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Author Topic: Nipple play during sessions  (Read 2725 times)

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Re: Nipple play during sessions
« Reply #15 on: March 09, 2024, 04:15:27 am »
Interesting thread.  Twelve years ago, I had a fling with an IFBB Pro in LV.  Upon arriving at our hotel, she jumped me and we had rowdy sex, but that is not the part of the story that's relevant.  We decided to go to a gym to train (which was the last thing I wanted to do; I just wanted to pass out), so we hopped on my HD and during the ride, she reached around from behind and started playing with the Nippons.  It's a fucking miracle I didn't crash, I was so turned on! By the time we parted company after four days, I had to apply Neosporin and aloe to Mr. Nipply cuz he was soooo trashed and crusty, virtually scabbed . . . but a memory I will take to my grave.  Oh, and she kicked my ass in the weight room.  LOL!
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Forum Saradas  |  Private Sessions  |  List of fantasies / Specialities discussion  |  Nipple play during sessions

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