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Author Topic: Old Story from Mak's Storysite  (Read 4838 times)

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Old Story from Mak's Storysite
« on: March 18, 2023, 04:15:28 pm »


Mountain Visit


When I was much, much younger than I am now (18 to be exact), my family took a vacation in the mountains of West Virginia.  This was the last year I was expecting to take a family vacation with my family because I was leaving for college in the fall.  While we were there, I learned something about myself that I never knew before.  I learned that I had a passion for women with big muscles.


How did I learn this?  Well, no matter where I looked during that vacation, there were women and girls with bigger muscles than I’d ever seen on anyone back home.


When we first arrived in the small town of Woodrow, West Virginia, I thought that I had left the world of the living and my parents had driven us into the land of the lost.  This town just gave me the creeps!  There was nothing here that I recognized.  No McDonald’s, no Wal-Mart, no traffic lights, no NOTHING that I knew from back home.  I honestly didn’t know how I was going to pass the next two weeks here.


I was at that awkward point in my life where I felt like I always had to act “cool” no matter what the situation was.  Sometimes I felt like I was the last 18 year old virgin on the face of the earth, so I did what I could to hide that.  Where ever I went, I walked like I was something special and important… and even a little bit better than everyone else.  So I figured that this town would be the same as everywhere else… except they’d think I was totally AWESOME since I was from the city!  I was sure that they’d all be very impressed by the things I knew about big city life and the “real” world outside of this little town.


We were staying at a campground just on the edge of town, this was where I learned my first lesson about life in the country.  I just assumed that everyone here was on vacation, just like us… nothing could be father from the truth!  Having lived in the city my whole life, the only time I ever saw a trailer park (which I only knew as a “campground”) was when we were on vacation.  It never once occurred to me that the people with the really cool and permanent looking trailers LIVED there!


My folks had gone back into town to pick up some food and supplies for the week, so I stayed behind and started setting up our tents.  As I was setting up camp, a girl walked by who appeared to be about the same age as me and she was carrying an infant.  I just assumed she was either walking with her little brother or was babysitting for someone.


She came over to us and said with a big smile, “Hi! My name’s Millie and this here’s my lil’ brother Cody, he’s two and a half.  What’s yer name?”  She was close to the same height as me, but there was something remarkably different about her than the girls I knew back at home!  She had bigger arms than the biggest football player in school!


I answered while trying to clear my throat, “I’m Johnny, we’re here for 2 weeks.  How ‘bout you?”


She gave a laugh and said, “Oh sugar, we’re here for life as far as I know.  This here’s where we live.  We’re set up in this lot right next to you.  My Ma and Pop are down yonder at the end of this row.  I got some brothers and sisters in here too.”


I looked at her with intrigue and said, “Oh, so your family owns this place, huh?  Its really nice.  We just got here, but I like it so far.”


She smiled again with a slightly sad look in here eyes and said, “Well, we don’t exactly own the whole place, but we own what we own.  I guess you could put it that way.”


When she said that, it was like a big light bulb went off in my head and I finally understood that this was her home… and not just a vacation resort.  Hence, my first lesson on this trip.


I immediately perked up and said, “Well, it’s gotta be really cool living somewhere that people want to come for their vacation.  No one ever chooses to visit where I live.”


The sadness from her eyes drifted down to her smile as she said, ”Well, visitin’ here’s one thang, livin’ here’s somethin’ diff’rent.  I like it here and all, but I’ll bet where yer from is pretty cool too… even if no one visits.”


I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I suppose life where I’m from is pretty awesome compared to here.  We’ve got lots of things to do back there.  What do kids do for fun here?”


“Oh, lots of stuff.  Not sure a slick city boy like you’d be into none of it though.”  Her attitude toward became less friendly and she said, “We make do with what we got ‘round here and we don’t need to fancy places to go to have fun.  We just make our own fun.”


I could see the muscles in her forearms tensing as she was holding her son, so I thought it best to back down on the “big city” approach with her and just be friendly.


I replied, “I didn’t mean to offend you Millie.  I was just wondering what people do around here for fun.  Its my first trip here, so I really don’t know a thing about what’s here.”


Millie eased her attitude again and said, “I’m sorry Johnny, I just get defensive sometimes when city folk walk in here like they own the place, that’s all.”


I smiled and said, “Don’t worry about none of that stuff from me.  I’m on your turf here.  Besides, seeing your arms, I don’t think I want to do anything you make you mad at me.”


She gave me a quizzical look and said, “Whatcha mean about my arms?  They ain’t no diff’rent than any other girl’s.”


I was flabbergasted by this.  How on earth could she think that her arms were like “any other girl’s”?


I then said, “Are you kidding me?  You’ve got the biggest muscles I’ve ever seen on a girl… or a boy, for that matter.”


She sat her brother down and told him to run on home.  Then she looked at her arms and curled them up a few times while checking and rubbing her biceps.  “Like I said, don’t know what you mean by that.  My arms are just like any other girl’s ‘round here.  I guess they grow ‘em small back in the city, huh?”


At this moment, I felt something I never expected in a million years.  I started to feel a slight stirring in my pants.  There was something about this girl that was making me excited, but I didn’t know what it was.  Sure, she was a pretty girl, but that wasn’t it… it was something else.  She was a little bit heavy, but not too fat though.  The one thing about her that was different than I’d ever seen was her muscles.  They were just BIG!


Then it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I was getting excited by the fact that she had muscles!  I guess I never knew I had a thing for women with muscles because I’d never seen one before… well, not in person anyway.


After all these thoughts raced through my head, I gathered myself and said, “Maybe they just ‘grew em’ big up here in West Virginia.  The girls back home got nothin’ on you.”


When I said that, I thought about how I worded it and wished I had done it differently.  I really didn’t want to seem like I was coming onto her.  A girl this pretty had to have a boyfriend.


She gave me a slightly seductive look and said, “So, yer girls back home got nuthin’ on me, huh?  So you sayin’ you think I’m pretty?”


At this point, my lack of smoothness started to show and I stammered for an answer to that.  I didn’t want to say “yes” because I didn’t want to be target practice for some redneck with a gun, but I didn’t want to say “no” and insult her either.


I just stood there for a second struggling for the right words when she said, “Oh, I’m a just teasin’ ya silly!  You don’t need to go wrenchin’ yer brain for an answer.  If you don’t think I’m pretty, that’s okay.”  The smile faded from her face as she finished saying that.


I then knew what I had to say, “Oh no, it’s not that at all.  Sure, I think you’re pretty.  I was just saying that girls back home don’t got muscles like you.”


She then curled up her right arm forcing her bicep to tighten the sleeve of her shirt and said, “Well, I guess we just gotta work a bit harder out here where we ain’t got all the better things in life.  Suppose that’s how come we all got bigger muscles than yer city girls.”  She then raised her right arm up, pulled back her sleeve and flexed her muscle real hard.


At that time, I’d never seen anything like it… and my reaction proved that point, “Holy shit!!!  That’s the biggest muscle I’ve ever seen!!!”  Looking back on that moment, I almost think I said it loud enough for my friends all the way back in the city to hear me.


She immediately dropped her arm and turned beat red!  She turned away from me for a second and I thought she was going to walk away, but she turned back around and said, “Ain’t no boy ever said nuthin’ about my muscles like that.  I just always thought they were normal.  You tellin’ me they ain’t?”


The level of sincerity in my voice began to increase and I said, “Oh hell no.  Your muscles are bigger than the biggest guys in my school.  I can’t believe that all the girls here are like you.”


She then gave me a sly smile and said, “I ain’t say they’re exactly like me.  We arm wrestle something, I almost always win… against the boys too.  I just thought I was a little strong, that’s all.  When you grow up lugging buckets of coal, railroad ties, fire wood and stuff like that, you don’t think about havin’ muscles, you just got ‘em from workin.”


“Well, whatever you’ve been doing your whole life, its sure given you some big muscles.  So, what’s there to do around here anyway.”


She took me by the hand and said, “Well, since yer here all alone, let me show you ‘round the place.  I’ll show you some of the stuff we do fer fun.”


Who was I to argue?  I said, “Okay, let me just leave a note for my folks, they should be back in a bit.”


I scribbled down a note for my parents and started off on what I would later see as one of the best days of my life.




We started our way down the gravel road of the campground.  It became pretty clear to me that this was her HOME.  Every person we passed knew her by name, and vice versa.  As we continued, we were just making small talk.  She was asking lots of questions about life in the city and I was just telling her what it was like.  There really wasn’t any depth to what I was saying, but I could tell that she was fascinated by “my” world… so I did embellish just a little bit.

At the end of the roadway, there was a clearing that opened up to a big, beautiful lake.  This was one of the attractions that made my Dad want to come here.  He loved fishing and boating, even though he wasn’t any good at either of them.


Millie and I got there just as the sun was beginning to set and she said, “How ‘bout we go down to the end of the dock and watch the sunset?”  She then reached over and placed her hand in mine… ever so gently.


With the changing color of the sky, she looked even prettier than before so I answered, “It would be my honor to watch the sunset with you.”


That must have touched her in the right place because a blushing smile came across her face and she tightened her grip on my hand… almost to the point where it hurt.


We strolled down to the end of the dock and sat with our bare feet dangling over the water.  She was still firing away questions about life in the city.  Then she caught me off guard with one.


She asked, “I’ll bet you got lots of girlfriends back there in the city, huh?”


For a second I thought about pretending that I was a “ladies man” with lots of girls, but then I decided to be honest… good choice!  I answered, “Well, I’ve got some girls who are friends, but I don’t have a girlfriend back home.”


She smiled and said, “Well, I ain’t got no boyfriend either.  How ‘bout you and I go to the dance we’re havin’ tonight?”


“Today must be my lucky day!” I thought to myself.  I then said, “That sounds great.  Is that what people do for fun up here?”


Her smile faded a bit, “Well, I hope you don’t get bored with it or nuthin, I was just thinkin’ we’d have a good time together.”


I smiled at her with a warm smile and said, “Well, if its gonna be anything like the time I spent walking and talking with you, I know I’m gonna have a blast!”


She then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said, “Well, ain’t you just the sweetest thang Johnny!”


Now it was my turn to blush a little bit.  I then said, “Just being honest Millie, you’re a pretty cool girl.”


She then abruptly changed subjects and asked, “So what’d you think ‘bout my muscles when you first saw ‘em?”


I was speechless for a second because I didn’t know how exactly to say “they got me a little hard” without sounding like a total pervert.  I finally answered, “Well, I thought they were pretty cool actually.  Like I said, girls where I’m from don’t have muscles like that… even the strong ones.”


Devilishly playful look came across Millie’s face as she said, “So yer sayin’ that you like my muscles then?  You like it when I make them do this?”  She then rolled back the sleeve on her T-Shirt and flexed the biggest, hardest bicep I’d ever seen in my life.  “Go ahead and feel it.  I’ve got a feelin’ that you want to.”


I did just as she thought I would.  Without saying a word, both my hands were on her mountainous biceps.  They were harder than I ever thought a muscle could be.


While I was still squeezing her muscle, she said, “Ah, I see you DO like it.  Whatcha think about this?”  She then started repeatedly flexing arms as I kept my hands wrapped around her muscles.  Each time she brought her arm up, she’d flex as hard as she could… almost to the point where she was shaking from the exertion.


I just sat there silently exploring and testing her massive biceps.  I’d never seen anything like it and I found myself unable to pull myself away from it.  In the back of my mind I was thinking to myself, “How could I have never known that I was this attracted to girls with muscles?”


Whatever the reason for this curious attraction I had for Millie’s muscles, it was starting to show… and she noticed!


While I was feeling her muscles, she glanced down at my shorts to see a bulge with a small wet spot at the end of it.  She cooed and said, “Wow, you really do like these big ‘mountain girl’ muscles of mine, don’t you?”


I finally broke from my silent trance and stammered to put together a coherent though.  I said something like, “Oh, uh… that’s um… that’s just an, um… an extra sock, um… that I carry sometimes, um… that’s all it is.”


Millie gave me a look that immediately told me that she knew that was bullshit as much as I did.  She then said, “Johnny, don’t be embarrassed.  I’ve never had a boy even notice that I have muscle.  Heck, I never even knew they were anything special myself.  And here I find out that I can get a cute city boy like yerself this excited just by lettin’ you feel ‘em.  I’m totally flattered Johnny, please don’t be embarrassed!”


Before I could say a word, she leaned over and softly put her lips on mine and began to kiss me.  Being the non-stud that I was, I really didn’t know how to kiss a girl, but whatever I was doing, it was working for her because she was giving off very soft moans and showed no sign of wanted to stop.


Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, a loud voice shattered our “moment”.  It was Millie’s Dad.  I turned around to see a scraggly balding, bearded man that was built like a brick wall.  “Girl, I’ve been lookin’ all over for yer ass.  Now run yer fat ass into town and pick up some more wood for the stove.”  “And you there boy.  What you think yer doin’ with my daughter there?  Don’t let me catch you messin’ around wit her agin… you got that?!”


I really wanted to tell to get the hell out of here and to not talk to Millie like that, but there was something so menacing about him, that I didn’t dare say anything at all… I just sat there.


Millie whispered to me, “I’m so sorry about him, meet me at the pavilion later for the dance, okay?”


I nodded and she was off.




I just sat there at the end of the dock for… well, I don’t remember how long… just thinking about what had just happened.  I was so confused and had so many thoughts racing through my head.  “Why didn’t I know I liked girls with big muscles?” “Does liking a girl with muscles make me gay… because guys are suppose to have muscles?”  “Do all the girls out here have muscles like Millie?”  “Is Millie’s Dad going to have a good old fashion lynching with me if I look at her again and he catches me?”


All these thoughts circling in my head and I didn’t have an answer to one of them… not a single one!  I felt like my whole life and everything I knew about the world and myself had just been turned upside down in a matter of hours… all because of this mountain girl named Millie.




After I finished cooking up some burgers over the fire with my folks, I told them that I had heard about a dance at the pavilion that night and I was going to check it out to see if I could meet anyone my age to hang out with.


Fortunately my parents were very cool about things like this.  My Dad said, “Go ahead Johnny, have a blast… just don’t go flirting with too many of these mountain girls.  They’re a strong breed of woman.”


I just looked at him quizzically and said, “No problem Dad.”  How did he know that the girls up her were a “stronger breed”, as he put it?  Maybe when he and Mom went into town he saw all the other girls around here and couldn’t help but notice their muscles?


Whatever he meant by that comment, I just brushed it off and started to get ready for my ‘date’ with Millie.  I was on “cloud nine” thinking about the extreme luck that I was having here.  I’ve already scored a kiss and a date on the first day of our vacation.  I was really excited about the potentials that this trip held.




I got up to the pavilion and I immediately felt like a fish out of water.  I was wearing the same type of clothes that I’d wear to pretty much anything back home… and I stuck out like a sore thumb in this crowd.  I was wearing the standard ‘polo’ shirt and khaki shorts that everyone wears back home.  Well, pretty much everyone here was wearing jeans, cut-offs or overalls.  It was VERY clear that I was from out of town and that I didn’t have to work all day.


With this being the case, I just kinda kept my distance and waited for Millie to show up.


I’d been there for a good thirty minutes when a couple of the guys came over and started “in” on me.  They were about the same height as me, but definitely a lot stronger looking.  The one said to the others while pointing at me, “Well lookie what we got here… another one of those dern fancy clothes wearin’ city boys.  Bet you think yer better than us, don’t you city boy?”


Before I could say anything, another guy had come around behind me and pushed me in the back.  I fell to the ground while they all had a good laugh at my expense.  “Look at yer pretty clothes now city boy.  Ain’t lookin’ so fancy now, are ya… ARE YA?”


I just got up without saying a word hoping that I could just walk away without getting into anything with them.  Lord knows that I probably couldn’t have even taken one of them in a fight, let alone three!


“Git yer fancy ass back over here city boy.  We ain’t done talkin’ with ya yet.”


I turned around and started to say, “Look guys, I’m here on vacation and I’m not looking for…”


Before I could finish my sentence, they pushed me back down to the dirt again and said, “I think this here city boy’s lookin’ fer a good ass whoopin’, wouldn’t ya say fellas?”


Hearing that, I scrambled to get up so I could get the hell out of there, but two of them grabbed me before I could get away.  The one looked at me and said, “We seen yer kind up here before and yer not welcome here.”  Just as he drew back to punch me, someone threw a punch to the left side of his face and knocked him out cold!


The other guys that were holding me threw me to the ground and went after who ever hit their friend.  Well, by the time I got to my feet, I saw Millie standing there, looking even prettier than before standing over three guys laying out cold on the ground.  She came over to me and helped me brush off the dirt and said, “Them damn guys are such assholes.  They just don’t like people because they’re diff’rent… are you okay?”


“Oh, I’m fine Millie.  I take it these guys aren’t exactly friends of yours?”


She looked at me and said, “Are you kiddin’ me, those guys ain’t even friends with each other.  I tell ya, they ain’t nuthin’ but trouble.  I’m just glad I got here when I did.  Glad they didn’t do nuthin’ to ya.”


Even though I had just been totally rescued by a girl with muscles bigger than I’ve ever seen, the typical male ego couldn’t be held back, “I was fine Millie, I was just about to let loose on those guys.”


She just laughed at my “macho” act and said, “Yeah, that’s what it looked like to me too.  What do you say we stroll back down to the lake where we were interrupted earlier.”


She certainly didn’t need to twist my arm to get me to go with her, “I would be honored to accompany you to the lakeside for a splendid evening… especially looking as pretty as you do tonight.”


She just laughed again and said, “Yer one smooth talker, you know that.  I’d better keep an eye on you.”


As we walked down to the lake, she grabbed a hold of my hand leaned in to give me a peck on the cheek.  I said to her, “What was that for?  Not that I’m complaining.”


She said, “Well, it’s just nice to finally have a guy ‘round that knows how to treat a girl.  Most guys ‘round here are pretty mean and don’t ever say nuthin’ nice.  I know I ain’t even known you a day yet, but there’s somethin’ special ‘bout you Johnny.”


Before I could even open my mouth to respond to her, she swept me up off the ground in her powerful arms and continued walking to the lake.  She then said, “I saw how much you liked my muscles, so I thought that you might enjoy a little lift.”


I just laid there in her muscular arms in amazement over how strong she was.  I weighed about 180 pounds (82kg) and she wasn’t showing the least bit of strain on her face.  I looked at her and said, “You don’t even know how strong you are, do you?  Do you know how heavy I am?”


She just smiled and said, “Sure I know how strong I am, I just never gave it no thought.  I know what I can lift and how long I can carry it.  And I know I can carry you just ‘bout as long as I please.”


I placed my hand across her shoulders which were as muscular and solid as her arms.  I tell ya, this girl was nothing but muscles… truly like nothing I’d ever seen before in my life.


We finally got down to the end of the dock and she sat me down.  Much to my amazement, she had carried me for about 5 minutes and didn’t show the slightest sign of being tired… but her muscles did look even more powerful than they did earlier that day.  I said to her, “I just can’t believe how strong you are.”


She smiled and raised both arms in a double biceps flex and said, “Like I said, us mountain girls got muscles like yer city girls ain’t ever even dreamed of!”  “Come on and feel ‘em again… I liked it when you touched my muscles earlier.”


I stepped toward her and placed a hand on each arms and began to massage her enormous muscles.  While I was rubbing and feeling them, I was trying to imagine just how big they were.  The size of a lemon?  No, bigger than that… and orange?  Nope, even bigger!  I’d say about the size of grapefruits.


While I was massaging her muscles, I could hear her beginning to coo again and she started repeatedly flexing her arms for me.  She then said, “You like it when I make ‘em swell up like this, don’t you?”


I just nodded and she kept on flexing for me.  My attention was so focused on her muscles that I was totally caught off guard when she leaned in and started kissing me.  We kissed passionately for, what seemed like hours.  My hands roamed over every inch of her body that I could reach… and every inch of her was rock-solid muscle.


She finally broke our embrace and said, “What do you say to a little moon lit boat ride?”


I smiled widely and said, “That sounds like a great idea… you got a boat?”


“Course I do silly, its right over here.”


We hopped in the boat and I immediately sat down where the oars were and set up to row us out into the water.  She gave me a funny look and said, “Just what do you think yer doin’?”


I answered without even thinking, “Well, since I’m the guy, I was gonna row us out into the lake.”


She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek again and said, “I swear you gotta be the sweetest guy in the whole world Johnny.  But leave the ‘muscle work’ to these arms, okay.”  She then flexed both of her arms and smiled.


I graciously stepped aside and she grabbed an oar in each hand and started us out into the water.  Before I knew it, we were almost flying across the water.  Fortunately the moon was almost full that night, so there was plenty of light and I could see her muscles working as she rowed across the calm lake.  What a sight that was.  I just sat there and watched one ripple after another run across her powerful body.  I was so focused on watching her, that I didn’t even realize that I was staring and she was talking to me.


She said, “Hey Johnny, are you gonna answer me or just stare?”


“Oh um, I’m sorry Millie, what were you saying?”


She said, “I was asking you if you liked watching me row this boat… I take it yer answer is YES.”


I smiled and leaned in for a kiss.  She stopped me and said, “Hold yer horses for a second stallion.  Let me drop anchor first.”  She reached behind herself and grabbed a cinder block tied to a long, heavy rope and tossed it into the water like it weighed nothing at all.


“There we go.  Don’t gotta worry about floatin’ away now.  Now where were we?”  She then grabbed me and pulled me almost on top of her and started kissing me with more passion than I’d ever felt in my life.  Within seconds my cock was fully erect and she knew it.


She stopped for a second and said, “Oh, I see that you got a big muscle of your own down there.  Since you got to feel mine, I should get to feel yours.”  Without a word from me, she unzipped my pants and pulled them off.  There I lay before her fully erect and ready for action… if I only knew how to actually do the “action” part!


She must have sensed my nervousness because she said, “Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing there Johnny, you just leave everything to me and follow my lead.”


Who was I to argue with that.  I was about to cross that “finish line” that I’d been looking forward to for through my entire time in high school.  And I was going to do it with a girl that had a body like I’ve never seen before… and never even knew I was attracted to before.


She pulled my cock out of my underwear and said, “My my, you sure got a big one for a fancy city boy, don’t you?”


I smiled and said, “You’re the first girl to ever hold it like that.”


A surprised look came across her face and she said, “Well guess I better do somethin’ special with it then.”


She had me get up on my knees and she knelt down in front of me and put my cock at the inside of her elbow and said, “Let’s just see what my muscles can do for ya like this.”


She closed her forearm on my dick until it was firmly held in place.  She leaned over licked the tip and started flexing her huge biceps by turning her wrist in and out.  She then started flexing other arm and my hands went right for it.  I grabbed a hold of that huge muscle and rubbed and caressed every inch of that hard mountain of a muscle as she continued to “flex fuck” me.


I’d like to say that I held out for a long time, but within two minutes, I shot a load that cleared the side of the boat and splashed in the water.


I laid back on the boat and Millie cuddled up next to me and held me tight (but not too tight).  She said, “Oh Johnny, I know I just met you, but I’m really gonna miss you when you go.”


I smiled and said, “Don’t you go worrying your muscles off.  I’m gonna be close than you think.  I’m going away to college in the fall and I’ll be in Charleston… just a few hours away.  I’ll be close enough that I can come out here pretty much any time I want.”


She smiled happily and gave me a strong, jubilant hug and said, “Oh Johnny, I never dreamed that I’d be with a college man… I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now.”


When she said that I thought to myself, “I just found the perfect woman and 24 hours ago I didn’t even realize that this is what perfection was… I think that makes me the luckiest man in the world!”




That was just day one of a 2 week adventure in Woodrow, West Virginia with my new-found love of female muscularity.  I only wonder what could happen over the next thirteen days!


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Re: Old Story from Mak's Storysite
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Were is Mak's story site?  Are there more?

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Re: Old Story from Mak's Storysite
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This was awesome story. just what I like.
Is it more?

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Re: Old Story from Mak's Storysite
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Muscles from Brussels Part 1

This story took place in the early 1990’s when I was aged 16. I was an average student in High School, more into sports and practical subjects rather than academia, but for some reason, learning a foreign language really appealed to me. At 16 I was about average height at 5’10 and weighed in on the slim side at 150llbs. As part of my French course, I had the opportunity to go on the French exchange trip. This was 5 days holiday, staying with a French speaking family. It was an anxious wait to see if I was one of the chosen few, and I was overjoyed when I heard I was going to go and stay with the Van Hoof family in Belgium. In the acceptance letter was information about the family. They lived in a small fishing village not too far from Antwerp. The family consisted of mom (Mary), dad (Pierre), 16-year-old twins Martha and Philippe, and a 13-year-old girl called Amy. The months until the trip seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, I was on the ferry from Dover to Rotterdam where Mr. Van Hoof would pick me up and drive me back to their home.
Mr. Van Hoof was an average sized gentleman. He was graying slightly, but still had a youthful look about him. He was softly spoken, but seemed very pleasant on the journey back home. Upon arrival, a large looking woman greeted me. She looked a little shorter and tubbier than her husband, but again, had a youthful look. She gave me a welcome hug as we met on the doorstep and this was the first sign of what I was soon to find out. The hug was like a vice and while warm and loving, it bloody well hurt. The couple showed me around the house and said that the children would be home from school soon. As I wandered the house to get my bearings, I stumbled upon a cabinet in the spare room. It was full of trophies. I took closer look and saw the titles engraved on the fronts, ‘junior bodybuilding champion 1970’, ‘natural champion of fitness 1972’, ‘Bodybuilding all round winner 1985’. The years of the competitions ranged from when Mr. Van Hoof must have been a teenager, right up until a couple of years back. He hadn’t seemed the bodybuilding type, not stocky at all, but he had a coat on so maybe he was the slim toned type. It had not occurred to me that he might not be the owner of the trophies. I went downstairs and decided to ask him about them.
“Looks like your some bodybuilder Mr. Van Hoof” I said
“Yes, I was quite the champion poser” he chuckled.
A laugh came from the kitchen.
“So, what weight class were you in?” I asked
“Erm, I was erm, middle, yes middleweight” he said rather unconvincingly.
Just as I was about to quiz further, Mrs. Van Hoof walked in.
“You know a bit about bodybuilding then do you Andy?” she asked me
“Well, I quite like to watch competitions when they are the telly, I am no expert” I admitted
“Well, do you think you would be a good judge in a competition?” she asked
Strange question I thought, but I replied, “Erm, I guess I would be ok”
“Good” she said, “Lets give it a try then. Come on Pierre, flex your bodybuilding muscles for the boy”
Pierre put down the newspaper and signed. He rolled up his sleeve and flexed. I was surprised at the lack of muscle. Sure, a bicep was visible, but it was surely not a competitive bodybuilders muscle, certainly not the bicep that won so many trophies.
“Erm, very good” I said politely.
Then, without saying a word, Mrs. Van Hoof flexed her own arm. My jaw nearly dropped off. It was easily 15 inches, on her 5’5 frame, it looked even bigger.
“They are yours? The trophies must be yours?” I said
“Pierre, a bodybuilder” she joked before bursting into a fit of laughter
Although I had only seen her bicep, I wanted to see the rest of her, so I kept on with the questions. She had stopped competing 2 years ago and had put on a little weight, hence the ‘tubby’ appearance.
“So, can we arm wrestle?” I asked her hopingly
She shook her head; “I don’t think there is any point in that. Maybe you should go ask Amy.
“You mean Martha surely,” I asked
“No, I meant Amy. You’re a slim boy, you two would have a close match,” she said
“But Amy is only 12 and I am 16, and a boy” I snapped
“She is 13 actually, and so what if you are a boy, you think Pierre can beat me?” she replied
She had a point I guess, but I had no doubt that I would demolish a 13 year old, even before having even met her.
We changed the subject and 10 minutes later, the 3 kids arrived home. Philippe came over first and shook my hand. He was about my height and maybe 15llbs heavier. Martha welcomed me next. A kiss on either cheek and a handshake. Martha was pretty. She stood at 5’7 and around 135llbs. Finally, the young Amy came over and shook my hand. She was 5’1 115llbs, and upon seeing her, I was convinced that Mrs. Van Hoof was mistaken in thinking we may be close in strength.
A couple of days passed and I was having a great time. I got on well with the entire family. I had just been out for a jog in the park with Martha, when I returned home to find Philippe in his room on his games console. I walked in and routed through the wardrobe for a change of clothes. Philippe seemed very distant.
“Hi Philippe, this is that new racing game isn’t it?” I said
He just nodded, he was not himself
“You ok?” I asked him
Again, he just nodded. I decided to change the subject
“So, you ever see your mother compete?” I asked him
He immediately dropped the controls and looked at me with an icy stare, “What did you say?” he snapped.
“Your mom, she is a bodybuilder right?” I said. No reply.
“I was thinking of asking her to have me an arm wrestle” I said,
“NO!” He snapped back at me.
“What’s the matter” I said to him
“Nothing, just stay away from arm wrestling talk with her” he warned. I pushed the matter further, but Philippe said very little more on the subject.
“Look Andy, you’re a nice guy, it’s in your best interests to avoid mentioning the muscle stuff to her, that’s all I will say on the matter” he walked into the bathroom and locked the door.
Philippe had seemed scared almost. I thought this was weird, but didn’t want to push the matter any further.
The next day was Thursday, just 2 days before my departure. This was my first time meeting a female bodybuilder, I wasn’t going to go without arm wrestling her, even with the warning I had been given. Mrs. Van Hoof was baking in the kitchen when I walked up and asked her again for an arm wrestle.
“I told you before Andy, there is little point, go and see Amy” she said
“But I don’t want to beat a little girl, I want to see how strong you are” I said.
She carried on with her baking, but I would not give up.
“I tell you what” I said, “I will arm wrestle Martha and Amy if you will arm wrestle me now”
I felt that I would easily beat either of the smaller females in the house, and it seemed to be what Mrs. Van Hoof wanted. The offer made Mrs. Van Hoof stop her baking.
“You promise?” she asked
“Yes, I swear” I said
Mrs. Van Hoof dried her hands and put her arm up on the kitchen table. You could immediately see the muscle on her arm, even without any exertion on her part. I joined her, my skinny arm looked pathetic next to hers. I gripped her large hand. She nodded as if to tell me to start, so I began to push. I knew she would be strong, but I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to move her hand back at all. I grunted and I pushed but no effect. After about a minute of giving my all, she said, “Ok, ready to start?” in a mocking voice. She hadn’t even been trying and I didn’t move her an inch. She slowly pushed my arm softly down to the table. She could have taken me down in a matter of seconds.
‘WOW, your so strong” I exclaimed
“Told you”, she said, “Lets wait until the girls get home then”
I didn’t mind arm-wrestling them really. I knew I would beat them both, and I had just arm-wrestled my first muscle woman.
Philippe arrived home first. I was upstairs playing on his computer when he walked in.
“Hey, I arm-wrestled your mom before, how strong is she?” I announced. He stopped dead in his tracks and dropped his bag to the floor. He looked shocked at my actions.
“What’s the matter with you?” I asked him
“I told you not to arm wrestle with her” he said
“Oh come on, what harm did it do?” I replied.
Philippe sat down on the bed. “Did she mention anything about my sisters?” he asked nervously
“Yes, she said I had to take them both on at arm-wrestling, should be a piece of cake” I joked.
“No, no, no” shouted Philippe. “You mustn’t”
“Why not, what’s wrong with you, I will beat them both easily” I boasted.
Philippe looked around nervously, then walked over and quietly shit the door. He moved close to me and began to whisper softly. “Look Andy, this has happened before, it always leads to a lot of embarrassment and pain”
I laughed, what on earth was he talking about.
He continued, “Mom and dad like to wrestle. Mom has always been the better of the two, but until 2 years ago, they had good competitive matches. Dad then began to lose interest in the gym and fitness, and mom began to beat him way too easily. She wanted a new opponent, someone to match her all the way, but if she asked someone from the village, the whole place would think she was strange. She decided to get on the foreign exchange program. She insisted on an older boy, one who was physically developed. Once she arrived, she was so nice to him, made him feel so at home, then just before he left, she lured him into wrestling her. She destroyed him, really hurt him. He was over six feet tall, yet he was sobbing like a baby when she had done with him.”
I was shocked at what I was hearing.
He went on, “After she had beaten the boy, she made me and Martha wrestle. We were 14 then and similarly matched. We had a good match that I won, but only just. A year later, mom got into the exchange program again. By now Martha had been going to the gym regularly and was beginning to beat me up on a regular basis. She decided that last years exchange pupil would be someone hand picked to wrestle Martha. John was his name, 15, same as us, but bigger than me. It was an awesome match to watch. Martha wore him down and really made him beg. I was glad it was he and not I. Anyway, since then, dad and me have been working out like hell. Martha is still better than me, but I can give her a good match again, just like when we were kids. And dad is no match for mom, but he gives her a decent workout now.”
I was surprised by the amazing private activities in the Van Hoof house, but I still didn’t truly understand why Philippe seemed so worried for me.
I had to ask, “So, why the problem, I am only arm wrestling, and I think I can take your sisters”
Philippe explained that the previous 2 years had always begun with an arm wrestle and led to the undignified end.
Philippe was blunt and honest with me,
“Andy, you’re a nice guy, I hate to see you get hurt, but you are no match for Martha. She is stronger than me, and to be honest, I think am a lot stronger than you”
True, Philippe was slightly heavier than me, but I was quite strong. I was going to ask him for an arm-wrestle, but decided against it. My mind was filled with thoughts about what he had told me.
“Well Philippe, I can’t see what your worried about. I think I am capable of beating Martha, and ok, your mom would wipe the floor with me, but there is no shame or embarrassment in loosing to a woman of her size” I announced.
Philippe shook his head. Still whispering, he replied,
“You don’t understand. Mom wrestles dad, I wrestle Martha. She has brought you here to wrestle Amy.”
I burst out laughing. I honestly thought this was the Belgian sense of humor, I was wrong. My laugh and smile slowly vanished as I realized that Philippe was telling me that I was going to have to wrestle a 13-year-old girl.
“Well, if you are serious, I guess it will be a laugh” I said. “Beating a child will be easy”
Philippe replied sharply, “NO! Amy is very strong for her age, she is no match for me, but you may be shocked, you don’t seem strong at all to me, that’s why mom picked you, she thinks you will lose”
I didn’t accept this, but what if he was right. Mrs. Van Hoof seemed a good judge of opponent form the past 2 years, what if she was right. I decided to listen to the warning I had been given. I was not going to wrestle, arm-wrestle, or even argue with any of the females for my remaining time there.
My departure from Philippe’s room could not have been timed any worse. I walked into the front room just as Mrs. Van Hoof was telling her girls about the ‘arranged’ arm-wrestle. I froze as Martha smiled broadly. I tried to back out from the room, but Martha turned and spotted me.
“We have another guy who wants to try to beat the ladies hey?” she shouted.
Damn, I was trapped. Martha walked over to the dining table, “Come on big guy, lets see what you have”
Martha was fairly tall, but not my height. I out weighed her, but suddenly she looked more filled out than I had noticed before. My mind was playing tricks on me as I joined her at the table, the same table that Mrs. Van Hoof had overpowered me on hours earlier. My arm was longer than Martha’s, hers marginally thicker. There was no massive bicep this time and than made me feel far more at ease. We gripped hands, this felt weird. Still in her school uniform, I was about to arm-wrestle her. “GO!” shouted her mother. I gave an early heave and began to make an advantage. Only a couple of centimeters, but it was a good start. I moved her a little more, I was sure this would soon be over. I was right, but not how I envisaged it. Suddenly, Martha seemed to up the pressure. As though she were moving through the gears. I was giving my all from the off and had no reserve left, she was conserving her energy and making it count. She let out a small grunt as she passed the neutral position and continued her progress. She was spurred on now by her sister and mother who were applauding the movement. In panic, I managed to muster new energy and hold her steady, with my arm hovering. There was no more I could do though, I was merely buying time. She mustered up a final surge and slammed me hard to the table.
“Yes!” shouted Martha as she did a mock flex to me. Her family congratulated her as I looked on to see her small but neat bicep from her short-sleeved school shirt. Her posing captivated me; it was only the squeaky voice of Amy that snapped me out of it.
“My turn, it’s me next” she shouted. I frantically tried to think of an excuse to escape the match, I suddenly didn’t feel confident at all. Thankfully Mrs. Van Hoof saved me temporarily,
“Not just yet Amy, have patience. Give Andy a while to rest, we don’t want any excuses when you best him”.
I walked off trying to blank it from my mind. I felt like a cow waiting to be shot at the slaughterhouse. I wanted to be back home in England so much.
The next hour seemed to drag on for an eternity. I was shaking with nerves. I could happily accept a defeat to the muscles of Mrs. Van Hoof, and maybe even to Martha who was a couple of months older, but Amy. She was over 3 years younger than me, how could I face anyone after a defeat to her. Then, my daydream was abruptly stopped by a rapping on the bedroom door. It was Martha. “Amy is ready,” she shouted like an executioner taking me to the firing squad. I walked into the front room. Amy was already sat at the table with her arm up and ready to go. Martha and her mother stood by her side, as I sat to join her. I easily outweighed Amy, and as I grabbed her small hand, I suddenly became filled with confidence. I felt Amy make a jolt with her hand, and we were off. I gradually increased my power, expecting the child to buckle. But to my surprise, she didn’t buckle. Her face showed that she was struggling to match my strength, but her will and determination kept her arm upright and keep her in the match. I smiled, I knew I had the match in my control, or so I thought. I continued to up the power I exerted, fully expecting her arm to collapse. But it refused to budge, and suddenly I realized that I had no more left in the tank. I was now giving my all and still not able to beat her. Maybe she would tire I hoped, but she didn’t, in fact maybe she had been holding a little in reserve. Her movement of retreat had stopped and before I knew it, we were back into the starting position. I began to panic and tried to find some more energy, but I had nothing left to give. Amy began to smile as her arm began a slow but steady movement. Our eyes met and we both knew the result was now inevitable. One last strain from her was enough to buckle my aching arm.
Amy leapt up from the chair. Her mother hugged her and patted her on the back.
“Looks like we chose the perfect student” she said.
I felt like crying, I didn’t know what to do. There was nothing to say, a child had just overpowered me. I ran out of the front door and headed for a long walk along the canal. I walked for hours, thought were running through my head, how could I be so weak. It soon began to get dark; I headed back to the Van Hoof house. As I walked up the drive, I heard groaning noises from inside, I walked into the front room to find the floor covered with mats and Mrs. Van Hoof straddled over her husband with her legs squeezing him tightly.
“Ok, I give” shouted Mr. Van Hoof. His wife smiled and gave a flex of her giant biceps before standing up and helping her husband to his feet. She looked over at me.
“So glad you came back Andy, you would have messed up our evenings entertainment.”
I didn’t understand, my puzzled look said as much, and Mrs. Van Hoof continued with her explanation;
“It’s all set up, 3 good solid matches. I have just beaten Pierre, Philippe and Martha are up next, then you against Amy”
Was she being serious, I was over a foot taller, way heavier, I would do the child serious damage.
“How about I wrestle you or Martha” I asked. I would have loved to be squeezed by the mighty muscles of Mrs. Van Hoof, or the chance to grapple up close with the sexy Martha. Mrs. Van Hoof was having none of it though.
I was told in no uncertain terms to sit down and wait. I did as I was told and sat down next to the heavy breathing Mr. Van Hoof. Philippe and Martha then took to the floor. Philippe looked scared as hell stood in his shorts and t-shirt. I had the feeling he had done this many times and knew the outcome would not be favorable. Martha made short work of her brother. She wrapped her arms round him, tossing him to the floor. Quick as hell she was jumping onto his chest. Her legs wrapped round his middle and he began to cry in pain, begging her to stop. Martha was showing off to me as her guest and refused to let up until her mom stepped in. I was beginning to be grateful that I had not been the one wrapped in her legs. She looked so strong, way stronger than me. Relief soon turned to despair as Amy stood up and I realized I was up next.
This was ridiculous. I was towering above her, what a mis-match. I made my move and grabbed her shoulders, but her arms moved upwards, brushing off my grip. I tried again, but she had ducked under me and hoisted me up with her back and I was on the floor. I began to rise, but an arm came round my neck, pulling me back to the floor. I was trapped. I grabbed the slim arm with my two hands, trying to get free, but she was so strong, I couldn’t get free. For over a minute I grappled, losing air and getting dizzy. I finally broke the hold and scrambled to my feet. Her speed was amazing, and before I could clear my head, she had taken my legs in her grip and forced me back to the floor. This time she replicated her sister and jumped onto my chest. I wheezed as my breath was forced out. I was unable to move as Amy pinned my hands to the floor. Her mom made a slow 3 count to award the little girl the win. I was so ashamed, but also glad of being spared the submission defeat.
Amy got off me and walked over to the couch. Martha stood up and stopped her.
“Amy, where are you going? You have to make him give” she said
Amy looked at me as I cowered in the corner. Her mom nodded and Amy came for me again. I tried to fend her off, but she grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the corner. For a moment we had a tussle, 2 hands each, pushing, in a true show of strength. Sadly for me, the 13 year old had the edge and she slowly began to force my arms back. I buckled and she fell onto me. Within a few seconds, she had me face down with my arm up behind my back. I began to wail as the jolts of pain shot up my arm, through my shoulder and beyond. “I quit, I quit” I shouted and Amy let go and stood over me as my victor.
I looked up at the entire Van Hoof family. They all looked at me as the pathetic victim that I was. Mrs. Van broke the silence, “We must get a stronger one for you NEXT YEAR”

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Re: Old Story from Mak's Storysite
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Muscles from Brussels Part 2 MUK

5 years had passed since the exchange program. For me the wrestling had stayed etched in my head in a strange way, neither negative nor positive. Mrs Van Hoof’s muscles, the strength and dominance of Martha, and the freak power of young Amy, they all played out nightly in my head.
Apart from the annual Christmas card, I had not been in touch with the family, although Amy had gone through a phase of, well a crush I guess, sending me love letters. I should have been flattered I guess, she was a pretty young thing, but I suppose I was still intimidated, or at least embarrassed at being overpowered by a girl so small and young.
Ok, this is where I have to be honest. While I was very ashamed of being beaten by all of the Van Hoof women, it got me going too. The muscle and strength really turned me on. None of the Van hoof women knew this; it was only Pierre who kind of caught me out. After I had seen the bodybuilding trophies of Mrs Van, I rummaged around and found the old scrap book of her competitor days. I had never seen muscles on a woman before, but it was weird. It didn’t gross me out, it fascinated me. There was this one photo, I think it was backstage, with her hitting a double bicep pose. It was in black and white, an old newspaper cutting, but you could see the peaked mounds on both arms. A bulging vein ran clearly down both, and the pecs, man, they were a network of vascular activity. Anyway, the photo got me going and as any hot blooded 16 year old would do, I made my way under the covers and, well you know the rest. Only thing is, Pierre walked in on me. He surprisingly understood. I mean, I was jacking over his mother, yet he seemed, almost used to it.
So, to bring you up to date, about 3 weeks ago I was taking a trip round Europe. You know the route, Paris, Milan, Rome etc. On my way back up towards the UK I figured that I would call in on the Van Hoofs. Was it a mistake or a great idea? Read what happened then you can decide.
A few days before making my way to Brussels I called the house. Mr Van answered and was really pleased to hear from me. He said they would love to see me, especially Amy. It had been some years since her last love letter so I felt safe from the threat of a stalker. Anyhow, I was sure she had grown out of the wrestling game and I was pretty strong these days so I could fend her off. The thought made me chuckle.
When I arrived at their house, the sight of the garden and green door brought memories flooding back. My heart began to skip, was I sacred or just excited? It was Martha who answered with a big smile. She was my age, 21, and had developed into a very pretty woman. I had quite liked her during the exchange but hadn’t dared to say. My brief moment of lust ended when I noticed a wedding ring on her hand as she wrapped her arms round me in a strong embrace.
“Nobody else is home, come in, let me get you a drink” she said in a welcoming voice.
We chatted a while before I asked about her husband
“So you got married?”
“Yeah just last month, a real shot gun wedding” she beamed as she showed me a rather large rock on her left hand.
I recalled the fact that 5 years before, Martha had been dating a pretty buff guy. She seemed to be into muscle men hence why I didn’t make any move on her back then. So when she said her husband was due to be round to meet me any time soon, I expected a bodybuilder type. I was amazed when the door opened and in walked a guy who couldn’t have been more than 5’10 and 155 lbs.
“Andy, meet Charles, my husband”
We shook hands, his grip wasn’t that firm. Perhaps Martha had given up lifting and…, no, no she couldn’t have. As she reached over to pour the coffee, I could see her bicep; she was still lifting and must be way stronger than Mr Muscle here.
I was now getting flashbacks of the muscle encounters from all those years before.
“So Martha, your mum still building?”
Martha giggled, “Wouldn’t you like to know”
What did she mean, she seemed to know that I liked muscles, but how, how could she possibly?
“And you, you still got muscles Martha” I quizzed
Before she could answer, Charles stepped in,
“Yes, she won the Belgian Rookie tournament last year; she is a real buff babe”
Martha smiled and kissed her husband. She gave a quick flex of her left arm. Damn, the bicep was there alright, I wouldn’t have a prayer if we were to re-enact the arm wrestling of my last visit.
The three of us chatted away when eventually Mr and Mrs Van returned home. A handshake from Mr Van and a hug from his wife.
My initial question was so predictable,
“So, you still bodybuilding Mrs V?”
She chuckled.
“Well, I still pump the iron but I passed the competing mantle down to my daughter”
Cool, I thought, so Martha was the champion bodybuilder these days.
Eventually we sat down for the evening meal and there was still no sign of Amy or Pierre. I enquired about their whereabouts.
“They will be here later, don’t you worry, Amy can’t wait to see you” explained Mr Van.
During the meal, I half expected an arm wrestle to break out, but there was no mention of feats of strength. Perhaps the family had grown out of it, or maybe Mrs Van had given up now that her daughter seemed to be the strongest of the household.
The clock chimed in the hall on the stroke of 6pm, and as if it were rehearsed, the door opened and in walked Amy. She dropped off a bag, popped her head round the door with a smile. My God, she was beautiful. The 13 year old had blossomed into her 18th year and looked every bit a women, but with that youthful cuteness
“Hey Andy, I have got you a gift, come upstairs in 5 minutes so I can get it out of the packaging” she shrieked with excitement. .
The 5 minutes dragged, I was full of anticipation, what could it be? I guess I was always flattered that Amy had her crush on me, she was a cute kid, but sadly, a kid was what she still was to me.
I paced around the house, into the side room, and the cupboard of trophies. There were a few new additions. There was the Rookie one that Charles had mentioned, a small but heavy looking gold plated shield. This was dwarfed by several others nearby, both had recent dates on them, ‘Brussels Overall winner’ said one, the other was Belgian National Middleweight champion’
I went back to the lounge, “Damn you didn’t tell me you were a National Champ Martha” I said
The room all laughed. “I’m not” said Martha.
Before I could ask about the 2 trophies, the Belgian accent shouted down from upstairs
“Ok, Andy, its ready”, it was Amy.
I slowly made my way upstairs, glancing through the open door at the trophies once more. I couldn’t comprehend who had won them, I mean, Mrs Van had retired, and Martha said they were not hers. It did not cross my mind for one second who might be the owner.
I pushed open the door; Amy was there in a dressing gown. She was hot, long curling hair cascaded over her shoulders. She had a hint of make up, but her beauty was defiantly natural.
We embraced, a hug, it felt nice.
“So, what did you buy me then” I asked
She laughed, “I did not buy a thing”
“But the gift?” I asked
“Ok, before I show you, I have to tell you a secret. I had a massive crush on you when you came to stay before” she began
“I know, you sent me those letters, remember” I said
“Oh, I know, that was bad. I mean, I knew that I was too young for you, and that you did not feel for me the same” she said with sadness.
She went on, “But I have to be true, I never stopped, I always felt strongly for you”
Wow, I thought it was a teenage crush, something she would have grown out of. And even though she was now 18, it was still too young for me, and I always remembered her as a child.
“I am flattered Amy, I really am, but, your just not my type, and, well the age thing” I was open with her.
She frowned, and then smiled.
“But this is not the only secret. Pierre had a secret too. He tells me things about you and what you like in a woman” she giggled as she said it.
Secret? Surely she couldn’t mean about me and liking her mum’s muscles.
“Pierre wouldn’t tell you our secrets” I snapped, starting to worry
“No, he is a good boy, he wouldn’t tell the secrets freely, but when you wrestle somebody, you can make them say anything you want to hear” she laughed loud
“So, you are telling me that you beat Pierre wrestling and forced him to tell you about me?” I asked in panic
She nodded
“So Andy, I know what I must do to get you to fancy me. I must get a body like my mother?” she began to undo the rope around her robe
“Yeah, erm no, I mean, no no” I didn’t know what to say.
The robe dropped to the floor in one motion. Amy was in a dark blue bikini that matched her eyes. My mouth dropped open faster than the robe to the floor. Amy was stood in front of me, 5’5, maybe 140lbs of lean, ripped muscle. I looked down, firstly in embarrassment, but my curiosity forced my vision to move slowly up her mountain of muscle. Her calves were round balls that looked hard to touch. I panned upwards and the quads looked like they could kill a man at a hundred paces. Two symmetrical mounds of muscle sewn tightly to her legs. The striations were there for all to see, except it was just me who was getting this viewing.
I continued up, the 6 pack was mighty impressive. Each abdominal was clearly separated from the next. 2 cute veins ran down overlapping the individual parts. Then up again, the chest, half breast half pec. She jiggled them as my vision passed by. I then moved my head right to take in the right arm which was now at a right angle, flexing hard to show the bulging bicep. The baseball arm slowly merged with a thick forearm that was awash with veins like a motorway junction. I think it was obvious which member of the Van Hoof family was the national bodybuilding champion.
“Amy, I’m speechless” I gasped
Amy laughed again
“You see, when I write, I got nothing back. So I think, maybe if I vanish for 3 years and build. Eat, workout, rest and build. And then, one day we meet and I have this to shock you. So, you like?”
“Wow, you look great Amy” I admitted
“No, do you LIKE” she asked again
“You’re like a sister Amy, you…” I made my feeble excuse
Amy moved towards me and put her left finger over my mouth to stop my gabbling. Her right hand reached down and grabbed the erection which I hadn’t been aware of.
“You must admit that you find me sexy and that we should have sex” she said, still with her grip of my manhood.
“You are sexy Amy, but nothing can happen between us, you know it can’t” I explained
“The wrong answer mister. You will not be going from this room until you agree to my demands” she said in a mencacing tone.
I laughed a nervous laugh. I remembered what she had said about forcing information out of her brother. He was stronger than me, and that had happened before she got muscles. I wouldn’t stand a chance.
I tried to push her away, a pointless effort.
“Oh, you want me to make you admit it huh”
She said as she wrapped her right arm around my head and forced me to bend over trapped in a headlock. I grabbed her thick forearm with both my hands. It was futile, I couldn’t move her an inch. I felt her bicep tense up as it squished my face.
She then flipped me over judo style. I tried to get up, but her foot came crashing onto my chest, pushing me down on my back, pinned fast by her damn leg. She did a mock flex, like a gladiator might do to his defeated prey. I grabbed at her leg, but all I got is the confirmation that her calf muscle was as hard as steel. I was now rock hard, something she pointed out by flicking it with her foot.
“Well at least part of you can admit that they want sex with me” she joked.
I tried to roll away to hide my erection, but she leapt down onto me, sitting on my chest. She pinned my hands to the floor over my head. One handed she held them there and pose again with the right bicep.
“Come on; let’s make this easy so we can go downstairs. You love my body and want sex with me” she asked again.
“No, it’s not like that. And there is no way any woman can make me say something against my will” I snapped
This seemed to hit a nerve.
“No woman you say, you think that men are superior huh?”
“Well you are a good wrestler Amy, I found that out 5 years ago, but guys are stronger, you have to admit it” I said
“No, you will have to admit it “she snarled
She seemed to ease up, letting my hands loose. I began to scrabble and turned over onto my front to crawl away from her grip.
Amy put herself down hard on my back. She reached over and grabbed my right arm. I tried to resist but I couldn’t. She was so damn strong. She got my arm and pushed it right up my back so that it was touching my head.
“You like the arm lock?” she mocked
“No, get off” I wailed
She began to twist my arm right up my back, her hand wrapped around my wrist so that escape was impossible.
“Ow, Ow shit, damn stop please” I yelled
“I have not started yet you wimp. Now, what was it you were going to admit to me?” she said
A jolt of pressure
“Arghhhh, fuck, no no, ow please please you’re going to snap it” I begged
“I could you know, snap you easy, but I just need to hear you say some things that I like to hear” came her demands
Again, she pushed harder, I knew she was only at 10% of what she could do to me
“Ow oh no, ow no please, ok, ok” I caved in
“Say it” snapped Amy
“Ok, you think you are hot, I want to have sex with you” I yelled at the top of my voice, not concerned who heard me. I just wanted the pain to stop
Amy laughed loud,
“Sex is inevitable, you didn’t have to agree, I could take it from you. But I want you to make an apology for your other verbal errors”
“Ow, Jesus, ow please I don’t know what you want me to say” I began to cry
“Hey no tears just think about it. You better think fast because I think I heard your arm snap” joked the dominant teen.
The pain was intense, I could hardly think.
“Ow ok, ok, I was wrong, women are stronger than guys, they are they are” I blurted out.
“Good, and?” continued Amy
“I said it, let me go, please” I cried
“What is wrong, is this painful?” joked my captor
“Arghhh, yes, please you’re too strong for your own good. I’m sorry about what I said” I gasped
“Thank You” said a calmed Amy as she let me go. I rolled away and rubbed my aching arm.
Amy helped me up and we kissed.
“I’m sorry if I hurt you” she whispered, “But I will do it again if you don’t do what I expect”
She pinned me to the wall, again, I couldn’t move
“You see, anytime Andy I can and will”
She let me go and helped my uncrease my top. She started to dress as I stared at the muscle mass being slowly hidden under her clothes.
“Now, let’s go downstairs for the rematch of 5 years ago” she informed
I stopped dead
“Whoa, wait a second, you guys still wrestle?” I asked
“Of course, why else do you think we wanted you to come back to see us” she joked as she grabbed me by the hand and began to drag me down the stairs to the awaiting Van hoof family……..
I was still panting heavily as we walked down the stairs. As we entered the front room it was as though the whole family had known what was happening upstairs. They were ready to wrestle, the sofa and chairs had been moved to the side of the room and some mats had been placed strategically around. I gulped as I looked around to see the naked arms of Mrs Van. She might no longer compete, but she was still buff. Martha too had changed into a vest and shorts. No wonder she was a bodybuilding title holder, she was ripped. Mr Van looked to have added some mass; he too wore shorts and vest. Charles was in a baggy T-Shirt and jogging bottoms. He now looked closer to my size, small compared to his muscle bound wife.
“What about Pierre?” I asked
“He will be here soon” informed Mrs Van as the door opened in the hall. Pierre was here looking rather sheepish. He had never likes the fact that his family were stronger than him, but he was under orders to reports and wrestle. He entered the room; I hadn’t heard the door close behind him though. Now I did. Somebody was with him. Footsteps ran upstairs.
“You brought someone else?” I asked
“Hi Andy” said a withdrawn Pierre, “I had to bring somebody, even numbers and all that”
There was a silence as Pierre took off his jacket. This was soon broken by the organiser, Mrs Van.
“Ok, so we have 4 men and 4 women, but who will wrestle who?” she asked
“I want to wrestle my boyfriend Andy” yelled Amy
Boyfriend? What the hell? When did I agree to that?
“Now now madam, just because you are the bodybuilding champion around here doesn’t mean you get first choice. Andy is the guest, maybe I let him choose” said Mrs Van
Hardly a choice was it? I mean, Mrs Van might be old and past her prime, but I had seen her demolish her husband before, and he was twice my strength. Martha was cute, real cute, but she looked as though those arms might do some serious damage. Amy, well I had just seen her muscles up close and personal. She was much stronger than me, and I didn’t fancy having to beg in front of an audience to a girl 3 years my junior. In fact, given the ‘persuasive’ nature of Amy, I might end up admitting that we were indeed an item.
“Can I go for the mystery guest” I trembled
Pierre shook his head
“You sure Andy?” asked Mrs van, “You don’t want to get up close and personal with my muscles. Pierre tells me that you used to like my muscle” she joked with an obvious reference to the secret we had shared.
“Ok then, Andy can wrestle Ellen, I’ll take on, hmmm Pierre, Charles, you get to wrestle your wife, and Mr Van, you get to challenge your youngest daughter” informed Mrs Van.
Mr Van looked worried, Pierre even more so. Martha and Charles smiled. Amy sulked, she wanted me.
As I was allowed up to Pierre’s room to change, Pierre whispered in my ear,
“You make a big mistake, Ellen is tough”
I laughed, “And the others are not?”
Pierre did not smile, “No, Ellen is nasty, she likes to have pain. She is young, she has not yet understand that it is bad to embarrass other”
Great. Well, maybe I would win, who knows.
As I changed, I asked Pierre about giving up our secret to Amy
“You don’t know how strong she has got. She pinned me down, nearly broke my arm. She knew that I had something on you and wouldn’t let me go until I told her. You have any idea what it is like to be bullied by your little sister? I had to tell her, I am sorry” he sobbed.
I put on the Belgian football shirt and a pair of shorts. I poured a water bottle over my head and psyched myself up. I wasn’t going to lose this time, not to a young girl again.
Back downstairs, the family were waiting, including the newcomer Ellen. I laughed inside. She was tiny, maybe 5’2 at a push. She had gymnast arms, small but defined. She wasn’t as big as Amy had been all those years before. I felt confident that I could win.
“She is only 14” whispered Pierre
Mrs Van stepped forward, “Ok, let’s have the married couple first, Martha v Charles”
Martha stood opposite her husband. Her arms suddenly looked bigger than ever. Charles went for her, gripping her round the chest and throwing her to the floor. He pulled at her arm, she shrieked. Charles smiles as he asked her if she wanted to give up.
Martha looked in pain, but she gritted her teeth and began to unbend her arm. Charles looked amazed. He had two hands on her arm, one on the bulging bicep, one on the hand.
2 hands v one arm, no contest and Martha powered out of the hold. Charles kept a grip, tried to re-apply it.
Martha bent over; Charles fell on top of her shoulder. Martha stood up, taking Charles up with her in a firemans carry. He still had a grip of her arm but not for long. Now in control, she was able to flex her arm, the bicep bulged to 14 inches. His grip was broken by pure muscle expansion. Before he could re-apply the hold, Martha dropped her husband hard to the floor. He was winded.
Now she had her prey lined up. She dived onto him with knees lying across his arms in the school girl pin.
“Argghhhh” a blood curdling scream came from the mouth of Charles. At first it wasn’t clear, but the legs were the source of his pain. The rock hard quads had trapped his head and were squeezing him like a grape.
A shot of spit came form his mouth, some blood trickled from his nose. Martha looked on a mission.
“You must give in honey so I don’t hurt you” she mocked; mow flexing both biceps too just to add to the humiliation.
“Arghhhhh” he ailed with one tame effort to move her legs. He was in a hopeless position, and with one more increase in power, he yelled the famous words
“Ok, I give please no more”
Martha leaped up and flexed to the applauding family. I didn’t applaud, I was scared at how strong she had become. Martha bent down and helped up Charles. They kissed. It seemed that she enjoyed being stronger, yet he didn’t mind. I loved the look of muscles, but not sure I could handle being dominated all the time.
“Very good Martha, but you took a long time to win” mocked her mum.
“Next we will have my big boy against his mother”
Pierre looked close to tears and nothing had happened yet.
You would not have guessed that Mrs Van no longer was competitive in her sport. She was big. Pierre looked resigned to defeat as his mum grabbed him. A half hearted attempt to block her was pointless as she threw him to the floor. Pierre put up his arms and made a brief attempt to fend her off.
“Roll out of the way” I shouted to him
Pierre tried, but Mrs Van stopped him with her foot. She sat on his back, just as Amy had done to me moments earlier. Mrs Van went for the arms, but Pierre wisely tucked them under his body. It left his mum with no choice. She wrapped the steel quads around him and squeezed.
“Arghhhhhhh” came the gasp form Pierre.
Mrs Van rolled over onto her back, Pierre trapped in her legs, now elevated in the air.
Martha pointed and giggled, Pierre was helpless in the vice and his erection was seen by all as he was turned over. He frantically tried to pull his shorts over his penis, but each time he got close, Mrs Van squeezed hard, causing him to go momentarily limp. Pierre was in panic; his arms flailed around, but couldn’t get to his shorts. In fact, the only things he touched, biceps, quads and calves, seemed to get him even harder. In no more than 45 seconds, Pierre finally got enough breath to yell “You win, I quit”
Mrs Van released the grip and Pierre fell down to the mat. He barely had enough energy to put himself away.
Mrs Van pulled back her hair with both hands, showing off the biceps to the family.
“Ok, it is 2-0 to the women. Maybe we get a male win now” she said as she pointed to her husband.
Pierre had returned to my side, “Dad will win this” he said
“How do you know?” I asked
“He has won 3 times against Amy” he said
Perhaps, but Amy was buff; he may be under estimating his youngest daughter.
Amy and her dad were about to lock up when Amy stepped back.
“If I beat dad in under 2 minutes, I want to wrestle Andy too” she exclaimed
Her dad laughed, “You have not beat me once yet, let alone in 2 minutes”
“So it’s a deal?” she asked again
Her mum nodded and Amy leapt into action.
I glanced at my digital watch. 2 minutes was not a long time, come on Mr Van, hold out.
Amy suddenly looked huge. She wasn’t Belgian bodybuilder champion for nothing. Mr Van was stocky too; this was a match up for sure. The 2 locked up. Amy tried to throw her dad but he was pretty strong. He had to be with a wife like his. Both groaned and grunted as they pushed, each trying to gain the advantage. Mt Van suddenly looked concerned. His pushing was not working, and Amy was getting the upper hand. Each muscle tensed to its maximum. Damn, she was hot.
“Arghhhh” roared Mr Van as Amy threw him to the floor. His face painted a thousand words. This was obviously the first time his daughter had gotten the upper hand and he was scared. Amy dived onto him. Her legs grapevine his right leg and applied the pressure. Mr Van roared in pain. I would guess Amy had 22 inch quads, and they looked 30 inch as they pumped the pressure on then off. Mr Van placed both hands on her quad trying to remove the pain giving hold. Big mistake. Amy grabbed his arm and bent it back. Mr Van was now on his side, leg entwines by the muscle, arm trapped in a grip of forearm and bicep.
I glanced at the watch; 1 minute 34 seconds had passed.
“Arghhhhhh” screamed Mr Van as he had to his wife many years before.
“Time? How long?” Yelled Amy
“10 seconds” I yelled back.
With time running out, Amy bent the arm right back.
“Give it up old man” she shouted in his ear
“Ow, please arghhhhh” he wailed
“Say it, say it now” she forcefully bellowed
“He held on for a few seconds, I glanced at the watch, 4 seconds to go…..
“Ow, Ok you win Amy” he conceded
“Yes!!!!” Squealed Amy as she leapt up. Mr Van held his arm; he was in agony, but also ashamed having lost to the final female in his family.
Amy stood up. Each muscle looked perfect as she walked over to me and hoisted me into her arms in a cradle hold.
“I get to beat my baby again” she proudly announced as she marched me around the room in her muscular arms.
I then felt a sudden move forward. Amy dropped me. She had been pushed in the back by the plucky teen Ellen.
Ellen stood up to Amy, dwarfed by the bodybuilder mass.
“You get what is left, I wrestle Andy first” she hollered.
Amy looked as though she was ready to take out the youngster right there, but she stepped back and gestured for her to carry on.
“Let’s see if we get 4 and 0” said Mrs Van.
Ellen grabbed at me, but I was able to swat her away. She grabbed my leg, but again, I moved quickly and got free. Ellen was no Amy, or Martha. This was my moment to shine. Ellen jumped at me, I side stepped and pushed her down to the floor. I got on top, now it was me who had the advantage with a schoolboy pin of my own.
“Hey, if I beat Ellen in less than 2 minutes, I don’t have to wrestle Amy right?” I asked
“Sure” said Amy very confidently. Was she mad? I had this match won.
I grabbed Ellen’s arms and they were harder than I thought. Still, this didn’t stop me, I pinned her arms to the floor.
“Give up little girl?” I asked
Ellen just laughed.
I tried to copy the leg scissors seen earlier. Sadly, my legs were weak and Ellen just shook her head to acknowledge that my best was not working. I had both hands on her biceps and tried to squeeze them. She just tensed them up and while not big, they were too hard to dent. My confidence did dent though and it started to wane as she began to push her arms up. I leaned over, my strength and my weight on her arms. The mistake had been made. Her legs were now free and they kicked up to wrap around my shoulders. I held on, but not for long. Even with all my advantage, her arms were strong and she managed to lift up her arms. Her fingers locked into mine and with a snap, my fingers were being bent back and I let out a squeal. Ellen threw me off her. I tried to get to my feet but she stood over me. I tried to stand, taking her up with me. I managed it, she was small, but her arm locked around my neck and I struggled to breathe. I clawed at her arm, but she was way stronger than I gave her credit for. As the air drained, I fell down.
Ellen was now sat on my back. I was exhausted. The 2 minutes had passed; I was more concerned with avoiding defeat and, more worryingly, humiliation.
Ellen applied a hammerlock on my arm, almost the same hold as Amy had used an hour before. It was almost like the pupil had learnt from the teacher.
“Arghhhh” I yelled
“Ow ow, ok, you win” I blurted out
Ellen just sniggered
“Didn’t Pierre warn you, I don’t just do cop outs” she threatened
Nobody stepped in to stop her.
The arm was twisted more and more
“I didn’t want to look pathetic in front of Amy, but I began to cry. Amy was stronger no doubt, but Ellen applied the hold in just as painful a manner.
“Please, I give up” I pleaded
“Now, what demands shall we set?” teased Ellen
“None, anything, help, ow” I screamed
“Ok, well first you admit that women kick butt” she said
“Ok” I wailed, “Girls are stronger than boys”
“And, what about teen girls?” she mocked
“Yes, teen girls are too strong for me” I shouted out
“And, you want to date me?” she asked
“What? There is … ow ow” The pain was intense
“Say it” she demanded
“I want to date you” I said it
Amy stepped in, “That’s enough, he is mine”
Ellen kept the hold on and rolled me over
“Then why does he have a hard on if he doesn’t want me” she laughed
Amy grabbed Ellen and forced her to let go.
“Now now Ellen, Andy is hard for muscles, my muscles” she said
Amy helped me up.
“So, do we need to wrestle so that I can make you admit to all my family that you are my boyfriend now and that we are going to have sex?” she asked
I looked around. Despite the brash sexual claims, nobody seemed bothered or offended. I got the impression that since Amy had gotten so muscle-bound she was now in control of this family.
“Well, do I need to make you admit it?” she asked
“No, I guess not” I admitted
“Great” exclaimed Amy, “You lot better get the kettle on, we won’t be long”
With that, Amy hoisted me up in her muscled arms.
“This will be wonderful. I waited years for this. You are mine now, and I will enjoy being with you”
I looked over my shoulder to see the family watching their teen daughter carry her man to bed.
Well, what else could I do but enjoy the inevitable.

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Re: Old Story from Mak's Storysite
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Nice finds and I hope there are more.

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Re: Old Story from Mak's Storysite
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Love this stories

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