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Author Topic: The Stingers  (Read 17698 times)

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The Stingers
« on: November 11, 2023, 11:42:01 pm »
Hi guys,  I've written many chapters for this new story!

The Stingers!

All characters are 18+; includes Female Muscle Growth, FUTA and some mild and even encouraged emasculation.

The Stingers - Chapter 1

Once again, Janet Stinger arrived home from a productive day of continuing to build and maintain her lucrative Elderly Care business only to find her husband Stu Stinger asleep on the couch, his hand in his crotch and a bag of potato chips open on the coffee table with a few crumbs and broken chips scattered on the floor.  She shook her head in disgust, picked up the broken pieces from the floor, sealed the bag and walked into the kitchen to put them away.

As she closed the pantry door, Steve was just rounding the corner to grab another Mountain Dew and head back upstairs to continue his online video game playing.  He looked disheveled, like he had done nothing but play video games all day and he was starting to get a belly just like his dad.
“Steve dear.” Janet asked, “How was your day at school?”

“Oh, hey mom.”  He reluctantly responded, “I told dad I wasn’t feeling well, so he called me out, um, so I didn’t go.”

He could see the look of disgust on his mom’s face and he rolled his eyes as she said, “Honey, you’re only a month into your senior year and have just 2 absences left before they won’t even let you graduate.  You’ve got to quit missing school to stay home and play video games all day!!!”

“I know, I know.  I think that’ll be the last day mom…I promise.”  Steve responded quickly, knowing that would satisfy her for now and he’d deal with his next sick day and make sure she didn’t find out.  Before she could even respond, Steve fled back around the corner and up the stairs with his soda as to make sure he got back to his gaming immediately.

Janet shook her head in confusion.  Stu had been very athletic in high school when he and Janet started dating and he had even been the one to get her into endurance athletics to begin with.  She was very tall, even taller than Stu, but kind of thin and not into sports.  But it turned out that she was really good at swimming, running and biking and the little mini-marathon Stu had urged her to enter their senior year in school, set her off on a course to become and avid tri-athlete.  She had even competed in the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii and was one of the best competitors in her age group, now at 50.  Luckily Janet was so athletic and pretty, she still passed for a 35 year-old, but the same couldn’t be said for Stu.

Stu stood about 5’9”, had a pot belly from lack of exercise and a very poor diet.  He was probably 200+ pounds of soft, mushy man and he looked his age or more.  Janet loved him when they were younger but was finding it hard to keep the fires burning with this unmotivated, lazy sloth now.  Her biggest fear now was that her son Steve, who was the exact same height as Stu and close to the same build, would end up just like his father.  She was proud of their daughter Luanne for being so gifted scholastically and motivated athletically.  Luckily Luanne had inherited her mother’s 5’10.5” height so she was a stand out on the girls track team where she did high jump and long jump.

After Janet got pregnant with their twins Steve and Luanne, Stu figured he had sealed-the-deal with Janet.  She was the smarter one and as it turned out, he was a bit lazy and must have seen the determination and drive in her early on and just knew she would become the bread winner.  He was right.  She had built an Elderly Care agency while he did some online IT work.  She forged the money that bought Stu thousand and thousand in computers, monitors and phones for his IT dreams, but he barely used it and it took up an entire downstairs room/office.  His hours were maybe 4 per day tops in his current position and she easily brought home 4 or 5 times as much as Stu.  He only worked at all because Janet said it would set a terrible example for their kids if he did nothing all day.  Not that he did a lot more than that, but at least he was partially employed.

Janet went upstairs to take off her work clothes and threw on some running shorts and a sports bra.  Even at 50 years old, she had long, muscular legs and some ripped abs.  She either swam or biked, or ran on a daily basis and on the weekend she usually did two, if not all three.  Janet was pretty determined to win the 50-and-over division of the Ironman and knew, missing a day of practice was unacceptable.  Luanne obviously got her drive from Janet and was actually coming in from her own track practice at school as her mom was heading out the door.

They shared a quick hug in passing and Janet said, “Well Lu, you’re looking amazing in your little track outfit.  Leg muscles are on point dear!”

Luanne laughed and responded, “Oh my God mom, look at you, and you’re the one with the insane legs!”  Her mom laughed, shook her head and took off down the walkway to hit a few miles of pavement for her evening run.

Lu had the downstairs bedroom and headed across the hallway into the bathroom for a nice, long shower.  Ever since her 18th birthday, she had become somehow obsessed with her body.  She loved looking at her female form in the mirror and with her more recent muscle development from her lengthy, hard track practices, she started flexing for herself and masturbating to her own reflection.  Luanne felt like it was wrong somehow, but couldn’t help but get off on looking at the reflection of her long, buff legs.  She would even flex her arms and admire her own, small, but tanned and defined biceps muscles.  She didn’t have a boyfriend at school but thought to herself, “Who cares, I’ve got me and I know how to please myself anyway.”

After having some fun with herself and cleaning up, Lu hit the books and started studying for her biology test the next day.  It was a grueling schedule for her, but she was determined to be successful like her mom and was not going to let video games or laziness stand in her way.  Lu was so proud of her mom and although she loved her dad and brother, she just didn’t have much respect for their life styles.

Janet eventually returned from her run and as she walked inside, she knew it would be the same old story.  Stu would be watching the ball game, Steve would be upstairs playing video games and Lu would be in her bedroom studying.  She quickly poked her head in Lu’s room and said she was home and that dinner would be ready in an hour.  Lu then gave Stu a kiss on the cheek and told him the same thing and lastly Janet made her way upstairs to give Steve the same countdown.

It was a whole lot of the same for the Stinger’s and as frustrated as Janet could have been, she kept her head high, took a quick shower and then began preparing dinner.  She liked wearing yoga pants and a small tank top when around the house.  She was proud of her athletically toned body and hoped that by subtly showing it off on a nightly basis around the house, it would subliminally motivate her family to be healthy and in shape.  Unfortunately, it only worked on her daughter Lu.  Stu almost resented his wife now for all of her financial and athletic success and son Steve just seemed indifferent.

Janet needed to carb load for her weekend activities so had prepared a pasta with a very healthy, avocado sauce.  Lu loved it and complimented her mom on it immediately, while Steve got up and warmed up some Ragu, tomato based sauce to pour over his pasta.  Stu gave Steve a nudge and he knew his dad wanted some as well, so he poured a bit on Stu’s pasta as well.

“Way to ruin mom’s awesome avocado sauce dip shit!” Luanne barked out at her brother.

“Shut up, kiss ass!” Steve said right back.

“Oh Jesus shorty.” Lu shot back, “No wonder you’re so short and fat!”

Steve just stuck out his tongue at his twin sister and downed a mouthful of the pasta.

“Luanne Stinger!  That’s no way to talk to your brother, now apologize.” Janet demanded of her daughter.

Luanne wasn’t too happy about it and as she pleaded, “But mom…” Janet just shook her head no and repeated, “Apologize.”

Luanne knew she had crossed the line.  She normally just made fun of Steve in his room or elsewhere, but at the dinner table was a bit too much for her mom to handle.  Lu got up, walked a few steps over, wrapped her long, fit arms around his soft body and said, “I’m sorry bro….but it’s not like you’re tall ya know.”  Janet gave Lu a wicked glare, so she quickly added, “Just kidding bro…I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

That seemed to suffice mom and the fam continued to finish their meal and make small chit chat.  Eventually they cleaned up their plates and made their way back to their respective rooms.  Steve back up to his video-games, Lu to her room to get some much needed rest and Janet and Stu up to their room so she could answer a few late e-mails and plan for the next day, while Stu turned on the TV and finished watching the game.

The Break-In...

An ear-piercing scream echoed through the house at two o’clock in the morning!!!  Janet jumped from her sleep and had her feet on the ground in seconds.  Again, an ear-piercing scream bellowed loudly.  Janet knew it was Lu and yelled for Stu to call 911 as she burst out the door.  On her way by Steve’s room, she threw open his door and yelled at him to come down quick.  He had already turned toward the room door, away from his computer screen as he had also heard the loud screams.

As Janet ran down the stairs, holding a small lamp she had grabbed from a small table at the top of the stairs she looked in horror at the scene below.  Three men dressed in black, with ski masks on were in the landing.  There was Stu’s computers, laptops and monitors all lined up to be taken out the door, but the worst was seeing Lu struggling with one of them who held her down from behind, trying desperately to cover her mouth.

One of the burglars reached out to grab Janet as she came down the stairs, wearing nothing but small panties and a crop top.  But he hadn’t figured on a mother’s protective instincts and she flew at him with the lamp and busted it over his head.  Shocked, he fell back and tripped over one of the computers.  He landed with a crack and probably hit his head in the fall.  He laid in agony as Janet quickly made her way to Luanne.  Before she could get there, she was tackled from the side and hit the ground just feet from her daughter.  She screamed and kicked as she was being smothered by the big man.

Luanne finally managed to move her head a little and bit as hard as she could into the hand that was trying to cover her mouth.  That burglar screamed in pain as well and Lu almost managed to escape.  But the burglar was too quick and grabbed her trailing leg, causing her to fall face first into the ground.  In a flash, he was onto her back and reached a piece of cloth around her mouth and tied it tightly around her head.  He tried to secure her arms too over the next minute or so, but Lu was too quick and slippery and he just couldn’t get her wrists close enough together to zip-tie them.  She was unable to scream loudly again though, and with him on her back, she wasn’t going to be able to move either.

The burglar who tackled Janet didn’t expect her to be so strong.  She was a triathlete and although her muscles were long and lean, she was a lot stronger than she looked.  After 60 seconds or so, she kind of wiggled out from under him.  As he stood up, Janet used her leg strength to kick him firmly in the chest, causing him to trip back and hit the wall with a thud. 

Janet quickly jumped to her feet and bum rushed the guy on top of her daughter.  They went flying onto the rug next to the coffee table but unfortunately, he kind of squirmed on top of Janet.  She tried to move out from him too, but he was heavier than the first guy and she seemed stuck.  Lu still had the gag around her mouth but began kicking the burglar on her mom as hard as she could.  It worked and he fell to the side and her mom was able to stand up.

Janet and Lu now stood next to each other.  The most recent burglar and the one Janet had previously kicked into the wall now started coming at the girls.  The original guy, who Janet had blasted with the lamp had finally come to his senses and he must have been the leader.  He heard the distant sirens and ordered. “Let’s get the fuck out of her guys…Cops are coming!”

The two other guys quickly followed the leader out the front door.  But as they ran, one of them looked dead at the girls and said, “We’ll be back for you fucking bitches!!!” He then disappeared into the darkness and the girls heard a car speed away.

Still scared shitless, Janet grabbed Lu and ran her up the stairs to the safety of Stu’s embrace.  But as they reached the bedroom, Stu was nowhere to be found.  “Stu, Stu!” Janet called out.  But as the seconds passed and she didn’t see her husband, she ran into Steve’s room thinking he might be there.  No one was visible there either.  Out of instinct, because as a kid, whenever Steve thought he was in trouble, he would hide in his closet, she opened Steve’s closet door.  Sure enough, Steve was ducked down, kind of covered with a blanket in the closet corner.

Janet was relieved to know her son was safe and immediately asked him, “Where’s your dad Stevey, where’s dad?”  He just sat motionless without a response so Luanne, who had finally pulled down her gag yelled, “Steve!  Where’s Dad?”  This time, he mustered a partial response and simply shook his head from side to side, meaning I don’t know.

Frustrated, the girls walked back into the hallway, and as Janet peered back into her bedroom, the bathroom light illuminated the bed from behind and there seemed to be a large shadow under the bed.  It scared the shit out of Janet at first, thinking it might be another burglar, but then she realized it was her husband.  “Stu, is that you?” she asked loudly.

The shadow began to move and before he could answer, as he made his way out Janet lost her shit.  “Stu! What the fuck are you doing hiding under the bed?  We’re down there fighting for our lives and you’re up her hiding under the bed like a scared little bitch.  You muther fucker! You muther fucker…some father you are…” she screamed even more loudly and she started slapping him.

Lu was mad too, but she couldn’t handle the violence.  She just grabbed onto her mom tightly and begged her to stop.  Stu had grabbed her too and they both worked on calming her down as the cop’s entered the house and began barking for someone to reply.

Janet, Lu and Stu slowly made their way downstairs and the extent of the carnage was evident when the living room lights were turned on.  Lu still had the beige cloth hanging around her neck.  Her lip and chin were covered in blood from the bite she had taken out of the burglar’s hand.  She was covered in sweat as well and her white nightshirt had red spots on it everywhere from the struggle.  Her knees were bruised and bloodied from the trip and her arms were developing bruises from the firm grip the burglar placed upon her when he was trying to restrain her.     

Mom was not much better.  Her right arm and shoulder had taken a direct hit during one of the tackles and there was a deep red mark forming on her bruised face from where one of the burglars had struck her.  Luanne quickly grabbed her mom a long nightshirt so she could cover up her exposed body as they would be there a while with the cops assessing the situation.

As they looked around the room, they also noticed the damage they had inflicted on the three assailants.  There was blood on the tile where the one Janet initially struck with the lamp had fallen and hit his head.  There was also a deep, dent I the drywall where Janet had kicked the burglar and he fell back hard against it.  Lastly, there was a blood spot on the ground where Lu had been held and then managed to bite his hand.

The cop looked around at the room and at the girls and said, “Wow, this looks like a damn battle zone, I’m happily surprised everyone is essentially ok.”

They eventually all sat down and the ambulance arrived to care for Lu and Janet’s injuries.  The lead officer took all the statements and did his best to create an accurate report of the incident.  He mentioned to Lu that the fact that she had bitten one of the burglars might actually help them greatly.  One of the officers carefully gathered some blood samples from the area on the floor where Lu had struggled with one of the assailants.  The officer also swabbed some samples from Lu’s cheek and bruised face.  Whatever DNA didn’t match Lu’s would definitely be that of the burglar.

It was clear that the Stinger’s were all very shaken up by the events, and the officer tried to make them feel at ease, by keeping a patrol car stationed at their house overnight.  After the investigating cops did leave, the family all cuddled up on Janet and Stu’s bed and tried their best to get some rest, knowing tomorrow was going to be a busy day of clean-up and the girls were asked to do a follow up at the hospital to take a few x-rays to make sure they would be ok. 

The Hospital

Janet and Lu were go getters and early risers.  Janet woke up first and was immediately in agony.  The physical beating she had taken the night before had taken its toll, and now that the massive amounts of adrenaline had worn off, her whole body ached massively from head to toe.  She managed to wiggle herself off the bed and her muscles were so sore, she literally fell to the ground.  As she laid there moaning quietly, trying not to wake the family, she heard Lu wake as well.

Luanne was as bad as her mom and she started crying loudly as the pain started to settle in for her as well.  Janet’s motherly instincts kicked in and she slowly got herself to her feet and walked over to the other side of the bed to grab her daughter tightly and try to comfort her with her love.  Before long, both of the girls were bawling loudly and tears of emotion streamed down their faces.  Apparently it wasn’t loud enough to wake the boys though and Janet eventually wrapped Lu in her strong arms and walked her into the bathroom and shut the door.

As they looked at each other in the bathroom, both were horrified by what they saw.  Janet was looking at her daughter whose entire face was badly swollen.  The burglar had tripped her at one point and she barely got her hands up in time and only partially blocked her face from slamming hard into the ground.  She had also bit her own lip while taking a bite out of the burglar, so her lip was still bloody, cut and swollen.

Luanne was equally in shock as she looked at her mom.  Janet had fallen hard on her side and her shoulder and arm were purple, black and blue from the impact.  Her hip was also badly bruised and swollen.  The girls were both a mess and physically beaten up.  Janet was so sore she had a hard time even walking and Luanne started crying uncontrollably when she finally looked at her own inflamed and bloodied face in the mirror.

Janet decided to get the shower going and as the water got hot, the steam started to fill the room.  The girls both stepped under the warm water as it was a two headed shower. Janet was having a hard time moving her right arm though so Luanne helped out and scrubbed up her mom’s fit, but bruised body as best she could.  Janet winced in pain as Lu lathered up her bruised side, but she kept a though demeanor and let her daughter finish cleaning her up.

He girls eventually got dressed in comfortable, loose clothing and made their way to the hospital.  Janet was still extremely upset with Stu and left him at home to clean up while Lu drove them over.  It was even painful for Janet to sit in a car seat and the anger at her pussy of a husband was only getting worse as she started to realize how badly she and her daughter had been hurt.

Luanne was a little better off than her mom.  She ended up having the facial bruising and some cuts and scrapes, but no broken bones.  Unfortunately, the cut on her lip was a little worse off and she required two outside stitches and three inside stitches to close the gap.  She cried, as all highshool girls would seeing the Frankenstein like stitches in her face.  She was fuming, knowing she would be ugly in her eyes with the stitches and feared they would leave a horrendous scar once they were removed.  Janet tried to set her at ease, but it was an uphill battle.  Lu started crying again at the hospital at the sight of the black curly stitches in her lip.

As Lu was starting to calm down from the pain of the procedure, Janet went to the back room for x-rays.  It could have been worse, but she ended up with a small hairline fracture in her shoulder, and another one in her right hand.  Neither of them required surgery, but the doctor suggested that she tape her index and ring finger together for the next few weeks and try to not lift anything with her right arm for the next few weeks as well.

As the girls made their way back home, they were stopped at a red light. They had probably passed the establishment 100 times without realizing it, but this time, Lu turned the car into a strip mall parking lot and pulled up to the front of an MMA gym.  Janet looked at her daughter, immediately knowing what she was thinking and asked, “Really…an MMA gym?”

“Yes Mom.” Lu answered.  “I’ve been thinking about it all day.  I can’t count on anybody to defend myself, but me…and maybe you I guess.  But certainly not dad and Steve.  They’re scared little bitches mom and I think I’ve got to do this.  Maybe you do too.”

“Oh honey.” Janet answered quickly, “I don’t think violence is something I want to be taught.  We need to preach peace and love, not fighting and vengeance.”

“Fine mom, you can sit back and just wait for those burglars to return.  You heard him mom!  He said they would be back to get us.  That doesn’t scare you?  I can tell you that dad and Steve won’t be any good to us if they do come back.”  Lu shouted and then quickly got out of the car and ran into the MMA gym.  Janet waited patiently, knowing this type of place just wasn’t for her.  Within a few minutes, Lu returned to the car with a brochure and all the information she needed.

“So, you really want to do this honey?” Janet asked her bruised and battered daughter.  With that, Lu just shook her head yes, handed her mom the brochure and drove them home to start picking up the pieces of their recently interrupted lives.
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The Stingers
« on: November 11, 2023, 11:42:01 pm »

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Re: The Stingers
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2023, 11:45:07 pm »
Chapter 2

The Stingers – part 2

New Training

Luanne had now joined the MMA gym down the block from her house and was attending the beginner classes right after track practice.  The class started off with mostly stretching but then broke into all kinds of different fun stuff they called functional fitness.  It included battle ropes, jump ropes, TRX suspension training, plyo boxes, kettlebells, medicine balls, free weights, and more.  The trainers were in ridiculously good shape, muscular, but not like bodybuilders and there was one thing that infatuated her the most…POWER!

When the lead female trainer Adela punched the Hanging boxing bag it made a huge thud.  When Adela kicked the boxing bag, it made an even bigger thud and actually swayed greatly from the force of her kick.  Luanne found herself watching Adela’s every move, wanting to someday be as powerful as she was.  Adela was also quite muscular in the upper body.  She had biceps and triceps and traps and lats.  Lu had muscular legs from track, but had never seen such defined upper body muscles on a woman.  Even Lu’s mom, who was a triathlete and pretty fit, didn’t have upper body muscles like Adela.

Unfortunately for Lu, track training left her a bit week in the upper body.  For high jump, you needed to just be long and lean.  Upper body size was actually discouraged as it meant you’d have more weight to try to lift and get over the bar.  Lu knew she had athletic genes and had purposely skipped meals.  Sometimes, she had actually thrown up meals at times when she accidentally gained a pound and so had consciously tried to limit her calorie intake.  Along with track training had come an eating disorder and Lu was so dedicated to being a star athlete, she had taken it a bit to the extreme.

The trainers and other members of the gym were a great learning resource for Lu immediately after a few days of joining.  The gym offered a comprehensive and wide range of muscle building supplements needed for the kind of intense H.I.T. programs.  They also had a meal plan program where they would provide members with pre-made lunch and dinners.  The meals packed all the protein, carbs and fats that were proven to successfully help the body build maximum amounts of muscle while members would get leaner and also much, much stronger.
After the second week of training at the MMA gym, Luanne found herself addicted with the soreness in her upper body that she had never experienced from track.  She didn’t even tell her mom yet, but Lu quit track so she could go right to the MMA gym after school and start training.  This extra time allowed Luanne to also sign up for Adela’s Power-of-the-Punch class.  The new class taught form and technique on how to deliver a powerful blow, utilizing the core, legs and arm muscles all in a perfectly timed and choreographed way.

Initially, when Lu started the class, her arms were rather week and so she barely hit the bag at all when delivering the blow.  But after the initial two weeks of regular class, and another two weeks of the Power-of-the-Punch class, in addition to eating the prescribed meals and taking the different MMA branded supplements…Lu was really starting to make a loud THUD of her own when she struck the bag.

Lu was really starting to gain a lot of confidence from the new training and when she stepped on the scale, she noticed she had gained 7 pounds of muscle in the first month.  The ideal weight for a world class female high jumper was 1.84 pounds per inch of height.  So at 5’10 ½” or basically 70.5 inches, she should weigh 129 pounds.  This resulted in her long and lean physique, with defined, muscular legs and six pack abs.  But no boobs to speak of and no upper body mass.  She probably looked freaky to all the other kids in high school.

But now, with all the eating and High Intensity Training she was up to 136 pounds.  This would have freaked her out a few weeks ago, but now she was embracing it…infatuated with it.  She flexed her arm in the mirror and was shocked to see a little bicep growing where only skin and bones existed just weeks before.  Instead of masturbating to her muscular legs, Lu now got in the shower, flexed her biceps muscle and lathered it with soap until she became wet and moist down below.  She then begin fingering herself rapidly while she looked at and licked and kissed her newly formed arm muscle.

The more she licked it, the hotter she got.  Lu began trying to damn near eat the beautiful muscle that was now hard and slightly protruding from her arm.  She started banging herself at lightning speed.  The feel of the warm, wet water on her thin, toned and tanned skin was amazing.  It was accentuated by the feel of the aloe scented silky soap she was licking and occasionally caressing over her ripped, muscular abs.  She couldn’t get enough of herself and the fact the her fingers were perfectly rubbing her clit sent her into orbit.  She gyrated faster and faster and faster as the tingling sensation overcame her entire body.  In an instant and with a loud moan, Lu climaxed and shot her wet juices all over her methodically rubbing hand and down her muscular legs.   

Completely contented, Lu let the warm hot water continue to run down her fit, exhausted body for a few minutes.  As it did, she had a moment to think.  She was a bit confused on why she loved seeing the muscle on herself and on Adela more than on the guys at the gym.  She thought guys were cute, or even good looking at school and always knew she’d end up with one…but right now, she was becoming weirdly obsessed with her own muscle development and watching the perfectly formed arm and back muscles of Adela at the gym.

Lu threw on a pair of short, black spandex shorts and a white crop top to head down stairs for her meal.  As she arrived at the fridge though, Steve was standing in the way.  His big lug of a fatso body was hunched over and looking for yet another Mountain Dew and probably some shitty snack food.  He looked and peered and looked and peered for what he was going to grab.  It was frustrating for Lu, as she’d done her best not to even talk to her brother or dad since they completely pussed out on protecting her and her mom against the robbers.

Finally she couldn’t wait any longer and blurted out, “Steve, can you find your God Damn junk food and get the fuck outta my way!”

Taking that as the insult it was meant to be, Steve simply responded, “No toothpick, I can’t.” and he continued to stay bent over and in his twin sister’s way.  He had not so affectionately nicknamed her toothpick and was constantly saying that no guys would find her attractive since she was too tall and didn’t have any boobs. Even as kind of a fat, slob, gamer, Steven had struck up a bit of a friendship with a girl from school who was a lot cuter than any girl Steven should be able to ever get.  But she was kind of a quiet, introvert gamer as well, so they did have a little bit in common.

Lu was on a mission and her little bitch pussy of a brother was in the way of her next, important meal.  She had never gotten physical with her brother before, or anyone for that matter, but she finally couldn’t take it.  She stuck her hand on his shoulder and kind of pushed him.  He barely budged and went right back to his lurking position.  Frustrated, Lu tried again but pushed a little harder.  He moved a little bit but chuckled and said, “As If!” sarcastically stating that there was no way his toothpick of a sister could budge him away from the fridge.

On instinct, and surely based off of the intense physical training and classes she was taking at the MMA gym, Lu lashed out.  With a slight drop of her shoulder and standing side by side to her 200+ pound brother, Lu thrust her weight and strength at Steve from the side.  As her left shoulder and hip, simultaneously blasted into his side, Steve went flying left of the fridge and hard onto the ground.  The soda he had just opened crashed to the floor and the carbonated drink blasted out fizz all over the floor and Steve.

“You’re gonna clean that up Bitch!”  Steve shouted at Luanne as he shot up from the floor and leaped towards his sister.  He planned to harshly knock her out of the way and retake his commanding position in front of the fridge and obviously grab another soda.

Again instinct took over and as Steve was just a few feet away, Lu took a big step to the left and then kicked her right leg out hard into her onrushing brother’s belly.  There was a massive THUD much like the sound the hanging bags make at the gym when struck properly.  A massive grunt and blast of air cascaded out of Steve’s mouth and he again hit the floor with a bang.  Lu immediately knew she had made a perfect kick and contact with the target.

This time, instead of popping up and rushing his sister, Steve laid in the fetal position gasping for air.  Lu had obviously knocked the wind out of her bigger brother and he was on the cold tile floor hoping he wouldn’t die from the blow.  As he slowly moved and struggled for air, Lu took the opportunity to grab her pre-made meal and put it in the microwave.  While the seconds on the timer slowly counted down, Steve eventually recovered and started to breathe again.  Still unable to speak while he took in as much air as possible, Lu said loudly, “Next time don’t be such an ass hole and get out of my way.”

Steve finally stood up, tears welling in his eyes.  It’s a natural reaction to cry a little bit when the wind is knocked out of you, but in Steve’s case, it was probably a huge knock to his pride as well that caused the waterworks.  He simply flipped her off, turned and went back up to his room for more gaming, just wanting to leave the scene of the recent ass kicking rather than mess with Lu right now to try and grab another soda.

Lu turned and took a seat at the island at the center of the kitchen to now devour her nicely warmed meal.  As she took the first bite of her chicken, a huge smile exploded across her face.  A simple month’s worth of training had granted her the strength, power and ability to blast her brother to the ground twice and make him scurry off in tears as she gained complete control of her kitchen domain.  She got a little moist down below for some reason and had to give her clit a little rub from the odd tingling she was feeling there.  She wasn’t too worried about Steve as she knew she had only knocked the wind out of him, but the adrenaline rush from the fight had really flushed through every inch of her body.

On que, Janet rushed down stairs to see what all the fuss was about.  She had passed Steve on the way and he didn’t say a word and tried to hide the tears from her as he ran into his room.  “What the hell happened just now Lu?  And why is there soda all over the floor?” Janet yelled.
Lu didn’t say a word.  She just smiled and took another big bite of her meal and shrugged her shoulders, as if she was saying, “I don’t know.”

“Lu.  I mean it.  What just happened?  I heard Steve yell at you, and then saw him running up the stairs in tears.  What did you say to him to make him do that?” Janet asked.

“Say.  What did I say to Steve to make him cry?  Ummm, I really didn’t say much at all mom.  Apparently he’s clumsy and he fell down and spilled his soda all over the floor and he didn’t even have the respect for you to clean it up.”  Lu responded confidently.

Janet knew something wasn’t right about the response.  Maybe it was one of those twin sibling things she needed to stay out of and let them figure it out.  Still though, she wasn’t confident there wasn’t more too it and that she shouldn’t get more involved.  Janet gave a little lip service to Lu and then said, “Hmmm, seems like there was more going on there Luanne Stinger.”

She used Luanne’s first and last name so of course Lu knew her mother was perturbed.  Still she just smiled at her mom, tilted her head to the side and shrugged her shoulders again.  Janet gave her an inquisitive look and then walked around to the spilled soda and began cleaning it up.  Lu just sat there content in her recent actions and enjoyed the Cajun Chicken medley meal in front of her.

A few minutes later, Lu wondered back to her room to do some stretching and a little homework before bed.  Janet walked in the office to look at the video.  Right after the burglary, they had a security company come and install alarms on all the doors and windows.  In addition, the security company installed cameras outside the house and also in a few rooms in the house.  Luckily for Janet, the camera that was installed in the corner of the living room, also had a clear sightline to the part of the kitchen just in front of the refrigerator.

Janet watched the replay and her mouth dropped in awe of what she had just witnessed.  The view showed what looked like some dialogue between the two kids and it was obvious Lu was trying to get into the fridge to grab her meal.  Janet watched Lu make a couple of small pushed into her bigger brother and it had the evident effect…nothing.  She then watched her daughter take a step back, then coil her body and blast it into her son’s side.  To Janet’s surprise, clearly knowing that Steve outweighed her daughter by 70 or 80 pounds, he went flying to the floor after the impact.

Janet thought that was all that had happened and was surprised to see Steve pop up so quickly and rush Luanne.  She was then complete shocked and aghast at what she witnessed now.  As Steve rushed forward, but in the blink of an eye, Lu completely shifted her weight and her right leg exploded into Steve’s stomach.  The effect was instant and her son fell to the floor in pain.  As her son seemed to be gasping for air, kind of in the fetal position, Janet then watched Lu casually place her meal in the microwave and start warming it up.  She watched as Steve eventually got his wind back and he slowly, clumsily rose to his feet.  Instead of the further aggression she expected, Janet watched Steve flip off his sister and then rush out of the room.  Presumably, that’s when Janet passed him on the stairs and witnessed his pained face and tears in his eyes.

Janet stopped the video and swiftly walked to Lu’s room.  She respected her daughter’s privacy but just gave the door a quick knock and then blasted in.  Lu was sitting on the ground with her long, tanned legs outstretched as she worked out the tightness from today’s workout.  She peered up at her mom and it was clear Janet was not satisfied with her answer about the earlier events with her brother.  “You kicked your brother in the stomach!” Janet stated loudly.

Lu peered up in stunned silence.  She couldn’t believe her rat brother already told on her.  “Umm, no.” Lu responded, hoping it would just be his word against hers.  “Don’t tell me NO!, young lady, I just watched the whole thing on video.  “Video?” Lu said inquisitively. 

“Yes dear…video.  We have video cameras in the house now…or did you forget.”  Janet responded.  She could tell by the look on her daughter’s face that she had clearly forgotten that they now had video cameras in the house. 

Lu waited a few moments, realized she’d been caught lying and then defended herself by saying, “Well, he was being a jerk and I was surprised I kind of knocked him down in the first place.  Then I was even more shocked when he decided to rush me.  And I guess I got scared and instinct just kind of took over and I did sort of kick him.  But it was more out of self-defense than you’d think.”

Janet thought for a moment and realized the situation did escalate really quickly.  It didn’t look premeditated, but she still wasn’t happy her kids were fighting.  “Well Lu dear.  I need you to go up and apologize to your brother.  He looked pretty shaken and upset when I passed him on the stairs.” She asked her daughter.

“Shaken and upset!  He should be shaken and upset.  He was being the bully and not letting me eat and he got a little dose of reality.  He’s the damn bully, why do you want me to apologize?” Lu responded angrily.

“Lu, I don’t want to argue.  You dropped your brother to the ground twice. You knocked the wind out of him, and you had him scurrying up the stairs crying like a thirteen year-old girl.  That’s why I want you to apologize.” Janet finished.

“Fine!” Lu relented and she quickly walked out of the room and rushed upstairs to do as her mother had asked.
Lu returned to her room, where her mom was still waiting and took her stretching position on the floor next to her bed.  As she stretched, Janet then said, “So now that that’s over dear, I must say, it was really impressive.”
Lu looked at her mom with a confused expression.  “Your striking and ability to knock over someone 80 pounds more than you…that’s insane Lu.  Is that what they’re teaching you at the MMA gym?”

She realized her mom was now past the little altercation and was seemingly, genuinely interested in what she had been doing there.  “Not only that mom, but we’ve been doing these crazy high intensity workouts and lifting weights and punching and kicking and trying to get strong and powerful.  Check this out!” Lu said as she brought up her right arm and flexed it firmly.

Janet’s eyes bugged out of her head as she witnessed a small, firm, bulge form on the top of her daughter’s arm.  Lu had always been a string bean in the upper body and the sight of a little muscle on her was shocking.  “Oh my god!” she exclaimed as she reached out and grabbed a hold of her daughter’s muscle.

Lu continued to flex and relax her arm over and over again while her mother held it, just to show her how hard it had become.  “Look at this too.” Lu demanded of her mom as she also began flexing and relaxing her quads, showing her mom she had gained some hardness and muscle in them as well.

Her mom was super impressed and Janet immediately began asking in detail about all of the exercise and boxing classes they were teaching Lu.  She also asked about the meals and was astonished that her tall thin daughter could add 7 pounds of muscle in only a month.  As dedicated as Lu was to anything she set her mind too, Janet immediately realized she’d have a bad ass, 5’10.5” daughter in no time.  But Janet was a go-getter also, and she was already realizing she should do it too.  She looked at Lu and asked, “So, would you mind if I joined the gym with you dear?” 

“Of course not mom, I’d love if you joined the gym with me.”  Lu answered honestly and with a big pause and grin before adding.  “But first, umm…can I see that video of me kicking Steve’s ass?”

The girls laughed hysterically and hugged…about to take a journey that they and Steve and Stu would never forget.

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Re: The Stingers
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Chapter 3

The Gamer

Within the next couple of weeks, the facial scars on Janet and Lu had come down significantly.  Lu had worn hers around school and the MMA gym as a reminder of what had happened.  It had helped fuel her fire over the past month to begin working out twice daily with maximum intensity and spurred her focus on nutrition and building muscle.  She also used it as a tool to project a mental beating on her brother and dad.

Lu would tell the complete story of the burglary and all of the events.  Making sure to really emphasize to classmates, coaches and neighbors what wimps and pussies her dad and brother were.  Steve could barely show his face around high school now that everyone knew what he had not done to help.  Lu reveled in that fact and loved how he had lost some friends following the event.  The more Lu told the story, the more and more she also lost all respect for Steve and Stu.

On the other hand, Janet had covered her scars up with makeup, not wanting to be reminded of the physical and mental beating she and her daughter had received at the hands of the burglars.  It also helped suppress her complete disrespect in her husband and disappointment in her son for not helping protect the girls in the family.  She still loved her son Steve, but her relationship with Steve had gone downhill rapidly and she had asked him to start sleeping in the guest bedroom.

Janet had also started attending classes at the MMA gym and she was really impressed with how her daughter attacked the workouts and the punching bag.  As Lu would kick the big bag, a loud THUD would echo throughout the gym, causing the other gym attendees to jerk their head in that direction, noticing who was kicking and hitting the bag with such power.  Adela was always just feet away as Lu’s personal coach and she was always yelling encouragement and spurring Lu on, to kick and hit harder and harder.

As the sweat would build up and cover Lu’s mostly exposed body from head to toe, Adela and Lu would constantly be fist pumping and hugging.  Janet was really impressed with Adela’s muscular body and knew that Lu was too.  She knew at that moment that before long, her very focused, and very determined daughter would probably be doing everything in her power to build as muscular of a physique as Adela’s.

It had only ben six weeks since Lu had started working out at the MMA gym but she had shown incredible progress.  She was already working out with the elite athletes in the gym and the muscles in Lu’s legs were noticeably bigger.  There was a scale in the side of the boxing ring and during one of the breaks, while Janet was grabbing some water, she saw Lu walk over and step on the scale.  Curious, Janet walked over and asked, “You’re looking more and more fit honey.  Did you add a bit of muscle lately?”

Lu was giddy with excitement and answered “Yes mom, I did!  I just hit 140!”  Normally Lu would have freaked out in the past if she even gained a pound and would purge herself after eating in fear of any gain in weight.  Now, her beautiful, athletic daughter was excited as a schoolgirl with the increase weight and muscle gain.

“Check this out!” Lu said aggressively to her mother and then decided to hit a quad pose.  The muscles jumped out of her fit legs and the high-jumpers long, lean muscle was now being built upon greatly.  The size increased tremendously and three, separated, long bumps of muscle ran lengthwise from just below Lu’s shorts, down to just above her knee cap.  Janet was beyond impressed with the buffness of her daughter’s quads and she couldn’t help but reach down and feel the muscular bulges.

“Oh my god Lu!” Janet exclaimed, “That’s gorgeous.”

“Look at these.” Lu then stated and she hit a double biceps pose.  On que, her biceps popped up firmly and created two very visible biceps muscles.  The upper head was a nice rounded bump and there was obvious separation between the upper and lower portion of the muscle.  Janet’s presumption from just minutes before was already being proven correct.  She knew Lu would want to build a muscular physique like Adela’s, she just didn’t think it could happen this soon.

“How are you building muscle so fast?” Janet asked her now more muscular daughter.
“I’m eating twice the recommended portions mom.” Lu answered.  “Instead of eating one meal prep portion for lunch and one for dinner, I’m spreading them out and eating one every two hours.  So I’m getting four portions per day, plus all of the supplements.”

It was definitely working and as they were speaking, Janet noticed something else.  She walked up to just a couple inches from her daughter’s nose.  Instead of being the same height, Lu’s nose was easily an inch higher than Janet’s.  Both had stood exactly 5 feet, 10 ½ inches tall just a couple months before, but now it was clear Lu was taller.  “I think you’ve grown in height to dear.” Janet said as a huge grin flashed upon her daughters face.

Lu immediately put her hand upon her open, surprised mouth as she just realized that fact.  She rushed over to the scale again where there was also a height bar.  Lu flipped off her workout shoes, pressed her back firmly against the bar and asked Janet to take a look.  Janet pulled up the height bar, flipped the arm out and extended it to the top of her daughter’s head and took the reading.
“Oh my God!” Janet explained as she looked in her daughter’s eyes with an excited, amazed stare.
“What mom, What?” Lu blurted out, wanting to know the reading.
“Well Lu…” Janet stated with confidence, “You’re not in the 5 foot category anymore.”
“How tall…how tall!” Lu eagerly asked loudly.
“Six foot even my dear!” Janet answered as she watched her elated daughter jump in the air for joy with elation and then run over to Adela and embrace her affectionately as she blurted out her new weight and height.

Janet loved her daughter more than anything in the world.  Seeing Lu so happy by gaining muscle and height made Janet want to help in any way she could.  If it meant more meal-preps and more supplements, damn it…Janet was going to get those for her.  But in the meantime and wanting to be part of the happy moment, Janet walked over and greeted the nicely muscled Adela and Lu and shared a celebratory hug as well.  She also committed to becoming Adela’s student and would work on scheduling her time with Adela so that it didn’t conflict or get in the way of Lu’s personal training class with her.

The girls were both elated after the endorphin pumping workout and also after learning of Lu’s new height and weight gains.  Instead of going straight home and preparing meals for the family, Janet suggested they go grab a wonderful steak at Fleming’s steak house.  Lu would never eat steak in the past because of the calories, but now that she had different physical goals, a steak sounded like the perfect celebratory meal.

The girls got to the restaurant, still in their workout gear.  Janet had a small, tight fitting hoodie to put on, but Lu didn’t…and didn’t care.  She waltzed in with her new 6 foot tall, fit, muscular physique and she was damn proud to show it off.  Heads turned as the girls were escorted to a booth and it was obvious they were the two hottest girls in the place.

They ordered filets, baked potatoes, grill asparagus and a bottle of red wine.  The male waiter was too enamored with the hot girls at his table and chose not to insult them by asking for i.d.  That helped and the girls chatted, laughed and absolutely devoured every ounce of their steaks and sides over the next thirty minutes.  They also downed the bottle of red and were feeling no pain at all too be sure.  As the plates were clean, the waiter eventually came back and asked if the girls needed anything else.  But instead of getting a desert order or a request for the check, Lu looked up and said, “Ya know…I think I’ll have another steak!”

The waiter and Janet were shocked at that order.  But Lu was growing like a weed and now that she knew her increased nutrition intake was making her stronger, more muscular and taller, she was going to eat everything in sight!  Janet laughed but gave the waiter the go-ahead.  He scurried off to get that second steak for Lu and Janet reaffirmed herself that she’d do anything to make her daughter the happiest girl in the world.  If that meant buying Lu a second $45 filet, then by god, she was getting a second $45 filet!

After many more laughs and fun, the meal finally came to an end.  Janet paid the bill and the girls walked out of the restaurant, flashing their good looks the whole way.  They pulled up to the driveway and noticed a strange car in the drive.  It was a white VW Jetta.  Neither of them knew who it could belonged to, and rushed inside to find out.
They walked into the kitchen and sure enough, there was a strange girl grabbing two Mountain Dews out of the fridge.  She looked at Janet and Lu and said, “Oh hi.  You must be Mrs. Stinger.  I’m Chrissy, a friend of Steve’s”

“A friend of Steve’s. Oh that’s nice.  I’m glad to meet you Chrissy.  I’m Janet and this is my daughter Luanne.”  Janet answered.

Chrissy was cute, maybe even pretty, 5’6” tall, had long brown hair, was thin but did have nice, firm legs, like a dancer or something and wore very thick glasses.  They were so thick that it was obvious contact lenses were out of the question and they didn’t hide the fact that she was slightly cross-eyed.  It made sense to Lu that she must be blind.  How else would Steve ever get a cute, thin girl like her to hang out with him?

“How did you guys meet?”  Lu asked nicely, still curious how the hell Steve the sloth of a brother got her here.

“Oh, well, I’m a bigtime gammer like Steve and we’ve been playing online together for a year.  I live just a few miles away so when he invited me over, I thought it’d be fun to meet.” Chrissy replied politely.

“Oh, that’s so great Chrissy.” Lu said, “You seem so nice and cute.  It’ll be fun having you over.”  As she finished her sentence, especially after letting Chrissy know she thought she was cute, Lu bent in front of her, into the fridge, lightly brushing her exposed skin and chest against Chrissy’s surprisingly nice boobs.  Lu grabbed a protein shake, lightly brushed against Chrissy again on the way out and then turned away, flashing her exquisite ass and legs to Chrissy and confidently sauntered off to her room to shower.

Janet thought it was a bit odd that Lu was so nice to a friend of Steve’s.  She knew how much Lu loathed her twin brother after the incident.  It was nice to see Lu so polite to Chrissy.  Janet excused herself as well and walked upstairs to clean up, happy that maybe her kids would be getting along better moving forward.  She had her own battle to fight with Stu and herself becoming more and more distant as the weeks had worn on.

Lu quickly took her shower and then waited for her opportunity to pounce.  Her brother drank Mountain Dew like a fish drinks water and Lu knew it was probably only a matter of time before the lazy fuck asked Chrissy to run down and get him another one. 

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Lu watched from the open crack in her bedroom door as Chrissy entered the kitchen again to get Steve a drink.  She rushed over and stood just on the other side of the open fridge door.  As Chrissy closed the door, Lu stood inches away, towering six feet tall in nothing but a small, blue bikini top and bottoms.  Chrissy practically jumped out of her skirt in fear and let out a little scream as Lu startled the shit out of her by sneaking up.

“Oh my God Chrissy.  I’m so sorry to scare you.  I just needed your opinion on something real quick.” Lu said as Chrissy tried to regain her breath and calm down.

After a few moments of pause, Chrissy replied as she looked up at the towering, physically fit, bikini wearing girl in front of her, “sure, um…Luanne. Um, what can I help you with?”

“Oh my gosh, call me Lu Chrissy, that’s what all my friends call me.” Luanne responded.
“Ok Lu…sure…ya, what can I help you with?”
“Well, um, it’s kind of hard to ask but I just need an honest opinion and I just can’t get one here.”  Lu said, “I’ve been really into working out lately, and I’m getting these kind of buff legs.  I just don’t know if anyone will think their attractive or if they’re just gross muscles.”  With that, Lu stuck out one long leg, placing it past and just to the side of Chrissy’s rather fit left leg.

Chrissy looked down and ogled Lu’s tanned, fully exposed, flexed leg as the three muscles bulged from her quads surface.  “Oh Wow Lu!  That’s incredible!” Chrissy responded as she couldn’t believe how perfectly muscled Lu’s leg was.

Lu continued to slowly rotate the leg slightly left, then slightly right, constantly flexing and relaxing the muscle for full, hypnotizing effect.  Eventually, Chrissy couldn’t help but reach down and touch it.  Felling the rock-hard, bulging muscles in her soft, almost trembling hand.  “Do you like it?” Lu asked quietly.

Chrissy nodded her head Yes as she continued to slowly, methodically caress Lu’s muscular quad.

“What about this?” Lu asked as she brought her leg back, stood up tall, turned three quarters away from Chrissy and firmly flexed her perfectly sculpted ass.

The blue bikini material barely covered anything and Chrissy was staring at an almost completely exposed, rock-hard, bulging, muscle filled glute.  For full effect, Lu again began flexing and relaxing it over and over again, so Chrissy could see it slightly soften up to a hard, but pliable surface and then BAM!  Lu would flex it massively, creating a rapid, rock-solid bulge for Chrissy to ogle.  Without provocation, Chrissy reached out and felt Lu’s relaxing and flexing butt.  She was mesmerized by its size and shape and just said, “It’s perfect Lu.  Absolutely perfect.”

“So Chrissy.” Lu asked, “You would agree with me thinking that my muscular legs and ass are attractive?”

“Uh huh!” Chrissy again answered affirmatively.

“Splendid.” Lu followed, “Do you want to see something else I want to show you?”
Again, Chrissy nodded Yes as she stared at Lu’s lower physique. 

“Good.” Lu said and then grabbed Chrissy by the hand and slowly walked in front of her, allowing Chrissy to simply stare at her amazing ass and hamstrings as she walked them to her room.

Once there, Lu closed her door behind them, turned to face Chrissy, reached up with her muscular arms and pulled the string keeping her bikini top secured.  With the strap undone, the small blue top fell to the floor and exposed Lu’s small breasts and defined pec muscles to Chrissy.  Lu reached out with her muscular right arm, grabbed the back of Chrissy’s head, and slowly moved it forward, pulling it into her exposed left breast.

On instinct, Chrissy opened her mouth and took the small breast into her moist lips.  Her tongue began flicking Lu’s nipple and it sent a shockwave of pleasure through her.  Lu had never experienced this pleasure but her hormones had become unrelenting since she started working out all the time and eating like a horse.  She pulled Chrissy’s head harder and harder into her tight, muscular body and then couldn’t take it anymore.  She reached down, removed Chrissy’s thick glasses and began making out passionately with the cute, fit little gammer girl.

Chrissy was returning the favor and their tongues were experiencing a magical dance as the passion for each other was reaching a fever pitch.  Sweat and moisture was starting to cover their bodies and Lu pulled Chrissy’s hair back aggressively, but passionately.  She was looking down, face to face with this little cutie and had to have more.  Looking eye to eye, Lu said, “I want you licking my fucking pussy right now Chrissy…right now.”

Chrissy took the instruction well and dropped to her knees, forcefully pulling down Lu’s bikini bottoms and digging her tongue right into Lu.  Her tongue was long and firm and Chrissy was titillating Lu’s G-spot perfectly.  The rapid flicks were satisfying her fantastically and Chrissy wrapped her hands around Lu’s beautifully sculpted hamstrings to forcefully dig her head in further.  The pleasure Lu was feeling was next level and within a few more moments the tingling, gratification was too much and she began to squirt.  The liquid covered Chrissy’s cute face and she began licking it up feverishly. 

Lu dropped to her knees and began kissing and licking Chrissy’s beautiful face clean.  As they kissed, Lu asked, “First time???”

“Ya. You?” Chrissy asked back quickly under her heavily breathing hot breath.

Lu answered, “Yes.” Also breathing passionately and heavily and then said, “Now, it’s my turn to do you.”

Chrissy excitedly laid down on her back, spread her fit legs to the sides and lifted up her skirt, exposing her thin, pink panties for Lu to remove.  Lu eagerly dipped her head under Chrissy’s skirt and was about to remove the cute undies.

BANG BANG BANG!  BANG BANG BANG! A huge knock was heard on the door. “Lu, what the hell are you guys doing in there?  Where’s Chrissy?” Steve yelled loudly.

Lu froze.  Oh shit, the slug actually got off his fucking ass and walked down stairs.
“Ummm just girl stuff Lu had to ask me about Steve.” Chrissy yelled back.  ‘I’ll be right out.”

“That’s BS Lu.” Steve yelled back, “Get your own friend loser.” He finished as he walked back upstairs.

Lu and Chrissy burst out laughing and shared another quick kiss.  Chrissy wiped her face off with a wet towel from the bathroom, put on her thick glasses, readjusted her skirt and gave Lu a smile as she opened the bedroom door and made her way back up to Steve.

Lu then walked into the bathroom, smiling and satisfied like never before.  She stared at her perfected, naked body as she hit a double biceps pose in the mirror.  Her abs were ripped and defined, her biceps were starting to grow and bulge with muscle.  Her once flat chest was starting to fill with growing, powerful mass.  She knew what she wanted to see in the reflection and she couldn’t wait to put on as much muscle as possible.  She didn’t care what her brother Steve or other guys thought about girls with muscle.  She knew she liked it…and knew Chrissy liked it too.

Real Gains

Lu woke up the next morning reveling in happiness form her experience with Chrissy from the night before.  She knew she was becoming insanely attractive and wondered if Chrissy was really bi or just overwhelmed with the perfection of Lu’s physique.  Lu looked down at her naked body as she laid on her bed.  She slowly placed her palm over her rock hard abs and began caressing the bumps of muscle that covered her mid-section.  She then flexed a leg, stuck it up in the air and marveled at the muscle size and definition in her quads and calves.  “God you’re sooooo hot!” she thought to herself as she ogled her own physique.

Wanting desperately to put on more size and gain more strength, Lu threw on her tiny pair of shorts and a workout bra.  They left nothing to the imagination and now that Lu was so full of self-confidence, she didn’t care.  She was a bit obsessed with looking at her own, growing, muscular body anyway, so why deprive herself that satisfaction by covering up her insane body.

She walked out to the kitchen and to her surprise, Steve was up already and grabbing something out of the fridge.  “What the hell are you doing up already?” she asked as she grabbed a protein shaker out of the cupboard.

“I still haven’t gone to bed yet, and why do you care!” he said rudely.

“You’re right Ass Hole!  I don’t care, forget I asked.” She chirped back quickly, thinking she might actually have a decent conversation with her brother, but obviously she was wrong.

He then grabbed some junk food and was about to head back upstairs when he looked over and saw his almost naked sister in her workout gear.
“Oh God.” He said sarcastically, “If you put on any more muscle, no dude is going to want to date you Lu.  Back it up a notch before you grow a damn cock.”

“Screw you!” Lu shot back as Steve turned to head up the stairs back to his gamer cave.

Right then, Janet came waltzing down the stairs to meet Lu and hit the gym with her.  She was dressed a little more conservatively with her LuLuLemon yoga pants, but also wore a sports bra.  She still looked great and the abs and arms were looking nicely defined.  Luanne was quick to compliment her mom and give her a nice hug.  They then grabbed their gym bags and drink jugs and headed out to the gym.

As the girls got to the gym and walked inside, Adela was standing by the office door and hailed them over.  They all shared a quick hug and then Adela ushered them inside and closed the door behind them.  “Oooo, what’s with all the secrecy Adela?” Janet asked.

“Well, I’ve ordered a bunch of illegal, experimental product from a Russian Lab that has spent decades perfecting human performance maximizers.  All the bottles are labeled in Russian, but I’ve got the English translation guide right here.”  Adela informed the girls.  “I’m going to start taking this one here called RED FOX, which is supposed to allow tremendous gain in size and strength.  I’m also going to give this other one, called YELLOW STREAK to my mom.  She’s very obese, and this is supposed to knock the pounds off in weeks instead of months or years.

Lu and Janet looked at each other with wide eyes…Russian Lab…Illegal…Experimental…
“Is it safe?” Janet had to ask.

Adela answered, “I’ve heard that the Russian Olympic athletes have been taking a 10th portion of it to greatly enhance their physical abilities.  That’s the most they could take without failing the USOC drug testing…and even that was too much.  But a tenth of a portion was still enough to make them some of the fastest, strongest athletes in the world.  So I’m going to try it.”

“I want it mom!” Lu immediately blurted out.  “And if, after a few weeks, I feel some side effects, I can just stop.”
Janet would basically give her daughter anything.  The fact that she wanted this stuff so badly, and Janet could be the provider, gave her even more reason to let Lu try it.  Excitedly, she sent Adela $300 for the two jugs of RED FOX.  The girls all mixed in the new supplement into their workout bottles and hit the gym hard.

The girls all felt a pretty strong tingling sensation run through their bodies as they drank their beverage and went through their workout routines.  The amount of weight they lifted was on par with what they expected, so nothing new there…but they all noticed that their skin turned a little red.  That must be why they call it RED FOX Lu thought to herself.  Adela, Janet and Lu all wrapped up their workout at the same time and hit the locker room to towel off.

They were all looking pretty pumped up and decided to do some flexes for each other.  As Lu hit one of her double biceps poses, she mentioned, “God, I love this pumped up, strong feeling right after a workout.  I wish the pump didn’t always fade so quickly.”

“I know.” Adela replied as she stuck out her hand and grabbed Lu’s pumped right biceps.  “Your arms are looking great girl.  Let me get a measurement before the pump fades.  In fact, I guess we should all take some measurements so we can see if the RED FOX is actually working.”

It was a great idea and they decided to get weight, biceps, quads and calves.
Adela went first.  She stepped on the scale and it read 144 pounds.  She was pretty much all muscle, and while she still stood on the scale, Lu pulled up the height bar and placed it on the top of her head.  “Why are you checking my height Lu?” Adela asked.

“You never know Adela.  Just figured, why not.”  Lu answered.

“Ok, I guess.” Adela responded, thinking, it was kind of dumb, since the supplement was only going to enhance their musculature, according to the information provided.

Next, Lu pulled the measuring tape around Adela’s gorgeous biceps.  13”.  “Pretty nice size for a chick!” Janet mentioned.
Adela just smiled at Lu then measured her flexed quad muscle and calf.  The Quad came in at 22” and the calf was a nice 14” around.  Janet and Lu then took their turns and they wrote down all their measurements:
                Adela   Janet   Lu
Weight   144          134          140
Height   5’6”       5’10 1/2”   6’0”
Biceps   13”          12”           13”
Quads   22”          21”            21”
Calf           14”          13”           14”
All of the girls definitely had great, fit physiques, but lacked the muscle of a big time powerlifter or bodybuilder.
After the measurements and some chit chat, Janet and Lu were about to walk out of the gym.  While they did, Lu quickly ran back into Adela’s office.  Janet didn’t know what it was about and continued out the door and got in the car.  She waited just a couple of minutes and then watched as Lu walked out of the gym and got in the car next to her.  “What was that all about?” Janet asked her daughter.

Without saying a word, and with a smile on her face, she pulled a jar of YELLOW STREAK out of her gym bag.  Janet had a confused look on her face and asked, “Why did you buy that, I thought the goal was to gain weight, muscle and strength?”

“I don’t know mom.” Lu replied, “I just thought dad and Steve could use it.  Maybe if they took this, they wouldn’t be suck pathetic, fat slobs.  And I’m curious to see if it works too”

“I guess I could sneak some into their meals Lu.  We’ll see if the RED FOX works and I guess they’ll be our guinea pigs on seeing if the YELLOW STREAK works…or if this is all just some sort of Russian scam.”  Janet said back to Luanne.

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Re: The Stingers
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The Stingers – part 4


Lu woke up the next morning reveling in happiness form her experience with Chrissy from the night before.  She knew she was becoming insanely attractive and wondered if Chrissy was really bi or just overwhelmed with the perfection of Lu’s physique.  Lu looked down at her naked body as she laid on her bed.  She slowly placed her palm over her rock hard abs and began caressing the bumps of muscle that covered her mid-section.  She then flexed a leg, stuck it up in the air and marveled at the muscle size and definition in her quads and calves.  “God you’re sooooo hot!” she thought to herself as she ogled her own physique.

Wanting desperately to put on more size and gain more strength, Lu threw on her tiny pair of shorts and a workout bra.  They left nothing to the imagination and now that Lu was so full of self-confidence, she didn’t care.  She was a bit obsessed with looking at her own, growing, muscular body anyway, so why deprive herself that satisfaction by covering up her insane body.

She walked out to the kitchen and to her surprise, Steve was up already and grabbing something out of the fridge.  “What the hell are you doing up already?” she asked as she grabbed a protein shaker out of the cupboard.

“I still haven’t gone to bed yet, and why do you care!” he said rudely.

“You’re right Ass Hole!  I don’t care, forget I asked.” She chirped back quickly.

He then grabbed some junk food and was about to head back upstairs when he looked over and saw his almost naked sister in her workout gear.
“Oh God.” He said sarcastically, “If you put on any more muscle, no dude is going to want to date you Lu.  Back it up a notch before you grow a damn cock.”

“Screw you!” Lu shot back as Steve turned to head up the stairs back to his gamer cave.

Right then, Janet came waltzing down the stairs to meet Lu and hit the gym with her.  She was dressed a little more conservatively with her Lulu Lemon yoga pants, but also wore a sports bra.  She still looked great and the abs and arms were looking nicely defined.  Luanne was quick to compliment her mom and give her a nice hug.  They then grabbed their gym bags and drink jugs and headed out to the gym.

As the girls got to the gym and walked inside, There was a big Russian guy setting up a small table with some physical enhancement products on it.  Lu waited for him to finish setting up and then asked him what he was promoting.

In a bit of a deep Russian accent he said, “Well, I’ve got some little known, experimental product from a Lab back home in my motherland.  They have spent decades perfecting human performance maximizers.  All the bottles are labeled in Russian, but I’ve got the English translation guide right here.”  He informed the girls.
Lu and Janet looked over the list of 12 or 15 products.  All of them performed some sort of function, but one of them really caught their eye.  RED FOX was supposed to allow any male bodybuilder to put on a tremendous amount of muscle, to an Olympia type level, and also make them add a few inches to their cocks.  Lu laughed at that part of the description, as she knew all of the male enhancement products she’d ever heard of were scams.  But she was intrigued.  As she started putting on muscle, she imagined herself with huge biceps and thighs...and really would do about anything to get there.

Lu never wanted to have to depend on her pussy ass brother and dad for protection.  She could be the protector, she could be the dominant ALPHA in the family.  Lu’s mind was made up after reading over the list and she was about to consult her mom about her choice.  To her surprise, Janet spoke up before Lu even had a chance.  "We'll take 2 buckets of this RED FOX” Janet blurted out to the big Russian.

The big guy laughed and said, “No, no, no ladies.  This is for man bodybuilder…not for young women like yourselves.  We have some other supplements for de girls.”

“I don’t care who it’s meant for.” Janet answered back sharply, “My daughter and I will take the RED FOX, we’re sure of it.”

Vlady looked them up and down.  Smiled and shook his head.  Then bagged up two buckets of the RED FOX and handed it to the girls.  Janet swiped her phone for the Apple Pay and the purchase was final.   

As they walked into the gym with their new purchase, Lu and Janet looked at each other with wide eyes…Russian Lab…Illegal…Experimental…
“I wonder if it’s safe?” Janet looked at Lu and asked.

Lu answered back, “The translation on this flyer says that the Russian Olympic athletes have been taking a 10th portion of it to greatly enhance their physical abilities.  That’s the most they could take without failing the USOC drug testing…and even that was too much.  But a tenth of a portion was still enough to make them some of the fastest, strongest athletes in the world.  So I’m excited to try it.”

After paying $300 the girls excitedly mixed in the new supplement into their workout bottles and hit the gym hard.  They both felt a pretty strong tingling sensation run through their bodies as they drank their beverage and went through their workout routines.  The amount of weight they lifted was on par with what they expected, so nothing new there…but they all noticed that their skin turned a little red.  That must be why they call it RED FOX Lu thought to herself.  Janet and Lu wrapped up their workout and hit the locker room to towel off.

They were all looking pretty pumped up and decided to do some flexes for each other.  As Lu hit one of her double biceps poses, she mentioned, “God, I love this pumped up, strong feeling right after a workout.  I wish the pump didn’t always fade so quickly.”

“I know.” Janet replied as she stuck out her hand and grabbed Lu’s pumped right biceps.  “Your arms are looking great girl.  Let me get a measurement before the pump fades.  In fact, I guess we should both take some measurements so we can see if the RED FOX is actually working.”

It was a great idea and they decided to get weight, biceps, quads and calves.
Lu went first.  She stepped on the scale and it read 140 pounds.  She was pretty much all muscle, and while she still stood on the scale, Janey pulled up the height bar and placed it on the top of her head.  “Why are you checking my height?” Lu asked.

“You never know dear.  Just figured, why not.”  Janet answered.

“Ok, I guess.” Lu responded, thinking, it was kind of dumb, since the supplement was only going to enhance their musculature, according to the information provided.

Next, mom pulled the measuring tape around Lu’s gorgeous biceps.  13”.  “Pretty nice size for a chick!” Janet mentioned.
Lu just smiled at her mom who then measured her flexed quad muscle and calf.  The Quad came in at 21” and the calf was a nice 14” around.  Lu had beautifully shaped calves and was excited to see them grow…if this RED FOX stuff actually worked.  Lu then took Janet’s measurements and they wrote them all down.

            Janet   Lu
Weight      134   140
Height      5’10 1/2”   6’0”
Biceps      12”   13”
Quads      21”   21”
Calf             13”   14”
The girls definitely had great, fit physiques, but lacked the muscle of a big time powerlifter or bodybuilder.
After the measurements and some chit chat, Janet and Lu were about to walk out of the gym.  While they did, Lu quickly ran back up to Vlady.  Janet didn’t know what it was about and continued out the door and got in the car.  She waited just a couple of minutes and then watched as Lu walked out of the gym and got in the car next to her.  “What was that all about?” Janet asked her daughter.

Without saying a word, and with a smile on her face, she pulled a jar of EAGLE BLAST out of her gym bag.  Janet had a confused look on her face and asked, “Why did you buy that, I thought the goal was to gain weight, muscle and strength?”

“I don’t know mom.” Lu replied, “I just thought if the RED FOX works and we get big muscles, maybe this EAGLE BLAST will work and we’ll also gain some height.

They arrived home and Lu grabbed a pre-made protein meal from the fridge, warmed it up and then gulped it down.  Janet normally didn’t eat as much as Lu, but since she was also taking the RED FOX, and wanted to see some gains, she grabbed a meal too.  While Janet finished hers, Lu went to her room to take a shower and clean up.  As she took off her sports bra, she looked at her small breasts and imagined having heaving pecs instead.  It was weird that she would desire a bunch of muscle on her chest where all other girls dreamed of having gigantic breasts, but Lu knew what she liked looking at in the mirror, and so she imagined that.  At the same time, she was happy that her workout pump was for some reason still lingering.  Normally, half hour after a workout, the pump fades away, but she still had hers and was pleased at the blood filled, full, biceps that stared back at her.  She gave herself a side triceps pose and even a nice quad flex as well before getting into the hot, steamy shower behind her.

Lu gently lathered her naked, muscular, still pumped body with her favorite, lavender scented liquid soap.  She loved the feel of her blood soaked muscles under her slippery hands.  She was so hot, she turned herself on.  As Lu caressed her firm body with one hand, she slipped her fingers from the other hand into her vagina and began pleasuring herself.  This had become a habit with Lu.  The more she was working out, the harder and larger her muscles were becoming…and the more she started stimulating her very sensitive g-spot.

It didn’t take Lu long before she brought herself to climax.  The tingling feeling from the RED FOX supplement seemed to still be pulsing through her.  It helped bring her to orgasm even faster than normal.  OH! She loved that feeling!!!  She finished herself off and then lathered her body up one more time…just to feel her muscles under her slippery, soap covered hands.

Tall, pumped, clean with still wet hair, Lu wrapped a towel around herself and plopped onto her bed.  She decided to take a quick cat nap.  After what seemed like 15 minutes, Lu looked at her phone to see that had actually been two hours.  Lu got up, completely rested and refreshed and threw some tiny gym shorts on and another sports bra.  Her muscles were still pumped up from the early workout and her energy level was at 100%.  She wanted to go back to the gym and get in another session since she felt so good.

As Lu walked out of her room, Janet was also wearing gym clothes again after her shower and rest.  In addition, Janet mentioned to Lu that she felt like her muscles were still full and firm from the earlier workout and she too had a bunch of energy.  Both ready to go back to the gym, Janet quickly made them a meal and they each took a dose of EAGLE BLAST as well.

Like earlier, both Janet and Lu felt a bit tired and laid down for a quick nap.  The quick 15 minute shut-eye turned out to be a full 2 hour sleep again.  But both eventually woke up and were full of energy and ready to go.  Feeling really pumped and full of self-confidence, Lu, only wearing her tiny shorts walked into the kitchen for another meal.  Janet also was feeling very hungry and made her way downstairs to eat again.  To her amazement, her daughter was at the center island, downing her food without a top on.  Her small breasts were perky, with some nice muscle definition between them.  “Lu!!!” Janet said loudly, “Can you please put a top on before your brother sees you.”

“Oh Mom.” Lu answered, “You’re so Old School.  It’s liberating to walk around without a top on, and besides, my sports bra is a little tight after our two workouts today.  This workout pump won’t die down so I figured I’d just free-breast it.”

“Please Lu.  For me.  Please put a shirt on or something.”  Janet asked as she too began to eat another meal.

Lu wasn’t supper happy but turned her buff body swiftly away, allowing her hair to swing and pass over her right shoulder and cover her right breast.  As she walked to her room, Janet eventually made her way upstairs and confronted Stu and Steve.  “Lu and I are headed out.” Lu said with authority.  “I want you two to start making your own meals and cleaning up after yourselves.  There’s no reason I need to be slaving away for two lazy, fat lowlifes, who couldn’t even lift a finger to protect their wife, mom and sister while being attacked!”

Obviously, Stu and Steve had no response to that or any kind of defense.  They had abandoned their female family members in their time of need and should feel ashamed of themselves Janet thought.  She had always been such a milk toast around the boys, but Janet had decided just then, that things around the house were going to change.  She was done catering to them for good.

Still feeling a great post workout buzz that had been with her all day, Janet texted Lu to see if she wanted to go see a movie.  Lu was up for it, so they put on some regular clothes and left for the theater.  Normally, they would go see a romantic comedy, but both were in a feisty mode and decided to see the shoot-em-up, bang-bang, action flick.  They snuck in a bunch of protein bars so they’d get their desired amount of calorie intake and were hopeful that their stomachs wouldn’t growl at them for the next couple hours. 

Luckily for them, the extra-bars did the trick and they made it through the flick without needing more food.  On the ride home, Lu looked over at Janet and said, “Mom, I’ve still got this full, post work-out pump going.  Can the RED FOX be working already?”

“I think so.” Janet answered, “I’ve still got mine too, and I’m actually dying to go hit the gym again.”

“Oh my God Mom! Me too!  Let’s grab our shorts and tops when we get home and then head back over to the gym.” Lu said with excitement.

They headed over, and as they walked in the gym, lady was still there, but putting away his items.  “Wow girls!” he greeted them, “You guys are back again???”

“I know.” Lu replied, “I just can’t get enough and I’ve got so much energy today.  Mom too.  Whatever is in this stuff is giving me a ton of energy and a pump that just won’t go away!”

“Ya.” Vlady answered in his deep accent, “That’s what it is supposed to do.  You will be working out like crazy mad Americans and lifting much, much weight in no times I tell ya.”

The girls laughed but agreed with him and let him finish packing up while they went and hit the weights and pumped up for the third time that day.  They wondered if it was a bit of an “original high”, they received from the RED FOX supplement, and were curious if it would get less and less effective over time.

It was the same story though for the rest of the week.  Lu and Janet were constantly either working out, eating or sleeping.  And on three of the nights, Lu woke up in the middle of the night and did 1000 air squats, just so she could shake off the RED FOX buzz and get a little more sleep. 

It had now been a week since they started taking the new supplement and Lu and Janet headed back over to the gym.  They were going to workout of course, but also see if they had made any improvements.  They met in locker room and walked over to the scale.  Janet stepped on to the scale first. Like before, the bar bounced up and down several times, but then it finally stopped.  The weight…139 pounds.  “Damn Mom!  You’re getting buff!  5 pounds of muscle in a week…that’s awesome.” Lu exclaimed.

Janet was also pretty happy about her gain in muscle mass.  As she celebrated calmly, Lu lowered the height bar onto her mom’s head.  It read, 5’10 ¾”.  The girls were stumped.  They knew it wasn’t really possible to gain height at this age, so again they sluffed it off to lazy measuring from a week before.

Next, Lu stepped onto the scale.  Her legs and shoulders were definitely looking larger, so Janet expected to see a few pounds of weight gain for her too.  The bar finally stopped its hypnotic dance and settled on…147 pounds. “Holy Shit honey.” Janet yelled, “You gained 7 pounds of muscle in a week, that’s remarkable!”  Lu was beyond excited and gave her mom fist bumps as Janet lowered the height bar on her head.  Sure enough, she had also somehow gained exactly 1/4 “ in height.  Now they knew it must have been an issue with the bar from the week before, as they had both gained the same amount in height in a week and they knew, that probably wasn’t possible.
Ecstatic with the amount of muscle they had gained over the week, it was time to take some more measurements.  Lu wanted to measure her mom first, and knew she had put on some size.  She wrapped the tape around Janet’s arm and pulled it tight.  As expected Janet had put on some size.  Her biceps now measured 12 ½” in circumference, her quad was almost 22’ and her calf was up a bit too. 

Next, it was Lu’s turn.  Her biceps were beautifully formed, and looked to be even bigger than before.  Her mom pulled the tape tightly and read the measurement…13 ¾”  “Holy shit!” Janet yelled.  “That can’t be possible.  Almost an inch of muscle on your arm in a week…that’s fucking insane dear.”  She then measured an additional inch on Lu’s quad and almost the same on her calf.  It was clear that the girls were benefiting from the new Russian supplements, but Lu’s youth may have been allowing her to grow at an even more rapid rate than the others. 

Their new measurements were posted to the spreadsheet Adela was keeping there at the gym to track their progress.
                  Janet                         Lu
Weight      134 / 139                   140 / 147
Height      5’10 ½” / 5’10 ¾”   6’0” / 6’ ¼”
Biceps      12” / 12 ½”           13” / 13 ¾”
Quads      21” / 21 ½”            21” / 22”
Calf              13” / 13 ½”           14” / 14 ¾”

In addition to the size, the girls had also gained strength over the last week.  They both set personal bests in the major lifts and Lu was especially proud of her new bench PR.  She had lifted 185 pounds for 3 reps and was excited to be quickly approaching the 200 pound mark.  It was an almost impossible goal for her to consider the first day she walked into the gym, but now it was almost a reality.  She couldn’t wait to hit that round number and was eventually eyeing a two plate, 225 pound PR.

Lu had never been overly boisterous or thought she was better than anyone else, but that week at school, she was walking around with her chest out and her arms exposed.  There was no doubt, by looking at her walk confidently by, that anyone doubted she was a strong, bad ass chick!  As she walked by guys from the football team, she would try to measure herself up against them.  Am I taller?  Are my arms bigger?  Am I stronger?  How long till I’m the most muscular kid at this school?  She didn’t even waste time comparing herself to the other girls at school, she knew she had them beat…easily.

Lu did notice a bit of a surprise though while taking a shower after her post school day gym session.  As usual, she loved ogling her own, glorious, muscular physique in the mirror.  She let the water run hot in the shower and continued to caress her muscles as the steam filled the bathroom.  After a few more minutes staring in the mirror, Lu walked her tall, naked, buff body into the hot, wet shower.  Lu poured the slippery liquid on her hands and began firmly massaging the soap into her tight skin and hardened pecs.

The feel of her own muscles made her wet downstairs and like most days, she slipped her long, playful fingers into her tight vagina.  To her surprise, she didn’t feel a small nub inside like normal.  There was a thick, long, clit developing and it was insanely sensitive to her touch.  “My God!” she thought as she rubbed it more and more rapidly, feeling it grow longer as she performed her satisfying, quick strokes.  Lu looked down, and to her amazement, the little guy was actually protruding out of her pussy by an inch.  It was so cute, and sensitive…she loved it.

Lu grabbed the shaft with her fingers and began stroking it rapidly like a cock.  “Holy shit!” she thought.  “I love this thing!”  Following that realization, Lu jerked herself off for several minutes.  As she did, the hot, lightning bolt like tingling feelings got greater and greater and greater.  She squeezed her new growth tightly and stroked it more and more quickly.  Finally, after the thrill of this new, erotic sensation overcame her. Lu shuddered in pleasure and reached orgasm as her female liquids squirted massively from her cunt.

Not knowing what to do or think.  Lu leaned her muscular, peck covered chest into the cascading water and just stood under the stream of warm, wetness pondering the reality of her new little friend that would be her pleasure point for years to come…   

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Re: The Stingers
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The Stingers – part 5

Truth be Told!

A month on the Red Fox and Eagle Blast supplements had turned the girls into absolute beasts in the gym.  It was consuming their free time completely and the insane gains they were making kept them more addicted to working out and bulking up than they ever thought imaginable.  Three-a-day’s were the norm for Janet and Lu.  They hit an early morning bodybuilding session.  Lu would get out of school at 1pm so they would then hit an MMA fight training session and then after a couple hours rest and meals, they would hit an evening powerlifting session.

Under normal circumstances, there would be rest days and time needed for recovery.  But not for the girls and not on these supplements.  Lu and Janet were wicked smart and kept to their normal school and work routines…but they were becoming otherwise completely consumed by the gym and their incredible gains.

Lu arrived to the gym from school while Janet got there from home.  Lu was becoming more and more confident in her physique and walked in the gym wearing white platform shoes that gave her a three-inch lift.  She now towered over every girl in school and 95% of the guys.  In addition, she wore a short skirt, exposing her muscular calves and quads…again out-muscling every girl in school and 95% of the guys.  She loved the feeling of everyone looking up to her and in many cases being intimidated by her.  The beating she had taken at the hands of the male robbers had scared her deeply and she never wanted to feel vulnerable again…and this drove her more than ever to become the strongest, most bad-ass bitch possible.

Janet was looking huge and intimidating in her own right.  Her quads and arms were developing at a similar pace to Lu and she already added over two inches to her biceps since they started working out.

Today’s MMA session was all about boxing skills.  The girls put on their Otomix boxing shoes, Ringside boxing shorts and TKO crop tops.  Janet had light blue shoes with white shorts and a light blue top.  She had a bit of fashion sense, and even though she was going to get the gear dripping wet with sweat, she still had to look good.  Lu took a much darker approach.  In true Mike Tyson fashion, Lu wore black Otomix shoes, black Ringside shorts and a black TKO crop top.

They put in their mouth pieces and put on the head gear.  With boxing gloves affixed they began their bout.  With constant coaching from Adela the girls began jabbing, blocking, defending, bouncing, bobbing and weaving.  It started out as a warm up and the girls were only throwing mild blows at each other.  But as the bout went on, Lu started yelling, “Hit me harder.  Hit me harder.”

As requested, Janet started throwing punches into Lu’s midsection.  But the blows were no longer hurting her, like they might have when they started training a couple months back.  Lu’s oblique’s had grown into large, defined muscle tissue with the months of intense training.  Her abs were now large blocks of thick, protruding muscle that looked like they could stop a bullet.  Sweat and moisture covered Lu’s gorgeous, muscle filled torso.  As Janet continued to land punches upon her, sweat flew through the air and landed on the boxing canvas.

But the body blows only encouraged Lu.  “Harder Mom! Faster!” she ordered as she kept her midsection flexed and easily absorbed the blows.
Adela shook her head in disbelief as she looked on.  Lu was turning into a beast in the ring and would be impossible to hurt before long.  Janet had put on many pounds of muscle as well and her punches carried a lot of power.  Adela knew the force she was striking Lu with would drop any normal man to his knees and possibly even put some of the male gym regulars to the corner in pain.

Lu ate up the strikes with pleasure as she knew it was making her stronger, tougher, and possibly invincible.  But Janet wanted her turn.  She too was developing blocky looking, strong as steel abs and she wanted to keep up with her beast of a daughter.
Janet stood back, pounded her fists on her chest and abs and said, “My turn Lu…give it to me!!!”

On order, Lu began accurately placing blows to Janet’s left oblique’s, right oblique’s and even right down the middle at her strong abs.  Like her daughter before, Janet was flexing the perfectly developed muscle hard.  Sinewy muscle was protruding everywhere…ripped and strong.  The force of Lu’s punches was becoming greater and greater.  Sweat dripped from Lu’s head and muscle-bound body with the continued onslaught. 
Lu’s biceps and triceps were bulging greatly with the 30 plus minutes of hard work.  Moist droplets of perspiration covered them completely and the girls had a gorgeous glow upon their muscular bodies.  Great thuds could be heard throughout the gym with each strike.

The girls finally took a quick break to hydrate.  It was another few gulps of Red Fox and they were right back on it.  The flow of adrenaline filled their bodies and it was like the previous warm-up had never even happened.  With fantastic energy, the girls started an actual boxing match.  But, in addition to gaining vast amounts of muscle strength and size of the last two months, their reflexes were now cat-like in speed.  The punches and throws were almost always met with a perfectly timed block or duck of the head.

It was like watching lightning strike for Adela and she was having a hard time even keeping score.  The movements were so fast back and forth, the only way to properly judge the match was to watch it in slow-mo.  But as the round progressed, Lu decided she wanted to feel the sting of Janet’s strength.  She began letting some punches land into the side of her head.  The force was strong, but as she took more and more of them, she started getting used to and adapting to the hits.  Her neck was so strong, it kept her head from moving too rapidly and thus mitigated the strikes power.  It seemed she was training to take massive punches and not get hurt.  The move helped Lu gain confidence in her ability to take shots from an opponent, but at the same time, Adela did have to score points for Janet.

The rounds finally ended.  Janet and Lu were beaming with pumped up, wet, gloriously shinny bodies.  Slightly fatigued at the end, the two embraced and swapped heated body sweat. 

Adela opened a hole in the ropes for them, and the girls climbed out of the ring.  “Holy shit you guys.” Adela mentioned, “You have progressed to the point that I don’t think anyone in this entire gym would want to spar with you.”

“Thanks!” Lu replied, “But we have a lot of progressing to go.  I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, so I’m hoping there won’t be an idiot dumb enough to step into the ring with us at any gym!”

Janet laughed at Lu’s comment but it was true.  They were both deeply emotionally scared by the attacks and didn’t feel comfortable anymore around men…including Stu and Steve.  The only thing they thought that could liberate their fears and let them feel comfortable again was if they were so, unequivocally stronger and physically superior to any men around them.

They grabbed their towels and dabbed the moisture off their overworked muscles.  With a few more gulps of their premade drinks, Janet and Lu made their way to the ladies room. 

Checking their progress was a weekly habit and today was the day to measure up.  Their biceps were full and bulging, their quads were showing major width and no longer fitting in some of their jeans.  Both girls knew they were making tremendous progress.  But there was nothing as rewarding as seeing the actual numbers flash in front of them.

Lu stepped her more bulky body on the scale first.  She had always wanted to remain thin before the robbery and beating.  But now, she was trying to pack on as much muscle as possible.  Her work and eating and supplement intake was paying off and she now weighed in at a muscular 168 pounds.  A huge smirk covered her face as she had put on 28 pounds of muscle in only two months.  Most of it coming in the last four or five weeks.  She never even dreamed of being almost 170 pounds of rock-hard muscle, but now it was almost a reality, and she had no plans of slowing down.  Lu knew she would soon be tipping the scales at 180 or more and was giddy just thinking about it.

Janet then lowered the height bar down upon her daughter’s head.  It stopped at 73 inches.  There was no doubt about it now, Lu was growing.  She now stood barefoot at 6’1” and towered at over 6’3” with athletic shoes on.  Lu was even happier with her height gain than the weight gain and her days of praying she wouldn’t grow over 5’10” and be considered too tall for a girl were over.  She was dying to get as tall as possible now and beyond excited to be over six feet tall now.

Lu stepped off the scale and let her mom place her feet upon it.  Like Lu, Janet was gaining weight and muscle rapidly.  A once fit tri-athlete at 135 pounds, Janet now tipped the scales at 160.  25 pounds of muscle in their short training time was so rapid that she also wasn’t able to buy a wardrobe quick enough to keep up with her growth.  She stretched every blouse or pair of pants she tried to wear now.  It was a rewarding problem to have and reassured Janet that she was definitely achieving her goal of putting on pounds and pounds of muscle!

To her surprise though, Janet was also growing.  Lu lowered the height bar upon her mom’s head and found that it stopped at 72 inches.  Janet was officially 6 feet tall.  A jolt of adrenaline shot through her to realize she now stood over three inches taller than Stu.  Now to just get much stronger than him would be the icing on the cake.

Stepping off the scale, Janet extended the fabric tape around her daughter’s flexed arm.  The bicep muscle jumped to attention and formed a perfect, beautiful, rounded ball of muscle.  She looked at her daughter and said, “Wow Lu.  Your arm is gorgeous and definitely bigger than last week.” 
“I know right!” Lu replied, staring with extreme satisfaction at her firmly flexed biceps.

The tape was pulled tightly around the bulk of her gorgeous muscle.  “Fifteen!” Janet exclaimed.  “Fifteen fucking inches dear!”

Lu was terrible at hiding her emotions and in a sense of pride, disbelief and for some reason, embarrassment, her face turned bright red.  Even she was having a hard time believing that as an 18 year-old high school senior, she was sporting 15” guns.  By the time they got to her 24” quads and 16” calves, it was clear that she would soon be an absolute muscle monster.  And it wasn’t like there was really a measurement for it, but her small breasts were almost completely gone.  Instead of the small, firm breasts, Lu was growing some defined, controllable pecs. Janet put her palm on them to feel the muscle and Lu instinctively flexed.  In an instant, the muscle tightened and the pecs bounced!

“Oh my!!!” Janet exclaimed as her hand felt the immense power beneath, “That was impressive.”
In response, Lu placed her palm on her mother’s breasts and asked her to do the same.  Without realizing she could even do it, Janet also flexed her chest.  She had more breasts in the way, but a clear muscle body was developing beneath, and there was some serious hardness and movement from her too.
“See mom!” Lu stated emphatically, “You’re getting some chest muscle as well!”

Now equally excited, Janet handed the tape measure to Lu for her turn.  Janet raised her right arm and flexed as hard as she could.  The biceps quickly gathered into a rock-hard, well defined, top rounded ball of muscle.  Janet knew that it was now bigger and stronger than it had ever been in her life and was eager to know its size.  Lu pulled the tape around and with genuine admiration said, “14 ½” mom!  Getting seriously buff I’d say!!!”
Beyond elated, Lu then pulled the tape around her mother’s muscle-laden quads and calves.  Their growth was also amazing.  She now sported 23” thighs and 14” calves.  Her development was just slightly behind her daughters and it seemed that the Red Fox and Eagle Blast was turning her into a muscle-bound bombshell as well.

Lu handed her mom back the tape and walked over to their locker.  She then kicked off her shoes, laid her Ringside shorts and TKO top on the bench.  Lastly, she lowered her workout panties to the floor and buck naked, grabbed a towel and walked to the showers.  Janet was in awe of her daughters perfectly formed, muscular physique and she watched Lu intently as she walked across the locker room floor and to a stall.  Janet loved her daughter dearly and was so proud of the powerful body she was developing.  Janet found solace in the fact that Lu would go thru a life of being able to protect herself.  A mother’s fear for their daughter’s safety would not be so intense for her.

Janet also removed her clothing and then walked herself into the stall next to her daughters.  She loved the feel of her throbbing, growing muscles under her slick palms.  As she felt and prodded every inch of her thickening, firm muscles she opened her eyes to see Lu joining her in her shower stall. 
“Mom! I’ve got to show you something.” Lu said.

Staring at her tall daughter’s insanely hot body she asked, “What is it dear?”
“Look.” Lu answered as she held her hand down by her crotch.

Sure enough, her once inch-long clit was now nearly two inches long and thicker than before.  “I think it’s growing mom…it was only half this size 4 weeks ago.  Has your clit been growing?”  Lu asked intently.

Janet knew the answer and slowly inserted her finger in her pussy and began rubbing her g-spot firmly.  She moved her fingers in a rapid and vibrating motion.  Sure enough, within a minute or so, a cute little clit head emerged.  Lu looked up in affirmation, “Is that normal?”
Her mom shook her head no.  “No dear.” Janet answered, “This is new for me as well.”

They both realized that they were now officially developing large, protruding clit’s and Lu had to ask, “Do you think they’ll keep growing?”
Janet just shrugged her shoulders and answered, “I don’t know dear, but it’s so damn sensitive and so enjoyable to touch…I really don’t care.”
Lu was less sure, still wondering what the impact of a massively growing clit would be.  “Well, at least it retreats back inside me when I’m not feeling myself down there.” Lu said.  Hoping to calm herself and her mom down at the realization that these things might get huge.

Janet gave her daughter a hug and a kiss and they embraced lovingly under the warm, hot water as it washed the thick layer of sweat from their muscular, perfectly built bodies.

Back At Home…

The girls drove from the gym and walked into the house for a rest and a big meal before heading back to the gym for a powerlifting session.  Janet was especially hyped up and excited about her muscle and height gains and walked up the stairs to her room to put on her lifting outfit.  For powerlifting, she wore platform shoes that slightly raised the heel.  It helped for support and also added a bit of height when just walking and standing around.  She then pulled on some durable shorts and finally, pulled over a large old t-shirt of Stu’s that she had cut the sleeves off of and also cut it in the midsection, allowing her lower abs to be exposed.

As she was leaving her bedroom, Stu was exiting the hall bathroom.  As he stood just a few feet from her he noticed the shirt.  “What the hell did you do to my shirt?” he asked rudely.

“Um, I changed it into a weightlifting shirt Stu, It was at the bottom of the closet and I didn’t think you’d mind.”  She answered back.

They hadn’t been getting along and were growing more and more distant since the attack.  Janet was actually growing a distain for Stu and had basically been avoiding him as much as possible over the last several weeks.

“Well.” He answered back, “It’s my shirt and you really need to ask before you go cutting it up.”

Janet was pissed.  She had been supporting his ass for many years and she probably paid for that shirt and damn near every other shirt he had.  But she kept an upper lip and kind of turned to ignore him and go downstairs.

As she hit the first step down, she heard Stu mummer something under his breath.  She knew it was something snarky and immediately turned and asked with a stern tone, “What did you say?”…

He turned and looked back and said, “You don’t want to know.”

Now completely pissed, Janet strode firmly up to Stu, peered down at him and demanded, “Tell me what you just said right now!”

This time, with a more menacing look, Stu answered, “I said, keep lifting weights and you’ll be looking like a dude in no time.”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”  She shot back quickly.

“It means you’re getting too fucking muscular.  I don’t like it and I don’t think it’s attractive.  And as much as you don’t seem to care lately, Luanne looks like a freak with all her muscles and she ain’t gonna find a date if her life depended on it!”

“You muther fucker!” Janet screamed as she grabbed him by the neck and shoved him with all her might.
She pushed way harder than anything Stu could have expected and he went flying to the ground.  A bit of rage too
k over and Janet jumped on him and instinctively gave him a massive blow to his oblique’s.  A loud thud echoed through the hallway and an obvious exhaust of all the air in his lungs left Stu’s body.  He was unable to handle the force of her punch like his daughter had easily done just an hour earlier and his eyes bugged out of his head.  He then struggled to breathe as Janet pounded two more body blows into him.

As Stu laid motionless below her, unable to move or breathe, Janet brought her face just an inch from his and said quietly, but forcefully, “Listen you fat, lazy, cowardly piece of shit.  If you and your equally worthless son hadn’t hid up here like a couple of bitches while your wife and daughter were downstairs getting beat, almost raped and possibly killed, we wouldn’t have to be developing big muscles.  Your daughter was emotionally scared and the only thing allowing her to feel safe and sleep at night is by being strong, by having muscles.  She is the direct result of your complete lack of action to protect her!  But I know who you really are now.  You’ve been exposed.  Any respect I had for you completely disappeared as Lu and I were being savagely beaten just a few short steps from you.  So I’ll cut up all of your precious shirts if I fucking feel like it.  I’ll go to the gym and put on muscle weather you’re attracted to it or not…and Lu will do all that she feels she needs to do to help her move forward.  You so much as ever say something so disgusting and disrespectful like that about Lu, and trust me, you’ll  be begging me to end you.  Got it?...Got It???”

Just starting to get his breath back, feeling the raw rage and power of his growing, muscular wife, Stu shook his head affirmative.

“Good!” Janet replied angrily.  “Now when Lu and I get back from our workout later, you and I will have a little talk about the role you’re going to need to play around here, to keep me interested in even keeping you here.  Understand me Stu?” she finished aggressively.

Again, the shocked and scared out of his wits Stu nodded in agreement.

With that, Janet stood up.  Her tall, muscular frame towering above him.  Her calves and quads flexed massively.  She turned and with authority, forcefully walked down the stairs, making sure to make each step hard and loud.  She walked up to the statuesque Lu, grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s go eat on the way, I’ve got to get away from your cowardly father before I do something stupid and he ends up in the hospital.”

Lu had heard some grumblings upstairs, but wasn’t sure what it was about.  She reached out to grab her gym bag as asked, and followed her mother out of the house and off for some more food and weights…dying to hear what had just happened.

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Re: The Stingers
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The Stingers – part 6

Janet had been riding an emotional roller-coaster since the beating incident. As she took
personal inventory, she was upset that her husband of 20 years did absolutely nothing to help
her in her ultimate time of peril. Even more than that, she was exponentially more upset that
he did nothing to help his equally in peril 18-year-old daughter. She had been dealing with
nightmares and reliving the moment over and over again in her mind and had always
wondered…what-if. What if they hadn’t been able to slightly defend themselves against the
attackers. What if the cops hadn’t arrived when they did? What if they had not only been
raped, but also killed?

As these awful thoughts went through her head in reliving the moment, she could clearly
picture Stu turtling under the bed in fear. Unable to even lift a finger to help his wife and

The workouts with Lu were helping Janet both physically and mentally. It took her mind off of
hating Stu so much. At first, she couldn’t stand to even look at her husband, forcing him to
sleep in his upstairs office. But now, she realized he was just an absolute wimp and pussy who
couldn’t be counted on to provide financially for his family or offer any protection for them.
Now she just saw him as a leech and wanted him to earn his keep. No longer was he going to
be able to just hide in his little office cave all day, sucking the blood out of the relationship, he
was going to start earning everything she provided.

She had blown up at Stu the week before and really leaned into him verbally, but with no extra
effort or even an apology on his end. He had insulted her and even more so, insulted their
daughter. Like before though…with no repercussions. This time had to be different. But after
20 years of marriage, it was difficult for Janet to change her ways. He didn’t respond to her
verbal tirade and threats, so she knew it had to be different, it had to be a bit more physical.
He had to have a fear for her like he had for those robbers.

Janet formulated a plan, spent a week eating triple portions and doubling her Red Fox and
Eagle Blast intake. She had Lu agree to change their workout order that day and thus they did
their bodybuilding session in the morning. Her muscles were growing visibly almost daily now.
By the end of the workout, her quads were absolutely bursting with muscle. The teardrop
shape on the inside of her knees and the separated muscled in her thighs were basically
exploding out of the skin. The blocks of muscle that made up her abs were also protruding out
greatly and looked like little packs of bulletproof Kevlar underneath the tight, tanned skin.
Powerful pecs were now clearly defined and strong. She could bounce them at will and they
were hard as granite. Her growing biceps and triceps now filled any shirt she tried to wear, and
when she flexed them, balls of muscles erupted upward.

She looked formidable and she knew it. She never could have dreamed of being so muscular
and strong several months ago, but with hard work and the new supplements, it had become a

Janet and Lu arrived home from their workout. Lu quickly showered up and headed to school
while Janet put her new plan in action. She wasn’t 100% sure it was going to work, but she
needed a change in attitude from Stu that had not taken place at all since her beating or her
tirade the previous week. Something more convincing was needed and she thought she knew
the answer.

As soon as she heard Lu and Steve leave, she put on Lu’s black boxing shorts and sports bra and
waltzed into Stu’s office. The lazy bastard was still sleeping comfortably so she turned on the
lights and demanded that he get up! In his usual, defiant way, Stu said, “Jan…I’m trying to
sleep, give me 30 more minutes.”

“Like a little fucking kid!” Janet thought to herself. She walked over, grabbed his shoulder and
rolled him forcefully out of bed and onto the floor. “Get Up!” she demanded as he hit the floor.

“What the fuck’s your problem Janet?” he yelled, completely annoyed by his wife’s irrational

He stood up quickly, rubbing his eyes and about to give it to her. But what he witnessed in
front of him changed his mind immediately. The sight of his wife gave him pause for the first
time ever! His wife had grown over two inches recently and also stood in her black running
shoes, giving her additional height. She easily towered 5 inches above him now as he stood in
his bare feet. Stu had to peer way up to look at her.

Janet’s feet were spread wide with her muscle-bound quads flexed to maximum size. Her
calves seemed huge to him and he wondered when the hell she developed such huge muscles
there. She had her hands on her hips and was fully flexed. It gave him a view of her insane lat
spread. Her biceps and shoulders were also filled with muscle, the shoulders capped with
pounds and pounds of powerful meat. Janet’s neck was also thick with muscle now and a huge,
blood filled vein ran up both sides and into the underside of her powerful looking jaw.

She had never flexed like this for Stu, and her recent size gains and massive pump from this
morning’s workout and the Eagle Blast made it look to Stu like she had hulked-out overnight.
He was intimidated and Janet knew it…and loved it. She grabbed his hand and forcefully pulled
him downstairs. It wasn’t a loving type of grasp she had on his hand. It was strong, powerful
and commanding as she led him to the kitchen.

He looked up and down her backside as she pulled him along. The bulging muscles covering her
wide, athletic back were huge. He didn’t even know you could build muscles there, and he was
in awe. His wife was becoming a huge bodybuilder and he felt even more feeble and disgusted
as they moved forward.

As they arrived in the kitchen, Janet sat them in stools on opposite sides of the center island.
“Here’s the deal Stu.” She said, “If you beat me at arm wrestling, I’ll let you continue on your
lazy, non-supportive ass. However, If I win, you’ll start carrying your weight around here and
make up for all your years and years of pathetic, sloth-like behavior.”

Janet knew he had to accept the challenge. For one, not accepting the match would make him
basically admit that he was a lazy bum. Secondly, Janet had been cold and bitchy to him
recently. He needed the opportunity to beat her and make her eat a little crow, and also quit
chirping at him all the time. As muscular as Janet was getting, Stu had always been stronger
than her and assumed he still was. His arms were bigger, although untrained.

“Ok Janet. I win, and you quit bitching at me constantly, and quit working out. You’re starting
to look like a roided up freak.” Stu demanded.

He certainly didn’t need to add the last part of the comment, but Janet smiled, said, “Agreed!”
and placed her hand and arm up on the table.

Even unflexed, Janet’s arm was looking bulky and strong. As Stu placed his arm up on the table,
it was not as big as he had thought. His wife’s biceps looked as big as his and her damn forearm
was all pumped up and thick. He immediately realized the match was not going to be as easy as
he had expected. At the same time, Janet was also surprised. Stu had always outweighed her
by about 100 pounds and seemed much bigger. But his weight had all gone to his belly over the
last few years and his biceps and forearms seemed smaller, softer and weaker than ever.
As they locked grips, Janet squeezed her hand mightily. “Ahhhhhh!” Stu’s hand crumbled
under her pressure and he let out a loud scream of agony.

With all of the weightlifting, the tendons and muscles in her hands had thickened and
strengthened tremendously. Janet was as surprised as her husband that she was able to
collapse his hand so easily. She let go and he pulled his hand back immediately. As he sat there
trying to shake out the pain, Janet smiled, knowing she had grown stronger than him, able to
defeat him and cause considerable pain with a simple squeeze of her hand.

He looked back and noticed her pleasure filled grin. She showed no signs of remorse, like the
old Janet would have. He realized now that this was not a game, and his wife was determined
to win.

He shook his hand a few more moments and then angrily placed it back on the table and said,
“Can you at least wait till I’m ready this time Janet?”

“Sure hun.” She used a sarcastic, affectionate term as she placed her arm on the table and
again locked grips.

Just to be a jerk, Stu decided to surprise her with his own death grip. He unexpectedly
tightened his palm and squeezed as hard as he could. But his wife’s hand felt thick and solid as
a rock. His pressure did very little and as he looked at his wife in the eyes, another wry smile
covered her lips as she knew what he just failed to accomplish.

Realizing she was ready for him, Stu relaxed slightly but held his wife’s hand firmly. The tension
between the two could be cut with a knife. Janet looked over and said, “Whenever you’re

Stu said ok and began counting down, “3…2…1…Go!”

With a heave, both of them flexed their arms and applied maximum pressure. It was a
stalemate for about three seconds before Stu’s arm began to slowly move back. With grim
determination, Janet pushed hard and to her and Stu’s surprise, his arm continued to move
back. A sense of extreme joy was overcoming her and a smile began to cover her face as she
realized she was going to win…and within three more seconds her husband’s hand was banged
hard against the table.

Janet jumped up for joy, her muscular arms raised high above her head. She spun around in a
full circle, pumping her fists. The show of victory over him made him more angry and he began
claiming immediately that he wasn’t ready.

“Ya!” Janet said loudly. “You weren’t ready for these babies!” as she gave him a full doublebiceps pose. The muscle in her arms was beyond impressive and Stu’s fears that his wife was
becoming a muscular female bodybuilder were confirmed. But as much as he was against the
very muscular look, Stu also didn’t like the thought that his wife might actually be stronger than
him too.

She flexed and posed and tried to show off her clear dominance over Stu. But he was in a state
of denial. “OK, OK Janet.” He said, “You got me on round one but I demand a rematch.”

Still on cloud nine from her victory, Janet quickly took her seat across from him again and said,
“You’re on Stu…but I’m coming at you even harder this time!”

Over the past 60 seconds, Stu had somehow convinced himself that he hadn’t given it his all.
He decided he would put all his weight into this match. He squinted his eyes, locked grips with
his wife and again began the countdown. But this time, he couldn’t help himself and decided to
slightly cheat. As he counted down from 3, to 2, to 1, to Go! He actually started right before
the word Go!

Stu jumped the gun and applied maximum pressure, but Janet’s arm barely budged. And once
she felt the early tension, she flexed her muscles hard, stopping him in his tracks. But in
addition to his early start, Stu also leaned his entire upper body over his arm, giving him even
more leverage.

But it wasn’t enough. Janet was a lot stronger than him now and with a massive thrust, Janet
didn’t just move his arm back, she forced his whole body over as well with her lightning bolt
application of power. Because of his awkward position, as his arm got thrown back, his whole
upper body twisted over. As his arm was being blasted into the table, he fell over and landed
like a heap of trash on the floor.

“How’s that for a fucking win Stu…How’s that for a fucking win?” Janet exclaimed as she stood
up and raised her muscular arms again in victory.

Stu couldn’t believe it. Not only had his wife beaten him at a physical match of strength, she
had won decisively. It was hard for him to process and as much of a pussy as he had turned
into over the years, he still couldn’t accept this result.

He slowly stood and peered way up into his victorious wife’s eyes. They were full of life and
joyful in her win. As Janet looked back, she could tell he didn’t have the look of ultimate defeat
in his eyes. He seemed more angry, and in disbelief than in utter admiration of her
overwhelming strength over him. “What?” she asked confidently, “Do you wanna go LeftHanded?”
Knowing this might be his only shot at redemption he agreed immediately.

Stu then sat in her seat in a pathetic attempt to suggest she had won because her seat had
some sort of advantage over his. Janet laughed out loud and said, “Ok Stu…I’m sure that’s why
I defeated you.”

He didn’t necessarily believe it either, but that was easier to believe for him, than the fact that
his wife had just destroyed him at arm wrestling. A moment later, he presented his arm and
she hers. This time she decided to begin the count, to be extra ready for his attack. “She slowly
counted, “3…2…1…Go!”

She tightened up massively, her biceps and forearms flexed thickly with powerful muscle. But
Stu wasn’t left-handed. The pressure she faced seemed almost non-existent. Janet began to
laugh out loud as Stu’s face was turning red from his effort. But to his dismay, her arm wasn’t
even budging back. She just held it vertically, like a stone. In a show of complete dominance,
Janet brought her right hand up to her mouth and began to patiently blow on her fingernails,
like he was a complete weakling, unable to provide a challenge for her.

Knowing she definitely could easily smash his left hand to the table, she got a bit cocky. “Why
don’t you try two hands?” she asked sarcastically.

His face was about to explode with effort. He originally declined, but as the seconds and
pressure wore on, and his left arm began to tire, he took the bait. Stu reached up with his right
hand, grabbed the top off their locked grips and began to use it against her as well. But his left
hand had already lost most of its strength and now it was just basically his right arm, in an
awkward position, vs. her left arm. Janet leaned in slightly, flexed her muscle-laden shoulder
powerfully and with a tremendous burst of power, in only four seconds, forced his arms firmly
against the table.

Instead of jumping for joy, Janet realized both of Stu’s hands were trapped under hers. He was
basically held motionless on the table by just one of her arms. So she took the opportunity to
again blow on the fingernails of her right hand and said, “Ok Stuey, are we all in agreement
here now about who’s stronger?”

It was hard for him to argue, as she was clearly holding him forcefully against his will. He had to
concede to get her to release him and he finally relented. “Yes Janet. Yes, you’re a bit

He had to throw in the comment that she was just a little stronger, even though anyone
witnessing her victories would clearly say she was much stronger than him.

Before she let him go, she brought her right arm up, flexed her bicep firmly, into a beautiful ball
of muscle and then leaned into it and gave it a kiss. “Well Stu, I guess I’m keeping these
babies.” She said, knowing she had clearly won their bet.

But Stu pined. He now had a wife that was smarter than him, taller than him, fitter than him,
stronger than him and made way more money than him. He only had one last gasp of
something he thought he could hold over her and thus blurted out, “Janet, you may have put
on some muscle and be able to win a little arm-wrestling contest, but don’t get too cocky. If
you had to fight a guy, you would learn really quick that lifting a few dumbbells and being good
at arm-wrestling will do you no good.”

“What! What are you saying? That you could kick my ass?” She blurted out loudly.

“C’mon Janet, I would never fight you. I’m just saying, that no woman is going to beat up a guy
no matter how much weight she can lift. So please don’t be too full of yourself.” He answered
back confidently.

“Hmh, hmh.” She murmured. “Stay right here, I’ll b right back.” She demanded as she headed
into the garage.

Janet grabbed a black bag out of her car and walked back into the kitchen. Stu was still standing there,
kind of shaking out his arm. The stress of flexing it so hard and the force with which it struck the table
had left it a bit sore. As Janet approached, he quickly stopped.

She reached into the bag and tossed some MMA gear on the table. There were sparring gloves and
headgear. “I know you think I’m still a wimpy, helpless woman Stu, but I pack a punch. Let me show
you” she finished and began putting on the equipment.

“So, we’re going to fight now?” he questioned his wife.

“Just a little sparring Stu, but I think I might be able to prove I’m a bit tougher than you thought.” She

“I don’t know Janet. I really don’t want to hurt you. This seems dumb.” Stu said.

“Seriously Stu, Lu and I spare all the time at the gym, it’s fun, you get a good workout,
and you will get a little bit of the taste of what I can do to protect myself.” Janet said confidently.

Reluctantly, Stu allowed Janet to put on his headgear and help him put on the gloves. She then did the
same and asked him to follow her onto the grass out front.

Once outside, Janet instructed him to start giving her some little rabbit punches in the gut. He played
along and gave her a few taps to the abs. He did notice they were absolutely rock hard, thick as brick
looking muscles and had to know she barely felt his strikes. She laughed loudly and said, “Seriously Stu,
take it up a notch, give me some punches.

Stu started the little bout thinking he wouldn’t do anything more than play, but she seemed to handle
his medium level punches with ease, and she continued to make fun of him. “Come on lard ass!” she
said, “Lu punches five times harder than you.”

He was still embarrassed about losing so badly at arm-wrestling earlier. It gave him the motivation to
put a little more effort into his blows. So he punched harder, then harder and even harder into her
midsection. But Janet continued to laugh loudly at his weak punches. “No offense Stu, but there are 13-
year-old girls that punch harder than you.”

“Janet, I know that, but I’m warning you, If you want me to actually hit you as hard as I can, you’ll get
hurt.” He warned.

“I don’t believe you.” She replied, “I kicked your ass inside and your weak ass little arms couldn’t hurt a
fly. Give me all you got Stu…I can handle it.”

“Ok…I warned you.” Stu said loudly and then he reared his arm back for a strong blow.

He whipped his arm around as hard as he could and Janet flexed her abs and obliques hard. She slightly
bent into the punch, curling her body slightly towards that angle to put all of her muscle into the
defense. His glove hit her side with a thud. Stu felt a sharp pain shoot through his arm with the sudden
stop, as it felt like he had just punched a brick wall. He looked at Janet in the eye to see if she had felt
the massive blow. She had a grin on her face and asked, “Really, was that all you’ve got?”

Stu was flabbergasted. He had just thrown his strongest punch into her side and she barely even felt it.
Without warning, he brought his left arm back and whipped it into her other side with his full force. It
basically bounced off her tight, bulging oblique muscles and she clearly barely felt the impact.
Frustrated, Stu put everything into the right arm again and shot his fist directly into her stomach. Again,
it was met with rock-hard defiance and this time the bolt of pain shot right through his shoulder. Stu
was basically hurting himself trying to hit his wife.

Janet laughed and said, “See Stu…a little tougher than you thought. My turn now..but I’ll only hit you
with half power.”

Stu kind of readied himself as his wife kind of bounced around in front of him on her toes. Her athletic,
muscular frame was moving quickly and, in a flash, that he didn’t even see, her right hand smacked into
his side. Massive pain blasted through his body and he doubled over immediately, struggling to even
breath. Before he could put his hand up to ask her to pause, she impacted his other side with another
forceful blow. This one hurt even more and he crumbled to the ground in pain, breathless and staring
up at his towering, muscle-laden wife.

“Oh my God Stu! Two little half-punches and you’re on the ground rolling around like a helpless little
bitch.” Janet yelled. “Get up Stu…let’s go.”

He kind of rolled over on his stomach, stayed there for another thirty seconds and eventually was able
to breath normally. He was a little surprised at how hard she punched, but figured he just wasn’t ready
for the blow and she used all of her strength. He felt his ALPHA status slipping and needed another
chance, wanting to prove that she was the woman and he was the man of the house.

Stu stood up, kind of brushed himself off and took a deep breath. Like he had seen her do, he kind of
tried to bounce a little on his feet and almost jump towards her with a striking blow. With all of his
strength, and a little momentum, he punched Janet forcefully. It was by far his strongest punch and
Janet stayed steady, absorbing the blow easily with her muscle-laden frame. His glove and arm bounced
hard off of her body and it was clear that his blows had no effect on her. He dug in and tried another
punch and another and another. He couldn’t hurt her at all and her loud laughs as he tried were really
pissing him off.

As he was about to throw another blow, Janet popped him in the side of the head. He wasn’t expecting
it and it knocked him off balance. He stumbled several feet and almost fell over. “My goodness Stu, if
all men are as wimpy as you, I’ll have no problems defending myself!” she quipped with her demeaning

“Oh, we’re doing head shots now Janet!!!?” He said angrily.

“Ya!” She answered back. “That’s what the head gear is for dumbass.” Continuing her verbal assault
and trying to upset him even more.

He gathered himself and got back in front of her and took more of an aggressive, boxing stance. He was
looking up at her, and considering taking a swipe at her head, but still reluctant. But before he could
really decide, she threw a straight jab. BLAM! His head shot back and he stumbled back several feet as
well. He shook his head, as even her jab rattled him pretty good. She just motioned to him to come at
her and yelled, “Let’s go Stu!!!”

Now totally pissed, and a bit embarrassed, Stu rushed her. As he got close, he swung his right fist at her
headgear. She ducked and he missed badly. She took the opportunity to give him a quick gut shot. The
force of her strong blow folded him in half and with a loud gasp, he fell to the ground again struggling to

In less than a couple of minutes, and from only a few blows, Stu seemed tired and out of gas. Janet
waited patiently and said, “Take your time Stu, I want 30 seconds of All-You-Got when you’re ready.” At
this point, she knew she had him beat easily. She couldn’t believe a man could become so weak and
pathetic, but he was definitely that.

Stu was a disheveled mess, laying on the ground and trying to get back a little energy. He really was out
of shape and Janet was still fresh as a daisy. She waited and waited and waited. He seemed to need
almost five minutes to fully recover. But he finally got up and raised his arms, ready to go.

“Ok Stu.” Janet reminded her husband. “I’ve got this headgear on for a reason. Seriously, give me all
you have and let’s finish this debate once and for all.”

It’s not easy to take a head shot, but Janet needed to know. As Stu approached, she let him take a few
punches without hitting back. He struck her arms and hands, which she had instinctively put up in
defense. The blows seemed like little bird punches compared to Lu’s, so Janet eventually lowered her
hands. Stu immediately made contact and struck her right on the side of the head. It didn’t even phase
her. Janet took two more and his punches seemed to just bunce off her sturdy head and gear. She then
lowered her hands leaned forward slightly and held out her head. He belted her with one, then another,
then another punch.

He was a fucking weak ass wimp. Janet began laughing at how light his punches felt. It only made him
madder, and he swung at her headgear with all his might. Janet’s head barely budged. She stood up,
almost on her tippy toes. Her tall, muscular physique towered over his. Still laughing, she took a step
back and said softly, “My turn.”

Stu couldn’t believe his wife was able to handle all of his punches so easily. She seemed completely
unphased and his heart sunk down inside his chest. For the first time in their marriage, a bit of fear
creeped in as he saw his wife’s determined stare.

Stu brought his hands up in defense. Janet nailed him with a right to his left shoulder. The immense
power knocked him several feet to his right. Just as he started to get his balance, Janet was already
waiting and thrust another huge punch into his left shoulder. It was the hardest Stu had ever been hit in
his life and he flew back to the right. She pinballed him two more times, letting he feel how strong his
wife was. But she was just being nice.

Now completely in protect mode and fearing the next punch, Stu began to back up. But Janet was way
too quick, she blasted a shot into his arms and they were forced way to the side, completely exposing
his head. Before he had time to bring his arms back up, Janet followed with a left hook to the headgear.
The punch blasted him explosively and his jaw felt like it had broken off of his face from the force of the
blow. He was immediately dazed and about to go down. His arms fell to his sides, but Janet wasn’t
done teaching him who’s boss.

She grabbed the collar of his shirt and held him up. His arms had fallen to his sides and she had an open
target. With her padded MMA gloves, and him wearing protective headgear Janet knew it wouldn’t kill
him, but it sure would hurt. She threw three consecutive, monster shots into his face. The powerful
shots not only knocked him out cold, but also burst open his nose. Blood flew all over the place and as
Janet set her unconscious husband onto the ground, she reveled in the sight of this muther fucker on
the ground, in pain, like she and Lu had been a few months before.

Janet walked victoriously in the house, she had owed him that beating for months and it was a relief to
finally get it out of her system and not want to kick the living shit out of him every second of every day.
She took off her headgear and gloves, grabbed a comfortable chair next to the front window and stared
out at her knocked out husband.

He eventually woke up and began to move around. He shook his head and kind of rolled over to get up.
But Janet had hit him so hard in the arms, they didn’t really work right and as he tried to push himself
up, his arms collapsed, and he fell back to the grass. She chuckled at the sight of her beat up husband,
confused and weakened from her beating. He deserved it for letting Lu and her get beat up by the
robbers and she had finally exacted her revenge. Just as she was taking a sip of her protein drink and
watching Stu struggle, their really attractive neighbor Lydia walked up from across the street and began
helping Stu to his feet. Janet had caught Stu ogling Lydia thru their window on a couple of occasions and
knew he had a bit of a crush on her. She was shorter than Janet and thin, but with nice breasts. Three
things Janet knew she didn’t possess. She knew she had another opportunity here and immediately ran
out to great them.

“Oh, hi Lydia.” Janet shouted as she walked out of the house and towards them.

“HI Janet.” Lydia responded, “What happened to Stu?”

“He and I were having a little MMA boxing workout and I guess I got a bit carried away and got him with
a few good punches.” Janet answered back.

Stu was still a bit too dazed and confused to speak. Janet just grabbed him under the arm and said,
“Thanks for the help Lydia, but I’ll take him from here.”

“Oh, ok Janet, it’s just that I actually saw your little bout from my front window, and it looked like you
really kicked his ass!” Lydia stated, with a bit of concern for Stu, but also with some admiration for

“Ya, well, I guess I didn’t know my own strength. But I’ll play a little nicer next time, I promise.” Janet
reassured Lydia as she led Stu to the door.

“Um, ok Janet.” Lydia said back, “um, but I’d love to hear what you’re doing to get so fit. Can we grab
some coffee and chat one of these days?”

For some weird reason, Janet now found Lydia extremely attractive. She had never really ogled her, or
any other women in the past, but now, at this moment, there was a definite spark. She eagerly
answered, “Absolutely Lydia! I’d love to. I’ll give you a call tomorrow and we can catch up…and I’ll bring
you some diet and exercise info.”

“Thanks Janet.” She said excitedly, “Looking forward to it.”

With that little distraction out of the way, Janet shoved Stu into the downstairs bathroom. He kind of
fell into the wall, blood covering his face and gloves. She left him to clean up and care for himself. She
knew he’d see his busted-up nose and bruised face in the mirror and know his wife was the one who
was now the ALPHA around here. Happily, she began to lay out the new “Rules of the House.” That she
was going to present to him later that night and expect him to follow explicitly…paving the way for her
and Lu to spend their energy pumping iron and getting huge while he took care of all of the household
duties and chores…

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Re: The Stingers
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I subscribe to your Patreon, and have enjoyed this story and all of its many chapters IMMENSELY! "Muscle in the Family" has also been outstanding!

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Re: The Stingers
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I subscribe to your Patreon, and have enjoyed this story and all of its many chapters IMMENSELY! "Muscle in the Family" has also been outstanding!

Thanks Southbendcarp...I appreciate your support.  It's Patrons like you that help me keep the writing going!!!

All the best :)
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Re: The Stingers
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The Stingers – part 7


Lu got home from another fantastic workout. Her biceps were pumped and sweat dripped
from her gorgeous, tight, muscular body. The athletic, powerful look of her face was becoming
alluring to everyone around her and she was soaking in the newfound attention at school. She
was already looking forward to later that night when Crissy would be coming over and had
some fun plans already in place.

As she walked into the kitchen to grab another protein drink, she heard some moans from
upstairs. She ran up the steps as fast as she could, but as she neared the top, she could tell it
wasn’t from her mom. They sounded deeper…like a male and they were coming from the
hallway bathroom. Lu looked in and to her shock, her dad was laid out on the bathroom floor,
his face badly bloodied and bruised.

A huge adrenaline rush zipped through her body and she yelled, “Dad, Dad, are you OK? What
happened? Did the robbers come back?”

“Ahhhhh, mmmmmm.” Stu answered back, a non-understandable response.

She leaned down to get a better look. His cheeks were red and extended, his nose was covered
in dried blood and his eyes were starting to swell shut. Lu quickly reached up to grab a towel
and begin cleaning him up.

“Let him be.” a voice came from behind.

Lu turned quickly to see her mom. Still wearing her boxing outfit. “What do you mean
mom…what happened to dad?”

“He got what he deserved dear.” Janet answered. “Here, let me show you.”

Lu had a concerned and confused look on her face as Janet grabbed her daughter’s hand. The
two sweaty, tall, muscular girls then headed downstairs, leaving Stu to his moans and groans.
Janet sat Lu down in front of the computer and brought up the security camera from the front
yard. “Lu my dear. Your father let us get beat up and almost raped or killed. I have had a hard
time even looking at him and Steve ever since…Haven’t you?” she asked.

“Yes…I can’t stand to even see my brother walking around here and have avoided dad as much
as possible.” Lu answered, knowing she still had a deep, un-healing gash in her soul from
knowing her dad and brother did nothing to protect them that fateful night.

“Well.” Janet started, “I exacted a little revenge tonight and things are going to be a lot
different around here from now on. First I challenged your father to a little arm-wrestling
match. I thought I was stronger than him, but I needed to prove it to myself and him.”

“Did you win?” Lu asked eagerly.

“Yes Lu…I not only beat him twice, but actually threw his fat ass to the floor in the process.”

Janet followed. “But that wasn’t enough, he still had to make a smart ass comment that it
wasn’t real strength…so I then challenged him to a boxing match.”

She then pointed her daughter to watch the video. Lu looked on as her mom and dad made
their way to the front lawn. Janet looked so tall, and athletic, and studly compared to her overweight, slow lethargic dad. Lu knew her mom would definitely be able to win a scoring match,
but what she saw in his condition upstairs was something totally different.
As her parents started to spar, she could tell right away her mom was not even trying hard. She
was playing with him and not attempting to avoid his slow, weak ass punches. She was letting
him hit her. Her mom had to know his strength…or lack of it. She wanted to take his best shot
and then shrug it off as if it as light as a blow from a butterfly. Janet did that and then some.
She watched her dad take his mightiest shots at Janet and they did nothing. Then, Lu watched
as Janet turned it up a notch.

Lu’s jaw was dropped wide open and she enjoyed seeing her muscle-bound mom so strong, so
quick, so powerful and easily turning a grown man into a whimpering ball of mush. She saw
anger and ALPHA behavior from her mom as she bounced his whole body back and forth
forcefully with each shot to his arms and sides. Lu then witnessed the mighty blows and
knockout punch her mom delivered to her dad.

A sense of pride and complete admiration overcame her and Lu reached out and hugged her
mom lovingly. Tears streamed down her face as she knew her mom had to do this to help
release some of the hatred and stress that she was carrying inside of her. Lu had long since lost
all respect for her dad, and watching him in the fight made her lose even more. It was her dad,
but she didn’t have to like him anymore and she and Janet were both on the same page about

After a brief conversation, Janet made her way back upstairs to clean up and get pretty for her
guest Lydia, who would be coming by later.
But Lu wasn’t done with the tape. She watched it over and over and over again. Each time
Janet blasted Stu with a powerful punch, she gained more love, admiration and respect for her
mom. At the same time, she lost more and more respect for Stu. Why was he such a lazy, leach
on the relationship? He had made Janet provide financially for him and the family, made her
cook, clean and at the moment of truth…when a man was clearly needed in the situation, Stu
made Janet become the protector as well!

“What a fucking Dick!” Lu thought to herself.

Disappointed and kind of angry, Lu walked in her bedroom to take a much needed shower
before Chrissy came over. But as she got there, a new thought came across her mind. She was
becoming more and more aggressive feeling and the sense of strength and power overcame
her. She didn’t have to get all pretty for Chrissy…Chrissy should be the one getting done-up for
her. She instead stared at her bulging, tall, muscular physique in the mirror and knew she
would be the hottest chick magnet at school. Her desires of chasing after the stud track guys or
football guys at school were over. She had a crushing sense of superiority and wanted to catch
the eye of all the hottest chicks at school.

Instead of getting ready, Lu spent several minutes looking at her muscular reflection in the
mirror. She put some body oil on her hands and began sliding her slick palms across her rippled
but bulging blocks of rock hard abs. She moved them up and palmed her rounded, buff, firm
pecs. She even began feeling her more muscular jaw and face. She was dreamy, even to
herself and she knew she could simply masturbate to her own image if needed. But, after
several minutes of ogling and massaging herself in the mirror, she heard the doorbell ring. Lu
got excited immediately, knowing it was Chrissy. She gave herself one last look and flex.
Satisfied, she then walked out and into the living room.

To her surprise, her lazy-ass brother was already at the door talking to her guest.
“I’m glad you’re here Chrissy. I wanted to get that cheat code from you and figure out how to
get through Level 10.” Steve said.

“Oh…sure…ya…It’s…” Chrissy was cut off by Lu as she was about to give it to him.

“Chrissy!” Lu said loudly, excited to see her and walked over to give her a hug.

Standing next to her brother made Lu look even taller and buffer than ever and Lu noticed
Chrissy slowly bite her lower lip and lick it…A sure sign that she was into her. Lu grabbed
Chrissy’s hand and easily pulled her along…away from Steve and towards her room.

“Hey, hold on Lu.” Steve ordered, “She was about to give me a cheat code.”

Lu just kind of half turned, flipped off her brother and then closed the door behind as she and
her friend got to her room.
Lu ripped off her sports top immediately. She turned to Chrissy and flexed her even larger,
more muscular pecs. Chrissy was shocked by the bigger, fuller, more powerful size of them and
extended her long tongue and slowly enjoyed the moist, sweat from Lu’s rock hard muscle. Lu
enjoyed having this pretty high-school girl so into her and reveled in the fact that her brother
wanted her but Lu was the one Chrissy wanted the most.
With Chrissy continuing to taste her, Lu began bouncing her pecs. The left muscle bulged and
tightened first. Chrissy got wet immediately.

“Oh my God!” Chrissy exclaimed as the erotic sensations started to excite her.

She then moved to the right pec as Lu began bouncing it up and down for her. Lu was turning
into a muscle-bound meat-head and Chrissy couldn’t be happier. As Chrissy was starting to
work her magical tongue across Lu’s frame, she decided to reach down and slip off her sport
shorts. Lu had felt her clit growing again and wanted to relieve some pressure from its tip.
As the shorts slipped down, the clit bounced up and rammed Chrissy in the leg. Surprised, both
girls looked down. The member had now grown exponentially since their last interaction and a
larger, 6” version was now exposed. “HOLY SHIT!” The girls both exclaimed in surprise.
The last time Lu was with Chrissy, her clit had grown to a nice, inch and a half or so erection.
Now, it was triple that size and thick.

Chrissy instinctively dropped to her knees and immediately placed her wet lips around Lu’s clit.
She began sucking it hard and it turns out that it was super sensitive and bolts of erotic
pleasure were shooting through Lu’s body. Chrissy grabbed Lu’s muscle-bound glutes firmly
and plunged her head upon Lu’s shaft forcefully. But she was also feeling overwhelming
sensations of ecstasy. Having Lu’s clit in her mouth made her more turned on than ever, and
having it attached to such a beautiful, tall, muscular goddess made it even better.

Lu leaned her head and eyes back, grabbed the top of Chrissy’s hair and began forcing her head
up and down upon her clit rapidly and forcefully. As fast as Chrissy had been going before
didn’t matter. Lu was driving this train and Chrissy’s mouth was the engine.
Both girls were starting to moan in complete and utter satisfaction. And that’s when it
Without warning, and expecting the girls to be sitting on their phones or talking about girls
stuff, Steve bolted in the room.

“Chrissy, I need that Cheat Code.” Steve blurted out before he realized something was going on.

Lu made eye contact with her brother. He couldn’t believe Chrissy was eating Lu out, but
before he could say a word and for some reason, she instinctively dove at him and tackled him
to the ground. She shut the door as he yelled, “Get off of me.”

But she was much stronger than him. Lu was the clearly superior being and she got him in a
headlock immediately. She held him there for a while and then spun him around. Just before
he passed out, she let her hold a little loose.

Now being held in his stronger, more muscular sister’s thick, heavy grasp, Steve blurted out,
“What the hell are you guys doing? What the fuck, was Chrissy eating you out…are you guys

Chrissy just looked back at Steve and nodded her head.

“Fuck Chrissy…that sucks…I mean, I kind of knew Lu was…with all her gross muscles…but I
thought I had a chance with you.” Steve said while still being held motionless from behind by

“Well” Chrissy offered, “If you’re bigger than Lu…I’ll give you a chance.”

“Bigger than Lu?” Steve asked with a surprised look on his face.

“Ya.” Chrissy followed, “Bigger downstairs than Lu.” She finished and she slowly reached her
hands out and grabbed Steve’s belt.

Not knowing what to do…and actually surprised just as much as Lu at this point, Steve watched
as Chrissy undid his buckle and began sliding the belt out of his pants. Lu kept her tight hold on
her brother as he squirmed and with another swift motion, Chrissy undid his zipper.
“This is crazy!” Steve exclaimed as he was about to be exposed in front of his sister.

“Tell you what bro…I’ll turn out the lights then.” Lu said in an effort to keep him slightly
interested in staying.

He didn’t really answer or object, he still had no idea what was going on. Lu then, stood them
both up, still standing behind and flicked of the switch.
Now in total darkness, Steve felt Chrissy pull down his shorts and begin stroking his member. It
felt amazing…he dug her and with the lights off, he was able to slightly relax and enjoy the hand
job he was now receiving. He really thought this scenario was fucking crazy…but he was feeling
too good to move. What he didn’t realize of course, was that Lu, now standing next to him, was
also receiving a hand job.

Chrissy stroked and stroked and stroked them both. She gave her hand jobs for several minutes
and eventually knew she had both of them fully erect. Then, with a quick shout, she said to Lu,
“Hit the lights.”

Before Steve could react, Lu turned on the lights and grasped both his hands firmly, keeping
him from moving or twisting around. They both looked down and were amazed at what they
saw. Steve’s erection was standing straight up, but his 5.5” cock was definitely not going to win
any big size awards. At the same time, he didn’t quite believe what he was witnessing as his
sister’s clit was easily a half inch larger than his member!

Chrissy belted out, “Oh…I think we have a winner here!” and she plunged her head excitedly
upon Lu’s large erection.

Steve started freaking out and began struggling to free himself and run from this nightmare
scenario. But his larger, more muscle-bound sister was far too strong now. She held him firmly
with her muscle-laden arms and made him stay put, as the girl of his fantasies pleasured
her…and her massive, 6’ rod. “Guess I’m bigger than you in every way now...huh bro!” Lu
insulted her bitch of a brother who wouldn’t lift a finger to help her or their mom from a brutal

Like Janet had done to Stu earlier that evening, Lu was doing to Steve now. She needed to
exercise the demons and make him feel emotional pain like she and her mom endured with
their months of nightmares and physical healing.

Chrissy bobbed and moved her head continuously upon Lu’s love rod. It was a sensational
feeling for Lu, and emotionally as pleasure filled for Chrissy, as she provided her ultimate crush
with these incredible shots of gratification. Lu began to moan with satisfaction and her
muscular arms held Steve at bay all the while. He had tried and tried to free himself from this
ordeal, but his little bit of strength had faded as his muscles had no endurance and he probably
had the strength of a ten year old girl at this point.

Steve couldn’t believe he was looking down at Chrissy giving his sister a blow job, and after
being shown to be smaller than Lu, he just wanted it all to be over. Steve was completely and
totally embarrassed and knew he could never show his face to Chrissy again. His sister was
bigger than him downstairs, stronger than him, and more muscular than him. Steve had finally
realized that she was the ALPHA in the relationship.

The emotional and physical toll became too much for him and Steve began to cry profusely.
The tears were streaming down his face while jolts of joy were streaming thorough Lu’s entire
body. Steve soon realized his complete and utter loss and began begging Lu to let him go. But
she wanted a little more out of him.

While she was still moaning in exalted joy, Lu said, “Who’s the boss of you from now on Steve?”
“Huh?” Steve replied

“I said, who is the boss of you from now on?” Lu replied slowly.

Still in shock, and still being overpowered by his sister, Steve realized what she was getting at
and reluctantly answered weakly, “You are.”

“Who’s going to do whatever I tell him to do from now on?” Lu asked him loudly…joyfully.

“I am.” He whimpered quietly.

“And who’s going to stay in is room from this moment forward until I say it’s ok for him to come
out?” Lu asked emphatically.

“I am.” He again responded.

“Good, now that we have that taken care of, get the fuck out of here and go to your room!” she
demanded her now obedient, sorry excuse for a brother.

With that, Steve pulled up his pants with his weak, tired arms, turned and ran out of the room
and up the stairs to contemplate the new, household order.
Lu looked down at Chrissy. Her mouth was still around her long rod, but a huge smile
completely covered her face. She slowly lifted her lips off Lu’s beautiful, growing shaft and
began to stand. She couldn’t help but drag her tongue upon Lu’s ripped abs and then in the
deep crevasse between Lu’s bulging pec muscles as she reached her full height. Still several
inches shorter than Lu, Chrissy stood on her tippy toes to meet her lips with her gorgeous

As Lu began to lower her muscular, athletic face down to meet Chrissy’s, Chrissy said
softly, “That was the most bad ass thing I’ve ever seen in my life Lu…I think I’ve fallen for you.”

“Oh just wait Chrissy.” Lu answered softly, “Your lips aren’t the only thing my love stick is going
to be in tonight.”

Both girls laughed lovingly and they knew both of them would be losing their virginity in a short
matter of time. Chrissy squeezed Lu’s muscle-laden arms tightly, enjoying the feeling of her
unbelievable strength and power. Her breasts were pressed firmly against Lu’s tremendously
developed, muscular pecs and their moist, wet lips pressed tightly together as they giddily
anticipated tonight…

Meanwhile, Janet was upstairs showering for her date night with Lydia, massaging her own
rippling muscular body…and enjoying the feel this oddly growing clit of her own…
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Re: The Stingers
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This is absolutely fantastic writing !

I love the character development and plot, but you the big thing to me in this story is how you convey the action and emotions so damn well.
* You are the author and you are the boss of your story!
* Take your time and write what you are driven to write and what your characters drive you to write.
* The story is the journey, and when the journey is over, we will all wish it was longer.

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Re: The Stingers
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Thanks Jaguar!!!
I feel like my writing has become better over the years and I'm still trying to improve it...

Working on the next chapter of The Stingers now...will post it to my Patreon tomorrow....cheers!

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Re: The Stingers
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Can't wait to read the next chapter and what will happen (and grow) next.

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Re: The Stingers
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Thanks!  Here's another chapter :)

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Stingers – Part 8

Pecking Order

Janet finished her date night with her married neighbor Lydia and eventually got home and walked into the kitchen.  She was wearing a gorgeous red dress that had a slit in it and exposed her muscular right leg as she walked.  It was really tight around her buff glutes and her rounded ass surely sent shockwaves of lust through every guy in the restaurant.  The back was open and exposed her now ripped, muscular back, and it had just small straps that went over her shoulders and sat at the base of her towering traps.  This revealed her rounded, meaty shoulders and arms to any onlookers and she turned every head in the restaurant, guy and girl alike, as she walked to her table with Lydia.

Although she was married, Lydia kept complimenting Janet on her gorgeous, beautifully muscled physique throughout the night.  Janet wasn’t completely sure, but she felt like Lydia was hitting on her and she wondered if she swung both ways.  At certain points, Lydia had even reached out and grabbed and squeezed Janet’s muscular arms.  Lydia seemed infatuated by them and often complimented that she thought they were as big as her husband Bret’s arms.

It was really turning Janet on for some reason.  She wasn’t gay and had never been with a woman before.  But her 25 year old, hot neighbor was so pretty and so good looking, Janet was definitely considering returning some of the affectionate behavior.  Her clit was really getting hard and at one point, Janet reached down to feel it slightly poking into her tight, red panties.

But, eventually the night winded down and both had to leave the heat of the moment and return home to their normal lives. 
As she got home and walked into the kitchen, her son Steve was there grabbing a drink.  He hadn’t asked his twin sister Lu for permission to leave his room and get it, but he figured he’d sneak in and out so fast, she wouldn’t even notice.  But as Janet walked in he stood there in shock.  Janet didn’t know why he was looking so suspicious so she had to ask.

“What is up Steven…what’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing mom…just trying to zip down and grab a quick drink, that’s all.” He finished.

“Hmm, that’s it huh.  Are you sure?” she asked again, knowing he looked way to guilty for nothing to be going on.

“Well.” He went on. “Since you asked, I need to tell you about Lu.  She’s really screwed up.  She’s gay.  She’s putting on muscle and wants to look like a dude I guess.  I caught her getting it on with Chrissy.  I just want you to know that and also that it’s really fucked up that she would steal Chrissy from me.  Lu knew I liked Chrissy and totally fucked up any chance I had with her.  Just so you know, she doesn’t even have her own brother’s back!”
Janet shook her head up and down in understanding for a moment.  Then she walked over to the small table at the side of the kitchen.  She sat down and said, “Come here Steven, I want to show you something.”

Steve didn’t know what the hell his mom was doing, so a little confused, he obliged her and walked over to the table.  She motioned for him to sit across from him and he did that as well.  Next, Janet stuck out her arm and put her elbow on the table.  “C’mon Steven, let’s have a little tussle here.” She told him.

Steve kind of laughed.  He had never considered arm-wrestling his mom.  Hell, he was an 18 year-old man.  He would never challenge an old lady to an arm wrestling match.  “Really mom.” He said, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She laughed, lifted her arm up and hit a full biceps pose. To Steven’s shock, a 14” rounded biceps muscle exploded out of her arm.  “Holy shit mom!  You’re buff.” He exclaimed in surprise.

Since he had basically been secluded in his room playing video games all semester, he hadn’t even noticed how much new muscle she had developed.
“I know Steven…your sister and I have been at the gym every day…sometimes twice a day for the last six months.  Now put your arm on the table and let me show you something.”  She again ordered her son.

Kind of in bewilderment and a little reluctantly Steven did as his mother asked and placed his arm on the table.  She reached out her buff arm and immediately locked grips with his.  She squeezed hard to give him a sense of her strength and his hand instantly crumbled like a tin can underneath.  “Oww!” he exclaimed, as he ripped his hand back and away from her powerful hold.

“Oh Steven, I barely put any pressure in that grip…calm down.” She bragged.

He looked back and stared in amazement at the power she contained and couldn’t believe the pain she had just caused him in a millisecond.
Steve shook out his hand, slowly placed his elbow on the table and again locked grips with Janet.  This time he put all his strength into the grip to try to cause her the same amount of pain and discomfort.  But her hand was thick and meaty and solid.  Again, something he hadn’t noticed over the last six months, but he definitely realized she was a lot stronger and more muscular than he had originally assumed before he sat down.

Now ready for the match, Janet looked deeply into her son’s eyes and counted down from three.  “Three, two, one…Go!”

Steve flexed his arm as hard as he could and tried to lean into the match.  Surprisingly to him, her arm didn’t even budge.  The biceps muscle exploded up again in impressive fashion and formed a massive ball of thick, rock hard muscle, but no motion back at all.  Janet sat there as calm as a windless sea, even when Steve took a huge breath, pushed his right leg against the wall for more leverage and tried to push her arm back with all his might.

Janet waited for several more seconds, smiling more and more with each tick of the clock.  But she hadn’t even started trying yet.  Her powerful, well trained muscles were twitching to go…but she wanted to wait…to tire out her son, zap him of all of his perceived strength, and then win the match handily.  Letting him know just how much stronger and more powerful she is.  More than he could possibly imagine.

The sweat started to drip from Steve’s brow.  He was putting all of his strength, or lack of it to be more accurate, into the match and it was clear he was not making any progress.  Finally Janet looked pathetically into her struggling son’s eyes and said, “Steven, go ahead and use your other arm to, and make this a match.”

Reinvigorated by his mom’s cocky attitude, and being given an advantage, Steve reached up with his other arm too and used it to pull against the gripped hands as hard as possible.  It worked!  The hands all started to move slowly towards her side.  First an inch…then two…then three!  But there it seemed to stop.  Janet was really flexing her arm hard now and her forearm muscle tensed up tremendously.  The few veins that crisscrossed it started to fill up with blood.

Janet knew she really had to try at this point.  She got a serious look of determination on her face, flexed her shoulder and then grunted and pushed hard against her sons hands.  She moved from down three inches, to two, to top dead center.  At this point Steve knew he was in trouble and with just one quick burst of strength from her powerful, muscle-laden arm, Janet slammed her son’s hands to the table in victory.

“Ahhhh!” he screamed in pain as his fingers and shoulder crashed onto the hard table.

Still holding his arms down, pinned into the table Janet blurted out.  “Now listen here Steven, you’re my son…and come hell or high water, I’ll always love you.  But having said that, you’re pathetic!”

She got very stern and took on an ominous tone and continued, “You’re so lazy and so weak, that your own mother is easily twice as strong as you.  You took the opportunity to cheat and battle me with both hands and you jumped on it before I could get the offer out of my mouth.”

He was shaking his head and closing his eyes.  “Are you listening to me Steven?” she questioned loudly.

After a brief pause, his hands still being held firmly against the table he answered, “Ya.”

“You sit here and have the nerve to be upset with your sister and ridicule her for building a muscular body.  While at the same time, not realizing that the reason your sister and mother are going to the gym and putting on pounds and pounds of strong powerful muscle, is because you and your good for nothing father won’t do it yourselves or even lift a finger to protect us!”

“You’re lucky your sister is not a revengeful person or she probably would have kicked the living shit out of you by now.  She’s stronger than me and I easily just defeated you. She could probably turn you into a crying little sissy in seconds.”  Janet continued the lecture.

“And lastly.” Janet pointed out, “You are fat, weak, lazy and probably considered unattractive by the girls at your school.  Lu is tall, athletic, smart, beautiful and muscular.  She’s developing the body of a Greek goddess and you’re questioning her motives to hook-up with Chrissy.  I’m sure Chrissy and any other girl at that school would rather fool around with your sister than you any day of the week.  And the fucking nerve of you to accuse her of not having “your back”, when you let her get beat and almost raped while you cowered under your bed is the most insane, pot-calling-the-kettle-black statement I’ve ever heard.  You should be proud of her for building up her body and strength, she’ll probably need it to protect you from the next little altercation that comes your way!”

Steve had been put in his place by his mom like never before in his life.  She finally released him and he knew to get the hell out of her presence as soon as possible.  He took off running and shot up the stairs like never before.

As Janet heard his bedroom door shut, she heard the sounds of a slow clap coming from Lu’s room.  She looked over to see her gorgeous, buff daughter, wearing nothing but a small little bikini bottom and small crop top.  Her quad muscles and abs were on full, muscle-bound display.  Lu slowly walked over to her mother, muscles bulging in her calves and thighs with each, slow, power-laden step.

She wrapped her strong, buff arms around her mom and said, “Thanks for that mom.  I love you.”

“I love you too dear.”  She replied.  “And I love Steven.  But he needed to know that he was being a complete disappointment and was way out of line with his criticisms of you.”

The two embraced longingly.  Their tall, gorgeous, fit, muscular bodies connecting as one as they hugged firmly.
“Now.” Janet had to ask. “Tell me a little about Chrissy.  Are you really more interested in her than the guys on the track team?”

“Geez mom.” Lu looked at her mom and hesitated.

“C’mon Lu…I’m ok with whatever you’re in to…but I am a bit curious.”  Janet prodded.

Lu bit her lip in a cute and telling way and then admitted, “Ya mom, I guess I am.  But not just Chrissy.  Ever since this started growing.” She said and she pointed towards the bulge in her bikini bottoms.  “All the pretty girls at school are starting to turn me on and I can’t help staring at Jenny Chadwick in my English class.  She’s the captain of the cheerleading squad and she’s really got my eye.  The problem is...she’s dating the quarterback of the football team…so I guess I’m out of luck.”

Janet laughed lovingly at her daughter’s little high-school crush problem and offered, “Oh dear…don’t be too worried, anyone would be lucky to have such a gorgeous, smart, fierce girl like you by their side…even Jenny Chadwick.”

They shared a nice long embrace and then kissed each other good night.  Lu slept well knowing her mother had stood up for her and put Steve in his place and also that she was surely supportive of whatever relationships Lu wanted to have.

Janet also slept well and woke up refreshed and relieved that she had finally shown both Stu and Steven her disappointment in them.  It needed to happen as part of the healing process and she was dead set on moving forward in a positive and healthy direction.  She started the morning like every morning recently, and began fondling her growing muscles and hardened clit.  It was getting very sensitive to her touch and was becoming more and more of a distraction for her.

While caressing her hard muscles and g-spot, she thought about all the guys in the world that wake up and get a blow job from their significant other on the way to their wall street, high paying jobs.  Boy, they really carried the Alpha male roll to the limits.  As she thought about that, she had an epiphany.  She got in her phone and called Stu in the room.

“Come I here Stu, I need something from you.” She said as he picked up the call.

A few moments later, Stu walked in.  “What’s up?” he asked.

“Close the door Stu.” She said softly.

Kind of confused, Stu turned around, reached out and closed the door.  He didn’t realize that he was about to become Janet’s oral before work.
She motioned him over to the bed, spread her long, lean, muscular legs and slid herself to the edge.  As she moved her exposed pussy to the curve in the mattress, she said, “Ok Stu, mommy wants some head before her day of working and supporting you…so make me happy Stu…”

He knew what had just happened to him yesterday and he was determined to do exactly what she asked of him.  He hadn’t eaten her out since before marriage and hoped he remembered how.  Within seconds, Stu dropped to his knees and began exploring her vulva.  His tongue was on the hunt to make her happy and his licking and sucking was starting off aggressive.

As he hunted, Janet closed her muscular quads and gave his head a nice squeeze.  She liked holding him captive with her big, powerful muscles and it was making the experience better already. 

Within a few more seconds, Stu began licking something he hadn’t noticed in her before.  It seemed like her clit was growing exponentially in his mouth.  Instead of a little, hardened nub…it was growing like a weed.  It seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and before long, he had a mouth full of her two inch, thickening clit.  The size even surprised Janet, but it was sensitive as hell and she insisted he now start sucking her exposed growth.

“That’s it Stu…Suck that little baby for me! Lick and suck it like the little cock it has become!”  She ordered.

He still hadn’t processed what was happening and was just amazed that her damn clit was that long.   Stu just assumed that for some reason older women’s clit’s grow a bit, but still was sucking and licking like it was the same g-spot he used to pleasure back in the day.
As he sucked it harder and harder, Janet grabbed his hair firmly in her strong hands.  The squeeze sent a little shot of pain through Stu’s scalp but he knew better than to stop satisfying his wife.  She started becoming more aggressive though and started jamming his head firmly down into her crotch.  The entire two inches of her growing appendage was now fully in his mouth and she felt his tongue flicking and brushing it rapidly.

“Faster…faster…faster!” she screamed at her husband.

On order, Stu began moving his tongue and lips even more quickly than before and her muscular arm and legs pressured his head and skull more forcefully.

The sensation of his head being squeezed tightly between her muscle-bound quads and his mouth wrapped firmly around her clit sent sensations of pleasure through her body.  The tingling in her little tip was becoming uncontrollable and within a few more strokes upon her, she couldn’t hold back.
With the rapid tickling of his tongue tip upon her tip…a massive shot of white goo burst from her.  Neither were exactly sure what the hell she was ejaculating, but the white, sticky, salty substance could be only one thing.  In disbelief…and not knowing this was even possible, Stu tried to back away.  But Janet was having none of that.  She grasped his hair more forcefully and jammed it back down upon her leaking little buddy.  As the spurts of liquid kept coming, Janet yelled, “Swallow it Stu…swallow it all…every last ounce.”

As he reluctantly gulped it down, Janet peered down at her long, gorgeous, muscular legs and reveled in the fact that she was now being given head…before work…the life of a Wall Street big wig.  She remembered that Stu was actually good at oral back in their youth, and knew that with daily practice on her…he could finally earn his keep around here.

Satisfied, Janet shooed him away and walked into the shower.  The warm water and contented satisfaction streamed down her fit, tall physique as she prepared for another day of work and workouts, to become the ultimate female muscle machine she could be!

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Re: The Stingers
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Stingers – part 9

The Bout

Lu got up the next morning and seemed extra energized.  The Red Fox and Eagle Blast supplements were really doing wonders for her biology and besides her muscles getting extra pumped and extra strong with each successive workout, her overall energy and confidence level were also off the charts.  She was really looking forward to this morning’s gym session since she was going to spar with her trainer Adela. 
Adela was well known as the toughest woman kicker and puncher in the gym.  She was not only the toughest chick, she had also beat many of the guys in the gym when sparring.  So including all of the guys and girls, she was probably ranked in the top 4.  But Lu was making tremendous progress.  Lu was getting faster and stronger and this would be a true measurement for how far she had progressed.

Instead of just a training spar session, this was actually going to be a practice fight.  They would be wearing head, hand and shin gear and one of the male trainers was going to referee the three round bout.  As Lu and Janet drove to the gym, Lu was bouncing around her seat with nervous anticipation.
“Calm down Lu.” Janet told her daughter, “It’s just a practice fight.”

But Lu just stared back at her mom with steely eyes of determination.  At that moment, Janet knew her daughter was taking this practice fight very seriously.

Lu sat on the bench outside the ring and slipped on her silky, shiny kick boxing shorts and pulled the sports bra over her head, securing it nicely over the top of her expanding, muscular, rock-hard pecs.  Her hair was back in a ponytail and she looked fierce as she began putting on the protective gear.  She wasn’t in a real jovial mood at the gym as she knew she had a potentially scary opponent in front of her, so her agitated mood continued.
Once she put on all of her protective gear, the male trainer came over and made sure it was all properly fastened.  He then held up the ropes and Lu entered the ring.  Adela was in the ring already.  She had a business like look on her face too.  She wanted to gain a lot from this bout and wanted to teach Lu some valuable lessons as well.  Adela had been taking it slightly  easy on Lu during their sparring sessions, so it was time to hit her with full force and make Lu realize what a real, highly trained kick boxer can do.

Even so, as Adela stared across the ring at her opponent.  She definitely noticed the increased muscle size in Lu.  Lu’s quads were carrying pounds and pounds of separated, strong looking muscle bodies.  Her calves were stretching the shin guards to their max.  Lu’s biceps were full and buff with noticeable thick veins running down their surface.  Lu now resembled a budding physique competitor, much more so than the high jumping track star that had first come to her gym many months before.

The ref made a ding sound and started the bout.  With training in hand, Lu began to kind of hop up and down on her feet, trying to move easily and swiftly as Adela forced her to kind of circle around the ring in a defensive posture.  Lu knew that Adela was the far more experienced and better fighter, so she figured playing defense and then trying to counter strike would be the best tactic.

The ploy didn’t work great though.  Adela was able to kind of force Lu into the corner and then quickly delivered two side torso kicks to her.  But Lu had been trained well to defend and her reflexes were quick.  She had forced her arm down and basically blocked the kicks.  The sting in her arm seemed much lighter than in past sparring sessions with Adela and she was a little disappointed her trainer might be taking it easy on her.

“C’mon Adela.” Lu demanded, “Give me your best.”

Adela kind of shook her head in question.  She had given Lu her hardest side-kicks.
Taking Lu’s comment as some very early shit-talking, Adela did get a little more aggressive with her next barrage.  Boom! Boom!  Brap!  Brap!  Adela threw two kicks to Lu’s thigh and then two more up at her head.  The thigh kicks landed, but again, Lu was able to defend the next two with her arm and gloves.

“Great reflexes Lu!” Adela yelled, “Nice Blocks.”

Adela had thrown her quickest strikes at her opponent, but to her surprise, Lu had blocked them perfectly.  She decided to try Lu’s right side.  So with pinpoint accuracy, she kicked at Lu’s other thigh and that side of her head.  This time, Lu jumped back by the second leg kick and then easily blocked the two shots up top.

“Wow!” the male trainer/ref blurted out.  “You’re getting quick Lu!”

Janet also cheered out in admiration for Lu’s cat-like reflexes.  It did seem to all that Adela really did give it her best and honest effort to strike Lu, but she was easily defended.  The rest of the round went similarly, with Adela sending out kick after kick, only to have Lu defend them in text-book fashion.  By the end of the round, Lu stood back and rested in her corner against the ropes as her mom wiped down her sweat covered body with a towel.  Lu’s muscles were a bit reddened from the blocks of Adela’s strikes, but they seemed to be filling with blood and were starting to look pretty swoll!
Even as the next round began, Adela looked over at her opponent, it was almost like Lu had grown before her eyes.  Without even attempting a kick of her own in the first round, Lu decided she would try to land a couple of her own in Round 2.

Lu stood in the same defensive position as she had taken the entire first round, but she had decided that this time, she would strike first.  As Adela began her standard circling maneuver, instead of baking up, Lu faked a lean back and then without warning lashed out a massive torso kick.  WHAM!!!
The strike blasted Adela in the side without her expecting it or attempting a defensive block.  The force was immense and the sound was so loud, Lu could tell she had completely knocked the wind out of her opponent.  Adela fell to one knee and had both her palms down on the canvas, struggling to take in her next breath.  The ref quickly pushed Lu back in case she was thinking of taking another shot.  Lu backed into her corner and couldn’t believe she had just dolled Adela a standing ten count with her first kick of the match.

Adela eventually took in some much needed breaths, and by the count of nine had stood back up.  The ref put his hand between the two athletes and then raised it quickly, signaling the resumption of the match. Lu could sense some weakness in her opponent and the adrenaline overcame her.  She had quickly taken an offensive attitude, and WHAM, WHAM, BAM! Lu let her feet and fists fly.

Lu had used all the speed and power in her large, muscular right leg and delivered two devastating shots to Adela’s left thigh.  It kind of buckled Adela’s knee and when she dipped slightly, Lu came in with a crushing right hook to the head.  Adela went flying as her head snapped back and her legs gave out.  She flopped hard against the canvas and had just been dealt four blows in a row by her former student without even being able to offer a defense.  Lu was somehow lightning fast and Adela had been way to slow to block her thumps.

This time, it was definitely a bit harder for Adela to rise.  But instinct and experience had somehow got her back to her feet.  However, now she was taking the defensive position.  Unfortunately, she was experienced enough to dance around and avoid Lu the rest of the round and eventually the ref signaled time.  Lu pranced back to her corner and Janet was waiting with a big high five.  They knew Adela was on the run that second round and to both of their complete disbelief, it looked like Lu might be a half step quicker and more powerful.

After Janet again toweled off Lu’s heaving, sweaty muscles, the ref gave the signal to begin the final round.  Lu’s thick muscles looked really intimidating to Adela now, and she tried her best to disguise her fear.  They met in the center of the ring for a customary hand touch and then began the round. 
Now that Lu had knocked down her trainer twice, she wanted to see if she could withstand Adela’s heavy blows.  Like the first round, she kind of took a more defensive position.  An experienced fighter like Adela would take advantage of that no matter how intimidated she might have been.  On que, Adela took a quick step forward and then delivered a forceful side-torso kick.  This time, Lu easily saw it coming but decided not to block it.  She simply tightened her abs and wanted to see how the un-defended strike would feel.  It was forceful and made a loud Whack!  But the rock-hard, thick muscles in Lu’s abs, oblique’s and lats, completely absorbed the kick.  Lu felt pressure, but no pain.

She kind of bounced back, hopped around a little bit and then purposely kind of exposed her other side to Adela.  Again, like a seasoned vet, instinct immediately kicked in and Adela threw another strong strike.  Once more, Lu let the shin blast into her muscle-laden side, unprotected.  There was another loud impact sound, but again no pain.  Her thick, strong musculature easily absorbed the kick.

Lu was really confident now and decided to slightly lower her hands.  This had to que her opponent again.  As expected, Adela threw three consecutive punches directly into Lu’s head-gear covered face.  Somehow, they felt more like little taps and Lu knew she could have counter-punched and nailed Adela right in the jaw.  Instead, she bounced back several feet again to re-evaluate the situation.

Adela was fairly muscular and really strong, yet Lu had just taken her most powerful shots and whisked them off like a falling leaf.  Doses of confidence rushed through Lu’s veins and in an instant she struck.  WHAM! WHAM! BLAST!

Lu kicked Adela as hard as she could in the left side, then in a continuous motion, kicked her in the right side.  The forces of the blows again completely knocked the wind out of Adela.  She somehow still stood…but in stunned silence, pain ripping threw her body and paralyzed for the moment.  Lu then blasted her with a spinning back fist punch to the side of the head to finish her off.

Adela’s eyes rolled back in her head and she fell heavily to the canvas, completely knocked out cold.  “Oooos and ahhhs!” were heard from the several members who had paused their own workouts to watch the match.

Lu jumped up in victory and stood on the ropes, looking out at the gym and then reaching down to hug her proud mom.  Janet had just witnessed her daughter utterly destroy the gym “bad-ass” in a kick boxing match and it wasn’t even close.

“I’m proud of you dear!” Janet shouted, “You’re amazing!!!”

“Thanks mom.” Was all Lu could think to say in this moment of triumph and accomplishment and she again gave her mom a victorious hug with her muscle-ripped, powerful arms.

Lu then hopped off the ropes and turned to make sure Adela was OK.  The trainer was above her and removing the head-gear.  Unfortunately, Adela was still completely unconscious and all her limbs were lifeless.  The trainer kept calling her name and slightly touching her cheeks to see if he could sense any motion.  The intensity was getting high as all of a sudden Lu was fearful that she might have actually killed her. 

“Adela! Adela! Adela!” Lu started yelling at her, in hopes she would wake up.

Luckily, a few moments later, Adela began to grown heavily in pain and then eventually open her eyes.  It was a welcome sight and the trainer and Lu were extremely relieved to see Adela began to come back to life.

“What happened, who are you?” Adela asked with dilated pupils as she peered up at her partner in training and Lu, in total confusion.

“Oh shit.” The male trainer said, “She’s severely concussed.”

Lu looked back at her mom with a saddened face.  She knew now she had really hurt Adela badly and the results of this practice fight had turned very serious.  They eventually helped her to her feet and without delay, the trainer asked for help escorting her to his car so he could take her to urgent care.
As Lu helped with that and then walked back into the gym, she was starting to realize the effects of all the training and diet and the Red Fox and Eagle Blast supplements.  In addition to the incredible muscle and strength gain, they had also gifted her lightning quick reflexes and Clarity of thought.  She could almost sense what Adela was going to do before she did it.

Was this some sort of fucking super-power, or just extremely heightened natural senses, greatly increased from the supplements?
The gym was in a bit of a somber mood so most people showered up and went home, hoping to hear good news about Adela.  Lu and Janet also gathered their stuff and headed home to get cleaned up before Janet started her workday and Lu went to school.

As they drove home, Janet looked at her daughter and said, “I can’t believe how quick and powerful you have become Lu. It’s really, truly amazing.”

“Hey mom, you’re only a month or so behind me in development.  You’re going to be that quick and powerful too before long.” Lu reminded her.

Janet was so focused on watching and admiring her daughter’s progress, she hadn’t really taken the time to realize that she too was headed down the exact same path as her daughter.  As she pondered the thought, a smile soon widened on her face and she looked forward to having those same attributes very soon.

Not even home yet, Lu’s phone rang with a call from Adela.  “Oh my God!” Lu answered immediately.  “Are you OK?...I’m sooooo sorry!”

In a bit of a slow, but positive sounding voice, Adela answered, “Ya Lu.  I’m OK and kind of have my wits back.  Wow you sure knocked the tar out of me girl.” She said honestly, “I’m proud of your unbelievable improvement.  You are definitely the strongest woman I’ve ever fought in my life.”

“Oh, gosh…thanks.  But still, again, I’m soooo sorry, I hope you’re OK!” Lu responded quickly.

“Again Lu.  Please…don’t feel bad.  I’ll be fine, just gonna need a day or two to recover you damn stud!”  She said and then laughed. 
“Thank goodness Adela.  I love you, I am so happy you’re going to be fine.  Maybe you taught me too well huh.” Lu responded and also laughed.

“Oh ya I did.” Adela answered her back.  “But don’t think I taught you everything yet.  I’ve still got some tricks to show you and your mom…so I’ll be back in a few days training your tall, young ass some more.  Got it?”

“Got It!” Lu said and then said a few more kind words before hanging up the phone.

Lu and Janet now felt 100% better, knowing their friend was going to be well.

They got home and Lu walked into her bathroom.  She slipped her MMA shorts slowly down her muscular, pumped up legs.  They did still have red marks on them from Adela’s initial kicks, but Lu liked it for some reason.  The heaving, powerful muscle, with marks of combat made her tingle inside.  She knew she would want more. Next, she lifted the sports bra over her head and tossed it lightly on top of her sweat covered shorts.  She then looked up at her reflection in the mirror. Her muscle-bound biceps were also carrying noticeable red marks from the blows they deflected in the first round of the match.
Her shoulders were covered in droplets of sweat and her huge, tall taps lifted wisps of her long hair upon their girth.  The once flat chested girl she used to stare at in the mirror now boasted protruding, rounded, powerful pec muscles.  She reached up and felt them with her warm hands, bouncing them for her own enjoyment.  As she did, she couldn’t help but notice the blocks of heavy, separated muscle that made up her six-pack abs and angled oblique’s.
Lu knew she had become an absolute UNIT!  Her torso was fantastically developed and sat on top of two billowing, outwardly rounded quad muscles.  She finally peered down to her calves and even knew they were bigger than ever and their rock-hard diamond shape would make many professional bodybuilders jealous.  As she continued to caress and feel her own, bouncing pecs, her little friend began growing massively between her legs.

Lu’s once internal clit had grown and grown and grown.  She now sported a six inch plus, thick cock and it was sensitive as ever and turned on by the reflection and self-groping.  With one hand firmly placed on a bouncing chest muscle, Lu grabbed her own shaft with the other hand and began stroking it as she stared at her gorgeous, muscle-bound image in the glass.

She couldn’t get over the muscular beauty she had become and her own body was the object of her own dreams.  She loved the feel of her very own, totally erect cock and she pleasured herself more and more rapidly.  Her biceps and forearm muscle flexed nicely in her eyes and their quick motion upon herself was beyond pleasurable.  The tingling got more and more and more intense and as she stared at the muscle laden UNIT in front of her she could no longer hold back.  She exploded a burst of white goo out and upon her own reflection.  As the liquid hit the mirror, she continued to stroke herself more and more, blasting more white love juice on the glass.

She seemed to be full of an endless amount for some reason.  And she couldn’t help but dab a bit on her own fingers and have a taste.  It was warm, and sticky and salty, but as she licked her lips and looked back up at the muscle-bound babe staring back at her she said to herself…”You know who else would like this….Jenny ‘head fucking cheerleader’ Chadwick!

With a sense of utter satisfaction and confidence, Lu turned her muscle covered frame and walked into the warm falling water in the shower.  She pleasure herself a little more and then let the water and soap clean her off…ready to go to school and have a little encounter with Jenny…

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Re: The Stingers
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Amazing wonderful story !
* You are the author and you are the boss of your story!
* Take your time and write what you are driven to write and what your characters drive you to write.
* The story is the journey, and when the journey is over, we will all wish it was longer.

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