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Title: Dated a Female Bodybuilder Stronger Than You?
Post by: taoschild on July 09, 2020, 06:29:34 am
I'm writing a book on female muscle and their admirers and was wondering if anyone has dated a woman long term stronger than then and what it was like?  I'm sure many of us have wondered that.  :)
Title: Re: Dated a Female Bodybuilder Stronger Than You?
Post by: Philter on February 27, 2021, 06:58:04 pm
Not sure if i counts, but i once in University dated an Exchange Student from Russia. She was not a Bodybuilder but a Wrestler.

She also played Volleyball where i got to know her and started dating. I never noticed her enormous Legs until our first offical Date.

She was wearing a Scirt and her Legs were just huge. I still feel the Adrenaline that went through my Body that second. She was also quiete Strong in her arms but the Legs were insane. She was always very playfull in Bed, wanted to wrestle and sometimes really got me intro trouble. She once sent me a Video of her competing against a girl in Russia that was so much stronger than her and she got easily beat. She was that kind of a girl that was so ambitious she felt terrible about beeing smaller than that woman. I could still kick my ass that i havent ever saved that Video.

After the Summer was over she went back to Russia, i think she married and has a kid, sadly we didnt see each other ever again, she was one of a kind.
Title: Re: Dated a Female Bodybuilder Stronger Than You?
Post by: tarzan7 on February 27, 2021, 08:17:29 pm
Dated a woman who did mixed wrestling, kink (domination), massage and some escort. About my height (6' 1") at 5' 10", long strong swimmer like legs, broad shoulders and built like Jayne Mansfield except shorter blondish (not bleached blonde) hair. She was highly intelligent and creative. She did a few Joan Wise videos back in the day where she threw guys around with ease and took care of some famous session wrestlers of that era. Told me once she knocked out her brother-in-law with a shot to the jaw after he sent her sister to the hospital after an altercation. Very strong. Intimidating. Plus her looks... she was a force of nature. When we went to dinner, a museum, a park, shopping the effect on men, women, children, heck even doggies, was amazing. All eyes were on her no matter what she wore. I was in awe many times, but strangely not intimidated. I knew how she felt about me and she felt the same. The only times she was dominant was when at a restaurant she INSISTED I try her meal and fed me with her fork or hands, even if I protested. And in bed, sometimes she purred that she wanted to be on top. She had emotional problems and could be as sweet as a lamb or, sometimes, fly off the handle. I was one of the few who could calm her down. Unique woman, unique person.
Title: Re: Dated a Female Bodybuilder Stronger Than You?
Post by: taoschild on June 14, 2021, 08:27:30 pm
Wow, that sounds like something I could run with in a short story if I had more information.  Thanks for recalling your story.  I wish I'd seen your post prior to the book coming out.
Title: Re: Dated a Female Bodybuilder Stronger Than You?
Post by: Bugenhagen on September 26, 2021, 04:36:25 pm
I once dated an Olympic shot-putter during her in between her senior year and going pro for shot putters. We were around the same height 5'10" and she was trying to lose weight at the time which made her look impossibly thick and curvaceous. This sport really takes women of pretty awesome size and gives them seconds to hurl a heavy implement, so she was a pretty big woman even at her skinniest. I was in heaven.

Few things I loved were how uncomfortable she looked in my smallish sports car and just filled up the seat. How she'd sometimes order two meals and eat everything, even when she was operating her diet effectively. How she'd wear fitted track suits and focused a lot on her fashion, and how all of our shoes and stuff was the same size.

The big strength story I have is  how we started wrestling once for fun in her apartment. It didn't take long before she started positively manhandling me. And I'm not a small or weak guy by any means. 26, ex high school football, 260.  Due to my own insecurity at the time, I couldn't help thinking that she wouldn't respect me anymore if she was able to beat me so I disengaged and laughed it off. Kinda double ashamed about that one.

Eventually it didn't work out. How could it if I struggled so much to just be into what I'm into back then.

Stats (I can remember because I always try to measure my girfriends)

Quads: 30in
Hips: 51

Looking forward to your story which I hope hasn't come out already lol
Title: Re: Dated a Female Bodybuilder Stronger Than You?
Post by: zinran on September 26, 2021, 09:17:37 pm
I dated a competitive female bodybuilder many years ago. One time at the gym during a workout she mentioned that she could bench more than I could. I replied that I had not heard any complaints from her in the bedroom.