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Author Topic: Bikini Goddess of October 2010: JAIME BAIRD  (Read 8983 times)

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Bikini Goddess of October 2010: JAIME BAIRD
« on: October 07, 2010, 11:21:46 pm »
Bikini Goddess of OCTOBER 2010

qualified for the Bikini Goddess of the year

Link for congratulate with her and invite her on the forum




About me:

 was born and raised in Palm Beach County, Florida. I spent most of my younger years at the Jill’s Dance Center in Jupiter, Florida. While I was very active in dance, I never participated in traditional sports growing up. My parents tried to put me in soccer when I was young, but they said I complained about getting sweaty. I guess you could say that I did not find my inner athlete until later in life.

Once I got to college and as I began my career, dance took a backseat and I stayed active in other ways. From running to Pilates, I was always happier when I was in motion. However, as my career progressed, I lost sight of that.

As a young woman trying to make it in business, I invested all of my energy into my career. As a result, my life was completely out of balance. I was working crazy hours and traveling weekly. Worn out, eating poorly, barely fitting in exercise two times a week and extremely grumpy, I had no time or energy for family, friends or myself. I needed to take control of my life, but I did not know where to start.

In June of 2007, my husband and I attended the Mid-Florida Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships. While there, I met Shannon Dey, an IFBB Pro and Founder of Bombshell Fitness, who suggested that I attend her camp to learn about training for Figure Competitions. At that moment, I decided that training for a competition was going to be the first step in taking my life back.

The training and dieting forced my to re-prioritize and re-organize my life. As a result, I become more efficient in my work, and I was no longer neglecting myself. Amazingly, by taking better care of myself, I was a better wife, friend, daughter and employee.

Now, I am absolutely in love with the hardcore regimen required for competing. The training and nutrition challenges me mentally, physically and emotionally. The regimen is not easy, but the results are absolutely worth the effort and sacrifices. This is not just something I do, it is a part of who I am.

God has blessed me with the ability, fortitude and support system to create a new lifestyle for myself. I am so grateful for what this change has done for me, and I hope to help empower other women to incorporate fitness and good health practices in their lives, so that they can feel confident, happy and in control.

A special thanks to my husband, parents, friends, Shannon Dey, Rob Rosetti and the Bombshell Girls for all their love and support!

To change one’s life: Start immediately, do it flamboyantly, no exceptions, no excuses. – William James


Born: March 10, 1977
Hometown: Jupiter, Florida
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
Ethnicity: ½ Hispanic, ½ White (My mom is Mexican)
Namesake: The Bionic Woman (Jaime Sommers)

Married To: Eddie Baird
Only Canine Children: El Jefe (chihuahua) & Elvis (pug)

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125 off-season, 117 on-season

Trainer/Nutritionist: Shannon Dey, Founder of Bombshell Fitness

Current: Marketing Research Consultant: In summary, I garner insights that drive brand strategy for major national and international brands.

Past: I have been working in marketing and public relations since before I graduated from the University of Florida in 1998. In that time, I have worked for Nike, Got Milk? Campaign, Universal Orlando, House of Blues and PUSH, Inc.

University of Florida, BSBA in Marketing (December 1998)
University of Central Florida, Masters of Arts & Sciences in Communications, (May 2005)

Educational Accomplishments:
Graduate Student of the Year, Nicholson School of Communications (2005) Graduate Thesis of the Year, Nicholson School of Communications (2005) Merit Graduate Scholarship (2004-2005)
Provost Scholarship (2003-2004)

Some of My Favorite Things:
Time with husband, family, friends and doggies
Florida Gator Football
Peanut Butter (in the off-season…my husband calls me the “peanut butter bandit”)
Egg whites, oatmeal, Tight Curves protein
Clutch (music for those hard core training sessions)
Lateral raises
Fizeek Brazil fitness wear
Bombshell Fitness Camps
The Holidays
Seeing good people succeed


- 1st Place, Bikini E Class, 2009 NPC USAs (Las Vegas, NV) -- Earned IFBB Pro Card
- 1st Place, Bikini E Class, 2009 NPC Jr. Nationals (Chicago, IL)
- 2nd Place, Bikini D Class, 2009 NPC Jr. USA (Charleston, SC)
- Overall Bikini Champion, 2009 NPC Pittsburgh Championships (Pittsburgh, PA)
- 13th Place, Figure D Class, 2008 NPC Nationals (Atlanta, GA)
- 1st Place, Figure C Class, 2008 NPC Coastal USA, Level V (Atlanta, GA)
- Overall Masters & Novice Figure Champion, 2008 NPC Southern States Championships, Level V (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
- 3rd Place, Figure B Class, 2008 NPC Florida State Championships, Level V (Orlando, FL)



- J.M. Manion (May 2009, June 2009)
- Isaac Hinds (May 2009)
- Terry Goodlad (February 2009)
- Reg Bradford (August 2008)
- Bombshell Photography (July 2008, October 2008, March 2009)


Public Relations/Spokesperson

- Fizeek Brazil Booth Representative, 2009 Europa Show of Champions, Orlando, FL (April 17th - 18th, 2009)
- Team Bombshell/Southern Muscle Plus/Tight Curves Booth Representative, 2008 Hurricane Bay Championships, Tampa FL (September 20, 2008)
- Marketing & Public Relations Manager, House of Blues (1999-2003)
- Event Manager, Got Milk? Tour (1999)
- Brand Representative, Nike, Inc. (1998-1999)


Brand/Marketing Strategy

- Consultant/Analyst, AdSAM Marketing LLC (2007 - current)
- Director of Research & Planning, PUSH, Inc. (2005 - 2007)
- Senior Brand Representative, Universal Orlando (2004 - 2005)
- Marketing & Public Relations Manager, House of Blues (1999 - 2003)
- Brand Representative, Nike, Inc. (1998-1999)

I Saradas

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