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Author Topic: Authors Now Publishing Their Books  (Read 78564 times)

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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
« Reply #270 on: October 24, 2023, 08:32:28 pm »
A story for the lovers of women becoming younger, taller and stronger, while figuring out what to do with their new life.

Inheritance Denied
Mercedes Maxwell is an ancient but very wealthy woman. Ron is a handsome young man who is spending time with her, expecting to inherit her fortune and sell it to the highest bidder. Thankfully, the old woman's protégé won't let it come to that. This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion, height growth and age regression. All characters are over 18 years old.

Get it here:
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And a preview:

The big man was lying on the bench and was pumping out his reps. He wasn’t really challenging himself, it was more of a moderate workout to feel good. He was a very fit man in his fifties, and as far as he was concerned, Ron didn’t have anything left to prove. After all, he was the heir apparent of Maxwell Industries, the worldwide biotech empire set up by the century-old Mercedes Maxwell. The old woman was still around, though mostly bedridden now. He still spent his time with her, eating meals by her side and making some idle conversation, but to be perfectly honest, he just waited for her to finally pass away. He had waited long enough now.
Ron had worked himself into her life thirty years ago, expecting to come into her money quickly, and then, the old woman had just not died. As he found out, her company’s products actually worked, and Mercedes kept her vitality for a surprisingly long time. They even played some tennis at first, albeit not on a competitive level, of course. As her advancing age took its toll, Mercedes grew weaker, though, and Ron started enjoying himself. If he couldn’t have her cash, he could at least spend it!
Thus, he had had thirty very nice year of lazing about and blowing her money on simple pleasures. Of course, he had to stay loyal and faithful to her. He managed.
He finished his set.
Ron sat up, scratched his muscular chest and looked at himself in the mirror. He still had it. As soon as he had his inheritance, he would get himself some nice fitness models, and they would suck him dry. Yeah. He posed, amusing himself with his reflection. He might not be good at all this science or business stuff, but he was certainly blessed with amazingly good looks.
Just then, his phone rang. He got up and picked up the call.
“Ronald Peel …”
The voice on the other side sounded, for lack of a better word, dry.
“Mister Peel? This is Saxonwood Investment. Mister Lindsay speaking.”
“Cool! Hi. So, did you think about my offer?”
“Of course, Mister Peel. It is very appealing. We are very much interested in acquiring a controlling interest in Maxwell Industries as soon as possible.”
“So you’ll give me the money I asked for?”
“That is correct, Mister Peel. Consider it as an advance on the ultimate purchasing price. It will be transferred to your account on the Cayman Islands as discussed. And once the company comes into your possession, we will send you the remainder.”
“Yes! Awesome. Thank you very much.”
“It really isn’t much of an affair, Mister Peel. We are just glad to do business with you.”
“And I too!”
“Very well. Mister Peel, we will keep in touch and reach out to you once the event arrives.”
“Yes. The event. Until then. Good bye.”
“Good bye, Mister Peel.”
Ron hung up and grinned. Fuck yeah! This was amazing. He had just provided himself with a couple of million as spending money, and he didn’t even have the company yet. This was so cool! And the best part was that he had also talked to those other investors, and they would agree to the same thing! He was going to get a lot of cash even now, and he loved it!

Outside of the gym, a young woman was trying to hide her anger and shock. Johanna Kronnis had listened to the whole conversation by mistake. She had actually wanted to talk to Ron because she wanted to take Mercedes on a “stroll” in the mansion’s park with the wheelchair, and asked whether he wanted to come along, but now that she heard this, she was quite certain she didn’t want him to join.
He was going to betray Mercedes and her wishes. No. He already did.
She had to tell Mercedes. The old woman would understand and get rid of this horrible man!
As she strode through the corridors of the ancient mansion, filled with fancy antiques and artwork, Johanna felt her heart beat up to her neck. In a way, Mercedes was her second mother. She had taken her in after her success at the junior science competition. Johanna had far surpassed her peers with her analysis of genetic interaction profiles. It had been a weird situation. Johanna’s father had abandoned her mother early, and her mother had found herself unable to care for her, before dying soon after. Instead, she had grown up between her ailing grandmother’s home, the foster care system and juvenile prison. To put it very simple, her skills at chemistry had found her some less than legal supporters. Those people had her train a bunch of assistants at a young age, and then, she had asked them to allow her to leave this world behind and get a legitimate life.
The boss had eventually agreed and she had enrolled school again, this time excelling and gaining the attention of Mrs. Maxwell, who sponsored the school’s competition. After the resounding success of her project, she quickly started to work for Maxwell Industries, but Mercedes kept her close, impressed by the slim, weak young woman’s skill and understanding.
Over time, they had formed a kind of friendship and Johanna did her best to support the ancient woman. Now, she had to tell her!

Johanna entered the airy bedroom after knocking. Mrs. Maxwell lay in her bed, a high-tech contraption meant to maintain her failing health as good as possible. The light was shining in through the large windows, and she had a nice view of the mansion’s gardens. The old woman was lying still, with only the machines quietly working to keep her alive. Johanna walked up to her and sat down at her bedside:
“Mrs. Maxwell?”
The ancient woman groaned then turned to her, smiling. Her face was covered in deep lines and furrows, and the few last strands of hair were covered by a kind of bonnet to keep her warm. She smiled slowly, all the wrinkles in her face rearranging themselves.
“Yes, Johanna? What is it? How did the experiment on strand reactivation go?”
Johanna was impressed. Despite the woman’s collapsing body, her mind was as sharp as ever! She could probably even remember what kind of socks Johanna had worn the day before, while the young woman could barely be certain which ones she wore now.
“It went well. The effect is significant.”
“Wonderful.” The old woman closed her eyes for a moment. “You are amazing, you know that? I couldn’t have thought of this structural concept. I really am glad to have you, you know?”
“It’s an honor for me, Mrs. Maxwell.”
“Yes, yes, stop with the hero worship. Tell me about the current projects.”
“I will, Mrs. Maxwell, but there is something you have to know first …”
Just as she wanted to spill the beans on what she had heard, Ron came in.
In a moment, he completely absorbed Mercedes’ attention with his flirting and his conversation. Somehow, Johanna was sidelined, but she could tell that Mercedes would have liked to continue their talk. Still, the moment had passed. They would continue the next day.

It took a few days for Johanna to find the time to visit Mrs. Maxwell again. She had been completely absorbed in her work, and there was just so much to do!
By the time she finally managed to get to the mansion, Johanna was distraught. The ancient woman had fallen sick, her frail, thin body wracked by hard coughs. The doctors were not optimistic. At all. It was clear that she would die. As they said, it was amazing that she had managed to reach such a high age, and it was probably for the best to let go now.
Johanna asked for them to leave her alone with her mentor for a moment. The doctors complied. Ron was there too, and he only left reluctantly. Johanna dropped on her knees next to her:
“Mrs. Maxwell, I am so sorry!”
The old woman smiled at her:
“Why should you be? It is to be expected. I have lived long enough. There has to be an end to all things, you know?”
“But … it’s … Mrs. Maxwell, I need to … I have worked on something over the last years, something to return the enormous favor you did me.”
“That is very well, Johanna. I am proud of you.”
“That’s not what I mean. It will make you strong again.”
The old woman coughed. She held out a tiny hand:
“It’s not the moment for false hopes.”
“Mrs. Maxwell, it will work. Allow me?”
“Whatever you want, my dear. I have reached the end of the line, so …”
The young woman took out a simple syringe and injected it into the ancient woman’s thigh. Mrs. Maxwell groaned and asked:
“And what will it do?”
“I told you. It will make you strong again!”
“Ah …”
She leaned back and closed her eyes. In a way, the old woman had expected to die now. However, after a few moments, she did feel a little better. Her breath became more regular and although she kept coughing, she felt calm.
“I … Johanna, it is working.”
The young woman felt all happy upon hearing this.
“Wonderful! I am so glad!”
“That is going to annoy those pesky doctors to no end.” She chuckled. “I love their faces when they find out they were wrong.”
She grinned.
“Maybe I’m not yet going to go …”

Ron was a tad surprised when the movers arrived to bring Mrs. Maxwell’s things to the penthouse on top of the company headquarters. He wasn’t too unhappy about it. He could still visit her once a week, but it meant he could … invite some guests. Still, he found it odd. Wouldn’t it be better for the old woman to be in the comfort of her home?
When he asked her, Mrs. Maxwell replied:
“Oh, Ron, it is so nice of you to worry about me, but it really is no problem at all. I just think that it will be easier for me while I get the treatment.”
“What treatment?”
“Oh, just some little thing to make things easier for me. Johanna has come up with something, and it will help, I guess.”
“Okay … Just make sure it is safe, will you? In your state, you shouldn’t take any chances.”
“Aw … Ron, you’re so cute when you’re worried about me, really. Just remember that I am very old and that I will die soon anyway. There’s not much I can lose, can I?”
“Don’t say that, Mercedes. You’ve still got plenty of life in you!”
“You know how I don’t like being lied to?”
“I know, but you like being charmed.”
“That is true, Ron, that is true.”
She caressed his arm.
“Don’t worry and enjoy the mansion. Just … don’t make a mess, okay?”
“Of course, Mercedes.”
He kissed her.

The nurse rolled Mrs. Maxwell’s bed through the penthouse. Mercedes watched attentively as the janitors were busy setting the place up and getting everything ready. It was a strange situation. She had last used this apartment twenty years ago, and it had been emptied out at some point. Now, it was coming back to life. The caretakers were setting up the furniture and the lights were coming back on. A group of plumbers were reworking the bathroom and the swimming pool. This was all at the technical level of the late eighties, and definitely needed a good sprucing up.
The building manager had suggested that Mrs. Maxwell should wait until everything was ready and only move in then, but somehow, Johanna’s treatment had given her a push of energy, and she now felt that it was necessary to get her life into gear.
It was a strange sensation. The drug she was administering was improving her situation quickly. Somehow, she was regaining control of her body. It had started with a simple sensation of being able to hold in her body waste and to release it when she wanted. That had been a tremendous improvement after twenty years of problems.
Then, she had noticed that her breathing had improved. She no longer needed the extra oxygen for her nights, just sleeping quietly and without any stress. Removing all the strange apparatus that had surrounded her bed and just having a quiet, dark room for herself was incredible!
Next, she noticed those strange aspects of her recovery. Her hair regained its fullness slowly. Her toe  and fingernails hardened again. The pain in her joints retreated. She could swallow easily again. She was starting to gain weight again, her appetite returning.
It was wonderful!
She hadn’t felt this alive in years, no, in decades!
Then came the painful moment when her jaw implants started to hurt. A dentist was rushed in immediately. The surprised man discovered that her bones were strengthening, and they were forcing out the steel screws that held her fake teeth in.
In a very quick and very intense operation, those implants were removed. To Mercedes’ surprise, her gums healed very quickly. In just a week, they were back, and then she realized that her teeth were growing back. It was amazing!
Johanna observed the whole process carefully, taking her mentor’s vitals several times a day and monitoring her recovery. She was impressed with the quickness of the recuperation. Every day, Mercedes announced a new discovery.
The doctors were quite surprised with their patient recovering her sense of taste and her hearing. Mercedes had to take out her hearing aid because it was causing her headaches from being too loud, and then, one day, she just forgot to put it back in. She was walking around the apartment slowly with an aide, moving on her own two legs for the first time in a decade, and she loved it.
As Johanna was recording her heart rate in her laptop, the ancient woman said:
“I have to say, my dear, this is incredible. Your invention is a true miracle!”
“It’s really just science, Mrs. Maxwell. It did involve a lot of trial and error, and I am very happy that it did work. It’s survivor’s bias, mostly.”
“I don’t mind. I just wanted to thank you with all my heart. The drug has made my life worth living again!”
It was strange. The treatment had even returned the firmness to Mrs. Maxwell’s voice. She could talk again easily, with each word coming out loud and clear. The regrowing teeth sometimes made things a little complicated, but overall, she was much better.
“I am glad it did. It’s my way of saying thank you.”
“Bah. You’ve been the daughter I always would have wanted!”
Johanna blushed. Then she said:
“Alright. As far as I can tell, your body has recovered quite nicely. It’s not really a matter of reversing your ageing, but it does do something similar. If you feel like it, we could start you with some physiotherapy and hopefully get you to completely recover your mobility.”
The old woman smiled, the hundreds of little lines dancing across her face.
“That would be wonderful. I adore those little walks with Joaquin, but I would enjoy it even more if I could do without that pesky walker.”
“Very well. I’ll hire an assistant for you, then.”
“Please do, my dear.”
The old woman grinned a semi-toothy grin. It was incredible! She had a new lease on life and she was bursting with hope!

“Johanna, you should join us! It’s great fun!”
The ancient woman was sitting on the mat next to her therapist and was carefully stretching her slim legs. Her mobility was returning quickly. After just two months of training, she was able to take care of most of her things on her own. For example, she was able to shower after training, and she could ride a horse again. This gain in freedom had really motivated her.
Johanna was standing close-by with the laptop ready. She recorded Mrs. Maxwell’s data every day now, her activities, her limits, everything.
“Mrs. Maxwell, I’m not sure …”
“Bah! It’s a good thing for you. You’re always sitting at your computer and working in the lab all day and all night! That’s not very healthy, and it’s bad for your posture. How are you ever going to find a man like that?”
The young woman was a little taken aback by this strange way of putting it. Sure, she was in a bad shape, long hours, bad diet, but … that was not the reason for her being single! Besides, this really wasn’t the old woman’s business, was it?
“Ma’am, I …”
The old woman patted the mat next to her:
“Come on, join us!”
“I don’t even have appropriate clothes …”
“Stop stalling. I will get you nice clothes tomorrow, but now, you have to come here!”
“Okay, okay …” She reluctantly complied and took off her blazer. Then she got on the mat. The therapist smiled and started guiding her through the exercises. To put it very simply, Johanna didn’t break much of a sweat. It would have been a little ridiculous, after all, those moves were appropriate for a hundred-year-old. She did notice, though, that she lacked a lot of flexibility. The therapist sighed and explained:
“It’s pretty normal, even for young people like you.”
“I’m forty-one years old.”
“Yes, but I usually work with people twice your age. Anyway, this stiffness is very common. But if you join us every day, I’m sure you will regain it quickly.”
Johanna hesitated. Every day? She had never liked any form of exercise, and she wasn’t going to start doing this now, would she?
“I’m not sure I should …”
Mercedes shook her head:
“You definitely should. I insist!”
“I’ll see what I can do …”

From that day on, Johanna did indeed participate in those training sessions. She liked the outfits Mercedes picked for her, which were invariably covering enough to help with her insecurities, while also very comfortable. At the same time, Mercedes’ style gravitated more and more towards the, well, skimpier look. Her outfits were invariably tight and the longer she trained and used the treatment, the shorter and more revealing they got. This didn’t mean that she was working out in a sports bra and booty shorts, but as her body got shapelier and more muscular, she liked to dress a bit more on the sexy side of things.
For Johanna, this was both confusing and satisfying. Confusing, because she hadn’t thought that Mercedes would ever go that way. Sure, she was a confident and tough woman, but for as long as Johanna could remember, she had been, well, old, and tended to dress in an old-fashioned, though stylish way.
To see her in this modern, sporty look … It was quite unexpected. It was satisfying, though. The longer the treatment was applied, the fitter and younger she got. It was clear that the drug was working perfectly!
A month into their common training, Mercedes looked like a rather fit, healthy eighty-year-old. She moved with perfect ease, though she was still careful not to overdo it. Her body was filling out nicely now, with her gently developing muscles supporting her posture. Gone were the days of walking bent over. Instead, she walked easily, with a little spring in her step, the pain and stiffness gone.
Reluctantly, Johanna had to admit that Mercedes’ idea worked. She had kept up the training, of course. Her mentor wasn’t someone to be contradicted. At first, she hadn’t taken it seriously, and Mercedes had made her pay! It had been one of these terrifying moments: The instructor had just directed her into a yoga pose and she had struggled to do it. Johanna was vaguely aware that she should be able to do that by now, but she hadn’t made the necessary efforts.
Mercedes was next to her, now somehow easily contorting her ancient body in the proper way. Just as Johanna produced a frustrated groan, the old woman got up, and grabbed her leg, pushing it in the right position.
Her ancient fingers gripped her and forced her to move.
“Oh God! Ow!”
Johanna had tried to escape her, but Mercedes wouldn’t have it. Somehow, the old woman had this brutal, intense strength, and she just brought Johanna’s chubby leg to the necessary angle. Johanna wanted to get away from her, but the position she was in made that impossible. Mercedes spoke low and firm:
“Here … and now … hold it …”
“But …”
“Quiet, Johanna. Focus.”
“I … It … But …”
“Shhh …”
She was trapped in the old woman’s hold. The instructor watched the scene with a certain amusement. It was baffling, in a way. After all, Johanna should have easily been able to free herself. Mercedes was more than twice her age and lighter than her. And yet, the young woman was unable to get out of her predicament. Then, slowly, she acquiesced. Mercedes was pushing just enough to make this work.
“Trust me …”
“O-okay …”
Mercedes kept directing her position and then released her.
“There. Hold it …”
Johanna did. At last, the instructor gave her a sign to release. The young woman groaned.
“That was … intense.”
Mercedes smiled. Her aged face seemed to glow.
“Don’t worry. If you apply yourself, it will become easier. Don’t just rely on your single talent. You’re an amazing scientist, but that doesn’t mean you should be only that.”
Johanna dropped on the mattress, just lying down for a bit.
“I … You’re probably right.”
“I am. If you want to keep up with me, you’ll have to practice. Understood?”
Johanna had nodded. The old woman had smiled and returned to her exercises. For the young one, it was clear that she had to push herself. Mercedes was getting way ahead of her …

Ron was busy checking the place one more time. He was a bit nervous. After all, Mercedes had announced her return to the mansion after five months of absence. She had received this new treatment, probably some ridiculous cosmetic procedure that would make a hundred-year-old hag look like a crispy eighty-year-old. He sighed. She was nice and everything, but Ron had had other company lately, to put it simple, and he had gotten quite used to hanging out with young, beautiful women that loved to fuck him.
Once Mercedes was dead, he would weep for her, of course, but he would also finally enjoy his inheritance. And then, it would be one long, amazing party!
The thought of this made him hard again. The girls he had over yesterday had been very eager, and fucking them had been a pleasure. It was just great!
Having Mercedes come back … Well, it was a bit of a cock-block. Bah. It wouldn’t be long now, probably, and as long as he kept up appearances and didn’t insult her, he could be certain to finally make it.
He rubbed his hands. Okay. So far, so good. He had removed any last remains of his five-month “vacation”. He quickly got dressed and waited for Mercedes to arrive. Then he nonchalantly sat on the couch.
Eventually, the car arrived outside and he got up to welcome her. He expected her to ride up on the elevator from the garage in her wheelchair, but instead, he saw her skip up the stairs to the main door. He stared at her.
It was Mercedes, that was clear, but she had changed. Improved. Her hair was still white, but it was strong and fluffy now. The lines on her face had receded, and her skin had a certain glow to it. Her lips had become a bit fuller, and her chin had regained its sharpness, just as her neck. She was wearing a nice, elegant purple dress held by a gold and black belt. Also, her body was quite muscular now for a woman her age. She wasn’t just fit. She was looking buff.
Ron stared at this apparition, surprised by, well, everything … He stood there speechless as Mercedes looked at him, a kind of amusement on her rejuvenated face.
“Ron, are you there?”
“Uh … Mercedes? Is that you?”
“Of course, silly boy. Who else would it be?”
“I … I almost didn’t recognize you … You look incredible!”
“I feel incredible too, young man!”
She smiled, her pearly-white teeth flashing. He kept staring at her. It was so bizarre and unexpected, he really didn’t know how to deal with this.
“But … how did that happen? I mean …”
Instead of an answer, Mercedes took his hand and led him to the bedroom in big, confident strides. She pushed open the door, then kissed him again. She embraced him, setting her now wiry, toned arms on his shoulders. He was still amazed by her transformation, quite incapable of understanding what was going on. His infirm, weak, ancient partner had transformed in a strong, confident senior citizen.
She kissed him once more, longer now, her strong tongue invading his mouth. He gasped.
“Mercedes …”
“I missed this, you know? I want you to touch me. Don’t worry, you won’t break a thing …”
He complied, though still wary. The last thing he wanted to do was to hurt her. He set his hands on her back and carefully caressed her. She looked him deep in the eyes:
“Don’t … Make me feel your strength!”
Ron groaned as she pressed him tighter against herself. She could feel her breasts, which had regained some of their fullness, squish against his broad chest. She liked that …
But what she liked more was the idea of being as buff as him. Mercedes dismissed the thought. That was idiotic. Wasn’t it?
She licked his ear and nibbled at his lobe. He was shocked by her sudden intensity, but she slowly, but firmly directed him to the bed.
All of a sudden, he landed on the mattress, and she was upon him.
She hiked up her dress, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She slowly undid his fly, then had him wiggle out of his pants. Then, she pulled out his cock and gave it a good, strong rub.
Ron moaned.
“Ooh … Mercedes … Please … How is this happening?”
His hands went to her firm butt instinctively. It was small and the women he had been with had been more taut, but in its own small way, her ass was tight and he was getting seriously hot.
This had never happened before. It had been an open secret that he had used a drug to get hard on the few occasions they actually tried to have sex. Mercedes had tolerated it. Now, it was unnecessary. She grinned:
“Now this is a nice change …”
“It really is nice …”
With these words, she continued stroking him until he was hard enough and then mounted him without hesitation. Ron was a bit overwhelmed by her initiative. The old woman seemed to have zero qualms about what she was doing and just sighed as she sank herself on his cock. Then, as she found a comfortable position, Ron felt a strange, unexpected grip around his cock. He stared at her and she just smirked, amusing herself as she kept squeezing his cock with her vaginal muscles. It was such a strange sensation … He had had plenty of sex with various women during her stay at the penthouse, of course, and he had never passed an opportunity before, but this … this was different.
The younger women had acted all freaky and did their best to please him, after all, he was on the verge of being very rich and quite pleasing and charming in his way.
Mercedes didn’t do that at all.
Instead, she rode him with calm control, enjoying his hardness, and squeezing him deeply to bring herself pleasure. Ron groaned as she massaged his cock, then rubbing her clitoris with her free hand. He groaned, but she didn’t care one bit. Instead, she leaned back a bit and let his cock rub against the sensitive parts of her pussy. She took another deep breath and it was clear that she just came. Then she came again. He could feel her pussy clench him as she brought herself higher and higher. And still, she wouldn’t let him cum.
She bent forward again, her full tresses flowing around her aged face. She grinned, her pearly-white teeth flashing.
“Oooh … this is nice, Ron … Very nice.”
And then, she began riding him hard. He tried to control her with his hands on her hips, but she paid him no mind. Instead, she slammed herself on his cock, breaking out in quick, brutal grunts. Ron tried to follow up, but after mere moments, she sighed.
She slowed down, enjoying the sensation, rubbing carefully along his length. He moaned, trying to enjoy it, but then, she slowly detached herself from him and got up.
“I’ll just get cleaned up …”
“But … I didn’t …”
“Yes, yes …”
And she was gone.
Ron was lying on the bed, more than a bit confused by what had just happened.

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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
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Muscle & Domme  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login features the novella, The Secret, along with short stories that explore the relationship between strong, muscular women and men who appreciate their shredded, powerful, vascular physiques. Many of these complex relationships are between men learning about their attraction and powerful women who are multi-faceted feminists that challenge sexual norms. Others are fun stories about strong, muscular women who dominate their partners. There are enough sweaty, powerful women for even the most die-hard female muscle lovers whether you're a strength enthusiast or a muscle fan.
Please support my female muscle growth stories @
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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
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A new story for the fans of psychological strangeness, transformations and muscle growth!

Madeleine is not in a good place, struggling with her demons. When she is offered a job as a personal assistant to a rich man, she hopes to fix her life. It turns out that there is much more to this job, and that she is in way deeper than expected ... This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion and age progression. All characters are over 18 years old.

Read it here:
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And the sample!

Madeleine sat very quiet at her table. She took deep breaths, trying to focus and clear her mind. The envelope in front of her was still closed. She had just looked at the address, and she could feel a sense of panic well up within her. Letters from her landlady always meant trouble. Trouble that would cause her to stress out, and stress that would trigger a cascade of pain. The day hadn’t been that bad … She had gotten up early, and even though she could no longer afford her medication, she had managed to stay calm. The voices were quiet. She knew they were there. They always were. But if they were happy enough to just watch her and enjoy her suffering, then it was, well, not okay, but definitely better than usual.
She had even taken a little walk, enjoying the warm early summer air and feeling okay. Okay. She had managed to go to the supermarket and buy some supplies that would last her for a week. It was just mostly noodles and sauce, but it was stressful enough to go out, and she just had to deal with so much, so being in and out was good enough.
On her way home, Madeleine had focused on her steps, trying to ignore the nagging presence at the back of her mind. The things were amusing themselves clearly. She knew they weren’t real, but that didn’t matter, did it? If they started talking to her, abusing her, belittling her, screaming at her, what did it mean that they weren’t real?
As long as she was able to afford the medication, her mind felt numb, but she was able to ignore them. It had been really hard to think or to feel anything other than boredom. The sensation had been rather pointless, robbing her life of any positive feelings. Being able to function was one thing, enjoying your life was another. Now that she had run out of money, she just had to deal with it.
She had snorted in frustration. Deal with it? Like hell. There was nothing she could do. After her meltdown, she was out of a job, and over the last year, she had broken off all contact with her ex and her friends. She just couldn’t look them in the eyes anymore. She was ashamed to be pitied by them. When they offered to pay for her therapy and for the drugs, even after she had already borrowed money from them, and without a job, she had refused.
Faced with this letter, she regretted her decision, but what could she do?
It was too late. She was going to live on the street.
“You deserve it.”
She closed her eyes and clenched her fists. There it was. She didn’t have to wait long.
“You’re a piece of shit. You keep ruining everything you touch.”
Madeleine tried to control her breathing. She knew it would only get worse if she fought it. She could just wait it out. The things would get bored and go back to watching her. Fuckers. Shaking her head, she reminded herself that they didn’t exist.
“You’re trying to make us go away, right? No chance. If that would work, we would have been gone long ago. You’re lying to yourself again. You think you’re in control. Ha. You’re nothing. You’re stupid. You can’t do anything. You can’t even kill yourself.”
Raising her voice and trying to put some authority and confidence into it, Madeleine said:
“I am going to open this letter and read it. And I’m going to deal with it.”
“You really think so? You’re more pathetic than we thought. We all know you’re going to cry and scream and then, they’re going to lock you up! At least, you’ll have a place to stay!”
“There is no one in this room with me. I just open the letter and read it. I will accept what is in it.”
There was a wave of mocking laughter.
“Yeah. You’re right. We don’t exist. We’re not here. But you know what? That makes it worse. That makes it so much worse. Maybe it would be better for you if we actually existed? Wouldn’t you prefer that? Then you could at least accept it. But like this …”
She ripped the envelope open brutally, tearing off a bit of the letter with it. Then she stared at the sheet of paper and focused. She struggled to read the words as the voices kept on rambling in her mind. Now they were screaming at each other, drowning out her thoughts.
She barely managed to read through it, then she said to herself aloud:
“Okay, I’m fucked. I have one more week, then I’ll be evicted. I have one week to find some place to stay.”
“You could try the loony bin.”
“I will find something. I will have a place to stay.”
“The more you talk like this, the more it sounds like you’re going to kill yourself.”
“I am not …” She struggled with the words. They came out way less firm than she wanted. “… kill myself.”
“So more pointless suffering? What are you even doing here anymore? It’s not like you’re going to fix this. It’s only going to get worse. For now, it’s just us. But you’re going to spiral. And then, you’re going to see all those things you hate to see. They’re going to lock you up. Then you’ll wish you’re dead.”
She set down the letter.
“I am going out and take a walk. I will find a way to deal with this problem. I will have a place to stay.”
“Yes, yes … Have fun, you sad piece of shit.”
She got back up, put on her shoes and walked down the street aimlessly.

As she wandered past some park, her phone plinged. She took it out and took a deep breath. Hopefully, it was just some spam. To her surprise, it was a message from one of those professional recruitment platforms. Before her sickness got too bad, she had been quite good at her job, and like all the other graduates, she had registered on a few of these platforms. This was one of the better ones. She suddenly felt her mood clear a bit.
“You really think you’re catching a break? It’s just spam. The platform probably got sold to some data farm, and they handed your personal information to scammers. Don’t open it. It’s just gonna make you more miserable.”
She closed her eyes for a moment and took another deep breath. When she opened her eyes, she saw some shapeless things on the jungle gym, staring at her without eyes.
She looked away, touched the screen and opened the message.
“Dear Ms. Baker!
We are looking for a personal assistant to Mr. Chetwick, our CEO. According to our HR department, you fit the bill. Would you be available during the week for an interview? Please check the linked document for employment conditions and pick available dates on the timetable so we can arrange a personal interview.
Caroline Almisri
Human Resources
“Okay, now that is a fake if there ever was one. You’re getting scammed. Then again, you deserve it. After all, you’re a piece of shit and you’re useless to anybody. Just get out of the way.”
Without thinking, she shouted:
“Shut up!”
This caused a couple passing by to jump in surprise. She looked at them awkwardly, unable to say anything to explain. They walked away, the woman looking back at her.
Madeleine quickly flipped through the attached documents. The kind of money they were offering was enough for her to deal with her financial difficulties, and health insurance at a rather well-paying company was also included. At this point she was desperate, so she picked all available dates.
Then she panicked and removed some of the dates so as not to look too desperate. She didn’t want to scare her future employer away. Then the terror set in and she felt the voices howl and scream at her as the shapeless things at the edge of her vision welled up.

Madeleine arrived at T*Corp’s building three days later. She had managed to scrounge up enough money for a haircut and she had her business suit and skirt cleaned and pressed and she had managed to focus enough to do her makeup. As long as she didn’t lose control, she was looking quite sharp. Good. Maybe she stood a chance.
The building was quite impressive. It was large and suggested old money and plenty of new too. The voices were busy telling her that it was probably all just a mean prank. Maybe one of her “friends” had forwarded her information to some social media asshole. She was going to go in there, and they would all be surprised to see her. Or they would go through with the whole interview, and then, they would laugh at her and humiliate her.
That was probably going to happen anyway. She stared at her reflection in the marble of the entrance and said to the strange, shifting person in the stone:
“You’re really trying to make me feel worse? I am at rock-bottom.”
“Oh, there’s still room below.”
“I doubt that.”
The receptionist smiled at her:
“Ms. Baker? Mr. Chetwick will see you now.”
“Oh. Okay. Thank you. Thank you …”
Fighting the assault of her thoughts, she walked to the elevator that had just opened. She just hoped for the best.

A moment later, having carefully looked away from the mirrors in the car, she emerged again. She was welcomed by another similar young woman in a cute pantsuit.
“Follow me, please.”
Then she was guided into a large office overlooking the city. Suddenly, all the noise died down. The floor was made of parquet, the walls were covered in book cases and paintings, and there was both a large desk made of heavy wood and a pair of comfortable-looking chairs by a small table.
The sheer luxury of the whole place even managed to shut up her torturers for a moment. She stood there, transfixed by the place. Suddenly, she felt very much small and poorly dressed. Then her mind snapped back to the situation at hand. A tall, fit man in a bespoke suit, his hair and beard perfectly groomed, smiled at her.
The voices immediately acted up.
“You’re out of place here. Oh, you’re so far out of your league. You’re going to mess this up, and then, you’re going to end up in the gutter. And we’re going to cheer for you as you destroy the last bits of your shitty existence. Come on. Say something stupid! Say something insulting! He deserves it! He’s got so much money! Just say something rude! Take off your clothes! Scream at him! Hit him! Hit yourself! Accuse him of assaulting you! He is assaulting you! Look at his eyes! Look at him! He’s going to hurt you! Better hurt him first!”
The assault came so intensely that she started to shiver. The man just smiled benignly and made an offering gesture towards the chairs.
“Have a seat, please.”
“I …” She groaned, and clenched her fists until her knuckles turned white. “I … I’m …”
“Please. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.”
He stepped over to the chair he had chosen for her and made a welcoming sign. Reluctantly, her muscles twitching from the effort of pushing away the hissing, screaming and rambling in her head, she sat down. The moment she sank into the soft leather, she felt a sudden relief, but just as she hoped that it would get better this way, she realized that the voices had just switched to some small, manipulative tone:
“He’s here to hurt you, you know? This is a trick. A trick to let down your guard. You’re stupid to let him have his way. Yes … You’re weak, and you’re vulnerable, and he’s going to make you suffer for it. Kill yourself. Kill yourself now … This is your only escape …”
She shook her head to clear it. The man smiled.
“My name is Taran Chetwick, Ms. Baker. My parents liked the classics, yes.”
She drew a blank. Probably some reference she didn’t get.
“Good. Thank you for having me here.”
“Ms. Baker, you have come to my attention through a mutual acquaintance.”
The voices whispered:
“He’s lying. This is bullshit. What mutual acquaintance? There’s no one you know that’s even close to a billionaire or whatever he is … Or maybe it’s just a prank? A cruel trick? A TV show? Yes! It’s a show. Better give them something for their money, then! Hurt yourself! That’ll teach them! Suffer for success! Fifteen minutes of fame! Kill yourself!”
She focused as good as she could:
“Alright. What can I do for you? What kind of assistance are you looking for?”
He chuckled:
“Ah, yes. Actually, the issue is a tad more … complex.”
“There you have it! It’s a trap! It’s a trick! This isn’t real! You’re going to be humiliated! They’re all going to laugh!”
“The thing is, I have purchased all your debt, including the credit card companies’ and the government’s. It’s all taken care of.”
She stared at him.
“Seriously? But why?”
He smiled:
“I am looking for a wife.”
“Wait, what?”
“I am aware of your medical condition. I will pay for the treatment. As a good husband should.”
“But … why me?”
“There are several reasons, but one of them is your … flexible … relationship with reality.”
The voices grew in intensity now. Madeleine could see confusing shapes grow in the shadows of the room. Was it that late already? Were those people? Their movements weren’t human …
“Go! Run! This is a madman. You’re crazy, but this guy is insane! Why would anybody want to hang out with you? Why would he marry you? This is a trap! He’s going to rape you! He’s going to kill you! He’s going to eat you! Kill him! Save yourself! You have to do it! Do it now! Now!”
The strange shadow-beings started wallowing out of their hiding places. She shivered.
The man smiled:
“Don’t worry. I am fully aware that we haven’t known each other, and that getting married like this might be a tad … surprising, but it is a way of formalizing this relationship and to help you take control of your life again. Also, you will find me generous and the prenuptial agreement to be very much in your favor. What do you say?”
Madeleine was still unable to process what was just happening. This was ridiculous? How could anybody even agree with that. Then she thought about it. Getting treatment would help her. Being out of her debt too. Sure, it sounded exploitative and crazy, but … what were her options? It wasn’t as if there was any chance of her improving her situation now. Maybe she should just agree for now, and … whatever came later? That was for the future to sort out.
“Alright. I’m in.”
“Very well.”
He reached over for a leather folder.
“Here’s the paperwork. My lawyers insist on the whole shebang, though I prefer to do my business by handshake. Or in that case, by exchanging rings. But this is the world we live in, right?”
She smiled nervously and took the folder. She opened it, and found pages upon pages of legalese.
“Uh … What does it mean?”
“I don’t have the faintest idea. What it is meant to mean is that signing this means I pay all your debts, marry you, agree to pay for all treatments and therapies to help you with your condition, and should you, at any point, wish to end our marriage, you will receive the sum indicated on page 12. At least, that’s what I told the legal people to put in there. I hope you trust me, because I trust them.”
The strange shapes were approaching now, crawling to the legs of her chair and slowly emerging from the edge of her vision.
“Kill him … Kill him now!”
She shivered. Then she just grabbed the offered pen and signed it. The man smiled and nodded.
“Very well.”
He signed it too and then handed her a copy.
“There you are. Now that the paperwork is done, I …”
She got up.
“I … Thank you … but … I … I have the job now, and I … I … I will go now. I’ll be … I’ll …”
“Yes, yes, but please, follow me first. Come along. After all, this is now your place as much as mine.”
“It is?”
“Obviously. We are husband and wife now.”
“Yes …” She was deeply unsure of what that meant.
He opened a door to the side and said:
“Please, take a seat. It’s a final precaution.”
She climbed on the chair, overwhelmed by the whole terrifying situation. Was she just imagining this? Was this all a hallucination? Where was she?
She looked around erratically. A woman in a white coat approached her with a smile. Behind her, a large creature emerged from the shadows. It was tall, grey and broadly built, its edges blurring as it moved. It had a face, a mouth, a nose, but no eyes. The being came closer, its body swelling and shifting as it moved. It wasn’t walking as much as rolling towards her in a strange, lurching way. There were slits in its skin that shifted, opened and closed, folding and unfolding.
Madeleine wanted to scream, but then, something stung her. She felt hands holding her down against the chair and a soothing voice filled her mind as the words of her tormentors died down and shifted.
Then she lost consciousness.

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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
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A story without muscle growth, but with an incredibly ripped and powerful protagonist imposing her will on plenty of weaklings.

The Idol
A big Hollywood party. Celebrities and film makers. And a woman. Annabella Galinska. A strong, amazingly beautiful ballerina making an impression. This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle and domination. All characters are over 18 years old.

Read it here:
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The preview:

Kurt Warwick laughed:

“In the end, they had to use him anyway. And guess what? It was a hit. Instinct! You get that? That’s what it’s all about!”

The investors nodded, agreeing emphatically to the huge man’s words. Warwick was a larger-than-life person in every way. He was tall, fat, strong and he had an enormous jaw. The many actresses that his production company had hired suggested that he was also big below the waist. The casting couch was real when it came to him. Of course, his success meant that people just accepted his methods. The women knew that they better shut up, and the investors were just happy that the man was able to consistently pick the best projects. He was always on budget and time, top notch quality, and indeed, he had an instinct for recognizing talent.

One of the men stretched a bit to pat him on the shoulder:

“Damn, Kurt, you knocked that one out of the park!”

“That’s correct! You see, there are so many people that think it’s just a matter of throwing more money at the CGI department, but really, the trick is in the planning. And in assembling a team that really wants to do the job.”

Just then, the woman entered the room. She was tall and slim, but … Kurt Warwick felt his cock stir. That woman … He had never seen one like that … She was a blonde, blue eyes, warm skin, wearing a slinky, bright gold evening dress that covered nothing and showed everything. He felt his heart flutter. Fuck. That was one. This woman was … oh yes … she was perfect …

The woman smiled at the crowd. Her expression was lovely, but also distant. She was a true beauty. Kurt Warwick had seen a lot of women in his days. Seen. Ha. Fucked. So many of them. Little country girls hoping to make it in the big city. Experienced ladies from overseas hoping to make the jump into a business with real money. Even aging divas that hoped he would restore their fame for one last appearance …

And none had ever come close. His throat was dry.

The young woman passed a few other guests, greeting them with just a look. Some of them, she even deemed worthy of receiving the slightest wave.

He watched her every movement. It was fascinating. Her muscles were incredibly hard and defined, although they were nowhere big. Warwick had worked with a few bodybuilders over time especially in the eighties, there were so many of them in showbusiness. He knew what to expect. This woman, however, outdid them all. Even the best ones that went on to win titles and awards didn’t even come close. She was clearly much leaner than the contest shape competitors, yet obviously smaller and lighter than the lightweight athletes. It was quite confusing to watch.

He leaned over to his assistant.

“Who is that?”

“That’s Harry Temple, sir.”

Only now did Kurt Warwick see the man at her side. Ah. Yeah. This one wasn’t important. He was tall, handsome and fit, and also completely redundant. Just another one of the many, many cookie-cutter leading men the machine needed to function. But the woman …

“Not him. Her. Who is she?”

“Her … wow … Sir, that is Annabella Galinska. She’s from Europe.” The assistant checked on his phone. “A dancer.”

“A dancer? Is that so?”


“Oh. Wow.”

He nodded to himself. Ballerinas were known for their low weight and strong muscles, but this woman was exceptional even by their standards, that much he could tell.

Kurt Warwick slowly drifted towards her now. The woman and her companion had just reached Albert Lewis, the director. She was all smiles. Harry greeted the older man with a handshake and presented her to him. Annabella smiled and the old man kissed her hand. Kurt watched as the muscles rippled under her skin. With one negligent look, she sent her man to fetch drinks. He immediately complied and disappeared.

Warwick grinned. That was impressive. This woman clearly knew how to get what she wanted. How fitting! He was quite certain to also get what he wanted.

The director was just explaining:

“… We shouldn’t always be talking shop, you know, dear, but … as a matter of fact, I am looking for a female lead.”

“And what do you have in mind?”

“The critics will say it’s Oscar bait! A biopic with a beautiful woman in the lead? With dramatic politics in the background? And a tragic love story? They will say Lewis is trying too hard! They will say the old fox wants one more golden boy for his mantlepiece!”

She smiled:

“And don’t you?”

“Oh, I would adore it!”

Kurt was very close now. A biopic by Albert Lewis? That was the first time he heard of it … Probably just an attempt by the old man to get into her dress. Well, he could amuse himself with him. The young man returned but found himself blocked by his arrival. Kurt grinned. Poor boy, you still have so much to learn.

“Albert! You old fox! Are you pitching a new piece?”

The old man turned to him, and it was clear that he was very annoyed by the interruption.

“Oh. Kurt. Yes. Yes, I am. Ms. Galinska, this is Kurt Warwick.”

She was instantly all smiles and gave him a look that made his heart stop for a moment. Those eyes … those lips … her whole expression … He was lost.

“Oh my Lord … THE Kurt Warwick? Sir, I am honored!”

“Please. Just Kurt. And the pleasure is all mine.”

“Kurt, then.” She reached over and took the two glasses from Harry Temple, handing one to Warwick and keeping the other one for herself. She smiled at her companion and said: “Thank you, darling.” The young man wanted to be angry, but instead mumbled something as if to excuse himself. Then he stood there, useless. She returned to Warwick: “Albert just told me about his plans. Albert, would you explain them? It’s a perfect occasion to have you as a producer and you as a director all together!”

The old man stuttered for a moment:

“Yes … yes. Well … Uh … Alright. Kurt. Kurt, it’s a plan I’ve been mulling over for … at least a decade now.”

“Oh, did you?” Kurt grinned, masking it by taking a sip of his champagne. He also took a look at the dancer’s wonderful, muscular shoulders. As she moved, he could literally sense her strength and control.

“As a matter of fact, I did. And it’s fortunate I ran into Ms. Galinska.”

“Annabella. Since we are all on a first name basis.”

Both men nodded, transfixed by her. They realized the situation had shifted. Albert felt like a schoolboy all of a sudden. He was nervous and to his panic, he noticed he was blushing. He had backed himself into a corner now. He had to come up with something sellable! Think! You’ve got this! You can’t afford to lose face in front of Kurt Warwick. Not now!


He put on his most confident smile and added a gesture of perfect ease:

“Maya Plisetskaya. The prima donna assoluta. The best dancer of a generation, caught between loyalty to her country and family and the desire for freedom and international recognition. Love, beauty, drama … It has it all.”

Kurt Warwick did his best not to laugh. That’s the best you could come up with, Albert? He nodded:


Annabella, on the other hand, was smitten.

“That is a wonderful idea. I mean, obviously, I could never do her justice, regardless of how much I’d practice!”

Kurt grinned:

“We could do a modern take. That would allow us to expand the available style of music and the choreography. We could ask Lin Manuel Miranda.”

The old man glared at him.

The dancer set one hand on the big man’s forearm. He was astonished by how strong she was. Even though she only touched him slightly, she was still exerting some force.

“Would you consider this? Albert Lewis directing, produced by Kurt Warwick … It’s a guaranteed hit. After all, you have, as they say, the instinct. You wouldn’t be standing here if you didn’t know it was going to work.”

The producer was suddenly unsure. Did he just agree to this? No. It was just a little chat, wasn’t it?

Albert smiled at him. There was a lot of mockery in this expression, but it was rather well-hidden:

“By all means. I would love to work on this with you. Having you on board means having only the best people on board!”

“Okay … Yeah … Of course.”

She smiled at them and held out her hand.

“Would you?”

Both Albert and Kurt hesitated. They both wanted to take her hand, but then retreated as they realized they were going to run into each other. There was an awkward moment, but she just turned her hand around so that they could set theirs on top of hers.

Kurt immediately pushed forward so he could be the first.

He felt her silky, perfectly smooth skin covering super-strong steel cables under his soft fingers and felt incredibly weak. Even as he felt Albert’s hand on his, all disgusting and old, he heard her:

“Then it’s agreed. It’ll be a pleasure working with you. I am sure it will be a triumph!”

She smiled and released them. Then she turned to her toyboy, who was still standing there, awestruck and left them standing, withdrawing their hands awkwardly.

“Come on, Harry, let’s make a little round. I think I might just have found my first lead role.”

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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
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For those who like quick, hard and intense transformations of small young ladies into older, gnarled muscle monsters ... This is for you!

A Hard Move
Cindy has had a hard time being taken seriously at her job. Despite being a brilliant scientist, people just see the cute, blond young woman. Well, this is going to change, and she is going to transform into someone much easier to respect! This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion and age progression. All characters are over 18 years old.

Read it here:
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The preview:

The radio was playing the usual rock classics and Cindy found herself singing along with some of them. It was a corny thing to do, but then again, she was a bit of a nerd, so being awkward came with the job description, didn’t it?
The thing was, most people wouldn’t have thought of her as a biochem expert when looking at her. Cindy really didn’t fit the mold. She was slim, with a nice bust and a cute bum, long, naturally wavy blond hair and just enough freckles to look cute. Also, despite being in her mid-twenties, she was routinely carded when she went out to party. Admittedly, she preferred to spend her evenings at the lab, but hey, sometimes, it was inescapable.
It was a strange complaint, but Cindy’s looks, and her name, really made things difficult for her. As long as people only communicated in writing, everything went fine. They would praise her insights and ideas and they would absolutely take her seriously. This all immediately changed when she showed up in person. Most people would just ignore her, or ogle her, and her high, chirpy voice made things even more difficult.
She would take the better part of a first meeting just explaining who she was and that this wasn’t some prank. Then she would have to start all over once the primary fact that she was really herself had entered their stupid brains.
At first, she had gotten angry, but that hadn’t helped either. When she was furious, she became even cuter, and people would laugh at her, hug her, or just wonder aloud when the real scientist would show up. Oh, and so many guys just routinely copped a feel …
She hated this. All she ever wanted was to do some research, and it was absolutely impossible the moment she had to interact in person.
Well, this would change now.
She had found a new job at Mayfield University, combined with a position at Bradley Labs. She would be in charge of setting up the university’s biochem division, and with her new ideas, she would get all the fancy toys she couldn’t have at her previous position. Bradley was a big sponsor, and this would be amazing!
Of course, this would be nigh-impossible for Cindy Boone. Then again, she was good at planning things and she had devised a radical, yet efficient solution. Two years ago, she had started adding Sonya Carrington as an author to her publications. She had also published several articles under that name. Using voice modulation, she had given several online talks which suffered from horrible, horrible network problems and made video impossible.
Sonya Carrington had also acquired several patents and had won a few prizes which Cindy Boone could spare.
A few weeks ago, Cindy had finally gotten her paperwork sorted out, and now she had a full set of documents declaring her Sonya Elizabeth Carrington. All that was left to do was to get in shape for the role.

A bit later, she pulled up at the Starry Fields Inn. It was a simple motel she had found on the net and which was noted as being clean, friendly and discreet. She liked the sound of that. She stopped her car and took her bag out of the car. The thing was amazingly heavy, and she almost fell on it. At 110 pounds, she was really struggling with this. As she stumbled along towards the entrance, the manager came out with a smile and asked:
“Hello! Do you need help?”
She nodded helplessly, not wanting to drag the bag to the door. She felt stupid. Maybe she should have packed all of this stuff into two bags?
The guy took the bag, struggling with it himself, though less than her, and she noticed he immediately checked her out. Of course, he did. His eyes wandered over her B-cup breasts and trailed after her bum, but at least he managed to hoist the bag on his shoulder and shlepped it inside.
There, he welcomed her and asked for her ID. She nodded and handed him the card. Absentminded, the man copied the data, hesitating at the picture for a moment. It was speculation on her part, but as far as she could tell, it would fit eventually.
The man looked at her, then back at the picture.
“Uh ...”
She smiled and put a few bills on the counter.
Then she signed, trying out her new signature. She had practiced it for a few weeks, and it worked great. Sometimes, she missed the little heart on the “i” in “Cindy”, but the harsh and direct “Sonya E. Carrington” looked much better.
Now that everything was cleared up, the man carried up the bag for her and she thanked him before disappearing into her room.

The place was clean, as announced. Perfect. Cindy, no, Sonya, walked around, lowering the blinds and locking the door. Then she opened her bag, took out a bathroom scale, and set it up. She also took out a camera and prepared it.
“Alright …” She took a deep breath. “Now … Let’s record the before data.”
She took off her clothes and stepped on the scales.
“108 pounds.” She recorded this in her phone. Her perky little breasts tightened in the cool air. She cupped them with a grin. “Okay.” She stepped back off, then thought about it for a moment. “I’ll just put the clothes back on. It’s not as if I’m going to wear them again anyway, and I think it will be fun …”
She got dressed again, then she switched the camera on.
“Okay … Let’s get in the mood, shall we?” She smiled at it and said: “This is Cindy Boone, documenting the application of compounds SK-117, V-28, ME-43 and MG-271. My stated goal is to adapt my looks to my coming position.” She set up the various drugs and switched on the TV, streaming a video compilation from her phone.
Instantly, a close-up, high-definition recording of a massive musclewoman appeared on the screen. She was posing in a tiny bikini, her dark, deeply tanned skin shiny and taut. The woman was looking at the camera, her face looking hard and gaunt. Her cheeks were deeply carved, and her voice was quite deep. She flexed her arms, making her biceps swell, then followed this up with a most muscular pose, bringing out her traps. Then the scene switched to a pair of musclewomen with large fake breasts, spherical implants stretching their tanned, rough skin. They faced each other with their old faces, smiled harshly and then flexed their pecs, making their absurd tits bounce.
Cindy licked her soft lips. This was a vision to behold.
She turned to the camera and said:
“SK-117 will change my skin. It will give it a hard, robust, leathery texture and improve the vascularity. There is a certain ageing effect to be expected, I would say it will probably make me look like someone in their forties or fifties. The effect is permanent, but it will stabilize my looks at this point. I think that this level of tanning is only possible by intense sunbathing. The risk of skin cancer would be absurdly high.”
She poured the substance into a glass of water. Then she took the next one.
“V-28 is a compound that affects the voice. I have been trying to lower my voice via speaking techniques for a while now, but this yielded little to no progress. The chemical should drop my voice two or three octaves and also make it rougher. This is an effect that should only be possible due to massive testosterone abuse.”
She added V-28 to the glass.
“ME-43 is my mammalian enhancer. It was quite difficult to figure out. My goal here is to achieve a fake, robust look. I want my breasts to be large, heavy and artificial-looking. This was rather complex, but I believe it should work. The drug adapts the skin structure to create a spherical shape, while also improving the tissue inside the breast. It should be lighter than using implants and should also be possible without half-a-dozen surgeries. Besides, I doubt I would easily find a surgeon willing to go to the size I would like.”
The chemical was poured in.
“Finally, this is MG-271. Figuring this out was the most complex. It will increase my muscle mass intensely, probably doubling my bodyweight in the process. Happily, I have this handy source of protein in my bag.” She pointed at a large container. “Training my body to that level … Actually, I doubt that I even have the genetics for this. But yes, it would probably take the better part of a decade, and enough drugs to turn my liver into powder.” She sighed and looked at the video again. The camera slid up a musclewoman’s mighty leg, displaying the exquisitely carved calves and the bulging hamstrings. “Wow …”
Cindy emptied the MG-271 into the glass, then stirred it all. She lifted it up.
“When this is done, I will be Sonya Elizabeth Carrington, a massive female bodybuilder in her late forties, with delightfully large fake tits and a voice to make men tremble … And I love it already!”
With a smile, she downed the glass.
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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
« Reply #275 on: December 16, 2023, 04:48:47 am »
The most recent book authored by my wife and I is The Secret Life of Gym Girls: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Here is the copy cover:
"I felt light-headed and strange. Confusing ripples of desire cascaded through my body as I watched her muscles grow. I wanted those muscles on my body. I closed my eyes and dreamed of how I’d look with thick columns for legs and huge bicep muscles of my own and smiled. I was intrigued– maybe even entranced by her power. I wanted that power. It consumed me."

Josie has spent much of her adult life in the shadows, catering to the needs of others. Devoting herself to her daughter's special needs, shuttling her to therapy sessions, and tirelessly training clients, Josie barely has a moment for herself. The gym and working out are not only a sanctuary for her, but a means to keep her and her daughter afloat.

The opening of a new gym filled with women seeking physical empowerment stirs a deep desire within Josie. She yearns to be part of this community and sculpt her fit body into a symbol of enduring strength and beauty. Yet this decision to embrace a new life is met with a challenge as Kyle, an old flame, resurfaces in her life at an inconvenient time. Driven to establish a relationship with Josie, Kyle disrupts her budding experience at the gym, forcing her to confront the choice of prioritizing herself. As Josie grapples with responsibilities, temptations, and an insatiable desire for strength, she embarks on a transformative journey into the hidden world of the Gym Girls.

Please support my female muscle growth stories @
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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
« Reply #276 on: January 09, 2024, 10:32:47 pm »
I wanted to publish this before Christmas, but then real life happened, and everything took way longer than planned.

Anyway, here's something a little more epic! Inspired by Tigersan's work and design, here's the 100,000 word saga of Rycca and Devan, two young people in a fantastic take on the early Roman Empire, and it really has it all: Danger, adventure, battle, love, power, mystery ...

It's big, and I really enjoyed writing it.

So if you want something monumental, you've come to the right place!

True Harmony
In the Roman age, a young barbarian escapes the destruction of his village at the hands of the legions. A young amazon starts her journey to become a warrior. Their lives cross and lead to epic adventure! This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle, fighting and feats of strength. All characters are over 18 years old.

Read it here:
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And here's a modest preview:

The Roman attack came so quick that none of the villagers had a chance. Their auxiliary scouts had appeared in the early morning and stayed hidden until they knew what to expect. They reported back to their leader, Centurion Laurentius Crispus. He nodded and ordered the assault.

The legionnaires formed their ranks and marched. The stamping noise filled the air. A buccin was sounded and the soldiers charged. The village elder ran towards them, trying to shout above the din:

“What is going on? Peace! Peace! We are a peaceful people!”

The masses hit him and crushed him. People panicked. There were screams of horror and pleas for mercy. The attackers were relentless, breaking into the houses and pulling the inhabitants out. Their swords flashed and blood pooled on the ground. The village guards tried to resist, but faced with such well-trained and experienced adversaries, they had no chance.

Devan was on his way home when he heard the screams. He broke into a run, dropping his catch in the process. Was this his mother? He wondered what was going on. The young man burst through the thicket and ended up on the side of the village, between the legionnaires and their auxiliary troops. While the Roman troops were still fighting, the auxiliaries were already looting and raping, unleashing their brutality and frustration on the villagers.

In a flash of bravery, Devan charged at one of them. The stout man noticed him instantly, turned to face him and struck. The boy might have had anger on his side, he certainly missed the experience and ruthlessness of his foe. The blow dazed him. Devan stumbled about, trying to regain his composure.

The man laughed:

“Look at the kid! He’s trying to be a hero!”

His friends joined in and pushed Devan to the ground. They kicked him in the privates, then in the sides. The young man felt as if he was going to throw up.

Then he did.

The men left him alone after a final laugh and returned to the women. Devan wanted to say something. He wanted to get back up and fight. He wanted to at least die honorably. Instead, all he could do was just crawl away. He was hurting all over, pushing himself through the mud. His father had gone to fight against the Romans or against one of their allies. He didn’t know. He had been left as the head of the house and had just been happy that his mother was helping him. And now, he was useless again.

He managed to lift himself up on all fours now, the pain slowly subsiding. A group of panicked children stormed by. There was a buzz of stones in the air. Some of them fell, blood running from their heads. There was laughter. The others ran out of the village. Devan felt sick again. This was a nightmare. He’d wake up in a moment and just wonder where he got this kind of horrible ideas.


It must be. The Roman soldiers in their mail coats ran by, then took up position again and shot another volley from their slings. Devan turned away. It was real. He ran home. Maybe he could get his father’s sickle. That wasn’t much of a weapon, but he couldn’t just let all this happen.

Ducking behind the wattle fences, he sneaked closer to their house. Right in this moment, his mother was being pulled out by two legionnaires. There was a big man waiting for her, his armor better made than the others’. He had a breastplate and a large helmet. The two men forced his mother down.

“Bow before Rome!”

She was panicking, sobbing uncontrollably. The man punched her, breaking a tooth.

“Be quiet, woman!” She dropped to a whimper. The commander grinned. “I have a question for you and you will answer, do you understand me?”

His Celtic was atrocious, but Devan understood him. His heart was beating up to his neck and he just wanted to storm out and fight the man. He had no chance, but maybe his mother could flee.

She nodded. The centurion had one of his warriors hand him a bag. He reached inside and pulled out a human head. Devan stared. It was his father. One of his eyes was blind and his lower jaw was dangling from the head, but he recognized him immediately. The same brown hair, the same brow. His mother cried out.

The leader laughed:

“Very well. This is the town. Burn it to the ground. Let this be a lesson to those barbarians. Kill her and her family, the others are to be taken as slaves.”

The soldiers accepted the command and went to work. His mother screamed. Devan had to shut his eyes. Then she was silent. Just then, one of the soldiers spotted him. He ran, stumbled, slid and fell, crashing down into the brook that ran through the village.

As his senses faded, he heard the howls of pain of his sisters and brothers.


“Boy … Boy!”

Devan looked up and saw a bronzed face above him. The screams of the wounded filled the air. The Roman soldiers were making short work of the remaining villagers. Most of them were old people and couldn’t do much more than die anyway.

The face shouted again:

“Boy! Come with me now!”

He struggled to get to his feet, slipped on the wet stones and fell back into the shallow water. The dark-skinned man slapped him, then held his hand on his mouth. Devan rolled his eyes.

The merchant took his hand in a surprisingly firm grip and pulled him into the undergrowth. The legionnaires had just discovered the wagon and were now looting it. They laughed, throwing the shoddily made wares to the ground and searching for hidden money or alcohol.

Devan didn’t get the rest of what was going on. Instead, he found himself trying to keep up with the other man. They ran through the forest, trying to get as far from the ransacked village as possible. At last, they were exhausted. Devan felt his legs give out under him and collapsed. The merchant managed a few more steps, then broke down too.

After a while, they caught their breath and the older man gasped:

“That was terrible. Those Romans … They’re monsters!”

Slowly, Devan realized what he had just witnessed. The merchant had been offering his wares, bargaining with his mother, his uncles and aunts. Then, out of nowhere, the Roman troops had marched down the road that led to the village and had attacked. The travelling merchant had kicked his mule and tried to get the wagon out of town, but it was too late.

The young boy felt a shiver run all over his body. This was too much. He started to sob. The older man embraced him and held him.

“Don’t worry. We’re safe for now. You’ll see, we’ll find a way. This isn’t the first time I had to start over …”

“I have to help them. I have to go and fight!”

“Boy, you’d only get killed. Just stay with me, at least I’ll keep you alive.”

“But maybe it would be better if I …”

“Don’t even think about it. The longer you stay away from the afterlife, the better.”

The boy let out a drawn-out howl of despair. The merchant held him tight, running his fingers through his hair.


After what seemed like an endless walk through the growing darkness, Devan and the merchant reached a town. Over the last few hours, a fine autumn rain had started and had soaked them both through and through. Devan regretted not returning to the ruins of his home and maybe find some cover, but that definitely would have gotten him killed. Instead, he had trudged after his savior, the mud seeping between his toes and sticking to his bare legs.

The man, Ahab, had somehow managed to keep his bearings on their march through the thickets. He straightened his back and made a sweeping gesture:

“Behold: Alderhill. It isn’t much, but I have friends here.”

Devan barely heard him. He was completely exhausted. The fight had crushed his spirit and the gruesome trudge through brambles and thistles had broken his body. He was used to the hard work on the farm, but he had never been this far away from home. Ahab took him by the sleeve of his tunic and pulled him towards one of the houses. It didn’t seem like much, a thatched hut with walls of mud, but if he could just be warm and safe, he’d be fine.

It was not to be.

The moment Ahab pushed open the door, half a dozen people turned up and questioned them about what had happened. They had every reason to be afraid. The Romans were looking for rebels and brigands and if the legionnaires were bad enough, the auxiliary troops were even worse.

Still, Devan was seated at a simple wooden table next to a fire and a stout woman handed him a bowl of gruel. He eagerly went to work and to his surprise, he was even served seconds. Despite his horrible tiredness, he was starting to feel better.

He noticed that Ahab was talking to the villagers now, carefully explaining what he had seen and telling them what to expect.

“They are looking for supporters of Catuvellauns. Put people on watch for their scouts and you can flee before they attack you.”

The matron nodded.

“Thank you.” She nodded at Devan: “So, what about the boy? Where did you find him?”

“He was at the village when it was attacked. I kept him. Want to give him a home? I’m sure he can put in a good day’s work.”

The woman shrugged:

“I’m not sure … It’d be another mouth to feed. Maybe. I’d have to see him work.”

Ahab turned to Devan:

“What do you say, boy? Would you like to stay here? It’d be close to home. Good for keeping the dead happy.”

The young man turned pale. He put the bowl down and leaned back, staring in the distance. The old woman slapped Ahab’s arm.

“You’re a horrible man, Ahab! The boy just lost his family and you … Have you no shame?”

He grinned, and Devan thought for a moment that there was some spark between him and their hostess. He took a deep breath and said:

“If you don’t mind, sir, I’d like to go with you. I don’t think I can stand staying here and I’ll never get my revenge. Maybe it’s better if I become a merchant.”

Ahab smiled. The woman’s slap had made him realize that he had overstepped the boundaries.

“I can do that, but you should be warned. It’s a bad life on the road. No place to call your home, cold nights and bad inns. And that’s only if it’s working out fine. Robbers, thieves, soldiers, guards, they’re all after me. Are you sure you want to do this?”

Devan considered the warm fire, the bowl of gruel and the woman’s daughter. He thought of his parents, his siblings, his family.

Then he shook his head:

“I do. I want to go and leave all this behind.”

“Very well. If you don’t mind, Gwen, we’d stay here for the night and be gone at first light.”

There might have been an answer, but Devan had already slumped on the table and fallen asleep.


Devan and Ahab left the next day. The old woman had given them a loaf of bread and some cheese, as well as a pot of cider. Devan was impressed. Somehow, Ahab had managed to charm her into just giving them this stuff, without compensation of anything. Maybe becoming a merchant had been the right choice. Of course, being back on the road wasn’t that nice. After a few hours of marching, he started to miss Alderhill.

When Ahab noticed his restlessness, he smiled and said:

“It’ll be fine, you’ll see. I’ll teach you everything I know, and then you’ll be able to go your own way. You’ll have it better than most people.”

“So, what are we going to do next?”

The older man shrugged, pushed his finger through his black hair and said:

“We should be heading to Londinium for now. It’s the biggest city around and we can get pretty much anything we want there. We’ll stock up on goods there and then we’ll head for Gaul.”

“What’s Gaul?”

“It’s a place on the other side of the sea. It’s nice: At least it’s not raining all the time. Also, if the rumors are true, there’s going to be more war around here. Normally, that’s good for business, but since I’m broke right now, we’ll better get out now.”

They walked together in silence for a while. Fall was looking fine now, even though Devan was certain it would start to rain again soon. He realized that he had never been this far away from home and that for Ahab, this was not in any way special. What a life the man must have led!

“You know, Devan, there’s one thing you can be certain with the Romans. They will always find another war for you. That’s their thing: Building roads and fighting battles. Where I come from, we don’t even build roads.”

“Where are you from?”

“Oh, you wouldn’t understand. It’s so ridiculously far away, I still wonder how I managed ending up here.”

Devan let that sink in. Just how big was the world? When he had been a little boy, he had asked his father what came behind the hills. The answer had been simple: “More hills, probably.” That there would be huge cities and seas and other lands … He struggled to accept this.

Meanwhile, Ahab had launched into a marching song. After the third time around, Devan joined in, probably mangling the lyrics without understanding them. The older man laughed and sang only louder. Eventually, he said:

“You’re doing fine. Your pronunciation isn’t half bad. I’m sure you’ll be speaking Latin in no time.”

“Thank you. What’s the song about?”

“Ah, maybe you’re still a little young for that. For now, it should be enough to know that it is about Gaius Julius Caesar, the mightiest warrior Rome ever suckled at her teat.”

“So it’s about his skill as a fighter?”

Ahab smiled and stayed silent.

Then it started to rain again.


Rycca Enos waited in the treetop. She had quickly climbed up there, easily pulling herself up with her arms only. Despite her young age, she was already quite tall and amazingly strong. The senior amazons were impressed. They were used to the strength of their warriors, but never before had there been one so blessed by Prima. Her mother had burned incense as an offering to the goddess, thanking her for such incredible offspring. The house of Enos had been dwindling, but Rycca gave them hope. Of course, she was still young, but she did show great promise.

The young woman stood perfectly still, tensing her muscles. She had covered her pale skin in stripes of mud, blurring her outline. With her hard, bulging muscles, this was definitely necessary. She normally stood out, and in the woods, she was even more conspicuous. Autumn had come and the leaves had turned golden, brown and orange. Normally, it was a pleasure to watch the wind dance in the treetops, but now, she was completely focused.

Below, the other young amazons were looking for her, carrying their training clubs. Even at their young age, the weapons weighed some eighty pounds each. Once they outgrew them, they would be ready to train for the use of their battle cleavers and maybe earn their place in the amazon army.

The young women scanned the area, trying to find footprints or signs of Rycca’s presence. Their training allowed them to spot a quarry’s steps even in the deep leaf blanket of last year. The young woman grinned. She had switched to the trees as soon as possible and just launched herself from trunk to trunk, evading the forest floor entirely.

Moving slowly and carefully mastering the tension of her muscles, she began her descent. If she did it right, she’d end up in the middle of them and then, she’d have her fun.

Her pursuers spread out just as predicted.

Rycca crept down and stepped on a thick branch. Her weight forced it down and she ended up between them. She could tell that they were completely focused, but sadly not in the right direction.

The young amazon got off the branch and held it back with her tensed muscles. She was quite a sight to behold.

Like all young amazons, she was naked except for a loincloth and a strap that held her equipment. Hard training from the youngest age had earned her a strong, ripped body. She was still leaner than the zealots, the powerful fighters of the amazon army, but there were few mortal men who could hope to keep up with her.

She was massive. The other young women were fit, with rugged, tight physiques and tough muscles, but Rycca was something else. Even under the cover of mud, her strength was hard to hide. Her cut and strong muscles gave her a hourglass figure that would befit a woman, not a girl. Her shoulders were broad, her waist was tight and wrapped in hard muscles and her behind was an x-shaped twin pack of muscle.

With a grin, she let the branch whip up. The sound made the others turn around, which put them right where Rycca wanted them.

One of the girls managed to shout:

“There she …”

Rycca’s arms uncoiled and she struck her face. The young amazon was holding back, not wanting to cause any lasting damage, but Ilva was launched through the air and crashed into the shrubbery. The other’s attacked her at once, but Rycca weaved under their blows, dodging and bobbing away.

Still, keeping up with four opponents at once, especially such well-trained ones, was pretty hard. Hala managed to land a quickly aimed blow on Rycca’s upper arm, forcing the other fighter to retreat and stick to a tree to protect her numbed side.

The taller youth used the cover of the tree to her advantage and managed to make Paliya strike the trunk instead. The strawberry blonde shouted in pain as her hardened fist broke through the bark and hit the tough young wood.

Rycca used her momentum as she recoiled and forced her into Hala’s path. With a painful crunch, the short golden haired girl broke Paliya’s jaw.

That’s when Rycca got cocky and found herself instantly humbled. Myra caught her from behind and got under her, abruptly lifting her on her shoulders. The taller girl shrieked and tried to get off, but Myra widened her stance.

“Let me down! That’s unfair!”

Myra just laughed. She was struggling to keep the heavy young woman on her shoulders, but she tried not to show it.

Just as Rycca tried to break the hold with a hard flex of her abs, the trill of the teacher’s flute was heard. The young women stopped their fight and took up position in a line. Paliya did her best to hide her pain.

The girls looked scruffy and banged up, the drying mud flaking off Rycca’s muscles.

Nyssilna, their teacher, put away her long wooden flute and inspected her disciples. She was a veteran of uncounted battles. Over a hundred years of fighting had covered her body in scars and cost her an eye and an arm, but that didn’t stop her from besting her students in every fight. Her ancient body was a masterwork of tight, hard muscles, her relentless training giving her a body most younger amazons would envy. She looked at the girls one by one, then declared:

“You did well. What is your lesson?”

The hunters chorused:

“To keep our eyes open above and behind us!”

Paliya’s answer was more of a mumbled groan.

“Very well. And you, Rycca?”

“I don’t know. Wait a little longer, maybe?”

“No! Don’t get cocky! Every fight is a fight for your life. This isn’t a game.”

The blond muscle girl wanted to say something, but she understood she should better keep quiet.

“Good. Get Paliya to the healer. Then, we’ll do another round!”
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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
« Reply #277 on: January 14, 2024, 10:39:40 pm »
Here's a story about a woman becoming the biggest, and she's not even an asshole. Okay, she's resolute, and she won't tolerate any bullshit, but ... She's got heart.

The Biggest
Bryce's life is a tragedy. Cheated on and beaten by her boyfriend, dead-end job, basically homeless ... It's not looking great. She struggles to figure out how to deal with this and to regain control, turning to weightlifting. Slowly, she discovers who she really wants to be ... This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, futa, height growth and gender-blending. All characters are at least 18 years old.

Read it here:
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Here's the preview:

Bryce was sitting in the subway, the stations going by. The train was swinging sideways, occasionally punctuating its slow turns with a shriek of wheels against the rails. She was exhausted. A day at the reception would do this to you. The hotel she worked at was rather high class, and as a result, the working conditions were shitty and the pay was abysmal. At least, she had no job security …

She chuckled to herself at this lame joke. Still, now that her shift was over, she could finally go home. Bryce was happy she didn’t have any kids. She’d barely see them anyway. She had gone to work in the evening yesterday and had done the whole shift, including today, and now, it was afternoon. She groaned. It had been the perfect storm.

The evening had been okay, though there had been more people asking for things than normal. But then, during the night when she was allowed to doze a bit normally – while still looking presentable, of course – guests had just called on her constantly, in nice twenty-minute intervals. It had been really horrible. She hadn’t caught a wink of sleep.

She had blasted her mind with a few cups of coffee in the wee hours, and had then proceeded to start the day shift. Sadly, those same people that had decided to screw with her at night were still at the hotel and they didn’t let up one bit. Instead, she found herself dealing with problems she had not encountered before.

Apparently, one of her guests was a famous bodybuilder/actor/celebrity, and the guy had decided to require a constant stream of hookers. So far, so good. Then, the ladies got into a fight, he had tried to break that up, and one of them had kicked him in the nuts by accident.

Anyway, she then had to get a discreet doctor to treat the injury since the woman in question had been wearing some rather expensive shoes with amazingly high heels and very sharp tips, while she also had to hide the women in another part of the building, since the roided-out hunk had clearly decided to take his revenge.

At least, she didn’t have to dispose of any corpses ...

She chuckled again. That really was the only thing she could do now. The whole situation was way too hard on her. At least she had Andrew to come home to. He was amazing! Tall, strong, good with his hands … Good with his dick … She sighed.

That man was great!

If only …

Yeah. That was typical of her. To always look for the bad things if she also could focus on the good ones. Then again … He wasn’t treating her that well. Sure, he brought home money, he could be fun, and the sex was great … But … he tended to ignore her wishes and her needs.

She wasn’t sure of how to deal with this. At 21, she could probably find another dude quickly, but she seriously lacked in confidence. If she had that, she could stand up to Andrew whenever he treated her like shit.

Well … What else could she do?

She got up, adjusted her bag, looked at her exhausted face in the window’s reflection, and left the train. After a short walk home, she let herself in and climbed the stairs. The elevator was broken again. Of course, it was. After a long day, that was just about logical.

She finally reached her landing, then walked to the door and unlocked it. God, she was so tired! If she could just relax and get a nice cup of tea, and maybe a massage, and then a good night’s sleep …

She was greeted by grunts, bangs and moans. It took her a moment to process what was happening. She dropped her handbag and stormed into the bedroom, finding Andrew above a woman … no … a bimbo, fucking her brains out. The woman was about her age, she was very blonde, and she had large, very round fake tits that Andrew was manhandling brutally with his big hands. Her lips were absurdly plump and hot pink and she squealed:

“Oh God, Andy … Andy! Fuck, Andy! Andy!”

The big man kept hammering away at her, completely ignoring Bryce. He continued fucking her, then pulled out for a moment, then tossed the woman around so she was on all fours, and sank his cock into her ass. A moment later, he pistonned her even harder while she continued her shrill squeaks and rubbed her pierced clit. The huge man kept up his rhythm, then, as he was about to cum, he pulled out again, slapped the girl’s taut ass and had her turn around, then shot his load on her face, soaking her hair and splattering her lips. She eagerly opened her mouth and let him spray his sperm into it.

Then, as it stopped, she licked his cockhead clean, her thick lips sealing themselves around it.

Bryce awoke from her shock as the bimbo noticed her and gave her a cum-dripping grin.

“Hi? Who are you? Are you the cleaning lady?”

Andrew turned to her and smiled happily:

“No, that’s Bryce, my girlfriend. Hey Bryce, this is Becca. Wanna join us? Ready for a threesome?”

Bryce just stared at her, absolutely unable to deal with this right now. She wasn’t even angry. It was just so completely absurd that she couldn’t summon the energy to be furious.

Instead, she asked: “What are you doing?”

Becca grinned:

“What does it look like, cutie?” She let a blob of cum drip down on her tits. “You gotta be so happy! Andy is the best! I love his big fat cock!”

Andrew shrugged:

“Are you sure you don’t want to join in? I’ve got enough for the both of you!”

He rubbed his cock, and it was getting hard again. For a fraction of a moment, she was unsure. Then she realized what he was saying, and the whole tiredness and frustration of a long, hard day came out.

“Are you crazy? Andrew, are you listening to what you’re saying? Are you seriously cheating on me, and then, you ask we whether I want to join? Are you out of your mind?”

The other woman giggled and reached for Andrew’s balls, starting to massage them. The big man was slowly realizing that he maybe had done something wrong. Or rather, that his girlfriend was somehow annoyed with him. That was it. Yeah.

“Bryce, I told you that I’m only available for an open relationship. Always was. Same for you.” He grinned. Bryce understood. He knew that whatever she tried, she wouldn’t manage to find a side-guy. She had a freedom that was basically worthless. “What I’m saying is, why are you so stuck up? There’s no point. Becca here is cute, she’s sexy, and she loves my cock. I would be stupid not to let her have fun, right?”

“Seriously? That’s what you’re saying?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry. I still love you and everything. My heart’s big enough for many women!”

Becca chimed in:

“And his cock too!”

Bryce let out a primal scream, started crying, then ran to the door and left, letting it bang shut.


She wandered around the block, her heart pounding. She wanted to punch someone. Something. Anything!

She tried one of the plastic bins, swinging clumsily at it. It wobbled, hurting her knuckles, then it fell over. It spilled some of the trash on the floor and she instantly regretted this. Taking out a paper tissue to wipe her tears and prevent herself from touching the trash, she carefully set the bin back up and started picking up the trash, now only feeling worse.

In a way, Andrew was correct. He had said this. He had told her that he needed more sex, with many different women, and she had vaguely agreed. She just didn’t expect it to really happen … And also, after a long and hard day, she would have preferred it to not. Yeah. Maybe that would have been better. Andrew welcoming her with a smile, a warm bath and a kiss … And then maybe a bit of cuddling, a massage and, while she was at it, a nice dinner.


Obviously, she was kidding herself.

As she put the soiled napkin into the trash can, having fixed the mess she had made, she wondered what it felt like to be him. To be big and confident and powerful. She was all meek and soft and helpless, while he could do what he wanted.

This kind of power was impressive. No wonder he felt so confident about it. No wonder he could just get what he wanted …

Bah. Whatever. She was too tired to continue worrying about all of this. She decided to head home. Maybe Becca was gone already, and she could at least go to sleep for now.


She opened the door and found Andrew on the sofa, naked. He was playing some sports game and barely acknowledged her return. She waited whether he would say something. He didn’t. Instead, he took another swig from his can of soda and burped loudly, followed by a chuckle. He looked at her vaguely, then went back to his game.

Eventually, she said:

“I’m going to shower.”

He replied with a grunt. Then she was gone. In the shower she was just happy to let the warm water flow and clean the day’s stress off. She waited for herself to relax, and then got out, toweled herself off, and slipped into her robe. Then she returned to the living room and sat down next to Andrew, who was still playing his game. She watched it for a moment. Her attention was being drawn to the young man’s wide back, his thick, strong arms and his chiseled jaw.

Man, he was a jerk, but … he was hot too? That was the trouble, wasn’t it? He was pretty amazing …

She shook her head. She should just go to sleep. Nothing good could come from this anymore. Just off to bed, and tomorrow would be better. That would be the reasonable course of action.

Then she thought of Becca. That bimbo had basically taken up his attention. He had done things with her she would never have tried. It was pretty obvious that she would lose him.

Besides, she was a bit jealous of the attention.

Without thinking, she put a hand on his shoulder.

She asked:

“Are you winning, Andrew?”

“Damn straight I am!”

“Cool! Wanna celebrate?”

He paused the game and turned to her:

“Of course! I thought you were tired and angry?”

“Well … Make up sex?”

He set the controller down carefully, then said:

“If I ever say no to that, I am officially dead.”

She chuckled nervously and kissed him on his cheek. He grinned and then launched himself at her, pushing her against the cushions of the sofa. She panicked for a moment, but then she felt his lips on his, the soft hair of his five o’clock shadow brushing against her skin. A moment later, his hand was on her large, soft tit, and he squeezed it lustfully. She moaned, and did her best to shift her position. Her hands were on his broad back and she sank her fingers into his muscles. This man was huge, and she loved that! Sure, he could be a jerk, but … he was hunky. That had to count for something!

His cock was hard already and he positioned himself between her legs. Happily, she spread them wide and then wrapped them around him, trying to take control. He brushed them away with a surprisingly rough movement, and rubbed his cock against her pussy. She was tired, but now, she was also horny. That was … fine?

She gasped as he pushed in. Was she already wet enough? Not really, but that was only a matter of …  Ow.

He started pounding at her immediately, as if to prove something. She grunted and looked at him. His face was above her and he was beaming with horniness.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?”

Overwhelmed by his enthusiasm, she replied:

“Yes … Yes!”

That was all the confirmation he needed and supporting himself on his strong right arm, he hammered at her pussy, grunting and growling. Bryce let him. It was strange. For a moment, she had been horny. Being with him was great! But … somehow, the feeling had passed way too quickly. If he had been a little more attentive, maybe not going straight for her pussy like that, maybe giving her time to get in the mood …

And then again, wasn’t it impressive?

Men had it easy.

That big guy no longer cared. He was on autopilot while her mind was overthinking the situation. Thanks a lot.

Maybe Becca was able to not care. But for her, it was shitty.

She felt him pulsate within her. Why did it have to be like that? It was starting to hurt. Why?

“Fuuuuck …”

She was shocked. He came, one big push of his hips followed by him shooting his load, and then, he collapsed on top of her, his whole mass of 250 pounds weighing down on her. She was pinned under him and struggled to breathe. Instead of releasing her, he continued fondling her tit and her ass while continuing his strokes.

Eventually, he lost interest, got up and gave her a curious look, clearly waiting for her to do something, but when she didn’t react, he left to piss.


Bryce stayed on the couch, a little confused by that last pause. When he left, he looked at herself in the reflection of the screen. This whole situation was the definition of “whatever”. She seriously wondered how to deal with this. Then she went back to the bathroom to clean herself again.


Once that was done, she went to sleep without talking to him again. It had been too much today, and she didn’t even notice when he got on the bed, causing the mattress to wobble, and gave her boob a goodnight squeeze. She was far away already, dreaming strange things about this Becca, looking up to her like a good puppy. Bryce wondered what that was supposed to be in her dream, but for better or for worse, she seemed to enjoy the fantasy.

She patted Dream-Becca on her head and the bimbo stretched her neck and sucked on her.

Sucked on her?

Bryce awoke to the familiar crescendo of her phone’s alarm. What a strange sensation … Then she had to get out under Andrew’s heavy arm which had ended up all over her. She really struggled with it, barely able to lift it up.

Then she slipped out and got busy fixing breakfast. This day, she hoped things would be better.


After breakfast, Andrew declared that he was going to go to the gym early and that she should come along. She wasn’t sure about that. Usually, she would only join him when she really felt like it, which was hardly ever. And even then, she would only sit on an exercise bike and trudge along while she watched some videos on her phone.

“I’m not sure I want that, Andrew …”

“I don’t care. Come along and do some yoga. I want my girl to be all stretchy and skilled and your butt is getting fat. I’m not having that!”

She glared at him, but he ignored her and started packing his equipment. She did the same and soon after, they were at his gym. She wandered around aimlessly for a bit, looking at the exercise bikes and rowing machines. She really didn’t feel like those today.

Meanwhile, Andrew got to work, setting up his weights. Then he noticed that she had come over to the lifting area and had clumsily managed to load an empty bar on the squat rack. He chuckled:

“Bryce, what the fuck are you doing? You should be doing some yoga stuff!”

“You know, Andrew, I just felt like maybe trying some lifting today.”

“Lifting? Seriously? You? Girl, are you crazy?”

“Hey, I just wanted to give it a try!”

“No way. No way. My girl is not going to lift any weights. I don’t want you to turn into a man!” “Seriously, Andrew, I doubt that doing some squats is going to turn me into a man. I don’t think this works like that …”

“Still a hard no. Go and yoga!”

“Andrew, I am going to do that.”

She got in position under the bar. Andrew watched her rather nervously. She glanced over to him as she went down. Did he really believe she would turn into a hunky he-man dude from just that? With him, it was hard to tell, he could be stupid like that.

Right in that moment, Bryce was really furious at him. What was he thinking? Also, why did she let him screw with her life like that? That wasn’t healthy or normal or anything. She grunted as she got back up, feeling the tension in her legs.

That was actually pleasant. It was much better than that stupid yoga stuff. That was so unsatisfying! She would crouch and try to hold those positions, and then she would stumble and fall on her face while those thin girls would do all those crazy pretzel-poses!

She continued her set as described on her phone. Okay …  As she finished it, she racked the bar again and said:

“That was amazing. I liked that. I get why you like to do this.”

She smiled at him, but Andrew’s expression was far from friendly. Instead, he smirked cruelly and guffawed:

“Okay, I take it back. No chance you’re ever going to turn into a man. Or anything really. What was that? That was ridiculous!” He lifted the empty bar with one hand.

“Hey, it was my first time!”

“It should definitely be your last. Bryce, I hate to break it to you, but … that was shit. Why don’t you go and fetch me a pre-workout shake and make yourself useful instead of wasting your time doing … that.”

“Why are you so mean? Couldn’t you at least try to be encouraging?”

“I’m not going to encourage stupid behavior. Instead of this pathetic pseudo lifting, you should focus on being presentable and sexy, and not on whatever you think this is!”

Bryce was seriously taken aback by the intensity of his reaction. What did she do wrong? She had expected him to show some interest, maybe find it charming that she tried to share his passion. Maybe they would have found something they could do together … As far as the internet said, lifting weights did not turn women into men. It gave them strength, yes, but also nice, round butts! She had thought he would be all for this.

Instead, he had been needlessly aggressive. She hesitated. Then she said:

“Andrew, are you sure about this? I’m just trying to …”

“Well then, stop! Just … get me my shake and maybe, once I’m done, you can towel my machines!” “But …”

“Do it! I ain’t got all day, and I don’t want to waste it on your shit!”

“But …”

“Get your fat, sloppy ass into gear!”

“Andrew!” She wanted to be strong now, and to dismiss this aggression, but she couldn’t. She was shocked by his words, and she knew deep inside, that he was right! She was fat and she was sloppy, she was out of shape, and she didn’t try to be sexy …

There was a pause. Some of the other gym members watched what was happening with some curiosity. Suddenly, Bryce hated to be at the center of all this attention.

She hated herself intensely for this, but the embarrassment, the aggression and the pressure hit her all at the same time, and she started to cry. Trying to hide her face and not give him the satisfaction, she turned away and ran.

Andrew sighed:

“Oh God. Women! I don’t get why they’re always pushing for this shit.”

He returned to his workout station, then declared:

“And that stupid bitch didn’t even bring me my pre-workout shake! Damn, she’s useless!”


Even when she got home, Bryce was still fuming. This had all been so humiliating, and that jerk had just piled it on and on! She had walked all the way home crying. The whole situation had only been made worse when people asked her whether she was alright and whether they should call the police! The last thing she wanted was to involve the cops.

Ever since her childhood, she had been taught that getting those into the whole mess only made things worse.

She hated herself for this.

It always happened like this. It was like a curse! Her dad had been a terrible person, terrorizing her mother and her brother, and both of them had in turn taken out their frustration on her. She had tried to get out of this vicious circle, but she constantly seemed to attract abusive jerks. When her mother had died and her father had been sent to prison, she and her brother had been separated.

It had taken mere moments before she got abused by her foster parents, and when she tried to get out of this, she had ended up in a home that only made things worse.

As she left the care system, she just wanted to live a happy life. Well, it turned out that she was her own worst enemy.

Still, this was enough. She had to take responsibility for herself, didn’t she?

Bryce starting packing her things. She’d figure something out. And should Andrew come back and apologize for being a jerk, maybe she’d give him a second chance.

She sighed. Fuck. This was the same problem all over again. Of course, she would give him a second chance. She just had to go now. Just leave. Just never mention this episode ever again.

She really wanted to go, but she couldn’t muster the energy. She knew she still had to try and fix this.

Or did she?


She was still struggling when Andrew came back. He looked at her and didn’t say a word. Instead, he dumped his sweaty gym clothes in front of her.

Then he went to the kitchen to get himself a beer. As he came back, she was still standing there, watching him with growing perplexity. He plopped himself on the sofa and took a long sip from his can. Eventually, he asked:

“What are you waiting for?”

“An apology.”

“For what?”

“You behaved like a jerk.”

“Seriously? Well, you behaved like a bitch.”

She felt the anger and frustration grow within her.

“Do you really think that this is how a man should treat his girlfriend?”

He belched.

“What’s that? Impro drama? Girl, you’re supposed to be nice. Stop bitching at me and make yourself useful.”

Bryce summoned all of her energy and said:

“No. Do it yourself.”

“Is that so?”

He got up slowly. Suddenly, Bryce realized just how much bigger he was. She froze. He smiled, but it wasn’t a nice smile:

“Get to work.”

“No.” That came out way less forceful and confident than she had hoped. She wanted to comply to his order, but at the same time, she had it up to here. “No.”

He took a deep breath, spreading his big chest.

“What’s your problem? Why are you bitching at me like that? Clean the fucking clothes.”

“Clean them yourself. I’m not your servant. You’re a big boy who knows everything, then you know how to wash your clothes.”

The blow came as a surprise. Bryce was no stranger to violence, but she had the luck that ever since she was an adult, people left her alone. His fist struck her right on the eye. She was thrown to the ground, her mind overwhelmed by the pain.

She landed on her side and instantly scrambled away. Andrew’s expression was terrifying. He screamed something unintelligible at her and then tossed her packed bags after her. She just ran, leaving them where they lay.

She ran out of the house, down to the street, to the subway and then … well, she didn’t know where, so in the end, to the hotel.


“Bryce? What happened?”

The manager, Peter, looked seriously worried. He was a middle-aged man with a fading hairline, which he tried to hide with a toupee. The moment he saw Bryce’s face and the massive swelling around her eye, he took her to the backroom of the reception and had her take a seat. He disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a steak, which he had her hold against her eye.

She sighed as the pain subsided.

Then he got her a cup of tea, took out some chocolates from the emergency reserves and waited until she settled down.

After a bit, she managed to speak:

“It’s Andrew, my … ex … I guess? He … we had a fight … He hit me.”

“Should I call the cops?”

“No. No cops. Please. The last thing I want is them snooping around in my life.”

“Your call. But if you change your mind …”

“Yes. I’ll think about it.”

“You can’t let these people ruin your life.”

“I know, I know.”

“Do you have a place to stay?”

She shook her head.

“No. I … No.”

“If you want, you could use one of the old staff rooms. Back in the day, the staff used to live in the hotel, and those rooms are still there. They’re really old, and I wouldn’t drink the water that comes out of the pipes up there, but … Until you find something better …”

She nodded slowly.

“That would be great.”

“Alright. Just … I’ll cover for you for the next few days while you get settled down. And if he tries to come after you …”

She smiled sweetly. Peter was maybe 5’10”, and weighed maybe 150 pounds. Andrew would eat the man for breakfast. Still, she was pleasantly surprised. Peter had mostly ogled her at work and made weird allusions at maybe taking her out for dinner.

That’s when she realized that he had his hand on her knee. Of course, he did. Sighing, she gently pushed it away. The men made some weird semi-apologetic gesture and said:

“Anyway, this can be your place for the time being. Just … make sure you are okay.”

“I’ll try.”

Then, after another awkward pause, he accompanied her upstairs and showed her the rooms, which weren’t too nice, obviously. She did have a beautiful view of the city, though, and she felt safe enough. Bryce aired the place out and set up a bed for herself, then laid down for a bit, trying to recover from the stress.


The next morning, she tried to figure out how to deal with her life. She found herself as if floating in the air: No real place to call her own, no real safety, just this sensation of complete instability. And yet, she quite enjoyed this.

Peter left her alone, though she noticed he kept peeping at her. She put up with it for now and tried to settle down in the hotel. It was interesting. As a receptionist, she had mostly worked the front office, but this place seemed to just expand on and on, with underground areas that she had never seen before. It was a very strange place.

For now, she preferred to stay here. Bryce quickly struck a deal with the cook that she would be able to get some leftovers, and so, as far as she could tell, things were looking up.

More or less.

As the evening came and life at the hotel wound down, she returned to her place up there under the roof, taking the service stairs. That’s when she spotted the sign of the hotel gym. Suddenly, she had to grin.

It was clear that she wasn’t supposed to be visible for the guests, just like all the other staff. She was only supposed to exist in her very specific spot at the reception and when accompanying people to their rooms.

Bryce opened the door and found herself in a fully equipped gym. She grinned. Okay, maybe she could try that … 

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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
« Reply #278 on: January 22, 2024, 09:09:56 pm »
Another gentle story, about people figuring out their relationship in all honesty. Also sex.
And you can read it as your own experience! Nice, huh?

The Message
Your wife left you after discovering your fetish of strong, masculine women. That was terrible for you, but now, a year later, she sent you a message. What might she have been up to?
This second-person style erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, futa and gender-blending. All characters are at least 18 years old.

Read it in full here:
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Here's a preview:

Your wife finally wrote! You‘re so relieved. You thought she’d left you for good. Her reaction was bad enough. She found out about your fetish, and it was so embarrassing! To watch her face grow pale as she saw your search history made you want to run and hide. You tried to explain it away, to come up with some weak-ass excuse, but you could tell she wouldn’t believe you. There was no way for you to get out of this ever again.
You remember her look of absolute disgust, then she dropped your phone and fell silent. A moment later, she packed her things and left. You were alone. It wasn’t much of a change, after all, you had started to drift apart a while ago. But to find yourself exposed in this way? It stung terribly.
You were in a bad place. You couldn’t really tell people what happened, could you? Happily, she didn’t say a word to anybody. She just left. In a way, you were relieved. After all, she didn’t immediately divorce you. No official letters, no rough words, nothing. Just complete silence.
And now, after a year alone, after phases of total despair and hesitation when you tried to motivate yourself to go and find her and explain yourself, there was a sign of life.
You wondered what to do now.
Reluctantly, you picked up the phone and read the message:
“I’m coming back tonight. Be ready.”
Instantly, your heart started beating wildly. You had to get the place in order! Now was the time to fix everything! You wanted to write back immediately, but then, you caught yourself. Instead, you just confirmed that you’d read the message and got busy.
The following hours were a whirlwind of activity. You cleaned the whole house, you vacuumed everything, you dusted the place, you prepared a nice dinner, and you got some flowers, some chocolate, some fancy drinks! You shaved, you went to the hairdresser, you put on a fresh shirt, and you got the house ready to get her back. And if she didn’t want to stay, maybe you could just explain that you loved her!
This made you think of her.
When you saw her last a year ago, she was a bit out of shape, but you kinda liked her nice, big butt and her hips. Sure, her breasts had deflated a bit, her long brown hair had lost its shine, and she definitely no longer dressed up … but she could still make you hard with a little bit of work.
The problem was … Sure, she was a nice woman and everything, but … deep inside, you were into something else entirely. Something unspeakable. Something you could never say in public. During the year, you had been tempted several times to maybe find a woman who was into this and visit her for money. You never managed to summon the courage. What if people found out? And they invariably found out in your community. That was just the way it was.
It was bad enough that your woman had left you. Going after something crazy like this? That was a surefire way to be terminally ostracized.
You didn’t even dare say it out aloud.
Once, only, did you hide under your blanket, and you said to the world that you loved big, muscular, masculine women. Strong, hairy ones, powerful, dominant, but still female in their strange way …
You didn’t even dare look at stuff like that on the net for fear of getting caught again. There was no chance since you were alone, but still, it was almost impossible for you to ever go that way again.
Well, you had to banish any thought of that for now. For all intents and purposes, you had to be a very normal person. A regretful person that would never think about this again. A simple, honest man that any woman would like. Yes.
Everything would be well again. Even if it meant saying no to your innermost desires. You would fantasize about these women whenever you saw a sporty woman, a veiled woman, or really any woman that hid her body … Maybe she was just like that? You would have to look away whenever you heard a woman with a deep voice say something to hide your arousal.
You’d have to stick to that. Be normal. Be normal. Be absolutely normal.

You smiled. You stood, ready to open the door for your wife. You lowered the lights a bit to build a bit of a romantic atmosphere. Okay. The nervousness got the better of you. You could feel your hands start to shake. It was bad. You had to make your shot count.
Outside, you heard a car roll up to the house. No … That was a motorbike. A motorbike? But … why would she ride a bike? That was odd. Maybe she had picked a ride with a biker? That didn’t make a lot of sense, did it?
You imagined your wife, with her loose, flowy clothes and her scarf, sitting on the back of a motorbike! It was ridiculous. A motorbike! Never. Maybe this was just someone else? But who in your community would drive a bike? That was ridiculous. But what if it were a gangster?
No. That was dumb. This was a nice place.

And then, somebody knocked on the door. You froze. That was not a dainty little knock. This was a loud bump. You didn’t react. You just stood there, wondering what to do. Call the cops? Arm yourself? With what?
Another bang. In your mind, dozens of scenarios played, each one more terrifying than the last.
And then, you heard a voice:
“Come on, open up! It’s me!”
That voice. It was strange. Familiar. But … utterly unknown at the same time. It was deep, rough and powerful. And yet, there was a faint memory of your wife’s … Did she have an older brother you didn’t know of? An uncle? A cousin? Someone who came to finally punish you for your perversion?
You asked:
“Me. Open. I’m back.”
“But who are you?”
“Don’t you recognize my voice?” There was a hint of amusement in it. “Then just open. You’ll understand.”
“Okay …” You didn’t know why you would go for this, but you obeyed. This voice … It was so confusing. You had heard it a thousand times, but never like this.
You unlocked the door and opened it carefully.
Your eyes slowly went up. And up. Now, you’re not exactly short, but this person was bigger. Looking down on you by at least four inches was the most muscular person you had ever seen in your life. The most massive by far. The person was wearing a leather biker jacket and some tight pants, which were absurdly stretched by enormous thighs and calves. They wore massive boots, which wrapped themselves around those killer legs.
Your eyes immediately jumped back to the face.
Again, it was familiar. The person in front of you had a big, hard jaw, rough, with sunken cheeks, a square chin with a cleft, and a broad mouth. The nose was equally large, and the brow seemed to be broader too.
But the eyes … the eyes were your wife’s.
She smiled, her hard face shifting.
“Hello, love. I’m back.”
You collapsed.

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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
« Reply #279 on: January 23, 2024, 06:37:35 pm »
Awesome stories

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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
« Reply #280 on: January 24, 2024, 09:37:36 pm »
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Awesome stories

Thank you very much!
Find my stories on Smashwords:
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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
« Reply #281 on: March 04, 2024, 09:20:04 pm »
Here's a rather gentle story about two people finding their way to each other despite some hindrances.
I hope you'll enjoy it!

The Maid
Valeria starts to work as maid for a wealthy couple. The wife is ... not a nice person, while the husband is charming. Seeing as he suffers from his spouse's treatment, the maid decides to change things up a bit. Especially once she finds out that the husband is into female muscle! This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth and breast expansion. All characters are at least 18 years old.

Read it here:
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Here's a preview:

Valeria blinked and realized her eyes had wandered to the end of the page without her mind registering anything of what was written. With a sigh, she returned to the top of the page. To herself, she whispered:

“Again …”

The text was pretty complicated, and her eyes kept glazing over. It was tough. After several semesters of college, she thought she would be able to deal with this style of textbook, but here, she was struggling. Maybe it was just the two shifts at the supermarket and the delivery service she had today …

Valeria groaned. It was way too much. Either she would find a well-paying job (ha!) or she would have to take a break and continue her studies once she had accumulated enough money. Of course, the longer this went, the worse her interest payments would get. She rubbed her temples and tried to look at the page again.

As she tried to make heads or tails of the case, her phone burped and she picked it up instinctively. It was her mother. Again. Apparently, there was this problem with the phone provider, and since her English was still, well, not too good, she insisted that Valeria took care of it. She wrote back that she would take care of it, but not now. It would have to wait until next week …

That was all she had to write.

Instantly, her messenger filled up with the usual confused ramblings about her being ungrateful and unhelpful.

Valeria waited for this to pass, then replied in English:

“I’m sorry, but I have to deal with so many things right now, and I’m running out of money. I can’t take care of this now, but I will do it next week. When I have a little breathing space.”

The reply was a cascade of passive-aggressive explosions in Spanish. Valeria just turned the phone over. She got up and wandered around for a bit. The reading room at the college was deserted at this time of the day and she could normally focus on her studies. Not with her mother burping on her phone, of course.

It was deeply annoying. She liked her life at college, and she didn’t mind holding down two jobs, but managing her family too … That was a bit much. Of course, she should be grateful. Her family had brought her and her siblings to the “Land of Opportunity®” to fulfill the “American Dream™”, but right now, it wasn’t getting her anywhere other than to crippling self-doubt and endless stress.

Did she even want to be brought here? It hadn’t been her choice, and her parents had just decided to give it a try, blinded by the promises of clever guys with trucks. In a way, it had worked, hadn’t it? While her mother and her sisters still struggled with the language, she had managed to sound quite fancy due to persistent watching of classic TV shows, and people usually thought she came from Europe or something. They certainly thought her to be of much higher class than expected.

And yet, she only ended up on shitty badly paid jobs.

Once she managed to get her law degree, everything would change. She would make some serious money quickly, be rid of her debts and then, she would set up her own office and finally get a nice and independent life for herself.

She closed her eyes as the phone’s burps slowed, imagining herself in a hip, elegant office, wearing a nice tailored business suit and telling an intern to take care of her mother’s legal troubles. That would be great!

Still, she probably had to handle this now.

Valeria picked up the phone again, and replied in Spanish that she would figure it out right away. Her mother immediately switched to aggressive thankfulness, so Valeria felt bad for not reacting immediately. Still, she was happy that the situation would not escalate further.

She returned to her textbook. Maybe she would be able to learn a little more before just falling asleep.


A week later, she stood in front of the mansion’s gate in her best outfit, trying to smile. She hated herself for being here, but what else should she do?

Apparently, her mother had understood the problem and had talked to it to one of her numerous tías, and one of them had recommended replacing her as a maid for the Taylor couple.

As a maid.


Just thinking about this made her furious. The last thing she had wanted to do was to work as a servant for one of those super-rich people that lived up in the hills above the city. This was not what she had in mind when she finished at the top of her class. To end up as a servant just like her mother, her aunts, her father and uncles …

And yet, here she was. She had to make some money quickly now, having accepted that stumbling along for the semester and ruining her grades on the last possible occasion would hurt more than just pausing.

As far as Tía Ximena had explained, those people were quite hard to please and while the husband was a gentleman, the wife was a real puta. However, the pay was good enough that she would earn more than on her two jobs combined, and still have some extra cash for Tía Ximena and her mom.

That had to be worth it.

She took another deep breath and hit the bell.

A moment later, a sharp voice asked:

“Yes? Who is it?”

“It’s me, Valeria. The new maid.”

“We will see.”

She was buzzed in.

Valeria walked up the driveway and the mansion door opened. The woman of the house waited for her. She was tall, very blond, with an elegant tan, perfect makeup, and an incredible figure. Valeria wasn’t jealous, but … impressed. The woman was wearing an asymmetric pastel pink dress with matching heels and lipstick.

She had this cute as a button nose, the perfect cheekbones, big, blue eyes, and just the right amount of jewelry to suggest wealth without looking cheap.

The woman examined Valeria with an air of disdain, then said:

“Ximena recommended you. I’m not sure I like what I’m seeing. You’ll have to show me that you’re acceptable.”

“You can trust me. I will work hard.”

“They all say that. But the proof is in the pudding. Get changed, and start on the living room.”

Valeria hesitated, but the Mrs. Taylor pointed at a door. Valeria slipped inside and found a small closet with a maid’s outfit. Something classical. A long black dress with a simple white apron. Reluctantly, she put on the clothes and put on the slippers that went with it.

Then she emerged from the closet. The woman eyed her skeptically and walked around her, pulling at the uniform to make sure it sat perfectly. She even inspected Valeria’s bun, tsk-tsking at two strands of hair that poked out of it messily. The maid put them back in correctly and did her best to look neutral.

Then the housewife sighed, clearly unimpressed, and said:

“Alright, then. Get to work. I want the living room to be spotless.”

With what looked like an enthusiastic nod, Valeria got to work. The living room was huge and there were plenty of fancy decorative objects strewn all through it. She started by carefully photographing the position of every piece of furniture, which did impress the woman a bit. Then she carefully set everything aside so she could vacuum. Once that was done, she dusted, and finally she washed up the parquet floor, before returning the furniture to its place. After an hour of work, she considered the room to be ready.

Taking up position next to Mrs. Taylor, she smiled.

The woman was not amused. Or interested, even. She wandered through the room, then put on a white glove and ran her finger over the inside of one of the picture frames, wiped the inside of a decorative owl’s ear, and returned a Japanese mask to its exact spot.

Then she returned to Valeria and said:

“That’s still dirty. Do it again.”

“But …”

“Do you want the job?”

Biting her tongue, Valeria mumbled:

“I want the job.”

“Do it again. Thoroughly.”

Valeria did another round, checking everything from every possible angle to get it even cleaner. At last, she considered it to be done. The mistress of the house walked through the room again, with another glove on, and promptly found another speck of dust on the inside of one of the sofa legs.

The maid was struggling not to explode as the other woman held the greyish tip of her finger under her nose.


Valeria nodded, and tried again. She cleaned and cleaned, even passing a moist towel between the minute cracks of the parquet before drying it with another one.

By the time this was done, her knees hurt, she was sweaty, tired, and furious.

The woman walked past her as she was still kneeling, and promptly found a line caused by the wiping on one of the glass sculptures.

Just as she turned around to address Valeria again, the mansion door opened.

“Dear, I am back.”

Mrs. Taylor turned around slowly, then managed a tired smile:

“So you are.”

A man came in. He was just short of six feet, slim, wearing jeans, a blue shirt and a tweed jacket. He had a short full beard and wore some wire-rimmed glasses, his brown hair parted slightly scruffily to the right. He got out of his leather shoes and put on some slippers, then looked at Valeria:

“Hello! I’m Julius Taylor. Pleased to meet you.”

She gave him a little bow, which she thought vaguely appropriate:

“I’m Valeria. Welcome home, sir.”

“Valeria? That’s a very nice name.” He switched to Spanish. “This all looks quite perfect.” He wandered the room, examining her handiwork. “Did you manage to work with all the knickknacks?”

Surprised by his lack of an accent, she replied:

“Yes, sir. They are fascinating. Did you travel a lot?”

“Sometimes. My wife is not much into tourism, preferring to just relax on holidays.”

“I must admit that either is better than just going home to clean another house, sir.”

He chuckled:

“I can understand that.”

She asked:

“Where did you learn Spanish like that?”

“Oh, I study languages. Romance languages are my specialty, mostly languages formed by creolization.”

“What is that?”

“It’s not important. It’s what happens when a colonial language is adopted by a non-native population that is mixing with a native population. Quite a fascinating process …”

“That sounds astonishing.”

The wife was starting to frown as much as she could now. Valeria was a bit surprised by the strange lines on her forehead. She probably had botox or something like that and couldn’t move her muscles much. The man asked:

“Were you born in the United States?”

“I wasn’t. I was born in Mexico …”


“Yes! How did you know?”

He smiled gracefully.

“You have the accent.”

“You can tell, sir?”

“It’s part of my job.”

He started mimicking the accent. She grinned:

“Sir, this is so funny!”

The wife had enough:

“Julius, would you stop fooling around with the maid? She has work to do!”

He blushed:

“Sorry, dear, I got carried away.”

“Yes, yes. You can’t leave any of these people alone for five minutes to do their jobs …”

“I … I’m sorry.”


She turned to Valeria:

“The work is barely acceptable. You will work for us, we’ll pay you this …” She spread a few bills on the table. The sum was … okay. It was a lot of money, but far from what she had expected. Valeria struggled not to show her disappointment. “… plus a bonus if everything is spic and span. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Very well. Then get busy and clean the whole place to this standard. I will check when I come back.”

Julius asked:

“You are leaving?”

“Yes, Julius. I’m meeting Joelle and the girls at the country club. Didn’t I tell you? I’m sure you forgot.”

“I thought we’d go to the exposition together …”

“You did? Well, I made other plans. You should have remembered.”

“I … I’m sorry. I was sure I …”

“Whatever. I’ll just get my things. And you …” She turned to Valeria. “Stop eavesdropping and start cleaning. Go.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Mrs. Taylor returned to Julius: “Give her the money when she’s finished. Also … make sure everything is clean and she doesn’t steal.”

And she was gone. Julius hesitated, then said:

“I’ll go to my study. Just … tell me when you’re done.”

“I will, sir.”

He nodded and left.

Four hours later, she knocked on the door of the study.

“Come in.”

She opened the door.

“Sir, unless you want me to clean the study right now, I would be done.”

“Ah. Good. Thank you. I … maybe leave it like this, I still have all the books and paperwork spread everywhere. Cleaning would be a bit of a chore right now.”

She looked at the books that were spread out everywhere. Most were in Spanish, some in French and Portuguese, a few older ones were clearly in Latin. There were plenty of neat folders filled with stacks of printed articles, all indexed with little colorful stickers. They were clearly about some complicated linguistic subject.

“You’re an actual professor?”

“So the students keep telling me, yes.”

“Wow.” She looked around. “It’s all so neatly ordered. I don’t manage to keep my own books this neatly.”

“You study too?”


“Congratulations. It’s fascinating. Both from a linguistic point of view and …”

He blushed.

“Sorry. I am keeping you from your work.”

“I am too.”

He made a dismissive gesture.

“Don’t worry. Ah. Yes. The money, right?”

He reached for the cash his wife had prepared, then thought for a moment and added a generous amount, putting everything into an envelope and handing it to her.

“There. I assume everything is perfect?”

“I did my best.”

“Wonderful. Then … see you … I don’t know what has been agreed?”

“I am supposed to be here every day, to clean and cook.”

“Alright. Then, see you tomorrow, and have a nice evening.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Awkwardly, he gave her a little wave, then got up, accompanied her to the door, and let her out.


The weeks passed quickly. Valeria settled into the routine, coming in every morning, readying breakfast for the couple, then cleaning the house, taking care of the garden and preparing lunch, then returning to her cleaning, doing the shopping, before preparing dinner. Somehow, her job seemed to expand every week, but so was the pay.

Mrs. Taylor didn’t relax, though. She kept the pressure up, making her do some of the cleaning again, and again, refusing her cooking, and even once dumping dinner on the floor right in front of her. Valeria somehow managed not to explode into the woman’s face, instead apologizing to her for the inconvenience, and ignoring the woman’s derisive comments when she offered to prepare a new dish for her.

When Tía Ximena had told her that Mrs. Taylor was a puta, she had been gracious. This woman was horrible! It felt as if she was elevating being terrible to people to an art form. Not only was Valeria the target of her abuse, it was the same with Julius. No. With Mr. Taylor.

That was another problem.

Valeria liked the man. A lot. He always treated her with utmost courtesy. He made her little compliments, appreciated her hard work, and whenever he emerged from his study to get some coffee and maybe a snack, he would offer her some, including a break as long as Mrs. Taylor wasn’t around.

When she was, the man seemed to live in terror. She would make him suffer for every slight, real or imagined, and she would constantly keep him at arm’s length. Valeria found it very difficult to understand how these two had even ended up together.

They had nothing in common. Julius … Mr. Taylor liked to travel and go to cultural events, he would get into conversations with random people and listen to their life stories, and would busy himself with crafts or cooking. Also, he would just go to the garden and lie in a hammock, reading some complicated book.

His wife detested travelling unless it was to some resort, she would much prefer to go riding or swimming or even sailing, just as long as she didn’t have anything to do with the plebs and the weirdos her husband would talk to. She had no hobbies except for shopping and improving her beauty, and she absolutely detested that hammock. As she put it: “It ruins the entire garden!”

Julius would then go back out and take it off.

The problem was that Valeria liked the shy intellectual more and more. She caught herself watching his lectures when he streamed them online for his students. It was strange. The quiet, friendly man would suddenly explode into activity and passion as he talked about some minuscule aspect of a specific tonal shift in a very specific language of some small town. Even though she didn’t quite get the excitement, he somehow managed to get his students to feel the same. It was quite strange.

It was subconscious at first, but Valeria found herself taking care of her looks more when he was around. She dressed a little nicer, made sure her makeup was on point, though very reduced, and incorporated some traditional jewelry into her outfit she got from her mother. Also, she cooked for him and really made sure to hit the right spot.

It was just nice to see him happy, especially whenever his wife had treated him horribly again, even humiliating him in front of the couple’s guests.


Things came to a head when Valeria was busy cleaning up after a party. She was carefully loading all the dishes on the little cart when Mrs. Taylor brusquely showed up and growled:

“You stop this right now!”


In the first moment, Valeria was confused. The dishes?

Mrs. Taylor pushed her away, towards the wall.

“Stop trying to seduce my husband! He is mine.”

“Ma’am, I respect your husband, but I did nothing …”

She was cut off by the pink woman:

“Don’t you dare lie to my face! Do you really think I don’t notice your looks?” She grabbed the piece of jewelry in Valeria’s hair, and pulled it out, making the maid wince. Then she tossed it on the ground and crushed it under a pointy heel. “Don’t you think I notice?”

Valeria panicked.

“I didn’t …”

The woman growled:

“Stay away from him. I’m warning you …”

“I assure you …”

The slap came out of nowhere and it stung. The woman had struck her on the cheek, leaving a deep red mark. Valeria had to control herself, to really grab her own reins to not just strike back and punch that puta right in the face. Instead, she grabbed her dress and crumpled the fabric in her hands.

Mrs. Taylor was red with fury and hissed:

“Did I make myself clear? You will take care of our home, but you will not push yourself on my husband. This is the final warning.”

The woman’s face was a rictus of hate.

“Ma’am …”

The spit was even worse than the slap somehow. Valeria barely managed not to explode at her. Instead, she understood the situation and just looked down.

Mrs. Taylor took a deep breath and said:

“Good. And remember it well.”

Then she stormed off, not missing the opportunity to step on the trinket again.

Valeria was seething. She barely managed to finish the job before just getting out of this house and walking all the way home, her insides feeling as if they would explode any minute.


Her gloves hammered against the sandbag. She grunted and growled, raining blow after blow against the leather. Nadia, her study partner for international law, held the bag and watched Valeria attentively. She was a bit worried. Her friend was usually serious, but rarely angry. She was constantly busy and much more focused than Nadia, who basically studied out of a vague feeling of curiosity and sense of justice. She had never seen her furious like that, even after they both managed to flunk an especially annoying class.

After Valeria slammed her fist once more against the bag, she stopped and let her gloved hands sink, breathing heavily. She was all sweaty and obviously tired. Nadia asked:

“What happened? I’ve never seen you this angry and frustrated.”

“It’s just my job. The money’s great and everything, and the guy is nice … But his wife … I’m not gonna say it …”

“That bad?”

“You can’t imagine it. I don’t get why they’re even together. She’s always treating him like shit, and he just … takes it?”

“Some people are like that. You can’t know all the details, right?”

“Yeah. Probably. Still … She keeps bitching over my work, and nothing I can do is good enough for her. And she’s also massively jealous. The thing is … her husband … he’s charming, intelligence, a good listener, a …”

“Quit the job. Seriously. It’s not worth it. You’re going to ruin yourself on this. Just focus on the studies, get your degree and move …”

Valeria sighed.

“I know, I know. That would be the rational, intelligent thing to do. I put as much money aside as I could, and if I get back to my two jobs, I might have enough cash on hand to survive this …”

“I sense a very big “but”.”

Valeria looked away. She was embarrassed by this.

“I want to see what really makes him tick. Why is he like that? What is his thing? How does he manage to support all this without exploding? I need to know!”

Nadia shook her head:

“No, you don’t. Just … no. Leave those people to their unhappiness and make sure you don’t get sucked into it.”

“I should, shouldn’t I?”

“Yeah. Also … Get back to punching. Without the anger now. Keep up the rhythm!”

“Alright, alright, you taskmistress!”

“Ha! Yes! Obey!”

Valeria took up her stance again and returned to punching.


She really tried not to go deeper down that rabbit hole. She probably should have quit immediately, but she wanted to build a little more of a financial buffer. The last thing she needed was running out at the last possible moment. Not that she minded eating ramen for weeks, but … literally starving was not an option.

So she got busy, doing her best not to provoke Mrs. Taylor’s wrath. She worked hard, and of course, the woman had things to complain about, but in a way, it seemed as if she was doing most of that out of a sense of necessity, more than because of any actual problems. It stung, but not that much.

While Valeria was cleaning Julius, no, Mr. Taylor’s study, she found several boxes of magazines in the top compartment of one of the cabinets. Curious, she got them out under the cover of sweeping the dust out of the furniture, and peeked inside. She had expected them to be some kind of linguistics journals or maybe some hobby magazines which had ended up up there a long time ago, but no.

They were fitness and bodybuilding magazines. She stared at them, a bit surprised by this. Mr. Taylor was slim and fit, and he obviously kept in some kind of shape, but bodybuilding? That really wasn’t his type. Maybe they were Mrs. Taylor’s?

She leafed through the issues. Weird. She would have expected that Mrs. Taylor’s magazines would contain mostly fit men, but these were women’s mags. What was going on?

The magazines had been collected over twenty years at least, and the women on the covers and inside veered on the more muscular side of fitness. Those weren’t just bikini models, but real, actual bodybuilders!

She flipped through the pages with mounting interest. It was really bizarre, but fascinating none the less. Clearly, those magazines belonged to Mr. Taylor, since he had added various post-its and little notes in the margins. He seemed to be particularly interested in interviews with the various athletes, describing their training and the effect the workouts had on their lives.

It was funny. Matteo, one of her cousins, was really into fitness, looking quite buff and strong and being very athletic, and yet, some of these women at least looked as big as him, or even bigger. She wondered what he would say if she showed him these kinds of pictures!

Valeria quickly photographed some of the women in the magazines on her phone, then put everything back. She finished cleaning the room, then she suddenly thought of the computer.

She shouldn’t stick her nose where it didn’t belong, but …

The maid turned on the computer. The device asked for a password. Nervously, she looked around on the desk, but couldn’t find anything. Then she thought of the magazines. The bodybuilder that obviously fascinated Mr. Taylor the most was a lady called Ana Benitez.

With a chuckle, she tried “Ana_Benitez_1995!”. That was the year of the oldest magazine. That didn’t work, but she switched the separators around a bit, and then, the machine accepted “AnaBenitez_1995~”.

Valeria grinned. She was feeling very much like a hacker now.

Now inside the machine, she looked around, checking the man’s browser history and looking at his recent files. Despite knowing that either of the couple would take some time to come home, she was still terribly nervous. What she was doing was illegal, and definitely not okay, but she had to know!

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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
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A new story for the lovers of big musclemommies and their cute, helpless little sons!

Mother Knows Best
Cody's mother Janice is worried. The poor young man is suffering terribly because he is so small and weak. If only she could do something to make him feel better and safer! Happily, it turns out that he is quite attached to his tall and strong mother. This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion, height growth and incest. All characters are over 18 years old.

Read the full story here:
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Here's the preview:

Cody slipped inside the house as quietly as he could. He didn’t want to be spotted like this. The young man sneaked through the hallway and then up to his room. He was careful not to make the floorboards of the stairs creak. Then again, that was pretty difficult for him anyway. At 125 pounds soaking wet, he was way too thin and tiny to cause any noise.
On the upper landing, he looked around to see whether his mother was still awake. Once he was certain she was asleep, he disappeared into his room and closed the door as quietly as possible. Then he looked at the remains of his outfit. He sighed, deeply unhappy. The date had worked quite well, up to a point. Then, as they went to a club Leah had picked, he had bumped into a man while dancing. He had instantly apologized, but the guy had taken one look at Leah, then a look at him, and decided that he could make Cody suffer. 
The young man had tried to apologize again, even going as far as to offer what little money he had, but the tall guy had just laughed and started to beat him up. By the time the bouncer arrived and separated them, Leah had left. He had to pay for her drinks, of which she had ordered a few more while he was getting his clothes ruined and his face roughed up, and then, as he tried to protest, he was thrown out and told to never show up again. 
It wasn’t even his first shitty date, but this was the worst!
He threw himself on the bed and started to cry. As he realized he was too loud and would wake his mother, he whimpered instead. 
Outside, Janice was heartbroken. In a way, it was her fault, wasn’t it? If she didn’t have this strange fascination with tiny, cute men, this would never have happened. Cody’s dad had been perfectly up her alley. He had been 5’2”, slim, with short blond hair and the absolute minimum of body hair. Just a small, nice and friendly man. It had taken him a while to understand that she was into him. She had tried her best to send clear messages, but the little man had mostly been intimidated by this 6’1” lady. Janice had always been tall, and there had always been a lot of her. Up until her late teens, she had been fat, but as she matured, her breasts, her butt and her thighs had caught up, and she had found herself to be very attractive. 
Eric had hesitated, wondering whether she was really into him. He had been trained that women wanted tall men. Well, not Janice!
In the end, they had a tumultuous relationship, with frequent fights and the occasional splitting up. But in the end, they had loved each other. When Eric died in an accident at work, she had been heartbroken. She had tried to be there for Cody and attempted to hide her sadness, but he had always sensed this, and had eventually grown distant, unable to bear this. 
And now, he was suffering because she had picked a small, cute man! 
She sighed. If only there was something she could do for him!
She returned to her own room, the floor groaning under her weight. Then she went to bed. She had hoped he would find a girl that would make him happy, but clearly, this had been a total failure. 
The next morning, Cody didn’t come out of his room. She had prepared breakfast for him, but he just stayed inside. She had knocked, but he had just told her to go away and leave him alone. She hesitated. Should she just open the door? She smiled sheepishly. There wasn’t much he could do to stop her … 
Then she shook her head. Better leave the poor boy alone for now. She returned to her room and pulled up her phone. She really just wanted to waste a little time while she waited for her time to leave the house, but then she saw it. News travelled fast and she could see Cody getting bullied terribly. Someone had literally made a compilation video. 
“Little man getting fucked up.”
She watched in horror as that big man punched Cody in the face, then ripped his clothes off his body. 
“Oh my God … Cody … No!”
She was shocked. What could she do? The poor boy! How could she help him? If his life was like this, he’d never be happy and find a girl … 
Then her phone beeped, telling her that it was time to leave. Through the door, she said goodbye and left. 
Janice returned much later. The day at the hospital had been pretty bad. As a nurse, she had to deal with plenty of little problems, none of which were particularly complicated, but over time, it tired her out. She opened the door and found that Cody had left. He had also eaten breakfast and lunch, but he had failed to clean the dishes, not even bothering to put them in the dishwasher. She sighed, and got to work. Better be rid right now. 
As she cleaned them, she thought about the boy’s predicament. If his dad was any indication, he would never be strong or impressive. Eric had tried to do some bodybuilding for a while, but if anything, it had left him slimmer than before. So that was out. Cody would also not end up being rich. That was also obvious. He had managed school alright, not brilliant, and he had a crappy little no-future job at the hardware store. Not an option either. 
Well … What else could he offer to some girl? He was rather cute. If he knew how to handle the house, maybe some woman would want him. Maybe that was it? If he were a great cook, an excellent caretaker and a well-dressed, cute man, it wouldn’t be hard to find someone, would it? She certainly would like a man like this!
Of course, if she came up with an idea like that, he would instantly dismiss her. He was still clinging to this classic manliness thing. She had seen the dumbbells he had ordered. He had tried to hide them from her, but since she cleaned his room … 
She grinned: Okay, maybe this was the solution? She would “help” him become more presentable, and at the same time, she would make sure he was safe. It might be a little awkward for him, but she could try and handle it discreetly. Maybe pose as his bodyguard? She chuckled at the thought. 
Suddenly, she felt all energized. She quickly went upstairs, slipped into his room and got the dumbbells out. Then, with a big grin, she did a few reps. It felt … natural? Sure, it was a little boring, but Janice found that she enjoyed the strain. Improving her fitness might actually be fun!
Cody came back home. He had spent the day walking aimlessly around town. He was still deeply unhappy with what had happened, and he had no idea of what to do about it. With a sigh, he took off his shoes, tossed his jacket on the bench by the door and climbed the stairs to his room. As he walked down the little corridor, he heard grunts coming from his room. What was going on?
On tiptoes, he sneaked to his door and glanced inside. His mother was standing there, doing biceps curls with his dumbbells. What was she doing? And why? And how come she could move them this easily? He had tried to train using these weights, and he had been forced to just use the bars to even do the suggested fifteen reps, but she was using them with four pounds on each, and she didn’t seem too challenged!
He stared at her as she grunted along, then set the dumbbells back down. She checked her phone and said to herself: 
“Okay, so these were the curls, next, I should do lunges with them … I get why the boys are all into this! It feels great!”
Cody watched as she trained, feeling increasingly annoyed. How could she do this to him? Was this some ploy to make him feel even worse? Why did she have to rub it in?
At the same time, he felt some strange tingling deep inside. Why couldn’t he just look away? Why did he keep watching as she sweated along?
Eventually, he managed to tear himself away from her and went back downstairs carefully, waiting for her to return. 
After a bit, Janice was done with her training session. She was quite sweaty now, and she definitely would have to buy some workout clothes, but she was happy she had completed the first stage. Now she needed to shower, and then she’d look where Cody had gone. She hoped he wasn’t in trouble. 
Fifteen minutes later, she came down and found him sitting on the couch, playing on his phone. The shoes were lying around on the floor, the jacket was untidy, and he had his feet on the sofa table. She rubbed her temples. 
He looked up: 
“Hi, Mom!”
“Cody … Please … pick up your jacket, hang it up correctly, and put away your shoes.”
“I’ll do it later.”
“No. Now. Please.”
“Yeah, later.” “Now.”
The last word came out way sharper than it needed to. The young man got up and did as he was told. Once that was done, she said: 
“I think I may have let things get out of hand a bit. It’s time for change.”
Cody gave her a look of dread. 
A few weeks later, Janice looked at her reflection in her big mirror. She quite liked what she saw. It had been a while. After Eric’s death, she didn’t find the energy or confidence to start dating again, and she had stopped caring about her looks. Sure, she still did her makeup and had her hair styled, but not in a big, fancy way as she did while he was still with her. When Eric was around, she always felt she had to make him happy, to make him feel a little horny … 
Yeah. That had been their thing. He was all cute and nice, and she would make sure he never passed her without a twitch in his pants. She would wear outfits with a nice neckline that would give him an eyeful of her big cleavage, she would casually rub her big butt against him, and she would just sneak up to him and give him a sweet kiss on his head. Just like that … 
After his death, all of this had disappeared. 
And now, somehow, she felt it returning. Those workouts had certainly helped her build up her muscles and shed some fat. Her whole silhouette was changing and in a good way. She had gained a little bit in the shoulders, her waist had become trimmer and her back had grown a little broader. Oh, and her ass was regaining its former glory, becoming thicker and harder with every workout. 
She loved it, and she didn’t want to stop. Sure, the workouts could be boring, but she quite liked the time she would spend on herself. 
Cody hadn’t resisted when she had terminally borrowed his weights and moved them to her room. She had researched a good, simple routine, and it was paying off.   
She raised her arms, then brought them down in a double-biceps pose. A pair of peaks rose under her skin. She licked her lips. Nice … She felt powerful. She turned sideways and pushed her arm down. Sure, she wasn’t looking terribly muscular yet, but she liked how her body adapted to her training. There were these shadowy lines of upcoming muscle definition all over her. And this after just a little training … She truly had a knack for this!
Suddenly, she stopped. Cody was probably finished with his cooking, wasn’t he? She breathed in sharply, taking in the wonderful smell coming up from the kitchen. Speaking of knacks, the young man was clearly skilled!
Now she just had to shower, and then she would enjoy his wonderful cooking!
Just outside the room, Cody was holding his breath. God, she was disgusting … but her pictures sold well! As his mother had started to work out out of nowhere, he had filmed her in secret once and put it on social media. 
“Oh God, look at my mom trying to work out! Cringe! #oldpeople #fitness #oof”
However, after the initial blast of friends that had supported his position, some dude had sent him a direct message and asked whether he would take more pictures and make more movies. He would pay handsomely for that. The answer to “how handsomely?” turned out to be very satisfying, and Cody started sending the guy more stuff. Then more of these guys showed up, and in no time, he set up an account and started selling. 
It was turning into real money pretty quick, and Cody took the opportunity to update his wardrobe, get a nice haircut and make himself presentable. And the best part was that his mom liked this! Sure, she made him cook and clean, and he was basically running the house on his own, but he didn’t mind. As long as he could keep filming her … 
Fuck … Those poses … He was pretty sure those would sell amazingly well! He grinned in anticipation. The customers had been recently asking about this, and he had tried to sort of suggest some to his mother, but of course, he couldn’t address it directly. 
During dinner, her had said something along the lines of “Hey, Mom, I tried one of your workouts!” and then he had flexed his biceps. Of course, she had answered with her own, and he had seen the mass of muscle swell. Okay, so his mother’s arms were twice as thick as his … She was so gross!
Happily, this had primed her for more posing, and now, it was paying off handsomely. 
Cody had thought about maybe buying some outfits for her. If she wore them and he could take pictures, those would just mean extra money! On the other hand, he didn’t want to draw too much attention to … 
She saw him in the mirror. 
Cody tried to run. He stumbled as he turned around, dropping his phone and slipping on the floor, bumping against the wall. 
He could see his mother come out of the room. She was a little confused by what had just happened. She had only seen a kind of blur in the mirror and had turned around to check what it was, and then, Cody had run away and knocked his head. 
She saw him lying there, ignoring the phone completely. She bent down and caressed his cheek.  “Cody, are you alright?”
He groaned, unable to stand. So, without hesitation, Janice picked him up, cradling him like a little boy and carried him to his bed. Cody snuggled against him with a mumble, her large breasts pushing against him. Once there, she set him down carefully, and added: 
“I’m going to get you a bag of ice. Don’t move!”
Cody couldn’t have, even if he tried. His head was swimming. A moment later, she came back and set the cool pack on his forehead:
“Okay, I hope this helps.”
She sat down next to him, her hand on his. He groaned. 
“What happened?”
“I … I can’t say …”
“You must have slipped. You poor little man.”
Cody felt a sting in his pride. Poor little man? Why couldn’t she just see him as a real man?
She brushed his hair to the side: 
“You’re looking much better with the new haircut. I’m sure the girls love it!”
“Yes … I hope so …”
“Is there anything I should do about the cooking?”
“No, it’s fine … It can just continue like this …”
“I’ll still check it out. I’ll be right back.”
She got up. A moment later, he heard her outside: 
“Cody, you dropped your new phone. Should I bring it to you?”
“Uh … Mom … yeah … please … but don’t …”
“Cody, why is there a video of me on this?”
The young man felt a wave of embarrassment well up inside him, which was instantly drowned by a tsunami of panic. She would find it all … 
“Mom, it must be a malfunction!”
“There’s more of it … Wait … Cody, why are there so many pictures of me? Where did you put them?”
She pushed the door open. 
“Cody … Why did you post those pictures online? And why are you saying you think I’m gross?”
She frowned at him. Cody’s headache had disappeared, replaced by the wish to just fade into nothingness and stop existing. 
“Mom … I … I …”
She kept looking through the phone. 
“You sold my pictures? To strangers on the internet?”
She was basically screaming now. Janice slammed the phone on the nightstand and got on the bed, pinning the young man under her. He squealed: 
“Mom, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! It was stupid! I didn’t mean to …”
“You didn’t mean to? How dare you! You foolish little boy! How could you do this? You can’t just put people’s pictures on the internet! Not mine, not anybody’s! Do you have any idea what kind of crazy people are out there? And why are you insulting me? Me? What were you thinking?”
“Mom … I …”
She slapped him, her big tits wobbling impressively as her muscles tensed. 
“Aaah! I’m sorry! I’ll take them down! I’ll remove them! Just give me the phone …”
Tears filled his eyes. He panicked. He could feel her closeness, her disappointment. He was deeply embarrassed by everything. 
That’s when it happened. 
Cody was getting hard. Fuck. He tried to hide it, turning sideways, leaning forward, somehow trying to conceal his growing penis. It was useless. A moment later, he was erect. He was about to cum … He desperately tried to get up, to run away and disappear into the bathroom, but Janice wouldn’t let him. She was still furious and shouted: 
“Don’t you dare turn away now! Don’t you dare!”
She caught him by the arm, holding him tight and almost making him fall down from the bed. Then she noticed it. 

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Re: Authors Now Publishing Their Books
« Reply #283 on: April 06, 2024, 01:13:07 pm »
This is a story for the fans of disgusting, hairy and rather abusive women who give their asshole partners their just deserts. Poor guy, really. He got more than he bargained for ...

Girl of His Dreams
Noah is quite the hunk and Lucrezia adores him. It's just that he wished she were fit. Maybe even muscular ... The thing is, as he gets her to workout, she really starts to enjoy it. She gets quite addicted to pumping iron, and then, she starts to change! This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, height growth, hairiness and personality changes. All characters are at least 18 years old.

Get it here:
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Here's a little preview to whet your appetite:

“Hhh … hhh … hhhhh … Oh God … Hhh … hhh …”
The slapping sound of Noah’s hips hammering against Lucrezia’s was astonishingly loud, and the big man’s massive arms blocked her view to the sides. She moaned. Sure, Noah wasn’t the most courteous person and he could be quite rude, and he was blissfully unaware of any housekeeping tasks, but he certainly knew how to fuck. She lifted her thin arms and sank her long fingers into his muscle-packed back. 
She squealed: 
“That’s the spot … yes … yes … yessss …”
He kept on doing this, his glutes tightening as he pounded her. Then she felt him twitch. His cock seemed to shiver and swell, and then, he started cumming. She moaned and enjoyed it. 
Eventually, he sighed deeply and laid on top of her, burying her in his muscles. The pressure was quite immense. Lucrezia was still impressed that this huge hunky dude had actually chosen her. She had been chasing after him for months, and he had barely noticed her at first. Then again, she was a bit of a wallflower. Lucrezia always wore big, baggy clothes, hiding her skinny frame. She wasn’t even model-skinny, even though she was quite tall. She was more … ugly skinny? Her face was rather bland, and she had these weird hips that protruded a bit. 
She really wondered what this amazing guy saw in her. She kissed him: 
“Thank you, Noah. That was amazing!”
He grinned and pulled out his thick cock. Then he gave her a smug grin and said: 
“I know.”
He rolled to the side and mentioned at his cock. She looked at him hesitatingly. He gave her an insistent nod. Then she complied, licking it clean. The first time, she didn’t understand what he meant, and he had just gotten up and started to leave. When she had asked him what was going on, he explained. Apparently, he liked his cock clean, and it was his girl’s duty to make sure it was. She didn’t much like that, but what could she do?
So, again, she was sucking his dick and making sure it was spotless. 
Noah was busy wolfing down the food she had cooked for him. Lucrezia sat opposite him with her salad and tofu, while he gorged himself on the steak she had prepared. She smiled, happy that he liked her cooking. 
He looked up and saw her smile. He grinned. 
“That’s some amazing stuff, Lucrezia. You should be a chef!”
“You think so?”
“Yeah. Totally! It’s great! You should give it a taste.”
She shied away: 
“I … I don’t like the taste of it. You know it.”
“Bah. You just never gave it a serious try.”
He sliced off a little bit and lifted it up on the fork. 
“Try it.”
“I’d rather not.”
“Try it.”
“Try it.”
“I … I don’t want to.”
“I don’t care. Try it. You made it, you should taste it.”
“I …”
He gave her a serious look. It was the “I am disappointed that you’re not committing”-look. She hated that look. It always had this “I’m going to leave you”-aftertaste. 
“Okay …”
She opened her cute little mouth and he put the meat in. She hesitated, he gave her an encouraging look, and she chewed on it. Okay, it was savory and it had this nice feel … But still. Should she really eat meat?
He raised an eyebrow. 
“You like it?”
“I … It’s good.”
He finished up and said: 
“I’m gonna hit the gym. You should come too.”
“But … I …”
“You should. I don’t want a weak girlfriend. I want a girl that’s fit.”
“But …”
“Oh, come on, stop this constant ‘but, but, but’! Let’s go!”
“But the dishes …”
“You can do them later. Now, it’s time to work out.”
At the gym, Noah quickly put his shorts and tank top. He was amazingly huge, and he knew he looked good. He quickly got his pre-workout, and then he walked out, waiting for Lucrezia. It took her forever to come out, and when she did, she wore the least flattering outfit he could imagine. She was basically wearing pajamas. He sighed. The wide pants, the big hoodie, he could barely see her face. 
She immediately noticed he disapproved, but what could she do? She really didn’t feel comfortable in this place. All those fit people in their skintight outfits! All those women with their perfectly sculpted bodies, their sexy bodies and their amazing makeup … And there she was, just a sack of bones. 
She would have preferred to go home, but if she did, their relationship was over, right?
She managed a smile. He nodded: 
“Alright, let’s get you pumping!”
Lucrezia followed him reluctantly and listened to him explain. It was strange. She really didn’t want to do this, but he was so enthusiastic … Eventually, he was done, and they started. He carefully monitored her workout, constantly hovering around her, and encouraging her to do one more, and one more, and a final one, and … one more!
By the time they were done, she was exhausted and he still seemed disappointed. Lucrezia tried to figure out what had annoyed him like that, but he wouldn’t say. Instead, he told her to get back to the dressing room and shower. 
When she came back out, he was already waiting for her and asked: 
“So, did you like it?”
She hesitated. If she said she had been bored out of her mind and was feeling tired now, he would probably just pack up and leave immediately, right?
“It was … okay? I … yeah.”
“Good. Tomorrow, we do it again. Chest day.”
As if to underline this, he flexed his pecs, making them bounce. She blushed. Okay, that was a look she liked. Maybe that was the price to pay?
The next day, they did another workout session. And the day after that. And the day after. And so on. Lucrezia was getting pretty desperate. He just wouldn’t stop. Every day, except for Saturday, they would go to this gym and just work out for an hour. It went on and on. He insisted she “eat right”, as he put it. She was still mostly eating vegetarian, but he got her to add more protein to her diet. 
And all the time, he kept looking at her as if he was expecting something special to happen. Then he would observe her, and be disappointed. 
It was really odd. 
The sex was still nice, and Noah could be very nice, but there was this nagging sensation that she was doing everything wrong. She just didn’t know what to do. 
After four months of working out, she was in the bathroom loading the washing machine. They were producing so much sweaty laundry because of all the workouts, it was a lot of stuff to do. She was in her underpants and her sports bra and he came in, grinning. 
She was just stuffing this week’s heap of laundry into the machine and he observed her. Sure, the workouts had given her a little muscle tone, but it was still nothing! She was still as slim as the day he met her, and now, she didn’t even have her softness anymore. He sighed and she noticed he was there. 
She looked up to him.  “Yes?”
“I was just thinking …”
“About what?”
“About you.”
She smiled, a little skeptical. 
“What do you have in mind?” 
He got down to her and gently pushed her on the pile of laundry that was still left. She felt his heavy body on hers. He kissed her. She giggled. 
“I’ve got to deal with this laundry …”
“Yes …”
He put his hand on her hip. She noticed his disappointment. 
“Everything okay?”
“I just expected you to … fill out a bit more by now?”
“Uh … What do you mean by that? I’ve been working out all the time! You’ve been right there!”
“I know, I know … It’s just so disappointing …” 
He sighed and looked away. It was clear to her that he was going to leave her, wasn’t he? “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to … Is there anything I can do?”
He shrugged. 
“I guess you could try a cycle.”
“A cycle? A bike?”
“No. Steroids. Just like I’ve been using.”
“But … That’s bad for your health!”
“If you know what you’re doing, it’s no problem!”
He flexed his arm, making his large biceps swell up, a thick vein snaking over it. 
“It’s amazing, and I’m sure that’ll fix you!”
“Okay …”
She really wasn’t sure about that … 
Noah set up the whole stack of gear in front of her. 
“This is a simple steroid with little side-effects, this is something to improve your recovery time, this should allow you to burn fat quicker …”
He went on and on while Lucrezia watched and slowly spaced out. It felt weird. Was she really going to do this? Then again, it was clear that he would leave her if she didn’t at least give it a try. Maybe … She hesitated. He was usually nice to her, wasn’t he? 
And if it didn’t work, maybe he’d give up on it and just accept the situation? She would try it, and then, it would fail, and he would understand. Right?
She mentally returned to the conversation as he finished and nodded vaguely. 
“Okay, I’ll try it …”
He smiled. Clearly, this was what he wanted to hear. 
“Alright, then let’s get you shot up!”
“Shot up? What?”
He was a bit confused by her reaction, but soon enough, the needles were in and Lucrezia was feeling a bit weird. 
He smiled: 
“Okay, then let’s see whether this works better!”
She followed him to the gym floor. 
To Lucrezia’s surprise, that stuff worked! A month in, as the first cycle wound down, she noticed her muscles had grown. It felt as if she had passed a plateau, and now, she was getting stronger by the day. The sensation was … interesting. At first, she had been a bit shocked. 
She noticed the changes one morning as she brushed her teeth and she realized that her shoulders had become quite round and there was a noticeable thickness to her arm. She stopped in her tracks and flexed her arm. The electric toothbrush continued its humming, and she saw a tight, hard bulge of muscle grow. 
The first thought was one of panic. What was happening? Then her rational thoughts came back and she nodded to herself. Okay. So those drugs worked. She tightened her muscles a little more, relaxed, then gave them another flex. Wow. She wasn’t huge, of course not, but … she was bigger. 
Lucrezia thought of Noah and grinned. Okay. With this, he would definitely stay around. Just a bit of training with those drugs, and here she was. She was pretty sure he would love it! She decided to give them a little spin and show them off.   
Noah was sitting in the living room, watching stuff on his phone. He was a bit frustrated by the lack of changes in Lucrezia’s body. Those drugs hadn’t been cheap, and he felt as if he had wasted that cash. He wasn’t getting anywhere with this woman … 
He was woken from his reverie by her voice. 
“Hey, Noah, how did you sleep?”
“Uh … Good. It was nice. You?”
“Oh … I just might have had the strangest little dream …”
She put as much seduction as she could in her voice. He turned around to face her. She was wearing a blouse and some cute panties, and both were rather tight on her. He could see that the buttons were straining. 
She grinned when she saw the glint in his eyes. 
“Whoa … Lucrezia did you …”
“Get bigger? Yes? Maybe? I guess … I mean, I have been working out a lot lately, haven’t I?”
“Uh … Yeah …”
She bit her lips and flexed her back a bit. The blouse did its best, but it was tight, and expanding her lats like this increased the strain beyond its capabilities. One of the center buttons popped off. She giggled. She had planned for something like this, but it to actually happen surprised her. The button landed somewhere, but neither of them cared. Noah was completely enraptured. 
“Oh my God.”
“You like?”
“I love!”
He jumped up, his cock already erect. She laughed and ran to the bedroom, him trailing behind her, horny and ready to fuck. Lucrezia kept laughing as she threw herself on the bed, wiggling out of her panties while he climbed on top of her, squeezing her butt cheeks. She kissed him and said:  “Wanna see the rest?”
“Oh please!”
She breathed out, then breathed in again, flexing her muscles. The blouse lost two more buttons and her naked chest got into plain view. She grabbed the fronts of the blouse and tore them apart, feeling like a superheroine. Noah exclaimed: 
“Fuck, you even got abs!”
She grinned and flexed them for him. The young bodybuilder was completely enraptured by her intensity. He kissed her muscular waist and licked her bellybutton, which made her go “ew!” and had her push him away. He apologized, and she declared: 
“Make it up to me and lick me!”
He grinned and licked her bellybutton again. She squealed: 
“No! You dumbass! You know what I mean!”
“Oh, you mean this?”
She felt his tongue dance over her pussy lips. She breathed in sharply. 
“Yesss …”
He chuckled and asked: 
“And this?” His tongue touched the tip of her clitoris. 
“Yessss …”
Suddenly, he pulled back up and licked her bellybutton a third time. 
“Gah! Noah! Stop it and do it right!”
He laughed and did as he was told. That felt great! Lucrezia moaned happily as he explored her pussy, rubbing her now stronger legs against his head. The young man seemed to appreciate it a lot, so she gave him little squeezes too. That only made him lick her more intensely. 
She enjoyed what he was doing, and as he continued, she felt that she was about to cum. Noah was absolutely relentless. She hadn’t expected him to be so much into this. Up until now, most of their sex had been him doing his thing and her trying to keep up and find her own pleasure. Sure, he had a big cock and he knew what he was doing, but to have him do this for her was nice!
Having him please her with his mouth instead of having to clean his cock was a welcome change of pace. She wondered what would happen if she got even fitter?
Lucrezia was at the gym again. Gone were the times when Noah had to pressure her more or less gently to make her come and work out. Now, she would usually be there before him to get a good warmup and prepare everything. She would make sure she was properly stretched, and she would load as much protein as she could before starting. After all, she liked the effects all of this had now. 
It was still a bit surprising, she thought as she did her lat pulldowns, checking her movement in the mirror. Every time the weight went up, she admired her expanding, v-shaped back. Impressive. It was now half a year that she was on the juice, and it paid off big time. The drugs she used now were pretty tame next to the stuff Noah was shooting, and still, she was getting great results. She wouldn’t look out of place at a physique competition now, though some judges might object to her being a little too ripped in places. It was a thing that mostly affected her arms, and it was quite astonishing. She could really see her veins swell under her skin when she flexed her muscles. She wondered whether this would also happen to the rest of her body eventually. 
She continued her set, her top feeling a bit tight again. That was another thing. She had stopped wearing baggy outfits a while ago, even if it meant that she now had to update her wardrobe more often. Then again, this way, she could feel even sexier. That was really nice. She had spent so much time in her life feeling like an ugly duckling, and for some reason, even though she certainly wasn’t a beautiful swan, she was slowly turning into a sexy terror-bird. She giggled at the idea. Lucrezia still was a nerd at heart. 
Actually, her workouts and all the research required to make them more efficient had really upped the nerdiness. Not that she minded. Right now, she was wearing a tank top with “Pumping 26 Fe
55.845” on it. 
She grunted as the weight went up again. The bite of the strain was just lovely … Also, Noah was going out of his way to please her lately, and she appreciated that a lot. She sighed as she reached the end of the set and lowered the weight back down. She breathed out sharply and stretched a bit. Then she said to herself: 
“Nice. That’s that …”
She noticed again that her voice had gotten a bit rougher. She sounded like someone who smoked a bit too much. She had been warned about the side-effects of the gear, but to her surprise, she didn’t mind them all that much. 
Just then, Noah came in in his workout clothes. She smiled at him. He wasn’t surprised to see her here already, but it was obvious he liked it. He came closer and kissed her. She noticed that he had this weird hesitation. Yeah. That was another thing. Somehow, those drugs had increased her body odor, and it did make him slightly uncomfortable. Lucrezia was amused by this. It had been his suggestion, after all. 
Still, she probably should get a stronger antiperspirant. She kissed him hungrily and whispered: “Did you get it?”
He nodded conspiratorially. 
“No problem. But it’s a lot of gear, don’t you think?”
“Are you having second thoughts? You’re not happy?”
“No, not at all, I’m very happy.”
“Good. Then wait for me in the changing room. I just clean this and you can shoot me up.” 
“I can clean the place for you.”
“Nah, don’t worry. It’s my sweat, I should take care of it.”
He smiled and slipped away. She grinned. A year ago, he would never, ever have suggested cleaning the equipment for her! She liked the idea. 
Back home, she threw off her coat and kicked off her shoes. Noah was a bit surprised by this sudden move. After all, she would normally hang up her clothes correctly and put her shoes in the right spot in her big cupboard. However, she had removed a few pairs lately, unhappy about it, but they simply didn’t fit anymore. Still, she was horny now, and had no time to worry about her shoe plans.
Now, even before he could say something, she grabbed him and pulled him along. He kissed her, and a moment later, they were by the couch, trying to get their clothes off.
Lucrezia rubbed herself against him, and he got hard instantly. She moaned and whispered hornily:
“I don’t know … but … yes …”
She dropped on the cushions and spread her legs, rubbing her pussy and stroking her clit, which had gotten a bit bigger. She was a little nervous about it.
“Uh, Noah … you don’t mind this, do you?”
He grinned.
“Not at all … It’s just the roids. They do that to women …”
To calm her, he got down between her legs and gave her clit a long, slow, intense lick, then swirled around and went back down one side. Lucrezia howled with lust.
“Fuuuuck! Noaaaaah!”
He grinned, his face all wet, and said:
“Basically, that’s how I always feel. Welcome to the club!”
She gave him a horny stare and he added:
“How about you try being on top?”
She hesitated.
“Are you sure about that?”
“Sure! Come on, ride me!”
Lucrezia wasn’t all that confident, but she was also horny, so she climbed on him as he laid on the ground and lowered herself on his cock. She breathed in sharply.
“Oh Goood … I like that … It feels … so much deeper …”
She rubbed her clit and moaned. Instantly, Noah felt her pussy tighten around his cock.
“Mmmh … Yesss …”
A moment later, she was riding him hard, gasping and taking deep breaths as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm.
“Fuuuck …”
Noah was in heaven. His girlfriend had turned from a skinny girl into a fit musclewoman, and she was starting to own it! He looked at her from below, his mind racing as he imagined the possibilities. The thought of her becoming a massive bodybuilder woman made him cum instantly.
Lucrezia didn’t stop. Instead, she grabbed his cock tight with her pussy muscles and rubbed her clit wildly until she followed with a loud grunt.
Then she landed on top of him and breathed heavily.
“Fuck … That was amazing … I’m still not sure, but I kinda like those roids … If they mess me up like that … I think I like being messed up …”
Noah caressed her and felt himself getting hard listening to her words.

Time flew by, and Lucrezia kept pumping hard, building her body. The roids were doing an amazing job at expanding her muscles, increasing their girth and strength. She was putting on a lot of weight, but it was all muscle. It was such a strange shift in her way of thinking: Before she started working out, she had felt the duty to make sure she didn’t put on weight. Her mother, her grandmother, her aunts, basically every woman in her family had insisted that she stayed slim until she had her kids. Then, as far as they were concerned, she could let herself go. As her grandmother put it: 
“When you are a mother, the men all go for your big milky breasts. They love them. Then you can relax.”
Lucrezia had always found these statements weird, and moving on beyond them was a nice thing. She just preferred being big. As to breasts … Those had mostly disappeared. The combination of drugs, constant training and her special diet meant that her breast tissue had faded quite a bit. She wasn’t flat-chested, though. Far from it. 
She examined herself in the mirror. The weight training had done wonders to her body. She flexed her pecs and they swelled up nicely, covering themselves in hard lines. Nice. She grabbed them and sank her strong, rough fingers into them, feeling the resistance. She was still not as big as a true bodybuilder, but she had developed nicely. She could probably join a physique competition and place easily. Maybe even win it? 
She released her chest and flexed each pec in turn, amusing herself with the bouncing. Then she took Noah’s shaving cream and sprayed a nice glob in her hand. She massaged it into her chest’s skin and took his razor. 
It wasn’t as if she were hirsute. That wasn’t it. But she did notice that the normal little hairs on her skin had become a bit thicker and coarser. Removing them was logical. 
She wanted to look good. Feminine. She was a bodybuilder, okay, but she was a woman. She was not trying to turn herself into a man. Yuck. That idea … Some people asked her about this. No. Seriously, just because she was getting muscular and because the gear made her face a bit harder, that didn’t mean she wanted to be a man!
As she dragged the razor carefully over her skin, removing those pesky little hairs and revealing her tough skin, she got angry again. Just thinking about her friends’ reaction annoyed her!
They had a girls’ night out, and she had picked a nice flowery dress. Cute, really. She put on a matching hairband, took her pumps and her handbag and headed out. Noah had complained about him wanting to spend the evening with her, but she just shot him down. She had told him about the date. If he was too stupid to remember it, that was his problem. 
She met her friends at their usual spot, a nice café by the river. They hadn’t seen each other in a year, and Lucrezia was nervous about their reaction. After all, they hadn’t seen her since she started the serious part of her transformation. 
Chiara stared at her. 
“Lucrezia? Is that you? What happened to you?”
“Hello. I started working out.”
“Yeah, I guess, but … why?”
Alessandra cut in:  “It’s a lot, isn’t it?”
Lucrezia sighed: 
“It is, yes. But I feel good …”
Sara was skeptical. 
“But … isn’t it too much? I mean, you’re looking stronger than my boyfriend.”
Lucrezia sat down with them: 
“I probably am.”
She raised a hand to summon the waiter. 
Chiara was still as much in shock as the others. 
“But … But … What … how … how did you do this?”
“I went to the gym? This was hard work.”
“Okay … But what about Noah? Does he approve of this?”
“Chiara, do you think I need his approval?”
“No, of course not … I just thought … maybe …”
She gave her a soothing smile and put her own strong hand on Chiara’s. 
“Actually, it was his idea. He suggested it and he encouraged me.”
The women exchanged glances. The word “pervert” was lingering, unsaid. Alessandra asked: 
“Well, okay, I guess? It’s just surprising you went from super thin to … this?”
She made a vague gesture at her friend. Lucrezia chuckled and echoed the gesture: 
“Yes. This feels way better than this.” She lifted the pinkie on her right hand, suggesting her thinness. “It certainly means less stress with food. I mean, actually, it’s complicated, because I now have to be careful to eat enough.”
The waiter showed up and she ordered a coffee. Alessandra couldn’t give it a rest yet: 
“Okay … I get it. I just … are you using those steroids?”
Lucrezia was amused by her curiosity. Alessandra was always the one to go head first. She was curious, and she didn’t hold back. The young musclewoman grinned: 
“I do. You’d have to have amazing genetics to get to my level without them.”
The three other women stared at her. They were obviously in shock. The waiter put the coffee on the table and left again. Eventually, Sara managed: 
“So that’s why your face looks weird?”
“My face looks weird?”
“Yeah. It’s so … broad? I mean, you look so different.”
What she said was true, of course. Lucrezia had worked on her makeup to hide her growing chin and jaw. She made sure to contour it and reduce the visibility of her side-effects. 
Still, the situation was uncomfortable. The other women looked at her in barely hidden disgust. She tried to smile, but after finishing her coffee, she “suddenly discovered” an important message on her phone and had to leave. 
When she came back home, she was grumpy and annoyed. She was pretty sure the three other young women had spent the rest of the evening making fun of her. 
Noah noticed her fury and asked:  “Would you need a bit of pampering?”
She sighed, then nodded: 
“That would be great.”
He got to work, starting with an emergency chocolate ration, then moving on to a foot massage. He hesitated for a moment. It was a bit of a weird experience. Her toenails were perfectly painted in her beloved deep red, but somehow, her feet had gotten wider and more massive. It was strange to touch them. They had gone from slim and elegant to strong and quite thick. Also, they had this odd smell … It wasn’t bad … It was just confusing. 
Still, he busied himself, kneading her foot and softening up her toes. She sighed happily and leaned back, enjoying the treatment. Noah massaged her sole carefully so as not to tickle her. She stretched happily, her lats spreading out a bit. She wondered how long it would take before she would get close to his size … 
Sure, after this experience, she wasn’t certain she really wanted that … Or was she? She looked at her buff boyfriend and thought … Okay. Maybe she did want that?

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