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Author Topic: Halloween changes  (Read 9421 times)

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Re: Halloween changes
« Reply #15 on: July 22, 2021, 03:57:08 am »
Amazing stuff

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Re: Halloween changes
« Reply #16 on: July 22, 2021, 04:42:43 am »
Great story. Will be a huge surprise for Greg. I hope for more.

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Re: Halloween changes
« Reply #17 on: July 23, 2021, 03:48:09 pm »
Amazing story!! Keep it up!!

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Re: Halloween changes
« Reply #18 on: July 24, 2021, 09:12:54 pm »
“So, what is your style?” Sam asked trying to bring herself back to reality.

Shopping was never really her thing, Joan never really put too much effort into her wardrobe. She was the kind of nerd; she was never able to guarantee her clothes would match on any given day.  Greg thought it was quirky and adorable.  But something changed and that was not her any more.

“I am up for something new, maybe something sexy, I want something that gives the extra “pop”.  Joan indicated, as she had a devilish smile on her face.

The store was completely packed with outfits ranging from dresses to practically non-existent bikinis. she was completely overwhelmed. Fortunately for her, Sam was on a mission and she moved through the racks, looking at every item. She would pull an interesting dress or skirt or top out and hold it up to Joan, sizing it up. Sometimes she would ask for her opinion, which was usually disbelief, but most times not.
As they walked toward the dressing rooms, Sam told her assistant, she wasn't sure how long they'd be. The assistant gave us both a huge smile and said "Take however long you need; I will head up to the cash register."

“Of course.” Sam replied with a sly wink as the girl walked away.

“The dressing rooms are over here, and there is a full-length mirror along the wall.”  Joan noted the mirror was in among the leather goods and thought with amusement that it was a good twenty feet from the dressing rooms.

As they walked back the dressing rooms were on either side of a corridor, with the last one on a slight bend, and Joan noticed when they got there the assistant was out of view.  Sam placed the outfits on a bench outside of the dressing rooms and told Joan “We are going to give these a try and don’t judge yourself as you are putting them on” then pulled the curtain shut.

Joan picked up a dress and went in to the small room, and pulled the curtain shut. Joan was now rather tall and the bottom of the curtain was the middle of her thighs, and it had a see-through part up top that stopped right below her chin. It afforded such a good look into the room (really a booth), which she innocently thought it helped to guard against theft. But then she thought it could increase the excitement level, as a chill ran down her back.

Sam took a step toward the little room as Joan entered, calling, "Just yell if you need help or anything."

Joan looked at the one outfit she had picked up, a calf-length black dress that had deeply scooped back and a low v-cut in front that would go almost to her navel and showed off both her abs and the sides of her tits.  She yelled out to Sam, “I can’t wear something like this, it to revealing.”

“Oh, come on, it is just us girls here.  Put it on it will look great on you, trust me.”

Joan thought, “Well, I can try it on, I don’t have to buy it.”

She took off Greg’s pants and forgotten she had no panties on.  When she dressed earlier nothing fit, so she went “commando” as Greg would say.  She spoke out to Sam again, indicating she had no panties to wear. 

“Hold on let me find something.”

Moments later Sam she handed through the curtains a black thong.  Joan thought “what am I supposed to do with this I’ve never worn anything like this before.”  She looked at it and said “I've seen more fabric in a handkerchief.”

“When in Rome,” thought Joan.
“How about a bra?”

Sam laughed, “I really don’t think you need one with those tits.”
“Ok, but there is no way I am going to wear this outside this shop”

Sam smiled and said “we’ll see” to herself.

Joan looked at herself in the mirror and said “what the hell why not let me try this.”
Joan stepped into the thong and wiggled it up her legs, she drew it over her hips where it sat securely, as the back slipped into the crack of her ass.  She could see the bulge of her clit through the small patch of fabric barely covering her front.  She lightly stroked the hard bulge and she felt like electricity was sending waves of pleasure to the extremities.  Quickly she stopped, she has never felt like this before and she has no idea what’s going on with her body, but can’t believe how turned on she is.
Sam looked through the slit in curtain as Joan removed her pants seeing them fall to the floor.  Funny she thought they were a set of men’s pants. she then heard moans coming out of the dressing room.  Yelling in, “Joan, how are you doing in there?”
Joan turned facing front and there was brief flash through the curtains as Joan stooped over, that Sam thought was meant as a preview. 

As Joan pulled on the dress; the material encased her body.  She was wondering how it would hold her massive bust. She bent over and shook her tits into place, then stood and lifted them so the fabric could adjust.  After arranging everything, she pulled open the drape and stepped out.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“Holy shit!” is what Sam thought.

Joan continued to walk out and turned slowly around so that Sam could see how she looked. The dress actually was a little shorter than she liked. But the feature of the front scoop was truly erotic. She looked like raw sex. They both marveled at the roundness of Joan breasts from the front, and could see a virtually continuous expanse of skin from shoulder to ass in the back, and it probably would not have taken much of a change in angle to see the bottom of her ass.

She walked over to the mirror and slowly turned around, appraising the look. Sam saw her smile to herself while looking in the mirror. Her breasts were perfect, almost perfectly round and if she had to guess, and they did not sag a bit.  Her arms even relaxed had more muscle definition then a normal man.  She turned both ways looking in the mirror with a look of disbelief.  Then, Sam saw what she could only describe as that devilish smile creep onto Joan face while looking in the mirror.
Joan squeezed one of her breasts and let out a gasp. It felt so good to her. She reached into her dress, rolled her nipple between her fingers and tugged and felt it all the way down to in-between her legs. Something clicked in her mind as she ran her finger through her cleavage and grabbed the pendent, she felt a strange sensation running up and down her arms, like something had woken and it was travelling through her. She snatched her hand away but the feeling continued. It felt like there was something otherworldly inside her body and it was starting to influence her.

“I have to stop. This isn't me.” Joan thought.

Sam watched in amazement at the sudden transformation in Joan’s mannerisms.  She had that a wicked smile on her face, and she her stride had become more half strut, half stalk and sexy as hell.
"Let’s see what outfit number 2 looks like." As she grabbed the next one and returned to the booth, but this time, she was little careless with the curtain.  She didn’t close all the way, leaving about two inches of gap, through which Sam could peer through.

She removed that outfit, and Sam could see a lot of her ass as she bent over to pick up the next one.

She put it on and walked out, and it caught Sam breath.  She knew it was going to look good when she picked it but…

This dress was entirely made of mesh, loosely woven in some places, more tightly in others. The effect was that she was wearing a mesh body stocking. Sam could sort of see her nipples sticking out through the mesh and thong still covered her bush behind the closer woven places; other than that, it was like she was naked. When she turned to walk to the mirror, Sam could see that her ass was entirely visible. The loose mesh skirt half waved from side to side with the sway of her hips as she walked, which added to qualities of the dress. When Joan first saw herself in the mirror, even she gasped at the sight. She glanced around, looking at first nervous, and then Sam saw that impish look creep back into her eyes.

“You know I never really like shopping for clothes before, but I must admit this is enjoyable.  Time for the next outfit.”

Sam handed her the next outfit, a little red one and just smiled.
The curtain parted and the Joan stepped out wearing a very short snug red dress clinging to her like a second skin.  The tight red dress that was completely strapless exposing her massive upper chest, shoulders, arms, and back.  The material of the dress was very thin and did nothing to hide her sculpted body underneath. Sam could see her abs clearly and her nipples looked big as they were poking out from her massive tits. The dress clung to her waist and ass then stopped mid-thigh showing off her massive developed legs.
Joan looked around and seeing no one but Sam in the dressing room area, let her hands roam over her body, cupping first both tits, giving each a little squeeze and hardly making a dent, before sliding down her stomach to her thighs. She turned to face Sam, slipped the bottom of the dress upward, not stopping until the thong was fully on display.

The few seconds she held the skin tight dress up seemed like an hour in some ways as Joan turned her gaze upward to meet Sam’s eyes.  Joan’s eye’s flashed black then back to normal, her tongue slipped out of her mouth to lick her lips.

Sam’s mind burned an image of the tiny black thong against Joan’s creamy white thighs, the tiny golden strings arching up and disappearing under the red spandex as they headed toward her hips. The tiny triangle of material was only a couple inches wide on the top, nearly half way down over her rounded mound.
Joan’s hands went to the top of her dress then peeled the spandex down her chest, exposing her bare breasts as the red material rolled down her front. She let go of the top when the dress had cleared her breasts, both full and round with dark brown areola and hard protruding nipples. Sam stared at her bare tits, as her hands moved to her hips and slowly worked the material down over them, her hips swaying slightly from side to side as she inched the red material downward. Sam saw the creamy whiteness of her firm stomach and then her hips, the tiny pink strings of the thong coming into view as the red material continued to move downward.

"Damn!" she muttered as Joan pushed the material down to where it finally slid down her legs to pool around her bare feet.

Sam handed her the last outfit and winked at Joan. “I’ve always wanted to wear something like this, so let see how it looks on you.”

Joan went back to her booth, holding the leather items that Sam had given her; then she turned around again and came back out.  “I think I might need some tall boots to go with the outfit.”
Sam thought where is she going with this, but off she went quickly coming back with close to the style she thought Joan would like.

Joan then went back to her booth, but this time she pulled the drape all the way shut. Under the curtain, Sam could see her pull off the thong, then step into the leather contraption. She could see the top of her head as she fumbled with getting it adjusted right, then she wrestled with the leather top get her tits to settle in.  Finally, she put on the boots. She kept one leg on the floor as she placed the boot on the seat, then pushed her foot in and zipped up the side. After repeating the process for the other boot, she spent a little more time adjusting things, and then announced her intentions of coming back out.

Sam waited in anticipation Joan pulled the curtain back slowly, peeking around the side and teasing her by hiding behind the cloth for as long as possible.

“This is exactly what I wanted; I cannot believe how fun this is.” Breathlessly saying these words, she then boldly stepped out to the middle of the room.

She stood there proudly and confidently. The leather top, little more than a collection of black leather straps, did not conceal her breasts. In fact, they merely encircled the breasts, her breasts and nipples stood out straight from her body. Her fully extended nipples stood out like pencil erasers from the aureoles, begging to be sucked, contrasting with the smooth white skin around them.

Her “panties” were of the same design. Leather strips circled around her waist and the tops of her thighs, leaving her buns in open view as the thong did, except this did not have a strap running up her butt crack. In front, her trimmed pussy was fully visible. Her clit was swollen letting the world know she was in heat, and there was nothing to hinder the sight of this wonderland.

Her body sheened again as her pheromone system kicked into high gear. Sam could smell her from five feet away and it was so intoxicating.

The boots may have been a bit much. With the three-inch platform and nine-inch heels, she towered over Sam like giantess. The boots covered most of her calves, leaving her knees and thighs open and inviting.
Joan was a goddess standing there, and she knew the powers that she held. Approaching Sam, she got very close, then very slowly turned around in front of her. Sam eyes hungrily devoured her, roaming all over Joan’s body, and she welcomed the attention. Smiling, she asked if Sam liked what she saw, and she could only nod as she continued to savor the sight.

“I got something to show you, that I think you might like” Sam said.

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Re: Halloween changes
« Reply #19 on: July 26, 2021, 12:53:27 pm »
With that she pushed a hidden button next to the mirror and it swing open and showed Joan through a short hall that led to a hidden room in the next store.
The room was large, the ceiling elevated, with a bed was centered along the back wall, a large four poster with draping curtains all around. There were two nightstands next to the bed, candles burning softly and what looked like a 12” black strap-on laid one of them.  Seeing it, Joan blurted out “My god that is a really large dildo.”
“Yea, they call that the black monster.  I never really tried that. I don’t think I could take the whole thing in me.”

Hearing that, Joan thought to herself, “After today you might not be able to say that.”  She heard a small voice in the back of her head telling her to stop before its to late.  She pushed that voice down deeper into herself.  She was going to let herself experience this and then take it to the next level.
Joan eyes then followed the curve of the walls, taking in several apparatus hanging from the ceiling and bars protruding from the mirrored walls as if this room were once a dance studio, now turned into a pleasure room.

“We added this a few weeks back to our little club.”

Sam turned on some soft lighting then reached for another switch, which Joan saw it was not a light switch, but like the entrance switch operated a hidden panel in the ceiling that opened and a leather swing suspended by nylon ropes began to descend. She held the switch until the swing reached a point about 30 inches off the floor where she stopped it.

"What is that?" Joan asked with amazement in her voice.

"It’s our sex swing," Sam responded. "A girl sits in the basket seat and then puts her feet in the stirrups out here, leaving her in a perfect position to be fucked. The neat part is that the swing can be raised or lowered to accommodate any height."

“Let me show you how it works.”

With that, Sam walked over to Joan, reached up and gave Joan a kiss slightly opening her lips and inserting her tongue into Joan’s mouth.  When her lips parted Sam felt what seemed to be a snake invade her mouth and licking at her throat. Dumbfounded and startled Sam was trying to figure out what was happening.

It was not until they broke the kiss and then licked Sam’s neck and ear that she realized that the long thing belonged to Joan.

Confused Sam looked on as Joan was kissing, sucking, and licking her breasts and marveled at the size of Joan's tongue. It was longer than any dick she had ever seen, she couldn't believe the size of the it as Joan knelt down and kissed her belly, thighs, and around her trimmed bush.

Joan then stood up and pulled off Sam’s leather top and jeans.  She then pulled Sam up by the waist and slowly began helping Sam into the leather harness. After Sam was secure, she bent down and literally buried her tongue deep inside Sam while she writhed in the swing. Joan tongue swirled inside her and Sam grasped onto the straps to hold on for dear life.

Sam, unsure what else to do, reached up and grabbed Joan's shoulders, hoping to push her off. It was like trying to push a wall. Sam felt Joan's hard shoulders – they were more muscular than any of the bodybuilders she had been with. Giving up resisting, Sam ran her arms down Joan's incredible biceps. She could feel the veins pumping blood into Joan's rock-hard muscles. She had always been attracted to muscular men, especially athletes – but Joan dwarfed them all.
Sam wanted to see Joan’s muscles in action so she asked meekly “Could you flex for me.”

Joan rolled her eyes and brought her right arm up and flexed her bicep.  Very slowly she raised her arms, fists clenched and Sam saw her biceps swell in her arms.  The transformation that was happening before Sam’s eyes was spectacular. Her bicep seemed to triple in size forming a tall ridge.  She had striations running the length of the bicep showing cords of muscle. Joan's bicep was noticeably taller than her shoulder by inches and she had very developed shoulders. It was shocking how high the bicep rose up, Sam had never seen anything so remarkable.

The sight of her amazing bicep took Sam’s breath away, she was stunned into silence. Just to add to the dramatic effect, Joan straightened her arm slowly making the bicep almost disappear and flex again demonstrating the incredible transformation.

Then she stood and tightened her stomach, six clearly defined slabs of muscle, such as Sam had never seen before formed in front of her eyes. Continuing to flex and pump up her body, Joan’s muscles became more and more defined as a film of perspiration mixed with pheromones began to show the effort she was exerting and veins began to appear.

Sam saw her nipples had harden and started to extend.  She was amazed as they lengthen and got ticker till, until they were at full attention, over 1-1/2” long and a ½” thick.  Sam had never seen anything like it and damn those big tits are gorgeous. Joan turned sideways, dropped right arm to her waist, and flexed her bicep and chest in a side chest pose. Her bicep bulged out again, and the muscles at the very top of her chest bulged out. There were large ripples running across her chest, and a very deep cavity right down the middle. Her chest muscles accentuated her big round nicely shaped tits. She straightened both arms out in front of her emphasizing her triceps. Large, striated muscles bulged out of the lower part of her arms. She flexed her chest even more. Sam didn't think it was possible, but it looked like it was ready to pop right out of her skin! Joan turned and faced Sam directly. She stared into Sam eyes, and she raised both arms and flexed her biceps again.

In the dim light of the room Sam watched the display and could see most of Joan’s definition, before just her biceps were her focus, now the number of details had multiplied, the more Sam looked upon her, new muscles came to view. Yet all those muscles together as whole made her body even more powerful yet feminine, she was strangely feminine, exotic, and dangerous.

Joan had a grin increased on her face as Sam inspected her. Sam felt like Joan was toying with her, maybe figuring out limits, of how much power she had.

"Holy fuck" Sam said breathlessly as she looked in awe. 

"Can I..." Sam asked tentatively. 

"Of course." Joan replied leaning her right bicep toward Sam.

She circled Joan’s bicep with both hands and explored it in wonder. She was enamored the size and hardness as she caressed Joan's arm. Joan pumped her arm a couple of times to make it rise and fall as Sam was holding on.

Joan also seemed to be enjoying the attention as the two seemed to be having an intimate moment. She started slowly raising her peak and rolling her fist to make it change shape and ripple. It almost looked like Sam was going to cum right there, but she finally let her hands drop as the two women smiled at each other.

“How long have you been lifting.”

“You would not believe me if I told you.”  Once more, she flexed her bicep. She stared at her own muscle for some moments, clearly enjoying the view.

In one quick movement Joan scooped Sam up in her arms with no effort and carried her 175-pound frame to the bed and dropped her down. She then proceeded to ripping the remaining clothes off Sam so that she was completely naked.

Joan then went to the bed stand, lifted the black strap-on, Sam eyes were entranced. Watching her slip the harness through her legs and slowly raise it tightly to her firm round buttocks.  "It's only twelve inches, disappointing but it will make due" Joan laughed, adjusting the dildo until it was sitting comfortably with the base pressed tight against her clit that she knew would stimulate her as she pleasured Sam.

She turned and slowly walk back to the front of the bed.  The wicked smile returned to her face, and she was doing that "bump and grind" walk.

With the dildo still in place, Joan knelt between Sam's legs, bending her head until she knew Sam would be able to feel her breath caressing her intimate parts. Joan inhaled deeply, as for her, there was nothing in the world that matched the aroma of a women in heat. Letting her tongue just flicker over the very tip of Sam's engorged clit she was rewarded with a deep guttural moan and felt Sam's hands wind in her hair trying to pull her closer. Teasing Sam's pussy lips with her lips and teeth, Joan tugged and teased, forming her tongue into a solid rod, she stared sliding her tongue inside and out fucking her with her tongue building Sam to a frenzy of excitement.

Sam released her juices as the monster tongue fucked her pussy.  Settling into a steady and firm motion Joan quickly drove Sam to an orgasm as her monster tongue fucked her in ways she could not imagine.  Sam saw all the colors of the rainbow, bucked her hips, screamed out in divine ecstasy, and reached orgasm after orgasm on the long and talented tongue of this mysterious shopper.

Then Joan lifted her torso up so that two massive tits were smothering Sam's face – nearly suffocating her – it was instinct that caused Sam to start licking the flesh in front of her. Soon, she was taking Joan's large nipples into her mouth and sucking as hard as she could.  Holding the base of the strap-on in her fist Joan purred, "Do you want this is you?"

"Yes, fuck me and fuck me hard," Sam growled as Joan teased her with the head.

Judging the moment was right she planted one of her thick arms next to Sam’s head and used her other hand to guide the large dildo into Sam’s cunt and slammed it home, burying the whole thing into Sam's swiftly and holding it there fully embedded. Sam screamed in pain and pleasure. As Joan went to move back, Sam wrapped her legs tightly around Joan's waist, trapping her in with her heels pressed tightly into the small of Joan’s back. 

Now with Joan almost fully inside her she planted her other arm on the side of Sam’s head and started to ride her. She responded immediately as if the sensations were too much for her, she started screaming in ecstasy.

Joan started pumping her with long hard strokes. Her whole body looked like it was tensed as her hard muscles rippled and gleamed from sweat.

Sam could not believe the size of the thing inside her, at that moment felt like it was going to split her in two. Never had she felt anything this big, or this hard inside.  Normally Sam only climaxed when she could stimulate her clit, either as some guy fucked her or more often than not afterwards when he had turned over to sleep. This was different, her body shook and convulsed as this woman took her over and over. Joan had grabbed her ankles and now held them wide apart reaching points inside that Sam had no idea could be reached. Then without almost a pause, Joan folded Sam double and after placing her ankles over her shoulders started to pound Sam to yet another climax.

Sam was gasping for breath as she lost count of the number of orgasms that had coursed through her and felt as suddenly Joan withdrew the dildo from her pussy. Before she could object and beg for more, Joan flipped her over with what looked like a practiced move and pulled Sam up to all fours before driving the thick rod back home. Joan varied her movements from grabbing Sam by the hips and fucking her vigorously for a minute to switching to long slow strokes, pausing as the dildo almost left Sam’s pussy and then when it was at its deepest.

Joan stared at the reflection in the mirrors and couldn't believe what she was seeing and feeling. Her hands seemed to be everywhere as she teased and pounded Sam driving her to yet another orgasm. Sam started to ride the dildo with greater enthusiasm, riding up and down as if her life depended on it, filling the room with the sound of squelching from her pussy combined with their flesh slapping together. The sight of Sam in the mirror being penetrated by her strap-on dildo and the noises and faces she was pulling was a pure delight to Joan.

Sam was able to reach up and cup Joan’s biceps now which were exploding out of her arms from the exertion. She turned her head so that she was looking directly at one of Joan’s massive biceps and started kissing and licking it.   She was lost in muscle worship as she reached around to feel Joan’s massive back. It was covered with bulging muscles everywhere as she explored all over Joan.  Her lats were amazing as they flared out wide from her waist. She grabbed onto them where they flared, like they were handles and could feel the rhythm of Joan’s thrusting as she held on.

Joan found out that by leaning back the rhythm of her thrust was causing the base of the dildo to rub the base against her clit and as Sam yelled out in yet another orgasm Joan joined her as she exploded in climax.  She felt her climax spread throughout her body, driving out all other sensations as well as her attempt at coherent thought.  She came with a scream, something squirting from her clit which pushed against the bottom of the dildo and actually pushed out the base by an inch. That was the best orgasm Joan had ever had in her life.

Joan lay there motionless, completely overwhelmed by the electricity that was in control her body.

She could barely get her thoughts to form. What was happening to her?

Both of them stayed in that position breathing heavily until Joan levered herself up and off the strap-on, before standing a little unsteadily on rubbery legs.  Collecting what little was left of the outfit she had just tried on room Joan dressed in silence her mind planning her next move leaving Sam lying on the bed in speechless ecstasy.

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Re: Halloween changes
« Reply #20 on: July 27, 2021, 09:01:14 pm »
Wow, this is an amazing twist and journey......wonder if this awakening will continue as she explores her body and fantasies more and much more muscle will she crave???

Ans we still haven't even found out from the professor what the necklace is or what's happening to her...........way to keep us on the edge wanting for more.

Karma to you, K+++

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Re: Halloween changes
« Reply #21 on: July 29, 2021, 08:22:30 am »

Fantastic story!  Karma given!

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Re: Halloween changes
« Reply #22 on: July 31, 2021, 04:46:31 pm »
As they were both walking toward the door, Joan said she still need something that she could wear out every day.  San though about it and said she had an outfit in mind and if Joan would wait by the dressing room, she would bring it over.

As she walked back with the outfit, for Joan to take a look at, she handed it to her and said this is a little less risqué.  But it did have the extra “pop” Joan had indicated when she first came in.
Joan walked into dressing room with the outfit to try on.  It was a button up leather halter top with black leather pants and a belt around the middle.  Sam had included a pair of platform shoes with a 3-inch heels.  Joan slipped the pants on over her thong and buttoned the halter top up.  She had to again adjusted her tits, so they settled into the cups.  She could tell that this body was going to take a while to get used to.

She opened the curtains and walked out to show Sam how the outfit looked.  She slowly started walking toward her, making sure she swung her ass with each step. When she reached Sam, she pressed her body against Sam, her leather clad breasts flattening against Sam’s hardbody.

“Let me make a minor adjustment.” Sam said as she reached up and unbutton the top 3 buttons on the vest, letting Joan’s cleavage spring forth.
Sam breath was taken away, the round top of her tits exposed above tight lines of the vest and her deep cleavage exposed as she took the whole view into account. She then heard Joan, "What's the matter, don't you like it?" and all she got back in response was “damn”.

Joan took a look in the mirror and thought “the outfit looked daring but not so much that she would mind being seen out in it”, so she got all of the things she had tried on from the room and walked up front to pay.

"I think I'll be shopping here more often," Joan said approvingly, tracing her finger up between Sam’s cleavage then up to shining lips.  The grabbing her and giving a kiss.

Sam beamed at her, with a huge beautiful smile. "Receipt in the bag, I also loaded you up with some “common clothes” for you to wear out, and I hope you had a great shopping experience."
"The pleasure was all mine." Joan replied, with a smile on her face and a gleam of promise in her eyes.

Sam opened the store door than she walked Joan to her car.
"Can I see you again?"

"Give me a pen...and your hand."

Joan took Sam's hand, wrote her name and number in her palm.

"Call me, text me and we'll figure it out."

"That's marvelous. Let me know one day you're working, I'll come back with some cash, and treat you to lunch."

So, Joan into what continued to be one of the strangest days she'd had the pleasure to have...strode proudly back to the Chevrolet Caprice, folded herself into the car, gunned the engine, and then pulled out of the parking lot to head over to the college.

When she pulled into the college parking lot, she suddenly what she was wearing, which was way to outlandish for the college. She was coming out of the fog that she had been in for the last few hours.

She placed the car in into park and sat for a couple of minutes, going over what had just happened in the last two hours.  The fog came over her when she walked into a close store, he only thoughts at the time was getting some clothes that would now fit her now since she changed. However, she ended up having sex with Sam, the shop owner.  Something was happening and she hoped that Prof. Banks could get to the bottom of it.

She opened the door and got out of her car.  She would have to get something bigger, she thought.  She really hated car shopping, but she would have to but that on the list of things to do.

As she walked across the parking lot, toward the campus buildings, the cool breeze of the night stiffened her nipples to the point they pushed arrogantly into the leather halter fabric. The nubs visibly stretched the material, and signaled to whoever was observant enough to notice that right now she was not bored at all.
She passed a couple of male students and glanced over to them, and in her mind, she clearly heard “Holy shit, look at her”.
Well, he didn't actually say it, he thought it! That's when she realized she developed some abilities while slept the last few days. When she looked away, she heard nothing, but if she looked into their eyes she was starting to be able to read people’s minds and that was just physically impossible.

She yelled over to them, “that’s rude”, they both could quickly turn their heads and walked away.
She arrived at old history building and walked down the semi-dark halter she got Banks office.  His office was in the cellar of the building, she had heard he was a odd one, but most of the professors around her were.

She wrapped she gave quick wrap this door and heard “enter it’s open.” So slowly she opened the door and walked into Bank’s office.  He was sitting at his desk facing away from her. She slowly started walking toward him, her hips now naturally swinging with each step.  “Professor something has happened to me that I can’t understand.”
The first thing that Bank’s noticed as he sat there was her scent.  Her pheromones disrupting Bank’s ability to think, clouding his mind in a dizzying daze of desperate desire.  He focused on his lungs and willed them to suck in some oxygen.
Bank’s stood and turned around to face who had just walked into his office and was completely unprepared for what happened next.

The face revealed by the opening door was absolutely riveting, drawing his eyes to its perfection.  Her skin was completely flawless, as if it had been masterfully airbrushed by a skilled Photoshop artisan. Except that this wasn’t a picture. It was real.
Without saying a word, Bank’s eyes began to wander across the figure in front of him. Huge muscles covered every inch of this woman's body. The giant tits sat on slabs of pectoral muscles that added at least a couple inches to her bust line. Above the chest were wide, rounded shoulders that looked hard as iron connected to long arms wrapped in cords of muscle. Banks had seen football players and bodybuilders before, but the woman in front of him looked like she could snap any one of them in two without breaking a sweat.

The light from the soft lamps of hid office caused this muscular woman's skin to glow, her muscles creating shadows that only accentuated their size. Bank's eyes drifted lower (as if he was subconsciously afraid to look this person in the eye) to see a rippled six-pack at the person's mid-section. The body in front of her tapered into a perfect V - from the wide shoulders and arms to the tight core - and back out again as Banks stared at legs that were wider than her entire body and looked like they could crush steel.

His seemed distant, his awareness fully consumed by the vision before him. Finally, with effort, he managed a shallow breath...

...only to have her scent hit him again.

It bowled him over with something akin to physical force and fell back on to his chair.
Now shifting her hips as she walked slowly up to Banks, who had been staring at her that whole time, she stretched a hand out, straightening his tie.  “Get a hold of yourself, it’s me Joan, we talked earlier today.  I am one of the colleges librarians.” She spoke.

He just staired up at her, dazed by either the fall or Joan’s new appearance. Probably both.
Banks looked at her and said “That’s impossible my dear. I know Joan she’s nothing like you.”

I know Professor, this change happened when I put on this amulet.  She reached down between her breasts and pulled out the darken amulet.
Banks looked at it and gasped, a familiarity tickled at the back of his mind.  “How did you come to get this, my dear.”

Joan sighed and told him the whole story. Of how Greg had ordered the Halloween costumes and when they were delivered, they were the wrong costumes. She described what happened when she placed the amulet on, the party, getting sick afterwards and waking up looking like this.

She said she’s noticed some interesting side effects that have also happened to her body.

"Apparently even my tongue was effected.” She described how long her tongue was and then slowly stuck it out to show him.  She held out three of her fingers and wrapped her tongue them squeezed it for effect. "Or I can extend it, long and hard ...".  She stopped before she turned herself on again.

She told him about hearing people’s thoughts. But she didn’t tell him was all the sex she had with Sam and the dark thoughts that slowly crept into her mind.

She went on to tell him that she also appeared to also develop a “scent” that had an effect on people.  She could not really descript it to him.

“Ah, pheromones, that’s what happened to me when you walked in.”

“So, pheromones are substances which are secreted to the outside by an individual and received by a second individual of the same species.” He explained in his professor way.  “Humans had stopped producing pheromones at some point in the distant past, but the mechanisms for sensing them are still fully functional. A special set of scent receptors in the nasal cavity have nerves that travel deep into the brain along a similar track as the receptors for normal smell. It seemed obvious that the direct access of the pheromone receptor nerves to the primitive brain could cause profound effects on mood and behavior.”

“Somehow you have started producing pheromones. Hopefully you will get control of that because it is quite distracting.”

“Now, about the amulet.”

Banks said he had seen the amulet before and got up and slowly walked over to a stack of old books in the corner.  Reaching down to the bottom he pulled out a book that was dusty and had a faded cover that seemed to be made out of a strange leather, almost like human skin.

He opened the book and started leafing through the pages and finally coming to the page where he saw what looked like a similar amulet. He looked at Joan and said this is the amulet Ishtar, the Mesopotamian of goddess of war and sexual love.  She was also was thought to have been a vampire, with incredible with incredible strength and power. The amulet was supposedly lost through the ages.

The pages went on to describe what this the holder of this amulet was capable of.
“The almost unlimited power of the amulet endows its owner with the ability to read and control the minds and actions of other who are completely powerless to resist. It also empowers its owner to physically change in any way anything material; she would have the power to change a person's physical state including their health, size or shape; she could change, retard or advance any functionality of her own body or that of others. She could alter the shape of things having a mass or their functionality. She to all intents and purposes becomes almost a Goddess; her powers limited only by his own ingenuity and imagination.” He read to her.

Continuing on “The mortal owner of the amulet has the power to heal herself, and others, but does not have the power to grant immortality or a longer life span than normal to any other mortal. Whilst under the influence of the amulet she would be protected from diseases and death although she may choose to die or not heal herself providing that passes on to another, who has to accept it voluntarily, without persuasion or mind control of the owner at the time.”

Joan remembered walking over to Greg and asking him to put it on her, did she accept this voluntarily.

“Many would see the power as a blessing and a curse; although giving the owner powers only controlled by her own imagination; her friends and family only live a normal life time span, thereby growing older and dying while she would young and virile.”  Banks finished reading.

Banks then reached for another book, handed it to Joan.

“If it is true that you have somehow some of her powers, here is a book that might help you explain what’s going on with you.  It’s the writings of Enheduanna one of the first writers of history. Its goes over the early gods and goddess.

Joan picked the book up and started paging through warmth felt in her hands like she knew what this book was and was all about.  She asked Banks if she could borrow it for a couple of days to see what was going on with her.

Banks looked at her and said “Yes my dear, just please return and tell me what you find out.”
She thanked the professor and got up and left.

Banks watched her leave the room and an evil smile came to his face.

As she was walking to her car, she got hit by a car by what looked like a kid who’d only had his license a week. She could not believe it? It knocked her over and tore a huge gash in the right pant leg. They were ruined! She was pissed. His insurance better cover this!

She leapt up and tried to glare at him inside the car, but couldn’t because the whole front of the car was caved in and the hood had been bent up blocking the windshield. Not to mention all the steam issuing from the water-squirty-thing in the front. She then tried push the bent hood back down out of the way but the thing just popped off. Now she was so pissed she started to take it out on the hood.
Unbelievably she felt it bend under the pressure from her hands. She loved the feel of it yielding to her insanely powerful arms. Teeth gritted and lips pulled back, she pushed further and harder and a growl slipped from her lips.   It felt great to vent her anger on it and she just kept mashing the hood, causing her rock-hard biceps to bulge up to grapefruit size. Whit that she tore the hood off the car and slammed the hood on the ground where it became imbedded in the pavement.

The kid, for some reason, didn’t seem to want to get out of the car.

“Are you coming out here?” she shouted.

The kid just shook his head rapidly.

She tried to pull open the door and of course that ripped off, too. Piece of shit car.

“Come on out,” she said.

The kid finally stumbled out staring slack jawed at his car. “Oh my God, you totaled my car,” he said.

“Who cares about your crappy twenty-year-old Nissan?” Joan yelled. “Maybe you should have learned how to drive. Look what you did to my pants.   Do you know how much cloth it takes to cover these quads?”

The kid stared down at the gigantic ripped masses that were her quads—they were clearly visible thorough the tear—and gulped. He just looked like he might be in shock. “I can’t believe I hit you so hard my car is totaled, and you’re just standing there like nothing happened.”

“Nothing happened? My favorite pants are now rags and you ‘re trying to tell me nothing happened?” The nerve of this kid.

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Re: Halloween changes
« Reply #23 on: August 01, 2021, 03:45:43 pm »
Interesting and well-written.  A lot of readers want to know what happens next.

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Re: Halloween changes
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Joan stormed back and got in her car she could not believe what the little shit had done. As she folded herself back into the car, she got even madder thinking “I really need to get something else, this car is too small.”

As she placed the car in the gear and she headed out the college parking lot.
“I really could use a drink, right now.  I could stop at a bar, but it’s been a long day and a lot of stuff is happened to me” she thought.  “I don’t have anything at home, so I might as well stop at a liquor store on the way home before I start reading this book.”

The liquor could keep her nerve up as she read more about what was happening to her.  The things that Bank’s had told her, intrigued her, but also scared her.  What was she to become?  She like the power she had, but what just happened in the parking lot.  She had lost control and if that kid had been mouthier, she would have hit him and would have cause injury.

She pulled up to the store and she was in luck, it was opened.  She opened the door and looked over and saw the clerk who looked like he was in his mid to late 30’s, kind of nerdy, somewhere near 6’ and probably 200 pounds of what looked like muscle.  She felt that feeling start to come over her and thought not again as she walked in.

“Good evening Mam,” The clerk said.

“Watch the mam, I’m not that much older than you” Joan replied her voice dropping an octave, low husky.

“Sorry, I’m not used to young people in here and your beauty got me a little flustered” was his witty reply.

“Flattery will get you nowhere good, you know” Joan said as she batted her eyes at him. She was going to play this for all it was worth just to see what kind of rise she could get.

“Maybe bad is just where I want to be” The clerk replied.

“I like the sound of that, Jason” Joan said, suggestively back, as she read his name tag.  “Where is the bourbon section?”

“Aisle 3, midway.”

Joan made her way back to the bourbon section, shaking her ass in an exaggerating way, feeling the Jason’s eyes on her the whole time. She knew he was undressing her in his mind, so she thought she would give him a little show. She started by twirling her hair around her fingers as she looked at the different selections.  After a few minutes, she began to fidget from one foot to the other, really tightening up her ass cheeks to give him a good look at just how round and firm her ass was.

“Can I help you find anything in particular Ms.?” She heard from behind her.

“No just deciding” she replied and my name is Joan.

“If you don’t mind, I always recommend the Bulleit Bourbon on the bottom shelf.” He told her.

“The whiskey has heavy mint and raspberry vibes on the nose but melts into a caramel-forward, almost condensed milk flavor once tasted. The finish reminds you of the nose with some green smells and lingers on some classic whiskey notes: vanilla, black pepper and oak.” He told her like a commercial for the company.

“Oh yeah, which one?” Joan replied. She knew the bourdon that he was recommending from Greg, and it was good. But in reading his thoughts, he wasn’t interested in what she wanted, it looked like he just wanted to see her bend over. She felt like teasing him a little more and bent over with her ass pointed at him and pointed to one. “This one?”.

“No, the one further to the right.” was his reply.

She again bent down to "browse" the shelves and in doing so pushed her ass up against his pants, and then proceeded to sway her ass and rub up against him. She could feel the crotch of her thong begin to ride up and tighten on her pussy. She kept leaning over further until she felt it split her lips rub up against his bulge.  She extended her ass back till it hit his crotch and rubbed her crack briefly up and down his budge and looked at his shocked face, only reacting by saying "Whoops, sorry" in a nonchalant tone.

“No problem....” was Jason’s choked reply to the scene. She knew she had him right where she wanted him.

Standing up, she turned around walked back up to the front door, locked it and turned the open sign over to closed and looked at him suggestively.
“Holy shit, am I going to get luckily tonight” he thought.
Joan heard that in her mind and decided play with him. “If you play your cards right you will” she said seductively.  Then she winked at him and ran her tongue around her lips.
Jason gasped out load which startled both of them, because she said that, and because he figured she could not have known what he was thinking.

"Did... Did you just read my thoughts?"  Jason asked.

“That’s impossible, don’t you think.” She responded back.

She stalked over to him; one foot placed directly in front of the other to create a maximum hip-swing. Her eyes traveled down his body in a way that had his blood boiling, then her gaze meandered over to the bottle, and then journeyed back up to meet his gaze.

"A taste?" She let her thumb and forefinger make a hoop and began to stroke the neck of the bottle.

“I have some glasses in the break room.  If you like we can go back there to follow this up” he said awkwardly.

When they reached the break room Jason reached up into the cabinet and grabbed two glasses.  Setting them down on the table, he poured three fingers in each glass, and then handed one to her.
He waited for her to take a sip. He loved watching a woman sip whiskey. He wondered if she would crinkle her nose. Then she did the most surprising thing. She swirled the golden elixir in her glass. Then she took a small sip, swirled it in her mouth for a few seconds and swallowed it.

"Smoky. Smooth. Very smooth. More vanilla than I expected. Very nice finish." Her second sip was a bit longer and for effect. No crinkly nose or 'yuck' face.

She leaned her head back and allowed his eyes to trail down her neck, down and across the top of her leather halter top where her chest was exposed.

With that Joan’s eyes took on the look a predator.  She placed her drink back down on the table.  Time to get serious. She grasped the buttons holding her leather halter-top and began to slowly loosen them. When she had so much cleavage showing that any sudden movement would spill her breasts out, she stopped. She swayed over to him and bent over, giving him an intimate and up-close view. She snapped the last button with her finger nail and let her full round tits out all the way.

Jason was shaking as he gently fondled her tits, pulled and twisted her nipples and then felt her hand on the back of his head as she pulled it towards her chest.

"Suck on my tits. That's it, now the other one. Bite on the nipple."

He followed her instructions and soon was rewarded for his efforts with the sound of moans as she ran her hands over his shoulders and back. His cock was straining to escape the confines of his pants and he began rubbing his crotch up against her thigh.

Joan reached out and grabbed his prick through his pants.  "I think I'd better do something for that little guy in your pants before he explodes," she whispered as she forced him back a step and sunk down to her knees in front of him. She grasped the bulge in his pants and squeezed. Looking up at him she said, "I take that back; he's not so little."

Jason then feels her fingers undoing his zipper and his cock suddenly popping out of his fly.  Suddenly, Joan stopped gasping as if shock, "Ohhh... fuck...thats… big…mama…like!"

This shy, nerdy, clerk had a amazingly thick cock that had to be over 9 inches long.  He reached down and started and unconsciously started stroking it a foot from her face. He continued stroking as he felts her hot breath along the entire lengths of his dick.

Jason, let out a long, loud groan as Joan wrapped large hands around his steel hard prick. She let out a dark throaty growl as she felt his hot dick burn in her hand. Drops of precum had already appeared on the head of his cock, and a few helped lube the way as Joan began to slowly, carefully pump her hand back and forth along Jason's prick.

She stared in adoration at Jason’s cock. "Mmmm! So big! So big; so fucking big!" She touted. "Damn your balls are huge too!

Joan opened her mouth, and turned up and looked directly into his eyes.  He saw them turn black as she leaned forward and engulfed his cock.

He watched her move up and down taking all of his member into her mouth and then pulling back, her eyes still holding his, until only the tip remained inside. He felt her tongue twirl around the head, sending jolts of pleasure up into his brain.  Suddenly, he felt an orgasm rocketing to the point of eruption.

"Please, stop, let me out I'm going to cum, stop."

She didn't stop, instead he felt two powerful hands grab his ass and pull him deeper into her mouth. His hands grabbed the back of her head as he exploded deep within her. He could feel the back of her throat constrict as if she were trying to swallow his cock. Spurt after spurt came forth. His whole body shook and he felt as if he was being turned inside out.

When he finally opened his eyes, she was looking up at him, her tongue was wrapped around my still- throbbing cock still stroking it, until her tongue captured the last of his cum. Joan sat back and smiled up at him.

"How was your first blow job? Did you enjoy it? I know I did."

“How did you know?”

“A girl just knows these things. Now, it's my turn," Joan said.

Joan licked her lips with obvious lust, her hands gliding up and pinching her already hard nipples. Next came Joan's pulled her leather pants off. Now only a black thong was between Jason and what was sure to be a dripping wet pussy. Joan stood with her legs spread wide apart, and the thrust her pelvis forward, causing the thin nylon material to stretch hard and tight over her bulging clit. A damp quarter size spot was visible right where her slit would be, and Jason moaned out loud while staring at the plump vagina straining to escape its prison!

Finally, Joan tuned around and gave Jason a full look at her hard round ass, covered only in the crack by the thin string line of her thong, while she tightened and untightened her buttocks, the muscles in her butt flexing up and down. With her back still turned, she grabbed her thong by the strings, and with one hard jerk, tore them from her pussy! Turning around slowly, Jason got his first look at Joan's patch of dark brown pubic hair! Jason gulped when he saw it, never before having seen such finely developed female.

"Do you like what you see don’t you," she asked!?

He felt the heat rise up through his body once more. Giddiness washed over him, making him feel as if he couldn't manage to speak if his life depended upon it.

She hooked a leg around him and pulled him closer. "Jason," she moaned in a low voice that had his blood pumping. "Now, Jason!"

Taken aback, Jason was sure that he had done or said something to offend her, and he jumped and pleaded, "I'm sorry if you're not happy with me, if it's anything I said or did, I'm very sorry!!!"

Suddenly, this was turning her on. “No Jason, you're the first man I've met to see me like this, and it’s taking time to adjust. So, continue” Joan said.

Jason thought what she said was strange.  "The first man to see her like that" what a strange thing to say. But fumbling, he awkwardly managed to shove his pants down around his ankles as Joan rubbed herself against him. Then she cupped his ass in her hands and raised him so that they matched, center to center. He then was able to plunged into her body with one, hard, forceful thrust. She was so hot and wet that Jason felt as if he was sheathed within silk over steel.

Her face was flushed with sexual excitement.  Joan grabbed Jason and placed him down on top of the break table.  Then she climbed on top of him.

He now felt what a woman must feel like when a man forty or fifty pounds heavier than herself mounts her, which was intimidating to say the least!

Jason ran his hands all over Joan's upper torso, feeling the hard rippling muscles under her smooth taut skin. The feeling of strength and power she had over him made his penis stiffen like a piece of ridged steel! Everything about her was hard and strong, even her vagina, but still just as feminine as any he had ever touched!

Joan kissed him fervently all over his face, giving him a deep French kiss with a tongue that ticked the back of his throat.  Her vagina muscles sucked him in with no effort, the muscles drawing him in and out with no effort.  Joan sat up on his steel, all the muscles in her body seemed to bulge out, as if she were flexing them. Jason ran his hands over her chest, taking a moment to tweak her hard nipples, while she was lost in a sexual abandonment!

When she felt him begin to tip over into orgasm, her thighs moved faster, bouncing just a bit more. She held his head against her chest, careful that his mouth was able to reach air instead of flesh. Soft moans were flowed into his ear as she egged him into cumming. 

She was is in a rhythm, as she pounded him. Her legs gripping his thighs like a vise as her hips thrust into him. She pulled her head up as his orgasm hit her and she cried out.  She felt the first blast begin to coat her insides with his cum. Dropping down into his lap she closed her eyes, feeling the energy of his orgasm begin to feed her. While the time was short the sexual energy was tremendous, filling her like a meal would a human. Jason pumped once more, then fell unconscious.

For some time, she just sat there, her muscles flexing involuntary and feeling the added mass, adapting to them and inspecting them like a new set of clothes, wondering what just happened.

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Re: Halloween changes
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Sexual energy feeds her muscles, bravo!! This is looking up with each chapter..........Karma to you!! Can't wait for the next installment........

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Re: Halloween changes
« Reply #26 on: August 02, 2021, 09:34:10 pm »
Interesting turn of events. Good writing keeps up, as well as the flow. I just hope she doesn't meet anyone who is into huge muscle she-bulls with cocks. That's going to be one heck of a change.

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