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Do you love female bodybuilding and events like the Olympia and the Arnold Classic? Are you interested in female bodybuilding, fitness, figure & bikini?
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Author Topic: Fitness & Figure Goddess of Nov/Dec 2012: GAL FERREIRA YATES (New Goddess)  (Read 15292 times)

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Saradas Fitness Goddess of November/December 2012

qualified for the Fitness Goddess of the year


Link for congratulate with her

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GAL's athletic physique can be attributed to years of gymnastics, professional dance and aerobics, along with a rigorous training and nutrition program, in addition to what she already inherited from her parents: excellent genetics.
At six years of age, GAL was enrolled in a school of ballet. A gifted dancer, GAL quickly became a soloist and continued to pursue this profession in her homeland: Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Along with her dance training, GAL also practiced gymnastics. GAL, using her creativity, combined elements of gymnastics with dance, and competed in the sport of Gymnastics-Aerobics.

At age 18, with a body already well defined, GAL began to enhance the volume of her muscle mass by lifting at the gym, which contributed to the maturing of her physique. As a lover of dance and physical activities, GAL decided to pursue a degree in Sports Science/Physical Education, and graduated in 1998 from the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

Encouraged by support from friends and fans, GAL decided to return to the stage as a competitor in the prestigious IFBB Body Fitness Competition of 2007. In her debut, GAL Ferreira won all three titles: Champion Brazilian, South American and World – after only six months of specific preparation. GAL's swift rise to championship success is considered to be the fastest in the history of the sport. Discipline, technique, dedication, determination and good genetics are factors considered by this superior athlete as critical to her meteoric success.

Follow the story of this athlete who won the World with her beauty, friendliness and exceptional physique.

I Saradas

Forum Saradas  |  Saradas Goddess Of The Month  |  ✨ Saradas Goddesses of 2012  |  Fitness & Figure Goddess of Nov/Dec 2012: GAL FERREIRA YATES (New Goddess)

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