed lustfully and let it happen. Like a chrysalis, her body started to expand, to grow, to transform. Her muscles swelled, tightened and grew stronger and stronger. Her bones changed to make room for her rapidly enlarging frame. Angela saw her chest spread wider, her pecs growing huge and heavy, larger than any male bodybuilder’s. Her waist tightened but at the same time turned so incredibly ripped that she could count out the single fibers of her muscles. She licked her lips.
There was more where that came from!
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As she lifted her arms, she saw them fill even more with muscle. In no time, her biceps were swelling to the size of her head. She couldn’t believe it! Her training had taken her only so far before she started juicing, but regardless of how much gear she might have used, she would never have come close to this size.
Hell, she was way beyond any human level now. She brought her left arm over in a grand gesture that seemed to create its own turbulence in the air and tried to squeeze this incredible ball of muscle. It wouldn’t yield. Instead, she caressed it, following the absurd curvature of the giant mass. It felt both heavy to hold up and incredibly light …
She ran her fingers along the thick, hose-like veins that criss-crossed it and she felt herself getting wet. This was the absolute best …
Angela decided to push it even further. The lust took over again and she forced her body to become even heavier, even stronger and even more bulky. As her back muscles expanded and her lats swelled, she was forced into a strange, mutated posture. She touched herself, sighing happily as she willed her body into ever more outrageous shapes.
In the mirror, her muscles started to fill out the entirety of her reflection. She licked her lips and said:
“Fuck … I look incredible.”
She sank a finger into her cunt, tightening it until it felt almost uncomfortable. She was going to have so much fun …
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That’s when she noticed the stunned pair in front of her. Milla and Jaden stared at the apparition that had formed in front of them. Sure, they were both used to absurd muscle mass and vulgar displays of power and sexuality, but what they just saw, well, that was something else. Jaden could feel his cock stir as he watched Angela explore her body. At the same time, Milla was having a hard time handling her own bizarre cock-cunt. They sensed that they were losing their minds now.
Angela was having fun. Her transformation was reaching its end and she became aware of the intensity of that field of lust she was radiating. Of course, her gargantuan body could cause any muscle lover to lose their mind, but this was something else: Her simple presence was enough to cause the two young people to get hornier and hornier. It probably had something to do with the fungus’ spreading tactic, but now that she was in charge, she could feel how she slipped into their minds.
The huge musclewoman extended her mental tendrils until she had the two at her mercy, then she grinned as she started to change them, to adapt them to her own desires. She would make them perfect for their purpose. But before she did that, why not have a little fun? She had been putting this off for so long, and there had to be time. After all, the others were way beneath her.
She licked her lips as the two young people’s bodies started to expand.
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“Okay, this was hard, but I think we’ve got it.”
Ava returned to the living room which had transformed into a kind of camp over the last week or two. There were field beds everywhere, the musclepeople had set up a kind of basic gym for their daily training and there was an overcharged laundry rack in the middle. The smell was, well, appropriate. It was very obvious that the whole gang was starting to feel the crush of the crowded place.
There had been talks about maybe getting another place to have a little more space, but Ava had suggested it was better to keep everyone close-by. After all, Milla and Jaden were on patrol every night and if the occasional scouting mission was to be seen as representative, the skitterers were on the prowl with them. It was hard to be certain since they were that hard to spot, but the things’ tracks were undeniable.
The crowd stared at her. Tobie had discovered a rather traumatized Kemal a few days ago, hiding in an alley and not saying a word. Now he looked up, still seeming somewhat lost.
“We have managed to apply the ideas Lucius had and have hacked the fungus-substance. Kinda. We’re not sure whether it will really, really work, but if it does, it should give the user a lot of the powers without the drawbacks. Hopefully.”
The bodybuilders seemed interested. Pauline asked:
“So, how safe is it?”
“Safe is a big word. Honestly, I don’t know.” She turned the professor, who shrugged. “The best we can say is that it won’t kill anybody outright. Probably.”
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That answer took all of them aback. There was a pause as they all looked at each other, trying to figure out what to do now. In the end, Ava said:
“Well, since I got us all into trouble, it should be my turn to go first and see how it works.”
There were vague nods all around. No one really wanted to be the one to push for this. Pauline tried:
“Well … You don’t actually have to …”
Ava shook her head:
“No, it’s okay. I gotta do this. I have to fix this for my friends’ sake, and also for my mom, of course.”
Professor Lang shrugged:
“Shall we start?”
“Let’s do this. Just one thing: If that stuff doesn’t work and it kills me, you have to alert the authorities. Whatever happens then is still the better outcome than having everybody get absorbed by fungus monsters.”
The women nodded grimly. The men seemed terrified at the perspective, but joined in. Tara said:
“You can trust us.”
“Good. Professor?”
The older woman sighed, went to get the concoction they had made and drew it into a syringe. It looked strange, the purple color it gave off somehow glowing.
She asked once more:
“You’re doing this?”
“I am. Hit me up.”
Ava laid down on one of the beds and bared her arm. Tara suddenly stepped forward and took her hand. They looked at each other and nodded. The professor stayed remarkably passive and sank the needle into Ava’s skin.
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It was a strange feeling. After the initial pain had passed, Ava expected something to happen. She thought it would burn, or hurt or maybe even feel good. Instead, it left her with a kind of distanced, neutral experience. The others stared down on her. The professor seemed curious, the musclewomen were equally nervous and excited and the boys were obviously afraid that everything would go wrong. Kemal was holding Tobie’s hand tight.
Finally, Pauline asked:
“So? How do you feel?”
Ava shrugged:
“I don’t know. It doesn’t feel like anything.”
The professor commented dryly:
“If it’s deadly, it’s going to take a while.”
Tara shot her an angry look, while Kemal sobbed. The old woman rolled her eyes:
“I’m just saying it’s perfectly normal that it doesn’t do anything immediately.”
Marla sighed:
“So it’s a failure?”
“I didn’t say that either. Just give it a little time.”
Ava wanted to sit up and maybe ask for something to drink. Not that she was too thirsty, but it seemed like a thing to do right now. She couldn’t. She willed herself to get up, or at least to roll to the side of the bed. It didn’t happen.
“Guys … I think we may have broken something.”
There was a pang of fear in her voice.
The professor raised an eyebrow and Pauline inquired:
“What do you mean?”
“I can’t move.”
“But you’re talking.”
“Yeah, but I want to move my arms and they’re not responding.”
Kemal and Tobie wailed in horror.
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Ava was starting to panic now. She struggled, trying to get her body to respond. She could breathe, she could turn her head and she could talk, but her arms, her legs, her torso … They weren’t working. She probably would have started shaking, but that didn’t happen either.
“I … I … This is bad. This is bad. This is a fucking nightmare. This …”
She sobbed. Pauline, Tara and Marla approached her and hugged her.
“I can’t believe this screwed me up … It was just a little … It can’t work so quickly, can it? Please …”
The professor stayed surprisingly calm all through this. While the boys were busy regretting the whole situation, she pushed the women aside and quickly drew a sample of Ava’s blood. The girl exclaimed:
“Ow! That stung! Couldn’t you just …”
Professor Lang frowned:
“You felt that, so you’re not paralyzed. I guess it’ll just take a while.”
With these words, she returned to the other room. Tara sighed:
“She’s a bit of a bitch, don’t you think?”
Pauline frowned at her, but Marla nodded. Ava didn’t know what to say. It was a relief to know that her body was still feeling, but she couldn’t move. She hesitated, then asked:
“So, what do I do now? This is still horrible, you know?”
The other women shrugged. Tara suggested:
“Maybe concentrate on your feeling? I really have no idea how any of this works.”
The others had no better ideas, so Ava gave it a try.
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She breathed in slowly, waited, then breathed out again. Ava focused as much as she could on her body. It was a strange sensation, like slipping back into some tight clothes. She carefully edged back inside herself, wondering what it meant. At last, she seemed to reach her hands and fingers and she stretched.
The others were a bit shocked and confused when she suddenly moved.
“Ava! You’re back!”
She tried to get up, but somehow, her legs buckled under her and she would have fallen to the ground if Pauline and Tara hadn’t caught her. They carefully propped her up until she managed to tighten her grip on her legs. Still swaying, she stood on her own two feet. She stumbled around for a few steps, but soon, she familiarized herself again with her body. She came back from a long way.
“Wow. I’m walking! Girls, I’m walking!”
The others supported her a bit more, but once she managed to move freely again, she made a few little jumps, then crouched down, got back up and grinned:
“This feels odd, but I like it.”
The musclewomen stared at her and asked:
“So, did it work?”
“Yeah. Just not dying is a bit weak!”
Ava had no idea how this would work, but she decided to give it a try.
“Okay, here goes nothing.”
Somehow, she made her body tense, then she felt she was running through her own physique, little flashes of energy blazing along the way. She closed her eyes to take in the sensation. This felt nice …
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She heard Pauline shout:
“Hey, Ava, it’s working! It’s working! Holy shit!”
Ava opened her eyes and saw herself in Lucius’ full-length mirror. Wow. This was incredible. Right before her eyes, she was transforming. It felt so good. Her body was lengthening, growing more muscular, broader, more powerful and, well, more busty. More beautiful, too. It was an astonishing sight. Her clothes were now constricting her, looking very stretched out and rather overstrained by her expanding chest and legs. She looked as if she was going to burst right out of them.
Then she did just that.
The others whooped and cheered as she transformed into a goddess. It was amazing to see the former overweight wallflower become muscular perfection. Her symmetry was breathtaking, her muscles were completely devoid of fat or really anything that stopped her perfect definition. She grinned as her skin turned darker to bring the carved lines of muscle into perfect view.
Ava laughed. Her voice wasn’t deeper now, but it was definitely stronger, more imposing. She grinned and with a flick of her mind, she added a kind of low, seductive purr to it. Just hearing herself speak made her hot. She licked her full lips and struck a pose, lifting her thick muscular arms and finally tearing off the last remains of her outfit.
It was bliss. She willed herself to be more graceful and flexible, then lifted her mighty leg up and up before effortlessly bending it behind her head. She felt the brutal mass of her calves press against her bullneck. This was pure power.
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The others just stared at her magnificent muscles, her huge tits and her incredible face. It was obvious that their minds were racing. What would they do once they finally got their hands on that stuff? Was it safe? Would this last? How soon could they get shot up?
The tension in the room was palpable. Ava saw it immediately. It felt as if she could sense their feelings, to get into their heads. She smiled at them, towering above them at six feet three, her frame charged with easily five hundred pounds of heavy, ripped muscle. In a way, she still felt as if she were sitting at the controls of some mighty armor suit. At the same time, she was beginning to feel the pure joy of being a godlike heroine.
Tara asked, her voice quivering:
“So, how does it feel?”
“Incredible. I can’t describe it. It’s … I’ve never felt anything like it. I … I just might be a little horny, though.”
The others grinned. Who could blame her? With a body like this, who wouldn’t fall in love with oneself?
Pauline brought them back to earth with a simple question:
“So, when do we start?”
The professor, still quite impressed by Ava’s transformation, shrugged and said:
“I could get to work on the next batches right now. I just mostly need more fungus for the preparation.”
Marla chuckled:
“So we’re going mushroom-hunting? Cool!”
The gang filed out, with Ava still unsure of what to do next. Maybe she should just stay here for now and get to know her new body. Yes, that seemed like a good idea.
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That’s when she noticed that she was naked. She tore open the door, trashing the hinges and shouted:
“Bring something for me to wear too! And some replacement parts for the door!”
She heard Tobie call back:
“What’s your size now?”
“Oh … I’ll send you my measurements.”
“Good, because otherwise, all we can get you is a muumuu or something like that.”
“Sure. Thank you anyway!”
“We’ll be back.”
She turned to the professor and said:
“If you don’t mind, I’d like to get a little time for myself. I gotta measure this body …”
The older woman raised an eyebrow and replied:
“Obviously. I’ll be back in a while.”
“Thank you.”
Ava stopped herself from blushing too hard. Her entire body was tingling now. She just needed this …
She just waited until the professor’s steps had faded, then she locked the door, laid on the ground and ran her fingers over her giant breasts. She dug in deeply. She had to admit that she had never been into breasts before and that her discovery of her muscle-lust was a recent finding, but still, this incredible body was inspiring enough for her to ignore her previous fantasies. She squeezed her tits some more, feeling their mass push against her mighty pectorals. She was so gigantic now, it wasn’t even funny anymore. Grinning to herself, she flexed her chest, making her enormous breasts bounce and swing.
She licked her lips. This was beyond amazing. Suddenly, she had an inspiration.
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Craning her head forward, she relaxed her spine, making it more flexible. It was such a strange, yet somehow enjoyable feeling! Ava moaned happily as her muscles tightened around her spine, supporting it perfectly. Then, without any regrets, she rolled up, curling herself into a kind of muscular ball. She reached her own cunt with her tongue and gave it a lick. She knew that this was a perverted thing to do, but then again, why not? Besides she craved the release and, well, everybody just wanted to do this. She felt the intense warmth of her thick muscles around her face and she started circling her clitoris, sending little jolts of pleasure into her brain. Damn. That was incredible. No wonder the boys always wanted to do this. She intensified the sensibility of her clit and somehow extended it to her tongue.
Now, she was almost caught in a circle. The pleasure was building up relentlessly in her mind. She could sense her cunt throb, her clit swell and shiver and her tongue grow ever more flexible. She produced a kind of choked grunt as her body was starting to tense. Maybe she could go even further … She slowly started to extend her clit while lengthening her tongue. It was obviously crazy, but why not? This was a time to text things and …
She lost track of her thoughts as she started deep-throating her own clit while her tongue somehow disappeared into her cunt. The sensation was beyond intense.
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As she approached the orgasm that would shatter her mind, she could feel her muscles grow even bigger, denser and stronger. She was literally feeling crushed by her own impossible mass and despite the danger, it only made her even hornier. She just pressed on relentlessly, unstoppable and completely obsessed.
There it was, that strange sensation … Like a burning flame that was spreading through her body, to the very tips of her fingers and toes. Her choked voice rumbled, she felt that she was losing her mind … Ava clung to her giant muscles, sinking her fingers into their indestructible mass.
She came. It was astonishing. She had never experienced anything like it. It was as if all the floodgates burst at once, wiping away her consciousness and lifting her higher and higher, beyond anything she might have experienced before. She completely ecstatic.
The absurd enormousness of her body, the absolute power … She was …
Slowly, her mind came back. It felt as if she had fallen from heaven. She was lying on the floor in Lucius’ apartment, staring at the ceiling lamp. Every breath made her enormous chest rise and fall like the tides of the sea. She was crying now, unable to cope with the intensity of whatever was going on in her mind.
Ava slowly lifted her thick, muscle-packed arm, looking at the heavy striations and the pumping veins. This was her now. With the blink of a thought, she made the muscle disappear, turning her arm into a thin, graceful dancer’s, before swelling it with muscle again.
She wiped the tears from her eyes and only then noticed that the others had returned and stared at her.
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Marla grinned:
“I want what she’s having!”
There was cheering all around. The girls broke out into a little dance, dropping the plastic bags full of mushrooms. The boys nodded. This was the kind of mass they always craved. Oh God, finally. Finally!
Surprisingly, Ava felt self-conscious now. She was completely naked in front of these people she normally knew and trusted, but at the same time, no one of them had yet seen her, well, doing this. That was not okay.
She ran out, her body shrinking back into her normal shape as she left. Closing the door to Lucius’ bedroom behind her, she went rummaging for a robe. She found it, slipped it on and adjusted her height to fit it. Then she filled out her frame a bit so she looked more impressive. She tried to stop herself, but the lure was too strong.
She looked at herself and sighed. Okay. She was tall now, with strong, hard muscles and a pair of magnificent breasts. She was way better than any model. Looking at her reflection in the window, she had to admit that her beautified face was amazing, but it felt strange to her.
Ava turned it back. Oh well. That was a bit … dumpy, wasn’t it? She changed it again. This was hard. She found it difficult to accept either. Where was she heading like this?
Would she return to normal once all this was over?
Could she resist the temptation of being an amazonian supermodel? Was this actually bad?
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That’s when she noticed Pauline had come in.
“Ava? Are you alright?”
She turned around, her robe falling open. She quickly fumbled to close it, hit her huge boob and ended up exposing it once more. Grumbling, she shrunk it back. Then she said:
“Not really …”
“What’s troubling you?”
“It’s hard. I mean, now that I can be anything I want … I’m afraid to lose myself.”
Pauline nodded:
“I know that feeling. When I started seeing results, I got scared. People started treating me differently and I liked the attention, but I was feeling bad because I felt I was betraying older me. Also, I kinda started ignoring all the things I liked before because I thought I’d have to break up with my previous life and be a big-breasted, glamorous fitness model now.”
Ava nodded slowly:
“I guess that’s it. What do I do if it goes to my head?”
Pauline approached her, impressed by her height. She nodded appreciatively:
“Well, what helped me was having friends that understood me and liked me regardless of what I looked like and what I enjoyed.”
She put a hand on Ava’s arm and looked up at her. She was cute, Ava had to give her that.
“That might help …”
Pauline hugged her gently.
“Don’t worry, we’ll keep you real, girl. Besides, you can always go back if you want to. It doesn’t even ruin anything.”
Ava chuckled:
“I could be a clumsy nerd one day and a goddess bombshell the next!”
“The best of both worlds.”
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Meanwhile, Angela’s mind was flowing through the endless strands of spreading fungus that had englobed the town. She could feel the streets and buildings like shadows to her light. Sometimes, the mushroom had even spread into animals and people and she could sense their thoughts as vague echoes of her mind. It was an astonishing experience. She could almost, almost understand what was going on within them and maybe even enter their decisions.
She felt all-powerful. Her mind stretched even further, leading the strange face-fungus hybrids on their explorations through the sewers and the various facility tunnels in town. They spread out further and further, finding the control panels and switches that meant mastering the city.
At the same time, her body was transforming further, learning from Milla’s and Jaden’s experiences. She took what had worked for them and improved upon it. Just feeling her body turn immortal, indestructible, unstoppable … It was amazing. And there was no stopping her.
Angela could remake this place to serve her needs and to fit her vision of a world that would keep her and her daughter safe. A place that would fulfill their wishes and to make them both free from disease, from trauma, from death.
She would never forget the moment when her husband had died. This helplessness and panic when she understood that she couldn’t do a thing as he struggled for a few moments before dying … It had carved itself into her memory. It would never happen to her again.
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“Okay, let’s do this!”
The girls were all very excited and the boys were just as nervous. Pauline grinned with anticipation:
“Let me go first! I waited so long for this!”
Tara tried to push her aside, but Professor Lang just said:
“Please. There’s really enough for everyone. Just wait a moment and everybody will get their share.”
Marla had just tried to scramble over her two friends, so Ava intervened, her wonderful, uber-muscular body easily picking her up and putting her in a neat line with the other women. The boys carefully waited their turn.
Ava watched the whole situation with a certain amusement. She could really understand their excitement. Being transformed felt amazing. Even now, she was fine tuning her body, trying to figure out just the right amount of perfection. She wanted to stay herself, but at the same time, she wanted to be stunning. It was hard work …
“Very well. I’ll just help the professor and we’ll be done in no time. Ready?”
Pauline was shaking with excitement:
“As ready as never before!”
They took the syringes and started the injections. It felt weird to do this. After all, the initial experience had been pretty bad. Only once she got in control did Ava start to enjoy this.
The others closed their eyes, clenched their teeth or just looked away, but then, it was done. Ava repeated:
“Please be careful. That paralysis thing feels bad, but you know how to deal with it.”
One after the other, she laid her friends on the ground to wait for the drug to work.
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Angela extended her tendrils. All over the town, the skitterers spread out, creeping into every nook and cranny, looking for Ava. She had to be somewhere. The creatures sped along, marshalled by Angela’s will. They raced along the streets, through the sewers, over the power lines. Sometimes, someone saw the creatures as they scouted the area, but they dismissed them as ugly pigeons or tricks of light. Angela wondered whether she should reshape them to appear more normal. Despite her ascended status, those things gave her the creeps.
Suddenly, one of them reported back.
It had picked up Ava’s scent and was now following the trail. Angela understood where it was heading. Now that was a surprise. She extended her mind into the surrounding area, noticing the blind spots left by removed mushrooms. This was definitely strange. So Ava was at Lucius’ place and she, or whoever she was with, was collecting fungi.
What were they up to?
She had to know.
Well, time to give her “helpers” a task. She turned her mind on them, breaking them out of their ecstasy. It was strange to be part of their consciousness, like an undercurrent made of absurd horniness. Ever since she joined Milla and Jaden to herself, the two appeared to share a consciousness and they were constantly shifting their bodies into more and more pleasuring shapes.
It was like having some super-horny teenagers right in your living room while you were trying to do a crossword puzzle. Well, time for them to get to work.
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Ava watched the others with curiosity. They were lying in the living room, covering most of the place. She sat on the couch, with the professor looking around from behind it. The musclepeople were quite excited about what was going to happen to them. It was a weird sight. They were all immobilized right now, waiting for the drug to do its work, but while Ava had been terrified and anxious, they were almost giddy with excitement. Every few moments, another one produced a giggle, a snort or a gasp.
She looked over to the professor. The older woman was quite impassive. Ava asked:
“So, thinking about getting some of this too?”
The professor hesitated:
“Maybe … I’m not quite sure. I mean, it is amazing to see you, and the possibilities are endless, but at the same time, I am skeptical.”
“Skeptical? About this?”
Ava flexed her arm, making her biceps explode into a gigantic, soccer ball-sized mass. The veins and cuts were shocking. She turned over and gave it a lick. Professor Lang nodded vaguely:
“Yeah. It seems a bit unhealthy.”
“Oh, really? It feels great.”
“Unsurprisingly. But I would be really careful with things like these.”
Ava shrugged, reducing her muscles back to her “normal” heavyweight bodybuilder self.
“Maybe. But you know what? I’m still getting the hang of this, but I think I could be able to boost my brain just like my muscles. And then, things would get really interesting.”
The professor nodded slowly. That was something she should consider.
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In that moment, the outer wall of the apartment exploded. Dust was everywhere, bits of concrete and bricks rained down. Pieces and bits fell down to the street below. The people on the floor screamed in panic, unable to get away. Ava was shocked, staring at the settling clouds of dust.
“Hi, Ava … We’ve come to check on you!”
As the dust cleared, Ava and the professor saw two gigantic figures emerge. They were wearing matching skintight superhero outfits, shining orange and white, and they were so absurdly massive that even with Ava’s previous experience, they blew her mind. She barely managed to speak:
“Milla? Jaden?”
“It’s us! Yeah! So, how are you?”
Milla towered above her, at least nine feet tall and even wider, her gigantic body pumped beyond any human possibilities. She had four arms, a super-slim waist and a thick hairdo of dancing tentacles emerging from her head and back. Next to her was Jaden, who was somehow smaller, just 6’8”, but still absurdly muscular. While Milla was basically a monster, he had gone for a more classic superhero look. The contrast was confusing.
“Er … I … Guys … You look …”
Jaden grinned:
“Great, don’t you think? But you’re not bad either. Those muscles … We should team up.”
“Team up?”
“We’re cleaning up this town and making sure the criminals have no chance!”
Suddenly, Milla interrupted him.
“Your mother is looking for you. She would like you to come with us.”
There was something off about her speech patterns. Jaden tried to smile it away, but just like her, he abruptly relaxed, then said mechanically:
“We need you to come along.”
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Ava hesitated. She was fully aware that those two were currently way more muscular and powerful than her and that they were more experienced at fighting too. If she got into trouble with them, things would escalate in the worst possible way. The others were still unable to do much and there was little to no chance to get rid of the situation by talking if Milla and Jaden were basically being remote controlled.
“Okay … I’ll just say my thing and …”
“No. You come with us now.”
There was a wave of chittering sounds and to Ava’s horror, a mass of those faces with incest legs appeared in the hole in the wall. She took a step back.
The people on the floor screamed and tried to move, the professor ran into the bedroom and locked the door. Milla was very calm and said:
“Come with us now and we’ll leave your friends alone.”
Jaden added:
“We need you to be safe, so come along. Please.”
Despite the “please”, this didn’t seem sincere at all.
Reluctalntly, Ava said:
“Okay. But I have your word that you will not …”
“Of course. I just want you to be with me.”
Now that wasn’t Jaden’s voice. It was Angela. She was speaking right through him. For a moment, Ava could have sworn that she saw a shadow of her mother’s face flash over his.
“Let’s go. We don’t want to keep her waiting.”
Jaden was back. Ava nodded and said:
“I still need some clothes.”
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This time, there was a faint recovery on Milla’s part. She seemed to smile and said:
“Don’t worry. I can make you something comfortable.”
Out of her massive muscles, a plethora of tentacles erupted. The panic in the room was getting even worse. Just watching her enormous frame explode into this was sickening. However, to their surprise, the tentacles went to work like a host of lightning-quick hands and somehow produced a kind of fabric out of Milla’s body. It was utterly strange to watch. However, she was done in no time and presented it to Ava. It was a white catsuit that would hug every little bit of muscle. Milla grinned encouragingly.
“What are you waiting for? Put it on!”
She could see Jaden nod, some inner fetish thing manifesting itself. Ava did as she was told and stepped into the skintight outfit. It felt odd, somewhat constrictive, but at the same time undeniably powerful. As she stretched it over her breasts, she took a breath in. It felt like a second skin over her statuesque physique.
Milla said:
“Okay. We wasted enough time. Let’s go.”
She held out her hand to Ava. Her former friend asked:
“Aren’t we going to take the stairs?”
“The stairs? Seriously? Hah!”
Milla grabbed Ava and jumped back out of the hole in the wall, her tentacles shooting out and catching her. She swung to the next building, then changed direction mid-air and sped along the street, immediately followed by an obviously horny Jaden.
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Pauline struggled to move her body. Fuck. This was bad. She had wanted to do something, maybe even just flee when those monsters appeared, but instead she had been forced to lie there, helpless. That was so bad … She hated herself passionately for allowing herself to get into such a stupid situation. What did she think would happen?
However, she just had to do something now. Those two creatures had taken Ava, and if she was interpreting the sounds of the building correctly, it didn’t take blowing out one of the walls lightly. The thing was groaning and pieces and bits were still falling off, disappearing down towards the street. She had to get back in control and warn the other inhabitants. And save her friends!
She asked around:
“Can anybody already move? This is getting bad!”
They all said they couldn’t. Panic was starting to spread. Marla cursed herself for getting into this, Tara defiantly tried to get her body to obey her and Kemal was sobbing while Tobie tried to comfort him.
She had to do something. Maybe the professor could help:
“Professor! Professor Lang! They’re gone. Come and help us. Please!”
There was no answer. Shit. Pauline just hoped nothing bad had happened to her. Anyway. She couldn’t just stay like this and not do something. Maybe she could make her body work by sheer force of will?
She focused on her physique: After all, she had once already rebuilt it to fit her dreams. She could do it again, couldn’t she?
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There was another crack from inside the building. Tara shouted for the professor. Still no answer. Pauline breathed in slowly. Okay. She could make her diaphragm work. So she could move the muscles of her torso. Why not the rest of them? She explored her sensations, probing for her abs or her back. Those were parts of the same system, weren’t they? She had no idea how any of this worked, but if she could …
Her abs twitched.
The others tried to look at her. She said:
“I’m getting the hang of it. Maybe this will work. Try to feel your abs. Or your pecs. You’ll see. This just might help!”
The others followed her suggestion and soon, they too could feel things stirring within them. That’s when it happened: All of a sudden, Pauline’s mind seemed to set off a cascade of sensations. She couldn’t believe it.
“Aaah … Holy … shit … I’m … Gah!”
Her body was suddenly tensing, twitching, shaking and then, she felt as if she was slipping into a glove. The abrupt tension of her muscles lifted her up and almost tossed her through the room. It was a crazy sight to watch her bound through the air. She almost fell through the hole in the wall, but managed to catch herself, landing in the debris.
With a jump, she got up, feeling incredibly light. It seemed to her that she had just broken free of gravity. With a single movement, she was back in the middle with the others, her body bubbling with strength.
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Pauline stood straight and she could feel her body transform instantly. It was an amazing sensation, as if she had liberated herself. To the fascination of the other people around her, she started to grow, her body rising towards the ceiling. In no time, she had reached 6’4”, then 6’6” and even 6’8”. Her long, sinewy body immediately began filling out, becoming more and more muscular. It was astonishing to see those ever bigger masses of power snake around her already powerful muscles, instantly swelling her from a solid middle- to heavyweight female bodybuilder to something out of an internet fantasy.
She felt incredibly happy right now. It was bliss to feel all this strength pour into her as if a dam had broken and the masses of energy were now rushing into her. She was changing faster now, her biceps growing bigger than her head, her shoulders spreading like an ox’ neck. In no time, Pauline had turned gargantuan.
The people on the floor just tried to cope with her enormous physique, which only seemed to get bigger as they watched. She was beyond hulking now. The sheer mass of her body seemed to cause the floor to strain, but with a few mighty strides, she walked over to the hole in the wall, took up position and locked herself under it, her height increasing to fill the gap.
The building stopped groaning and crumbling.
The monstrous giantess was grinning:
“Okay. Now please speed up with your transformations, because I want to do more than just stand around.”
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Marla rolled her eyes:
“Yeah, we’re just waiting around because lying around is so much fun …”
But then, she felt herself again. She grinned. Okay, this was something else. In a strange way, she started to gain control of her own body again, but it was much more in-depth. She somehow could feel every muscle, every drop of blood pumping through her veins. This is what she imagined becoming psychically aware of the universe must feel like.
She extended the tendrils of her mind into every little corner of her body and then, lifted it up in one dramatic swoop.
Pauline stared as Marla launched herself to her feet with a single tension of her expanding muscles. The shorter woman laughed as she landed and stumbled a few steps forward. As she did, her physique grew and grew, turning the previously buff, yet not overwhelmingly muscular woman into a strange ball of power.
Marla had to stop herself from cackling madly as her muscles swelled bigger and bigger. Once she had reached a certain bulk, she shifted her growth to her ass and thighs. What happened next made the others question their sanity. Her butt started to grow and just didn’t stop, getting thicker and more muscular with every second. Just watching those twin spheres expand and getting more ripped and powerful was an astonishing display.
It took Marla a moment to get to the end of it, but once she did, she slapped it and said:
“Fuck yeah. That’s definitely going to get me my hubby back. Only he’ll have to beg now!”
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Tara slowly got to her feet. As she did, what remained of her bodyfat was resorbed into her growing muscles. If she had been ripped before, she was definitely drifting into anatomy chart territory now. In a way, she looked like a very bulky skeleton. It was a weird look, not necessarily a good one.
She groaned.
“Whoa … This feels so odd …”
The others stared at her. Eventually, Marla said:
“Can’t you just fix your initial problem?”
“I have no idea how to operate this. How do you propose I change this?”
“I don’t know. Have you tried just thinking it away? That stuff is pretty potent, you know.”
“Well, butt-girl, I can try. Also, do you really want your guy back?”
Marla thought for a fraction of a moment, then shook her head.
“Nah. Not really. There are so many other fish in the sea. And with this power, I can even switch around.”
Her face seemed to transform, somehow becoming completely unfamiliar.
“If I’m careful, I could even have a bunch of them at the same time and they’d never know …”
She grinned, her face turning back to normal. Suddenly, Tara produced an elated sigh. Strangely, her body filled back out, becoming soft and curvy, although built on a solid foundation of muscle.
“I can’t fucking believe it! This is actually working!”
She looked at her muscles, her hips, her breasts. The expression on her face was priceless. She was completely astonished and very, very happy.
“Oh God. This is … it feels so good! Wow. I don’t know about you, but … I know the world is turning into mushroom hell, but right now, it was worth it.”
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The two women giggled, high-fived and barely managed to stop themselves from dancing. Just as they were getting ready to break out into song, Pauline grumbled:
“Girls, I am holding up the building. It’s not that I can’t keep on doing it, but we’ve definitely got somewhere to be.”
The pair stopped, there was an awkward pause, then Tara said:
“Well, it does feel incredibly good. I mean, seriously. This is the absolute best I’ve been all my life. I don’t know about you, but for the first time, I am neither in pain, nor hungry. Plus, I got boobs. So please, pardon me for being happy …”
Pauline sighed, rolled her eyes and groaned:
“I just said you got to get a move on. Evacuate the fucking building before it comes down on all of us, will you?”
It took Tara a moment to understand the gravity of the situation, while Marla was already on her way. She followed her friend as fast as she could.
Tobie and Kemal were still lying there, struggling to regain control of their bodies. Pauline looked at them:
“What’s up with you? Why aren’t you getting it to work?”
They both seemed rather helpless and were starting to panic. Tobie said:
“I don’t want to die! Please do something!”
Kemal pitched in:
“Please! We’re really not to blame for this whole mess!”
Pauline just said:
“I can’t move right now.”
“Neither can we!”
“Okay, boys, I can try and help you. Close your eyes. Focus. Breathe in slowly and deeply. We’re going to fix this before this whole building comes down.”
Behind her, bits of brick and concrete dropped down.
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The two young musclemen were obviously terrified, but they did their best. They heard her voice above them.
“Kemal, Tobie, try to calm down. Take a deep breath. Take the air in. All the way. Very well. Now feel it inside of you. Feel your diaphragm. Got it?”
They nodded.
“Now, breathe out. Slowly. No stress. I got this. You can trust me. I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you. I’ll protect you. Yes … You’re doing fine. All the way out.”
The pair forced the air out of their lungs. She continued:
“Do you feel your muscles now? No? Then do it again. You can manage. Breathe in. Slowly. Take it all in.”
There was another cracking sound, as another bit of masonry dropped.
“Focus on my voice. You’re going to get out of this. And it’s going to be amazing. You boys are going to have so much fun …”
They breathed in again. Then they held the air. As one, they forced it back out. Suddenly, Tobie said:
“Hey, I feel it. I can feel it. Can you too?”
Kemal tried to nod. When it didn’t work, he whispered:
“It feels as if I almost got it …”
Pauline said:
“Then stay focused. Ignore everything but my voice. You’re …”
With a crunch, a large bit of building broke off and hissed by the opening. Pauline just hoped that the others would be quick to get any people still living here out. She could feel the weight above her shift. With a thought, she transformed her body to compensate, but she was painfully aware that this was just a sad excuse for a fix.
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Pauline did her best to control her voice. She didn’t want to cause any panic. The problem was that she was starting to be very afraid of how this would end. Even if the guys didn’t manage, would she find a way to get out before it all went down? She wasn’t sure her transformed body would be able to survive a collapsing building falling on top of her.
“Guys … Please. Try to expand on what you got. You’re starting to feel your muscles. That’s good. Now you gotta make them work. Continue your breathing, but try to send it all through your body. Feel the blood pump in your veins. I’m sure you can do this …”
Kemal did his best to obey her. He wasn’t stupid. He knew that she was play-acting as if everything was fine when quite obviously it wasn’t. This place was going down any moment. And still, he had to focus and try and stay calm. If he panicked now, it would just get him killed. And Tobie too.
He took another deep breath and now, somehow, he could feel his muscles tense. It was a strange feeling. He wasn’t exactly in control, but there were some reflexes he could trigger. Maybe that was it? He went deeper. It just might work.
Next to him, Tobie struggled. He cursed himself for screwing this up. If he had done something differently, would it have changed the situation? He couldn’t say and it was making him furious.
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Above them, the building was groaning louder now. The whole construction started to lean towards Pauline. She did her best to make her muscles even bigger and to hold up the wall above her, but things were definitely looking grim now.
She hissed:
“I just hope the others are out of here already.” She closed her eyes, focusing on the tremendous load on her gigantic shoulders. She was in pain, but she somehow managed to compartmentalize it. “Now, boys, I think you almost got it. Just stay calm for a moment, and fix this. I know it sounds strange, but if you really try and let go, just acting naturally, I think you might connect with your bodies.”
Kemal was feeling his thoughts flow through his body. It felt good. He did his best to ignore the deep rumble of slowly collapsing concrete above him. He was almost there …
Tobie, meanwhile, was crying. It just didn’t work! Whatever he tried, his body didn’t respond. He felt trapped, helpless, doomed to die in this idiotic city full of crazy people. Obviously, he pitied himself, but there was also Kemal, who was ultimately his soul mate, wasn’t he?
With him, things were great. Even now, as he was realizing that he was going to die, he felt a kind of relief to be near him. This was okay, somehow.
His tears still clinging on his face, he said:
“Dude, you’re the best. I fucking love you. Homo or no homo, you’re great.”
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The building slowly lurched to the side, pieces breaking off now. There was a crash inside as the stairwell broke. Bits crashed down, taking the lower levels with them. Dust was billowing through the open door. Pauline let out a drawn-out “Fuuuck …” and shouted:
“Okay, enough games. You, Kemal, you seem like you could move. I don’t give a fuck how fast you can get yourself to crawl, but you do that now. Just get the fuck out of here. Because I can seriously not hold this up anymore and I don’t fucking want to die!”
Kemal nodded. He awkwardly rolled to the side and flopped on his face. The ground was rumbling below him. He managed to prop himself up on his shoulder, then crawled towards Pauline.
“I’m coming … I can do this.”
Pauline growled as the shifting weight of the building was starting to crush her. She spread her stance and did her best to keep this mass under control. Above her, the wall was starting to split. The tear was rising, spreading through the wall, then the ceiling. There was a shower of concrete and crumbling paint. The wiring started to break, with sparks raining down on them.
The musclewoman was thinking about giving up now and just trying to get out while she could, but then she saw the sorry pair in front of her and she couldn’t. The weight of the building force her on all fours, but since she was so gigantic, she formed a kind of arch that propped the place up for a few precious moments.
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Okay, so this is episode 400. God, I've really been overdoing this. However, I think I am gearing up for the end now and I hope you still enjoy the story. I gotta admit, it's quite the trip.
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 400 episodes of consistently high quality! Good work.
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400 episodes of consistently high quality! Good work.

Thank you very much for the kind words.
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Kemal grabbed Tobie by the arm and tried to pull him across the rubble-strewn floor. He fought for every inch, his muscles only slowly coming alive and allowing him to move even a little faster. He gritted his teeth, trying to keep the dirt and dust out of his nose, eyes and mouth. Tobie begged him to save himself and to let him stay.
Kemal wouldn’t have it. Instead, he soldiered on, now finally able to get on all fours. His legs still felt weak and unstable, but he crawled towards the giant woman, pieces of the ceiling raining down on him.
That’s when the building finally started falling apart. The cleft in the ceiling opened wide and a cascade of rubble, broken furniture and isolating material came down.
The young man mobilized what was left of his forces and rushed to Pauline, who extended her hand as far as she could.
At last, she grabbed his wrist and pulled, dragging him across the bits of concrete like over sandpaper, but she managed to toss him between her legs. For a second he was safe. Then the floor under Pauline broke and she shouted:
“Fuuuck …”
She turned around clumsily, held the two young man against her mighty chest and jumped as far as she could. Around her, the building’s pieces and bits shot downwards. She was flying through a storm of dust and crushed masonry, completely blind.
Then she hit something. Without thinking, she closed her grip and tried to climb away as the house came crashing down behind her.
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All was dust. That might sound overly dramatic, but Pauline, Kemal and Tobie did completely lose their bearings in the grey fog that rose as the buildings collapsed on themselves. They closed their eyes and tried to hold their breath. Pauline felt completely numb, her ears still ringing from the crash. She had the two men still in her huge hand and as far as she could tell from their squirming, they were alive and probably well.
Still, they had to get out of here. If the other buildings around the broken one collapsed too, they didn’t want to be in the middle of it. Pauline held the boys tight and started climbing down as fast as she could. It was a bit difficult with only one hand, especially since her weight put quite a lot of strain on the structure she was clinging to, but she had to do this.
Happily, she soon reached the ground, which was now a broken mess of busted concrete. There were bits of crushed cars still poking out of the remains, small fires had started amidst it all. Pauline quickly left the area, finally getting a good breath of air a few blocks down. She wiped the dust from her face with the back of her hand, releasing another thick cloud.
Then, she lowered down Kemal and Tobie. They lay on the ground, waiting for the feeling to return to their bodies. Still towering above them, she looked around. There was no sign of the others.
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Pauline put her huge hands to her mouth and shouted:
“Tara! Marla! Hello? Anyone around? Come here!”
There was no response. Next to her, Kemal got to his feet awkwardly. Tobie was still stuck. He groaned and begged his friend to clean the dust from his face. Kemal patted his pocket, found a handkerchief and started wiping the grime off his friend’s features.
As he did, he said:
“You know, bro, we’re going to fix that in no time. Just let me help you.”
Tobie sighed and replied:
“At that point, I just gotta trust you on that, don’t I?”
“Yup. We’re in this together.”
That’s when they registered Pauline’s enormous shape next to them. The musclewoman was easily ten feet tall and absolutely packed with mass. Despite this enormousness, she had a beautiful, if dirty face. She smiled at them, but was obviously worried about her friends.
Tobie managed:
“Pauline, thank you. I’m really sorry I got stuck and almost got you killed. Really, really thank you!”
“No problem. I’m just glad none of you got hurt.”
Kemal agreed heartily:
“You’re amazing. Thank you for saving our asses!”
Tobie coughed and added:
“Especially Kemal’s here. He has the best ass, no offence.”
Instead of an answer, Pauline bellowed another call across the field of rubble. Kemal tried to massage some life back into Tobie’s legs. To his absolute relief, the other young man suddenly squirmed and said:
“Whoa ... That hurt!” He paused for a second and added: “Fuck! That hurt. Yes. Do it some more! Please!”
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After a moment, Pauline saw a couple of shapes emerge from the settling dust. She let out a big yell as she recognized Marla and Tara. They were dusty and bruised, but alive and mostly unhurt. Also, they were both truly amazonian, their muscles powerful and sleek at the same time. Tara’s body had turned into a statuesque warrior woman’s, with delicious curves and an imposing yet dusty mane of hair, while Marla had gone for a rather massive look, with her large butt and amazingly powerful thighs complimented by a rather enormous bust. At the same time, they were both easily at superhero power level.
Behind them followed a bunch of rather rattled people who were just as covered in dust and grime, but way less imposing. When they saw Pauline, they stopped and just stared, trying to process her huge size.
As the giant woman understood what they were thinking, she shrank back down, settling for a still rather overwhelming 6’4” stature.
Then, slowly, it dawned to the three uber-women that they were naked. Was it awkward? They were all surprised at their total lack of shame. In a way, their transformations had turned them into something more than what they had been and given them a new look at themselves, expressing their being. Being naked was not strictly a bad thing.
Also, right now, they would probably need bespoke outfits.
Pauline lowered Tobie and Kemal to the ground and embraced her friends. She was just happy they were safe. As they hugged, Tara explained:
“We went through the building as fast as we could and managed to save the people who were there. But the last ones were really tough.”
Marla added:
“The place was falling apart. We got out in the last moment. I’m just so happy you are all unhurt!”
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Pauline sighed and looked around. The place was looking like a warzone. There was so much dust in the air that her throat felt dry and her eyes stung. She said:
“What do you say? Should we find a place to get cleaned up before we go looking for Ava?”
The others nodded. Right now, they wouldn’t be much use anyway. Next to them, Tobie and Kemal stumbled to their feet. The young men were mostly happy to have survived. As they realized that they could move again, smiles spread across their bruised faces. Tobie said:
“Thank you for saving us, Pauline!”
Kemal nodded enthusiastically:
“Thank you! That was awesome!”
The giantess blushed and answered:
“It was nothing, really. I’m just happy no one got hurt bad.”
Tara asked:
“Anyway, where do we go now?”
Neither of them knew the place, so eventually, Tobie said:
“We need new outfits and we need to clean up. Then we save Ava. For me, that means going to a gym or something. They should be able to get us some stretchy stuff.”
There were nods all around. That was a smart suggestion. Marla asked:
“By the way, did it work on you?”
The two men looked at one another and Kemal shrugged:
“I don’t know. We’ll have to check!
Marla licked her lips:
“I wouldn’t mind some man-muscle …”
To her surprise, the boys blushed. Tobie said:
“Yeah … We’ll see about that then …”
Tara rolled her eyes and set off towards the town center.
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Ava stared at the bizarre place in front of her. It was difficult to figure out how it even worked. Despite her own transformation, she was starting to wonder how that whole thing even worked. Where did all that extra mass come from? It couldn’t be created out of nothing, could it? And yet, Milla and Jaden were both standing next to her, built like gigantic uber-bodybuilders and her body was just as buff and amazing.
And then, there was this … thing. In front of her was a huge assembly of vaguely organic pieces and bits that formed a massive building. It looked as if it had grown out of the earth before taking shape as it was now. This was probably how her mother had assembled it. The whole thing was spreading, too. Next to it, several houses had already been engulfed and even as she watched, the white tentacles were climbing up another apartment building. Ava wondered what the people in there had thought if there even had been somebody there.
After all, this part of the town had long since been abandoned by most citizens. Apparently, the center of her mother’s work was Jaden’s uncle’s house and he had preferred the quiet of the place. Above her, arches were being formed from that mushroom material, supporting towers and chambers. Ava wondered what this was supposed to do. Was this meant to be her mother’s home now or was this just a kind of intuitive product of the skitterers and the fungus?
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Actually, there were quite a few of them around her. The creatures preferred to stay in the shadows and observe from their hiding places, but they were there alright.
She asked Milla:
“So, where’s Mom now?”
For a moment, Milla’s conscious self flashed through again and she replied:
“She’s still building. Maybe we shouldn’t be here …”
As she said this, her mind was being pushed back into place and she added:
“Come on. She’s waiting for you.”
Jaden nodded, took Ava’s hand and gave it a rather less gentle pull:
“We’ll show you.”
Ava thought about resisting for a moment, but the sheer strength of those two colossi was enough to make her follow them without challenge. Honestly, she was afraid that they’d just rip her arm off and be done with it anyway.
They entered the strange construction and were immediately greeted by vaguely humanoid creatures that bowed courteously to them and directed them further inside. They were obviously made of that weird fungus material and seemed oddly soft, their movements clumsy and somewhat surreal. The whole place screamed wrong.
The young woman was starting to feel even worse. Why was her mother doing this? Was it the fungus changing her mind and those constructs some vestiges of her memories? She shivered at the thought. Did those creatures look like her father? She wasn’t sure, but there was a kind of resemblance …
They went further inside, following their guides and climbing the oddly alive building until they reached a kind of giant hall.
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There were large windows on all sides, made of some semi-transparent material that let a vague light shine in. The whole place was made of that white fungus material, which gave the ground a kind of bouncy, otherworldly texture. Ava felt as if she were floating on this, the floor giving in a little and springing back up as she continued. The ceiling was being supported by very tall, very slim columns made of interlaced and twisted “trees” of that white material. The whole place was strangely asymmetrical, which only reinforced the confusion. It looked good, but at the same time produced a kind of tension which made her shiver.
By one of the windows, she saw a hulking creature made of the same material, but obviously designed to be as massive and muscular as possible. At the same time, that being was amazingly perfect. Its skin was glowing, perfectly even and devoid of any mark, its muscles were huge yet proportional. It was neither male nor female, somehow existing beyond these concepts.
There was one strange thing to it though.
As the creature turned around, she found her mother’s upper body somehow transplanted into the things neck. It was disturbing. Her mother had maintained and even expanded her muscles, but now, her body seemed small in its position. Also, it was clearly distinct from that huge mass of muscles.
Ava started to shiver as she tried to process what she saw. The thing that housed her mother slowly bent down to see her and smiled.
“You’re here. That is wonderful.”
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“Mom? Wow.”
The gigantic woman smiled. It was a strange thing to witness and rather disturbing.
“Ava! I’m so glad you are well! You look good. Very superheroic. Very strong. Was it Jaden’s idea?”
She nodded. Angela’s voice thundered down on her.
“He’s such a nice young man. I really like his creative way of thinking.” She paused for a moment and raised an eyebrow. “Although I’m pretty sure that he’s a bit of a pervert, don’t you think?”
Ava didn’t know what to say. Was this for real? Did her mom actually ask about what she thought of Jaden while also being a monstrous uber woman and having turned him into a kind of fungus-servant? She was struggling with the absurdity of the whole situation.
“Err … Mom? Are you really there or is this just another fungus thing?”
The enormous creature squatted down, its car-sized thighs swelling even more. She looked strangely playful and quite happy.
“Of course it’s me. Who else did you expect?”
“I’m not sure. With all that mushroom stuff, I thought maybe you got hooked too …”
Ava looked at Jaden and Milla, then back to her mother. The titanic musclewoman laughed. It was a booming sound which made Ava take a step back:
“No, no, don’t worry. I’ve got it under control. That thing, whatever it is, tried to make me do what it wanted, but I somehow broke it. It’s mine now. You’re safe.”
“Safe? What do you mean by that? The whole place is turning into mushroom town!”
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“Yes! Obviously. That’s the whole plan, Ava. I need to make sure we’re all safe.”
The colossal woman got up again and started pacing the room, making the ground swing ever so slightly. Ava kept her eyes locked on her massive form. It was mesmerizing to see her like that.
“You see, I’m going to make this town safe for us. Not like Jaden here, who just wanted to be a kind of folk hero. Or superhero. Seriously, where’s the difference? Anyway, this is just a band-aid on a compound fracture. It’s more for cosmetics and feeling good than actual results, don’t you think?”
Ava could sense a certain disappointment in Jaden upon hearing that. However, something straightened him out again right away. Angela just continued as if it were nothing:
“What I wanted to say is that this, this will fix it. You see, the fungus is immortal. It just goes on forever, splitting up to create new pieces of itself. It’s unkillable and eternal. Isn’t that wonderful?”
The young woman hadn’t thought about it like that.
“I’m not sure I’d want immortality. Especially not like this …”
Angela stared at her incredulously.
“What do you mean? Can’t you see? This is amazing. This is incredible. I feel free, you know? After all that stress, all the trouble, I feel relaxed for the first time. And now you’re with me. Isn’t that wonderful? We don’t have to worry about anything anymore. No money problems, no diseases, no accidents, no annoying people telling us how to live. The bodies of our dreams! Who wouldn’t want this?”
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Angela stopped and returned to Ava:
“And I’m willing to share!” She smiled blissfully. “It’s incredible! We’ll live together. As one. Safe, happy, able to realize our dreams. You want to be loved? No problem at all. You want wealth or power? Nothing will stop us. You just want to live your life? It’s perfectly easy. We’ll rebuild the world to be just the way we want it and it will be amazing …”
Ava hesitated. She was still quite young and she still had her illusions. Like many other teenagers, she had imagined what a perfect world would be like, how all the simple solutions would just fix the world problems. She could hear herself again, saying “If only everybody just realized how simple it all was …”. At the same time, she knew this was bullshit. Even if this world her mother, or whatever this creature really was, proposed came to pass, what kind of world would it be? Just people behaving like automatons, run by the mushrooms in their minds? Would they even still be people? She looked at Milla and Jaden. It was obvious that they were still somehow themselves, but at the same time, Angela had scraped off their personalities and stripped them down to the bare minimum.
This was something that looked like life, but actually, it was some zombie-like trance. This wasn’t even a discussion on freedom or self-realization, this was about existing as a distinct being …
She shook her head.
“Mom …”
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The gigantic being in front of her smiled. It was not a nice smile, but there was some amusement to it. She whispered:
“I love how you manage to call me that. I know you very well, Ava, and I know when you are trying to summon your courage to say things you think are going to be unpopular. So, what is it? What do you think is wrong with my idea? Because I’m sure this is what you’re thinking. Am I right?”
Ava could feel her heart beat hard. Somehow, her chest felt as if it was going to explode. This was terrible. She knew she had to say it, but with her mother so huge and powerful, she was afraid. It was plain and simple.
“… Well … I’m not sure of how to put it, but …”
“Out with it! I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want to hear the answer, would I?”
The young girl took a deep breath and did her best to calm her voice. Then she said softly:
“I think that this is a very bad idea and that you are messing with things you don’t understand. You’re making a big mistake and you’re causing damage that I’m afraid we’re not going to be able to fix!”
The giantess had obviously expected something like this and broke out into earth-shaking laughter. She mimed wiping a tear from her eye and said:
“This is rich, you know … So many years that you lectured me on the simple solutions, and now, here we are …”
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“Mom, I was a stupid teenager. Are you really going to hold this against me now?”
Angela laughed.
“Not at all. I think you actually were right back then. There are simple solutions right here. I mean, look at all this: Diseases? Horrible accidents? Death? All those things are not much of a problem anymore, really. With this amazing power, we can even change our bodies to become perfect. Whatever the situation, we can fit it perfectly!”
Before her eyes, Angela started to shrink, eventually reduced to a height of maybe six feet, with long, powerful legs and a thoroughly perfect figure. She was ageless, lovely and even sensual. The massive muscles had disappeared, but her new body was just as strong. Ava could feel the force radiate from her mother’s physique.
“You see, even if we decide not to change the entire world, we can easily fit in. Even the skin color shouldn’t be much of a problem.”
Somehow, Ava thought that she could bring a good argument and asked:
“But won’t the mushrooms not infect everybody eventually?”
Angela shrugged:
“Yeah. Maybe. Who really cares? The worst that could happen is that we take over the world by accident. That’s a risk I’m willing to take.”
She came close now. Ava felt a kind of pressure against her skin, as if her mother were surrounded by an invisible force field.
“You know, this is not something I’m going to do on my own, just like that. You’ll have your say, because this world is ours, really.”
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Ava took a step back. It was hard to bear the intensity of that energy. Angela clearly wasn’t too happy about this and followed up.
“What’s up, Ava? Is something wrong?”
“Mom … I’m honestly not sure this is a good idea. It feels … strange. As if you were a different person.”
“I am, I guess. But a better one, really. You know how hard it is to deal with all this? I had to do everything to keep up and luck dropped this power in my lap. Wouldn’t it be stupid to pass it by? I mean, would you rather someone else had all this?” She looked at the two hulking teenage monsters next to them. “Jaden? All he’d do is play hero. And Milla? Sure, she is a nice girl, bright, creative, but honestly, all she’d do is just restyle her body and play around with her looks. This is what she basically did until I took this in hand …”
Ava shook her head.
“It’s still not a good idea. I would prefer to have things go back to normal.”
“Ava, there’s nothing I’d rather do. But that moment has passed and I’m not going back. Not ever.”
Angela’s expression darkened. Somehow, the optimism and friendliness, even if it was just a mask, was starting to fade. Suddenly, Ava felt threatened. The field around her mother was intensifying. She wondered what that actually was. What was really going on here?
She lifted her hands and made soothing gestures.
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Kemal and Tobie entered the gym cautiously. They were supposed to check on the place. If everything was alright, they would let the others in from the back. Maybe they could even find some outfits for everyone. They were a bit nervous, despite having managed to clean themselves up a bit. They approached the bored young man that was looking at his phone. Kemal ducked down behind the counter, hoping to be out of sight. Tobie smiled and asked:
“Hi! The name’s Tobie. I wanted to ask whether I could try your gym equipment before signing up.”
The guy looked up.
He saw a dusty muscleman right in front of him, looking rather devastated.
“You alright, man?”
“Err … Well, I kinda had a bad day. But I’m new to the town and I definitely would like to give this place a try.”
“Yeah. I guess that shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve got a special just for this week. You give me your personal information and you can try it out.”
Tobie noticed the young man’s interested smile and decided to push his luck a bit. Meanwhile, Kemal was crawling inside on all fours, squeezing awkwardly past the turnstile. Tobie lifted his arm and gave it a flex.
“What do you think? Do you have weights that can give me a good challenge?”
The young man gave Tobie an admiring look.
“Nice. Yeah, I guess we’ll come up with something. I can show you a few exercises that might surprise you. I’ve been cramming for my trainer’s exam, so there’s a bunch of top-level things I would have to test. You up for that?”
Tobie noticed that Kemal was well inside, so he kept talking.
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Meanwhile, the other muscleguy scrambled into cover, then got up, doing his best to look nonchalant. With his confident stride, he proceeded to the dressing rooms. He waited for a moment until the place was empty, then slipped inside. He found a couple of stretchy shirts and pants in the women’s section, grabbed them and ran back out. Just in that moment, two older women came in, chatting. Panicking, Kemal popped into one of the stalls and closed the door behind him. Shit.
More people were coming in. He realized he was stuck in here. He had to do something!
Just running out wasn’t an option. He wondered what he could do. That’s when he felt a kind of strange bubbling inside of him. He couldn’t put a finger on it, but he suddenly had this weird energy in him.
It was finally happening! That stupid drug was working! He flexed his arm carefully and grinned. His biceps was growing. It was getting bigger with every flex, quickly swelling to the size of his head. It felt amazing!
Sadly, this wasn’t much help either. Massive strength was one thing, but it wouldn’t get him out of that stall …
He hesitated, still looking at his enormously muscular arm. Okay … What could he do to fix this? The others were waiting outside and the last thing he wanted was for them to be caught out there.
Kemal couldn’t just waltz out of the stall, with stolen clothes in his hands, no less.
That’s when he had this crazy idea.
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He took a deep breath. Fuck. He couldn’t believe he was even thinking this. Focusing on his body, he slowly started shrinking down as good as he could. In a moment, he had gone to rather slim yet fit. His clothes were now hanging loosely from his frame. It was a strange sensation to be so tiny now. Then he looked at the mirror that had been installed in the stall. He concentrated and to his surprise, it worked. His face started to soften and turn, well, cuter. He grinned. It was so confusing to see his eyes, his whole soul in his looks, but at the same time, the person in the reflection was mostly female.
He really didn’t know what to make of this. It was only for a moment anyway. He sighed and whispered to himself:
“Okay, here goes nothing …”
Kemal could feel his cock and balls shrink down. It was not a nice sensation, but it was … interesting. In no time, his balls had reduced to maybe half an inch across, while his cock was barely a fingertip anymore. He just hoped he’d be able to get them back once this was over.
With a nervous glance at the mirror, he added a bit to his hips, giving himself a good soft butt. Then he chuckled to himself and started adding to his chest. Watching two spheres rise under his shirt, he couldn’t help being turned on. His hands went to them and he gave them a good squeeze.
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That felt nice …
Fuck. He’d have to try this again later on. Okay. Not now, though. He had to focus. He calmed down, then whispered:
“Okay … This should work.”
As he said this, his voice turned a little higher, not much really. He examined his reflection. He was quite the babe now. Maybe it was even a bit too much. To be honest, he didn’t much care about women anyway. That he was looking like a sex bomb now was one of the side-effects …
Without much thinking, he added a bit of muscle to his frame. That was better. He now looked like one of these ultra-sexy social media personalities, with their super-enhanced bodies. It was so far over the top that it just might work.
He let his hair flow down his shoulders, gave himself one last check, stuffed the stolen clothes into a big bundle and stepped out of the stall. The first steps were weird, but he soon fell into a rhythm that felt natural. The other women shot him looks and they were not happy for obvious reasons. He could feel their envy, even their contempt. Well, who cared? He held his head up high and got out as fast as possible without running.
His clothes were definitely too big for his current body and honestly, he had to be careful not to have them fall off. The next step was easy, though. Get to the rear exit and hand the others the outfits. Then they could clean themselves up and go look for Ava.
To be honest, Kemal didn’t want to go there. The place scared him shitless back then, and it would only get worse now.
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As he reached the exit, he heard a few guys comment on his figure, followed by a slap. Probably a girlfriend. He chuckled. This was stupid, but in a way, it was also funny. He opened the door and stared at Pauline’s chest. Only now did he remember that he had shrunk himself. He looked up and saw a confused expression on her face.
“Err. Hi? I guess …”
He grinned:
“It’s me, Kemal. It was easier to get the girl’s clothes this way.”
It took the amazon in front of him a moment to process this, then she said:
“Okay … Yeah. It looks weird. I mean, you’re just about what one would expect from a guy trying to come up with a look for a woman.”
Kemal shrugged.
“I like it. Sure, it’s big and fake and stupidly sexy, but if I’m going to be a woman to help you steal other people’s clothes, I might just as well feel sexy about it.”
Tara burst into laughter.
“She’s got you there, Pauline!”
Pauline rolled her eyes. Marla chuckled. She said:
“Don’t be so loud, anyway. We need to get moving. I’m sure there’s a security camera somewhere.”
Kemal nodded and ushered them inside, handing out the outfits. The women quickly slipped them on, soon looking a bit too big for the looks. Grudgingly, they shrunk down a little. He added:
“Okay, get on with it. The showers are over there.”
The gang quickly followed his directions.
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Starting to get a little weird and twisted...
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Starting to get a little weird and twisted...

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The three women quickly rushed towards the showers, doing their best to not give anybody too good a look of their faces, bodies or outfits. After all, they were bound to run into the original owners, and that would probably be hard to explain. Also, it would be super awkward.
Happily, there was no one in them when they got in. They walked to the booths, quickly stripped out of the outfits and turned the water on. Just washing the dirt and the dust from their bodies was a blessing. Pauline stared as bits of debris washed out of her hair, leaving thick trails of brick red and concrete grey on the way to the drain.
Slowly, she started to feel good. Sure, she had been feeling powerful and superior since her transformation, but the warm water was a blessing that really helped her relax. She looked at her friends, who were all just as incredibly strong and sexy. Together, they were a sight to behold.
She took it all in. The curves, the muscle, the many little details that just made them almost superhuman. She licked her lips. This was incredible.
Her dreamy looks were interrupted by a slim fitness-type woman coming in and staring at them. She shook her head, whispered “freaks” and started showering. Marla put a strong hand on Tara’s shoulder and said calmly:
“Stay cool. We don’t want trouble.”
Tara retreated, relaxing a bit and untensing her muscles. Sure, she hated to be mocked, but she had to focus on the problems at hand.
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Pauline gave them an encouraging nod. The woman was right, though. Their lives had completely shifted their expectations. This woman, although she was a bitch, was amazingly fit for a normal human. She had it all: abs, nice muscles, a slim waist and ever so slightly broader shoulders, a bubble butt … For regular people, she was about as perfect as could be.
Next to Pauline, Tara and Marla, she looked like a recovering anorexic. Hell, next to them most of the guys at the gym looked like wimps. She said:
“Okay, let’s finish this. We need to get moving. Ava is counting on us.”
Tara sighed:
“But it feels good right now …”
“I know, but please, just stay on the ball for now.”
Marla groaned:
“We’re going to need some towels.”
Pauline nodded slowly. Yeah. That was a problem. They hadn’t thought about this. She hesitated. Then she said:
“Okay, wait a moment. I’ll be right back!”
Marla asked:
“Are you going out like that?”
But Pauline was already on her way. She walked over to the woman and said:
“I’m sorry, I have a question.”
The fitness woman was trying to make up her mind whether she should ignore the titanic bodybuilder next to her or reply. In the end, she asked:
“I forgot my towel in the dressing room. Could I borrow yours for a moment? I’ll just cover myself and get my stuff …”
The woman looked at Pauline with a certain disgust. She thought for a moment, then said:
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That’s when something weird happened. While Tara had always known herself to be a bit of a jerk and prone to a lot of snark and Marla generally acting more detached and able to ignore the petty provocations of other people, Pauline tended to be friendly and empathetic. She was the first to forgive, the one to always see the other person’s point of view and generally taking things from a nice and relaxed perspective.
That didn’t happen just then.
Instead, the other woman found herself hoisted in the air by the huge musclegirl, lifted by the neck with Pauline’s one hand and held there with absolute strength. The fitness model tried to protest, shouting for help, but Pauline closed down the hand on her neck and roared at her:
“Just shut up right now!”
The woman shut up.
“I’ve had an amazingly hard day today and if I ask nicely for something which shouldn’t be a fucking problem, then it shouldn’t be a fucking problem. Got me? Got me, you bitch?”
The other woman was now very, very quiet. If it weren’t for the rushing water from the showers, one would have been able to hear a pin drop. Pauline kept the helpless woman up there and asked again:
“Could I please borrow your towel for a moment? We’ll be out of your hair immediately.”
The woman nodded eagerly.
Pauline lowered her back down carefully, smiled and said:
“Thank you kindly. I’ll be back in no time. My friends will keep you company.”
Tara and Marla grinned. The woman looked at them in absolute fear.
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They all emerged from the gym a little while later, with Tobie soon following behind. The guy at the counter had turned out to be a very nice person and they had chatted a while before deciding that they wanted to meet up as soon as all of this blew over. To his surprise, the young man hadn’t seemed worried about the encroaching fungus at all. Instead, he had appeared to be completely unfazed by the strange parasites growing everywhere. Tobie just wanted to tell the others of his findings when he saw Kemal.
He had to do a double take to get who that was. Once he did, he was quite astonished.
“Dude … What happened?”
Kemal grinned awkwardly and started to change back. He explained:
“I had to get out of the women’s changing rooms and it would have been difficult otherwise.”
As he transformed, his voice dropped, his spherical tits receded and he bulked up to his normal size. Tobie stared at his friend and asked:
“So it works now?”
“Oh yes. Look at this …”
Kemal’s muscles grew more ripped and massive. Tara put her hand on his shoulder and said:
“Kemal, relax. Don’t tear up your outfit. We’ve gone through enough problems already to get those.”
Tobie tore his eyes away and looked at the women, who were all wearing very sporty outfits made quite skimpy by their bulging muscles.
“I gotta see whether I can change too!”
Marla frowned:
“No problem, but let’s do that while we’re on our way. Please.”
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“Mom … Please. I know that it feels good to have this power, but you’re making everybody less human like that.”
“Bah. Less human? That’s for the better, Ava. Mankind is pointless, really. Those people are all weak and alone and helpless. They ruin everything they touch and when things get back, you end up on your own. I can understand why people want to be stars and athletes and legends! Being a regular person is just being a little shit and being walked over by everybody else. You work all your life, you push yourself, and in the end, you’re worthless to them all.” She shook her head. “Seriously, I don’t want to be human. It’s just not worth it.”
“But the others? Shouldn’t they get a choice in that?”
“No. Why should they? Death and taxes. And here’s the new bit. Mushrooms. I am happy like that and that is enough for me. But you can join me and be with me and you’ll soon see just how amazing this feels.”
Ava felt her body tense. The energy mother gave off seemed to grow more powerful now. It almost pushed her away, making her skin crawl. Reflexively, she made her own body grow. Angela stopped for a second and stared. Despite her incredible power, her daughter’s transformation made her hesitate. Ava’s physique changed, her stature becoming more heroic and her stance shifting to project power on her own. Ava could feel her muscles become more dense and powerful. She held her head up high.
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Angela looked at her both in awe and disgust. Ava could tell that this was somehow uncomfortable for her mother. She took a step forward, pushing her power back. The older woman stumbled back and almost fell. She caught herself instantly and hissed:
“What is going on? What did you do to yourself?”
“Mom, I … We found a way to change that is independent of this …” She waved at the walls of fungus material. “It’s safer and it keeps your mind clear. Maybe you should …”
She was cut off when Angela’s arm shot out, framed by a ring of muscle-packed tentacles that struck her and launched her through the room. Ava crashed into the wall, which instantly started to extend itself around her, forming a kind of maw that tried to catch her. She pulled free, ripping the tentacles from her body. Angela was still irritated by what had just happened. She stared at Ava, mumbling to herself for a moment as if making sure the fungus was still under her control. Milla and Jaden stirred from their positions and moved in on Ava.
The young woman panicked. She was outnumbered and seriously outgunned, especially since the room itself was against her. She summoned all her strength and jumped, rising through the air and evading another burst of tentacles from the walls, followed by a wave of tendrils from Angela. Her friends went after her trying to catch her by themselves. This was way too much for a single person.
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She tried to get away, but the entrance just sealed itself shut as she looked at it. Angela shouted:
“You can’t get away. Stop this and just stay with me! I’m fixing everything, I can take care of you. It’s easy for me!”
Her mother started to grow again, her muscles swelling and swelling, turning her into a massive giantess as before. Only this time, the sudden fury must have released something, because somehow, her body was shifting and transforming. Ava could tell that this wasn’t as it should be. It seemed as if the white mass of hypertrophied fungus muscle was going out of control. She got out of the way as another massive blow crashed down near her. It missed her by a hair’s width.
Ava cursed under her breath and headed for the windows. Maybe she could get away from there!
Tensing her muscles and kicking her organism into overdrive, she propelled herself forward. Ava hit the semi-opaque surface and crashed through it. The material splintered and broke and she felt the pull of gravity as she flew out of the window. Amidst the daze of adrenalin, she saw the ground below her, only now understanding that she was way too high up to survive the fall. She tried to twist around and maybe …
Angela shot out behind her, caught her easily with her elongating arms and threw her back against the absurd building she had dreamed up. It did everything it could to catch her, even extending a balcony to give her room to land. Ava struck the floor with a bounce, rolling along until she hit the wall. Her muscles ached. At least she was outside.
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The young woman stumbled to her feet. Her head was still spinning. She tried to get her bearings when she saw that Angela was approaching her, holding herself up suspended on thick ropes of muscle. She had something majestic to her, her perfect body glowing with an inner light. Her muscles glinted in the otherworldly atmosphere and her soft, yet stern expression made her look like a saint. She seemed to float down towards her daughter, smiling benignly.
“Ava, you have to be careful. Maybe you are stronger and better now, but that doesn’t make you immortal. If you want that, you’ve come to the right place and as I told you, I am willing to share. You just have to want it.”
Ava was getting desperate. She pleaded:
“Mom, this is all wrong! You are losing yourself. This thing you’ve been building, it’s all fake!”
Angela touched down softly, her pale skin shining a light all over the hall. Behind her, the window knitted itself shut again.
“I know. Of course it is. But everything we do is artificial. Except for … you know. We make new things and we change the world to fit our needs and requirements. I don’t see the problem. My method is more efficient and less destructive than others. Also, I can do it on my own. Isn’t that great?”
Ava hesitated. Was her mom making sense now? She knew she wasn’t but she felt getting caught in a whirlpool of confusion.
“Maybe … But you can’t just take people’s minds away like that!”
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Angela was close now, towering over her daughter. She shrunk down again, keeping her immense power, but ending up at maybe 6’4”. At the same time, her body was becoming so perfect and flawless it hurt to watch. There was some uncanny artificiality to it all now, like a living statue or an animated doll.
Ava breathed heavily as she struggled to her feet, the sheer energy emanating from her mother forcing her to the ground.
“Mom … This isn’t you anymore. All this … It’s crazy. You’re trying to fix this world and make it perfect, but it’s just … horrible.”
Angela’s face suddenly twisted into a mask of disgust. She snapped at her daughter:
“So you prefer the crappy version? The pain, the suffering, the mediocrity? The people slowly dying out, the ruins, the fucked-up little dreams that collapse at the blink of an eye? This is what you want? Okay. No problem. I can make you a world like that. I just hope you like it.” She grabbed Ava by the throat and carried her across the room.
The young woman struggled to free herself, straining against Angela’s superpowered grip. The goddess marched to the reformed window and let it open itself with the blink of an eye. They looked down on the city. Angela smirked and held Ava so she could see the place. Then, she willed some people to grow out of the mushroom. It was strange to see them assemble themselves, shapeless at first, but slowly turning into different, almost individual beings.
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Kemal led the way, the others following close behind. The town was mostly deserted. Sometimes, they would pass whole blocks without even seeing a single person. Tara asked:
“Is this always like this? No wonder Ava doesn’t like the place.”
The others shrugged. Pauline said:
“I wouldn’t know. But I guess that town has been dying out for …”
Her voice trailed off and they all stopped. They had run into a group of people that were the strangest beings they had ever seen. They were walking around, doing things clumsily, but with purpose. Some were picking up the flotsam the winds had carried in the streets, others were breaking open the shop fronts that had been closed forever. Still other ones were just going for a walk, looking at what was going on around them.
They were all made of that white fungus material, their faces only slowly becoming more focused.
Marla looked around and said:
“Okay … Now this, this is freaky.”
The creatures didn’t seem to notice the newcomers at first, walking past them with polite nods. Kemal could swear that some of them were starting to evolve hats on their heads. He asked:
“Just so I get it right … This is not normal, is it?”
Pauline shook her head.
“No. This is what normal looks like if somebody who read a book about it in a foreign language described it.”
A mushroom-woman walked by, pushing a kind of mushroom-pram. They looked at the scene in complete confusion.
Kemal whispered:
“I think we’re getting close. We should be careful.”
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They went around the corner and saw it. Kemal had told them about what to expect, but once he saw the construction, he himself was stunned. Before them, the strangest, most fantastic structure had grown. It was dozens of stories high and built entirely from that weird fungus material. The strangest part was that it completely seemed to ignore any rules of style or even the laws of nature. The construction just rose up in strange branches, swelling up into cupolas and bizarre swollen pavilions. Even as they looked at it, it continued to grow, forming new parts and casually adding stairwells and hallways that appeared to lead nowhere.
Watching that building grow, swell and spread was somewhat nauseating. It was completely uncanny.
Pauline stared at it.
“What the fuck?”
The others nodded. It was incredible, yet terrifying. Marla asked:
“What is going on? What is this even? I mean … No. That thing … It’s incredibly gross.”
Tara just nodded, reaching for Marla’s hand and gripping it tight. Kemal sighed:
“I told you it was bad, but it somehow got even worse.”
Pauline asked:
“So Ava is somewhere in there? How are we going to find her?”
They were all clueless. Tobie suggested:
“I don’t know, but maybe you can boost your senses or something?”
He was still a bit disappointed that he seemed to be unable to transform, as if his body somehow refused to comply to his dreams. Kemal, on the other hand, was his usual muscly self again, and he loved it. Okay, he may have tweaked it a little here and there, but overall, he enjoyed being himself.

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Tara shrugged:
“That’s actually a good idea, Tobes. Nice! Girls, we should definitely try that. I don’t know how it will work, but I guess we’ll see.”
Marla said:
“Then go ahead. We’ll make sure you’re safe.”
“I’m just talking about boosting my sense of smell or something. I’m not going to fall into a coma or anything.”
“Sure. But there’s one thing: I don’t think you want to get too close to that thing over there. Focus, and tell us where to go.”
More fungus people walked by, playacting their little lives. The longer the strange spectacle went, the more similar to some weirdo fifties show it got. Pauline looked at Kemal:
“Ava’s mom doesn’t seem as if she’s too modern in her tastes, don’t you think?”
He shrugged.
“Yeah, I don’t know. She wasn’t like that when I met her. And she’s definitely not that old.”
“We definitely got to talk to her. You guys will have to get her to come down. You’ve been close, haven’t you?”
To her surprise, Kemal actually blushed:
“Well … you see, we kinda ended up being her fuckbuddies. It was fun, but she was … a little too much into it, if you know what I mean.”
“Way too much. I think that’s her problem. She’s lost her center.”
Pauline produced a grim smile.
“Keep that in mind. We’ve got to stop this. Seriously.”
Meanwhile, Tara held Marla’s hand tight and took a deep breath as she opened her body’s senses.
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It was a strange sensation. More than that. It was a whole orchestra of different feelings that geared up out of nowhere. Tara really had no idea how this all worked, but whatever she did somehow expanded her perceptions in all directions. She found it hard to direct her attention at first.
Her mind was getting assaulted by all kinds of feelings at the same time. She could hear the heartbeats around her, the gurgles of stomachs, the crashing blinks of their eyes. At the same time, the intensity of her sense of smell almost knocked her over. It seemed as if every pore on her friends’ skins opened its floodgates at the same time. She focused on Marla’s grip, but even there, she could feel the ridges of her fingerprints sink into her friend’s skin.
She stopped everything and pulled back, almost falling on her butt.
“Whoa … That was way too intense. Shit.”
Marla held her up and said:
“I told you so. Try to focus.”
“Yeah, sure. I just … I couldn’t make anything out. Also, Tobie, you’re gross.”
“Who, me? Nah. I just …”
Tara whispered:
“Please be quiet. You’re so loud. Could you maybe … I don’t know … hold your breaths?”
The others exchanged glances and moved away a little, the mushroom people still passing them without even reacting. Tara concentrated, doing her best to ignore all the distractions around her and extended her senses towards the still transforming tower.
Experienced like this, that thing was even worse.
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She held tight to Marla, slowly managing to ignore the roar of her breaths, the hammering of her heart and the crunch of her skin against hers. Her senses expanded, racing towards the tower. She felt herself rising higher and higher, looking for a heartbeat, or even better, a pair of heartbeats. She didn’t know whether Milla and Jaden still had any. The whole physiology of mushroom people was beyond her.
But she knew that she could find Ava and her mother, so she looked for them. She could feel her senses flow through the building, examining the walls and vague pieces of furniture. It was like watching something through saran wrap. There were shapes moving around, things groaning and clicking … This whole building was so completely organic that even trying to understand what a thing was took so much time that it had changed or disappeared by the time she got it.
Then, all of a sudden, she heard Ava’s voice. It was muffled and vague, but she could pinpoint it now. The individual words were hard to figure out, but she was stressed and obviously unhappy. Then her mother spoke. Tara almost shrank away. There was a brutal intensity to it. This was a woman who was struggling with herself, afraid of losing everything, but forced to risk it again and again.
She dropped back out and breathed out sharply, her ears ringing. It took her a moment to calm down, then she whispered:
“I found her.”
That’s when the mushroom people around them turned towards them.
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Angela pointed down, her hand still firmly on Ava’s head. She kept the pressure on just enough to make it clear that she could pop open her daughter’s skull with a single gesture and without much effort.
“Look who’s coming! Aren’t those Tobie and Kemal? And those bodybuilder friends of yours?”
Ava stared down towards them. She felt relieved, but at the same time, a mounting fear grew within her. What would Angela do to them? Her mother boomed on:
“You should have stayed with them. Those were nice, motivated young people. You would have been more focused and you could have eventually reached a good level. Maybe get your life in order and be with me. We could have tried that too … A mother and daughter gym. Get those people from our town to be fitter. To be stronger and more assertive and maybe fix this town on their own.”
Her daughter wasn’t sure of what to make of this. Was this some kind of a joke? Angela sighed:
“Whatever, really. Once again, nothing. I’m glad you’re here now. I’ll just take them along and they’ll be a nice addition to Jaden and Milla.”
She licked her lips.
“And Tobie and Kemal … Those are some nice guys. Really great. It’s going to be fun.”
Ava struggled against her mother’s grip:
“Please, don’t hurt them! This isn’t fair. They don’t have anything to do with this! If you let them go, I’ll do what you want!”
Angela dropped her.
“You make it sound as if being with me was a problem. Ah well.”
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Guess who forgot to update yesterday.
Sorry, everybody.

Pauline threw herself at a mushroom man with a dog. The thing had just turned to attack Tara, who was still trying to recover. Marla pulled her away. Pauline grabbed the man by the arm and lifted him up. The thing flailed his dog-appendage around, trying to hit her, but she tossed him away rather casually. Tobie shouted:
“Let’s move! They’re going to block the road!”
Tara still held her head but followed Marla as she ran. As they raced towards the tower, Pauline started to transform, her muscles swelling in every direction as her body grew. In no time, she had exploded into a huge, thundering mass of power, smashing through attacking kids, elderly women, women with prams and men reading the newspaper.
Kemal screamed:
“Holy crap! This is so crazy!”
He followed up behind, jumping over the mangled fungus people. Pauline continued her charge, but he noticed that she was getting clogged down. A newspaper salesman had gotten entangled in her legs, while a busker clung to her arm, getting dragged along. As he did, other mushroom people caught him and started to form a kind of knot. It was disgusting to see these beings flail about uselessly with their limbs, pieces getting knocked off them.
Marla shouted:
“Pauline, you gotta be careful, they …”
She didn’t get to finish her sentence as the giantess stumbled and fell into a mass of schoolchildren crossing the road in pairs. Instantly, the whole gaggle of people around them swarmed her, holding her down.

Instantly, Marla and Tara let their bodies swell up. It was a sight to see. Tobie ducked behind his friend as the two women’s bodies filled with muscle, getting bigger and bigger until they reached truly titanic proportions. Their clothes detonated from their backs. Tobie sighed and Kemal rolled his eyes. He mumbled:
“So much work for nothing.”
Then again, the show was worth it. Tara’s huge arms caught a group of tourists that had previously been asking for directions, and tore them from Pauline’s back. They collapsed into a heap a little further away, then reformed into a group of bored teenagers. Marla was on top of Pauline, ripping a bunch of construction workers to shreds as they tried to choke the muscular giantess.
Pauline roared as the pressure dropped and stood up, balancing Marla on her shoulders.
“Fuck this shit! Get off me, you fuckers!”
A spontaneously formed brass marching band charged her, trying to bog her down. Pauline kicked against the bandleader, while Marla launched herself in the air and crashed down on them, scattering bits of mushroom matter all around.
Behind them, some movers carrying a fungus piano closed in on Kemal and Tobie. Kemal pushed his friend to the side and declared:
“Stay out of the way. I’ll protect you!”
The mushroom people charged. Kemal tensed, forced his muscles to grow, and struck back, catching them as they came crashing in. Behind them, Tara fought off a squad of cops.
Tobie yelled:
“We’re getting bogged down. Just push through now!”
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Pauline heard him, but found it difficult to follow. In front of her, a massive garbage truck rolled in, struck her and almost smashed her to the ground. She stood her ground and held against it, sinking her fingers into the strange organic material. As she did, it hardened, the engine, or whatever was inside of this thing, gurgling and sputtering. The trashmen got out and tried to attack her.
She pushed against the car, grunting as it increased its force. Marla ran up to her again, pulling one of the trashmen from her and smashing it against the next one. They were all now pretty soaked in fungus matter. It was sticking everywhere, covering their skins with white, sticky goo.
Then it started to harden.
Pauline cried out:
“Oh shit! Get that stuff off me! This is so disgusting!”
Tara and Marla rushed to her, ripping at the tensing substance. It was tough to get that slime to even let go of her. Meanwhile, Tobie and Kemal retreated towards them. Kemal shouted:
“We’re getting surrounded. This is bad!”
Tara replied dryly:
“No shit. Help us with this!”
Marla chimed in:
“Yeah, Tobie, how about getting into shape now?”
Kemal instantly growled back:
“Hey! Leave him alone. He’s doing what he can here!”
Indeed, Tobie tried to break off a chunk of already hardened material off the encasement that was building around Pauline. She screamed in panic as she realized what was going on.
“Shit! Help me! Help me! It’s trying to choke me!”
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Far above, Angela looked at her daughter. Ava was staring through the window, watching her friends struggle. She was on the verge of tears.
“Stop it, Mom … Please! Don’t hurt them!”
The muscular giantess smirked.
“They are pathetic. I don’t know what you all tried to do, but it didn’t work. You tried to get away from me, didn’t you? Well, that was cute, but it was pointless. Even when I wanted to do something good for you, something that would make you happy, and powerful, and perfect, you still tried to push me away. There you have it. You all got what you wanted.”
“But I never wanted this! I … Mom! I liked what we were doing together. I just had my studies and …”
Somehow, Angela’s expression got even more intense. It was downright terrifying now, yet also strangely sweet. Or at least it tried to be.
“Ava, dear, I understand perfectly. You did what was best … for you. And when I came to help you … to help you, mind, you lost interest.”
“That was not what happened! Besides, I got fit, didn’t I? I worked hard for all this! I did it for myself, but also for us!”
Angela’s laugh was cruel and flat.
“Who are you trying to kid here? Stop lying to …”
Ava slapped her. It was a stupid idea, she knew, but if she could draw her mother’s attention, she just might save her friends. Angela looked stupefied. What just happened?
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Below, Pauline felt the fungus submerge her completely. The others tried to free her, pulling at the hardening matter. This was bad! The tall woman tried to grow and force herself out of it, expanding her muscles as much as she could, but it was starting to work against her. Since the material wouldn’t yield, she would just end up crushing herself.
She was about to panic when the whole thing stopped for a moment. It felt as if somebody had distracted it for a second. She breathed in relief and used those precious seconds to just think. Under all this pressure, she had just been increasing the intensity, constantly adding to her power and overcoming the odds by pushing forward.
Now that she saw more clearly what was happening to her, she managed to think clearly and switch her perspective.
“Guys, I’m trying something new! Just keep a hole for me, I’m coming out!”
She heard Marla ask how she was going to do this, but in a way, her friend’s voice was already far away. If things could get bigger, maybe they could also get smaller … And denser.
Pauline felt her body shrink, while maintaining her muscle load. It worked. Strangely enough, her body was staying incredibly overmuscled, even more than before, but now, it was concentrated on a much smaller frame. She easily climbed up through the hole her enormous opening her massive body had left. The bizarre cavern was already collapsing, but she leapt and flowed through it, soon reaching the top.
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She stretched her arms a bit to get to the end of it while Tara and Marla tore at the material to stop it from closing itself completely on their friend. They were furious, struggling to get a good grip on that stuff which was both hard as stone and somehow slimy and wet. It was not a good thing to touch.
Also, they all just hoped that none of this would release any spores or blobs. They assumed that the drug they had been given prevented any infections with that stuff, but who could be certain?
Tara grunted:
“Come on, you slippery piece of shit! Open up!”
She heard Pauline’s tiny voice from within:
“I’m almost there! Keep it open for just a moment!”
She propelled herself upwards with a pull of her muscular arms. The effect was exhilarating. With all that strength concentrated into such a tiny body, she felt as if she were flying!
Just as she was reaching the top, she heard Tobie shout:
“Fuck! That stuff is getting us too now!”
Marla shrieked:
“Get it off me! Aah! This is … Help!”
Tara jumped away, releasing the rapidly closing mass.
Tobie reacted as fast as he could. Just as Pauline shot out, he kicked against the quickly hardening mass that tried to get a grip of Marla’s leg, giving her a moment to pull away. They scrambled off the lump of fungus meat and just saw Pauline regain her mass as she descended. It was a sight to behold.
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Pauline’s body stretched and grew at a fantastic rate, her muscles staying in relation, maybe even packing on some more. She swelled to giant size again, used the momentum and slammed into the mass at full power.
The blow sent her friends flying. Tara, Marla and Kemal caught themselves, their enhanced bodies hardening to resist the blow. Tobie, on the other hand, was thrown off and shot all through the street. In the air, Kemal twisted around, expanded his body and stretched his arm, catching his friend before he collided with a building.
Tobie landed in Kemal’s arms with a thwacking sound. He breathed out sharply and looked at his giant, somewhat mutated friend.
“Whoa. Thank you.”
“No problem, man. Let’s get on with it, but be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt.”
Tobie chuckled:
“Me neither.”
Kemal returned to his normal size and pulled Tobie after him. As they advanced towards the towering mushroom building, Pauline walked in front of them, her giant body striding forward relentlessly.
Tobie gasped:
“Wow! It’s like some crazy fantasy-superhero-horror movie, don’t you think?”
Kemal nodded. He looked rather worried. This was all going fast and the situation was only getting crazier by the moment. They followed Pauline as she plowed through the mushroom people that tried to stop her, but now that she knew what she had to do, their efforts were pointless.
Above them, the tower loomed. They had to help Ava, but in a way, they still didn’t know how.
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Angela’s arm shot out, catching Ava by the throat and lifting her high. For a moment, her eyes were flaring with rage.
“You dare hit me? Your mother? What is wrong with you? You’re an ungrateful, horrible kid. I can’t believe I went through all of this …”
Before she could finish, Ava hit her again, this time more clumsily and only with the tips of her fingers, but it stung. Angela tossed her away, then advanced on her. It was obvious that she was mad now. Her body was shaking with fury.
Ava tried to get to her feet, but Angela kicked her, sending her back down. Angela’s muscles swelled as she grew bigger. Ava could see every muscle fiber under Angela’s mutant skin tighten. This was a terrifying sight. The sheer energy that coiled inside her was making it hard for her to think.
Angela screamed:
“You ungrateful piece of shit! You’ve left me alone! You always take, take, take, but you never even cared or asked what …”
Ava couldn’t bear it anymore. The pain, the beatings, the insults! If Angela wanted a fight, she could have it!
With a mighty roar, she shot up, her muscles expanding at an alarming rate. Ava felt angry, but she also felt powerful. She could feel her body cover itself in muscles. Her skin stretched as more and more mass swelled on her frame. She felt powerful, unstoppable and incredibly frustrated.
This would not end well for her mother. She charged.
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Down below, Marla noticed that the mushroom people moved sluggishly. They were uncoordinated now, easily pushed aside. Whatever was going on up there, they had to use the opportunity to break into the weird fungus tower. The gang ignored the stumbling pseudo-civilians and pushed on.
As they reached the building’s entrance, Marla said:
“Okay, I’m not sure of this, but I think that this isn’t planned.”
Tara asked:
“What do you mean?”
“The people here, they’re all lost now. Look at them!”
She pointed at the fungus masses just meandering here and there.
“I think this means that Angela is losing control.”
“Okay … So what do we do?”
“I’d say we have to move quickly. If she’s inattentive now, that’s an opening we can exploit.”
Tara nodded:
“Sounds good. Just be careful anyway. I don’t know about you, but I feel completely out of my depth now.”
Behind them, Pauline tore open the fungus plates that were being used as gates of the tower.
“Let’s get a move on!”
Pauline’s voice rang all over the area. Kemal and Tobie held their heads.
“Careful! You’re not only big, you’re also loud.”
The giantess shrugged, but answered a little lower:
“Get in! If Marla’s right, we have to hurry!”
They entered the strange building and were greeted by the most confusing architecture they had ever seen. The place was unlike anything else: The rooms were oddly shaped, not following any logical pattern. Columns and struts grew from the walls and floors in astonishing directions, openings led to parallel areas without warning or concept. The whole place had grown on a whim, not even following patterns that might be found in plants.
In a way, it had spread like a cancer. The endless sequence of empty rooms only made the place more eerie.
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Ava was driving hard at Angela, her fists hammering away at her mother. She was past words now. All that counted now was just letting it all out. No more holding back, no more reasoning, no more attempts at working this all out. She was frustrated, she was angry, no, she was furious!
Angela was surprised by her daughter’s sudden onslaught. She caught a fist right in her face in the beginning, then more blows followed. Ava’s strength was astonishing. She tried to recover, not being used to slugging it out with someone her size or, actually, at all.
Now that she was under pressure, she lost her focus. Immediately, the whole place started to shake. She wasn’t thinking clearly. Just as she tried to come up with a defense, her frenzied daughter caught her again right in the head, making her black out for a fraction of a second. Then another blow. And another one.
Her body was inhuman enough to prevent any swelling or bleeding, but the never-ending barrage made her stumble and fall. She crashed on the ground and Ava got on top of her, unleashing another relentless series of punches. Pieces and chunks of Angela’s fungus body blew off, torn off by her daughter’s fist.
Suddenly, the floor collapsed.
They fell, crashing through the ceiling of a large, rather majestic hall. The pair landed on the ground, but that didn’t stop Ava. Still only grunting and growling, she continued her attacks, trying to pulverize her mother.
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At last, Angela managed to catch her breath. She was blinded by one of the punches, destroying her forehead, but that didn’t mean anything to her. Instead, she dissolved her body into a shapeless lump and resolidified instantly as she flowed over Ava’s back.
The young woman shrieked as her mother turned into a weird blobbish mass and reappeared above her. Angela reformed and wrapped her arms around Ava’s neck, choking her. The young musclewoman tightened her neck muscles instinctively, resisting her mother’s grip.
The fungus woman didn’t care. She summoned Jaden and Milla to help her. The two muscular young people descended quickly, using their tentacles to climb along the walls of the hall.
Just as they tried to assist their mistress, Pauline brought down the entrance of the place. There was a pause, then the giantess shouted:
“Let her go!”
Angela just laughed and sent Jaden and Milla after them. As the two pale mutants charged, they grew bigger and more monstrous, their skins erupting into tentacles and massive spikes.
Tobie yelped in panic, hiding behind Kemal. The big man gritted his teeth, ready to catch the attacking monsters. That’s when Tara and Pauline slammed sideways into the mushroom people.
The whole place erupted into chaos. Everybody was screaming, grunting and fighting. Ava tried to get her mother off her back, but the older woman tightened her grip, choking her. Whenever Ava attempted to get a hold of her, Angela retracted her body. Meanwhile, the young woman was finding it harder and harder to resist.
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Finally, she howled:
“Mom! Mom! Please stop. Please stop … Let me go. I give up. I don’t want to fight anymore. I’m just sorry.” Angela untightened her grip a little. Ava gasped for air. “Mom, I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry I just ran away. I thought … I didn’t think. I left you alone, because I was selfish and I needed to get a distance between me and Dad’s death. I never once thought about how it made you feel and I … When I saw you were doing fine, I forgot about the whole problem. I thought you were over it but you were not. And I didn’t help you. I was busy, I kept busy to stop myself from really thinking about all this. So I’m sorry. I just wish I could go back and kick myself in the butt for being so insensitive … Even when I was back, I did everything to not listen to you and not spend time with you. I’m a shitty daughter. Even now, when we should be trying to talk this out, we’re fighting. We’ve both turned into monsters and we both screwed up all the people around us and … It’s my fault.”
Angela released her. Ava flopped to the ground. She started crying. Turning around, she looked her mother in the face. It was a strange sight. Her mother had transformed into a mutant angelic uber-being, but as their gazes met, this incredible power started flowing from her.
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Somehow, she could distinguish her mother’s aged, yet resolute face under all this energy. She sobbed, unable to stop.
“And when I returned, I forced you into this shit and I … I got Lucius killed too. I’m … It’s all my fault! I’m sorry. I’m just so sorry …”
As the fight around them raged on, Angela hugged her. The mass of her muscles faded away and she somehow returned to her normal self. They clung to each other for a while, just letting it flow. Angela whispered:
“It’s okay. It’s okay. I … I wasn’t okay as well. I screwed this up. I should have stayed with you, I should have helped you instead of encouraging you to make things worse …”
“No … Don’t. Please. I … It was my decision. I caused all this.”
Angela stroked her daughter’s hair.
“I don’t want to blame you. And I don’t want you to blame yourself. It was a shitty time for all of us. I wish I could go back and stop us from losing ourselves.”
Behind them, slowly, the battle lost its impetus.
Ava held her mom in her arms and said:
“Maybe Dad was the one who held us together …”
“Could be. Things were simpler around him.”
The whole enormous fungus structure started to groan ominously as more mushroom people emerged from the walls, somehow losing their shape even as they took their first steps. The fighters stopped, hesitating. They slowly turned towards the two women.
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Jaden found his voice first.
“What’s going on? I feel as if I had a weird lucid dream.”
He turned to Milla, who was just as confused as he was.
“Where are we? Jaden, what did you do?”
“I have no idea.”
Marla coughed:
“Is it over? No more punching?”
The huge pale mushroom woman shrugged:
“I guess. You don’t seem like Jaden’s usual fare.”
The bodybuilder women exchanged glances, then Tara asked:
“Usual fare? I thought you were with Captain Truffle here?”
Milla chuckled, then burst out laughing. It was really obvious that this was a way of her dealing with the stress and the confusion, but she couldn’t stop herself.
“Captain Truffle! This would have been it, Jaden! Captain Truffle to the rescue!”
She guffawed as Jaden rolled his eyes. Marla explained:
“I think she meant that we don’t look like criminals waiting to be punched.”
The audience shrugged. Around them, the strange building was transforming quicker. It was also quite obviously getting unstable. Tobie cleared his throat and said loudly:
“We should get out of here and talk. But first, let’s run!”
They did as he said. As they raced through the corridors and halls of the bizarre construction, they saw dozens of humanoid figures emerge, garbled constructs that were barely finished before melting back into the structure itself. They recognized some of them, vaguely familiar afterthoughts and barely remembered faces in the crowds. The further they ran, the stranger and less complete those creatures seemed. Some even staggered around for a few steps before sinking back into the floor or drifting into the walls.
They just ran, hoping to get all this out of their minds eventually.
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Once they were all safe, a kind of exhaustion set in. Behind them, the giant construction collapsed on itself, producing more and more half-finished mushroom people that escaped into the city. Finally, just one large blob-like structure remained, crisscrossed by thick orange veins that pulsated.
Ava looked around. Their group was a sight to behold. First of all, there was Pauline’s huge shape. She was sitting on the tarmac, every breath raising her giant muscles. Next to her were Tara and Marla, just as massive and powerful. They were relaxing, with Marla lounging against Tara’s huge thigh. Kemal and Tobie were still watching the huge blob in the distance. Tobie was leaning against Kemal’s enormous muscles, obviously feeling happy and safe. Milla and Jaden were slowly reverting to their regular human shapes, still extremely buff, but no longer outrageously mutated. Their tentacles had disappeared back into their bodies. They were holding hands, somehow relieved to be themselves again.
Angela was there too, completely exhausted. Her body had returned to her shape all those months ago, back when her husband had died. She looked sad, but there was a sense of relief in the air. She walked over to Ava and said:
“Let’s try this again. Maybe we can find a less terrifying way of dealing with Dad’s death …”
“Please. That sounds like a very good idea.”
They embraced. For the first time in months, Ava felt safe and calm. That feeling was instantly interrupted by the realization that her mother was still a kind of mutant mushroom creature and that she was … naked.

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Angela sighed:
“Just let it be. It’s been a long day.”
Ava hesitated, then stayed in the embrace.
“You’re right. This was too much …”
It took them a while, but eventually, they separated again. Ava sighed and looked at her friends. She smiled and said:
“I just wanted to say thank you. You saved us both and you came to look for me when things got bad. You’re the best friends anyone could ask for.”
There were dismissive noises, but Angela added:
“She’s right, you know? You guys are still young and you definitely went way over the top with your stuff, but you’re amazing people and you saved us. Thank you!”
The others blushed, grinned and shrugged. There wasn’t much to say. Only Tara grinned:
“Don’t mention it. The next time anybody feels like becoming a mushroom creature, just tell us!”
After a moment, Tobie asked:
“That’s all fine, I guess, but what do we do now? I mean, there’s this big blob, there are still plenty of mushroom people and most of us have been turned into weird metahumans. This is not just something we can ignore, can’t we?”
Ava and her mother exchanged glances. They were all out of options on this. In the end, Angela suggested:
“I’ll try to send the blob back underground. The mushroom guys … I don’t know. As long as they act normal, it’s not as if this place couldn’t need more people … Let’s just hope nothing more goes wrong. This all feels so strange and beyond anything I know.”
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Angela stood there for a moment, focusing. It was a strange sight, the muscular young people surrounding an older naked woman. The whole scene wouldn’t have ben out of place in some artsy movie. In the background, weird, disoriented mushroom people wandered around, having lost their bearings completely. At last, she stopped.
“I don’t think that worked.”
Tara was annoyed:
“What do you mean, you don’t know? Weren’t you just in control of it? Didn’t you just create your own crazy mushroom death tower?”
“I know, I know. But somehow, I don’t feel it anymore. It just feels pointless now.”
The young musclewoman was getting angry now:
“You couldn’t have had your epiphany a little earlier? This was all terrifying and painful as hell!”
For a moment, Ava expected her mother to revert to her previous, angry and frustrated version, but the old woman just sighed:
“Look, it is as it is. I have no control anymore, so I can’t do anything. I wish I could, but I’m afraid it’s over.”
“So that’s it? You’re going to leave that thing like that?”
Angela shrugged:
“Maybe I’ll figure something out … Right now, though, I just want to be with my daughter and rest. It’s been a hard time for the both of us.”
Tara screamed:
“I can’t believe this! Ava, is this serious?”
Ava looked at her mother, who suddenly looked frail and tired. She gave Tara a long, unhappy look. Tobie walked up to the fuming musclewoman and said:
“Don’t worry. We’ll find a solution. Now, we all should get moving.”
Tara glowered at him, then set off towards Lucius’ apartment. Stomping off, she shouted:
“Pauline, Marla, we’re leaving. I’ve had it with those assholes!”
Her friends followed her. Pauline stayed back for a moment and said quietly:
“Don’t worry. She’ll calm down, and then, we can talk.”
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Angela, Ava and the two young men stayed behind. Milla and Jaden were still recovering. It was clear that Angela’s mind control had shocked them deeply.
Eventually, Kemal asked:
“So, what’s next?”
The older woman said:
“I just want to go home for now. Ava, could you accompany the boys to the bus station? They probably don’t want to stay here.”
Jaden mumbled:
“I would like to accompany you. I need some space right now.”
Milla walked up to them and said to Ava:
“Maybe it’s better if you stay with your mom. We can figure this out on our own.”
Ava nodded, took her mother by the hand and left for their place.
As Kemal and Tobie walked towards the bus station with their semi-superhero companions, Milla asked:
“What do we do now?”
Jaden was hesitating too:
“Maybe we should stay in the superheroics business, but do it differently next time. Less monstrous, more nice.”
“I’m not sure this is really a thing I still want.”
Kemal grinned:
“I’d love to. This would be amazing. We could form a team!”
Tobie sighed:
“But the drug didn’t work on me! I wouldn’t be able to help.”
“Tobie, you might not be a mushroom-powered monster or a transforming mutant like I am, but you’re still a big muscleguy. I think you’d qualify. Plus, you’re the most empathetic and respectful roidhead I know. That’s definitely worth something.”
“That was a weird compliment.”
“It’s true, though.”
“I’ll think about it.”
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Ava and Angela walked along in silence. The wind blew softly and there was a tension in the air, as if a thunderstorm was approaching. They passed the playground that they had visited every day back when Ava was still little. There was a pause. Then, Ava walked in, got on the swing and said:
“So we’re back here.”
Angela stood there, still unsure of what to say. Ava continued:
“We’ll have to figure out how to deal with all this. I can’t say I’ve got much of an idea.”
Her mother got on the other swing. She pushed off, then swung back and forth for a moment. She felt both a certain giddiness and that strange, rather bad feeling in her stomach which swings produced beyond childhood.
She stopped again:
“I’m getting too old for this.”
They sat together in silence. At last, Angela said:
“I don’t want it to be the way it was. I’ve still got a lot of life in me, even more than before and I don’t want to be the grieving widow. I don’t want to be alone and I don’t want to intrude in your life. But I want to be with you and to be sure we can still talk.”
Ava nodded:
“That sounds great. I’d love to do this together with you. And maybe, we could find a hobby we can share.”
Angela rolled her eyes.
“Okay, fine. But you know what’s going to happen.”
Ava sighed.
“Let’s just try to spend the time together and fix our lives, shall we?”
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And here's the end of the story.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Please put your hands together for our guest posers! The two women who changed the face of the sport forever!”
There was thunderous applause and Ava and Angela stepped on stage. The light was incredibly bright, illuminating every inch, every tiny grove sculpted into their brutally shredded muscles. The audience gasped as they strode to the center, meeting with a smile. It was as incredible as always.
Ava looked at her mother who was a goddess now. Angela’s body was perfectly carved, massive and powerful. Her waist was slim and tightly coiled, her ten-pack-abs brutally shaped into tight beauty. A tremendous v-taper spread to her wide, spherical shoulders and a pair of pecs bigger than any stripper’s tits. Her bull neck threatened to engulf the lower half of her head.
The older woman smiled and turned to face the spectators. She shot them a wicked, sexy grin, then hit a mighty double biceps pose, her arms exploding into a firework of veins and cuts. She twisted her wrists and gave her muscles that sweet extra pop.
Her daughter caught the mock provocation in stride and hit a crab pose, detonating her shoulders and her back into a striated mass that brought tears to the fans’ eyes. She winked at her mother, then extended her arms, showing off the extruding shape of her triceps. A little dance move, a wiggle of her hips and bam! another blast of muscle to wow the audience.
Angela replied in kind, locking her huge arms behind her head and vacuuming her stomach into oblivion, before leaning back and turning it into the washboard to end all washboards.

People in the audience were now screaming in admiration. The convention center was about to boil over. The two musclewomen on stage turned around, spreading their gigantic backs. Deep valleys dug through the masses of muscle. Since they stuck what little fabric they used as posing suits directly to their skins, there were no strings or strips to cover up their beautiful, ultra-sculpted muscles.
Ava and Angela continued their presentations, their brutal muscles stunning the observers. They now stood back to back, the mazes of striations rising up along their long, powerful limbs. The two women smiled again, their pearl-white teeth flashing, then they cheekily pushed their rock-hard butts against each other.
Ava suppressed a frown when she noticed that Angela was doing it again. She whispered:
“Mom, stop it. You can’t go growing right on stage.”
“No, seriously. I don’t want trouble.”
“You’re no fun.”
They separated, Angela reducing her slightly augmented glutes back to their normal, superhuman size. It was time for the grand finale!
The two hulking women took up position and went down deep, their legs swelling and swelling until they surpassed any human limits. Their thighs threatened to engulf their knees completely, their calves appeared to grow so much they would collide with either the ground or the rest of the leg.
With perfect ease, they cartwheeled towards each other, stopping in the mid-movement, standing on their thick, ripped arms. A few steps and they stood, their ultra-ripped butts towards the audience. Slowly, they went into splits, their heavy, muscle-laden legs becoming perfectly horizontal. The spectators howled in admiration.
At last, they each lifted their inner arms, now standing on a single hand, and locked them.
They went down and started doing overhead pushups.
As they finished their set, they went down once more and pushed their pumped bodies up, flying through the air and landing side by side on their feet.
And smile, curtain, applause.
The audience was howling for more, but Ava and Angela smiled, waved and returned backstage.

“Wow! I love it when they start screaming.”
Angela wiped the sweat from her brow. Ava was busy looking for her soap.
“Yeah, it’s cool, but sometimes, the frequency is really bad.”
“That’s that sound only teenagers can hear, isn’t it?”
Ava chuckled. Over the last ten years, they had spent a lot of time training and perfecting their physiques. They had worked hard on their posing and their style. The actual building of their muscles had been as easy as ever, but the true skill was the presentation. They were now literally able to flex almost any muscle in their body individually, which could lead to some really bizarre shows. Not for big events like these, but there were people with special interests who would hire them for more intricate performances.
Angela had kept the fungus inside her and it kept her as muscular and powerful as ever, while also keeping her healthy and in control. Ava, on the other hand, still had that serum that had deeply changed her physiology. In a way, they were both superhuman. That they used their power mostly for doing bodybuilding shows and circus performances was probably a bit of a waste, but those were their lives. Sometimes, they appeared on action, fantasy or sci-fi movies. But that was it.
Ava found the soap and said:
“Let’s get cleaned up, there’ll be fans who need autographs!”
Angela nodded. They had made their mark on the scene with their absurd combination of huge mass, absolute definition and amazing good looks. Since they were not forced to use drugs to build and maintain their bodies and actually had control of their physiques, they combined the athleticism with their style and could be both gorgeous and uber-athletic. The fact that their muscles were bigger than any male competitor’s meant that they ended up outside of the competitive circuit almost immediately. But honestly, bodybuilding wasn’t a sport where victories brought much money.
Their show was its own reward.

After the pair ran the gauntlet of admirers, they found themselves in the parking lot of the convention center. The place was quite deserted now. There, they shrank down to a more manageable size. When they were so huge, they wouldn’t even fit in the car. Of course, they still stayed beyond regular female heavyweights. It just felt too good. They also dropped the looks a little. Overdoing it with the model-like sexiness had turned out to make things too hard.
As they walked towards their car, they heard someone call them:
“Hey, Ava, Angela, wait a minute! It’s you, isn’t it?”
Ava turned around and saw a slim woman run towards them. She was vaguely familiar. Then it dawned to her.
“Tara? You look different.”
“You too. You even changed your names.”
“Eva isn’t too different. And neither is Angelica.”
Angela laughed:
“It’s enough to be left alone. So, what happened to you? What brings you here?”
“Could we talk about this in a warm place? There’s a café over there we can try.”
“Sure. Let’s just put our stuff in the car.”
Soon enough, they were in the café and unwrapped themselves a bit. It was cold outside now, and although neither of them needed the clothes to stay warm, it was better than to answer questions. Angela tried to straighten her long black hair after taking off her big wool cap, then ordered a cup of cocoa. Ava picked some tea, as did Tara. Then she asked:
“So, what have you been up to all those years?”

“I work for a medical research group now. We’re developing drugs to solve health issues based on the same problems I had. It took me a lot of time to learn all this from scratch, but we’re making great progress on isolating the actual elements of that serum to solve the problem.” She chuckled: “I never would have believed I’d end up as a scientist!”
Ava grinned:
“That would have been my thing. Instead, here we are, being media personalities and sportspeople. Me, the nerd girl? I still can’t believe it!”
Angela chimed in:
“I prefer it this way. And we’re really getting ahead.”
Tara nodded:
“It took me a while to understand it was you. But once I got it, I had to see you.”
“Do you still have contact with any of the others?”
“Not really, but occasionally, I get some life-signs: Pauline has gone full amazon and works as a bodyguard for super-wealthy women. You should see her. She’s huge as always, but she always wears tailored suits and dresses now. Wait, I can show you a picture!”
She got her phone out, fumbled along for a moment, then showed them a photo of Pauline, all 6’8” of her, bulging with muscles, yet wearing a rather comfortable and stretchy looking tuxedo. Angela nodded admiringly.
“She looks cool. Like a secret agent.”
“Definitely. On the other hand, Marla has turned into a soccer mom, and the worst kind, too. She had three kids now and they all take after their mom. The girls play football and the boy is going to be a wrestler when he’s a bit bigger. She’s adamant about this.”
Angela chuckled:
“Here’s to trying to have a normal, stress-free relationship with your kids!”
She raised her cup and they clinked it.

Tara asked:
“So, any news about Jaden and Milla? We only talked very little, but …”
Ava groaned:
“They really found each other, you know? They’re both artists now, doing performance art and body modification and I suspect that they’re still superheroes by night. Or by day, I have no idea how this works for them.”
Angela added:
“There are a bunch of ‘sightings’ on the media. I follow them, because I still feel kinda guilty about what I did to them. We’re not talking or anything. The only people we still have any real contact are Kemal and Tobie. They’re happily married and lead normal lives. Little house, two kids, the works. Jobs downtown.”
Photos were shown.
“Two kids? Did they adopt?”
“Nah. It turns out that Kemal’s body can do that too.”
“Whoa. Okay.”
“Yeah, we get invited to all the big occasions. It’s nice. They are so relaxed and friendly … Makes you wanna settle down again.”
Ava rolled her eyes:
“Don’t listen to her. She’s going to wax on about married life and tiny houses in the suburbs. And then she’s going to suggest I do that. Get her some grandkids, yadda yadda.”
“Hey! A woman’s got needs.”
Tara shrugged:
“I wouldn’t stress myself with that. We all got plenty of time.”
They nodded and ordered another round. At last, Ava asked:
“Have you heard anything about Professor Lang? She must be around in your line of business.”
Tara hesitated.
“I don’t know. I’ve been keeping an eye on the whole fungus thing, but it’s like a black hole. Nothing. No studies, no data, no publications. It’s as if someone is keeping a lid on it.”
Angela stretched and said:
“Maybe she’s taken over Lucius’ job.” She took a sip. “Maybe it’s best we don’t ask around too much. I think we’ve all handled this as discreetly as possible. Well, maybe not us, but at least, we’re not talking about where those muscles came from.”
Ava groaned and stirred her cup.

They left the café eventually, the cold seeping into their clothes. Ava and Angela said goodbye to Tara, promising vaguely to organize a meet-up soon enough. Then they walked to their car. As they climbed in, Ava asked:
“That went well, don’t you think?”
“She’s nice. Intelligent, too. I’d love to have her on our side when the time comes.”
Angela started the car.
“Did you think about replacing the feeding liquid?”
“Mom, of course I did.”
“I know, I was just checking. Wouldn’t want our fungus legions to go hungry.”
“I assure you, they’re fine. The behemoths are coming along fine too. You’ll see, we can start the supplement line next year, and then, it’s really just a small step left.”
“This is going to be great. A perfect world …”
They nodded, Ava kissed Angela’s cheek and they drove off, towards their hometown. 
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
Post by: El_Roy_1999 on December 11, 2019, 01:35:16 pm
It is done.
At last.
I gotta admit, I am very, very happy that the story has reached an end and I really hope you all enjoyed it. It grew and grew, got longer and more complex, acquired characters as if it were a GRRM novel and went on and on and on ...

It's the longest single thing I have yet written and I'm not sure I should be doing this again. However, I still hope it's good and might even turn on those who read it.
So, what's left to say?

I want to thank you readers for your patience and I hope you're happy with the end.
Also, thank you, bigeasy, for suggesting the storyline, even if I went off the cliff on that after a while. I just hope that my recovery is okay for you.
All the best!
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
Post by: mrmr on December 12, 2019, 06:10:38 pm
This has been my favorite story on this site.
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
Post by: Darkbreed on December 12, 2019, 06:18:57 pm
Thanks for that story  :rock:
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
Post by: havok1209 on December 12, 2019, 06:48:17 pm
"...Ava nodded: “That sounds great. I’d love to do this together with you. And maybe, we could find a hobby we can share.” Angela rolled her eyes. “Okay, fine. But you know what’s going to happen.” Ava sighed. “Let’s just try to spend the time together and fix our lives, shall we?”...
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
Post by: havok1209 on December 12, 2019, 06:51:31 pm
Sorry for the double post.

..."Ava nodded:
“That sounds great. I’d love to do this together with you. And maybe, we could find a hobby we can share.”
Angela rolled her eyes.
“Okay, fine. But you know what’s going to happen.”
Ava sighed.
“Let’s just try to spend the time together and fix our lives, shall we?”...

So wait, did Ava know Angela was going to try to take over the world again? Was Angela faking not being able to control the fungus?

I dunno, I enjoyed the story up until Angela didn't get what she deserved and Ava ends up joining her. Personally it would have been more satisfying if Ava drained off Angela's fungus and became a super huge muscle girl for good, no more fungus at all.
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
Post by: El_Roy_1999 on December 12, 2019, 07:31:16 pm
Sorry for the double post.

..."Ava nodded:
“That sounds great. I’d love to do this together with you. And maybe, we could find a hobby we can share.”
Angela rolled her eyes.
“Okay, fine. But you know what’s going to happen.”
Ava sighed.
“Let’s just try to spend the time together and fix our lives, shall we?”...

So wait, did Ava know Angela was going to try to take over the world again? Was Angela faking not being able to control the fungus?

I dunno, I enjoyed the story up until Angela didn't get what she deserved and Ava ends up joining her. Personally it would have been more satisfying if Ava drained off Angela's fungus and became a super huge muscle girl for good, no more fungus at all.

That would be an alternative ending. Maybe I'll write that next year!
Also, the whole fungus thing seeped into their lives again. It connects to those fungi that control ants. Those things exist for real.
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
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This has been my favorite story on this site.

Thanks for that story  :rock:

Thank you both very much.
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:bravo:. Another classic story
Title: Re: New ongoing story - New Life
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Thank you!
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Sometimes... life is stranger than fiction...

Who knows what else this mycelium can do...
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Sometimes... life is stranger than fiction...

Who knows what else this mycelium can do...

Thank you for the link!

You know how it is: You heard it here first!