• #1 by samusaran on 19 Nov 2010
  • anybody a member or was a member of her site? was is it like? any good?
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  • #2 by drjones on 18 Feb 2011
  • I'd like to write something about this site, as I found it awesome.

    I had several subscriptions on the past. One problem I found is that most of them has lots of not-so-muscular girls on the middle.

    Alina is heavyweight, so I won't dissappoint you in any picture or video. Weather she is off-season or contest shape, she is always big and muscular, and sooo ripped in so many videos!

    Most videos are high quality (maybe HD, I don't know much about formats), except for the old ones, but even those look really good. There are lots of posing videos, so sexy, many workout videos. I wish there was more session or worship contents though.

    About updates, I don't know if it updates frequently, I only subscribed for a month and download a huge amount of content! I think she puts two or three videos or galleries by month, considering the content of previous years. There are about 30 vids per year I think, and same amount of photo galleries. There are contents made for other well known sites, so that can be a guarantee.

    I think it's a must for really big girls fans!

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  • I'm very pleased with my membership.  Alina's site is updated regularly, usually once per week but sometimes more frequently.

    Wide array of content including pictures and video clips.  Lots of original content, but also includes some clips from shoots that she has done for other sites like Awefilms, MuscleAngels, MuscleXposed, HerBiceps and Athena2.  Vids offer a little bit of everything including posing, training and wrestling. Pretty conscientious about doing new shoots when she's getting close to contest shape.  When she's off-season the updates tend to be older material.  However, it tends to ramp up on release of new material as she gets close to a contest.

    Some historical content from her earlier days in bodybuilding. She even has some wrestling vids and a full wrestling video (in several parts) that she did for Athena2 and Steve's Wrestling Adventure.  You could do a LOT worse than her site.
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  • Does it have lots of videos?  Are the videos good quality and well shot? 
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  • Definitely worth spending twenty bucks on.
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  • Theres usually good content there, hd videos, image sets of decent quality.

    But there hasn't been anything new there for months because she got injured recently. And I don't expect this to change for another couple of months still
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  • Anyone with recent access? Is she still not updating her site regularly?
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  • Anyone with recent access? Is she still not updating her site regularly?

    i think she had to 2 crazy injuries (torn achilies & bicep) and hasnt updated since
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  • Anyone with recent access? Is she still not updating her site regularly?

    i think she had to 2 crazy injuries (torn achilies & bicep) and hasnt updated since

    Wow, guess that's why she is not even popping up on other pay sites. Hope she has a safe recovery.
  • #10 by envallfan on 12 Aug 2015
  • I have subscribed to Alina's website many times over the years. I agree that if you like your girls big, womanly and muscular you will not be disappointed.
    I'm not sure of my FACTS here - but I get the impression that when she moved to the USA - her updates became less frequent and more gym based. You can see the update record, and the update dates without joining the site.

    The site has grown over the years, and if it is as it was last time I had membership - it is a gold mine of videos dating back to 2004 when she was 26.

    It is interesting to see Alina's progression, briefly, around 2006 at 28 she looked powerful and heavy - and was an accomplished wrestler. I have all her ATHENA videos. If you like muscle comparisons, and to see a girl overpowering males, then those are worth getting. You will see how easily she disables her men - and she never stops smiling.

    Back to her website, a wealth pictures and videos - the quality consistent with the production date. In 2009 at 31 her face is slimmer and her body more toned. By 2011 she is super ripped - the gym shots of back training wearing white tights and baseball cap are absolutely "out of this world". On to 2014 at 36 she is much slimmer (looking) having trained for Olympia - which in my humble opinion spoils so many girls! But hey - she is more gorgeous than ever, and strong, that must go without saying.

    Sorry folks, I think I've fallen in love again .............. If only I was still a young bachelor ............ stop it!!
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  • I have rejoined Alina's site. The updates stopped in 2013 when she was training up for the Olympia.
    The site subs for 1 month - non recurring are about £20 = $30
    The content has changed slightly over the years - so you always need to check out the early years in case you miss something.
    There are over 400 videos shot from 2003 to 2013 AND over 180 Galleries  from 2000 to 2013.
    Included is the Athena video where she wrestles Tony. Tony looks fit and lithe but he is a lot lighter than Alina. She never gets flustered or stops smiling as she ties him up in knots and holds him there. The size of her thighs when she applies her grapevine holds are unbelievable. He protests she is breaking his legs, and she replies in her sexy Romanian accent, "Yes, I'll break your legs!" and you just know she can - WOW!!! (The ATHENA sequel to that video - not included here -  is when Jack comes to Tony's rescue and she soon finishes him off too! She puts him to sleep - and looks genuinely worried about him - then goes out to change into a bikini which highlights the size of her upper body. He is overpowered with her holds )
    Also part of Jack's video "Private Posing" is included - in the full version she has his kneck between her thighs, and she pulls him up the bed with her heels badly hurting his kneck so he shouts with pain.
    Alina's site videos also feature "Trying on Outfits" & "Wrestling Tuition" with Oana H, and "Posing Training" with Treasure - fabulous stuff. You won't be disappointed - what a girl.
    Come back Alina - soon!
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  • Dunno why but she's always triggered my gaydar for some reason. Maybe it was that bull-dyke haircut she had when she first appeared on the scene or that shoulder tatt. I dunno why but even after her fem makeover (which was a BIG improvement on her previous look) - I'm still not feelin it. And the whole wrestling thing doesn't do anything for me. Personal preference I guess.
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  • she had a video ,where some big male body builder said he could lift more than her. he said he would do 5 more reps and 10 pounds more in the lat pull down, she was helping him on the last of his set, then she grab the weight all of it and pull it down for another set. I saw it on you tube last year.
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  • Lots of good historical content, not much recently as I believe she's been injured
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  • It's really worth to spend first month if you fans of her
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