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Author Topic: WPW 367 - Christi Wolf  (Read 194 times)

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WPW 367 - Christi Wolf
« on: May 31, 2024, 03:21:30 pm »
WPW367 - Christi Wolf - Video Download

Our first video with Christi taped in 1997 (WPW-316) displayed a level of muscularity and definition rarely, if ever, seen before that. Since then, with another 2 years of training, Christi actually improved and aside from perhaps the reigning Ms. Olympia Kim Chizevski, is now the most muscular woman we can ever remember seeing! Additionally, she has retained her mass of long hair, but changed from brunette to blonde for a great new overall look. We had two full photo/video sessions with Christi for this offering – in very top contest shape in November 1998 at the time of her big heavyweight class win at the Nationals (and her evening routine is shown here), then in March 1999 when she was in just unreal off-season shape. For the Nationals session she was a totally ripped 140+ pounds, displaying a staggering amount of muscle for her 5'2" height. Every body part was beyond belief; we find it hard to point out her best features! Her arms are huge, her back could be the best of all time, and the amount of muscle and ripped definition in her thighs is mind-boggling. Our “regular WPW video crew” did the work at the Nationals, which featured lots of posing in her pink and leopard-print bikinis (both thongs), a great looking red mini-skirt/halter and a black leather mini-skirt (an outfit which covered her arms, but you get to see the large biceps expand the material in those poses). The March photo/video session was conducted by our part-time videographer, Tom Jackson, in Florida. Here she posed outdoors in a striped sundress and two thong bikinis-one pink and the other black. At 160+ pounds, she was still very hard and her muscle shapes and sizes will blow your mind. We all knew how strong Christi was after seeing her win in the Extravaganza Strength Show a couple of years ago, but how about easy chins with 90 pounds strapped on you (you’ll have to see the video to see how much more she used...), dumbbell curls with 70 pounds and heavy incline benches and leg presses. A brief update interview closes the video. Combining unreal muscularity, physical strength and a new glamorous blonde look, Christi might be one of our best subjects ever.
Runs 116 minutes

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Re: WPW 367 - Christi Wolf
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2024, 08:45:34 pm »

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