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    Saradas Muscle Goddess of January/February 2013

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    I grew up in a small town in Nebraska called Cozad. Tiny. Oddly, I was never into athletics. I was much more arts than athletic. I got into bodybuilding around 12 years old after being introduced to the local gym owner who happened to be a female competitor. If it wasn't for that meeting I most likely wouldn't be who I am today. From then on I loved the look of muscles on a body as apposed to the skinny "in" look. I never have been much of a follower anyhow and would rather do my own thing than be just one little piece of a team.

    Birth Date: July 21, 1977
    Age: 35
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Brown with Blonde highlights
    Height: 5 '7"
    Weight (Contest): 173
    Weight (Off Season): 185
    Biceps: 16.5
    Quads: 26
    Calves: 16.5
    When I graduated from high school I moved straight to Denver.. to get out of Nebraska mainly. I loved Denver after spending a lot of time here as a child and it made a great home for the next three years. I abruptly made a horrible choice in 98 to drop out of school and move to Texas. I lived in Houston, San Antonio, and then last, Dallas before getting back to what I call home. I moved back to Colorado in 01. Although I had a good start in Texas with bodybuilding it just wasn't the place for me. Denver has been more of a home to me than Nebraska ever was and I grew up there!

    Now in '06 I am very settled and looking forward to the future. There are lots of changes in store for me personally. I personal train and then do consulting with my boyfriend, Dylan. Love working with other competitors. Weekends keep me busy with Dylan's kids, Hanna and Zach. That has been one of the most rewarding challenges for me yet

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