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Talking about sessionettes / Re: Mackerel woman
« Last post by artax on Today at 12:48:46 am »
I e-mailed her - responded quickly which is always good signed - said she is planning on coming to US in 2023
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Foreign Languages - Saradas International / Re: Français
« Last post by thenextgen on Today at 12:16:23 am »
Je compte les jours et j'avoue j en tremble un peu, peur de m'attacher à une telle beauté de puissance... Elle a l'air tres demandée en tout cas.. Tant mieux pour elle, car en plus elle est sympa visiblement.

Sinon il y Rose Kellen qui va à Dubai, et j essaie de la convaincre de passer en France. Les amis parisiens et de Nice, seriez vous intéressés?
Il y a aussi Carla Maria, qui vit aux States, pas tres belle mais tres massive. Si on s'organise bien entre nous on peut faire venir pas mal d'amazones..

Tu es sûr que Carla Maria fait des sessions ? Elle est introuvable sur sessiongirls ou sur wb270.
En tout cas, je la trouve pas moche.

Carla ne fait pas encore de session, mais je lui en ai parlé. Je pense que toute ces culturistes hésitent. Par contre Carla ce sera no sex, c est sur.. Je trouve dommage que cet label "sexe" soit souvent posé sur les sessions, ce qui eloignent des femmes comme Monique Jones, etc.. alors qu'on aurait plus de pointure si il n'y avait pas ce label apposé sur cette activité. Perso, je suis respectueux et ne demande jamais cela aux femmes, si l'une d entre elle durant la séance montre une possibilité, why not apres tout  :clap:

Est-ce que quelqu'un connaît la taille et le poids de Carla? Elle est très massive et aussi très jolies courbes

Carla Maria fait 1m65, 92kg pure beef !!
Talking about sessionettes / Re: Mackerel woman
« Last post by thenextgen on Today at 12:14:45 am »
Alrighty then, couple of days ago I met with Mackerel woman and ....  OH. MY. GOD. What a phenomenonal, gigantic, strong and insanely beautiful woman. It is still hard to believe she exists. First few moments I was just lost for words, so much respect for this lady. I have met with a few muscle ladies and she is easily top tier. I could write 12 paragraphs of my session with her. But i'll keep it at a few.

As a person she is very fun to engage with. Smart, funny, dominant and wild energy. She is still learning english but she has a basic understanding of english. If you have the Google Translator app and download Portugese, you can talk and engage with her.

As for the session. She did some posing, comparison, i tried to lift her, which I could not (for reference im 185 cm and 100 kg, she is about 180 and also 100 kg but pure muscle), some oiling and fantasy wrestling. I didnt test her strength but i dont think i had to. She is the strongest woman i have met. I bet stronger than 98% of men.

She will be touring through Europe soon and DO NOT MISS OUT ON HER!

Hi there, I want to meet this woman in Paris!! can you share more details? She is really 100kg pure muscle? Because on her profile it is written 83kg. She look big, because she is tall, i guess pic doesnt give it the same perspective.

I asked for her weight and she told me 100 kg. She could be 84 kg like her profile says. But at her height and density it was very believable. Ive been with sessionettes who were 80 kg and with effort i could lift them. She didnt feel like 84 kg. But you could always ask her to be certain.

She does have future plans for the states, so you might be lucky. Maybe if you show interest it could motivate her to go in 2023

Does she want to establish herself in the USA is that what you mean ?? Lucky americans !!
Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Wellness / Re: Klaudia Ignasiak
« Last post by VikingPT on Today at 12:14:37 am »
Klaudia Ignasiak

2022 IFBB Bigman Weekend Pro (3rd place in Bikini)

Yanet Perez

European Female Bodybuilding & Physique Competitors / Re: Cindy Landolt
« Last post by Chainer on November 27, 2022, 11:56:17 pm »
Cindy Landolt Art -  from Cindy Landolt's now gone patreon

NSFW drawings - 89 files - 600 MB
Muscular Women Art / Cindy Landolt Art
« Last post by Chainer on November 27, 2022, 11:55:14 pm »
Cindy Landolt Art -  from Cindy Landolt's now gone patreon

NSFW drawings - 89 files - 600 MB

[Hidden post: You need 10 karma to see it. Or become a VIP MEMBER to see it.]

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Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Wellness / Re: Klaudia Ignasiak
« Last post by VikingPT on November 27, 2022, 11:53:36 pm »
2022 IFBB Warsaw Pro (12th place in Bikini)

2022 IFBB Europa Pro Championships (12th place in Bikini)

2022 IFBB Romania Muscle Fest Pro (16th place in Bikini)

Female Bodybuilding Workout Videos / Re: Jessica Sestrem working out and posing
« Last post by tsupacat on November 27, 2022, 11:38:15 pm »
 8)karma 500
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