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    I don’t need to win, I need to move. I don’t need to diet, I need to be healthy. Your body will respond to a hard workout, and keeping to a clean diet is fuel for a great body. It is hard to have one without the other. It is all about finding a healthy balance.

    I got started lifting after a college soccer injury kept me off of the field. With a recurring hamstring pull, I couldn’t sprint at 100%, but kept with the strength training program. I decided to look into serious weight training instead of "sport specific" training. My strength grew in leaps and bounds right off the bat and I saw awesome changes in my already athletic body. I joined a local gym and started reading muscle magazines and trying out different exercises.

    In 2001 my husband and I started talking about having a family, so I decided to do a show just in case I never got my body back! The thought of having babies actually pushed me to be a competitive bodybuilder. I went into the show with no expectations and enjoyed the journey.

    Early in 2004 we settled into starting our family. I was on bed rest and gained over 65 lbs with my pregnancy. After an emergency c-section and some difficulties after coming home, I never thought that I would get back in shape or find the time to do so. It really took a good year to realize that I needed to find myself again and become a healthier person. Becoming a mom was great, but as most moms know, it pulls your life in 100 different directions, and finding time and ways to get pieces of yourself back is difficult. I decided to get back into competitive bodybuilding as motivation to lose the baby weight. I have done a show every year to keep that motivation up, and at the same time I have modeled for my daughter a healthy lifestyle.

    Toni West Contest Prep Coaching: Taking your fitness to the next level!

    All of the hard work pays off! Taking your dedication to fitness from the gym to the stage is a big step! Most competitors rely on a third eye to help them out through contest prep. I am available for online contest prep coaching, nutrition advice, posing evaluation, suit and music choices, as well as moral support.

    My services will vary with each client depending on depth of consultation and continuing programs. Please contact me and I’ll set up a program that fits your individual needs.

    Services include:
    Pre-Contest diet plan and peak weak advice
    Workouts / body part specific consultation and recommendations
    Cardio program recommendations
    Posing evaluation and recommendations
    Weekly monitoring via email/phone/text (or other timeframe as set per individual)
    Participants will send weekly digital photo's via e-mail
    Participants local to Pittsburgh, PA: one on one consultations and posing classes may be available.
    *I will require all participants to submit starting point front & back photos: in two piece suit for women, men in bathing trunks/posing suits.

    I look forward to coaching you through contest prep! I have been training myself in competitive bodybuilding for 11 years and I am willing to share my knowledge and give you the tools for success It is ultimately up to YOU to put everything to use!

    Contact me for more details...