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Author Topic: Small Jersey  (Read 4968 times)

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Small Jersey
« on: June 11, 2021, 04:43:51 pm »
"Come on, kids, chose quickly. The discount code is about to expire"
Dad was really excited with this thing. He got a 50% off code for Packers Jerseys from his job, and wanted the whole family to have a #12 Green jersey for next season. Problem was figuring out the size for each one
"I'm closing this up. Its a Large for me, Mediums for Ryan and mom, and a Small for you Kate, correct?"
"Yeah, I guess so. Whatever" My 16 year old sister couldn't care less about the whole thing. At 5'5" 130 pounds I figured S would do just fine for her, anyways. Besides, I, being a rather small framed guy, would have felt weird if she wore clothes the same size as I did. At 5'8" and 145, I wasn't exactly big.

"Done. They should arrive just in time for the draft you know. I wonder if they'll finally get Rodgers some help" Dad was a die-hard Packers fan, and wanted the whole family to feel the same way. I enjoyed the team and dad's excitement, but truth to be told, I thought the sport was kind of brute. Kate and mom really didn't care much, but always were there to humor dad.

"Kate, are you going to use this gym coupon here, or can I just throw it away?" That was the second thing about my father. He simply dreaded the idea of not using bonuses and coupons. And one of these big gyms downtown had just opened a branch near our place, and sent us a 6 month try-out coupon through mail
"Hey, why are you offering it to Kate?" I protested, more just to make some noise than from interest in such coupon. I hated weight lifting
"Well, your mom and I don't have the time to use it, and you are off to college in 3 months. I figured the only one who could use it was her" dad tried to explain himself without actually saying the truth: that he knew I was too lazy for it.
"Yeah, I'll give it a try" Kate picked the paper from dad's hand before I could say anything. I doubt that she would really join the gym, but she wouldn't let me have it as well, and since dad offered to her...

A few weeks later the jerseys arrived and so did draft day. We were all in the den when the Packers traded up in the first round and selected a back up QB. Dad started booing at the TV.
"So, we didn't like that, uh?" My obnoxious sister commented, not really understanding how bad that pick was
"Are you kidding? Of course we didn't! Damn you, front office" dad replied, clearly annoyed
"So, now that this is over, can we have dinner? I'm starving"
"Yeah, yeah, we can" dad answered, clicking the remote and shutting down the TV
He was clearly frustrated. I scanned the room. The four of us in matching jerseys. This was not how he thought it would go. He actually picked up the right sizes, every jersey seemed to be fitting well. But the Packers draft took away all his joy, so he changed the subject
"So Kate, how's that gym thing? Did you use the coupon after all?"
"Yeah, I did, dad"
"And how is it?"
"It's a gym, you know. This one actually has some hard core people on it"
"Hard core? What do you mean?"
"Well, it's a rather professional gym. There are a lot of bodybuilders that work out there, so it's very well equipped, and the trainers are all very good"
"Oh, ok"
"Ha, Kate going to the gym and building muscles. That's seems real" I mocked her. She laser eyed me back
"Well, for your information, not everybody that lifts weights becomes a bodybuilder, you moron. But yeah, the trainer designed to help me put up a routine to help me build up a little, and strengthen my core and legs"
"Ooh, listen to you ms. Olympia"
"Better than listen to you, skinny ass"
"Language, you two. Drop it" dad's voice was decisive.

One of the good things about attending college in a city nearby is that you can actually drive back with dirty clothes every now and then. That and the fact that next Sunday was the season opener - and I knew how important it was to dad - made me back right in the first Sunday of September. It was still warm outside, so dad decided to grill some burgers pre game and watch it outside. I was already helping him with the grill when Kate walked out. I haven't seen her in a few weeks, and mostly, I guess I haven't payed attention to her in a few months. Now, I was a bit shocked when she said hi. Kate was wearing very short jeans that exposed her legs, and they looked solid. At least more solid than I remembered. At each step her quads kind of bulged and split a little the muscles apart. Also, her arms seemed to fill up the sleeves os her jersey more than when dad bought them. When she turned around to pick up something from the kitchen, I noticed that the jersey seemed tighter on her torso, as if it had shrunk. I thought about saying something, but I didn't want to drag attention to what seemed my sister bulking up. Plus, I guess that for mom and dad, who saw her everyday, it wasn't very noticeable, so maybe this was just my imagination.

After the weekend, I left my jersey behind - it's not like I'd wear it in College. Every time I came back to watch a game during the season, however, it was just me and dad, and sometimes mom. Kate, uninterested as always about football, was never home. Then finally the season finale came. The packers were one win away of sealing the number one seed, which was a big deal, so dad made sure that the whole family was together for the game.
Sunday morning I woke up and dad told us that he'd be going downtown with mom to pick up some stuff for the game, since they decided to cook some Mexican food that night. He asked me and Kate to set up the den as usual: Packers decoration.
I came down about one hour before the game and found Kate already on her jersey, hanging some pennants on the wall. She was standing on a chair, with bare foot and biker shorts. I gasped.
Kate's legs were thicker than ever, even her calves expanding widely in a diamond shape. The muscles on the back of her thighs were protruding, the tendons emerging from the back of her knees. Kate's butt looked round, big and solid, as if she had a pair of bowling balls implanted down there. But what shocked me the most was her jersey. Kate's shoulders were so wide and round that it seemed she had pads under it. With her arms extended up, I noticed the bulge from her triceps. I gulped at their sight. Also, I watched in awe her proportions. While her back was wide and pushed the fabric of the jersey to the sides, her waist was slim, giving her a razor shape that I could only envy.
"H-hey.. what.. what do you want me to do?" I tried to remain cool at her sight, although I was shivering inside
"Well, it's all almost done. Pick up the green and yellow cups, and... I guess that's it"
"Al... alright"
I picked up the cups and headed back to my room. I put on my jersey and went downstairs. Mom and dad should be home any minute by now. As I was entering the den, I realized the jersey was kind of tight on me too. Perhaps it shrunk during a wash? You never know. Kate was already sat on the couch when I looked down, still bothered by the jersey, and checked the tag. It said S.
"Hey, I think you are with my..." Then I stopped talking, realizing what I was about to say, but it was too late.
Kate looked up at me and realized instantly. She smiled
"Oh, yeah... That one became to small for me a while ago, and since you're never home I picked yours. But here, have it. I can borrow mom's I guess" And before I could say anything, Kate stripped out of my medium sized jersey, that now looked tight on her, and handed it to me.
I gasped again, this time louder, watching her upper body fully exposed, covered only by sports bra. I was trembling when I extended my arm to pick up the jersey. Kate placed her hands on her hips and expanded her lats, watching amused as my pupils dilated.
She didn't say a word, letting me absorb the marvelousness of what stood before my eyes. Kate's neck was thick, enlarged by the protruding traps that emerged from her back. Her shoulders, fully capped, were fibered and veiny. My little sister's chest was thick, and the cleavage was at least one pencil deep, beginning right under her collarbones, due to the size of her pectoral muscles. Kate's arms were thicker and very vascularized. Both her biceps and triceps were on display, even relaxed as they were. Her forearms were sinewy and thick as well.
My eyes kept moving down to her waist line, where a six pack sat calmly. Her abs seemed carved in marble, each crevice and muscle standing proudly, daring you to punch them. From the low cut of her shorts I could see the drawing of a very defined Adonis belt.
Noticing the scanning of my eyes towards her legs, Kate flexed her quads savagely. Her muscles bounced strongly, daring me to say anything. Since my mouth, although wide opened, remained silent, Kate raised her arms and performed a double bicep pose. Her muscles exploded into life, softball sized, very defined and peaked. She took a few steps closer to me and said, with an evil grin
"So, big brother, you can see why those jerseys are rather small for me, right?"

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Re: Small Jersey
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2021, 06:26:10 pm »
Nice start, don't know if you are from Wisconsin or if you're a Packer's fan from somewhere else, but being a Wisconsinite and raised as a diehard Packer's fan, nice to see the green and gold represented in a story. k+!
Don't forget to K+ if you enjoy my writing.

Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy!

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Re: Small Jersey
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2021, 09:49:24 pm »

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Re: Small Jersey
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2021, 04:52:11 am »
Mhmm, nice start indeed.
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Re: Small Jersey
« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2021, 11:26:29 pm »
Short but still good. Thank you

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Re: Small Jersey
« Reply #5 on: June 16, 2021, 01:44:13 am »

I just babbled some unintelligible words while my younger sister just smiled at me, her muscular upper body exposing all her power before my eyes. Then, all of a sudden, she relaxed her flex, handed me her Jersey and spoke calmly
"Here, take it. I'm gonna find mom's before she arrives. I'm pretty sure she will fit onto the small one"
I watched in shock as she walked past me and went upstairs to mom and dad's bedroom. Kate's back was wide, thick and muscular. I could see every muscle on her back even with her in such relaxed pose. I couldn't believe it.
Mom and dad arrived shortly after, dad already pumped up for the game. Before he cracked open one of his beers, though, Kate stopped him with a proposal that made me shiver to the bone.
"Hey dad, why don't we play a little backyard football before the game, huh? There's still about an hour"
Dad's face lightened up. This had always been his dream, to have his family share his love of football, and now, out of nowhere, his younger daughter was showing some interest
"I'd love that. We could play you and me against your mom and Ryan. Just some good running and passing around. What say you? Hon?" Dad raised his voice asking mom with a very needy face.
"Well, I guess..." she really didn't know how to say no to him, which put me in a position where I couldn't as well.
Dad picked up his ball and dragged us outside. The premisse was simple: one would throw the football to his partner and avoid the other two to block or intercept the pass. But that wasn't exactly Kate's plan.
Right in the first play, dad passed her the ball and she came running down towards me. After a fraction of second, where I paralyzed watching her diesel quads bounce at each step, I figured she'd try to run around me, so I got ready to spread my arms and tap her. Kate, however, ran right at where I was, lowering her shoulder and making contact right up against my chest, throwing me a few inches off the ground and into it. Air was completely knocked out of me, I felt like I had been hit by a wrecking ball. Kate's mass, multiplied by the speed her legs gave her, meant quite a force against my fragile body
"Kate, what was that?" dad asked her, a little worried I hadn't got up after at least 30 seconds trying to catch my breath, fighting not to cry from the pain
"I'm sorry, dad. I thought Ryan would stop me" she smiled at him, not before blinking one eye at my sore body
"Well, honest mistake I guess. But from now on, try to avoid hitting each other. Are you ok, Ryan?" he asked, as he helped me getting up
"I'll... I'll be. So, our ball?"

After I regained my breath, we restarted the game. Mom was able to throw a wobbly pass down to the right, where I got it a few yards away from Kate. I figured having longer legs and being lighter, I'd be able to outrun her, so I started sprinting sideways, trying to go around her. Boy, was I wrong. Kate's speed was unprecedented. Before I knew, she had already covered the gap and was now charging at me. I grabbed the ball with both hands and prepared for the impact. Kate again lowered her shoulder, but this time she grabbed me by my waist and lifted me from the ground, literally putting me over her shoulder, than ran the other way. That's right, she didn't just carry me around. She ran with my weight on her shoulders. After she crossed the so called end zone, she asked my father
"Is that a safety, dad?"
"Well, not really, Kate. You see, the play stops where you stopped his progress"
"Oh, ok" she said, carrying me still, back to the place where she picked me up in the first place. After putting me down, she whispered
"You know, you're lighter than I expected"

We kept playing a little longer, now with Kate throwing the ball to dad (I guess he asked her to do it in order to avoid anymore contact between us) but that ended on a play where the ball bounced on mom's hand and Kate was able to grab it in the air. As she ran down the field, I ran towards her, trying to stop. This time she did try to go around me, but I was too close and was within striking distance. When she realized, she extended her left arm right into my chest, trying to stop me from grabbing her. My progress was stopped dead and my hands grabbed Kate's thick arm. Before I could think of anything, she semi flexed her elbow and then exploded extending it back, shoving me away, in a vicious stiff arm. My hands could feel her triceps bursting as she extended her arm and pushed me feet away from her and, again, onto the ground. Kate once again humiliated me, showing off her physical dominance, this time using no more than one single arm to dominate my body.
I could feel dad's embarrassment on his voice
"Well, kids... I guess we can call it a day, you know... the game is about to start anyways... so... meet you inside, alright?" and he went back into the house with mom, leaving me and Kate alone in the backyard.

I was still sitting on the grass when Kate came closer to me, her hulky body blocking the sun. She placed her hands on her hips
"So, did you like it?"
"Like what, Kate?"
"Having your ass served to you by your little sister?" she laughed
"What do you want?" I wasn't having any of it, no matter how strong she was. I tried to get up, but Kate placed her hand on my forehead and shoved me back on the ground
"I want you to admit it" she said, nonchalantly
"What?" Again, I tried to get up, again she stopped me, this time putting both her hands on my shoulders and pinning me to the grass. If she did any more pressure I had the feeling she'd bury me
"That your little sister is stronger than you. And that you're a wimp"
"Kate, why are you doing this?"
"Because I can. And because you deserve some payback for all those years of bullying you practiced around this house, Ryan. While you were out getting flabby in college, I've been hitting some serious weights, you know. And the results show. If I'm not mistaken, you weight around 145 pounds, right? Well, I'm 20 pounds heavier than you. And in a shorter frame. And that's all muscle. Muscle that you don't have. Now admit it"
"Kate, I..."
"Ryan, listen to me. I'll have to let you get up in a moment, before dad gets suspicious. But if you do before admitting and apologizing for all those years, I'll make your life miserable. Not only I will beat you up whenever I want, but can you imagine summer? What would happen if you're by the pool with a girlfriend, or maybe some of your male friends, and your hulky small sister comes out in a bikini, and challenges you to an armwrestle, or maybe even a wrestling match, right here, on the lawn?"
"Y-you wouldn't..." my voice was now unable to hide the fear she was inputting in me.
"You saw back there how muscular I look. It will only increase from here to summer. How humiliating it will be to be seen around my jacked body?"
"I-I'm sorry... Kate... I-I didn't know I was such a jerk back then..." tears were forming on my eyes
"That's good, Ryan. That's a lesson you are learning now. What else?"
"And... and... you're right. You're all muscular and strong... and I'm... I'm skinny, and a whimp"
"Very good, big brother. Now get up. We have a game to watch" she offered me her hand and pulled me up from the ground with little effort. Then, before I could protest, she passed her right arm behind my legs and lifted me from the ground. As she carried me home, she spoke
"You know, maybe later I might need a massage. I heard you are pretty good on those, right?"
"So...? Will you? Or I'll have to ask differently?" she threatened
"I... sure"
"Great. Thank you, Ryan. You know, sometimes these muscles need some indulgence too" she giggled as she flexed her left bicep into a solid softball, the veins feeding her muscle. My eyes bulged in fear and admiration. She giggled with my face
"I know. Impressive, right?" she said as we entered the house

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Re: Small Jersey
« Reply #6 on: June 16, 2021, 08:40:34 am »

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Re: Small Jersey
« Reply #7 on: June 18, 2021, 07:16:23 am »
Amazing story so far. You're one of the best writers ever!

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