• #166 by viphot on 13 Oct 2020
  • I drew women with huge muscles and small stories, but I destroyed them because I was afraid someone would see them ..
  • #167 by mangodebango on 13 Oct 2020
  • I started taking notice of the more built women in the gym.

    I also discovered I really liked watching the women's weightlifting division watching sports competitions on TV.

    A natural interest and curiosity grew from there and I began discovering the world of FBB's.
  • #168 by aerome on 26 Oct 2020
  •  8) It was latter in my life that i was concerned about women working out in the gym that were bigger the me. I was looking at biceps that were bigger than my 15" arms. I started following big women and the way they worked out to make themselves larger.Wow :woohoo:
  • #169 by smithgpost on 27 Oct 2020
  • Like many of you it started as little boy in the pre-Internet area. I went to a magazine store and suddenly a cover of a female bodybuilder flexing a massive biceps sprung out of all the displayed magazines. I don’t know why but it was like being stricken by lightning and I have been fascinated by massive female bodybuilders and their biceps especially ever since.

    In school (maybe 7th grade) there was a girl who was a real tomboy. She did not engage in power sports but she had these incredibly wide shoulders, big arms and was naturally bigger than most boys. Unfortunately, I was too shy to make the right approach.

    In the layer school years we had a girl in schools who started seriously powerlifting and got to be one of the top lifters in the world later in the below 90kg (200 pound) class. She was massive with a huge back, small waist and also really big boobs. All the pupils would talk behind her back since she was clearly obsessed with being strong and massive. She was a very nice girl but nobody did ever make negative remarks to her as far as I have witnessed. You could see that everybody had just a lot of respect when talking to her since she was so massive at around 85-90kg even at that time. I believe she would have been able to beat the crap out of everybody except maybe for two large bodybuilder guys. She wore a lot of tight clothes and sleeveless shirts in the summer, obviously proud of her body. We used to go swimming in sports from school and it was quite often that people walking close to the border would be thrown in by other pupils for fun. When she walked close the pool two guys came close to her and she said loudly for everyone to hear “I beat the shit out of anybody who will throw me into the pool”. The two guys immediately changed course and nobody ever threw her in the pool. When she said that I had a hard time to conceal my erection in the swimming shorts.
  • #170 by ilikebuffgirls on 11 Jan 2021
  • It started with middle school watching American Gladiators. I would see the girls run track amazed at their bodies. These werent marathon runners they were built between figure and physique. Then eventually there'd be competitions on cable and of course who could forget Kiana.
  • #171 by Nahuel-H on 27 Apr 2021
  • I can't believe this wasn't already asked.

    Mines was when I was younger, my mother was cooking inside the kitchen and my brother and dad were out. I was flipping through channels until I found a P90x 30 minute commercial.  While I was watching I saw a woman working out and then she flexed while talking about her muscles.  After the ad ended I went to my room and just thought about that bicep for the rest of the day.  I checked the guide on the tv and found that it was on again at 3:00 AM.  I forced my self to not to sleep and to turn on my tube tv to the channel and watched it again. That's how I found out about my interests.

    I started attending a women's kickboxing championship and of course I discovered a beautiful and very particular world. Unfortunately my team was not the right one for the location, so I was not very happy with the photos and I never published them. Some time later, as a result of another photographic project, I contacted a Venezuelan woman who practices bodybuilding on Inst@gram. We took photos together and, when we met, I took the opportunity to ask him a lot about that sport. She told me what it took to tempt me to attend and then told me that a tournament was coming up. I didn't think twice. Imagine having the chance to see deconstructed muscular female bodies live at their finest.
  • #172 by Nahuel-H on 21 May 2021

  • I remember that day perfectly. He was a teenager, he would be 19 years old. I signed up for a gym because of her coach, she was unique, I arrived and saw her, Elena arrived shortly after, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw her in a beautiful one-piece swimsuit. Although he was more than 20 years older than me, he was definitely fitter and more muscular. His legs were bigger than mine, but they weren't grotesque. They were right, they were strong and yet feminine. Her waist was perfect and her abs seemed to be in great shape, although she couldn't see them. Her arms were strong, those biceps seduced me with their femininity and yet they warned me to be careful. And above all, I had the confidence that comes with knowing your own strength and beauty. It would be embarrassing to exercise with such a beautiful lady who can lift more weights than I can, I thought. "Shall we start?" He repeated for the second time. I'd been busy admiring her and didn't hear her the first time she'd asked. "Yes Elena", I replied as I decided to have more control of my feelings. We work together for an hour. Elena explained the concepts to me and showed me the techniques with patience. He let me touch his muscles to show where I should focus. She was very strong and I felt it would be difficult to forget this lady.

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  • Ooh. Can I join in? It was when I was a kid(of course) and it was I believe it was a cartoon(can't remember what) that got me started into FBBs. I think that it was the 1990's Spiderman cartoon with Black Cat(maybe?).