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Author Topic: ALL DELTOIDS EXERCISES  (Read 16523 times)

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« on: April 05, 2016, 12:22:05 am »

Dumbbell lateral raise

Arm behind the back lateral raise

Seated dumbbell lateral raise

One arm behind the back lateral raise

Inclined bench dumbbell lateral raise

Dumbbell upright row

Alternating dumbbell front raise

Single dumbbell front raise + hammer grip

Front dumbbell raise hammer grip

Dumbbell front raise

Seated dumbbell front raise

Seated dumbbell front raise on inclined bench

Lying dumbbell front raise on inclined bench

Dumbbell shoulder press

Single dumbbell shoulder press

Standing palms-in dumbbell press

Arnold press

Cuban press

Rear delts dumbbell

Seated bent-over rear delt raise

Lying rear delts dumbbell

One-arm incline lateral raise

Inclined bench delts row

Single delts row

Around the world

Lying dumbbell external rotator

Lying dumbbell internall rotator


Barbell upright row

EZ-Bar cable front rise

Overhead Shoulder Press rear

Overhead Shoulder Press front

Straight raises on incline bench

Barbell lateral raise

Single-Arm Linear Jammer

Barbell rear delt lifts


Single arm cable lateral rise

Cable reverse fly

Face pull

Rope high row

Rope upright row

Cable upright row

Cable upright row with v-bar

Lying cable upright row

Cable Rope Rear-Delt Rows

Front cable raise

Bent over reverse cable fly

Standing cable reverse flye

Cable crossover lateral raise

Single arm shoulder press on cable

Cable external rotation

Cable deltoid raise with rope

Single cable front raise

High cable internal rotator


Reverse hammer strength one arm press

Reverse hammer strength one press supine

Shoulder press machine

Pec Back

Lateral raise machine


Plates lateral raise

Plate raise dropset

Military press with plate

Plate upright row

Arm circle


Resistance bands front raise

Resistance bands external rotation

I Saradas

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