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  • Once again a great story line with a slightly different twist to my favorite scenario. Please give us more. K+!
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  • Loving the dynamic, and her struggles with not becoming a bully! Awesome writing!
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  • And all of a sudden we were on summer vacation. Throughout this year, I have been nothing but impressed with Debbie's dedication and evolution on our program. Actually, I was pretty amazed. I have studied a lot about the stages of muscle growth and development, and after a little complaint by her, we decided to go through a cut phase so she'd be more lean and not so big during vacation. Debbie ended up agreeing as long as we did some serious bulking prior to that, and that's what we went for. During her bulking she almost reached her dreamt 40cm biceps, but what truly shocked me is that she didn't lose much size when she cut. It was like her body was not capable of losing mass. What happened instead is she substituted most of her fat tissue for another layer of lean muscle.
    "Damn, Debbie. 38cm. How the...?" I finished the reading of the measuring tape around her mighty bicep. I was in awe by it's bulbous shape and dense vascularity.
    She giggled shyly "I guess genes, right?"
    "And you have almost 70cm on your legs... that's more than my waist, really. I'm impressed"
    "Thank you, Dom. I wouldn't have made it without you. But what I actually like most is my chest... 108, right?"
    "Right. That was some gain"
    Debbie flexed her massive chest right before me. The large twin masses jumped out of her sports bra proudly. I was sure I could hide a pencil there.
    "That's from doing a lot of bench presses, really. So, excited about tomorrow's trip?"
    "Oh, you mean lake house? yay" I tried to sound as un-excited as I could. Let me explain this to you quickly. Dad share a lake shack with his brother, and every year we go there to spend a few 'family days' together, as they like to call it. To me it only meant days away from civilization. And I loved civilization.
    "What? You don't like?" Debbie was intrigued, asking me while she put her t-shirt back on.
    "It's not that I don't like, but... well, I don't. You know I'm not an outdoorsy person, Debbie"
    She processed the idea. To her, lake house meant swimming, running in the woods, playing volleyball with other kids.
    "Is that all?"
    "Well, and there is Matt, of course" Matt was our cousin, almost two years older than me, and a big ass jerk. He spent his days pretty much making jokes and playing pranks at me. He also didn't exactly treated Debbie the best way, but I guess she always had the self confidence to don't mind it.
    "What about him?"
    "Let's just say me and him.. we don't get along"

    The next day we drove upstate for about two hours and arrived at the shack. Uncle, aunt and Matt arrived shortly after. Debbie was careful enough to be wearing long sleeves despite the warm weather. Sure, her legs were fully exposed in her tight jeans, but I guess for most people they didn't shock them as much. Debbie was a track and field runner. She was supposed to have muscular legs. I knew however that my sister's legs had passed the size and definition of a runner a while ago. No runner could make her quad muscles expand that widely just by mere standing on them. And her calves also pushed away whatever fabric tried to contain them. Debbie had over 40cm of solid calves.
    We were just hanging by the porch, when mom asked Debbie to bring ice tea for everyone. I was minding my own business on my cell phone, but my ears captured their conversation. I kept my head down, but focused on the listening
    "So, Debbie looks different... what's with her?" my uncle asked
    "Yeah, she seems bigger... and my God, look at those legs. where do you buy her pants, Cinthia?" My aunt added, asking my mother
    "Oh well... I guess she does look a little on the big side, right? That's probably just her training and conditioning, though. She lowered her times this year. She's not talented enough to make some all American team, but she does put in the work. I'm okay with that" Dad defended her daughter.
    Debbie returned with the ice tea and Matt saw an opportunity
    "Yo, Debs, we were just talking about that fat ass of yours! If you don't watch out, you might have to buy to seats on your next flight! haha" he was laughing alone with his jerk joke "or maybe you just ask your skinny brother of yours to sit next to you. That way you can occupy half of his space. He doesn't need it anyways" another laugh.
    Debbie looked at me and I could see the fire in her eyes. For a second there I thought she'd rip her long sleeved t-shirt and flex the shit out of Matt's mouth, but she remained quiet. I breathed in relief.

    The next morning the grownups were out for some hiking. Usually I'd stay inside, but Debbie begged me to join her and Matt at the lake, so I complied.
    Me and here were both laying on the sand over a towel while Matt was juggling with some soccer ball. I had dropped my cell phone and just stared at nothing, making notice with the corner of my eye that he was pretty good at it. Debbie, still wearing her long sleeved t-shirt and jeans shorts, had her earphones on and was listening to music.
    I guess Matt got bored with his juggling and decided to have some fun, kicking the ball towards me
    "Watch out" he spoke laughing his ass off, as he was sure the ball would strike me in the face. He miscalculated his kick, however, and the ball was heading straight to Debbie's head, and she seemed unaware of it, probably with her eyes closed under her shades and her phones on noise cancelling mode. At the last second I was able to lift up my hand and change the ball's trajectory.
    The sudden movement on her side woke Debbie up, and she didn't take long to assume what had happened.
    "Sorry" Matt's excuse was as phony as the come.
    That did it for Debbie. She stood up and put herself between Matt and the ball he was walking to retrieve. I froze. I wasn't sure of what was about to happen, but It didn't sound good. Instead, Debbie wrapped her arms around Matt, constricting his own arms against his body, and squeezed in a bear hug
    "Oh Matty! I missed you so much, you know that?"
    Suprised by Debbie's demonstration of 'love' and still unaware he had walked into a trap, Matt spoke back 'Th-thank you, Debbie..." but his voice faded as he realized the pain he was being inflicted.
    Debbie had her back turned against me and it was clear she was putting all her effort into it. I could see the muscles tensing under her t-shirt. Debbie's thick back, allied with her pythonic embrace was compacting Matt inside her. except for his head, which I could see because he was taller, Debbie's muscles seemed to be disintegrating Matt's. Without letting him go, she adjusted her grip and pulled him off the ground
    "Gosh, you are so light, Matt!" she said out loud. I could see the pain in his now red face, but I could also see his pride not letting him cry for help. It was somewhat entertaining.
    "And kind of mushy, too. It makes me want to hold you so tight!" Debbie added more strength to her constriction. I was getting afraid she might actually break Matt's ribcage any second now. He was completely out of air, turning purple. Matt tried to say something, but I don't think there was enough air inside his lungs to actually speak, so he just babbled
    "What's that? You miss me too and wants me to hold you tighter? Sure!" Debbie squeezed him even harder now. I was pretty sure Matt's eyeballs were going to pop out any second.
    Debbie gave him one final strong hug before letting Matt go. He collapsed to the sand, coffing his ass off. Debbie looked at me and smiled
    "Hey, look, Dom, there's sun!" and she stripped out of her t-shirt, revealing her statuesque body, all carved up in stone. She looked even more chiseled than I remembered.
    Matt was still trying to put it together, and Debbie had her back turned at him, staring at me. She unbuttoned her shorts and bent over as she let the shorts drop to the sand and stepped out of them. I saw Matt's face of disbelief as his eyes scanned Debbie's dieseled behinds. She giggled as she noticed on my eyes that he was staring t her. Debbie placed her hands on her hips and flared her lats, actually shadowing Matt's hurt body, who was still on his knees and looked in bad shape.
    "So Matty" Debbie semi turned around, staring him at the eyes with her head turned "What do you think of my... what you called it? 'Fat ass' I believe it was... do you like it?" Debbie flexed her gluten, causing the striations on it's superior quadrant do show off "Although I wouldn't actually use the word 'fat' to describe these..." Debbie patted her own butt. The dense mass of muscle didn't even vibrate
    Debbie now turned fully around and faced Matt. It didn't go unnoticed to me that he was still on his knees, staring up at her. Half in fear, half in amazement, his look told me he had no plans of getting up
    "Now Matty, tell me. How'd you feel if, let's say, I placed this small head of your between my legs and used my 'fat ass' to squeeze it?" Debbie gave one step close, in a clear threat. Now Matt's eyes went straight to full terror
    "P-lease no, Debbie, I..." Matt's hands pressed against Debbie's steel six-pack, trying to push her away, with absolutely no success. He then ran his hands down to her glorious thighs, in more of a begging pose. Debbie flexed her quads, pushing Matt's fingers apart and making sure he realizes how strong they were
    "I-I'm sorry I..."
    "Oh, I'm sure you are, Matty. Now let's make something very clear here. I can do this whenever I want, even in front of your parents. Heck, I can actually put on some effort next time. So, if you'd like to avoid that, I suggest you make mine and my brother's lake days the best we could've had. Is that clear?"
    "Excellent. Now, take your dirty hands from me. You are not allowed to touch these" Debbie flexed her quads again, this time in a more vicious manner, making Matt remove his hands immediately and drag himself a few steps away in the sand.
    "Now, I think you should pick your ball up and go inside. The sun is out and I want to tan a little bit. And I don't want you staring at these" Debbie raised her arms and gave Matt a double bicep flex. I, who was still watching her show from behind, dropped my chin. The sun reflecting on Debbie's fully flexed muscular back was the definition of perfection. I saw how Debbie's greek pose cast a shadow on Matt's scared body. It was poetic

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  • Nice to see more. Wondering if things will proceed or continue into larger sizes at this point.
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  • Please make her to cross someone head for her brother
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  • Excellent!  Thank you for all of the work. Loving all of your stories.
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  • Summer was coming to an end quickly. For the first time I was actually sorry about it. Lake day had been great - well, after Debbie put Matt into his place - and me and her had bonded greatly during the whole time. Also, mom and dad seemed to have accepted the concept of a muscular young daughter very well, although they had no idea I had helped her with it.
    The town had one of those fun fairs every august, with a Ferris wheel, some games where you could win stuffed animals, the whole adolescent thing. Since neither me or Debbie had romance in our lives, we agreed to go together one evening.
    Now, this wasn't something I would normally agree, cause attending those things were like putting a target on my back, but the truth is Debbie's presence made me feel quite confident. Indeed, despite of seeing some of my old bullies, including one of the University's basketball player, no one bothered to mess with us. I wasn't sure if that had always been the normality, but now I was simply less worried than usual, or if Debbie's figure scared them. She wasn't showing off her gorgeous marble carved muscles or anything, but one could tell by looking at her frame that she was... well built.
    Debbie and I spent about two hours on the fun fair, eating a bit of junk and playing some arcade, before heading home. We were by the parking lot, and it was already dark
    "Erm, Debbie, do you mind if I go to the bathroom real quick?"
    "Can't wait to get home?"
    "Really, really can't. I drank too much soda"
    "Alright, but hurry. It's dark already"
    I made my way to the restroom thinking that despite being the last person on earth who should be afraid of anything, Debbie was still just a little girl who wanted to have her big brother around. I found that cute. I had recently been struggling with some mixed feelings about her. Yeah, she was still my kid sister and it was freaking weird, but seeing her flexing her large muscles, watching them shape and harden themselves made me stumble across a couple new words online: sthenolagnia and cratolagnia. I was having a hard time dealing with the electricity I felt whenever Debbie flexed her baseball sized bicep and asked me to feel it, or measure it. Moments like the one on the parking lot made me remind myself of the sweetness of our sibling relationship.

    I was on my way back to the car when I saw Debbie was talking to someone. I recognized John from the basketball team, one of my most fierce bullies around. From what I could tell, that didn't seem to be a pleasant talk, so I stepped up
    "That's cute! Can't believe your brother had the coordination to actually win you one of those" John told Debbie, pointing at the stuffed bear she held
    "Shut up" Debbie replied in an annoyed, yet calm tone
    "Let me see" John snapped back, grabbing the bear's head and pulling it. Debbie's grip was obvious too strong to let go, and we all could hear the tearing sound of the bear's head
    "Hey! Don't touch her" I yelled, coming closer. Immediately I felt that was a mistake. Debbie's presence made me way more brave than I should be
    John let go of the bear and turned his attention to me. He said with a smirk on his face
    "Or what, little man?" John put his left hand on my chest and pushed me, making me walk back 2 steps "What are you going to do?"
    "Don't push my brother" I heard Debbie tell him
    John looked at her and smiled "Look at that. The two siblings protect each other! How sweet. But guess what? I'll push whoever I want"
    and with that John gave me another shove.
    "Stop!" Debbie yelled
    John extended his right arm to push me once again, but Debbie, dropping the stuffed bear, grabbed his forearm with her left hand and started squeezing. I could see the surprise on the eyes of the basketball player, as well as the force Debbie was putting into the hold by the striations of her contracted arm muscles
    "Let me go" John told her, turning around and trying to use his - at least - one foot height advatange as a threat, trying to push his arm free to absolutely no effect whatsoever. Debbie's grip was like a wrench's.
    "Stop pushing him" Debbie told him back, her voice now more aware of the imminent situation
    "I said let me go, bitch" John answered back, throwing a punch with his free arm into Debbie's mid section. The sound of his fist connecting to Debbie's abs was kind of weird, as if he had hit something very solid. Debbie didn't even clinch.
    I saw the surprise in the look of both, with John's being replaced by a sudden sense of fear, while Debbie's eyes became fiery with anger. She was clearly pissed that an older man tried to hit her.
    Debbie clenched her free hand and delivered a punch back to John's left gut. The sound (and effect) was completely different. I could hear air being pushed out of John's lungs, and his body folded by the pain Debbie's vicious strike caused. John stepped back, banging our car sided with his back, but Debbie was enraged right now.
    Never letting go of his forearm, she delivered a second, third, fourth and fifth strike against his gut. I was shocked by the speed of her punches and the effect them caused on John. Each strike seemed to go further into his stomach.
    "Debbie!" I screamed, trying to bring her out of her trance, before she ended up really messing him up. John was trying to fall down already, but she was still holding him by the forearm. Scared with her own action, Debbie let go of John's arm and let him collapse into fetal position by her feet. I saw the red marks on his arms caused by Debbie's grip. John was sobbing, holding his stomach, making nauseous movements as if he was about to throw up
    Debbie lowered herself and stared down to John
    "Now listen up you piece of shit. Never, ever again raise a hand against a woman. And never ever again touch my brother. In fact, you better make sure no one else touches him as well, is that clear? Or else people will find out you got your ass kicked by a 16 year old girl. Scum"
    "Let's go, Dom" she added. I gave one last look at the beaten young man on the floor, unaware if I should call for help or anything. Debbie really messed him up. Finally, I figured he had it coming, and entered the car to drive us back home.

    Debbie went straight to the shower as we got home, and I locked myself into my room. That had been one of the most unexpected experiences I would ever live in my life, I was sure, but what scared me was the fact that I really enjoyed it. Not seeing Debbie hurt someone, well, not only, really. But what made me appreciate it the most was learning how strong she actually was. That night I dreamt of Debbie being on a boxing ring, her muscles rippling and showing off as she beat down opponent after opponent in the most blunt, bruising way. They all looked like people who had done me wrong in the past. And then Debbie would flex her huge muscles to the crowd, and I was standing on her corner, applauding and worshipping my very personal Wonder Woman.

    The next day I learned that John had been involved in a 'car accident' according to the University's reports, and had a second grade kidney and spleen injury. He wouldn't be needing surgery, but would have to spend a few days in the hospital and probably would be out for most of the basketball season. I knew pretty well that the 'car' involved was sleeping on the room next to mine. I wasn't sure if I should tell her about it, I didn't know how she'd react. Finally, though, I figured she'd find out about it eventually, so I considered it would be best from me.

    "Huh.. Debbie? You awake?" I knocked on her door
    "Yeah, come on in, Dom"
    Debbie had her jammies, that were ridiculously tight on her. I couldn't imagine that being comfortable to sleep on, but then again, I don't think she had any other choices due to her size recently. Debbie's upper body, especially her shoulder, traps and chest were pushing through the fabric, giving the impression it was actually painted on her body. The small shorts was all rolled up, exposing fully the majestic of her quads.
    It took me a moment to absorb the image of such an young Amazon standing in front of me, before I gathered my thoughts and told her what had happened
    "So, how do you feel about it?" I finally asked her, opening a door for her to talk to me, if she so desired
    "Well... I kind of feel.. guilty I messed him up that badly...." she answered and I sighed in relief. I was worried she might have enjoyed as much as I did the ass whopping she gave "But also" she proceeded "He had it coming. He hit me first"
    "Yeah... how are you? Sore or anything?" I asked, now remembering Debbie took a blow to her abs too
    Debbie lifted up her jammies, showing of her washboard, untainted "Not really. It wasn't really that hard of a blow, you know"
    I gawked. A blow from John to my midsection would have knocked me out. But to Debbie's steel wall of muscles, it didn't do squat.
    "And... how do you feel about last night, Dom?" Debbie asked me.
    I had to measure my words before answering her
    "Well... I'm.. first of all, thankful. If you hadn't been there probably would have been me in the hospital right now. Second... I'm impressed, really Debbie. I knew you were strong, but not kick the shit out of a small forward strong. If you had the chance, you'd probably turn him into a bloody, messy pulp"
    Debbie smiled
    "You don't need to thank me , Dom. I'm more than happy to stand up for you, to protect you from whoever it is. If I have to, I'll beat the crap out of every bully in this town. That's why we built these muscles up, after all." Debbie raised her hands and flexed her biceps, They pushed the fabric of the sleeves up, exposing themselves.
    "These muscles are at your service, Dom" she added smiling at me.
    I lost all control, extending my hands and feeling the shape and hardness of Debbie's giant muscles beneath her smooth, tanned skin.
    "My God.. they're so big... and... and hard..."
    Debbie smiled "And if I can confess something..." she spoke in a lower tone, closer to my ears, not bothered by me feeling her mighty guns
    "I kind of enjoyed finally putting them to the test. You know, finding out that these are truly not just for show" Debbie lowered one of her arms and exposed her abs once again. My hand went directly to the ridges, the crevices of that solid wall of impenetrable muscle. I shivered
    "Although I don't mind showing them off to you whenever you please, Dom"
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  • I'm also really enjoying this story too - It's refreshing that she is regretting the violence although intrigued by it - instead of the normal roid rage fare.  I look forward to reading more.
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  • It probably says a lot about me that I feel like the least realistic thing about this story is the idea of a brother and sister having anything even remotely resembling a healthy, loving relationship lol.

    Anyway, good stuff!