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Title: New FBB books.
Post by: davidM on November 30, 2015, 11:16:07 am
Hi all, my new novella featuring my amazonion warriror Rachel is out today for all ebook formats: Find it here for Kindle:
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We met Rachel in the novella ‘Rachel’s Walk.’ We followed the awkward and innocent country girl from school to joining the Royal Navy. There she met the woman who would change her life forever. Lauren Greer introduced Rachel to serious weights and the bodybuilding that liberated the pudgy young woman and created an amazon of huge power and beauty. She was drawn into the dangerous and exciting world of undercover intelligence work with the navy’s top-secret Detachment 16.
Rachel’s beautiful green eyes are opened to a whole new world were sexual roles become blurred. She becomes the lover of the enticing, voluptuous and magical Canadian spook, Bonny-Ann Becket.
Rachel has never forgotten the boy who used to follow her to school and who had a huge crush on her. Christopher comes back into her life after a chance meeting and they discover a mutual understanding and attraction that enables him to accept and love the challenging and powerful woman Rachel has become.
We left Rachel and Christopher as they began their relationship. Now we shall see were Rachel’s Walk leads her in the years that follow. Years filled with excitement, danger, fulfillment, horror and loss - years of a secret violent war that sees Rachel become the most fearsome warrior that Detachment 16 has ever known.
This is Rachel’s War.

Rachel also features in the novel: Lauren The Butterfly Effect.
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