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Author Topic: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen  (Read 14313 times)

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Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
« on: January 03, 2023, 03:30:27 am »
This story as an homage to the old Lucha films that I used to see on TV while growing up in San Diego. I tried my best to recreate the setting, tone, plot points, and (dubbed) dialogue of those films, including breaking the story up into 'scenes'. My Spanish is terrible so I apologize in advance for any errors.

The following story is an act of satire. All characters and events portrayed therein are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18 unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Scene 1

   It was a beautiful autumn night in Mexico City, and the city's elite were gathered in the great hall of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional to celebrate the successful launch of a revolutionary new satellite. The celebratory gala was full of movie stars, politicians, and footballers, but one luminary outshone all the others, the legendary luchadora Figura Gloriosa, whose red sequined mask and ponytail were instantly recognizable anywhere on earth.
   Famous for her dominant wins over female and male wrestlers alike, as well as her tireless commitment to fighting evil, the world-renowned wrestling champion known simply as Gloriosa to her billions of fans always drew a crowd, and tonight was no exception.
   Over two meters tall in her high heels, the curvaceous amazon towered over the throng of admirers and reporters who showered her with praise as they gawked at her incomparable physique. With a MM cup bustline, buttocks the size of basketballs and shoulders the size of volleyballs, to say that Gloriosa had an hourglass figure would be an understatement. Similarly, it would be an understatement to describe the red sequined slip dress that she wore as skimpy, as it was short enough to reveal the lower crease of her buttocks, low-cut enough to expose the gulf of cleavage between her breasts, and completely backless as to showcase the rocky musculature of her back.
   It would also be an understatement to say that Gloriosa enjoyed the attention of her admirers, famous as she was for showing off her body in her red-sequined wrestling outfit that consisted of a low-slung bikini bottom and a bandeau top that barely concealed her titanic bosom, as well as for constantly hitting bodybuilding poses to flaunt her unparalleled muscularity. And tonight, her admirers were plenty.
   “Gloriosa!” a reporter called. “The International Bodybuilding Journal recently said that you are the most muscular human being in the history of the world. Is that true?”
   “Judge for yourself,” Gloriosa laughed as she raised her right arm and flexed a towering bicep the size of a cantaloupe, which was all the more impressive for the incredible leanness and development of her physique, which would be the envy of any bodybuilder or physique competitor.
   “Incredible!” the reporter exclaimed. “Why, your arms must be 75 centimeters around!”
   “79 centimeters,” Gloriosa said with a smile and a wink, the curve of her pouty lips and the twitch of her dainty nose leaving no doubt that, beneath her mask, her facial beauty was just as impressive as her Olympian physique. “But who's counting, eh?”
   Suddenly a handsome man in a tuxedo burst through the crowd of paparazzi. It was Rodolfo Saenz, the young politician who had been swept into the office of President by his crusade against corruption and poverty. He dropped to one knee before the buxom wrestler and produced from his pocket a lustrous diamond ring. “Figura Gloriosa,” he pleaded. “I beg you to accept my marriage proposal. Thoughts of your divine beauty occupy my every waking hour, and haunt me even in my dreams. Please grant me the honor of spending my life as your loving husband.”
   The crowd murmured with excitement at the dashing young leader's expression of love as flashbulbs erupted all around. A sad smile passed across Gloriosa's lips as she bent down, her improbably firm breasts spilling from her flimsy dress until they were nearly completely exposed. “Senor Presidente,” she said, kissing his hand, “although any woman would be lucky to have such a bold and handsome husband, being married to me would put you forever in danger from the villains who constantly plan my demise, and would place the entire nation in peril. Please forgive me for being unable to bear such a burden.”
   The crowd sighed with sadness, for they knew Gloriosa's words to be true. Her numerous victories over criminals, mad scientists and terrorists had won her great admiration from the law-abiding citizens of planet earth, but also drew the ire of evildoers the world over. A single tear rolled down President Saenz's cheek, and the crowd was saved from the awkwardness of the moment only by the fanfare of arrival for the scientists that they had all gathered to celebrate.
   First and foremost among the scientists was Professora Sedienta, the beautiful blonde academic who had repeatedly set the scientific world abuzz with papers on topics as diverse as neurobiology, robotics and atmospheric phenomenon. She was clad as always in horn-rimmed glasses, black fishnet stockings, and a scandalously short labcoat beneath which she almost certainly naked, judging by perky breasts that wobbled freely between her lapels. “Gloriosa!” she cried, running forward to embrace the great luchadora. “How I have yearned to see you again! Truly it is an honor and a privilege to be in the presence of such a magnificent specimen of womanhood.”
   “You are too kind, Professora,” Gloriosa said with a humble bow. “Congratulations on your latest scientific achievement. Truly the nation is lucky to have such a brilliant mind as yours in-”   
   Before Gloriosa could finish speaking, the beautiful scientist threw herself forward, burying her head between Gloriosa's massive breasts and wrapping her arms around Gloriosa's sprawling latissimus dorsi muscles.
   “Professor Sedienta is right,” a scientist with a bowtie said. “We all owe you a debt of gratitude for defeating the Atlantean pirates, Gloriosa. For if you had not destroyed their mechanical golem with your legendary Tetas De Furia attack and retrieved our uranium core, the satellite project would have surely been doomed.”
   “Quite correct,” a frail old professor in thick glasses added. “Gloriosa, the entire scientific community is indebted to you and your mighty chichachotas. I'm sure Professor Sedienta agrees.”
   The beautiful scientist murmured in agreement, her voice muffled by Gloriosa's prodigious mammaries, as she ran her hands up and down Gloriosa's muscle-studded back and began to grind her pelvis against Gloriosa's muscular thighs.
   “Think nothing of it,” Gloriosa said graciously. “It was my pleasure to bring those treacherous pirates to justice. Besides, it was a lovely day for a swim.”
   Gloriosa's quip elicited a hearty laugh from the crowd, but the merriment was cut short by the sound of gunfire as a policeman burst into the great hall. “Get down everyone!” the officer called out. “Robbers have ransacked the biology lab and they're heading right for this very room!”
   “It seems that not even the halls of academia are safe from evildoers,” Gloriosa said gravely.
   Professor Sedienta removed her head from the great wrestler's cleavage. “Oh dear,” she said, straightening her glasses. “I am conducting a very important experiment on blood transfusion in the biology lab. I hope that these robbers have not disturbed my work.”
   Making his way through the crowd, Captain Julio Ramirez, the head of the Mexico City Police Department grabbed the breathless patrolman by the arm. “What's going on, Jimenez?” he asked.
   “Three men broke into the biology lab,” Officer Jimenez said. “We tried to stop them, but they were far too strong for us. These men were as large as wrestlers, Capitan.”
   “Wrestlers, eh?” Gloriosa chuckled, rolling her muscle-capped shoulders. “This sounds like something that I should attend to, if you would not mind Capitan.”
   “It would be an honor to fight beside you once again, Figura Gloriosa,” the police chief said.

Scene 2

   Just then screams echoed from the far end of the great hall as two heavily muscled men burst into the room, dressed in feathers and had painted faces, carrying long wooden clubs with thick spherical knots at the end. “What unusual costumes,” Captain Ramirez said. “I can see why Jimenez thought that these men must be wrestlers.”
   “Well let's see how these so-called wrestlers fare against a genuine luchadora,” Gloriosa scoffed, cracking her knuckles as her bowling ball-sized forearms rippled with thick cables of muscle.
   “Wait Gloriosa,” Professor Sedienta cried. “See the jugs that those men carry over their shoulders? That is the blood that I am using for my experiment. Please don't allow it to come to harm.”
   “I will be careful, Professora,” Gloriosa said, nodding curtly as she strode forward.
   “Why would anyone steal blood?” Officer Jimenez asked as he drew his gun.
   “No guns!” Captain Ramirez called. “There are too many civilians about!”
   The venerable police captain was correct. Gala guests and serving staff alike ran from the garishly-dressed robbers as they advanced through the room toward the exit, and the police officers were lost in the stampede of fleeing civilians. Figura Gloriosa was not so easily deterred, however, and quickly spied a table that had been broken during the chaos. She charged forward with all the speed of an Olympic sprinter despite the ten centimeter heels that she was wearing, and ran up the table as if it were a ramp until she reached its edge, whereupon she leapt into the air, sailing over the heads of the fleeing guests and landing directly in front of the club-wielding robbers. “You there,” Gloriosa said firmly, “put down that blood and surrender immediately.”
   The two burly men responded by swinging their clubs at Gloriosa's head, but she quickly raised her arms to intercept them. The clubs bounced harmlessly off Gloriosa's massively muscled arms, and the two robbers stumbled to regain their footing.
   The feather-clad robbers grimaced, and swung their clubs again, this time bending down and aiming low at Gloriosa's ankles. But her years of combat training in the wrestling ring had given her lightning-fast reflexes, and it took her mere milliseconds to diagnose their attack and formulate the correct response. And so as the deadly clubs whistled downward, she sprang into the air, placing one hand on each robber's shoulder, and leapfrogged over them, spinning around with a flourish as they stared in feeble confusion at the empty space before them. “You gentlemen seem quite clumsy,” Gloriosa chuckled as she deftly unhooked the jugs of blood from their backs. “Perhaps if I unburden you of your stolen wares, you will put up a better fight.”
   The robbers looked at each other in confusion, shocked at how quickly and easily the buxom wrestler had stripped them of their loot. Then they looked at Gloriosa, raised their clubs and snarled
   Just then Captain Ramirez managed to fight his way through the crowd. “Your timing is quite impeccable Captain Ramirez,” Gloriosa said as the policeman stood by her side. “Look after Professor Sedienta's blood while I deal with these two thugs.”
   The aging police captain reached out to take the large vessels of red liquid that Gloriosa held with ease, but was surprised by their great weight, his legs buckling as he struggled to keep his arms around the jugs. “Get the blood!” one of the robbers growled, and the other nodded.
   Snarling, the two burly robbers rushed forward, their clubs raised menacingly overhead. But Gloriosa was ready for them, exploding forward in a burst of speed with her muscular arms outstretched, striking them with a double clothesline and sending them crashing to the floor.
   By now the crowd had cleared, and Captain Ramirez was joined by a half-dozen of his men, who helped relieve him of the stolen blood. As the policemen struggled with the heavy vessels, Gloriosa reached down, wrapped her slender feminine hands around the robbers' ornate necklaces,  and effortlessly lifted both men off the ground. Gloriosa's biceps swelled like split-headed mountains of womanly power as she held the two burly men in the air with their feet dangling above the floor. “Some wrestlers you two turned out to be,” the hulking luchadora chuckled.
   “Wait a moment,” Captain Ramirez said, turning to his men. “Jimenez I thought you said that there were three robbers.”
   “Yes sir,” Jimenez said. “I saw them myself, each one laden with a stolen jug of blood.”
   “Well then, where is the third man?” the captain asked.
   Just then, the two robbers in Gloriosa's hands screamed out in pain, their bodies seizing up for just a second before going limp. “What's this?” Gloriosa said as she examined them. “They've died!”
   Gloriosa set the men gently on the ground as the police officers gathered to examine them. “Look here,” Officer Jimenez said. “Both robbers have blowdarts in the back of their necks.”
   Captain Ramirez turned toward the door to which the robbers' backs had been facing as Gloriosa held them aloft. “That way men,” he called. “The darts came from over there. Hurry!”

Scene 3

   The officers ran off to investigate, but the assailant was long gone, and they squinted into the night to no avail. At the same time, Professor Sedienta and her colleagues joined Gloriosa and Captain Jimenez. “Remarkable,” the old professor with the thick glasses said as he bent down to examine the robbers. “The clubs these men were carrying are perfect replicas of Aztec cuahholollis!”
   “And their costumes resemble Aztec battle garb,” the bearded professor said. “At this rate, I expect to learn that those blow darts were dipped in curare. What do you think, Professor Sedienta?”
   The beautiful doctor did not respond, occupied as she was stroking the bulging muscles of Figura Gloriosa's right arm as she gazed up in awe at the prodigious lady wrestler, licking her lips and grinding her hips. “Gloriosa, you were amazing,”  Professor Sedienta cooed as she ran her fingers along the hulking woman's horseshoe-shaped tricep. “It is a privilege to watch your magnificent body in action, even in such dire circumstances as these.”
   “You are too kind, Professora,” Gloriosa said, hoisting up the jugs of stolen blood in one hand. “I'll wager that you're happy to get your hands on these big jugs once again.”
   “Oh, indeed I am,” the curvaceous professor giggled as she grabbed Gloriosa's enormous breasts and began kneading her fingers into them.
   The professor's delightful double-entendre was just what was needed to relieve the tension of the grim events of the preceding minutes, and so they all threw their heads back in laughter.

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2023, 12:23:21 pm »
A great start.

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2023, 04:04:16 pm »

A new Grbaclig story! 😱

I am absolutely one of your greatest fans (I run a discord server devoted to the genre... ) and I check back here every now and then just in case such a thing as this might happen.

Also from a border area (TX) so idk how this could be more perfect. She's a freakin' show-stopper from the start, as is the point ofc.

So excited to see what you bring!

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2023, 11:34:47 pm »
Cannot say how excited I am to see you back with another story for us to dig into.  Can't wait for more of this!

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
« Reply #4 on: January 05, 2023, 02:11:10 am »
Scene 4

   Police sirens roared through the streets of Mexico City, toward the Instituto Politécnico Nacional where Captain Ramirez and his men were doing their best to secure the chaotic crime scene. But on the outskirts of town, things were quiet and dark as a full moon, red as blood shown overhead. As a police car zipped along a dirt road on its nightly patrol, a bulky figure clad in feathers and face paint ducked behind a fence to avoid detection, cradling in his arms a jug full of blood. 
   Emerging from the shadows a few moments later, the lone surviving culprit of the biology lab robbery turned west and headed toward the mountains, careful with his hard-won booty as he made his way to a cave in the hillside that was well-concealed by gnarled tree roots and fallen boulders. Inside the cave, flickering torches lit his way down a path of collapsed walls and pillars long-covered with moss and dust, as he walked toward the maw of a high-ceilinged chamber lit with braziers and candles, the walls of which were filled with shrouded corpses. Carefully he walked to the center of the chamber, where an elaborate sarcophagus sat on a platform, surrounded by four mighty pillars of stone. Within the sarcophagus was a desiccated corpse wrapped in a robe made of black feathers with a golden jewel-encrusted headdress atop its skull, upon which was mounted a golden talisman of a papaya ringed in flames.
   “Oh great Atlacoya,” the garishly dressed robber said, holding the jug of blood aloft. “I, your humble servant have returned with this offering of blood, gathered from many persons throughout the nation. May it bring you life, so that you may once again reign over this valley and its inhabitants.”
   Carefully the man opened the jug and began pouring the blood into the skeleton's mouth. Almost immediately, the skeleton began to stir in its coffin, as living tissue began to reappear on its bare bones. A few seconds later, the jug of blood was empty, and the figure in the coffin was no longer a withered corpse, but was instead a ravishingly beautiful woman with lustrous black hair and creamy white skin. The robber set the now empty jug down on the ground, shaking with anticipation as he peered closely at the woman in the sarcophagus and reached out to touch her with a trembling hand. But as his hand approached her gorgeous face, her eyelids shot open revealing big green eyes as bright as emeralds.  “Mistress Atlacoya, you have awoken!” he cried. “I have waited my whole life for the night of the blood moon, just to see your glorious return and bask in your transcendent beauty, carrying on the tradition of my ancestors these past 700 years!”
   As the burly robber continued to stammer praises, the woman in the sarcophagus sat up, flung her slim legs over the walls of the coffin, and climbed out onto the floor. “Yes it is I,” she said sourly, “Atlacoya, the vampire queen of the Aztecs, finally awakened after these centuries of cursed slumber to take my rightful place as ruler of this world. But first I must take my revenge on the descendants of the one who vanquished me, as I swore to do some 700 years ago.”
   “Oh my beautiful and deadly goddess,” the big man in the feathers groveled, “I will gladly help you destroy your enemies, but first could you please give me the reward that you promised my ancestors for guarding your tomb all of these centuries.”
   Anger splashed across Atlacoya's face for just a second, but then a wry smile graced her ruby-red lips. One of her hands crept between the man's legs, while another pulled back her feathery robe, revealing her perky C-cup breasts, her slim stomach, and the delicate ruffles of her perfectly formed labia. “So you want a reward for your years of loyal service?” she laughed.
   “Please, my queen,” the robber moaned, his member hardening under her skillful massaging.
   “Fair enough,” Atlacoya purred as she dropped to her knees and pulled his pants to the ground, casting a sinister glance up at him as she massaged his hard on. “Let us begin with this small token of my gratitude.”
   The robber's knees weakened and he slumped against a pillar as Atlacoya effortlessly slid his erect penis into her mouth, sucking it, licking it, and massaging it with her tongue. Her fellatio skill, honed by centuries of practice was too much for the man to bear, and he ejaculated almost instantly, slumping to the ground as Atlacoya rose to her feet, licking her lips. “Tell me, my faithful but greedy servant,” she chuckled. “Did you enjoy our little dalliance?”
   “I... feel... so weak...” he whimpered. “I cannot even stand... What is happening to me?”
   “Such a selfish lover, thinking only of yourself,” Atlacoya laughed. “Perhaps instead you should think about what is happening to me!”
   With that, Atlacoya threw her robe aside, and stood naked above her whimpering servant, clad only in her bejeweled headdress. And as the man watched in a mixture of lust and awe as Atlacoya's body began to change before his eyes, her breasts swelling to D-cups, her buttocks growing rounder, her shoulders broadening and her slim legs widening at the hips, hamstrings and calves to become more shapely. Then, to his horror, he looked down at his one-bulky body had shriveled up, leaving him with the physique of a frail old man. “What is this?,” he cried. “What have you done?”
   “Do you know nothing of vampires?” Atlacoya scoffed as she squeezed her newly enlarged breasts. “I have drained you of your sexual energy. It is my favorite way to feed. Such a pity that you did not have more vigor, my faithful and flaccid servant.”
   “My body,” the formerly imposing robber groaned. “It is ruined!”
   “Oh hush your whining,” Atlacoya giggled. “I haven't even given you your final reward.”
   Atlacoya's smile widened and her mouth opened to reveal a set of vicious fangs, and as she approached her weakened servant, he feebly raised his arms and cowered in fear. “No!” he pleaded.
   But his cries were quickly silenced, and the cavernous tomb echoed with Atlacoya's laughter.

Scene 5

   It was a beautiful morning in Mexico City, and the shocking crimes that were committed at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional on the previous night were the last thing in Figura Gloriosa's mind at the moment, engrossed as she was in her workout. The sound of clanking iron filled the fully appointed gym in the basement of her stately manor as she pushed herself through a weightlifting regimen that would humble a circus strongman.
   A week ago, after defending her world championship against the giant El Monstroso, Gloriosa issued an open challenge to any wrestler on earth who sought to best her. To the consternation of wrestling fans all over the world, the treacherous Gorilla Brothers had exploited a loophole in the international wrestling bylaws that allowed them to accept her challenge as a team, requiring Gloriosa to face both of them at once in a bout that was scheduled for this coming Sunday. No one would have thought less of Gloriosa if she had declined such an unfair match, but her sense of honor would not allow her to rescind her promise, and so she pushed her body harder than she ever had before in preparation for what would no doubt be an excruciating contest.
   She stood, dripping with sweat, clad in her famous mask, as well as a skimpy spandex singlet cut dramatically at the legs, arms, back and neckline so that it was little more than a slingshot of shining red fabric, as to afford the great wrestler a view of her incomparable physique as she studied each movement of her exercises with unwavering focus.
   The morning's routine concluded with squats of 1,500 kilos, an impossible feat for all but the mightiest men on earth, but well within the abilities of the legendary luchadora whose powerful thighs had prevailed against the most vicious leg-locks that the wrestling world had to offer. After her fifth set, she shouldered the barbell safely onto the rack and turned to the mirrored wall of her gym to savor the fruits of her labors.
   She ran her fingers along the apollo's belt deeply gouged into her pelvis as she extended her right leg and tensed its throbbing muscles, and then left. With a haughty smirk she watched the thick teardrop-shaped heads of her inner and outer vastus muscles expanded so mightily with mass that skin crimped along their edges as they swelled against the bulging pillar of her femoris muscle, while the adductor muscles of her inner thigh hardened into sweeping wings, separated from her bulging quads by the thick cable of her sartorius muscle.
   When she was done looking at her thighs, she shifted her gaze to the mirrors behind her and flexed her buttocks one at a time, delighted as the deeply-dimpled basketball-sized orbs contracted into striated blocks of muscle that looked to be carved from stone. “What a pity that there aren't more Gorilla brothers,” Gloriosa smirked as she stroked her muscle-swollen rump. “It will take more than two men to contend with muscles such as these.”
   The great luchadora continued to scrutinize her musculature as she took her morning shower, but soon the sweet aromatics of her luxurious soaps and shampoos lulled her razor-sharp mind into a state of peaceful relaxation, which she carried with her as she dried herself off in her large ivory appointed bathroom, savoring the luxurious softness of her Egyptian cotton towels.
   But her reverie was cut short as the peals of her doorbell echoed through the spacious halls of her home. “Who on earth would come calling so early on a Saturday morning?” she asked aloud as she quickly donned her mask and threw on a silk robe that clung to her curvaceous figure, outlining her narrow waist and round buttocks while also allowing her gargantuan breasts to bounce freely as she walked through her spacious, elegant mansion to get the door.

Scene 6

   “Buenos dias, Figura Gloriosa,” Captain Ramirez said, removing his hat as the door opened.
   “Buenos dias, Capitan,” she replied. “What brings you to my humble home at this early hour?”
   “Gratitude,” Captain Ramirez answered as the towering wrestler escorted him into her sitting room. “The annual policeman's ball is being held this Friday, and I wanted to extend your invitation personally, in light of your heroic deeds at the Institute last night.”
   “It would be my honor,” Gloriosa said as she poured two cups of coffee. “And speaking of last night's events, have you learned anything more about those strange men who robbed the laboratory?”
   “Very little,” the captain said, shaking his head grimly. “They were normal men with normal lives and no criminal records. But there is one puzzling thing: at the autopsy it was discovered that both men had a strange mark on their chests, above their hearts. Look here.”
   Captain Ramirez then produced two polaroid photos from his jacket, which showed blue tattoos in the shape of a flaming papaya. “What a curious pattern,” Gloriosa mused as she examined them.
   The two crimefighters pondered the photos for just a moment, until the silence was broken by the arrival of a third party. “Good morning Captain Ramirez,” a lilting girlish voice called from above.
   Captain Ramirez looked up to see a radiantly beautiful young woman descending the stairs, her girlish features glowing bright without the slightest trace of makeup, her shining brown hair held back by a simple headband. However, her appearance was far from innocent below the neck, as the yellow peasant dress that she wore was so daringly low cut that her melon-sized breasts erupted from the neckline like globes of honey-colored flesh.
   The old policeman's eyes widened in lustful amazement as the buxom young woman skipped down the stairs, her bosoms bouncing and jiggling with every step. “Miss I'm afraid that you have me at a disadvantage,” Captain Ramirez said. “For I am sad to say that I don't remember having met you.”
   “Really?” the young brunette said quizzically as she handed the policeman her hand to kiss. “Why it was not so long ago that you carried me from the flaming wreckage of Professor Llama's lair.”
   “Captain Ramirez,” Gloriosa said, “Surely you remember Maria, the girl that I adopted a some fifteen years ago, after her home and family were destroyed by Professor Llama's were-alpacas.”
   “Maria?” Ramirez said, jumping backward in shock. “Oh... forgive me, Maria. Of course I remember you, it's only that the last time we met you were merely a schoolgirl, and now you are-”
   “And now she is still a schoolgirl,” Gloriosa said sternly. “Too young to be wearing such a revealing dress among guests at home, much less in public.”
   “I'm not a child anymore,” Maria pouted, “I should be able to dress as I please!”
   “As long as you live under my roof, you shall do as I say,” Gloriosa said, drawing herself up to her full height and thrusting her world-renowned bust outward authoritatively.
   “And don't you always say that women should be proud of their bodies?” Maria retorted.
   “Women should indeed be proud of their bodies,” Gloriosa said, “but you are still a girl, and girls should be modest, especially in public.”
   “A fine thing for you to say,” Maria sniped. “I have studied all of your matches and seen all of your photos. The whole world had seen your chichis by the time you were my age.”
   “When I was your age, I was a luchadora, “Gloriosa said sharply. “I fought my way up from a life of poverty and desperation. And it is because of my sacrifices, as well as my chichis, that you will be able to attend university next year.”
   “Well maybe I want to be a luchadora as well, instead of going to university” Maria said.
   “Absolutely not, I forbid it!” Gloriosa declared. “Wrestling is a violent sport with pain and danger at every turn. It's far too dangerous for a delicate young woman such as you.”
   “Delicate?” Maria cried. “I'll have you know that I'm stronger than any of the boys in my school, in the entire country, even. Maybe you would have seen my trophies for weightlifting and kickboxing if you weren't too busy saving the world to make time for your family!”
   Gloriosa drew back, wounded by Maria's comment, and Captain Ramirez stepped in immediately. “Please ladies, do not bicker so on such a lovely morning. Gloriosa, it's plain to see that Maria is no longer a mere child, and can make her own decisions. And Maria, could you please put on a more modest dress, just this once, as favor to me.”
   “Fine,” Maria snorted. “I will change my clothes as a favor to you, but not because she said so.”
   “I am so sorry that you had to witness such behavior, Capitan,” Gloriosa said as Maria stomped upstairs. “Maria is smart and dutiful, but she is also quite willful, unwilling to yield even a centimeter.”
   “She takes after her adoptive mother, I fear,” Captain Ramirez said with a smirk.
   “I fear this also,” Gloriosa said with a plaintive smile. “It is dangerous for a girl her age to be so bold, for in this world evildoers lurk around every corner, ready to strike.”
   Captain Ramirez nodded as he picked the polaroids of the robbers' tattoos from the table, and examined them again. “Indeed, Figura Gloriosa,” he said, “and I can only wonder what evil is afoot now.”

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
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Scene 7

   In her cavernous tomb just outside of Mexico City, the vampire queen Atlacoya sulked. “I can feel my beauty and power returning with each soul that I drain,” she said sourly as she ran her hands over her now-tight stomach and felt the heft of her breasts, which were now DD-sized, “but what a shame it is to possess such beauty without the adornment of clothing and accessories? And what use is such power with the adoration of worshippers?”
   With a flourish, Atlacoya traced esoteric symbols in the air with her fingers, her green eyes flashing as she chanted words of power in a long-forgotten Aztec language. Her chamber was filled with the sound of groaning and shuffling as a handful of the mummified corpses that surrounded her stretched out their limbs, shaking off centuries of dust. Soon Atlacoya was thronged by reanimated temple guards and servants, who gathered around her in a circle and knelt. “I would prefer the adoration of strapping men or nubile women, but I suppose you will do for now, my loyal retainers.”
   She waved for twelve of her guards to rise, hulking mummies not one of whom was shorter than 2 meters, clad in tattered remnants of feathered capes and tunics, their rotting foreheads bound with headbands of braided gold, each of them wearing around their neck a gaudy amulet set with a large green jewel the color of Atlacoya's flashing eyes. “Go forth into the sunlight, where I cannot tread, and bring to me clothes, jewelry, and appointments worthy of my station as queen of this world,” she commanded.
   Atlacoya's temple guards saluted her and shambled from the tomb, as the vampiress slumped onto her stone throne. “You there,” she called to a trio of female mummies, “tidy up my royal chamber. It is dank and dusty in here, unbefitting a woman of my status. But do not worry, for tonight I shall feed and feed again, and soon more of your number will arise again to assist you in your work.
   The trio of mummified handmaidens bowed and slumped off to separate ends of the tomb to begin their chores, and Atlacoya stared intently at the burning brazier set before her throne. “Yes, Tenochtitlan has grown greatly while I slumbered, and it is now overflowing with prey to sate my thirst, and plenty of shadows from which to stalk them. Soon I will be powerful enough even to walk in the sunlight, and I shall crush the descendants of the woman who ended my reign all those centuries ago, and take my rightful place as ruler of all the earth!”
   And as the six mummified temple guards poured forth from the entrance of her tomb and shambled toward Mexico City, Atlacoya's laughter echoed in their ears as a reminder of her orders.

Scene 8

   The fashion district of Mexico City was bustling not only with wealthy housewives and well-heeled socialites, but also with the city's more affluent young women, who were on summer break from their studies. Among these women were the world champion wrestler Figura Gloriosa and her adopted daughter Maria, who were strolling from one boutique to the next, perusing the finest wares that the great city had to offer.
   People stopped and stared as Gloriosa glided through the aisles in a form-fitting sleeveless minidress that showed off both her outrageous feminine curves and her hulking musculature, and was perfectly coordinated with her signature mask. Maria was in tow, dressed in a floor-length shirt dress with long sleeves, her beautiful face, bountiful bosom and round behind turning heads despite the modest cut of her dress.
   In an upscale French boutique, Maria lingered for just a moment to examine an elegantly cut halter dress with a plunging neckline and a long vent along the right side, resplendent in golden sequins. “Don't even think about it,” Gloriosa scolded, stepping in front of the dress. “Why, if you wore that dress, you would have every boy in town chasing after you.”
   “You say that like it's a bad thing,” Maria grumbled.
   Gloriosa raised her finger to admonish her adopted daughter, but her lecture was cut short by the sound of breaking glass and screaming from across the street. People gathered at the window to observe the commotion, and were horrified to see the luxury boutique across the street being ransacked by a group of large men in elaborate elaborate but tattered costumes, wielding long wooden clubs. Had any of the onlookers a proper background in Aztec history, they may have recognized them as temple guards of the fabled vampire queen Atlacoya, but as it was they merely gawked in speculation.
   “A robbery in broad daylight!” one shopper exclaimed. “How brazen!”
   “Those men,” another said, “there's something not quite right about them. Their skin is all withered and rotten. Are they lepers, perhaps?”
   “Surely this is a stunt for television,” someone suggested.
   But any doubts about the seriousness of the robbery were dispelled when two police officers arrived with guns drawn, shouting. Without hesitation, one of the temple guards lashed out with his club and brained the nearest officer, sending his dead body slumping to the ground. The second officer recoiled in horror and began firing his gun. The temple guard showed not the slightest reaction to the gunshots as he shambled toward the young policeman, while his compatriots filled their arms with jewelry and finery.
   As a wave of panic spread through the onlookers, Figura Gloriosa readied herself for action, tearing her minidress to shreds to reveal beneath her famous wrestling costume, a skimpy red sequined bikini consisting of a low-slung bikini bottom and a bandeau top. A cheer went up from the assembled crowd, who were both relieved to have the legendary wrestler and crimefighter in their midst, and eager to see her in action. Playing to the crowd, Gloriosa cocked her hips and clasped her hands overhead in a freestyle bodybuilding pose, her muscles hardening into colossal blocks of tanned, sculpted perfection from head to toe, smiling with pride as she soaked in their adoration.
   “Hypocrite,” Maria mumbled under her breath as she crossed her arms and pouted.

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
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Scene 9

   Across the street from the French boutique, one of Atlacoya's temple guards advanced on the young policeman whose gun was now quite empty of bullets, clicking impotently as he backed away in panic. Suddenly the young policeman's heel caught on a crack on the sidewalk and he fell to the ground, cowering in panic as the hulking Aztec mummies stood over him, shoulder to shoulder, and raised their cuahholollis. But like a bolt of lightning Figura Gloriosa leapt into the middle of the fray, looking down at the frightened young law officer, her back to the temple guards. “Good morning officer,” she said with a smile, “let me to lend you a hand. Or better yet, let me lend you my back.”   
   As the temple guards swung their clubs, Gloriosa put her hands on her hips and spread her titanic lats, forming wings of muscle so wide that they shielded the fallen lawman from all of his attackers. And surely enough, all six cuahholollis struck Gloriosa, breaking instantly into useless splinters of wood as they collided with the rock-hard muscles that studded the great luchadora's sprawling back.  “Figura Gloriosa!” the policeman cried with relief. “Thank God you're here!”
   “And not a moment too soon, it seems,” Gloriosa said. “Quickly, go and call Captain Ramirez. I will deal with these fiends and make sure that no innocent bystanders come to harm.”
   As the policeman scampered off down the street, Gloriosa spun to face the bulky undead robbers, and not a moment too soon as one of the temple guards lunged at her throat. With lighting reflexes, Gloriosa ducked down and planted her shoulder and grabbing him by the waist as he advanced, then stood up and tossed him backwards over her head.
   Immediately she was confronted by another zombie who pulled a knife of glittering obsidian from his belt. The temple guard swung his knife, but Gloriosa was too quick for him, easily grabbing his wrist and deftly applying a twisting wristlock, causing the guard's rotting fingers to open, sending the knife clattering onto the sidewalk. Then, with a roll of her mighty shoulder, Gloriosa jerked the undead villain's arm so hard that he flipped into the air and landed on his back.
   Across the street, Maria clutched her purse nervously as the crowd let out a cheer. “She's incredible!” a man cried. “Is it any wonder that she's unbeatable in the ring?”
   “Yes,” another agreed. “Wrestling is the greatest martial art of them all, and Figura Gloriosa is its utmost practitioner.”
   As if to punctuate those comments, Gloriosa slipped effortlessly past the clumsy swing of a temple guard and struck him between the shoulders with a double ax-handle strike, knocking him to the ground with a blow so forceful that it sent flower petals flying from the nearby bushes. Another grabbed her around the neck from behind, but she broke his hold by driving her elbow into his stomach, then grabbing him by nape as to rest his chin on her thick trapezius muscle, and dropping to the ground to administer a devastating stunner.
   Gloriosa didn't have long to enjoy her victories, however, as the boutique's owner ran to the window, pointing at one of the temple guards, who was shambling away, his arms loaded with silks and jewels. “Gloriosa!” the man called. “That one is escaping!”
   “Not if I have anything to say about it,” Gloriosa stated, cracking her knuckles.
   But before she could react, she was struck from behind by a metal signpost, swung by the temple guard that she had first dispatched, who had in mere seconds recovered from an attack that would have incapacitated a living man instantly. Gloriosa winced, while behind her another temple guard grabbed ahold of a nearby bench and pulled it from the ground, its bolts popping loose. Gloriosa regained her composure in time to intercept another blow from the metal sign, but two temple guards struck her from behind with double ax-handle blows to the base of her neck, knocking her down on to one knee.
   Back in the French boutique, the crowd was aghast. “What is happening?” a store clerk cried out. “Where are the police?”
   “I tell you, these robbers can't be human,” another said. “This is horrific!”
   Indeed, things looked quite grim indeed for Figura Gloriosa as three temple guards kicked at her from all sides, while two others filled their arms with stolen luxuries. Then, to the onlookers' horror, the sixth temple guard brought the bench slamming down on Gloriosa's back, slowly raising it to strike once more as the great luchadora grimaced in pain.
   But just when things looked darkest, a high-pitched whistle cut through the air, and all eyes were drawn to the roof of a nearby boutique, where a masked woman stood, draped in a robe of shimmering gold.  “Who is that?” an old man asked. “It looks like a luchadora.”
   “She looks quite young for such a dangerous job,” a store clerk added.
   And surely they were both correct. The woman on the rooftop was clad in a gold luchadora mask that covered the top half of her head, save where it left room for her brown pigtails to pull through, while leaving her face bare below the bridge of her nose to reveal beautiful youthful features. However, when she shrugged off her robe, any doubts about her fitness for combat disappeared, as her youthful body bulged with muscles so big and sculpted that few men on earth would be able to match. And her muscles were well displayed, clad as she was in a gold lame wrestling outfit consisting of boots, a thong bikini bottom and a set of pasties mounted on her improbably perky J-cup breasts.
   “What an incredible physical specimen!” a man with thick glasses remarked. “Why, she reminds me of when Figura Gloriosa was just a girl climbing the ranks of the luchadors.”
   “With a powerful body like that, she should make a great wrestler,” agreed an old woman.
   And surely they were both correct. Before the temple guards could react, the girl in gold leapt from the roof in a missile drop kick and slammed her feet into the chest of the guard carrying the bench, who flew backwards into a flower bed, the heavy bench falling harmlessly to the ground beside him. A cheer went up from the various onlookers huddled at the windows of the nearby stores, who were amazed by the muscular young woman's bravery and athletic ability.
   But their joy soon faded, as the five remaining mummies began to close in on the girl in gold, trapping her in a circle. Undeterred, she pointed her arms overhead and bent one leg against the other and began to spin rapidly in a circle, like a ballerina executing a pirouette. “Tornado de tetas!” she shouted as her heavy breasts slammed into one guard after another, knocking them from their feet and sending them flying backward onto the ground.
   Again the onlookers cheered, and the young woman in gold beamed with pride as she flexed her muscles for the adoring crowd, bending her knees and twisting at the waist as she struck a rear double biceps pose, to show off her legs, glutes, abs, lats and arms all at once. Her entire body rippled with thick chiseled muscles that stretched her honey-brown skin tight as spandex and they swelled with power, and the crowd murmured in awe. “Such an amazing physique,” a young man said to his wife. “I wish you had muscles like that.”
   “I wish you had muscles like that,” the wife retorted and the crowd around her laughed.
   But the celebration was short lived, as all around her the temple guards began to rise from the ground. The girl in gold swiveled about, unsure of how to proceed against such implacable foes, when she saw Gloriosa picking herself off the pavement. The young woman ran to Gloriosa's side, and helped her to her feet. “Are you hurt, Gloriosa?” she asked.
   “It takes more than a chair shot to take me out of a match,” Gloriosa said.
   “That is good,” the girl in gold pasties said. “Because this match is far from over. It seems that these men refuse to stay down.”
   And surely enough, the temple guards were beginning to close in on the musclebound women. “Then we'll have to make them stay down,” Gloriosa said. “Three for you and three for me.”
   “I like those odds,” the young luchadora said as she ran to meet her trio of mummified foes.
    Her scanty golden costume shone in the sun as she hopped up onto a nearby newspaper box and launched herself toward the trio, her muscles rippling with athletic prowess as her body twisted in the air to reposition herself horizontally to the ground, colliding with two of her attackers at once in a corkscrew crossbody that knocked them forcefully to the sidewalk. She sprang up with the practices ease of an olympic gymnast, and a third was upon her immediately, swinging an obsidian knife at the her throat. Her eyes widened, and she dodged out of the way just in time as the blade flashed past her and her rotting assailant stumbled forward. Wasting no time, she leapt into the air hooked her powerful calf around the back of his neck and slammed him face-first onto the ground.
   A few meters away, Gloriosa stared down a trio of rotting villains, hands on hips and smirking, as if daring them to attack her. They obliged, charging one after another. Gloriosa snared the first in an arm drag and threw him viciously to the ground, spinning around in time to intercept the second and scoop him up easily, immediately slamming him down upon the first. The third came at her with his hands wrapped together in a double axe handle strike aimed squarely at her chest. With a smirk, Gloriosa tensed her immense pectorals, which rippled into tanned domes of striated muscle as big as pumpkins and as thick as bricks, and the undead robber's fists glanced uselessly off her chest. “Not a bad strike,” she chuckled as she flexed her pecs one at a time, each one taking turns contracting into a thick striated mound and relaxing into a sculpted slab, “I almost felt that. But let me show you how it's done.”
   And with that, Gloriosa raised her fists in the air and brought them smashing down on the temple guard's chest, expecting him to collapse under the force of her mighty strike as scores of the most powerful wrestlers on earth had in the past. But her fists first struck the amulet on the guard's mummified chest, shattering the green jewel embedded within like glass. As soon as the jewel broke, the guard collapsed instantly to the ground and began to fade wither into dust before Gloriosa's disbelieving eyes.
   Gloriosa looked at the pile of dust at her feet in which the fragments of the broken jewel sat gleaming in the sun, then to the pair of temple guards she had previously dispatched, who were once again rising to their feet, and then to new newfound ally who found herself surrounded the trio of zombies that she had herself so recently defeated. “Listen!” Gloriosa called to the girl in gold. “You must destroy their amulets! I can't explain it, but you must believe me!”
   The young luchadora nodded at Gloriosa in recognition as three zombified guards began to close in on her. With lightning quickness, the girl in gold leapt into the air, striking the furthest temple guard in the chest with a bicycle kick, shattering the amulet around his neck and causing him to fall and wither away. “Incredible!” she said as she gazed in amazement at the rapidly decaying corpse.
   But that moment of distraction was all that her opponents needed to get the drop on her, as a temple guard grabbed her from behind, bending the uprooted signpost around her stomachto pin her muscular arms at her sides. Her nearly bare breasts bounced furiously as she tried to wrench herself free, the temple guard clung relentlessly to the signpost to prevent her breaking free.
   A meter away Gloriosa was closing in on the temple guards at her feet, who were once again beginning to rise. “A little slow getting up this time, eh?” Gloriosa chuckled. “Here, let me help you.”
   And with that Gloriosa reached down and grabbed each of the burly mummies by the back of the neck and lifted them into the air with her mighty arms as if they were ragdolls, their feet dangling off the ground. Gloriosa held them aloft for just a moment before slamming them together chest first, smashing the green jewels set in their necklaces. Gloriosa dusted off her hands as the temple guards turned to ash before her, but her satisfaction was interrupted by a shriek.
   The girl in gold was now beset by two mummies, one still struggling to hold her around her waist with the from behind with the bent signpot, and another that had grabbed her ankles as she tried to kick him away. “Let go of me, you fiends!” she cried as she thrashed about, her powerful young body rippling with sculpted muscles and her melon-sized breasts jiggling wildly as she struggled to free herself.
   Quickly, Gloriosa bounded down the sidewalk to assist the young luchadora. She approached the temple guard who held the young woman by her golden boots and struck him with hammerfist blows on either shoulder, jolting him mightily and forcing him to release the gold-clad luchadora's legs. Instantly, Gloriosa grabbed him from the waist and bent backward, slamming the temple guard to the ground with a powerful suplex, which she immediately followed with a devastating elbow drop that shattered the green jewel on his necklace, turning him to dust.
   Her legs free, the young luchadora in pigtails redoubled her efforts, raising her knees to her chest, then driving the heels of her boots into the temple guard's feet. The burly mummy stumbled, his grip loosened just enough for her to free herself. Without hesitation, the girl in gold leapt into the air, and torqued her muscle-packed midsection, rotating in midair and driving a picture-perfect spin kick, shattering the gem.
   And just like that, the battle was over.

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
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Thank you for your outstanding work!

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
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This story has been great so far. Gloriossa and Maria are two awesome protagonists. I can't wait to read the rest of their adventures.

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
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Great work, Gloriosa looks to be a worthy conquest for Atlacoya.

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
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Scene 10

   Amidst the chaos of the attempted robbery, the two buxom muscular women approached one another. “Thank you, Figura Gloriosa,” the young woman in gold said. “Without your aid I surely would have perished.”
   “It is I who should be thanking you,” Gloriosa said. “ Those villains got the drop on me, and it was your timely arrival that saved the day. But to thank you properly, I must know your name.”
   The girl in gold look surprised by the inquiry, as if she did not know her own name. “My name is... uh... Chica Vigorosa,” she said finally.
   “How unusual that I have not heard of you,” Gloriosa mused. “A luchadora with your talents would have made quite a name for herself, I would imagine. Tell me, where do you train?”
   The busty young woman once again looked surprised by Gloriosa's question, and began to nervously knot her fingers.  But at that moment, Captain Ramirez appeared, thronged by a group of officers who immediately set about surveying the destruction. “Another luxury boutique robbery,” one officer said as he surveyed the jewels and furs scattered on the sidewalk.
   “What do you mean another luxury boutique robbery?” Gloriosa asked.
   “It's the third one this week,” Captain Ramirez said, “all with the same modus operandi. A group of large ugly men with incredible strength, seemingly impervious to damage, attacking a store in the middle of the day to steal designer dresses and jewelry. Did anyone see where they went?”
   “At your feet, Captain,” Gloriosa said, pointing to the pile of ashes and weathered clothing that marked the remains of the temple guardians. “That is all that remains of your robbers.”
   “I don't understand,” Captain Ramirez said, scratching his head.
   “It's true, Capitan,” said the policeman that Gloriosa had saved moments earlier. “Figura Gloriosa and Chica Vigorosa bested the robbers in combat, and they disintegrated before my eyes.”
   “How peculiar,” Captain Ramirez said, kneeling down to examine the faded raiments that the robbers had worn, finally picking up a headband adorned with an insignia resembling a papaya lit ablaze. “And now for the second time in as many days I see this curious symbol.”
   “My word,” Gloriosa exclaimed. “That is the same symbol tattooed upon the men who attacked the Instituto Politécnico Nacional!”
   “There's no mistaking it,” Captain Ramirez said. “You know, I have to visit Professora Sedienta to deliver her invitation to the policeman's ball. Perhaps she can decipher this symbol. If you would like to come along, I would appreciate your help.”
   Gloriosa nodded. “It appears that I am embroiled in this mystery, like it or not,” she said. “And you too, my young friend... where did she go?”
   And indeed Chica Vigorosa was gone, having disappeared in the commotion. “How mysterious,” Captain Ramirez said. “It's hard to imagine that a young woman with such a remarkable appearance would be able to go unnoticed. But anyway, it's fortunate that both of you were here.”
   “Indeed,” Gloriosa said. “Maria and I were out shopping for dresses for the policeman's ball when- Oh no, Maria! In all this excitement I have lost sight of her completely!”
   “Here I am Gloriosa,” Maria called, appearing from the crowd.
   “Maria, thank goodness you are safe,” Gloriosa said. “But you look exhausted, sweating and nearly out of breath. What on earth have you been up to?”
   “Oh... I... uh...” Maria said nervously. “I was merely staying safely in the boutique as you instructed, but those horrible monsters got me quite agitated.”
   “Let's go home and freshen up,” Gloriosa said, lovingly placing a hand on her adopted daughter's shoulder. “Captain Ramirez, Maria and I will meet you at Professor Sedienta's house shortly.”
   “Why do I have to come?” Maria asked.
   “Professor Sedienta is one of the finest scientific minds in the world,” Gloriosa lectured. “You would do well to make an impression on her, as it would undoubtedly benefit your upcoming education.”
   “She's one of the biggest perverts in the world, you mean,” Maria said, crossing her arms over her chest and pouting. “It's shameful the way she's always flirting with you and fondling you, as if you're the only woman on earth worthy of her adoration.”
   “Nonsense,” Gloriosa said. “Professor Sedienta is the model of professional decorum. You're just jealous of the scientific admiration in which he holds my physique.”
   “I'm not jealous,” Maria objected. “I'm not.”
   “You always cross your arms and pout when you're jealous,” Gloriosa scolded. “Furthermore my word is final on this matter. Now let's fetch the car and head home.”

Scene 11

   Captain Ramirez had just parked his car in Professor Sedienta's driveway when he saw Figura Gloriosa's bright red Alfa Romeo pull in behind him. He tried not to stare as Gloriosa's long, sculpted legs swung out of the car, barely covered in a miniskirt, her upper body clad in a sleeveless satin blouse that clung so tightly to her bulging torso that it looked as if it would split apart at any moment. In contrast, Maria was clad in a modest beige dress, exposing not so much as an ankle, although as always her curvaceous figure was evident beneath the prudish clothes that her mother chose for her.
   “Buenas tardes, ladies,” he said, and greeted Maria with a gentle kiss on the hand.
   “Buenas tardes, Capitan,” Gloriosa replied as she rang the doorbell.
   The door swung open instantly, and the trio were greeted by Professor Sedienta who, in addition to her normal horn-rimmed glasses, stockings and stiletto heels, was dressed in a peignoir of green chiffon and black lace that was so flimsy that it was plain to see she was naked beneath it, and closed so lightly with a silken belt that it was precariously close to falling open. Captain Ramirez diverted his gaze instantly. “Forgive me, Professora,” he said. “We did not mean to disturb you while you were indisposed.”
   “Nonsense,” the buxom blonde educator purred as she looked over her three guests, “I was just in my robotics laboratory, fiddling with my knobs and flicking my switch. Please come in, all of you.”
   “Thank you kindly,” Captain Ramirez said, removing his hat.
   Immediately Professor Sedienta draped herself against Gloriosa and began running her fingers up and down the towering amazon's musclebound arm. “Tell me Gloriosa, what stroke of good fortune has brought you to my door?”
   “It is bad fortune as well as good, I fear,” Gloriosa said.
   “Well then,” Professor Sedienta said as she stepped back, licking her lips as she looked Gloriosa up and down, “first tell me the good news while I fetch us some wine to soften the bad news.”
   “The policeman's ball is on Saturday, Professora,” Captain Ramirez said, “and this year it is my honor to organize the event. Unfortunately due to the recent crime wave I have been negligent in sending out my invitations. I thought it best to deliver your invitation, and my apology, in person.”
   “Oh I do so love balls,” Professor Sedienta said, returning from the kitchen with a bottle of wine and four glasses, her full round breasts bouncing freely beneath the sheer negligee. “I will certainly attend. Tell me, Gloriosa, will you be there as well?”
   “Of course,” Gloriosa said. “And Maria as well.”
   “Oh how lovely,” the professor cooed as she opened the bottle of wine and began pouring. “Maria I saw a dress at the French boutique that would be perfect for you―a golden sequined halter dress with a plunging neckline and a long vent.”
   “It sounds lovely,” Maria smirked, knowing that it was the same dress that she had asked her mother to buy just a few hours earlier. “It was at the French boutique, you say?”
   “Absolutely not,” Gloriosa interrupted. “Maria is a mere girl, far too young for such a dress.”
   “Oh don't be such a prude, Gloriosa,” Professor Sedienta said as she handed wine glasses to Gloriosa and Captain Ramirez. “Maria will be off to university in a matter of moths, and besides, it's plain to see that Maria has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Would you also hide a beautiful flower under layers of drab fabric?”
   “I would if there were legions of unruly boys just waiting to pluck that flower,” Gloriosa grumbled.
   “Be careful, Gloriosa,” the professor continued. “Repressing a young woman's natural urges does not extinguish them. In fact it intensifies them, and in some cases makes them so powerful that they may overtake her entirely.”
   “Like a great inferno of lust that burns within her every waking moment, and even in her dreams, until she can think of nothing but carnal pleasures!” Maria added exuberantly, before quickly regaining her composure. “Or... uh... so I've heard.”
   “Nonsense,” Gloriosa said dismissively. “All obstacles can be overcome with force and discipline, be they internal or external. But we are not hear to talk about parenting.”
   Maria pouted once again, and Captain Ramirez moved quickly to change the subject. “There is also some bad news, Professora,” he said. “A string of robberies carried out by monstrous thieves.”
   “Oh dear,” Professor Sedienta said as she handed a glass of wine to Maria. “Tell me more.”
   Maria reached out eagerly for the wine, but Gloriosa plucked it from the air and poured it into her own glass, causing Maria once again to pout with jealousy.
   “Well, it's really quite mysterious,” Captain Ramirez began. “Today Gloriosa thwarted a robbery, the third of its kind, that targeted luxury boutiques selling jewelry and women's clothing-”
   “She didn't do it alone,” Maria cut in. “Don't forget Chica Vigorosa.”
   “Quite right,” Gloriosa said. “I was assisted by an impressive young luchadora who helped me dispatch the monstrous thieves.”
   “Two crimefighting luchadoras?” Professor Sedienta gushed as she played with the belt of her flimsy gown. “How exhilarating! Tell me more!”
   “Well, anyway,” Captain Ramirez said. “These robbers wore curious costumes, much like the men who attacked the Institute earlier this week. And what's more both groups of criminals were decorated with this mysterious symbol.”
   With that Captain Ramirez produced the headband adorned with a blue picture of a papaya ringed in flames. Professor Sedienta leaned forward and adjusted her horn-rimmed glasses. “You know, I think I've seen this symbol somewhere before,” the gorgeous doctor said. “Follow me.”

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
« Reply #11 on: January 09, 2023, 02:13:42 am »
Scene 12

   Professor Sedienta led her guests into her expansive library, and past rows of bookshelves until she came to a stop at a shelf that smelled of old parchment. “Here we are,” she said, plucking a visibly ancient scroll from the shelf. “Now let's see what we can learn about this curious symbol.”
   Gloriosa, Maria and Captain Ramirez huddled around Professor Sedienta as she unfurled the scroll on a reading table. And there, clear as day amidst the arcane symbols and faded illustrations, was the mark of the burning papaya. “There it is!” Captain Ramirez exclaimed.
   “This writing appears to be in the Aztec language,” Maria observed. “Is this scroll truly that old?”
   “Well observed Maria,” Professor Sedienta said. “You see, this scroll is nearly 700 years old, and chronicles the ancient history of this region.”
   “Can you read it, Professora?” Gloriosa asked.
   The curvaceous blonde squinted at the manuscript. “My Aztec is a bit rusty,” she said, her face suddenly brightening as she turned to Gloriosa. “You know, Gloriosa, I recently read in an academic journal that a breast massage can improve a woman's focus and concentration. Perhaps if you assisted me in this way, I would be more able to read the scroll.”
   “Very well,” Gloriosa nodded, positioning herself behind the professor and sliding her hands into the flimsy green nightgown. “If it will assist in the investigation, I will certainly oblige.”
   “Oh yes, I can feel it working,” Professor Sedienta purred as Gloriosa's long feminine fingers began caressing the peach-colored flesh of her round breasts and squeezing her tumescent pink nipples. “You know I also read that clitoral stimulation can improve a woman's focus and concentration as well. Perhaps if I were to rub myself against the quadriceps of your mighty thigh I might receive even more benefit.”
   “Very well,” Gloriosa nodded. “If you think that will stimulate your mind, go right ahead.”
   “I don't think it's her mind that's being stimulated,” Maria pouted, crossing her arms.
   “Enough with your jealous tantrums,” Gloriosa said to her daughter. “Can't you see that the professor is trying to concentrate?”
   Professor Sedienta panted as she began to grind her pelvis up and down on the deeply chiseled ridges of Gloriosa's musclebound thigh, her body contorted like an exotic dancer, her sheer nightie barely attached to her lissome body.  “Oh yes,” she moaned. “I can feel it working.”
   Captain Ramirez fingered the brim of his hat nervously. “Perhaps Maria and I should leave you two alone to your... uh... research,” he suggested.
   “No no no,” Professor Sedienta said. “It's much more stimulating if people are watching.”
   The policeman shrugged apologetically at Maria as Professor Sedienta began to moan with pleasure, her skin beading with sweat as she bent over the ancient scroll. “Well Professora,” what have you learned?” Gloriosa asked as she pulled at the buxom professor's turgid nipples.”Can you tell us what the symbol means?”
   “Almost...” Professor Sedienta panted. “I'm almost there... oh yes... oh I can feel it!”
   Finally the beautiful blonde squealed loudly and collapsed, her knees on the ground, her elbows on the desk as sweat dripped from her head onto the ancient scroll. “Are you alright Professora?” Gloriosa asked. “I tried my best to follow your instructions, but I am no scientist.”
   “Oh you were magnificent, Gloriosa,” the professor exalted as she pulled herself to her feet.
   “And what of the scroll?” Captain Ramirez asked hurriedly.
   “The scroll? What scroll?” Professor Sedienta asked confusedly, but then bolted upright with realization. “Oh yes of course. “This scroll tells is a history of  the Valley of Mexico, written by Aztec scribes several centuries ago. It tells the tale of Atlacoya, a demon who ruled over this valley feeding off the life energy of innocent men and women to increase its own evil power, and demanding sacrifices of gold and jewels. This flame-ringed papaya is Atlacoya's sigil, worn by its worshippers.”
   “Interesting,” Captain Ramirez mused. “I only wish that I knew how the information relates to the robberies.”
   “Yes, it is quite a mystery, “Professor Sedienta  said.
   “I think it's clear that these robbers are worshipers of this 'Atlacoya' character, or at least they are pretending to be,” Maria said. “That would explain their unusual garb, and their fixation on luxury goods.”
   “Hmm,” Gloriosa said, squinting in concentration as Professor Sedienta gently ran her fingers over the great luchadora's muscle-gouged midsection. “I don't see the connection.”
   “You know, you may be on to something, Maria” Captain Ramirez said. “At least it's the best theory that we have at the moment. Tell me Professor, is there any more information on the scroll that may be of use to use?”
   “The scroll? What scroll?” Professor Sedienta asked confusedly, but then bolted upright with realization. “Oh yes of course. The scroll says that Atlacoya's temple was located in a cavern west of the city. Perhaps that is where you should search for answers, Capitan?”
   “There must be hundreds of caverns in the west,” Captain Ramirez sighed. “Is there anything else you can tell us?”
   “The rest of the scroll is the retelling of an old legend,” Professor Sedienta shrugged. “It is the tale of how Atlacoya was finally defeated when a heroic woman in a red mask, great in stature and well-endowed of bosom, ate the magical papaya that was the source of Atlacoya's power, banishing the wicked creature from the mortal world for 700 years. See the illustration here?”
   The group huddled around the scroll. “Gloriosa, the woman on the scroll looks exactly like you!” Maria exclaimed.
   “Indeed she does,” Captain Ramirez agreed. “Gloriosa, perhaps this ancient Aztec heroine was your ancestor?”
   Gloriosa stood over the parchment with her hands on hips, resplendent in her red mask as she towered over the others with her gigantic breasts thrust outward.  Her face grimaced in concentration as she examined the illustration of the heroine of legend, who was depicted with her hands on her hips wearing a red mask as she towered over the other illustrated Aztecs, her comically oversized breasts lovingly detailed. “Hmm,” Gloriosa said. “I don't see the resemblance, myself, but you may be right.”
   “Well, at least we learned what this symbol means,” Captain Ramirez said. “I will set our research team on the trail of this Aztec temple. Thank you again, Professor Sedienta.”
   “It was my pleasure,” the beautiful educator giggled as she gazed up at towering wrestler.
   “That much is obvious,” Maria snorted.

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
« Reply #12 on: January 09, 2023, 10:56:06 pm »
Fantastic continuation ...

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
« Reply #13 on: January 11, 2023, 03:06:05 am »
eVery nice builkd up, can't wait to see how it ends.

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Re: Figura Gloriosa vs. The Vampire Queen
« Reply #14 on: January 11, 2023, 05:37:32 am »
Awesome story so far! I enjoy the light hearted comic book style of the world, while still being a hot muscle story.

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