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Author Topic: SWEDISH - Team jfathletes  (Read 7504 times)

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SWEDISH - Team jfathletes
« on: July 25, 2015, 12:24:27 am »

Alströmerpokalen 2015
Tonny Van Houten, 4a CBB mellanklassen
Sabina Berg, 1a BF korta klassen
Rebecca Flores, 7a BiF juniorer
Sandra Nilsson, 7a BiF mellanklassen
Nadia Azzam, 1a BiF korta klassen + OVERALL

Sweden Grand Prix 2015
Luqas Fogelberg, 1a BB juniorer
Mathilda Martinsson, 3a BiF -163 cm
Josefin Krondahl, 5a BF -163 cm
Zakarias Rosberg, 4a MP +178 cm

Loaded cup 2015
Josefin Krondahl, 2a BF -158 cm
Luqas Fogelberg, 2a CBB jr öppen
Johanna Trulsson, 5a WP +163 cm

Battle of Scandinavia 2015
Josefin Krondahl, 3a BF -163 cm
Johanna Trulsson, 4a WP öppen klass
Luqas Fogelberg, 8a + 90 kg (vägde över CBB med 500 g)
Zakarias Rosberg, 3a MP +178 cm
Ankica Matanovic, 6a BiF +163 cm
Sandra Friman, 3a BiF +163 cm

Luciapokalen 2014
Joakim Fredin, 5a CBB -175 cm
Robert Persson, 6a BB jr -80 kg
Hanna Wetterlund, 2a BF jr
Susanne Naamani, 1a BF +168 cm
Amanda Hallkvist, 15e BiF -160 cm
Erika Öhlin, 14e BiF -160 cm
Sandra Öhlin, 7a BiF -160 cm
Sara Holgersson, 11a BiF -166 cm
Sandra Berge, 4a BiF -169 cm
Annika Karlsson, 9a BiF +172 cm

Decembercupen 2014
Robert Persson, 4a BB jr +75 kg
Annika Karlsson, 4a BiF +168 cm

Tammerpokalen 2014
Johanna Trulsson, 1a WP
Luqas Fogelberg, 1a BB öppen klass

Alströmertrofén 2014
Linn Lundgren, 2a BF kort klass
Leo Gustavsson, 3a CBB jr lång klass

Sweden Grand Prix 2014
Zackarias Rosberg, 6a MP +178 cm

Loaded cup 2014
Josefin Krondahl, 8a BF -158 cm

Battle of Scandinavia 2014
Josefin Krondahl, 4a BF -163 cm

Egna meriter
1a Tammerpokalen 2012, BB öppen klass
1a SM kval 2013, BB öppen klass
2a SM 2013, BB juniorer öppen klass
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SWEDISH - Team jfathletes
« on: July 25, 2015, 12:24:27 am »

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