• #1 by puristFMG on 22 Aug 2019
  • My first time doing a poll here. Just trying to be original.
  • #2 by khuddle on 23 Aug 2019
  • Off the top of my head, Debbie Bramwell consistently seemed to have the best tan.
  • #3 by m100 on 24 Aug 2019
  • Some pics of tanned girls on stage would be nice.
  • #4 by BG2112 on 24 Aug 2019
  • I love a great tan on a FBB, but the one thing I don't like is on stage when they have a great tanned body but they don't have the spray tan put on their face....just looks odd to me lol
  • #5 by ultraben on 19 Sep 2020
  • I prefer natural shapes