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  • Hi,

    As you already know, tracking your biomarkers with blood tests is crucial
    for any serious athlete.

    Today I want to tell you about a company whose mission I really like,
    Private MD Labs.

    Since 2005, they specialize in providing comprehensive blood work for
    athletes & bodybuilders.

    We know that your training and nutrition regimes are crucial to your
    success. Their hormone & wellness blood tests can help you optimize your
    performance and reach your goals.

    A few benefits Private MD Labs offers:

    • No driving to your doctor's office

    • Just 1 min to complete your order

    • Up to 90% lower prices than others

    • Get your lab results in a few days by email

    • 4,000 partner locations, within 1-2 miles from you

    You can check their female hormone &  wellness tests here

    If you have any questions, shoot an email to and
    they'll be more than happy to help.

    If you prefer to communicate by text message just text them at (786) 772-7481

    The Forum Saradas Team.

    Hormone testing | No doctor's appointment. Labs near you. Results in your email.

    No more uncomfortable questions for blood test labs prescriptions.

    Choose From Popular Tests

    • Hormone Panel Men
    Closely monitor testosterone, estradiol, lipid profiles & metabolic health markers. Great way to track your metrics.

    • Ultimate Anti-Aging Panel
    Combat aging, a biohacker's dream, ultimate test for biohackers. Covers nutrition, hormones, inflammation & more.

    • Hormone Panel Women
    Monitor estrogen, testosterone, estradiol, lipid profiles & metabolic health markers. Made for Women.

    • Bodybuilder Panel
    Bodybuilders & athletes looking to increase muscle mass & decrease fat. Dihydrotestosterone, IGF-1, SHBG, estradiol, lipids & more.

    • 360° Total Wellness
    Excellent wellness test measures your liver & kidney health, cholesterol, thyroid health and many more metabolic markers to keep you healthy.

    • Total STD Checkup
    Gain peace of mind with this in-depth STD test. Check for critical std's to make sure you're in top health and keep your partner happy.