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Title: Chris Porter
Post by: Warhawk Overdrive on September 06, 2012, 06:32:21 pm
Chris Porter :what:
mid 80s:
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We met Chris Porter way back in 1984, and she was one of the first women we taped using 'real' video equipment after using Super 8 film from 1979-1984. That footage was originally on WPW Video (then DVD) #24, but that is now on WPW DVD 763 along with new footage of her in 2011 taken at the time of her photos. She made her comeback last year as a figure competitor and we had two photo/video sessions with her in 2011. She is a bit smaller/leaner than for 1984, but still had a good amount of defined muscularity, and her upper body seemed to have really held its own, this in her early 50s now!! She hits the shots in two different dresses and at 5'3" 124 pounds she was in top figure contest shape, with a young face and terrific hair style. Tom did this work with her when she was out in Vegas watching the Ms. Olympia.