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Author Topic: ANDROGEL CHANGED MY LIFE  (Read 13467 times)

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« Reply #30 on: May 04, 2021, 03:26:08 am »
I don't post often, but I've for sure been keeping up with this story.  One of my favorites lately.  The audience is still there. :bravo:

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« Reply #31 on: May 04, 2021, 04:34:36 am »
Definitely still here! It's a great story keep it up!

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« Reply #32 on: May 04, 2021, 12:07:00 pm »
I'm still reading!  That last segment was an interesting turn in the story pace and I'm looking forward to the story returning to the wife and seeing what she's up to when the husband is away! :)

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« Reply #33 on: May 04, 2021, 04:16:56 pm »
Thanks guys, good to know it's not disappearing into the's their reunion.  Not sure when I'll be able to get to the next one but make sure to let me know whether you're still with me. Writing is definitely a lot more time consuming that reposting pics from insta, so it helps to know how much interest there is, and gives some incentive to continue.
Johnny LoveMuscle

The day I flew home, I weighed in at 227 pounds, which is a little lower than I wanted, but let me tell you, I looked dry. I couldn’t wait for Dana to see me, and I  was dying to know how she looked.  Even though I was getting big for the purpose of beating her, my fantasy was still that she’d be just slightly bigger and stronger; just like old times. You know 235, 240… If she got herself looking anywhere near as good as she did the last time we wrestled…my cock got hard just thinking about it. I slept as much as I could on the flight but it was a challenge.
   When I landed, my wife texted me that she was sending a car. She said she really wanted to pick me up at the airport, but that dinner was a little more involved than she thought.   
   Can’t wait t- get my hands on you ;), she texted.
   I had a hard-on all the way to the front door. She practically sprinted over when I walked in.  She gave me a quick kiss. I went for more but she pulled away.
   “I thought you couldn’t wait.”
   “I can’t, but we have some reaacquainting to do.” She looked me up and down. “You look great!” she said. “Come on, I want to see your improvements,”  and led me upstairs to the bathroom.
   She looked healthy again. She was still wearing those same sweats, although, had they shrunk?  They looked a little short in the arms and legs. Her neck looked burlier too. But her cheekbones had reappeared and if anything looked more defined, chiseled even, and there was color in her face. 
   I threw off my clothes and stood in front of the mirror. I looked fucking great, better than I have in my entire life by a long shot. My cock was already full mast in anticipation. “Oh my god, honey.” She  squeezed my cock and then ran her hand along my pecs and abs.  “Wow. You’re shredded.  Make a muscle.”
   “Babe.” She took out a tape measure from the drawer. “18 inches. Not bad! Get on the scale.”
   “226 pounds!  That’s twenty pounds more than I used to weigh.”
   “Used to?”
   She winked. “Well, I’ve made some gains too of course, but let me finish admiring you first.  Oh my god, those lats…” She ran her hands up and down them hungrily. Congratulations babe, you look amazing.”
   I turned to face her. “You’re bigger than me aren’t you?” My cock jumped in anticipation.
   She just smiled. “Are you ready to see it?”
   “I’ve been dreaming about you non-stop.”
   “Well here comes reality.” She took off her pants first and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Her legs were absolutely massive, the quads seeming to burst from her hips, so beefy and thick that she didn’t have knees any more, easily as big as that Natalya chick. Then she turned around and wiggled her ass at me, as big and striated as the twin pumpkins that won the contest at the county fair. Her hams bulged way the fuck out too, deep and thick. 
   “Ready for the whole picture?” She tossed off her sweatshirt, and just stood there with arms out over her lats,  giving me a minute to take her in. It wasn’t just that she was bigger than me; she was way bigger.  More than five pounds, more than ten pounds, she was massive, impossibly huge, dwarfing any of those bodybuilders I jacked off to in quarantine. Her upper pecs were mountains, almost obscuring the view of her traps,  her shoulders were bigger than the boulders in our yard, her lats bulged out like…fuck, like no one else’s. Maybe the men had lats like that.
   My stomach dropped.   
   She had a big smile on her face. “Surprised? Don’t you want to touch them?”
   I could barely get the words out. “How much do you weigh?”
   She grabbed my hand and took me to the scale. “See for yourself,” she said. Her voice was deeper than mine now too.
   “285!” I gasped.
   “Shredded. 285 shredded.”
    I looked up at her. Way up. “Did you grow?”
   “You know, I was doing a lot of HGH. I asked my doc about it and sometimes it does that.  I’m actually six feet tall now.  Maybe 6’1”. And my feet grew!” She put hers next to mine. “Size eleven men’s.  Oh my god, yours look so tiny now, what are they, nine?”
   “Nine and a half.”
   “Wow,” she said. “Hands too.”  She grabbed my hand and measured; hers were more than a knuckle bigger. “Awww, my delicate little husband.” She gave me a back-breaking hug.
   “Your breasts are gone too.”
   “Aw honey, is that disappointing? You  always seemed pay more attention to my pecs than my breasts after I got bigger than you. I was thinking I’d get some bolt-ons but I wanted to talk to you about it first. And honey, just grab the tape measure.” She held her arms out to the side.
   “60 inches?”
   “Can you believe that? And that’s unflexed without breasts on top. I am a fucking massive stud, right?”
   “How did this even happen? You stopped working out for months.”
   She put her finger to her lips.  “Honey, I never stopped working out.  I just started going to a bodybuilding gym.”
   “I thought they were all closed.”
   “I found one that had an outdoor area.”
   “But you got so fat.”
   “Never happened.  I just stopped running so I could gain weight faster. Haven’t you seen what powerlifters look like? I gained a lot of weight because I was eating four huge meals a day. And I started doing stacks which made my appetite insane. Sometimes I was getting up in the middle of the night to eat again. Honey, you don’t seem happy.”
   “But…you weren’t even using my Androgel. 
   “Cycles and stacks, babe. I got serious.” She grabbed my cock, which had shrunken considerably. “This action doesn’t turn you on at all?”
   “I love you babe,  and your physique is incredible, but this is going to take a little adjusting to.”  To tell you the truth, I was feeling a little nauseated by her body.  Imagine the face of a beautiful woman on top of the body of a heavyweight male bodybuilder.  A big one even. That’s what I was seeing.  They didn’t seem to fit together. It was all a little too much for me.
   “You really didn’t think I was going to be bigger than you?”
   “Honestly, at 230 pounds, I thought I had a pretty good chance of going toe to toe. I wouldn’t have minded you being a little stronger like before. You know, ten, fifteen pounds bigger, actually I fantasized about it a little, but…” I looked at the buff giant standing before me. “You’re in another league. You’re bigger than most male bodybuilders. I didn’t even think it was physiologically possible for you to get this huge.”
   “Aw honey. Would posing get you going? You used to love it when I flexed for you.”
   “You’re huge enough as it is.”
   “How about we arm wrestle? You know, a little rematch. It might get you used to the idea of how powerful I am.”
   Armwrestle with that? 285?? Shredded?? I was afraid she rip my shoulder off.
   “I have an idea.”  She reached into a drawer and pulled out some massage oil.  “How about you oil me up, get to know me a little. Want to move this into the bedroom?”
   “The light’s better here.” I wanted to see what I was feeling because otherwise I might have thought I was dreaming.
   “I’ll try.”  I started from her waist —veiny abs, pecs that must have pushed out more than a foot from her neck, shoulders like basketballs, even her neck looked huge and muscular, and I put oil on that too. She had an adam’s apple now, and why not? She was a lot more man than I was. I was starting to feel a little movement down there, believe it or not. I started to rub down her arms, which I couldn’t even get my hands around cold. How fucking big were they?
   She looked down at my cock. “That’s better. I think you’re ready for a little posing now, what do you say?”
   “We can try.”
   She looked at me. “Would you like me to talk shit to you? Would that help?”
   “I don’t think my ego is ready for that yet.”
   “Awww honey. What you’ve got between your legs is more than enough man for me. I sampled a number of cocks at the gym while you were away and yours was better than all of them hands down. I missed you so much.”
   “You didn’t tell me you were going to do that.”
   “Honey, I gave you the green light, didn’t I? I thought you understood that I’d be doing the same thing. You know my sex drive is off the charts.”
   “You hadn’t fucked me in months before I left.” I couldn’t help sounding hurt.
   “I’m sorry, babe. I had to do that for my surprise. I took care of you didn’t I? If you’d felt my body every day, you’d have known what was going on.”
   “Okay, well let’s just say, that this is not sexy talk for me right now, okay?”
   “You're right. How about some comparisons? You did say you dreamed about me being bigger and stronger right? Maybe that’ll work.”
   “We kind of already tried that, didn’t we?”
   “All right, well you know what, I want to do it for me then. So stop your whining and grab the fucking tape measure.”
   That caused a little bit of blood flow to my cock. Maybe this was gonna work.  She made a muscle right in my face and it was so huge I nearly peed on the floor: a beautifully defined, big round, engorged ball of muscle jumping above her arm, so close I was seeing it in three dimensions, so close I could smell her odor, and triceps that were even bigger. “What do you think of that huh?”
   “Holy fuck! Twenty two inches?”
   “They’re actually a little bigger than that if I pump them, but you get the idea. Measure my forearm.”
   “17 inches.”
   “Almost as big as your biceps, you little pussy-ass bitch. And I’m so fucking strong. If these biceps were small enough for you to grab onto you could do pull-ups on my arms. I am a beast!” She looked down at my cock, which was suddenly rock hard. “Looks like we’re getting somewhere, huh? You like it when I talk trash, huh, you little freak?”
   I swung my dick between her legs and ran my hands up her huge back. She pushed me away. “No fucking way, you’re getting the whole show now. I thought I was going to have to break you in a little. Guess I underestimated you.  Once a sub, always sub, huh you little weakling? You know, I was worried you were going to find some little fitness chick and divorce me, but I bet you spent all your time looking for  huge muscle bitches as big as me Down Under didn’t you?”
   She nailed it.  And all this talk was getting me super horny. “Can we just get on with it? I want you so bad, babe.”
   “Well I’m kinda jealous now. Did they have any of this?” She thrust her left leg forward and flexed it. Her leg fucking exploded with muscle and veins. She had calves bigger than my arms.
   “What about this you little whore?” Keeping her toe pointed, She expanded her ridiculously thick lats, extended her arms, and then slowly bent them.  “Or…”  She flexed them hard. “These?”
   She pumped them up and down and they fucking got even bigger.  I was going nuts. I reached up and fondled them.
   “Get the fuck off me, did I say you could do that, you little muscle boytoy bitch? Get the fucking measuring tape again.”
   I reached up and wrapped the team around her arm. “23.5 inches!” I started feeling them but she pulled them away.
 “I’m not done, you little twat.”  She turned around. “Did they have backs like this?”
   She turned around and flared her lats, and I almost peed again. She was ridiculously huge, it made me feel half her size, and the definition was insane.  Her traps bulged all the way down to the middle of her back, and with her hands on her waist, her arms looked huge and cut and veiny.  “And I know they didn’t have this.”
   She transitioned erotically into her back double biceps…it was so awesome, the shoulders and biceps looked so ridiculously freaky, that  I began to shake.
   She turned around and grabbed my cock.  “Looks like it grew an inch you got so excited. So are you ready to be my bitch now, little husband?”
   “I’ll do what ever the fuck you ask me to.”
   “Lick the soles of my feet, husband.”
   I do what I’m told.
   “Do you love this big, manly body?” she said when I was done. “You’re like a little boy compared to me.”  She flexed her pecs and felt them. “Actually, most real muscle men are pussies compared to me.  Little bloated weaklings.”
   “It’s driving me crazy, babe. If we don’t get it on soon I’m going to explode. How strong are you?” 
   She smiled. “What, you want to know my stats now? Hear exactly how much more powerful I am than you, you little weakling? How about I just show you? We’ll kill two birds with one stone. ”
   She picked me up by the waist and started shoulder pressing me. For reps. But she added a little lick and suck on the way up and on the way down. After she did ten reps, she brought me down to shoulder level and started plunging my cock in and out of her mouth, extending her arms all the way just to show off, her shoulders expanding to godly proportions and exploding with huge veins while she  pumped me.  I didn’t last long. But instead of putting me right down, she took her time licking up and swallowing every last drop of my cum.  My 230 pounds was nothing for her; she wasn’t even out of breath.
   “Bet none of them did that  to you, did they?” she said, setting me down.
   “They didn’t even try.” I hugged her, pulled her huge, hard body into me, so that I could feel every muscle.   “You’re just fucking incredible babe. Your posing was incredible too. Like professional.”
   “Oh yeah? And how would you know that?”
   “You really want to know? I jerked off to a lot of female bodybuilders in quarantine. Closest thing I could get to you. “
   “I just love that you did that. It tells me just how much you missed me.”
   “Are you thinking about competing or something?”
   She laughed.  “Are you kidding?” You’re so sweet. Nah,  that’s just for fun. With my package? You should see how ridiculous I look in a bikini. And the thing is, I tend to get a little excited when I pose. ”
   “Well I mean, you’re definitely like way bigger than any female bodybuilder I ever saw, but isn’t that what it’s all about?”
   “My package, honey.” She grabbed her junk like a dude before removing her hand. “My package.”
   I followed her eyes to the thing that was sticking out between her pussy lips.
   “What the fuck?”
    I guess I was so blown away by the size of her legs that I missed it, which was unlike me, being the swollen clit lover I am.  Not that it looked like anywhere near the size of even the smallest cock or anything but you just don’t tend to see a lot of women with hard-ons. It was red and swollen and it even had a small head.
   “I am a little aroused right now. But it grows. It’s super sensitive.”
   “Wow, babe. You don’t know how much that turns me on. You are the biggest, horniest chick in the fucking world.”
   “It gets bigger if you lick it. But be gentle.”
    I was still staring at it.
   “Hello? Anybody home? Get on your fucking knees.”
   My mouth was watering. I got down in front of her, and with extreme caution, I put my tongue on it. She shivered in pleasure.  Then slowly and very gently, I took it  in my mouth, and it sure enough started to grow, bigger and harder. She was going nuts. Then I started to suck it, and that’s when it really started to grow, until it took up about half the length of my tongue.  She made a kind of a half scream and all of a sudden her big hand clamped down on the back of my head. I worried that I was hurting her or something, which I instinctively knew was not good for my long term health. I backed off.
   “No, you idiot, don’t stop. Harder.”
   I kept sucking and suddenly she was pulling my head into her cunt so so hard that she jammed that big thing down my throat.  I was gagging a little and had to tap her hand for air, but  then I went back at it.  She screamed when she came, and squirted her juices in my mouth and all over my face after she let go of me. 
   “Oh my god, that felt good,” she said. “Still a magician down there.” She lifted me off the ground by the shoulders and carried me into the bedroom.   
   “Get on top of me and fuck the shit of me,” she said. “Now.”

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« Reply #34 on: May 05, 2021, 01:10:28 am »
Wow that was crazy hot  :bravo:

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« Reply #35 on: May 05, 2021, 10:29:10 am »
Great story! 
The story is the journey, and when the journey is over, we will all wish it was longer.

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« Reply #36 on: May 05, 2021, 11:38:16 pm »
Fantastic story man! Please keep it going!

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« Reply #37 on: May 06, 2021, 03:44:24 pm »
Can wait to see where you take this. Bravo!!!

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« Reply #38 on: May 11, 2021, 05:00:16 am »
Hope for more and bigger changes with Androgel.

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