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Author Topic: Authors: [MrShhh / Rhinehartd] Jenna or Dawn - Who is the Biggest There Is?  (Read 13408 times)


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Jenna or Dawn
Who is the biggest there is?
a MrShhh / Rhinehartd production

Part 1

Jenna Steele had spent all morning following her fellow classmates through a tour of a local university. Being a high school senior, it was time for Jenna to think about the future, but school wasn't what was on her mind. Like usual, all the beautiful 18 year old could think about was bodybuilding. She had been up until 3 am the previous night pumping hardcore iron in her basement gym and her young muscles were still feeling the burn. Though she had managed to squeeze into a humoungous skirt/sweater combo, the sheer size of her magnificent body was clearly apparent. She could catch university students staring at her tree trunk neck or bulging, basketball-sized calves. They even seemed in awe of her thickly striated forearms.

As she wandered along with the group, her mind drifted back to yesterday's workout. It had been chest day, Jenna's favorite day. She loved her chest and worked it harder than any other part of her body. Last night had been particularly intense, a 7 hour marathon of targeted pec punishment. Jenna had pressed so much iron that by midnight, she had collapsed into a sobbing mess on the floor. Her pecs had quivered uncontrollably and she lay sprawled out, crying in agony. She had only managed another three hours after that before passing out.

As a bodybuilder, Jenna wasn't satisfied until she had pushed herself to the point of complete physical collapse. Pain meant gain, and the hulking teen would do whatever it took to achieve what she wanted: pecs that couldn't be ignored. She didn't just want girl pecs and she abhored the idea of breasts. No, Jenna wanted thick, meaty slabs that split into a thousand cuts with every movement. She wanted pecs so sick, so freaky, so obscenely over-developed that they would make a Mister Olympia lose his lunch.

Jenna bit her lip and gave her chest a hard flex. Her sweater groaned so loud that the tour guide stopped. Everyone looked back at the gorgeous teen to see her innocently blushing, her chest flaring almost two feet from her body and stretching her enormous sweater to it's limits. Her vascularity had swollen along with her muscles and the class could only stare at the induvidual veins trying desperately to burst through the material. Turning to continue on, the tour guide pretended that nothing had happened, but the shaken tone of his voice told another story.

As the tour passed through another section of the school, Jenna noticed a sign marked "gym". Glancing around, she decided to have a look. Waiting until the entire class passed by, she ducked down the hall and followed the sign.

A short time later, Jenna found the gym. Arriving outside, the sexy teen peered through a large window to the various machines and free weights scattered about. It wasn't anything special, but at this point she wanted to work out so bad, she wouldn've taken anything. She was turning into an addict, she thought. She worked out 7 days a week, sometimes as much as 10 hours a day. Yet when she wasn't in the gym, all the monstrous bodybuilder could think about was getting back and ripping her body to shreds in an agonizing frenzy of muscle-lust.

Suddenly, Jenna saw something that snapped her back to attention. At the far end of the gym, someone was working out like an animal. Looking closer, she couldn't believe how massive he was.

Though he seemed to be alone, he was screaming so loud that it sounded like there was entire football team with him. He was facing the wall with his back to her as he did lat pulldowns. With every rep, his endless back flexed as wide as the entire machine. The amount of thick beef he had packed on him was totally unreal. Whoever he was, he was far and away the most muscular person she'd even seen.

Jenna watched her unknowing subject for long minutes, entranced as he wrenched the weights down over. He pulled with so much force that metal smashed loudly against metal. His loosely hanging muscle shirt gave her an unrestricted view of the thick vascularity covering every inch of his super-dense lats. He was litterally a mountain of muscle. She knew she had to meet him.

Jenna entered the room just as the mystery man finished his set. He was panting so loudly he didn't hear her. As she approached, she watched him towel off. He was absolutely drenched in sweat. What kind of torture had he put himself through?

Suddenly, the bodybuilder took off his baseball cap and a mane of long, wet hair fell free. He turned around and Jenna let out a sharp gasp.
Good lord, she thought. It wasn't a guy. It was a girl!

"I'm almost done." The humongous muscle-beast cooed, her voice soft and beautiful.

Jenna could only stare at the hulking freak before her. She was drop dead gorgeous - beautiful like a model, yet hideously overdeveloped.

"Wow. You're really built!" The girl mentioned, taking note of Jenna's insane bulk. "Do you work out here?"

"Uhhh, no. I-I'm on a tour with my highschool." Jenna answered, her voice noticably shaken.

"High school? WIth that body? Well if you're thinking of coming here for the gym, forget about it. I can hardly even get a pump anymore. I literally had to double the weight stacks on this machine and it's still not enough."  Standing up, the girl loomed over Jenna by almost a foot. She made the 5'5 high schooler looked like a child by comparison.

"You're incredible...!" Jenna muttered in awe, totally blown away by the girl's jaw-dropping mass.

"You really think so? Most people are grossed-out by my muscles."  The girl lifted her huge arm. With a slight flex, a soccer ball sized mass exploded through her dripping skin.
"You should hear the comments I get. Freak. She-hulk. 'Roid girl."

"I know what you mean, " Jenna responded, her eyes glued to the girl's inhuman bicep. "I work out really hard too."

"I'm Dawn, by the way."  Jenna's eyes instantly shot open.

"Oh my god! You're her! You're the girl that won the Ms. Olympia! Everybody is saying you were so huge, you should've competed with the men."

"Well the men better get ready. I've already added 45 pounds of muscle since then." Dawn added.

"I'm Jenna. It's an honor to meet you."

"Why don't you show me what you've got, Jenna. Maybe I can give you some pointers."

"Okay." Jenna said, blushing slightly.  As Dawn watched the teen take off her glasses, she quickly noticed how sexy she was.

The girl was incendiary, Dawn thought. With her short hair was pulled back, she had an unrestricted view of the teen's beautiful face and thick, erotic lips.

Jenna unzipped her sweater and peeled it off. This time it was Dawn's turn to gasp. The tall undergrad was so taken aback that she actually let out a yelp.  Jenna was wearing a tiny little bra which looked ridiculous on her huge, tit-less pecs.

"My god you're cut!!" Dawn exclaimed, unprepared for the savage intensity of Jenna's physique. Her overall conditioning was painful to witness, absurd even. She was the total package.

"Thanks. I really worked my chest last night." Jenna giggled.  Balling her fists, Jenna crunched her arms into a light most muscular pose. Her pecs exploded into a rigid, angular mess. Veins as thick as sausages bulged to the surface.

Dawn felt a tinge of jealousy wash over her. The level of musculature this teenager was displaying was mind-boggling.  Standing here unpumped, she was utterly ripped to shreds. Not only that, but her size was astonishing. For the first time since Dawn had started bodybuilding, she actually felt challenged.

"That's not bad, but check out these."  Dawn cocked her arms and pumped hard. Her chest suddenly erupted with outrageous detail. Her already massive pecs swelled so much that they filled up her loosely hanging shirt.

Dawn's hands shook as she flexed with all her might. Another pump literally doubled the thickness of her chest.

Jenna's heart started to beat like a drum. Dawn was monstrous. Her chest was repulsively muscular. It was everything a bodybuilder could wish for - too much even. But for Jenna, there was no such thing as too much.

"Unnnng!!" The teen behemoth moaned as she tightened her fists. She closed her eyes and poured all of her strength into her pump.

The freaky high-schooler's chest went off like a nuclear bomb. It swelled so hard that it actually pushed her shoulders back. The separations between her pecs widened from an inch to over 3 inches as her muscles split into induvidual striations.

"Hahhhhnnnnngggg!!" She groaned, flexing harder.

Her veinage swelled to a frightening degree. Thick arteries began bulging out of her neck and traps. Her shoulders bulged with more and more vascularity.

It was only a matter of time before Jenna's overburdened bra began to rip. It had been designed for a triple E, yet a half foot of bronze beef was already bulging over the cups. Her chest was becoming so huge that the bra was literally disappearing, enveloped by her flexing girl-pecs.  With one loud tear, the bra finally exploded and Jenna's hard nipples burst forth.

As the two girls continued to flex their ridiculous chests, their pecs started to press against one another's. With each pump, more and more of the empty space between them filled with rippling muscle.

"Rrrrgggg!" Jenna gurgled as her unstoppable chest actually began to push Dawn back.

"Okay, okay. I give in!" Dawn laughed, ceasing her flex.

"Huh?"  Jenna opened her eyes.  She released her flex and wiped the sweat from her brow.  "Sorry. I guess got a little carried away."

"I'll say."  Dawn motioned to Jenna's pecs. The muscle teen looked down and discovered that she was naked from the waist up. Instantly, she cupped her nipples as a bright red blush shot across her face.

"Don't be embarassed. You should be proud of your body."

Dawn approached Jenna and took her hands. The teen felt slightly alarmed as Dawn moved them aside and gazed at her rippling chest. Her muscularity was off the charts. Her pecs were quivering slightly, causing her muscles to feather. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her. In fact, she was so lean that it looked like she had no skin at all.

"Your chest is unreal. I've never seen this level of extreme conditioning on anybody. You must work out like a demon."

Dawn began slowly carressing Jenna, smearing her sweat. Her skin began to shine like a stage competitor. To Dawn's touch, Jenna's chest felt like steel. Her large hands seemed like a child's against the overwhelming thickness. There must have been a hundred pounds of muscle in the teen's chest alone.

Jenna moaned slightly as Dawn's hands explored her body. Her every touch sent waves of pleasure through her tourtured body. Slowly, Dawn brought her mouth to Jenna's.
"I've been waiting for someone like you, someone who can push my limits."  Dawn's hands moved across Jenna's bulging abs. Jenna gasped. She could feel Dawn exploring striations, veins.

"I want to know how big I can get, how strong I am."  Her fingers moved lower, pushing down the waist of Jenna's skirt. Even here there was no softness, no weakness. There was only hard, cut muscle.

"I want you to push me. Your body against mine."

Dawn's mouth was now an inch from Jenna's sensuous lips. She was so close, Jenna could feel her breath.

"...Try to break me."

There was a long silence. Jenna opened her eyes to find Dawn walking across the room. The embarrassed teen instantly covered herself again.

"Here," Dawn called out, tossing a t-shirt.

Jenna caught it and gave it a look. It was so humongous, she couldn't even guess what size it was. Putting it on, the cute teen found it to be a loose fit everywhere but across her chest.

Dawn sat down at a nearby table. She extended her arm and opened her palm.

Jenna smiled and walked over. Sitting down, she placed her elbow on the table and took Dawn's hand.

"I've never done this kind of thing before." Jenna commented, her voice nervous.

"Sure you have, just not against someone like me."

The two ultra-ripped bodybuilders tensed their massive arms. Alarming vascularity bulged through their flesh. Meaty tendons twitched in anticipation. There was easily more testosterone between them than the entire Mr. Olympia lineup.

"Ready? Go...!"

Both girls' faces instantly tightened as they began pressing against each other.

"Gnnnnng! Y-you're strong...!!" Dawn muttered through grit teeth.

"S-so are y-you....!!" Jenna responded, her face already turning red.

Dawn stared at Jenna's bicep as she strained. It had quickly swollen to the point where it had filled her giant sleeve. Jesus she was huge, Dawn thought.

After the first minute, neither girl had moved an inch. Not only were the two girl's arms rapidly growing in size and definition, but so were the rest of their bodies. Every muscle was tightly flexed and swelling with mass. Dawn's previously loose muscle shirt was becoming like a second skin on her. Jenna's table cloth-sized tee was already stretching against her muscles.

At the two minute mark, Dawn let out a gutteral roar. Her arm instantly flared with mind-boggling thickness as she poured on the power.

Against her best efforts, Jenna's violently shaking arm started to recede. The straining teen couldn't believe how strong Dawn was - it felt like her strength had suddenly doubled.

Jenna knew she was no wimp. She could lift engine blocks for reps. She could curl more weight than most people could bench-press, yet this hulking she-mountain was actually starting to beat her.


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Who is the biggest there is? Part 2
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2007, 04:52:27 pm »

Part 2

Jenna strained harder, fighting against her opponent with everything she had but her arm continued to move back. Meanwhile, Dawn's bicep just kept growing. It was now over a foot thick and covered in disgusting vascularity.
At the three minute mark, sweat was running freely down both girl's shaking bodies. Their arms were becoming slick with sweat as they continued their epic battle of wills.
Four minutes. Jenna's arm was at the half way point and still receding. Her face was a horrible mask of agony. She looked up at the ceiling, trying desperately to find more strength.
Meanwhile, Dawn continued to add power upon power. Her arm was now completely demented, easily a foot and a half thick and super-ripped. The vein running across her bicep was so swollen that it had taken on a sickly purple color.
At five minutes, Jenna's hand was dangersouly close to being pinned. Only a few inches remained between her and the table.
"Hnnnnnnn!!!" The young teen strained, tears now running down her face. Her entire body was shaking. Stitches were popping and tearing all over her shirt, which now looked like it had been spray-painted on.
Spit dangled from Jenna's beet-red face as she gagged and spurted. She had never been in so much pain in her life. It felt like Dawn was going to rip her arm right off. Yet something inside her was growing. It was attracted to the pain, the dehumanization. On some sick level, she liked it.
Dawn poured on every ounce of strength she had. She was an inch away from winning. How this ultra-muscular teenager was keeping her arm up was beyond her.
Suddenly, Jenna let out an earth shattering scream. The back of her shirt split open from neck to waist revealing an inhuman amount sweaty girl beef. It was like someone had just injected her with adreneline.
Dawn felt an impossible surge of strength blast through Jenna's arm. Looking at her bicep, she was shocked to see it explode with powerful new mass.
Stitches along Jenna's sleeve began to tear open. Huge, throbbing veins were fighting to break out and join the orgy of vascularity covering Jenna's bicep.
"GGggggg!!!" Jenna moaned, her arm swelling even bigger. She was litterally hulking out. Her adreneline was in overdrive, pumping her already ludicrous body to repulsive new dimensions.
"No one's that muscular!" Dawn thought as she watched Jenna's arm begin to split her sleeve. That t-shirt was her cover-up shirt. It was what she used when she wanted to hide her figure. It was a tent, a parachute. The arms were as big as most people's waists.
With one loud tear, Jenna's godly bicep exploded though the sleeve. Her ultra-meaty triceps followed a second later. The material split all the way up her shoulder, revealing her watermelon-sized delts. She hadn't just ripped the shirt, she had obliterated it.
Inch by inch, the terrifying super-teen's arm began to move back up. Tears were pouring down her face. Strands of spit dangled from her chin.
Dawn could hardly take her eyes off Jenna's demented body. She was an absolute abomination, barely even a girl. Her shirt kept tearing. Her chest spit open, revealing pecs that were a perversion of human anatomy. Her traps tore through the material and totally enveloped her neck.
By the six minute mark, the two girl's arms were back to square one. Now it was Dawn who was on the defensive. Slowly, her arm crossed the threshhold and started towards the other side of the table.
The giant university student grit her teeth and pressed with all her might, but she just kept moving. Jenna's arm felt like a hydrolic press.
Closer and closer she came to the table. Dawn's arm felt like it was on fire. She wanted to scream, but every ounce of strength was being funneled into her bicep.
Deep inside Dawn's mind, she was fighting another battle. Her body was telling her enough. It wanted to shut down, to pass out. But Dawn had other ideas.
Are you going to let this little school girl beat you, she thought? If she wanted to be the biggest, it was going to be decided right here. Right now.
"Gggnnnnnnn!!!!!" Dawn growled, spit flying through her gritted teeth. With an animalistic fury, she screamed into the air and stopped her arm dead. Veins as thick as toilet paper tubes exploded from her neck as she pushed her body to a new level.
The entire table was now shaking as the two muscle girls hit a deadlock. Eight minutes after the match had begun they were right back where they started. It was the ultimate delemma - an immovable object versus an unstoppable force.
Then something happened. As Dawn pushed herself to the breaking point and beyond, her near super-human muscles began to react. She knew immediatley what was happening and a tiny smirk formed on her quivering lips.
Dawn's true power lay in her genetics. She had discovered that her body possessed the unique ability to grow muscle at a hyper-advanced rate. No matter how awesome the challenge, her body would react by building enough mass to overcome it. For Dawn, Jenna represented the most extreme challenge she had ever faced. She knew now that she would have to become bigger than she'd ever imagined to have a hope of defeating her.
Stitches popped and tore on Dawn's muscle shirt as new mounds of rippling she-beef stretched it to it's limit. Shoulders as big as pumpkins thickened with jaw-dropping mass. Dawn watched in painful delight as her mutant bicep flexed so dramatically, it looked like it was going to tear through her skin. Already she could feel her arm beginning to move again, only this time it was forward.
Once again, Jenna's arm began to recede. Opening her eyes, the shaking teen gasped at the sight of Dawn. It couldn't be. The ultra-huge female bodybuilder Jenna had met earlier was all but gone. What sat in front of her was something else, something completely inhuman. Every inch of her was a writhing, flexing nightmare. Any shape, any femininety had been completely devoured by her all-encompasing muscularity.
"Agggghhhhh!!!" Jenna cried as her arm wrenched back two inches. Dawn was attacking her with such force that the teen bodybuilder began to see stars.
It was only a matter of time now. Dawn's body had an edge that Jenna couldn't match. She was impressive, but no matter how strong the straining muscle teen was, no matter how obsessively dedicated, Dawn's body would ultimately win.
With one loud rip, Dawn's desperatley stretched muscle shirt finally tore free, revealing her beastly body. More tearing was heard as her tensed legs shredded her shorts. Even her panties began to split open under the strain of her hyper-ripped crotch.
"Raaaaagggg!!!" Dawn screamed, savagely wrenching Jenna's exhausted arm down for the kill.
Jenna howled into the sky and threw her head back. Sweat flew across the table and somehow, Jenna's arm stopped once more. Veiny muscles exploded off her body, swelling to previosuly unimaginable dimensions. She was getting so huge that her own skin was starting to groan loudly. She felt like she was going to rip through her own body.
Dawn's muscles repsonded by adding even more mass. Her strength doubled again and the attack continued.
"NO!!!!!!" Jenna howled as her arm flew towards the creaking table. Whipping her soaked hair around, she again stopped herself only inches from defeat.
Dawn watched the struggling teen as she fought for survival. Veins flared all over her chest, swelling so dramatically that they completely enveloped her nipples. She was striated to such a sickening, stomach turning degree that even Dawn couldn't believe it. Any space between her limbs was gone, filled in with deeply cut beef. She had no neck, no hips, no figure of any kind. She was a flexing nightmare of meaty mass exploding in every direction.
There was now so much thick, spasming muscle at the table that it was almost unthinkable. They were soaked, sweaty animals; perverted beasts of sinew and striations. For every explosion of growth that Dawn underwent, Jenna seemed to somehow match it inch for inch. Cut for cut. How long she could possibly keep this up for without the aid of Dawn's genetics was unclear. Dawn was now bigger than any man or woman on the planet. Her bodyweight was that of three heavyweight Mr. Olympias. Yet still Jenna held on, her repulsive body rewriting the definition of muscular.
There was only one way to end this. Tensing her entire body, Dawn began flexing every fibre, every muscle. Her body responded with so much growth that her swelling quads started to lift the table. Her lats flared to over 6 feet in width and actually pushed her arms back.
Still she flexed. She needed more. More mass. More thickness. More everything. If she was going to outmuscle Jenna, she would have to push the very limits of human anatomy. She had to become bigger than anything imaginable.
Dawn flexed with all of her might, pumping herself up to the point of madness. She could barely move she was so mind-bogglingly thick. She was beyond any sense of reason or purpose. She was a sick caricature.
Taking every ounce of power, Dawn funneled it into her horrific, medicine ball-sized bicep and attacked Jenna's entire being.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGG!!!" Jenna howled as her arm was assailed with god-like force. It might as well have been a bull dozer pushing her. But even with Dawn literally eclipsing her, she refused to give up. Her body flexed to it's zenith, it's utter maximum and she managed to push back Dawn's staggering advance one last time. The effect on her body was indescribable. She simply errupted in every sense of the word. No spec of flesh was spared from her head to her feet. She was a maniacle muscle monster - the most hideously tendon-shredded super-beast imaginable.
Just then, there was a loud crack. Neither girl noticed or even heard it but the table itself was coming apart. With an earth shattering explosion, the entire table shattered into a thousand peices. The two bulging muscle freaks fell to the ground in a sweaty heap of flesh and the match was ended.
For long seconds, the only sound that could be heard was that of ragged panting. Both girls were completely immobile, their bodies seized-up. Jenna was balling her eyes out. Her wet gasps filled the entire room. Dawn was in similar agony.
Minutes passed, their incredible bodies shivering and spasming uncontrollably. As Jenna sucked in lungfuls of burning air, her outstretched stomach was so distended with muscle that she almost looked pregnant. Her abs were a microwave-sized mass, tendon-shredded to an agonizing degree. She was harder than hardcore - lightyears beyond ripped. She had sacrificed her femininety, even her humanity to become an indescribable thing.
Dawn's body was just as twisted. The muscles in her thighs were so lean they'd taken on the texture of rope. Her rock-hard calves flared out over a foot and a half on either side of her shins. She had no shape to speak of. Everywhere a curve should have existed, there was just an aggressive mass of super-thick muscle-meat. Her traps were bulging past the height of her head. Her shoulders were thicker than beachballs. She was litterally being swollowed up by her own immense muscularity.
Between the two girls, there was over a ton of stomach turning she-beef. They were shredded to such an unprecidented degree, it seemed a medical impossibility. Every inch of their deformed bodies were covered in the tickest, most swollen vascularity imaginable. They were monsters - huge, hulking girl-beasts infinitely bigger and freakier than any man alive.
It was an eternity before Jenna could even collect enough oxygen to express her torture.
"H-h-hurts.............. so....... b-bad....." She cried, her face still a disturbing shade of red.
Sweat pooled around their bodies becoming a lake. Their sopping wet hair made it seem like they'd just had a shower.
"I-I..... can't....... b-believe how......r-r-ripped..... y-you are....." Dawn whispered, hardly able to form the words.
"Y-you...... t-too......" Jenna asnwered, slowly turning to her suffering opponent.
For long minutes, the two shaking bodybuilders gazed at each other. They could already feel each other's unquenchable muscle-lust starting to burn anew.
"Y-You want to w-work out...?" Dawn asked, almost embarrassed by her insatiable hunger for even more mass.
It took Jenna all of one second to answer her.
"Fuck yeah."

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